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RPG The Throne of Telthes (M-VL)


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[i][color=slategray][b]Doccument: General Intelligence Sumary[/b][/color][/i]
[i][color=#708090][b]Glowing Star[/b][/color][/i]
[color=#708090][i]Recent intelligence reports indicate that a [/i][color=royalblue][i]Kutisok[/i] [/color][/color][color=slategray][i]army is advancing towards the [color=darkslategray]Black Falcon [/color][color=slategray]stronghold Falcon's Nest. Our spies believe this to be an act of misdirection. They believe that the Kutisok army's real target is within nearby [/color][color=lime]Emerald Fist [/color][/i][color=slategray][i]terrirory, but they have been unsuccessful in determing the army's exact destination. Other Kutisok forces have been spotted in [color=darkorchid]Deadly Flower[/color][color=slategray] territory, but their objective within the area is unknown. The force level seems to be small, suggesting a raiding operation or, since they're Kutisok forces, a suicide attack.[/color][/i][/color][/color]
[i][color=#708090]The [/color][color=darkorchid]Deadly Flower[/color][color=slategray] have been attempting to track the [color=royalblue]Kutisok[/color] force, but have so far been uncuccessful. The force is skilled at remaining unseen. It was pure luck that allowed the force to be spotted at all, and luck has not struck against the Kutisko force a second time. As it's quite likely that the Kutisok force will not be stopped short of its target, the Deadly Flower may be planning a retaliatory strike, though nothing has yet been confirmed.[/color][/i]
[i][color=#708090]The [/color][color=lime]Emerald Fist[/color][color=slategray] have forces advancing towards [color=darkslategray]Black Falcon[/color] territory. Our spies have yet to determine exact targets, but they are confident that the Emerald Fist army is indeed going to advance into Black Falcon territory. The Emerald Fist seem to have reached the same conclusion we have about the true destination of the Kutisok force supposedly heading towards Falcon's Nest, as they are strengthening their defenses in the area.[/color][/i]

