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Sign Up Strange World[PG-V]


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[SIZE=1][FONT=Lucida Sans Unicode]With the discovery of a strange and beautiful man while camping, my whole concept of reality was torn asunder as I was torn from this world and forced into the role of some kind of messiah. They told me the only way I could return home was to accept my ?destiny? and train until I could take myself to and from the worlds of the Realm. What choice did I have?

The empress told me the man that took me here, Zagh, would be my mentor, companion and bodyguard during the long years ahead, and I was afraid at first, seeing as how he was the one who took me there, but once we talked and he explained the fate of his empress was depending on him to bring a savior back. And though I had left behind a loving boyfriend, we quickly forged a relationship that would last throughout the trying years to come. He taught me to harness the latent power slumbering inside me; the ability to warp physical matter according to my whims and defy the laws of physics. He also told me people with power like mine had a name: Manipulators. As I learned to harness my new ability, he would show me his gift, the power to play with a person?s mind and make them believe whatever he wants them to. Calling himself and others like him Perceptionists, his power was the polar opposite of my own and frankly, more than a little frightening. Such did the years pass until I could tear through space to my home.

When I told Zagh of my new level of control, he told me the hard part was just beginning. All the years he?d been training me, a dark force had been gathering, a woman by the name of Kaenia bent on usurping the throne from Empress Mae. Four years after my abduction, my mission was finally revealed to me. Gather a group of people who have gifts that could help Zagh and myself, hunt down Kaenia, and, finally, destroy the threat to freedom in my lady?s great Empire.


Life sometimes calls for us to be greater than what we think we can be, to step beyond our boundaries and tap into our reservoirs of primal strength. Today, it is you turn to answer the call of fate and to risk life, mind, and spirit for the greater good.


You can choose from the alternate world or Earth, but if you choose Earth, PM me as to how you got to be trained. A reasonable excuse would be you were born with a latent ability like my character and were raised following the Wiccan religion or something.

Places of origin are as follows, with the appropriate ruler in parenthesis.
[B]White Fires Empire [/B] (Empress Mae)
[B]Olive Barony [/B] (Lord Markus)
[B]Platinum Kingdom [/B] (King Droxillian)
[B]Angel's Province [/B] (Prophet Juhiro)
[B]Sulphur Wastes [/B] (Nomadic tribes)

You can be [B]human[/B], [B]fae[/B] (any faery-like creature), [B]passerine[/B] (bird people, they live in Angel?s Province), or [B]skhad[/B] (reptilians from the Sulphur Wastes).

Character sign-up goes as follows, and if you don't feel like writing as many paragraphs as I have asked you to, you don't have to. Thos are just recommendations.

[B]Name: (Anything, really. First and last name for humans and passerines, first name for fae and first name and clan name for the skhad.)
Physical Features: (Any defining physical characteristics? Does you skhad have horn-like growths or your fae have all black eyes?)
Height: (Fae can be small or tall.)
Eye Color: (Normal colors with humans, unless they're some kind of cross-breed.)
Hair Color:
Place of Origin:
Appearance: (Put all the above together in a paragraph or two)
Loyalty: (Kaenia or my character, [B]Iris[/B])
Personality: (Include personality quirks or pet peeves - whatever makes your character unique. Two to three paragraphs.)
Weapons: (No guns or modern machinery)
Short History: (Three to four paragraphs)[/B]

Oh. My. God.

Oh my God.

Jesus Allah Buddha, oh my God.

>< I forgot to post the magic types!! (What can I say, I was typing it at four in the morning and I was up all night.)

[B]Perceptionists[/B] manipulate sentient creature's minds with their own particular magic, akin to but not the same as a psyonicist can do.
[B]Psyonicists[/B] can move things and communicate with their minds, as well as cause someone emotional pain through their memories/fears.
[B]Manipulators[/B] can be powerful healers or devastaing weapons, and their power is the ability to move or change living or inanimate matter.
[B]Elementalists[/B] can harness the four elements of water, fire, earth, and air to harm or heal, with the most powerful having the ability to summon Elementals. Most Elementalists focus on one element to become proficient in.
[B]Mage Arcani[/B] are the garden variety magic user, someone able to use the energy inside themselves and nature to cause effects like light or sharpened hearing.
[B]Summoners[/B] can call forth denizens of the other worlds, and are not to be confused with the few Elementalists powerful enough to call forth Elementals.[/FONT] [/SIZE]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][FONT=Comic Sans MS][B]Name:[/B] Eakki Andromeda

[B]Age:[/B] 27

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Race: [/B] Passerine

[B]Physical Features:[/B] Black wings that are tipped with silver, silver feathers across the arms and legs. A red jewl that sits in the hollow of the neck. Slightly pointy ears. A scar that runs down the left side of the face.

[B]Height:[/B] Tall, around about 6"0'

[B]Weight:[/B] Lanky about 135 lbs.

[B]Eye Color:[/B] Stormy Grey

[B]Hair Color: [/B] White, falls to about the shoulders

[B]Place of Origin:[/B] Angel's Provience

[B]Appearance:[/B] Eakki is a Passerine with black wings tipped with silver. She has silver feathers across her arms and legs. She also has a red jewl that sits in the hollow of her neck. Her ears are slightly pointed and she also has a scar that runs down the left side of her face. She's tall, standing around 6 feet, and lanky for her age. Her eyes are stormey grey and she has white hair that fall about to her shoulders.

[B]Loyalty:[/B] Iris

[B]Personality:[/B] Eakki likes to soar up in the sky more that most Passerines. She come from a large family of about seven children. She's the middle child so she's ignored more often than most. Being the middle child no one really notices when she is gone, if they do then they just don't care where she went. Her parents are both busy lavshing love onto the other children that Eakki is expected to know what to do about everything. When things usually go wrong they all look towards Eakki to know how to fix them.

She hates her family because her siblings alwasy call her a mistake, a screw-up. They do this because of the red jewel in her neck and that her hair color is unlike anyone elses in the family. She hates it when people talk about what a wonderful and loving family they have, and how they would do anything for them. She also hates not bieng able to fly around when she choses, on the ground she fells trapped and it's makes her quite nervous.

