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Once again, Christophe sighed. Night time was approaching, he hadn't been able to sleep that well today. Despite this, he also hadn't fed yet, either.

He had just been informed that yet another vampire had disappeared, and once again, had left no trace as where they had gone.

A demon was waiting for him in the dining area behind the stage, this one had been waiting for some time apparently.

"I was wondering when you'd finally wake up. Vampires... Even though you don't burst into flames with the light of the sun, you still insist on sleeping in all day..."

Christophe snorted. "I'm in no mood, go away before I decide to use you as my breakfast."

"And ill tempered too..."

"What do you want? Tell me now, my patience is wearing thin." Christophe sat down at the table, and one of his performers brought him a glass containing a red colored liquid. Taking a drink, he smiled. "I suppose I'll listen to what you have to say, now."

The demon snorted, and he stared into the eyes of Christophe, his eyes flaring a deep crimson color as Christophe's turned to the colot of honey, his pupils slitted.

"As I'm sure you're aware, several Demons have become rather irritated with your non-chalant attitude."

"Let them complain. If it's Breque again, he's pissed off because I threw him out with his tail between his legs."

"Well, that answers that question... However, I was wanting to know on behalf of my master if you knew of anything else going on within our ranks..."

"No, I'm afraid there's nothing of interest. Besides, I have better things to do than concern myself with affairs within the Demonic community. There are more pressing matters happening in the Vampiric."

"Like the dissappearences? Why don't you question the hunter in charge of the school?"

"He's clean. Being that he's also a good freind of mine, I think I'll pass on interogating him. Is there anything else? As you can see, I'm eating."

"No, that's all. A lesson in manners? Lern to be more polite."

"A lesson for you? Do the same." Christophe snorted. "Angela! Show our guest to the door." A woman stepped forward, and bowed. "This way please."

Christopher snorted again. "Manners.... Manners he says... Hmph! He's just lucky I didn't dice him into peices! Getting on my case so early in the evening...Bah!"
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Erika entered the dining room and grabbed a chair. "Cristophe, you know you really shouldn't antogonize demons too much. You'll get too many of them angry, and they'll come after you," she sighed, her 3 tails swishing back and forth.

"Let them come, I can take them!" the vampire laughed.

"Fool," Erika mumbled, pouring herself some tea. "If you would only learn to use those idiots to your advantage instead of trying to throw them off with insults, you would be much better off. But, do what you will, vampire."

"Why thank you, I will!" Cristophe answered.

" I assumed so..."
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Therese woke with a start, she'd had one of her dreams again. Stetching, she got up and got dressed for the day. She moved to the door, if only to hear the faint quirks and insults of Christophe and his 'guest'.

She sighed, and walked into the dining room, shortly after the man had been escorted out, and Erika had already been in.

"Why, if it isn't our resident raven-haired beauty..."

"Truely, mindless flattery doesn't suit you." She picked up one of the many bottles littering the table, and poured herself a wine goblet full of it. Christophe shrugged. "Fine then, don't accept the compliment."

"Oh, I'll take it, I was merely commenting that its not like you to be so 'nice' so early."

"And why not?" He scoffed, taking a drink of his own glass.

"You're so whimsical..." Therese replied. "So, why was the demon here?"

"Being a bother, as usual. He was rather insulting, and didn't really want to be here, so I sent him on his way. I really don't care for him anyway. I wish his master would come for once... I hate dealing with underlings... they always seem to have attitude problems..."

"Suit yourself." Turning to Erika, she cocked her head. "So, what are your plans for tonight?"

"Nothing, really. I thought I'd watch the crowd tonight."

Christophe yawned loudly, showing off his fangs. "Bah.. tonight will be slow... and boring. I'm not really sure what I'll do, though I might just stay and watch the crowd, too. Of course, it's probably going be running along the lines of 'the monster bash' and not even half as fun..."

Therese took another drink from her glass. "There should at least be something interesting going on... And besides, I don't know what your definition of 'slow' is, but it's been rather busy in here every night."

"Not to me it won't be."

Therese only shook her head. "I don't think I'll ever understand you..."
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Raven was fully transformed as he peer'd from the darkest corner at the vampire and demons conversation. He knew these were no mortals, and he must tread lightly lest his eavesdropping might be thought of as a threat.

"So why do the fates send an agent to investigate a matter inside the vampire community my friend." The seemingly head vampire, Christophe, nonchalantly called without turning his head.

