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ways to make santas naughty list


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Guest Master O Beans
[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Cloud [/i]

[COLOR=red]Don'tpost that stuff on here. It's supposed to be restricted if you're under 18... a 12 year old could get in trouble if he clicked on that.[/COLOR] [/B][/QUOTE]

...heh, in trouble he said. Baahaha! :D
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Vegitto4 [/i]
[B]Making the naughty list it wasn't hard after meeting android 18, and LM, anf BG, and QA, oops, I should stop now:naughty: [/B][/QUOTE]

[color=deeppink]Or you could be on the naughty list merely by being [b]me[/b]! Because I'm a naughty girl...:wave:[/color]
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