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Fighting Over Music

Box Hoy

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Okay simple topic. Is music worth getting pissed off over because you just don't like it.

I'm getting real sick of these hyprocritical alternative kids at my school who listen to their so called "emotionally charged punk music" and than turn around listen to hardcore crap, yet get pissed off because I like to listen to stuff with just a little melody in it.

Today in my first period weight lifting class, I was listening to music over the stereo because I had put my mix cd in featuring alot of classic rock and metal stuff and our coach lets us listen to music.

While listening to it I passed a guy who decided to give some crap. He was red in the face from lifting weights and he's like "Take out your cd, this music sucks."

At the moment the song was Children of Bodom's: In Your Face.

I tried brushing this off but the kid kept yelling. The previous two other guys had brought a mix with almost the same stuff. The kid didn't care for some reason. So I took this into consideration, and yelled back at him, asking him why he didn't get pissed at the two other kids from their music.

Obviously you can't deal with this kind of person. He's all of a sudden freaking out worse than ever like asking me if I want to fight. This kid was huge but shorter than I am.

So I went and turned the music off and my other friend put in his Misfits cd and somehow everybody got all happy except that now I had stares on me and the kid went around talking about me which I seriously hate.

I'll admit I'm an overly sensetive person but this seems like such a trivial thing to get this worked up over.

Thoughts? Comments? Stories?
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[FONT=Arial]I'm not so sure if this belongs here, but I could be wrong.

Anyway, I remember a similar experience happening in seventh grade. It was St. Patrick's Day, and my geography teacher, being Irish, gave us the class period off. Someone turned on a stereo to the popular music station, which was horrifying. Finally, one of my best friends took command and put it on the rock station (which is still popular, but it's not crap). The girl who wanted to listen to the crap got really angry and started calling my friend stupid names. Like, "freak," or something. I don't remember how the whole thing ended, though.

Freak! I can't remember my happier note. Oh well - but I'm surprised people got happy over Misfits. I mean, I love them, but they're sort of an acquired taste, if you know what I mean. [/FONT]
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[FONT=Georgia]Wow...okay, that guy sounds frightening. I've been made fun of for my taste, but no one'ss actually wanted to physically beat the crap out of me. I hope he gets what he deserves.

Me, I do get really passionate about my music. I write a lot of lyrics in my spare time and constantly compose songs in my head, so what I listen to is important to me. I seriously find it hard to like someone who doesn't like The Beatles, sad but true :animeblus Anyways, my obsession got me a reputation as the it girl of obscure music tastes. People would come up and quiz me on if I knew this band...attention creeps me out.

Alright, if I don't stop rambling I'll start dithering about Momus.

It seems like every time I go into a store, they play bad music. EVERYWHERE! I mean, you can't even turn on a radio without listening to crap! Even on indie rock stations they suck! And I get rabid if 'eighties pop is played...I swear, that stuff has corrupted a nation with it's mass marketed industry of cool (I watch Almost Famous too much). And I can't BELIEVE people like pop and generic rock! IT MAKES ME PUKE!:sick: They're destroying everything I love about it, turning into **** that all sounds the same! CAPITILISM HAS DESTROYED ROCK 'N' ROLL!:angry2:

Um...yeah...completely disregard that last paragraph :animeblus

Anyways, uh...looks like Belle and Sebastian are getting the recognition they deserve with their latest album, right? :wigout:[/FONT]
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[quote name='Box Hoy']Okay simple topic. Is music worth getting pissed off over because you just don't like it.[/quote]
Honestly, nothing is worth fighting over nowdays IMO. Life is to short to be fighting over pettiness.... Then again, I'm just that type of person that don't care. ^^

I don't have much of a problem with people who bash music or the music I listen to. The part where they would draw the line is bashing the people that listens to that type of music. It pisses me off when someone says "since he / she listens to rap, so they must be some type of thug" (maybe nothing like that, but you see where I'm coming from.)

Other than that, no, there's no point in fighting over it. (As well as movies, animes, games or whatever)
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[COLOR=DarkOrange]Ignorant people annoy the hell out of me. They want to keep their "image" so they think they can only listen to certain types of music, certain bands, etc, and are usually the type of people who go along with what others say just so they're not looked down upon. They're afraid of having happen to them what they do to other people.

They seriously need to get it through their thick skulls that just because they don't like (or pretend not to like) a certain style of music, that doesn't mean that it's crap.

They're also the type of people who can't spell "opinion" :rolleyes: [/COLOR]
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[size=1][color=slategray]I don't really see why it matters what people listen to. I mean, if someone puts on something you don't like, are you really going to die over it? No. Everyone has their own tastes, and some people just need to learn to deal.
Sure, if someone ASKS me my opinion about a band, etc., I'll tell them the honest truth, but if someone is listening to something they like... it doesn't bother me. As long as they aren't harassing me about it or something.

I think some people just need to get over it. Sometimes people just need to chill.[/color][/size]
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[COLOR=Purple][FONT=Verdana]Well, I suppose it was a good idea for you to turn off your music. I also must addmit, I'm not the fighting type either. I don't think anyone would get offencive over the music I listen to. But if they did, I don't think I would turn it down or off for them. Did that kid acually have more athority than you at that moment? I know people are going to get offencive, let them. It isn't exactly your fault. That kid probably just wanted a fight. [/FONT][/COLOR]
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Hah... Some people just don't get it.
Once I asked this kid who was talking about how much he liked old music and classic rock if he liked Queen, and he said "Those are those stupid opera people aren't they?"
I just looked at him, slightly amused...but more annoyed, and turned away.
Of course when some kids played We Will Rock You at a later talent show he was stomping and clapping and singing every word.
Everyone has different musical tastes, and just about anything can be considered music. So I don't bash people's music. I'll say how I don't personally care for it, but I never try to make THEM feel bad for their tastes. Music is art, and art can be anything. It all depends on how different people see it. So no, it really isn't worth fighting over. It's like saying
"You don't like coffee? Your so stupid!"
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I HATE GENRE-WHORES (also known as genre-bitches, classification-junkies, or average teenagers)

People wearing their little ICP t-cshirts and calling themselves "juggalos," then they go steal ****... most of those kids have never LISTENED to ICP. BTW, ICP is a christian rap band...

ALSO, all people who say "I'm emo" then automatically have to buy Hawthorne Heights and crap. Supposed "goth kids."

Have I gotten into 'music fights' with them? You bet. Every chance I [I]get[/I]. And it's always disheartening to know I'm right.
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