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RPG X-Men: Apocalypse Rising [M-VLS]


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Apocalypse Rising[/b][/u][/color]


[i][u]Issue #1: Reawakening[/u]

?Though unknown to all but a few on Earth Apocalypse is being to awake in Egypt and soon he shall be able to strike out against those he deems to be weak. One of those few who is aware of this is Charles Xavier who is only partly aware on some strong psychic presence that he has not felt before. Currently however Xavier has bigger worries, Magneto has been holding meetings and speaking with the people of Genosha to rally behind him in his bid to become the new leader, while this would bring stability to Genosha itself, it would also send many other nations on edge due to Magneto?s history.?[/i]

[b]For this issue the posting shall go thus[/b]
Magneto ? Jokopoko
Charles Xavier ? Gavin
Tesla ? Monkatraz
Nightcrawler ? The Boss
Pyro ? Blayze
Gambit ? Abel
Nocturne ? Grace
Colossus ? Sin
Lacuna ? StarrStruck
Beast ? Yoda
Mystique ? Revelation
Shadowcat ? Random
Empath ? JJ
Oriel ? Dare
Necromancer ? Ezekiel
Wolverine ? Andrew[/center]

The basic idea of this issue is to set up your character and how they feel about the current climate with that world at large. Of course no one knows about Apocalypse yet, the advice I give to the Brotherhood members is to have your character in Genosha rather than elsewhere given that I (Magneto) am setting up a powerbase there and need support. I leave it to Gavin (Professor X) to advise the X-Men on how he want?s their posts to work. [i]Also Brotherhood members should really only refer to each other by their ?codenames?.[/i]


Carrying his helmet under his arm Magneto walked swiftly through the gardens of Hammer Bay, Genosha?s capitol city, as he passed other important figures he nodded courteously to them. Since securing the island of Genosha from its previous oppressive regime Magneto had become a household name but had originally declined the leadership of Genosha as he had more pressing concerns with the Brotherhood at the time, but now he was ready to take the reigns of power. It felt like the right time.

As he rounded a corner he was greeted by a large television screen which was showing news from one of the many human channels. Magneto gave it a look of scorn before he noticed a growing crowd around it and he decided to investigate what the report was about.

[b]?...and we?ve been getting conflicted reports about anti-mutant protests and increased Government action against what many perceive as ?the mutant threat?. The President today announced that he was working with several top level minds and the military to come up with ways to more effectively capture and subsequently contain mutants...'[/b]

One of the mutants shut off the screen and there was a mass of whispers and muttering as the group dispersed, Magneto was glad he wasn?t wearing his helmet at the time as he walked off because someone would have undoubtedly turned to him for some answers. Right now he didn?t have time for questions, he had bigger things to attend to. But unfortunately he was waylaid once more.

[b]?Have you seen the news Magneto??[/b] said a drawling voice from behind him.

Magneto turned and said: [b]?Zealot, I have no time for you endless prattle. I have things to do.?[/b]

[b]?As I thought, you do not care for the welfare of Genosha. Only for your precious Brotherhood, Genosha is but a stepping stone too you.?[/b]

[b]?What has my want to ignore you have to do with Genosha, Zealot??[/b]

[b]?Everything my good Magneto...everything.?[/b] Zealot said with a soft laugh as he turned and walked away from Magneto.


[i]OOC: May be short but that means its up faster, have fun everyone.[/i][/size][/color]
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OOC: Sorry for the length but I'm somewhat pressed for time at the moment.

[size=1][color=darkred][b]"So, Tesla. Why did [i]you[/i] join the Brotherhood? I heard you used to be in Prof. X's school."[/b]

Jake stood amongst several other of the mutants, who were in Genosha under the command of Magneto. Some of them had gathered into a circle and were chatting idly for a while, with Jake, or Tesla as he had become known as, nearby but keeping to himself. He had been listening quietly until one of them, Pyro, decided to draw him into the conversation.

[b]"I just though I could better myself, I guess."[/b] Jake replied, as he wondered whether or not what he said was even true.

