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RPG Stranded [M-VLS]


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[size=1]Alex got to his feet and stared out over the ocean. A few drops of blood splashed from the wound on his arm and spread on the sand as they made contact. He smiled, and used part of his shirt sleeve, which had all but ripped away, as a makeshift bandage to hold the blood in.

The rest of the survivors were emerging from the undergrowth gradually. As far as he could tell, there were at least twenty of them, their ages ranging from 5 years to well over 60 years. They were of all different shapes, sizes and colours, and they all clearly had different reasons for being aboard the plane in the first place.

[i]I should probably go introduce myself, [/i]he thought, and he walked slowly over to the nearest group of people. There were about seven of them here. The first that caught Alex's eye was slim, male, with dirty blond hair.

[b]"Hi," [/b]he said, [b]"I'm Alex." [/b]He extended his hand, and the man took it and shook vigorously.

[b]"Daniel. Daniel Ashgrove. But most people call me Dash," [/b]he replied, speaking quickly, as if he was panicked about something.

[b]"Nice to meet you, Dash," [/b]Alex replied, [b]"So...can you remember anything? About the accident, I mean?"

"No, I'm just about as clueless as you. I remember who I am, I remember getting on the plane, but other than that, I have no idea about anything. Sorry to disappoint."

"It's no trouble. Who are the rest of you guys?" [/b]he asked, gesturing towards the rest of the group.

[b]"My name's Mike," [/b]said another member of the small group, extending his hand. Alex shook it, and smiled.

[b]"Nice firm handshake you got there, Mike," [/b]he said, [b]"You seem like a strong guy. Can you help me grab some firewood from the jungle? It looks like it's getting dark." [/b]He was right. The sky was turning grey as they spoke, the sun falling behind the horizon, now just a fat orange blob sitting in the distance.

[b]"Sure thing," [/b]Mike replied, and the two men headed into the jungle.

[b]OOC: [/b]Alrighty, here it is. For your first posts, I want you all to get to know about each other. Take a seat on the beach and have some little discussions. The Boss, you and I have gone into the jungle to collect firewood. Have a conversation with my character while you are doing it, but by the end of your post can you have us back on the beach. Then the fun will begin.
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(OOC: Kat isn't down at the beach yet so please don't include her in your posts (that's why I'm not posting yet). She's headed down hill toward the men collecting firewood, so Blaze and The Boss can put my character in their posts.)
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[color=seagreen][I]Alex, huh?[/i] Dash thought as he watched the two men depart. He felt suddenly anxious now that he saw all these people coming together, everybody more or less wounded.

"So... Um, guys? Should we like introduce ourselves... or something, you know?" Dash asked nervously.

The others gave him a scournful look.

"This ain't no holiday trip, young man!" a tall, middle-aged african-american man said to him. "We've just crashlanded to a seemingly solitary island, so our first concern is to survive! We can chit-chat once this is all over!"

Dash blushed from getting disciplined. He felt like he was seven again. Odd... he didn't really remember anything about the time he [I]was[/I] seven. He should've as it wasn't that long ago.

"I'm sorry, I just... I'm so confused. Where are we? What do we do now! I... I just don't know!!"

Dash burst into tears again, turned his back on the others and sprinted away. He ran along the beach until he found an oddly-shaped rock formation with a small hollow. He curled up into the depression and let his tears lull himself into sleep.
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[color=darkgreen][size=1]The ocean breeze blew salty air across the faces of the two men as they journeyed from the beach and back into the thick tropical forest. Mike reached up and snatched down hanging vines to clear the path. Mike looked back into the face of the man named Alex. He seemed older than him by a few years, indicated by his mature, yet youthful appearance. He couldn?t have been any older than 24... not that Mike could remember his own age either, but it was apparent he was the younger.

[B]?So... Alex was it?? [/B]Mike asked with interest.

[B]?That?s right.? [/B]he answered in a friendly manner, which had been revealed in their meeting.

[B]?So, you got any idea how we all got to this place? I can?t remember nothin?...?[/B] he questioned with hope. The lack of memory was still burdening him.

[B]?My guess is as good as yours. I?m having the same problem... All I know for sure is that we were all on a plane to... somewhere, and we crashed. At least, that what it would seem like. Haha.?[/B] he said humourously. Alex?s calmness helped Mike trust him more. They were now into the thick of the jungle, and the light of the beach was barely visible.

[B]?Yeah... unless we got shot out the air. That would be somethin?, huh?? [/B]Mike joked back, stopping in a clear spot with several twigs and sticks scattered through out.

[B]?Tch. Yes it would.? [/B]he scoffed a laugh. [B]?Well... let?s get started.?[/B] he said, leaning over to pick up a few pieces of the fallen timber. Mike followed his example, bundling them under his left arm. Mike?s knuckles upon his right hand were still sore from his frustrated attack on the tree, but he continued ignoring it.

[B]?Hey. Do you think we?ll make it out of here soon? I mean, I would hate to live the rest of my life out in this place, y?know??.[/B] he asked Alex. Alex gave a spiritless sigh, and looked up to Mike.

He opened his mouth to speak when they were interrupted by a shout from afar. It was faint, but audible never the less. [B]?You hear that!??[/B] Alex snapped to Mike. Mike gave an alert nod, and they tucked their remaining fire wood tightly under their arms and started towards the voice.

[B]?Helloooo! Anybody out there!??[/B] Mike shouted back for an answer.

[B]?Hey! Where are you!?[/B] was the reply. It came from their right side, towards a tall hill, which seemed to lead into the mountain range on the island. The voice sounded like a young woman, an idea Mike liked particularly.

Alex shouted back,[B] ?Follow out voices! Can you hear us!??.[/B]

[B]?Yeah! I?ll be right there!? [/B]the voice came back, soon followed by the sound of rustling brush as a fit young woman stepped through the bushes and vegetation. She was clearly attractive, yet another thing Mike was glad to see. She came down hill quickly. She was sporting a white tank top, and she had a visible wound on her left arm, which she had treated with a piece of clothe. She came up to the two men and flashed a smile. She was winded, but held out her hand to greet them. She shook with Alex first, [B]?Hello. My name is Kat.?[/B]

[B]?Hello Kat. I?m Alex, and this is Mike.? [/B]he gestured towards Mike. She held her hand out and shook with him aswell, smiling. Mike gave a smile back. ?We were just gathering some fire wood. We?ve met up with a few other survivors, you should follow us back to... camp. I guess that?s what we could call it.?