[B]Weapons:[/B] Eakki uses her nails that act like claws and the jewel in her neck is used for summoning a limited amount of an unknown magic.

[B]Short History:[/B] Eakki was born the middle child to a lage family. She has three sisters (2 older and 1 younger) and three brothers (1 older and 2 younger). As a child she was always out in the open fields flying around and enjoying the fresh breeze. She had to pick her times and location more carefully as time moved on. By the time she was 4 she had three younger siblings and had to learn to help take care of them.

When Eakki finally turned thirteen things didn't get easeir as she had previously hoped. She was called on by her family to solve all their problems that they swore up and down were to hard for them. Her brothers and sisters enjoyed calling her a screw-up and a mistake, constantly telling her that she didn't belong with this family. Her parents didn't do much in a way of stopping this either.

As Eakki got older she started disappearing more and more and her parents started caring less and less till they finally didn't care where she went. They only had eyes for their other wonderful, never could do anything wrong, amazing, talented children. Some times Eakki wouldn't return for days because she was out secretly training for anything that would come her way. Finally by the age of twenty-seven she was able to leave the people who were never a family to her in the first place.

[B]Magic Type[/B] Elementalist - Water

[B]Eakki's siblings in order of age:[/B]

Jaline - 29 - Female
Sabine - 29 - Female
Andre - 28 - Male
Eakki - 27 - Female
Diane - 25 - Female
Dante - 24 - Male
Loic - 23 - Male

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Name: Neko (last name not known)
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Weight: 120
Eye Color: emerald green
Hair Color: Black
Place of Origin: earth
Appearance: She has peircing emerald green eyes that are brought out even more by her long black hair. She has rather pale skin, for she doesn't go out very much. She stands at about 5"6 and is somewhat curvy
Personality: She has split personalities, one evil and violent, the other quiet and shy. Her evil side dreams of taking over the world and is always plotting something. Her good side however, only dreams of having a simple life with only a few friends. Each side has one thing in common; they are both very playful and naive.
Weapons: samurai sword
Short History: She was abandoned as a young child and doesn't remember anything before the incident. She often has nightmares of times she had with her parents but doesn't believe they're real memories. She has held a grudge against her parents and wants to meet them so that she can teach them how it feels to be left alone for years.. Her skills with a sword are partly hereditary and partly because she has had to survive on her own with only a sword for years.
Magic type: Psyonicist
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[b]Name:[/b] Avian
[b]Age:[/b] Unknown
[b]Gender:[/b] Female
[b]Race:[/b] Passerine/human

[b]Physical Features:[/b] Her arms extend to two very long wings. When she needs to though she can make them shrink and vanish into plain arms. When she has her normal wings she does not wear a shirt, the wings shape and the feathers make clothing hard to work with but the feathers cover everything anyways so no worries. Her head is covered with feathers. All are brown with bright thick blonde colored parts.
[b]Height:[/b] 6'2''
[b]Weight:[/b] How would she know? She flys all the time. Lol.
[b]Eye Color:[/b] All dark Purple
[b]Hair:[/b] She doesnt have hair in a sense. Its feathers. Brown with blonde streaks through them.
[b]Place Of Origin:[/b] "The bird place"

[b]Appearance:[/b] Standing quite tall she is slender. She also has feathers that take up the place of where hair would be. Her wings have large brown feathers with blonde in them. She can change from arms to wings easily and flys quite fast. Her eyes are dark purple.
[b]Loyalty:[/b] Kaenia

[b]Personality:[/b] She can be very depressing from time to time but is rather good at hiding truths and hiding her emotions. She can easily look someone in the eyes and lie to them without flinching. Of course there are those that can get her to tell the truth but she hardly lets herself get into that situation. She, unlike some of the others that she knows of her kind, she does not have the probelm with being distracted by shiny objects or riches. She does, however, have the bad habit of sitting near fires and being mezmorized by them. She doesnt know why but it has gotten her into trouble before.

[b]Weapons:[/b] She has her powers mostly but she has a very light weight but sturdy sword which she has tied around her waist.
[b]Short History:[/b] Living where she can easily get to the skies she has been reletively happy but for some reason no matter what freedom she has its not enough. She, when she was younger, wasnt treated all that properly and so she dislikes lots of people because of it.
[b]Magical Type: [/b]Manipulator

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[CENTER][SIZE=1][FONT=Lucida Sans Unicode][B]Name:[/B] Iris Duvall

[B]Age:[/B] 24

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Race: [/B] Human

[B]Physical Features:[/B] She has a few scars from her training, the most prominate one across the back of her right hand, with her left eyebrow missing a tiny section from a run in with the business end of a rock. She also has a crooked nose from a crashing her bike when she was small and breaking her face.

[B]Height:[/B] 5'8"

[B]Weight:[/B] 157 lbs.

[B]Eye Color:[/B] Green

[B]Hair Color:[/B] Black

[B]Place of Origin:[/B] Earth

[B]Appearance:[/B] Although she's pretty, some might even say beautiful, Iris had a few problems with acne as a teen and thinks she needs to lose weight. She has an hourglass figure and her hair is always held up in a tight bun in an effort to portray a sense of control. Her muscles are very well defined, and her skin was once pale, but has since tanned. The occasional blemish does ruin her mood, but normally her skin is rather clear.

[B]Loyalty: [/B] Iris!

[B]Personality: [/B] Due to her lack of confidence and overall shyness, boys were never particularly paid any attention to her, stunting her social growth considerably. She always likes to have a good laugh, but finds those in short supply in her current situation. Iris's previous inferiority complex made it difficult to make new friends, and accepting a leadership position would have been impossible without Zagh to rely upon.
Never before her training would she have been blunt with people, for before, she would hide her emotions to make others feel better. Though that may sound like a trait other people would like, she never made any friends until her second year in high school at sixteen. Due to this, she cannot watch a movie like [I]Lilo And Stitch[/I] because it reminds her of her days as an outcast and she cries everytime.
Isis is sensitive to the plights of others and wants to help everyone, all the time. She's overall unconcerned with dignity but obsessed with morals and decency, causing her to be rather rabid when it comes to certain topics.