[i][color=red]Crimson Blaze [/color][color=slategray]forces are advancing towards a [/color][color=darkslategray]Black Falcon [/color][color=slategray]city, Raven's Eye. However, we do not believe this to be a fake-out like the [/color][color=royalblue]Kutisok [/color][color=slategray]advance on the Falcon's Nest stronghold. As things currently stand, the Crimson Blaze army will take Raven's Eye without much difficulty. The Black Falcon forces stationed at Raven's Eye will not be enough to resist the Crimson Blaze advance.[/color][/i]
[i][color=#708090]The [/color][color=darkslategray]Black Falcon [/color][color=slategray]are conducting raids on [/color][color=red]Crimson Blaze [/color][color=slategray]supply caravans and other things important to the approaching army in an effort to weaken it enough for them to be able to successfully defend Raven's Eye. On their own, they probably wouldn't succeed, but we've been conduction our own raids on the Crimson Blaze forces. A Crimson Blaze loss at Raven's Eye would be advantageous to our own plans for an advance into Crimson Blaze territory.[/color][/i]
[i][color=#708090]Our forces have been conducting small-scale operations in [/color][color=red]Crimson Blaze [/color][color=slategray]territory. We've deployed general raiding parties to attack Crimson Blaze supply caravans, and slightly stronger forces to take out small groups of Crimson Blaze soldiers heading to join the main force. Our supply raiders are remaining in enemy territory as long as they can, hitting targets of oportunity while remaining on the move to avoid being located. As they can take supplies from the caravans they hit, they have generally been able to remain for a while. They have all been instructed to leave enemy territory and return to our nearby force when either a set period of time that differs for each individual group has passed, a group has only enough supplies left for the journey back, or if a group suffurs more than 50% casualties. Though some forces have reported back for both reasons, others remain in Crimson Blaze territory.[/color][/i]
[i][color=#708090][b]End of Intelligence Summary.[/b][/color][/i]
[color=purple]Saeneles had been a member of a small force send into Crimson Blaze territory to attack supply caravans and disrupt the flow of supplies to Crimson Blaze forces. Her force had done very well up untill now, losing only two of their original ten in the several attacks they'd conducted. But all that had changed when they'd moved in on the caravan, passing through a forest, that was their most recent target.[/color]
[color=#800080]The Glowing Star force had split into two teams of four. One team, the one Saeneles was a part of, circled around the caravan. Saeneles and another magic user, a Sylph woman named Alesis , had attacked the caravan's front from a distance with magic. This attracted the attention of the caravan's estort, which pursued the team.[/color]
[color=#800080]The plan was for the second team, which had the other two magic users, to move in and take out the caravan while the first team distracted the escort. However, it turned out that this team had been spotted by the caravan. Some of the excorts who had ran off after Saeneles' team had actually circled around and taken the second team by surprise.[/color]
[color=#800080]As far as Saeneles knew, the only survivor from the second team was Grant, a human male who was an expert archer. He'd reached the first team and informed them of what had happened. The warning came just in time, as they were soon attacked by the two escort groups. Saeneles and Alesis had caused some havoc with their magic while the others scattered, and then they'd taken to the air to escape. They'd blasted the caravan from the air with magic, then split up to search for the rest of their force.[/color]
[color=#800080]Saeneles was currently concealed high in a tree, watching as two of the escorts pursued Grant. There had originally been three, but Saeneles had taken one out with magic. Now she was after the other two. She leapt into the air, landing in front of them a couple seconds later with staff drawn. She knocked one of them unconcious before either could react. The other aced fast enough to come at her with his sword, but she didn't have too much trouble with him. After killing him then taking the life of the one she'd knocked unconcious, she continued after Grant.[/color]
[color=#800080]Saeneles soon came upon Grant. Unfortunately, she came upon him just as he was taken down by a Crimson Blaze soldier. The escort saw Saeneles and advanced towards her. He never reached her, though, as she took him out with magic before he even got close.[/color]
[color=#800080]Saeneles was about to move on when Alesis landed in front of her. "There you are, Saeneles," she said. "I sure hope you've had better luck than I have. I found Lekis' body, minus the head. Then I saw Keseh, but he was engaged with one of the escorts. That guy was good, too. Keseh was a damn good swordsman, but this guy just took him out. I wasn't able to save Keseh, but I sure as hell took down the man who killed him. Took out a few other escorts here and there, too."[/color]
[color=#800080]"I didn't do any better," Saeneles replied. "I found Grant, but he got killed. I got the one who killed him, though, and a few others. By now, we've probably taken out most, if not all, of the escort, and our arial bombardment earlier basically took out the caravan. Let's get out of here."[/color]
[color=#800080]"Definitely," Alesis argeed. "We need to get back to the Glowing Star army. And since we're the only two from our force who're still alive, I don't think we should stay on the ground in Crimson Blaze territory. We need to get out of here fast. I know we've tried to stay on the ground to avoid the risk of being seen, but that's no longer a concern. If we fly, we'll be back with our army before nightfall. The enemy knows by now that their supply caravans are being attacked, so we won't be giving anything away there, and we don't have to worry about them finding us because we're leaving their territory. Besides, we'll quickly be high enough up that nobody'll be able to see us."[/color]
[color=#800080]Saeneles nodded. "I was thinking the same thing. We need to get back as quickly as possible, and that means flying. So let's go."[/color]
[color=#800080]"Let's," Alesis said. "I'm a bit dissapointed that our run's ended, though."[/color]
[color=#800080]"Well, at least it was a good run," Saeneles replied. "We did a good job. But now it's over. Let's get out of here."[/color]
[color=#800080]Alesis nodded, and the two of them took off. They headed for Glowing Star territory, and the army that was gathering near the border.[/color]

OOC: Okay, here we go. The 'intelligence summary' in my post is there to provide a general idea of which faction's currently doing what, so feel free to use that stuff in your posts. But don't feel like you're limited to what I put. You can do your own thing if you want to. I provided the information to give people something to use if they wanted to, but you don't have to use any of it if you don't want to.

All right, then. Have fun.
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OOC: Btw, I made some changes to my character profile in the inn, basically his rules of nonviolence are less moral and more logical in nature.

[Size=1][color=darkred][b]"Sir, we believe the Kutisoks will be here within only a few hours. The remnants of Lord Pelos's forces are already here to help us in the defence of the hill."[/b] Rellin, Olan's second-in-command, said as Olan began to head up the hill he had selected as their defensive position.

[b]"Tell Lord Pelos that given the reduced number of his men and the death of all of his officers that it may be wise for him to report to the capital and leave his men under my command. So few men hardly merit to have their own general, though they probably are some of the most veteran soldiers here."[/b] Olan said as he passed columns of troops, with his cutlass dangling from his side. He was walking up a large hill that rose from the plains, it was far from an ideal position since it would be easy to surround and attack on all sides but it was blocking any way further into their homeland, it gave them a commanding view of the surrounding countryside and Olan thought that it would be good to show of their forces and hopefully scare off the Kutisoks.

[b]"You migh offend him, Olan. He won't take kindly to being asked to run."

"Don't ask him to run, then. Ask him to do us a favor by reporting for us."[/b]

Rellin didn't always think that Olan was straightforward enough to be considered an honorable member of the Emerald Fist but he knew that under his command he didn't have to worry about being cut down in some heroic last stand.

