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RPG The Witches: Darkness Falls

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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Nayomi looked at the clock again and felt a growl form in her throat and held it in till the priest cleared his throat for the fifth time, she smiled.
"I'm sorry, I'm sure their on their way..."
He looked at the clock and than at his bible. She looked up at the door as it opened and Duke and Damo came trotting in. She smiled up at the priest she looked at Damo and Duke.
"What in the hell took so long?
"Sorry honey, I was talking to him about Gabriel."
"That's nice, but it's our wedding..."
"I'm sorry, I'm here now, and I want to be here I mean it."
She smiled and nodded.
"I know I'm just giving you a hard time."
He smiled and kissed her hand as the priest began to go through ceremony. An hour later Nayomi and Duke were opening their gifts from the team and crew. Duke opened a box that Sin had given him and laughed as he pulled out a new dagger.
"Nice, thanks buddy, this'll come in handy."
Nayomi picked up the next one and opened it smiling at the group around them, her smiled slipped as she looked down at a picture of the original group, Louis and Damo standing beside Jinx, Duke and Nayomi were side by side as well, before they admitted that they liked each other, J.B was in the back smiling as well. She handed it to Duke who smiled and set it up on the side of the table. Nayomi smiled and looked at the gifts and sighed.
"Well I'm gonna go get changed and I'l be back down in a second."
She turned and met face to face with Red.
"I'll have to ask you to wait for that, the new members are here, and I have a mission for you."
"But, Red, you've known about this for 6 months, you promised."
"I understand Talon-"
"It's Manson now Red."
"Right, this is a priority one."
She sighed and nodded heading for the briefing room, Duke and the others behind her, everyone still in their suits or in Nayomi's case her dress, to meet the new members and get the briefing on the new mission. Their first since they killed Kuma. [/FONT][/COLOR]
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“Bloody hell, Red couldn’t have waited until after the little party we were going to have?” Sin whispered furiously to Damo. “God that cake looked soooo good.” Sin eyes were glazed over with hunger.

“Not to mention Nayomi and Duke will have to postpone their honeymoon”

“Complete bullocks it is, I mean what could be so bloody important?” Said Sin then almost slipped on the well polished floors but Damo caught him.

“These shoes are slippery” Said Sin with an embarrassed laugh and Damo chuckled. “No you’re just a little klutz”

“Anyways to answer your question, I think we might be getting a mission, along with new members as well.”

“Hmm… That should be interesting…. Damo w-where are we?” Damo looked around Red , Nayomi, and Duke were no where in sight. Damo groaned.

“Great Sin just great”

“What the hell? Don’t you dare blame this on me I was following you.”

“Yeah but you were distracting me”

“Rubbish, you mean to tell me you cant talk and pay attention to where you’re going at the same time?” Damo let out a long sigh “Oh whatever just fallow me.”

“That’s how we got lost in the first place, I’m leading” Sin began to walk off but Damo pulled his hair which was pulled back in a long ponytail.

“Oye!!” Sin exclaimed “What are you doing?”

“I’m sure the briefing room isn’t in the lab.” Said Damo, pointing at the neon sign.

“Oh right,” Sin grinned “Well I guess you can lead the way then”
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"man, if nay doesn't kill me for being late with Duke, she's sure as hell going to kill me for getting lost!" Damo said, a note of frustration evident in his voice.

"Yeah, too bad JB's not here. HE wouldn't forget the way to go." Sin said sarcastically.

"Well I have an idea....one that I think'll work...if I just close my eyes I think I can...." Before Damo finished he punched Sin in the arm and took off running in the direction he saw Nayomi.

"Last one there has to give up his slice of cake when we bust it open.!" Damo knew the exact way to go and weaved through the corridors. [I] One more turn and I got him [/I] Damo thought as he rounded the corner.

Just as Duke came into site a black cloud appeared in the ceiling and Sin Dropped just in front of Damo.

Damo slammed into him with full force and they both rolled into the center of the group.

