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:angel: Who wants to play? :angel:

I'm Ryoko...and Sakuya does not exist...

Oh, and Achika (tenchi's mother) is still alive.. anybody? huh? please?


minus Krillen
but otherwise
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No way Sere

Ryoko walks through Tenchi's wall. Tenchi is sitting at the desk doing homework. Ryko quietly tiptoes up behind him and wraps her arms around his neck. This startles Tenchi


Tenchi:Ga.. Ryoko! Get off!

Ryoko:Hey Tenchi, wanna go to the new movie theater, hmm? The new DARK movie theater?

Tenchi: Pass, Ryoko I have to do homework.

Ryoko lets go of Tenchi's neck and begins to cry.

Tenchi:Ryoko will you quit that?!

Ryoko continues to cry.

Sasami: DINNER!

Ryoko/Tenchi: :therock:

Tenchi:It's only 4:30

Ryoko teleports downstairs leaving Tenchi to take the lone way, the stairs.

Ryoko:Sasami? WHats going on? It's only 4:30

Sasami:Well I have something to tell you all...
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[COLOR=royalblue]Sasami: ......but I'll let that wait for later.

Ryoko: Aw man.......come on......just tell me!

Tenchi: *pant pant* ......am I late?

Sasami: Sit down. :D

[i]The other girls drag themselves to the table, and start to eat. Sasami looks around happily.....then promptly stuffs her face when Ryoko asks her agian.[/i]

Ryoko: Damn that annoying child....

Sasami: Who are you calling old?!?

Tenchi: Now girls.....

Sasami: :rolleyes: *continues eating*[/COLOR]
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Ryoko:WHAT?! :flaming: :demon: :flaming: :mad: :devil: :demon: :devil:

*Ryoko aims a powerful blast at Sasami, who is protected by her Juraian sheild*

Ryoko:That wasn't supposed to hurt you... are you okay?


Ryoko:Good.... Ryoko pinches Sasami's cheek, a little harder than normal, and flie up t her room.
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[COLOR=royalblue]Sasami: Well, now that she's gone, I'll tell you all.

Tenchi: Yeah?

Sasami: I'm getting my ears peirced. :D

[i]Everyone falls over anime style.[/i]

Sasami: What? *acts innocent* [i]Maybe I should've said my belly button instead......[/i]

Tenchi: That was it??!?!?

Mihoshi: Cool!

Ryoko: What'd I miss?

Washuu: Sasami's getting her ears peirced. :whoops:

Ryoko: ......oh god.....:demon:[/COLOR]
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Ryoko:If you think that you'll be wearing my earrings once you get them peirced, you got another thing coming Sasami

Sasami:Eh that's okay... I'll borrow some from Aeka

Aeka:I don't have my ears peirced Sasami... and your not getting yours peirced, it's against Juraian rule!

Ryoko:Buck up Princess Twit! Go ahead Sasami! I change my mind, you can wear mine all you like!

Sasami:Thanks Ryoko!

Aeka:AAh! Sasami I demand you put those vile things down right now! You'll get demon germs!

Ryoko:What did you say?!

Tenchi:Here we go again
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O_o Kimedakae is the younger one.. and believe me hunny, your the person...

I can see it now.. Ryoko flirting with Aeka's guardian.. oh thats perfect!!
*Kimedakae walks in the room and Ryoko lets go of Aeka's hair and retracts her laser sword. She teleports over to Kimedakae*

Ryoko:Hey handsome! :love2:


Everyone: :wow:

Kimedakae:Um uh.. I cant date demons

Ryoko:Wanna bet?
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[COLOR=royalblue]Sasami: :rolleyes: Am I the only sane person here?

Tenchi: Nope.......I'm normal too....

Sasami: Somebody knock those two out.

Kiyone: Let them fight it out!

Sasami: They'll blow up the house.

Kiyone: Oh yeah. :D

Tenchi: I think we should just all let them fight.....and we can slowly.....back........away........[/COLOR]
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Guest DrunkenMaster88
Katsuhito: no we've got to stop them or they will blow the house up and then take it over to the shrine and this family has put a lot of work into that!!

Tenchi: yeah, Grandpa is right

All but Ryoko and Aeka: *sigh*

Sasami Katsuhito and Kamidake pull Ayeka away from Ryoko and Tenchi Kiyone and Mihoshi pull Ryoko away from Ayeka.

Tenchi: :mad: YOU TWO STOP THIS RIGHT NOW!! :flaming:

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*Ryoko turns to Tenchi, Mihoshi, and Kiyone*
*Ryoko flashes her classic demonic grin*
*In pure fear, Tenchi, Mihoshi, and Kiyone let go of Ryoko*
*Ryoko zooms off after Aeka and grabs her by the collar*
*Ryoko brings her outside and calls Ryo-ohki*
*Aeka call Ryo-ou*

Ryoko:Ryo-ohki! Into space! We are gonna blast that Princess into the next dimension! Let's go!

Aeka:Ryo-ou! Follow her! That is an order!

Ryoko:Ryo-ohki! Fire!

*Ryo-ohki fires on Aeka and Aeka summons the lighthawk wings*
*Ryoko is about to fire back when she spots a white ship out of the corner of her eye*

Ryoko:Not her.. not now...

*Ryo-ohki and Ryoko suddenly zoom away from Aeka and Ryo-ou at top speed. Aeka sees a ship follow them*

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