This action alerted his friends who turned at once to him. Before they could catcha glimpse of his true from Raven had already exited the shadows in his human form, a small trace of mist hung behind him for but a moment, an dwas gone.

"I'm afraid your...problem has become much...much more then just a few missing vampires Christophe. Whoever is causing this ruckus is taking the souls of the deceased with them, hiding them from their fate." Raven detested vampires. They are among the few that get their souls taken from them, and then given back by dark powers. Imagine eating regurgutated food, unless you are a baby bird that cannot sound appealing. Thus is taking the soul of a vampire.

"What is it any of your business Reaper?" The female vampire spoke up, her voice full of passion and conviction that Christophe's lacked.

"When somebody toys with fate, they toy with the very fabric of space and time. We all have a time to die, and though I'm not given the privelidge of knowing when somebody is to die. I am given the authority to take them early, so all I ask is that you allow me access to every inch of your club without issue. Otherwise I will call in every last Reaper in the area to lay waste to everything you know."

Without another word Raven turned, he knew he wouldn't intimidate anybody. The little fox spirit would be in an uproar, the girl vampire would be mad, and of course Christophe wouldn't act like he had a care in the world. Raven meant what he said, Reaper's were given many gifts and were expected to die in the process of accomplishing fates mission...Raven was no exception.
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Harold stared out of his corner, sitting on the chair with his heels against the edge, arms over his knees as his pale yellow eyes roved over everyone who passed by. The Revenant had entered the establishment at dusk and had taken his usual spot. He was listening carefully for anything he could use, but he was beginning to get tired of this place. Parasites, degenerates, hedonists, and addicts...useless. He had haunted the corners of this 'Lair' as it was called for a week and had found this place to be little more then a watering hole for weak minded bloodsuckers playing at elegance. A couple of the patrons glanced at him with cold eyes, but his steady gaze caused them to falter and look away. Useless. If no information surfaced today, he would have to go out and beat it from the lips of one of these creatures. His eyes flicked as a demon left the dining room. Harold never went in there, he found that the majority of the vampires who frequented the place to be way too arrogant and sure of their own false elegance for the Revenant to even be able to stomach their company. He stared as the demon left. Maybe he needed to talk to one of their kind instead of the parasites.
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Christophe sighed. The Reaper wasn't exactly his kind of company. "Well, shall we mingle?" Christophe stood, and walked out into the main area of the Lair. He inspected all the face, and thus was his suspicions earlier correct. He wasn't at all pleased with the turnout tonight, most of the crowd was lower class vampires who thought they were all that and a bag of chips. How Christophe loved to put them in their place.

Carrying his glass, he walked amongst the dance room room, having left his previous company behind. How little any of them knew about him... It was mildly entertaining, for the most part. The Revanent stared at him, despising him. Christophe opened his mouth into a wide smile.

"Back again, I see. I assume you think you'd learn something here, and by all means, attempt to do so. However, if information is what you want, then perhaps you try actually asking people."

"Beat it, vampire."

Christophe smiled once more, this time giggling. "Ah, so unfreindly..." Christophe pouted mockingly. "But, I guess in your position I would be, too. Ah well, makes no difference to me, either way. See ya 'round, sexy."

The revanent blinked in surprise, before glaring once more. Christophe shrugged, and walked away. Christophe inhaled, the many scents and odors in the air being drawn in and categorized. He could tell there were vampires, were-creatures, demons, and a variety of other creatures of the night. There were a few humans, speckled here and there, clueless as to what they were amidst, and completely unaware of the fact they were being eyes by many very hungry creatures.

One, a young vampire, swaggered over, thinking he would easily obtain one of the humans for his own meal. Christopher yanked him back, throwing him into a chair. "I don't suggest you repeat that particular action. They are guests here, as are you." Christopher leaned over the vampire, placing his knee on his crotch, but not crushing it, at least not yet.

"Get off me! I'll do as I please!" The vampire spat into Christophe's face, and Christophe didn't even flinch. Christophe then let on the pressure, and the Vampire bit his lip.

"I will not repeat myself. There will be no feeding on ANY of my guests, do I make myself clear?"

"They're food. I don't care about your little rules."

Christophe's mouth opened wide, his teeth growing expedentially."I think you're in need of being taught some manners." Christophe raised his hand, his nails like razors. He pinched the stem of the wine glass, and with a slight TINK! the top of it fell to the floor and shattered. "Now, apologize, and you can leave here without incident."

