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Sign Up All For A Price [M-LV possible S]


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[B][CENTER][U][COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=3]All For A Price[/SIZE][/COLOR][/U][/CENTER][/B]

[B][CENTER][SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed]Everything has a price, its pros and cons. Even life has a price. Sometimes the life of one can keep another alive. This is a bounty hunter's way of life. Through death, they make their keep, whether they do the deed or catch the wanted person and let their employeer do it for them.[/COLOR][/SIZE]

[SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed]They live for the hunt. It is their drug and way of life. Unfortuantly this is also their downfall. In this extreme line of work many lose their lives. It could be from lack of expeirence or their prey became their hunter.[/COLOR][/SIZE]

[SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed]But with bigger game comes more rewards. The bigger the bounty the more money, prestige, fame, but most importatnly respect. Respect it what keeps the lower more inexpierenced hunters from going after the big ones the more expierenced hunters aim for. It also means whether or not the prey will fight back or give himself in.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/CENTER][/B]

[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=1][CENTER][B]For years, bounty hunters have been taking out crime rings, murderers, clan leaders, slayers, all sorts of people. Even ones that didn't do anything wrong such as people who stole a love from someone else or someone who is trying to bring about a reform. But most importantly they have put the worst people behind bars or better yet...dead.

Now a new menace has sprung up in the kingdoms. Millions have died in his path and more will still come. The amount on his head as been the highest their has ever been and now every bounty hunter is trying to track him. Whoever nabs this one will be considered the best of the best. Are you going to be the one to get the bounty?[/B][/CENTER][/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=1][CENTER][B]Here is your singup but rememeber only a certain number will get chosen


18 and up. (The more expierenced ones need to be older)


Please don't make them all the same, diversity will get you closer to being chose

A pic will get you more points but a description works as well. Both is even better.

Are you someone who takes them out quietly. Do you run in swords drawn. Stuff like that.

Four max. Do not make your person carry four axes or anything like that. Guns, swords weapons like that are acceptable.

Other abilities:
special training, martail arts. Things like that. There is no magic sorry.

Bio or character snippet:
The longer the better but not too long please[/B][/CENTER][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Xue Fang Craft (commonly called Fang)

[B]Age:[/B] 26

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Personality:[/B] Fang, like most bounty hunters, loves the thrill of her job. She looks at rewards and respect as a plus, but mainly loves the high she gets from near-death experiences. Her love of near-death experiences makes people think she is irresponsible (or at least masochistic). However, her every move before a hunt is planned with the utmost care and strategy, as is her life. She refuses to invest herself in many personal relationships, as she hates depending on anyone for anything. Her general quietness also leads people to think she is shy, but she won't hesitate to yell at or even hit you if you do something wrong.

[B]Appearance:[/B] [IMG]http://www.patricia-franke.de/BG_Angel_Sanctuary/sara2.jpg[/IMG] Fang has an innocent face that further conflicts with her personality. Her hair is dyed in a bluish purple. One of her eyes is dark green and the other is brown. In terms of clothing, she wears anything from Goth Lolita style to palin jeans and t-shirts, but nothing that reveals the scars on her back. It isn't that she is superficial about her appearance, just that the scars have a particular meaning to her. Layered clothing is her preferred choice on missions so she can hide her weapons and not be immediately recognized as a bounty hunter. Her entire left arm bears a tattoo of a rose vine with a red-lined black rose bloom on her hand.

[B]Style:[/B] Fang is a quiet strategist who excels at deceit. Her strength lies in her speed and agility rather than raw force. She gets a thrill from getting as close to her bounties as possible before taking them out. Often she will take on jobs where she is outnumbered, but she uses the element of surprise and her honed aim for quick kills.

[B]Weapons:[/B] Her gun of choice is the [U][URL=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ASP_%28handgun%29]ASP[/URL][/U], a 9mm handgun which hold 7 rounds. Usually she uses both her right-handed and left-handed ASP at once, and she is equally strong in both hands. A black handled switchblade is her backup in case she runs out of ammo, although she keeps very careful tabs on remaining shots and always carries extra bullets.

[B]Other Abilities:[/B] She has near-perfect aim and some self-defense training, but is physically weaker than most bounty hunters. She is a very good actress, able to lure people into a false sense of security.

[B]Character Snippet:[/B] The sun gave feeble warmth in the cool fall air. Fang pulled her jacket closer to her body as the wind picked up force. A man walked ten feet in front of her, every now and then running a hand through his blond locks. He turned a corner giving her a brief glimpse of the scar under his left eye, confirming he was the right man. The man's name was Philip Riley, age thirty, wanted dead for the murder of ten women. His MO was going up to young girls in need of help, slitting their wrists to let them die from bloodloss, and burning the corpses. Compared to many bounties Fang had dealt with before, this guy was fairly normal. He stopped momentarily outside of a convenience store to light a cigarette, and Fang decided to end the chase.