"I win!" Sin Exclaimed

"No way I..." Damo didn't finish. He looked up and Red was staring down at him. "Hi Red.....Long time no"

"Damnit Jackson get up and join the group. I can only imagine you and Sin had to stop and go to the bathroom together like a couple of girls. No offense Talon"

Damo and Sin rose to their feet and made their way to the back of the group. Damo made a smile as he thought of Jinx...Damo finally told Jinx how he felt about her. They got engagged and were due to be married a couple weeks before Nay and Duke. But she had been called to a "special" assignment and contact with her team had been lost. No one was sure what the mission was, not even Damo received any news.

"Damo pay attention..."Sin whispered "We don't want to get lost again...and besides. If Nay kills you, I won't get to enjoy the feeling of you watching me eat your piece of cake."

Damo chuckeled under his breath as he tapped sin on the oppisite shoulder with his mental energy. Sin always feel for it. And damo smiled as he drifted off into memories of his lost love.
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Marcus was standing outside, staring off at the building before him. He had only recieved a the letter two days ago calling him back to service. He had done his best to stay on the down low since he left the academy and had hoped he would simply fall forgotten in time, but it wasn't meant to be. He looked back down to the letter clenched in his right hand. It was addressed to him from a Red. Marcus couldn't recall anyone he knew named Red, but that didn't mean he didn't know him. Just that he didn't remember.

Marcus marched his way up to the front door and began wandering about looking for the briefing room where he was to recieve this "mission". He had no idea what they wanted of him and what he would actually be able to do. It was while he wanderd about aimlessly in the halls of this unfamiliar building that he heard a few voices from down the hall. They sounded jovial and rather excited. As Marcus rounded the corner to face a group of people, all men were dressed in black tux's and a woman in what appeared to be a wedding dress. Marcus suddenly felt very under dressed.

They all seemed to stop at once and turn to face him. This caused his heart to jump a bit. He didn't like being the center of attention like this. Finally one of the group stepped forward [B]"Mr. Fenix, thank you for making it so quickly."[/B]

Yet another person he didn't know who seemed to be familiar with him. The man continued to approach [B]"My name is Red. I'm the one who called you here. If you'd please follow us I'll introduce you to the rest of the team."[/B]

Marcus nodded as the man turned about [B]"This is Marcus Fenix. He is one of the new team members who will be accompanying you on this upcoming mission."[/B]

Marcus was kinda uncomfortable with the situation, but he did his best to bear with it and hoped that all things would go well. He finally spoke for the first time trying to break the tention he was feeling "Hello. I feel as though I've interrupted something."

He says while pointing at the woman in the wedding dress.
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Nayomi barked out a laugh and walked over taking his hand and giving it a shake, while doing this she inhaled his scent and nodded to the others and just a happily they greeted him.
"Not at all, we just finished with the ceremony you made it just in time for the party."
"There will be no party Talon."
"It's Manson damnit!"
Duke smiled and shook his head loosening his tie from around his neck.
"Fine we'll have one on the plane."
"Gods save me...Manson, what did you do to make her this way, she is worse than Jackson."
The group laughed as Damo sputtered.
"Anyway, I'm Nayomi, this is my husband Duke, Sin, he's the little brother of the group, Damo, he's the practical joker and watch out when those two are together, always spells trouble."
Sin cocked his head to the side.
"But, we're always together, we live in the same building.
"And there's always trouble."
Sin and Damo blushed and began to laugh lightly. Nayomi patted his shoulder gently and smiled.
"You'll fir in trust me. I'm a shapeshifter, Duke controls his blood, Sin controls shadow,, Damo uses telekenisis, so don't worry your not alone."
She shook her head as Damo and Sin began to go at it again.
"Let's go boys, the briefing room is this way..."
She grabbed the two by the back of their suits and led them to training room, ducking into a bathroom quickly to change into her regular attire.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Sin was reminded of mother wolves carrying their pups by the skin of their necks as he squirmed to get free. “Aw c’mon Nay we were just fooling around” Said Sin.

“Yeah, and Sin started it.” Damo wined. Nayomi smiled.

“That’s bullocks!” Sin put on a look of shear innocence. “You don’t believe him Mum, do you?” Sin was made his bottom lip quiver. Nayomi burst out laughing.

“That would have worked in the past pup, but not now” Nayomi dropped them both.
“Now you two get changed and meet back in the briefing room, only this time don’t get lost.

“I rather like the classy look” Sin said pulling at his tie.

“I guess you can leave it on then” Said Nayomi walking off.

