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Music Your Extremely long list of Favorite Musicians


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[COLOR="HotPink"][SIZE="1"]So... Music kind of is the only thing I do. I don't watch that much TV, I do get on the computer alot, but I'm usually always looking up or listening to music. So. I guess. I have a long list of favorite musicians. I no longer really have one favorite (well. The Number 12 Looks Like you may have an exception)... I listen to all of these bands/musicians pretty regularly. I listen to many many many other musicians as well, but they just didn't make it on my favorites list because A. I don't have enough material from them, or B. They just can't beat anyone on my favorites list. I'm pretty faithful to most of these bands. So. Here goes nothing. This is the list I put together. Off the top of my head. lol. In no particular order, by the way. I just listed it to see how many.
1. The New Season
2. Strike the Choir,
3. This is Your Captain Speaking,
4. Stained Glass Masquerades,
5. Life in Rescue,
6. Kaiden,
7. pmtoday,
8. Asteios,
9. Heart for a Hand,
10. Tarantuloco,
11. Nearest the Positive
12. This Love These Hands,
13. In Irons,
14. The Black Noise Party Boys
15. The Number 12 Looks Like You,
16. HeavyHeavy LowLow,
17. Bring Me The Horizon,
18. From A Second Story Window,
19. Arsonists Get All The Girls,
20. The Human Abstract
21. As Cities Burn,
22. Fear Before The March of Flames,
23. Alesana,
24. The Fall of Troy,
25. The Blood Brothers,
26. Enter Shikari,
27. Chiodos,
28. HORSE the band,
29. From First To Last,
30. Aiden,
31. AFI
32. pg. 99,
33. Saetia,
34. Circle Takes The Square,
35. Gospel,
36. I Would Set Myself on Fire For You
37. Amon Amarth,
38. Children of Bodom,
39. Iron Maiden
40. The Devil Wears Prada,
41. Everytime I Die,
42. Underoath,
43. Maylene and the Sons of Disaster,
44. Norma Jean,
45. This Runs Through,
46. MyChildren MyBride,
48. Eyes Set to Kill,
49. Haste the Day
50. Brand New,
51. MewithoutYou
52. Coheed and Cambria,
53. The Sounds of Animals Fighting
54. Die Kreuzen,
55. SSD,
56. Gallows
57. My Chemical Romance,
58. Sick Puppies,
59. Fall Out Boy,
60. Billy Talent,
61. Anberlin,
62. Antic Cafe'
63. Straylight Run,
64. James Blunt,
65. John Mayer,
66. The Fray,
67. Annalisa,
68. Chris Loggins
69. The Gorillaz,
70. As I Lay Dying

Haha. Yeah As I Lay Dying is at the bottom. xD Though bands like Embrace the End, Winds of Plague, Figure Four and Lamb of God could kick As I Lay Dying's butt.... They've kind of grown on me.

So. Yes. I don't expect you to detail every band you post, but it's of course, okay to talk about some of them. The Top 9 on the list are of course, local bands. I'm very into the local scene. The Number 12 Looks Like You, is most likely most favorite. I'm a very big fan. I have all of their CDs and what not. And I'm waiting for the next one. Bands Like HeavyHeavyLowLow, Alesana, and Enter Shikari are really good, but have only got one full-length out each. So. When they come out with more, I'll be able to decide whether or not they're up there with #12. HeavyHeavyLowLow I will have to say... though... Is Amazing. Enter Shikari as well.

Bands like xDEATHSTARx, SSD, and MyChildrenMyBride write lyrics about being straight-edge, which is a major WOOH for me. Drugs and drinking are not my thing, and I'm glad these guys express their veiws on it too. xDEATHSTARx is just the most... well. Brutal Christian band I know of. It's pretty cray how much trash and punk infulence they can mix in with metalcore, and blow it out with three vocalists on deck.

...Lol. I'll probably detail more later.

So, yeah. Somebody else come up with a list please? Doesn't have to be as long as mine... But... I don't know. At least longer than ten bands. lol.

