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RPG Evangelion-a new genesis


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At the polar ice caps, a bright light can be seen, an eskimo medicine man looks at it from a distance, and the light begins to grow, and suddenly, a huge creature is spawned, consuming the whole area, it makes a sudden screech, and explodes (btw, this is the angel, adam) a huge earthquake engulfed the earth, the polar ice caps melted, storms and floods occured in every city, half the world's population have been wiped out, the second impact, has occured....

[I]21 years later....[/I]

[a huge geofront exists in tokyo 3, nerv base lies there, as they complete the final stages of their project]

worker: commander Ghala, we have almost completed the last eva, and we have located most of the children

ghala: excellent work, tell Yuriko to find them, and to bring them here to me, the angels will be returning, we have found the 3rd angel on radar, it will be arriving here in a matter of hours

worker: hours?! yes sir, right on it!

[the worker runs out of the room]

ghala: a dark day...for mankind, occured 21 years ago, lets hope we can stop there becoming a 3rd impact....

to be continued....


ok, here's how it goes, you can either be a student capable of piloting an EVA, or a NERV personnel worker, bring yourself into the story somehow....

Name: Sephiroth
Age: 20
Appearance: long grey hair, black clother, black trenchcoat
Bio: dark and gloomy, is said to possess great unknown skills, is a student at the Yamuchi school
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Name: Ciarnait
Age: 14
Eye Color: Dark Brown.
Hair Color: Ebony
Skin Color: Light Skinned
Height: 5?3
Weight: 110 lbs
Clothing Style: She?s always in black. She mostly wears her black coat over her black cargos matching with her black top and knee-length boots while sporting her black shades.
Bio: Very mysterious child with powers unknown to anyone else except herself. No one knows the real reason why she moved from the US. She's a cynical person, yet, not arrogant. Most of the times, she underestimates herself and tries to find ways to be kept unnoticed. Even though her clothing style makes people aware of her, she will not change it for the wild world. She is a candidate to become an Eva Pilot but doesn't even know it.
[i]*Ciarnait ran through the school's almost empty hall as the school bell rang.*[/i]

Cairnait: MAN! I can't be late! I'm never late! AND ON MY FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! this sux!

[i]*She kept running as she blamed the time zone difference from here and her home back in the US. It's not fair, she thought, why did she have to move? She wished with all her heart this was a dream and that she would wake up in her warm cosy bedroom. She shook her head, mentaly kicked herself and scolded herself for being so simple. Life isn't simple, she thought, it would never be. She finally reached the classroom, peeked inside before coming in, and smiled at the teacher. She decided to lie once she saw the disaprovement on the teacher's face.[/i]

Ciarnait: um...please excuse my tardiness, I got lost.

Teacher: Don't worry. It's only your first day.

[i]*The male teacher turned to the class and smiled at them.*[/i]

Teacher: Class, today we will be having a new student among you. Please welcome Ciarnait.

[i]*Suddenly, a soft murmuring seized the room and one of the students spoke.*[/i]

Student: What kind of name is Cianait?!

[i]*Abruptly, the room was filled with horrid laughter. Ciarnait frowned and thought how stupid some kids were these days. She gave them a fake smile, shrugged and spoke quietly.*[/i]

Ciarnait: It's just a name.

Teacher: Rightly said! Now, may you say something about yourself?

Ciarnait: There's nothing much to say.

[i]*She notices a empty chair in the far right corner.*[/i]

Ciarnait: May I go sit in the empty chair by the window?

[i]*The teacheers frowned at her but noded.*[/i]

Ciarnait: Thank you.

