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[FONT=Century][center][size=4][u][b]FINAL FANTASY X-3[/b][/u][/size]

[i]Three years have passed here in Spira since me and my friends Yunie and Paine smashed the nasty Vegnagun and sent the sorry behind of the shadow controlling it back to the last millennium! Well, it was all very sad, really. But good things came out of it, too. First of all, Yunie got her loved one back! I hate to admit it, but I?m a bit jealous. The two of them live at the city of Luca now, playing Blitzball and holding concerts under the management of Rin the Showmaster. Paine, on the other hand, hasn?t settled down yet. She cruises around Spira in the airship Celsius with Buddy. They say their relationship is purely platonic, but I?m not so sure about that...

We were called Gullwings back then, three years ago; me and Yunie and Paine, and Buddy and my big bro Brother. Oh, and I mustn?t forget our wiz kid Shinra and Barkeep, the Hypello bartender. Brother and Shinra now live down at Djose, where they help build the New Home, a grand project of my pop Cid. My family belongs to the Al Bhed tribe, and Cid used to be its leader. The original Home of the Al Bhed stood at the Bikanel Island until the horror called Sin destroyed it five years past.

My pop wants to rebuild Home because he still thinks that he can reunite the Al Bhed who are now scattered all over Spira. Unfortunately they have new leaders now, like Gippal of the Machine Faction, Nhadala of the Sanubites, and even the boaster Rin. However, the gorgeous Gippal has agreed to help Cid in his venture, so maybe all hope is not lost. Maybe the Al Bhed tribe will take its place in Spira again, instead of living under the rule of others.

As for me, I?m still searching for my fortune. At this moment I?m flying in Celsius with Paine and Buddy, because my pop sent me to an errand to search for members of the Al Bhed tribe and bring them news about the New Home.

We talked with Yunie once about my own story, and I think the time for that is now. Watch out Spira, here comes Rikku![/i][/center]

[size=3][u][B]The Game[/B][/u][/size]
This is the story of Rikku, a character from the games Final Fantasy X and X-2. As such, this is also a sequel to both games, taking place in the same world with many same characters. The introduction above gave you some background about what has happened in the land of Spira since the destruction of Vegnagun. Because Rikku is an Al Bhed, this game is going to focus heavily on that tribe, it?s position in the world and it?s future. The story will unfold more as the game progresses.

In order to participate, you have to have to know at least something about both preceding video games, preferably you?ve played them both through. Also vaster knowledge from Final Fantasy games is a plus too, because it helps you to make your own additions to the world of Spira without breaking the tradition too much.

This game is going to run traditionally, with everybody posting when they want to, but there?s one feature that isn?t widely used: [i]battles[/i]. More about those later on, though.

[size=3][u][B]The World of Spira[/B][/u][/size]
The game starts with Rikku searching for the scattered Al Bhed all over Spira. The places of the video games can be pretty much all present (with the exception of Macalania Forest, which withered at the end of FF X-2), but three years can change many things. At this point I?m giving free hands to you players to be as inventive as they want. You can change the leaders (or leading factions) of each city, add new dungeons or other locales (even towns if you want) or erase pre-existing ones.

There is also a possibility that this game will spread into a whole new continent (where the Al Bhed originate). I have nothing set in stone for that place, so everybody involved with this game are free to build it with me, if we go there.

[size=3][u][B]The Characters[/B][/u][/size]
I will be playing the part of Rikku, who is the central character of this RPG. I will allow about seven other players to join Rikku (more if there are that many good sign-ups) on her quest. There are certain limitations to what characters people can play.
[indent]1. No Yuna or Tidus. They had their share of the story, now they have to settle with being NPCs, sorry.
2. No Auron or other dead people. There can be an unsent [i]original[/i] character, but I don?t want characters that have deceased in the video games to reappear.
3. I encourage you to choose important NPCs from the video games as your characters. Especially Gippal, Paine and Buddy will be on this game no matter what (if nobody wants to play them, then they will be NPCs). There are also a wide arrange of other interesting characters that weren?t developed much in the video games.
4. If you really want to play an original character, I?d very much like it to be either Al Bhed, Guado, Hypello or Ronso. I felt that the ?minorities? of Spira were left in a very small part in the video games, so there?s much space for creativity in playing them. There are enough ?ordinary? humans in Spira as it is, so try to avoid them.
5. What?s most important with whatever character you choose ? be it an original or already existing one ? is that you tie the character to the storyline at hand. He or she must have some kind of motive to join Rikku.[/indent]
There you have the limitations. The sign-up form is at the bottom of this post.

[size=3][u][B]The Battle[/B][/u][/size]
This is the new cool feature of this RPG. During their adventure, the characters have a possibility to run into monsters of all shapes and sizes. That?s why each of them carries a predetermined weapon (but new ones can be bought from cities) and they have their own set of abilities (that improve as the level advances). I know, many games have characters with weapons and magic and stuff, but in this game you can actually use them.

Battles progress like normal gameplay, although it?s preferable that you separate the battle sections from other text by bolding or italizing or indenting or quoting them (it?s your choice). Everybody who are present at the time of battle can join it as a party, but it?s preferable that the battles ? at least the normal ones ? are taken care of in one post. Boss battles can span several posts, though.