Olan reached the top of the hill and could see the expanse of land around him in all sides. It was time, he decided, to set up the defenses more fully.

[b]"Rellin, the infantry are to form in a square around the base in the hill, with Pelos's knights at the corners and any cavalry we have further up ready to assist if the enemy breaks through. Then set the archers and anyone else with ranged weapons at the very top with our flags waving high. Also I want the rest of the scouts forming out around us to keep us alert to where the Kutisok are coming from."

"Alright, I'll form up the men in the infantry square."[/b]

Rellin began to march off to give out the orders but stopped.

[b]"Olan, I have a question."

"What is it?"

"Well, weren't our orders supposed to be leading the attack on the Black Falcon?"

"I passed those orders up. Didn't fit my style so I suggested someone else to lead it."

"Who? The sylph?"

"I can't be sure who they sent, Rellin, but right now it doesn't matter."

"Of course, Olan. I'll get to work."[/b]

Olan looked over the horizon at where he thought the Kutisok would be coming and thought to himself [i]They'd have to be stupid to attack here, but the Kutisok do things that are a lot more than stupid... the fools.[/i][/size][/color]
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[color=indigo]Ametite circled high above Raven's Eye, hoping to spot evidence of the large Crimson Blaze armies. She was about half a mile off the ground, high enough to be hard to spot by anyone, but low enough to be able to see things near the ground. The winds were steady that particular day--not too rough, but just enough to be able to glide upon. Thus Ametite would be able to keep watch over the land for quite a while, until, she saw an opportunity to warn the other faction members.

Raven's Eye seemed okay at the moment. Ametite even barely spotted James there--hopefully he had heard about possible Crimson Blaze advances just like she did a while before. James seemed to be keeping his guard up--nothing big to worry about.
[i]I hope everyone else who is not traveling is ready to put up a good defense in the event that Raven's Eye might be taken by Crimson Blaze forces...[/i] Ametite pondered as she drifted around on the wind currents. [i]If Raven;s Eye is taken, who knows, we'll have only a few dwelling places left. I just certainly hope they don't take the Falcon's Nest instead...[/i]

Next Ametite looked over to where Falcon's Nest was. A few guards were patroling the place.
[i]Good, the place seems well-protected.[/i]
Falcon's Nest was more of a fortress than anything else. It held a lot of the Black Falcon's supplies, and if raided, it would prove a significant weakness for the faction. In fact, this was why there were so many guards around the place, as well as messengers that could contact any of the other Black Falcon bases for assistance.
[i]The only ones I see attempting to take the Falcon's Nest are the Kutisok. Why, they'd certainly die trying, so they'd not be afraid of the guards... But I doubt to believe that fear is the determining factor. Let's move on.[/i]

Ametite flew east a bit, diving a little bit lower to get a better view of what was going on below. Heading west towards Raven's Eye (most likely) was a Crimson Blaze army. Ametite watched this procession for a while, all the while remaining alert for any possible air attackers. Luckily, though, at this moment there were none.
[i]Let's see...[/i] Ametite concluded after a while, [i]At their speed, it looks like this army will reach Raven's Eye in, say, five hours. So this means that we have until then to weaken the armies enough to prevent them from taking this base. Let's see, there are... what, forty of them? Oooh, and only five or so of us. We are seriously outnumbered. But why am I thinking this when I can report it to everyone at Raven's Eye...?[/i]

With that, Ametite turned around and flew down towards Raven's Eye, moving down in wide circles so as to confuse opposing factions as to where she was headed. It was only a matter of minutes before she landed at Raven's Eye. She landed right in front of James in fact, and thus began to explain to him the things she witnessed from above. All she had to wait for now was James's suggestion of what to do next, as well as help from the rest of the faction.[/color]
OOC: Sorry about the bunny, but James [i]is[/i] a Black Falcon...
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[size=1]" The Kutisok have entered the Western territories. We have a tracking team after them but we haven't had any luck in picking up the trail or getting any information on their target. There are too many targets in the Western territories to protect with our current number of soldiers that aren't on the front lines."

Touka looked up at her commander - an Elf of middle age for their race. There were many scars over her face - the prizes of war. Touka was lucky to not receive any of those hideous things as of yet, but she has had her fair share of battles. Her tail swished angrily behind her and her dark grey ears were flattened back.

" The nerve of those Kutisok. What are they planning?" Touka growled to herself very tiger like.
" Settle down Commander Ichimaru," the elf warned. " We need to organise a counter strike. I need your skills in this battle. Your weapon has the destructive powers necessary for this mission. I will let you organise your own team."
Touka gave a fanged smirk before bowing low and exited out of the tent.

