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[b][center]The Dragon’s Wail
A Fantasy RP[/b][/center]

[b]Of The Lady[/b]

There is a tale, among philosophers and scribes, of the Lady of the Tree. It is said, in a place neither far nor close of our realm, there is a garden. And within that garden, is a tree, Tordrissil, that reaches as far as the sky. The one who tends to that tree is the Lady of the Tree.

As she keeps Tordrissil’s bark pure, she sings. No other can equal the beauty of her voice. She sings to the sun; she sings to the gray clouds. For years eternal, she sings. And as she sings, she ages. As man in our realm battle, she sings. As people on the bloody fields die, she sings.

She sings in the hope that people will turn from their dark ways. As her body dies, and as she is reborn again, she continues to hope that will people will repent. For when mankind has truly repented…for when there is no more war or greed, she will finally, and truly, die.

[center][b]Of the Empire[/b][/center]

Dugalma; that is the name of the Empire that has conquered nearly the entire world. But it has yet to learn on how to rule itself. The Knights of Destiny are its defenders and invaders. The Knights are led by Sigurd Solverwind, whose co-comanders are Talim Kruves and Narshed Stremn. The Ministry itself controls the Empire…but due to Sigurd’s brother, Caine, being in the Ministry, as well as holding the power of veto, Sigurd essentially operates the Empire.

Under Sigurd’s rule, Dugalma has gone on a volley of invasions. Iasel was the latest to fall to Dugalma. On the surface, Iasel was conquered for its vast supplies of ore and lumber. In reality, Sigurd conquered them for his deep hatred of Iaselians and the Father Lord whom they worship.

Iasel is now nothing. It is a ruined country, amongst the poorest in the entire realm. Its peoples are forced to wear rags to identify themselves as followers of the Father Lord. Guards are allowed to do as they please with any of them. Homes are burnt to the ground annually…just for the sake of it.

Under these circumstances, groups of Iaselians have escaped from Iasel, and formed the city of Yeshova. It is there that The Dragon’s Wail will first be heard.

[right][b]The Players of the Stage[/b][/right]

[b]Malphris[/b] [Played by Me]

Malphris woke up in Yeshova, with a large sword by his bedside. He does not remember how he got there, or even anything else of his past before that moment. However, he knows a great deal of the world, and is a capable swordsman. As he goes with the others, he hopes to find out just exactly who he is.

[b]The Summoner[/b]

The Summoner hails from Malrosin; the acclaimed Summoner Academy. The Summoner was with his master, Copernicus, but his master was killed by Caine Solverwind. Alone, the Summoner is forced to group with the others as they travel. The Summoner will direct them to the Arcane Tower, where the Summoner hopes to find out what Copernicus was searching for.

[b]The Warden[/b]

The Warden is in fact the head of the protective guard of Yeshova, The Wardens patrol the area surrounding Yeshova, to ensure no one bearing the mark of the Empire is approaching it. The Warden is their captain and trainer…but in reality, he does not have much influence as their captain. Seeing that he is not doing much good, he has decided to travel with the party.

[b]The Thief[/b]

The Thief hails from the capitol of Dugolma, Versitand. He once came across a merchant of magical goods, and being the thief that he was, he stole a specific item. The said item was a gauntlet. When he tried it on, he found that his strength in his right arm multiplied five fold. However, he also found out, he could not take the gauntlet off! He has since traveled in hopes of finding a way to get the gauntlet off of him. He is traveling with the party for this reason.

And three free spots! Essentially, create any sort of archetype you wish, but everyone must be in Yeshova by the beginning of the RP, and must have a reason to travel with the party.

[b]Character Sheet[/b]

[b]Archetype[/b] Choose from above…if you are a Free Spot, list it as so.

[b]Weapon[/b] What type of weapon does your character use? If its a simple weapon, just state it. But if it has unique properties, state so.
[b]Physical Description[/b] Picture or words, or both.
[b]Combat Tactics[/b] Explain how your character acts in battle.