She looked to Alex, nodded, and they made their way back to the beach. Night, however, was falling rapidly.

([B]OCC:[/B] Alright, take us home Blayze or Astdis.)[/center][/color][/size]
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[SIZE=1]Luther had been on the beach for a while now; quite a number of people seemed to be appearing from the jungle. Luther hadn?t spoken to anyone, nor had anyone introduced themselves to him. He felt a little out of place among everyone, or just nervous around all these new faces. He gulped and touched the scars on his arm, as if for comfort. Shaking his head and sighing he made his way back up the beach for a moment.

He bit his lip. What was he supposed to do now? Say hello to everyone? No, he didn?t really like the thought of that. There were a lot of people; some of them might have been dangerous. Or just unfriendly. Luther didn?t really know how to survive on his own, or maybe he did and he just couldn?t remember, but it was clear he had to stay with the other people, just in case. That didn?t mean he had to speak to them? did it? Or maybe if he got to know people he could actually make friends and increase his chances of survival? or reduce them if he happened to introduce himself to a complete and utter psychopath.

He made his way back down to the people, not wishing to talk to anyone, but slowly going back to what he thought would be safe. Stopping for a moment, he looked at the groups, bit his lip again, and turned back. He seemed to be walking in small circles. Was he really so nervous? What was he so afraid of? Surely he wasn?t scared of?

[B]?Hi there,?[/B] a small voice said, making Luther jump. He gulped but calmed down and noticed that a very young girl with red hair and freckles beside him.

[B]?Oh? er??[/B] Luther stuttered, trying to smile back. [B]?Hello.?[/B] He looked down at the floor and scratched his head, not really knowing what to say. He felt as if his lost for words wasn?t due to his memory but a habit he had always had.

[B]?I?m Robin. Who?re you? Do you know who these people are???[/B] asked the girl.

Luther shook his head. [B]?Well? err, no, I don?t. I?m Darren. Luther. I mean? I?m Darren Luther.?[/B] He stopped again and looked over at the other people. Surely it was safer with more people. And, surely, a small girl would be much safer around [I]real[/I] adults than the mess that Luther was. [B]?We should? um, go and talk to those??[/B] he trailed off and pointed in the direction of everyone else.

[B]?Okay,?[/B] said Robin. She started to walk, or rather skip, off over to everyone else, but soon found herself face first in the sand. Luther quickly ran over to help her up.

[B]?Are you okay??[/B] he asked.

[B]?Whoops, I must have slipped, heh.?[/B]

Luther smiled anxiously and allowed the girl to run off again, trailing closely behind.


OOC: I hope you dun mind me using your character KKC ^_^;; if you want me to change anything just ask.[/SIZE]
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She picked up iJake's body and silently walked him farther up the beach so his body wouldnt get washed away when the tide came in. She would find something to use for a shovel eventually. She didnt know the boy but she knew he deserved better than floating out to sea untill he sank for the fish. She did not beleive he deserved being burned either. Maybe in the civilized world but not here.

She placed his body beneath a tree and walked down towards the water again. She washed the blood from her hands and walked up the bach away from the water. Lots of people around and this made her nervous, She never did do well in large groups of people. Then again she feared silence and being alone. This caused her mind to ache as it tried to remember why she felt like that but it was no use. She couldnt think of a single thing.

After a while she noticed this one man run off in a panic. She kept it in her mind where he went. She wasnt sure if it was because she wanted to knwo where everyone was because she thought they were not to be trusted or perhaps it was just curiosity. She didnt know and she didnt care much.S he stared out at the ocean as the sun went down. She was in sort of a silent trance but was suddenly on her feet and back a ways. The tide had come in a ways and rached her soaking her feet. She grummbled to herself. Dry was fine but wet ment the sand would stick and cause discomfort.

Somthing came to her mind as she realized the tide was coming in. That one guy had run to some rocks and the water looked rather close. She headed in that direction. Eventually she growled and took her shoes and socks off and left them up near a tree. She walked over to the rocks. She had heard this guys name earlier and remembered it. Now all she had to do was find him.

[i]"Uh, Where could he be?"[/i] She said to herself, [i]"I should leave him alone, he ran off for a reason after all."[/i] A few moments passed, [i]"But..."[/i] She protested to herself and then shut up. She was feeling more and more uneasy but also thought if he heard her talking to herself he would surly thing she was crazy.

She found him asleep with his face red and salty like he had been crying. She frowned. [i]"Hmm. How to wake him up without giving him a heart attack..."[/i] but then she thought waking someone up would be rude, [i]"Just let him sleep."[/i]

[i]"But, what if the tide comes in?"[/i]

[i]"The water will wake him. THEN he can come back to the beach."[/i]

[i]"He kind seemed like the kind to panic. I hmmm."[/i] She fought mentally for a while and then decided to gently shake him awake.

[b][i]"Mister... Mister Dash wake up."[/i][/b]

[b]"Hnhh?"[/b] He groaned as she shook him carefully.

[b][i]"The tide is coming in sir. You should come back to the beach. I hear there will be fire wood and a fire soon. You wouldnt want to catch cold out in the dark would you?"[/i][/b]

ooc: Hope this is ok... If not pm me sandy and ill figure something out. Italics is Avian talking be it to herself or someone else. just so you know.
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Clark was still lying on his back, basking in the gentle sunlight. It had been a while now. Was anyone else alive? Or was that some fantasy he had just dreamed possible? Whatever the case was no had shown up yet so it was already looking pretty bad. This either meant the island was bigger then he thought, or that simply no one else survived. He preferred to the think it that latter. With that in mind, he got to his feet and went off in search of any kind of companionship. He hated this lonliness.

He ventured up and down the beach, still juggling the events of the day in his head. His memories were all still scrambled, he still couldn't see anything clearly. Clark was almost dragging his feet against the ground as he walked. It was then that he started to hear voices. He turned his sluggish walk to a feverish run. Could this be what he was looking for? The people he knew were here all this time? He could hear them coming from just beyond a high rock formation. He rounded about it quickly, and then he was blocked by a shadow. And with a thud fell to the ground.

