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What color most suits your personality


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[SIZE=2][FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=RoyalBlue]It can be two or three colors or whatever.
Like pink sometimes symbolizes...happiness...or
blue is depression...or just what u usually feel like.

I sometimes go with the color pink:
happy, active and annoying.
Other times i feel like blue fits me:
depressed, lonely, distant and etc...
And just like sometimes i feel like black:
i don´t give a damn about anyone and/or anything at all...

Anyway, something like that.
Just be specific and explain and everything![/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
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Hmm..i Think the colours yellow....blue and green...suit my personality

Yellow: This is because i can be like a little kid and yellow always reminds me of a sort of eternal youth and innocence...I love acting like a little kid again...it suits me...apparently...hehe

Blue: This is because i can become quite depressed and moody yet not so moody as to be the colour black..i can make jokes and make others happy even though im upset....my sarcasm come in the form of this colour


Green:..This is because it is my favourite coulour..every thing i wear is green really..my eyes are green and i look at the world with "fresh eyes"...sound really corney huh? (plus NOBODY ever uses the OLIVE GREEN crayon)..im pretty laid back and mellow...though sometimes i can get pretty angry..

[COLOR=Red][SIZE=3]QUESTION:what animal would you guys be?[/SIZE] [/COLOR]
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Well i owuld choose black because sometimes i can really be a pain in the butt and very vicious.

The i would pick white becuase i am like spiritual and ever wondering about difficult questions.
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[COLOR=Blue]Blue[/COLOR], because I find it to be a very calming color. Yes, it is often associated wtih coldness and depression, but no one seems to look at it otherwise. The sky is blue, and beautiful. The ocean is blue, and calming in spite of it's ferocity. Even the hottest flame is not orange, but blue.

So, blue is a calming, beautiful, dangerous, and passionate color in my eyes. That is why I like it so much.
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Colors that suit me best and my mood as well would be as follows:

[B][COLOR=Black]Black[/COLOR][/B]- I love wearing black tops, because it looks sexy on me (^.^), also I feel in a good dominating mood.

[B][COLOR=Red]Red[/COLOR][/B]- Red is just a good color for me, I only wear red dressy blouses or shirts however you call them. This symbolizes my sexy side of me <.<...

[B][COLOR=Pink]Pink[/COLOR][/B]- This is when I feel in a nice and friendly mood and it looks real good with my skin color.
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[COLOR=Indigo][FONT=Trebuchet MS]Umm.. probably

Orange - Because I find that it's a happy and exciting colour. I don't wear alot of orange because it doesn't look great on me, but I think it describes me. I'm a happy and hyper person, and I think orange sort of shows that.

Green - Because it's not a sad colour, but it's more laid back and calm. And I have my calm moments =)[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Hm...a few different possibilities

Black- hidden, elegance (in a strange, unique sense), mysterious, sometimes darker minded
Ice Blue- chilly, reserved
red- passion, wrath, blind
Purple- artsy

Along that sort of line, but on the rare occasion I'd choose [COLOR=White]white[/COLOR] over every other color. Not for purity, spiritual, or anything like that. Because it is all the colors, yet none at the same time.
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