EDIT: I forgot one of my most listened to! xD... The Jonbenet is number 71 Then. They're right up there with The Number 12 and HeavyHeavyLowLow.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR="DarkSlateGray"][SIZE="1"]Well here goes nothing. Ready for my not as long but still long list? You should be.[/size]

[SIZE="1"]1. 3
[*]All That Remains
[*]Alien Angel
2. 3 Days Grace
[*]I Hate Everything About you
3. 12 Stones
4. A Perfect Circle
[*]3 Libras
5. The Acacia Strain
6. AFI
[*]Silver and Cold
[*]Miss Murder
7. Amon Amarth
[*]Cry of the Black Birds
8. All Shall Perish
9. All That Remains
10. As I Lay Dying
[*]94 Days
11. Atreyu[LIST]
[*]Becoming the Bull[/LIST]
12. Avenged Sevenfold
[*]I Won't See You Tonight prt 1
13. Between the Buried and me
14. The Black Dahlia Murder
15. Breaking Benjamin
[*]The Diary of Jane [acoustic]
[*]Unkown Soldier
16. Cattle Decapitation
17. Chevelle
[*]Vitamin R(Leading us Along)
[*]I Get It
[*]Well Enough Alone
18. Circle Takes the Square
[*]Kill the Switch
19. Coheed and Cambria
[*]Welcome Home
[*]IV: The Final Cut
[*]V: On the Brink
[*]In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth:3
[*]Elf Tower New Mexico
20. Converge
21. Disturbed
[*]Inside the Fire
[*]Ten Thousand Fists
22. Dope
[*]Nothing for me Here
23. Dragonforce
[*]Operation Ground and Pound
[*]Cry for Eternity
24. Evanescence
25. Fair to Midland
[*]Orphan Anthem '86
[*]Tall Tales Taste Like Sour Grapes
26. The Fall of Troy
27. Five Finger Death Punch
[*]The Bleeding
28. Flyleaf
[*]Fully Alive
[*]All Around me
29. Gallows
30. Heaven Shall Burn
31. In Flames
[*]The Quiet Place
[*]Take this Life
32. Killswitch Engage
[*]Holy Diver
[/LIST]33. KoRn
[*]Ever Be
[*]Just Another Brick in the Wall
[*]Coming Undone
34. Linkin Park
[*]In the End
[*]My December
35. Mastodon
[*]Colony of Birchmen
36. The Mars Volta
[*]Interiatic ESP
37. Mudvayne
[*]World so Cold
[*]TV Radio
[*]King of Pain
38. My Chemical Romance
[*]Famous Last Words
39. Neurosonic
[*]So Many People
[*]Until I Die
40. Norma Jean
[*]The Human Face, Divine
41. The Number 12 Looks Like You
42. Seether
43. Senses Fail
[*]The Light that Blinds
44. Serj Tankian
45. Slipknot
46. System of a Down
[*]Chop Suey
[/LIST]47. Tool
[/LIST]48. Underoath
49. The Used
[*]The Brid and the Worm
50. With Blood Comes Cleansing[/SIZE]
[SIZE="1"]I listen to a lot of other ****, but I can't name them off the top of my head right now. This isn't all of my favs, but every band I'm interested in. These all fell from the top of my mind.

Right now I'm falling in love with As I Lay Dying, Chevelle, Circle Takes the Square, Norma Jean, In Flames, With Blood Comes Cleansing and All Shall Perish. Most of it is screamo, and it's really good. All Shall Perish, very good. And CTTS is phenomenal! Makes me glad I'm getting back into hardcore/screamo.

Coheed and Cambria, Breaking Benjamin and Avenged Sevenfold are still some of my absolute favs. Fair to Midland is also another addiction of mine. The middle of the list is dominated by the hardcore and screamo crew, which the bands I love are really worthwhile. I mean All Shall Perish and Heven Shall Burn are really good. And the members of HSB are vegens, and they aren't anti-christ so don't take their band name wrong.

As for The Acacia Strain, they're alright, buit good enough for me. My favorite In Flames song is The Quiet Place, a very touching and still great song. And as for Cattle Decapitation, they're grindcore, so I don't recomend them to anyone who doens't like grind. In fact, they aren't very lovable period, just look at their album covers. The songs are very short, so I'm not going to buy any of their albums. But they are really good to listen to every now and than.