"Excuse me!" Fang yelled as she ran up to him. She offered a shy smile and asked, "Have you seen a dog run by here? Small, white, and with a black-tipped tail? I think he just ran past here."

"I don't know that I saw any dogs, but I would be happy to help you look," he replied with a smile. Fang examined his warm grin and handsome face, and was not surprised that he could deceive so many girls.

"You're really helping me out, Philip," Fang said cheerfully. The man's eyes widened at the use of his name. In an instant she pulled her left-handed gun from her jacket and shot a bullet into his skull. He fell to the ground, cigarette still burning. "Although, it would have been slightly more helpful if we had been closer to the police station. I'll just call them to come pick you up, since I really don't feel like dragging you over there."

With a hateful glare at the corpse she went inside the convenience store and called the cops. There was no real satisfaction in this hunt since she was never in immediate danger, but the bounty money did sooth her mood a little.[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=1][B]My signup will appear in this after more join. But in case anyone was wondering the setting is a kind of Final Fantasy.[/B]

[B]Name:[/B] Kyle Ashcraft

[B]Age: [/B] 36

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Personality:[/B] Very secretive and sedistic. He is a very powerful manipulator and can easily get people to do his bidding without them realizing it. Very cunning he hardly ever has to go through big firefights or big time fights for your life. He has a commanding demeanor about him and usually clashes with other people with ego trips. He walks with a special confidence and is a very good analyist letting him find the weakness. He likes to make himself known by wearing clothes that make him stand out

[B]Appearance:[/B] [url=http://s32.photobucket.com/albums/d41/whitewolf_fang/?action=view¤t=Chaos-Legion_2.jpg][B][U][COLOR=DarkRed]Kyle[/COLOR][/U][/B][/url] His long brown hair, blue eyes and red glasses just helps his personality and the way he presents himself all the much more. His eyes are peircing and let you know when your going to far. On his neck is the head of a red dragon tatto that covers his back. He always keeps his sleeves down and also wears a silver glove with a red tribal design on it on his right hand at all times. He also wears a red trenchcoat with silver markings and a sliver hat with a wide base red band with silver tribal marks go around the base of the hat where the base and top meet.

[B]Style:[/B] He prefers to trick everyone and have fun toying with them, but times he has been known to let them now he is there and then attack the base head on. This gives him the thrill of slaughtering everyone except the bounties which all have been turned in alive except if they were required dead.

[B]Weapons:[/B] A long staff that stands about a foot over his head and he himself is 6'1". The staff is made out of a very solid titanium with ruby lines running up and down it. He carries with him two silencered pistols with him. The bullets are rubt tipped and the guns are silver and ruby. To top it all off he has a small knife hidden in his left sleeve.

[B]Other abilities:[/B] Though he is an older bounty hunter this means more expeirence. He has mastered many but not all martial arts and several weapon styles giving him a huge advantage in the field. This mix lets him do close and mid. He is quite a shot too.

[B]Character Snippet:[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]
[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=1]Kyle slowly walked as the rain pelted the umbrella he was holding. He rounded several corners then stopped as soon as he came across and abandoned building. [B]"Why do they always go to these places?"[/B] He lowered the umbrella over his face and began walking again. His path took him straight past the building and the four guards outside. He hunched over and and lowered his girp on his staff and began using it as a walking stick, giving him the 'old man look'.

He was about halfway past the building when a stone hit him in the leg. He feigned pain and grabbed his leg with his free hand and went to a knee, letting out a moan. One of the guards began laughing hysterically. [B]"See he ain't a bounty hunter. He's just an old man"[/B] He walked out into the rain and leaned down to eye level with Kyle. [B]"Sorry about that you old fart, thought you was a bounty hunter and were just making s..."[/B] His breath left him as the end of the staff crushed his throat.

[B]"I am" [/B] Kyle used the other end to launch himself forward into the other three, disposing them with the same strike he used on the first. He readjusted his trench coat and drew his one of his pistols as he entered the building. Several flashes of light could be seen in the windows, but no sound. Suddenly a woman came flying out the third story window and hit the second story roof then hit the ground, snapping her left arm backwards.

