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Its been a while sense I wrote a thread like this. Basically on this thread i would like fellow OB members to talk about there interest and share thier views with others.

I'll go first!

you can call me three, my intrest are in philosiphy, religon, science, animals, and other stuff. ohh yeah and excersice I'm a work out freak who smokes and i have no idea how that combanation helps but anyway thats me.
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[FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"]I'm a little unsure what this thread is asking, but I'll go ahead and try.

Me? I'm Korey, the one and only. My interests are love, video games, politics, and changing the world. I'm a very passionate person and I love to help others before helping myself, which is a double edged sword. While my friends really love and respect me, sometimes I don't have the time to dedicate to myself. In relationships, making my partner feel like the most beautiful, desirable woman on the Earth is my priority.

I have a passion for music of all forms. I've been playing various musical instruments since I was little and now it's helped me start writing my own music. I don't do it for recognition or fame, but to express myself and enjoy music for what it is. I'd much rather play a concert, get off stage and have no one recognize me than to have all the fame in the world. [/FONT]
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Alrighty. I'll bite.

My name is Michael, and I have several interests and hobbies. My interests include literature, art, film, video games, music, philosophy, theology, psychology, metaphysics, mixed martial arts, and the opposite sex. My hobby is expressing myself through whatever medium available. This includes drawing, writing, martial arts, dancing, and music.

I've been drawing since I was big enough to hold a crayon in my hand, and I love it still, though recently, my skills have regressed due to lack of time and inspiration. I've been writing since I was around... 11? Maybe? Coming up with anime and comic book ideas in my little brain and writing them down, thinking up plots and what not. I still do it today, though mostly on OBs. I'd like to actually get serious with it, soon.

I started teaching myself how to hip hop dance around the age of 12 or so, starting with crip-walks and simple liquid moves, and progressing to where I am today with krumping, pop-locking, jooking, and all in between. I still can't breakdance, but I'm satisfied with my abilities. It's gained me a lot of recognition and I've been recognized for it in talent shows and etc. I'm in my schools latin dance ensemble (by audition) and I've continued to progress into a serious dancer. I love all forms of dance and I plan to continue improving in it. I've even picked up slam-dancing (or throwing down) recently, and I really have fun with that.

I've been doing martial arts since I was 13, starting with Tae Kwon Do, which I gained a black belt in at 17. Then I picked up brazilian jiu jitsu, muay thai kick boxing, and folk-style wrestling. I love the sport of mixed martial arts and I like to fool around with it whenever I can. I'd like to compete some day as an amateur, but I don't think I have the time to dedicate to full time training with all my other passions. I'm comfortable with being a good fighter amongst normal people.

I started making hip hop around the age of 14, writing lyrics and what not. Recently I've begun performing with a band and creating beats. I've recorded four songs so far, though they are still rough. I'd like to go further with it, but the people around me make it difficult to take it anywhere. I've also started to learn how to do death metal vocals, growls, etc. I've fallen in love with the deathcore/death metal/metalcore genre and my friends are all very good intrumentalists. In interest of forming a band, I started to learn the vocal styles.

I've also picked up playing acoustic guitar, particularly light pop songs, chord-filled stuff, and folk music. Its very, very relaxing. I enjoy that a bit also.

I also share Korey's love of the ladies, and there's not alot to be said about it that he hasn't. I feel the same way. I also enjoy teh sexes though. Good stuff.[/color][/size]
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[SIZE="1"]My name is Becky. I enjoy martial arts, working out a lot, video games, drawing,and movies.

I work out every chance I get because I like too, and I want to better myself for fighting. I do Taekwondo, ground fighting, and Muay Thai kick boxing. Plus bike riding, roller blading, run/walking in the park. And weights. I love sparring, so thats a huge passion. I'll be competing in Chicago WACO kickboxing, K-1 in august.

I've been drawing since I could hold a crayon(the huge ones), like Zen said. I started drawing anime style when I was 11ish, starting with DBZ. So I've progressed considerably since then. I hope so, its been ten years, lol. I still enjoy drawing when I can.