"Fuck you, prick." The vampire pushed against Christophe, but Christophe didn't budge.

Christophe reached up, and yanked his head to the side. "I gave you three chances. You failed them all. Any last words?"

The vampire's eyes opened wide, and before he could yell out, Christophe had burried his fangs deep into his throat, and all that came out was a gurgle. The humans were all already drunk, and not paying attention. The vampire tried to escape, but Christophe's grip was unbreakable. Soon enough, he went limp.

Christophe stood up, wiping the blood from his mouth. He licked it off of his fingers, and then turned to the bouncer of the club. "Would you take out the trash, please?"

The big brute nodded, and Christophe patted him on the side of the face, before giving him a kiss on the cheek. "Thanks big boy.."

The brute hurredly went about his buisness, carrying the dead vampire from the club to dispose of it.

"Let that be a lesson for anyone else who thinks their all that!" Christophe called out. The other vampires and demons who had been watching turned their heads away.

"Low lifes...." Christophe muttered. He looked to his left to find the reaper watching him. "Can I help you?"

"Tell me, why would a vampire feast upon a vampire? Isn't that killing your own kind?"

"Now now, don't be so hypocritical. As if your kind doesn't do it either. Granted, my reasons are probably a bit different than yours would be."

"And what are your reasons?"

Christophe shrugged. "I like to keep the rest of them in line. Our... dearly departed friend? He was an upstart, had an attitude. Respect is everything, otherwise you might not live that long..."

The reaper paused. "But, you never show any respect to anyone... You seem the part of a hypocrite."

"If you show me respect, then I show you respect. It's that simple."

The reaper's brow furrowed. "I see."

Christophe shrugged. "Now, as for you having free range of my club, I see no reason for you to not to. However, there are far more things involved than even I care to admit, even if I'm already aware of them. You'll find that I'm well informed, Raven."

The reaper grimanced, on hearing his name spoken by a vampire. "So you are. I beleive we could have a partnership, of sorts."

"Indeed. We can discuss it later though, perhaps after buisness is shut down for the night."

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Erika glared at the reaper. She did not like him just barging into the Lair and barking out orders. She silently steemed until Therese brought up his bad manners. "What a jerk! Can you believe that guy?!" the female vampire spat.

"I don't like him either. He has his nose stuck up so high in the air, if it rains, he drowns!" Erika replied.

"I can hear you," the reaper stated.

"I'm aware. Would you like me to say it louder?" Erika inquired with a cold smile.

"That's not necessary. Anyway, whether you like me or not, I'm staying," the reaper sighed.

"I see. Well, just to keep you updated, I still dislike you."

Sorry for the short post, I'm in a bit of a rush.
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Therese had watched the whole incident with Christophe and the young vampire, and as much as it pained her, if she went up against Christophe, it would end in much the same fashion. He was far more powerful than anything else she had ever encountered, and indeed it was a little frightening when he showed off even minute amounts of his power.

Therese crossed her arms, and sat down at the bar, watching the reaper. He was so... stuck on himself. The rest of the people here knew it, too. While a lot of the younger and less powerful beings would be frightened of him and lose to him in a fight, the reaper himself would be rended limb from limb if he had gone up against Christophe personally. Of course, Therese still didn't know just why he was here, even though he had explained it. Something told her there was far more to the story, at least on his part.

And of course, there was Erika, the little fox that had wandered in so easily, and made herself at home. She was often mild compared to Christophe's varied moods.

The Revanent stared from person to person, his gaze finally coming to rest on Therese herself. His gaze was irritating to her more than anything. He could have at least stared at her when she wasn't watching back. That, and he stunk of rot and dirt. Most humans would have only smelled something like mildew, but she could smell far more, and she wrinkled her nose.

Christophe came over to her, observing her 'staring contest' with the Revanent. "You know, you really aren't making things easier on him. He is dead, after all."

"Yes, I'm quite aware. However, he could atleast attempt to be more freindly..."

"He was murdered, my dear. He's a lost soul, searching for a way to find peace."

"Then you help him."

"I would, but he hasn't asked. I feel sorry for him, being a trucker when he was alive. The road must have been a lonely place... And then to be butchered at a rest stop?"

Therese eyed him suspiciously. "And how do you know this?"

