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RPG Beginning of Ends [M-LVS]


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[COLOR=Navy][SIZE=1]It was fortold in years before, by saints long forgotten, that the Four Gods would forsake their greatest creation, Mankind. It was written in countless books, and was always reffered to as the "Cataclysm."

Now, the Cataclysm is near. How near, no one knows. But the question is, what happens after the Cataclysm? What happens to Mankind once the Four Gods turn their backs?

[center]= = = = =[/center]

Leo walked down the long university hallways, glancing out the windows. The bright midday sun shone brightly through them, lighting the corridor. He was only bairly concience of the other students as they rushed by him, spurred by various urgencies. His mind was clouded with thoughts, his eyes unfocused and almost glazed.

His feet subconciencly led him out to the fountain, which was his favorite place to sit and study. The statue in the fountain, a large falcon, glissened in the sunlight with it's undeniable beauty.

Leo sat in the statue's shade, feeling the light mist produced by the water spraying from it's wing tips. His eyes still held a far-away look, and didn't notice one of the girls staring at him. Normally, he would have blushed and walked away, but he was too immersed in his thoughts. He didn't realize that she was walking towards him until it was too late to run. He would have to face her.

"Hey, Leo," she said, her full lips spreading into a captivating smile. She sat next to him, placing her hand on his. "What's with the long face?"

Leo removed her hand from his, and stared at the sky. "I don't really know, Katie. I have this wierd feeling, almost as if the world is...different, somehow."

"You sure are wierd, Leo," she said, her green, sparkling eyes glinting with humor.

"Ya, at least I don't go sleeping around just for the shear fun of it," Leo shot back, his eyes full of distast.

"You're a bastard, Leo, ya know that?" Katie said, furry erasing the humor. "I wonder why I even tried." With that, she walked away, fuming. Leo could almost see the smoke rising from her head, and he chuckled.

He didn't really [i]not[/i] like Katie. He just didn't agree with what she did. [i]Oh well,[/i] he thought to himself, [i]at least she's not my girlfriend.[/i]

He glanced at his watch, and noticed that he was going to be late for class if he didn't hurry off.

Glancing once more at the sky, he shuddered. Then, standing, he grabbed his backpack and ran to the far building.

[i]I don't like this feeling...[/i][/SIZE][/COLOR]

OCC: Before anyone posts, check out the Undergound thread first.
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[COLOR=Red]Balthazar is on his normal every day run from the the cops."Piss off morons! Im to smart for you! Hahahaha!" Says Balthazar as he takes a sharp turn in to an ally, jumps upon to a nearby building ladder.Balthazar looks down at the cops trying to get the ladder."Freaking morons!" he says. So Balthazar climbs up the ladder onto the roof. Balthazar sprints and jumps from Roof top to Roof tops till he hits an abandoned house he made his hideout."Cops, what are they used for? They cant even catch a common thief like me!" Suddenly a feeling surges through his body. "Hmmmm... Something is wrong here... But what?" Balthazar asks himself.

"Hey Balt, Whats up?" Says a Female Rogue around the age of 16 "Oh, Hey Talasama (OOC: Talasama is Balt's youger sister) . Hows it be going for you Tala?" Balthazar asks Tala. "Same old same old. You?" she replied. "Hmm.. Not really sure i feel as if something every troubling is going to happen soon." Balthazar says "Hey loosen up bro! I just scored some major loot. atleast worth Half a million!" He Says with a wide grin on here face. Balthazar smiles and says "Nice i just scored the same off of some rich sap!"

And the the Feeling strike him harder. What the hell can this bout Balthazar thinks. Its as is the gods were trying to force him to think something is about to happen. "Hmm.. something doesnt feel right" Balthazar mumbles to himself."What?" asks. "Nothing" Balthazar says with a smile then goes back to his thinking.What could be happening and why have i got this feeling and not my sister? Balthazar thinks to himself [/COLOR]
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Dred walked through the high mid day sun. It was hot and the road ahead of him was still long and empty. He decided it was best to sit down for a bit. Took shelter from the beating sun underneath a tall tree and took the bottle he had gotten from the town the other day, popped it open, and took a long drink straight from the bottle. He brought it from his lips and let out a loud moan and gasp. He looked up and down the long road as the wind swept across it. The sun broke through the branches lightly in small dots. This usually calmed him down, but for some reason he was filled with uncertainty and dread.

This day felt off and even kinda foreboding. He wasn't close to finding him, because he couldn't smell rot or decay. There was something very different about this day. He couldn't sit under this tree anymore, this air of the day was making him feel anxious and uneasy. He got to his feet, tied the bottle to his belt, and walked back onto the road.

The wind sweeped up and down the road and the dust rose to his knees in the wind. The sound of heavy beats was coming from behind him on the road. He looked back and saw a horse drawn carriage approaching. The horse was just as uneasy as Dred was as it seemed to stumble and git and jump at everything on the road. Dred moved to one side to let the carriage pass and as it did he noticed the absense of a driver. It rolled by and he jumped on the back to see inside the hooded interior, there was something funny about this whole thing.

He looked in the back and saw that it was coverd in blood. But, despite all the blood, there was no body inside the carriage and way too much blood for it to have been a single person. He looked about the small cabin and saw nothing out of the ordinary. But then he noticed there was no smell. What the hell was this?
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Kimberly Chao woke up that morning with a slight headache. It was as if the very air around her was tightening. Her breath was short and her heart was beating quickly. The young woman shuddered with the feeling and willed it away. It happened once in a while. As if something was trying to get out from the inside and her body was trying to keep it in. She could ignore it though normally and it would just go away. This time, however, it nearly took her twenty minutes to control it.

After the short daily ritual of her shower and make up and the short mental struggle with what to wear she finally walked out of her dorm room wearing a long proffesional looking black skirt and a burgundy button up blouse and her favorite necklace. It was a small green jewel that seems to be of unknown origin. It was a gift from her grandmother before she died and said it had a very special meaning to her family.

Walking down the hallway and out the building she gave the usual greetings to her fellow high class and high intelligence friends and skoffed at the less attractive, intelligent or socially inept folks. After all she had been spoiled all her life and been in the popular crowds as long as she could remember, that was all she knew.

Half way through her first class she felt the headaches coming back. However this time it was much worse. Much like someone put a vice on her head and was trying to pop her nugget like a grape. The feeling went all the way down her back and twisted her stomach. The teacher noticing her looking distraught when he turned around walked up to her and tilted his head with concern.

"Miss Chao. Are you alright?" His voice was a soft tenor, but it traveled through the room as crystal as calm ocean water. She tried to nod but it hurt her head to much and was only able to stifle out an "ugh" as she fought with herself to control the aching throb of her skull. "Perhaps you should leave class early and go lay down. I won't call it against you since your grades have been the highest in the class and you've never been late... Unlike a few students I know." He said as he cast a glance over his shoulder to the slacker corner.

Kimberly nodded shortly and with a pained groan she got up from her seat and gathered her things leaving the room. Even walking seemed like a chore with pain this bad and the more she tried to fight it as time went on, the worse it hurt. Eventually she made it back to her room and collapsed on the bed, the door was ajar but she was too weak to go and shut it. The last thing she heard before leaving conciousness was a quiet whistling noise that seemed to get louder and louder.
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[FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=DarkSlateGray]Karnig strolled through the forest, jingling coins in his pocket and humming tunelessly. To the casual observer, he would seem to be quite happy; then again the casual observer would not have noticed the bloody smears on his jerkin and gloves, and certainly not the deeply concerned and careful way he analyzed the path before him.

He had seen a dead man that day, a man that had died in his arms. He had seen a shape along the path, obscured by the dappled shade thrown down by the trees above. As he had neared, Karnig had identified it as a man, dressed in a coachman's clothes, but covered in blood. He had ran the final steps and had knelt by his side. As Karnig's eyes had reeled at the sight of the grievous wonds, the coachman had coughed a gurgling and bloody cough. Karnig remembered how flecks of gore had spattered on his jerkin, how the man's eyelids had fluttered weakly.

"What happened?" Karnig had asked. "Who did this?"

"P-please... it... it was..." the man had coughed again, violently. It had sounded like his lungs were filling up. Karnig did not want to speculate what was filling them.

"What? What was it?"

The man had sat up then, in a final burst of effort. His hand had gripped Karnig's already bloody jerken tightly. [i]Tight as the grip of death,[/i] he reflected. He had begun to say something, but could only mouth empty sylabbles. Then his mouth had filled with blood and his eyes had rolled back in his head. The grip had relaxed, and the corpse had slumped back. Karnig had closed the dead man's eyelids. He remembered how cold his skin had seemed for such a recent corpse. He had pocketed the man's coins, seeing no sense in letting them go to waste.

