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Sign Up The Mixed Experiment III: The New Era [M-VLS]


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[FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium][CENTER][B][U]The Mixed Experiment III[/U][/B][/CENTER]

[COLOR=Red] *You did NOT have to had to be in I and II to join this one. [/COLOR]

They didn?t know how they came back. All they could remember was the elves from the past have came out from hiding and began their attacks on them. They could remember their deaths and still felt the cold of the elven blades piercing their skin. The people, dwarves, and demons thought it was all over for their planet, yet they came back like it was a horrible nightmare. The Fujin Kingdom was still wrecked as people?s houses barely stood.

They were back, yet even though their world was a mess, something stood in the middle of the Fujin Kingdom, shining brightly. There stood seven statues. ON the far right side stood two Harmonizers that use to attack them violently, yet those two fought on their side at the time of need. Two rocks below them both had the names, ?Amer? and ?Sarin?.

Another demon stood by them, staring off into the sky. A demon born to fly with the clouds had helped the Fujin people fight against the elves. An exile by her people, though a friend to the humans. The rock below said, ?Grace?. Close to her stood the last demon. His fiery hair was a perfect match for his attitude and his fighting spirit. The prince of the Kappas, the Water demons was a close friend to the King?s. He fought for the safety of people, even though he didn?t care at all for them at the beginning. You can talk to anyone and they would say he has gotten nicer.....just alittle. The mighty demon, ?Emilio?.

On the left stood a soldier, holding an ancient sword. His face was cold and was tensed, like he was expecting an attack. A Fujin captain that killed thousands in the first war and came out of nowhere to fight in the last one. No one knows him much, expect his friends. The great warrior, ?Achilles?. There, next to him was another demon with giant black wings. Her beauty hid her battling spirit of a demon. One that cared much of her friends and was very close to the King. They called her, Chrys.

Right in the middle of the group stood the king of Fujin. A man that everyone knew across the world. With his father sword tightly gripped in the stone hand, the king stared straight on. He kept fighting even through his mother?s death. He wanted peace, yet his prayers were never answered. The Lone King, Gale.

Fujin?s greatest warriors stood as the sun shined on their statues. People assumed it was their graves and grieved over their ?graves?. Soon, the people started to rebuild their world as the people soon forgot what had happened. Years past as flying machines where made called airships. Many more kingdoms were made around the Fujin world. With airships, they could finally fly around the other side of the world and build more. Evolution was beginning.

Yet, The world is always in danger. The world is blooming enemies from the other side of the world to take on the Fujin Empire and dominant the world. Yet, not even the strongest kingdom can compare to the new threat that awaits the planet. It will not be Kappa demons or magical elves. They will have to face evil that is not of this world....or Time. A new group will have to ban together to face this evil.

[B][I]Will you be there?[/I][/B]

This is the 3rd installment of the Mixed Experiment series. Like the warning above, you can join even if you didn?t join I or II. This one gave me alittle bit of thought for awhile. 3 months. The Fujin kingdom has grown all over the place and even across the other side of the world. Yet, people broke away and created their own empires, smaller then Fujin of course. All of the small kingdom?s goal is to take over Fujin and rule of the planet. Big issue. Though, they are just ants compared to the evil that Fujin is about to befall. I?m not going to say who they are, but you had to play the 2nd one to know. Scratch that, no one would know. The story will start off on the other side of the world from the main capital of Fujin called, Raymonia. A Fujin port city that is being under attacked by small kingdoms. The group of mercenaries or (us) will arrive on a boat and fight back. I hope this will be a success and maybe even better then the other 2.

[B]Sign Up:[/B]

[B]Name: [/B] Any type is fine
[B]Gender:[/B] Simple.
[B]Age:[/B] not too young and not too old. Around 20, unless you?re a demon.
[B]Race:[/B] Humans, demons, or elves. Be creative if you pick a demon.
[B]Position: [/B] either a Mercenary or a Soldier of Fujin.
[B]Personality:[/B] this is how people will judge your character, so write this well.
[B]Appearance:[/B] Picture or written description, both would be great.
[B]Weapon: [/B] Anything works. Broadsword, shuriken, handguns, shotgun, whatever. Just not an ultra powerful stuff that can kill thousands of people in one sweep. Make it real here.
[B]Abilities/magic:[/B] abilities, say you can jump father and higher then a normal person. Magic, can summon fire or heal any wound. Make your abilities and Magic different from others.
[B]Character Snippet:[/B] Your character in every day life. Could be something from the past.
[B]Bio:[/B] if you don?t want to do a Character Snippet, then you can write a Bio for your character.[/FONT]
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[B]Name:[/B] Aaron Tellis

[B]Age:[/B] 23

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Race:[/B] Watcher. Born to mortal women and converted through unknown means, this race of beings are caught in a constant rift between the two plains of existence. Living in a parallel between earth and hell. They have amazing power, but there minds and souls are divided, each side in constant struggle for control.