What?s in it for the characters to fight, then? Well, each victorious battle (which they probably all are) awards all the characters included a [i]level[/i]. There?s a cap in 99 levels, like in the video games. Each tenth level teaches your character a new magic spell or ability, which are predetermined in the sign-up form. All characters start at level 1, so there should be one default ability.

The monsters the characters encounter should be from the common Final Fantasy bestiary, but especially the bosses can be something totally original. It?s important that you define which monsters the party fights in each battle. You also have to keep in mind the environment ? an ice elemental will never appear in a desert, for example. Well, if you?ve played your FFs, you should know.

[size=3][u][B]The Sign-Up[/B][/u][/size]
After all this information, we finally get down to business. Was your interest sparked by the stuff above? Then fill in the sign-up form to join!

[b]Name:[/b] (mind you that people don?t have last names in Spira)
[b]Tribe:[/b] (human, Al Bhed, Ronso, Guado, Hypello)
[b]Age:[/b] (all tribes have pretty much the same life span)
[b]Birthplace:[/b] (the name of the town or village the character was born in, can be original)
[b]Appearance:[/b] (picture is fine, description goes as well)
[b]Personality:[/b] (what the character is like, how it acts and behaves)
[b]Story:[/b] (not the whole biography from childhood, just what?s the character?s position in the world and why it wants to join Rikku)
[b]Weapon:[/b] (something that fits the world of Spira, should have a specific name and power as well and a described appearance or a picture if possible)
[b]Ability:[/b] (list ten skills that relate to each others (like ten Black Magic spells) with the respective level (every tenth) that they are learned)
[b]Overdrive:[/b] (special powerful move that can only be used every once in a while, this should also be as original as possible)

To give an example, here?s the information of my character:

[COLOR=DarkOrange][b]Name:[/b] Rikku
[b]Tribe:[/b] Al Bhed
[b]Age:[/b] 20
[b]Birthplace:[/b] Home, Bikanel Island
[b]Appearance:[/b] [url=http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c323/SamSandy/Final%20Fantasy/ff-fic-ffx3-rikku.jpg]Picture[/url]. Her blonde hair has grown significantly, and she now wears it tied into three long braids. She has the swirly eyes of the Al Bhed, hers are colored green. Her build is small and slender and dexterous. She?s accompanied by her purple pet monkey, Gigi Jr.
[b]Personality:[/b] Even though she has calmed down some from her teenage years, Rikku is still a lively and optimistic young woman. She is quick to make friends but also quick to get angry. She is easy to annoy and she?s also a bit gullible, but she?s also a good trickster. At this moment she feels a little lost in life and she?s searching for a new direction.
[b]Story:[/b] Rikku is the daughter of Cid, the leader of the Al Bhed. She grew up in the hard-working community of her tribesmen, but she didn?t quite catch the same industriousness. She?s more of a free-spirited wanderer, doing whatever she feels like.

Five years ago, she bumped into a mysterious youngster and helped him. They got separated, but later when Rikku was trying to rescue her cousin Yuna from a certain death, she was surprised to find the same young man acting as Yuna?s guardian. Together they ended the Spiral of Death but with a grave cost: the youngster faded away, being just a dream of the Fayth.

Two years later, Rikku and Yuna found themselves on a quest to save the world again, this time from a ghost of the past. They were joined by Paine, a sultry female warrior, and together they formed the formidable Sphere Hunter trio YRP. With the power of friendship and love, they banished the ghost back to where it came from, and as a reward the Fayth gave Yuna her beloved young guardian back.

Now, three years after that, Rikku is working for her father again. She is helping him to build a New Home (the original having been destroyed five years backwards) to Djose, with high hopes of reuniting the tribe of Al Bhed back to one again.

[b]Weapon:[/b] [img]http://www.ffonline.com/1_ff8gfx/weapon-rinoa-5.gif[/img]
Wishing Star, a projectile weapon that is shot from a gauntlet, especially effective against machines
[b]Ability:[/b] Gigi Jr. ? she ushers her pet monkey to cause havoc upon enemies
[indent]Level 1: Mug! ? Gigi Jr. steals an item from an enemy causing some damage
Level 10: Liquid Trick ? Gigi Jr. pees on an enemy causing water damage
Level 20: Gouge! ? Gigi Jr. blinds an enemy causing some damage
Level 30: Frozen Bite ? Gigi Jr. bites an enemy causing ice damage
Level 40: Gag! ? Gigi Jr. silences an enemy causing some damage
Level 50: Sparkling Claws ? Gigi Jr. scratches an enemy causing thunder damage
Level 60: Infect! ? Gigi Jr. poisons an enemy causing some damage
Level 70: Fiery Tail ? Gigi Jr. attacks with his blazing tail causing fire damage
Level 80: Swarm! ? Gigi Jr. calls his relatives to attack all enemies
Level 90: Hanuman ? Gigi Jr. transforms into a monkey god to cause holy damage[/indent]
[b]Overdrive:[/b] [IMG]http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c323/SamSandy/Final%20Fantasy/rikku_machinamaw.gif[/IMG]
Deus Ex Machina ? Rikku summons a mighty machina vehicle to ride on and blasts all enemies with laser beams[/COLOR]

That?s it! Now, get working with your sign-ups, everybody! And don?t hesitate to ask if anything is left unclear.[/FONT]
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[font=Century][b]Name:[/b] Rianna or "Ria"[/font]
[font=Century][b]Tribe:[/b] Al Bhed
[b]Age:[/b] 18
[b]Birthplace:[/b] Home, Bikanel Island