"Because I know of the person who is suspected of doing it." Christophe sighed. "Apparently, this particular vampire butchered various stops along the way across the country... I feel sorry for all the people he killed."

The revanent was busy watching the crowd shift and flow, though Therese suspected he'd been listening in on their conversation.

Therese smiled. "Well, where is the vamp?"

"Not sure... But I have people working on it. I don't like the sensless killing, it serves nothing but to torment mortal families who lost their loved ones to him. If the Revanent asks politely, then I'll gladly let him kill the vampire..."
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Harold Rain had indeed overheard the conversation, and while he now knew that Christophe held the info he wanted, only a fool would try to extract that information in the Lair. Being the only one of his kind, the Revenant had no support here. A fight now would merely end with his second death. His yellow eyes stared coldly at everyone, he hadn't moved at all from his spot as he eavesdropped. He would need to find a time when Christophe was alone, preferably out of the Lair, where he didn't have the parasites at his back. Their fawning loyalty was disgusting, but it was loyalty nonetheless. The Revenant's eyes darted over to the young fox demon, following her briefly before he turned his sights to the Reaper walking around. There were more visitors here then he cared to number at any given night, but tonight seemed to be rather unique. He flexed his long bone claws restlessly, meeting the eyes of the fox demon. With unblinking pale yellow orbs, he stared at her silently, watching irritation creep over her face. He flexed his claws, the molding gauze around his wrists stretching with soft creaks. Suddenly, he stood up. Walking slowly and smoothly, he headed towards the exit, halting at the door, obviously in the way of several younger vampires. He glanced over his shoulder and locked eyes with Christophe. Neither blinked, both stared into each others eyes for a moment. Christophe's, calm with an air of smugness. Harold's, fiery and utterly devoid of fear. The message was clear. Harold had overheard the conversation. He knew Christophe had the information he wanted. The Revenant turned as a Vampire grabbed his shoulder.
"Hey, move it!"
With a sharp hiss, Harold wrenched the creature's hand off his shoulder, twisting it around slightly and shoving him hard against the door.
"Don't touch me, parasite!"
Releasing the wrist, the Revenant walked out of the room.
Alone. He needed to wait till Christophe was alone. And the way things were going that night, it probably wouldn't happen for awhile.
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Christophe sighed, and smiled as his cellular phone rang. Looking at the caller I.D. he saw it was his hunter friend, Leon.


Christophe turned away from the prying eyes, and smiled. His actions were always of interest, though he didn't care for eavesdropping.

"Hello, Christophe. Um.. could you please do me a favor? There was an accident earlier, one of the girls fell and split open her knee."

Christophe sighed. "Let me guess, the night class is getting a little restless?" Christophe looked over to Therese, beckoning her over. "I'll have another Pureblood come over, I'm afraid I'm busy tonight, there have been iissues at the Lair as well."

"Thanks, Christophe. Anyway, I have to go. There are several other things I need to address with the human prefects."

Christophe smiled. "How is your daughter and son doing? I haven't seen them in awhile."

"They're a handful... But they're doing alright. But... Hans..." Leon trailed off. Christophe knew very well what was going on. Hans had been bitten by a vampire a long time ago, when he was only a child. Since, with sheer will power, he has fought off the infection of becoming a vampire, with the help of a binding tattoo that Christophe himself had placed upon the boy. However, the tatoo was losing its power, and the infection was becoming more and more powerful. Soon enough, Hans would indeed become a vampire. And with Hans' special case, he might not handle it too well if indeed he became a vampire.

"I see. I'll talk to him tomorrow night." Christophe said his goodbyes, and turned to Therese.

"I'd like you to play babysitter for the remainder of the night."

Therese snorted. "Please, you just want me to dress up as a school girl."

"Sorry, fetish night isn't untill tomorrow. Anyway, looking after a bunch of twenty year old vampires shouldn't be any problem for you."

"Fine fine... I'll go. Anyway, I'll expect to be paid for 'babysitting' as you put it."

"Of course. I wouldn't expect you to work for me for free. You'll receive ample compensation. And since it's me, you know I'll be generous."

"Fine. I will see you later." Therese turned on her bar stool, walking out of the Lair and into the night. Christophe shrugged, and turned his attention back to the crowd. The humans were all giddy and drunk still, thankfully they wouldn't fall fodder to being prey, at least not while he was around. There were still several vampire looking hungrily at the feasible humans, and shooting furtive glances to Christophe's unamused face, they turned back to their drinks.