[b]How does your character view the way Dugolma treats Iaesel?[/b] The relationship between Dugolma and Iaesel plays a vital role in the story. Thus, give us a detailed description as to how your character views this relationship.
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[B]Name:[/B] Hector Ailes

[B]Age:[/B] 34

[B]Archetype:[/B] Vagabond(Wanderer)[Free Spot]

[B]Appearance: [/B] [URL="http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c384/GeneOutlaw/84c00a4c.gif"][U]Hector[/U].[/URL] Hector is 6'2 with a firm build. He has many numerous scars across his body. He carries a large sword on his back and is not shy to brandish it at a moments notice. His is a generally stoic expression. He has cold eyes that almost seem like they can see the end of the earth.

[B]Combat Tactics:[/B] He has neither an art or even a basic form. He is a simple brawler. One who fights simply for the love of it. He has never learned under anyone, he simply swings his sword with all his strength and hopes for the best.

[B]Personality:[/B] He's spent so many years on the open roadways and streets. He finds his way from town to town, simply looking for the next good time. While he does seek out others when he's looking for fun his truest nature is that of a lone wolf. He enjoys the solitude that only the dark night roads can offer. He lives by the ideals of "Feel sympathy for none." He seems cold, but he has a soft spot for women and children, though he will never admit to it.

[B]How does your character view the way Dugolma treats Iaesel:[/B] Based on his lifes philosophy, he thinks little of it. He tends to ignore it for the most part since he doesn't hail for this or any other land really, so he doesn't bare any alligance toward it or it's people. Being far from spiritual he can't relate with them on there feeling about there religion. That's not to say that he doesn't hate the Dugolma sentries placed throughout that land, but he only hates them because they think they can get away with giving him a hard time. He's quick to his sword when provoked so he's quite well known for stirring up trouble. But so few ever survive after there encounter that most arent' even sure what he looks like. So, the guards tend to go after any wanderer who happens past.

It was only a short while ago that Hector was pursued and pushed into hiding. All his trouble making had finally inspired the Dugolma to step up there measures against him and those like him, so Hector has taken to hiding out in the last refuge of this waste land nation, Yeshova.
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[indent][b]Name[/b] Mathias
[b]Age[/b] He does not know his current age, but he appears to be in his late twenties or early thirties
[b]Archetype[/b] N/A

[b]Weapon[/b] [url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v143/Doublehex/RP/DragonsWail/weapons/dragon_blade1.jpg][u]Arcadian Great Sword[/u][/url]

With its golden colored blade, it is no doubt that this sword is of privileged ancestry. It is a long, and sturdy weapon. However, beyond that, there is little hint of greater power at work.

[b]Physical Description[/b] [url=http://dcs.ffproject.net/dragon/images/Mathias.jpg]Clicky[/url]

[b]Combat Tactics[/b] As far as Mathias is aware, he has no formal training. However, he cannot deny his prowess in combat. He is a skilled swordsman, varied in his movements, but very precise when it comes to how he deals with each opponent. Whoever, he tends to allow his emotions to get the best of him. He will, more likely than not, jump in defense of his friends, even if he knows the odds are not in his favor.

[b]Personality[/b] Despite the fact that Mathias has found himself in a land he is unfamiliar with, he has lost all of his memory, and he has found himself up against uncaring odds, Mathias has a very optimistic allure around him. He won?t go around jumping around to cheer his comrades up, but that?s not to say he?ll stay in a corner with a gray cloud hanging over his head.

[b]How does your character view the way Dugolma treats Iaesel?[/b] Considering the fact that Mathias was protected by the Iaeselians, it goes without saying that he is on their side of the issue. He does think highly of the Empire at all ? he views them as the enemy of Iaesel, and thus, his enemy as well.[/indent]
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[SIZE="1"][B]Name:[/B] Astaroth

[B]Age:[/B] 31

[B]Archetype:[/B] Power Hunter [Free Spot]

[B]Weapon:[/B] [U][I]Rashaverak[/I][/U]:

Astaroth’s weapon is bent on being three things: Intimidating, Destructive, and Painful. All of these are achieved from his blade; the edge is serrated in such a twisted way that it would almost seem to be made by something more evil then comprehendible by the human mind. And due to the alloy being dark in nature, it hides the second edge on the side that makes it looked like a regular one-sided blade.