[b]Appearance:[/b] She has the normal green swirly eyes as usual but they have a slight blue in among the swirl and a very light brown hair. The discolored eyes and hair are from her father who wasnt pure Al Bhed. She is slender and about 5'10. With a light tan from the desert life. She wears a shirt with a strap that wraps around her neck and holds it up. She also has tie on sleeves. (Sorta like yunas in FFX, except they arent pink and not huge like that) They are a dark purple with a light pink ribbon that ties them to her arm. Her short shorts match the sleeves and shirt. Dark purple with light pink ribbons or in the shorts case a belt. She also wears Knee high dark purple boots with pink strings to tie it around the top. She wears dark purple gloves with strange designs in light pink where the palm is and on the back of the hand. She has a tattoo on one of her arms just above the tie on sleeve. Its of a swirly purple flame around a Dark Elemental design.

[font=Century][b]Personality:[/b] She is not as enthusiastic about this as others her age. She does however make friends quickly and she stays quite loyal to them. She gets sad sometimes but she tries to pretend she is not. She enjoyes being out in the world and is sometimes a little to eager to fight.[/font]

[font=Century][b]Story:[/b] Growing up she didnt get much "play time" it was always "rebuilding this" or "rebuilding that" and home went kaboom. This was some what traumatizing for her and she lost many of her friends, and she lost her father who was battling the guado intruders and lost to some of their fiends. She hasnt quite gotten over it but doesnt blame anyone now. She wants to live being surrounded by her people, she even hopes to find her best friend who she still beleives is alive. She thinks he made it out alive before cid and the others gave the order to destroy Home. So when she heard of Rikku's quest she felt it was the BEST way to find her friend.[/font]

[font=Century][b]Weapon:[/b] Instead of the egyptian look the handle looks more like a drake. It has one red stone for one eye and one yellow stone for the other eye on the right blade. The left blade has the blue and light blue gems for the drakes eyes. This is part of its elemental magical make-up.[/font]

[font=Century][b]Elemental Blades[/b], a long blade for each hand that has been made to be useful even against flans and elementals.They wont cause MUCH damage to these creatures but it will cause more than usual due to their Multi-Elemental build. Her right hand blade contains Fire and Lightning, and her Left contains Ice and Water. The way she holds the blade determins what element it is switched to.[/font]


[b]1: Dagger Throw-[/b] She grabs one of her daggers by the blade and hurls it at her target.
[b]10: Blazing Blades-[/b] Holding both blades carefully they burst into flame and she throws one and follows quickly with the second. Much Like dagger throw except with two blades and the Fire Element
[b]20: Cold Steel-[/b] Her blades power up with the power of ice. She rushes up to her target and slashes them four times quickly causing Ice damage.
[b]30: Thunder Slash-[/b] Slashes multiple enemies with her electrified blades. (sorta like Tidus's OD slice n dice)
[b]40: Tears of Pain-[/b] Four blades with water power rain down upon the enemies. This happens twice. (4 blades rain down hard then go back and fall again)
[b]50: Angry Slashing-[/b] No elemental power with this one. Only pure anger. She gets very angry and stabs, slashed, and punches her enemies.
[b]60: Liquid Lightning-[/b] One blade takes on the water element and she hurls it at the opponent wetting them down, the second blade takes on thunder element and contacts the target next causing painful electrical damage
[b]70: High Flash Kick- [/b]Instead of using her blades she drops them into the dirt or ground and dashes at a target. She quickly spins around and kicks them in the head. (Slightly ineffective against SHORT enemies such as the tonberry, or ones that are flying to high such as the Zuu, that is unless you damage it enough to make it fall to the ground)
[b]80: Thundaga Jabs- [/b]Again instead of her blades she sets them down. This time her purple leather gloves electrify (she feels nothing) and she punches her target several times, quite hard.
[b]90: Dance Of The Blades-[/b] Summons two more blades to accompany her already existing two and all four take on the highest level of elemental powers (for example firaga and all the others at that level). She does a little dance before sending all four at her enemies. Causes large damage to ALL enemies.

[b]Overdrive:[/b]Dragon Fang Explosion- First she targets the middle opponent and stabs then with her blades. She leaps back (blades still in person or fiend) and the blades burst into flames followed by an explosion that blasts not only the middle opponent but the others as well. The blades will then return to her like boomerangs.
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Oh and also do the abilities have to be pre existing ones or if you are using a new character can the abilities be new too? [/font][/QUOTE]

Not really (mine aren't either, not at least all of them), although they should fit the Final Fantasy style. One can use for example the jobs of FFX-2 as basis to the abilities, then change some names and add some new stuff. One should also consider if the character is oriented with physical fighting, magic casting or perhaps healing, and make the abilities reflect on that.

Your character is good, just be careful that she won't be too much like Rikku. The weapon she has is a good idea, not generic and so. The Overdrive could and should be something a little more flashy, though... Although nothing stops it from changing over the course of the game.

That is, if we ever get to play this game. :/ I don't know what is going on, but I'm a bit shocked that in three days there's only one sign-up. Is there something severely unappealing in this game? Oh well, I hope it gets at least few more players so we can start.
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[COLOR=Navy][SIZE=1]Never fear! EX is here![/melodramatic superhero voice]

Ahem...I'm here just to say that I'm reserving the spot of Paine...ok'd by the one and only Sandy himself!

