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[SIZE="3"][CENTER]The Cursed Seal[/SIZE]
[COLOR="Red"]Mixed Experiment Series[/COLOR][/CENTER]

He was a notorious hunter and perfection was his prey. Each hunter studied their targets carefully and would wait a lifetime for the perfect time to strike. He was different. He wanted to be different from the others and make a name for himself. The bounty hunter was always looking for the tougest bounty to prove to everyone that he wasn't some ordinary person.

Each and every task became easier for him. The job didn't take more the a day, the money in his hands in no time. He was different. He jumped into combat without any clue of his enemies. He read their movements throughout the course of the battle. He killed so many people that didnt give him their name. He wasn't emotive towards the beggers and ones who ask for mercy.

A commoner turned into a famous assassin, but he didn't want that. He want more. He wanted to be different. Soon killing people became too easy for him. Even without a bounty on them, he seeked the strongest in the world. To fuel his pride? To have the title of the strongest in the world?

He had everything, yet he wanted more. Did he have a purpose? Yes, to be different. To be immortal. He searched for the most famous scholars and killed them for not knowing anything until he met Master Seymour, a hermit who lived in the highest of mountains. Seymour told the man about the Cursed Seal. A scroll that gave the owner anything he wanted. Anything could be possible, but came a deadly price. Yet, he didnt listen to him and killed the Sage so he wouldn't tell anyone else about the scroll. He gathered 7 of the world's strongest and the wisest warriors in the lands. He thought that nothing could stop him in his path to becoming a god.

[CENTER]He was wrong....[/CENTER]

On the other side of the world was a Kingdom. Land once consumed in darkness by demons, but was vanquished by the light. A group of warriors who settled their differences to unite as a whole to counter the dark. Peace went through the land for just a brief moment until another force threaten the kingdom again. This time, it took the warriors away into a different world.

Ten years past since that day they all disappeared. Until they returned. They appeared out of nowhere, dazed and confused of their surroundings. The people rejoiced and celebrated many months of the welcoming of their heros. They put up statues and sang songs of their battles. The warriors went back to their lives they once had and rarely met in person with each other.

The king of the land was recrowned and returned to his throne. Everything seemed to return back to normal for the kingdom once again. Yet, the king dreamt of a man that knew many things. He told the king of a ruthless killer named Oni and his plan to become a God. The soothslayer also said if this would happen, everything that the king knew would be destroyed and would be casted in the chaos and dispair of thousands of years. The king woke the next day, with a clear mind of what to do. It was in his blood as much as his comrades.

He was the light.
The killer of darkness.
The King of Fujin.
His name was Gale....

Alright, haven't done a RP in awhile so its about time to get back into the game. This story happened between Mixed Experiment II and III. I can't seemed to say away from the series. Like before, if you never been a part of it or neevr even heard of it. Its okay! You can still join, but you should PM so I can give you a summary of the three stories. If you think its going to be a simple find the bad guy and stop him. You are so wrong. There will be plot twists and catastrophic events that will unfold in this story.

Let's have some fun!


[B]Name: [/B]Any type is fine
[B]Gender[/B]: Simple.
[B]Age:[/B] not too young and not too old. Around 20, unless you?re a demon.
[B]Race:[/B] Humans, demons, or elves. Be creative if you pick a demon.
[B]Position:[/B] either a Mercenary or a Soldier of Fujin.
[B]Personality:[/B] this is how people will judge your character, so write this well.
[B]Appearance:[/B] Picture or written description, both would be great.
[B]Weapon:[/B] Anything works. Broadsword, shuriken, handguns, shotgun, whatever. Just not an ultra powerful stuff that can kill thousands of people in one sweep. Make it real here.
[B]Abilities/magic: [/B]abilities, say you can jump father and higher then a normal person. Magic, can summon fire or heal any wound. Make your abilities and Magic different from others and be creative!
[B]Character Snippet:[/B] Your character in every day life. Could be something from the past.
[B]Bio:[/B] if you don?t want to do a Character Snippet, then you can write a Bio for your character.[/COLOR]
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[SIZE="1"][B]Name: [/B]Achilles

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Age:[/B] 29

[B]Race:[/B] Human

[B]Position:[/B] Soldier of Fujin
Personality: [/B]Achilles comes off as a war torn individual, his scars and battle torn armor are vivid images of the battles and wars he has seen and fought in. But, this contradicts his true feelings. He is but a simple man, he is kind and giving when it comes to the people he cares about and has fought beside for several years. He takes care of the people of Fujin when he could, giving some of his earning to poor families and orphanages. He had no family of his own, so he compensated by taking care of abandoned children. But, when someone crosses him or does something to provoke him, they can expect a swift retaliation of the fatal kind.