Anime/manga was a huge part of my life for a long time, and I used to want to be a manga artist. I don't really have time to watch much anymore, and when I do have time I choose not too because I have other obligations. The same goes for video games. I love em', I've been playing since I was a wee one on my parents old Intellivision(which still works). But I try not to spent much time on games because I get lazy and vegitate there, lol.

I'm a Christian, and I try to be pretty grounded into my faith. So God is another passion. I was always a Christian through my parent. You know, believed in God and everything. It wasn't untill I was seventeen that I took it upon myself to look more into it and look at myself more deeply.

I love to travel. I've always wanted to go to Japan, Israel, and Egypt. Japan is a given, because I love anime, manga, & video games. I also like the people and architecture of the country, between the city and the more traditional. So last year I went and experienced it all. I'd love to go back, I really miss it. And I never got to climb Mt. Fuji.

I will be going to Israel in a couple of weeks, with a group of people. I became interested in visiting Israel when I looked into the diffrences between Islam, Christianity, and Judaism, and learned more of the locations in the bible. So I want to see the holy land, and float in the dead sea. :p

I've loved ancient Egyptian everything for some years. I used to read books, watch things on tv, movies. So I hope to one day go there aswell.

As for relationships, thats a negative. I don't have time anyway. I do love the guys, especially asians, or accents from most countries...except for a select few. Lol.

Thats all for now.[/SIZE]
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[FONT=Arial]I am Stephanie, and also a girl. I used to be all into running because I was quite overweight at the beginning of high school, and then I stopped running, and actually got skinnier. nowadays I sit around on a couch watching Netflixed movies and various episodes of 30 Rock and The Office.

but when I am not sitting on my ***, I am either lying on it for tanning purposes or moving around my local library at various speeds working as a page until I (hopefully) move up in the world and get promoted as a circulation desk worker, meaning more pay. I'm doing this to pay rent and to help fund college efforts towards obtaining a career in theatre. before I die, I'm going to get paid for my acting, and it won't be for porn ;). the idea has been brought up recently that dialect coaching is an extremely promising job, especially since I can imitate and pick up on sounds/voices so well, so that might be something good to consider later on down the road, depending on how much looks and lack of talent get in the way.

religion-wise, I am an agnostic I guess. after being in a religion all my life and realizing I didn't have anything concrete (in my mind) to base it off of, I'm extremely wary of most, if not all religions at this point. the closest I've come to some deist religious belief is Pastafarianism, which is....yeah....kind of, not that way. at any rate, I like Talk Like a Pirate Day, and the thought of heaven being filled with volcanoes of beer sounds pretty enticing. I'm kind of biding my time until I can slowly, piece-by-piece let my immediate family know how far gone their used-to-be insanely shy, sensitive, 'moral' family member is (actually, I think everything still applies except for the moral bit), which isn't really that bad I think, but considering how certain members of my family wigged out (one or two in a most offensive way) when I got my nose pierced, I'm taking baby steps on it.

and, I love coffee. especially when it's filled with chocolate.
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  • 2 weeks later...
[quote name='3minds']what fighting style do you have? I know boxing, wreastling, kickboxing, and learning some muay ti[/QUOTE]

[FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"]I should shoot you for mispelling wrestling :(

I did wrestling in High School for four years. It was probably the best experience of my life. I wasn't really an agressive sort of guy in any way or fashion. People used to take advantage of me pretty easily, but when I became a part of wrestling, I learned how to assert myself in life more and people didn't take advantage of me because they saw how assertive and confident I could be. Plus, wrestling is one of the most intense, hardest, most underappreciated sports of our time. I'd put the training of wrestlers above that of Football, Basketball, Baseball and any other sport besides Swimming or other Combat Sports. Nothing taken away from them, of course, but Wrestlers train hard and do many tasks that many ordinary people couldn't perform. My coach was the greatest too. He wasn't one of those gung-ho mean coach types, he was all about strategy and playing to his wrestlers strengths. He had a ton of experience in the sport and could teach many different styles and techniques within wrestling. He was also a master motivator and a great listener. I could go to him for anything. I really respect him as a person and am glad that I shared four years of my life with him and the wrestling team. Some of my fondest memories come from there.