[b]"That's a pretty lame answer, you know. But, whatever."[/b]

The rest of them continued on in their conversation while Jake's mind wondered off. He couldn't decide on one good reason he had for joining Magneto's Brotherhood, which he found disturbing. He remembered being adamant once about leaving the school and he had done so, but now the reason why seemed so foolish.

Jake stopped thinking about it: it was only going to put himself in a bad mood, he thought. He figured it would be best to just enjoy his time there on that scenic little island. Then he decided to join in on the conversation, some of them didn't seem bright but others appeared to be quite intelligent.

[b]"So, what do you guys think of Genosha so far?"[/b] Tesla said, wishing he could have though of something better to say to the group of mutants around him.[/size][/color]
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[size=1]Westchester in early autumn was perhaps Charles Xavier's most favoured place and time of year, the deep green summer leaves were beginning to change to golden, and would eventually in the coming weeks fall in their dozens from the deciduous trees that dotted the Mansion. It seemed somehow right that a man who fought continuously for mutant rights would enjoy the simple yearly cycle of a common tree, it bloomed, it withered, it bloomed again, a cycle that could only be broken with death. Allowing his mind to wander, Charles began to pick up on the louder thoughts of his students and faculty at large, he explicitly told his students that reading someone's mind without permission was indecorous, however sometimes people's thoughts were simply so [i]loud[/i] that he could not help hear them. There were certain drawbacks to being the most powerful telepath on the planet...

"[b]Yes Logan ?[/b]"

"[b]I thought you tell students that's impolite ?[/b]"

"[b]It is, but I didn't. I heard your footsteps and I know your walk.[/b]"

The wheelchair-bound professor merely continued to stare at Logan, something of a maverick among the rest of the staff, Xavier knew he felt somewhat more comfortable in his company than others. Still he had come out all this way for a reason, although perhaps the fact that Xavier was required to move everywhere under the power of a wheelchair, "all this way" was not that far for someone like Logan.

"[b]It's nothing, someone was just wondering where you were.[/b]"

"[b]Jean ?[/b]"

"[b]Yeah, she said she tried to contact you but she got no reply.[/b]"

"[b]Yes, I must admit I was rather lost in thought and didn't pick up on her call.[/B]"

"[B]Fair enough.[/B]"

Logan turned to leave, heading back in the direction of the Mansion, it was a pity he didn't stay out to enjoy the grounds, but perhaps he had a little too much nature in him to appreciate them as fully as others did.


"[B]Yes Professor ?[/B]"

"[B]Would you mind ?[/B]"

Logan's eyes raised towards the heavens, despite being one of the most powerful mutants on the planet Charles' lack of locomotive skills made him somewhat reliant on other people to get from A to B. Moving to the back of the Professor's wheelchair, Logan took a sturdy grip on the handles and pushed forward, propelling the chair faster than Xavier could under his own power.

"[B]Thank you Logan.[/B]"

A trip that had taken the Professor nearly thirty minutes to make by himself took less than fifteen on return, although Logan's athleticism was a factor. The Mansion was home, home for dozens of young mutants who wished to better understand themselves and their powers, and to put those powers to beneficial uses, rather than Eric's ideas of what they should and would be capable of. Charles' office was filled with mementos of a lifetime of achievement, but right now he just wanted to see the news headlines, something had been nagging at the back of his mind since earlier in the day...


Like the Brotherhood members, X-Men should be in our around the Mansion, what you're doing there is entirely up to yourself however. If you'd like to talk to my character feel free, however I would prefer he not leave his office just yet. X-Men would probably also refer to one another by their first name rather than codename, however either is fine, just trying to separate us further from the Brotherhood as we accept we're still part of the overall human race rather than a new "species" as it were and thus require new names.[/size]
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Kitty and Oriel sat alone within one of the many lounging areas of the Xavier Mansion. They both sat upon a leather couch, Kitty flipping through the channels of a LCD television which hung upon the wall. Both were at ease simply relaxing after the former days Danger Room exercises. Both were still in their pajamas, Oriel wrapped in her robe and Kitty wearing a pair of pants and an old shirt.

