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RPG KING [m-lv]


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[INDENT][right][size=1]A cold, endless vortex that is said to expand further and further into nothingness every second.

Space was said to be mankind's last frontier. But when our ancestors decided to ravaged our home planet, Earth, until there was nothing left, it was the only place our race could go.

That was over 2000 years ago - the year being 4210 AD, 1360 AE (After Earth). Now we humans live on a space nicknamed [I]Metal Earth[/I] - a shoddy steel replica of our home planet.

Bet you?re wondering how this massive steel ball is able to support 3 billion people? Well, you see, before our ancestors decided to screw the rest of us over by using all the resources on Earth, some so-called genius scientists made this entity they dubbed PRINCESS. Now PRINCESS is what makes [I]Metal Earth[/I] exist. She grows our food, supplies us with drinkable water and somehow manages to produce any commodity that the colony ever needs. Or so the government says.

Everyone on this colony knows that PRINCESS exists, but no one, I mean no one, not even the President of the World Union (our government), has ever seen this seemingly mighty invention. But even this invention has its faults. Rumours have been flying around the colony, largely mentioning that PRINCESS is failing. I've noticed things - small things - that could prove this theory. For example - showering times have been restricted to 3 minutes, food rations have been halved in quantity and quality, and there have even been blackouts throughout the entire colony.

Now, this may be a little inconvenient for the white-collars (people working behind desks or desk-jobs), but for us blue-collared labourers, this is the beginning of a nightmare.

As well as the rumours about PRINCESS failing, there have been other rumours floating around - ones regarding KING. KING is supposedly our saviour. Apparently, KING is the prototype of PRINCESS and is able to create a planet bigger than Earth, with unlimited resources, from scratch to completion in a matter of hours.

But, there?s a catch. For one, we don?t even know it exists. It may be a wild-goose chase that spans the entire universe. Secondly, even if we knew it existed, we?d need a map to find it. And it is said that the combination of five specific people?s DNA would make the map. It?s like trying to find a five needles in a haystack. Five people, from three billion. They might not even be alive, so there goes that theory down the toilet.

Personally, I reckon it's a load of ********. By the way, the name's Van. I'm one of the many spaceship mechanics upon [I]Metal Earth[/I]. And one day, I'm going to get off this God-forsaken piece of space junk and find myself a real planet one day.[/size][/INDENT][/right]

[color=DarkOrange][size=1][I]Friday? at last. The week was finally over and done with. It was supposed to be a time for a drink with the boys, then a good night?s rest. No matter how much I tried to isolate myself from society, society would always come to seek me out. Tonight, was no exception.[/I]

? So? you work for the government??

The smoky atmosphere of the bar highly contrasted against the person Van posed the question to, although, there was also a slight likeness. Pale silver eyes with rectangular-framed glasses placed over them and pale silver hair that gave off an eerie glow. A feminine body, although not overly feminine at the same time. She gave off the sense that she was some sort of researcher or scientist with those clothes and that attitude. When the woman didn?t reply, Van sighed and took another sip from his whisky glass as they sat up at the bar.

? It?s only polite to answer a question that someone asked, even if it?s not with the answer.?
? Oh? I?m sorry?? the woman replied in a soft, timid voice. Van could hardly hear her over the din of the bar. ? Yes? I do work for the government??
? Yeah? Suppose there isn?t much room for my type,? Van said, a wry grin on his lips as he slumped back in the stool, looking up at the dirty steel roof.
? Your type?? the woman questioned, looking over at the blonde-haired rogue.
? You know? the rough, tumble, don?t-give-a-crap-about-what-the-government-says type of people.?
? ? Oh??

That ?oh? signalled that, on her list of available males, he had started from reasonably high up - only to plummet right to the bottom. He didn?t care. She was too uptight for him anyway. It was her that initiated the conversation in the beginning. At first, he was wondering whether she was drunk and that she wanted someone to take home with her, but when she started to speak, he realised that it wasn?t the case. Not that he was disappointed or anything. He didn?t consider himself as [I]that[/I] sort of guy.

? So? what kind of work do you do for the government?? Van asked, thinking it would score him brownie points if he got her talking about herself.
? Well? that?s highly classified,? the silver-haired woman responded in a rather monotonous tone.
? How typical.?
A tiny bit of whisky remained in Van?s glass. He finished it with a small swig. The glass chinked against the steel bar top as he set it down, letting out a satisfied sigh.
? Why do you hate the government so much?? the woman asked. There was a hint of anger behind the question as well a note of curiosity.
He gave a short chuckle. ? It?s not that I hate the government. It?s more like the government hasn?t done me any favours since I was born. An eye for an eye??

The woman pondered over this for a while, before smiling slightly.
? I suppose I can see your point,? she said, rather stunning Van with her response.
? Heh? you stumped me on that one. I didn?t think a girl like you would say something like that. What?s your name??
? Emma? Emma Dylia,? she said, holding out her hand in a polite gesture.
Van smiled and took it, shaking it gently. ? Van Karan at your service.?
? Van?? Emma paused for a moment. ? That?s an unusual name.?
? My mother had a thing for odd names.?
Emma smiled and readjusted her glasses. ? So Van, would you like another drink??
? If you?re buying.?

Emma shouted out at the barman for a whiskey-on-the-rocks and a Bloody Mary. Within moments, the barman had the drinks prepared and had handed them to Emma, who handed Van his drink.
? Cheers,? Van said, expressing his gratitude. He took a long drink before removing the cup from his lips. His body began to relax after the long day he had just worked through.

Looking over at Emma, Van felt his head spin slightly. [I]It must be the alcohol? I haven?t had that much?[/I] Some really funky things then started to happen. Emma?s attractive-looking face started to warp in strange ways. Her skin tone flickered from acid green to fluorescent orange to a soft pink.

[I]What the hell?[/I]

He felt his body start to move, although his eyes wouldn?t show where he was off to. Psychedelic colours whirled around in front of his eyes, painting the walls of a maze of corridors that had now appeared. Van could feel his feet moving at such a rate that he knew, consciously, he was running. But before long, things started to get out of hand.

Pink elephants with tiny butterfly wings appeared down one corridor and stampeded after him, intent on catching him with big dogcatcher nets. Little bright blue men tried to persuade Van to play with them. Very attractive women were calling his name from a room he passed by in a rush. Talking, carnivorous teddy bears were the last straw.

Finally, a large steel door appeared before him. It looked an imposing sight. Van looked the doors up and down, wondering what in God?s name was going to happen next. Abruptly, the doors opened. Van braced himself. He wasn?t too keen on those little blue men.

To his surprise, a beautiful young woman with floor-length white hair, dressed in an ornate, flowing silver dress, standing in room filled with white light appeared. She turned to face him and smiled. His breath caught in his throat. They stood there for a few moments before the woman turned and faded into the light ? Van, frozen to the spot. Then, everything went black.

The sounds of someone typing on a keyboard echoed in the distance, or what he thought was the distance. A dull pain ached in his head as his eyes slowly started to open, gradually adjusting to the light of the room. Slowly, Van sat up and looked around groggily. He then realised who the blurred figure was, typing furiously on a keyboard.

? When did bookworms get so good at spiking other people?s drinks?? he asked, rubbing his aching head and watching Emma jump, startled. She turned towards him, the expression on her face clearly stating she wasn?t amused by his comment.

Van chuckled. ? Look? if you wanted to get me into bed, you could have just asked.? He had just realised he had been lying in a bed, topless for however long he had been knocked out for.
Emma?s cheeks grew scarlet, but her eyes told a different story. ? That?s not the reason why I brought you here, or why you are in that bed.?
? You wanted me as your human guinea pig in one of your weird scientific experiments?? Van asked provokingly. He watched in amusement as Emma started to get infuriated with him.

Without another word, Emma just pointed to the 500ft high, 100ft wide glass cylinder that was attached to the keyboard she had been typing on a minute ago. Van looked at where she was pointing. Shock stiffened his body.

? What in God?s name is that?!?[/size][/b][/color]

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Aaron was finally home. It had been almost a month since he had been back and he missed his wife and daughter terribly. He decided that before he went out with the boys from his crew he would go home and see them first. He would see the foreman on the way out and collect his earnings. They had made quite a bounty on there last trip so he was due in for a big pay off. Aaron made his way off the bridge of the ship and took the elevator down to the main deck. He then stepped out on to one of the long catwalks connecting them to metal earth docking bay. He walked along the thirty feet of catwalk leading to the terminal. Standing just inside the main terminal was there foreman who began passing out the respective cards for each member of the crew. Each card had the full credit account for the money they earned on this last mission. Aaron collected his and went on his way quickly.

He walked in the door with his payment ducked away in his duffel bag. He enterd the house with a resounding "I'm home."

His daughter, Samantha, suddenly came running into the hallway and jumped at him. She barely stood up to his waist. She had the widest grin on her face as she kept yelling "Daddy, daddy, daddy!!!"

Next came Kim, his wife. She just stepped out and smiled to him "You've been gone for a while. It's nice to have you home."

She smiled a bit and her eyes got a little watery as she stood at the far end of the hall. Aaron picked up Sam and walked over to her and kissed his wife "Thought it'd be nice to see the family."

Kim chuckled a bit as he set Samantha back down and she ran back to her room. Aaron followed Kim back to the kitchen. She went to the counter and stood next to the pot where hse had been making dinner. Aaron smiled and walked to her "Wow, I thought you sucked at cooking."

She jabbed him in the ribs "Believe it or not, I've been working on that while you were gone. I wanted something to surprise you when you got back."

He kissed her again and went back to the hall. He walked down to his daughters room and watched her in her room. She had one of her friends over and was playing something he didn't really understand, but she seemed to be very happy with what ever she was doing. He smiled again and went back to the kitchen. Kim was starting to empty out the pot "Sadly there will be no surprises today."

