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RPG War of the Blood: Gathering Storm [M-LVS]


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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]The pierce of fangs. A soft cry. Hot rush of blood. Limp weight. Slaked thirst. Under silver moonlight, cool air whipping around his body, Kuroichi went through the familiar ritual once again. He ran his tongue across his pale, thin lips as the pretty blonde tourist slowly fell from his arms, her lithe frame landing on the white sand with a muffled thud. She had been sweet, and he could still taste the mai-thais she had downed before he led her out to the beach.

He chuckled to himself, staring out at the obsidian waves as the rolled slowly across the sands. He was having a great time in the Philipines, he decided. His visit to the Zugai had been nothing short of a success, and he owed himself a vacation. His Guardians certainly seemed to be handling themselves well, and the Four Kings were taking care of afairs at home. What was a simple break, now and then?

Besides...this would probably be his last break until the end of the War, and who knows how long that would be. The Gwyar were stubborn and old, the Ijuuj despised the Zugai, and the Myrkur Aniol were bound by tradition and the ages, just like the Gwyar. The Labareda, too, were too pompous to bend to his will. Meanwhile, the Mirichai were too busy with their own war against the Labareda to even meet with him; the Nyroma, just elusive - he couldn't find their leader. And then there were the Knubrap, a disorganized lot who were content to pick at the scraps of mankind and would only join him once the others had crumbled.

War would come, this he knew. But the more allies he could gather, the better. The Nyroma were his next target for union, and he'd already picked his first target for attack - the Ijuuj. They would never join his alliance as long as he was with the Zugai, and they were not worth the Zugai's own strength. So, clearly, they had to be eliminated. They were all weak, and their only strength was the power they drew from their resistance to holy artifacts.

He was snapped out of his ruminations by a rustling in the bushes behind him. Kuroichi turned slowly, crimson eyes flashing dangerously. He had left Shinku no Umi in his room, but that left him far from unarmed.

[B]"Who's there?"[/B] he growled softly.

A high, mad laugh met his question, and a pale, thin face framed by long silver hair popped out of the bushes, crimson eyes glittering and teeth bared in a wide, manic grin. The person slowly stepped out of the shadows, tall and lanky and clad in a blue-and-green Hawaiian shirt. Kuroichi raised one eyebrow sleekly, staring at his Guardian.

[B]"Doukeshi?"[/B] Kuroichi murmured. [B]"What are you doing? And...what are you wearing?"[/B]

Doukeshi tittered again and gave a sweeping bow, hair brushing the sands.

[B]"Doukeshi merely wished to fit in with the humans, Master,"[/B] he replied in his high, reedy voice. [B]"Doukeshi does was Kuroichi-sama tells him. Doukeshi watches, and Doukeshi guards."[/B]

[B]"Well, if you're going to guard me stealthily...try to avoid making noises, alright?"[/B] Kuroichi sighed, a thin smile betraying his weary tone.

[B]"Doukeshi shall try, Master. Doukeshi wishes to please his Master, yes he does."[/B]

Kuroichi chuckled as Doukeshi bowed again. The psychotic Guardian certianly wasn't the most threatening Vampire he had ever met, but he certainly was one of the most sadistic. All of his Guardians were, really. Kuroichi prided himself on having perhaps the most deadly band of bodyguards of any being on Earth. He ran a hand through his hair and looked up at the moon again before speaking.

[B]"Head back to the hotel, Doukeshi. I shall be returning very shortly."[/B]

[B]"Doukeshi shall do as Master asks,"[/B] the foppish man replied, and then vanished without a sound.

Kuroichi kept staring at the moon. For some reason he couldn't explain, some primal and ancient force perhaps, he was feeling hungry all over again. It was purely psychological, he assumed, but the full moon always did it to him. So, licking his lips again, he started walking languidly down the beach to find his next meal.[/SIZE][/COLOR]


[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]And lo, the world is on the verge of war. However, the storm has yet to break, so no lashing out just yet. Don't worry, though. Conflict shall arise shortly, and war shall descend with a chaotic crash. And I assure that when it does, it will be a war to rock the world forever...[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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A dark sky slowly fell over the mountain side castle of Lord Orlok as night approached. Snow began drifting softly onto the already snow capped peak as winter was soon approaching aswell. The inside of the marble floored abode was also bathed in darkness, numerous candles being the only source of light in the countless corridors. Orlok himself, lie in his personal chambers, nude with in the sheets of an oversized bed, his wife nuzzling her cold nose into the warmth of his neck, awaking him to the night. She was an attractive, young looking blonde woman named Michelle, with hair reaching her mid back. Orlok ran his long fingers through her hair slowly, placing her head down into his own pillow so not to wake her.

He slowly raised from his bed, stretching, and cracking the bones in his neck and vertabrae. Gracefully, he stepped to his armoir and opened it wide to reveal a rack of finely made, custom suits, most of which were a solid black. He removed one such suit save the jacket and dressed himself. Turning around, he saw Michelle slowly raise from her slumber, sleep still in her eyes. [B]"Mornin', Love."[/B] she uttered in a voice that always soothed Orlok's aged ears. She was of british descent, and had been with him for over fifty years. Still though, she hung onto her old human habits.

[B]"Guten Nicht..."[/B] he spoke in a rich german dialect. He smiled softly at the woman.

[B]"Damn... that's right, It's night isn't it. I always forget. Old habits, I suppose."[/B] she said in a tired voice. Slowly she raised up from her lying position to face him, covering her torso in the large animal pelt blanket to protect her from the cold. [B]"How do you do it, Ol' boy? It's bloody freezin' and your just strolling around in light dress."[/B] she questioned, calling Orlok by the pet name she had adressed to him.

[B]"I enjoy the cold. It helps me focus on important matters."[/B] after this, Orlok's chamber door's slammed open, startling Michelle and causing Orlok to turn his neck quickly to see. [B]"What is the meaning of this Otto?"[/B] Orlok asked his assisstant sharply.

[B]"L-lord Orlok!"[/B] Otto began nervously, catching his breath. [B]"I have recently received a notice from our contacts in Eastern Ukraine... It's concerning that man sir... t-the Demon."[/B]

[B]"Thank you, Otto. Please leave, I shall be out in a moment."[/B]

[B]"Yes sire."[/B] the assisstant said, bowing and quickly walking out of the chamber. Orlok sighed deeply and thought for a moment, then looked up to Michelle.

[B]"Troubles, Ol' boy?"[/B] she said in a more alert voice.

[B]"No, dear... just in need of some cold air."[/B] Orlok said calmly, stepping out into the corridor.


*[B]Guten Nicht[/B] means good night in German.

*please forgive the weak start off. I just wanted to establish Orlok's personality a little better, and show how he is when he's not in the midst of destroying souls.

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Yvonne awoke with the sutting sun, slightly different from her normal routine of getting up at dawn, but the last 2 weeks she had to adjust to being a creature of the night.

"I still can't believe this is happening to me." She replied sitting up in her bed and moving the sheets aside. She swung her legs over the side of the bed and placed her feet on the hard wood floor. She scratched her neck, yawning as she walked over to the bathroom, when her hand brushed over the puncture marks she shivered slightly. Two whole weeks and it still bothered her to think about. She didn't like the idea of being a vampire, but at the same time she didn't exactly want to walk out into the sun and die... permanently. She looked herself over in the mirrior, that is if she could see herself in the mirrior, her skin had gone quite pale in the last couple weeks and she wasn't quite sure if she liked it that pale. She brushed her teeth, taking note of her fangs... again. She then took a shower and dressed for the night. Tonight was Saturday and there would be plenty of people out.

[I]I feel like I'm going grocery shopping. [/I] She thought to herself when she realized she was going out to find her next cadidate for dinner, and not as a date. Thinking of dates she realized that she hadn't seen hide nor hair of Victor since the night she became a vampire. [I]That jerk.[/I] She thought promtly.

She opened a can of cat food and left it on the floor of the small kitchen for BT to eat. She slipped on her shoes, grabbed her bag and stepped out into the hallway of her apartment complex. There was a note on her door, she took it and opened it to reveal that her rent was due in a week.