Now he was hot on the trail of the coach. Here was a hoofprint, there a plant crushed under a wheel, farther along a trace of blood smeared on a leaf. He hoped fervently that he could catch up to the coach, and perhaps then solve the mystery of the man's death.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[FONT=Palatino Linotype]Seishirou stared at him, and that man stared at him back. Both of them faces each other with a dark aura surrounding them. Seishirou touches his forehead as he keep staring at the man in front of him.

"I've told you never to show your face again." Seishirou said to the man with a hateful voice. His eyebrows sharpened, his face's gone all serious, he seemed to had something against that man.

The man wear an all white robe on his body. On his back, you see a gold, cross shaped symbol with a dragon twining on it. The man had a kind face, the blue eyes of him are gentle and lovely. His blonde middle-split type of hair blowed by the unfriendly wind that intensing the situation. He smiled as Seishirou throws his words.

"But eventually we'll met up again somewhere, we're destinated to be like this." As the man said those words, he suddenly vanished to thin air and reappear again behind Seishirou. He crossed his arm on Seishirou's neck, the same Seishirou whose still gogled his eyes in disbelief.

"You can't fight your fate..."

Seishirou opened his eyes suddenly in the morning with a little scream, as he still lays on the bed he touches his head. He panted as he try to remember what just happened, a weird dream, very weird. Seishirou takes a minute to calm down and stands up to wash his face on his bathroom. After taking a minute to wash his face Seishirou looked up to the mirror in front of him, he seemed to had a strange feeling, like something big was going to happen. He also had his memory of his past beckoning loudly, as if someone fateful would be encountered with him. That man from his dream was definitely [i]him[/i], but he was supposed to be dead. So who else could he met and remind him of his past?

Seishirou takes a bath and then put on his normal everyday wearing, a gray cloth, brown long pants and black shoes. He stepped out from his house and takes his time to walk along the road on a park not far from his house. He searched for a bench where he could sat on and found one not long. He sat down for awhile, trying to relax himself. But still, he can't shakes the disturbance on his heart. What is this anyway?

Failed to get relaxed on the park eventhough the sun was setting beautifully on that day, he gets back to his house. He prepares a cup of hot cofee after he got home and take a little sip of it. He put the cofee on his work table and he sat next to it. He stares to a window near his work table, the sun could be seen from there. But that didn't impressed Seishirou at all instead, it's a bit annoying for Seishirou.

Suddenly the sun vanished in Seishirou's eyes, the whole world darken and the place turns pitch black. He could see nothing there, nothing at all. Seishirou felt the darkness inside him grow bigger too. The darkness of the seal, the seal of his power. It consumes him bit by bit, from his feet to his head. The darkness covers his entire body and left him paralyzed.

Again, he awakes from another nightmare. This time he sreamed louder than before. He panted and realized that he had sweated alot. What's going on inside him? What is it that disturb him? He feels that a real darkness would soon corrupt the entire world.

[CENTER][i]An Almighty Darkness[/i][/CENTER][/FONT]
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Dred climbed in the back of the wagon and looked around again on the floor. The floor was sticky, instead of slippery and it was completely odorless. He knelt down and set the tips of his fingers in the thick red. He lifted his now red finger tips to his nose and took a deep breath. Still nothing, and was still fresh. He tipped it on his tongue; it didn't taste like blood either. If it wasn't blood, then what was this? It wasn't paint, since there was no smell, and it wasn't fruit jam since it didn't have a taste to it. It was all like some bad dream he was having, but it felt to real to be a dream.

Dred jumped out the back of the carriage as the horse continued on, undisturbed by the fact that he had jumped in and then jumped out. Dred looked back from where it had come. The only place down that way was the village he had passed through only a day ealrier. Dred felt a cold streak run down his back as he thought [I]'Could he have gone back already'[/I]. He was frozen with terror for a moment, then that fear turned to rage. His head suddenly felt light and his face felt flush, then the lights went out.
The feild was as bright and green as ever with the smell of wild flowers looming in the warm spring air. It was like a scene out of a painting, so perfect and pristine. It was a perfectly untainted world, free of evil or even sin. He was flat on his back, with his head to the ground. The tall grass seemed like towering trees when he was laying like this. The sky was perfectly blue and laughter could be heard all around him. There was an echo in the feild. It was calling someone. Who was it calling? Was it Dred? No, it wasn't his name. Then who?
Dred's eyes shot open. He had fallen over in the middle of the road. That was strange, he had never had a fainting spell like that. What was going on here? All the fear and anger he felt before was now gone. He looked around, the carriage filled with the red fluid was long gone and the sun was already low on the horizon. Dred picked himself up and gave himself a quick pat clean.

He looked toward the setting sun and decided to head off toward the sun. He would follow it til it was gone over the horizon. He looked down and saw the bottle lying on the ground, still sealed luckily. It was at this time that he noticed how partched he was. He popped the cork and finished off the last of that bottle. He sucked the bottle down to the last drop and smashed it on the ground. He took a step off the beaten road and followed the setting sun onward. Something beyond that horizon was waiting for him.
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[SIZE=1]OOC: Refer to Underground thread, for more info on what's going on with my char. Or just go scan over my writing sample.

[COLOR=DarkRed]"Wait, I didn't murder anyone! Oh lords, if I have, clense me of my violent sin." Prayed Quincy. He thought in his head, someone had framed him. But who? He didn't know anyone, except long time old friends whom he hasn't seen in ages. "You've mistaken me with someone else." The guards closed in on him, grabbing his arms with brute force. "H-hey! Get off me!" Quincy shook them off, then raced through the door. The least he could do was give Psyche her doll, before his fate. He pushed comers and local outta his way. He played with the guards a little bit before sneaking to the back of the inn, where his daughter waited for him.

"Did you find him? Did you find Lars?" She questioned quite quickly.

"I did." Quincy replied hold out the dirty rabbit.

"I found him! Over here! Quick!" Shouted a guard in the distance pointing toward him. Quickly making his way toward them. Quincy looked and panicked, staring at Psyche.

"Psyche." He got on a knee, and kneeled down, so he was at eye-level with her. "Remember the way to Auntie's? Remember, we marked our way with sticks and stones. Follow them back. And stay with her. Please."

"Why?" She asked.

"I need to take care of some something. And you are not to be involved." He looked over his shoulder, the guard was drawing near. "Becareful, go!" He shoved her lightly. She stood and stared at him. "Go." He said sternly. She hugged him and off she went, into the bushes and forest.

"We've got you Quincy. You have nowhere to go. And nothing to do." Said a guard as he was panting quite harshly. He was infact, a big man. By the looks of it, he seemed to be incharge of the guard unit. "Confinscate his weapons. And tie him."

Quincy let them do as they wished. They jerked off his weapons, items, belongings, etc. They tied up his hands. And they started to guide him to the Kingdom of Niffleheim. Where execution awaited him. Locals just stood and watched, gossiping and some even laughing. He walked, head down. As if no pride in himself.

It would take several days for them to get to Niffleheim.
But Quincy knew it was no use for him to escape. They would just continue looking and chasing him. He doesn't want to live hiding for the rest of his life. But there maybe another way. He just hasn't figured it out.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Red]ooc: its a big post i know, sory about that :animeswea [/COLOR] [COLOR=RoyalBlue][SIZE=1]

Kay opened her bed side drapes to reveal a wondrously beautiful day; the sweet air rose and filled her nose as she breathed deep. Tying back the drapes with an elegant silver chain she went about the ceremonial practice of her attire. Many Priestesses gave a push for their robes to be changed but none succeeded, they were quite revealing. The top just resting at the very top of their stomachs and their flowing skirts starting from the hips. All had a choice as to what colour they would wear, Kay had chosen yellow for every day and orange for ceremonies.

She may have inherently been ordained a ?Priestess of Bahamut? but in essence they played the roles of what some of the regions called ?Priests? or ?Nuns?. There were some fundamental differences, hierarchy was different, males were allowed but they had to under go extensive trials. These trials were the same in difficulty for women but men had to endure learning about the whole history of the order while the women grew up with it within the walls of the sanctuary.

All priestesses must under go training in a chosen art of combat, whatever that may be. Besides all this, what made them accepted by all was that they had to lean about all religions so that they may help as many people as needed. For this purpose ?Sanctuaries? as they were called were positively massive in structure as they contained various temples and churches, places of worship for whatever people believed in.

They were always beautiful in architecture, white marble and crystal, everywhere you went beautiful smells aroused the senses. Footsteps echoed on the perfectly polished floors. Fine cloth drapes lined the walls as well as beautiful art works from far and wide, exotic statues and fine fountains could be seen everywhere.

It was a known fact that Sanctuaries were incredibly holy and religious places and so in times of battle they could not be attacked by either side of the opposing army. Once an army did attack a Sanctuary they are never spoken of in side the walls, no one will utter what happened to them.