Blood came out of her wounds as she felt the side of her face with her working arm then grabbed her left one trying to somehow ease the pain. Kyle came out the front door and paused to lit a cigeratte. He inhaled the smoke deeply then let it roll out is mouth. He slid his gun into his coat as he walked towards her. [B]"Sorry about this hun"[/B]

Her eyes were wide with fear as she slowly began trying to crawl backwards as he neared. Her back hit a fence as Kyle bent down into her face and leaned in close. [B]"Are you going to kill me?" [/B] He took another hit from the cigeratte and exhaled into her face making her cough. [B]"I'm not. But the person who will pay me most likely will"[/B] The girl suddenly seemed to have one last surge or fight in her. [B]"You will pay for this. Do you know who I work for? I work for the Crimson Slayer"[/B]

Kyle smiled as he bound her hands and feet then threw her over his shoulder. [B]"Apparently you betrayed his trust or else he would have saved you"[/B] He pulled the brim of his hat low as he walked down the street whistling an eerie tune.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkOrange][B][EDIT: All finished, sorry for the long snippet ^^;][/B][/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkOrange][B]Name:[/B][/COLOR] Jonah Worth

[COLOR=DarkOrange][B]Age: [/B] [/COLOR] 35

[COLOR=DarkOrange][B]Gender:[/B][/COLOR] Male

[COLOR=DarkOrange][B]Personality: [/B] [/COLOR]
Many years of bounty hunting and other military related activities has led to somewhat of a divide in Jonah?s personality. He doesn?t have a split personality but he does have two different sides to his general interaction with others. Firstly there is his ?easy going side?; this side of Jonah is very friendly, to a point. He?s generally trouble-free in this frame of mind, he tends to tolerate everyone but that doesn?t mean he likes them. He can easily strike up convocations with people and act as though he has known them for years, this is helpful in situations when he needs information, he can usually trick what he wants out of people. Jonah loves the ladies but admires them from afar, they tend to shy away from his looks, he has learnt not to get to involved with women, they can be all to easily used against him.

Jonah?s other side is strictly business, in this frame of mind he is very cold, callous and devious. Jonah has taught himself to block other emotions when killing; if he allowed his conscious to interfere he would have died a lone time ago. When he is in this frame of mind he won?t give up on a target, even if he has to go to extraordinary lengths to take them out, he can be quite tenacious in this way.

[COLOR=DarkOrange][B]Appearance: [/B] [/COLOR]
[URL=http://img142.imageshack.us/img142/134/jonahpictureness1xy.png][Jonah, picture taken at home by one of his random lovers][/URL]
It is rumored that Jonah has two deep slate blue eyes but no one can confirm this, it is known that both his eyes are heavily scarred, as if they were burnt, but they are almost always hidden behind a pair of dark gray framed sunglasses with reflective red-orange lenses. He has a handsome face but it is scarred from many battles. Jonah is the kind of guy who, after he has shaven, will have re-growth after a few hours, possibly less. His hair is light brown and short-ish, he has allowed it to grow into semi-long strands that fall into his face now and then. A cigarette can usually be found hanging from his mouth. Jonah stands about 6"2'.

His usual attire consists of a brown trench coat with a normal pair of jeans and a tee shirt, usually black or a dark colour, he is also usually found wearing heavy black combat boots. When on the job he wears a lighter form of his normal trench coat but in black, under this he wears a black combat uniform with a light weight protective vest and black combat boots. No matter what the situation he is always wearing his sunglasses.

[COLOR=DarkOrange][B]Style: [/B] [/COLOR]
Jonah prefers to quietly take out his kills, with little mess and as much speed as possible. This method of killing has proven somewhat troublesome to him in the past as some event has more often than not revealed his location prematurely. In more recent times Jonah has leant more to the style of creating some sort of distraction and then gaining access to his target quickly and quietly while they are distracted. This would usually involve for an example, an explosion and them himself sneaking up on his target, slitting their throat and leaving the premises without anyone seeing.

[COLOR=DarkOrange][B]Weapons: [/B] [/COLOR]
His main weapon is a blade somewhere between a sword and a combat knife; he uses this in battle to take out his kills quietly if at all possible. [URL=http://img222.imageshack.us/img222/3212/knife338vx.png][Picture][/URL]
Jonah?s preferred weapons, if his knife fails, are his twin hand guns, these guns have been modified especially. The guns have red laser sights and each if fitted with a small scope. He relies on these guns to get him out of a tough situation where he may be facing more than one armed opponent.[URL=http://img88.imageshack.us/img88/4093/gun6he.png][picture, without sights attached][/URL]
Finally he carries with him a simple Katana; he keeps the sword with him for the times when people he is assigned to kill want to go down fighting one on one and not go hand to hand.[URL=http://img89.imageshack.us/img89/4655/swrordness1ok.png][picture][/URL]

[COLOR=DarkOrange][B]Other abilities: [/B] [/COLOR]
Jonah has received extensive special traning; he is especially skilled in hand to hand combat. With his special training he chose to specialize in stealth techniques concentrating on using his knife. Jonah isn?t overly strong but he can take a powerful hit or two, he has got quick reflexes.