Well, I'll have the sign-up done soooooon, so don't worry your little heads!


Name: Paine

Tribe: Human

Age: 21

Birthplace: Unknown, as Paine's an orphan

[b]Appearance:[/b] [URL=http://www.ffx2.com/renders/16.jpg][b]Paine[/b][/URL] then, but she wears something more like [URL=http://www.auto-sfondi-desktop.com/--nge--/wallpapers/nge-neon-genesis-evangelion-wallpapers_0193/Anime-Ayashi-no-Ceresv_0193.jpg][b]this[/b][/URL], although it's all black, naturally. Also, her hair is still in the fo-hawk, but she has a bit of a rat's tail, much like Yuna's, although it's shorter, only about a foot in lenth.

[b]Personality:[/b] Paine may come off as dark, cold, and nasty, but once one gets to know her, they find a deep, complicated, and often forgiving heart. She has a keep-to-oneself type of personality, and is often melancolic and pessimistic, but she always does what she believes to be the best for herself, and her friends.

Story: This dark, enigmatic girl is no stranger to sadness. After becoming an orphan, like many other children due to sin, she joined up with The Gullwings sphere group. Three years later, she joined Rikku yet again on another adventure. Although her past has been uncovered by Yuna and Rikku, there's still something that Paine's searching for...


Caos Timer - Choosing to keep the Alchemist as her set profession, Pain's weapon, Caos Timer, hightens her abilities, such as they are. The simple looking weapon is anything but simple. Essentially, it looks like a chain with a cresantmoon-shaped pendant attached to a small hand-gun. Said chain is approx. three feet long, and said pendant is about an inch in width in height and length, being about a quarter of an inch thick at the thickest. The gun is a simple design, and the chain is able to be detached. She uses the gun for long-range attacks, preffering to keep a distance away in case her alchemy is needed.

Weapon ability - The Caos Timer controls the elements Gravity and Wind, as well as grants Paine with heightened abilities in Alchemy. The moon signifies the control over Gravity, and the chain the control of Wind. She sometimes takes the chain and pendant, spinning them for a defensive move. As a back-up, she has one theif dagger(like the one the Theif Sphere has in FFX-2), although she rairly has need for it.

[b][u]Abilities:[/u][/b] Edit...(when I think of some, I'll put 'em in.)
[b]Lv. 1[/b] - [u]Mix[/u] Paine uses her Alchemy to produce either a Mega-Potion, Flash Bomb, or Great Wall.
[b]Lv. 10[/b] - [u]Chemist[/u] Doubles the potency of recovery items.
[b]Lv. 20[/b] - [u]Demi[/u] Reduces the HP of one enemies by 1/4.
[b]Lv. 30[/b] - [u]Aero[/u] Draws a protective barrier of wind around team, cutting damage by enemies in half.
[b]Lv. 40[/b] - [u]Elementalist[/u] Doubles the potency of elemental items.
[b]Lv. 50[/b] - [u]Auto-Regen[/u] Automatically casts Regen when HP gets low.
[b]Lv. 60[/b] - [u]Physicist[/u] Doubles the potency of non-elemental items.
[b]Lv. 70[/b] - [u]Ribbon[/u] Guards against all status ailments.
[b]Lv. 80[/b] - [u]Black Hole[/u] Huge non-elemental damage to single enemy.
[b]Lv. 90[/b] - [u]White Hole[/u] Major non-elemental damage to all enemies.


End in Pain - Taking her pendant off the gun, she twirls it above her head until it becomes nothing more than a blurr. The spinning effect creates a deadly vortex. This has five possible outcomes, depending on the current battle. First, against a single enemy, the vortex automatically KO's the enemy. Second, against a group of enemies, it acts like malestrome, taking half of each enemies total health, reducing HP to a max. of 1. Thirdly, if facing a "boss," this attack reduces the enemy's HP by one quarter of their remaining HP. In each of the three events, the vortex also aids by completely healing the team, in both HP and any status effects. Last, if luck isn't on Paine's side, the vortex fails, and it reduces the entire team's HP in half. In addition, it completely cures the enemy team. It's like a roulette of sorts, but the fourth possibility has only a slight chance of occurence. (approx. one in nine)

EDIT: I've finished everything except the Abilities and Overdrive. They'll come probably tomorrow sometime. Also, I 'kina stole the idea of the weapons controlling two elements..sorry...it was such a good idea.

EDIT2: Overdrive's done, and I tweaked things here and there. Abilities aren't quite done yet, but soon...I know most of what I want, but I'm still not sure on some of them, or when I want Paine to learn them. Ciao!

EDIT3: I've finished! I added all her abilities, concentrating on "healer" abilities. Seeing as noone else really did, why not? Also, I changed her weapon a bit...hope that's okay, Sandy...[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Name: Axel
Tribe: Al Bhed
Age: 22
Birthplace: Home, Bikanel Island
Appearance: [URL=http://www.suikosource.com/images/chars/b/beechum01.jpg]Here[/URL]

Axel is a lot older looking nthen what he is and not even he is sure what is the reason behind that.

Personality: Axel is quite the opposite of his long-time friend Rikku; He is cool and collected while also having a mean streak a mile long. He is incredibly smart which he acknowledges often and has developed quite an ego over the past 10 years. It has diminished since he first began to develop although it doesn't say much.

He is also an expert when it comes to scams and often exploits Rikkus gulliblity although it is all in good fun.