He rubbed his head and looked ahead of himself. Before him was a young girl and an older looking guy with her. The girl was sitting on the ground rubbing her head in much the same way as Clark. He must have run into her in all his excitement. The girl then barked [B]"What were you doing?!"[/B]

The guy next to her lifted her back to her feet as Clark helped himself back up [B]"I'm sorry. I've been alone for a while now and when I heard voices I couldn't help but come running. I should have been paying better attention. I aplogize."[/B]

The guy remained quiet during this whole exchange, looking as if he was examining Clark. Like he didn't trust him, but that was irrelevant at the time. The girl gave a shrug and a smile [B]"Apology excepted."[/B]

OCC: Sorry this first one is so short, but I have homework that needs to be done. I promise better quality in the future.
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Kat broke through the underbrush and continued downhill. The sun was dimming in intensity, though it was still daylight. She was well away from the wreck before she heard voices.

After a moment of silence she heard more muffled voices and than a shout directly ahead of her, toward the left.

[I][B]?Helloooo! Anybody out there!??[/B][/I]

She sighed a breath of relief [B]?Hey! Where are you!? [/B]

[I][B] ?Follow our voices! Can you hear us!??.[/B][/I]

[B]?Yeah! I?ll be right there,? [/B] she fought through the branches and pulled herself from the tropical vines. Two boys around her age stood in a slight clearing holding branches of wood. One looked slightly younger, the other possibly older. She brushed her hair from her face and extended a hand [B]?Hello. My name is Kat.?[/B]

[B]?Hello Kat. I?m Alex, and this is Mike.?[/B] he gestured towards Mike. Kat smiled and shook his hand as well. Both had firm confident handshakes that she had met as best she could. [I]Always look people in the eye and shake hands firmly... Where had that come from? [/I]

[B] ?We were just gathering some fire wood. We?ve met up with a few other survivors, you should follow us back to... camp. I guess that?s what we could call it.? [/B] Alex said and Mike smiled at her.

Kat nodded [B]?Good deal.? [/B] They headed back toward wherever ?camp? was. She looked down at her hand and saw blood on her palm. [B]?Mike is it??[/B]


[B]?Your knuckles are bleeding?[/B]

he looked down and gave a half smile [B]?Yeah? I kinda? punched a tree?[/B]

[B]?And the tree hit back??[/B] she smirked

[B]?Pretty much.?[/B]

As they continued to walk, she noticed every detail of the area and the people she was with. It was then she saw it, [I]blood seeping through a roughly made bandage on Alex?s arm[/I].[B] ?Here, let me see that.?[/B] She placed a hand lightly on his arm. He flinched and looked at her but let her look it over. [B]?You?ve got to clean this and wrap it properly or it?ll get infected, could go bad.?[/B]

[B]?You know how to take care of this? I mean it?s not like we have a first aid kit.?[/B]

[B]?Yeah, it?s easy.? [/B] [I]It was. It was easy. How did she know this stuff? [/I] She hiked the book bag up higher on her shoulder and pushed through. [I]They seemed to be heading for a shore.[/I]
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[COLOR=SeaGreen]Dash had a dream - or rather a nightmare - that he was in the airplane again. Everything shook and the lights flickered. The oxygen masks dropped from the ceiling. He squeezed the armrests of his seat. As he looked around, he saw that the other passengers were all faceless. They screamed without a sound. It was creepy

[I]"Mister..."[/I] came a voice from the seat next to him. There was a young woman with light brown highlighted hair, who looked at him with concerned eyes.

[I]"Mister Dash, you gotta wake up?"[/I]

Dash tried to answer, but then he awoke.

"Hnhh?" he mumbled.

"The tide is coming in sir. You should come back to the beach. I hear there will be fire wood and a fire soon. You wouldnt want to catch cold out in the dark would you?"

Dash opened his eyes and saw the same girl in his dream staring down on him.

"Huh? Where am I? Who are you? Oh, my head..."

"That's some nasty looking wound you got there, sir. I'm Avian, by the way."


"Dash, yes I heard. It's not safe to run away all by yourself, you know?"

"Eh, you can drop that 'sir' out, I'm only twenty, okay? And I... I just needed some time alone, I'm fine now."

Avian smiled. "Then shall we go?" She offered her hand to pull him up.

Dash smiled back and took the hand. They stepped out of the niche in the rock formation. Sun was still high up and made the sea in front of them glimmer.

"It's so beautiful here", Dash sighed. Avian nodded.

Dash streched his aching neck. "Ugh, that hollow wasn't the most comfortable sleeping place. I...Huh?!"

As he turned to look at the rock formation, he saw something that he hadn't noticed before.

"What is it?" Avian asked worriedly. She turned around and saw it too.

The rock formation was shaped like a screaming face. Dash had slept in it's mouth.[/COLOR]
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[size=2][font=Verdana][font=Tahoma][b]"That is creepy"[/b] avian said quietly. It sent chills up her spine.[/font] [/font]As they were heading back she heard a sound and the next thing she knew she was on her rear in the sand. Another guy was there too. He had apparently ran into her from what dash saw.[/size]

[size=2][b]"What are you doing!?"[/b] Avian snapped not exactly trying to be mean but trying to get the point across that she didnt like being run over randomly. Dash helped her up to her feet and she dusted herself off.[/size]

[b][size=2]"I'm sorry. I've been alone for a while now and when I heard voices I couldn't help but come running. I should have been paying better attention. I aplogize."[/size][/b]

[size=2]Dash remained quiet during this whole exchange, looking as if he was examining Clark. Like he didn't trust him. Avian gave a shrug and a smile. [b]"Apology Accepted."[/b][/size]

[size=2]She thought a few seconds and then smiled again, [b]"We should really head to the main group. I expect that is where the others will return to once they bring fire wood. I will be honest with you both. I well... Never did like groups much... not to mention strangers but I would rather not freeze my toosh off tonight because of a silly little fear. You should stick around too. Im sure things will calm between a few people and we can spend the night here without any... fights..."[/b][/size]

[size=2]She trailed off and walked a ways off from the two guys ,"[i]Some man going on about how we shouldnt be chit chatting and getting to know each other and be more focused on surviving. Ok sure that makes sense but if we just focus on that then alot of us are..."[/i] She trailed off again. She was thinking about what would happen to the mind if all one did was eat sleep and wait for rescue. [i]"No... it wont do."[/i][/size]

[size=2]She whirled around and faced the guys. She nodded to herself about something nad tried to ignore the looks both of them gave her.[/size]

[b][i][size=2]"No matter... Shall we?"[/size][/i][/b]