" The plot thickens," Touka murmured to herself as she made her way back to the barracks. Her orders were going to be given to her later when the upper commanders and generals had chosen their target.

The sound of a cheery barracks echoed to Touka's cat-like ears. Seems like the soldiers were having fun - but with what? It sounded like it was coming from her barracks. She approached the doors of the barracks and opened them.

A lot of women were whooping at a group of women who were playing some sort of entertaining game. Touka walked in.
" That will do ladies."

The group turned to her.
" Awww come on Touka, this is hilarious."
" Come join us."
Touka growled. " Don't make too much noise. I have some work to do." The Teigran went to walk into her quarters but stopped in the doorway and turned.
" Has anybody seen Ska?"
" Huh? Ska? No.. I haven't seen her since dinner."
" Very well. Don't wake up the other barracks."
" Yes ma'am!" they all chorused.

Touka sighed and entered her own quarters, shutting the door behind her. The sound of her soldiers were dull through her thick wooden door. The Tiegran looked over to her Kiju - her most valuable possession and only weapon. Her body moved around to the desk and she sat down on it, starting on choosing who would go with her on her mission. She half-wished that Ska was here with her. She needed her opinions on who would come with them.[/size]
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James kept his cold gaze fixed on Ametite for a moment as he throughly brought the information through his head. While a brave and reckless bunch, the Kutisok were also relativly small in size. The standard guards at the [I]Falcon's Nest[/I] would be enough to hold up to their assault as long as they didn't let themselves to be intimidated by there unfaltering determination.

James decided that the great size of the Crimson Blayze were a much more eminent threat. They may not have been very tactical in there advances, but there sheer size and brawn made up for that lacking. If they made it all the way to the capital unopposed, then there stronghold would surely fall to there brawn. James set his hand on his ghostly white mask and drew his hand down. He then snapped his fingers [B]"Boldock, Shriner, Kelston!"[/B]

Suddenly, as if they had actually been manifested from the shadows, three more watchers appeared. Boldock was a half elf, Shriner was a Harpy like Ametite, and Kelston was a Half Dragon. They were all kneeling down on one knee just behind James. Boldock answerd [B]"What are our orders commander?"[/B]

Ametite seemed disturbed abit at the sight of them. Perhaps because they appeared so abruptly, or maybe it was the fact that they were as blank and emotionless as James appeared to be. James's empty, hollow voice seemed to be more like an echo from his throat, like someone else calling out from inside him [B]"We will take to the east. We must hinder the Crimson Blayze's advance in anyway we can. Shriner will take to the sky's with Ametite and follow her to where they were last sighted, Boldock and Kelston will follow me at distance to the right and left and prepare for a flanking attack when we make contact with there advancing forces. I will take the frontward attack. We'll strike all at once and stop there movement all at once."[/B]

The three stood to there feet and bowed, replying in unison [B]"Yes sir."[/B]

Shriner stepped forward and went to Ametite's side, while Boldock and Kelston went to either side of James. James finally made eye contact with Ametite [B]"This is all the force we'll need. Take us to where you saw them."[/B]

She was lost in James's yellow eyes for a moment, but quickly snapped back to her senses. With a beat of her wings she was airborne, with Shriner quick on her heels, or wings if you prefer. James took in there direction on foot, as did Boldock and Kelston. Watchers often frightend animals like horses, and other such beasts of burden, so they were more then used to going great distances on foot.

As the three on the ground moved, Ametite noticed that a shadow seemed to move with them. As if the darkness was drawn to them. It was at this time that she noticed that the skies seemed darker with Shriner by her side. The team of five made and advance east in what seemed to Ametite as a hopeless attempt at thwarting the Crimson Blayze. However, James and his underlings showed neither confidence nor concern. There faces were as blank and unmoving as granite slates.
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1]The wind whipped around Carthage as he made his way across the ruined land. He was heading home to Falcon's Nest when he had spotted a Crimson Blayze support wagon moving the same way he was, at that point, he started to stalk the wagon. Following it everyday for about three days, watching them close during the day and even closer at night. Observing their guard routes, numbers, training as they did to keep themselves sharp.

He smiled to himself as the night fell over the camp and they set up camp, this support wagon was close enough to Raven's Eye that they would have been spotted by the others. Or at least their position was now known and the others would be coming, he knew Ametite and James would be coming. Along with James' group of blank faced creatures. All Carthage had to do was wait, wait until the horses stirred.

