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Sign Up Fighting with Shadows <M-V,L> Fairly Open


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[COLOR=Red]Years Ago[/COLOR]

[SIZE=1][I]The Fire burnt warmly but cast little light into the study of the once great mage. The flickering shadows only hinted at the torrents of tomes and scrolls that filled the many shelves. Slowly Master Cardan walked over to the fire.
'Well my friends, your training is complete. You are not yet heroes as you have much to prove. But first allow me to enlighten you on Morcar....

'Many centuries ago, Morcar was my apprentice. He worked hard and learned quickly. But he was devoured by impatience and he wished to learn the more powerful magic.
I would warn him of the dangers that his impatience would cause and that he should be patient as he was already well on the way to becoming a great Wizard. But Morcar would not wait; Everynight he would stow into my study and read my spell books. The secrets that were held within them were great indeed, Once he learnt these secrets Morcar fled.

'When I caught up with him, I found him greatly changed. He had pledged his allegiance to the vast powers of Darkness. The Fool! He saw magic as a short cut to power and had paid no heed to the terrible price he would have to pay. I tried reasoning with him but he spat in my face and unleashed a powerful spell that I could barely counter. For many days we fought and as we began to weaken, Morcar fled to the Northern Chaos Wastes. There he healed and honed his skills, conjouring ancient powers that would assist in the otherthrow of the Empire. Nut he did not know what he had done. They will serve him while it suits their own dark puposes but in time they would obliterate him.

'The powers that Morcar has called upon will destroy us all if I relax from my campaign against him .Morcars Legions have threatened us once before. Then it was Rogar who aided me and defeated them. Now they march once more; already they are assailing the Borderlands. The Empire must again look for Heroes and to this end I have trained you.
'The path to becoming a hero will be rough one but its rewards are sweet. I shall speak to you again after this war- If you survive...'[/I][/SIZE]


[B][SIZE=1]And that was the last I heard of him. My companions had been killed in the battle of Black Fire Pass, the slope that linked the Empire and the Borderlands. The Emperor had raised what might have been the largest army in living memory, Greater even than Rogans host. They drew up their lines on plains and waited. Spine splitting shreiks echoed throug hthe mountain tops, frightening the steeds and filling each and every soldier with dread.

Then came the first assault, Pouring down the mountainside, like it was a regular hill instead of a near vertical drop, came the hordes of Morcar. They crashed into our lines but we held, it seemed as if we would be victorius, How soon we thought.
We had not reckoned on the might of Morcar, appearing high over the battlefield unleasing his deadly magic. Lightning flashed from his fingertips and pillars of flame exploded among our lines. The screams still echo in my ears, especially that of my close friend who died at my feet. Our lines had been breached in dozens of places at the same time and the Enemy continued to charge.
Then came the Doomguard- Morcars elite force of Chaos Knights. Our Legions broke and routed. The only soldiers that didn't flee were the emperors personal guards and many were slain protecting the Emperors retreat. The efforts were for nothing as the Emperor was consumed in an Inferno, leaving the Empire without a leader. My people surrended quickly and Morcar became the conquerer. I fled to the East into Arnhem, a large nation that had not fought in the conflict. Their King surrendered without hesitation.... The next day his head hung on the City gates. I continued to run until I found the Resistance movement, and thats where I found you guys.[/B][/SIZE]

Character Creation

Name: (Anything. Don't be an idiot and call yourself something stupid or that doesn't fit in like Grand Smith Burninate or anything.
Age: (18-60)
Gender: (Male/ Female standard fare.)
Allegiance: (This is a rare one among my RPGs as I'll let you be good or evil and have allegiance to anyone.)
Race: (Be creative. If it is a made up one than give a description along with it.)
Class: (Be creative. It can be anything from a warrior to a Dragon Knight.)
Weapon: (Anything. It just has to be Medieval-ish.)

