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Sign Up The Mixed Experiment II: The End of The World [M-VLS]


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It?s been 3 long years since the dark army had arrived and the mighty battle between The kappa demon, Dredick. 3 years that the people of Fujin had been in peace. Only 3 years. After coming of age at 20, Gale took the title of High king of Fujin. Queen Eva died of illness when he turned 21. Even after the horrible death, Fujin remained at peace. Though behind the mountains and the scorching desert sands lay the mystic forest of the elves. Of course no human or demon or any species had ever made contact with the elves for at least 100 years. The humans and elves separated from each other after the 3,000 year war that almost destroyed the world they live in. Now, they live in peace, until that day.

Gale galloped on his white horse as he made it to the river. A large man with a tattoo on his bald head stopped him at the river. His eyes locked on Gale. Even though he was twice the size of Gale, he bowed at Gale like the rest in Fujin.
?Welcome King Gale. The council is waiting for you.? Gale nodded as he got off his horse and walked to the side of the river. He glanced back at the large man.
?Make sure my horse gets plenty of water.? He bowed again as Gale returned to the river. In a Instant, the river separated down the middle, showing stairs going straight down. He walked slowly down as the river closed behind him. At the end of stairs was bright large room filled with people. In the middle laid a round table for the kings, elders, or leaders of each species.
?The High king of Fujin is here! King Gale!? The room became quiet as Gale moved to the table to take a seat. All at once, the leaders, too took their seats. The dwarf king, Lord Baron stood up from his seat.
?The council called for yer meetin? to talk about the recent ?activities? around the mountains. Killin? around my homeland is like spitting in my face and saying you?re the best! I will!!! One of the Wolf-demon leader settled the dwarf and set him back down. Whispers began to pass around the table. The Tiger-demon tribe leader, Boskin stood up to speak.
?My scouts picked up figures moving through our sands towards the mountains at high-rate speeds. They where coming west, which is impossible unless the Elves have returned....? The whispers immediately turned into shouts of fear and anger. Gale though sat there, his fist against his cheek thinking. Suddenly there was a bang from the stairs Gale came from as human blood flowed down the stairs. The leaders drew there weapons as they waited the person responsible for the blood. From the stairs walked a figure, tall with long snowy white hair. Some guy who saw him would think he was a rich human, but no. Gale knew better. His long ears explained everything. His blue, white cloths also showed why he was an elven. Not just an elven, the lord of the elves, Orion. The council was in complete shock. Lord Orion stride to a chair at the table and sat gently on the chair.
?Good afternoon gentlemen and if, any ladies.? He brushed his long white hair from his eyes. His eyes then locked on Gale?s. ?The queen is resting in peace with her husband and the crown goes to her son. The boy that helped Fujin win against the demon, Dredick. I?m very honored to be in your presences.? His eyes stilled fixed on Gale?s. It seemed time froze. The elven king broke the silence.
?3,000 years ago, my people where banished on the face of the world. We lived in the shadows of our trees for over 3,000 years. Finally they make me lord over all of them. I have trained my warriors and if they engaged in combat. They would show no mercy to no one. I have come here to the council to explain to you that I am ready for WAR!!? He slammed his fist on the table, startling everybody, but his red face turned into a smile. He pointed his finger at Gale as if to challenge him.
?You and your people?s Armageddon is approaching. I suggest you live you remaining life pleasantly, before you know it. It might feel like you have left this world for a different one.? With that, Lord Orion left. Now the council went insane, yelling at each other about how to prepare for war, but Gale?s head kept ringing the last sentence Orion said. ?Before you know it, it might feel like you have left this world for a different one.?

Main idea

This is not going to be another war in the books. This is going to be survival. After a week at the kingdom, the elves would attack. After breaching the castle walls, they would retreat. They a black massive hole would open in the sky, absorbing the people around the castle. The hole would take them to a different world. The remaining people will have to explore the new world and find a way back to their world. Two problems, one they will need to survive first in the new world. Two, they would have to deal with the elves, who are taking over the world when their gone.