[B]Position:[/B] Vagabond aka A wanderer

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c384/GeneOutlaw/162-14-12.jpg]Aaron(Mortal form)[/URL] [URL=http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c384/GeneOutlaw/bleach_ichigo1341.jpg](Demonic Form)[/URL].

[B]Personality:[/B] (Human form) distant by nature. He seems almost discontent in any situation. He has no real allegiance and instead choices a life of solitude. He is neither cruel nor angry, he is just disconnected from everything. He moves and speaks like someone with too much weighing on his soul.

(Demonic form) He is the essence of evil itself. He is cruel and sadistic without any remorse for the suffering he inflicts. He only cooperates with others when there is something in it for him, and even then he's not the most trust worthy. The defining trait that the two sides both share is there hatred for each other.

[B]Weapon:[/B] [URL=http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c384/GeneOutlaw/flame20katana203.jpg][U]Black Moon Rising.[/U][/URL] This sword is not only his weapon, but it also acts as a medium for his dark powers. This is a weapon that is made from steel and infused with his own blood. A sword that acts as his servant, answering to his every call.

[B]Abilities/Magic:[/B] He moves with great speed and strikes with almost surgical percision. He uses the powers of the shodows of hell as his magic, if it can really be called that. He focuses this energy to th tip of his sword and releases it in a sudden discharge causing and almost tearlike mark to form.

[B]Bio:[/B] He was born in the shadows of society. Like the others of his kind, he was born to a mortal woman, but for some reason he was cursed with the shadow mark, a cresent shaped mark on the back of his neck. He was raised with only a mild neglect, like the kind you would give to an uninvited guest, but it was clear enough to him what it meant. They didn't want him, so he kept himself as distant as he could from them, being off on his own in the streets for the most part.

Eventually he simply left the city and his home. He had no where to go, but it's not like he left to find some place to be. He much enjoys the simple life of the large and lush world on the outside. But it was here that he became more aware of his other self. He's still haunted by dreams of that mask and those yellow eyes.

In his time he has had to survive the dark army and the elven war, but never once did he bring his blade up to fight. It was starting to feel like his sword was just for decoration, but no things feel different.
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Azuroth Darksoul
Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Age:[/B] 33
Race:[/B] Human
Position:[/B] Mercenary
Personality:[/B] Azuroth tends to be rebellious against orders he is given. He usually likes to do things his own way and get them down quickly. In battle he is the most cold hearted being you could imagine, but off the battle field, he is a normal person. He lives and acts like a normal human, except for the occasional bar fight ot what not. He is never afraid to face any opponent, whether they were tougher looking or scarrd or bigger, he always faces them head on.

[B]Appearance:[/B] Azuroth has jet black hair that comes to mid-back; He stands at about 6?2? and has a lean frame with toned and defined muscles and. He wears a black trench coat, a sleeveless shirt and black pants with hard-toed boots with a sharp, metal stud on the heel. His arms are covered in a thin black metal that has sharp tips on the finger tips and allows maximum flexibility but provides a sturdy defense.

It also covers his torso; his skin is well tanned and green eyes. You usually can?t see his face because it is covered in a black mask with black eye pieces and horns that curve backwards from the top of the mask.
Weapon:[/B] Azuroth either likes to fight hand to hand using a martial art known as Dim Mok, or Death Touch. Or he use a single sword that seems to have unusual properties. Azuroth doesn't like to reveal what his sword can do until it is too late.
Abilities/magic:[/B] Azuroth is abnormally fast and as in human reflexs, being one of the best killers. And his sense are unsually sharp for a mortal. Can also use dark magic, for whatever he needs.

[B]Bio:[/B] Azuorths past is unknown to many, but he likes to hide his featuers and tries to avoid all major cities. The other mercenarries wonder some times why he does such a thing but they just blow it off and leave him be. Azuroth never talks about his family or where he came from, all anyoen knows is he magically appeared one day and fought with the mercenaries ever since.