Skills: (Nothing too Powerful)
Magic: (Nothing too powerful and only for classes that can use magic.)
Appearence: (Pic or Written Description plz)
Bio: (Short written thing on your characters life. Include things like reasons for joining and such.)
Personality: (What your character is like)

Extra Info: (Anything extra you want to say about your character or any Q's.)
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Name: Iceer Relment

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Allegiance: Unknown

Race: Chaon
- Description:
Choan are a unique and rare race. They tend to be naturaly drawn to locations in chaos but don't allways support it. Wear exactly it is that they hail from remains a mistery that none of them ever seem to reveal. Their physical faetures don't give away any clues either, as with most other races.
They are often reconized by their dark skin, eyes, and their even darker aura.
They're most adapt for the night as their eyes naturaly absorb more light and their dark colors, while blending in with the night sky, can stick out in broad daylight.

Class: Water/Ice Elemental

Weapon: Though he carries no weapons on him, he is far from unarmed. Being able to controll water, he mearly freezes water vaper to create what ever type of weapon strikes his fancey.

Skills: He can controll water and all it's forms.
- Skilled marshol-artist
- Adapt at many weapons (doesn't specialize)

Magic: [i]-none-[/i]

- Hair: Very short, jet white (frozen)
- Eyes: Dead Black, as commonly portrayed by his race.
- Skin: light black, as commanly portrayed by his race.
- Height: 4'3"
- Weight: 187lbs
- Clothing:
-- Hat: Black, straw, crouching hat. Mostly worne during the day.
-- Mask: Black mask designed to tightly cover his entire face, apparently the fabric is specially designed because, while you can't see his face, he can see everything very clearly.
-- Scarf: Black scarf that he wrappes around his neck and the lower half of his head. The excess falls down to his lower back on the right.
-- Shirt: Loose fitting, black, long-sleeve, cloth shirt with a tear on the right shoulder
-- Gauntlets: Thin, black, leather gauntlets. Suposedly designed more for looks than for combat, though they offer small amounts of protection.
-- Belt: Black, cloth strap tied together at his right side.
-- Pants: Tight fitting, large around the legs, black cloth, run down to knees.
-- Pants: A 2ed pair whorn under the 1st. Long, black, tight fitting.
-- Foot ware: Thin cloth lined with feathers to dampen sound.
- Other:
-- Aura: He has a very dark aura around him as comman to his race, though his rather small, almost unoticable.
-- steam: Since he is allways keeping water vaper directly near him cooled, you can allways see a light steam riseing off him.

Little is known about Iceer Relment apart from his race and the fact that he's a traveling assassin. He most often travels in or near colder climates wear he is most confortable. Even when he was young, he showed great potenchle. Exelling in his studies, though he had the greatest improvement in combat, he was quickly turned into an outcast. His anti-social attitude and natural stubborness wear allways quick to get on others' nerves. Once he had finnished learning marshol arts he left his village. Though he was still considered young, they allowed him anyways beleaving that he whouldn't be able to ruff it out and returne only after a few days. Unfortunatly they where wrong. He never again returned to his home village, and he never once regretted it.
Soon after leaving his village, he came apone a camp of rouge mages. Interested in learning magic for him self he managed to "convince" one of the mages to teach him the art. Despite the mage's complaint that he should be well rounded, he only every studied water and ice magic, finding it to be the most versitile. And there he remained for the next few years advancing his ice and water magic.
After only a few years though, he was kicked out of the camp for dangerously using spells. Not wanting to be the ones to suffer the consiquences of his carelessness twords others, they informed him that he should either be more cautious with his spells or leave... He chose to leave.
Ever since he has continued to advance his power till he was good enough with it that he was considered to be an elemental. Also from that point on he started his profesion as an assassin taking money for the other's heads.
Many years later he heard rumers of an entire empire that was being taken over by a single powerfull ruller. Interested, he set out for the distant kingdom. Sadly, by the time he got there, the battle was allready over. None the less he entered the empire. It's unknown exactly what he did there but it wasen't long before he left. Traveling East on the rumers of a rebellion forming, he quickly found it.
For reasons that remain unclear he has been with the rebellion ever since. Even so, questions still rise as to wear his loyalties lie. He has many a time been seen traveling into questionable locations, but allways on the excuse that he was performing an assassination. And he allways returned with some news of the locations he went to since most people in the resistance most often avoided the areas.