Story: Axel is a long time friend of Rikku, son of a good friend of Cid, He was tutored by Cid in the crafting and working of Machina and was soon to surpass Cid in his crafting when Home was attacked and razed by the Guado. He boarded the airship and spent a lot of time observing the Engines and how they worked, observing how they were powered and helping with maintance when needed.

After the Spiral of Death ceased, he began assisting with the reconstruction of Home and when Rikku came back after her second adventure with lady Yuna he was overjoyed, eventually shifting back to his old personality.
After three years of sodding hard work; Rikku told Axel of Cids plan and without even waiting for an answer from him, dragged (Conscripted if you will) Axel with her
on this new journey.


Storm, A Flintlock invented by himself. It fires balls of iron at high velocties and has been improved to be able to fire more balls quicker.

He also carries another Flintlock nicknamed Thrash but it is experimental so he avoids using it.

[URL=http://www.cr.nps.gov/museum/exhibits/revwar/image_gal/vafoimg/web_exhibit/VAFO5281_2dragoonpistols_exb.jpg]For both, Click here[/URL]

Ability: Axel uses a combination of his gun, explosives and Machina when using abilites to attack.

Level 1: Sharpshoot- Axel aims carefully and fires, having more chance of getting a fatal hit.
Level 10: Scorched Earth- Axel throws a flame explosive.
Level 20: Desperado- Axel leaps into the air and begins firing shots wildly.
Level 30: Assault ? Axel throws a small Machina which then attacks the opponent(s).
Level 40: Havoc- Axel fires a volley of explosive shots.
Level 50: Cave In! - Axel hurls one of his many handmade explosives onto the ground and causes a massive split in the ground.
Level 60: Mortar- Axel sets up a trio of small Machina that run at the enemies and explode.
Level 70: Flare- Axel hurls a massivly upgraded Flame Explosive.
Level 80: Al Bhed Storm- Axel throws about a dozen or so Grenades of various elements at the enemies.
Level 90: Fire at Will- Axel summons a giant Machina and orders it to fire at will.

Overdrive: Blitzkrieg- Axel draws a second guns and fires rapidly at the enemies. He then throws a pair of Flame Explosives to finish.
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Ok! I can officaly say my sign up is completely done. She has a name, a weapon picture (and description due to the fact i couldnt find a blade that QUITE looked like what i wanted) she even has all the abilities written down now.

She even has a better Overdrive. However I couldnt draw Ria. I tried but every time I picked up the dang pencil i just blanked. I knew what i wanted her to look like down to the very tattoo on her arm but i just could NOT draw it. I deleted my OTHER post stating i was partially finished. Anywyas off I go. I may still get a picture but its... doubtful.
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Worry not, Frankie, because I got an artistic inspiration and drew your character for you!

Here she is: [url=http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c323/SamSandy/Final%20Fantasy/ff-fic-ffx3-rianna.jpg][B]Rianna[/B][/url]

I took some artistic liberties with the colors, and I didn't know what type of hair you meant for her, but hope you like it anyways! ;D

[B]PWNED[/B]: You are missing one ability in your sign up! The 80th level one, namely.
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Here she is: [url="http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c323/SamSandy/Final%20Fantasy/ff-fic-ffx3-rianna.jpg"][b]Rianna[/b][/url]

[/QUOTE]Oh. My. God!

That is so tottaly cool sandy! That like fits what I invisioned. Yeah i realize i forgot hair length but.... THAT is exactly how i invisioned it anyways. You read my mind!

*Saves picture for later rpg uses* Heh, Yay! And Dont worry, I love the way you kinda changed colors around, thats just to cool!
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][SIZE=1][FONT=Tahoma]Well... since Sandy approved it himself, I shall play as the most loveable part of all... Gippal!! XD Let's hope that I portray him correctly, as how he is so loveable.


[B]Name[/B]: Gippal
[B]Tribe[/B]: Al Bhed
[B]Age[/B]: 21
[B]Birthplace[/B]: Home
[B]Appearance[/B]: [URL=http://img325.imageshack.us/my.php?image=gippal2ua.jpg]Ta-Dah! Gippal![/URL]

[B]Personality[/B]: Basically, even though his appearance is a handsome and cool, but on the inside... he's a real kid at heart. Gippal like to poke fun at people for his own amusement, but knows when to stop... sometimes. If he finds injustice against the Al Bhed or anything he believes in, he'll put a stop to it. Is sometimes collected and smart whenever he needs to be. Wants to have his dull life turned around with some action and dare- deviling adventure!

[B]Story:[/B] When hearing of Rikku and Cid going on a new venture, Gippal automatically joined with his two friends, hoping to find out some of his past when he had joined with the Crimson War and maybe even developing a unique relationship with Rikku...

[B]Weapon: Blue Thunder[/B]- A huge heavy- blade sword that glows a bright blue whenever Gippal is angered. [B]Electrocity[/B]- A big machina gun that allows him to shoot anything he wants.

[B]Ability: [/B] Whenever he wills it to, Gippal can combine his two weapons together to assemble a firey-blue gun-blade.