Christophe looked around, and saw nothing better to do than converse with various patrons, including a cute human male with a body to die for. Being that Christophe's hunger was to say the least sated, he saw no reason not to seduce him.

Walking over, he put on his best debonair charm, and tapped the man on his shoulder. "Enjoying the show?"

The man, being drunk, smiled, and laughed. "Oh yeah..."

"I'm glad, this is my establishment, after all. I simply love when people appreciate the work I put into making this place work..."

"You own this place? How old are you? You look like you're maybe twenty!"

Christophe smiled, laughing into his hand. "I'm much, much older, I assure you." Christophe looked into his eyes, his own a mesmerizing hazel. Yet, Christophe holds something in check for him, so that the man is only drawn in further, not spellbound.

"Really..." He said, smiling. "Are you as much fun as the show?"

"More." Christophe replied, offering his hand out to shake with the handsome man, already in his power. "My name is Chris Shelley. And yours?"

"Mike Burns. Nice to meet you." They shook, both smiling. "Care to dance?"

Christophe smiled wider. "Sure! Come on and dance. Let's see your moves." Taking the young man out to the dance floor, Christophe immediately began to dance provocatively, secuding him ever further into his web. Mike wasn't that bad of a dancer either. But soon enough, Mike was wanting Christophe, and his desire became ever more apparent when he lightly bit on Christophe's neck. For once, Christophe was the one with hot shivers of desire, and he could feel Mike's arousal. There was a hot passion, and Christophe nibbled in Mike's neck in return, careful not to peirce his delicate and flawless skin.

All eyes were on the two, and then Christophe whispered, "Let's go to my room... Think you got what it takes to put a smile on my face?"

Mike nodded. The two left the main area, Christophe walking over to the Reaper.

"Raven, make yourself useful. Keep these people in line while I'm busy."

"I'm not-"

Christophe glared at him, causing him to fall silent. "This is your chance to earn your keep. Now use it or get out."

Turning away, a smile back on his face, he led the human away to his own personal bedroom.
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Raven shook his head smiling as Christophe and his...new friend left the area. He was amazed to no end on a vampire's ability to seduce mortals. His smile faded as he peered around the bar, he wasn't worried about keeping everybody in line there were no more then lesser creatures left after Therese, Christophe and the Revenant left.

Eyeing around the bar Raven saw a vampire that caught his eye. He was a young man, he didn't carry himself with the age and experience of those like Therese and Christophe, but the way he carried himself screamed that he was a major player.

Crossing the room towards the table four lesser "parasites", as the Revenant refered to them stepped up to block his advancement. Not moving his gaze from the leader of this pack Raven addressed the four stupid lesser vamps, "I suggest that you do not step in my way. I must speak with your leader, if you do not move I will make you."

"Nobody talks to Tobias, not even Christophe dares to come to this table." The biggest one of the group puffed his chest out as he spoke.

"I would venture to say that Christophe does not bother you because you aren't on his radar. Now I'm not going to say this again, get out of my way." One of the smaller ones in the group tried throwing a suckerpunch from the side. Grabbing his hand Raven twisted, sending him into a roll and snapping his wrist.

Not giving the others a chance Raven grabbed the bigger one that was doing all the boasting. Allowing his face to revert to hits skeletal form Raven's burning red eyes locked onto the vampires. Within seconds his body was cold and limp....

The remaining two uninjured vampires turned tail and ran for the door, knocking over guests in their wake.

Turning back Raven took the chair oppisite Tobias and peered into his eyes, his face once again its human form.

"You know that trick won't work on me Reaper." He hissed under his breath. In fact he was right, lesser creatures and most mortals fall prey to the basic "Death's Breath" skill that all reapers possess. However it was easy to see Tobias knew his place around the Reaper.

"I think we need to have a little talk my little vamp friend..." Raven leaned over, it was time to start working on the investigation. Though the empty gaze he was getting told Raven this vampire was probably an empty vessel for information.
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Therese calmly walked away, and headed to the School.

She could understand the frustration the headmaster felt, as the young vampires got quite figety when they smelled blood. Being so young, they were rather uppity in their own right. And they were all quite young, which made things easier, at least for her. These vampires though beleived it to be 'beneath' them to go to the local hangout for vampires, and she didn't blame them. These were children of rather upstanding and powerful members of the vampire community.