Aaron laughed "It's okay. I'll go out and buy something for dinner. I agreed to meet some of my crewmates for a bit then I'll bring home some chinese or somthing."

Kim nodded "Try not to be too late tonight or we'll eat without you. Then you'll be looking at to months with no loving."

Aaron laughed to himself as he walked out the door to meet up with a few of his friends. He walked into the bar and sitting at the bar was already Nyah, the gunner, and Kain, the mechanic. He was pretty close with the two of them and sat down next to them "How you doing, guys?"

The two of them looked up to him with smirks on there faces. Nyah said "Have fun meeting up with your wifey. Did she chew you out for trying to cut out to see us bums."

Aaron laughed sat down in the adjacent stool "Just a little. I can only hang around for a bit before my family starves."

Kain stepped in "Thought she was learning to cook?"

Aaron "Apparently that's still a work in progress."

The three laughed it off for a bit and had a few quick rounds. It had only been about twenty minutes but Aaron had noticed someone else at the far end bar stool. He didn't recognize him, which was stragne since most of the people here were from the ship. He was sitting with some chick, he seemed like he was hitting on her. Or maybe she was hitting on him? He couldn't tell, but the two of them were ordering quite a few drinks. More over, she was the one paying. Aaron turned to Nyah and pointed the two out "Isn't the guy suppose to buy the rounds so the girl passes out?"

She looked to the two "Maybe she's just more aggressive then he is."

Kain watched on "I don't know, I still think it's a little weird."

Aaron nodded in agreement. They decided to keep an eye on the two, mostly because it was the most entertaining thing to do when your drunk; watch and judge the actions of others. Eventually the guy got so hammerd he just up and left with this girl as she lead him out by hand. Nyah leaned over with an elbow to Aaron "That's it, she's gonna rape him"

Aaron broke into laughter, along with Kain and Nyah who was laughing at her own joke before she even finished it. The door popped open and Aaron noticed a black car out front and he saw the woman usher him into the back seat. The door closed before he could see anymore. For some reason seeing that just left a bad taste in his mouth. Maybe she really was kidnapping him.
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[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=2][FONT=Arial Narrow]Mel brushed a few thick stranges of rust red hair from her eyes. The metal planet had no wind or faint breeze to stir the young woman's hair, but rushing down the busy walkways of the Southern quarters gave plenty of reason for her hair to be flying every where.

"Damn it," Mel tucked her briefcase under her arm as she slid past various people as she passed them by. "I'm freakin late again...my boss is going to have my head." She cursed aloud. People just ignored her ramblings as she twisted around the stair's railing and darted down them.

On the main walkway, Mel stood next to the edge as she watched the flying vehicles rush by her. She threw a hand into the air. A bright yellow car veered off course and stopped only inches from the platform. The back door swung open and Mel climbed into the uncomfortable backseat.

"The main tower," Mel barked as the door closed and the cab driver drove off.

Mel sat back, taking in a deep breath and fixing her briefcase onto her lap. "You'd think they would have found a better way to keep track of everything and gotten around all the paper work."

"I know how you feel."

The soft voice that echoed from the seat next to her made Mel jump nearly out of the cab. "Holy crap! I didn't see you there. I'm so sorry." Mel placed her hand onto of her chest, feeling bear skin. The cute little suite outfit she had on brought out the curves in her small frame.

"Not to worry." The woman smiled softly, her silver hair tied tightly behind her head. Her sweet silver eyes glowed with a strange warmth and coldness all at once.

"I've never seen you around before, you from this part of ton?" Mel found herself unconciously looking this woman over with her square framed glasses and expensive business suite.

"No, I'm not. But I do work in the same building."

Mel turned away then, to look out the window at the metal planet and the passing vehicles. "Oh. Hey...where are we going?" Mel shouted to the cab driver as they suddenly took a sharp right away from the main tower. But the driver did not answer.

"Excuse me," Mel's voice rose.

"If you don't mind me asking, what is your name?" the cool, somber voice of the strange woman brought Mel's head around.


"Melissa what?"

"Oh, sorry," Mel brought her attention back to the window as she spoke, "Melissa Derran. I don't think I got your name?"

"Not too many Melissas out there now-a-days," the woman smiled. "My name is Emma Dylia."

The never changing sky that was the normal day time color began to fade into a deep purple and then swirled with a soft grey. Mel squinted her eyes as she turned her attention back to the cab driver that seemed to be a million miles away. The strange silver haired woman's strange smiled stretched into vicious vipers. Mel shook her head and felt herself reaching for the door release. Slipping out of the vechile effortlessly, she could feel herself spinning never ending into the rush of the early morning traffic.

A sudden slam of reality hit Mel in the face as she stood on the base of the metal planet before a massive steel silver door the rose far above her head. A gasp of cold air rushed in and then out, bursting over Mel as the massive grey door split in two and began to swing open. Thick mist bubbled from under the door towards her, engulfing her body. Suddenly her body dropped again. Her anxiety soared and her heart caught in her throat as she hit bottom again, jarring her head up quickly.


Mel strained to open her eyes, pulling her head up to see her boss in front of her and her desk before her. Her eyes grew wide with fright as her boss' stern look told her that the outcome of whatever had happen just got worse.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]

[SIZE=1]OCC: Hope this is ok Reiku.[/SIZE]
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[size=2][color=darkslategray]Dark stretched looking up at the grasp of space that engulfed humanities last refuge, Metal Earth. Although everyone knew that, though only few took notice, Dark was one of the few that left the hunk of scrap often, Dark veiwed it less as a safe house and more like a prison. He playfully fiddled with his pay-card in his pocket, he and the rest of ship had made quite a profitable trip. [/color][/size]

[size=2][color=darkslategray]"Hmm it's good to be back, especially with such a large profit, I could probably buy anything I wanted right now, except maybe extra food and showering time, Oh well guess I'll have to settle for booze and entertainment" Dark thought winding his way through the corrodors of the Southern Quarter.[/color][/size]

[size=2][color=darkslategray]As he stepped out onto a main road, he looked around to see the never ending stream of heads, cars and robots. The air almost seemed to be living, thriving off all the commotion.[/color][/size]

[size=2][color=darkslategray]"It's amazing to think that this hunk of metal is even able to support half the life it does, though rations have been getting rather short, more and more people are starting to believe that blasted rumor that Metal Earth is failing, though even if it is, not much I can do about it, maybe it's just karma, maybe we weren't even supposed to make it this long....." He though spacing out and bumping into someone.[/color][/size]

[size=2][color=darkslategray]"Sorry, I wasn't paying attention" He quickly appologized as he looked to see a silver haired woman.[/color][/size]

[size=2][color=darkslategray]"No appology necessary, though I am- I mean we are in something of a hurry, so if you would pardon us" She replied very eloquently and formally before she continued on her break neck pace dragging a familiar looking blonde man, who looked rather green in the face.[/color][/size]

[size=2][color=darkslategray]"Hmm either he is very sick, or she is in the mood and doesn't care to wait, maybe both who knows" He though as he turned and saw he reached the bar where he was supposed to meet up with some of the crew from the T.Y. Cross or just the Cross as Dark called it.[/color][/size]

[size=2][color=#2f4f4f]OOC:Sorry that was alot shorter than I intended it to be sorry reiku, other than that I hope everything is in order.[/color][/size]
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue][SIZE=1]Nyah was the first out the door to leave the T.Y Cross when it landed; she raced ahead of the rest of the crew and ran along the connecting catwalk. Nyah slipped out quietly after collecting her pay. As soon as she received her credits she checked the exact amount, everything was in order. It was a habit that she had picked from her days in the corps; those habits were not easily lost. In this day and age they literally programmed the soldiers, some men?s brains turned to mush before they were 50, which was unsettling.

Nyah was the only one out of the human members of the T.Y Cross that didn?t have any living family or emotional attachments, she didn?t care, she had no use for either or so she liked to tell her self. Not a lot of thought was given into where she was going after collecting her money. Cigarettes and alcohol were one of her two best friends, they could always be found at the crew?s local haunt.

She ran out into the street and along the road, Nyah didn?t look at where she was going. Before she knew what happened her ass was on the ground, regaining her composure she stood to see the back of someone. Their hair was a odd silver colour and eyes the same.

[B]"I do so apologize, how careless of me, my name is "Emma Dylia." [/B] Nyah reluctantly shook the woman?s hand.
[B]?Don?t worry about it, names Nyah? [/B] The woman?s eye brows moved with a small hint of surprise.
[B]?That?s a lovely name? [/B] Nyah was getting impatient with the woman and fast.
[B]?Yeah it is, I need to be going? [/B]
[B]?Good bye then, and sorry for the inconvenience? [/B] The woman turned and left without so much of another gesture or word.

After 10 minutes or so of walking, her vision became blurry and things started to spin. As she blinked corpses flashed before her eyes, nausea took over and she bent down on her haunches to try and fend off the rising feeling of vomit.

Decayed, bullet riddled bodies with flesh eaten faces marched passed. Try as she might her legs would not move. One of the corpses broke formation walked over and raised a gun to her temple, Nyah?s eyes grew wide as it pulled the trigger.

A brilliant white light passed before her eyes.It was violently cold, She stood from a prone position as she turned to look behind her tomb stones rose out of no where. The owners were un-clear but she could have sworn they bore the names of her fellow crew, others the names of her parents, husband and daughter all of whom were actually dead. But her crew they were far from deceased? a massive metal door rose up from within the gathering of tomb stones.