[COLOR=DarkOrange][B]Character snippet:[/B][/COLOR] [sorry, It's long ^^; I can change it if its too lengthy]
[B]?You really should retire Jonah, how long has it been?? [/B] Jonah removed the smoldering cigarette from his mouth and flicked it to the ground, it was barely half smoked. His booted foot came down on the cigarette, crushing it and sending small embers into the air. He sighed into the phone, a jet of steam shot out his mouth; it was a typical cold morning.

[B]?Too long?Look business as usual or not??[/B] He hated it when Darrin beat around the bush, if he had a dollar for every time he mentioned retirement...

[B]?Cut to the chase dont you? Business is as usual; pick up the details from the lock box. Oh and Jonah, please [I]don?t[/I] blow up anything large this time.?[/B] The phone went dead. Telling Jonah not to blow up anything was like telling a big cat not to hunt, it just doesn?t work. He flipped the phone back in half and slid it into his pocket as he began walking across the road. Hardly anything was moving, though the streets were just beginning to fill up. People had managed to drag themselves out of bed for one more painful day.

Jonah adjusted his sunglasses, people often looked at him strangely for wearing them inside or in dark places, the weird looks increased in their frequency especially at night. He trudged down the street, not even bothering to avoid puddles, it had been raining of late, more than he would have liked.

The train station was a mere five minute walk, Jonah was in, out and back inside one of his many apartments within moments. He opened the large black envelope hidden inside an un-marked cardboard box; Jonah always assumed it was Darrin trying to make a joke. Inside the envelope were some of the details of his next job, he would have to ring a secure number for the rest. Jonah?s eyes widened as he read though the brief sheets.

He removed his reflective sunglasses and placed them on the table, he leaned back in his chair, rubbing a hand though his hair and then massaging his eyes. Was he reading this right? Jonah let out another of his deep sighs, [B]?Damn women?? [/B] he spoke out loud.

His target, 32 year old female, blonde curly locks and green eyes, tall but not too tall about 5?8?, he could almost smell her perfume. [B]?Oh Linii, what on earth have you gotten your self into.? [/B] he muttered quietly. In precisely three days Linii Shyu was expected to be dead, Linii held a place in Jonah?s heart no other woman occupied. She was once involved with him, the two had separated not long after he proposed to her, she got a promotion that couldn?t be passed up, she broke his heart but this of course was a long time ago.

Jonah had never been one to turn down a job, no matter who he was assigned to kill, all but 3 or 4 of his targets had been men and Jonah had had many targets. He disliked killing women; he didn?t know why, killing a woman that he still loved in a way?might be difficult. He rang the secure number that allowed him to access the rest of the vital information. Linii wasn?t as innocent as he thought. She had become involved with the military in a bad way. She was a scientist and by the sounds of the report a scientist that had stumbled into something big. Linii had discovered some new form of chemical substance that could instantly heal wounds, it would revolutionize warfare, any one who was anyone would want to get their hands on it, it could start wars.

Jonah?s job was to take her out; another crew would clean out all evidence of her, her lab and her work. One life for possibly millions more, it didn?t seem fair. A job was a job and Jonah tended to do what others refused. This time he would have to approach things differently.


He had decided on a course of action, he couldn?t take Linii out during work, the military base was just too heavily guarded and that left only one other place where he could finish the hit, her home. He had been standing there for a mere 30 minutes and he was already drenched from head to toe, it seemed that in her part of the world it liked to rain as much as his. If there was one thing that he still knew about her it was that she never liked to live on base, he would have to be careful of neighbors, a taxi pulled up across the street and she got out. It was now or never. He waited a few moments before casually walking across the street; he stood hunched in the door way of the apartments.

Pushing the intercom for her apartments he put on a strong British accent. [B]?I?m here to check your plumbing ma?am, you rang our company yesterday evening?? [/B] phone taps were a wondrous thing.

[B]?Oh right, yes, I?ll buzz you in.?[/B] Her voice hadn?t changed a bit.

[B]?Thank you.? [/B] There was a clicking from inside the door as it unlocked, he was dressed in his usual attire, his physical appearance had changed a considerable amount since she last saw him. He took the stairs rather than the elevator up to the 2nd floor. He knocked on her door; he heard the bolts unlock and let out a sigh, hunching his shoulders to make himself appear shorter. Her expression changed from one of indifference to unwelcome surprise.

[B]?Jonah??[/B] He nodded slowly, his head was bent downwards and his hair hung in wet strands over his face, his cloths dripped water onto the carpet out in the hall.