/nostalgia :P[/FONT]
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[SIZE=1]Oh, go on then.

My name's Phil, and I have a number of hobbies/interests. Interests include film, TV, music, stand-up comedy, video games (to an extent), literature, driving and the ladies(shaboing...boing). Hobbies include playing the saxophone and the bass guitar, and the keyboard to a lesser extent, drawing, writing, all the usuals.

I used to be a lot more into drawing than I am now - there was barely a time in the day when you wouldn't see me with a sketchbook and a pencil in my hand, but since doing an Art and Graphics course at school it's kind of become less interesting to me. I do still occasionally pick up a pen or pencil and do a really detailed drawing, but it's not that often any more. Writing is also something I enjoy, although again I haven't done much of it for a while - I prefer sitting down and writing with a pen and paper, and most of the time when I do that now I'm doing it for college.

I've been playing the saxophon for around 8 years now, and I'm not all that brilliant at it to be honest - I was taught really rigorously, and I'm never good at something when it's being drummed into my head. I prefer to take my own time and learn stuff in my own way. I guess it's why I've never been much good at school. More recently, however, I picked up the bass guitar, and it's become my only real passion. I went from a fairly basic £200 bass to recently buying a much better £800 one, and I don't regret it at all. I play it pretty much every day, and even though I've only had it since October, I've already got a good amount of wear on the frets, making the natural wood finish look really cool. I never play it plugged in after 9pm, though, as it's just rude to the neighbours (because when I play, I play LOUD).

As for the types of music I play, I'll play anything with a good bassline. Seriously, anything. Rock, funk, blues, jazz, reggae, ska, swing, hip hop, latin, progressive, metal, if it sounds good and is fun to play I'll play it.

I've actually done a few stand-up comedy gigs in the past few months - I did an Open Mic competition in my town and came second. I'm currently talking to a couple of people about representation and getting regular slots in places around town, which is pretty exciting. I do sort of stream-of-consciousness stuff, I never plan anything out too rigidly. I prefer to let it flow.

As for religion, I consider myself to be a humanist. I don't believe in any God or gods, and instead choose to uphold human ethics, justice and reason. For those of you who are unsure, the International Humanist and Ethical Union describe humanism thusly:

"[I]Humanism is a democratic and ethical life stance, which affirms that human beings have the right and responsibility to give meaning and shape to their own lives. It stands for the building of a more humane society through an ethic based on human and other natural values in the spirit of reason and free inquiry through human capabilities. It is not theistic, and it does not accept supernatural views of reality[/I]."

I do talk about this in my stand-up routine occasionally, but I don't like to insult people who are religious too brutally.

Relationships: I don't really have time for proper committed relationships at the moment, but I have my fair share of fun times. However, I always ensure that any girl I may be seeing is of the same opinion - I don't want to give anyone any kind of false hope. I'm a bit different in that respect to most of my friends, who are in committed relationships. Makes me something of a dark horse.
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I knew I spelled something wrong? :animesmil

As far as things go for wrestling that you said I agree. We wrestlers train very very very very very very very hard:animecry: and deserve respect damn it:flaming:. As far as my wrestling style went I was not one with technique I was the guy who comes in and slams people or uses takedowns, but as far as submissions go I suk not suck.. suk. Then again slams and takedowns were my strengths power and speed.

aaaaahhhhhhhhh Good times:beer:
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]My name his Ty, also a girl.

I'm into gaming, Halo 3 and Army of 2 are a couple of my favorites; I used to sketch alot more than I am now. I love music, mostly Rock and some country. I was in the band in high school so there was that(I was 3rd chair trumpet all 4 years) I'm a very kind hearted person and look out for others before my self. I love my friends and family. I'm a mother of 2 and a loving and faithful wife. I love to have fun and make friends...not sure what else to write, when I think of more I'll be back[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[FONT="Tahoma"][COLOR="DimGray"]Damnit, I wish I had access to the Knowing Me, Knowing You (I think that's what it's called) thread so I could copy my post from there, haha.