[size=2]After a bit of walking all three had gotten towards the others who were packed together. Avian drew back a little after looking at how many people were there. Dispite the one mans outburst earlier most had seemed to find something to talk about. She couldnt imagine what they could talk about considering she figured everyone else had the same memory problem. All the same she watched as the two guys kept walking. [/size]

[size=2]She nodded and figured, untill the fire was lit, she was close enough to the large group of strangers for the time being. She turned her vison to the ocean again. This seemed... all familliar. Not this particular beach or the situation but... For some reason the ocean seemed to be something she recognised a little more than anything. She sat down in the sand higher up the beach from the high tide mark and tried to think about it.[/size]

[size=2][i]"What are we going to do now... For food... For water... What about shelter. What if a storm comes."[/i] Suddenly she felt a little afraid. She sighed at herself. She was surprised it took her this long to worry about these things.[/size]

[size=2]ooc: did i ...do this right...melt the two posts together... the... scary rock one and the running into me one? If not pm me and ill try t ochange something.[/size]
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[size=1]Alex. Mike and the newcomer, Kat, pushed through the thick jungle, bundles of firewood weighing them down significantly, so their progress was perhaps slower than before. On top of this, it was getting steadily darker, the sun was now almost fully set, and darkness was beginning to creep forward.

Finally, the three of them broke through onto the beach, and Alex took a long, deep breath of cool salty air, rather than the stiflingly hot stuff back in the jungle.

The tide was coming in. Slowly but surely, more and more of the sand was becoming submerged, and the ocean crept up the beach steadily.

[b]"Ok, the tide's coming in. We need to make at least three fires. One won't be enough for everyone here. Space them out along the beach, but don't use too much firewood for each of them! We need to keep them going all night."

[/b]Everyone got to work. They made bundles of firewood, and shoved bunches of dry grass between the sticks. Then, one of the other survivors, a lanky, dark-haired man, made an excellent point.

[b]"How are we gonna light them? We don't have any matches!" [/b]he shouted to Alex. He stopped, and slapped himself on the forehead. How could he have been so stupid?

[b]"Does anyone have any matches? Anything? A lighter?" [/b]Alex shouted down the beach. A few people pulled out boxes of matches, but they have been affected by the humidity, and they were damp.

Alex fumbled around in his pockets, and finally found what he needed. A lighter. So, he must have been a smoker before they crashed.

He thrust the small Zippo into the heart of the firewood and sparked it, a lick of flame jumping out and setting the dry grass alight. It burned quickly so he held it against one of the smaller twigs, hoping for it to catch, which it did.

Soon enough, they had a roaring fire, and people gathering around the other piles took flaming branches to light their own fires.

[b]"We need to keep these fires going as long as we can! We may be here a long time, and we only have one lighter, so we need to economise!" [/b]shouted Alex, before sitting at the fire, with Mike, Kat and a few others, including Dash, the man he had spoken to before. With him were a girl called Avian, and another man named Clark, neither of whom Alex had seen before.

They spoke for a little while, until conversation grew dry, at which point Alex said, to this group only:

[b]"I guess we should get some sleep. We need to scout out the rest of the island and find some food tomorrow, so we could be in for a busy day. Plus, I have no idea what time it is." [/b]He smiled, and lay down on the soft sand, building a small mound to rest his head on, and he fell, almost immediately, into a deep sleep...


[i]No...don't do it...

[b]"I'm afraid...many different...possibly lethal..." [/b]said a voice that was both familiar and unfamiliar, it's speech disjointed, as if it were playing on a radio with bad reception.

[b]"What can we do...?" [/b]said another voice, this one more familiar. A relative, someone he knew?

[b]"There is...revolutionary treatment...could...dangerous...fatalities..."



[/b]A needle, the size of his forearm, plunged into his neck...

[/i]Alex woke up, his face and neck covered in cold sweat.

[b]"Bad dream?"


[b]OOC: [/b]The speaker can be anyone out of the group I mentioned earlier (Mike, Kat, Dash, Avian or Clark). Have a conversation with Alex about his dream. The rest of you have some dialogue going on, then go to sleep. In the morning the action [i]really[/i] begins...
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[COLOR=SeaGreen]As they were hudled up together around the fire, Dash asked Avian about the head-shaped rock formation.

"What could it be? Who could've done that?" he asked nervously.

"I don't know, but I think it means this island has been populated before", Avian replied.

"For all we now", the man named Clark interrupted. "we might not be here alone. For all we now, we could be surrounded by savage cannibals right this moment."

"Stop that!" Dash exclaimed, making Clark laugh out loud.

"Don't take it seriously, dude. Let's go check out the surroundings tomorrow morning and we'll maybe get more answers. What do you say?"

"I'm worried we'll only find more questions..." Avian sighed. Dash bit his lower lip and shuddered.[/COLOR]
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Avian watched the fire flicker, for some reason she did not feel tired at all and staring at the fire seemed to calm her and make her not feel so uneasy around all these stranger men. Sure there was another girl in the group but she looked preoccupied with thought and some what sleepy. Either way Avian was feeling a bit more comfortable around them. She had figured one large fire and one large group of people was what was goingto happen and was releived when the men and the girl [color=black]she learned to be called Kat had made three smaller fires. Less stress.[/color]

[color=black][b]"What could it be? Who could've done that?"[/b] Dash asked nervously.

[b]"I don't know, but I think it means this island has been populated before"[/b], Avian replied.

[b]"For all we know"[/b] , the man named Clark interrupted. [b]"we might not be here alone. For all we now, we could be surrounded by savage cannibals right this moment."[/b]

[b]"Stop that!"[/b] Dash exclaimed, making Clark laugh out loud.

[b]"Don't take it seriously, dude. Let's go check out the surroundings tomorrow morning and we'll maybe get more answers. What do you say?"[/b]

[b]"I'm worried we'll only find more questions..."[/b] Avian sighed. Dash bit his lower lip and shuddered.[/color]

Avian also thought to herself that there were some odd things in the world, natures little signs. She for some reason remembered a flash of something. A cloud in the shape of a hand. Not like a photo but she saw it... she thought she did anyways. It wasnt fake but... just a strange thing.

She then noticed Alex the man who had already fallen asleep was making strange movements and noises in his sleep. Suddenly he woke up he was covered in sweat.