[B]?I?m sorry to bother you? especially after all this time, I?m lost Li I needed someone to talk too?? [/B] Her face suddenly became a wash with pity, Jonah knew how to pluck her heart strings.

[B]?Come inside, I?ll get you a towel?[/B] He obeyed and with a slow dejected walk stepped inside her apartment. She disappeared down a hall way and fetched him a towel, all thoughts of the plumber were forgotten. As Linii handed the towel to him he grabbed her hand and spun her around so that she stood in front of him with her back towards him. Jonah leant his head on her neck; this was the way that he used to greet her all those years ago. He could smell her perfume, she hadn?t changed it. Typical Linii.

[B]?Jonah, I?m surprised to see you after all this time, I?I never told you I was sorry.? [/B]

[B]?I never told you the truth.?[/B] He left her shift uncomfortably under his grasp. Quietly he unsheathed his knife. Quickly and without a sound Jonah Worth thrust his knife through Linii Shyu?s heart. She gasped and made to scream but her mouth had already been covered by his hand, slowly he lowered her to the ground. Her eyes were a mix of emotions, confusion, pain and anger, somewhere in there he thought he saw a flicker of love. She looked so beautiful, she hadn?t changed one bit.

He leant down and whispered in her ear, [B]?I?m sorry Li??[/B] he removed his knife from her heart and re-sheathed it. He made sure she was dead before leaving. The clean up crew would be there within minutes, Jonah made a point of never looking back.


Walking down the street once again Jonah stopped at a little café and bought a large black coffee. A radio played in the back ground.

[I][B]??in other news today Scientist, Doctor Linii Shyu?s killer still has not been found. Doctor Shyu, famous for her discoveries within the medical world has been missing for a week and 3 days. Both her apartment and her laboratory were burnt to the ground the day she is believed to have disappeared. There has been a big push by the government to apprehend her killer but unfortunately law enforcement has hit a dead end. It was rumored that Doctor Shyu had been working on??[/B][/I]

Jonah sighed and leant back in his chair while sipping his coffee, he tuned out from the radio and all other noise around him and looked towards the sky, it had finally stopped raining.
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[size=1][color=slategray][b]Name:[/b] Tessa Cross

[b]Age:[/b] 28

[b]Gender:[/b] Female

[b]Personality:[/b] Headstrong and merciless. She won't take "no" for an answer. She'll do just about anything to complete her objective. She doesn't show compassion for many, but is a killer teammate if she'll allow you to join her. She can be a loyal friend, but usually with it, comes a price. Not loud, but not quiet. Can seem aloof in a crowd unless something catches her eye. That's right, boys, this one's a flirt.
The only people she truly shows a weakness for are young children.

[b]Appearance:[/b] [URL=http://www.bobrafei.com/galleries/jak2/characters/source/ashlin-final.htm]Tessa.[/URL] (Just without the long, elfish ears.)
Side note: The tattoos are from her military work.

[b]Style:[/b] Tessa uses her street smarts and knowledge of weapons. This way, she can find the location of her target without leaving a trace through her wide connections. She generally doesn't think twice about something she does, it's all instinct. She can calculate an enemy's weak point through their weapons and use that to her advantage.
Her style leading up to the kill is undetectable, but when she actually goes in for the target, it's loud and messy.

[b]Weapons:[/b] A souped up laser-point military handgun, holding eight rounds. Two steel throwing daggers, and a simple switchblade stored in her left boot. She always carries plenty of ammo for her handgun on her belt, leg and arm bands, as seen in the picture.

[b]Other Abilities:[/b] Hand-to-hand combat, influencing others, and is a novice at hacking.

[b]Bio:[/b] Tessa grew up on the streets, her father always took double shifts at work to pay off rent and her older brother had gone into the military. That left her to be alone most of her life. But she excelled in common sense and instinct from all the time she spent wandering the streets. This gave her almost a sixth sense, she felt as though she was one with the city.

She got herself into a lot of fights as a pre-teen. She learned street combat and was well known in the neighborhood for beating up bratty boys pestering the younger girls. She grew attatched to children, they made her happy, and she loved the feeling of self satisfaction when she defended them.

After a few years, Tessa's father had a stroke and died. Her older brother came from nowhere and took her under his wing. Him being the military man he was, he enrolled her. All the commanding officers complimented her, saying she could possibly be a prodigy, that she had natural fighting talent.

The years in the military toughened her up further, she started working in ammunition, getting to know the weapons. After she served her required years, Tessa moved onto something bigger and better: Bounty Hunting. The ultimate job, in her eyes. She climbed up in rank, reeling in some big cash off her killings. She worked for just about anyone who'd pay her a decent prize. She has all the street and military connections she could possibly want, but she doesn't use them as often as you'd image.