[i]*As she walked to the chair, she catched several nasty remarks aim at her. She ignored them and held her head up high. She sat herself and gazed outside the window awhile. She grimaced as she thought how long the day was going to be*[/i]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Sere Tuscumbia [/i]
OOC: Does this include Shinji and the crew? [/B][/QUOTE]

no, it doesn't include them....
[as the class continued their remarks at ciarnait, someone spoke out who sat next to her]

???: you guys should show some respect for the new student

[everyone in the class turned to look at him, and the class suddenly became quiet, worried looks on their faces, ciarnait faced the stranger and gave him a smile]

ciarnait: thank you, I appreciate it, my name is ciarnait

seph: .....Sephiroth

ciarnait: cool, nice meeting you, hey, you look much older than me

seph: look around the class, mixed ages, things are done differently here in japan

ciarnait: oh, I understand now

[sephiroth begins to look blanky at the floor and then closes his eyes]

ciarnait: *thinking* hmm, must be one of the quiet types

[suddenly, sephiroth's watch begins to blink and sephiroth wakes up, and walks out of the class]

ciarnait: what the?

[she suddenly hears talk coming from the students behind her]

red: looks like sephiroth has to go to NERV again

delka: yeah, life's tough as an EVA pilot

[a strange look appears on ciarnait's face]

ciar: an....an EVA pilot?

to be continued....
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Ciar: whoa..this day has gone from bad to suprisingly weird. An eva pilot....whoa...freaky...

[i]*She twitched and couldn't help from being astonished that she actually talked to an eva pilot. She heard of them and never actually believed it. Maybe all the things she heard from HIM were true. She pushed HIM out of her mind. She would not depress herself anymore, she thought with self loathing. She forced herself to listen to the boring teacher and sighed.*[/i]

Teacher: As you can see, the.......

[i]*Ok, she thought, this was getting way to boring. Her mind drifted to the eva pilot that had been nice to her. Wonder what it takes to become a eva pilot? Must be hard from what she heard. Digust washed over her face as she thought of her own hard past. Oh well, maybe she could start over here, even if this would probably be the last place she wanted to be. She turned her attention once again to the teacher and slowly went to sleep.*[/i]
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Name-Cloud Strife
Age-14(pilot of Eva-01)
Apperance-Black hair,Black Cargo pants,Black sleeveless shirt,Brown eyes,5'7
Bio-Was chosen to pilot Eva-01.(can't think of anything)
:alcohol: :cussing: :gulp:
Cloud-Late for class once again.......

Teacher-Ah!Hello Mr.Strife!Will you be joining us today?

Cloud-(in his mind):cussing:

Teacher-As I was saying.......

Cloud's mind wonders off and thinks about nothing until he sees Ciarnait.

Cloud-*whispering*What's your name?


Cloud-Name's Cloud Strife.
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Ciarnait: Nice to meet ya, Cloud.

[i]*She smiles at him and luaghs silently which confuses Cloud.*[/i]

Cloud: What's so funny?

Ciarnait: Nothing...just that you're as bored as me.

Cloud: How can you tell?

[i]*She shrugd and smiled impishly at him.*[/i]

Ciarnait: You can say i'm sensitive to other people's moods and feelings. Keeps me out of trouble, if ya know what I mean.

Cloud: You mean you can tell how people are feeling?

Ciarnait: Well...yeah..but it's nothing special. Hey, when is the teacher goona stop talking?

[i]*Cloud grimaced at her question*[/i]

Cloud: Let's just say this teacher likes to talk a lot.

[i]*Ciarnait moaned.*[/i]

Ciarnait: oh man...this is gonna be a really long day.
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:the door pulls open and a girl of 14 enters, grumbling about evil work plans:

Teach: Late [I]again[/I] Miss Tuscumbia? I'm afraid that we'll need to have a little 'talk' after school.

Sere: :sits down in an empty desk, now grumbling about evil teachers and work plans: :mumbles: I'm gonna squash him sometime . . .:cussing:
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Oh man! The eva's are all taken! Hey Seph! Any chance that the crew could've just now built another one for me?

Name: Kool
Age: 13
Appearance: tall, brown hair, baggy pants, and a T-shirt.
Bio: great at martial arts, learned how to pilot an eva from her father, and hopefully is an eva pilot.

*Kool walks in and as usual, late. she's serious most of the time.*

Kool-*mumbles* sorry i'm late. :shifty:

teacher-don't worry, Kool. I have already gone through the absentee sheet and put "tardy" for you for the rest of the year.