The swords properties are something of a special breed, a rare object of magic. The sword releases energy into the wielder, one that can activate a part of the body that allows the wielder to tap into their fighting potential. It can turn even the simplest person, into an unstoppable war machine. When this is active, the bearer of the weapon is impossible to reach on an intelligible level, they are purely instinctual. They feel no pain, no fear, no regret, no remorse; all of it is either tucked away in their mind, or completely destroyed in the process.

This magic is only active under two conditions: One when the wielder becomes more in tuned with the weapon and can release the energy at will, or two, when the person feels that their life is at risk, then the sword will release the energy to save the bearers life. This magic can only be started by drawing the blade from its scabbard, other wise, the properties of the scabbard will nullify any magic that sword attempts to leak from build up.

The side-effects of such a weapon are obvious on the wielder after they are released from the animalistic behavior. They become fatigued, irritable, weak, and sometimes grow ill. Putting the body through such stress can force it to slow down, and continues use of this harsh magic can inevitably lead to damage to a personality, and taking the life of a wielder if they are not physically strong enough to handle it.

But, many whispers and rumors surround the weapon itself. Some will say that it is cursed and anyone who wields such a blade is condemned. But many others would say that the weapon is simply searching for its one bearer, the one that will tap into its power and tame the magic of the blade that so violently courses through the carriers body when used. Its also rumored that if the sword is found by the real bearer, then the blade itself will change in such a way that not only the bearer will see the difference. But, no one has ever seen such things from the weapon since it was crafted, so Astaroth sees these rumors as something that doesn't concern him. As of yet.

[B]Physical Description[/B]: Astaroth stands at a commanding height of 6’0, his body is a build of a man who has worked hard most of his life, using his body as his tool in a sense. He has a thin black armor that starts from his right finger tips, and covers his torso; it does not cover his left shoulder down to his hand. His fingers on the right side are tipped with sharp points and he has one inch long spikes on the knuckles, he then has many dotted studs about a half inch wide all over the right arm and the torso.

His left arm has an arm guard that starts from the wrist and ends just before the elbow joint. Then has a long blade that lays flat on his forearm, with the bladed edge pointing outward and hanging over the armguard about two inches. He then has five rings on his left hand, each one representing a piece of him that he values most, all of them written in an old, dead dialect. The first on his left pinky says Pride, the next says War, the next says Pain, the fourth says Conquest, and the last says Power.

His face is rather handsome looking, and has a rugged but dangerous look to it that hints at his uncontrollable nature. His hair is a pitch black that hangs to about mid-shoulder length; his dark brown eyes are the only things that seem to come close to matching his hair, along with his personality. His black pants flawlessly blend in with his armor, and his boots have a metal stud on the back about and inch wide, and half an inch long. His sword stays by his side, its black, scrapped up looking handle usually protrudes from under his cloak.

[B]Combat Tactics[/B]: Astaroth’s technique is very precise, very accurate and very messy. His style is based around causing the other opponent so much pain and agony during the fight, that they just collapse from experience such searing pain that they can no longer fight, and then he delivers the killing blow, usually removing the persons head in one smooth swipe. But, when his sword’s magic is active, his style changes completely, it turns into a destructive hack and slash through your enemy, make them into nothing but chopped up bits. Cause as much destruction and spill as much blood as possible before being satisfied in the tiniest way possible.
Personality[/B]: Astaroth is not in anyway human in the sense of feelings, the emotions that separates good from evil. He is incapable to feel, he has no mercy, no kindness, no tender behavior. He experiences no joy, no happiness, no sadness, no fear, and no anguish at all from the feelings of humans. His life as a child was far from comfortable in the least bit, and when he retrieved his blade, Rashaverak, he lost all sense of those feelings at all. Releasing the energy for the first time completely destroyed his emotions, as far as he knows.
How does your character view the way Dugolma treats Iaesel[/B]?