I might update this alter, but that's the jist of it.

[B]EDIT: [/B]Oh shnikies, I forgot a couple of bands!

[B]EDIT 2:[/B] My list is better than your list cause I added my favorite songs under the band names :p[/SIZE] [/COLOR]
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Meh ok. This is the stuff I listen to sorta kinda regularly.

1.Acid Bath
2.Aesop Rock
3.Alice in Chains
4.Alien Ant Farm
5.Amon Amarth
6.Artic Monkeys
7.As Tall as Lions
8.Avenged Sevenfold
9.Barry White
10.The Beatles
13.Black Sabbath
14.Blind Melon
15.Bob Marley
16.Boy hits Car
17.Cat Power
18. Celldweller
19.Celtic Frost
21.Children of the Anachronistic Dynasty
22.chuck Brown
23.Coheed and Cambria
26.The Cure
27.Cypress hill
28.Daft Punk
29.Dance Club Massacre
30.David Bowie
32.Del Tha Funkee Homosapien
36.Dj Shadow
37.Dog Fashio nDisco
38.Don Caballero
39.The Doors
41.Eddie Vedder
43.electric Wizard
44.Emily bindinger
47.Experience Unlimited
48.Fastest Kid in 5th Grade
50.Frank Sinatra
53. A Perfect Circle

There...I listen to hundreds more artists but I don't have time to post every single ****** one of em. The last three are the most important to me.
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[FONT="Arial"]I wanted to end up with a really long list, but then I thought what's the point? I had about twenty or so bands listed of who I only know a few songs, and even if I adore those songs I can't really consider a band a "favorite" just based on that. So I shortened it a lot.

1. AFI
2. The Academy Is
3. Circa Survive
4. Nightwish
5. Blaqk Audio
6. Kiss Kiss
7. Rasputina
8. Trans-Siberian Orchestra
9. Smashing Pumpkins
10. Son of Sam
11. Placebo
12. Misfits
13. Siouxsie and the Banshees
14. London After Midnight
15. Thursday
16. Regina Spektor
17. Son of Sam
18. Strung Out
19. Blood Brothers
20. As I Lay Dying
21. Norma Jean
22. Descendants
23. Mindless Self Indulgence
24. Joy Division
25. The Adicts
26. Bauhaus
27. Explosions in the Sky
28. Walking Talking Stephen Hawking
29. Crepusculum
30. The Medic Droid
31. Sick of it All
32. Saosin
33. The Mars Volta
34. The Sound of Animals Fighting
35. The Unseen
36. Green Day[/FONT]
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In no particular order...