"Thats right, just because I'm a vampire doesn't mean I get a free room." She mumbled to herself, shoving the note into her bag. She walked to the elevator and pushed the down button. She waited less than a minute before the bell chimed and the door slid open. A young man, probably 18 or 19 stood alone, he smiled and waved slightly as Yvonne stepped into the elevator, she msiled back nervously taking care not to show her teeth.

"You live in number 62 right?" He asked curiously.

"Yes." She answered flatly, not really wanting to talk to him. Her feeling of hunger was growing and she didn't want to do anything rash. He was young, and probaly tasted good, but she didn't want to think about that.

"I only ever see you leave your place at night now. You have a change in jobs?" He pryed. Why was he asking all these questions?

"You could say that." She replied.

"You're a vampire right?" Sh could have sworn this is what he said.

"I'm sorry, what did you just say?" She asked shakily.

"Your an artist right?" He asked. [I]Did he really say vampire, or am I loosing my mind?[/I] She thought. The elevator finally stopped after what seemed like forever and she stepped out into the main hall, escaping the confines of the building.

"Have a goodnight!" He shouted as she left. [I]Yeah goodnight, whatever. Have a good time shopping for a meal.[/I] She thought sarcasticlly.
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[size=1]The darkness swept over the desert, turning blazing sunlight and scorching sand into pale moonlight and freezing air. Cacti stood tall and proud, and small sand-lizards scurried back and forth, flitting from their holes in the soft sand to collect food, and back again.

A small fire flickered slightly in the wind, seeming unnatural in the middle of such a barren place, and a single figure sat by the fire, his weapons placed down.

[i]The Storm is gathering, but in the moments before it breaks, we must enjoy the peace we have, [/i]he thought. He had been travelling for a long time, forced on by a single thought, a single ideal. He no longer believed in the power of the Myrkur Aniol, but he was still bound to his former clan by blood.

[i]Blood, [/i]he thought with a smile, [i]The life-force of our race. The one thing that brings us closer to war. Without it, this would be a world of humans, not vampires. And who knows whether this would be better?

[/i]He closed his eyes and sighed softly. He reached into the pocket of his travelling cloak and pulled out the one thing that had been guiding him. A scrap of old parchment, tattered over the years, with writing on it in the ancient language of the Myrkur Aniol, the language of Angels.

It was part of a much larger piece of parchment, but it had been the only section he had been able to decipher. He had torn it away from the hanging parchment before he left the home of the Myrkur Aniol in the Middle East, and it had guided him.

He unfolded the tiny piece of paper, and looked at the strange symbols once more, contemplating their meaning. He said the words out loud, to see if they made any more sense:

[b]"Soon shall come the day when the Flaming Angel will destroy the Gods," [/b]he said, his voice deep and meaningful. He read it again and again, but it still meant almost nothing to him. The only reason he had taken it was that he had been drawn to these words by some unknown force the day he had seen the parchment.

The strangest thing had been the name of the piece he had removed it from. It was called [i]The Prophecy of Angels, [/i]something which the Myrkur Aniol had taken to mean themselves. So this event, when an Angel destroys a God was still yet to come.

But he did know one thing.

[i]He[/i] was the Flaming Angel.

He was the Seraphim...
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[SIZE=1]Sumiyaka paced the library quietly, her lantern held high as she ran one elegant finger over the spines of the many ancient books. She was looking for one in particular, but doubted it would be in the library. The information wasn't exactly something that should be known to lesser vampires.

She was in the main castle of the Gwyar in Russia. Not many of the clan stayed here as most of them had their own castles, but seeing as Sumiyaka had no family to speak of, she opted to stay here and keep it safe, so to speak. The real reason is because she wanted to be with her books.

She bit her bottom lip gently as she crouched low to look at books on the bottom shelf. The titles were all in ancient languages, but after 1700 years of immortality, Sumiyaka had enough free time to learn the vast majority of languages, mostly ancient, as modern language didn't hold any appeal to her.

Eventually she gave up and sighed, walking back out of the large library into the main corridor of the castle. It was beautiful, this place. So ornately decorated and kept to perfection throughout it's many years. She smiled a little and pushed her glasses up her nose, extinguishing her lantern as she climbed the stairs, dimply lit by smaller torches spaced along the strong walls.

She knew she'd have to leave soon enough. Tomorrow she would meet with the elder Lords to request permission to leave the castle and find Kuroichi. She wasn't on a mission to kill him, so far as she was concerned he was a child with a bad temper, and Sumiyaka was merely interested in talking to him. Of course she'd need an escort, but that's something her superiors would sort out. Until then, it was time for her to read, rest and look forward to the next day.

[B]OOC-I?m referring to her as Sumiyaka, it would be great if Justice and Mugen could call her Beth/Elizabeth (unless she?s in public, of course) Seeing as her clan members refer to her as such, unless she?s travelling under her alias of Lady Sumiyaka.[/B][/SIZE]
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In the massive expanses of the Russian mountains, a massive castle stood remote, unknown by all save those meant to. This fortress was called Gwyar Castle, the central for all those who swore under the clan of Gwyar. It's foundation nearly as ancient as civilization itself, it's founders were the most ancient and powerful vampires in existance. It's many corridors held over one hundred rooms and chambers, but all led to the central and most important chamber, the Council Room. Within this circular chamber sat a large round table, sitting at this table were the greatest vampire in history. Lord Vlad Dracula, Lord Dante Verchile, Lord Orlok, and the other founders of the clan. It was Vlad Dracula who slammed down a gavel to call attention the Council Order. He was the eldest of the vampire there, and was thought to have no equal in power. He knew better.

[B]"This meeting of the Gwyar Heads is now in order."[/B] Dracula spoke in the ancient language of the Vampire. His voice was powerful and commanding. [B]"As most of us know, there are many problems troubling our ancient order. Not only have we divided into seperate factions, but now a new threat has arose in the far east."[/B] This statement caused many to raise the brows in attention. For Lord Dracula to consider something a threat, it must be great in deed.

It was then that Lord Verchile spoke out in the same ancient language.[B] "He is called the White Haired Demon. However, recent intelligence has alerted us of his true name, Kuroichi. He is from the island country of Japan off the eastern seas."[/B] his voice was a cold hiss, a chilling whisper. [B]"It is said that in the past five hundred years, he has slowly amassed power and united the Vampires of East Asia under his own flag."[/B]

[B]"It is our fault we did not realize this sooner. We have lost contact with that region." [/B]spoke a vampire named Amadeus Warner in a troubling tone.

[B]"Yes, that it is." [/B]spoke another Lord.

[B] "It is time for us to take more interest in this matter."[/B] Lord Dracula began. [B]"We have decided to send one of our top intelligence agents into the territory to gather information on this problem, and to possibly confront Kuroichi himself. We hope that his intentions are peaceful."[/B]

[B]"Many of you know her by Sumiyaka."[/B] Lord Verchile said, turning his chair as the woman herself appeared at the door. She waved with a slight smile. She had silver blue hair which she ran her fingers through as she waited for the meeting to continue.[B] "I assure you that she is effective in her position. However, she shall need an escort into the lands who is powerful and reliable combatant."[/B]

[B]"Why not send a unit in with her?"[/B] asked Lord Warner.

[B]"We do not wish to attract attention. Our actions must be silent and unseen. We can only afford one bodyguard to escort her."[/B] Lord Verchile said in a cautious voice.

[B]"Who then?! This mission is far to dangerous for just two agents! If they are captured, it would surely mean an all out war!"[/B] Warner shouted. Behind him, many other council heads began rambling amongst themselves over the matter. Urgency and uncertainty was in there voices.

[B] "Who?! Who can we send? This cannot be trusted to a pair of agents." [/B]spoke out another.