Nyah looked down at her hands?they were covered in blood, the steel doors crept open as a blinding white light came from within. She felt a strong force hit her full on as she was jolted back to reality. Some how in her daze Nyah had ended up at the bar, she still felt sick. A feeling of uneasiness crept into the back of her mind, [I]damn it! Maybe my brain was turning into mush sooner rather than later? [/I]

She was the first to arrive of the crew members, walking over to the bar she sat down. She needed a drink after that episode; she could analyze what happened later. A drink was slid down the metal counter top and came to a halt in front of her, the usual. Nyah looked around at the bar, nothing seemed to change here, the people varied from time to time. Depending on the day and the hour a certain crowd would be found, at this moment it was the business types. Only ever one detachment of the military would come to this bar, for a time they made it their own but that was a long ago.

After an hour or two Nyah was joined at the bar by Kain, [I]he was always a good laugh [/I] she thought, they were good friends. He sat down beside her as she took her 4th shot.
[B]?What number are you up to?? [/B] He looked at her with a slightly mischievous grin, she snuffed a response.
[B]?Only the fourth? [/B] Kan raised his eye brows in surprise, he was sure that she would have been on at least her 7th.
[B]?Taking it slow?? [/B] He took as sip of his drink as she played with a napkin.
[B]?Something like that? [/B] She look out a cigarette and lit it. This was the only place in which any of the crew would tolerate her constant need for a cigarette. The bar was already vastly filled with smoke; it gave the lights a yellowy tinge dimming them slightly. Thoughts of her weird experience kept eating at the back of her mind but she was quick to push them out.

Half an hour later Aaron entered the bar she greeted him with a remark as per usual.
[B]"Have fun meeting up with your wifey. Did she chew you out for trying to cut out to see us bums." [/B] He laughed as he took a seat with them.

[B]"Just a little. I can only hang around for a bit before my family starves." [/B] It was Kain?s turn to make a remark after that.
[B]"Thought she was learning to cook?"[/B] Nyah pushed her 2nd spent Cigarette stub into an ash tray.

[B]"Apparently that's still a work in progress." [/B] Aaron replied, the three broke out into laughter and took a few drinks between them. 20-30 minutes or so passed before Aaron pointed something out to them. A couple was at the end of the bar, the woman was buying the guy a lot of drinks. Nyah couldn?t remember seeing them come in, but they defiantly weren?t there to start with.

[B]"Isn't the guy suppose to buy the rounds so the girl passes out?"[/B]
Nyah looked over at two [B]"Maybe she's just more aggressive then he is."[/B]
Kain watched on [B]"I don't know, I still think it's a little weird."[/B]
All previous events forgotten Nyah elbowed Aaron in the side as the two people got up to leave, strangely the woman looked oddly familiar?.

[B]"That's it, she's gonna rape him" [/B] the three burst out laughing rather loudly, Nyah look another shot as she giggled spilling some of her drink on her shirt. Kain began to laugh at her while Aaron laughed at the both of them.

[B]?How many is that??[/B] Aaron nudged her, there always was a bet running between them as to how man shots she could hold down before they had to drag her back to the T.Y Cross unconscious.
[B]?Gee someone is taking it slow tonight?[/B] Aaron elbowed Kain in the side this time.

[B]?Shouldn?t you be getting home to your starving family Aaron?? [/B] A guilty look washed across his face as he looked at the time and mumbled [B]?shit?[/B] under his breath he wasn't that late but still might get into trouble.

Nyah shook her head and laughed. [/SIZE] [/COLOR]

[COLOR=Red]ooc:want anything edited let us know Reiku[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Navy]Taura was sitting in a lit room this time, still in front of her computer mainframe. She was typing furiously, entering a jumble of letters and numbers that her algorithms were composed of. Suddenly her progress was halted as a window popped up on the screen, alerting her to the arrival of a new message. She looked at the pop up and hit a key on the board, listening for the quiet click. Taura drummed the fingers of her left hand on the table as she opened the message. Her eyes scanned it quickly before clicking the delete button, a small smile on her face.

She switched off her monitor and swivelled in her chair before standing, walking over to the large double wooden doors, and pulling out an old fashioned key to unlock the mechanism manually. Taura shut the door behind her and locked it again, tucking the key back into its pocket on her pants.

She pursed her lips as her heels clicked along the hard floor, eyes trained straight ahead. Her AI servant walked out from another room and greeted her, bowing from the waist. This particular AI was her best model with all of the top programs installed. She had also been given the priveledge of getting a name; Annalise.

[B]"I'm going out for a while, if a problem arises you know how to reach me."[/B] Taura pinned her gaze on the robot.

[B]"Yes, mistress."[/B]

Taura nodded and continued on, a perfectly manicured finger pressed the down button on the side panel of the elevator. She folded her arms across her chest and tapped her foot impatiently, there was a light [I]'ping'[/I], signalling the arrival of the elevator. The metal doors slid open and she walked through, hitting the button for ground floor.

She rolled her eyes at the terrible elevator music as the carriage made its way down the 45 floors. Taura glided forth, exiting her building into the bustling streets, walking down the street.

She twisted her left wrist, making her watch visible to peer at the time, it was already late in the afternoon and she hadn't consumed anything besides a glass of orange juice. Taura made her way through the streets until she stood before a small entrance. She entered and walked to the bar of the Japanese restaurant. She greeted the owner brightly, asking for her usual as she slid into the seat. They conversed easily in fluent Japanese as she watched him make up her meal on the grills in front of him. Finally the plates were set in front of her.

[B]"Itadakimasu."[/B] she smiled as she delicately began to eat the platters of onigiri, tempura, and yakitori, taking sips from her bowl of miso soup every now and then.

As she was half way through a woman entered the restaurant, Taura ran her eyes up and down the person subtly as she continued to eat, the woman had the most amazing features of pure silver hair and eyes, slightly hidden by rectangular frames. The woman had to blink a few times to adjust to the dimness of the area before she sauntered over, slipping into a stool beside Taura.

Taura noticed that the woman was looking at her with an examining gaze, after some time, Taura finally put down the half eaten onigiri and looked at the woman in return, their eyes met cooly, her silver eyes shined with what little light there was.

[B]"Emma Dylia."[/B] she said with a small smile, extending a dainty hand.

At the name, Taura's brow raised, a smirk making its way onto her face. [B]"Pleasure, Taura Gray."[/B] she slipped her hand into the grip and shook firmly, releasing.

[B]"Interesting name you have."[/B] Emma commented lightly.

[B]"Mm. Taura means 'many lakes/rivers' in Japanese, and Gray comes from way back in my family that I don't remember, very un-Japanese though."[/B] she explained, returning to her food and cleaning the rest off the plates, picking up the half empty bowl.

[B]"Government worker?"[/B]

Taura shook her head as she took a sip. [B]"Used to be. You?"[/B]

[B]"Yes, I currently work for the government..."[/B]

[B]"Top secret stuff, right?"[/B] Taura received a nod and another small smile in response.

Taura finished her soup and placed the bowl down, thanking the owner for the food again and depositing the exact amount.

[B]"Sorry, I have to get going now..."[/B] Taura told Emma, standing.

[B]"Oh, m-matte."[/B] she said hesitantly, 'matte' full of non-Japanese accent.

Before Taura knew what happened, Emma pulled out a familiar looking capsule and hit the small button on the top. The bottom of it extended downwards and a gas was emitted, spreading throughout the small restaurant. Taura felt dizzy and blacked out as she fell to the ground with a resounding [I]'thump'[/I].

When Taura finally came back to consciousness, all she saw were exteremely large metal doors. She stood and walked forward, touching a hand to the cold steel. She knew these doors just by the looks of them, she had even helped design some of the protective layers. It was the door that lead to PRINCESS...[/COLOR]

[B]OOC:[/B] Hope that's ok, Reiku, let me know if you want me to change anything.
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1]Kain was lieing on his back, a portable monitor and computer in his arm. It had a very detailed map of the entire ship, from the simpilest system, to the extreamly complicated core systems.

He liked to call the portable panel, his "Little Buddy". Helios made fun of him a few times about it, Kain would usually retort with a comment about Becca.
"This constant monitoring on the cooling system is driving me nuts!"[/B] Kain exclamned to himself as he tapped keys on the screen, showing him the current state of the systems intricit curves and pathways through out the ship. A few seconds into his diagnostics, a beeping noise came from his portable, showing he had new mail.

He tapped the small icon of a letter and pulled the monitor close tp his face so he could read it in the darkness. He tapped another key on the monitor and the message was deleted, he set the portable down and nodded to himself.
"Well thats interesting. I'll cut my routine checks short today, I need a drink and some new parts with the damn good money we got."[/B] He moved his way out of his spot and stored away his little buddy, and made his way to the cock pit only to find Helios starting to leave.
"Helios."[/B] He turned to see Kain, they shook hands respectivly, but didn't let go of eachother right away. They stood there for a few seconds just in eachothers tight grip, they released and Kain patted him on the shoulder.
"Lets go get some drinks, the whole crew needs to be there. We all need some fun after that job!"[/B] Helios smiled and nodded. They walked off the ship and collected the crew, they all went off to the nearest bar.

They all deserved a few drinks and some party time, as they entered the bar, Kain noticed a man start to stumble off out of the bar. He assumed he was drunk, he then saw a pure silver haired women with framed glasses disappear after the man.

[B]"She looks, interesting."[/B] Kain said to himself as the crew moved through the people to a table.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[size=1]Alex woke up from a strangely disjointed sleep, and rolled clumsily out of bed, rubbing his eyes with the balls of his palms. He looked at the videoscreen, which was displaying the time. He had fifteen minutes before he had to be at work, so he splashed his face with water from the small pull-out sink in his quarters, and ran his hand through his hair, smoothing it down onto his head. Luckily, his hair was fairly easily managable, and it stayed down flat without too much effort.

He pulled a shirt on, and hit the button that opened his door. It whooshed upwards, and he stepped out into the hallway, where the door closed behind him. He looked quickly at the clock in the hallway, and, noticing that it was showing a completely different time to the one in his quarters, he checked his watch. That was showing the same time as the one in the hallway.