[*]Jay Z
[*]Wu-Tang Clan
[*]Souls of Mischief
[*]Lil' Wayne
[*]All That Remains
[*]Dead Kennedys
[*]John Mayer
[*]John Legend
[*]The Game
[*]The Sex Pistols
[*]The Ramones
[*]The Raconteurs
[*]HOME MADE Kazoku
[*]The White Stripes
[*]MF Doom
[*]mc chris
[*]MC Lars
[*]Foo Fighters
[*]Power Glove
[*]J Dilla
[*]Invisbl Skratch Piklz
[*]Green Day
[*]Run DMC
[*]The Beastie Boys
[*]Mix Master Mike
[*]Kanye West
[*]DJ Q*Bert
[*]Hello Tomorrow
[*]The Pillows
[*]James Brown
[*]Dragon Force
[*]Daft Punk
[*]Sir Mix-A-Lot
[*]All Get Out
[*]Snoop Dogg
[*]Dr. Dre
[*]Tupac Shakur
[*]Notorious B.I.G.
[*]Lynrd Skynrd
[*]Jefferson Airplane
[*]Black Sabbath
[*].38 Special
[*]Tha Masters of Death
[*]Ghostface Killah
[*]The Young Bloodz
[*]The Young Gunz
[*]The Cool Kids
[*]Cobra Starship
[*]Fall Out Boy
[*]My Chemical Romance
[*]Jason Castro
[*]Cut Chemist
[*]DJ Numark
[*]The Pharcyde
[*]A Tribe Called Quest
[*]Lil' Flip
[*]The Seat Belts
[*]Michael Jackson
[*]The Bee Gees
[*]Force of Nature
[*]Five-Point Palm
[*]Lamb of God
[*]Maximum The Hormone
[*]Peanut Butter Wolf
[*]The Temptations
[*]Aretha Franklin
[*]Chaka Khan
[*]Earth, Wind, and Fire
[*]Blink 182
[*]Sum 41
[*]Death Before Dishonor
[*]Set Your Goals
[*]Barenaked Ladies
[*]Del The Funkee Homosapien
[*]Arctic Monkeys
[*]Bob Dylan
[*]Bob Marley
[*]Alicia Keys
[*]The Offspring
[*]Beat Junkies
[*]Mobb Deep
[*]Rise Against
[*]Keak Tha Sneak
[*]The Pack
[*]Too $hort
[*]The Rolling Stones
[*]The Time Machine
[*]Johnny Cash
[*]Iron Maiden
[*]Deep Purple
[*]Led Zeppelin
[*]Pink Floyd
[*]Grandmaster Flash
[*]Percee P
[*]Guilty Simpson
[*]Rage Against The Machine
[*]Chris Brown
[*]Dropkick Murphys
[*]Avenged Sevenfold
[*]Chemical Brothers
[*]Cypress Hill
[*]Gnarls Barkley
[*]David Banner
[*]Dialated Peoples
[*]Jurassic 5
[*]The Fugees
[*]Mos Def
[*]Talib Kweli
[*]The Darkness
[*]Red Hot Chilli Peppers
[*]The Loudness
[*]Swollen Members
[*]Missy Elliot
[*]The Killers
[*] Three 6 Mafia
[*]Busta Rhymes
[*]Black Eyed Peas
[*]Dizzee Rascal
[*]Paul Wall
[*]Slim Thug
[*]Lil' Keke
[*]Slick Rick
[*]Zion I

I'm sure there's more, but that's all for now.

Its kind of hard to define my musical tastes, but I'm primarily Hip Hop. But I love all kinds of music.[/color][/size]
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[SIZE=1] It's mostly indie and electronic music that fills my ears, but there's a little bit of metal on my playlist too, the following list incuded my favourite musical acts and their albums that have made an impact on me.[/SIZE]

[*]Bloc Party [see entire discography]
[*]Justice: ?
[*]The Klaxons: The Myths Of The Near Future
[*]Paul Van Dyk: The Politics Of Dancing II
[*]The Chemical Brothers: Push The Button & We Are The Night
[*]MSTRKRFT: The Looks
[*]The White Stripes: Elephant
[*]The Nine Inch Nails: With Teeth & Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D
[*]Daft Punk: Homework & Discovery
[*]Ladytron: Witching Hour & Velocifero
[*]Radiohead: Kid A, OK Computer & In Rainbows
[*]The Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Fever To Tell
[*][*]Chevelle: Vena Sera
[*]The Smashing Pumpkins [see entire discography]
[*]The Queens Of The Stone Age: Songs For The Deaf & Era Vulgaris
[*]Does It Offend You, Yeah?: You Have No Idea What You're Getting Yourself Into
[*]The Outfit: The Download EP/Reinventing The Wheel (To Run Ourselves Over)
[*]underØATH: Define The Great Line
[*]Digitalism: Idealistic
[*]Incubus: Morning View
[*]Disturbed: 10,000 Fists
[*]Flyleaf: Self Titled
[*]The Prodigy [see entire discography]
[*]Junkie XL: Today & Booming Back At You
[*]Death From Above 1979: You're A Woman, I'm A Machine
[*]A Perfect Circle: 13th Step & eMOTIVE
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I figured I could be a little more discerning, so I'll give my top ten in seperate genres.

