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The Brothers Armageddon(auditions thread)


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[COLOR="darkorange"]Thanks Drizzt for the awesome title!:animesmil
I had written a story similar to this last year. I have a feeling this one is going to be very different.

~This is most likely going to have a lot of violence and some mild language~[/COLOR]

Damned. The one word every single person on this planet is afraid of. When I say “every single person” I mean every person whether they are a child or an old man. Heck, I’m scared. No one here shows their fear however. I mean, it was told to us as a bedtime story sometimes and who wants to be accused of being afraid of a fairy tale? The elders here are scared as well, although they do not show it. It seems as if they are the only ones who know exactly what the history is behind this word. However, they do not say. It’s as if it they are hiding something. Something that would determine the future of our people. See, during the first years of my life, my parents told me this story.
[I]“Once upon a time…………………."[/I]

Acheron opened his eyes and looked up at the stone ceiling. He heard the steps of the servant woman walk into his room and wrench open his curtains. The sunlight flooded in. Acheron turned around and buried his head under his blanket. He never did like the light.

“Acheron! Get up! Your father wants to see you at noon. Do you not know how late it is?”

Acheron groaned, stood up, and walked to his window to look at the sundial situated in the royal garden. Eleven.


Acheron ran to his trunk to take out his clothes. If it were any other situation, he would’ve just gone to his shelf and picked out a random outfit from the piles of clothing. But this………..this situation was different. He didn’t understand why he had to dress up so much just to meet with his father. In fact, Acheron didn’t understand a lot of things about his father. Why he was so mean, why he always tried his best to raise strife between him and Leander. He loathed Leander with a strong amount of disgust, but it still didn’t make sense for his father to get involved. His father was the king of the whole country. Everyday people would come to him asking for advice, asking him for money, help with a war. It seemed as if his father took time out of his busy schedule just to make him and Leander fight.
The more Acheron thought about it, the more his head hurt. He slowly made his way down the stairs for breakfast. He frowned when he saw that breakfast was over.

“Hehehe. Looks like you’re late to breakfast again my brother.”

Acheron spun around to see his little brother chuckle and smugly grin.

“So………….you hear father wanted to speak to us today?”

Acheron just nodded. He was too filled with anger to even speak. His eyes were

sharp with hatred and so were Leander’s.


The middle-aged woman looked at the two, her streak of gray hair glistening in the sunlight. The tall brown haired one with the eyes greener than jade and the equally tall one with the black hair and the grey eyes both stood side by side. They were both like her sons. Her late sister happened to be the wife of the king; a great honor for any woman. Yet she had died the last time there was war on the palace. The palace seemed to be getting attacked more and more. It seemed to her that it was mostly the king’s fault. No, he didn’t make dense choices and no, he wasn’t a weak fighter. It was like he was like a magnet for fighting. Wherever he went, people would fight or argue. She was worried about the boys. They had his blood in their veins and they couldn’t get through a day without having an argument. She heard a small click.

“Your father will see you now.”

The doors to the throne room swung open slowly. All of a sudden, everything seemed to darken; even the sun itself. It was like a shadow had been cast over them.

“My sons. Come in.”

The old man in the golden chair trimmed with velvet motioned for them to come. His face had been hardened with years of fighting and pain. His robe was hemmed with gold and he held an enormous ivory staff that was studded with precious gems. His bluish-green eyes had been darkened with age.

He smiled as they both kneeled down and said in unison “Yes father?”

“Arise, arise.”

The two stood and waited for him to speak.

“As you know, I am getting close to my death.”

He paused and the boys nodded. Their faces showed no emotion; however, in their hearts, they were filled with joy.

“And, as you also know, I’m going to need someone to succeed me.”

They once again nodded. A burst of excitement shot through their veins.

“After much consideration, I have decided I’m going to have you battle for the throne. Whoever wins is truly the strongest and smartest.”

Acheron and Leander were thoroughly prepared for this type of announcement. This was in fact, the way their father was and if you didn’t expect it, you obviously didn’t know enough about him.

“Is that all sir?” Leander said.

“No, I only have a little more. Starting tomorrow, you will start training. Your training will be for a month. After that, you will proceed to the actual fighting.”

Acheron finally spoke up.

“And how exactly do you expect us to fight then father?”

“I am getting to that. Have patience. Now, there will be a series of challenges that each of you will be required to complete. After that, you will both fight each other. Whichever kills the other first is the winner and the new heir to my throne.”

It seemed simple enough to the two. It was their dream, after all; they finally had a chance to kill the other and not be taken accountable for it.

“Is that all?” Acheron asked.