Astaroth views the treatment of Iaesel as nothing more then a powerful empire using its power as it see fit. He believes that what Dugolma is just another force of power that refuses to allow any leeway for these people, it is simply a struggle for power and Dugolma is winning the struggle over Iaesel, and all the other lands it has taken under its Iron grip. He does not favor the Empire, solely based on the fact that they have more power then he does and he wishes it to be his, and for him to become the dominate power of this world.[/SIZE]
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[B]Name[/b] [i]Zsaul N'kartha[/i]
[b]Age[/b] [i]143 Human Years[/i]
[b]Archetype[/B] [i]Blood Demon[/i] ~Free Spot~

[indent]a set of six curved blades approximately six inches long; fit in individual wooden holsteirs on Zsaul's left hip.[/indent]
[indent]a buckler shield that fits on Zsaul's forearm due to a pair of leather straps that fasten the gaurd.[/i][/indent][/indent]
[b]Physical Description[/b]

[i]Detailed Description Pending[/i][/indent]
[B]Combat Tactics[/B]
[indent][i]Trained in the ancient arts of materialism, Zsaul is capable of focusing her internal energy, which is refered to by her people as Ishka, either to manipulate or to create physical matter with nearly limited properties. Zsaul has mastered this art to the extent that she could create multiple entities of herself that are undiscernable from herself. She and her clones often utilize their agility and fast reflexes to overcome opponents. However, her lack of defensive armour renders her vulnerable to physical blows. She is often manipulate of her allies, considering them to only be resources.[/i][/indent]

[indent][i]Zsaul was known around the Zifwae clan for being short tempered and estranged, but after the raiding of the Library of Vt'al, which also resulted in the death of Zsaul's husband, Zsaul began to completely ostracize herself from the clan, only showing herself when she was beckoned forth by the Matron. For social comfort, Zsaul began to talk to her materialized copies, named Heart and Malice. The complicated conversations between the three triggered a development of Multiple Personality in the demon, which is exhibited at all times.
Since these three partitions of Zsaul have actually psysicized themselves in the brain, each of the three have their own personality, memories, physical and mental capabilities, and amount of control over Zsaul's Ishka. Even when all three are conjoined into a single entity, the personality that is currently dominant still does not attain the traits of the other two.[/i][/indent]

[B]How does your character view the way Dugolma treats Iaesel?[/B]
[indent][i]Zsaul cares nothing about the kingdom of Iasel, for she's only worried about personal matters. The tenth region to fall under the rule of Dugolma is the Forest of Zifwae, a forbidden forest where the Blood Demons were forced to live after much prosecution from human nations. The incursion of the Forbidden Forest Zifwae was to gain tomes that bore the secrets of magic from the Demonic Plane. Many of Zsaul's clan was slaughtered due to resisting the presence of the Knights of Destiny. Zsaul has sworn to her matron that she will make sure to erase all traces of their magic in the hands of humankind and to punish the Dugolma for their actions against her clan.[/i][/indent]
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[B]Name:[/B] Mael Tenauri

[B]Age:[/B] 21

[B]Archetype:[/B] The Thief

[B]Weapon:[/B] [URL="http://i119.photobucket.com/albums/o159/pjmckrafty/Sword7.jpg"][U]Celox[/U][/URL] is a short sword that was passed down to Mael by his father.

[B]Physical Description:[/B] [URL="http://i119.photobucket.com/albums/o159/pjmckrafty/concept_1_large.jpg"][U]Mael[/U][/URL]

[B]Combat Tactics Explain:[/B] Mael is not a straight forward fighter. He deems it foolish to just place yourself in front of an opponent. He tries to utilize his environment in his encounters with unsavory characters. He is a very agile person, he uses this to his advantage when he is confronted in an open environment making quick strikes and dodging around his opponent. His battle tactic has changed recently. After acquiring the gauntlet he has become more focused on hand to hand combat where as before he was dependent on Celox. He is less cautious fighting now and has started to come off cocky.