[b][u]Hip Hop[/b][/u]

[*]Wu-Tang Clan
[*]The Beastie Boys
[*]Snoop Dogg
[*]Lil' Wayne
[*]Invisibl Skratch Piklz


[*]All That Remains
[*]Black Sabbath
[*]Rage Against The Machine
[*]Dragon Force
[*]Iron Maiden


[*]The Sex Pistols
[*]Blink 182
[*]The Ramones
[*]Dead Kennedys
[*]My Chemical Romance
[*]Dropkick Murphys
[*]Set Your Goals
[*]Sum 41
[*]Iggy Pop & The Stooges


[*]The Raconteurs
[*]The Pillows
[*]Fall Out Boy
[*]The White Stripes
[*]Hello Tomorrow
[*]All Get Out
[*]Bob Marley


[*]Daft Punk
[*]Chemical Brothers

None of those are really in order.[/color][/size]
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[COLOR="DarkSlateGray"][B]1. 3[/B]
[SIZE="1"]All That Remains
Alien Angel [/SIZE]
[B]2. 3 Days Grace [/B]
I Hate Everything About you [/SIZE]
[B]3. 12 Stones
4. A Perfect Circle [/B]
[SIZE="1"]3 Libras [/SIZE]
[B]5. A Plea for Purging[/B]
[SIZE="1"]The Slaying of the Serpintine Dragon
The Betrayers
A Hymn of Praise[/SIZE]
[B]6. The Acacia Strain[/B]
[B]7. AFI [/B]
[SIZE="1"]Silver and Cold
Miss Murder [/SIZE]
[B]8. Amon Amarth [/B]
[SIZE="1"]Cry of the Black Birds [/SIZE]
[B]9. All Shall Perish
10. All That Remains [/B]
[SIZE="1"]Six [/SIZE]
[B]11. As I Lay Dying [/B]
[SIZE="1"]94 Days
Illusions [/SIZE]
[B]12. Atreyu [/B]
[SIZE="1"]Becoming the Bull [/SIZE]
[B]13. Avenged Sevenfold[/B]
I Won't See You Tonight prt 1
Sidewinder [/SIZE]
[B]14. Between the Buried and me[/B]
[SIZE="1"]Foam Born A&B
Prequel to the Sequel
White Walls[/SIZE]
[B]15. The Black Dahlia Murder[/B]
[SIZE="1"]What a Terrible Night to Have a Curse[/SIZE]
[B]16. Breaking Benjamin [/B]
The Diary of Jane [acoustic]
Unkown Soldier [/SIZE]
[B]17. Cattle Decapitation
18. Chevelle [/B]
[SIZE="1"]Vitamin R(Leading us Along)
I Get It
Well Enough Alone
Panic Prone
[B]19. Circle Takes the Square [/B]
[SIZE="1"]Kill the Switch
Comes With the Fall[/SIZE]
[B]20. Coheed and Cambria [/B]
[SIZE="1"]Welcome Home
IV: The Final Cut
V: On the Brink
In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth:3
Elf Tower New Mexico [/SIZE]
[B]21. Converge
22. Disturbed [/B]
[SIZE="1"]Inside the Fire
Ten Thousand Fists [/SIZE]
[B]23. Dope [/B]
[SIZE="1"]Nothing for me Here
***** [/SIZE]
[B]24. Dragonforce[/B]
[SIZE="1"]Operation Ground and Pound
Cry for Eternity [/SIZE]
[B]25. Evanescence [/B]
Haunting [/SIZE]
[B]26. Fair to Midland [/B]
[SIZE="1"]Orphan Anthem '86
Tall Tales Taste Like Sour Grapes[/SIZE]
[B]27. The Fall of Troy [/B]
[B]28. Five Finger Death Punch [/B]
[SIZE="1"]The Bleeding [/SIZE]
[B]29. Flyleaf [/B]
[SIZE="1"]Fully Alive
All Around me [/SIZE]
[B]30. Gallows
31. Heaven Shall Burn
32. In Flames [/B]
[SIZE="1"]The Quiet Place
Take this Life[/SIZE]
[B]33. Killswitch Engage[/B]
[SIZE="1"]Holy Diver [/SIZE]
[B]34. KoRn [/B]
[SIZE="1"]Ever Be
Just Another Brick in the Wall
Coming Undone [/SIZE]
[B]35. Linkin Park [/B]
In the End
My December
[B]36. Mastodon [/B]
[SIZE="1"]Colony of Birchmen
Bladecatcher [/SIZE]
[B]37. The Mars Volta [/B]
[SIZE="1"]Interiatic ESP
Metatron [/SIZE]
[B]38. Mudvayne [/B]
[SIZE="1"]World so Cold
TV Radio
King of Pain [/SIZE]
[B]39. My Chemical Romance [/B]
[SIZE="1"]Famous Last Words
[B]40. Neurosonic[/B]
[SIZE="1"]So Many People
Until I Die [/SIZE]
[B]41. Norma Jean [/B]
[SIZE="1"]The Human Face, Divine [/SIZE]
[B]42. The Number 12 Looks Like You
43. Seether [/B]
Broken [/SIZE]
[B]44. Senses Fail [/B]
[SIZE="1"]The Light that Blinds [/SIZE]
[B]45. Serj Tankian
46. Slipknot [/B]
[SIZE="1"]Vermilion [/SIZE]
[B]47. System of a Down [/B]
[SIZE="1"]Chop Suey
Aerials [/SIZE]
[B]48. Tool [/B]
10,000 Days
Parabol/a [/SIZE]
[B]49. Underoath
50. The Used [/B]
[SIZE="1"]The Bird and the Worm[/SIZE]
[B]51. With Blood Comes Cleansing[/B]