With good comes the bad, the places of hatred and cruelness also had their own sanctuary, oddly enough they were named ?Havens?. Representatives from each place of worship would meet at a summit 4 times every year to discuss matters, this ensured no bickering. The two places understood each other and that was enough. As was the law with both orders, priestesses and Sharmans (as the men were so called), could love marry and bare offspring. Their partner would be offered to live within the temple and still go about their chosen profession, any children could choose to become part of the order or not, no pressure to chose was imposed upon them.

Recently Kay, after much trial and tribulation had finally reached the rank of High Priestess. A rank she never thought she would live to see, with this rank came new privileges and the care of the temple that sat at the very top of the Sanctuary. Her recovering of the Bahamut artifact was one of the main if not only reasons they pushed to give her such rank. Some did not approve saying she was a rebel within the ranks, truth was her ideas were so modern everyone considered her some what of a Heretic. That didn?t matter to her anymore.

News has spread around Sanctuary that there was an up coming execution in the near by city of Niffleheim. Apparently authorities had taken captive a murderer who was to be put to death. Rumors were confirmed when Kay was spoken to by the Elders, she was charged with seeing the man, talking with him and performing any religious ceremonies that he needed done. She had done this before but not with anything that had so many rumors about it. People mostly wished for a few blessings and some prayers, some asked for nothing other than a talk before they were to die it depended on the person.

After she was dressed Kay walked out side of her room to the balcony, she now lived on the very top of the sanctuary and the view was so spectacular. As was per the law the sanctuary had to occupy the highest place in the capital city of the region. The capital cities name was Neiyahleblim; it was a beautiful place of old buildings Kay did not deny that it had many faults. The Capital city was large in every sense of the word, so much so that a sister city that was named Niffleheim was built 100 miles away. It would take no longer than a quarter of a day to reach it and trade flourished between the two.

Of all the new things Kay was charged with the one thing that she was the most happy about, was her being given charge of the Bahamut Axe she had found. Walking across the large and busy square of the top of sanctuary (which was named the ?Heights?) she came to a beautiful court yard of which the Axe stood proud suspended by a replica statue of the one in the mountain side.

She took hold of it and began her combat practice, after she was finished her practice a coach would be called to take her to Niffleheim, to which she would wait for the prisoner to arrive while meeting with the heads of the Haven that took residence there. As she twirled her axe she looked to the clear sky and smiled, the passing clouds danced with beauty and grace as birds flew amongst them. [/SIZE] [/COLOR]
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[i][color=gray]Humans, Selestiae knew, did not excel at having faith. Faith, by its very nature. is a one-way relationship. A person gives his or her faith to a god or gods, and recieves nothing tangiable in return, a concept that Selestiae had yet to see understood by the human race. They expected things in return for their faith. They made requests of the gods, and grew angry when their requests went unanswered. They would lose faith when the gods did not respond to their requests.[/color][/i]
[i][color=gray] [/color][/i]
[i][color=gray]There were, of course, many humans who claimed to be aware of this fact. They didn't lose faith when simple requests were not answered. Personal tragedies were how these people commonly lost their faith. If the gods don't solve their little problems for them, they're fine with that. If they lose a loved one, though, or contract a fatal disease, or something of the like, they usually lost their faith. They thought that since they were followers of the gods, those gods were obligated to protect them. When the gods failed to do so, they lost their faith.[/color][/i]
[i][color=gray] [/color][/i]
[i][color=gray]When the human race was first created, all humans had faith. But as generations passed by, humans began to lose their faith. The more time that passed, the more humans lost faith. And those people who had lost their faith taught their children that there were no gods, that faith was pointless. They passed their lack of faith to their children, who in turn passed it to theirs.[/color][/i]
[i][color=gray] [/color][/i]
[i][color=gray]Eventually, only a small percentage of humans were still faithful. For the most part, they were the ones whose faith was unshakable, the ones who continued to believe no matter what happened. There were always some like that, some who differed from the norm. In absolute terms, the number of humans who still believed was significant, but it was only a small percentage of the human race that remained faithful. These faithful were largely concentrated in a number of cities and towns. They lived among others like themselves, as has been the case with minorities throughout history.[/color][/i]
[i][color=gray] [/color][/i]
[i][color=gray]Selestiae looked upon her followers as seperate from the rest of the human race, for they were different. Their faith was never challenged in the way the faith of others was. Their belief was that when the true goddess, Selestiae, arrived to proclaim her rule over the world, there would be paradise for her followers and hell for the rest. They did not expect her to do them favors, or to protect them, as her coming had not yet occurred.[/color][/i]
[i][color=gray] [/color][/i]
[i][color=gray]None of Selestiae's followers had lost their faith, but they had always been a minority. The beliefs of her followers were not very attractive to most. But there were those who found those beliefs quite atractive indeed. Selestiae had quite a few followers. A small percentage, perhaps, bu tstill a respectable number. And when her time came, they would be rewarded. They would be above the rest of their race in her new world, a world that she knew would come soon. She knew that the other gods would soon lose patience with humans and abandon the world as a failure. And when that happened, the world would become hers.[/color][/i]


OOC: Hope that's okay. I wasn't quite sure what to write. Anyways, how about we have this catacylsm happen, Ecstasy? Don't worry about the people who havn't posted yet. I'm sure they'll post once things start happening. They always do.
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Be free and live long. Dred had always lived like this, it was his way of surviving in a sometimes unforgiving world. He was born to a large and open community made up largely of orphans and run aways. That's right, no parents. But that was okay, the older kids looked out for the younger ones. And when they came of age they would leave this small communtity of misfits and bring back with them great new things from the outside.

Where they lived was a deep, almost cavernous valley. This kept out many intruders, and only those who knw the safest routes could ever make it in unscathed. No one was ever sure why they were there, they all just ended up gathering in this small notch at the end of the world.

Like the others, Dred had no way of knowing why he was there. Either his parents were dead of they abbandoned him. Either way he didn't care much. This valley collected water like a bowl, so even in times of drought on the outside, they were always prosperous and lush inside there valley. The days were warm and nights were cool. The feilds were green and vast and the rivers were as clear as glass. The ones who would return came to call this place Utopia. The younger ones had yet to learn what this meant, but the older all saw this place as the perfect haven.

This life was so wonderful he had hoped to never have to leave. One day, one of the older orphans brought back with him an outsider. Dred was only eight years old at the time. He was a tall man with a pale complexion but a warm smile and soothing eyes. The eldest girl who had brought him said he was a teacher and would teach the young ones how to protect themselves. She said the outside world was a terrible place with lots of danger and despair. She said it would be good for us to know how to protect ourselves for when they too would eventually strike off into the distant unknown.

This went on for many years without a problem. Even Dred came to learn under this master and take his technique. Dred was only 14 when his life had to change. He had been training with the old man for 4 years now and was developing his skill at an incredible rate. For some unseen reason the others simply seemed to be lacking in this skill; they just couldn't do it. Not Dred, he took to fighting like a bird to the sky. On his fourth year, the old man, who only ever referred to himself as Sei Fu, took Dred beyond the valley walls to learn and train in the harsh outside.

They left in the dry season. The land outside had been partched dry. The grass was brown and crisply crunching under foot, the river bed was dried out and cracked by the severe scorching sun. This was a place he had not even dared imagine. Why did they choose to come to a place like this? He followed Sei Fu through the partched wasteland. They headed for the east where Dred would spend the next four years treking through the unforgiving deserts of the lands west of the valley. It was here that he reached the gates of death and returned more then once. He obtained the final goal of the art out here, he obtained the Shino Ipo. The ultimate state of the fear of the gods.

He was weeks away from his 19 birthday when he returned to the valley of Utopia, which now made sense to him. He was exhilirated to be returning to the place that had been his home for some many years. As he walked through the long low path hidden from the eyes of the weary, he could already smell it. The smell of something he had only come to recognize since he had left. The smell of rot and decay. But why did the once fragrant valley now wreak of death. He was filled with terror as he turned his pace to a run. He enterd the valley, the lush green grass was still present and the sky was still blue and the water still clear, but the world that was once so vibrant seemed like it had died. Only a shell of what it once was.

Dred set about searching the valley and found not a single one of his brothers and sisters were still living in the valley. Why had they all left and where had they all gone? Sei Fu had left him at the secret path, so now he was completely alone here. Or at least he thought he was. He only ever saw a single man, and only for a few short moments, but his image would never fade from Dred's memories. He was a tall man in a red cloak with six gold coins on it's back. He was a blonde man with emerald green eyes and the smell of rot seemed to waft off of him.

Dred doesn't know who he is or why he was there, but this man is his only link to his answers. He needs to find this man he is to ever know the truth of what happend that day.
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[COLOR=DarkOrchid]Kylipso stood with the other girls as her friend Katie went to talk to some guy. She didn't catch what was said but could tell he had angered Katie. For she stormed off down the hall.