Iceer Relment is A travaler by nature and an assassin by trade. Though he's easily capable of all out combat, he prefers to eliminate his enamy before they have a chance to react. As such, he trains in the art of manipulating water. He doesn't like to be weighted down to much so what ever he can create from ice He doesn't normaly carry with him; such itoms include weapons and armor. He doesn't like to be around other people to much so he tends to stray away from crowds and most all conversations with him are kept short. Even those who know him have found that he's rather uncontrollable and unpredictable; although, if nothing els, he is reliable.

((P.M. me if anything needs to be changed)))
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Name: Riven Sharvi
Age: Would be 22 in Human Years; In Dragon Knight years he is a little over 17 years old as they age a bit slower.
Gender: Male
Allegiance: The Resistance
Race: Dragon Knight
A Dragon Knight is a Human being who has had the blood of a Dragon injected into him as a bond between him and the Dragon race. As the blood is injected, The body becomes slightly lizard-like, goring claws, scales and the like.
Class: Dragon Knight

Weapon: Riven weilds a Kwan Dao which is a form of Halberd that is the norm of usage to all Dragon KNight apprentices.

Has a high resistance to the elements and his skin is many times tougher than usual.
Has learnt many languages over the years.

Magic: None


His hands and chest are covered by fine black scales and he has clawed fingers.

Bio: The child of a Great Dragon Knight and a Mage as well as a former apprentice under Master Cardan along with his group of friends that studied under his tutelage for a few years leading into the outbreak of the War of Morcar. As he already had the Dragon blood running through his veins, Riven was trained to become a Dragon Knight and was due to began the final tests in Dragon Knighthood and be awarded his own Dragon Steed.

He was there when Cardan told the dark history between He and Mordac and told them that during the war they would become heroes. All of his companions had agreed to fight besides Riven because,
Although he was in debt to Cardan, He hated war labelling it foolish and a waste of life. When his friends set off, Riven decided to follow them and observe how they handled themselves without him.

He followed them to the plains of Black Fire Pass and watched in horror as Mordac unleashed his Grim magic, shredding the lines of the Empires forces. He fled in terror as thousands were cut down during the charge of the Chaos Knights, he saw the Emperor consumed in flames. He fleed far to the east, seeking Refuge in the caves in Arnhem. There he saw a vision of Bahamut, the king of Dragons. In the vision he was told that a Dragon Knight has to be able to fight against insufferable odds. Bahamut told him to assist the Resistance in their task of bringing an end to Morcar and his Legions.
And that is how he became a member of the Resistance.

Riven is a Pacifist, He sees wars not only as a terrible thing but as a nessecary evil as well. He is deeply sarcastic and not afraid to express his distaste of war. On the other hand however, He is incredibly unpredictable and can and will fight if he must.
He lives to exist in crowds and is rarely seen without company.
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Guest bleached
Name: Alice

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Allegiance: Noone as of yet

Race: Harmonizer. It is a being that can steal the soul of any demon and use it at a later date, say hundreds of years later for its elemental power. When she steals its soul, to use its power, she must change her shape to somethign that remembles the demon.

Class: Alchemist

Weapon: The sword in the pic, it also changes shape and design every time she changes into another form.

Skills: Besides her ability to change into diffrent demons, which she does not do alot of the time due to the fact that it takes too much energy, she has very good alchemy skills.

Appearence: Below

Bio: A known alchemist, she is very powerful, even if she is not that old. She grew up learning alot about the skills that her father had taught her. She is smart, and uses her knowledge of the elements to her advantage to fight other people and animals.

Personality: She is gently and happy. She likes being around people, and loves it when somone of her own race and being is near. That way she feels as though she has someone to talk to and that would understand her. She does get very angry when something tries to kill anyone of her friends of her for that matter. She will not hesitate to user her alchemy, or even change into a demon to kill it of scare it off.