[b]?Is there anything ever on during the day??[/b] Kitty groaned to herself in boredom. Oriel simply sighed with a shrug in response.

[color=orange][b] *BAMF!*[/b][/color]

Suddenly a poof of golden smoke and a wafting scent of brimstone alerted the two girls and they flew up in alert, Oriel?s wings sprouting on her back and Kitty in a fighting stance, however sloppy it was. They scanned the room to see nothing but the remnants of the golden smoke.

[b]?You vill die, tvespasser."[/b] came a familiar German accent from the ceiling. It was Kurt wearing a happy expression, laughing to himself.

[b]?Very funny, Kurt...?[/b] Kitty growled, throwing the remote control at him, striking his forehead and causing him to fall from the ceiling onto the floor. Oriel gasped and looked over the couch to see Kurt laying on the ground, rubbing the back of his head.

[b]?Guden tag...?[/b] Kurt said still rubbing his head. He hopped onto his feet with a nonchalant athleticism. [b]?How are mein fraus doing on this... *guh*... fine day??[/b] Kurt gave a scared look to Kitty.

[b]?You always gotta be such a moron, Kurt??[/b] she replied with a frustrated tone.

[b]?Oh come on, Kitty. It vas just a joke...?[/b] Kurt smiled to her.

[b]?Listen, you want a replay of yesterday?!?[/b] Kitty hollered back.

[b]?Nein.... nein....?[/b] Kurt backed away gesturing with his three-fingered hands. Oriel giggled to herself at their juvenile antics. [b]?I don?t zink I could acht that vell again, anyvays.?[/b]

[b]?You dick!?[/b] Kitty yelled, swinging at Kurt with a tightly balled fist. Kurt back flipped and teleported in a fast dodge and was upon the ceiling once again.

[b]?No hard veelings, frau. Haha.?[/b] Kurt laughed down from the ceiling. Oriel continued her own laughter while Kitty became even more infuriated...


[b]OOC:[/b] I want to get a reaction from Kitty and Oriel, I?m trying not to do too much with them just yet, but I wanted some character interaction off the bat. The lenght is only due to the fact that I don't want to take too much liberty with other's characters.
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[size=1][b]"So, what do you guys think of Genosha so far?"[/b] asked Tesla, the young, literally electrically-charged mutant. Pyro turned and gave a scathing look to Tesla.

[b]"I don't have time to get involved in any conversations with you right now, Tesla,"[/b] he said coldly, almost spitting out the mutant's codename, [b]"I have important stuff to do."[/b]

[b]"Fine. Go do it then,"[/b] replied Tesla, turning away from Pyro, who could literally feel the atmosphere become electric around Tesla. That was the problem with elemental mutants, they always wore their emotions right out there on their sleeves, for everyone to see. Pyro knew he did.

The hot-headed young Brotherhood member removed himself from the crowd, not wasting time on being polite or considerate, pushing his way through as quickly as he could, and he set off on the assignment Magneto had set for him.

You see, even after Magneto's almost-complete, yet spectacular transfer of power in Genosha, there still lay some anti-mutant powerbases, hidden deep within the infrastructure of the nation. He may have removed the main threats, but there were still factions of humans now devoted to taking down Magneto's new government.

Fortunately for Pyro, they weren't exactly taking steps to make themselves less obvious. Right now he was staring a a concrete wall, once part of a railway tunnel or something of the like, with the words: "Mutie Scum," spray-painted across it. Even more fortunate was the fact that he had seen the artist who had sprayed it on, the human who was now running for his life.

Pyro skidded around the corner, chasing the human down. He knew what he was doing, and eventually the human turned right into a dead-end alleyway. Pyro advanced on him, slowly and menacingly.
""Mutie Scum"? Is that really the best you can come up with? I've seen that a thousand times, scrawled all over my house back in Melbourne. You really think the new government of Magneto is going to be taken down with one scruffy little homo sapien with a spraycan?"[/b] said Pyro.

