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Anime Your "To Buy" list? (anime and manga edition)


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[COLOR=DarkOrange]With both anime and manga, there's always a whole lot of stuff coming out ever-frequently. we can't always keep up, and sometimes we end up eyeballing a couple volumes for a while, or waiting till you've got the extra cash for that X box-set (still like 160 bucks XD).

What are you looking to buy? Personally, I make these lists semi-compulsively all the damn time, so rather than waste my paper right now, sticking it in my jacket pocket, and forgetting it's there, I figured I'd give everyone the chance to post a list they can't forget here.

My list:

1. [B]Haibane Renmei [/B] volume 2 + 3 - A long, long time ago when I first got into anime, I purchased volume one of this series with the box (it was only 21 bucks, couldn't resist). I only ended up watching 2 episodes, got bored, and didn't watch it till late 2006. Now having an entirely different style, I watched it again, and was intrigued enough to buy volume 2. Now, of course, I want the rest >_<

2. [B]Ergo Proxy [/B] - I know absolutely nothing about this show aside from what's written on the back of the box. al I know is that I love psychological anime, I'm a huge fan of the art style, and i'm ready to take the risk. Unfortuanetally, this one still seems to be maniacally expensive >_<


1. [B]Boogiepop Dual [/B] volume 1 - Kind of a funny story here >_< As I'm a huge boogiepop fan, I of course was immediately ready to buy this. When I went to the store, there was a copy, I bought it. I accidentaly bought volume 2 and didn't realize it till I got home. Figuring I would get volume one soon enough, I kept it. It's been almost 4 months >_< I still haven't read volume two yet, it just sits ther on the shelf... lonely...

2. [B]Death Note [/B] 9 + 10 - there's an issue here. I love death note, but I've only got up to 8. Why? I happen to have a friend who also loves death note who keeps loaning me the volumes as they come out. Now i feel like if I buy 9 and 10 Im wasting my money cuz I've already read them. It's so very confusing... >_<

I think that's all for now... I'm mildly embarrassed by the fact that so many >_
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[font=comic sans ms]I don't really buy manga's since most of those would end up just sitting wherever I toss them for quite some time, and then being thrown away afterwards.

But as far as anime goes. I haven't thought about it too much, but I should start considering to buy more of them since it seems like AS is killing off the animes that's airing on it. (weeknights) And there's not much that really interest me on that "On Demand" thingy. (there my only access to anime at the moment)


[strike][i]Dragonball Z[/i] - Actually, the whole series. Ranging from DB to GT. I've been craving some mindless screaming, dragged out fighting as of late. I use to have these on VHS, but I decided to record over them. I may just decide to get movies 9-13 instead though seeing that I haven't seen those yet.[/strike] Edit: Changed my mind. I don't want it anymore.

[i]Ronin Warriors[/i] - This one was pretty good, but I caught this one on Toonami from the midpoint to near the end of the series. Something happened in between causing me to miss the rest of the show. (I don't remember what it was. I probably stopped watching it because I was always hanging out after DBZ went off.) So this is one that I need to see from the beginning. I'm actually hoping that On Demand would put this on one day.

[i]Yu Yu Hakusho[/i] - Like Ronin Warriors, but slightly different. I saw the Spirit Detective Saga, Chapter Black, and Three Kings, but missed out on the whole Dark Tournament. Well, I did see some episodes of that saga, but I missed the majority of it.

That's about it at the moment.[/font]
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My list is rather short since I've seen so little anime. But out of the three shows I have watched and enjoyed I am collecting two of them. The first being Fruits Basket as I enjoy that show. I've gotten the first couple of disks and I believe there is one more. I've already seen it but I want to get the rest to have on hand since I really enjoy it.

I love all the character interactions with Yuki and Kyo and their constant arguing as well as Shigure and how he torments his poor editor. And Tohru with her friends, who I can't think of their names, really make the whole series fun to watch. But probably some of the things that make me laugh the most are Haru and his 'black' moments.

The other one on my to buy list, is any DVD from the Case Closed series. I love mysteries and the way things are zany in this with Jimmy being [spoiler] turned into a kid [/spoiler] is fun to watch. And the way he has to return to grade school and gets dragged around on occasion with the other kids is hilarious .

