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Just continue the story any way you'd like! Everyone can play! Let's relive this legendary OtakuBoards RPG!

Info on the first: [url]http://www.otakuboards.com/otakupedia/?p=50[/url]

[FONT="Comic Sans MS"]One day Charles was walking through Adventure Square, minding his own business, when he noticed a flock of penguins. Charles found this unusual because Adventure Square did not have a suitable climate to attrack penguins.

"Hello," one of the penguins said.

Charles was really baffled now, because he was pretty sure that penguins could not speak english.

"Why hello there," Charles said, "Why, I didn't think that penguins could speak!"

"It's the darndest thing!" one of the penguins said, "We usually can't. However, the rules of reality are collapsing and more importantly, so are the rules of OtakuBoards. We have come to warn you of a prophecy--a prophecy pertaining to the end of OtakuBoads.!"

Charles's mouth was agape. By now, a group of OtakuBoards members had witnessed the spectacle and formed a circle around Charles and the penguins.[/FONT]
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[COLOR="DarkOrchid"][FONT="Times New Roman"]"I believe the proper thing to do is offer it fish at this point."

[i]Raiha stepped forward, holding a big bucket of mackerel and sardines and placed it before the speaking penguin. She bowed and stepped back.[/i]

"So tell us more about this prophecy."

[i]But it was too late. The penguins were eating. A lot. All the time. And for some reason Charles's left hand was beginning to look like a mace. Oh yes and Sephiroth was beginning to resemble a yarn voodoo doll.[/i][/FONT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR="DarkRed"]Laura flew about Otakuboards. Her pigtail wings flapping in the wind to keep her in the air as she neared Adventure Square. Seeing Charles she went for a quick dive, wanting to be in his arms.

In doing so, she squished the penguin that was talking to him. Blood and guts went all over the place, conveniently missing Charles and Laura. However, it showered Raiha in a ghastly smell.

Charles looked at Laura in horror. [B]"You killed my new friend!"[/B]

[B]"It's just a scratch, no harm done!"[/B]

Charles sniffled slightly. Laura pounced on top of her lover, and they fell into the ocean, which was as warm as the tropics. [/COLOR]
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As Charles and Japan lie in the water, they notice the waves becoming increasingly choppy.

"I'm good, but I'm not that good!" Charles says.

"You idiot," Raiha says, "Look!"

Before they can take their romantic romp any further, Charles looks up and notices Gendo, kuja, Shift and Shinji riding through the sky on horseback.

"It can't be!" Raiha says.

"The four horsemen of the apocalypse!" Charles says.
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[COLOR="DarkRed"]With a wave of her arm, a boat appeared beneath their bodies. Charles was on top, it was an uncomfortable yet exciting position to be in.

The horsemen appeared before Raiha but the horses and the men fainted when they caught a whiff of the prophet penguin's guts on her.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR="DarkOrchid"][FONT="Times New Roman"][i]Raiha chuckled at the sudden bending of rules and reality, and shook herself, steeling for the horrors of facing the nightmares also known as 'teh haczors' traversing across the land.[/i]

"I'm doubting they'll want fish."

[i]Gavin had joined her, brave and handsome husband that he was, and seemed spoiling for a good fight. She smirked and stepped back slightly.[/i]

"Back off, I smell like a shrimp boat."

"It's making me hungry..."[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[SIZE="1"]"[B]Jeez guys, isn't this a bit harsh ?[/B]"

Gavin watched as the mob piled more and more loose timber around Sandy, who was tied to a vertical pillar and looking rather worried. Evidently the soon to be ex-moderator had under-estimated just how far the average member was willing to go in order to assuage their grievances.

"[b]SILENCE !! This is for the greater good of all OtakuBoards ![/b]" Beneath the black cowl, Mitch's voice was more than a little recognisable... "[b]And he has no respect for my subtle and eloquent use of the language of Chaucer or Dickens. That along is worthy of death !![/b]"

"[b]OK then, I'll go and get some marshmallows so we can all roast them over his searing corpse...[/b] He lowered his tone to a barely audible level. "[b]...Or I'll just go and get the hell out of here before you guys decide to sacrifice me to The Blue Beast.[/b]"

"[b]Great idea. Make sure you get the mixed colour bags. It's less racist.[/b] Gavin's eyes rolled. Racist marshmallows ? Where the hell was he going, KKK-Mart ?

Sandy's anguished screams were getting louder as he ran off, by the time his feet had stopped moving, he'd suddenly arrived in on his wife, Charles and Japan and a shitload of penguins... one of which looked rather injured.

"[b]Did I miss something ?[/b]

He then got the delicious smell of shrimp and was instantly mollified. [/SIZE]
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[COLOR="DarkRed"]Laura and Charlie got off the boat. One glimpse of Raiha made Laura back away, suddenly nervous. Gavin was now licking the guts off of Raiha. He was practically drooling.

Raiha moaned with pleasure. Laura walked over to the horsemen with Charlie by her side.

After poking them with a long stick, they finally regained consciousness. Laura jumped back in surprise. She lost her footing and Charles caught her just in time. Laura continued to peer at the horsemen as they stood, one by one.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR="DarkOrchid"][FONT="Times New Roman"][i]Under a veritable shower of saliva from Gavin's charming tongue, Raiha turned just in time to see Kuja dismount (so to speak), from his demonic horse. He stepped towards Japan, chuckling, while Charles backed off at 600 miles an hour, typically impossible, but then again, not for him.[/i]

"Muahahaha, little girl, I'll make you my pet."