“Um…….yes. That is all.”

The two boys bowed and walked out the room.

The woman entered the room as soon as they left.

“What have you done?! Do you not know what you are doing?! Are you mad?!”

“Calm down. I know exactly what I am doing.”
The old man grinned.

The following years were filled with fighting between the two. They grew older, stronger, and soon, they were full fledged warriors. However, they did not in fact fight for the country..............but against each other for the chance to succeed their father as king.

Evil slowly started creeping through their hearts. Each passing day was ended with a newfound, more acute hate for the other until finally, in their minds, they decided that the battle, whoever won, would be won by malice.

During this time, their father, the king was dying. First he had trouble moving, then his eyesight started to go. He couldn't get through the day without having someone constantly by his side. This is when the chance came. Leander was the first to take it. He snuck into his father's room as midnight was approaching. The moonlight lit the room, just enough so Leander could see. He slowly walked up to the bed, wary of his steps. Soon he was right over him. He reached up under his shirt and pulled out a large dagger. He smiled as he saw the light reflect off of it. Slowly, he raised it above his head and prepared to let it fall.

He tightened his grip on the handle and brung his hand down towards the old man's heart. He halted when he heard the door open.

"Leander, what are you doing?" his aunt had walked in.

Leander quickly hid the dagger behind him.

"N-nothing. Tell me, what are you doing here so late in the night?"

"I must give him his wine. What are you doing here?"

Leander's hands were starting to sweat. "Nothing. Just checking up on father."

"Well he's fine. I want you to go to bed, Leander."

"Okay then. See you in the morning. "

His aunt simply nodded and Leander walked out of the room, being extra careful to hide the dagger.

When he was a safe distance, Leander held the dagger in his hand once more.

"So close..............." his voice trailed off as he once again went in deep thought.

'I must give him his wine.' Leander remembered what his aunt had said so well. Then it came to him.

"Of course!"

Leander laughed evily and made his way to his room. He fell asleep with a smile on his face. Tommorow...... tommorow he would get him and he would earn his rightful place as king!

The next day before breakfast, he asked the servant if he could help make the meal.
The servant hesitated for a little, it seemed to him that something bad would happen. However, he just said "yes" and let Leander help. For the next half hour, Leander helped cook the mealse. When if finally came down to making the wine, he asked the servant if he could make the wine himself.
The servant nodded and with a sly grin, Leander poured the wine into the cups. He darted his eyes back and forth to make sure no one was loooking. He only had one chance to do this. He slowly took out a vile of clear liquid and added a drop to two cups. The serving bell was rung, and in a rush, Leander put back the vile and took the cups out to the kitchen.

He gave everyone a cup, leaving Acheron and his father for last. With smile, he set the two cups down in front of them and sat down in his seat. He couldn't wait until they took the first few sips. First it was his father. Leander's aunt gave the wine to him and had him drink a lot of it(in that time, wine was believed to cure any and all illnesses).

"Yes! He finally drunk it!" Leander thought to himself. "Only a few more minutes until the poison does its job!"

He smiled again when he saw his brother take a small sip and go back to his breakfast.

"Come on, you idiot! Drink it all!" Leander was impatient. "Only a little more time before-"

A loud "thud" interrupted his thoughts. Leander quickly turned to where his father was sitting. He had collapsed.

"What's wrong with the king?!"

Every servant ran up to him. The blood was already drying in his veins. Leander could barely keep from laughing. He had finally done it. Now came the time for Acheron to fall. Leander waited and waited. He didn't realize that he looked strange sitting still while everybody else was panicking. The only one who seemed to be calm as well was his brother.

"Why isn't he dead?!" Leander thought to himself.

He waited a little more and when Acheron was still standing, glared at him.

He was thinking of ways that he could have drunk the wine and not get affected by the poison. Suddenly, Acheron met his eyes. Leander looked down afriad of his eyes betraying him. He frowned when he heard his brother chuckle and walk towards him.

He twitched when Acheron leaned down next to his ear.

"Leander.........I know what you did. If you hadn't noticed, you idiot, I didn't drink the wine."

A gasp escaped Leander's lips as Acheron chuckled and walked away. Then he knew. He had to kill him and soon.

Soon after, after everyone calmed down, a funeral was being made for the fallen king. The servant that had let Leander cook with him was executed for "poisoning the king."
Leander was present at the execution and showed no emotion as the axe swung and took off the servant's head.

The lower people in the palace were disscussing who would be the next king. After all, the country was in another time of war. As they were sitting down, both Acheron and Leander had the same thought running through their heads. This was going to be the day.
They both went through the varied funeral rituals, vaguely going through the day and not conscious of what they were doing.