“Well I’m changing… damn suit is uncomfortable” Damo said loosening his tie.

“Aw, but you look so dashing Momo” Said Sin reaching up pinching his cheek and shaking him.

Damo chomped his teeth at him glaring.

“Ok ok… no need to get feisty mate” Sin laughed. “Well you better hurry up Damo, we don’t want to make a bad impression on that new bloke and any other new additions that might be waiting for us” Sin walked in the direction the group was going.

OOC: yeah… he’s british
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Marcus watched as Nayomi dragged off the two men named Damo and Sin. They seemed awfully closed. [I]'It must be nice to have such close bonds'[/I] Marcus thought to himself, smiling involuntarily smiling at them as they walked off. He suddenly heard a voice [B]"Hey new guy, don't just stand there, we need to get going!"[/B]

Marcus turned, his goofy smile still plasterd on his face. He determined that it had come from the man named Duke. Duke then cocked an eyebrow at Marcus's odd smile [B]"What are you smiling about?"[/B] He then looked off down the hall to see his new wife dissappearing into the bathroom to change. He then followed with [B]"Don't get any weird ideas."[/B]

Marcus picked up on what he was talking about pretty quickly and shook the smirk off his face [B]"Sorry. It's not that. I was just thinking it was kinda funny watching her drag off two grown men, whining all the while, like a couple of children."[/B]

Marcus says, as another goofy smile coming across his face. Duke just nodded his head [B]"You'll get used to it."[/B]

He then proceeded to walk off and motioned for Marcus to follow who quickly followed suit.
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The day was proceeding so far as he had guessed it would. There was some initial setup but after that it was just watching two random people get married, or at least it would be if the groom ever showed up.

finally after a wait the groom finally walked through the door. Half paying attention to what was going on, he mildly entertained himself buy arching electricity between his fingers behind his back. He was wearing a black suit with his black floppy-rimed hat. When the ceremony was over Zerif thought he might be able to get out of here soon. Thats when a Man had suddenly appeared. Zerif wasn't sure what to make of him and he could not recall when he entered the room. he seemed to be talking to the group of people that had been the focus of the day. the bride groom and their friends it seemed.

Barely able to hear whats going on Zerif heard something about new members and a mission. This was when the group was seeming to be ushered out of the room by the man, who before he turned to leave, he turned his gaze to meet Zerif's their eyes were locked for a moment.

Zerif started to feel strange he noticed that it felt like his power was building, charging within him. That's when Zerif broke the stare and left both the room and the building. taking a detour down an ally beside this strange building.

After a short ways he stumbled. [I]Damn it not here not now[/I] he cried out in his head, slumping against the wall. electricity was starting to arch across his body. He quickly glanced around an saw a water valve attached to the wall opposite of the one he was slumped against.. Half crawling, convulsing from the out of control surges of electricity he got close enough that with the sound of thunder the power that was overloading him, burst outwards light lightning striking the water tap.

Zerif slumped next to the now melted water tap, which now had a slight leak to it. he felt exhausted, drained. he pulled himself down away from the leaking water tap. he was going to have to rest if he wanted to make it home so he lent back against the wall and closed his eyes.

Unfortunately Zerif had failed to notice, but would have had little choice anyways, bu their was a security camera over head attached to the building he had come out of.
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Ken woke with a start on a chair, 'eeegh, damn i fell asleep', getting up slowely he pulled a note from his pocket, 'oh damn i musta slept through the wedding, better get going before the briefing starts" walking down a corridor he started concentrated on thoughts in the building.

he continued down the corridor folowing the direction which was where people where thinking about some sort of mission but he couldn't quite figure out the thoughts at this range.

After a short while he came upon the main room where he saw Red and the some others talking, walking up next to them as they walked away, after following them for a while Nayomi caught back up to them.