[b]"Oh, brilliant," [/b]said Alex, realising that his in-quarters clock had stopped, and that he was almost 45 minutes late for breakfast, which meant he was also late for work. He dashed down the corridor, hurriedly trying to be in three different places at once.

Before he could stop himself, though, he had run into a young woman carrying a pile of papers. They both fell over, although, miraculously, the papers stayed in a single pile. Alex got to his feet and helped the woman to hers. She was a slight woman, with silver hair and small rectangular glasses.

[b]"I'm so sorry," [/b]said Alex, picking up her pile of papers and handing it to her as she dusted herself off, [b]"I'm just in kind of a hurry."

"Wait a minute," [/b]she said, looking at his identification tag, [b]"Alex Madison?"

"That's me. Who wants to know?" [/b]he asked in reply.

[b]"My name is Emma Dylia. Alex Madison...I know I've heard that name somewhere before..." [/b]she muttered.

[b]"Well, while you're trying to figure that out, I'm losing valuable seconds on my breakfast time. I'm very sorry I ran into you, but I really have to go now," [/b]said Alex firmly, but at the same time apologetically, turning to run off.

[b]"That's fair enough," [/b]she whispered, pulling something from her jacket. A small metal disc, which, when she pressed a button on it, increased in size to the diameter of a car hubcap, and she slid it across the floor of the empty corridor, knocking Alex's feet from under him. As soon as he turned to look at it, a blinding flash emitted from it, and he fell unconscious immediately.

[b]"Good night, Mr Madison," [/b]she said, with a certain strangely sinister air...


Alex coughed himself into consciousness once more, and opened his eyes, wracking coughs shaking his whole body. He turned over so he was lying on his front, and threw up. That light...it made him feel so nauseous...

He pushed himself to his knees, and got up, wiping his mouth, coughing a little more. Where was he?

A strange place, with a pair of massive metal double doors. He had heard about this place, but no-one he knew had ever been here before. The upper echelons of society never let the low-downs around here.

This was where PRINCESS was held...

[i]OOC: Hope that's ok for you, Reiku[/i]
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[SIZE=1][B][U][CENTER]Earlier in the evening...[/CENTER][/U][/B]

[B]"Lets go get some drinks, the whole crew needs to be there. We all need some fun after that job!"[/B] Helios grinned at Kain's comment, and clasped him on the shoulder. He flashed his teeth and puched his friend back, walking towards the Crew's quarters.

[B]"I'm going to see if Becca's going to come along. She seem exhausted earlier, so just wait up for me, alright?"[/B] Kain slouched against the wall and sighed fakely, rolling his eyes and sucking his teeth as a follow-up. Helios refrained from laughing and pretended to be pissed. Kain just shrugged.

[B]"Whatever. Just don't take too long, or you'll be meeting my wrench face-to-face."[/B] Helios spun on his heel and briskly strode to his and Becca's quarters. He walked towards the door, but stopped before reaching it, as a beautiful melody siphoned from behind the metal gate. Becca was playing her violin, and doing so beautifully.

Helios smiled inwardly and let her finish before intruding on her. He walked in as she was putting her violin away. Her smiled broadened at the site of him, and she ran over to hi and embraced him, before passionately kissing him. Helios stroked her hair gently as he spoke to her.

[B]"The rest of the crew's heading out for a couple drinks. They're begging me to come along, cause I mean hell, who wouldn't... But that's beside the point. I want you to come along."[/B] Becca shook her head in respone, and sat down on the bed, pulling Helios towards her.

[B]"I'll pass. I'm gonna crash- But I want you to go and have a good time,"[/B] she said swiftly, as she saw Helios's mouth open, undoubtedly to offer to stay with her. He nodded and smiled, kissing her on the cheek.

[B]"Alright, but I won't be out to long. Love you."[/B] She responded, and he kissed he again, then exited the room. He walked up to Kain, who nodded understandingly. Kain threw his arm over Helios's shoulder and spoke to him.

[B]"The crew got impatient, left ahead of us. We'll catch up with them there, cool?"[/B] Helios noded, then shrugged Kain's arm off, walking ahead.

[B]"Fine with me, but I drive."[/B]

[B][CENTER][U]Later that evening...[/U][/CENTER][/B]

Helios pulled up to he bar in his rental 69 Cadillac Convertible. He put the hood up, parked, and the two jumped out of the car. Helios and Kain chatted on their way to the door, when Helios crashed into a young man without looking. The two hit the pavement hard, but Helios reflexes went rapid fire and he landed on his hands, easily thrusting himself back up. He pffered his hand to the younger man on the ground.

[B]"Sorry 'bout that. Should been watching where I was going."[/B] The young man took Helios's hand and pulled himself up, then dusted himself off.

[B]"Nah, 's my fault. No harm done though."[/B] Helios smiled and outstretched his hand.

[B]"A pleasure. M' name's Helios, and this is my mechanic, Kain."[/B] Kain smiled lightly. He had actually requested to be referred to as "The Mechanic". Van raised his eyebrow, and took Helios's hand, shaking it.

[B]"My name's Van. Helios, eh? That's a pretty bizzare name."[/B] Helios smirked and jabbed the kid in the shoulder.

[B]"Oh, and Van isn't?"[/B] Van laughed and shook his head.

[B]"Alright, alright. You got me. I take it you're going into the bar, right? Well, after you." [/B] Van opened the door, and Helios and Kain walked in. The three had a couple drinks together, before Van spotted a pretty silver-haired woman. He mad no move for her, but she did towards him. She came over and they began talking. Helios sptted the crew, and him and Kain stood up. He adressed Van, grabbing his shoulder.

[B]"I'll see ya later kid. Have a good evening. Don't drink too heavily...but enjoy yourself."[/B] His last comment he said looking at the lady. He smiled to her, bowed slightly, and went towards the crew. They welcomed him and Kain with cheers [obviously having one too many drinks]. Kain and Helios sat down and joined in on the festivities.

Helios spent most of the night laughing cheerily with his comrades, but his thoughts mostly flittered to Becca. She was probably fast asleep, but he missed her. He gazed off into space, wondering exactly how she was doing -if she had actually fallen asleep or was waiting for him to return home- when he noticed Van and the woman again. Van looked off-his-ass-drunk. The woman was smiling as Van stumbled out of the bar. She followed after him.

[B]"What the hell?"[/B] Helios frowned at the suspicous occurence. He ran outside to check on the kid, but by the time he made it out, no one was there. Only a lone car, which drove by swiftly, but not fast enough that he couldn't recognize the driver. The silver streak flashing by was a dead giveaway. He frowned as the car merged with the others, and the wave of automobiles became one shapeless enitity.

[B]"Hmmm...I don't like the looks of this."[/B] Though greatly perturbed by what happened, there was truly nothing he could do, so he reluctantly went back into the bar.[/SIZE]
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[color=darkslategray][size=1]Rainer stood in front of the crowded masses of people, dressed in their "Sunday" clothes. Here, there was no Sunday, as the days were all blurred together. He spoke with a loud, clear, but soft voice.

[b]"And the King of Babalyon bade death to thou who will follow Christ, but our Lord in heaven shall redeem those lost, and taketh them into his bosom."[/b] Closing the bible with a final snap, he smiled at the crowd, pulled back his silver-black hair, and stepped down. Rainer watched the crows leave for a few moments, before retiring himself. Brushing back a lose strand of hair, he felt a vibration in his pocket. Why in the good Lord's name would Van be calling him now? Pulling out the cell phone, he pressed it to his ear.

[b]"And what shall you want today, my friend?"[/b] Rainer sounded slightly defeated and exhausted, his glasses sliding down his nose. He pushed them back up.

[b]"Nothing much. Wondering how the priestly duties are."[/b]

[b]"Fine, fine...Can't see why you're interested though. Anyway. I better get going."[/b] He clicked the button and the cell died. Walking off towards the library, Rainer sighed. He had a few books to return, and he never did well at that. Laughing at himself, he stroked the cross necklace. [i]My love...[/i] He breathed softly and walked out, into the library.

Upon entering, he was stopped by a woman, her face buried into a book. [b]"Sit down."[/b] She ordered softly, and he straighed his robes, obliging.

[b]"What's your name?"[/b]

[b]"Rainer...Rainer Eskhandar Atachung. I prefer Father Eskhander."[/b] She wore a mask of surprise, and he looked at her with an eyebrow raised and a soft smile.
[b]"What's your name?"[/b]
[b]"Emily Dylia...Father Eskhander."[/b] She added after a moment.
[b]"I just wanted to ask your name. I can return that book you're holding for you, if you'd like. I'm going to be in here for a while anyway."[/b] She smiled up at him softly. Eskhandar blinked a few times and handed it to her.
[b]"Umm...thank you, and may Christ be with you."[/b] He gave a short nod and walked off.[/color][/size]
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[CENTER][SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkSlateGray][B]"Is this him?"[/B] the room was very well lit...blinding Richard as his mechanical eyes tried to adjust to the intensity. All he could see were three figures in from of him...from there scent one was a woman. Probably an office whore...oh he knew them all to well; they seemed to flock to those men of power he kicked.

She drew closer to him and knelt beside him and looked at the brand on his right arm; underneath his tattoo of a pheonix, his bar code was directly underneath. Not only was Richard bond to the chair that he was sitting in, he knew that he was also drugged...to surpress any struggle.

[B]"How did you find him?"[/B] questioned the young woman to the two men standing at the door.

[B]"We found him in Sphere City...he somehow found a way to get inside the dome."[/B]
"He is a intelligent I'll give him that...but I fear some negligence on your part would answer that intrusion as well."[/B] her response was strong and firm...obviously she held some form of power over them.

Again she began to examine him...almost seductively she moved her head around his entire body and smelled him, pressing her hand against his muscles as she felt him. Taking full advantage of his present state she spread her legs and placing her left leg inbetween his own legs, she sat upon his thigh, getting a full look at the con. The men shifted in their stance for a moment at her actions, but quickly contained themselves.