[I]I wonder what that was all about?[/I]

" I'll see you guys later" Kylipso said as she followed Katie,while still watching the guy she had been talking to.

" Ya later" One of the girls replied.

Katie had told Kylipso his name was Leo. She wasn't sure if they were friends or not but she assumed Katie liked him or at least knew him. Kylipso had seen him around before but she'd never met him. He was rather cute. As she turned the corner she found Katie at her locker. She was shoving some books into it.

" Hey Katie, you ok?" Kylipso asked as she opned her own locker to put some things away.

" I"m fine....."

Kylipso could tell she was a little annoyed.

" Well what did he say to you? You seem a little upset."

" He 's just a stupid boy is all. Started talking about sleeping around for the sheer fun of it and how he at least doesn't do it." Her brow frowned even more.

It was none of her buisness not really. She cared about Katie but as the same as this Leo guy she didn't feel Katie's choses were the best. It wasn't what she did or agreed with. In fact she though Katie hated her for it sometimes.

" Oh welll, it's really none of his buisness right? You know how I feel just the same. I'm sorry everyone talks so much around here though. Especially when it's not any of their concern. Just forget about it." She smiled and closed her locker.

" Ya well thanks. Even though you agree with him." Katie responded still looking into the locker. The scarcasm was there at the same time as not being there.

[I]What am I going to do with her[/I]

" Well I'm going to go outside and study for awhile, what to come?" Kylipso invited.

" No. I'm going to find Jim. I'll see you later." Katie waved and walked down the hall.

Kylipso made her way outside and sat at a picnic table near the fountain. She had a weird feeling. She wasn't sure what but she felt rather strange all day.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Navy][SIZE=1]OOC: As per some complaints, I've decided to put in the Cataclysm...please refer to the Underground for details.

[center]= = IC = =[/center]

Artime, Ninyata, and Nox gathered. The two gods and the one goddess were meeting to decide the fate of their creation, Humans. They decided to disclude Selestiae unanimously, and held their meeting in secret. Selestiae's whereabouts where unknown to the other three, so they wouldn't be able to have her present, even if they wanted to.

Nox, the Arc God, spoke first.

"You two know that the time is near. Mankind has turned their backs on us, and now there is nothing else we can do."

"But what about those who [i]do[/i] belive? Those who follow us and our laws?" asked Artime, the God of Balance, Justice, and Art. "Will we sacrifice them, as well as those who oppose us?"

"You forget, Artime, that most who follow us follow Selestiae, and her alone," commented Ninyata, the Goddess of Wisdom, Power, and Love. "They arn't ones that we three would be willing to save."

"But still, there [i]are[/i] those who follow us...why shouldn't they be spared?" Artime shot back. He alone thought that the humans were worth saving, and for centuries have tried to convince the others. He had succeeded in postponing their decision, but he could feel himself loosing the battle, and quickly.

"Artime, they are a lost cause. We could destroy this planet, build a new one, and create creatures that are solely devoted to us," said Nox. "It would hurt us deeply to do this, yet it seems to be the best thing to do in this situation."

"I agree with Nox," said Ninyata. "It would be better this way."

"No!" cried out Artime. "Let's give them one last chance. This is all I ask of you."

After a brief silence, Nox replied."One, and only one, last chance, Artime. They have failed in each other chance, and have tested my patience too much. Only by your commitment and passion do I grant them this one last chance."

"Nox," said Ninyata, her voice harsh, yet pleading. "Why do you waste our time with this hopelessness? I understand your reasoning, but it all seems pointless to me. I'll have it known now that I will not aid the humans this time."

"Ninyata..." muttered Artime, shock stealing his voice.

"A good idea, Ninyata," said Nox. "The Gods are forbidden to aid them this time. We will leave this world, and when we hear the collective voice of [i]all[/i] mankind pleading for our return, then we will have judged them worthy of our return. But, if only one voice doesn't call out, we shall destroy them all."

[center]= = = = =[/center]

Leo wandered the school grounds. The sunset, beautiful and mysterious, painted the buildings a deep scarlet, and bathed the normally green trees and bushes with blood. The sight fillied Leo with a sence of forboding, hightening the feeling he had endured since the morning.

A strong wind picked up, and the few other students that were about went inside. Only Leo now stood in the large field, his cloak whiping around him as the wind gathered speed and intensity.

He glanced towards the dorm rooms, at his right, once again, and noticed two other figures, one at each end of the building. Another stood near the forest to his left. Judging by the clothing and body outlines, he judged that all three figures where female.

Leo's gaze once again fell upon the sky. The sun had turned nearly all red, and the sky filled with clouds, depressing the scene. Suddenly the winds stopped, and the three figures ran towards Leo, each following the other's random movements.

As they reached him, Leo saw who they all were: there was Katie, the annoying girl who constantly hit on him, one of her friends, he recalled her name to be Kylipso, and an Asian girl who he recognized but he didn't know her name.

"Leo-" started Katie, but she was cut off abruptly by a shrill whistling noise.

All four looked up just in time to see a meteor shower. But this meteor shower was nothing like any of them have seen or heard. The meteors where huge, the smallest among them being the size of cows. The first hit in the forest, shaking the ground and forcing the four onto the ground.

Leo sat on the ground, not able to move. The shock waves from other meteors hiting the surounding area almost glued him in place. Then, he turned his head just in time to see one meteor, nearly the size of a house, crash into the dormatories.

His gaze was transfixed on the buring rubble of his former home, too much in shock to feel any pain over the loss he was now forced to endure. The flames shot up from the scorching buildings, putting the whole scene into sharp detail, yet it was all lost in Leo's eyes.

The meteors had stopped falling, but the tremors still held the four figures unmercifuly to the ground. The buildings where all ablaze, most of the school already crumbling.

Finally the ground settled, and Leo helped the other three to their feet.

"Oh, gods," whispered Kylipso. "Oh, gods..."

Leo's eyes were fixed on the school, and he absently started to walk towards it. The other three followed, each lost in their own shock.

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Dred had been on his westward path for a day already. The sun at his back in the morning, the sun in his face at the evening. It was hard during the evening, but easy during the mornings. He wasn't even sure what he was looking for, he was just wandering through this lost land without a road to guide him. The air was clean and the grass was tall; almost as tall as it was back in his Utopia. It was almost noon and the sun was high in the sky, beating down on the back of his neck. Dred was praying fora cloud to lift this burning weight off his shoulders.

Just as this thought came to his mind, the sun darkend. Maybe his prayer was answerd, this was odd really. He turned his head to the sun to see what it was, but found that there wasn't a cloud in the sky. The sun had turned as black as satin cloth. The world around him was draped in shadow as the sky soaked to a deep red. The air became streaked with grey smoke and smell of burning. The ground beneath his feet creaked with a terrible hiss. The sky was streaked by crimson red lightining and fire swirled and engulfed the land around him.

The grass was burning and the smoke from it was almost smothering. He felt like he was choking in this inferno, like he would die from the smoke before the fire got him. He was running, but he didn't know where he was suppose to run, the mountains in the distance were crumbling and the feild was burning to a sinder. He could see something high in the crumbling mountain tossing and tumbling, it was a large building that looked as if it would fall from it's perch at any moment. The people up there would be killed for sure it that happend. Dred was filled with this almost helpless feeling as everything around him seemed to be failing.

He looked back to the flames that seemed to be following him through this feild. It like they were actually trying to destroy this place. Why was this happening? He had no clue what to do. Those people, this place, it was all dying. The fire was approaching him; it was like a wall. He looked to the fire and ran at this wall of fire. He leaped straight through the, as the seams of his coat seared along with the tips of his hair.

He landed on the other side of the flames and stood in the black remnants of what used to be an open field of green grass. After his crossing the fire seemed to disapate, as if it was giving up since it could no longer chase him. What was happening? He looked back to the mountain and his feeling of helplessness returned to him. He started running again. He didn't know what he could do, if he could do anything at all. But he had to try, he couldn't just watch from down on the groudn as all of them died pointlessly.