[b]"I'm only the first stage!" [/b]spat the human, [b]"There are hundreds more like us, all around the island!"

"Oh, and you think we don't know about them? There are others, going down to take them out right now. Your humans are nearing the end of their lifespan, mate. Genosha belongs to the mutants now."[/b]
"That's never gonna happen, you filthy piece of shi..."[/b] The man's words were cut short by Pyro moving in close to him, and raising his hand. Since joining Magneto, the great man himself had ordered the creation of a kind of flamethrower attachment being sewn into Pyro's clothes, meaning he didn't have to bother himself with that puny little Zippo lighter any more. As he raised his arm, a jet of flame squirted into his hand, and hovered about an inch above his palm.
"Do you know who you're talking to, mate?"[/b] whispered Pyro, [b]"I'm one of the first. One of the first mutants to join Magneto, and you think you can get away with calling me something like that? You don't wanna know what happened to the last bloke who did that."

"You don't scare me."

"Oh, I think I do. You humans are always trying to be so macho, but you haven't got the balls to go through with anything. What are you going to do to me? There's no point in me even killing you. You're just not worth it."[/b] Pyro extinguished the flame in his hand, and walked away, a broad smile on his face.

[b]"Oh, yeah, that was it,"[/b] he said, turning around to look at the terrified human, [b]"I had a message to give to you to take back to the rest of your human friends."

"What was it?"[/b] said the human with a tremor.

[b]"This."[/b] Pyro swung his arm up, throwing a tiny ball of flame at the man's spraycan. The pressurised gas in the container ignited with the sudden increase in heat, and it exploded noisily.

[b]"Don't screw with Magneto."

[b]OOC: I hope its ok with you that I set this little assignment up for myself, Will, I was just showing that all is not well in Genosha. Also, Monkatraz, I hope you're alright with me setting up a little tension between Pyro and Tesla, just to spice things up a little.[/b][/size]
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[SIZE=1]Remy frowned as he walked along the halls of Xavier's School. He was used to living off the streets, making quite the life as a pickpocket, only having to worry for himself. He had come here thinking the change would be good for himself, but he had yet to adjust to the thought of being on a team. He certainly hadn't gotten used to being around other mutants all the time. Most of the time he had to be on guard for some anti-mutant faction attempting to kill him, and he hadn't quite been able to lower his paranioa. He had almost lit a student up with one of his exploding cards.

He crossed paths with quite a few of the other students, but payed most of them no mind. They were all comfortable with each other, most being around much longer than he himself. Very few of the other students got close to him, those of who did included Peter, a.k.a. Collossus, Anna, a.k.a. Rogue, and Kitty, a.k.a. Shadowcat. Remy also favored Wolverine amongst the other teachers. So absorbed by his thoughts, Remy ran headon into Peter. Peter swayed slightly if at all, and Remy was knocked back forcefully. Peter grinned sheepishly and extended his hand.

[B]"Sorry, Remy. Corners and I don't agree. Then again, most people know when I'm going around one."[/B] Remy laughed and grasped Peter's hand, his friend helping him up. Remy brushed himself off and smiled at Peter.

[B]"So what's on the agenda for today, hmm, buddy?"[/B] Peter shrugged, and the two walked along together.

[B]"Not sure, in all honesty. Possibly the Danger Room...though the teachers could possibly be in there..."[/B] Remy knew what he was talking about. The orignal group of X-Men, the teachers at the school, were often trainnig nowadays since word arrived of Magneto's hold over Genosha. The Brotherhood was gaining members rapidly, but so were the X-Men. Remy could feel something soon erupting, but it wasn't his concern right now.

[B]"True... Why don't we go find Kitty and and the three of us'll have a spar on the courtyard?"[/B] Peter smiled and nodded at the idea. They strode together down the corridors and finally arrived outside Kitty's room. Remy knocked and spoke happily as he did so.