[B]Weapons:[/B] A whip and a scimitar, also is a powerful Manipulator

[B]Short History:[/B] Isis's only experienced her first crush when she was fifteen and just in her first year of high school. He was two years older and let her down gently, but after him she had no taste for dating until college. There she met her first boyfriend and dated him for a year. He was the one she left behind in her transition to the Strange World, as she calls it, and she's absolutely terrified of seeing him again. She knows that her extended absence, coupled with her wilderness camping trip will have prompted the authorities to label her as dead.
With that knowledge, she cried herself to sleep many nights, until Zagh became more than a tutor-more than a friend. He helped her cope and to grow stronger, as well as breaking her shell of solitude. Now she can roam the cities with confidence and grace. Any one that knew her before the fated camping trip would hardly recognize her for the same awkward girl.
Adjusting to her new life and new role was difficult and often times painful, but she knew she had to perservere if wrongs were to be righted and if she ever wanted to go home.[/FONT] [/SIZE][/CENTER]
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[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=2][CENTER]Name: Lokin Trias (Trias is his clan name)

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Race: Skhad

Physical Features: Has two curved silver horns coming out of his head. Instead of having just two main fangs he has four each with a poison gland.

Height: 6'6"

Weight: 210

Eye Color: yellow

Hair Color: He has no hair he is a reptile

Place of Origin: Sulphur Wastes

Appearance: Stands at about 6'6". He has deep red scales that cover his entire body, with his underbelly a snow white. Along his back is a black stripe going from his nose to the tip of his tail.

He doesn't have extremely long claws, but that doesn't mean he doesn't know how to use them. He has four fangs due to the Trias trademark and the forked tongue. He is a solid wall of muscle from his years of training and surviving in the desert.

As a custom in the clan he has a very decorated set of armor that he almost wears constantly. The chest and back plate are a whitesh blue color with his tribe symbol in a deep red in the center of both. His left shoulder pauldron has three pikes and is a solid black while the right pauldron is white with no features to it. His entire left arm is covered in solid black armor with small curved upward spikes going all the way down and stopping at the wrist. His wears a black guantlet on his left hand that is sharpened at the fingers. His right arm is bare except for a white forearm and bicep bracer.

He wears a pair of loose black pants that hid his shin and thigh bracers underneath. Due to years of walking int he desert he has no need for shoes or footwear since the scales on his feet are extremely tough and he has more traction

Loyalty: Iris

Personality: He has a warrior's metality due to always being on the move in the wastse and fighting off the other tribes. He listens and follows orders unless he knows a better way to do something but hardly ever dispobeys. Not the best person to have a converstion with since all he knows his war, death, pain, and blood.

Not the best with the female race either since he never really associates with them sbecause he is almost always fighting. He loves to strike fear into the heart of his opponents for two reasons. Eitehr it makes them fight harder or they will run.

Weapons: two twin diakatanna's (extremely long two handed katannas)

Short History: Lokin grew up as a part of the lower clss in the Trias caste system. As he grew up he worked the wastes instead of training to be a warrior. At night he would practice moves he had watched the others do. Soon he had mastered it without even having a trainer. He tried to join but he was refused by the elders until a war broke out with one of the neighboring tribes. Hundreds of Trias clan members were killed fighting the other clan in the Wastes, so then the elders began recruiting lower members. Lokin eagerly joined and began his training.

He was the top of his group due to him training himself and mastered every new thing they threw at him. The time came for him to join the fight in the wastes and he was shipped out. When he reached the spot were the war was happeneing, he couln't believe his eyes. Dead Skhad lay everywhere and the sand was now a blood red color. Fighting and death was everywhere as he charged upon the ranks of the otehr clan slashing everywhere whit the broadsword he was given. He lost all track of time as he tore through the ranks of the other clan.

He stood panting as the he killed the last of the enemy warriors then looked around as the others surrounded him and began cheering. When they made it back to the clan, he recieved his own armor and his own weapon. After several years he left the tribe in search of stronger opponents, though he found some each fell before him like flies. It was in this search he met Zagh and then he decided to follow him to fufill his quest.[/CENTER][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[size=1][b]Name:[/b] Wilder Ben. (the 'i' is pronounced like in the word 'ill')

[b]Age:[/b] 20.

[b]Gender:[/b] Male.

[b]Race:[/b] Human.

[b]Physical Features:[/b] Wilder has no distinguishing features other than the fact that he is one of the few humans found in the magnificent worlds.

[b]Height:[/b] 6'1

[b]Weight:[/b] 140 lbs.

[b]Eye Color:[/b] Blue.

[b]Hair Color:[/b] Brown. Cut relatively short, with a part down the middle.

[b]Place of Origin:[/b] White Fire's Empire.

[b]Appearance:[/b] Wilder stands tall, but is built like a bean pole with enough muscle that he isn't a total geek. He keeps himself clean cut - shaven, nails trimmed, clean. He has spent a lot of time around creatures of Fae, so much as to have been raised by one, and thus adapted their Renaissance-esque attire. He often wears a white shirt with a ruff around the collar and billowy sleeves under a deep blue vest. A pair of long, dark-brown breeches cover his legs to just above his ankles where an old-fashioned pair of boots covers the rest.

[b]Loyalty:[/b] Iris

[b]Personality:[/b] Thinks of himself as a bit of a swashbuckler and adventurer. He is very bold, very daring, and confidence so astounding that it almost comes off as arrogance, or just plain stupidity. Even in the bleakest hour, he can never understand how things are going wrong. To him, everything is as according to plan. His sanguine personality has blessed him with an entourage of contacts throughout the worlds, and given his ruffian lifestyle, just about everyone he knows is looking for a good fight.

He is a master of his words, and can influence nearly any given situation with a few simple words, throwing people into loops of thought. A skill that comes in hand when his boisterous ways get him into trouble and needs to talk his way out of a given situation. Yes, his tongue is just as sharp as the sword.

As with any man of reknown, he is a great leader to some, and a ruthless manipulator to others. Some say he is the most honest person one will ever meet, while others believe he lives life under the guise an infallible bluff.