Kool-gee. thanks. *mumbles a name at him and walks to her desk in the back of the room. Notices a new student in the corner.*

Kool-yo. what's your name?


teacher-:cussing: shut up and pay attention!! (he really needs a name.)

Kool-So Ciarnait. What has this bozo of a teacher been talking about so far?

Ciarnait-Dunno. I've been ignoring him ever since I walked in.

Kool-heh. That's the smart thing to do.
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OOC: ok..the teachers name is Mr. Newhouse....my BORING math teacher!!!!!!!!
Ciarnait: I know...I'm hoping this day goes faster but I doubt it...:(

Kool: It never does, get used to it...lol

Ciarnait: I'll take your word for it.

[i]*Ciarnait brought her right hand to her neck and began to fiddle with the ring on the necklace. Kool noticed her playing with it and asked:*[/i]

Kool: Who gave you that necklace? Was it someone SPECIAL? Like a BOYFRIEND?

[i]*Ciarnait blushed and laughed at the unexpected question which drew Mr's Newhouse's attention. He glared at her and asked*[/i]

Newhouse: Ms. Ciarnait, can you please share with the class what is so funny?

[i]*Ciarnait frowned and raised her right eyebrow at him.*[/i]

Ciarnait: Nothing. Just felt like laughing...um..yeah.

Newhouse: Well, I'll have to ask you to refrain from laughing. I don't want to have to keep you after school.

Ciarnait: Ok, Mr. Newhouse.

[i]*mutters to herself*[/i]

Ciarnait: (a-hole...this school needs to hire better teachers.)

[i]*The teacher continued the lesson*[/i]

Kool: Sorry about that.

Ciarnait: It's not your fault. I laughed.

Kool: But I made you laugh, though I don't know why. Why did my question make you laugh? It was a guy that gave you that,eh?

Ciarnait: Oh no. I just found it funny that you thought this was given to me by a boyfriend. It wasn't because I don't have one, though you're right about the person being special.

Kool: oh ok. Can I know who gave it to you?

Ciarnait: Someone special...that passed away...my mom.

Kool: Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.

Ciarnait: It's ok. I was only 6 when she died. So, I don't remember her much.

Newhouse: AHEM!!!!!!

[i]*Kool and Ciarnait turned to the teacher who is staring at both of them.*[/i]

Newhouse: Are you two part of the class? or are you not?!

Both: Yes, Mr. Newhouse, we're in it.

Newhouse: Then stop talking and pay attention!

Both: Yes, Mr Newhouse!

[i]*Both females turned to each other one last time and gave each other looks which showed how much they were annoyed by the teacher and looked back once more to the front.*

*Some hours past and it's 5 min til lunch.*[/i]
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Okay. I wish I can do this with my school day.
*Kevin ran to his last class of the day and walk in as the whole class and teacher looking at him*

Teacher: Well Mister Le good to see you. Now sit down.

Kevin: Late again oh well.
*the whole class begin to whisper with each other about him*

Student 1: Late again.

Student 2: How many time have he been late or absent now?
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If only.
Kevin: Well the day is almost over.

Kool: Well you're late again.

Kevin: Yes I am. Well what did I miss.

Kool: Now much.
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ooc: there are enough eva's for everyone, so don't worry about it, and just in case you don't know, I am pilot of unit 00, which is NOT the one from the series, its different, looks a lot like 03, so as the story progresses and you get introduced to your eva, just explain how it looks like yourself....
[I]In central dogma....[/I]

ghala: how long has the process been, now? major yuriko?

yuriko: sephiroth has been in that suspended form of animation in the cryogenic tube for 2 hours now

ghala: thats enough for today, he may leave now

[ghala leaves the room and yuriko steps up to the tube]

yuriko: sephiroth, you are done for the day, you can go home now, or to school, if you want

[sephiroth groggily opens his eyes and nods his head, they release him from the tube and he goes to the locker room to get changed, and makes his way to the school, he arrives in the classroom in a matter of minutes]

teacher: so nice of you to join us, mr sephiroth

seph: ......