On approaching the school, she could smell all of the humans, safe inside their dorms. At least here, much like the Lair, humans wouldn't be harmed. Truely, it was proof that vampires and humans could get along well within such confines.

To her left, as she opened the gates of the school, she heard a click, and turned to see the young human who protected the human students from any possible 'accidents' that might happen.

"Why hello, Hans. It's a pleasure to see you." Therese greeted him with a quaint smile, he did this everytime she came here, to any vampire that walked within these grounds.

"Why are you here?"

"Christophe asked me to come on his behalf. The Headmaster requested some assistance in keeping the night class under control."

The boy put his gun away."Fine then. The headmaster is in his office."

"Care to walk with me?" Therese cocked her head at him, observing the change in his physique. He was getting much more 'pretty' and as such Therese suspected girls were beginning to fawn over him. But, such was the fate of a vampire once completely turned. His scent was a bit more... spiced, to put it mildly. Vampires held the allure of snake venom around them, it was something they could never supress.

"I planned on it. Come on." The boy lead her into the school, Therese's heels clacking on the flooring. Soon enough, they came to the office. Hans opened the door, and let Therese in first.

"Why, hello!" Called Leon. He smiled widely, and his mouth curled up into a broad and warm welcome. "How have you been?"

Therese shrugged. "I've been alright. Now, what's the problem? And how can I help?"

The former hunter sighed. "Well, it's not that I can blame the night class, really, they are only children. But, the smell of real blood has them all rather excited. I fear one of our shorter lived students wandering around tonight might not be all that thrilled to find any of our night class..."

Therese sighed. "I take it you'd like me to play the part of substitute teacher?"

"You catch on quickly. If you wouldn't mind..."

"Of course. I rather like the company of the younger crowd. Makes me feel less old." Therese smiled genuinely, this man showed her respect, not because of Christophe, but for her own sake. He truely was a noble man.

Leon opened on of his drawers, and produced a small silver tin. "If you become hungry... these are for you. Just drop one into a glass of water and you'll be sated."

"Of course... I've had these before. Granted, they're not as good as the real thing, but they do the trick." Therese grasped the tin, and placed it within the back pocket of her jeans. "Thank you, Leon. Now, I'll be off to teach. What exactly is the lesson plan?"

"Today's lesson is supposed to be english."

"Alright then. I'll be teaching that then." Therese stood, and walked out of the room, and down the halls to the night classroom. She could feel the tittering energy of the class, and the faint smell of blood was still in the air. "Well, this should be interesting, to say the least."
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[COLOR=Purple][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Kataki had been wandering the dance area, glancing at all of the humans, vampires, and just about everyone else who was there hungrily. Kataki enjoyed devouring the mortals, as they were unusually delicious to her. Her current form, her "eight-tailed serpent and human hybrid", featured her now gently moving eight green tails behind her as she watched the entire room cautiously.

Of course, she had seen Christophe, the owner, take out one of his own and take off with a human. This vampire intrigued her, but she knew she shouldn't get close - it could lead o her downfall.

Kataki stood there, her hunger growing, when she saw what appeared to be a vampire "dropping dead". Kataki noticed the reaper, and figured he was the cause. Her mind had said she best go over there and "dispose of the body". She dashed over, opening her mouth, revealing fangs as a forked tongue caressed her lips. The eight tails of her current form swished around as she happily looked at her meal.

"This... is going to be a delectable treat. I rarely get to have vampire..."

Vampires weren't all too appetizing to her, but would always get the job done. She preferred more muscular creatures, such as humans and oni. The young serpent-girl was hoping nobody would interfere with her meal, as she hadn't eaten in a good while.
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Christophe emerged from the back area a short while later, observing the Lair. He could see that there had been several incidents, people were steering clear of the Reaper. A snake woman had manifested, and was currently devouring a dead vampire. Christophe guestured to two vampires, and they came over to him, fawning and swooning at him.

"Shut it, both of you. I don't care for your false flattery. If anything, it insults my intelligence. Now, Do me a favor, the humans kind of noticed what's going on. Alter their memories. Make them forget what's happened tonight. Your powers should be ample enough."

The two vampired did as told, looking mildly hurt that Christophe had scorned them so. the humans each passed out, and then Christophe started barking orders.