[i]And after the ravishing, trampling, (The horse was jealous that his master wasn't paying more attention to him after all...), and so on and so forth, Japan looked quite bedraggled.

Almost de-limbed really, but if it was a choice between being mangled, and being covered in shrimp guts, it's always best to aim for the shrimp...[/i]

"Poor thing, she looks quite messy."

[i]Gavin leaned over to whisper in my ear, while simultaneously checking for more shrimp chips in my purse.[/i][/FONT][/COLOR]
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[SIZE="1"][I]About two minutes before Raiha's post...[/I]

Wiping his mouth on his sleeve, and leaving rather large blood stain Gavin returned his attention to the immediate surroundings. Noting of all thing, four greasy-looking, unkempt nerds sat upon four equally greasy-looking unkempt horses. If he didn't know better he'd have sworn it was...

"[b]Yep it's them Gavin.[/b]" His expression remained confused, though for a new reason.

"[b]How did you know what I was thinking honey ?[/b]"

"[b]Because I'm your wife and wives know these things.[/b]" Simple answer, which made sense.

"[b]Fair enough.[/b]"

"[b]I suppose they want to destroy OB for the umpteenth time ?[/b]"


"[b]And I forgot to pay our house insurance.[/b]"[/SIZE]
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Guest Copycatalyst
Suddenly from the rays of the sun in radioactive power was borne a man who had been burned by the light and bright and mooned and cratered as the moon's night.

"M. It is two ls and a v for vendetta. A roman numeral. An Egyptian symbol for water. It is an angel with outstretched, though wings of hands. It is a spider on the gossamer of greenness."

The man smiled in a Marilyn Manson costume. "The atom of eve was a bomb. This men, we are, is the God of Atoms if it must know of any God. I am but a Schrodinger's Copycatalyst. I am the speed to this reaction we call being. I am certain there are many questions; for even the statements are questions dressed-up in police uniforms. And the make-up is no mascara but is the [i]maya[/i] of this game we do call our lives."

Suddenly from his pocket M procured a capsule and placed it deep inside his mask into a mouth within. "What is this that I have taken? It shall change me, as the Chemire Cat, into M the Methylphenidateian. The sacredness that these molecules impart is the synchronicity and their love. For, all virtuality is real, all realness is chemical, all chemical is love, and all love can only be real virtually. The madness seen in me is merely that I am an anomaly, and being anomalous and an anemone of the sea of this existence, we shall mayhap find in the waves I intonate the movement to become past this weakness hitherto that is human, all too human.

"So kindly, magnanimously, shall you introduce yourselves to me?"
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[size=1][color=teal]Taking things into his own hands Jokopoko strode into the Arena and began doing his moddly duties.

He threw a towel on Raiha, [b]"You, cover up now! This is a PG thread."[/b]

[b]"I've seen people banned for worse behavior and if one of you thinks of swearing I swear I'll Mod Rod you into next week!"[/b]

Jokopoko waved his Mod Rod threateningly at the whole group before marching up to the Penguins and Charles.[/size][/color]
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[COLOR="DarkOrange"]DB had found himself in a less-than-savory position. He had been given the knowlege that could prevent the end of Otakuboards, but unfortuanetally he was turned into a penguins. Plural because his mind was actually placed into a large group of penguins at the same time. He had chosen one penguin as the one which would bear his words, whilst the others were all effectively mindless.

Unfortuanetally, he had now been crushed under a crazy woman's shoes. His guts would have been fine if they'd been placed back in his body, but now they had been eaten byt the guy who smelled like marshmellowes and now, maceral.

His flattened body offered no ability to move nor speak. That's when DB remembered his magical ability to make texboxes appear over his head. With all his strength he summoned a black box over his head and filled it with text.

[B]"Rez plz."[/B][/COLOR]
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Anomaly happened to wander by the sad little pile of penguin, when she saw the box appear over his head.

"LOL NUB!!11" she shouted, and pointed at him. Another textbox appeared over it's head, simply saying ". . ."
"Sorry." she answered, grinning sheepishly. "Force of habit. I'll have you up in a jiffy, little guy." within a few minutes, the penguin was back on his feet. He had a few footprints over his body, but he was no worse for wear.

"So what exactly is a penguin doing on the internet?" Anomaly asked, as they stood there, the penguin continually checking himself over for any injuries, just to be safe.
"I have urgent news..."
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=DimGray]Seemingly out of nowhere, a Victorian-esque man riding a large-wheeled, 19th Century bicycle approaches the scene of action. Following closely behind him is a somewhat rotund man on a small tricycle, wearing a propeller cap and safety goggles.

"[B]Oh, dear. We haven't missed it yet, have we?[/B]" Said the man on the humorously-large bicycle to the man on the humorously-small tricycle.

*[B]HONK-A! HONK-A![/B]* replied the man on the tricycle with his horn.

"[B]I agree... Excuse me sir, but may I inquire of you the time?[/B]" Mr. Victorian said, turning toward the f[I]ellow with the textbox hovering above his head[/I].

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