He is unforgiving and merciless when it comes to war, he grants no quarter and refuses to give anyone a shred of lenience. He has shown on many occasions to be a brutal and down right ruthless fighter. Very few challenge him willingly; none ever live through the challenge. When Achilles fights, he enters a state of mind where everything is kill or be killed. There is no middle ground, so he fights his hardest and the best he can so he can live another day.
Appearance:[/B] Achilles is 6"0' and holds himself as if he was even taller. He has dark brown hair that comes to just below his jaw line and strong features that make handsome to many women. He had green eyes and powerful frame, well toned and exercised to perfect shape. His clothes are simply in the fact it is only a shirt and a pair of pants with some light boots. He keeps Dreadnought at his hip and now has a thick leather guard on his left forearm for his new friend to rest on. His armor is made of a light metal that is flexible and durable. It covers his entire right arm and hand and his torso while leaving his left arm bare. He has a dark forest cloak that lets him traverse the Deep Forest without being seen.

[B]Weapon:[/B] Dreadnought: This is an ancient sword of untold magic; it was given to him by the Kapa demon Emilio. The Blade is from before the record books began to date events in history. So its age is impossible to tell, since it looks brand new, no matter how many times it is used by Achilles. The swords magic is an entity in itself; it continuously evolves and changes to fit the new wars and battles. Achilles never knows what to expect from Dreadnought, only surprises and death.

[B]Abilities/magic:[/B] Achilles natural athletic ability and abnormally high so he is stronger, faster and more agile then any man. His abilities are his reflexes and his pinpoint accuracy at quick speeds that allow him to deliver devastating blows to his opponent. His magic comes straight from his blade. Its magic is fatal to demons of all kinds, and since he merged with the sword several years back he has become immune to demons magic. Otherwise, it simply takes a pin prick from the sword to send a demon unconscious, and a slice or gash can kill easily. Many demons are wary of him, save for the few he befriended before Dreadnought.

[B]Character Snippet:[/B] The sky was a deep blue, and the few white clouds that floated along couldn?t hope to block out the great ball of warmth that was passed the noon mark. The trees in the forest swayed as the cool breeze blew through the limbs and green leaves of the deep forest. This was hazardous territory for any who were not prepared for the worst. Achilles was always ready, his cottage in the Deep Forest was cozy and comfortable change in background, and the stone chimney stack and structure were the right colored stones to give off the feeling of warmth and welcome. The inside of his home was much better furnished then the one he lived in before they disappeared. It had a table that could fit about five or six people on it, and a large hearth that held a great fire in it. A wall separated his bedroom from the rest of the cottage, his bedroom was simple in the fact that the bed was not to large and the bathing area was a tub with not much to it. Just some pitchers here and there so that he could either fill the tub or use his wash basin to do small clean ups.

Achilles sat in a wooden chair, made of one of the local trees, and watched the surrounding area from his porch. He enjoyed the tranquility of the land and how peaceful it was. He liked how very few people dare venture this far into the woods, stranger creatures roamed these lands. Some of them pure flesh and bone, others were a weird combination of metal and flesh. Creatures from the world before this one, things that were created to fight a war far older then anything known to man. Well, save for his blade, Dreadnought. Who still refused to reveal his story to him, it was rather annoying and irritating, since he only had the company of Dreadnought, and an oddly enough, friend War Shriek that would often sat by Achilles. Enjoying his company, as it seemed to him, when he just talked of old wars and even grander battles that took place in the lifetime of Achilles. By accounts, he should be much older, but, somehow he was reverted back to his old self, before he was force to take on the form of Abaddon. He liked being human again, and having Dreadnoughts company. The War Shriek was just a new friend to add to the few friends he had in his life time. He looked over to the new perch he had made for his new friend only a few hours ago. He hoped it would hold up to the weight and size of his other companion.