teacher: you may be seated

[sephiroth takes a seat in his usual place, and carries on staring out the window, some of the students notice the scar just under his right eye]

to be continued....
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[i]*Ciarnait looked at Sephiroth as he sat down. What a lucky guy, she thought, he practically missd the whole stupid lesson! She looked at the scar just under his right eye and wondered where he got it from. She shook her head lightly and told herself it was non of her business. She turned to the watch and smiled. YES! She cheered to herslf, 2 more min til it's lunch time. She yawned and stretched her arms out just as the teacher spoke.*[/i]

Teacher: So, Ms Ciarnait, as you volunteered to do answer the question

[i]*He smiled slowly as she mentally cussed herself out. I wasn't even paying attention, she screamed at herself. She stood up and asked herself, what was he talking about anyways?*[/i]

Ciarnait: Well..um...*cough*...I just raised my hand to go to the restroom.

[i]*She smiled at him as his smile quickly turned into frown*[/i]

Teacher: No you may not. You only have 1 minutes til it's lunch time. I will assume you can wait.

Ciarnait: Yeah, if you say so. I really can't do anything about it. :(

Teacher: What was that? I didn't quite hear you.

Ciarnait: I didn't say anyhing.

Teacher: I don't think so. I would like you to repeat what you said.

[i]*Just as the teacher finished his statement, the bell rang.*[/i]

Ciarnait: Whoa, lunch already, guess it's time for me to go grub!

[i]*She smiled at him and she walked out the classroom before he could say another word.*[/i]
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At lunch, Kool talked to Ciarnait.

Kool-how come you didn't have to do a problem?

Ciarnait-You heard it. The bell rang.

Kool-yeah, but whenever i'm asked to do a problem, it's nowhere NEAR lunchtime or break or whatever. You're lucky.

Ciarnait-:D :toothy: Guess i am. :D

Kool-don't rub it in! :( :bawl:
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Name: Zack
Age: 16
Appearance: Dark Brown hair, pony tail that goes down to his back and his bangs hang over his face, Grey-Blue eyes that look cold.wears Jeans and a Black t-shirt.
Bio:Serious and quite. not very social. He was recently selected to be an eva piliot. He lived in the us all his life and moved to Japan when he was selected. He dosn't have many friends and tends to keep to himself. a whiz with computers and other electronics.


[I] Zack walked off the train and was greeted by what looked like a maajor from Nerv[/I]

Major: Zack?

Zack: yes?

Major: I am Major Yuriko....welcome to the geo front

Zack: .....

Yuriko: Come along...we are going to run some synch test on you and show you your eva...

Zack: ...synch test?

Yuriko: yes...you must sychronize with your eva to operate it at optimum performance...

Zack: ok...

[I] Zack follows the Major to the locker room[/I]

Yuriko: you will change into uniform here...your locker will have you name on it...

[I] Zack walks into the locker room, finds his locker, changes into his piliot suit then walks back out, the piliot suit is red and black[/I]

Yuriko: ...ready to see you eva...and begin synching?

Zack: ...yes....

[I]Zack follows the major to the docking bay...not speaking[/I]

Yuriko: here it is...unit 01....

[I]Zack looks onto the eva with a feeling off awe....it is a black with red "eyes". It is about the same size as the other eva's and similar in appearance to unit 03[/I]

Zack: ...this is mine?.....

Yuriko: yes....go ahead and get into your capsule....we will begin testing right away....

[I] Zack follows Yuriko and climbs into the capsule that says 04 on it...the capsule feels with the oxygen gel...[/I]

Zack: what is this stuff!!???

Yuriko: it transfers oxygen straight into your blood...it will feel weird at first but you will get used to it...

[I] Zack forces himself to breathe and relax and keep from holding his breathe as he "breathes" the gel...the testing begins...a couple of hours pass[/I]

Yuriko: ...wow this kid is doing pretty good....Zack...that's enough for today....

[I] Zack climbs out of the tube and walks back to the locker room, changes and meets Yuriko[/I]

Zack: .....