Nayomi sniffed for a second then looked straight at Ken who everyone else hadn't noticed yet, right before she mentioned it Red spoke up "I see you've noticed Ken as everyone alse looked around Duke noticing right away using a look with his vision and then a moment later removing his telekenetic quise the others saw him as Red said ah yes he's a telepath and transmuter"
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Nayomi let the low growl escape her.
"I don't really like sneaky people..."
"Nayomi, he is part of the team now, you can deal with it."
Red paused a moment and put his hand to his ear listening to the ear piece.
"Right bring him in Reiver will heal him and we'll put a chip on him to help the current."
He looked back at the group and smiled.
"Seems we found another one to help us."
Nayomi looked at him and frowned.
"Red I won't let a stranger you did not contact to join us. I won't put this group, new or otherwise, in danger just like that."
"I did contact him, he just didn't know it."
She looked up as Reiver hauled a young man in thrown over his shoulder. Reiver had grown in size and strength over the last ten years and was easily a bear of a man.
"He's healed, just unconscious."
"That is fine. I'll have Loop come in and put a current chip on him to help control the current he carries."
"Apparently our cameras caught him with built up electrical current in the alley."
She nodded and smiled as Reiver gave her a kiss on the cheek.
"Sorry I couldn't be there Nay, congrats."
"Thank you Reiver."
He inspected the ring and nodded in approval clapping Duke on the shoulder.
"Good luck."
She smacked him lightly and laughed as he backed into the corner of the room as the other took seats and waited for their mission. Nayomi looked at Red expectantly.
"Everyone has not arrived yet Tal-I mean Manson."
She smiled and took her seat at the front of the table, Reiver standing behind her and Duke sitting next to her, all waiting for the rest of the team to show themselves as Loop entered and began to fit a current chip to the young man from the alley.[/FONT][/COLOR]

OCC: Mal, that chip allows your character to control any voltage of current what so ever. IF you dont like the idea you can always have him short it out. :p
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[FONT="Century Gothic"]Symphony had just finished playing for the wedding when Red had walked in to inform her about a briefing. She told him that she would be there as soon as she could but, she unfortunatly was running late. As she approached the briefing room where everyone was supposed to meet, she saw Red and some others talking away. She walked up to them all and looked at them. Red took notice of her after Ken.

[COLOR="Navy"][B]"It seems that Symphony is here. My you are running a bit late. I thought you said that you'll be here very fast?"[/B][/COLOR] said Red.
[COLOR="navy"][B]"I'm sorry, I got caught up at the moment,"[/B][/COLOR] she replied.
[B][COLOR="navy"]"No need to worry. Anyway, everyone, this lady here is Symphony. She played for your wedding Ms. Talon and Mr. Manson. And I do believe that she is very good."
"It's Manson you idiot. Dammit![/COLOR][/B] shouted Nayomi at Red for getting her last name wrong which made Symphony chuckle.
[B][COLOR="navy"]"Hahaha...You guys are funny. I'm looking forward to this mission and I hope that it will be a fun one."[/COLOR][/B] said Symphony with a smile.
[COLOR="navy"][B]"I also forgot to mention that Symphony here is a Dreamseer and a Harmonizer."[/B][/COLOR] said Red
[B][COLOR="navy"]"What the hell's a Harmonizer?"[/COLOR][/B] asked Marcus in curiosity.
[B][COLOR="navy"]"Tell them."[/COLOR][/B] encouraged Red.
[COLOR="navy"][B]"It allows me to control sound and music. I can use this to create a noise like a voice or the sound of running or walking and so on. I can also nulify a sound so no one can hear you. To control music, I can alter a sound wave to a high or low pitch as well as hear the pitches that others cannot. Did that help?"[/B][/COLOR] she said.
[COLOR="navy"][B]"Yeah, that makes some sense."[/B][/COLOR]
[B][COLOR="navy"]"Good, because I'm not explaining it again."[/COLOR][/B][/FONT]
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The group seemed to keep growing and the ever rising number was begining to upset Marcus a bit. He didn't like being surrounded by all these unfamiliar faces, but at the same time, he wanted the kind of closeness that this group seemed to have. He couldn't remember such a time in his own life and he hoped this would be the begining of somthing new for him. This new girl, named Symphony, seemed like she would be a nice addition. Though he didn't like the idea of a dreamseer. He didn't like the idea of being around someone who could see his dreams. There were somethings he wanted to keep to himself.

The unconscious man was in good health, but still smelled like charred skin. He must have burned himself pretty badly. But he seemed well now, and sleeping peacefully. What happend that he had to do this thing now? Why did they all have to do this? It worried Marcus. Not the idea that he would be put in danger by going, but rather the idea that he might really have to kill someone. This thought flooded him with all those harsh memories. He quickly flished them away, afraid that Symphony might notice.