Not a moment later, a loud and boom shriek came form the sky, Achilles leaned forward to look past the overhang of his porch and saw a massive winged creature in the sky. It came in for the dive and landed lightly on its new perch. Its body was bigger then any hawk Achilles had ever seen. Its large talons looked big enough to carry a child away or kill a man. The hooked beak was intimidating and its large, round, yellow eyes gave that feeling, to most people, of an insidious nature. Achilles simply smiled at the War Shriek and held out a handful of dried meat. The War Shriek took it greedily, never peaking Achilles hand once. He reached out and pet the great head of the War Shriek, he felt it push its neck into his hands to he could pet it more. His smile grew a little as he pet the great bird and began talking, telling stories of war, and the times in between.

Of the people he meet, the people he killed and the people he loved. He told the bird of his recent times, where all of the money he received from Fujin for all of his hard work in pervious years, was being distributed to people all over Fujin. He kept a little bit from each pay so that he could have a little bit of money to spend when he went into town, just for supplies or things he might need. As he spoke to the shriek he saw movement in the forest, but didn?t react to it. He left Dreadnought in place as he spoke aloud.
?I see you out there. Come out before I make you.? [/B]Within seconds a man standing in a uniform appeared from the brush. He was wearing a cloak with a messenger bag at his hip, Achilles recognized the symbol on the mans uniform.
?So, you are a Soldier of Fujin. What brings you to my domain young man??[/B] The man walked up casually to Achilles and reached into his bag and pulled out a envelope with a wax seal on it. The Royal seal in fact. Achilles just smiled and shook his head gently.
?Oh Gale, you and your formalities, I wonder what he could need from me.?[/B] He tore the seal and pulled out the letter, handing the envelope to the War Shriek so it could have something to play with. He unfolded the letter and began to read the long winded speech he wrote on the piece of paper. He scanned through it, trying to find any hidden meanings in case this was an over sensitive letter. He found nothing and saw it was simply a letter saying he missed his old friend and wished for him to come and visit soon. He thought it was odd he emphasized soon in the letter, he folded it up and handed it off to the War Shriek, it quickly tore it up as Achilles leaned back in his chair.
?So, messenger boy. It seems a little odd you would make it through this rough forest without a guide, and totally unscathed by yourself.?[/B] The messenger simply grinned and shrugged.
?I guess I am just lucky.?

?Luck has nothing to do with it. No one knows this land better then me, only guides can travel these lands without running into creatures of old. You look far to young to know anything about this land, especially since you have been in Fujin most of your life. If you really are a soldier of Fujin.?[/B] The Messenger had an expression of something being insulted.
?Are you questioning my position in the Fujin army? That?s just insulting.?[/B] Achilles shook his head.
?You?re not a Fujin warrior, you are a spy. I know this because every Fujin soldier knows a secret path to my home. They always drop the messages off; they never show their faces to me. Even if I always see them drop the message off. Second, Fujin soldiers don?t wear their uniform out here, not after the fight with the elves. And Thirdly, we changed our uniforms slightly every year. Its subtle, but it is noticeable to all Commanders and Generals of Fujin Armies.?[/B] Achilles stood from his chair and pointed to the insignia.
?You see the stars on the insignia.? [/B]The Soldier nodded as he looked down.
?Yours only has four stars, current uniforms have six stars. We give our units updated gear every year.?[/B] Azeroth reached for Dreadnought and instantly saw the man slide a knife from under his sleeve and tried to send it into Achilles throat. He batted the arm away and drew his sword in a flash and slashed it across the mans throat. He stared in shock and awe as he fell backwards and died in a pool of his own blood. Achilles grabbed the bodies arm and dragged him into the forest; he walked back to his chair and seated himself. He contemplated things as he pet the friendly War Shriek.[/SIZE]

OOC: Glad to see this up, and happy to be the first one to post :D
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[COLOR="Blue"][B]Name:[/B] Emilio Batou

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Age:[/B] 26

[B]Race:[/B] Kappa (water Demon)

[B]Position:[/B] He is the the demon king and guardian of the great lakes of the northern mountains. (I trust this is still okay, Lionheart.)

[B]Personality:[/B] Once upon another lifetime he was an angry, one would say almost evil spirit who wanderd the earth by the side of his demon father Dredick. He was to be feared and loathed by those around him and was without mercy. But following faithful encounter with a band of soilders and mercenaries alike he was changed forever the events that this group would lead him through.