And he was very skilled at killing. Able to hit key points on an opponents body and bring them down with very few hits and can even hit them to incapacitate them for a quick bounty. Azuroth does his job well and keeps to himself about where he came from. So, he does his job and gets on with his life.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkRed]
[B]Name:[/B]Shisuki Layer
[B]Gender:[/B] Female
[B]Age:[/B] 21
[B]Race:[/B] Neko demon.
[B]Personality:[/B] She is a very serious person. She has this look in her eyes that makes everyone stop doing what they are doing and listen to what she's got to say. Even though she has a very serious attitude, she still has a energetic side to her. Sometimes she'll goof around a bit as if she were back in college.
[B]Weapon:[/B] Double cresent moon elbow blades.
[B]Abilities/magic:[/B] Magic- Element fire.
[B]Character Snippet: [/B]NO! You can't leave me again! I won't let you," said a helpless little girl pulling on her mother's sleeve. The mother snatched her arm away from the girl and glared at her.
"I'm sorry but I have to go, Shisuki. I must. So stop your whining and leave me alone,"her mother shouted at her.
The girl's eyes start to water. She sniffed a few times but looked up at her mother. "Why do you have to leave me?"
"Do you want to stay in this house? I think you do, so I have to go to work to pay for this house. Don't worry, you'll father will be here to watch you so you won't be alone."
"NO!!! He's not my father! He's just some guy you married out of the blue when papa died! I hate this man who is not my father! I hate him and I hate you," Shisuki shouted her fist clenched, tears streaming down her childish face.
KA-BOW!! Shisuki's mother strucked her in the back of her head with the back of her hand making her stumble.
"It's not like he loves you," Shisuki muttered in a low voice.
"Nothing,"she said sniffling a bit.
"Good, I'm leaving now so behave yourself,"with that her mother walked out the door without another word.
A man around the age of 30 came into the room and looked down apon Shisuki. "Your mother gone," he asked smiling down at her with one of his charming smiles that could make a girl fall to their knees.
Shisuki walked past the man quickly nodding her head slowly, tears falling down her face. "Yes," she said her voice cracked.
The man, Mark, grabbed Shisuki around her little waist and pulled her close. "Working again."
"Leave me alone," she screamed pulling away from him and running into the kitchen. He followed in there with a grin on his face.
"You know I love it when you run. It just makes it more fun,"he said with a maniac laugh. "So where are you hiding now? Are you under the cabinet or under the sink?"
Shisuki was hiding in the kitchen closet her body pressed hard against the selves. [I]'I have something. So if he finds me, I'll be ready for him. If he touches me again, I'll be ready for him.'[/I] These were her thoughts. Evil thoughts ran through her mind at how she could do this. This deadly sin she was about to pull off. [I]'It's been going on too long and I just can't take it anymore,'[/I]she thought crying. Then suddenly the door flew wide open and Mark stood there smiling at her.
"Here again. You hide here last time," he said making a grab for her but she was ready. She pulled the butcher knife from behind her back and stabbed his hand. He let a scream of pain and pulled away from her but Shisuki wasn't satisfied. She wanted blood, his blood.
This little girl filled with rage, and hate from both him and her mother, charged at Mark stabbing him in his stomach, his chest, every inch she could reach until he layed helpless dead on the floor......

5 Hours later, Shisuki's mother return finding Mark in the kitchen his body stabbed all around. Written next to his body in crimson liquid was a message [B]'I tried to warn you about him. I tried to warn you about me but you don't know me. You don't know me at all. Since you didn't listen to me, I just did what was meant to be done. I can never forgive you mother dearest. It's because of you I'm like this. It's because of you, I'm no longer me.'[/B]

Occ: I'm done! Hope it's okay. Any problems, PM me! :catgirl: [/COLOR][/FONT]
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[color=#FF3366][SIZE=1][FONT=Lucida Sans Unicode]
((Occ: Sorry very distracted. I better finsih this tommorow))

Name: Renée Lore

Gender: Female

Age: 22

Race: Humans

Position: Mercenary

Personality: Renée has an all out attitude. She is very blunt and doesn?t act her age most of the time. She pouts, screams, and sometimes wines to get her way. She kind at heart but there is evil behind that warm smile. She can be trickeries at times having the mind of the king of thieves. She has a lot of pride and would go all out in battle if the opponent is worth it but if not she like to have her fun!