[B]"Kitty! Come on out! Peter and I got an idea!"[/B] Nobody answered, so they knocked again. Still with no answer, they decided to go search for her. They went through the various lounges until they found Kitty with Oriel and Nightcrawler, who seemed to be irritating her. Remy decided he would rather watch this than spar at the moment. He jumped into a chair and put his hnads behind his head, iterested in what would happen next.


[B]OOC:[/B] Hope that's alright, everyone. I thought a little gathering might be nice for the students.[/SIZE]
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[FONT=Trebuchet MS][SIZE=1]Nocturne walked down a sidewalk in the mutant island-nation known as Gensoha. The sidewalks were crowded, much like the ones in New York City, she slid in and out of people brushing shoulders with other mutants.


The bell rang as Nocturne entered the door of a small store, it was empty. The clerk behind the desk looked up from examining an antique. He smiled, Nocturne smiled back.

"[B]Ah Thalia! Come in, come in!"[/B]

Nocturne smiled and removed her coat and placed it on the coat rack next to the door. She took a few steps into the store, her golden eyes wandering across the antique store and taking in all the valuable objects that were beautifully decorated around the dim lighted room.

"[B]So what brings you to my store young one[/B]," the clerk asked as he polished a vase that stood upon a shelf behind him. He had four arms, so this was rather easy for him to do.

Nocturne picked up a small frame which contained a picture of two women, it seemed to date back to the 1900's. Nocturne smiled, it was beautiful.

"[B]Nothing really, just came by to say hello and see what new stuff you got in[/B]." She turned around to smile at the clerk.

This was a lighter side to Nocturne, around other mutants she felt normal. She didn't feel out of place.

As a child she was ridiculed because of her skin colour, three fingered hands, indigo fur, and prehensile tail. But her mother protected her, no matter where they were. She loved her mother..

[B]"James, do you ever feel that... that Genosha is becoming unstable?"[/B]

The clerk, now known as James, stood stiff. For her knew what Thalia was talking about, he nodded slowly.

"[B]I am afraid I do Thalia..[/B]."

"[B]Ah, well bye James[/B]."

"[B]Buh-bye Thalia[/B]."

Thalia teleported away, she soon found herself perched on top of a mountain overlooking the nation that was built along the coast of an island.

"[B]Genosha... my home[/B]."[/SIZE][/FONT]

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]OOC: I hope this ok Joko. :p [/FONT]
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1]Peter stood behind Remy as he relaxed in a chair and watched as Kurt was speaking to Kitty in his rather thick German accent, but it seem to just anger Kitty more and more. He spotted Oriel giggling as the conversation continued, Peter sighed as he placed his hand on Remy's shoulder. Remy looked back and up at Peter, Peter lowered his head so he was closer to Remy.
"Shouldn't we stop this, before anything gets broken or something?"[/B] Remy shook his head.[B]

"This is way too much fun to just break up. Let them fight it out, it will be more interesting."[/B] Remy turned back to the fight between Kitty and Kurt and Peter stood up straight, standing at full height, towering over Remy as he observed the conflict between X-men. He shook his head.
'We're not suppose to fight each other, we are suppose to be friends and get along. I'm sure if we were in Russia and it was winter time, they would be hugging each other like they were all gonna die.'[/I] Peter though to himself as he continued to watch the conflict, eventually he patted Remy on the shoulder and moved forward.