Extra Info: (Anything extra you want to say about your character or any Q's.)
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Name: Valkyrie "Val" Carin
Age: Human Years: 18 Valkirain Years: a little bit older like 19-20
Gender: FeMale
Allegiance: None
Race: Valkrain
A Race of warriors females much like the amazons they worship three diffent gods
Earth- Represneted by Spikes
Air- Rerpresented by Wings
Void- Represented by color black
Class: Warrior
Weapon: Hand to hand spiked gloves

She has increased strength and she is Alluring to the opposite sex partly because of her armor which has that magic property

Appearence: below

Bio: she was raised in the Spike Valkirye Villlage and trained from birth in the art of fighting she has had little contact with the outside world and she's never seen a male before in her life there isnt much else to say about her life except she
saved her village once from a hungry preadatory Roc bird making her a village hero

Val is a serious girl and she is hardcore and tough to the bone she will hit you if you annoy her and she hits hard VERY hard she would be a sucessful person in most parts except she has never seen a Male her entire life so she is rather stupid and would do things some might fine odd or distrubing around or to them but she's learning
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Sin Nato

[B]Age:[/B] Human Years: 27 Wraith Years: 69 (Wraiths tend to live for several centuries if left to natural causes.)

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Allegiance:[/B] The Resistance

[B]Race:[/B] Wraith- Wraiths are spectral creatures that have crossed into the physical world and assumed a human body; the bodies they assume slowly change into the image of the Wraith that took the body.

[B]Class:[/B] Shadow Swordsman
Weapon:[/B] [url=http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b18/Sagethefiend/ShadowKnight.jpg] Demon Blade. [/URL]

[B]Skills:[/B] Is physically stronger then a human and is skilled in one-handed or two-handed swordsmanship and excelles at acrobatic movements.

[B]Magic:[/B] Can take spectral form and cross over to the ghost world for a limited time. He can also communicate with spirits or other wraiths.

[B]Appearance:[/B] [url=http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b18/Sagethefiend/wraith2.jpg] Sin Nato. [/url] He usually wears a black forest cloak with a broad hood and a mask to cover the lower half of his face. And his armor is all metallic.

[B]Bio:[/B] Sin crossed over into the world of mortal men and women about 10 years ago, his mortal body was only about the size of a young boy. Since Sin?s body could only age slowly like a human, he had plenty of time to learn they way they lived, their customs and how they acted. But in due time, his own personality remained in control.

He grew up as all the other children did, but as he grew up his features slowly twisted and shifted to the creature he looked like before he changed plains. Because his body took on a more, animalistic form, he covered his body with a thin, but very strong armor that moved with his body, and created a mask to hide the sharpened teeth of his race.

He then dawned a cloak to further hide the features of his race, but before he could hide from the rest of the world the village that his human body had been born and raised in had seen how he looked like a monster and tried to kill him. Instead, he murdered several villagers who gathered in a small mob and were the first to try and be rid of him.

He was then forced to disappear using his power of assuming a spectral form, he also set the home he was backed into on fire, and so that the villagers would think he was dead and would get on with their lives. At this time he was about 22, he roamed the country side for about a year, low on food, water and shelter he ended up passed out in front of a Resistance patrol.

They carried him back to their hidden base and nursed him back to health, after he returned to full health they interrogated him for several hours. Asking where he came from and why he refused to remove his hood and take off his mask. He would respond every time by saying that Wraiths, never revealed themselves to you unless death was near.

The leader found that Sin was a strong being and would reveal nothing to them, even under the most grueling conditions they put him on, Sin remained a rock. Sin was then drafted into the Resistance, and he had no problem with that. He felt relieved when he knew his past wouldn?t comeback to get him.

[B]Personality:[/B] Sin is a reserved being, he is a bit withdrawn from most people and never lets anyone, emotionally or physically, get close to his heart. He remains observant but assertive if required, his wraith side makes him just a tad bit sadistic to enemies and flickers madness in his eyes when in a good fight or given the chance to do as he wishes. He is a very tough man to break, well, he is actually almost impossible to break, he has an iron will and stands firm with each decision he makes.