Carthage waited a few hours, remaining in his position until his oppurtunity presented itself to him. Soon enough, he saw the horses stir and the men began to run out to them, Carthage didn't wait to see what the others would do, he just went right to work. Pulling out Stiehl right away and then pulling out a simple knife, he bolted into the camp, keeping his stealth even though the camp around him was going thought extreme turmoil.

He quickly struck out at the first person that passed by, lashing out so fast the guard didn't realize his neck had been cut open. His brain still was catching up to the events, the guard then fell over with his eye open wide. Carthage then went furhter into the camp, avoiding the men falling from the sky and the limbs that were torn from a body.

He moved swiftly, lashing out lightining fast at any who dare draw close enough and were foolish enough to leave their bodys open to attack. Carthage eventually found an officer who seemed to have some battle experience, judging by the scars on his arms and face. Carthage placed his simple knife away and then used his free hand to remove the lower half of his mask.

He tucked it away in his sash then pulled off the hood that covered the top part of his head, revealing sliver hair that was tucked into it. It came to about mid-back. His red eyes stared hard at the officer, he fangs peaking over his lips. The officer grew uncomfortable with his and charge Carthage.

Carthage evaded, ducking under the blow and slicing open the officers right arm as he passed over him. The officer slowed and turned back toward him, bleeding freely from his new wound. And looked as if he wasn't noticing it or felt it at all. Carthage didn't let this discourge him, he knew the human body could only take a few more blows such as that before the pain destroyed him.

Carthage struck out at him first this time, swiftly moving at him, not doing it directly. But was surely getting closer to the other man, and as quickly he had raced toward the man he cut the juggular in his throat. Leaving nothing but a red line where his blade had entered and exited. He stood behind the man now, the Crimson Blayze officer fell over and his eyes were dead. Blood began to pool around him.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Navy][SIZE=1]Sienna Kor Addy sat on a tree, gazing up at the night sky.

"What's the matter, Ska?" asked a familiar voice.

"Oh, nothing. I'm just thinking..."

"Common, Ska. I know you better than that," said the voice. "Something's on your mind. Why don't you tell me?"

"I'm just thinking about my parents again," Ska replied, giving in. "How could they just abandon me? Especially there?"

"I know, Ska," the voice said, empathy obvious.

"I just don't understand it...did they mean to leave there? Was it even their fault? Was it a plan?"

"I don't know, but if it hadn't of happened, you wouldn't be who you are now, right?"

"I guess you're right, Starling." Looking towards her friend, she was shocked to see she wasn't there. "Starling, where are you?"

"Haha," Starling laughed. "I guessed you would ask me that. I'm right here, beside you, as always."

"Yes, you are," she said, smiling to herself. "I'm glad at least someone's here for me."

"Hey, don't forget about Touka. She's your friend, right?"

"Oh!" Ska exclaimed. "I totally forgot. I was planning on seeing her tonight. She had a meeting with the Commander tonight, and I wanted to know what is happening."

"You going to go see her?" asked Starling.

"I guess I'd better, before it gets too late," she replied as she jumped down off the tree. "Thanks for the talk, Starling."

"No problem, Ska. Anytime."

Ska started walking towards the camp, all thoughts of her parents lost and replaced with assumptions of what Touka would tell her.

Stepping up to Touka's quarters, she paused. [i]Wonder if she's back yet.[/i] She knocked.

"Enter," came a voice from inside.

Ska opened the door, and saw Touka sitting on her desk. Her tail flicked along the top of the desk, showing she was in deep thought.

"It's Ska."

Upon those words, Touka turned around, and smiled greatly. "Just the girl I wanted to see!" she said enthousiastically.

Ska couldn't help but grin. [i]I guess it could be worse.[/i]

[i]OOC: Just an intro...Kura, you can take it where you want...I'll follow.[/i][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[size=1]Touka gave a smile. " Just the girl I wanted to see."
The Tiegran stood, her tail swishing behind her. " We have a job to do."

" A mission?" the elf asked, not sounding surprised.
Touka nodded. " The High Commander I met with informed me that Kutisok have entered our Western territories. Since there are too many targets to cover with out current number of soldiers that aren't on duty, our superiors have decided to organse a relaitory strike. They gave me the option of choosing my own team. You and I will be leading our girls there."

Ska's eyes lit up at the chance of being on the front-line. " It's been too long since we've had a good fight."
" Indeed. It has," Touka chuckled. " We need to organise our team."
" Right."

The wind picked up outside as Touka and Ska worked through the night, deciding who they would take on their mission. By the time they had decided who was to go with them, the noise in the barracks had died down in the early hours of the morning. Touka yawned widely, showing her four elongated canine teeth.