Yes, I'm using a Jak and Daxter character for her appearance. :P
Anyway, finally, a bounty hunter RPG... good choice, Sazabi.
And I hope that's an alright sign-up.[/color][/size]
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[COLOR=Sienna]Name: Elric the Lucky

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Personality: Elric is a person who is difficult to fluster. Known as a quiet, unflappable, calm individual in serious situations, he is always thinking about his next move. He doesn't like to take orders and usually puts himself in a position to command, but he normally likes to hunt alone. Not necessarily a cold person, when he loosens up or is around his friends, he can be very talkative, especially with some ale in him.

Appearance:[URL=http://hyung-taekim.org/displayimage.php?album=18&pos=1]Elric the Lucky[/URL]

Style: Elric likes to do things quietly. Generally speaking, he doesn't like to create a huge mess, he doesn't even like to kill people. He prefers to disable the victim and bring them to his employer, since they usually pay more for that anyways.

Weapons: Elric carries a large bastard-sword. He prefers to use the spine of the sword to incapacitate, but the blade is more than sharp enough to decapiate or maim.

Other abilities: As his name implys, Elric is extrodinarily lucky. I'm not sure if this counts as a power, but it seems as if everything always goes in Elric's favour. This also makes him a very good gambler.

Bio or character snippet:
*Will finish later*[/COLOR]
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[B]Name:[/B] Timothy Frost

[B]Age:[/B] 30

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Personality:[/B] Some might say that Tim is psychotic.Probobly because he is.Tim is one of those bounty hunters that enjoys thier job way too much. To put it lightly he's raher unstable.To put it accuratly, he is an extremely insane individual that won't think twice about throwing a granade at someone who looks at him wrong.The only real loophole in Tims personality is the fact that 'he isn't all there' but that still means that part of the him is.He actually seems quite normal to those who know him well.

[B]Appearance:[/B] [url]http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y142/Makurou/Devil_May_Cry2_02.jpg[/url] He has short silver hair,and blue eyes. His black vest ends as a trench coat that starts at his waist.Tim also wears a red dress shirt under his vest.And black jeans.(yeah For those of you that think you recignize him ,its Dante...duh)

[B]Style:[/B] Tim is a rather loud person in every aspect of his life,including his hunting. He mainly uses various types of granades to either incapasitate or blow up his target.The main fun of it for him is scaring his target to the point of crying, nomatter how old or what gender.He is also a veary reckless person, he won't hesitate to throw a granade into a croud of people if there is even the slightlest chance of hitting his target.

[B]Weapons:[/B] He carries a briefcase with a large assortment of granades inside. including shrapnel,flash-bang,nerve gas,and concussion granades.He is an explosives expert, but for close range combat he uses a pair of costom. pistols

[B]Other abilities:[/B] Working with timed explosions for almost his entire life he has devaloped an extemely acute sence of timeing.Since he also works with gasses like nerve gas and chlorine gas.He has also trained to hold his breath for long ammounts of time.He also has basic police training.And bomb squad training.

[B]Bio:[/B] Tim grew up a model studant.Straight A+'s threw grade school,high school,and even university.He graduated university at the age of 21 and in the same year he joined the police force.Before to long he grew an affinity for explosives and was promoted to the bomb squad.

As he progressed to captaining his own squad ,he eventually became obsessed with his job.In all of his spare time he studied different bombs and new types of explosives.One day there was a bomb threat called in by a local bank.And Tim's team was chosen to respond.Tim himself went in, to disable the bomb.Once it was succesfully disabled Tim just plain snapped. Tim was supposed to just bring it out.But insted he set it to dentinate in five seconds and threw it into the croud of nervous pedestrians killing twelve people. Nine ordanary people off the street, and three members of his own team.

Obviously Tim was expelled from the force and sent to a mental rehabilitation facility.He did temporarily recover,but about three months after he was released he was just as nuts as ever.He turned to murder ,becoming a bounty hunter, useing the explosives he studied, to be one of the crimanals he previously worked to stop.
Hope its not too long .If you want me to change anything just pm me and I'll change it.
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[B]Name:[/B] Omar "Lumine" (Lume-a-nae)

[B]Age:[/B] 29 years old (Blind for 21 years)

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Personality:[/B] Lumine loves recon and undercover missions. He is fluent in 10 different languages, meaning his superiors can use him in many places around the world. His personality is liquid cement and he has trained it to form around his victims lifestyles in order to get close enough for a silent kill. Lumine has a tendency to go way too deep into the "character" the bounties believe him to be, enabling him to get any information from any friend(s) of the target. Extremely sharp-minded and witty, Lumine can turn any conversation or interrogation into a playground for his imagination. His only rule of thumb is that he will say as little to other bounty hunters as possible. He knows bounty hunters when he "sees" them and literally goes deaf-mute when around them. Lumine believes that all bounty hunters, including himself, will stab each other in the back for a good profit.