As he ran at the mountain he saw something on the ground, a plank of wood. It was charred, but it something scribbled on it. All he could read was "Nif-----im" and just beneath that "Or--r -f Baha---". Was that what was at the mountain? He just kept running as the world around him seemed to be crumbling around him.
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[i][color=gray]Artime, Nox, and Ninyata were meeting. They had not wanted Selestiae there, so wouldn't have informed her of the gathering even if they'd been able to. But that would not be enough to keep her away. She could sense them, tell that they were togeather. The combined energy of three gods was impossible to miss. Selestiae had known exactly where they were, and had gone there herself without them knowing. The concentration of power was easy to sense, but one inside the concentration would find it impossible to sense anything beyond it. The concentrated energy would obscure what was beyond it. For that reason, none of the three detected Selestiae's presence, depite the fact that she was listening in on their meeting.[/color][/i]

[color=navy][i]Nox spoke first."You two know that the time is near," he said. "Mankind has turned their backs on us, and now there is nothing else we can do."[/i][/color]

[color=navy][i]"But what about those who do belive? Those who follow us and our laws?" Artime asked. "Will we sacrifice them, as well as those who oppose us?"[/i][/color]
[/size][/color][color=gray][i]Selestiae was not surprised by Artime's reaction. He always had been fond of the human race. Selestiae didn't[/i] [/color][i][color=gray]understand why he cared about them the way he did. They certainly did nthing to deserve it.[/color][/i]

[size=1][color=navy][i]"[/i][/color][/size][color=navy][i]You forget, Artime, that most who follow us follow Selestiae, and her alone," Ninyata put in. "They aren't ones that we three would be willing to save."[/i][/color]

[color=gray]So, Ninyata, you don't try to hide your contempt when you don't think I'm around, [i]Selestiae observed.[/i][/color]

[i][color=navy]"But still, there are those who follow us...why shouldn't they be spared?" Artime replied.[/color][/i]

[color=gray]When are you going to give up, Artime? [color=gray][i]Selestiae wondered.[/i][/color] You're lucky you've convinced those two to give the humans as much time as they have. You certainly kept them going for much longer than I expected. But no longer. They're out of patience.[/color]

[i][color=navy]"Artime, they are a lost cause," Nox said. "We could destroy this planet, build a new one, and create creatures that are solely devoted to us," said Nox. "It would hurt us deeply to do this, yet it seems to be the best thing to do in this situation."[/color][/i]

[i][color=navy]"I agree with Nox," said Ninyata. "It would be better this way."[/color][/i]

[i][color=navy]"No!" Artime exclaimed. "Let's give them one last chance. This is all I ask of you."[/color][/i]

[i][color=navy]"One, and only one, last chance, Artime," Nox replied after a brief silence. "They have failed in each other chance, and have tested my patience too much. Only by your commitment and passion do I grant them this one last chance."[/color][/i]

[color=gray]So I was wrong, then. They aren't quite out of patience yet.[/color]

[i][color=navy]"Nox," Ninyata said, "why do you waste our time with this hopelessness? I understand your reasoning, but it all seems pointless to me. I'll have it known now that I will not aid the humans this time."[/color][/i]

[color=gray]Well, Nox isn't out of patience, though it seems that Ninyata is.[/color]

[i][color=navy]"Ninyata..." muttered Artime, shock stealing his voice.[/color][/i]

[i][color=navy]"A good idea, Ninyata," said Nox. "The Gods are forbidden to aid them this time. We will leave this world, and when we hear the collective voice of all mankind pleading for our return, then we will have judged them worthy of our return. But, if only one voice doesn't call out, we shall destroy them all."[/color][/i]

[color=gray]So, [i]Selestiae thought,[/i] that's the way it will be. You did better that I thought you would, Artime, but not good enough. Nox and Ninyata may still be observing, but they will not intervene, and they will not allow you to intervene. And I honestly don't care whether you're all watching or not. You may be hoping, Artime, that what I do to the world will cause the humans to call out for forgiveness, but you are wrong. If anything, they will become futher distanced from you as they blame you for allowing what I will do to occur. Face it, Artime. You've lost.[/color]

[i][color=gray]Despite what Nox had said, Selestiae knew that he and the other two would not destroy the world. Why bother, if they didn't care what happened to it? They didn't need to destroy it to create a new world elsewhere in the universe. They might even see leacing the old one as advantageous, as it would serve to keep Selestiae occupied and stop her from exerting her influence on the new world. Selestiae would let them do that. She didn't care what they did after abandoning the world of humans. Their abandonment meant that the world was hers.[/color][/i]

[i][color=gray]Selestiae left the area quickly. She preferred that the other three not know she'd overheard their meeting. So she left as soon as they were done, and was gone quickly enough that none of the three suspected a thing. And she would not descend upon the world until the three had pulled away, so as not to arouse their suspicions.[/color][/i]

[i][color=gray]She did not have to wait long. Very quickly after their meeting, the three gods withdrew. They disconnected themselves from the world. Selestiae could feel it happen, and it was then that she advanced. With the other three gone from the world, she had no opposition. The world was hers to do with as she wished.[/color][/i]

[i][color=gray]Selestiae had been planning for this for quite some time. Eventually, she would take human form and walk among the humans, leading her followers against those who stood against them. True, she could deal with all opposition herself, but where was the fun in that? She would show her power in her initial coming, but after that, she'd do things differently. It was more fun that way.[/color][/i]

[i][color=gray]Selestiae had selected her initial targets with care. She had chosen several large cities, as well as scattered towns and villages. Though it would probably take the humans some time to realize it, all of the cities, towns, and villages she'd selected had one thing in common. Every one of them was a concentration of those who still had faith in the other three gods. Some worshipped one, others more than one, but all worshipped at least one of the three, and none worshipped Selestiae. Those places were Selestiae's targets.[/color][/i]

[i][color=gray]Selestiae released her power upon her targets in a variety of ways. She called tidal waves up from the ocean. She spun tornadoes and huricanes. She made fires and earthquakes. She called forth lava from under the ground. She rained rocks down from the heavens. All of her targets suffered complete destruction.[/color][/i]

[i][color=gray]There were survivors, of course. There were always survivors. Selestiae did not mind; in fact, she had a use for them. They would seek refuge throughout the world, spreading word of what had happened. Selestiae's followers would recognize the destruction as the sign that she had come.[/color][/i]

[i][color=gray]Selestiae could imagine how the other gods, especially Artime, would react to what she had just done. But it did not matter, for the gods were forbidden to intervene. They could only watch as Selestiae had her way with the world.[/color][/i]


OOC: Again, Ecstasy, please tell me if there's anything I need to change.
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[FONT=Palatino Linotype][i]OOC: Another long post by Raphael...:D, sorry if you found the story seemed to be hasten up....because it is. :D

EDIT: Some mistakes...[/i]

Seishirou finished up his coffee and laid his body on the chair where he sat on. Those strange nightmares from before had reminded him of his past and warned him about a future he has yet to know. His mind seemed unsettled and he decided to go to a place where he might find a clue about his nightmares. His old residence on the corner of the capital city, Neiyahleblim.

The town where he resides now's called the city of Reidchester, a small city southwest of the capital. It's not far from the city and is not a famous city despite the beautiful sight on it's main park, where Seishirou visits earlier. That however, is not a reason why Seishirou decides to live here. This city is not too far from the capital and there are few people lived here. That's why Seishirou decides to resides here since he can't let many people knows about him and yet he still need to stay close to the capital.

Seishirou finnaly reached the capital after walking a few miles from Reidchester. Without wasting too much times he heads to the corner of the city. He found an haunted mansion-like old house which is last place of living before he settled on Reidchester.

He get himself to enter that dirty and dustly house, he didn't take any notice at the rats which sprung out right after he opened the rusted and broken door. Seishirou quickly head to a bookshelf at the upper floor of the house. It takes a few moments for him before he finnaly reached his destination to climb the broken stairs.

He entered a room at the right of the stairway's end. The bookshelf he searched for was covered with dusts. He cleaned some parts of the bookshelf and start looking for a book which is the reason for him to come all the way to this place. He seemed to found a book he looked for. The title was illegible but that's not a problem for Seishirou, who already opened some of it's pages.

He closed the book, and carry it with him after opening a few pages of it. Upon leaving the room he saw a dark glow coming from the room to his left. The glow somehow attract Seishirou as he entered the room supposed to be the source of it. The light was coming from a wardrobe, he opened it and found a box surrounded with dark aura. What he found inside the box surprised him the most, cards. A pack of cards glowing a perfect darkness.

"This is..." said Seishirou as he get a hold of those cards. The cards are brown-collored with a gold star shape on both side, they're not on an ordinary size of cards, they're a bit larger compared to them at their length.

Suddenly Seishirou felt something powerful flowing into his body. he throw those cards fearing something might have happen to him if he hold them longer. He panted, trying to figure what has going on. The cards lose their glow the moment Seishirou throwed them, but after a few moment they start to glow again. What on earth those cards are anyway?

Seishirou grab the book from before and walk toward the door of the room. But he can't erase the cards from his mind, they just keep filling his mind. So Seishirou decides to bring them home also, he kept them inside the book and walks away from that house along with it.

Sudden happening seemed never to abandon Seishirou, as he leave the front door of the house, he saw something extraordinary on the sky. It was a pack of meteors lighting up the sky. They're far from the city but still shocking for Seishirou who watched them hit the land somewhere, where they land cannot be seen, but the tremor caused by them is felt by Seishirou. He falls to the ground at the first shockwave from the meteors and so are other civilians in the low class vicinity. He and the civilians sat still on the ground and that's not because they didn't want to stand. The continous shock made it hard for them even to move a single finger. There's not much the civilians could do except screaming.