Appearance: [URL=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v111/Dark_Misstress/Ayame1.jpg]Renee 1 [/URL] [URL=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v111/Dark_Misstress/Ayame2.jpg]Renee 2 [/URL]
Reene keeps her windmill unfolded in a pouch tide to the back of her waist. She has has some other utensils in her pouch like diffrent varities of posions. Each posion has a diffrent effect. Yet there mixed up sometimes and she forgets which ones do what.

Weapon: Windmill Shuriken

Abilities/magic: She has some magic with includes the air element. She can change the wind currents around her which is extra helpful with her windmill shuriken. This helps her have more control of her weapon when it in the air. It makes it a lot easier for her weapon to come straight back to her and help change direction of her weapon.. Her air magic also helps run a lot faster and become extremely light.

Character Snippet:

Renée was sleeping silently under a tree. The breeze whistle through the branches of the tree waking up the wind chimes that hanged from the lowest branch. The chimes made a faint sweet melody that was carried through the wind and into Renée?s ear. Renée took a breath in heavily. This is almost heaven?for now.

Something tickled her nose. Renée slightly woke up wiggling her nose yet keeping her eyes closed. She wrinkled her nose, it didn?t come off. She shook her head and it fell onto her stomach. Renée opened her eyes and got up. A feather fell down from her stomach and into her lap. Renée picked the feather and looked at it in awe.

?It?s just a feather you know?? A voice came from above her. Renée looked up and there is her older brother lying down in a big high branch from the tree.

?Yeah I know?? Renée wrinkled her nose standing up and looking at her bro.

?Sorry to wake you from your slumber kid but is almost time for dinner? He smiled at her.

?Gah, not your gruel stuff again.? Renée whined

?It?s not gruel! It?s a healthy and nutritionist! Anyways we have to make due of what we got.? He sighed and climbed down from the tree. He ran his hand through his hair and sighed more heavily. ?If we had just a little more money?? He looked at Renée and she gave him a warm smile. He panicked ?Uh-uh no way you?re going to do that. I know what you?re thinking?.Just stick to your little magic tricks and training. At least be less lazy to master that windmill thingy.?

?Uhh! Let me do it!? Renée whined ?The will not notice, I?m too good. I?ll train later promise.?

?That?s the problem now, your not going to become the queen of bandits.?

?No better, King? She smiled. She turned her back to him and heavily sighed ?Okay Ken I eat the darn gruel. Only for you bro?? She turned back to him and put up her hands as in defeat. He looked at her and he spotted the keys to the house around her finger.

?Renée?? He started but she already half way to the house. He tried to catch up but she was way to fast. Renée opened the door into the house and quickly locked it. Soon Ken was banning on the door to get in.

?Nope sorry bro?.? She swung the key around her little finger ?You have to notice more often. You need to catch up to your little sister if you?re going to survive in this world. Your skinny, grow some muscles.?

?No thanks?? He glared. He knew she wasn?t going to let him in the house anytime soon.
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[COLOR=DarkOrchid][B]Name:[/B][Size=1] Daethios[/size]
[B]Gender:[/B] [Size=1]Male[/size]
[B]Age:[/B] [Size=1]22[/size]
[B]Race:[/B] [Size=1]Human[/size]
[B]Position:[/B] [Size=1]Mercenary[/size]
[B]Personality:[/B] [Size=1]Daethios, while appearing to be slightly deranged, is far from such. He is a quiet man, keeping to himself, not bothering others. If spoken to, he will respond, but he doesn't jump into conversations freely. When asked to make a decision, he will go with the general populace unless he feels the decisions, in which case he won't do anything going towards said decision. While quiet, he is very loyal, and deems honor more important than anything, even his life.[/size]
[B]Weapon:[/B] [Size=1]Twin Scimitars with Runes etched into the hilt and pommel of both.[/size]
[B]Abilities/Magic:[/B] [Size=1]Minor magical abilities in Ice.[/size]
[B]Character Snippet:[/B] [Size=1]Daethios looked about quietly as the ship gently rocked in the waves, his eyes scanning the horizon for land. If land came up soon, he would gladly be off the ship, whether his destination was near or not. He hated ships, and most of all, he hated travelling by them, but he had to go where the money was.