[B]"This is too delicate a situation. We might aswell forget about it."[/B]

[B] "But what if this man becomes a threat?! The possibilities of not knowing are dangerous."[/B]

Having become extremely annoyed with all the argueing and verbal combat, Lord Orlok decided he had enough and slammed his fist loudly into the table, silencing all. [B]"You all must stop this argueing. If we are to remain strong and united, we must endanger ourselves. We must take chances and nip such threats in the bud."[/B] he spoke authoritively. His anger slowly subsiding. [B]"If you all cannot decide or find an agent strong enough to lead a simple escort mission, then I shall."[/B]

[B]"Who then, Orlok? Who do you know strong enough to amass a squad of men?" [/B]asked Warner.

[B]"Myself... I shall take this mission into my own hands, if it means the safety and security of my clan."[/B] he then rose from his chair.[B] "You... you sicken me with your cowardice."[/B]

[B]"Orlok. Are you sure this motion is wise?"[/B] asked Dracula respectively.

[B] "Yes lord. If I can no longer be trusted to carry out action myself, then I do not deserve to be upon this council. I assure you, our mission shall be a success, Lord." [/B]Orlok said assuringly, bowing his head before the council. [B]"I need to return to my home, I shall return in two days prepared for the journey."[/B]

[B] "Alright then."[/B] Lord Dracula then turned to the council table. [B]"This meeting of the Gwyar Council is adjourned."[/B] he said, slamming the gavel one last time and raising from his chair. [B]"Lord Orlok!" [/B]he called out.

[B] "Yes, Lord Dracula?" [/B]

[B] "I commend you..." [/B]he replied, bowing his head aswell.

[B]"Thank you, lord."[/B] Orlok spoke. Orlok then turned to the silver haired woman standing in the doorway.[B] "We shall meet soon again..."[/B] he said as he walked past her.


As Lord Orlok paced down the corridors of the Gwyar Castle, a smile graced his face and he clenched his fists. Excitement was running through his veins as it hadn't in so long. Orlok had missed the thrill of combat and battle. If things turned out in his favor, the Demon known as Nosferatu would soon be awake again...

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Ramiel sat on the beach of the black sea, entranced by the stars once again. He would often turn to this spot and seek the stary sky as if he sought guidance from it. He knew what he was here for, he needed to feed again. He rose and slowly moved from the beach heading for one of the many towns that litterd the coast. He moved with poise and pride in his step looking to the artificial light on the horizon. He could smell the scent of young blood in the air, the youth of this town were out and he would take advantage of this. As he drew nearer he could see a jubilation on the beaches. The youth of the town had come out in celebration, for what he wasn't sure, nor did he really care why they presented him with this opportunity. He quickly found his sight locked on a young burnette, sitting at the edge of the group. He approached her and sat next to her. She looked to him and met eyes with him. Ramiel immediatly put his psychic skills to work and planted thoughts of seduction in her head. As he did he urged her to stand and follow him. The woman had become intoxicated by these ever plaguing thoughts that Ramiel kept to her unyeilding. He took her hand and pulled her to the shadows with him. She began to cling to his body and held to him and felt her lips along his neck. He took this upon himself to do the same, as he bore his fangs and slowly bit down on her soft skin. She whined from the pain for a moment, but only a moment. Her pain quickly turned to ecstacy as her body grew colder and colder. She fell limp as he drew the last of her blood and he set her body and the soft sand of the beach. He then stood back up and took up his sword. He placed the blade over her heart and thrust down quickly [B]"You are not to join the night."[/B]

The only words he utterd as her body disappeared as a vampires did. This left no evidence of mess; quick and clean. He returned his sword to it's place and began his return to the clan who resided some distance from here. Ramiel took to the air lightly and floated away in to the shadow of the night and sought sanctuary amongst his own once again. As he floated against the light of the full moon he was once again brought to remeber the night she left him. This was a thought that plagued him often, but he never sought. The reason for this even he is not entirly sure. Ramiel returned and took safety from the sun, which was soon in rising, in the comenderred mansion of his clan. he descended to the basment and sealed himself in [B]"And so my darkness consumes me again." [/B]
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[SIZE=1]Helios strode through the castle corridors with no destination particularly in mind. He had just gotten back from America, and was glad to be home. The beautiful night moon was shining in through every window, iluminating the path before him. He breathed it in blissfully. These days were much apprecaited, now. With the trouble that Kuroichi was stirring, it would not be long before they would take up arms against him.

Helios ran his hand through his hair and sighed. Thuogh he was home, it seemed everyone was gone. They had probably held the meeting already, and he was ashamed that he had missed it. He had wanted to propose being Sumi---[I]Beth[/I]'s guardian, but chances were Lord Orlok took the position. He was a man of action, and a good man at that. Helios looked up to him as a warrior.

Helios wandered arouind the castle aimlessly untill he bumped into a female Gwyar. She dropped the book she was holding and stumbled back slightly. Helios swore at himself in his head and bent over, picking up the book and apologizing. A familiar voice flittered to his ears as he stood back up.

[B]"Helios?"[/B] He recognized the voice instantly. Beth.

[B]"Beth? Ah, it is good to see you. Shouldn't you be at the council room with the Leaders? They are picking your guardian, you know."[/B] He gave her book back and hugged her. Beth had been around in this castle far longer than he had, and she kept him company many a nights whilst he was studying. She was silent, but her presence was soothing. She smiled and shook her head slightly.

[B]"It actually just finished. Lord Orlok is to be my guardian."[/B] Helios smiled as she said that. She would definitley be safe with Orlok around.

[B]"So when will you be leaving? Not soon I would hope. I've only just returned and I would mind catching up with you."[/B] Helios had always taken fondly to her, and he was rarely seen in the castle without her or Dracula himself.

[B]"Lord Orlok has left for his home, and shall be back in two days, so I assume that is when I'll leave. Though I'd love to talk with you, Helios, I should be getting back to my quarters, now. But tommorow we can chat."[/B] Helios shrugged understandingly. She needed her rest.

[B]"Alright. I think I'll go find Dracula, see how things are going. G' night, Beth."[/B] They hugged again and Helios headed for Dracula's chambers. Helios himself had a chamber not far from the Lords of the Gwyar, and he would often gather quantities of information, whether directly through them or by eavesdropping. They never noticed, however. And if they did, they certainly didn't care.

Helios arrived at Dracula's room and rapped on the door. Dracula's fiercesome voice boomed out from the room.

[B]"Who is in need of my council?"[/B] Helios grinned and hung his head. Dracula would not allow anyone in without a meeting or unless he was comfortable with their presence. In which case, they'd have to respon a certain way.

[B]"Your son requests a council with you, m' liege."[/B] The dors swung open and Dracula smiled at Helios, beckoning him in. Dracula's room was beautiful, with dazzling draperies, ancient art, and a spectacular view of the mountains from his window. Helios took a seat, and Dracula sat on the bed. Dracula spoke first.

[B]"How was your journey, Helios? Fruitful, I would hope."[/B] Helios bowed his head in agreement.

[B]"I was succesful. They proved to be no threat whatsoever. But it is good to have taken care of one of the thorns in our side[I]*[/I]."[/B] Dracula laughed and stood up, walking over to his counter and pouring himself a glass of a crimson sunstance. A human would have guessed it to be rich wine, a vampire knew it was blood. Dracula poured Helios a cup as well and he took it greatfully. The luscious blood tasted good against his lips and down his throat.

[B]"So, what do you hope to achieve by sending Beth to meet Dracula? She is unrivaled in espionage, that goes without saying, but..."[/B] Helios stopped cold. Dracula put his hand on Helios' shoulder.

[B]"You're worried for her, aren't you? You have no need for worry. Orlok is more than capable of keeping her safe. Not a vampire alive who could best the combined strength of Orlok and Beth. But I do understand your concern."[/B] Helios smiled and glanced up at his mentor.

[B]?Thank you, father??[/B] They continued speaking deep hours into the night.


[B]*- Check Writing Sample[/B][/SIZE]
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[size=1]His eyes flickered open, and he woke to the sight of the sun rising. He stood up quickly, doused the remains of the fire from earlier that night, and gathered his things. He may have been a strong vampire, but he still couldn't stand sunlight. It would destroy him completely, and that was something that he couldn't allow.