Alright, I'm Stephen. My major hobbies are art (graphics, cartooning, painting), sports (lacrosse, hockey, paint balling, exercising), music (playing drums for 3+ years now without lessons. Had to learn by ear so I can't read drum music) and literature (I love to read although I haven't read a good book in a while now, and I enjoy writing poems and short stories).

Above all of those activities I am a gamer. Got my first home console when I was 4 (a SNES) and played it constantly. Then about a year later my parents bought me a SEGA Genesis which I loved just as much as my SNES. Between the ages of 5 and 16 I've gone through [b]ten[/b] consoles (not including the SNES and Genesis) and 5 handheld systems (all Nintendo, the PSP can kiss my arse). I feel like listing them...

[b]My Consoles[/b]
Super Nintendo Entertainment System (love, love, love)
SEGA Genesis (also love, love, love)
SEGA CD (really lame, I have one game)
Nintendo 64 (of course)
Virtual Boy (I still have it just for kicks, I own 2 games)
Playstation One (not the big chunky one but the small white one)
SEGA Dreamcast (Sonic Adventure, Vigilante 8 and PSO make this system awesome)
XBOX (meh.)
Nintendo Gamecube (the first system I ever sold! Thank you Nintendo for backwards compatibility)
Playstation 2 (it's actually my friends but he has a PS3 now and I've been borrowing it for like 2 years)
Nintendo Wii (love, love, love)
XBOX 360 Elite (I got the elite and it [I]still[/I] breaks. Stupid Microsoft doesn't know how to make a damn console)

[b]My Handhelds[/b]
Gameboy (the big grey one)
Gameboy Pocket
Gameboy Advanced
Gameboy SP
Nintendo DS

And yeah, aside from the SNES, the Genesis and my Virtual Boy I had to pay for [i]all of these[/i]. Having an older brother who also enjoys gaming does help, though.

Much like the rest of the guys in this thread, I also enjoy the ladies. Being in shape [i]and[/i] a gamer/computer geek is like, the ultimate combination. If you have the right games at home, girls totally buy into that. But right now I'm taken! Sorry, ladies. :p

I'm also a casual smoker of [b][color=green]Mary Jane[/color][/b]. But I'm sure none of you care, haha.

[b]EDIT:[/b] And yes, the person in my avatar is me.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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You don't need to know my real name. Just stick to knowing my screen name. *cue dramatic secret agent theme music* I like reading...especially manga. I also like to draw. Although, I am mostly interested in doing is chibis, hence, the name. I love animals! My favorite animals are owls, foxes wolves, dogs, dragons and RACCOONS!!! I like running, so I naturally love track! Check out my profile for further info. That's about all you need to know, for now. *cue the smoke bomb and secret floor exit*
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[quote name='chibi-master']You don't need to know my real name. Just stick to knowing my screen name. *cue dramatic secret agent theme music* I like reading...especially manga. I also like to draw. Although, I am mostly interested in doing is chibis, hence, the name. I love animals! My favorite animals are owls, foxes wolves, dogs, dragons and RACCOONS!!! I like running, so I naturally love track! Check out my profile for further info. That's about all you need to know, for now. *cue the smoke bomb and secret floor exit*[/QUOTE]

[FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"]Meh, I'm stuck cause my SN is my real name....lol