Remy looked at him like ' you are going to ruin the fun'. Peter walked to the couch, moving in fornt of Kitty and obscuring her sight of Kurt. He looked at Kitty then to Kurt and started to speak.
"Now Kitty, just relax. No need to get mad at Kurt. I'm sure whatever he did he didn't mean to do it."[/B] Kurt nodded his blue head quickly, Kitty's face still holding the mean look she had. Peter looked down at her, then up at Kurt.
"Kurt, come down and apologize."[/B] Kurt complied without a word, he slipped off the ceiling and stood behind Peter. Peter looked down at Kitty as he slowly moved out of the way of Kurt. Kurt walked up slowly and looked at Kitty. Peter watched carfully to make sure that Kitty's anger was subsiding. Peter waited patiently so see if he was still required.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=1]OOC: Sorry it took me so long, something happened to my interenet today and I couldn't get on.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkGreen][I]Bored, bored, bored![/I] Hardly ten minutes off the plane and already things were dragging down. Lacuna wanted [I]exitement[/I]. Sitting in a taxi-cab was really not something that qualified as fun on her [B]"Top Ten List of Things That Are Fun - List Compiled By the One and Only Lacuna [I](The only person whose opinion you should listen to.)[/I]"[/B]

She looked down at her papers again then let a smirk grow across her face until she looked like the cat who had swallowed a canary. Nothing on them said where or when she had to meet the others of the brotherhood...no reason for her not to have a little fun, right? And besides! She was Lacuna, what mattered and interested [i]her[/i] came first. Not some boring group of people she'd never met before!

Leaning forward Lacuna tapped the cabbie on his shoulder, smiling as sweetly as possible as she asked him to change his route to head for the shopping district. The cabbie kindly obliged and not long after she was surrounded by shops of all sorts; restaraunts, clothing botiques...stores that boasted the latest in technology and - her personal favorite - jewelers.

The next three or four hours were spent quite pleasantly as she wandered through them all - paying for some of what was in now full shopping bags, while walking off with other thinks that she didn't feel inclined to pay for. But - at last - she could no longer hang around the shops as the shopkeepers were beginning to eye her suspiciously. Especially the owner of the diamond rings as she walked through his shop for the third time that afternoon.

Waving a cheery goodbye to him, she ran out the door and caught another cab. One that would take her out of the district before anyone could comment on their missing goods. [/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[size=1][color=#CD6619]Sitting in the lush burgundy leather rolling chair, Mystique could see all that was going on in the estate Magneto took as his own for the Brotherhood. She was even able to see the doors opening to a young mutant girl who wore an ostentatious outfit, capturing a few eyes as she walked in. Mystique watched her carefully, taking in every step, every hand gesture, she took in everything the girl did. There was something about the girl that caught her eye, even before she had entered the doors. With a simple smirk, Mystique went on to watch the girl interact with the other mutants, it then went on to surveying the entirety of the Brotherhood that stood in her peripheral vision. They seemed powerful, yet immature in their own right, but she knew that she could shape them to become great instruments for Magento?s plan.

Mystique went on to think about the possibilities of exercises and drills, thinking of ways to simply torture yet nurture the children around her. Leaning back in the chair and put her feet on the table in front of her, allowing her mind to become consumed by the daydreams she seemed to constantly have since coming to Genosha; as she went on, a silent yet noticeable poof was heard from within the room.

[B]?Hello, Thalia darling.?

?Hello, mother.?[/B] Thalia replied. There was an odd silence between the two, then. Mystique put her feet down and looked at her daughter with concern. Thalia threw a meek smile to not upset her mother, but its façade went quickly just as it had came. [B]?Nothing?s wrong, mother. It?s? boring around Genosha. We haven?t done anything since I joined. Aren?t you bored? Don?t you want to do something??[/B]

The restlessness in her daughter?s voice made Mystique remember the days when she was young. She chuckled and nodded, but reminded Thalia, [B]?Magneto has big plans for the Brotherhood. If you want, I can set up a little training for you and others..?[/B] She leaned back in her chair again and continued, [B]?that?s only if you and the others want to.?[/B] In an instant, Thalia disappeared leaving behind a dust of smoke, before long Mystique could hear the excited voices of the other Brotherhood mutants. Once again, Mystique smirked that coy smile and said to no one in particular, [B]?Children??[/B][/size][/color]
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed][i]OOC: Sorry, guys...personal life getting in the way of posting.[/i]

Standing infront of Peter, Kitty almost fealt like she was pushing up against a brick wall. Sure, she could use her powers to easily get past him, but her anger was subsiding already. She wasn't one to burst out, but Kurt was just so...annoyingly annoying.