Avian smiled slightly with a slight look of concern, [b]"Bad Dream?"[/b]

He sighed and nodded, [b]"Yes."[/b]

[b]"What about?"[/b]

[b]"Scrammbled voices... Familliar voices. Some needle? Pain I guess. Then I woke up..."[/b] He said as he caught his breath.

Avian frowned, it all sounded wierd ot her, [b]"Perhaps faint memories? Maybe we all will have dreams like that. I mean untill we remember eveything."[/b]

[b]"Perhaps..."[/b] He said, [b]"I would just hope my next one wont be so...."[/b] He trailed off and kind of shivered. Avian wasnt sure if it was because of a chilly breeze that blew off the ocean or remembering the details of the dream. She decided to leave the conversation at that and she once again looked out over the fire at the ocean.

The water was some what calm and the surface sparkled as the sun left and stars sprang out. Even the moon was bright. It all made Avian some what forget she was extreamly hungry. She did finally get sleepy though. Perhaps it was the fire, she thought.
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=2][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Jane picked a little at her knee, the bloody substance starting to clot and then reopening when she picked at certain areas. It stung a little but she needed some way to concentrate on thinking. She was sitting a little closer to the fire than the others, some thing about the warmth of the flames seem to comfort and calm her but at the same time excite her."God, all these people..someone is bound to find us." "yeah, I hear you man its only a matter of time maybe even by morning." Those morbid feelings started kicking in, a nagging at the back of her head to give her input as if it was her right given by God to criticize Their conversations."I doubt it," her voice was sour.

"I mean, wouldn't they have known about the plane crash by now isn't there some kind of raydar for this type of thing?" She continued picking at her knee. She felt she was right. I mean it was idelistic to think that they would be saved so quickly. Jane stopped picking at her knee watching the steady flow of blood run down it for a second and looking at the fire.

"Were all sitting here doing nothing...A plane just crashed and were sitting here laughing and joking around and all that bull." She rolled her eyes and then focused on the fire again watching the flames go back and forth. Few in the large group heard her, those that did frowned and stared at her.

The way she was leaned over, the frown she had on her face, Even her eyes just showed a clear picture of her negative outlook on life, they only got a glimpse of what a kill joy the girl could be. At that point she moved to one of the other fires that had been started.

It didn't take long for her to respond to positive thinking about being rescued again "well you don't have to be so negative about it?" "who's being negative? I'm just telling the truth? was I talking to you?" "were all in the same boat your in...eh.eh...who are you?" "Jane Baise" "Darren Luther" "Pleasure," She moved away from the group a bit and laid down slowly starting to fall asleep, it wasn't that she was tired physically. She was tired of dealing with people.

(OCC: x_x I really hope this is okay...if not please pm me and I'll edit it)[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[size=1][color=darkgreen]Robin skipped over to the large group as Darren, who she considered her new friend, followed her. She waltzed into the circle of people and puffed out her chest with her hands on her hips, trying to act like a mature adult, after all, it was her birthday! Only when she took the time to glance around did she realized Darren was standing a good ten feet away from everyone else. She raced across the sand until coming to a halt in front of him.

"Hey, Luthey... Uh, why are you way over here?" She asked, giving him a new nick name that she would probably call him for a long time.

"Eh..." He scratched his head nervously, "I?d rather observe from a distance." He said, managing a grin.

"Don't be silly," Robin giggled and wrapped both of her small hands around his wrist and started pulling him towards the group, "There not ganna bite!" She laughed again, as Luthey sluggishly followed her into the circle of survivors.

Robin properly introduced him as Darren Luther, not wanting to embarrass him anymore. The others simply nodded their heads or responded by telling their own name. Robin soon became bored as the "oldies" started arguing and complaining on what to do. One guy even ran off looking very upset when another man had yelled at him. She soon traveled away from the group and down to the shore where she started to dig a hole in the sand with her hands.

"What are you trying to do there?" Luthey's voice suddenly came from behind her. Robin spun her head around and gave him a big smile.

"Hey, you shouldn't sneak up on people like that!" She scolded and continued her digging, "I don't know why, but I really like digging into the sand. As soon as you remove some, more trickles down into the hole. It's like a never ending battle." Minuets passed as the two stood in silence, Robin dug her hole while Luther simply watched.

"So..." He began, breaking the ice, "Where are your parents?"

Robin once again tried to remember anything else about the crash, but the faces of the people she remembered were blurred and she couldn't figure them out, "I don't remember." She admitted, hanging her head low, "Not their names, age, looks, anything." It was then that she actually realized that she was all by herself. She didn't have a mommy or daddy to take care of her. Robin pushed bake frightful tears and started to suddenly feel cold as the sun began to sink into the ocean.

"Don't worry." Luther whispered, placing his hand on her shoulder, "I'm sure we'll find them."

The others soon returned with fire wood and soon had a blazing fire going. As people started to make their own fires and stretch out across the beach, Robin stayed near the first fire as well as Luther and a couple of others. She curled up into a ball and eventually drifted off into sleep as she watched the crackling flames of the fire. [/size][/color]
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The group was still goin on with the converstaion on what to do. Clark put in [B]"Well first of all, we need fresh water or were not gonna live more then a few days. There's a stream not to far from here. We should leave in the morning and take whatever we can to collect some water."[/B]

The one named Avian nodded [B]"That sounds good. Then after that we need to move into the jugle and see if we can't find some kind of civilization. Even it's just some run down building."[/B]

With that said Clark got to his feet [B]"Well, I think that's all we can really do today. I'm gonna go find myself a soft spot on the beach and go to bed. It's been a long day and tomorrow is gonna be even longer."[/B]

He turned away and gave a light wave over his shoulder as he walked away from the group. To think he had already started to place trust in people he had just met. For all he knew one or more of them may have been involved in the plane crashing. Despite what they said there was no way to be certain, but also knew he couldn't possibly survive alone on this island. If it wasn't the elements or some animal or an injury or those "cannibals", then he would probably go insane from the solitude.

There was something about this group that he had found that just seemed off. He couldn't quite put his finger on it, but it felt kinda like de javu. It was weird, maybe he lived near a beach back home. He still had a hard time even remebering where that was. He didn't know where the plane was taking him, and now the remains werer scatterd about insde the forest. Nothing about this whole thing boded well for them. It was like someone wanted them dead.