[B]Level 1: Spitshot[/B]- Whilst aiming carefully, Gippal can shoot five shots without missing.
[B]Level 10: Electrokinetic Wave[/B]- Summoning a Thunder spell, Gippal shoots a huge wave of electricity, making it able to stun opposing teams.
[B]Level 20: Rolling Thunder[/B]- Using his sword, Gippal runs towards the enemy, unleashing different slashing attacks and fighting techniques, finishing it off with him pointing his blade and releasing electricity.
[B]Level 30: Holy Machina[/B]- Gippal quickly builds a machina with spare parts that can cure a medium amount of HP to weak team members.
[B]Level 40: Crazy Roulette[/B]- Using different bullets from his pack, Gippal randomly puts them in his gun and shoots them.
[B]Level 50: Sandstorm[/B]- Gippal violently spins his blade around, creating a huge sandstorm and placing it towards the opposing side.
[B]Level 60: Firaga Bomb[/B]- Gippal casts six Firaga spells all in one, not depeleting a lot of his MP.
[B]Level 70: Heavenly Grail[/B]- Using half of his MP, Gippal and deplete any status alignments a character has and make his team invincible for three whole turns.
[B]Level 80: Lucky Strike[/B]- If his luck is on the good side, Gippal can automatically KO an enemy with one strike of his blade.
[B]Level 90: Destruction[/B]- Using both his gun and blade, Gippal can cause a great amount of damage to the enemy by shooting different bullets and different blade attacks.

[B]Overdrive: Justice is Served[/B]- Gippal combines his gun and blade to make a weapon called Omega. Then, he rapidly shoots and slashes for thirty seconds straight. Then, he gets closer to the enemy and does a few more slashes; to finish, he jumps up and summons a huge blue energy ball and throws it at the enemy.

Well... hope this is good and I can't wait to start writing!! X3[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Okay, everybody who has signed in at this point are in the game (although Ecstacy still needs to actually fill in the form...).

I will start up the game either on [B]Sunday[/B] or [B]Monday[/B], so there's still time to sign-up. However, I will have to make one more limitation: [B]no more Al Bhed characters[/B], unless you're signing up as [B]Buddy[/B]. I would very much appreciate having at least one Guado/Ronso/Hypello character in this game.

In addition to starting up the game, I will create an [B]Underground thread[/B], where everybody should post their character's level, status, abilities etc. and update them as changes occur. But more about that when the game kicks off.

But great job, everybody who've signed up this far! This is going to be one heckuva adventure! ;D
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[font=Arial][size=1][b]Name:[/b] Zelex
Tribe: 1/2 Human, 1/2 Ronso
Age: 21
Birthplace: Kilika

[font=Arial][size=1][b]Appearance:[/b] Being half Ronso and half human, his physique is much different from normal Ronso or human. He has the tail of a Ronso, along with the horn and the natural strength, but he lacks the fur of a Ronso. His hair is a deep, dark blue, going to his shoulders in a short rogue-like ponytail. His horn is an ebony white, and sharp. His tail has the same fur color as his hair and is extruding from his tail-bone. And since he has the same physique of a Ronso male, his main attire is specially made clothes for him; Ronso influenced designs can be seen on his clothing. For his upper body, he rarely wears anything, but when it is cold, he usually wears a large sweater, made of wool.[/size][/font]

[font=Arial][size=1][b]Personality:[/b] He retains most of his human traits, save for his temper. Like most Ronso, Zelex has a tendency to go beserk in a fight or whenever he gets fustrated or irritated. He retains his ability to control his anger like a human, but it is harder to do so. He does have a good side though. He is kind, loving, and can generally be a very good person, given the time to know him.[/size][/font]

[font=Arial][size=1][b]Story:[/b] His parents were a rather strange couple. His father was a human and his mother was a Ronso. He never remembered them since his father was murdered by his mothers family. Zelexs mother was disowned by her family and gave up her son to a local orphanage. She soon died afterwards. Ever since he was 16 and heard of the destruction of the Al-Bhed home, Zelex has always wanted to help them out. But being one that is not considered 'norma', he has been cast away by many of the people of Spira. Almost giving up hope, he heard of Riku, and went in search of her, wanting to help her on her journey. He feels that whoever had been slaughtered by the Guado should help each other rebuild if they can.[/size][/font]

[font=Arial][size=1][b]Weapon:[/b] He weilds two weapons; Gletscher-Säbel, a mythril katana blessed with the power of ice. His other weapon is a mythril long sword blessed with the power of lightning, which he favorably calls Blitz-Klinge. He has them on each hip, weilding them with the opposing hand.[/size][/font]

[size=1]Lv. 1: Heftiger Schlag - A basic shoulder ram, doing major damage and has a 55% chance of paralization.[/size]
[size=1]Lv. 10 : Platzen Rand - Using his two blades, he smashes them into the ground, causing a stream of ice spikes and lightning to snake towards an enemy, causing area damage.[/size]
[size=1]Lv. 20 : Eis Stücke - Freezing one enemy with his katana, Zelex shatters their body with a devestating blow. Immune to bosses and uses lots of energy.[/size]
[size=1]Lv. 30 : Energieschuss - Focusing the electricity in Blitz-Klinge, Zelex fires a powerful shot of lightning at the enemy.[/size]
[size=1]Lv. 40 : Heilen Sie - A basic 'Cure' spell, but has an area effect.[/size]
[size=1]Lv. 50 : Omni Hieb - Using his speed, Zelex will strike the enemy a total of 7 times, the seventh strike ending with a clash of lightning and ice area damage.[/size]
[size=1]Lv. 60 : Königliches Eis - A fourth level Blizzard spell, but with area damage.[/size]
[size=1]Lv. 70 : Königlicher Blitz - A fourth level Thunder Spell, but with area damage.[/size]
[size=1]Lv. 80 : Schützen Sie - Casts Protect and Shell on all allies.[/size]
[size=1]Lv. 90 : Schneller Schlag - Donning the katana only, Zelex will get in a stance and quickly strike the enemy. 30% chance half damage, 30% chance normal damage, 30% chance critical damage, 10% chance instant death.[/size]

[size=1]Overdrive: Wut Ausbruch - Becoming enraged, Zelex will go on a barrage of strikes on the enemies, eventually ending with a area damaging eruption[/size]

[size=1]All of the ability names are derived from German, if you can understand it. Oh yeah, and by area damage, I mean doing damage to anything in that area portion, including allies. Stay away...