[B]Personality:[/B] Since Mael is a thief he doesn't keep his friends for long and makes enemies very easy but he his actually a rather friendly guy. Even though he is a thief he only steals from people who can afford to lose the item. He has a sense of right and wrong and that gets him into trouble more than his stealing does. He enjoys the company of others way above solitude. When he first meets people he comes off cold but he eventually warms up and shows his friendly side.

[B]How does your character view the way Dugolma treats Iaesel?[/B]

Mael's bloodline is from Iaesel and he has seen what Dugolma has done to his bloodline first hand so he holds a strong hatred for Sigurd Solverwind, The Ministry, and the Guards. He has had many run ins with the guards and a few have resulted with him killing them in a fight. He has sworn to himself that he will see Iaesel back to its former glory and wipe all traces of Dugolma from its lands.
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[B]Name:[/B] DeLago Constantine
[B]Age:[/B] 46
[B]Archetype:[/B] The Warden

[B]Weapon:[/B] Thin bladed Estoc.
[B]Physical Description:[/B] At first glance, you would think he's a 5'9" flaming homosexual. This is because he's adopted the flamboyant fashion style of a typical 17th century Landsknecht Doppelsoldner, though even in his drunken stupor he cannot bring himself to wear the hat that came with the outfit. He is reasonably muscular after beating as many soldiers of Dugolma as he has, though not much more so than a typical soldier. He wears an insignia on his left shoulder bearing the seal of the Knights of Destiny, spawning a common rumor that he was formerly one of them. In truth, he wears it because it looks good; he killed one a few years back and swiped it along with the rest of the man's equipment, which sold for a decent sum of money currently used to fuel his drinking habits. Because of his looting habits, he has taken to wear a bandanna over his face to hide his identity. Plus he views it as a nice fashion accessory to accompany his insignia.
[B]Combat Tactics:[/B] Ever watched a fencing match? His tactics are quite simple; lunge forward as fast as humanly possible and either attempt to stick 'em in a soft vital point or lop their head off. The thickness (lack thereof, really) makes the blade easily flexible without permanently distorting it's shape or breaking, allowing it to slide easily between armored plates and bones alike. He doesn't even bother blocking with his weapon knowing that would result in the breakage of his weapon against anything other than another rapier, so instead he chooses mobility over protection, wearing little or no armor made of metal.

[B]Personality:[/B] A typical class-clown. He will take all openings made to insert some comic relief into any situation, no matter how somber or intense it may be. He will taunt his opponents continually when in combat, usually making it that much easier to stick them or, unfortunately, may end up with DeLago fleeing an exceptionally pissed-off individual. He will boast about his achievements when attempting to pick up women or when asked about them, but not usually on his own. He is a heavy drinker; the reason behind it is much more simple than people will believe. Some speculate it's because he views himself as a failure for letting Iaesel fall, others believe he's lost something dear to him and drinks to forget about it. Very few people realize that he just likes alcohol; no strings attached.

[B]How does your character view the way Dugolma treats Iaesel?[/B]

He views Dugolma as an adversary he's engaged in a lighthearted joust with. He doesn't take them very serious even with the widespread destruction they have done to his homeland. Whether clouded by the seemingly permanently beer-haze that surrounds him or just retarded, he nonetheless feels he is better than them and will *attempt to* kill any that challenge him.

[URL="http://www.springhole.net/quizzes/marysue.htm"][COLOR="Blue"][U]See how much *eyeroll* your character is![/U][/COLOR][/URL]

This character scored a: -6
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[SIZE="1"][INDENT][b]Name[/b] Cyd Ulri
[b]Age[/b] 20
[b]Archetype[/b] [free spot] The Liar

[b]Physical Description[/b] [url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v332/PicKitty/RandomPicchus/13020gothique.jpg][i]Cyd[/i][/url] has long black hair which shines with soft rainbow colors in the light. Her eyes, while typically green, tend to change color depending on what she's thinking or trying to communicate. She wears a tight, black blouse and matching shorts, with black moccasins.