I also like how the show really requires you to pay attention to figure out the mysteries. So as long as they keep releasing this, it will be on my 'to buy' list.
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The other one on my to buy list, is any DVD from the Case Closed series. I love mysteries and the way things are zany in this with Jimmy being [spoiler] turned into a kid [/spoiler] is fun to watch. And the way he has to return to grade school and gets dragged around on occasion with the other kids is hilarious .

I also like how the show really requires you to pay attention to figure out the mysteries. So as long as they keep releasing this, it will be on my 'to buy' list.[/QUOTE]

[font=tahoma]That's why I love Detective Conan/Case Closed. I was really upset when they took it off CN, especially since they showed i think around 50 episodes out of like...500. I'd really want to buy the entire thing if it existed, I've looked for all the volumes and whatnot that I could find and it's so damn confusing sometimes. I don't typically buy anime in volumes since the price is rediculous for like 3-4 episodes, and i don't see a point in it since boxsets allow you to watch the series at your own pace. Typically box sets are pretty expensive too...but I guess it's my bias since I have a friend who works for a DVD shop who can get me sets for cheap.

As for other things on my "to buy" list, I still want to get all the [b]Fullmetal Alchemist[/b] volumes, since they've yet to come out with a box set. [b]Gunslinger Girl, Berserk, Evangelion[/b] and [b]S-cry-eD[/b] are the full sets currently on my list to get.[/font]
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[COLOR=DarkRed]I am not really into manga anymore since I completed my beloved collection of Kare Kano: His and Her Circumstances. However, I am into and up to date with Fruits Basket and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles. My friends buy those so I can just borrow them for the time being. I would like to collect them after I am more financially stable.

As for anime, there are only two series that I want to purchase. I want SuperGALS and Sailor Moon. SuperGALS is about the great Ran Kotobuki who is the main Gal in Shibuya. She fights crime while staying to her Gal ideals. It is a guilty pleasure and a good laugh.

I want to buy the Sailor Moon series because I recently just finished the Sailor Moon Live action aka Pretty Guardians Sailor Moon. I want to see the original series again so that I can enjoy the series all over again, but as an anime this time, and not with real people. [/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DeepSkyBlue][SIZE=2][FONT=Times New Roman]Oh, I have SO much stuff I wanna buy. T_T I'm very deprived of anime currently. I'm hoping to get the second volume of Moonphase, on DVD. I also want to get the first volume of Martian Successor Nadesico on DVD, too.

For manga, I'm hoping to get Vol.12 of Yu Yu Hakusho, Vol.5 of Tokyo Mew Mew, and Vol.3 of Chobits.

That's just what I want currently, because I have so much stuff I could list. ^^; [/FONT] [/SIZE] [/COLOR]
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[COLOR=#656446]I so want a copy of the [i]Honey and Clover[/i] DVDs. Not for the the episodes themselves, but for the extra items packaged with each DVD. It would be pretty cool to own the fanbook with those pages of real-life Honey and Clover wardrobe. And a replica of Hagu's notebook. And the Hagu papercraft that comes with the 6th volume.

And I want a complete set of Sailor Moon Live-Action DVDs! I'm a fan of j-drama and of Sailor Moon so this set's purrfect. (Plus the girls and the Shitennou look really cute. And the special episode is just hilarious. It's the type of episode that I can watch until the disc bursts into flames.)[/COLOR]
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[SIZE=3][COLOR=YellowGreen][FONT=Comic Sans MS]I would say Fruits Basket volume 17 is on my list but unfortunatly I have to wait until August for it to come out :animecry:

Another i would say is for the Sailor Moon DVD's to come out. I mean a whole box set in english. I have been waiting for years for it to come out but saldy it hasn't come out yet. :animesigh [/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE]
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I've always got a list of Manga to buy; generally when there's a new release from a series I'm reading I haven't got the money :animedepr so I have to wait - then when I do get money I blow it on all the books that have come out. I'm always behind on [B]Fruits Basket[/B], [B]Samurai Deeper Kyo[/B] and [B]Excel Saga[/B].

I bought the first two volumes of [B]Imadoki[/B] a few months ago; I really liked it. Its top of my list for next time I'm out book shopping.

Although, I still haven't seen the Evangelion movie - [B]The End of Evangelion[/B]. So if HMV has it I'll most likely get that instead.

I hate it when you have to decided.... :animesigh
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[COLOR=Indigo]My to buy list is pretty short actually since I haven't been collecting a lot of anime or manga lately.