I dunnno what kind of wrestling you do, 3minds, but mine never involved submission attempts, because that's not allowed in Folkstyle, Greco Roman or Freestyle wrestling. "profictional" wrestling does that stuff, as well as Mixed Martial Arts. [/FONT]
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My names Brandon in the real world. My interests are writing, anime, video games ,music, women:animenose, and generally interesting academic studies(science,history ecy...). I'm pretty laid back and lazy. That said I am loud and I can get work done when I have to. I like to joke around and I pretty much don't think anything is off limits. I often offend people don't apologize and laugh in their face when I'm done. That said I am soft on the ladies. Not because I am chivalrous but simply because their pretty and I like pretty things. I try not to make people upset and I generally can entertain people (when I am not offending them with some joke that went "too far"). I don't really do much besides my school work and mess with my anime/computer/video games/books when I get home from school. Occasionally I will hang out with people on weekends but that is rare. A lot of people I know like partying but I'd much rather play guild wars or sleep. That said I really enjoy music and if I found a metal club near by I would probably frequent it. Oh yea and I play football. I don't like the game itself but people nag me when I don't play because I am so big. So I play to stop the nagging.

I didn't really understand what you wanted so I just sort of gave some info about me. So yea.
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Hi! My name's Yuliem. Don't ask me what that means i've spent my whole life trying to figure it out and no one in this world has been able to tell me. People call me shorty for the most part [ I AM 5"2 so ya ] or Yulie. I was born and raised in Tijuana Baja California in Mexico and came to CA when I was about 5 or 6 years old. I used to be a tom-boy until I saw sailor moon for the first time :p. I tried to follow the whole story but i had to go back to mexico for educational purposes and then got all into DBZ and I finished it before I came back to the USA. I didn't get into manga until high school when I officially had become a book worm, I read memoirs of a geisha way before it was made into a movie, along with Narnia, Tuck Everlasting, the Da Vinci Code before it had become a popular book. During my manga madness, I had read over 120 different stories, from Love hina, Xxholic, CLover, Tsubasa, Rayearth, Ayashi no Ceres, Blade of the Immortal, all of the ranma stories [ they tend to get off from the real stories and go into mini stories, i think that's why there's so many books for it ], The battle of angel alita my fav. thus far, and Paradise kiss, these are only a few i can think of the top of my head that I really enjoyed. Nowadays, I haven't gotten a chance read many manga but i keep up with anime. I'm a college student and my plans are to transfer to San Francisco state and go on a study a board program to japan, I am majoring in foreign language but right now i'm taking it easy. I play the piano and love to swim. I also do archery and this summer i hope to get into hip hop dancing. I work at payless as part time, i've only been there for about 8 months now and i'm bored already :animesigh. I actually came across this page because i was looking for wallpapers and wala! i saw some pretty cool fan work and it really took me by surprise how good these drawings were. I'm not an artist by the way. I love video games. Mostly RPG and some kind of fighting games. none of that sports crap, why play in the tv when you can do that outside? waste of time.
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My name is Laura as I'm sure that several of the old members know.

I like to write stories on Otakuboards members. However I rarely have inspiration to do so. I like to inline skate, skateboard and snowboard. I enjoy inline and snowboarding the most. I want to get better at agressive inline and pick up on my training from three years ago. I also want to get into roller derby too.

I like to draw when I'm inspired or just bored. Another thing I like is to listen to music and also dance. I do both several times a day. I love animals. I especially like dogs and cats like....doesn't this thread sound like a dating service to you?
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[quote name='8bit'][FONT="Tahoma"][COLOR="DimGray"]Damnit, I wish I had access to the Knowing Me, Knowing You (I think that's what it's called) thread so I could copy my post from there, haha.[/COLOR][/FONT][/QUOTE]That's a good idea. *goes to copy and paste from said thread* =P

Anyway... My real name is Darren, though since there's another person here at the boards with that name, as well as using it for their user name people have taken to calling me Rach. So either one is fine by me. I'm 27 years old and currently living in Salt Lake City, Utah where I attend the University of Utah. I play the Cello and I'm working towards getting a doctorate in music right now.

I actually started by joining myOtaku last year since I was curious about anime after Crystia [[SIZE="1"]Indi[/SIZE]] [strike]tied me to a chair[/strike] got me to watch Fruits Basket. I knew she was a moderator here, but I didn't really give it much thought and I didn't consider joining until later, but by then for some reason the site was closed to sign ups. Though fortunately when I checked back later it was open so I then joined OB at that point.