When the tremor's over, Seishirou panted. The peoples started to panicked, some of them screamed something about God's Anger. As for Seishirou, he stands up and still got his book on his right hand. He looked up to the sky in which he seen the meteors before and started to wonder what has just happened. He didn't realized that the event would eventually brought him to his fate.[/FONT]
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[FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=DarkSlateGray]OOC: My post starts directly before the events in my sign-up post.

Karnig woke with a start from where he had been sleeping on the side of the path. It had been a vivid dream; in it, he had sensed visceraly that the gods had left. But as he sat by the path leading into the foothills of Mount Sronheim, panting heavily, the feeling left him. He calmed himself, stood up, and listened in the silence of dawn. In the distance, back in the town he had stayed in the night before, a dog barked.

[i]There,[/i] he thought nervously. [i]It is nothing. The gods are still here... Especially Selestiae. Aren't they?[/i] He could not shake the strange feeling of abscence.

Behind him, in the town, another dog barked. A woman screamed. Livestock lowed in panic. More voices joined the ghastly chorus. Karnig turned to see the horizon stained a hellish red. Flames consumed the town that he had stayed in the very night before. Karnig fell to his knees at the sight.

[i]Praise be to Her,[/i] he thought. [i]I was nearly[/i] in [i]that town![/i]

He turned his back on the infernal vison and continued up the path, up into the snow-shackled heights of Mount Sronheim.


Had Karnig been a weeping man, he would surely have wept at the cruel fate destiny had dealt him: freezing to death in an ice-cave, cut off from warmth, escape, and life by an avalanch. For the first time in his life, Karnig truly prayed, putting all of his faith into it.

"Exalted L-Lady," Karnig prayed on cold-numbed lips. "V-Venerable Selestiae, should you s-still patronize this world, please h-heed the dying prayer of a wayward fool. All I ask of you is a s-swift death."

In the gloom of the cave, a figure of stunning beauty materialized before Karnig's disbelieving eyes.

"What are you doing here, my son?" she asked. "Have you thoughts of death?"

"V-Venerable Selestiae, I am n-not worthy. How can I not think of d-death, trapped in this accursed ice cave, s-sealed off from air and warmth?"

She drew nearer. "You pray for a swift death. Is that well and truly what you want, now that you face me, now that you have access to my every power?"

Karnig hung his head in despair. "Y-yes, Venerable Selestiae. A swift death is all I ask. I have no desire for a lingering demise."

She drew ever nearer, until her face was mere inches from Karnig's own. "I am sorry, then, to deny a true believer of his one, true wish. No, my son, you shall not die here. I have... [i]plans...[/i] for you."

His head jerked up. "My Lady...!"

"Rise, Karnig." Something in her tone made him comply. He now stood eye to eye with her. Then, she breathed on him, and with her breath came life and warmth. He [i]believed,[/i] then, for the first time in his life.

"Don your helm and draw your sword." He looked to his left arm, and resting in its crook was a magnificent helm. He put it on over his head. He became aware of a weight on his back, but it was a welcome weight, one that seemed to belong there. He reached over his heavy pauldrons? not bothering to speculate where they had come from? and drew a wicked zweihander from its sheath on his back. It gleamed, even in the dark of the cave.

"Now, Karnig, my most favored son, look to the entrance. What match is mere frozen water against the Fury of the North?" Karnig advanced a step, then swung a mighty blow towards the snow-blocked entrance. The avalanche's rubble exploded outwards and the bitter wind rushed in, but Karnig felt it not. Sheathing his sword, he turned to face his matron Goddess.

"What must I do now, Selestiae?"

She smiled cunningly. "Descend this mountain and find the town I destroyed. Rally the survivors."

"Rally?" asked Karnig. "For what purpose?"

"For my army... General."

OOC Again: [URL=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Prince-arthas-lich-king-joined.jpg]This[/URL] is how I picture his armor. Oh, and Takuya, I know it's uncharacteristic of your character to appear before anyone, but my reasoning is that she has plans for my character. And I covered the whole "general" thing with Ecstasy. Still, if anything needs to be changed, just tell me.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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OOC: Actually, Rhym, that's quite fine.

[color=purple]Katie stood with the other three students, gazing upon the destruction that had been caused by the suden meteor shower. Like them, she was shocked by what had just occured. But unlike them, she had at least a guess about what had happened.[/color]
[color=#800080][i]Is this the Coming? [/i]Katie wondered. [i]The Coming is supposed to involve destruction. Is that what this is? Has Selestiae come to claim sovereignty over the world?[/i][/color]
[color=#800080]Suddenly, a realization hit Katie. "By the Goddess!" she exclaimed, and took off at a run, leaving Leo and the others behind. She ran as fast as she could. For once, she envied those studens who lived in the dormitories. They could tell themselves that their families were safe. She could not, as her parents lived in the city. For the first time ever, she wished that they hadn't and that she had instead been staying in a dorm.[/color]
[color=#800080]Katie came to a stop in front of her house, or what had once been her house. As she'd feared, it was completely destroyed. Worse, there was no sign of her mother. Part of Katie hoped that her mother had escaped, but she knew this was not likely. Odds were that her mother was dead. And probably her father, too, though he would have been out working. She knew that the odds were against either of them having escaped the destruction. [/color][color=#800080]Katie tried to tell herself how lucky she was to have survived, but it didn't help. She fell to her knees and started to cry.[/color]
[color=#808080][i]Do not grieve. They are not dead.[/i][/color]
[color=purple]Katie jerked to her feet, startled by the voice. She looked around, but could not find its source. "Who's there?" she called out. "Where are you?"[/color]
[color=gray][i]I think you know who I am.[/i][/color]
[color=#800080]Suddenly, a figure materialized in front of Katie, a woman of unearthly beauty. Katie immediately knew that this was no woman. This was the Goddess Selestiae herself. Katie dropped to her knees.[/color]
[color=gray]"Rise, Katie," Selestiae commanded.[/color]
[color=purple]Katie rose to her feet. "My lady Selestiae. I am not worthy of such an honor."[/color]
[color=gray]"Your worth is more than you believe. I have seen the potential for greatness within you, potential not matched by any other. I would have uses for one such as you."[/color]
[color=purple]Katie did not hesitate in her response. "Just speak your will, and I shall obey."[/color]
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OOC: ((sorry it's been so long. my brother came over for the weekend and i had to entertain him with movies, bowling and games of Magic.))


Kim's eyes gazed over the destruction which had rained down upon the earth or at least by her eyes and calculation it seemed to encompass most of the city. She knew not that similar catastrophe's were being wrought over the rest of the world. The young woman's headache started to come back slowly. Though this time she felt not the need to suppress it anymore.

Felling to her knees kortney started to weep. This was the time that Katie ran off. She could hear the Kylipso call out for her but didn't care. All that mattered right now was the crushing feeling in her skull. The feeling of something trying to get out and something else pushing it in.

Finally it was as if something snapped. There was a loud popping sound in her head. A feeling of pain and a rush of knowledge. It was like when a body builder lifts to hisl imits and his muscles pop and expand making room for more muscle to build but in this case it was like her brain exploding and rebuilding itself with the normal barriers removed.

Humans normally used less than one tenth of their brains. Kortney learned that in her neurology course she took for fun. Now it felt like she was gaining access to much much more than that, Knowledge of so many things flooding her brain at once and the access to such thoughts so easily was almost too much. Her body swayed left and right as she held her head speaking gibberish noone else quite understood.

Her mind however was processing what she said perfectly. It was a spell. One that would open a door to another dimension. A dimension only she could access. In this dimension there would be something.... Something she needed and only she could use it. As she spoke the gibberish the space infront of them started to waver almost as if they were looking into a pool that someone just dropped a stone in.

Slowly the vision infront of them became more and more of a blurr until a small hole into what looked like outer space appeared. There was an endless abyss and the stars looked brighter and closer than if you would simply look into the night sky. there floating in space was a long object wrapped in a cloth. Kimberly's voice raised as the object drew nearer.

The woman held out her hand as the object came through the hole and her chanting ended. The hole that was there immediately closed with a bubbling popping noise and space appeared as though it were never tampered. Her hand now holding the object. All of what happened in less than a minute, Leo and Kylipso having forgotten all about Katie's reckless abandonment stared at her in a mixed appearance of awe, shock and horror. Leo was the first to speak albeit weak and uncertain.... "how.....?"
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[COLOR=Navy][SIZE=1]Leo was shaken out of his shock by three things.

First was Katie, who yelled something out and bolted it. Where she went, he had no clue. And at this time, he didn't really care.