This was all to much thinking for the hell of a day it had just been. Clark cleared his mind and began to dig a shallow hole in the ground. He dug a roughly five foot long and one foot deep hole. He then laid himself down in the hole and pulled all the surrounding, left over sand on top of his body. He pulled a large clot near his head and set himself down for the night. Tomorrow was going to be a big day, one that hopefully offerd some answers to there questions, but there were no guarantees.
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[B]"Strike! Strike! Faster! Strike!"[/B]

A flurry of punches flew out into a red hanging bag, a kick of blinding speed, bending the thick sack in half.

[B]"Faster! Stronger! More Power!"[/B]

A flurry of even faster punches whirled into the bag, causing lasting indentations. A fast knee to the middle, then followed by an elbow, all at inhuman speed.

[B]"Faster Michael! Your Better Than This!"[/B]

A growl of determination, a cry of anger and power, and a fist shot out with power and quickness. Then Mike woke up.[/I]

Mike... or Michael, looked down to his injured hand. It was nearly burried in the beach sand. [B]"F***![/B] he mumbled as he pulled the dirty, newly opened wound from the sand. He viewed the injury momentarily, and wiped it on his trousers yet again. He then looked around him, it was early morning. He must have been the only one awake. Michael looked up to the sky to see the still visible moon. It couldn't have been any later than 8:00 am.

Mike raised up and strolled over to the fire place created the previous day. All that remained was ashes and glowing ambers. He then rushed over to the jungle's outer rim to gather some green plant leaves and grass. He returned and threw them on the hot ambers, and the started a small fire. He then turned to the remaining lumber and tossed the sticks on the new flame. It soon caught, and Michael rested for a moment. He looked up to see the rest of his camp mates slumbering on the beach sand. He noticed the tide coming very close to their sleeping bodies and smiled. At this, his stomache growled and he realized his own hunger. They would have to gather some food. He decided to wait until Alex and that Dash fellow woke up. He would get them to help him... and so, he waited, amused as the tide came to them slowly.[/color][color=black]

[B]OOC:[/B] Sorry if this post seems short. Okay, so... any body can wake up first, but either Dash or Alex, you guys can come and speak to Mike about hunting for food.[/color][/size]
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[color=seagreen]Dash slept poorly. He kept waking up every once in a while, he tossed and turned in the sand, and when he fell asleep, the nightmares began.

The dream was the same he had seen when he had taken a nap in the mouth of the rock head: faceless people in the plane, screaming silently. Only now there were some identified persons mixed up: Alex, Clark, Mike, and Avian who sat next to him. People who were stranded here with him.

Finally the sun began to rise. Dash rubbed his reddened eyes and saw the musclebound guy, Mike, standing away from the others, gazing into the endless ocean.

Dash got up and walked to him.

"What's up?" he said cheerily.

"Oh, you're awake already", Mike replied. "Good. I was wondering if you could come and gather some breakfast with me."

"Sure! You know, I'm pretty good at climbing into trees. I even woke up in one after we had crashed, heh!"

Mike gave him a smile, but the smile was the sort you give to a silly pet. Dash didn't mind, he was happy now.[/color]
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[size=1]Alex stirred out of his disturbed, broken sleep, and sat up, rubbing his eyes. He was reasonably refreshed, as much as you could be with very little sleep under your belt, and he got up to see Dash and Mike talking about trying to find some food.

[b]"I'm pretty good at climbing into trees. I even woke up in one after we had crashed, heh!" [/b]Dash said, and Mike gave him a slightly bemused grin. Alex moved over to them, the cold of dawn biting through his bare skin. He rubbed his arms to warm them up, and greeted Mike and Dash.

[b]"Morning," [/b]he said, and was replied with similar answers, [b]"What's the plan for this morning, then?"

"Well, we were thinking of trying to find some food. I heard some other people talking about trying to find water, so if we can leave that to them, we can try and find anything to eat around here," [/b]replied Mike.

[b]"And there was some more talk of trying to find any kind of civilisation. I mean, we can't live here on the beach forever, can we?" [/b]added Dash, and Alex agreed.

[b]"Do we need anyone else with us?" [/b]asked Alex, [b]"Or will three do?"

"I think we can handle it alone. Come on, there's searching to be done!" [/b]said Mike, bounding into the undergrowth. Alex and Dash smiled at each other and leapt in after him. He was fast, that was for sure, and he could handle himself well for a big-built guy.

[b]"Stop!" [/b]shouted Dash, and Alex whirled around to see what had happened. He was stood staring up at a tall palm tree, where, just below the crest of large leaves, there was a bundle of coconuts.

[b]"Coconuts! We can use them for eating and holding water!" [/b]exclaimed Dash, [b]"If one of us can get up there, we can get enough to last us a few weeks!"

"Well, you're the one who said he's pretty good at climbing trees," [/b]said Mike, walking back towards the other two, [b]"Why don't you go fetch?"

"Alright, I will," [/b]said Dash, spitting on both palms and rubbing them together. He leapt onto the trunk of the tree and began to shimmy himself upwards, higher and higher, towards the coconuts. He got up there quickly. Alex was impressed.

[b]"Alright," [/b]shouted Dash, [b]"Look out below!"

[/b]He dropped one of the coconuts down, and Alex and Mike both stepped out of the way, avoiding the coconuts as they fell, one by one, and picking them up as they rolled to a stop.

Soon enough, they both had armfuls of coconuts, and Dash was sliding back down the tree trunk.

[b]"We made a pretty good haul," [/b]he said, [b]"I say we take these back to the beach and then carry on going."

"Agreed," [/b]said Alex, and the three men began back to the beach, their arms full of coconuts.

But, suddenly, a horrific sight fell upon them. A body, simply hanging from a tree, speared to the trunk by his neck, a long wooden spike holding him three feet above the ground.

But that wasn't the worst part. The worst part was, Alex recognised him. It was that long-haired guy who had pointed out they didn't have the means to light the fire. And now he was stuck to the tree, dried blood caking his shirt, a blank expression on his face.

[b]"Holy shit..." [/b]said Mike, and Dash ducked behind a tree and retched. Alex was stood stock still, his eyes glued to the horrible sight in front of him, the coconuts lying on the floor, forgotten.

[b]"What the hell is going on here?" [/b]asked Dash, emerging from behind the tree, wiping his mouth, [b]"Who did this to him?"

"I don't know. But we need to find out," [/b]said Alex, simply and coldly. Whoever did this was not going to get away with it...
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[I]?Leave me alone Cairo.?

?Where are you going??