He is now a quiet and strong leader of his people. He is still fearless, but has long since given up his blood thirsty ways. He lives a life of quiet dignity in the northern mountain lakes as a demon king.

He is loyal to a fault and has complete trust in his people and in his friends of the fujin kingdom who saved him from his own darkness.

Emilio about 6 feet tall and weights about 150 lbs. He has numerous scars all over his body to mark the many battles he has had to live through. His skin is rough and thick due to this and he often appears both cold and distant, though to those who know him, they know he is anything but.

[B]Weapon:[/B] His is a sword called the serpents tail. It is a traditional weapon of his kind.

[B]Abilities/Magic:[/B] This is where his true strength lies. He has the ability to manipulate water, being a water demon and all. He can weild it freely and evn turn it to ice to make an efficent cutting tool with it. He is able to manipulate and crytalyize his own blood to stem blood loss in battle if needed. Aside from that, he is both strong and athletic, even by a demons standards, making him a match for nearly any opponent.

[B]Character Snippet:[/B] It was cold winters day in the north. It seemed like the snow would never stop falling and wind would never stop howling. But despite the fierce weather, Emilio stood looking out from the southen cliff, looking out onto the out lieing lands. As if he was expecting something to happen. Surely he wasn't expecting an attack. No one was fool hardy enough to attack the northern lands during the frigid peak of winter. To do so would be suicide for virtually any enemy. Not only was the weather intolerable, but this was Emilio's home grounds as well.

Even the rivers that lie at the foot of the mountains had been frozen over. This was a harsh time of year. Thanks to Emilio and his family they made sure that the great lakes were never frozen, so his people might come and go as they needed. A woman bagan to emerge from the water just behind him. She was wearing long, heavy, yet elegant robes. Emilio turned his head back a little to only catch the woman out of the corner of his eye [B]"Yes mother. I do intend to stay here for as long as it takes."[/B]

His mother showed signs of great distress at his words [B]"This is ridiculous Emilio. You don't have to worry so much. They will be back soon. You let them go because you trusted them."[/B]

It had been two days since Emilio had sent a small group of carriers to retrieve an artifact left behind in the ruins of the dark armies city. It had been years since then, but Emilio couldn't let this thing go. He couldn't leave the lakes unless it was absoulutely required. Esspecially at this time of year, when his people needed his strength the most. Emilio said nothing more and continued to stare out into the distance, waiting for his men to return. His mother approached him and set her hand on his shoulder [B]"Then I'll stay with you."[/B]

This finally drew Emilio's attention off the far horizon. He looked at his mother with both anger and worry in his eyes [B]"You can't. Your not as strong as you used to be. You passed the title of guardian on to me. In doing so you lost most of your favor with the gods."[/B]

The woman flicked Emilio on the side of his head. This was a feeling he was embarassed to be all to used to. Even as the guardian, she still treated him like a child. Her face suddenly changed from that of a worried mother, to that of a scolding one [B]"Now you listen to me. I may not be the boss around here anymore, but I'm damn sure the boss of you. You remember that."[/B]

And with that Emilio knew the discussion was over. There was no bargaining with this woman when she gets like this. So the two of them stood there, looking out for the return of Emilio's retrival party.

The two of them stood locked in postion as if they were frozen by the endless storm for nearly 18 more hours. After almost three days, Emilio caught a glimpse of his men at the foot of the mountain. Without warning or waiting, Emilio jumped from the cliff to meet them. By simply weaving his hand he melted the snow and ice of the rock wall of the mountain and used the water almost like a bungee cord to slow his decent, so he only touched on the ground lightly as he landed. He walked swiftly over to the men [B]"Did you find it?"[/B]

He said in an alarmingly urgent tone. The men were now under the impression that this was somehow a crucial artifact and that they had taken to much time. One of the men jumped forward quickly and held out a small sack [B]"I'm sorry, sir. I didn't know it was so important."[/B]

Emilio took the sack in hand and nodded to the men [B]"Good work. You can return to your homes. This is more important then you know."[/B]

With that, Emilio used the water that had just lowerd him to the ground to carry him back to the top of the mountain. His mother was standing there waiting, with that same look on her face as earlier [B]"Was it worth it?"[/B]