There was only one thing they cared about and when the announcement was made, they snapped out of their daze.

"To honor the king, these two are going to spar a little." One of the men said.

They were quickly dressed in armor and went up to the platform. It was going by so fast. Swords gripped tight in their hands, sheilds raised, they ran at each other. The battle didn't last long. Soon, one of them was on the ground, blood puring from a wound in his stomach. The crowd, once cheering grew silent.

Leander walked up to his brother, kneeled down, and whispered in his ear.

"You know the feast earlier this morning? Well, it was poisoned."

Acheron opened his mouth to speak. His eyes were fading.

"No, don't speak, let me finish. I know what you're thinking, I was sleep when they were cooking the food. Yes, of course I was but what you forgot to consider was the night before. You see, all the servants get all the food out onto the cooking area the day before. That was my chance. It wasn't really hard. All I did was just add a little drop onto the biggest piece of meat. I mean, as the oldest, you always get the biggest. So, you ate it today without a second thought and looked what happened. See, it wasn't really the wound that did the damage, but the poison itself. It was already in your bloodstream and it made your moves slower. Soon, all I had to do was just close my eyes and swing my sword. What a way to end your life, my brother."

Leander got up, shaking his head and turned to the crowd. Acheron died his eyes frozen with shock. Leander knelt and pretended to weep. The crowd bought it and soon they were on the platform trying to console him.

"Don't worry......"
"At least you're going to be the new king......."
"I've always known you would beat him....."

Years later, this moment came back to him as he sat on the throne, his concubines around him. He had gotten the right to be king and was doing a terrible job of it. He didn't think so, all he cared about was the gold and worship he got. It seemed to him that over the years, no one noticed what he had done and if they did, didn't care. None of that mattered to him now.

He looked up as he saw heard a door open. A frail woman walked in.

"What is it aunt?" Leander said with a groan.

"We need to talk."

"Can it not just wait?"

"No. I need to talk to you now."

Leander got up and followed her out of the room and into the hall.

"What is it?"

"I've come to warn you. You need to be very careful these days."

"What are you talking about? Am I not powerful enough to take down any mere man?"

"When are you going to learn, you fool? Your enemy is not one from outside, but someone in this very house!"

Leander rolled his eyes and sighed. This was all she wanted to tell him?

"Look, don't worry aunt. I am sure that I am one of the most protected men in this kingdom. I mean, who would actually kill the king in his own bed?"

His aunt sighed and rubbed her temples. "You don't understand! You are not immortal! You are not a god! You're just like your father. During the last few days of his life, he thought he was unbeatable and that he would die of old age. But yet, that servant-"

She paused. "That servant killed him! I do not want the same thing to happen to you, understand? I already lost Acheron and I can't lose you."

Leander sighed. "Don't worry. The same won't happen to me. Both those men were foolish. They didn't know what they were doing. Me, I'm not. I'm alot wiser than them both."

"You don't understand, my child." His aunt simply shook her head and walked away.

Leander turned around, trying his best not to look worried. For some reason, her words were true and Leander knew it. Little did he know, he would die that night.

Later on that night, he went to bed. His wife had decided to stay up late to prepare for the upcoming feast. At least, that was what [I]she [/I]said. The more he thought about it, the more Leander knew that there was no feast at all the next day. So where was his wife? He fell asleep, these thoughts swirling around in his head. He was too deep in sleep to hear the door creak. He was too deep in sleep to hear the sound of a knife being unsheathed. He was too deep in sleep to hear her plunge a dagger into his heart.
----[B]+[/B]----[/CENTER]And that's how it all started. A father's decision, a brother's death . Little did he know, it would change the future. Here on our planet, Mecha, the fear is more noticeable. I myself have been having visions of disaster falling onto the planet. I try to tell my father, my mother, even my younger sister. But they won't listen and I always end up getting scolded. In my heart, I know something big is going to happen. You see, the visions first started on my 13th birthday. That's when all hell broke lose.[/SIZE]


So, in a nutshell, you're going to be involved in a battle you're not supposed to be in between the two brothers( Acheron and Leander). You have visions of what is going to happen and you end up being exiled.:animedepr Remember, this is not detailed in any way at all and probably will change over time(you probably already know that:animeswea)[/COLOR]
-[COLOR="Black"]Sign Up Sheet[/COLOR]-[/B]