For anime about the only one's I'm collecting is the rest of Moon Phase and Scrapped Princess. What I really want to get is Banner of the Stars III (OAV) one of my favorite series. But it's only just been put out in Japan in the last year and I haven't heard of any plans for it to come to the US any time soon. Which sucks since I want to see how they resolve the growing relationship between Lafiel and Jinto. Oh and I do pick up the newest releases of Case Closed when they come out since I like the short mysteries in this series.

As for manga, I'm only collecting two series at the moment, Yu-Gi-Oh and Pieces of a Spiral. Yu-Gi-Oh since I rather like the manga of this series since it's far darker and more interesting than the mutilated anime version and Pieces of a Spiral since even though the story line is a bit slow, I love the artwork for it.

But other than that, I've been to poor lately since college is eating up a lot of my money. Even with scholarships that help pay for a good amount of it. Once I finish and get a paying job though, that list will probably change. [/COLOR]
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Unfortunatly, I'm broke at the moment, so I'm waiting til the end of next week to buy it, but my next hit on my to buy list is the [B]Last Exile[/B] box set.

I'm also looking into [B]Air Gear[/B], [B]Ergo Proxy[/B], and of course the next volume of [B]Bleach[/B] when it hits the stores.
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Before, I never really had any reason to keep track of which manga or DVD is coming out for whichever series because my friends would always do that for me and then I would just borrow from them.

Recently, however, I've decided that I just wanted to go out and buy one or two series that no one was interested in (out of my group of friends) and keep track of it. So here are the series that I have to look forward to.


[i]La Chevaliar D'eon[/i] vol 3: I bought volume 1 not really sure whether I'd like it or not but right now it's got to be one of my favorite series. A truck-load of extras are always a good thing.

[i]Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles[/i] vol 2: I just got volume 1 about a day ago and the anime is moving slow... main reasons I'm sticking to it is because I like Fai and I'm a FUNimation supporter. Maybe the series will start moving at a pace that's to my liking.


[i]D. Gray-Man[/i] vol 6: Love this series! Why I didn't pick it up earlier, I don't know.

[i]Death Note[/i] vol 11 and 12: I skipped A LOT of chapters when I was reading it online so I figured I'd just buy the manga and catch up on what I missed.
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[COLOR=DarkOrange]UPDATE: I now own [B]Ergo Proxy [/B] volume one, so that is removed from the list.


1. [B]Genshiken [/B] vol.2 and onward - this is the most important manga for me to collect right now. Volume one was so great i read it 3 times in a week nad could still read it again now if I wanted to, lol.

2. [B]Hayate the Combat Butler [/B] vol.1 - the anime has been great from what I've seen, so naturally the manga will be necessary! [strike]Plus I need a more portable way of looking at Nagi-chan[/strike]

3. [B]Nodame Cantabile [/B] vol.1 - This one is actually a 'maybe'. The reason being that while i like the anime a lot, there are a lot of differences, and I don't know if it'll be the same without the music...


1. [B]The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya [/B] special edition w/ artbox - ZOMG IT'S OUT!!! See the haruhi thread for why I want this so much!!![/COLOR]
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[COLOR=goldenrod]Well I kind of need a 'get money' list first since I don't have a job and at my age, it's hard to get one. But I do have a 'wish' list that often my mom helps me fill.

Detective Conan: [/B]This one is pretty easy since my mom and I both love it. So we get it and share the DVD's. I just adore this show. I love the short mysteries as well as the twist with Conan and the other grade school kids. In fact another volume comes out in a few days on the 29th! I can't wait to get it! :catgirl:

[B]Moon Phase: [/B]I love the little vampire in this one and so far I've enjoyed how it's not a total blood bath. Something that sort of turns me off on vampire shows. I already have the first three volumes and I want to get more.


[B]Yu-Gi-Oh and Pieces of a Spiral[/B]. I love the dark nature of the cards in the manga of Yu-Gi-Oh. And for Pieces of a Spiral I love the artwork, it's gorgeous. :catgirl:

Oh and as soon as they get around to publishing the rest of [B]DNAngel[/B] since I have the first ten volumes. I want the rest of it too. I love that manga, it's great fun to read. [/COLOR]
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Guest Ver3.0
The only Anime I'm really looking at right now is Please Teacher. I watched the first 6 episodes onyoutube but now I can't find any after episode 8 :animecry: but I really like the humurous storyline and the problems and situations that the characters are presented.
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