He jogged calmly to a cave that he had found the previous night, and had thought that it would be a reasonable place to stay hidden from the sunlight, and entered through the cavemouth. He set up another fire in the darkness, and pointed a finger at it. With a certain amount of concentration, a small stream of flame shot from his finger and sparked the fire into life.

He could feel the change in the winds. He may have been a vampire primarily empowered with flame, but he could also sense when there was a change in the other elements. The winds were changing, symbolising a gathering storm somewhere in the Phillipines, which he also knew was the last known location of Kuroichi, the Silver Haired Demon.

There was a screeching from outside the cave, and he stole quickly to the entrance. A hawk swooped down from the sky, uncomfortable in its current climate, but staunchly loyal nonetheless. She swooped down and landed on his arm. He stroked her head, both beautiful, graceful and powerful.

[b]"What news do you bring me of him?" [/b]he asked her. She opened her beak and screeched again, but this time it seemed to be in some primitive form of speech.

[b]"He is in the Phillipines. I knew of this already. But you say he has gained the alliance of the Zugai? This could be disastrous. The combined power of the Krilat Zmaj and the Zugai could have monstrous effects."

[/b]The hawk gave another screeching cry, and he watched and listened intently. The trick to understanding the language of the birds was to be aware of the combination of noises and movements they made, and only then could one understand what they were trying to communicate.

[b]"His next target is the Ijuuj? That makes sense. The Ijuuj would never join him, not as long as he has the alliance of the Zugai. The Myrkur Aniol will not join him either, their tradition forbids it. If the Myrkur Aniol would only come to their senses and join with the Ijuuj, then perhaps they could stand a chance against the Silver-Haired Demon. But they will not. Unless I can change their minds."

[/b]He thought for a moment, and set the hawk down next to a pile of dead rodents he had collected the previous day. Then he knelt down next to the bird, and said:

[b]"You must go to the Myrkur Aniol and tell them to expect me. I will not come to the temple, but request that they send a messenger to meet me. I will be on the outskirts of the temple grounds, and I will come no further. Now go."

[/b]He picked the bird up and walked to the cavemouth, and let the bird fly into the sky. He knew that she would get his message there in next to no time. He would wait this day out and then travel to the temple grounds.


That night, he raced from the cave to the edge of the desert. He was fast, faster than most vampires, and he reached the temple grounds within a few hours of leaving the cave. He sat at the wall that enclosed the Myrkur Aniol temple, waiting for the messenger.

Around twenty minutes later, the messenger opened the huge metal gate to meet him. A tall vampire with a young face framed by black hair, with a sword on his back. The messenger looked down on him, and he stood up, revealing the full extent of his height.

[b]"You are the messenger?" [/b]he asked. The other nodded, [b]"What is your name?"

"My name is Ramiel, and I have no need to ask of yours, Seraphim. You are thought of as mere legend throughout the clan. And yet here you are. Fascinating."

[/b](OOC: I hope this is ok, Starwind, I will send you a PM giving you an outline of what should happen in your post)
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[SIZE=1]Sumiyaka sat up in bed, flipping through the pages of an old book, written in Latin. She'd watched its author write it and the memory made her smile a little. She had long ago grown used to the idea that those she cared for would move on without her, which was why, in the last hundred years, she'd made an effort to not hang around humans as casually as she used to. Helios was her closest friend now and she drew comfort in the fact that he wouldn't be taken away from her any time soon.

Eventually she set down her book and considered what she would be taking with her on the trip with Lord Orlok. He was a man she respected and she wished to leave a good impression upon him if they were to travel together for a long time, as the journey would take a good while. She hoped that Kuroichi was civil, despite his violent tendencies. She'd have to stress the fact to Orlok that she did not wish to go as an enemy, but merely as an inquiring mind.

She eventually settled down under the covers and put out the candle she had been reading by. Gwyar Castle hadn?t exactly moved with the times as humanity passed into the age of electricity.

It was then Sumiyaka realised, with some amusement, that she would once again be travelling into a much wider and more diverse civilisation than what she was used to. Tokyo, as far as she knew, was alive as a city and Sumiyaka was very much looking forward to going there. Maybe Kuroichi would even show her around? She doubted it.
The evening was Sumiyaka?s time to wake up, when the deathly sun had finally dropped behind clouds in the horizon. She sat up groggily and swung her pale legs out of bed before she stood, stepping into slippers and putting on a silk robe. She wasn?t someone who woke easily and the Gwyar vampires were used to seeing her in a nightgown long after the rest of them had been awake.

She trudged down to the Library, deciding that packing could be done tomorrow. Today she would catch up with Helios and no one would tell her otherwise. He knew she stayed in the library most days, so he?d find her eventually.

The blue-haired vampiress yawned softly as she sat herself down at a table, a book she?d been picking through recently laying undisturbed on the table before her. She scanned the pages again, waiting patiently until Helios paid her a visit.[/SIZE]
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Upon his awakening Ramiel was summoned to appear in the council at the temple. he didn't take this very litghly, as such he took great haste in departing for the temple to meet with the head council. He enterd the chamber and quickly went to one knee "What is your will of me?"

A top a large podeium sat four silhouettes, these were the four council members. They were the highest ranked of his clan and were a group that commanded great respect. A deep voice echoed from atop the podeium "We have called on you today in so you might meet with a proud, but elusive member of our clan."

Ramiel ooked up to them for a moment "Who is it you wish me to meet?"

Another voice answerd this time, this one much whinier and higher pitched "You are to meet with Seraphim. He says he will meet with you, but he refuses to come on to temple grounds. You are to meet him at the gate, is this understood?"

Ramiel went to his second knee and bowed his head as far as he could bring it "It is understood my lord. I shall report back immediatly after our meeting." Ramiel rose, keeping his head bowed and facing them still, til he finally heard teh chamber doors close. This was quite a task they had asked of him, the one known as Seraphim was thought of as a legend amoungst his fellow clans men, though Ramiel had never even met this man.


Ramiel took leave of the temple once teh sun had set and slowly walked to the gate. In the distance he could see the black outline of someone standing just beyond the gate. Ramiel set his hand on the gate and it slowly swung open as the man looked on to Ramiel as he did in response. He introduced himself and the man before him required no introduction, he was the flaming angel, Seraphim. Ramiel spoke again "What brings such and inigmatic one as yourself to us?"

Ramiel stayed just on the edge of there borders to the gate while speaking to the him. He began to speak "In case you were unaware, the one known as Kuroichi has made his alliance with Zugai. He is now plotting the destruction of Ijuuj."

Ramiel nodded "Very well, but what business of ours is this?"

Seraphim continued on "If they are destroyed and they will surly come here next. However, if you were to join forces with Ijuuj, then together you might hold some hope for victory."

Ramiel nodded "Yes, but it is not my place to decide this. it is matter that is to be determined by the council." He bowed "I will bring them your proposition and return with there response."

He turned and began to leave, Seraphim seemed quite upset over his empty response. Ramiel stopped "However, were I to choose. I would have to agree in it being our only real hope." Seraphim looked to him for a moment as Ramiel walked back to the temple to deliver his message to the council.
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[SIZE=1][CENTER][COLOR=DarkSlateGray][I]Speak with the Gwyar...my old friend...I feel our isolation is to be coming to an end...[/I]

The Queens words echoed in his mind as he traveled the land...making his way to the Gwyar. Lucian, a prominant and upcoming icon within the Nyromian society was asked to join Vylon in his travel.

The young looking man didn't speak much...but Vylon didn't mind...he waited patiently for any opportunity. He was more concerned with feeding...again.

The road was long, but it gave time for Vylon to think...to take his mind off the thirst for a moment...

[I]Nothing is unseen from the Queen's eye...what is it that she questions...what is it that she see's.[/I]

The Nyroma had been neutral and isolated since they broke away from the Gwyar and formed their own clan[I]....why now do we expose ourselves...?[/I]

Finding themselves coming out of the forest...the two vampires came upon a small village.