Second was the Asian girl. She seemed to fall over in despare, but then she started jibbering random words that didn't make sense. He had heard them before, but he couldn't recall where. Suddenly, she started chanting and there opened a rip in space. She seemed to gather herself together, and reached out into the rip. After she grabbed whatever she was reaching for, the rip dissappeared, and she stood holding what appeared to be a staff.

Thirdly was that Kylipso had embraced his arm, and was cutting off the circulation to his hand. He hardly noticed it, but he knew she was clinging to him for support.

"...How..." was all that escaped his mouth. The woman beside him just stared in awe, not able to say a word.

"I...I dunno," said the Asian, her face a mix of confusion, yet understanding.

After a few moments of uneasy silence, Kylipso finally found her voice. "What do we do now?" she said as she let go of Leo's arm.

Leo was uncertian. [i]We really should find out if there are any survivors, but what can we do, even if we do find them. And Katie. Where did she go?[/i]

"Leo? Are you okay?" asked the Asian.

"How do you know my name?" he asked, his face showing more confusion then before.

"I just know," was her simple reply. "I've never met you, but I just know."

"This is confusing me, Kim," said Kylipso.

"Kim? That's your name, Kim?" asked Leo. "Well, Kim, no need for intros, then, eh?"

Kim just looked at him, her face boardering on humor. "We shoud decide what to do."

"I say we go to the city," Kylipso suggested. "We might be able to find out something about this there."

"But what about anyone left behind here?" said Leo. "Why should be let them stay here and die?"

"We don't have to," said Kim. "If you want, we can stay here and look."

"No, that's fine," Leo responded. "You two go ahead. I'll catch up with you later. Find Katie, stay together, and I'll meet you at the Temple of Bahamut at sundown."

"Leo, you think that's a good idea?" asked Kylipso. "We should stay together."

"Go," was all that Leo said. He turned from them, and started to walk towards the runed buildings. He heard the two women call out to him, but he ignored them.

[i]I need to find out...I need to know...[/i][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkOrchid]Kylipso stared at Leo as he walked away. Kim grabbed her arm and the two set off aroung the school grounds looking for Katie.People every where dead, alive hurt, in shock. Those that were alright were scarmbling around looking for friends and what to do.

" Katie!" Kylipso yelled. " AH! She drives me crazy where did dhe go?" She was talking to herself still Kim replied

" I don't know let's try her room." Realizing what she said the girls looked at each other and made their what use to be the main entrance. They passed the buliding where the gym use to be. Sports equipment scattered the area. Kylipso saw a bow and arrow amongst the rubble. She was fond of archery and pick it up slinging it over her shoulder.

[I]Might be useful[/I]

They decided to go to Katie's house and see if she were there. The sight was horrible. Kylipso felt the pain even more so. One of her best friend's house in ruins.

" I wonder if her parents made it" Kylipso said in a whisper. Tears began to stream down her face. She was glad her parents lived in other city far away but had the meteor shower destroyed everything all over.

Kim hugged her and said " We better get going to the temple so we'll be there before Leo."

Kylipso took one final look at Katie's house and they began the journey[/COLOR].
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[FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=DarkSlateGray]It was nearly sundown when Karnig reached Aurvung, the town at the base of Mount Sronheim. Panic and fire ran rampant throughout it. Karnig strode quickly down the ash-filled streets, heading for the town hall in the main square. A chilling wind followed at his heels, extinguishing the blazing buildings as he passed them. A crowd soon gathered behind him, following him curiously. Never had they seen such a foreboding man clad in such grisly armor and carrying such a magnificent blade.

Yet Karnig felt barely concious of his actions. It was as if a force much greater than himself controlled his limbs. He reached the steps of the town hall and turned to face the crowd. Fire still raged in other districts of Aurvung. Karnig saw this, and saw also his arm rise to make a sweeping motion that encompassed the entire horizon. As his arm passed over each section, the fires therein would founder and die, leaving naught but smoldering embers. He turned to face the double-doors of the town hall, and made a flicking motion with his hand. The doors exploded inwards, ripped from their hinges. Two stunned guards peered out of the doorway.

"Ring the bell," growled Karnig. "Summon the people here."

The bolder of the two stepped out to face him. "Well who do you think you are, then? You can't just?"

The guard dropped to the ground, unconcious, with one swift blow of Karnig's armored fist.

"Ring the bell. I won't tell you again."

The concious guard saluted smartly and ran back inside. Soon, the deep, sonorous tones of the bell pealed throughout the town as its dazed denizens made their way to the square.

"People of Aurvung!" cried Karnig to the assembled mass. The words sprang to his lips from some unknown place. "The gods have abandoned you! Artime? Nox? Ninyata? Your prayers are wasted on them. They heed them not, and have left this pathetic planet to fall into neglect and chaos! You have but one hope: my Goddess, Selestiae. Your meager lives have been spared only on her whim! The hellstorms that ravaged this town? Merely a taste of her almighty power! You can only be saved from death by pledging your undying loyalty to her and her alone! The old and weak gods have forsaken you. Thus, you may choose salvation by forsaking them, and embracing Selestiae!"

The mayor of Aurvung approached him now. The stocky, fat man sneered openly at him.

"Salvation?" he barked. "Abandoned? Rubbish. I don't care who you are or what you serve, but no one gets me to bow and scrape before the Fey Goddess." The man then spat forcefully at Karnig's feet. Angry grumblings rose from the crowd before him.

There was a soft, silken sound and a thump as the mayor's head fell from his neck to the marble steps. Karnig had not been aware of drawing his sword or of swinging the blow. A terrible groan of dread arose from the assembled masses. Flames spread swiftly across the blade of Karnig's zweihander. He pointed its trembling tip at the headless corpse at his feet.

"My Goddess..." he growled. "Does not appreciate... [i]INSUBORDINATION!"[/i]

As he screamed the final word, a gout of fire shot from his sword and obliterated the body before him, leaving only a black, greasy stain on the white steps. He waved the wicked zweihander above his head.

"To your knees, every one of you! To your knees, and pledge your eternal loyalty to Selestiae!"[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Red]ooc:Ninjah, let me know if there is anything you want me to change regarding this post, Im sorry to all again at the length of my post, i dont post often but when i do its long and sorry about that i sort of missed out on alot of events and im playing catch up, sorys for any gramer mistakes as wel. Appolagies to all. Illusion.[/COLOR]
The weather had worsened at the neighboring town of Niffleheim. Executions would not take place in such bad conditions so the prisoner had been moved to the capital Neiyahleblim for it to take place. This did not bother Kay but it would be quite bothersome for the guards who arrested the prisoner to take him a few extra hundred kilometers.

She finished practicing her art of combat and got dressed into her [URL=http://portalsintime.com/images/whiterobe.jpg]visitation robes.[/URL] It was a relatively simple gown in its design from the normal elaborate yellow robes she would usually wear. A fine pattern of Celtic knots was embroidered silk around the sleeves, hood and bottom of the robes. After she was dressed she packed her normal robes to get changed into after the visit and took with her various objects, including her Axe of Bahamut.

The execution was to take place behind the sanctuary, just outside of its grounds, it would be an out side semi-public execution. Only government officials, Kay her self and guards would be present. It took her no less than 15 minutes to arrive at the ground but much to her surprise the execution was already under way. They were sharpening the axe that was to cut the murderers head off as she entered.

Everyone turned to look at her, but none had the guts to look her in the eye. Kay was quite angered but tried to suppress it best she could. The murderer was protesting his innocence loudly. Most did so but she had never heard someone do so and sound as genuine as this one did.

[B]?What is the meaning of this?!?[/B] Kay spoke sternly and with authority. [B]?It is by the order of the sanctuary that all prisoners MUST meet with a Sharman or Priestess BEFORE they are to be executed. This man had met with neither to my knowledge; this execution must NOT proceed until he has done so!?[/B] Everyone looked away from Kay, the prisoner became silent, the only thing that could be heard was the grinding of metal on rock as the blade was being sharpened.

An official stood and bowed to Kay.
[B]?High Priestess of Bahamut, this man is a murderer?[/B] The convicted struggled in his restraints and looked from Kay to the official begging to gain either of their attentions.
[B]?I?m not I swear by the very gods! I am no murderer! You have the wrong man, please! Listen to me!?[/B] Kay looked at the man and locked eyes with him.
[B]?What is your name?? [/B] Kay asked. He spoke at a normal pitch, no longer shouting.
[B]?Quincy, I assure you priestess I have not done what I am convicted of? [/B] Kay look in a breath about to speak when suddenly the sky turned dark, gradually fading from a beautiful blue to a terrifying black and then to a deep blood red. Kay looked towards the heavens and muttered six words.
[B]?By the gods?this cannot be?? [/B] Meteors began to slam into the city causing chaos, buildings and people caught on fire from the blast heat caused by the falling debris.