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[FONT=Verdana][COLOR=#333333][SIZE=1][b]OOC[/b]: This seems like it will be very interesting.

[b]Name[/b]: Trida (Tree-dah)
[b]Tribe:[/b] Half Human and Half Guado
[b]Age:[/b] 24
[b]Birthplace:[/b] Luca
[b]Appearance:[/b] Trida resembles an uncanny resemblence to the tyrant of Seymour which has got her in a lot of trouble in the past. She has long light blue hair that hangs down to almost touching her legs that she usually keeps up into a high ponytail and ice blue eyes. She is also noticed for being taller then most humans.

[b]Personality:[/b] Trida has always been described as a cheerful person however that is anything but the truth. She has a tendency to find the best out of every bad situation and to laugh at anything which can get on other's nerves. One thing is certain however, is that Trida has a hard time trusting others.While she will lend you a helping hand with whatever you may need, you will almost certainly never find her talking about herself.

[b]Story:[/b] Being half-guado and half-human, it was unusual for someone like her to live in Luca. Yet no one could blaim her, for she had supported herself since she was a child since her mother was always so poor. Her father however, was never a big part of her life seeing as he left her mother for another woman, so money became one of her main priorities. Majority of her time, she watched blitzball and got into a terrible gambling habit trying to fend for money. Eventually, it got so bad that she ended up in debt to a dangerous well-known loan shark. Seeking refuge, Trida heard a tale of an Al Bhed named Rikku who was looking for companions on their airship and reluctantly sought her out. It was then that she asked to travel abroad to "seek adventure", but what adventure Trida was looking for is unknown. She might just be seeking a way to raise money for the debts she's owned or maybe she is really looking for something..... or maybe just someone?

[b]Weapon:[/b] [URL=http://home.att.net/~licata_knives/septer.jpg]Corda Valve[/URL] - is a type of spear with pointed ends like a trydant. It has a vine that spirals down the pole and has light blue tips at the end that involve causing frostbite to anyone who touches it. She also carries with her grenades and things like throwing knives incase she cannot carry "Corda" with her.

[b]Ability:[/b] [ Editing ]
Lv. 1 -
Lv. 10 -
Lv. 20 -
Lv. 30 -
Lv. 40 -
Lv. 50 -
Lv. 60 -
Lv. 70 - Alvalanche
Lv. 80 -
Lv. 90 -

[b]Overdrive:[/b] [ Editing ]

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[SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Juylan
[B]Tribe:[/B] Guado
[B]Age:[/B] 26
[B]Birthplace:[/B] Guadosalam
[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/30871970/][Clicketh!][/URL]

[B]Personality:[/B] Though Juylan would be quite active and open among his own people, he feels more than slightly out of place in a group of people that his tribe had brutally wronged. In the group, he is quite withdrawn and over-cautious but will still aim to do whatever he can to help.

[B]Story:[/B] Juylan was one of the Guado that took part in the attack on Home and Mount Gagazet, under the leadership of the vile Seymour Guado, who had used his people as he had used the rest of Spira. After Seymour's death, Juylan fled Guadosalam with the rest of his tribe, and, had it not been for the Gullwings' efforts to calm the Ronso's hate, would probably have died with them before seeing his home again.
Juylan had fel a constant guilt for the actions of him and hs people, and the harm they had caused to Spira, and though he tried his best to return to the life he had before the days of Seymour, he could never let go of his bitter past. Hearing of the Al Bhed's efforts to make a new Home, Juylan tracked Rikku down and - nervously - asked if he could do anything to help. Though some were still unsure about allowing a Guado onboard, Rikku accepted him to the team, perhaps a little too enthusiastically.

[B]Weapon:[/B] Iron Viper - A basic one-handed sword [similiar to that shown in the link above, but not quite] with a serpent motif engraved onto one side of the blade and continuing onto the hilt. However, little of the pattern is visible on the hilt, as it has been wrapped tightly in faded blue fabric to give better grip on the sword.
The blade has been treated with countless toxins, giving it a permanent, if unreliable, ability to poison its 'victims', and is most effective against unarmored fiends.