[B]"It's almost dawn"[/B] stated Lucian...not knowing with Vylons 'blindness' if he could tell or not.

[B]"I know...please find us a place to stay for the day...I must feed again."[/B] he responded instantly...making some distance between himself and Lucian now.

"Again?" questioned Lucian...but Vylon didn't respond and quickly made his hunt before dawn approached them.


Finally...after a long journey...Lucian and Vylon found themselkves outside the gate of the outermost wall of the castle. Two guards approached them...and hesitantly accpeted their arrival and escorted them towards the castle. [/COLOR][/CENTER][/SIZE]

[SIZE=1][RIGHT][COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]OOC: Hope that was ok for you Deathknight...wanted to get you involved in teh story, as well as with myself. Just to make clear the Nyromas are still neutral, and are in search of information on what exactly is going on. Anyone from the Gwyar is welcomed to interact with us. [/COLOR][/RIGHT][/SIZE]
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Yvonne had walked down the sidewalk for only 10 minutes when a car pulled up next to her and the passenger side window rolled down. Yvonne bent down to glance in the window and nearly shouted out when she saw the driver. Victor sat in the drivers seat and smiled sleekly at Yvonne.

"You!" She replied sharply.

"Don't make a scene Yvonne." His silky voice came from the vehicle.

"Don't make scene?" She asked in shock. The car door opened, and Victor patted the the passenger seat, his smile widening.

"Come on, lets talk." He invited. Yvonnes face changed from shock to instant anger.

"You seriously expect me to get in a car with you after you-" Yvonne's voice was interupted by Victor's.

"People are starring, just get in the car. Theres not anything else that I could possibly to do you. Well, you know what I mean." Yvonne took a deep breath, not that it mattered. Very grugingly Yvonne stepped into the car, buckling her seat belt. Victor smirked at her as she closed the door. He pulled the car back out into the street and into the flow of New York traffic.

"Truthfully Yvonne, you don't look well."

"Well thanks, I can't believe that being undead hasn't done wonders for my complextion." Yvonne stated, her voice driping with disatain. She was starring out the window, ignoring Victor's smug face.

"I'm serious... how many times have you eaten since I turned you?" He asked.

"Um.... twice, actually." Her voice was quiet.

"Twice, you should feed-"

"Please dont call it that." Yvonne replied quickly.

"Right sorry, you should eat, at leat every other day, no less than every three days. You're probably eating old, near death people too aren't you?" He glanced at her. "On second thought don't answer that I don't wanna know. Any way you're going about it all wrong. You need to find someone without family to go home to, leed them in a dark corneer or room or whatever. Then you, whatever, and bite." His eyes slid back to Yvonnes disgusted figure.

"You act like they're groceries of take out. Besides everyone has a mom or a landlord, if I kill anyone their mom is bound to notice at Christmas when the card they sent gets sent back. And I 'm sure that the land person will notice when the rent hasn't been paid!" Her shocked voice stated.

"Any way, now that I've said that. I actually have somthing more important to talk to you about." Victor replied.

"What could that possibly be?" She asked.

"The silver haired Demon."
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[size=1][color=#696969]The thick, red liquid rushed gently down the King?s throat. Flavor flared within as he basked underneath the shallow moonlight in his homeland, the land of the Aborigines- Australia. He was King of the entire land, not even the commonwealth of Australia could bring him down for though they controlled the entirety of the population and land, he controlled the underworld of Australia. Whether it was day or night, he controlled all things non-political and he was the king of Australia and he let everyone know it.

Being a King had its perks, as well as its flaws, but overall, Jarrah made the best of being who he was. He sat in his chair, sipping the last of the blood drink he held in his hands, watching a few of his clan members having their fun with the local girls. With a chuckle, Jarrah snapped his fingers and a young girl about the age of twenty came bouncing around to Jarrah?s side, handing him another drink. She had a composure about her that could have killed all of the vampires in the world. It was mysterious yet at the same time, an exuberant light came about her, something that Jarrah could never ?live? without. She was filled with boundless energy but at the same time she had a menacing and malicious way about her that Jarrah found intriguing.

Still smiling, the young girl leaned towards Jarrah?s face, whispering into his ear. Her wildly died, cropped pink and red hair brushed against his cheek. She then looked to him and blinked a few times, her emerald cat-like eyes taking in everything around her, her luscious lips curling into a small smile as she stared at the man she came to know as her father.

?Oy! You bloody fools need to take it upstairs. I need peace and quiet.?

The remaining Zugai took their giggling women and walked away from Jarrah and the girl. Jarrah watched them walk into the dreary house that the Zugai claimed as their home. He then focused his attention to the young girl who began to speak out loud, as she had done before in his presence.

?What will you do, Jarrah, now that you have Kuroichi?s alliance?? Her voice was young and still undeniably beautiful. She could hypnotize the entire world if she could with her voice. ?What are we to do until the storm comes, Jarrah? I?m bored. I can?t sit around and wait for the storm to come!?

Chuckling, Jarrah set the glass of blood down and stood up, ruffling the young girl?s hair as he did. ?You?ll get your fun, young?n. Come on, let?s you and me take a walk.? She stood there with arms crossed but finally gave up when Jarrah opened the door. He didn?t want her to become hungry while the Zugai members had their feast.

[B]OOC:[/B] My apologies, Trevor. It seems that I forgot...^_^;;;.[/size][/color]
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Ramiel re-enterd the chameber in much the same way he did before. He kept his head bowed and was on one knee "I have returned with the message from Seraphim."

A voice echoed from the council "What news is it he brings?"

Ramiel relayed the information as it was given to him and deliverd the proposition made by Seraphim "This is what he told me my lords. He wishes for us to take alliance with Ijuuj."

A quaking erupted from the usually silent and somber council. This was obviously quite distrubing to them "There will be no such union. We will not associate ourselves with those heritics."

These words hit Ramiel like a falling mountain. This was such shocking blow to him, he couldn't understand why they would deny help in such a dark hour. The loud voice of the council orderd him out, to bring there reply to Seraphim. As he backed out and began to leave he stopped "If I may ask my lords?" They all shot there powerful gazes on to Ramiel "Why would we deny such assistance in such a time of great peril."

A whinny voice snapped from atop there podeium "Watch your tongue! Those words could be seen as blasphemus."

Ramiel bowwed "I beg your pardon. It's not my place." He slowly backed form the room and bagan to return to Seraphim who wait at the gate. The news he brought was less then satisfactory.
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[color=darkslategray][size=1]Kashi was concerened with matters of his own affairs, in his penthouse in Tokyo. Silver locks sliced the wind coming in from the open window, his crimson eyes surveying the streets. Yurei sat on the couch, his superior, absently drinking a glass of warm sake. Ettiquite was not something that Yurei prided himself on, and that didn't concern Kashi, as long as he kept his penthouse clean.

[b]" 'Ey, captn', what we gonna do about those troublesome littl' female Gywar that are gunna get in our way later tonight?"[/b] Kashi said quitely, as two of those pretty little things were snooping around outside of his penthouse, which he worked so hard to build. And then...

[i]Ding[/i]...The doorbell. His body was tensed for some sort of explosion, which would of made him [i]extremely[/i] angry. It was the food that Yurei had ordered, he presumed, and indeed it was. Kashi's lithe fingers let them in, careful to stay away from any sunlight. He grabbed the food-and the delivery person that came with. A pink blade slowly and quite painfully, dug its way into the man's back, slicing flesh and bone. As quickly as Kashi had grabbed him, he threw him to Yurei.

Without hesitation, Yurei ripped a hole in the young, greasy haired man, and let the blood fall into his waiting lips-and the sake glass that belonged to Kashi. Soon, the Guardian kicked the dead corpse off of him, into a closet. He wiped off the back of his mouth, his tounge ringing around his lips carefully. Kashi bent carefully, a man of extreme ettiquite, and also extremely cocky. He made every movement, from backflips to fighting measures to even simple motions, look fluid, easy, and graceful.

Yurei filled his glass once, clinking it against Kashi's and they both drained them.