" Well that's done. You can go to bed now Ska."
" When are we moving out?"
" I'll have a few hours sleep first then report to the High Commander at noon."
Ska gave a half smile. " I'm going to enjoy this."
Touka stretched, her tail curling up behind her as she stretched. " I want you to organise our chosen group after you wake and prepare yourself. I have a feeling that we'll be attacking the night after next."
" Right."

Ska left the room with an excited smile. Touka watched the elf out before sighing and laying down in her bed. She would have to bathe in the morning before she'd go to the High Commander to know exactly what her group would be doing.[/size]

OOC: Just organise everyone in the morning Ecstasy and then go find Touka at the High Commander's tent.
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On the horizon the line of Crimson Blayze soilders became apparent. It was a broad sweeping unit. There favorite formation since they could just move like a wall and push there opponents back until they were crushed into the dust. James halted in his movement, then Kelston and Boldock did the same. Both were about thirty feet away, to either side of him, but the three were still very aware of each others movements. Even the High flying Shriner stopped in flight with the rest of his comrades, if you could call them that. James pushed his hands out to either side and Boldock and Kelston moved for the flank. He then waved his right hand and pointed toward the approaching wall Shriner then flew off, as to land directly in the middle of there company.

Ametite simply followed along with Shriner while James stood perfectly still for a moment. He dawned his heathen gauntlets, as he was sure the others were dawning there own weapons. Kelston with his black broad sword, Boldock with his grappling daggers, and Shriner with his forearm blades. James began to walk toward the approaching troops. They were only a few hours outside of Raven's Eye, so stopping them now would be crucial. James could hear the whining of the horses, and the groans of there frustrated riders. The red cracks in James' gauntlets seemed to glow.

James pulled the corner of his coat away, placing his right index finger on his shoulder. He then pushed the black claw of his gauntlet into this skin, then drew it back. He watched the blood seep through slowly for a moment. It wasn't deep, but it was enough to set him off. He replaced his coat, as his body began to go into horrifying convulsions. He screamed and flailed for a moment, then went quiet again.

The shadow around him seemed to grow larger, as it met with the other shadows from his fellow watchers. It was then that James broke into laughter as he looked up toward the enemy force which seemed to be preparing for a charge on all fronts. James' face was filled with a look of sadistic joy as he turned his calm march to the enemy, into a mad dash for the frontline.

As he approached the line he leapt over the first wave and landed on one of the horsemen from the cavalry. This sent the horse, and all it's neighbors, into an absolute frenzy. They were either trying to stomp on him or runaway from him. James jumped back to the front line and slit the throats of two other soilders in his passing. The damage had been done. The cavalry was out of control, as rider after rider was thrown from the back of their animal as it tried to run free. Many soilders on the front were trampled in the passing.

James and his team had already taken and important offensive move. Now the attack could really begin.
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OOC: Okay, people, it's spelled 'Crimson Blaze', not 'Crimson Blayze'.


[color=#800080][color=purple]While flying back to the Glowing Star army, Saeneles and Alesis could see that the Crimson Blaze army was drawing ever closer to Raven's Eye. [i]The battle will begin soon[/i], Saeneles thought, [i]and it'll be a close one. The Crimson Blaze army clearly moved faster than anticipated. It hasn't yet begun to feel the full effects of the raids we and the Black Falcon have been conducting. I don't know who'll win the coming battle, but I can see that it'll be a close fight.[/i][/color][/color]
[color=#800080]When they reached the Glowing Star army, Saeneles and Alesis didn't land within the army's camp. Instead, they landed about half an hour's walk away from the came and went the rest of the way on foot. This was a standard precaution intended to prevent any unfortunate 'friendly fire' incidents.[/color]
[color=#800080]When they made it to the army's camp, Saeneles and Alesis immediately located their commander, a human man named Branit. "I didn't expect to see you back so soon," Branit remarked upon seeing them. "Why are you back already? And where's the rest of your group?"[/color]
[color=#800080]"Actually, Commander, that's why we're back," Saeneles replied. "Alesis and I are the only two from our group who are still alive. Everyone else is dead." She explained what had happened.[/color]
[color=#800080]"Well, sounds like you did your best," Branit said when Saeneles was done. "In fact, I'm impressed that you two managed to survive. What happened wasn't your fault. You two did all you could. More than I'd have expected from you, actually. I mean, you actually managed to take out the target after the escort ambushed you. None of the other groups have pulled that off."[/color]
[color=#800080]"Other groups?" Alesis repeated.[/color]
[color=#800080]Branit nodded. "Other groups. Yours isn't the first group to get taken out like that. Others have run into similar situations, and with similar results. None of them took out their targets after being ambushed, though. It would seem that your reputations are not undeserved. You did a good job out there."[/color]
[color=#800080]"Thank you, Commander," Saeneles said. "And yes, I realize that there was nothing more either of us could have done. But we had to try."[/color]
[color=#800080]"I understand," Branit replied. "I've been in similar situations myself. Some people would have abandoned their companions, but not everyone could live with themselves after doing such a thing. I'm one of those people, and it seems that the two of you are, as well."[/color]
[color=#800080]Alesis nodded. "Indeed. By the way, Commander, Saeneles and I caught sight of the Crimson Blaze army while on our way back here. They're on final approach to Raven's Eye."[/color]
[color=#800080]That bit of information clearly surprised Branit. "They're that close already? That didn't take them as long as we'd anticipated. You're sure it was the Crimson Blaze army?"[/color]
[color=#800080]"We're sure," Saeneles replied. "They weren't making any effort to hide what faction they're from.They were in the usual Crimson Blaze colors, flying Crimson Blaze flags, all that."[/color]
[color=#800080]"Thay're closing in already," Branit said, mostly to himself. "General Athek needs to be informed. Saeneles, Alesis," he said aloud, "you should go get some food and rest. We may well be moving out soon."[/color]
[color=#800080]"Got it," Saeneles said as Branit hurried off. She faced Alesis. "Well, you heard the man. Come on, let's go get something to eat. I don't know about you, but I'm starving."[/color]
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[COLOR=Navy][SIZE=1][i]OOC: With everyone fighting different battles, this RP's getting a bit confusing...heh, I'll try my best. Kura...I mean, Dare, I'm assuming that I'm making up random characters for this team, right? Will you have some characters with you as well, or is Ska responsible for "gathering the troups"? I'll assume the latter.[/i]