"Daethios! Grab them riggings and bring 'em here lad! We need 'em fer the sails!" Dae looked up at the sailor speaking to him and merely nodded, his foot snaking out to kick the coil of rope up into the air and into his hand. With a slightly entertained smirk on his lips, he jumped onto the mast and quickly scaled the rigging. Daethios bowed his head slightly at the mans laughter due to his antics and handed the rope over. "I hope it serves you well Sailor."

Dae then merely leaped backwards from the rigging, laying on his back in the air and waited until the last moment to rotate and land in a slight crouch before going to the prow to spot for land once more. [I]Ah..At least I'm useful to these folk. Haven't felt that in a long time..[/I] were his thoughts as he slowly closed his eyes and let the wind lap at his face.[/COLOR][/SIZE]

(OOC: Hope that was along the line of what you were looking for Lionheart. If not, let me know and I'll edit it.)
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][SIZE=1] [COLOR=SlateGray][B][EDIT: Sory about before lionheart? all fixed. Let us know if theres anything else that needs fixin] [/B] [/COLOR]

[B]Name: [/B] Teris Ferrin
[B]Gender: [/B] Female
[B]Age: [/B] 35
[B]Race: [/B] Demon [Ferric Demon-Demon capable of manipulating metal]
[B]Position: [/B] Part time mercenary was once a solider for a very short time.
[B]Personality: [/B] Dreamy and quiet, if there is a window to be looked out of she will be there; staring out of it. She appears somewhat cold and un-caring at times, despite many attempts by her to be rid of the trait. Ferrin prefers to be left alone with her thoughts. She will cooperate with anyone, regardless of what she thinks of their character. People will never be to sure what she thinks of them unless she speaks it out right. She does not trust easily.

[B]Appearance: [/B] [URL= http://img214.imageshack.us/img214/6173/ferris9rm.png]+Teris+[/URL]
Her eyes are not a colour but appear as if they are actually metallic silver, almost liquid mercury in appearance but her pupils are still visible. Her hair is shoulder length and completely white, she usually wears it pulled back in a short ponytail with bits of hair overhanging that aren?t long enough to be pulled back.

Parts of her body are raised and it appears as if she has metal grafted to the out side of her skin. This metal appears on her limbs, covering the outer side of her hands, arms and legs. The growths of metal are haphazard and appear as if they have grown from within her naturally [like crocodile or alligator skin but silver metal]. These growths of metal are not present on her face, neck, the back of her legs or on her palms.

She usually wears a long brown hooded coat done up half way. Underneath this she wears loose fitting brown pants with Dark crimson boots, done up with straps, that reach to just below her knees. Ferrin wears a cream tight-ish fitting shirt. A black bet with pouches attached is present on her pants. Her ears are pierced twice, she also wears 3 silver rings and a silver pendant with an orange stone attached.

[B]Weapon:[/B] Ferrin uses her magic to attack in battle; she channels this through her weapon. She uses A Long strand of sharp wire with a small blade attached to the end, attachments can vary depending on the situation (anything from an axe to a grappling hook).

The wire can easily cut though flesh with the right amount of applied pressure. On the other hand it can be used to reel things in, such as victims or be swung from. The length of the wire can vary. It?s hard to use the weapon effectively due to the difficulty in controlling it, so Ferrin uses it more as an aid than anything else and tends to rely on her ability to manipulate metallic objects.[URL=http://img72.imageshack.us/img72/5365/tetsugen7oj.png][Tetsugen] doggy example[/URL]

[B]Abilities/magic: [/B] Ferrin has the ability to manipulate metal, whether that purpose is to construct a weapon, shield or something else. Her body can act as a kind of magnet, drawing metallic objects to her when she wishes or when needed.

[B]Bio: [/B]
Teris belongs to a rare breed of demon noted for their peculiar ability to manipulate metal. She grew up in a secluded part of Fujin, her people were a simple one, and very much liked to keep to themselves. Her race was predominantly centered on the art of making weaponry, due to their natural affinity with metallic objects.

All the Demons of her race could manipulate metallic objects but some, unnaturally, had more talent than others. These Demons were taken and trained to use their ability on a much wider scale. Teris was one of these Demons. Something else that was natural for her was her eye, skin and hair colour. The eye colour silver is a rare trait among her people; to them she is considered an albino also because of her pale skin and white hair.