[b]Weapon[/b] Cyd bartered her axe, dubbed [url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v332/PicKitty/RandomPicchus/Axe.png][i]Zel[/i][/url], off a pawn shop owner when she was about ten years old. She originally didn't want it, and only tricked the shop owner into giving it to her to prove she could do it. But it became useful shortly after she acquired it, and she has become skilled with and attached to it over the years.

[b]Combat Tactics[/b] Cyd is a rather lazy fighter, resorting to cleverness or trickery (such as acting like a bystander to avoid the action) rather than brute force to get her way. However, she is no slouch when it comes to using Zel, and prefers to use it when fighting Dugolman soldiers and supporters, just so she can chop them up rather dramatically.

[b]Personality[/b] Cyd is a clever and confident young woman, but also very bitter and reserved. She rarely talks to others for any reason other than to correct, humiliate, make fun of or lie to them. But despite her lack of verbal communication with others, she has a tendency to “speak” very clearly with her eyes. Whatever motives she has, they change often and are quite random and strange to begin with, so it is difficult to determine what she's traveling for in the first place.

[b]How does your character view the way Dugolma treats Iasel?[/b] Cyd is an Iaselian herself, though she managed to avoid persecution after her parents died due to some luck and quick thinking, despite how young she was when it happened. Because of her connection to Iasel, she despises all those who are affiliated with the Dugolman empire, including civilians. Her radical, anti-Dugolma views have gotten her into trouble quite often, but she's always managed to talk or fight her way out of it.[/INDENT][/SIZE]
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Guest LanaSky
Character Sheet

Name: Kaimen Rusaih
Age: 19
Archetype: Sumoner

Weapon: The Emeralis Staff- The staff is a shiny sea green shade with a crescent/sun piece at the top. With it she is able to summon spiritual like creatures that appear to be almost like earthly creatures. The creatures are her guardian/messengers and she cherishes each one that she creates with special intentions. They are stronger than normal animals but even they have their limits. The creatures revolve around the element of the earth and can become connected with it. Through the energy she gives to them, they can use nature as a weapon/shield in protecting their creator. The staff can also be used to change her outfit that she creates from within her mind. She does have to visualize it first and it takes time to create, but not too much. It's much quicker than creating a spirit creature.

Physical Description: [IMG]http://i150.photobucket.com/albums/s116/Animestarz83/smallville-kristin-kreuk-9914166.jpg[/IMG]
She has two different attire sets that depend on the event that takes part in. For traveling/training, she tends to wear worn out/faded color short dresses with khaki pants, sands, and a straw Chinese hat. For formal events, she wears silk Chinese style dresses with a long white hooded cape and medium heel shoes. For formal events, she’ll have her hair in a tight ponytail or single bun. For traveling/training, she’ll either have it up or let it down.

Combat Tactics: She’s very professional appearing, from when she enters to when she engages in battle and until the end. She always seems to be able to maintain a sense of prestige and assertiveness with her deliverance of attacks. She has a perfect form and way of attacking. It almost seems more of a dance than an actual fight. She doesn’t appear to show fear during battle, even to the point of defeat/death; she shows anger more, but she still remains calm.

Personality: She appears to be sweet natured and welcoming to those around her. In the way she presents herself, she has to be perfect, and won’t tolerate anything less. At times, she does feel that she has to be respectful in acknowledging her superiors. Other times she feels that she has to test them, and act as though she is above them. She questions their motives as if she thinks that their methods won’t work. She also tends to mock those that she sees as beneath her.

How does your character view the way Dugolma treats Iaesel?

Kaimen despises Dugolma with a great hatred because of an invasion that took away her family. From hearing of Dugolma’s attack on Iaesel, her hatred towards them grew. She saw the enemy as weak for taking down those that were unable to defend themselves. She wanted to avenge their deaths, especially her family and teacher Copernicus.
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[color=#6495ED][size=1][b]OOC: Matt asked if I'd like to take the part of the Summoner, so I said yes, so hello and here is my signup =p[/b]
[b]Name:[/b] Garviel Angron, often just goes by Garvi.
[b]Age:[/b] 24.
[b]Archetype:[/b] The Summoner.