My biggest love is of course music of a classical nature, my goal is to get my doctorate and eventually work as a professor at a university. I also work with and teach other students since doing so is required for my education, though I enjoy giving lessons so I don't mind.

I also like video games such as Zelda, even though I don't have enough time to play them as often as I would like. And since I got started on anime I've continued with that and even branched into manga a bit. There's more but that will do.
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[quote name='8bit'][FONT="Tahoma"][COLOR="DimGray"]I'm also a casual smoker of [b][color=green]Mary Jane[/color][/b]. But I'm sure none of you care, haha.[/COLOR][/FONT][/QUOTE]
[font=Arial]Glad to know I'm not totally alone. :p

I'm not really sure why anyone would want to read my post, but I'll do it for vanity's sake.

My name's Alexander, and I'm interested in [post] modern art, philosophy, religion, photography, travel, and night-life (read: partying). I go to Columbia University and have since fallen in love with New York City. I'd like to think of myself as generally well-rounded in terms of knowledge and experiences, and while I'm more inclined to the humanities, I'm decently apt at math/science.

I love debating, and conflict in general. This translated into brief jaunts into martial arts (Jiujitsu, Shotokan, Tae Kwon Do) but I lack the intense commitment necessary to actually getting good.

I've always liked photography as well. I suppose it's in my blood -- both my grandfather and my mother were photographers, and I first picked up the camera when I was very young. I've recently invested in a Nikon D40 (and if you're intensely bored, my photos can be found [url=http://flickr.com/photos/xandrious/][b]here[/b][/url]). I guess I've more or less been interested in the visual arts for a while. As many here know, I did graphic design for a while (but found the medium unsatisfying and dry, so I quit). I really respect career artists, art appreciators, and more modern art. Dada and PoMo are my faves, if there are any fellow art appreciators out there.

I have great interest in American politics, and am an Obama supporter. I'm also majoring in political science...

I was Christian for a while, but converted at about 16 after being discontent with a lack of proof or tangibility that is generally associated (and typified by) the nature of "God". Instead, I'd consider myself a humanist.

As juvenile as it seems, I really want a girlfriend. I feel like having an emotional partner would really make me happier and do a lot to further my growth as a person. Perhaps I'm romanticizing the concept, perhaps I would be miserable with a girlfriend, but the single life has become stale. The hook-up culture of college, while entertaining and exhilarating for a time, has simply fallen on its face. I'd much prefer spending time with a girl I care about on a weekend night than getting trashed at a party.

But, incidentally, that's what I do most weekends. Hookah and parties absorb most of my weekend time.

In any event, it's a pleasure to see the 'person' behind the 'username' of all you. Cheers![/font]
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[quote name='3minds']Sense all of us play video games whats your top 3 games.
1. Fable
2. Sims
3. Halo[/QUOTE]

[FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"]Top three games? Oh you make it so hard to pick....:animestun

If I had to boil it down to three games....

1)[B]Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo[/B]- The mack Daddy of fighting games. Everyone's played this game before in their life. Whether it's a just a mess around or a serious competition, everyone who has picked up a controller knows what Street Fighter is.
2)[B]Dance Dance Revolution[/B]- This game is it right here. I can't get enough of stomping on arrows. The game has really catchy music, even if it's foreign, heh. I've been playing the game for about 5 years and I'm really happy with how much I can do compared to what I could do at the beginning. I suggest everyone gives the game a shot, it might grow on you too.
3)[B]Super Mario Kart[/B]- This game, is called....Mario Kart...and it was made....in 92. :p
To get back on point, it's a really fun, addicting racing game. Lots of people have played and enjoyed it. Heck, I grew up on it before MK64 came out, which I played to death as well. Those games are pure fun and I'm glad Nintendo graced us with their presence.