It's not that he didn't trust her, he just didn't know her well enough to know if she would peer at his mind like that. Without even noticing when it started, he realized that he was walking after the group as they made there way into a large room with a long table lined with chairs. A large screen at the far end of the room. Red motioned for them to sit [B]"Well begin the brief momentarily, please be seated and relax until then."[/B]

The group nodded and chit chat ensued amongst the more familar members. Marcus sat back and watched them go about there way. The scene made Marcus smile, but it was also kinda sad for him to watch. He looked to Symphony, and then looked at the case she had been carrying with her. He realized it was a violin case [B]"I see that you play."[/B] He said pointing at her violin [B]"Sorry I missed your perfomance."[/B]
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[FONT="Century Gothic"]Symphony looked at Marcus as he said,[B] [COLOR="Navy"]"I see that you play. Sorry I missed your performance."[/COLOR] [/B]He was pointing to her violin case that she held with her.
[COLOR="navy"][B]"Hmmm.... It's alright. You'll be able to see me play a lot on this mission. I also use my violin to help me. It's very useful,"[/B][/COLOR] she said in a calm and somewhat cheerful voice but no expression in her face..

Symphony looked around at the bunch that she was to be apart of. They all seemed like a big happy family and it made her feel a little disgusted. She never really liked the idea of "family". It made her feel like she was suffocating but she could see that from this group, that they were different. They were what she would want as a family that she never had. This thought made her happy; happy enough to make her smile a true but small smile that wasn't very noticeable.

She wondered what the new mission was going to be about and wondered even more why Marcus seemed to be acting a little different around her. [I]'I wonder why Marcus is acting slightly different towards me? It must be because of my ablility as a dreamseer. Heheh. I do hope that we can act like friends in awhile. It will make me feel a little better,'[/I] thought Symphony as she waited for the briefing to start.[/FONT]
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"Damo" Sin whispered as he poked Damo in the shoulder. "Damo quit staring." He was poking damo because he had been staring at symphony ever since she walked in.

"What I'm just....ummm....I'm going to go introduce myself"

Sin grabbed Damo's arm as he started making his way to her. Trying poorly to be inconspicuous. "Damo don't make an idiot out ofyourself....wait better yet go ahead." Sin grinned as he let Damo's arm go.

"I'm not gonna do anything stu...ahh." Damo finished with a startled cry as he tripped over his own feet, fell, and landed on his face.

"Jackson! Anything you want to say before we get started?" Red barked as Damo rolled onto his back and maneuvered himself in a sittying position. [I] "Okay, I thought about what you said and I'm going to hold off on making an ass out of myself " [/I] he mentally told Sin.

"You want some help?" The voice startled him as he looked up and saw that he fell right in front of Symphony.

"Ummm....no I'm fine." He took her extended hand anyways as she helped him to his feet.

"Nice to meet you I'm.....ummm..."

"Damo!" Damo had never been so happy to hear Nay yell at him than at that moment.

"Pay attention the briefings about to start, and I will NOT rebrief you."

Damo didn't go back to Sin for fear that someone would catch on to the fact that he moved just to meet Symphony. "Sorry Nay...sorry Red. I'm listening."
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Sin clapped his hands over his mouth trying to hide his amusement and then throwing Damo a ?You are a complete idiot? look but smiling. Sin scanned the room taking everything in. The new girl Symphony was a looker but Sin thought she gave off a aristocratic vibe. Sin?s eyes found Marcus who seemed to be smiling inwardly yet still looked out of place. ?If Red would bloody rush things along we could be off and then properly welcome the new comers?

?That sounds great I?d love some of that cake? said a voice in Sin?s head

?Damo!? Yelled Sin. ?Stay out of my-?? but Damo?s eyes were solely on Symphony it couldn?t have been him.

?Over here? Said the voice. Sin looked at Ken who grinned.

?Finche we all know you and Damo must have an intense love affair but I?m sure you will survive the momentary separation.? Barked Red, Who getting frustrated at the outbursts issuing from his best elite force.