Setting: Fujin world, a Final Fantasy kind of world: The new world, secret!!

Main Races: (this does not mean you have to pick out of these races, you can make some up!)
demons-all kinds of them!
no elves!!!

character snippet: opinional

any questions PM me.[/FONT]
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Name: Emilio Batou

Age: 22

Race: Kappa (water Demon)

Power: He can control and manipulate water and ice.

Personality: He has in recent years reformed his once frigid persona, and become much more generous and complient. He's not exactly a good guy, but he is a moral one.


Bio: After the end of the war three years ago against his father Emilio returned to the northern mountains and to his homeland. He took his place as the next guardian of the great lakes, his peoples homeland and he would take this position when his mother passed on. Up to now she is still very much alive, and he still ventures from his home to go out and see the world that he has yet to see.

In this time he has found his way to visitng his old comrades in arms a few times since the wars end. He has given up his life style as a mercenary, and now lives his life as the water demon prince.
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[FONT=Arial]Name: Gale
Age: 21
Race: Human
Abilities/Magic/Weapons: Gale carries a sword from his father that has the power to create explosions after impact. At the end of the blade is carved in writings 'Explosion'.
[I]Sky-Dragon Explosion[/I]-Over 20 slashes of explosions in high-speeds. Gale uses this attack often for he doesn't use alot of enegry, yet its effective.

[I]Mad Dance-[/I] Gale jumps into the air and thrust his sword opun the enemy below to create a massive explosion, This is one of Gale's strongest attacks and often uses this attack to finish someone.

[I]Sky-Heaven Explosion[/I]- Gale cuts down as a large inferno of flames and lightning fire upon the enemy. This attack is very hard to dodge for it covers alot of ground, but takes alot of energyt to perform. Gale rarely use this move.

[I]Self-destruct[/I]- Gale is surrounded by golden aura as he destroys his body to create a large explosion. Only used once against Dredick in a final attempt to kill him. Gale would only use this for a last resort.

Personality: gets along with others well. will never back down to no one. his leadership is compared to old cammanders of huge armies. He can match anyone with a sword.
bio: [read the story above.][/FONT]
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Achilles

[B]Age:[/B] 31

[B]Race:[/B] Human
Abilities/Magic/Weapons:[/B] He has incredible reflexs and speed for a human, he has an extensive knowledge of humanoid physiology. It has grown over the past three years and his weapon Dreadnaught he still carries with him. It has definatly evolved in amazing ways, ways that Achilles has not yet discovered yet. From lack of use over the three years.

[B]Personality:[/B] Achilles tends to be rebellious against orders he is given, except from the new king of Fujin. He usually likes to do things his own way and get them down quickly. In battle he is the most cold hearted being you could imagine, but off the battle field, he is a normal person. He lives and acts like a normal human, except for the occasional bar fight ot what not. He is never afraid to face any opponent, whether they were tougher looking or scarrd or bigger, he always faces them head on. And all he wants in his life is to have his name last through the ages.

[B]Appearance:[/B] [url=http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b18/Sagethefiend/Prince_Throne.jpg] Achilles.[/url] Achilles has changed in his look over three years, living in the woods has made him change his clothes and age has changed his face.

[B]bio: [/B]Achilles served in the first war, he killed thousands of men alone with his old sword. It had tasted the blood of men and demon alike. He was a skilled killer and was perfect for this war. He served under Gale and with his friend Chrysanthema, later two harmonizers came into the fight along the a kappa demon named Emilio.

He served with them too, they later found Emilios father had started this whole conflict. Later on, in the centrel city. Achilles found out his father had been slain by Emilios father. At that point Achilles was going through a harsh ordeal with the sword Dreadnaught. During the wart he had charged ub to try and kill Dredick but was captuered, tortuered and imprisioned. Achilles died in that cell from blood loss.