This is basically how he dresses when he roams the world on different missions. He's 6"1 and is very defined in apperance when his clothes come off. Lumine changes his clothes daily, naturally and carries a walking stick because he can't "see". (It should be noted that he has trained his remaining 4 senses to compensate for his eyes. The cane, therefore, is obsolete but, like I was saying, he's undercover. It should also be noted that he has a method to "see" which is in the 'other abilities' category.) His face is unblemished and he keeps his apperance in tip-top shape to look as nice as possible. (Although he can not see, he is very meticulous.) The only difference in the picture is that Lumine is blind, so his eyes are a pale gray instead of a deep brown. Lumine doesn't prefer to wear glasses.

[B]Style:[/B] After Lumine has gotten everyone into a false sense of security, he captures his target, alive or dead, quickly and quietly. There have been exceptions to some of the bounties Lumine has collected, where Lumine feels overwhelming sadnees for betraying his friends trust before or after capturing them. If he [B]is[/B] exposed as a bounty hunter, however, he can handle his own in a outnumbered fight to a certain extent due to his disability of sight. However, Lumine hopes that his murder count never goes higher than the targets he is ordered to capture.

[B]Weapons:[/B] Lumine carries one thin steel wire with rubber grips and one titanium straight-edge pocket knife for stealth kills. He also carries two black 45cal. Desert Eagles, with silencers of course.

[B]Other abilities:[/B] Of course, due to his disibility of sight at the age of 8, Lumine was taught early on how to read braille and how to master his other 4 senses. Being able to compensate for his eyes at 17, Lumine has never had to look awkward towards other people with a walking cane. When he joined the organization at the age of 21, they further improved his senses by giving him [B]Electro-pulse gloves (or EPG's for short)[/B]. Completely waterproof and extremely durable, this prototype emits vibrations into the air that Lumine's hearing and touch can sense. These vibrations stimulate his brain, creating a "sight" that enables Lumine to see. Because of the EPGs, he has received many compliments on his unique eye color since he "looks" at the civilians eyes naturally. Although Lumine uses these all the time now, he is still able to function well without the EPGs, but on a much lower scale. Wanting to learn how to use his body as a weapon later through life, Lumine took up martial arts and has earned black belt in Judo and Muay Thai at the age of 28. He practices Yoga daily for flexibility and concentration.

[B]Bio or character snippet:[/B] It rained hard that Thursday night in the state of Kansas. Thunderstorm warnings, tornado warnings, and flash flood warnings rang in Lumine's ears as he walked past the television store outside on the sidewalk. He frowned as he pulled out his walking stick from his trench coat and began using it since the howling of the wind scrambled his hearing, which was half of what he needed for the EPGs to operate. His friend had to settle a case at 8:45pm and he always left his home an hour prior. Lumine needed to be at his house before he left or he would have to wait an aditional week before this oppurtunity arised again. He pulled the sleeves from his left arm dress shirt back slightly and unclasped a small latch on the glass frame of his specially-made watch, checking the time with his right fingers, the EPGs snug on his palms.

"7:15pm. Great, I can still make it. Now, two blocks further..."

As Lumine made it to his destination, he politely knocked on the door three times. A standard knock signaling a friend was at the door. As he heard footsteps coming down the stairs, he composed himself on the wooden porch, wiping the tear that escaped his left eye and clearing his throat. Betrayal was never easy for him to swallow.

"Who is it?"
"Um.. Agent Provell, IRS, we came to collect. Come quietly and you will not be harmed." Lumine said in a professional tone.
(Chuckling) "Tyler is that you f---ing with me again?"
"The one and only. C'mon Jake, open the door, it's cold as hell out here."

Jake Sims opened the door meeting his friend Tyler Provell on the other side. They had met six months ago at the corner of a law firm, Jake a veteran lawyer connected with the mob, Tyler, a mobster with cash who needed connections to a good lawyer to get out of a drug scandel.

The two have been friends ever since...

As the two hugged, Tyler stabbed Jake in the chest 3 times with his custom-made pocket knife. A standard amount for a friend. As Jake gripped his friend tighter from the pain of the knife, Tyler couldn't help but cry a little on his shoulder.

"I'm a bounty hunter Jake," Lumine said into his friends ear, shaking away the sadness. "This is my job and you were my target."

"Bu--t w.. wh-yy??" Jake struggled to say, drowning in his own blood.

Lumine let the tears fall from his eyes one last time before answering the question.

"Death and Taxes my friend." Lumine said. "Death and Taxes."