[COLOR=DarkRed]OOC: Hope this is good. Looks like an interesting RPG.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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I used this character in another RPG, but that RPG never got started, so here's a great substitute...
[color=darkblue][u]Name:[/u] Sundira Lemente (aka Sunny)
[u]Age:[/u] 19
[u]Gender:[/u] Female
[u]Allegiance:[/u] Both sides, in a way (see bio)
[u]Race:[/u] [b]Fae[/b]--True faes are often known as "starwalkers" because of their star-shaped feet. They're humanoid but bear nothing in common with humans. But most faes are not true--they can breed with any type of animal, thus making that animal seem humanoid. Sunny, in this case, is a cross between a rabbit fae and a kitan fae. (A kitan is a large, chubby rodent with trumpet-shaped ears like the ones Sunny has. You can argue that it looks like a Pikachu...)
[u]Class:[/u] Black Mage
[u]Weapon:[/u] The staff in the pic, which is of the Darkness and Spirit elements
[u]Skills:[/u] Flight on her staff, plus she has pretty good hearing due to the shape of her ears
-With staff: Various spells pertaining to its elements, ranging from energy pulse waves to a constricting dark vine; also a sort of circle-based spell that can either heal or drain energy
-Without staff: Psychic blasts (with help of her hat), plus the ability to drain energy of the soul
**Note: The last ability/spell listed is harder to use on stronger foes--Sunny must gain some sort of advantage over them first. And besides, Sunny hates using this most of all...
[u]Appearance:[/u] [url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v460/qingrila/sunny.gif]-clickety-[/url]
[u]Bio:[/u] Sunny was born in the village of Zurem. Her real name means "curse"--her mother (named Selenthe, to make this easier to read) named her that because she wanted Sunny to become really experienced with black magic, just like her. However, Sunny's personality just never fit that goal. Most of her childhood was painful--her schoolmates automatically detected her ominous aura and mostly feared her, and her sister Amandina teased her for being "weak and incompetent". (Amandina, unlike Sunny, was overjoyed at Selenthe's expectations.)

However, this did not mean that the family supported Morcar--in fact, Selenthe saw him as a complete fool to gain power like that. She knew that dark magic did not necessarily lead to excessive power; in fact, it shouldn't and doing to would be a much greater sin than the magic itself. For this reason, Selenthe later chided Amandina for becoming part of the Doomguard. However, she never liked Sunny for being a "goody goody" who wanted to constantly prove she was not evil.

One day, Sunny finally found a friend--Satsuma--who was quite powerful in the Resistance. Satsuma, unlike most others, saw past Sunny's aura and became her best friend. Sunny even joined the Resistance because of her and also because she wanted to do some good to the world. However, one little name messed things up: Merelda. Satsuma's possession of this as a last name was a bad sign--the Lemente and Merelda families had been fierce rivals for ages. When Selenthe found out about this friendship, she was furious. Adding to that was Sunny's defiance of Selenthe's policies. Determined to subdue Sunny, Selenthe used a bit of her own dark magic to disable Sunny's digestive system. After that, she named her "an official soul hunter".

Sunny was mad at Selenthe for doing this--she already hated using her dark powers anyways--"and now this?" Of course, she had a hard time explaining the situation to Satsuma. Satsuma wasn't entirely shocked, but even she began to draw away from Sunny more and more. This depressed Sunny quite a bit. On top of that, the Resistance rejected her because they were suspicious of Sunny's dark powers (they thought she was a spy for the Doomguard). Having nothing left except to fear, Sunny wished she could just die, but she couldn't because of her daughter Fortuna she earlier adopted for the sake of companionship and separation from her mother.

Currently Sunny wanders around the land with Fortuna, hoping to work something out with the situation behind Morcar.