Emilio opened the sack in it his hand. There was only a single item in it. It was a blue cyrstal made of a rare type of ice that would never melt. It could only be forged by a pure bred Kappa. It was in the shape of a rose. Emilio held it lightly in the palm of his hand. His mother looked at the crystal and then up to Emilio [B]"Is this the one you gave to her?"[/B]

Emilio nodded back to her [B]"Yes. Is it kinda pathetic for me to still be clinging to her memory after all these years. I mean, I was the one who killed her, right?"[/B]

His mother wrapped her arms around him[B] "You miss her. No matter whatever happend between the two of you, she was still your first love."[/B]

Emilio nodded and hugged his mother back for a moment. He released her after only a few seconds and then returned to the sanctity of the water.[/COLOR]
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[FONT=Book Antiqua][COLOR=Indigo][B]Name: [/B]Romilda Reseda "Rae" Valda (Her bother is Tina Valda)
[B]Gender[/B]: Female
[B]Age:[/B] Nineteen years old
[B]Race:[/B] Human
[B]Position:[/B] Mercenary
[B]Personality:[/B] Rae is a bit tough thanks to her childhood, but when it comes to her brother he always manages to melt her heart. She likes to think of herself as independent but she doesn't mind relying on friends and is not too proud to ask for help. She used to be a depressed person but lately she has been more cheerful. Also after meeting a certain strange person from the time that she used to live in, he inspired her to be brave. Now she has become quite a strong-willed individual and not the girl that was so quick to cry before.
[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL="http://i14.tinypic.com/864q1r7.jpg"]Rae and her brother Tina[/URL] have some similarities, but they aren't immediately noticeable since he is only her half-brother. She usually wears nothing else but the [URL="http://i8.tinypic.com/7xig2o8.jpg"]straps[/URL] to hold her gear and a cloak to cover herself when she needs to. Her brother only ever wears the backpack that she wears to hide him in.

Rae's hair is a chocolate brown and her eyes are almost the same shade. It is quite a contrast to Tina's light brown hair and light brown eyes. Her skin is quite tan but not so tan that it is dark. Besides that, she has no distinguishing marks except for a few freckles.
[B]Weapon:[/B] Several different types of blades for cutting and stabbing and chopping
[B]Abilities/magic: [/B]Thanks to reasons that Rae does not understand, she has the power to control her blood and do what she wants with it. She can also heal herself of self-inflicted wounds
[B]Bio:[/B] Rae's mother was not known for her wealth. So when she told her husband that she wanted a child, he was very reluctant. However after her constant begging, he gave in. The only problem was, they were too poor to afford clothes for their new daughter so Rae went without them for as long as she could remember.

Even though she lived in poverty and the kids always teased her, Rae got along fine through life until her father died. Then in what Rae tried to warn her mom was a mistake, she decided to remarry. Her new husband was not nearly as nice as Rae's father. However he had more money so Rae's mother stayed with him despite Rae's please to leave. Soon they sold the house and moved to prepare for the arrival of the new baby.

Rae had mixed feelings of course. First she lost her father, now they were moving from the house where all her memories were and she was going to have her mom's attention taken away by the new baby. However her new brother Tina seemed to be pretty cute. She got to take care of him a lot and she thought she would finally be happy again.

She was wrong though. Her new father started to get very frugal. He never bought either Rae or Tina clothes and soon he stopped showering the mother with gifts and started beating her. Rae tried to stand up for her mother but she would always end up getting the beating instead. It was during one of these times that she first discovered her powers. After her father beat her, she lashed out with some of her blood and knocked him out. When he woke up though he thought it was just thanks to the drinking and Rae kept it a secret.

However she told her secret to Tina and usually entertained him with her special talent. But then ten years later she met a very strange person and he inspired her to leave her family and she took Tina and chased after him. Now she is a mercenary in another world, looking for work and the strange person she had met in another world.
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(Just like old times. haha)

[B]Name[/B]: Gale

[B]Gender:[/B] male

[B]Age:[/B] 27

Race: Humans

[B]Position:[/B] King of The Fujin Kingdom

Born instantly to become a leader to all. He stands for the right things in life and tries to defeat the negatives that stand in his way. Many consider him brave, while others see him as a foolish young king. If any, the only thing that makes Gale, Gale is the ability to never quit. In the most critical situations, he becomes immune to pain and calls for drastic calls of sacrificing himself to save the ones he cares about.