As Jake died, Lumine kept hugging him. He had never let his body hit the ground for fear that a car or pedestrian would scream and call the cops. As far as the civilians were concerned, two friends were finally reunited after a long absence. Lumine felt for the door frame before carrying the dead weight into the house, shutting the door behind him. There were no trails of blood since Lumine's white dress shirt had taken care of the blood. As he dropped the corpse on the floor and carefully walked through the empty house, he walked to his closet and changed the bloody attire he wore. There wasn't a day that went by that he didn't appreciate his EPGs. Maybe that's why he stayed in for so long and did what he did, Lumine thought.

After he changed his clothes, Lumine put his bloody clotes inside Jake's stove with gasoline poured all over it. He put containers of ammonia and bleach on top of the stove also before setting the temperture of the stove to broil. After doing these things, Lumine walked out the back door where a black Lincoln was awaiting. Lumine opened the door to the back seat and sat down showing his bloody knife to a man in front.

"It's done." Lumine said, devoid of emotion before shutting the door.

As the black Lincoln took off through the streets, a fire quickly erupted minutes later inside the house...
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[B]Name:[/B] Micheal Drellas

[B]Age:[/B] 30

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Personality:[/B] He is the kind of person that goes unoticed and is that last to be suspected of anything. He smiles alot and doesn't have much of a temper. To those who know him see him as being very leisurly and calm. He enjoys relaxing. He believes in taking life one day at a time. He chose his line of work for one reason and one reason only: He likes it. He derives pleasure from hunting people down. He feels that to hunt animals is pointless, since there so stupid, but humans make far more cunning prey. He loves to fight. One of his favorite things to say is [I]"Battle reveals your true heart and nature. This gives way to your true ecstacy. Pain is simply the price we pay for this pleasure."[/I]

[B]Appearance: [/B] [URL=http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c384/GeneOutlaw/1calintz_j.jpg][U]Micheal[/U].[/URL]

[B]Style:[/B] He perfers the direct approach. He stalks his target for a bit til they either catch on or he gets bored of just following them. If he gets bored before they notice him he deams them not worthy of his attention and takes them out with one of his favorite techniques, the drop strike. He moves in quick and with one fluid motion stabs them through the back, straight through there heart, and out the chest. He can do this regardless if he approaches from the front of the back.

However, if they notice him, then he decides it's worth it to draw this out into a full on fight. He uses fast sword play and is quite experienced. He's not one to be riled up by a few sharp words, so he stays on his game pretty well, this gives him an advantage over most others who are a bit moodier.

[B]Weapon:[/B] He uses a long single edged blade, the one seen in the pic. There's nothing terribly amazing about it. He doesn't care much for guns, so he only carries a 9mm for precautionary measures, but he has never actually had to fire it, since he can usually force close quarters combat with his speed.

[B]Other Skills:[/B] One of his most useful skills is slight of hand. He moves his hands with such grace and speed that he can often disorient his opponents. As soon as they lose balance or take there eyes of his hands he moves in for the blow. He's not one to waste a fight on an instant kill shot, so he usually just picks at those select few he decides to fight til they simply can't move anymore.

[B]Bio:[/B] I was born to a simple family. A pair of working class parents with three children, me the oldest of them. We didn't have all the money in the world, but they lived happy lives, free of confrontation and complecation. How I hated them all.

They were such weak people, happy and content with mediocrity. I had my first taste of blood when I was 12. I had taken my first job at a local pet store working the late shift by myself. The back room made for an excellent torture chamber for the little beasts of burden in the shop, but it wasn't quite the same. They were so pathetic it was almost shameful, emphasis on almost. Then one day a group of thugs decided to take up residence in the back room. One can tell what happend next, but I'll relive it anyway. With the barrier of self defence on my side, I took a scalpel I had brought for my pet experiments and carved them away. It was here I realized what beasts human really were.

It was only a year later that I learned you could hunt people for a living. And it was only a month after I put myself out there that I got my first job from a local gang. I've been a killer ever since.

That's all you need to know, cause, quite frankly, that's all that matters. I'm the best your gonna find because I love my job.
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[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=1]I will be putting this up in a while. I already have three rps going already and I don't want to have four going on since it might by bad for them all to be from the same person. If anyone is going to singup but is waiting for some reason please hurry

1.silver_blade-Xue Fang Craft
2.Sazabi-Kyle Ashcraft
3.Illusion-Jonah Worth
4.Bláse-Tessa Cross
5.Cygnus X-1-Eric The Lucky
6.bodhidharma-Timothy Frost
7.Oblivion-Omar Lumine
8.Starwind-Micheal Drellas

Edit: My question was answered and this has already been put up[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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