The official yelled, [B]?Continue with the execution!?[/B]. Kay grabbed him by the collar and yanked him close as thing fell around them.

[B]?Are you crazy!? You will kill us all we must get under ground, now!? [/B]

[B]?No! We get this done!? [/B] Kay noticed a strange look in the official?s eyes; the prisoner was struggling vastly with his captors. Kay looked him in the eyes and yelled.

[B]?Do you swear by your life that you are telling the truth of your innocence!??[/B]He nodded and yelled.
[B]?Yes, I swear!? [/B] Buildings began crumbling around them; massive rock after rock pelted the city around them.
[B]?Follow me! Stay close and whatever you do, do not look behind you!? [/B] He nodded at her words. Kay spun on her heels and punched the guard still sharpening the execution axe; she grabbed the axe and cut Quincy free.

Kay then look out what guards had not fled and she ran with the so called murderer by her side. She was intent on getting to the Sanctuary, the falling rocks may reduce it to rubble but still if she could get inside then the catacombs would provide protection.

Quincy and she dogged falling rock after rock in a desperate attempt to get to the doors of the sanctuary. Eventually, after climbing over fallen houses and dead bodies they made it.

It was as much of a panic in side as it was out side. My some unlucky twist of fate the Sanctuary was being pelted hardest the most. Foundations crumbled around them as they ran though the halls.
[B]?We must make it to the east side! The foundations are strongest there, Hurry!?[/B]
They ran as fast as they could along with others who had the same idea. They entered the catacombs via a tunnel that was sloped on a steep angle. 60 or so people huddled into the enclosed space of the underground hallways, some were hit by falling rocks, others were trampled by people. It seamed as though they were no safer in here than they were out side.

Screams could be heard along with rumbling and loud explosions. May people prayed to their respective gods to get them though the destruction. Others cursed the gods for letting such a thing happen. Kay was convinced she knew who caused this, but was not going to make any assumptions yet.

After what seamed like a life time the sounds stopped and the 20 or so people that were left alive slowly ventured out side the remains of their hiding place to observe the chaos out side.

Kay and Quincy followed, what they saw when they reached out side after crawling over rubble caused Kay to fall to her knees with disbelief. The entire city was virtually flattened. Buildings lay in smoldering ruins; burnt bodies lay in the streets nothing but ash.

Kay turned to observe what had happened to her home and tears fell from her cheeks. The sanctuary was in ruin, half of the magnificent building was totally demolished. The other half lay on its side most of it on fire, other parts smoldering, she was glad of only one thing, that she had taken her Axe with her. Her heart was filled with sorrow for the loss of her home and her friends that she had even if they were only few.

Quincy took her hand and helped her up from her knees.

[B]?What do we do now?? [/B] Kay shook her head and looked at her robes which were now black with soot and grime.

[B]?I don?t know? [/B] [/SIZE] [/COLOR]
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[color=#800080]Katie did not hesitate in her response. "Just speak your will, and I shall obey."[/color]
[color=gray]"Good." Suddenly, a staff materialized in Selestiae's hand. The staff was embedded with jewels, and there were varios symbols all along its length. The design was quite elaborate, yet somehow did not come across that way. It all seemed to fit perfectly, as if every jewel and symbol was meant to be where it was.[/color]
[color=#808080]Selestiae held the staff out towards Katie. "Behold [i]Esleri[/i]," she said. "It is to be your weapon. Take it."[/color]
[color=purple]Katie stepped forward and lifted the staff from Selestiae's hand. "It's beautiful," she breathed.[/color]
[color=gray]"You will find that the use of it comes naturally to you," Selestiae told Katie. "You will need no training to master it."[/color]
[color=purple]"I can feel power in this weapon," Katie said.[/color]
[color=gray]"There is power within it," Selestiae confirmed. "That power is avalible to you. Its use will also come naturally."[/color]
[color=purple]"It is a great gift. I am honored that you chose me to recieve it."[/color]
[color=gray]Selestiae was about to speak again when she felt the approach of two people. "Others are coming," she told Katie. "They are looking for you. We shall go elsewhere. I do not yet wish you found."[/color]
[color=purple]The area around Katie and Selestiae seemed to shimmer for a moment, and then the two of them were suddenly somewhere else. Katie stumbled, disoriented by the sudden shift in location. After recovering, she looked around. She and her Goddess had not gone too far. They were just in a different part of the city. "What happened?" Katie wondered.[/color]
[color=gray]"As I said, I do not yet wish you found," Selestiae explained. "I simply took you to another location. I would have taken you farther, but humans are not meant for instantanious relocation. Moving you even this short distance was a painful and disorienting experience for you. Moving you farther would have worsened the effects. Over time, the power of Esleri will strengthen you. Eventually, you will be immune to the effects you just experienced. Until then, I felt it wise not to test your limits.[/color]
[color=#808080]"Now," Selestiae continued, "I shall tell you what your first task shall be."[/color]
[color=purple]"Speak, my Goddess," Katie said, "and I shall do as you command."[/color]
[color=#808080]"You are to rejoin your friends. They will head for the Temple of Bahamut, and you will rejoin them there. Remain with them. I believe that they will have some part to play in what is to come, so I wish them under observation. Do not speak of me at all. Tell them that after seeing that your house was destroyed, you headed for the Temple, believing that any survivors would gather there."[/color]
[color=purple]"Will I find my parents there?"[/color]
[color=gray]"No. They are elsewhere. Act as though you believe them to be dead. And when you are asked about your new weapon, say that you do not know where it came from. Say that you aquired it while walking towards the Temple. Describe a ripple in the air, and the staff appearing before you. And do not tell anyone its name."[/color]
[color=purple]"I understand, my lady Selestiae. I will do as you command."[/color]
[color=gray]"Good. And do not worry about communicating what you observe to me. I will take care of any such necessity. Now, it is time for you to begin."[/color]
[color=purple]There was the same shimmering effect, and then Katie found herself near the remains of the Temple of Bahamut. The Goddess was nowhere to be seen. After recovering from her disorientation, Katie traversed the short distance to the Temple, where she would wait for her friends as Selestiae had commanded.[/color]

OOC: Okay, Katie will be at the Temple of Bahamut. Remember, nobody knows that she is a follower of Selestiae. Nobody suspects anything, all right?
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Dred had finally reached the top of the mountain. This place he had seen from the ground was a sanctuary of some kind. What was left of it was in complete ruin, nothing but a pile of rubble. Dred now worried if there might be any survivors, others who had managed to shelter themselves, but it seemed pretty bleak from the scope of the area. Dred called out for anyone to call back "Hello!!! Is anyone still alive up here."

There was a moment of silence, then a voice called back "Yes. Were right down here."

It was a womans voice calling from just beyond the massive mounds of rock. Dred came over the mound and looked down on what use to be a court yard for this sanctuary. There stood a woman in a dirty looking and taterd robe. Next to her was a man who looked to be in a much poorer situtation, his clothes looked like that of an inmate and the womans looked like that of one of the priestesses. Dred jumped down from the pile and approached the two. Dred spoke "Are you both Okay?"

The woman nodded back to him "Yes, were both just fine. Why did you come here?"

Dred replied "I saw this place was in trouble, so I thought I'd lend a hand. Sadly it seems like there isn't anyone left here to help. No one else seems to have survived, otherwise they would have drawn some attention to themselves by now."

The other two became very gloomy in the face of this harsh reality. The man looked up to Dred "So who are you anyway? You don't look like a Sharman."

Dred nodded "It's because I'm not. My name is Dredick Blachton and I'm just a your standard vagabond. How about you two?"

The woman was the first to speak "I am one of the high priestesses, my name is Akayllia, but I prefer to be called Kay."

The then spoke up "My name is Quincy."

The group looked about and itself. Dred put on his light, trademark smile "Well now that the akwardness is gone, might I ask what the hell should we do now?"

Kay replied "We were trying to figure that out when you showed up."

Dred looked around "I thought there was suppose to be a town near here. Is there a possibility we could go there?"

Kay shook her head "They're looking for Quincy down there. I won't take him back to that place. They might still want to kill him."

Dred sighed "Wonderful. I just came through the open feilds on the other side of this mountain. Or what used to be open feilds before that ravenous fire devoured it all."

Dred turned and clambed back to the top of the pile of rubble and looked out from the mountain top to the burned feilds and the now red river. Dreds smile faded for a moment as he looked to the terrible sight "This is truly the end of our world isn't it?"

The three were unsure of what to say and just stared at each other, with great concern. Dred slide back down, regaining his slight smile. He looked to Kay and Quincy "Well, lets get off this mountain for starters. This thing might be unstable. If we stay here we'll end up joining the casualties."

Kay and Quincy nodded and the three made there way back down the mountian from which Dred had just come.
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