[b]Weapons:[/b] A whip and a rapier.
[b]Magic-Type:[/b] Summoner.

[b]Short History:[/b] Why a human of all beings existed in any of the magnificent worlds, and not their home of Earth, is a mystery to just about everyone. However, Wilder has been in the White Fires Empire ever since he was only months old. You see, he was an accidental baby, left to an orphanage. It was one night that he lay awake, just as an infant, several creatures of Fae appeared around him, and in an instant he and the mysterious creatures disappeared from that world.

Despite the facts, Wilder was never told of his original birth. In fact, his real name isn't even Wilder Ben, it's Ben Wilder. His adopted Fae mother read his name in his room, but, like humans do in some cases, the first and last names were reversed - "Wilder, Ben." He never once questioned why he was raised by a species different from his. He never once questioned why there were so few humans where he lived. There were enough there that he simply figured he was one of a select few. He has always been a forward thinker and never cared to dwell in the past. He was raised in the White Fires Empire, and that is his home.

The Fae who raised him, by the name of Lilith, was a semi-powerful Summoner, and recognized from the very first night they met, that Wilder had the same power deep within him (it's the only way he could have made the Fae come to him in the Earthen world). When he was only a few years old, Lilith began teaching him of the Summoning power. It wasn't until he was seven years old that he was able to consciously summon his first creature: another fae from the same world. It wasn't until he was fourteen that he became able to summon creatures from all the magnificent worlds. From there he met several Psyconicists who knew Summoners in their lands and he began his own travels and individual study of the Summoner magic-type, no longer under the tutelage of Lilith. By the age of eighteen he realized something about his power that would separate him from all other Summoners, and put him in the rankings as a 'Master Summoner' by the time he was nineteen and a half years old. He discovered the ability to summon [i]himself[/i], enabling him to dance between the worlds at his own free will. He described it simply as a kind of ... a 'reverse' summoning.

Not to say he didn't discover that the ability came with its own degree of risk. For he must know where he is going (either have seen it, or preferably have been there before) to ensure a safe arrival, otherwise he might find himself (as he has done before) stuck in a solid object. If too much of him is caught in a wall or other solid form, it could kill him instantly.


[b]Note:[/b] I hope you don't think I took too much liberty with the Summoning power. I think it adds a unique edge to an otherwise redundant ability.[/size]
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Guest blooming
Gender: female
Race: fae
Height:shes 5 foot 7
Eye Color: pure white
Hair Color:black
Place of Origin:white fire empires
Appearance:black hair down to her feet and wears a black halter top and a black mini skirt with knee high black boots
Personality:she is mostly sweet but one of her quirks is when she is battling for her life or a close friends life then she cares only about her or someone elses life and her pet peeve is anyone who brings something warm and fuzzy and she is really shy around new people.
she often tends to pick a fight out at school because she is very stubborn but a close friend can stop her and she is very loyal to people.another one of her quirks is when she starts to be dark mature and mysterious shes had a bad past and gets flashbacks about thoughs and thats what starts up her dark mysterious side.
Weapons:three swords
the wind sword-can control the wind and use it as a deadly wind whip(attacks:wind whip,whin lash,wind twiser and wind peirce)
the nature sword-can control nature and make it come to life and fight(attack:poisinous flowers and poisinous flower petals)
the snow sword-can make snow storms at random(attack:snow scar and snow wave)
Short History:she cant remember how she got her three swords but she does remember talking with her father when she was five right before he died.her mother died when she was 7 and since then sparkle promised herself to avenge her mother and fathers death.she blames herself for her mothers death and hates talking about her parents.
the one thing she does remember was seeing her elder brother trying to take the tetsaiga out of the rock it was in but the swords barreir rejected him but allowed sparkle in and when she pulled out the sword she was thrown out of the barreir and blacked out when she wokee up she found the sword on her chest in its sheath but doesnt remember anything before that
she doesnt know how she got the other two swords but she wants to find out.people say her father was the great angel demon but she doesnt beleive them.she hates having to fight with her own brother and would rather fight alone but she doesnt have a choice when a demon threatened both of their lives and they were forced to fight together even thoough they both despise each other and thats how she got the scar on her back was because she was sliced across the back
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Carthage Ashrak (Ashrak is clan name)

[B]Age:[/B] 30

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Race:[/B] Skhad

[B]Physical Features:[/B] Carthage has horn-like growths on his elbows and knees that are about 8 inches long and curve naturally to his body so he can still straighten his arms and legs. With clawed fingers and elongated fangs that can fold in his mouth when closed and extend when it opens. With a flat spot on his head that is slightly raised where a horn use to be.

[B]Height:[/B] 6?2?

[B]Weight:[/B] 212 lbs
Eye Color: [/B]Yellow

[B]Hair Color:[/B] No hair
Place of Origin:[/B] Sulphur Wastes

[B]Appearance:[/B] Carthage?s skin is covered with dark, green scales, except some of his stomach and chest which is a light shade of yellow. He has a forked tongue that flickers out of his mouth every so often. His face is slightly narrowed to have a similar shape of a snake. His ears are also just holes in the sides of his head. He tends to wear a black vest and baggy black pants and a forest cloak. But in combat it all comes off.

[B]Loyalty:[/B] Kaenia

[B]Personality:[/B] Carthage tends to be silent since he is mostly treated as and out cast or looked upon as a foul creature of the Sulphur Wastes. He is loyal to Kaenia and protects her carefully. He watches everything very carefully and never over looks anything and he always watches and calculates his enemies? attacks and movements. He can turn from a quiet watch dog, to a vicious and powerful fighter.

If he feels that the people he are watching or himself, are in danger, he will strike quickly like a snake and eliminate any threat. He feels no remorse for killing another, especially if it is another Skhad from another clan. And when he enters a good fight with another creature he loses all sense of time and being and fights until the other fighter is dead, or he is.

[B]Weapons:[/B] He uses the spikes on his elbows and knees when he can get a downward blow in battle of a knee hit for an upward blow. His claws serve as his main weapon and can rip through flesh easily. His fangs are more of a finishing attack since they are loaded with a Neurotoxin that, once used, takes a day or two to remake. He also incorporates his reptilian agility and speed into his brutal physical attacks, which makes him very difficult to hit for another Skhad. Or extremely difficult for other races to touch.