[SIZE="1"]I made a new addition to my list. Today at Wal Mart I bought Colors by Between the Buried and Me and I also bought A critique of Mind and Thought by A Plea for Purging. So there is a new band and a couple of new songs listed for BTBAM and APFP

And some good news for Whoa, Mann. A Plea for Purging has the bands, With Blood Comes Cleansing, This Love These Hands and xDeathstarx in their Thank You section. Which I think is pretty cool. And APFP is christian metalcore btw. And they're very good.

And heres a new list of my latest, and most favorite CD's.[/SIZE]

[B]1. Vena Sera[/B] [SIZE="1"]- Chevelle[/SIZE]
[B]2. This Type of Thinking (Could do us in)[/B][SIZE="1"] - Chevelle[/SIZE]
[B]3. Waking the Fallen[/B] [SIZE="1"]- Avenged Sevenfold[/SIZE]
[B]4. City of Evil[/B] [SIZE="1"]- Avenged Sevenfold[/SIZE]
[B]5. Colors[/B] [SIZE="1"]- Between the Buried and Me[/SIZE]
[B]6. A Critique of Mind and Thought[/B] [SIZE="1"]- A Plea for Purging[/SIZE]
[B]7. Shadows are Security[/B] [SIZE="1"]- As I Lay Dying[/SIZE]
[B]8. In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3[/B] [SIZE="1"]- Coheed and Cambria[/SIZE]
[B]9. Second Stage Turbine Blade[/B] [SIZE="1"] - Coheed and Cambria[/SIZE]
[B]10. GAIBS4:VOL1: From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness[/B] [SIZE="1"]- Coheed and Cambria[/SIZE]
[B]11. GAIBS4:VOL 2: No World for Tommorow[/B] [SIZE="1"]- Coheed and Cambria[/SIZE]
[B]12. The Last Supper: Live at the Hammerstein Ballroom (DVD)[/B] [SIZE="1"]- Coheed and Cambria[/SIZE]
[B]13. Untitled[/B] [SIZE="1"]- KoRn[/SIZE]
[B]14. Hybrid Theory[/B] [SIZE="1"]- Linkin Park[/SIZE]
[B]15. Meteora[/B] [SIZE="1"]- Linkin Park[/SIZE]
[B]16. Collision Course[/B][SIZE="1"] - Linkin Park & Jay-Z[/SIZE]
[B]17. Saturate[/B] [SIZE="1"]- Breaking Benjamin[/SIZE]
[B]18. We Are Not Alone[/B][SIZE="1"]- Breaking Benjamin[/SIZE]
[B]19. Phobia[/B] [SIZE="1"]- Breaking Benjamin[/SIZE]
[B]20. Lateralus[/B] [SIZE="1"]- Tool[/SIZE]
[B]21. 10,000 Days[/B] [SIZE="1"]- Tool[/SIZE]