[B]Name: [/B]
[B]Age:[/B] (between 15 and 27)
[B]Gender:[/B] (male, female)
[B]Appearance: [/B](I would prefer a picture, but if you think it would be better describing your character, you can do that, just be descriptive.)
[B]Personality:[/B] (weird traits, normal traits, secret fears and so on and so forth.....)
[B]Power/Weapon: [/B](man made weapons, magic, or anything like that)
[B]Interests:[/B] (you don't have to fill this out if you don't want to. However, it gives a little more information about your character)

So....that's it. I will post the Backstage thread as soon as I can and I'll add mine after I get some replies. :catgirl:[/COLOR]
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Name: Aleira Night

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Appearance: [URL="http://static4.animepaper.net/upload/thumbs/scans/Rosario-+-Vampire/%5Blarge%5D%5BAnimePaper%5Dscans_Rosario-+-Vampire_RedOmega3333(0.69)__THISRES__182525.jpg"]http://static4.animepaper.net/upload/thumbs/scans/Rosario-+-Vampire/%5Blarge%5D%5BAnimePaper%5Dscans_Rosario-+-Vampire_RedOmega3333(0.69)__THISRES__182525.jpg[/URL]

Personality: Aleira has a fiery temper with an unaquited dominance. She is very tactical and smart, never rushing in without a plan. Her presence is never unnoticed, exuding a strong confidence in everything she does, most tend not to bother her with petty reqeusts. She's very independant and self-proficient, so she hardly asks for anothers help (which can get her into trouble sometimes).

Power/Weapon: A strong pyrokinetic, Aleira has some trouble contolling her powers when she's angry, but has good control for the most part. She uses two sai's, and a three sectional staff.

Interests: Reading, long walks in the forest, training, making things explode:catgirl:, and demeaning those who dare to oppose her. She also enjoys archery from time to time.
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Name: Aveza Slayn

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Appearance: She has straight, pitch black hair cut at jaw length. Deep purple eyes, left one changes to bright green when using her powers. About 6 feet, thin. Has virtually no muscle on her at all, but when forced to fight physically she is very skilled. Usually dresses in a knee length black dress with long sleeves, cuffs and a bow around her neck.

Personality: Very quiet and shy. Quite meek. Shows courage every now and again, though she's usually to afraid to take a stand. Wishy-washy.

Power/Weapon: Telekinetic (can move things with her mind) and telepathic (invades peoples minds. Can even control the person like a puppet in any way.). Can fight physically, but prefers not to. Also carries an extendable pipe with her.

Interests: Reading about poisons, staring at trees and training her powers.
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[COLOR=Black][B]Name: [/B]Rose [/COLOR]étoile

[COLOR=Black] [B]Age:[/B] 18

[B]Gender:[/B] female

[B]Appearance: [/B][URL="http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c141/BillyIdolFan14/goth9088.jpg"]Rose[/URL]

[B]Personality:[/B] Even though Rose looks to be some one quiet and serious, she really is a fun loving girl. Most of the time she's hyper and will talk someone ear of when she gets the chance. Rose has small cat with her named Luna. Luna just like her owner is also a little strange and tends to meow at random things. Luna is lovable sometimes but can be mean depending on how she feels.

[B]Power/Weapon: [/B]Luna can change into a full sized panther. Rose can Phase though solid objects. Other weapon of Rose is [/COLOR]a Chisakatana shorten Kata[COLOR=Black]na.

[B] Interests:[/B] Playing with Luna and drawing.

Its been a while since my last RPG. Let me know if anything needs to be changed.
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The intro is even better than I thought it was going to be Lunar :animesmil

Name: Keith Alexander

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Appearance: [URL="http://www.warrennet.org/warrentech/images/asian_Knight.gif"]Keith[/URL]

Personality: Slow to anger, kind, loving are the best words to describe Keith when he's with his friends/loved ones. Calm, Calculating, Protective, and Vicious describe him when it comes to battle. Being the son of a chivalrous knight, Keith has developed a protect the weak mentality that sometimes he can take to far.