[B]Short History:[/B] Carthage was raised in the Warrior clan of the Ashraks, they are well known for their snake like qualities and their technique of using strength with speed. He?s one of the smallest, in height, in his entire clan, but time and time again he proved he was better then the rest. That he was stronger and faster then the ones who ridiculed him for his size and small horn on his forehead.

But for awhile he ignored their taunting and focused on growing stronger and faster then they could ever be, and in his tribe there are events that are held every year that let a warrior prove he was best amongst the clan and earn the right of one of the highest ranks in the clan. So he tried out and succeeded in beating each trial that was presented to him.

But, one again, his size and his horn were reflected on and he was deemed to have falsely beaten each trial, the elders thought he was far too small to be stronger and faster then the biggest man in their clan and easily take him down. This brought out Carthage?s inner rage, something that was new to him but had a familiar feel to it. The adrenaline that flowed through him at the time made him even stronger and faster, so, in his moment of rage.

He went right at the elders for their discrimination against him, he slew three of them faster then they could react. The others brought him down with their combined effort and managed to restrain him and chain him, for about three days he remained chained by his wrists and ankles to a large boulder. He spent those three days yanking and pulling on the chains, trying to get out. On the fourth day the remaining elders came to him.

They held him up against the boulder as the Lead Elder proceeded to cut Carthage?s horn, when the elder had finished they unlocked his chains and stepped away from him. That day he was exiled from his clan and with his horn amputated, was forever branded as a murder, traitor, and enemy to the Ashrak clan. He was then sent off into the empty Sulphur Waste to survive on his own.

Several days later, he was dying of thirst and hunger. His body was slowly wasting away and he grew weaker with each step he took. He eventually collapsed and passed out, thinking he was going to die and was going to be alone. But, much to his surprise, he awoke about three days later and found himself in a woman?s presents.

She spoke sweet words to him in his language that seemed to draw his attention and slowly brought him back to life, every day she would bring him food and wine. And everyday he would eat the food while the woman spoke to him; he came to trust her and started to speak to her. Only speaking in his clan?s dialect and only to her, she understood him but he slowly started to learn her language. How to understand it and how to speak it.

He soon found that her name was Kaenia and that she needed help for a special mission, and in return for his help. She would help him get revenge on the elders that denied him his rightful position. That was 3 years ago, he still protects her and waits for the day his vengeance will be exacted. He still doesn?t talk to anyone, except Kaenia. And trust her alone. [/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1]OOC: Hope this is good[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[color=crimson][b]Name[/b]: (The Infernal) Aruj Zale.

[b]Age[/b]: 67.

[b]Gender[/b]: Male.

[b]Race[/b]: Human.

[b]Physical Features[/b]: Has extensive and ornate runic tattoos scrawled across his arms/back. These tattoos react to the presence of other magicians by changing colors and becoming luminous. In the centre of these designs on his back is large tattoo of an open eye.

[b]Height[/b]: 6'3".

[b]Weight[/b]: 202 lbs
[b]Eye Color[/b]: Hazel.

[b]Hair Color[/b]: Graying black.

[b]Place of Origin[/b]: Unknown. Implied to be from the White Fires Empire.

[b]Appearance[/b]: Tall and athletic, Aruj has managed to keep himself in good shape given his years. Long, unkempt and graying black hair crown his head and he always seem to have some sort of a beard having little time in his travels to keep chopping it off. He wears a simple white undershirt, brown vest and black pants that is covered by a crimson travelers cloak.

[b]Loyalty[/b]: Iris.

[b]Personality[/b]: Aruj seems aware of many things that others are not- about their environment, about themselves and about the world at large. He rarely mentions any of this to the person's involved unless asked and, even then, keeps several secrets. Wry and sarcastic, he enjoys caustic responses in conversations and can be pretty easy-going when wronged. In times of stress he maintains an air of indifference and tries to get the job done as best as possible. His morals are shaky at best given his history and he follows his version of a "thieves code". Seems very knowledgeable about topics that deal with the metaphysical.

[b]Magic Type[/b]: Powerful elementalist specializing in fire.

[b]Weapons[/b]: Himself. Fights unarmed and uses his elementalist abilities.

[b]Short History[/b]: Uninterested in revealing much about his past, the first mention of him in public records is in regards to the Ontos Order. Founded ten years ago, it was a fanatical organization zealously devoted to the study of all things metaphysical to the point that they had begun to tinker with the very darkest artifacts and spells they could find. Corrupted by something unknown, the members of the organization were driven into violent madness claiming allegiance to a Goddess of Wisdom, represented by a single wide open eye. Rampaging around the country side, they had destroyed several outlaying villages when the Empire responded with appropriate force and the conflict ended with a spectacular battle between magicians. Without their sanity, the members of the Ontos Order had no real sense of tactics in the battle and were by then completely berserk. Outnumbered, outmaneuvered and lost within their minds, the Ontos Order was destroyed.

Victorious, the Empire's forces traveled to the former headquarters of the Order to try to salvage something from this horrible series of events. The research the Order had done could be salvaged and used. Upon arrival the Imperials found a mere smoldering ruin of the building and a single man, boredly sitting outside of the building. That man was Aruj Zale. Arrested, he refused to reveal much during his interrogation beyond the fact that "the Order had not understood Her teachings and fallen far in their attempts to." His reasons for destroying the research stemmed from the darkness that it had spawned- he couldn't allow it to fall into anyone else's hands. He was placed in a secure jail and remainded there for two days. On the second night, a massive explosion destroyed part of the prision and set the rest of it aflame.

Escapees were everywhere and it was difficult for the situation to be brought under control by the Empire. In the end, only a handful of the inmates had successfully evaded capture and Aruj Zale was among those few. Sought by the authorities, Aruj Zale.. didn't seem to care, at first. He went back to wandering, seeming to be in pursuit of something or someone. But, the constant dogging of the authorities was irritating and disruptive to his life. Fed up with this, for the last few months he has offered his services to the Empire. His payment? An official pardon from the administration.

He continues to wait for a reply..