[b]"Hold tight n' drink deep, Manji."[/b] Manji was the name of Kashi's blade, but Yurei's nickname for his favorite student. Manji certainly knew his way around a guitar, the microphone and his singing voice, and a blade. He also let Yurei free-load off of him, not minding. That was another plus of being the personal mentor of a rich Vampire.

[b]"Let's go see what others are doing...like maybe the good Kuroichi-Taichio. He might be up for a little sparring."[/b] Yurei cast a wavering, and still malicious grin at Kashi. Several hours and a few pretty women later, they were both waiting for Kuroichi to get back from whatever affairs he had.[/color][/size]

[b]OOC:[/b] Kashi is an extreme lady's man. He will charm and please to no end to get what he wants, and at the same time, still manages to hold a high respect for women.
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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]The whine of engines slowly died as "Takeda Kana's" private jet touched down at an Italian Airport that Kuroichi didn't care to learn the name of. One of the perks of being wealthy was that you didn't need to know a lot of the things most people did. Other people knew them for you. And a perk of being a Vampire was that he could kill the ones that knew too much.

The silver-haired man walked slowly off the velvet covered steps and onto the runway, surrounded by his three of his four Guardians, Yurei being absent to instead keep watch over his protege. Doukeshi was out of his foolish human clothes, dressed instead in a concealing black cloak that hid his clown-like blue clothes. His entourage were all dressed to blend in, and held concealed weapons in case they were interrupted. You could never be too careful in enemy territory, after all.

The five moved steadily through the relatively un-crowded airport. It was another Vampire advantage - sticking to the night tended to help one avoid crowds. A car was waiting for them, pre-arranged by one of Kuroichi's many contacts. From there, he would travel to a hotel that would serve as his base of operations while he went through the process of starting up trouble. He fully intended to take out the Ijuuj in one fell swoop, but wanted a place to pull back too while he waited out the heat.

Of course, the Ijuuj were scattered all around Western Europe. It would make it hard to be rid of them entirely. However, with their center of power cut out, it wouldn't take much. Especially if Kuroichi accomplished his other key objective - taking the Blood Ruby. Holding one of the Seven Gems would make him much more powerful, especially one that played to his strengths. The ability to create blood at will would finally free restraints that had been placed on his Blood Metal talent. At the moment, he needed blood to be spilled before he could manipulate it.

[B]"The car is here, Kuroichi-dono,"[/B] growled Doppo in his low baritone. The Guardian of the North was a massive man, strong and tough. He was a top-notch bodyguard, being eternally loyal and immensely powerful without being particularly bright. He was bald, and not particularly attractive with a noticably square face.

[B]"Thank you, Doppo-san,"[/B] Kuroichi replied smoothly. He waited for the man to open the door before sliding into the sleek black limo. His entourage did the same, and Doppo rapped his knuckles on the tinted glass that separated them from the driver. The car took off instantly.

[B]"You have a private room booked for you at the hotel,"[/B] his third guardian said in her sultry voice. Yaiba, guardian of the South Gate, was a temptress of men and women, but her only true love were blades. She crossed her slim legs, baring her tanned thighs. [B]"We'll be in a room near yours. The entire floor we're on has similarly been booked for when we start moving in troops."[/B]

[B]"Perfect,"[/B] was Kuroichi's purring reply. He rested his hand on Yaiba's leg and stroked it gently. Like most of the women in the Krilat Zmaj, Kuroichi had slept with her on at least one occasion. [B]"How long until we reach our destination?"[/B]

[B]"Less than half an hour,"[/B] Yaiba cooed, leaning against him.

[B]"Good. When we reach the hotel, contact Yaiba and tell him to fly out to meet us with a small squadron. I want to be prepared for the Ijuuj's retaliation once I attack their headquarters."[/B]

"Yes, Kuroichi-dono," Doppo said, nodding.

[B]"Blood, blood, blood for Doukeshi,"[/B] the clown-ish man laughed. [B]"Blood for all and pretty for Doukeshi."[/B]

Kuroichi grinned.

[B]"There will be more than enough blood, I assure you."[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1]Helios had taken his leave of Dracula not long after coming into his presence. The journey he had gone through, the batle involved, and the flight home had left him fatigued, and he was ready to call it a night. He would need to arise early the next morning anyway, so that he and Beth could chat with one another. He slipped into bed without undressing and passed out before he had time to pull the sheets over him.

[I]The next morning...[/I]

Helios sprung outta bed as light streamed in through his window. He quickly jumped out of his clothing, into the shower, and into another outfit quite similair to the one he wore the day before. He had breakfast quickly and slid over to the library in search of Beth. Surely enough, she was there, reading a book in ancient text.

Helios snuck up behind her and made to frighten her when he voice fluttered tiredly, yet amusedly from over her shoulder.

[B]"You're about as silent as a horde of Knubrap. So how was your chat with Dracula yesterday?"[/B] Helios smiled and took a seat across from her. He leaned lazily into the seat and layed his head on top of his arms on the table. Though he was quite old, he often displayed characterstics of the teenager that his body once portrayed.

[B]"Alright. He seems to be doing well, though Kuroichi seems to have him troubled,"[/B] A slight laugh escaped from his throat as he said that. He covered his mouth, and grinned. Beth tilted her head ot the side on confusion. Helios raised his head up to look at her.

[B]"Sorry. It's just amusing in a frightening kind of way to know that Dracula regards Kuroichi as dabgerous. It's not that I don't agree, it's just quite...intriguing to see something, or rather someone, troule the lords. Intriguing is an understatment to tell truth. It's downright exciting."[/B] beth shrugged.

[B]"I guess you could see it like that. I'm interested in knowing Kuroichi's motivation behind his so called scheming. There must be one, right?"[/B] She asked Helios earnestly. Helios nodded and sighed.

[B]"There is. There has to be. I wish I could find out as well, but due to the length of my trip I was unable to volunteer to act as your guardian. Now who knows when I'll get the chance to meet the Silver Haired Demon..."[/B] Helios stopped and watched as Beth stared into the distance. His smile wavered slightly as he asked the next question.

[B]"So why else do you want to meet this Kuroichi? I want to see the extent of his power, find out his motives. You sem to want more than just discovering his motives. But what? I couldn't imagine you wanting the promise of strength..."[/B] [I]Because that might be what I want...[/I] Beth opened her mouth to answer when Helios interrupted her.

[B]"Someone's here."[/B] A loud series of knocks echoed throughout the castle a few seconds after Helios said that. Him and Beth got up and went down to the castle gate to meet the visitors. Helios summoned his blade and twirled it in his hand instinctively. Beth held her shinai in her hands as well.

Once at the door Helios undid the locks and swung the doors open. Standing there were two Nyroma and two Gwyar guards. One of them was blind, but Helios got the odd impression that that did not hinder the man. The other wore an outift similiar to a prisets and kept his hat low over his face. The blind one spoke.

[B]"I am Vylon of the Nyroma. This is Lucien, my constiuent. We seek council with the vampire lords."[/B] Helios looked to Beth curiously. It was odd for the nYroma to be seeking any sort of meeting with the Gwyar. None-the-less, it was Helios' duty to ensure the clan relations were well.

[B]"Of course. Guards! Escort these men to the grand hall and wait for me there. I'll lead them to the Gwyar lords msyelf."[/B] He leaned over to Beth as the guards and the Nyroma vampires walked off.

[B]"I'll take them to the lords, you should get to packing. We can talk later, and in case I don't get to see you before you leave, as I get the odd impression that this event might be trying, stay safe on your trip."[/B] He hugged her and she went off. He spun on his heel and walked swiftly to Vylon and Lucien. He bowed to them and led them to Dracula.

He often stared back at Vylon. Though blind, he made his way around quite skillfully. His other senses must have been powerful. He saw a great strength in the two men, and he instantly took a liking to them. He arrived at Dracula's chamber and there the Nyroma had their council with Dracula...[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][FONT=Arial Narrow]A soft breeze seeped through the small crack in the window and brushed Keitha's soft locks of near ebony hair off her shoulder and into her face. The Shadow Assassin rose her hand from her desk and tucked the lose strains back behind her ear. She brought her attention back to the book that sat upon the small metal desk.