Power/Weapon: Green Lighning: Keith can call upon green lightning from the sky. He can also store a small amount of the lightning in his body for use when he doesn't have a clear sky. Keith also weilds a broadsword that is roughly the size of a man. When a small switch is engaged the blade folds out completly and becomes a Staff with two blades at each end. His power stems from a long heritage of "knights" whose spirist have given them all fantastic powers.
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[b]Name:[/b] Kaim Venerez
[b]Age:[/b] 23
[b]Gender:[/b] Male
[b]Personality:[/b]He's 100% of the time a sarcastic person. His attitude always gets ahead of him and he usually always ends up trash talking an opponent while fighting them. He believes in his friends and the people he meets and is a determined person. He is noble and uses his ability for the good of the people. Even with the way he acts, he would help out someone in need.
[b]Power/Weapon:[/b]Kaim wields two sword(see pic.) Although, he doesn't use them both at once unless the need truly arises. His power stems from his mastery of a sword. He's attained incredible speed that most can't keep up with. Some claim he literally "disappears, only to reappear behind you." Some claim that it's all a big lie that has been thought of.
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[B]Name:[/B] Bron Branwen
[B]Age:[/B] 15
[B]Gender:[/B] Female
[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL="http://i34.tinypic.com/23jkbjd.jpg"]Bron, the fair raven[/URL]
Personality: Bron was born blind, so thanks to this disability she is usually very quiet unless she feels accepted as a normal person by those around her. However thanks to her blindness, she has learned how to use a flute to bounce sound off of objects so she can get around on her own. Her secret fear though, is to one day be left all alone. Being blind already gives her a small feeling of loneliness, so she would be terrified to find out that she was actually all alone in the world.
Power/Weapon: Bron carries a very special weapon with her, that was given to her by her father. He was originally going to give it to his son, but since Bron was his only child he passed it down to her. It is a gun that is able to use the stars in the sky as ammo. She can also store the stars in this gun for a short time, however if she stores them for too long then they will turn into stardust and return to the heavens. Besides her gun, she has the power to turn into a raven to get around to places she normally couldn't reach. However, since she can't defend herself, she is of course very vulnerable in this state. However, the only problem is she doesn't yet know that she has the power to change into a raven. Perhaps a time of trouble will awaken it in her one day...
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[B]~~~Hope I'm not too late...

[/B][FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=Purple][B]Name: [/B]Mori Hitotoki (Mori means forest)
[B]Age:[/B] 15
[B]Gender:[/B] Female
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=Purple]kitsune-
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=Purple]
[B]Personality: [/B]Somewhat shy, Mori is very eccentric. She can also be very lazy. She may not seem it, but she can be very caring towards others, despite their differences.
[B]Power/Weapon: [/B]She is a kitsune. she has the ability to transform, create fire (called Kitsune-bi, literally meaning fox fire), and can even posess people (called Kitsunetsuki). Though they can grow more tails over time, she still only has one tail. She is not very good at transforming, and can only posess people for so long.
She also carries a sword called Nenshou Kiba. (burning fang)
[B]Interests:[/B] Nature, stars, herbal medicines, mythology[/COLOR][/FONT]
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Wowzers! You are all accepted! I was so busy reading you guys' awesome auditions that I forgot to add mine!:animeswea
[B]Name:[/B] Denia
[B]Age: [/B]17
[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL="http://www.absoluteanime.com/bleach/yoruichi.jpg"]here[/URL]
[B]Personality:[/B] Denia is actually pretty strange, for someone her age. She's pretty much a loner and although she is not anti-social, she prefers not to deal with others when she has the chance. She has a little bit of an anger problem and can throw things way out of porportion when she doesn't pay attention. She's not very trusting of others, but once she gets to know them, she's trusting.
[B]Power/Weapon:[/B] Denia possesses two samurai swords that she puts in two sheaths strapped to her back. She also uses telekinesis, but can only use it for a short time before wearing her self out.
[B]Interests:[/B] Reading, writing, animals, learning the ancient arts.[/COLOR]
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[B]Name:[/B] Inek Souisano

[B]Age: [/B]18

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Appearance:[/B] Inek has a fairly refined build for being so slim. With his lightly tanned bronze skin and wildly eccentric curly black hair--that kind of resembles a weeping willow's branches only in shock--most are blinded to his eerie white eyes. His clothing is quite odd as well to those who are not accustomed to seeing the regal. Around his hair-line is a snow-white headband with little half-moons on it. His chest is covered by a fine silk sleeveless shirt that is the exact same color as his headband. On his bare arms are twin dragons that one first sight would be confused for clothing. His pants, equally white, are rather baggy and are carefully tucked into his charcoal-black boots. Upon each of his ears are priceless gems nearly the size of rice that glare crimson every now and then.

[B]Personality: [/B]Inek is a bit of a pig-head and is forever arrogant. Always first to swing then ask questions later. He never backs down from anything and would fight the gods themselves to prove his might. Sometimes his brash attitude is covered by his sincerity and straightforwardness.

[B]Power: [/B]Inek has supernatural strength that allows him to carry out much of his unfathomable ideas with a hardy punch.

[B]Interests: [/B]Inek has always been fascinated by the healing arts. From herbs that heal injury to spells that bring back the dead, but this is usually hidden by his main interest of fighting and gambling.

Sorry it took me so long Lunar...:animeswea
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