Finally waking in the dim morning light, Ska rubbed the sleep out of her eyes. She glanced over to the small window of her quarters, and heaved a sigh.

[i]It's about time we had some decent fighting. I've been soo board, I've had to resort to thinking about the past.[/i] At this thought, Ska shuttered. [i]I hate thinking about the past...I'd rather fight something. It's easier to deal with.[/i]

After getting ready, she stepped outside her quarters. [i]Now to get the girls, and meet Touka.[/i]

Moving as fast as she could, she gathered all the girls. There were two other Wood Elves, Diana and Friny, a Wizardess, Seph, one tiny Nymph, Spirit, a behemoth Giantess, Belatrix, as well as her Dryad friend, Starling. There was only one missing...Touka's youngest older sister, who Touka didn't know was at camp.

Ska had run across her the other day out in the forest. The Dryads had told her a wild Tiegrian was tearing apart trees and bushes, bringing destruction upon the Dryads and their homes. She had hurried to her friends' aid, finding a beautiful Tiegrian laying in the middle of a devistating scene, heaving and sweating.

At first, she had thought it was Touka, and was immediately confused as to why Touka would do this. Then, upon closer inspection, she discovered it was, in fact, Tiani, Touka's sister. Ska never really knew anything much of Touka's sisters, but noticed the short, bob-like tail that she remembered Touka saying belonged to Tiani. Plus, the coloring was so similar to Touka's, it only took a few seconds to make the connection.

After a brief explanation between the two women, Ska took Tiani to the camp, but kept her well hidden and in the care of Starling. She told Tiani to stay put until she was better, and if she needed anything to tell Starling.

That was three days ago. Now, after talking to Touka last night, Ska decided that it was time to reintroduce the two sisters. But Tiani was nowhere to be found, and Starling didn't know where she had gone.

"Everyone but Starling, meet up with Touka at the Head Commander's tent. Tell Touka I'll be there shortly with two others, but do not wait for me."

Watching everyone go, Ska spoke shortly with Starling, then turned to search the barracks for Tiani.

[i]OOC: I have a few things in mind, Dare...if you want to know them, PM me.[/i][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=#1e7628][SIZE=1][B]"Aoi! Aoi, have you heard?"[/b] Aym shouted, running towards her friend.

[b]"Aym, be quiet! You know you're supposed to refer to me as General,"[/b] she sighed, grabbing her by the arm and pulling her aside. Aym waved a hand passively at Aoi's worry, and instead shoved a slip of paper into her hand.

[b]"Nobody cares about that crap, [i]General[/i]. I only have to worry when there are other superiors around. Now read!"[/b]

[b]"I've been reassigned? For what?!"[/b] she cried. She had been in charge of Glowing Star's defensive forces for the past month and a half. She enjoyed this much better than being on the offensive because of her dislike of violence.