[u]Personality:[/u] Sunny really has a sunny personality. She's energetic and friendly, and she loves to help others. However, she has a great deal of favre* (see bottom), and people don't often trust her. Also, she's good at lying, but she only tells white lies to protect herself or her friends. She can also keep secrets well. As far as her abilities go, she doesn't like to use "evil" or "dark" abilities, mostly for fear of karma. This causes her much worry and even stress--she has a hard time calming herself fully. Plus, Sunny is easily distracted, so she would find it nearly impossible to meditate for example... But on the plus side, she has a fair amount of control over herself and her emotions, except maybe excitement... Yeah, she does get excited easily. And though she's not too shy, she is quite modest and is easily flattered. However, her modesty goes so far it turns into pessimism. On top of that, she's emotionally fragile, and she gets tired easily and tends to overestimate herself. Gee, she's not as sunny as she may seem...[/color]
I hope Sunny is accepted--she's one of my favorite characters to use in this type of RPG because of her backstory and her status as well. I have a lot of feelings for her, so she is thought out well... If her abilities seem too powerful (especially the soul-stealing one), I can only say that Sunny's history and characteristics center around that ability, so that's the last one I'm willing to get rid of. If it really is too much, I'll have to use a different character... perhaps Amandina instead (see bio).

**[u]Favre:[/u] (n) An aura of negativity; a tendency to be disliked, feared, or distrusted
Syn. Formidability, ominosity
Ant. Charisma
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Name: Kwahm Jing
Gender: Male

Allegiance: Currently has none
Race: Teranean
Class: Assassin/Warrior

Weapon: Katana

Skills:Speed, Agility, Teleportation(100 meters at most)
Magic: none


[U]Bio[/U]: Kwahm was born in a poor village, where the only way to survive was by working. From birth he was a sickly child and couldn't keep up with his siblings. As a result he was abandoned by his family at the age of 5, in a forest not far from the village. After staying there for 3 weeks he collapsed and was found by a traveling soldier named Somaku Hena, who took him under his wing.

For 11 years he traveled with Somaku, who taught him loyalty, and honesty. He also provided him with the skills to survive, by teaching him martial arts, and the way of the sword. But at the age of 16, Kwahm witnessed Somaku brutally die at the hands of a bandit and his men. he swore revenge.

For 6 years, he pursued the bandit's group until he found them in the Klargean Mountains. He slaughtered them all. Now he is unsure what to do, and is currently wandering the lands, in search of redemption.

[U]Personality[/U]: Taciturn and calculated. He is loyal, honest, and will assist his companions in any way he can. He is not very talkative, but can still provide the group with advice.

He finds it hard to trust others, due to his abandonment, but will open up to his companions. Many people say he's cold, and he is, but at times he will show compassion to his friends.

Extra: His name means honesty
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[B]Name:[/B] Delman "Del" Marrick

[B]Age:[/B] 20

[B]Gender: [/B] Male

[B]Allegiance: [/B] None

[B]Race: [/B] Necrolites. A race consisting of necro mancers, ones who use the dead for everything from fighting to predicting the future to guarding homes and family members. A race fasinated by death and even seem to prefer them to the living beyond there own kind. There race has a natural affinity to the spirit world and can sense, speak to, and interact with these spirts from birth.

[B]Class: [/B] Forlorn Knight. despite it's title it is actually a martial artist class, and is a warrior who calls on the spirits of the dead to grant strength and magic for whatever he may need in combat.

[B]Weapon:[/B] [URL=http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c384/GeneOutlaw/demon-slayer-sword.jpg][U]Demon Slayer Sword[/U][/URL]. It acts as his focus and medium for his spiritual powers.

[U]Flash Step[/U]: A specialty skill of the necrolites, the ability to massivly excelerate ones speed to unimaginable levels. It is beyond even normal sight. It is for this reason it is often confused with teleportation. He has a 20 meter limit per sprint, and can maintain constant jump for 30 minutes.

[U]Banshee strength[/U]: Technique to draw on the energy of the surrounding spirits to increase his strength.

[U]Avarice step[/U]: Another skill particular to the necrolites, more particularly the Forlorn knights. This skill draws on spirit energy to reduce ones weight to grant greater agility.

[U]Hade liberance[/U]: It draws the power of spirits to grant the power of the necro, the powerful black flame that drives the underworld. It acts as a single powerful strike and can burn through even the thickest armor.


[U]Commune[/U]: Unique to the necrolites, the ability to speak to the spirits and foresee near coming dangers.