Sin tossed his head back leaning in his chair and laughed whole-heartedly. ?O-my g-god? He tried sniffling a giggle. ?Me and..D-Damo? Please Commander, you insult me. I have taste sir? Sin laughed then Nayomi gave him a look indicating that was mean. ?You know I?m kidding Nay, I wuv my ickle Domokins?

?Well if you?re done making a fool out of yourself we have businesses to discuss? Red said glaring.

?Who took a wizz in your cereal?. Ah, don?t get your knickers in a bunch Sir? Added Sin when he saw Red contort his face in anger about to retort.

?Just carry on Commander,? Said Duke diverting Red?s anger from Sin. ?I think everyone?s just a bit?excited? Duke looked at Damo and Sin, Sin gave a weak smile.
?This is our first extreme briefing since? you know? well anyway this sounds like an important mission and the faster we get briefed the more time we?ll have to plan and make preparations? Said Duke, Nayomi smiled at her husband?s take-charge tone.

?Right...then, Lets begin? Red said and then a holographic grid came to life in the middle of the large table.

OOC:High tech-y
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Zerif stirred as he awoke he realized he was sitting in a chair. opening his eyes he found himself in a room with a large table which seemed to be emitting some sort of holographic grid with the wedding party from earlier gathered around. Springing over the back of the chair he landed half slumping against the wall. Still feeling mostly drained he thought [I]Damn it i don't know what I'm going to be able to do if things go wrong[/I]. he took notice that there were a few others that he had not seen previously.

"Who are you people?, and where am I?" he asked. He felt a small twinge by his left pectoral moving his hand closer he felt something under the skin "and what have you done to me" noticing an electrical outlet he slowly moved towards it as he asked, it also moved him closer to the only door out of this room.

OOC: sorry for the short post but i'm not actually sure how to answer the question myself
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Nayomi jumped up shifting and leaped towards him blocking the door.
"Settle down pal."
She shifted again making him back up.
"What the hell are you?!"
"I'm a shape shifter, don't yell, it hurts my ears."
She scratched her neck and smiled.
"My name is Nayomi and these are all people here like me, we all have gifts like you do. As for what we've done to you, its more like for you. We saw your little shock fest in the alley and we've put a conductor under your skin, it'll keep you from barbequeing your self. As well as us."
She leaned on the door and looked at Red.
"He's our commander and it seems we have a mission, we were hoping you would help us."
Reiver nodded as well as Duke. Just for kicks Reiver made a small bird out of ice and smiled as Damo made it fly.
"Very funny you two, knock it off."
She looked back at Zerif.
"Don't worry pal, your with friends.."
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Duke remained mostly silent as the new arrivals flooded in. New faces and new powers. Duke wasn't very comfortable around strangers, and having the same team for over ten years only strengthened his dislike for the unknown. As the newcomers showed up one after another Duke kept a careful watch on every one of them. Studying them, a trick Louis taught him before he passed away, and De took it to heart. He watched how they spoke, how they walked, how they focussed their attention, even their breathing patterns.

The most uncommon of coarse was the quick excited breathes that came from the newest arrival. He inched along the wall. Duke immediately noticed he was approaching both the exit but also an outlet. Which if this guy was as skilled with his abilities as the rest of the gang, could be a huge problem where there needn't be one. He had the dagger Sin gave him resting calmly within his tuxedo jacket when the man jumped out of his chair.