OOC: I took some liberties with the world you have provided. I hope that is alright.[/color]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Kaleias [Kale] Immugindon (Clan name)
[B]Age:[/B] 37
[B]Gender: [/B] Female
[B]Race: [/B] skhad/human

[B]Physical Features:[/B] Kale?s physical features are odd. She is covered in scales that range in colour from dark green to pale green, shades of browns and Human skin colour. She has long elegant bony fingers from which claws protrude outwards to a length of 1.5 inches, her feet are similar they are also elongated and bony with long claws. Horns of bone stick out of her elbows and the tip of her tail. A reptilian, whip like tail extends outwards from the small of her back. Kale?s tongue is black and forked. Her teeth are a mixture of fangs and herbivore human like teeth. She usually keeps her hair tied back but her long fringe always falls into her face.

[B]Height:[/B] 6?
[B]Weight: [/B] 120lbs
[B]Eye Color: [/B] Sky blue with a tinge of green near the pupil
[B]Hair Color: [/B] Brown
[B]Place of Origin:[/B] Sulphur Wastes

[B]Appearance: [/B] Kale is a strange blend of Skhad and Human, her appearance is that of a human with scales and reptilian like features. The scales that cover her body are a motley mix of browns, greens and light human flesh colour. Uncharacteristic of a Skhad she has a full head of straight long brown hair that flows over her shoulders and down her back, also not seen among Skhad?s are her Blue eyes. Kale stands slightly hunched and wears concealing hooded black robes everywhere she goes. No one actually has seen her without these robes on. Underneath the robes she wears intricate specially designed body amour.

[B]Loyalty:[/B] Kaenia
[B]Magic Type:[/B] Very powerful Elementalists specializing in Earth

[B]Personality: [/B] Kale is never afraid to speak her mind, not even to Kaenia however most of the time she just stays quiet. Its not that she?s an introvert it?s just that there aren?t many people that will actually talk to her or that are around for that matter. The only people she does converse with regularly are her fellow troops. She hardly ever gets angry or upset although watch out if she does. Kale is extremely loyal, so much so she will die defending the person whose command she is under. She is quite good at hiding what she is thinking and can easily deceive people.

From a young age she learnt to lie so well now that mostly anything she says will be believed. At times she can be quite intimidating; she is not evil but possesses her own agenda, merely obeying someone in order to further her own plans. Growing up she never came into much normal contact with people and never quite learned any good people skills, if someone is up set or angry she will just walk away or not say anything. At times when she does speak unintentionally she can come off as being sarcastic when she doesn?t mean to be.

[B]Weapons: [/B] Her body can be used as a weapon, her fangs contain venom but because of her mixed genes it only succeeds in stunning victims for a short amount of time or causing slight numbness/paralysis in the place that was bitten. She prefers to use a [URL=http://img49.imageshack.us/img49/4193/aword3tv.png]red and black double bladed sword[/URL]. In addition to this she also uses a set of daggers and her hands to summon Earth and Earth Elementals.

[B]Short History:[/B] Ever since birth Kalel has been excluded from the little things everyone takes for granted. Her Clan was a small warrior clan that occupied the outskirts. Her birth from her Human mother was a source of much great confusion for the tribe elders. A union between the two, Skhad and Human, had never been heard of among them. Their first reaction was to kill Kale on sight but her father pleaded for her safety, especially after her mother died in birth.

She was accepted into the community with a mid neglect, at an early age her father died in a battle of honor with another tribe, and so began her years as a youth fighting the village boys every five minutes because of their taunts. Due to her mixed blood Kale was a lot more attractive than some of the other Immugindon women; this made them treat her with a little contempt. Kale wasn?t attracting any of the males attention so they just left her alone.

Growing up fighting all her life she gained skills in combat very quickly, the rage he felt when she was taunted lead her to discover the strong ability to manipulate the earth. The display of this ability one day by accident made everyone in the small village fear Kale as much as they hated her. When it came time for all the young in the village to take the right of passage and go fourth into the world a competition was held within each gender. The males battled each other and so to did the women. With her previous fighting experience Kale easily bested the Immugindon females and happily left.

After this time Kale traveled to many places all over the kingdom, she quickly learnt that what she was would not be accepted so easily. Fighting followed her where ever she went, men even bet on the out come of her random battles. Kale endeavored to keep her self hidden from people but that was becoming difficult. Eventually word of the Half Cast reached the ears of Kaenia; Kale was tracked down by this woman and asked to aid in teaching others to fight.

Kale accepted the offer and as since been the commander of a special group of warriors. The woman had Kale taught by the best in the ways of battle tactics and strategies, drumming into her head ways of fighting that no other kingdom had ever seen or heard of.

All Kale waits for now is a chance to prove her knowledge in battle and take care of a few personal matters that have long been neglected.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[B][COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]occ:let me know if theres anything that needs to be fixed.[/SIZE][/COLOR][/B]
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[B]Name: [/B] Aaron Tellis
[B]Age: [/B] 28
[B]Gender:[/B] Male
[B]Race: [/B] Human:1/4Passerine

[B][U]Physical Features:[/U] [/B]
[B]Height:[/B] 5'9
[B]Weight:[/B] 120 lbs (He is lent a light frame from his Passerine remnants)
[B]Eye color:[/B] Yellow (One of his Passerine remnants)
[B]Hair Color:[/B] Silver (Another Passerine remnant)
[B]Place of Origin:[/B] Platinum Kingdom

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c384/GeneOutlaw/Final20Fantasy20720Advent20Children.jpg]Aaron.[/URL] He wears the clothing seen in the pic for the most part and doesn't care for contemporary clothes much. He has a pair of birth marks on his back where his wings would have been had he anymore passerine blood in him. Despite his size, he has light bones left over from his pesserine decendent, which means he can move quickly, but can also be much more easily hurt.

[B]Loyalty:[/B] Iris
[B]Magic Type:[/B] High level Elementalist specializing in fire.

