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Songs That Make You Feel At Peace


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[COLOR=DarkOrange]Oi. So, when you listen to music, it often corrosponds to your emotion. If you're ina raging mood, you tend to listen to music full of emotion and anger. If you're depressed you tend to listen to sad songs (or just more angry ones XD) What I want to know is, what songs make you feel totally at peace. Like when you hear it you can just relax, listen, and be happy?

The last 2 songs that came on my shuffle playlist just happen to be my two choices (and the reason I came up with this XD)

1. [B]Not Unlike The Waves [/B] by [B]Agalloch [/B] - This may just be the greatest song ever or at least in the top 5 of my personal favorites. The song has everything I could ever want in it's 10-minutes of running. There are parts where it's heavy and stomping with some of the best instrumentation I've ever heard in metal. There's an ever-overshadowing whimsical feel as though you were standing on a white mountain and giving a final battle cry before collapsing in the cold.

There is rage, and there is sorrow, but there is also tranquility and solace. when the guitars and rumbling bass quiet, the soft plucking of an acoustic guitar leads your very soul away. The tempo changes all blend together perfetly and beautifully and the entirety of the song in inspiring.

No matter what mood you're in, this song will appeal to it. If you feel placid, you can just lay there and invision yourself at peace with reality, calmly humming along... the songers voice fits perfectly atop the music as he somberly sings... [I]'aurora swims in the ether... emerald fire scars the night sky...' [/I] or if you're angry, you could trash about like the rampaging soul of the winter spirits as you cry out. [B][I]'Heidrun bleeds the golden nectar! Fall and rise the sun and the moon! The midnight wolves who watch over the dawn! SOLSTAFIR!!!!'[/I][/B]

2. [B]Pendulous Skin [/B] - [B]Mastodon [/B] -- this is not one of Mastodon's usual heavy tracks, but in fact an airy instrumental with a chilling calm about it. the song centers around a nice riff that continues with some kind of mumbled voices playing behind and immediately it takes you into a strange and unique world. The more you listen, the more it entrenches you in this strange location and if you're paying attention, all kinds of things drift in through the spectrum.

After a few minutes a few placidly airy solos play alongside the continuing riff, all of which are extremely skillful and blend into the atmosphere. The song is 6 minutes of relaxation that always leaves me with a grin on my face.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Red]Well the song that makes me feel at peace would have to be The Adventure by Angels and Airwaves. The music is so peaceful and the lyrics are just comforting. The song is also kind of long so it keeps me peacefull a little longer then most of the songs I listen to.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Gray]Peace? Peace is easy. Songs don't really take me there, or make me feel it, I always do; although, I guess there are some songs that augment the experiance. Er:

[b]We'll Meet Again[/b] by Vera Lynn. Really stretching back here, every time I hear this song I think of that final scene of [i]Dr. Strangelove[/i], and it makes me smile... Classic song with a typical 30's-40's tempo and great vocals from Vera.

[b]Ieva's Polka[/b] by Loituma . Sometimes, when I feel the waves of choas crashing on my bastion a little rougher then usual, I pop on some awesome Finnish polka music and drift off into an a capella sea of jibberish. Crazy, I love this song.

[b]Start Wearing Purple[/b] by the Gogol Bordello. Gypsy folk-punk sung half in English and half in Ukrainian? Cool. What, it doesn't make any sense what-so-ever? All the better. Let the squeezebox carry you away!

[b]Watermelon in Eastern Hay[/b] by Frank Zappa. Nothing helps me drift off like Joe's last imaginary guitar solo... and what a solo it is! Peaceful and insightful, at least by Zappa standards... plus Vinnie Colaiuta's drumming always makes me happy.

Yep. Fast-paced and angry doesn't make me peaceful or happy, I'm more of a soft and slow guy when it comes to that; I don't really see how anyone can find a heavy-metal headbanger peaceful, but then I've never really had the experiance. [/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1] for me it just isnt a song, it's an entire album:

[B][U] A Weekend In The City[/B][/U]

I just dont know what's up with this one it just has this cold aggresive feel during the first half, then the second half has this warm slow feeling to it.

basically the entire vibe puts me into "the zone" alot faster than [B][U] Silent Alarm[/B][/U]

but I sink into the zone very quickly when I listen to the record in a crammed up subway, just tune everything out, let the train move and the record will pretty much do the rest.[/SIZE]
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[size=1]One of the best songs to make me feel at peace is [b]Fade Together[/b] by Franz Ferdinand as it's just extremely relaxing. Alexander Kopranos' voice is really soothing in this song and goes really well with the rather simple acoustic guitar and piano that play as background music.

The opening song/lullaby of Pan's Labyrinth, [b]Hace, Mucho, Mucho Tiempo[/b] (''A Long, Long Time Ago") is also amazing. I probably had never been so silent and caught at the beginning of a movie in my whole life. It's short, but really powerful and keeps coming back a lot in the soundtrack so the feeling that came with the opening lullaby does as well.

But I think the first part of the [b]"Moonlight" Sonata[/b] by Beethoven is still at the top. It's just the most peaceful and still emotional song I can think of. I can completely loose myself in this song. As I'm doing right now, goodbye. *lost*[/size]
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[COLOR=DarkRed][B]Dir En Grey - "Cage"[/B]

[B]Dir En Grey - "Kadou"[/B]

[B]Dir En Grey - "Ain't Afraid To Die"[/B]

[B]R.E.M - "Losing My Religion"[/B]

[B]Tenchi Muyo - "Ayeka's Theme"[/B]

These song automatically calm me down from an angered stated. They make me sad and happy at the same time. There are several more but these are ones that I listen to most often.[/COLOR]
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