Duke sprung from his seat an instant after Nayomi. "Chill buddy, she's telling you the truth, don't do something we'll all regret." by now Duke had pulled back on of his sleeves and drawn the dagger from within the jacket. Though oddly Duke held the dagger to his own arm and didn't point it anywhere remotely close to the panicked man, in fact if he didn?t notice when Duke took it out he didn't even see the blade at all. Duke held is arms behind his back, slowly and silently making a slow slit up his forearm. The one closest to the man was his wife, and Duke was not about to let anything happen to her on their wedding day.
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Nayomi put up her hand smelling Duke's blood she knew he was preparing for the worst and with her being the closest was wearing on his nerves as well.
"Duke. I got it."
She took the mans hand with out telling him and blinked as a static shock went through her arm making her hair frizz slightly.
"Whoa. That's pretty strong. The device we put under your skin should help with that alot, or so Red says."
"Nayomi, if you do not mind can we begin the briefing?"
She smiled showing off her long fangs and nodded.
"Sorry boss, but I think he could help and I'm just trying to get him to calm down and join up with us."
She looked back at him and gave him another smile and sat back down next to Duke. She than looked up at Red expectantly and waited.
"finally, we have an interesting fight this time. It seems some new knowledge has been found and we have to go and retrieve it. We are headed to Central Park New York. Your to speak with the Queen and find out what is going on. There have been reports of missing children in that area. Your mission is to go and get what little information the Queen has for you and bring it back, if there is anything you can go on to take it another step Nayomi I'll let you make that call."
She nodded and looked at Sin, he had a look of confusion on his face.
"Red, I would like it if Sin stayed behind on this one."
Everyone looked at Nayomi and Sin looked angry.
"Nayomi! What are you talking about?!"
She at Duke.
"Think Duke! We're going to see HER."
He blinked and nodded slowly.
"She has a point, it might be better if you stay here Sin..."
"What am I missing?!"
She looked at Sin and took a deep breath.
"We're going to see the Vampire Queen."
Sin blinked and than looked at Damo.
"If you think you can handle that fine, but if she touches you to try and make you one of her children, I will kill her."
He blinked and nodded.
"I can do it Nay...I can handle seeing my own kind."
She nodded and stood up.
"When do we leave?"
She nodded and headed out, Duke and the others close behind her she stopped and looked at Zerif.
"You coming?"
He blinked and watched her leave the room, the others filing out behind her one at a time. She went to the room and started to pack her things, Duke doing the same on the other side of the bed.
"You jumped the gun again dear."
"I know, but you know how I am with you."
She jumped over the bed, her bag on her back.
"I know, but you know you have nothing to worry about. I'm a big girl, I can take care of myself."
"I almost lost you once, I don't want to go through that again."
"You won't lose me Duke. I'll be fine."
He nodded as she took his hand and walked towards the hanger.
"Seems like we were doing this just yesterday. Only last time we had Jinx and we met Sin and Louis there as well as the others."
"I'm sure we'll meet them again."
"Yeah, I think J.B is still there so we may run into him."
She smiled back at him as she got into the small plane they used for things like this, Duke took his usual seat next to her and they waited patiently for the others.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Nate Winston leaned on the cool, possibly disease-ridden handrail that lined the walls of New York's small-craft airport. His eyes were set on the horizon, waiting patiently for any sign of the craft that carried the "witches". He spat, catching an irritated look from the security guard nearby. He shrugged, lighting up a cigarette, watching as perturbation turned to horror.

He leaned once more against the rail, a long drag of smoke filling into his lungs and then slowly breathing out. Before the security guard reached him, perhaps to accost him for his disregard for the "No Smoking" signs strewn about the terminal, an attractive, middle-aged man smiled up from behind him - Adrian Veidt. The guard seemed almost in awe, his face both pleading and frightened as he shuffled back to his post.

"Winston, you need to put that out. Security won't give us trouble about it, but that doesn't mean we should exploit it," he commanded, with an edge of pleading on his voice.

Nate shut his eyes, sighing heavily as the cigarette burned quietly between his fingers. "Look, Veidt. You're the reason I have to babysit a buncha freaks for their next mission. You can suffer me a cigarette."

Adrian frowned, looking at Nate's apathetic face, which blew smoke rings into the noisy air. "Please, they're people too. Don't call them 'freaks'."

Nate didn't reply, still staring off at the horizon, waiting for the last rays of the sun to twinkle off the silver craft that carried his new assignment. Any minute now.

Adrian looked as if he'd try to speak, but then thought better of it, gazing over the dancing rays of a beautiful sunset.

A ray of light glinted off a craft in the distance, and Nate shifted his weight, standing up and walking towards the terminal. His hands darted into the deep pockets of his trenchcoat, his eyes now set on the landing craft, and the crowd that spilled out from it. "Just another one of these kinds of days, eh, Louis...?" he whispered, hearing them clamor up the hallway to receiving. "Just another one of these days..."

OOC: I know this might come up - my character wouldn't openly admit his slight hostility towards magic-users in any tangible way other than apathy. Looking forward to trying something new, guys. Best of luck.
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Marcus didn't really have a room here. He just had an old army green duffle bag that had all the neccesities for the mission to come. So they were to first meet the Vampire Queen. Marcus only really knew of her by rumor, but he didn't really know anything for certain. The possiblities were really quite intimidating.