[I]Lvl 1: Viper Rush:[/I] A quick attack that deals less damage than usual, but carries a better chance of inflincting Poison and can be followed up more quickly than a standard attack.
[I]Lvl 10: Armour Break:[/I] Juylan strikes the enemy, potentially lowering their defence.
[I]Lvl 20: Sleep Attack:[/I] Juylan treats his blade with a potent tranquiliser and attacks, putting the target into a state of Sleep if successful.
[I]Lvl 30: Mental Break:[/I] Juylan strikes the enemy, potentially lowering magic defence.
[I]Lvl 40: Nulblade:[/I] An attack that removes any positive status inflictions from an opponent, and has a slight chance of reducing the target's attack power.
[I]Lvl 50: Full Break:[/I] Mid-power attack that can lower strength, defence, magic power, and magic defence in a single hit.
[I]Lvl 60: Triple Foul:[/I] Juylan strikes the enemy viciously, dealing reasonable damage and inflicting Darkness, Silence and Poison for three turns.
[I]Lvl 70: Twisted Lullaby:[/I] A dangerous attack that gives a 100% chance of putting a non-immune target to sleep for 2-3 turns, and a 50% chance of inflicting Death. Does not cause any damage by itself.
[I]Lvl 80: Hyper Break:[/I] Juylan throws a vial of toxic gas into the centre of the enemy group, inflicting considerable [magic] damage and Full Break status on any targets vulnerable to it.
[I]Lvl 90: Mad Viper:[/I] Juylan drinks one of his special 'brews', raising his base attack power while generating the effects of Protect, Haste and Berserk - granting increased strength, speed and defence, but causing Juylan to lose control of his actions for several minutes.

[B]Overdrive:[/B] [I]Recompense:[/I] Juylan shatters a vial on the ground, which acts as a smoke-bomb of sorts. He rushes forward under the cover of the smoke, and attacks the enemies at random with 7-10 strong attacks, each causing a flash inside the cloud. He then jumps up and back, bursting out of the smoke cloud, and hurls a cluster of vials which break up the smoke cloud and damage the enemy with a toxic spray. At the end of the attack, each enemy has a 50% chance of being inflicted with a random status condition.[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][SIZE=1][FONT=Tahoma]Huzzah! More people signed up! Specially Dodeca! *tackles* I can't wait to see how this RP's gonna turn out. X3

Well, it seems that I've been in the artistic mood lately and everyone's drawing their character, so... I drew my new and improved version of him that will play in this here RP. So, without further ado.. to view my Gippal, [URL=http://www.deviantart.com/view/34226422/]clicketh here![/URL]

If anyone has DA (you, Dodeca... XD), 'twould be awesome if you would post a comment cause no one loves me there.. ;-;

Anywho, I also wanted to ask you a question, Sandy... about the battles... I know we have to post our new level ups in the Underground Thread, but in the story... how will we show when we're done battling? For example...

Gippal had finally beaten the ferocious two-headed dragon. After it's aura had dissapated, he jumped up and down with joy to hear the words, [B]"Gippal Is Now Level Two."[/B] "Yes!" he exclaimed, ecstatically, "I'm finally Level Two and I beat that bad-*** dragon!"


Gippal had finally beaten the two headed dragon.

[B]Gippal Attained Level Two.[/B]

He sighed with relief and smiled to himself. "Damn thing was a pest.. but I beat it."

So... would it be either they do know that the attained a new level and ablities or no? Just wondering so I won't do it wrong. n.n Can't wait to start playing! This'll be awesome! X3[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Name: Axzednakai
Tribe: Al Bhed
Apearrence: Black haired red eyed teen from Home. Wears silver leg and arm plates for protection.. sword has tubes that rap around his arma. Has a scar on his left cheek. About 5 and a half feet tall.

Personality: Loves fighting for the greater good. Quiet and reliable. Hates losing and loves eating. He will do anything for money. He is good at hitting things for he was a blitzball player.

Story: Axzednakai was sent to exile by his tribe. He secretly joined the humans but his calling was engineering.

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[QUOTE=Keyblade Wielder][COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][SIZE=1][FONT=Tahoma]
Anywho, I also wanted to ask you a question, Sandy... about the battles... I know we have to post our new level ups in the Underground Thread, but in the story... how will we show when we're done battling? [/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR][/QUOTE]

Actually it's up to you. Both ways you showed were fine, and it can be done in a numerous other ways as well (like [B]Rikku Lv.1 -> Lv. 2[/B]). The only important thing is that it can be seen after battle.

The sign-ups are now closed, by the way. I will start the game as soon as possible, but here are the players:
[INDENT][B]Sandy[/B] - Rikku
[B]Frankie[/B] - Rianna
[B]Ecstacy[/B] - Paine (you still need to get those abilities up, though)
[B]PWNED[/B] - Axel
[B]Keyblade Wielder[/B] - Gippal
[B]Venge[/B] - Zelex
[B]Dodeca[/B] - Jyulan Guado

So we have our party of seven. Most of the characters will start up separated from each other, so the first task when the game starts is to gather together.

Let's have a blast! ;D
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Guest DigiTamer
Name: Ryan
Tribe: Human
Age: 13
Birthplace: Sironiu
Appearance: Spikey hair and is a blond. Has blue eyes. Wears a yellow shirt and blue jeans socks and shoes as well.
Personality: kind-hearted and is good with words.
Story: Ryan wants to jion Rikku because he thinks her journey because he thinks it a noble quest.
Weapon: Twin Pistols.
Ability: Fire Shot: at level ten. Ice Shot: at level 20. Bolt Shot:at level 30. Pioson Bullet: at level 40. Stun Gun: at level 50. Sleepy Shot: at level 60. Twin Element: at level 70. Drianing Bullet: at level 80. Bullet Barrage: at level 90. Double Shot: starts off with.
Overdrive: Armor Piercer: Pierces defence of the enemy.
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