Richard felt that female warmth flowing from her skin as it pressed against his own...and quickly snapping out of his drugged state he pressed both thighs together and trapped the young womans leg and held her tight. For a moment his eyes open wide and took into full view his surroundings. What drew his eyes was the long-silver haired woman sitting upon him with small looking glasses.

[B]"You're fast..."[/B] she replied, completely unintimidated by Richard, knowing she still had an advantage over him. Just as quickly as Richard moved she reached out for his face and opened his eyelids being blinded once again and glared into his grey artificial pupils. [B]"Beautiful...not many have such eyes as you do..." [/B]

The men at the door began to beat Richard in the body and face with their fists, trying to get him to release the woman. She backed away as they administered another dose of the drug.
"He's the one I've been looking for...see to it that he's transported to the site."[/B] Without hesitation one of the men pulled out a gun and bashed Richards forhead with its handle and knocked the chair onto the floor with Richard still strapped in.

Surprisingly Richard wasn't knocked unconcious and just chuckled...[B]"is that the best you got panzy."[/B] Then everything went black...


He had no idea whether hours, days or weeks had passed when Richard awoke from the darkness of his mind and entered yet another bright room with nothing but a toilet to shit it and a bed to sleep.

[B]"Bastards could have at least left me my glasses."[/B] as much as an advantage his mechanical eyes gave him...these guys knew exactly what kind light interferred with the electrical impulses in his brain to operate them. They left him alone and naked like a newborn child...alone and cold with no feeling of sensation...only that of being drugged...disconnected from reality.

Not knowing if this was a dream or real, to his surprise the door to his cell suddenly appeared to be left open with a half dozen bodies lying lifelessly outside the cell. Blood flowed across the metallic flooring as Richard quickly stripped one of the bodies. [B][I]Did I do this...I don't remember...[/I][/B]

Clothing himself in a white robe, Richard began to run frantically through the white and silver hallways. To his surprise the hallways were all empty...it felt like he was completely alone, where ever it was.

Turning around a corner, Richard found himself standing in front of a massive metallic door seeming to stretch towards the heavens in Richards deteriorated sight.

Without warning a strong pulse of energy errupted within Richards body and caused him to fall to one knee. [B][I]What was that...it seemed to come from that door... [/I][/B]

In his stubbornness he got back on his two feet and walked closer...with each step the pulse increased in power...but Richard was strong and made his way to the door and placed a hand on its contents before it felt like his heart was about to burst and collapsed. Everything went dead once again...

[B]"How the hell did he get out of his cell!"[/B] yelled out one of the officers who arrived to see Richards body lying outside of PRINCESS.

[B]"He was heavily sedated."[/B] responded Emma who sat at Richards side...[B]"we don't know how we got out."[/B]

[B]"Did he kill anyone!"[/B] the officer, who seemed to be in charge of the facility roared with rage.

[B]"No...surprisingly there were no casualities."[/B]

[B]"Then how in God's name did he get this far without being spotted."[/B]

The officer continued to interigate Emma who just blocked it out now at this point and looked at Richard. For a moment he opened his eyes to see her kneeling over him once again...and just as quickly fell back into unconciousness.

[B]"I swear to you Ms. Dylia, if this man kills anyone on my staff I will have his head. God only knows why you would bring such a psychotic and disturbed here for your cause."[/B]

Again, Emma continued to look upon Richard; and with gentle brush of the back of her hand she petted the side of his face. [B]"I know better Richard...I know better..."[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE][/CENTER]
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Aaron stoof from his stool "You're right. I've got to get going or my nights are going to b e very lonely for a while."

Nyah laughed and Kain just gave an amused smirk. They exchanged a few more words and Aaron went on his way. He stepped out into the cool air of the night streets. He looked about and saw alot of the usual activity going around him, nothing he hadn't seen before. It was just another boring night. But, he couldn't get the image of that drunk guy being lead off by that woman and headed off in that car. It was like something out of a spy movie; and he was the accidental hero. This was all too much and his head was still buzzing.

Aaron walked down the block to the fast food chinese place and hurried himself off home; he was already going to get chewed out for being an hour late. He got the usual, seeing as they were pretty common customers. Two adults in his house and no culinary talent between them. Fast food was the only food.

He came through the door to more or less what he expected. His daughter complaining and his wife silently fumming at him. This was looking to be a rough night, but ended up pretty normal. Kim was made at him for all of ten minutes, but after they finished eating she calmed right down. Sam was a bit antsy for an hour os so after, but she also started to crash after alittle while. Yep, this was just another boring day in his life at home, but it sure beat the hectic life he lived on his ship. He loved the simple things and this was his ideal night. Rocking his daughter to sleep while his wife sat next to him.

It was almost 9 O'clock by the time they set Samantha in her bed and started thinking about bed themselves. This should have been a peaceful night, but Aaron couldn't seem to put his mind to rest. Like he could feel something about to happen. And it all seemed to revolve around that guy at the bar. He was at home, with his family, on calm cool night, this should have been more relaxing then what it was. What was wrong?
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[color=DarkOrange][size=1][b]? What in God?s name is that??

Van had looked up to the giant glass cylinder to see this unearthly warping mass of glowing? energy. Emma pushed up her glasses that were sliding down her nose, the colour of her hair identical to the colour of the warping mass of energy. She had an almost evil grin on her face.

? I?ll explain in a minute? but before I do, it seems that your? comrades have arrived.?
Van looked at her in confusion, from the bed he was still in. ? Comrades??

Emma walked to the giant steel doors, typed in a code into an electronic keypad and pulled open the doors. She disappeared through them for a few minutes before she returned, ushering in a group of people. Van stood shakily from the bed when he felt a supporting arm around his shoulders. He looked over to the helper to see Rainer smiling at him.

? Seems we are in the same predicament my friend.?
Van gave a short chuckle. ? Indeed we are.?

He looked around at the others. There were three females and two other males besides Rainer and himself ? counting seven all up. Studying each face, Van came to the conclusion that most of them had had a similar experience to his. Some of the faces looked sick and confused, others just looked plainly bewildered. At some stage or another, each one of this group had looked up to the giant cylinder and let out some sort of shocked response, whether it was as crude as Van?s or as subtle as Rainer?s. That warping mass of energy was something otherworldly. Van had never seen anything like it in his life, and he was pretty sure that it was the same for the others.

Emma gave a soft laugh to herself.

? You all seemed to be amazed at Princess??
? What?!? one of the girls? said. ? That [I]thing[/I] is PRINCESS? What the hell is that?!?
? Yes Melissa. That thing is PRINCESS. I actually classify her as an ethereal being ? a type of entity that has a personality but no body,? Emma replied with confidence.
? So that supports this whole colony?? questioned one of the men.
? Oh yes Alex. Quite easily over the last few years. But it seems that this model isn?t perfect,? Emma explained.
? Model?? Van asked, wondering where Emma was leading this conversation. He could tell by a steely glint in her eyes that she had some hidden purpose behind bringing them all here.
Emma sighed. ? I?ll start from the beginning.?

? It started over 2000 years ago when a group of brilliant scientists decided to make sure that our species will not be wiped out when the resources of our home planet ran out. It was Professor Jacob Nirth that came up with the concept of PRINCESS. He was the one who proposed the idea of a being that was entirely made of energy, while having the same aspects of a human, such as personality. Over the entirety of his lifetime, he and seven other brilliant scientists worked hard to make PRINCESS, and her prototype, KING??

? PRINCESS isn?t the only one of her kind then?? one of the girls spoke up.

Emma smiled. ? Quite right Taura. PRINCESS isn?t the only one of her kind. The eight scientists had made one perfect prototype that was capable of creating a whole new planet, bigger than our original home, and with unlimited resources. Imagine the possibilities. Our species could live on that planet forever, and not pollute it, not drain it of its natural resources. It would be almost like a dream??

? It does sound like a dream,? Van said, being helped towards Emma by Rainer. ? But where is this mighty KING and why hasn?t anyone found it yet? Because we would be living on a planet right now if this KING exists.?

? Always the one to point out the negative, aren?t you Van?? Emma snarled at him, finding the ultimate flaw in her argument. Van just smiled at her. Emma sighed. ? As Van pointed out, no one has found KING yet. But that?s because they didn?t possess something that all of you do.?

? All of us?? asked the other girl.

? Yes Nyah? all of you, including myself. All of us are descendants of the eight scientists. Now the scientists thought that only their descendants would be worthy enough to go and find KING if PRINCESS should ever fail.?

? So, what are you trying to say dear Emma? That all of us have some strange power that can find KING?? the other man spoke up, sarcasm thick in his tone of voice.

? Not a power, Richard. Your DNA is the key to everything about KING. The scientists genetically modified some of their own DNA so it would become aggressive and never be altered by anyone other?s DNA when they had children. This aggressive piece of DNA is a piece of the map that charts the course to where the scientists hid KING in this vast universe of ours.?

? Oh great?? Van sighed, smiling to himself like a fool. ? So basically the future of the human race is in our eight hands? How cliché.?

Emma gave the blonde-haired man a lethal stare. ? It may be cliché Van, but with PRINCESS failing, you?re the only chance we?ve got.?

? Well? then? I guess we humans have gone past our use-by date.?
? Van?? Rainer said disapprovingly.
? I only speak the truth Rainer. Can you seriously expect us, a bunch of misfits, to go out into space and find this KING? We don?t even know it exists anymore.?

? That?s not entirely true.?
Everyone looked at Emma. She continued. ? My DNA is the first piece of the map for KING, since I?m the descendant of Jacob Nirth. All you have to do is follow its directions to a certain planet, and there the next piece of the map will be revealed to one of you, and so on until you find it.?