Then, Kurt came down, evidently to appologize, and Peter moved out of the way. If ever an opportunity to exact revenge presented itself, now was it. Kitty glared at Kurt for a few seconds, her mind frantically trying to make itself up.

"Hmph," she grunted as she spun around, her arms crossed and her head held high. "You can be such an ass, Kurt, ya know that?"

"Sorry, frau." Kurt's face was oozing appology, but it was lost on Kitty, who was staring intently at the wall. "I vas just kiddink."

"Hmph," was the only response he was going to get, Kitty decided.

Peter spoke up. "Why can't you two get along? We're the X-Men, we're supposed to be a team, not fighting each other."

Kitty then noticed Remy. The seventeen-year-old was sitting on a chair, seemingly bemused at the little spit between herself and Kurt. She had gotten quite close to him since they met, and he [i]was[/i] attractive. But you'd never hear her admit to it. She had an image to live up to, and anything more than a friend would compramise said image.

Ignoring Peter, she walked over to him, and, sitting on the chair arm, said, "Hey, Rem."

"Hello, Kit. Need to let off some steam?" he asked her, his arms still behind his head.

"After this little thing, who wouldn't?" said Oriel. This was the first time she had spoken since Kurt had rudely interrupted the girls. Kitty had forgotten she was in the room, to be honest. "Why don't we go outside? After we change, of course."

Seeing as Oriel, Peter and, surprisingly, Kurt, where as close to her as Remy, Kitty agreed. [i]It's wierd. All of us are friends, but we all get along in different ways...not always the way we want, though,[/i] she thought, watching Remy walking beside Peter just ahead of her. They where all heading towards their rooms to change, seeing as most of them still had their PJ's on.

[i]OOC: Hope this little crush is okay with you, Abel. I just wanna have some deep, inter-mixed character feelings/connections going on...not to mention that Remy and Kitty would make an...interesing couple, for lack of better words. The Boss, let's keep Kitty and Kurt at odds with each other, seeing as it'll be great for the story.[/i][/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[Font=Arial]Manuel Alfonso Rodrigo de la Rocha, Manny to his friends and Empath to his fellow mutants, smirked wickedly. Here he was, standing in a massing group of over a hundred normal people protesting the mutant overtake of their home Genosha and he was here, in the position to wipe them off the face of this planet.

From what Manuel understood, these were possibly the last of the humans known to the mutant population on Genosha and Manuel had taken it upon himself to go ahead and exterminate them now. This was Manuel?s first test of his power in a true battle situation.

Infiltrating the group was no big deal, a small intrusion of the leader?s emotion allowed him to override the fear and suspicion that tried to make their way into the leader?s thought process. Manuel quickly rose through the ranks and within a week was the leader?s right hand, much to the shock and disgruntlement of a few members.

Manuel quelled their uneasiness as well and everything had run perfectly up to this moment. The demise of this group, PAM, would be attributed to their suspicion. It gave Manuel goose bumps thinking of the chaos his power would cause. It was not the death he was interested in, rather the knowing that he had the power to change the world.

He smiled wider as the leader began to shout for attention. It was almost show time and Manuel could barely contain his excitement. As he began to speak words of poetic justice for the human race, Manuel began to let loose his power. Playing upon the distrust of the third in command and the hate of his wife, Manuel planted a seed of worry.

As the leader continued, Manuel started to prey upon the members, angering some and scarring others. Fear and Anger always go hand in hand, especially in a crowd. Manuel took one last look at the pathetic group. Women, children and men all stood around, enthralled by the man?s words of justice and love.

?It?s show time.? Manuel muttered.

?Oye! Everyone! There is a mutant in our midst! He?s come to kill us all!? Manuel shouted.

The ensuing panic was unbelievable. Shouts of, ?I knew it! You fucking bastard!? and ?It?s not me! It?s them!? echoed for miles as the brawl began. Manuel could only watch with a huge smile on his face as people began to pound each other to pulp while getting pounded themselves.