"The distance will ceast to exist, and all will fall into one. One blade, one blood." Keitha read the line out loud for the third time. She flipped through another book that sat on the corner of the desk, searching for anything that would bring more light on this unusual quote.

"Assassin?" Keitha brought her head up with not only the mention of one of her titles, but the loud creak the opening of the wooden door caused.

"Yes?" she replied to the young man that had entered the study.

"The Gyshram Lord wishes to see you in his chamber." The young man bowed and ducked back out of the room, carefully shutting the door behind him.

Keitha marked the spot she was on mentally before closing both books on the desk and proceeding out of the room. The small passage way that eventually led to the much larger corridor was littered with dried leaves and dust. The stone walls had mold and vines growing along them, and smelled of a dungeon.

Upon reaching the corridor, Keitha took a long, deep breath of the refreshing air and started her way through the many levels of the Gyshram clan's quarters. A palace of stone, slate, marble and clay, it was an unrivaled beauty.

Keitha ducked around a corner as she attempted to avoid a few members of the Gyshram upper class as she made her way to the door that would open into the Gyshram Lord's chamber.

"Come in, my Shadow Assassin. I have been expecting you." The rough, brassy voice of the Lord rose from under the door.

Keitha reached forward and opened the door slowly. Straight across the room sat the Lord and his Lady wife, nearly nude, upon their massive bed. She was wrapt in red silk, keeping her body from just above her breast down hidden. That same piece of silk lay across the Lord's lap, allowing his rippling muscles to be exposed.

"My Lord," Keitha allowed the door to close behind her as she lowered herself in a bow.

It wasn't the first time Keitha was summoned to the Lord's chamber to find him and his Lady wife rather exposed, and frequently in most inappropate potions. At first, Keitha nearly bolted from the chamber. Such things were meant to be in private view, but the Lord would only beckon her closer, telling her of his wishes as he made love to his wife. So, eventually, Keitha learned to bare the rather reckless and careless display.

"Kuroichi has made a move towards the Ijuuj. I'm sure the Vampire Lord does not need help in his conquest, but go to him and see what he wishes of yours and the Gyshram's services. I'll be sending Leila shortly afterwards." The Gyshram Lord turned himself so he could kiss his wife passionately.

"Yes my lord, I will leave shortly." Keitha bowed once again and left the room.[/FONT]

[FONT=Arial Black]
You will meet many

On this journey

And you will change

Even if you wish not to[/FONT]

[FONT=Arial Narrow]Keitha growled at the seemingly empty hallway behind her as she slipped into the cool night air. Keitha took a deep breath, she could sense the sapphire not far from her, the massive jem hidden within the walls of the Gyshram palace.[/FONT]

[FONT=Arial Black]
Love is only temparary

Our dearest Assassin

Human lives come

And they go

Do not waste your breath

Or your foolish emotions

On them[/FONT]

[FONT=Arial Narrow]"The world has changed much, shadows. Now they would see a mere converstation such as ours a mental insability. They have lost touch with the Earth and its wonders." Keitha slowly walked through the various shadows that bright glow of the moon cased all about her. They danced wildly under her feet as she passed through them.

[CENTER]OOC: Sorry I'm so late with my first post. :animenose [/CENTER][/FONT][/COLOR]
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[b][size=1]"This will not stand!" [/size][/b][size=1]cried Seraphim, [b]"Those blind fools do not know what they are doing! I must talk with them myself!"

"But you need to have clearance to talk with the High Council," [/b]replied Ramiel, [b]"Clearance that you, my friend, do not have."

"It matters not," [/b]said Seraphim coldly, pushing past the young vampire and walking towards the temple.

He smashed the doors open, and as he walked through, many of the Angels looked at him in disbelief. Could this be Seraphim? The once-great Myrkur Aniol, who had apparently succumbed to darkness?

And he was heading straight for the Council Chamber, with Ramiel following him, looking rather concerned. Some of the Angels made to try and stop Seraphim, but Ramiel shook his head, warning them off it.

He burst through the doors of the Council Chamber, viewing the majesty of the four thrones which sat high above the ground.

[b]"What is this blasphemer doing in the most Holy Halls of the Myrkur Aniol?" [/b]cried one voice, seemingly infuriated.

[b]"This blasphemer is here for the good of the clan. I urge you to reconsider your rejection of an alliance with the Ijuuj. You are not strong enough to hold off the forces of the Krilat Zmaj [i]and [/i]the Zugai! Not even the great Archangels of the Myrkur Aniol!"

"We will never set aside our quarrel with those blasphemers and join them in battle. The Myrkur Aniol will stand alone in this crisis."

"Crisis?! You call this a crisis?! This is the beginning of a war, you fools! The sides are being set, the battlefield is being created as we speak! If you choose to stand alone through the war, then you shall be the first to be destroyed!" [/b]cried Seraphim in response, beginning to get intensely irritated with these old fools.

[b]"Who are you to talk to us of destruction? You, Seraphim, were once a great vampire, but then you succumbed to the darkness and betrayed the Myrkur Aniol! You went to the side of our great enemy Kuroichi!"

"I betrayed no-one! I have no dealings with Kuroichi, if I did do yu think I would be here? And I have not succumbed to any darkness! If you blind fools believe that any way other than your own is the path of darkness then you are sadly mistaken!"

"Begone from our sight, heretic!" [/b]boomed one voice, and some invisible energy threw Seraphim from the Council Chamber, and closed the doors behind him, leaving Ramiel inside to deal with the Council.

[b]"It will be a sad sight to see you being wiped out, brothers, but it will be so," [/b]he whispered to no-one but himself.

[i]What options are left to you now, Seraphim? [/i]he thought, [i]You will not succeed in protecting the Myrkur, so perhaps you can deal with the Gwyar. You must leave now, so you can arrive at the Gwyar castle as soon as possible.

[/i]He walked calmly out through the doors of the Myrkur Aniol temple and left on his long journey to Russia.
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Ramiel stood still shocked at the from what had just transpired. He found himself in question of what to do and how to act. He knew the words Seraphim spoke were the truth, but he didn't know how to plead this to the council. He looked up the council [B]"My lords, is this really the best decision."[/B]
Still ringing with furious anger [B]"There shall be no alliance under this covenant! That is the final word!"[/B]

Ramiel trembled for a moment, from both fear and anger and backed out of the chamber with his head low. After the doors closed he ran for the temple gate, he was going to find Seraphim. He knew that the only way to perserve the clan was for someone to make a stand for the new. It was time to stop looking at the stars and was now the time to reach for them. As he made it to the gate he saw the silhouette of Seraphim on the horizon. He called to him [B]"Wait!" [/B] He ran up to the man[B] "You're right, we need to ally ourselves. The elders will hear nothing of it, but I know it is what must be done. I have decided to leave the clan and assist you in your mission, in our mission."[/B]

Seraphim looked to him and smiled [B]"At least there is one of you there whos till has some sense."[/B] He said as he waved Ramiel to follow.
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Lord Orlok made his way to the roof of his mountain side mansion through it's candle lit tower. It was 8:24 p.m. and already pitch black in the cold mountains. Michelle held his arm with both hands as he ascended the stairs slowly, resting her head on his shoulder. Orlok could feel the affection she felt for him. They had shared love the night before, a farewell present for him, as she so well put it. As they found their way to the top of the tower, Orlok opened the door to freezing winds cutting through the air swiftly. The temperature was well below zero, but Orlok, aswell as any vampire, had an immense resistance to the elements. Despite this fact, Orlok dressed in a wolf skin cloak he had favored for many years, aswell, he had a wool scarf tied around his neck. The winds caused his and Michelle's clothing to flutter ridiculously off their bodies.