Gale of course is human and is weaker then the average demon. Yet, being king, he has developed one of the most intellicual minds to ever step on the battlefield. He can spot weaknesses of his foes from only one series of attacks. Gale seems to always have a plan up his sleeve and it works no matter outrageous it may seem.

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL="http://s15.photobucket.com/albums/a384/nekocheerio/nekocheeriosplace/?action=view¤t=2b00efcd.jpg"]King Gale[/URL]

Gale carries the legendary sword, Explosion. A sword passed down from generation in his family and made from the strongest of steel. Legend tells that the core of the blade is made of a king dragon that has killed thousands of demons. The ability of the sword is the main reason for it's long history. The sword has the ability to make an explosion once it makes contact, causing attack to double.

Gale doesn't really have abilities or magic that he relies during battle. Without his sword, Explosion he would just be a common man.

[B]Character Snippet: [/B](Edit)

(keep up the good sign-ups, guys.)
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[COLOR=black]Name: Sinaeas[/COLOR]

[COLOR=black]Gender: Male[/COLOR]

[COLOR=black]Age: 843[/COLOR]

[COLOR=black]Race: Demon[/COLOR]

[COLOR=black]Position: None[/COLOR]

[COLOR=black]Personality: Sinaeas is somewhat bloodthirsty, and quite fond of fighting. Living in the wild, his most frequent opponents are various beasts, but he challenges almost any intelligent being he comes across. He's arrogant, but not foolish; he knows he's not invulnerable. He's solitary by nature, but he does realize that cooperation with others has a place, although he's never needed aid from anyone before. If he does need aid, he will seek it out, but if one comes to him looking for aid, that person is likely to be killed before he or she can finish the request. Sinaeas is rather self-centered, putting his own wants and needs above others'.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=black]Appearance: Although Sinaeas's basic body shape is centauroid, there aren't actually any elements of either horse or man. Sinaeas is wholly demonic in appearance. His body is thick and muscular. He stands at several times the height of a human, and is proportioned accordingly. Dark, hide-like skin covers his entire body, and it offers significantly better protection than any armor. His appearance alone is enough to strike fear in the harts of weaker men.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=black]Weapon: Sinaeas wields no weapons, instead relying on his immense physical strength.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=black]Abilities/magic: Sinaeas is extremely strong, and also tough as hell (no pun intended). Although large creatures have a reputation for being slow, Sinaeas is able to move quite fast. His primary weakness is agility; like most large beings, Sinaeas is not very agile. He also has powers of darkness; he can use dark energy as a weapon, and can shield himself with it. He can also use dark energy to briefly ensnare targets, although those with sufficient abilities of their own can resist this, and he's less able to ensnare larger targets.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray][COLOR=black]Character Snippet:[/COLOR] The humans were obviously a hunting party, and Sinaeas was clearly their target. His name was not known to many, but the humans had made several references to 'the demon'. It was obvious that their target was Sinaeas, and they weren't the first to come after him. Sinaeas's violent tendencies had angered quite a few over the years, and many wanted him dead. And although there were probably humans that could take him, the odds that one would come looking for him were virtually nonexistent. So far, all those who had come had never stood a chance, but that hadn't stopped them from coming. They tended to assume that rumors of his power and strength were exaggerated, a mistake that always prooved fatal.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#696969]This particular party was being cautious, and it was clearly well-organized. There were eight of them, and they were obviously experienced. Their weapons varied, from swords to crossbows to guns, and they were alert as they entered the mountainside cavern where Sinaeas lived.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#696969]"Show youself, demon!" one of the hunters shouted. "Come and face us!"[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#696969]"Very well," Sinaeas said, his voice echoing throughout the cavern. He stepped forward, into view of the hunters. "You wish to face me?"[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#696969]"You will have no more victims, demon! Today, you die!"[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#696969]Sinaeas laughed. "You think you can kill me? You pathetic humans don't stand a chance."[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#696969]"Oh, shut up. We know as well as you do how exaggerated the rumors are. If you thought you could take us, you would already have attacked."[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#696969]"Or perhaps I am simply enjoying your foolishness. If you're so certain of your victory, then come try your best."[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#696969]The first to attack was a hunter armed with a rifle. His shot hit Sinaeas in the shoulder, but the demon showed no signs of pain. The rifleman was a different story. Sinaeas enveloped him in dark energy, and he fell to the ground screaming.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#696969]The hunters scattered, all those with ranged weapons opening fire. Two crossbowmen loosed their poison-tipped bolts, but Sinaeas blocked the bolts with a shield of dark energy. A man ran at Sinaeas with a sword, but Sinaeas trapped him in dark energy and crushed him beneath his foot. He blasted one of the crossbowmen with dark energy, but the other avoided the blast. Sinaeas ensnared him with dark energy, then grabbed him and threw him with extreme force at one armed with a gun. The force of the hit killed the crossbowman on contact and slammed the gunman into the side of the cavern hard, and he fell to the ground, dead.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#696969]A man with a spear charged Sinaeas. The man jumped and thrust his spear at Sinaeas's leg. The spear made only a small opening before falling out, but it did draw blood. Sinaeas grabbed the man and crushed him between his hands. By this point, the rifleman had recovered, and took another shot. It hit Sinaeas in the chest, but didn't penetrate very far. Sinaeas took him out with a blast of dark energy, then turned his attention to the remaining two, who were both armed with swords.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#696969]"Do you see how foolish you are?" Sinaeas said. "You are as weak as all of your kind. You cannot possibly even harm such as I. And as a result of your foolishness, you will lose your lives."[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#696969]Sinaeas ensnared both remaining men with dark energy, then ripped out a chunk of the cave wall and threw it at them. It crushed one, but the other had broken free and was able to avoid it. "You aren't the only one with powers," he said. He launched a blast of flame at Sinaeas, who simply stood still and took the blast.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#696969]"Your powers are insignificant," Sinaeas said. "No human can match one such as I."[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#696969]"Maybe not, but I can at least escape. My life is one you will not claim."[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#696969]Sinaeas laughed. "If you survive, it will be because I allow it. And I do not intend to allow it."[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#696969]Sinaeas blasted dark energy at the man, who countered with a blast of flame while running backwards. Sinaeas ripped out another chunk of the wall and threw it at him. He dove out of the way, only to be hit with a blast of dark energy. Sinaeas picked up the man, who was barely alive. "Now you know how insignificant your power is. It's unfortunate for you that this knowledge has cost you your life." Sinaeas threw the man into the wall, killing him.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#696969]None of Sinaeas' injuries were serious, but they were no less real, and no less painful. Sinaeas liked to have the appearance of invulnerability, but the truth was that he could be injured or killed. True invulnerability was impossible, but with enough power, it didn't matter. Sinaeas was already rather powerful, but he wanted more. He knew of no way to do it, but if he ever found the means to increase his power, he would not hesitate to make use of it.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=black]I hope that's good. If I need to tone Sinaeas down a bit, Lionheart, then tell me, but if you don't say anything, I'll assume he's fine as is (and I'd like to mention that I currently have no intention of having him find a way to increase his power)[/COLOR]
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[FONT="Palatino Linotype"][B]Name:[/B] Allastor Dietrich
[B]Gender:[/B] Male
[B]Age:[/B] 23