Yuriko: you did good for your first time...we are going to take you to school now...

[I]Yuriko takes him to the Yamuchi school...they arrive about the middle of lunch time...they go and see his teacher first[/I]

Mr. Newhouse: soo you are a new student....why are you so late your first day?

Yuriko: sorry it is Nerv's fault....he is a new Eva piliot and he needed to get a few things done...

Mr. Newhouse: welcome to class....we are at lunch currently so you may go find your self a place to sit and something to eat...

Zack: ok....

[I] Zack walks out of the room and goes into the cafeteria...he finds a seat alone and eats the lunch he brought for himself[/I]

Zack: ...the Major said I would be living with... Sepiroth...and Ciarnait....guess I should find one of the two before schools over...

[I] The bell rings and the students head back to class[/I]

Mr.Newhouse: we have another new student today...a Mr....

Zack: ...Zack

Mr. Newhouse: ...please find a seat

[I] Zack sits down in the corner...away from the other students...and wanders into thought bored by the teacher[/I]
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[a few minutes before the lesson is over, and everyone is finally allowed to go home, sephiroth notices someone looking at him]

seph: ....yes?

zack: are you....sephiroth?

seph: hai

zack: oh, well I'm zack, nerv told me I would be-

seph: living in the same apartment as I?

zack: yes

seph: who is the other? they told me 2 would be living with me

zack: ciarnait

seph: I see....she's sitting on the table in front of you

zack: say, your the first child, aren't you?

seph: ....hai, you can explain to ciarnait about accommodation, I will await both of you after the lesson to show you my apartment, where you will be staying

to be continued....
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[I]The bell for the school day rings...Zack walks up to Cairnait talking to Kool[/I]

Kool:so where do you live?

Cairnait:I don't know....


[I]Cairnait and Kool jump not relizing Zack was their[/I]




Zack:....you are going to be living with me and Seph...

Cairnait:Seph?...the Eva piliot....does that mean your one to?...

Zack:....I am....

Cairnait:...does this mean I am a canidate?.....

Zack:I don't know....might...anyway Seph said for me to get you...he is going to take us to his...our...place...

Cairnait: ok...I will be right their...

[I]Cairnait turns back to Kool and the two talk as Zack walks away[/I]
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OOC: Hey, Sephiroth, am I to post my info on the other topic about the Evangelion (Sign Up)?

Ciarnait: I'll see you tomorrow then ok!

Kool: Sure. Laters!

[i]*Ciarnait said bye to Kool and both of them walked in different directions. She walked toward the front of the school and her mind drifted began to drift. Part of her wished that she didn't become a nerv pilot, the though horrified her. The other part was fascinated by the idea that she might one day pilot those huge evas. The possibility of her being a candidate was there, but she might not be one either. Suddenly, the thought of living with TWO eva pilots began to materialized in her mind and she stopped walking, took her right hand and lifted it to her necklace which she proceeded to play with again. Man, she was nervous again. But then, again, who wouldn't be? She was just a 14 year old american girl who was suddenly shipped here to live with two eva pilots. Not one, but TWO! She felt extremely shy all of a sudden. *[/i]

Ciarnait: This is not what I had planned.

[i]*Suddenly, she argued with herself. You had nothing planned, Cairy, you didn't know this was going to happen. She grimaced and continued to walk toward the front of the school. She began to talk to herself.*[/i]

Ciarnait: Oh, well. Look at it this way, as long as you're not annoying, they're not going to get mad. They probably don't spend much time at the apartment since they have all those eva thingies to do, so we won't interact much. Yeah, that sounds nice. I need time alone...to think...and relax.