?You mutant scum, what the hell have you done?!? someone shouted at Manuel as they dived for him.

Manuel only had time to dodge to the side as the person?s foot slammed into the pavement. Manuel flinched slightly and tried to get a good look at his assailant. Manuel wasn?t surprised to see the third in command with a look of intense pain sketched upon his face. Manuel just laughed in his face and came back at him with a uppercut, laughing as he saw the blood began to dribble from the other man?s face. ?This is power. Learn to respect it next time.?

Within about 20 minutes, the few survivors still standing fell from their wounds and Manuel emerged, bloodstained shirt and all, still smiling. He had single-handedly, as promised, brought down one of the biggest groups of humans on the island. Sadly, it really wasn?t a true show of his power, for people like them were easily done over, for they were so lost in their own hate, they knew nothing else.

Manuel could only glance over the four children still alive, crying over their dead parents and siblings. Manuel had half a mind to kill them, but he wasn?t that heartless. They didn?t hate mutants, the hate was forced upon them. Manuel just starred at them for a second and walked off. If they couldn?t figure out how to survive on their own, they didn?t deserve to live.[/font]
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[size=1]A soft sigh of relief echoed from the look-a-like angel's mouth. She watched everyone empty the room, heading towards their bedrooms to change into some normal day clothes. The first to be forgotten, the last to be noticed. But Oriel didn't mind. It made her feel like she'd stand out less. Stroking on of her feathered wings, she made her way to her bedroom.

Kitty was her next-door neighbour. Oriel could hear her scuffling around inside, obviously trying to find some clothes. She gave a soft smile to herself before something alerted her attention to the nearest window. The angel-like person wandered over to it, looking through the glass to the outside courtyard.

Down below them were Professor Xavier and Logan. Oriel's strange soft red eyes scanned the two of them. They were talking amongst each other. It was amazing to see two people that are so completely different talk to each other without much contest. Her eyes wandered to Logan, aka Wolverine. She admired him very much. He was strong and resilient and very independent. In her own life, she hadn't been much of those three qualities. Perhaps that's why her foster-mother sent her here, all alone. Oriel was still confused at the reasons the kind lady gave her to join this school.

[b]" Oriel? Oriel?"[/b]

The girl swung around, looking at the source of the voice. Kitty was standing in her doorway, looking searchingly at her friend.

[b]" Are you all right?"[/b] Kitty asked, noticing Oriel's somewhat flustered face.
[b]" Umm... yes.... sorry... I spaced out,"[/b] Oriel replied jerkily.
Kitty didn't look thoroughly convinced but let it slide. [b]" Are you going outside in your robe?"[/b]
[b]" Huh?"[/b]

Oriel looked down at herself and realised she'd yet to change. With a gasp, she shot into her room and closed the door behind her quickly. Kitty looked utterly confused at her friend's bizarre antics. Oriel lent against her door, letting out her breath rather jarred.

[i]That was close...[/i] she thought to herself.

Going to her wardrobe, she looked through it, wondering what she should wear today. Oriel was glad that she was attending this school. All her clothes had to be specially made because of her wings. Another sigh echoed from her mouth. They weren't as pretty as normal girls' clothes, but they were still nice enough for her. Maybe she should become a fashion designer and make her own clothes.

[b] ? Hurry up Oriel!?[/b] Kitty called from the hallway. Oriel gasped and quickly dressed herself. She opened the door and joined Kitty in walking down the hallway. It was quiet for a weekend. Everyone was either outside or still sleeping.

They finally got outside, to a small patch of grass surrounded by old oak and hazelnut trees. Oriel flopped down onto the soft green grass, the tips of her wings tickled by the small blades of grass. Her soft wine red eyes scanned the azure blue sky before looking at Kitty who sat down beside her.

[b] ? Kitty??[/b]
Kitty looked at her friend. [b] ? Yeah, what?s up??[/b]
[b] ? How?s the situation with Remy??[/b][/size]
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