? How is our DNA a map?? Taura asked, looking quite curious.

? A certain program that they made deciphers your DNA to make part of the map to KING. This is probably very much your territory Taura.? Taura nodded. Emma continued. ? This program works only on certain planets with certain types of characteristics. I don?t know how they?ve done it, but it?s just incredibly amazing.?

Van sniggered. ? I?ll tell you what?s amazing?? He looked at Emma, who glared back at him. ? Your ability to weave some cock-and-bull story out of thin air. But I?m here to tell you that I don?t believe you, and I never will.?

Emma?s fingers were just itching to slap him across the face and tell him to get over himself. But she restrained herself. Very little was solved by violence. She glared up at him, wondering how anybody could get so arrogant.

? Well? seen as though Mr-High-And-Mighty here thinks that this isn?t true, you can just get lost!? the silver-haired woman said in extreme frustration.
Van sniggered. ? Gladly.?
With that, he staggered out of the room, not before thanking his friend Rainer for helping him. Rainer looked a little worried as he watched his friend go.

Emma turned to the others, trying to push her temper down.
? I would advise you all to get ready for the journey. And we need to find a crew that is willing to take up this mission ? if we can find one.?

Nyah cleared her throat. ? I work on a ship that might be able to do this crazy mission.?
? Could you try to convince your colleagues to go on this mission?? Emma asked.
Nyah nodded. ? I can try.?
? Good,? Emma said. ? Now, I have a place where all of you must stay. It?s secure and nobody will be able to hurt you there.?

? Hurt us?? Richard asked, his thin lips curving into a smile.
Emma gave him a smile back. ? Yes Richard? hurt us? not the people after you, I assure you. But I have heard rumours of an organisation that wants to get their hands on KING for all the wrong reasons. This means they would benefit from getting your DNA. So I need to keep you all safe, since I have found you all.?

? What about Van?? Rainer asked.
Emma didn?t need to be reminded of him. She gave a heavy sigh. ? He?s a big boy. He can take care of himself.?
Rainer didn?t look that convinced.[/color][/size][/b]

OOC: See Underground thread for directions.
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[color=darkslategray][size=1]Rainer held a placid and slightly surprised look on his face. He wore a secret smile. This sounded...fun. He smiled and retired to his room, going pass Emma with that same placid smile on his face. He patted Van on the shoulder, motioning for him to follow. He didn't know if Van did, but sighed and left. It looked like she was finished for now.

Sitting down in his favorite chair, Rainer glanced at Van. [b]"I don't know about you, but I'm gonna do this. Being a priest is so...boring at times."[/b] Van looked at him incrediously. He never thought Rainer would be bored with his job. He seemed to love it so much, the way he read passionately. Rainer looked at him over the rims of his glasses.

[b]"Can't believe it? Meh...It gets boring. More and more of the same. I love those that are faithful, but I'm starting to lose faith myself. How could such a god let Carolyn die...?"[/b] His voice trailed off.

[b]"This is not in the realm of God. This is where my job as a priest ends...and my new future begins. I only hope you'll support me through this. I need a friend."[/b] Rainer clasped his hand on Van's shoulder, sitting up, and leaving. Van looked at him softly as if he couldn't believe it. This day was shaping up to be quite a day.

The footfalls of the priest could be heard down the hall a short distance until he dissapeared around a corner, the only sign he was ever there was his ripped in half bible, with a note he wrote long ago hanging out of it. A note to Carolyn.


Rainer sat in the cafeteria. The rations had become incredibly tiny. It was stupid, he picked up what was the start and what was left of his meal and ate it slowly. His stomach growled, but he stroked it with his fingertips and sighed, squealching the sound. He still wore his priestly garments. He'd have to change out of those soon.

Standing up, he dropped the plate slowly into the sink, sighing and running a hand through his hair. It was time to get ready for this. He returned to his room, turned around, and locked the door behind him. It was time to get to work.[/color][/size]
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[SIZE=1]Helios left the crew at the bar early on, he really didn't have any urge to drink. Much, anyway. He drove home mostly sober, thinking about the events of the evening. What had happened to that Van boy? Was he alright? Who was that mysterious woman? he shook the thoughts from his mind as he drove to the T.Y. Cross. He parked outside of his massive ship and smiled.

[B]"Home at last."[/B] He punched in the keys to the ship and and walked in, breathing in the air. He walked along the corridor, and climbed up the ladders to the Housing Cells. He walked straight to his, and went to enter the room, when he stopped in his tracks. Becca was fast asleep in the bed. He smiled, walked over silently and kissed her on the cheek, then headed for the cockpit.

He sat in there for a while, before finally he heard another car drive up. It was not all of the crew, as he had hoped, but just Nyah, looking very confused, tired, and anxious all at once. She rushed into the ship and, much faster than Helios had thought her capable, was at the cokpit door, knocking.

[B]"Helios! We need to talk!"[/B] Helios opened the door and Nyah rushed in, breathless. She took a moment to regain herself, and started calmly. SHe started off still in her unbelieving tone, but her voice grew stronger as she got to the end. When finished, Helios just stared. It made sense. Now he knew why Van had been taken away...

[B]"So you want our help...I'd agree, but I don't understand everything. I won't put my crew, my family in danger for some woman who could potentially be lying. It's not my desicion alone, anyway. You'll need to see what the rest of the crew says..."[/B]


[B]OOC:[/B] Sorry for the length, I'll edit this later. It's all I could think of right now.[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=2][FONT=Arial Narrow]"Melissa Derran." The course, brassy voice of her boss rang clearly through her head.

"Mr. Michellen, I am so sorry. Please...let me explain." Mel rushed to her feet, nearly knocking her chair over in a clumsy display of her disorientation.

"Please follow me," his voice had not softened at all and Mel feared that this was going to be the end of her job. Even worse then losing something that really held no value was the lack of income and the ability to take care of her father.

"Please, Mr. Michellen. I got into a cab this morning with this strange woman and we ended up going the opposite way to work. Some how..." her voice trailed off. There was no logical way to explain the events in the cab and how she'd fall from the sky, landing at her desk. Maybe the whole thing was really just a dream and now the consquences for such laziness were finally coming to her at last.

"Ms. Derran, I would much appericate it if you would kindly shut your mouth." The man did not turn around to look at her as he passed desks, doors and hallways towards the upper level of the building.

Silence rode with them until they reached a brass door on the upper most level of the offical building. Mr. Michellen had turned his hips to the side, opening his hand and arm to the door. Mel tilted her head to the side just sightly enough to notice as she peered at both her boss and the door.

"Through her, please." The man's voice was flat and neutral.

Mel hesitated at first. Nothing good or bad could come from this situation, and death did not scare her. Her only concern was her father, but Amber was married to a doctor and could support their father if she were to fall to ill fate. She swallowed hard and walked forward, the thick clicking of her heels on the smooth marble flooring, echoing through the large vacant room. The brass door slid open as normal as all the others, but the brought light left her momentarily blind as she stepped through the opening.

Mel looked about as she and the others were ushered into the room. She caught her breath as she looked up at the cylinder, its pulse throbbing in her veins. It was beautiful and overwhelmingly frightening all at once. How could such a thing exist. That's when the woman at the keyboard began to start talking again. That woman from the cab, Emma. On and on they went about PRINCESS and KING, and their purpose her. All the while she listend, feeling that every thing seem to make some strange sense to her in her head. It was a joyous moment, allowing her heart to flutter with hope and happiness she hadn't felt since she was a child.

"Gladly." The words stung like a needle at a doctor's office. The strange blonde hair man that had been laying on the bed got up and started towards the door. Mel found herself watching him, like she had watched no other man. He was stunning and disgusting all at once. Something she would have never noticed had she been on the streets. His cocky attitude made her want to slap him, but there was something about his eyes and the way he held himself that made her whole body scream "kiss him".

She shook her head and tried to focus on the task before her.

Mel felt out of place with three roughins, a priest, and a computer specialist surrounding her, and then obvious Ms. Emma Dylia who seemed to be running the show. What a journey this was going to be. And now she had to find out what room was her's.

Mel sighed heavily and walked down to the living quarters. She walked into one of the open rooms to see Taura playing with something on her bed.

"Um..." Mel began. "I hope you don't mind me sharing a room with you." She felt strangely stupid with her comment as she awaited for an answer.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[size=1][color=navy]Dark casually entered the bar, his eyes easily adjusting to the smokey, low-light enviroment. He paused a few steps in and surveyed his surroundings out of habit. He was allready familiar with the bar, the crew of the Cross was a regular here, what he was paying attention to people. He was a good judge of character coming from a rough upbringing, and this was just a habit that's stuck with him over the years, getting him out of many sticky situations. Satisfied he loosened up and began to walk to the bar.[/color][/size]
[size=1][color=navy][b]"Calling it a night already Aaron, I'm dissapointed, I though I was rubbin' off on ya"[/b] Dark said playfully as he passed Aaron.[/color][/size]
[size=1][color=navy]"[b]You know the drill"[/b] Aaron replied casually.[/color][/size]
[size=1][color=navy]Dark chuckled as he reached the bar, [b]"The usual for me, and a round of shots for the cross"[/b][/color][/size]
[size=1][color=navy][b]"Comin' right up"[/b] Barkee said with a smirk.[/color][/size]
[size=1][color=navy]Barkee wasn't his real name, but what Dark accidently called him one night after to many drinks. He dropped the P in Barkeep, and the name stuck, it was what the majority of the Cross called him.[/color][/size]
[size=1][color=navy]"[b]Your Late"[/b] Helios said giving Dark a strong slap on the back.[/color][/size]
[size=1][color=navy][b]"Maybe, but I come bearing gifts[/b]" Dark replied as Barkee brought over a round of shots, and a glass of rum.[/color][/size]
[size=1][color=navy]They all picked up a glass and held it up. [b]"To good health, good company, and good fortune[/b]" Dark said before the group downed the liqour.[/color][/size]
[size=1][color=navy]Nyah stood up and lit a cigarette, its soft glow sending wisps of smoke into the hazy air. [b]"I'm gonna call it a night boys, there something I need to do[/b]" She turned and strolled out the door.[/color][/size]
[size=1][color=navy][b]"I think she is right, I better go check things with the ship, see that she's being taken care of"[/b] Helios said as he bade is farewells before he too dissapeared out the door.[/color][/size]
[size=1][color=navy][b]"I get here and everyone is already leaving, I really was late this time"[/b] Dark said sitting down and turning to Kain.[/color][/size]
[size=2]OOC: I hope that is ok everyone, I'm really tired so if it doesn't make sense sorry, but I've triend to post a few times and luck hasn't been on my side.[/size]
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[size=1]Alex retired to the place Emma had specified. There were a few rooms branching off from the main hub, where there was a lounge-type area.