There was a helicopter contributing to the winds as it's propellor spun rabidly on top the roof. The couple made there way to the vehicle at a slow pace. A servant opened up a door for Orlok as he made his way up to it, and Orlok entered it, leaning his head out of the door as Michelle kissed him one last time and embraced his upper body. [B]"Promise me... you'll come back in one peice, love."[/B] she said in a pouty voice which softened Orlok's old heart.

[B]"No worries, I always do, and I always will."[/B] he spoke assuringly, embracing the woman back.

[B]"I love you, ol' boy..."[/B] Michelle spoke with tears in her eyes and a knot in her throat, forcing a smile onto her sad face.

[B]"As I do you, my love..."[/B] Orlok said as he escaped her tight grip and sat up in the helicopter, his servant shutting the door. He saw through the tinted windows Michelle's tears as she stared back into his eyes. As the propellors hurried there spinning, the vehicle picked up off the ground. As it did so, Orlok gave a wink of his eye to Michelle and she smiled as he flew away towards Russia. The next stop would be Gwyar Castle, and then the island nation of Japan, a place Orlok hadn't seen in quite in many ages...


Imi, you do Orlok's arrival and our departure from Gwyar Castle. Cool?[/color][/size]
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[size=1]Seraphim smiled as he walked alongside his new companion. He was beginning to find people who thought like him. However, this had happened once before, and it didn't turn out well...

[i]She lay in a pool of her own blood, slowly dying from numerous stab wounds across her body. A sword still lay impaled through her stomach, blood gushing out of the wound. He lifted her head, and she turned it weakly to look deep into his eyes.

[b]"Please don't die," [/b]he said, tears falling from his eyes to her face. He had handled death before, but never this close to home. She was the only thing in his life that had ever made sense, and now he was going to lose her.

[b]"I'm sorry," [/b]she said, her life-force slowly ebbing away. Her eyes rolled back in their sockets, and she breathed out slowly...

[/i]He shook his head. That memory hadn't come up for a long time, and he wasn't sure why it had now. He walked silently with Ramiel for a while, until the young vampire turned to him and said, breathlessly:

[b]"We need to take a break. I'm not used to walking this far."

"You obviously have never been travelling," [/b]said Seraphim with a cold laugh, [b]"We cannot take a break. We need to be in Russia within the next few days. We must keep travelling all through the night. You can rest during the day."

[/b]The other vampire reluctantly agreed, and they continued walking into the night...

(OOC: Sorry, short post, Starwind, you can pick it up and do whatever you want with it)
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=#841a35]Sumiyaka stood on a high tower at Gwyar castle. The old Vampires hadn't been totally old fashioned and, of all things, had a landing pad situated on a back tower. The vampiress saw Orlok's helicopter coming in the distance and stood patiently as it started to land. Her hair flapped along with her long leather coat and the buckles she'd left open clanged merrily in the cutting draft.

She smiled a little and brought a hand up to her eyes to shield herself from the beams of the helicopters headlamps. Her green eyes flashed dimply in the sharp fluorescent light and only when Orlok stepped out of the 'copter did Sumiyaka step forward, ducking under the slowing rotor blades.

[B]"My dear Elizabeth,"[/B] Orlok beamed and opened his arms, [B]"How good to see you again."[/B]

Sumiyaka bowed her head and gestured for her Lord to follow her inside, a lower vampire taking Orlok's bags into his temporary room.

[B]"I trust you had a good trip?"[/B] Sumiyaka asked conversationally, albeit quietly. There was regret in her voice and Orlok could sense it.

[B]"Yes, it was a shame to leave my wife, however. Always a shame to leave the ones we love."[/B]

His statement lingered in the cold night air and Sumiyaka paused as Orlok's gaze settled on the back of her head. Then she speak softly,

[B]"I wouldn't know, if you'll pardon me."[/B]

Orlok smiled knowingly and simply nodded, [B]"Of course."[/B]

The pair walked inside, making small talk as they crossed the grand corridors to a small living room next to the library. Sumiyaka knew it would be empty and Orlok had suggested that they sit down and talk before they prepared for the long journey ahead of them. Sumiyaka agreed, but asked that it would be short. She felt it would be best to leave while it was still dark and sleep on the plane.

The woman crouched in front of the fireplace as Orlok settled into a tall-backed armchair. He sighed approvingly as he poured himself a Scotch and brushed some hair from his forehead with his knuckles.

[B]"And now we talk."[/B][/COLOR]

[B]OOC: Mugen, you post the conversation and them leaving? Or you could just post the conversation and I'll start off their journey. Whichever you want. Justice, if you want, feel free to jump in with any suggestions. We loves us some plot-bunnies. =)

(Sorry for the delay, I got Kingdom Hearts a couple of days ago and...well, yeah.)[/B][/SIZE]
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[size=1]OCC: I'll post the conversation I guess.


Elizabeth and Orlok sat placidly in the fire lit chamber, Orlok indulging in a glass of liquor. [B]"This castle, it has it's charms, I must say..."[/B] Orlok said as he brought the scotch up to his mouth slowly.

Elizabeth sat up promptly and nodded her head, [B]"Yes. This is the only place I can consider a home... when I'm not out on business."[/B]

[B]"I take it you take many missions. Strange for such a dignified woman as your self to be so active."[/B] Orlok spoke in probing voice.

[B]"Unlike you, Lord, or the other council heads, I don't have much business of my own to conduct. I suppose my missions give me purpose."[/B] Elizabeth replied with a hint of regret in her voice.

Orlok took notice of her discomfort, [B]"Do you not have any other pursuits in life?"[/B] Orlok said with a sympathetic voice. [B]"I believe a woman of such beauty and mentality would take better advantage of the fruits of immortality."[/B]

Elizabeth took a minute to think, [B]"I highly appreciate my gift, Lord. It is just, I find myself feeling a sense of... loneliness these days. The only remedy for these feeling I have is return to the castle, to my books, and to..."[/B] Elizabeth stopped mid-sentence, trying to withdraw her words.

[B]"To... whom?"[/B] Orlok prodded with his words.

[B]"Nothing my lord... 'tis nothing."[/B] Elizabeth said, blushing at her cheeks. Orlok could read the emotion she held in her eyes.

[B]"Fair enough, my dear."[/B] Orlok replied, pouring another glass of scotch, offering some to Elizabeth.

[B]"No thank you my Lord."[/B] she answered, withdrawing from her cloak a glass bottle containing a crimson substance. She took out a second and placed it on the table in front of Orlok.

[B]"Why thank you, it is appreciated."[/B] Orlok said with a charming smile, popping the cork off the bottle and mixing it with his scotch, a concoction which he found delicious. As he took a drink and lowered his glass he spoke again, [B]"This... Kuroichi fellow. Do you know anything extra-ordinary about him?"[/B]

Elizabeth lowered the bottle of blood from her lips, [B]"He is called the silver-haired demon in his lands. He is said to be the most powerful vampire in Asia. Many of his followers claiming that he is even more powerful than the likes of the original Gwyar..."[/B] she spoke ominously, taking in Orlok's intrigued expression, [B]"... but we know better, don't we my Lord?"[/B] she said assuringly with a smile.

Orlok chuckled to himself, [B]"Quite, my dear... Quite."[/B] he took another drink from his glass of scotch and blood.

Elizabeth and Orlok sat for a few moments, silent. They took in the sounds of the ancient castle. Elizabeth looked up to the ancient iron clock on the far side of the wall, putting on an expression of suprise. [B]"It seems that our time draws near my lord, our transport should be finished refueling in a few minutes. I must go and gather my things, Lord."[/B] she said with a polite voice, and bowed before Orlok as she turned her back and walked out.

[B]"It is Helios, isn't Elizabeth...?"[/B] Orlok projected his voice across the room and catching Elizabeth's ears. She stood still for a moment, and didn't turn her back to face Orlok.


[B]"I understand..."[/B] Orlok said to her. Elizabeth suddenly scurried out the room towards her quarters. Orlok then spoke to himself, [B]"Better than you know... my dear..."[/B]


OOC: Imi, I guess you can take us on our journey and stop us anywhere you feel in Asia.[/size]
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