[U]Pass on[/U]: A unique telepathy that uses ghosts to carry messages to others at even great distances.

[B]Appearance: [/B] [URL=http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c384/GeneOutlaw/bleach061.jpg][U]Delman Marrick[/U].[/URL] He stands 5'10 and weights 140 lbs

[B]Bio:[/B] Born in the mountains, he was raised in the ways of communing with the spirits. Even at an early age, those of his people could see and speak with the spirits of the fallen. In was hard growing up in a time of war for him. He saw them the fallen soilders in there suffering so vibrantly he often mistaked them for the living. He may have never seen the battle feild himself, but he saw it's left overs his entire life. He was told tales of the destruction going on beyond his little mountain village. His people had secluded themselves from the outside world centuries ago, so he had never once believed that the likes of the Forlorn knights would ever be used to actually fight.

When he was 10 his first images of the battle field came to his home in the form of bandits. They were made up of mostly run aways from the military and resistance alike. They had resorted to pillaging to irk by an existence on this scorched and unforgiving world. They came to the mountain to take what they wanted; water, food, weapons, and women. Del's mother was amongst the ones taken in the raid. The forlorn knights hadn't known combat in almost a hundred years, so they were easily over whealmed by the seasoned warriors. Only the elderly and the children were left behind, simply because they weren't seen as a threat or worth the time to kill.

The forlorn knights were in ruin. The only remnants left were those who were absent from the village at the time of the attak. Upon there return there restructure began almost immediatly; they hadn't even buried all there dead yet. Del was among the young recruits taken in, but even using the young ones, there were still very few in number. Despite there best efforts, the village could not sustain itself any longer. Those still left scatterd to the winds; abandoning the village and the children there as well. Fortunatly, most had be trained as knights and were more then able to fend for themselves. Though they started together, they all eventually took to there own paths.

Del took to his life as a vagabond, living day by day and getting alomg with his warrior skill and intuition to guide him. Now the race of the necrolites is considerd extinct by most, ever since there village disappeared. Del was only 12 when he was forced to find his own way without a single living soul to help him. That's not to say that the souls of the fallen didn't play a part in his survival though. He knows little of the war and it's causes, but he does understand what has brought it about. He has no wish to get involved, he just wants to survive in this chaotic world where anyday could be his last. He has been on his own for eight years now.

[B]Personality:[/B] Humble and confident. He is strong willed and wise beyond his years. But most of his kind are since they can gain wisdom from those who have remained. He is often somber in expression, but is kind at heart.
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Oh, so Sunny was accepted. Anyways, I noticed that so far there's nobody in the Doomguard for some reason... I guess nobody likes being evil. If it's allowed, I'd like to play two characters--the other one is actually mentioned in Sunny's bio and is in the Doomguard.
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[quote name='PWNED']Knock yourself out Nefertimon, I was actually hoping that some people would be villians but... eh, more power to you if you want to also have an evil character.[/quote]

If its alright PWNED I'll throw in an evil
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[quote name='PWNED']Knock yourself out Nefertimon, I was actually hoping that some people would be villians but... eh, more power to you if you want to also have an evil character.[/quote]

Well in that case...