He was a little confused by the days' events. This morning he had woken up, worried about being late for work, and hoping to manage a quick liquid breakfast on the run. Now it turned out he held an eighth of the only hope for survival for the human race in his hands...or in his blood, at least.

He sat down, and ran his fingers through his coarse mop of hair. He was exhausted, mentally, from this earth-shattering news he had just received, and physically, perhaps as an after-effect of whatever it was that had knocked him out in the first place. He sighed, and then inhaled a long, deep breath.

[i]Ah, oxygen re-cyc, [/i]he thought, [i]The closest thing to a breath of fresh air any of us have gotten. I guess that if I have the power to give the human race that air they need, the new planet, rather than this god-forsaken Metal Earth we live on, then it is my responsibility to do whatever I can to make this happen.

[/i][b]"Long day, huh?" [/b]asked a voice from just behind him. Alex turned around to see that bald man, currently clad in a white robe, standing behind him. The man disturbed him, in a way that he could not put his finger on.

[b]"You could say that," [/b]replied Alex.

[b]"You ever been locked up?" [/b]the man asked, sitting in a chair opposite Alex, who shook his head, [b]"The days drag on for a long time in there. 'Specially in Ursula."

"You've been in Ursula?" [/b]exclaimed Alex, [b]"But that's a triple-max security prison. No-one ever gets out of there. Only one man has ever managed it...wait...you're not...Richard Brock?" [/b]the man nodded, a smile creeping onto his lips, [b]"You're [i]the [/i]Richard Brock? The man who killed 30 people? And an entire crew of five heavily-armed men who came to catch you? Jesus..."

"You never been in a room with a psychopath before, huh?" [/b]asked Richard, [b]"Don't worry. We're just like any other person. Except you can never quite tell what we're thinking..."

"Well...it was nice to meet you, Richard," [/b]said Alex nervously, getting to his feet and looking for a free room, [b]"I guess we'll end up talking more later..."

"I look forward to it."

[/b]Alex opened the door to the free room with a shiver. He really did not like that guy...

[b]OOC: Ugh, filler....[/b]
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  • 2 weeks later...
OOC: Sorry I haven't been able to post in this guys. University.

[color=DarkOrange][size=1][b]The silence of a single room echoed painfully in Van's ears. Puffs of smoke drifted lazily up before him as he lay on his single-mattress bed. The days' events were replaying through his mind. A wry smile spread across his lips. The corniness of it all. KING - an entity that could save the human race. The eight DNA candidates - each with the power to choose whether the human race survives or not. And then the oh-so-evil organisation that wants to obtain KING for all the wrong reasons. To Van, it seemed like a bad soap opera his grandmother would have watched.

Sitting up on the side of his bed, his golden blonde hair fell over his eyes as he concentrated on taking a puff of his cigarette. Through his mop of hair, he looked up to the cold steel wall. Upon it hung a picture. A picture that held many happy memories.... and many sad ones.

It was of a family. A mother, a father and two small boys - one with golden hair and soft brown eyes, the other with soft brown hair and blue eyes. The two parents were smiling happily while the two boys seemed poised to fight each other. They used to be an average, happy family - the main word being [i]used[/i].

Those images of that day weren't easily forgotten. Van's right hand went up to his face, covering one eyes as they were closed in anguish. Those memories weren't easily forgotten.

Standing, Van made his way over to the small bathroom in his room. Splashing his face with water, he looked up into the mirror, his reflection looking back at him. He looked down for a moment, splashing his face again with cold water, then looked at the mirror again. Instead of his reflection looking back at him, the mirror showed his brother, looking at him smiling. Van's eyes widened and his mouth went dry. This image of his brother was older... older than when he died. It looked as though it was the same age as Van.

The image of his brother in the mirror smiled for a few seconds more before opening his mouth, speaking words that his living brother couldn't hear. Frozen, Van just watched this reflection try to communicate with him.

Without warning, Van smashed his head into the reflective glass, shattering it. He looked sternly into the reflection, which was now his. Blood oozed from his forehead, down the glass and down his nose.

" Damn it..... Wyatt..... fuck you...."

His fist went into the mirror, shattering the glass further. Some shards even managed to embed themselves into his fist, between his hardened knuckles. He looked to the reflection, which was now Wyatt, smiling there through the cracked glass.

" I get it you bastard... I get it...."

Van washed his face, clearing the blood off. Without a second look at the mirror, he walked from the bathroom, out through his room and into the cold corridor. He headed towards that room - the room where he found out he was one of those corny people that could save the human race.


" Emma!! Emma!!"

Van bashed on the giant metallic doors that led to the room that bookworm girl had taken him to in his drugged state. There was no answer.

" Where the fuck is that girl?"

Blood dribbled down his wrist. Van had yet to realise that the shards of glass were still embedded into his hand. Looking from side to side, Van wondered where she could have taken the others. He wanted to catch them before they had left on this ludicrious sounding journey. The giant metallic doors looked imposing. Van had not clue how to get passed them.

" What am I supposed to do now?" he asked himself, scratching his head.

As if it was an answer to his question, the giant doors opened. Van looked at them suspiciously, watching them open slowly. He walked in, looking around. The room seemed to be empty. He then looked at the ground.


" Shit..."

Following the trail of bloods spots, Van walked towards what seemed to be Emma's personal chambers. He opened the doors and looked in. The silver-haired woman lay sprawled on the ground, her throat slit from ear to ear. Van felt his stomach rise in his throat at the look of her neck and the amount of blood that had been spilled from her body. The salty stench of the red liquid was unbearable as Van approached the slaughtered woman. He looked over her almost sadly. He felt anger rise in his chest.

" Damn.... damn.... she wasn't joking about being in danger...."

Looking around, he saw a clipboard on top of a nearby coffee table. Standing up, he walked over to it and looked at it. It had a map on a piece of paper with names on them. They seemed to be all of the names of the people Emma had summoned to the chambers of PRINCESS. Van now knew where to find the others.

Before he left, he covered Emma in a white sheet off her bed and dialled the emergency number. The authorities soon arrived and queried Van on his reasons for being there. After an hour, he was allowed to go. He headed straight for the others.

Knocking on the door of the main common room, Van awaited for an answer.[/color][/size][/b]

OOC: DNA candidates, except for Illusion, be in the common room and let Van in. Discuss about Emma's death and what's going to happen next.

T.Y. Cross crew, accept Illusion's plea and ready the craft for departure.

Special people, you have your assignments I mailed you about a while ago. Do that.
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[SIZE=2][COLOR=DarkRed][FONT=Arial Narrow]After recieving not much more than a nod from the other occupant of the room, Mel found that it would be best to wander around to see what was going on in this uppty hotel like building. Hopefully her father didn't worry too much about her. Maybe there was a way to get a hold of him some how.

Mel passed a few other doors before coming to the bar. She saw a few of the others sitting around, chit-chatting, but nothing seemed to interest her there. She turned back around and exited the room. Now what? She was tired, but not enough to go to bed.

She continued to wander until she found the common room. "I suppose this can do." Mel walked in and found a table not far from a tv of some sorts. Nothing more than news...but it was better than nothing.


The soft rumble of a heavy knock on the soft wooden door rose Mel from her soft slumber. She rose her head to watch some one open the door to see Van standing with blood streaming down his face and hands. Mel jumped from her sit, grabbed the napkins and cloth that sat on her table, and ran towards him. He was uttering something about the silver hair woman as she dragged him to a sit.

"Get me some clean water and bandages!" she called out as the others began to circle around. "What did you do?" She looked up at him, blood streaking his soft blonde hair. He brought his eyes down to hers and she caught her breath, jirking her eyes away.

He didn't answer her but started in on Emma...about her being murdered and how they needed to get out of here. But Mel wasn't paying attention to what he was saying, just how he said it. The smooth brassy tone and then bringing her thoughts back to the fact he was bleeding, glass still stuck in his hand.

Some one brought a first-aid kit, simple in its making. Bandages and some twizers. She began to pull out the glass, blood oozing all over her hands and pants.[/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1]Kain was tucked away in a remote part of the ship, laying on his back as he looked over his schematics of the ships fuel lines. He thought there was a leak somewhere in the lines since he found a small pool of oil where he was working. He searched slowly and carfully, checking each inch of the line to find his leak.
"Bloody hell, can't find it. Hate it when they are so small."[/B] Right then a drop fell right on his forehead and he quickly looked at the spot.
"Found ya."[/B] He wipped the drop from his forehead and reached into his pocket, he pulled out a small spray can and sprayed red coloring on the spot. He then grabbed his protable computer and marked it on the screen. He wiggle out of his spot and shook his head. He took a deep breath.
"Well, got that problem down."[/B] His computer beeped at him and found a new message on it.
"Hmm, I wonder who is sending me mail?"[/B] He touched the padand read the new message. He nodded to himself then deleted it.
"Well, thats interesting. Looks like I need some more sealant spray."[/B] He said as he shook the can and heard nothing inside. He tossed the can into a near by disposale unit and procceded to walk out of the ship. Helios caught him as he was leaving.
"Where ya off to?"[/B] Kain turned his head to look at him.[B]

"Getting more sealent spray. Just ran out. Be back in a few."[/B] He saluted him and disappeared through the main hatch. He bumped into Nyah on the way out. She started to talk to him about how they needed to help this group of people to discover something top secret. This raised Kain's eyebrow.
"Sounds like an interesting propsition. But, you'll have to take it up with the everyone else, but I am all for it." [/B]Nyah nodded and then bolted off into the ship, Kain continued his way down the ramp and into the city. Heading for a near by store.