[b]Weapon:[/b] [i]Anathema:[/i] [url=http://i.thottbot.com/ss/o/6190.jpg]Here.[/url]

The weapon, like Garviel, is enrapturing and damning. The three spearpoints at the end of the staff show it's intent - to kill. However, a mystical green light emanates from the emerald that holds itself in place in the middle of the spearpoints, wrapping around the user and permeating them in a dark viridian glow when in combat. Anathema is the focal point for Garviel's summoning magic, and is a powerful weapon in it's own right.

[b]Physical Description:[/b] [url=http://img250.imageshack.us/img250/2411/zekekw0.jpg]Click.[/url] [Credits to Heise at Deviantart.]

Garviel is as cold as his appearance makes him out to be. His shirt covers half of his body, leaving his middrift exposed. On his lower left side, a tattoo is inked in, showing his status as the Summoner. On the other side is an [url=http://pcmedia.gamespy.com/pc/image/article/747/747222/iwarhammer-age-of-reckoningi-the-hordes-of-chaos-20061121045649316.jpg]eight pointed star[/url], embossed to his flesh parallel to the other tattoo. Garvi doesn't tell anyone what this tattoo means, however, and often replies shortly when asked what it's about. A crimson signet lies on his right middle finger, showing his connections to his now deceased master. As his last piece of jewelery, a reddish mahogany crystal hangs from his left ear, but seems to only be for decorative purposes. Keeping his armor light, his legs are only covered by a pair of pants that seem to be traced with runic symbols, supposedly acting as part of a focus for his summoning powers.

His face could be described as handsome and almost feminine, with soft pink lips that seem to always be curled into a scowl. Garviel's eyes are often a source of intimidation, and they look as if they've been carved out of nevermelting ice. With semi-medium, choppy ink-blot black hair that almost looks drizzled with an ice blue shade at the ends, his face is both handsome and terrible. A single scar runs along his left cheek to his lips and back across, to his right cheek, like someone tried to carve a smile into his features.

Often, a black book with a viridian green pen will be seen dangling out of his pocket, but no one knows what it's for.

[b]Combat Tactics:[/b] Garviel, in hand to hand, is almost more of a dancer. He moves with fluid grace, blocking and sweeping blows away from his enemies and returning with graceful and deadly arcs and slashes and stabs. However, his true strength lies in his Summoning powers; the ability to call a creature from the Nether and bind it to his will until dismissed. Currently, Garvi can only call upon a small but mischievous imp named Nero for now, which can get into extremely small and tight spaces to retrieve items, or confuse and confound enemies with illusions generated from the topaz embedded in his forehead.

[b]Personality:[/b] Garviel comes off as cold and unforgiving from the start, due to his scowl and chilled features. He speaks shortly and quickly to those he doesn't know, and will often give only his name and a short goodbye if someone asks for it. The only person he's been sociable with is his master, who is now dead, and that seems to of forced himself into a deeper hole, retracting upon himself. Word goes around that Garviel isn't all human due to his lack of emotions, which only serve to annoy and agitate the young Summoner.

[b]How does your character view the way Dugolma treats Iaesel?[/b] Garviel despises the fighting, as he saw many of his childhood friends die of starvation and plague due to the poor conditions. He suspects that his family was killed by Dugolma, which only furthers his wishes to meet his late tutor's goals of reaching the Arcane Tower.[/color][/size]
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Guys, this has been a tough decision. I won't lie about it. Choosing between Lana's and Engel's entries for Summoner has been one of the toughest decisions in my history as an RPer. Both entries are well qualified, and each have their interesting quirks. However, only one can be the Summoner.

In the end I chose Engel's. Lana, this is not because of your initial attempt. In the end, your entry was on par with Engel's. I just felt Engel was a better choice in the end.

With this, the RP shall begin. All other entries have been accepted. This thread is now closed. If a mod could come along, that would be swell...
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