[B]Race:[/B] Fire Demon- Aesir- A race of powerful demons long-ago revered as gods, they were cut down to size by the elves and jealous demons in a macabre battle. They were stripped of many of their powers, which were sealed into rings that were kept from them for many eternities. This, though trifling, did not provide a great problem for the Aesir, they were a race of reincarnating demons, and there was only so long that the rings could be hidden from them. Even so, they remained as high class demons, an aristocracy of sorts among monsters, and one day progressed to find the rings with their stolen abilities. Though the rings only resonate to a true Aesir descendant, they ring has a mind of it’s own in many respects and will only activate when it deems necessary.

[B]Position:[/B] Soldier of Fujin

[B]Personality:[/B] Allastor is an enigma, if one were to put it lightly. He has a great love and lust for battle, and upon first glance one would mistake him for a cocky, merciless, spiteful brute. He is not unfamiliar to mockery and sarcasm towards his opponent during battle, and is in no way afraid to prey on the insecurities of an opponent to ensure himself and his allies [if any see past his battle facade] victory. In regards to his marksmanship and swordsmanship, he is even crueler; he reduces his opponents to a pitiable, pathetic, fatal state, so carved and cleaved apart, and with so many gun wounds that any merciful man would end their suffering- but Allastor watches with an unrequited glee until his fancy is met.