In hindsight of this post, maybe this part of the discussion should have been taken to Hardwired....lol[/FONT]
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[color=crimson]My name is Kenneth. I live in San Antonio, Texas and go to St Mary's University. I major in English and hold aspirations to be a published novelists. With that, however, I have a more realistic view that I need to make money in my postgraduate years barring rapid and wonderful success so I also plan to make money doing some form of journalistic work. I have been here for seven years, having joined as an overactive thirteen year old, and do not see myself disappearing anytime soon.

I enjoy politics and currently support Barack Obama having voted for him twice in the Texas Two-Step. I support the Democrats as they are the the most agreeable to me, but I am actually a socialist. I would support a Socialist Party but most have little realistic chance to do much and the foremost of America's socialist parties, the Socialist Party USA, holds some rather dim views regarding the death penalty and national defense. From this awkward position I find myself supporting the Democrats as being the most agreeable to my sense between them and the idiotic, fumbling Republicans that dominate my state's legislature and political culture outside of the intelligentsia of the cities.

I like to read and write. I have been obsessing over H.P. Lovecraft as of late and now am the proud owner of three compilations of his short stories and novellas. The last non-Lovecraft story I completed was [i]Survivor[/i] by Chuck Palahniuk which was excellent and worth a read for those interested in his work beyond [i]Fight Club[/i]. Poe, Hawthorne, and Gaiman are all good authors as well.

I'm not religious. I was raised a Jehovah's Witness and enjoyed their company until I was around fourteen or fifteen. I am now an agnostic. I flirt with being antireligious but, as long as it is not too hypocritical or annoying, I do not confront people regarding their beliefs. America's moralistic culture, however, can shove it as it is nothing but a bunch of fear mongering and censorship wrapped in a thin veil of religion.

I play games. I do CoD4 on Live every couple of days, but right now I am kind of feeling out what I want to beat next having cleared CoD4's Single Player pretty quickly. Recent favorites have been Persona 3 (PS2), Darwinia (PC), Penny Arcade Adventures: On the blablabla of bla (PC), Grand Theft Auto IV (360), Tsukihime (PC), and Shadows of the Colossus (PS2). My top three would be 1. Ever 17: The Out of Infinity (probably the most engrossing narrative I have ever engaged in), 2. Grim Fandango, and 3. the Civilization Series.

I love to listen to music. I listen to anything. My current obsessions are two distinctly different groups. The first is Capsule, a shibuya-kei group out of Japan who has a ton of songs that I love to listen to. ****, as I write this I am listening to [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQ3yVSdFQnI]5ive Star[/url] by them. The second is a band that I have adored since I heard them five or six years ago - [b]PIG DESTROYER[/b]. I bought their first album, with its [url=http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/2/23/PG-PITY-album.jpg]cover of a guy sawing people into pieces[/url], when I was around fourteen and never gave them up.

That's about it. Anyone ever hop to S.A., we'll smoke some hookah together.* ;)

[SIZE="1"]* unless you are a fan of the Lakers in which case we will never be BFFs.[/color][/size]
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[quote name='DeathKnight'][color=crimson]
[SIZE="1"]* unless you are a fan of the Lakers in which case we will never be BFFs.[/color][/size][/QUOTE]

[FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"]Lakers can shove it man. Go Spurs Go!

Guess we're bff's? [/FONT]
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[quote name='3minds']Sense all of us play video games whats your top 3 games.
1. Fable
2. Sims
3. Halo[/QUOTE]

[B]Ogre Battle 64[/B]
Most dynamic Strategy/Rpg game ever. Plus it had a killer story with lots of political drama ta boot. Oh and that annihilation animation never gets old.

[B]Kotor(1 and 2) [/B]
I palyed kotor 2 first. So I think that game is closer to my heart. I liked the way you could develop yourself and your followers into whatever you wanted that was really neat.

[B]Guild Wars [/B]
I've put 1,500 hours into this game. Nuff said.
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My top three games are:

Achaea - Most addicting MUD (Text based RPG online) EVER. I've been playing it since my Senior year of high school and it's been three years...still playing strong.

Mario Kart 64 - I love this game. Old classic fun right there....

Dance Dance Revolution - Addicting, fun, but tiring
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