?You know I can?t tell you that.?

She walked out. Cobble stone street, backpack over her shoulder, her cell phone was ringing, water, water was on the street covering her feet?[/I]

Kat opened her eyes and braced herself up on her good arm looking at the tide that was washing in over her feet. The sun was warm and calming. [I]If she hadn?t known far better, this could have been an ideal vacation on the beach. [/I] She stood and collected all the wood. Moving it far away from the incoming water, she then went and woke up the others so they could move. Kat looked for Alex and Mike and saw footprints in the sand.[I] She should tell them there?s a waterfall of fresh water back up that hill. She knew she could find her way back.[/I]

She followed the tracks until she caught up with them
[B]?Hey boys, there?s a fresh water spring just up?? [/B] then she saw it. The man from camp on a spike.
[B]"What the bloody hell happened here?"[/B]

OOC: btw, Kat is British so she has an accent
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[b][size=1]"What the bloody hell happened here?" [/size][/b][size=1]asked Kat, her eyes widening slightly at the sight of this body.

[b]"That's what I want to know," [/b]said Alex, his eyes cold and almost emotionless, [b]"I want to know who did this, and I want to know now."

"Trying to find the person who did this isn't going to be a good use of our time, Alex," [/b]said Mike, [b]"We're better off taking this body down and finding somewhere to bury it. We need to find more food and shelter as it is. So we get a couple more people to carry the coconuts, Kat you can help with that as well, and we take the body down. Someone should stay here with the body, keep it cool so it doesn't start rotting, and then if the rest of you find somewhere sheltered, then someone comes back and helps take the body there. Does that sound sensible to you?"

[/b]Alex nodded, rubbing his temples with his palms. He felt something he wasn't quite sure of, but it wasn't good.

[b]"Are you alright, Alex?" [/b]asked Dash, [b]"You look a little peaky."

"It's just...I feel like I've seen this before, somewhere. It seems all too familiar..." [/b]replied Alex, sitting down on the floor, [b]"I'll stay with the body. You try and find somewhere to stay. Just leave a couple of coconuts, I'll keep the body cool."

"Are you sure?" [/b]asked Mike, and Alex nodded.

[b]"I'm sure. I can manage, you go and find water and shelter."

"That was what I was coming here to say. When I was trying to make my way to the beach, I found something that might interest you," [/b]said Kat, [b]"There's a waterfall not far from here. Fresh water, running all the time. It's a place to get drinking water, it's a place to wash, it's perfect. And I think I remember seeing a cave underneath. If we can get in, I think we can make a shelter there."

"Excellent," [/b]said Alex, [b]"So, Kat, you take Mike and Dash to this cave, and I'll stay here. Once you've found it, find out whether it's safe enough for us to stay, and then come back here. Then we can both go and set up, bury the body, and then we can get the rest of them together."

"Sure thing," [/b]said Kat, and she hurried off into the jungle, with Mike and Dash tailing her.

Alex turned to the body, and grabbed it around the waist, hoisting it off the tree, pulling the sharpened wood out of the neck. He placed the body carefully on the floor, and then dragged it into some bushes, where it could stay cool.

Because Alex had no intention of staying with the body. He knew that the killer had to be around here somewhere, and he was damned if he was going to let thm get away. He plunged into the undergrowth, in what was hopefully the direction of the beach.


After around fifteen minutes searching, Alex discovered that this was clearly not the way to the beach. It was in almost completely the opposite direction. He swore to himself, and sat down on a fallen tree stump. Where was the beach? And, if he couldn't find that, where had he left the body?

He was dirty, tired, sweaty and dehydrated. He hadn't had anything to eat or drink since he had arrived on the island, and he was getting extremely hungry. He wished he had brought one of the coconuts with him.

[i]Well, [/i]he thought, [i]No point sitting around here. I might as well try and get back to the body. I'll find the killer eventually.

[/i]He got to his feet and began to walk back in the direction he had come from. But it was clearly not the way he had come from, because he soon reached a clearing that he had not passed on the way through here last time.

He pushed his way through the tangle of creepers and vines, and emerged into a brightly-lit clearing, completely devoid of plant growth. But there was something occupying this clearing.

[b]"Oh my God..."[/b]
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[SIZE=1]Luther was lay half sleeping and half awake. He could hear voices of people from the crash, he didn't know what they were saying, though. He just lay with his eyes half closed, looking up at the sky, puzzled by an image in his head. Or rather, a set of images and events, mixed up. He couldn't put them together.

[I][B]"D'you think you can steal and get away with it, eh?"[/B] a voice said.

Luther shook his head and opened his mouth to speak, only to be silenced by a punch to his jaw. He would have fallen on the hard ground, however a stronger boy was holding him up. Luther clenched his jaw and closed his eyes. He braced himself for another impact, which came quite soon. This time he was hit on top of his head.

[B]"I didn't steal anything!"[/B] Luther told them, whoever they were. His voice was high pitched, or more than usual. How old was he...?[/I]

His eyes opened a bit more... another event in his mind. He didn't know what it meant, or if he was just making things up. To him it seemed pretty real, maybe a memory he had forgotten. Wasn't a dream, for sure. He was still awake. It [I]had[/I] to have been a memory that was lost thanks to the crash. Luther didn't know himself, a distubring thought he had to admit, but he knew he wouldn't steal anything. Who were the other people? Luther would never steal.

[I]After punching there came the next best thing: kicking. Luther was thrown onto the hard floor, his face smashed against the concrete and then his guts felt as if they would come out of his mouth any second as two people kicking him in the chest, stomach and ribs. Sometimes even his face. Luther had his hands over his face to try and protect himself. It wasn't doing much good.

[B]"Don't deny it,"[/B] the same voice from before said. [B]"You're a lying scum, you're worthless. Everyone'll be glad if we killed you here and now. You're weak.[/B]

They kicked him again.

[b]"Should we take his money now?"[/B] a new voice asked.

[B]"Nah, let him suffer some more.[/B]

Another kick in the face.[/I]

This time Luther jumped up, wide awake. He was breathing heavily again. Was it a dream or a memory? Well, whatever it was, he finally figured out who the people were. Not their names, just that they were... bullies. That was the best thing Luther could make from it all. They seemed like mean people, a bully was mean, and anyone else probably would've killed him. The whole experience was quite disturbing anyway, Luther wished to forget it.