[SIZE="1"]Its sort of strange how the only hip-hop artist I can stand (Jay-Z) Teamed up with one of my all-time favorite bands. I'm sure there are other albums out there, but at the moment; I can't remember. I'll prolly make a list of favorite songs next >_>[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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I don?t usually bother with this, because without some form of information, lists are kind of boring since they tell you next to nothing about the actual artists. So? it won?t be as long, but here are some of my favorites, in no particular order. And yes, it will mostly be what?s considered classical. :p

[B]Johann Sebastian Bach:[/B] A German composer and organist from the Baroque era. His works can be difficult to play, but the intellectual depth and sheer beauty of his works make it worthwhile. [URL="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LU_QR_FTt3E"][U]Cello Suite 1[/U][/URL]

[B]François Couperin:[/B] A French oranist and harpsichordist from the Baroque era. He?s well known for his four volumes of harpsichord music, which contain over 230 pieces. [URL="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-mgo3XTeEUQ"][U]La dilligente[/U][/URL]

[B]Antonio Vivaldi:[/B] Another Baroque music composer as well as a virtuoso violinist. He?s most commonly know for The Four Seasons, a series of four violen concertos. [URL="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-4kTei0XrCs"][U]Spring[/U][/URL]

[B]George Frideric Handel:[/B] A German Baroque composer, famous for his operas. As well as the oratorio Messiah. [URL="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nnHksDFHTQI"][U]Messiah[/U][/URL]

[B]Domenico Scarlatti:[/B] An Italian composer who though classified as a Baroque composer, his music is considered to be influential in the development of the Classical style. [URL="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u1j0nIEgQLA"][U]Sonata in A Major[/U][/URL]

[B]Joseph Haydn:[/B] A central characteristic of Haydn's music is the development of larger structures out of very short, simple musical motifs. [URL="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vkse1g9ibnM"][U]Piano Sonata in Eb[/U][/URL]

[B]Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart:[/B] You could get lost spending the time exploring all the works by Mozart with over 600 compositions. [URL="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9_3ShjqxR8"][U]Piano Concerto No. 24[/U][/URL]

[B]Jean-Philippe Rameau:[/B] A French composer form the Baroque era. [URL="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dyYZACaWOVI"][U]Dardanus "Prologue"[/U][/URL]

[B]Henry Purcell:[/B] An English Baroque composer known for incorporating Italian and French elements into a peculiarly English style of Baroque music. [URL="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5-3clJhnTk"][U]Rondeau from Abdelazar[/U][/URL]

[B]Arcangelo Corelli:[/B] An Italian violinist and composer of Baroque music. [URL="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7bFxQzOKO-0"][U]Concerto grossi No.1[/U][/URL]

[B]Jean-Baptiste Lully:[/B] The influence of Lully?s music resulted in a revolution in the style of dances of the court in his day. [URL="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hFNU-W5oSC8"][U]Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme[/U][/URL]

[B]Claudio Monteverdi:[/B] An Italian composer who?s work is often considered the mark or rather transition from the music of the Renaissance to that of the Baroque. [URL="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vEO9Zevj1rg"][U]Selva morale et spirituale[/U][/URL]

[B]William Byrd:[/B] An English composer of the Renaissance known for his organ and harpsichord style. [URL="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4r10B2Vy-As"][U]The Carmans Whistle[/U][/URL]

And since I'll only spend so much time in here, I'll pause for now. I have far to many favorite musicians that I enjoy listening to. And that short list is merely the beginning.
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[color="#00FF00"]Well here's my super long list! (might not spell 'em all right)


2.Streetlight Manifesto

3.Catch 22

4.Frank Sinatra

5.Charlie Daniels Band

6.Dropkick Murphys

7.Flogging mollies


9.Frank Turner


11.Reel Big Fish

12.Blue Oyster Cults





17.Golden Shower


19.Red Hot Chilli Peppers


21.Dubba Johny

22.Aqua Bats






28.Deep Purple

29.Big D at the Kids Table

30.Liberty Middle School Band Newark OH (I'm in it! I play trumpet!!!)

That's just about it for now!!!
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