---------- Later that night

Kain had a white bag in his hand with a spray can in the other, tossing it up gently and catching it again. He had a smiled on his face as he played with the can.
"That was harder then I thought, but it was very rewarding."[/B] He approched the ship and typed in the code on a hidden key pad to open the hatch. It hissed open and he stepped in. He closed it behind him and started heading to the back of the ship when he heard someone clear there throat. He turned his head to see who it was, and to his surprise it was Becca.

"What are you doing up so late Becca?"[/B] Kain asked with an eyebrow raised.
"The hatch opening woke me and I cam eot see who it is, what the hell are you doing coming in at this hour?" [/B]Kain smiled innocently.
"Sealant spray, need more. Took me most of the night to find the right stuff."

"Hmm, sounds like you were busy."

"You have no idea."[/B] Kain then walked off to the back of the ship, Becca following him with her eyes then returning to her cabin.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
[COLOR=DarkRed]OOC: Hope this up to your expectations Reiku.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=Red]occ: I shortened this post alot hope you dont mind Reiku and everyone, it was way to long with me finding everyone and talking to them individually, if you want me to change anything let me know.[/COLOR][/SIZE]

[COLOR=RoyalBlue][SIZE=1]ic:Nyah left the confines of the building she had been taken to after leaving the pub. All this talk about KING and PRINCESS was a little?much. Walking to the curb she hailed a cab, unfortunately there had been no time to retrieve her Hoverbike. Getting into the Taxi she didn?t even take note of the driver as all she mumbled was [B]?docks?[/B].

The drive was much; much to slow for her, Nyah was incredibly anxious to talk to Helios. She had to some how convince the crew to take this crazy mission, a mission she wasn?t sure she believed her self. Out of everyone she thought the most difficult to convince would be Aaron, he had a wife and child to consider.

Eventually after 20 painstaking minutes the cab arrived at the docks, Nyah paid the man neglecting to leave a tip. She was out of the car and heading towards the T.Y.Cross before he would even notice.

She ran up to the ship and bolted in side. Things were going on in her head; she hadn?t felt like this in a long time, not since her days in the service. All different emotions struggled for dominance, all she felt like doing was sleeping. Knocking on the door to the cockpit she waited anxiously for Helios to open up.

[B]?Helios! We need to talk!?[/B]

Finally he opened the door and she rushed inside, breathless and attempting to regain her composure she paused before saying anything.

[B]?This is going to be a long story, so bare with me? [/B]

Helios nodded to her, Nyah began to tell him what happened to her as she exited the T.Y after they docked and how she bumped into the Emma person. Then after she left the bar how she was taken to this facility and saw princess. Nyah told him exactly what Emma told her and the others about the D.N.A map and how they were descendants of scientists and about KING and PRINCESS. At first she didn?t even believe what she was saying but as she progressed she started to sound surer.

[B]?They need a crew to take the mission, I offered since there is us and the T.Y.?[/B]

[B]"So you want our help...I'd agree, but I don't understand everything. I won't put my crew, my family in danger for some woman who could potentially be lying. It's not my decision alone, anyway. You'll need to see what the rest of the crew says..."[/B] She nodded. This was understandable.

[B]?Talk to Becca for me, she never liked having convocations of the serious nature with me anyways?[/B]

Nyah left Helios, now all she had to do was find everyone and convince them, she searched the ship for the crew. Nyah had been talking to Helios for a while and some might have returned during that time. She eventually found Kain just about to exit the ship.

[B]?I need to ask you something? [/B] She then told Kain what she told Helios.

[B]"Sounds like an interesting proposition. But, you'll have to take it up with everyone else, but I am all for it."[/B]

?Thanks Kain? Nyah left him to his mechanic duties. It would help her a lot more if the dammed crew would just stay in one place. Nyah found the rest of the crew and repeated the story to them. Dark, surprisingly kept asking her questions, most of which she didn?t know the answer to.

Aaron was very reluctant and needed a lot of convincing but eventually after a lengthy convocation he eventually agreed to it. Surprisingly everyone said yes to her proposition, now all that was left to do was tell Emma they had accepted. Nyah would patch a call to her in the morning letting her know. Before that she would talk to the crew again with everyone in the same place and get a final answer and everyone?s take on the situation.

Nyah rummaged through the Crosses food stocks for something to eat, pulling a bottle of Vodka down from a high shelf she didn?t even bother to grab glasses. Twisting the top off she took a large swig. At that moment Bec walked in, she didn?t have a very happy look on her face, Nyah didn?t ask. She pushed passed Bec and headed for her quarters, no doubt the whole bottle of vodka would be mentioned to Helios, alcohol wasn?t supposed to be kept on board.

She totally crashed in her quarters, falling onto her bunk bottle in hand.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Navy]Taura was pleased to notice that there was a computer set up in the common room. Everyone else was currently busy checking out their rooms so she was all alone in the room. She halted her typing as her pocket beeped. She reached in and extracted a smallish rectangular, silver plate that was wider than it was long. Her nails slid into the small gap and flipped the lid up smoothly, holding it in her left hand her fingers clicked quietly on the keys as she kept her gaze on the screen, reading the new message before deleting it as she had the other. Taura smiled and clicked the mini computer shut with her left hand, tucking it back into the pocket it had come from.

She shut down the computer and walked over to one of the doors closest to her, rapping on it. She popped her head in and told them that she was starving and was going out to find something to eat. They just nodded and she left.


Taura returned a few hours later with a small box of takeaway from what she hadn't finished, swinging it slightly in it's plastic bag.

[B]"Sure was hard finding a good place to eat."[/B] she said to some of the others who were sitting in the common room as she walked past.

She entered her room and put the food down, returning to the common room where everyone was. About five minutes later there was a knock on the door, and she got up to open it seeing as no one else seemed to move. Taura pulled open the wooden door and gasped at the sight of Van covered in blood. Mel hurriedly got up and dragged him over to the table where she started to pull the glass out. Taura listened as Van was mumbling about Emma being murdered. Her hand flew to her mouth and he started to tell them that they had to get out of this place because it was too dangerous.

She dipped a cloth into a bowl of warm water and mopped at his face gently, rubbing away the hardening blood as he continued to mutter about the death of Emma.[/COLOR]

[B]OOC:[/B] Sorry it's so short. I'm a bit pressed for time but I wanted to get a post in. I hope it's ok, Reiku.
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[color=DarkOrange][size=1][b]Van hissed as Mel removed the mirror shards from his fist. She dabbed the wounds with disinfectant, which stung more than the fires of hell, or so Van thought. Taura wiped his face, taking off the blood that had gotten on there somehow.

Reaching down to his pocket, he clumsily took out a packet of cigarettes, popped one out and put it in his mouth. He put the packet away, searched his pocket again, finding his lighter. His hand was shaking slightly as he flickered the lighter, trying to get a flame to light.

He could hear Mel saying something about not being so rash and reckless but he wasn't really listening. Emma's wide eyes kept flashing across his mind, as well as his brother, Wyatt's, smile. They weren't something that could be forgotten easily. Emma's eyes reminded him of his parents and their deaths. His eyes cringed in internal pain, shaking his head slightly to get those images away.

" Van? Van? Van!"

Van opened his eyes to see Mel standing there before him, the medical kit now put away and his hand bandaged. His cigarette was also lit. He took a long drag from the cigarette before looking at Mel.

" Thanks."
She gave an awkward smile at him. " No problem...."
It didn't sound like that was all she wanted to say, but she seemed to not want to say it. Van looked up at her from underneath his golden blonde hair. He took abother drag of his cigarette before standing up.

" Taura.... could you get everyone in here.... now..."

Taura was a little taken aback by his tone but rushed off to do what he wanted. Within a few minutes, everyone but Nyah had gathered into the common room. Van looked at them all. He wondered if they knew this mission was going to endanger their lives, possibly even kill them. Just like Emma. He needed to find out more about this supposed 'evil' organisation.

" Right...... now that you're all here, we have to decide if we're going to go on this ludicrious adventure. Right now."

Mel looked at Van. His eyes were hidden by his hair, but she could feel he was deadly serious about this. It was rather strange since he was so cynical about this before. Emma's death must have been a hard knock of reality for him.... or so she thought.

The discussion of about whether they were going to go went on for a few hours. Van sat through the entire conversation, not saying a word. Instead, he sat in a corner, going through his cigarettes, lighting one after another. Once a conclusion was made, they turned to Van and told him what they had decided. As he suspected, they were going on with this journey.

" This journey could claim your life as easily as Emma's..... made sure you've said your goodbyes then gather at the space docks. I'll go find Nyah to know if we have a crew. You have an hour. Be vigilant. There are enemies about."[/color][/size]

OOC: DNA candidates, say goodbyes to your loved ones. If you have none, then go straight to the meeting point. Van and Nyah should be there.

Illusion, make Van meet up with you and discuss whether you have a crew or not. Show Van around the T.Y. Cross then go to the meeting point.

Crew of the T.Y. Cross, say your goodbyes too and head to your ship. You will all meet up with Van and Nyah. Have Van introduce himself and then ready the spaceship for takeoff.
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