[i]*Ciarnait finally arrived at her destination and noticed Sephiroth and Zach in the front waiting for her. Maybe, she needed a change, she contemplated, or maybe not, ony time will tell. She sighed, breathed in deeply and walked toward them.*[/i]
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[I]Zack looks up at Cairait as she walks up....sielence was around all three of them...the two guys none social and Cairnait being shy...they began to walk down the street slightly behind Sephroth[/I]


[I]Zack walked starting ahead, thinking to himself[/I]

Zack(thought):....today...has been....different...I am moved to a whole new town...I have become a piliot of one of those Eva's...and now I am living with two others...it's been a while since I have been anything but on my own...that eva...it intrigues me...I hope it will accept me...I want to be it's piliot...Seph....looks like he is from around these parts...and Cairnait is being more silient then ussual...maybe it's cause she is with two guys....oh well it's not my problem...but...it's been a while since I have talked with anyone....and she looks like one of the few americans from around...course I could be wrong...and I should get to know those I live with...since I am going to be living with them...

[I]Zack receedes from his thoughts and looks over at Cairnait[/I]

Zack:...so...Cairnait...where you from?


Zack:....where are you from?

Cairnait: oh...the U.S....

Zack:...so am I....which part?...
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[i]*She looked at him a but and frowned. I thought he was the non social type.*[/i]

Ciarnait: I'm from the west side.

Zack: West side...?

[i]*She didn't want to elaborate, however, he was gonna be living in the same apartment. He might as well know some stuff now then later.*[/i]

Ciarnait: California....

Zack: er...on the coast or farther inland?

[i]*Ciarnait began to feel more at ease and she smiled.*[/i]

Ciarnait: I lived near the coast. Los Angeles to be exact. I didn't so much the city itself, just that it was near the ocean. I LUV THE SEA! I used to go there everday.

Zack: You swim?

[i]*Ciarnait nodded*[/i]

Ciarnait: Yeah., for awhile now. I wonder if there are swimming pools here.

Zack: Yeah, I think so. I'm pretty sure there is one in the school.

[i]*Ciarnait suddenly felt bad that she had gone off blabbering again*[/i]

Ciarnait: so..um...Zack..What part of the US are you from? How do you like it so far here? :)
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[I]Zack stares at her in silence[/I]

Zack(Thought):shoulda figured she would try to find out about you...maybe this was a bad idea...too late...might as well answer her question...

Cairnait:Zack you there??

Zack:....Texas....Dallas to be exact....it's...nice...here...what about you?....do you like it here?

[I]Zack listens to her as she loosens up and begins to talk...telling as little about himself as litte[/I]
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[i]*She felt Zack tense up when she asked about him, so she tried not to ask many things. Maybe it was good, if she talked a lot. He might be a listener then a talker.*[/i]

Ciarnait: Well, i'm ok with it. But before you came, the teacher got pissed at me since he thought I raised my hand but didn't anser the question. I was only stretching. I wasn't even paying attention to his dumb class...i hope he doesn't try to pick on me during class tomorrow. I should probably ditch the class.

Zack: Ditch?

Ciarnait: yeah, I used to do it A LOT back in LA. School just got boring. The way I saw it, I knew the stuff, so why show up to learn things I already knew? Just pass the tests and pass the class. "C" or "D" didn't matter, as long as I got the credits.

Zack: But wouldn't your parents get mad if you get low grades?

Ciarnait: er..no..my mom is dead...and I never knew my dad...he was ann *** as far as I know....

Zack: oh...i'm sorry to hear that....

Ciarnait: Don't be. My mom died when I was only a 6, so I didn't really know her. My guardians don't really care. As long as I don't get into trouble..[i]*she smiled impishly*[/i]..or as long as they don't know...hehehehe

Zack: So you're a troublemaker?

Ciarnait: Not really, you can call me a lil devil at times, playing pranks and talking back to teachers and stuff. I didn't talk back to the teacher I have right now..i'm a lil too new..maybe tommorrow or the day after that when I get familiar with the rules and stuff. I admit getting into fights back in LA...but that's cause I was trying to even the odds and stuff..guys over there are bullies. Always picking on kids half their size, age, or weight...I think it's sad.

Zack: oh..I see...you can fight?

[i]*Ciarnait laughed and Zack looked at her confused. She just smiled at him.*[/i]

Ciarnait: As they say here...HAI! HEY! When are we gonna get to the apartment. I mean, if it's far, shouldn't we be driving there???? or take the bus?!
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