At the same time Achilles merged with his sword and then was born again. They fought and killed Dredick in the tower of his dark city. After Gale had been crowned king at the end of the war, Chrys had returned to her people and Emilio now the only heir to his throne, Achilles disappeared into the deep forest. Only a few have ever heard from him.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[B]Name:[/B] Chrysanthema- Chrys (Chris) for short
[B]Age:[/B] looks about 22
[B]Race: [/B] Winged Fire Demon
[B]Abilities/Magic/Weapons:[/B] The wings allow her to be able to fly. She uses a scythe-like weapon made out of a hard onyx crystal that's very hard to obtain. Along with general demon attributes of demon kind like increased speed and strength, Crys is very apt to wielding fire.
Main specials= [I][COLOR=DarkOrchid]Fire Scourge[/COLOR][/I]- Two crescent blades of red energy are flung by her wings, immediately setting fire to any enemy they touch. Limited range according to how much power is released.
[I][COLOR=DarkOrchid]Heat Wave[/COLOR][/I]- A wave of volcanic heat is unleashed around her, making it very difficult for those around her to function if they aren't used to Volcanic conditions. The closer one is to her, the greater the effects.
She's been practicing some new techniques?none that she had shared with anyone, yet.
[B]Appearance: [/B] [URL=http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b137/ShadowessTheNight/1103927299_by_aelithe.jpg][COLOR=DarkOrchid][U][I]Chrysanthema[/I][/U][/COLOR][/URL]
[B]Personality:[/B] Chrys is a carefree girl, loving to just relax and enjoy things. However, she can grow very serious when it comes time to. Matters with the war three years ago had forced her to grow up a bit?well?more like a lot. Chrysanthema has a fiery spirit when it concerns things she cares deeply about.
[B]Bio:[/B] After the war, Chrys moved back to Mt. Hinote and the other volcanoes in the south to deal with family issues that were left unsettled because of Fujin's distress. Good news, she wasn't going to be an exile anymore. Bad news, the demon had to stay put for a while and catch up on things and certain expectations. As soon as she got the chance the girl went off on her own again to visit everyone and do her own exploring. She kept in close contact with Gale and Achilles, running into Emilio once in a while, but lost contact with the two Harmonizers.
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Name: Grace
Age: 33
Race: daemon (of the sky)
Abilities/Magic/Weapons: weapon: double bladed sword, made of silver with strange markings that glow also an array of throwing knives augmented with wind. Magic: able to call upon the wind to attack enemies, special attacks, cry of the angels: a variable hurricane surrounds the area damaging enemies. Wind strike: a tornado is summoned and thrust upon the enemy (its size can be changed). Pandemonium: a torrent of supersonic wind waves is blasted through the enemy shredding them. She can change the temperature of the wind of she wishes and uses it to fly and float.
Personality: Most of the time can cooperate with out too much trouble. She considers herself an outsider even in general matters. She was exiled from her place of birth because she killed her sister in anger, she was sentenced to death but her farther pleaded and got her an exile. She can be cold towards others.
Bio: She used to belong to a race of Sky daemons but was exiled. After which she roamed the countryside killing and stealing whenever she needed to. Worked as a mercenary for an amount of time, as a new ruler came of the kingdom of her people hunters were sent out to kill her for her crime under new law. She has been on the run ever since and is always plagued by the thought that she could kill another in her anger as she did her own sister.
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Well, I do not know about Silverwolf, but you will have to deal with Amer again. This should be fun.

Name: Amer "Bolt"

Age: 27

Race: Human/Demon (sorta) Harmonizer actually.

Abilities/Magic/Weapons: He has a weapon that he normaly does not use. It is a sword, a buster sword, but extended to a length of eight feet. It is three feet wide also.

He also has the power to change into demons, but only ones in which he has stolen a sould from. He has his dark demon-a nine tailed fox, his wind demon-a human looking one with blades all over its body, an ice demon-a dragon of deep blue, a fire demon-a giant red knight with a sword made of fire, an earth demon-one that looks like a mix between an ox and a bear and it is made of stone, and his ultamate form, no longer a werewolf, but now it is a giant black devil looking creature. IT has yellow streaks on its chest, but its electric power has grown to a horrid degree.
Personality: Very cocky. He gets annoyed by other demons. If they have a demonic aura, he will trat them nicely, but if they try to act cocky, then he will take their head off.