He stood up and rubbed his eyes. He searched the beach for the girl he had found before, Robin. He found her sleeping and wondered. Should he wake her? No, he didn't want to in his jumpy condition. He needed some time to himself. He needed to go for a walk, calm down, forget things. He wanted to find out exactly who he was but now he was unsure.

There were footprints leading into the jungle, Luther figured he would follow them. He didn't favour the fact of meeting and talking to more people, though it would serve as a good walk looking for them. At least it would waste some time, and he didn't want to be gone for long. He wanted to make sure he was back before Robin woke up.

Setting off at a fast walk, he headed towards the jungle following the footprints in the sand.[/SIZE]
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She awoke quietly and looked around. People were already up and some were missing. She figured they got a head start on food and water. With a large yawn and a nice stretch she was on her way into the jungle.

She made her way through a path that some other people had made. Eventually she made it to an eara with several coconuts on the ground. She began picking them up, "If the guys missed these Im really dissapointed. After all these can be considered food or liquid of some sort." She said to herself as she kicked on. She walked over to pick it up when she saw something.

"Good lord!" She said leaping backwards into a tree. She turned to look at the tree and it had a hole in it and blood dried to its trunk. "Thats way uncool. Whats going on. I think i saw this guy ... earlier. Goodness he was alive just last night!"

She decided to gather what she had drapped and take it back to the beach. She placed them somewhere safe and headed back into the jungle. She felt very strange. She knew he was alive last night so someone must have killed him while everyone was asleep.

"Wait a minute... Why am I out here alone!?" She shrieked suddenly. She looked around and turned in the direction she thought the beach was. "I shouldnt be out here alone..." She ran.

She realized she was going the wrong way when she came onto a large chunk of metal deep within the sand. It felt warm still thought. "A chunk of the plane?" She thought. "Perhaps I can... Find some usefull things here."

She got to searching. She found a few not so fortunate passangers. one crushed by the chunk of plane and a few other that were pretty much mangled from the fall and the landing. She tried to ignore it as she ruffled through the things. She pulled a seat off what seemed to be a metal box and she smiled widely.

Several minutes later she had marked a trail to the beach (which took some searching to find again) and then drug the large metal box out to the beach. She hauled it towards the camp. She pushed it over onto its side. Someone, a man, approched her.

"What is that?"

She smiled, "I found a chunk of the wreckage. In it I found this! The drink cart!" She yanked it open to reveal several cans of soda, some alcoholic beverages and several bottles of water. It was cold inside and they were submerged in what must have been the ice that had melted overnight.

"I Figured this would settle peoples thirst untill the guys find fresh water."

"Nice" The man said with a smile. He was quickly grabbed a thing that was neither soda or water. Avian thought about stopping him but... It was obvious he was over 21 so why should she care.

She took a water bottle and sipped at it. She wanted it to last. She got up and decided to take an arm full and pass them out to others. After all they must have been as thirsty as she was.

"Ugh" She said as the picture of the dead mans body re-entered her mind, "I best not be telling anyone of that..." She whispered. She know people woud freak out. She did after all. She just hoped she could keep it quiet long enought to talk to one of the guys about it. "Alex, or clark might know what to do..."
ooc: since she was left beind lol...she helped in her own way.
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Clark woke up and pushed his way out of the sand and got to his feet. He looked around and saw that he was still alone. The others must have gone somewhere else for the night. Clark walked back off to where the fire from the night before was burning. The fire had long since gone out, but he could hear the others going about there business. So Clark sought them out so he could find out the game plan. It was then that Clark heard a loud shriek. It sounded like a young girl [B]"Avian"[/B]

CLark started running into the forest and several minutes later came across what seemed to be piles of wreckage. It must have been from the plane. He could already smell the less fortunate passengers in there somewhere. He called out to her [B]"Avian! Are you out here!"[/B]

The girl came out from behind a tree and waved to Clark [B]"Over hear. I just found something interesting"[/B]

With that said Clark ran over to her. She showed him the drink cart, to which Clark helped himself to a beer. She then told him about the strange man who had seemed to do the same. Clark thought about it for a minute and realized that it was strange for a grown man to leave a young girl alone in the forest like that [B]"Guess he doesn't like kids."[/B]

Avian got huffy at that comment. She obviously didn't like being called a kid. Clark was one to talk, he had hardly grown up since he was 14, so he was in no place to critisize her.Clark apologized to her and then asked her for a description of the guy she saw.
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[color=darkgreen][size=1]Mike and Dash followed Kat through the thick of the jungle. [B]?It?s right up here, we?ll be there soon.?[/B] she said hopefully as the sound of splashing water became audible. The three of them began hurrying through the vegetation, each of them carefully dodging the vines and bushes. Suddenly, Kat halted the three of them as they gazed upon the beautiful waterfall spilling over a tall stone wall. The sun was shining off the water and the site was truly something to behold. Behind the elegant waterfall was a large, hollowed out cave. The three of them looked at each other and smiled with optimism. Dash looked forward with a grin and ran to the large spring of water and leapt into it with a loud shout, fully clothed. Mike smiled, but Kat hollered at him.

[B]"We don't have time for this. We need to check the cave out and go find Alex. We have time for this later."[/B]

[B]?So, this is it? Very nice...?[/B] Mike said to Kat, patting her on the shoulder, easing her tention towards Dash. He then began advancing towards the cave behind the water fall. He walked around the spring created by the water fall. Which was nearly 30 feet in diameter. He edged behind the waterfall and entered the cave as Kat followed. They stepped in and looked into the darkness of the yawning cavern. [B]?It?s way too dark. We should go find Alex and bring him here. Then we can get some fire and explore this place a little.?[/B] Mike told Kat, who nodded in compliance.

[B]?That sounds like the best idea. We can bring some of the others with us too.?[/B] Kat answered back. They two then stepped back out from the water fall. [B]"Dash, lets go."[/B]

Dash nodded with incite and crawled out of the water, soaking wet. The three then made their way out. As they stepped out, the three of them were alerted by a loud scream from afar. It sounded like Alex. He was calling to them.. The three once again traded glances, and rushed into the thick woodlands once again, following Alex?s voice.[/color]

[B]OOC: [/B] I hope this is alright. We've found the cave. Lets go check out Alex. Blayze or whom ever wishes can take us there. I want to see what all the ruckus is about. I've left room for something to be lurking within the cave, but I don't want to mess anything up. Maybe we find something in it.[/color][/size]
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