From a child she was trained to be a warrior, as per the tradition of her people with strong magic. At age 20 she decided to leave the safety and isolation of the community for the out side world. This was something seldom done and she was almost forbidden to do so at one point. None the less she left and explored the wider world for approximately four years. After which she joined the Fujin army. Unknown to her, Demons were not generally accepted among society.

She left the army and was picked up my a mercenary group, she worked with them on and off for a number of years and continues to do so.

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[COLOR=Navy][SIZE=1]EDIT: Finito!

[B]Name: [/B] Demetri Johan

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Age:[/B] 19

[B]Race:[/B] Human, plain and simple

[B]Position: [/B] Soldier of Fujin

[B]Personality:[/B] Demetri is basically the equivalent to a jester in personality. He loves to make people laugh, make a fool of himself, and basically just have fun. He's a hard worker, as long as there's enough at the end so the ends justify the means.

In his inter-personal relationships with others, he prefers to be a loner, keeping his true feelings and opinions to himself. This contrasts greatly with his outter "shell," and makes it hard for others to get close to him.

Always one to help others out, he's basically just a fun loving guy, yet the greater the light is, the larger the shadows are...(rip off of KH, I know, but it fit [i]so[/i] well)

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://pagesperso.laposte.net/warlh/bleach/bleach07_1024x768.jpg]Demetri[/URL]

[B]Weapon:[/B] Clawed Gauntlets

[B]Abilities/magic:[/B] Has almost cat-like ablities: great reflexes, swift strikes, quick movement, and awesome agility. (to an extent...don't wanna god-mod here)

[B]Character Snippet:[/B]

A lone figure sat within the shadows. Staring up at the bright moon, the figure sat deep in thought.

A second figure appears, unseen by the first. The second sneeks up to the first, sitting beside it. Still the first figure made no sign that it had seen the second. Then.

"What do you want, Demitri."

"Heh, just wanted to know where you where, what you were up to."

"Just thinkin'."

"Oh ya, sounds like fun." Demitri started to stare at the moon along with the figure. "Eva, I need to tell you something."

"What is it?" asked Eva, taking her gaze from the moon to Demetri.

"Eva, we've always been freinds, right? And we always will be, right?"


"No matter what, right?"


Demetri grabbed her hand, looking right into her eyes. "Eva, I love you."

Demetri woke with a start. [i]It was a dream.[/i]

[B]Bio:[/B] I hope just the Snippet is fine... ~.^
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[COLOR=Purple][SIZE=1]Well well look what Lionheart came up with. Maybe it is destiny after all. An edit will be made if bleached(Raze's new name) joins

Name: Sarin Grathos (aka Blade)

Gender: Male

Age: 28

Race: Impure demon/Harmonizer

Personality: Sedistic, calm, and collected when he is in human form. He shows almsot no emotion in his eyes whatsoever, even when he is in pain. He becomes bloodthirsty, brutual, and violent when he changes into his demon form, but is able to restrain himself of attacking friends.

Appearance: [url=http://s32.photobucket.com/albums/d41/whitewolf_fang/?action=view¤t=rain-boma.jpg][COLOR=SandyBrown]Human[/COLOR][/url],[url=http://s32.photobucket.com/albums/d41/whitewolf_fang/?action=view¤t=Sarin2.jpg][COLOR=SandyBrown]Demon[/COLOR][/url]

Weapon: A long Diakatanna forged from the depths of the NetherRealm (a huge double handed katanna)

Abilities/Magic: Besides when fast ,strong and other things. He is incredibly smart and relies more on his mind then his strength. His demon side is just the opposite, using its increased brute force to get the job done. He is what is know as a Harmonizer, a person who can abosrb the souls of demons and use an elemental form of them to fight with.