When fighting, he has a small problem. At random times, he will fall into a state of blood lust. He will kill anything in his way. No matter who it may be, they have a major chance of falling to his blade, or one of his demons.

Yet lately, he has gotten better at controlling it. He no longer falls into his blood lust when someone pisses him off, but get him in enough blood and you have a problem. Also, he has been useing his mind alot more. He has begun to act like a smart person, and it has helped in battle.

Appearance: Below

bio: He is the brother of a demon, yet he has no demon in him. his father was something called a Harmonizer. Someone with the power to steal a demons soul and use its elemental power later. His father trained him and his brother Sarin, until the day that they had to finish their training.

To finish a harmonizer's training, they have to kill the person who trained them. And by law, they have to do it one at a time, but their father had other plans. Both Sarin and Amer faced their father at the same time. He did theis for a reason they did not understand. To help them learn how to work together.

After a long struggish battle, they were able to kill them. This in turn changed them both. Sarin became calm and colected. Never knowing what was on his mind, but it nearly killed Amer. He started to act like a full demon. He grew in size, and anger. He is known by his short temper, his smart *** remarks, and his cocky attitude. Yet, he knows when not to act like that.

character snippet:

"Sarin, to your left." Amer growled, his werewolf form flexing and letting his muscles loose every breath.

"It is pointless you two. If your father could not kill me, who is to say that you can. You are nothing compared to your father." The old man, now a demon of incredable power, began to laugh.

Yes he was their grandfather, and yes, their father had not killed him after his training had ended. And because of this, it was now Sarin and Amer's chance at it.

"Listen you old man. This fight is pointless. We have no reason to fallow the laws of the Harmonizers. We are the only three left. From here on out, we make the laws." Sarin said, watching the old mans movements.

"What are you trying to say? So, Amer is the oldest Harmonizer after me? Isn't that nice. That means, We are to fight alone." The old man smiled as he shot Sarin with a blast, knocking him out.

"What the hell old man. You shall regret that." Amer's eyes began to change into a goldish color as his body began to change. In a glash of lightning, he chanced into his new, ultamate form. His lightning demon.

"We;;, seems you and your brother have passed any one before you. Good." The old man charged Amer. In another flash of light, Amer changed back to normal and grabbed his arm. The old man turned around and fell to the ground in four peices.

Slowly, Amer stood up and looked at Sarin. "Brother. From here on out, we shall take our separate ways. We shall meed up agian, one day." Before vanishing into the lighning storm above, he grabbed Sarin's arm, jolting him awake.

For the past three years. Amer has been chasing down demons that have strong auras, only to steal them for himself.

Well, there is a long post for ya man.
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Race:Impure Demon
Magic:Can maniplute darkness
Weapon:A long diakatanna
Personality:Calm and collected but loses it sometimes
Bio:Has a brother named Amer and due to harmonizer training killed his father witht eh help of Amer and the two worked together from then on out until Amer fought their grandfather. Is in search of Gale, Emillio, Achilles and Chrys at the moment
Sarin looked out of the land as his cloak flapped in the breeze. It had been just over three years since the great battle between them and the dark army and now he was out to get stronger and find the others. He knew Amer could take care of himself. "Well geuss I should get a move on again" He didn't want to use his power of darkness and wanted to build his strength. He suddenly sensed a strong presence below him. "****"

A huge blast of ice came flying out of the ground as a demon with ice spikes sticking out of him at evil looking curves appeared. "So you are Sarin, Amer's brother"

"What is it to you"

"Amer killed my younger brother and now I will kill you." He charged as suddenly a large blast of dark fire threw him back, badly burned.

"You ar strong but not by yourself. To me you will be of bettr use" He took the demon's soul and continued his trek.
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