[color=purple][u]Name:[/u] Amandina Lemente
[u]Age:[/u] 14
[u]Gender:[/u] Female
[u]Allegiance:[/u] Doomguard
[u]Race:[/u] Part rabbit fae and true fae (see Sunny's signup), part elf, part vampire... it's really hard to tell.
[u]Class:[/u] Enchantress--A class similar to the Mage class as far as magic goes. However, enchanters' spells have more special effects, and they're usually performed on the side for special situations unlike the mages' "power spells". Usually they either lack weapons or use common items as "false weapons".
[u]Weapon:[/u] none
[u]Skills:[/u] Amandina has what one can call "sirenic" characteristics--she can cause a few different sorts of magical effects just by singing (this works especially well with males). She has moderate hypnotic abilities as well as a "mental block" which prevents her mind from being read.
[u]Magic:[/u] She can bewitch objects (the smaller the better, but they can't be alive) to do a certain task, which usually involves annoying or attacking a certain individual. But to get around the life limitation for this, she'll summon a wandering spirit to do the job, or, if she can, separate one's spirit from its body. That spirit separation is based on the same circumstances as Sunny's soul-stealing ability (see her signup). In fact, she can also do this to herself!
--Another common spell of hers is like reverse empathy: the victim takes on the same emotion as she has.
--Another is kind of like mind-reading: By requesting an answer to something and touching a living being with either hand, she could possibly get that answer. This ability depends on the individual she uses it on. She can use the same spell to cause a "spaced out" feeling or, at the stronger level, cause the victim to forget something.
[u]Appearance:[/u] The bottom of the attachment. Her fur is white and her hair light lavender; her eyes are a deep violet. Her shirt, I guess you can call it, is sky blue, her pants white with blue and purple at the bottom. Any kind of ring you see in the picture is dark blue.
[u]History:[/u] When Amandina was in the hospital right after being born, she was accidentally switched with another baby named Carlys and thus went to the wrong mother. (So her name was Carlys for all that time.) Selenthe, her real mother, was really experienced with black magic, and she had another daughter named Sundira. Her fake mother, though (we'll call her Bela for reference), wanted nothing whatsoever to do with magic and even feared it herself.

When the old Amandina grew older, she began to share some traits of her real mother, and by the time Selenthe attempted to teach her her first spell, she failed miserably--she just didn't have the ability to do it. This left Selenthe puzzled as well as frustrated with who she thought was her daughter.

The old Carlys showed a slight interest in the supernatural herself--perhaps it ran in the family. Bela got suspicious about this though--she saw Carlys as the real oddball of her past family members. None of them liked to read--yet Carlys did. All of them were pinkish in color--yet Carlys wasn't. All of them had really good social skills--yet Carlys didn't. Et al.

By the time both Carlys and Amandina were about 10, they were attending the same school and happened to be classmates that sat next to each other. The old Amandina was very friendly and wanted to be the old Carlys's friend. But things were tough at the time--word of Morcar spread like wildfire, leaving those who "feared the dark" were in a panic. Bela was among them, leaving her more suspicious because Carlys wasn't. Anyways, training for an "army" to protect the world from him was taking place, and at the school they did "ability scans" of all the students, testing their skills and magical powers. Well, it turned out that Amandina had no magic whatsoever in her--it ran in the family. Selenthe, of course, was very suspicious about this. But on the other hand, Carlys proved to have many abilities and a strong potential for magic--quite unusual in the school. Of course, Bela was horrified at this. It was then that the two children started telling their parents about each other--then the parents started to surmise the truth.

It was later proven that Selethe and Bela had indeed gotten the wrong children. Therefore, Carlys and Amandina switched parents as well as names. The new Carlys and Amandina got along very well with their new parents.

Anyways, leading away from the family thing, Selenthe explained to Amandina that her name meant "relating to revenge". And since Amandina already had a strong penchant for black magic, she really followed in Selethe's footsteps, unlike her big sister Sunny who objected. This continued for nearly three years, until Morcar set up the Doomguard. Unlike Selenthe, Amandina supported Morcar and later left to join the Doomguard. This upset Selenthe quite a bit--now she had two daughters that had left early.

[u]Personality:[/u] Amandina tends to be shy and quiet, and she often does her own thing without the concern for or help from others. Overall she's not good with rules--she often tends to neglect the way things are supposed to be. This makes her a tad bit adamant and even egotistical in a way, but generally she remains calm rather than getting too aggressive. She does get angry fairly easy though--she can change into any other emotion just as easily. However, her emotions aren't exactly out of control--she controls things well and tends to be much more careful than rash. She's also quite patient as well as spiritual--if she does let one thing control her, that would be fate, or more generally the divine. Aside from all the feeling-related stuff, Amandina has a definite affinity for black magic oranything in the spiritual plane, plus she likes to read. The last bit leads her to be slightly pedantic, but that can potentially happen with everyone...[/color]
Well, that signup was longer than Sunny's...
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