Marcus stood at the front of the large building and awaited the arrival of the others so they might set way for New York. Marcus had never been before so he was a little nervous, but this was nothing different from how he felt about coming here in the first place. Thinking about the idea of fighting was also kinda putting an edge on Marcus as well.

The next figure to exit the command building was Symphony. Yet another uncomfortable topic. This whole experience was starting to seem like it was going to be one long stress test. She walked along side him and said nothing for a moment. Marcus did his best to do the same. He didn't want to let on how nervous he was and he didn't think he could speak right now without stuttering.
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Damo took his seat on the plane. In the second to last row way behind Nayomi and Duke.
[I] I feel so bad for them. They finally tie the knot and look what happens...I couldn't imagine what they're going through.....[/I] The next person on was Sin. Sin sat right in front of Damo, and was turned around in his seat in no time.

"This is going to be bloody brilliant don't you think?"

Damo shuddered at the word "bloody"

"It's going to be something Sin....Hey the new girl Symphony. Do you think she......

"NO!" Sin interupted. "You need to get her out of your head mate. Not only would you blunder your chances with her by just opening your mouth again. You're going to put us in danger by not keeping your mind on our mission"

Damo dropped his head and became silent. He knew Sin was right. But there was just something about that girl. Sin finally turned around and Damo telepathically sent to him. [I] "Do you think she can read minds as a dreamseer? I know they say that Ken can. I would just hate to be near her and be thinking about her [/I]

"Quit it damnit!" Sin yelled.

Damo grinned as he turned his Ipod on shuffle all and rested his head on the window of the plane waiting for the others.
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[FONT="Century Gothic"]After the briefing Symphony left the room they were all in. She was headed for New York. She really didn't have anything except for her trunk and violin case which somehow fit inside the trunk that she had. She walked out the building and she saw Marcus. She walked towards him and they started walking together. She could see that somehow he didn't feel like talking so she kept quiet.

Symphony and Marcus made it to the plane and boarded on. Symphony was on before Marcus and sat down in a row that no one was in. She prefered to keep a little distance between herself and some of the others because she didn't know them that well and some of the guys seemed to be acting strange towards her. She had already left her trunk in the luggage area and only had a Zune and a notebook and pen. She put the headphones on, turned on her music and leaned back looking out the plane window.

[I]'I wonder when we are going to leave... It seems like this is going to be an interesting mission since we have to visit the Vampire Queen. I've only heard about her only a few times. This is going to be interesting,'[/I] Symphony thought as she uncapped her pen and opened the notebook that she had. She started writing as she waited to leave.[/FONT]
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Marcus's head was begining to feel heavy. It bobbed and swayed as the plane carried him to New York. He was tired and wanted nothing more then to sleep, but he knew if he feel asleep that girl might see his dreams. Those days were gone, but he still saw them at night. He prayed for nights where he saw nothing.

Fight as he might, he couldn't keep it together for much longer. His head bobbed one last time and he was gone.
It was another warm night on the Los Angelos streets. Marcus was waiting for his partner. It had been almost an hour and Trent was still gone. Marcus was only going to wait 10 more minutes and he was out. He had better things to do then wait for this joker. Finally he heard Trent call to him [B]"Sorry, bro! I had a hard time finding them. You ready?"[/B]

Marcus smirked [B]"You ask like you don't know the answer. Let's get this thing done with."[/B]

Trent took the lead, showing Marcus the way. Marcus followed Trent with a smirked plasterd on his face. This was what he did. This is what he was good at. And he loved every second of it.

Marcus awoke to the bump of the plane. A pocket of turbulence bumped the plane and snapped Marcus back to reality. he noticed he was in a cold sweat, though he couldn't remember what it was he was dreaming of. That was probably for the better. Marcus cast his eyes back to Symphony who seemed to be otherwise preoccupied. Marcus hoped she wasn't watching. Marcus looked out his window and looked out into the evening sky. At least he was some what rested now.
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Alright we need to slow down for a moment and let everyone get on the plane first. It hasn't left yet let alone gotten to new york. Starwind if you could edit and give Malvok time to post I'd really appriciate it. Thanks.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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