[B]Personality:[/B] He is seemingly impassive. He carries no distinct expression beyond that of a slight scowl. Despite his rather tough exterior, he is a bit soft at heart. Of all things, he likes children and even spends his time working out of an orphanage. Even though he doesn't show any real emotion, one can udually tell how he feels simple by the temprature of the air. Being a fire specialist, the air gets colder when he's sadder and gets warmer when he's excited or mad. That's about his only give on the emotional level, otherwise he's a rock.

The only time he ever smiles is when he's in front of the children. He tries to be as pleasing and as kind hearted as he can possibly bring himself to. He claims he doesn't try to seem hard or cold, he just doesn't feel comfortable smiling all the time. He's not a depressed or even angry person, he just looks the part. He's not much the type to talk about himself. He has no problem mentioning his lineage or his childhood, he just doesn't offer it up. He'll let you know if you really want to know, but if you don't ask then don't expect him to tell you.

[B]Weapons:[/B] He weilds a [URL=http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c384/GeneOutlaw/flame20katana201.jpg][B]black katana[/B][/URL]. He uses the light weapon as a channel for his power, as well as an immediate form of attack. With his light frame he is capable of fast attacks and high jumps. Coupled with his power over fire, it's almost like he can fly, jumping at far as 200 yards away and 30 yards up. His agility is something to be feared as well.

[B]Short History:[/B] Aaron was born in the Platinum kingdom, in one of the inner city districts. It was not the most glorious place to live, and it gave nothing in dignity, but it was his home. His mother worked in the red light district, from which he was a product of business gone bad. His father was half Passerine, that's all he really knows about him. He wasn't that uncommon. In fact many of his childhood friends were born under much the same circumstances. Most not knowing there fathers either. His mother worked constantly and he lived in there small apartment, just outside the district, but only by a few blocks. Sometimes his mother even brought "work" home, to which she would give him whatever take out she had gotten for the night and send him off to his room.

When he was 12 he began his studies to become and elementalist. He trained under a local master, the two met through rather akward circumstances. He was one of his mothers at home "projects". One would think this would turn him away from seeking him out as a teacher, but that was a roll he was used to seeing men in. It was the only contact he had with any kind of father figure was through the men his mother brought home with her, which happend two or three times a week at this point.

When he turned 17, I mean the DAY he turned 17, his mother finally passed away from syphilis. She had only been sick a little while, but it didn't take long for it to take it's course. Of course following her death he had no where to go, but this too was common. A night girl dieing from an STD and leaving a kid behind was a norm in the world he lived in. He had honed his skills as an elementalist, and unlike his teacher who specialized in air, he took up his skill in fire. He was beyond his teaher and was now training himself on his own. He had been on his own for only a few weeks when found his way to a small orphanage on the other end of town.

This place quickly became his home. He was already too old to be one of it's children, so he asked if he could be a volunteer. He told them that he would care for the children and act as the body guard for the orphanage as well. The orphanage was run by a small chaple who was all to happy to have Aaron come to there aid. Even with all the time he spent there he never came to be a terribly spiritual person, much to the surprise of the nuns, who were also surprisingly understanding. To this day he lives there and hopes to continue doing so til the day he dies. But as of late he has been approached for help. People asking him to aid them in there quest against a great evil rising in the kindom to the south. Though he is a pacifist by nature, he saw the need for combat and has taken up arms to aid these new comrades in the fight against a traitorous evil.
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[SIZE=1][FONT=Lucida Sans Unicode]Well, the Adventure Square thread is open now!! Signups will be open for a few more days, ending on Friday unless you PM me with a good reason for not posting sooner. (i.e., you were grounded...I know how that feels <.<;)

[URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=53225]-linkage-[/URL] [/FONT] [/SIZE]
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Name: Allanon Zephant

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Race: Human/Fae

Physical Features: His eyes are a misty grey, almost to the point of being completely white. While in the company of humans, he always wears a gleaming, smooth black mask that completely conceals his facial features. This is because of the fact that his beauty is too great and terrible to behold, causing women to go crazy with love and longing, and men to become jealous and mad with anger and fear. He is simply too stunning for humans to gaze upon or even catch a glimpse of his face, that?s the reason why he conceals himself in the mask of warm darkness.

Height: 6?4?

Weight: 175lbs

Eye Color: Misty Gray

Hair Color: Black with a blood red sheen

Place of Origin: Angel?s Province

Appearance: 6?4?, 175 lbs; He has long black hair that sweeps down his back and appears to have a blood red sheen when struck by the glaring sun. His eyes are a misty grey, almost to the point of being completely white. While in the company of humans, he always wears a gleaming, smooth black mask that completely conceals his facial features. This is because of the fact that his beauty is too great and terrible to behold, causing women to go crazy with love and longing, and men to become jealous and mad with anger and fear. He is simply too stunning for humans to gaze upon or even catch a glimpse of his face, that?s the reason why he conceals himself in the mask of warm darkness.

His skin is a light brownish hue, pure and free of all blemishes. His body is tall, lean, and has a toned muscular body. His body is harder than steel, though his movements are as fluid as water. His fingers are long, smooth, and slender, almost feminine except for their size. He wears a tight black suit, enshrouded by a large blood red cape that cloaks his whole body. He wears a ruby amulet around his neck, almost seeming to contain a burning dragon within its depths. He has long slender legs that don?t seem to contain much power, but looks are ever so deceiving. His shoulders are only of medium spread, not too wide and not too narrow. A small golden ring graces his right hand, a single perfect diamond, and his initials engraved on the inside of the ring in a foreign white gold lettering. He wears a pair of black boots that never seem to wear out.

Loyalty: Kaenia

Personality: He appears indifferent to everything around him, creating and atmosphere that caused people to feel as if he were the only one who existed, and everyone else were nothing. It?s as if everyone else ceases to exist with his presence in the room, cold and calculating. He rarely shows any emotion, it?s as if nothing that happens is of any significance to him. He had acquired this attitude in the past years, his experiences, though little as they were, had changed something within him. The world didn?t think he mattered, so the world in turn did not matter to him.