However, his loyalty to his allies and friends is unmatched- he would bare the weight of the worlds on his shoulder if Atlas so asked him to. To women, children, and allies, he is a hospitable, caring, loving, amiable man, and there are few with a better disposition and countenance than he. When alone, or in close company, however, another contradictory side of Allastor is revealed- a suicidal, bitter, hopeless Allastor who has all but given up on life. With the timeless tragedies befallen upon him and others he loves, he sometimes loses all recognition of the beauty and love of the world, and wishes only to see its demise, or his own. Which is the real Allastor is often debated upon by his friends, but those who are acquainted well enough with him known that only circumstance has made him bitter in the shadows and hateful amongst bloodshed- his true soul is coated in kindness and goodwill.

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v628/Reizou/Lmugshot-1.jpg"][Allastor][/URL]
Allastor is a handsome “young man” standing at 6’1’’, with a thin, lean, muscular figure. His hair is jet black, save the fierce red tipped bangs that fall over his vermillion eyes. His teeth a pearly white, and his smile impeccable, but upon further examination, one would catch sight of the extraordinary sharpness of all of his teeth, due to his demon heritage. He has only two scars- two x shaped ones on the back of both hands that erupt with flame when he becomes outraged.

His outfit is unique amongst he demons he lived with- though they preferred the older, traditional medieval look of demons, he, instead prefers or more bandit like appearance. He wears a collared long sleeved shirt with the collar always turned up and the sleeves torn off at the shoulder. Over the shirt is a black vest with white lining and silver buckles that latch in the front, but are always left unlatched. Black pants line down to his boots, and both his pants and boots are covered in a thing yet powerful protective metal from the knee down. This same protective metal forms the gauntlet like armguards on both arms that extend down from the shoulder to his knuckles. These armguards appear even thinner then the shin-guards, with the metal barely any thicker then the leather it is coated to.

He is also always seen wearing an intricately designed golden ring- the ring that houses the rest of his powers. Though normal at first glance, upon further examination you would discover that the ring is very gothic, and is made of human bones that were, once forged into this ring, dipped and cemented in gold.

[B]Weapon: [/B]
[I]Valkyrie Blade[/I]- Allastor’s trusted re-enforced rapier blade. It’s blade’s width is broader and fuller than a normal rapier, able to hold it’s own against even the most powerful of broadswords without chipping, denting, or shattering. This is due to the wonder of it’s nature- it was forged by Allastor himself in a past life, and it’s energies are directly linked to his own, so as long as he remains alive, and capable of reincarnation, the blade cannot be destroyed.

[URL="http://img.diytrade.com/cdimg/178662/408968/0/1057219192.jpg"][I]Nidhogg[/I]- [/URL]A terrible, ancient handgun, crafted by a loyal friend of Allastor’s with an obsession of machinery. In it’s dormant state it is short and capable of dealing quick, successive shots with only mediocre strength. When “released” the barrel grows longer, and though it loses expediency in blast, its attacks increase dramatically in strength, more resembling of a cannon then a simple firearm.

[B]Abilities/Magic:[/B] Allastor has an almost unparalleled expertise in the mastery of the Heat element. His ability over fire his evolved, in a sort, from the baseline definition of the phrase- not only can he manipulate, create, disperse, and absorb flames, use the explosive energy of fire to create lightning bolts, and superheat areas around him -increasing his own stats and lowering the fighting capacity of his opponent; he can also cause his opponent’s blood to boil, submitting them into a berserker state where they attack without provocation, discrepancy or forethought. Coupled with his sword skills- sword skills that have earned him the title of “Sword Saint” in some regions and “The Silver Streak Demon” in others- he’s a force not to be trifled with, though he is far from invulnerable. His extreme reliance on the Heat element has imparted upon him a deadly side-effect: he is extremely susceptible to water based magicks and powers.

[B]Character Snippet:[/B] [Will Edit Later]


[SIZE="1"][B]OOC:[/B] Promise to finish this soon, there's only so much time you can take away from the family on christmas, you know?[/SIZE]
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Alright everything looks good, Im going to be starting this soon since I have enough people to do this. I dont want to have a big production anyway

so be looking for this up really soon, guys.

[B]The List[/B]
The Protoss- Achilles
Starwind- Emilio Batou
GuyYouMetOnline- Sinaeas
Omega- Allastor Dietrich

So that should be everybody. Lilt, Just finish your sign-up and I'll accept you.
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