[b]"Apparently, the Crimson Blaze army is advancing on Raven's Eye much faster than any of us thought. Our army there is being led by General Athek, but the higher ups don't think he's doing a good job. So, they want you to get over there and help out with making plans and giving orders. Oh, and bring a quarter of the defensive army along with you, too,"[/b] Aym explained. Aoi raised an eyebrow at her friend.

[b]"And how do you know all this?"[/b]

[b]"I know everything and anything. You know that,"[/b] she winked. [b]"Now c'mon. We've got to get you packed."[/b]

[b]"B-But..."[/b] Aoi attempted to protest, but Aym was much too excited to allow her a word in edgewise.

~ [i]A few hours later...[/i]

[b]"General Hada,"[/b] Athek grimaced as he shook her scale-covered hand.

[b]"General Athek. Sorry about this. It wasn't my idea,"[/b] she sighed. Aym stood behind her while a young commander stood beside Athek. [b]"I've come here ahead of my small aid division. I've left a few major generals in charge and they should meet up with your army this time two days from today if we start moving early tomorrow and keep a steady pace."[/b]

[b]"I figured that,"[/b] he replied in a relaxed tone, though he was clearly not happy with her presence. He was clearly unafraid of her, a trait very scarce in most people Aoi meets for the first time, and much more annoyed than anything that anyone thought he needed her help in commanding what he considered [i]his[/i] army. She glanced back at Aym who gave her a look that instructed her to remain pleasant.

[b]"Well, General Athek, I suppose I'll leave you be for now. I will meet with you again tomorrow. Good night,"[/b] she smiled, bowing before turning and walking out of his large tent which served as his office, Aym close behind her.

[b]"Well, he's not very nice,"[/b] Aym chuckled.

[b]"What am I doing here? He's obviously on top of things, and I'm just annoying him, and--"[/b] Aoi rambled before Aym slapped a hand over her mouth.

[b]"Did you see his office? It's a mess. Papers were all over the floor, maps were scattered along his desk, and that other guy had just finished putting things back on the desk that were obviously thrown off in a frustrated tantrum. This guy needs help, he just doesn't want it from a female half-dragon, that's all."[/b]

Aoi looked back over her shoulder at the large tent, a frown set firmly on her face. Why would he find her presence a challenge to his command? She didn't want to be here just as much as he didn't want her to be.

[b]"Geez... I need a steak,"[/b] she sighed. Aym promptly directed her towards the food tent. Aoi asked her how she knew where it was, but was again answered by her friend's catch phrase and laughing.

OOC: Sorry it took so long for me to post. Didn't know how to introduce Aoi, but Takuya's last post gave me a bit of inspiration. If there's anything wrong with my post, PM me.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[size=1]Touka splashed cold spring water onto her face. The Tiegran had gone in search of somewhere where she could bathe, or at least wash her face in the surrounding forest near the encampment. What she had come across was a small spring with a small stream trickling from the earth, carving its way through the trees. The stream provided only a small amount of water - not enough for Touka to bathe in.

After taking a long drink from the stream, Touka stood and stretched. She looked around before heading to the High Commander's war tent.

" High Commander?" Touka asked as she arrived at the elaborate tent.
" Come in Touka," came a female voice from inside the tent. Touka entered it, bowing her head below eye-level.
" Commander Touka, you are to attack the merchant village in the south-eastern part of Kutisok territory. This town is known to make weapons for the Kutisok forces and is also a last stop for forces heading to our southern territories," said the High Commander who was standing over a map in front of Touka.
" Yes ma'am."
" You are moving out as soon as your soldiers have assembled."
" Yes ma'am."
" You are dismissed!"

Touka bowed her head again and left the tent. As she walked outside, Touka noticed that her soldiers were already assembled with one person missing - Ska.

" Where's Ska, Diana?" Touka asked, her tail swishing from side to side a little irritated by her right-hand woman's absence.
" She's.... ah...." the wood elf stuttered. They were all told to cover for Ska while she looked for Touka's older sister. " She's .... ah..... gathering some ... stuff."

Touka's eyebrow arched. " Stuff? Exactly what kind of stuff?"
The soldiers could see that Touka's already-slitted eyes were growing thinner which usually meant she was starting to get very irritated.
" She's..." Diana stuttered as Touka came face-to-face with her soldier. " She's getting maps and things."
" Ah..." Touka sighed. She stepped away from Diana, who gave a silent sigh of relief.

" Anyhow," Touka started. " We are targeting the Kutisok town of Parth. As Lieutenant Ska has informed you, we are moving out as of now. I hope you are all ready."
" Yes ma'am!" they all chorused.
" Good. We're heading out. Ska will catch us up."

Touka twirled her Kiju that she had brought with her. " Let's go."[/size]

OOC: Random, we'll be on the move when you finish finding Tiana.
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