He doesn?t do a thing unless he wants to do it, acting upon his own whim. He has never achieved a smile or true laughter, even as an infant. He is very persistent, refusing to do a thing unless he?s doing it his own way, defying society. He doesn?t care for the opinion or the affection of others, because of this, he has never had a friend, only foes. Sure girls fall for him, but he doesn?t take advantage of his looks, seeing no interest in a girl who falls head over heels for him, making others think of him as conceited. He always appears to be certain of himself, even when his soul is in turmoil, threatening to tear him to shreds from the inside out, never knowing the cause of this torture.

The near smile on his face is a challenge to society, as if to say, ?You?ll never own me and you never will?. He is also very straight forward.

Weapons: Allanon doesn?t carry any weapons with him. The only things that he carries are a small silver flute, laced with gold, and a small golden harp entwined with diamonds and strung with shimmering white strings that don?t appear to be present at times.

Abilities: His voice and music are so powerful that they produce images out of thin air, he can bring wild beasts to him with a single note from any of his instruments. Likewise, he can cause the bravest of men to flee from unspeakable terrors that are embodied by his music. He can give orders even without voicing his wishes, making others hopelessly obey his will. This musical ability also allows him to coax other beings back to life who are near the pit of death.

Allanon seldom has to fight, almost always able to find a way out of trouble. When he does fight, his is a terror beyond belief. His movements are too swift to be followed, and powerful enough to bring down the greatest of beasts with a flick of a finger. He knows every pressure point on the human body, ending most fights with a single touch to the opponent?s pressure point that makes him fall asleep like a stone. He is powerful enough to literally leap over buildings that are several stories high. When the need comes, Allanon can make anything that he touches into a deadly weapon, be it a well forged sword or a shriveling blade of grass.

He has the ability to control his cells and therefore accelerate his rate of healing to the point where his wounds heal almost as soon as he receives them. His body is also impervious to any forms of toxins, from alcohol to the deadliest poisons that exist in the world.

His eyes allow him to see people?s souls as well as their outer appearance, allowing him to tell who was truly kind and honest and also to see those that are foul inside. This ability has often saved him from many confrontations that would otherwise have ended in the death of the assailant. They also allow him to see the location of the individuals that he tries to keep track of, even if they attempt to melt into the crowd. His eyes allow him to see through false hoods, discovering traps that even the most experienced people would not have noticed.

Short History: He was born in a peasant's shack that stood all by itself in a clearing deep within the woods. His father was a giant of a man, shoulders almost as wide as he was tall and arms that seemed capable of snapping a large tree in half. His mother was the exact opposite, a frail but beautiful woman who never shouted. His father was a rogue warrior, refusing to surrender his service to any man, just because of the simple fact that he regarded everyone else as below his level.

They lived for several years in the shack, Allanon's father would bring home a large buck every evening, or some other animal that he had killed with his bare hands. His mother would cook the meat, always turning a simple meal into a feast. Allanon did nothing at this time but crawl around the small house, following his father around like a small puppy.

When Allanon turned 8 years old, his father deemed him fit to begin his training as a warrior. Every day he woke his son up just before sunrise, cooked a small breakfast of meat mixed with dried fruit, and they would head outside, careful not to wake his mother. His father would make him run laps, starting with one lap around the field of dew wet grass, Allanon's father striding easily beside him as his small legs pumped over the ground. As the months and years went by, Allanon's father increased his training, making him run farther and farther with more weight added on each time. By the age of 15, Allanon was climbing cliff sides in the canyons that cut into the mountains, loaded down with several buckets of sand. He swam against the powerful rapids, several times he nearly drowned but his father would always be there to pull him out of the water.

Allanon's actual combat training began when he turned 12 years old. Starting with hand to hand combat techniques. Within a few years, he had mastered the styles that his father had taught him, only in preparation for more difficult lessons to be learned.

His father always said, "To be able to survive by oneself in this world, you can't depend upon a powerful sword or any other weapon to save you. You must be the deadliest weapon you own. You can't depend upon a sword to be there for you, you must be the sword yourself. It isn't the sword that should be protecting you, you should be the one protecting the sword. Never depend upon something else, you can only rely upon yourself." Allanon followed this philosophy with all his heart.

Due to his vigorous training, Allanon's body had always been honed and hard as a rock. His endurance was unbelievable, he never seemed to tire out. He would spar with his father almost every day, learning to dodge by a hair and strike at the same time. His reflexes became unbelievably fast, able to grab an arrow launched from his father's powerful long bow in mid air. At the age of 18, Allanon had learned all that his father had to teach him, leaving his home with his favorite harp and flute.

He traveled for a year throughout the lands, always searching, but never knowing what he sought. He never staid in one place for too long, keeping no relations and only leaving behind himself, imprinted upon the memories of all who saw him, a black mask and the force behind it. In his travels, he ran into the person that everyone called Kaenia. She was cuddling a small puppy as he watched from the top of a hill nearby. He saw nothing evil in her as the stories said, only a great sadness that seemed to consume her soul. Allanon felt pity for her from that day on, vowing to let no harm come upon her, including that which she would inflict upon herself if she chose to annihilate a whole country.
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Name: Renz Xandria

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Physical Features: His Right eye looks like a snake eye. Upon using it He can strike Fear into anyone.

Height: 5'7

Weight: 145 lbs

Eye Color: Left Eye is Color Blue while the other is Color Crimson

Hair Color: White

Place of Origin: White Fires Empire

Appearance: He always wears a mask which covers most of his face, and he covers his right eye with a special talisman in which the Chinese character "Seal" is written on it. the talisman is connected with his blue headband. His Body is somewhat similar to a sexy lady except he has no breast and has a flat behind.

Loyalty: Iris

Personality: He is often laid back and doesn't care for everyone except to whom he cares most. He is sometimes deceitful when it comes to outwiitting his opponents and will do anything to protect the one who he cares for which at this time he doesn't have that special person

Weapons: A Short Sword Wraped with Bandages on its handle and attached to Renz' Right arm

Short History: 6 years ago, His brother Ralian cursed him with the snake eye in which has put him to a trauma for 6 months. To relief himself from the curse he wraps his eye with a powerful seal in which there is a special requirement for him to use that power, He has to give up his sight gradually everytime he uses that. If his sight has already gone and still uses that power he has to give up his life.Now he has sought vengeance to what his brother did to him.

Magic Type: Psyonicists
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