Elemental Demon Appearances:[url=http://s32.photobucket.com/albums/d41/whitewolf_fang/?action=view¤t=faerhoral.jpg][COLOR=DarkRed]Faerhoral, the fire elemental[/COLOR][/url],[url=http://s32.photobucket.com/albums/d41/whitewolf_fang/?action=view¤t=UranusAnimal.jpg][COLOR=Navy]Kisano, the water elemental[/COLOR][/url],[url=http://s32.photobucket.com/albums/d41/whitewolf_fang/?action=view¤t=YugoAnimal.jpg][COLOR=Silver]Yugo, the wind elemental[/COLOR][/url],[url=http://s32.photobucket.com/albums/d41/whitewolf_fang/?action=view¤t=XionAnimal3D.jpg][COLOR=Orange]Xion, the electric elemental[/COLOR][/url],[url=http://s32.photobucket.com/albums/d41/whitewolf_fang/?action=view¤t=Cerberus0.jpg][COLOR=DarkGreen]Tison, the earth elemental[/COLOR][/url],[url=http://anshiro.free.fr/Comic/Anime%20-%20Spawn-Angel.jpg],[COLOR=White]Zaqual, the light elemental[/COLOR][/url],[url=http://s32.photobucket.com/albums/d41/whitewolf_fang/?action=view¤t=Maelstrom.jpg][COLOR=Black]Nemisis, the dark elemental[/COLOR][/url]
Character Snippet: Vincent looked out over the land before him as the wind blew through his hair. His cape swirled around him as three men came up behind him.

"Are you Vincent Grathos or formally known as the Blade?"

Vincent turned around slowly coming face to face with three mercenaries, his eyes cold and calculating. "And if I am, what will happen then?"

The lead man walked forward drawing his sword as the others followed suit. "Then you are to be arrested for robbery and the murder of Sarin"

Vincent nodded and held out his arms and put his wrists together. "Then yes I am Blade"

The man seemed taken aback at Vincent easily giving in. He took out a pair off hand cuffs and was about to snap them on Vincent's wrist when he snapped his arm in half and broe his neck. The other two soldiers moved in when Vincent held up his hand.

"He never said please"

One of the soldiers scratched his head. "Uh please"

Vincent smiled as he snapped the cuffs on his own wrists and was led away. At least now he would get a free meal and a free bed.

Bio: Unknown son of Sarin, who in turn killed him as a requirment to pass his Harmonizer test. Unknowest to everyone else which he kept it a secret, he was labeled a murdered and had been hunted with a huge reward on his head. He skill with his sword gave him the name blade as he almost always killed his enemies with one shot that was more ofter then not right across the main artery.
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[FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium][B]Name:[/B] Hiro
[B]Gender: [/B] male
[B]Age:[/B] 24
[B]Race:[/B] Humans
[B]Position:[/B] Soldier of Fujin. Once was...

[B]Personality: [/B]
Hiro is the perfect soldier. His thoughts and his actions are for justice and the safety of others. He has great leadership skills that impress even the highest ranking of an army. When it comes to life, he is clueless. Sometimes he lacks common sense and may say stuff that would sound so weird. Hiro has a habit on keeping his emotions bottled up. When he sees something that would make him outraged, he bottles it in and thinks it through on why he feels that way.

[B]Appearance: [URL=http://www.genesoul.net/artwork/character/ac_cloudstrife.jpg]Hiro[/URL] [/B]

[B]Weapon: [/B]
Hiro is equipped with a great sword seen in the picture. Despite the size of the blade, Hiro has great strength and speed to swing it around effortlessly. On some missions, he carries a bag around with home-made bombs and such to give alittle of a kick in his attacks on his enemies.

Hiro has a great ability to Jump father then any man or demon. With this ability, he has a better range to dodge and a places to attack from. Another great ability is his hearing. He could hear someone whispering in a crowded market place. His abilities make him stronger then he already is and opposes a great threat to the enemy.

[B]Bio: [/B]
Hiro?s life began in the Fujin?s Soldier recruitment center. He was told he was born inside the castle and his soul propose to fight for the kingdom. No other place to go, he excepted the hard life of training and no glimpse of the normal life. Hiro was soon the new prospect of the Fujin Army as he exceed every task he was given. Without emotions or anything in life to slow him down, he was really convinced that his soul propose was to become a soldier.

When he reached the age of 18, he was already named captain of a squad. His tactics were never countered by the enemy has they could never come up with a plan to even stop it. He won so many battles and was ranked higher and higher until the army considered him a ?Ultimate Weapon?. Yet, has his fame spread across the land, he experienced love. A priestess named, Mary, healed his wound after a hellish battle. Soon, he began to feel weird and found out it was love. As he got to know her, his combat skills began to decline and the kingdom found out why. They tracked down the priestess and assassinate her. Hiro eventually found out and blamed himself for the tragic. He left the army and joined a warriors guild close to the castle. Why does he keep on fighting? Who knows....[/FONT]

[FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium][B]As of now, The Sign-ups are closed. Thank you all for signing up and for those, who didn't finish your sign-up, please hurry.[/B][/FONT]
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