"You! Call a cab for the humans. Pay the cabbie a hundred and tell him to keep the change. Thankfully, they didn't go screaming out the door, thanks to the alcohol. And you, Make sure they get there. Keep in mind, if anyone feeds on them, I'll be handling it myself, and I honestly don't think any of you really want to try my patience right now."

The reaper sneered. "What's the matter, your date didn't hold out too long?"

Christophe stormed over, and grasped him by the throat. As the Reaper's face began to change, Christophe slapped him across the face with enough force to remove a human's head from it's torso. However, he had held back enough force to not kill the reaper, though it had indeed sent him for a loop. "I won't tolerate such insolent behavior! Killing any one or any thing is forbidden here! If you can't abide by that solitary rule, then you can leave, and feel free to bring anything you feel nessessary against me." Chrtistophe threw him across the room, and snarled angrily, his face twisted into something completely unreconizable from his usual cheerful smile. Granted, it wasn;t some bone ridden countanence, it still looked human enough, though his eyes glowed with a ferocity that people seldom saw. He turned around the room, eyeing everyone else, and the n turned his attention to the snake woman, who was hurridly finishing her meal.

"Madam, I suggest that if you ever wish to return, you do in a human form. I do not allow creatures in here who do not have such a form as to appear human, at least at a minimum. This includes legs."

She hissed her words. "That's discrimination..."

"That's how it works here. If you don't like it, then leave." Christophe snarled. "This place is a known to humans. Such reckless showing of your hybrid form will not be tollerated, as it might arouse suspicion and hunters might be dispatched to handle such occurences, if normal humans whisper of the oddities that appear here. As such, I will not aide those who break my rule, only those who have abided by it. It you wish to return to this place, then do so with legs."

OOC: Alright, sorry to the characters who got thrashed, whether verbally or physically. But, It is how my character would react himself. This is why there's never any trouble at the Lair lol
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Erika sighed at Christophe's tantrum. It was never a pleasant feeling when his anger seeped through the air and made everyone feel tense. She listened to Christophe's scolding of the snake woman, glad that she herself had had the foresight to hide her ears and tails from human sight. But now that the humans were gone, she let them show again. Erika rose from her chair, stretching. "Well, Christophe, I thank you for an enjoyable evening, despite some minor intusions," she started, glaring at the reaper,"but I'm afraid I must be on my way. If I find out anything of use to your lttle problem, I will be sure to tell you." And with that, Erika left to go patrol the school's perimeter in case any trouble decided to show itself.

Short post again, I know.:animeswea Sorry! I'll be sure to get something else up in the near future!
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Therese walked into the classroom, and observed the students each in turn. They were all looking at her, they'd never actually seen her in a classroom. Some were sitting in the seminar seats, some were sitting on the tops of the seats, and some were sitting in the window sills.

"Good evening, students. I'll be your substitute teacher tonight. I am Miss Dawes.

"Where's headmaster Leon?" One of them piped up.

"A girl fell ill today, he's taking care of her." Therese replied. "Luckily, none you will ever have to worry about catching a cold." Therese pulled a lesson plan from the drawers of the teacher's desk. "So tonight's lesson is mathmatics. We'll begin immediately."

Therese began to write on the board, doing mathmatical quips and equasions, calling on the various students. She knew their names, most of them she'd already met their families, so she simply pointed when she wanted an answer or one of them, to come up to the board. Time passed quickly, and Therese found it to be actually rather enjoyable to play teacher. Long ago, she had been a teacher once, and even then, she'd liked it.

However, the night drew to a close far sooner than she had anticipated, so she shut the book she had been working on and popped one of the tablets into a wine glass, and took a sip.It wasn't that bad, actually.

"Alright class, the Headmaster will return tomorrow. I expect todays lesson was moderately more of a leisure session than anything else. Now, good day, and sweet dreams." Therese finished her tablet water, and then walked away. She put on her shades, and then still grimanced when the light of the sun reached her eyes. Quickly, she headed to the lair, wishing she had used her car.
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[COLOR=Purple][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Kataki decided to abide[/FONT] by Christophe's rules. [/COLOR][FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=Purple]After seeing the one vamp - whom she had devoured - get killed by him, she had figured he was well worth being called the owner.

"Look, I'll listen. I just got a little antsy tonight. I hadn't eaten in a while, so I got a little eager as soon as I saw the corpse. It won't happen again. You've got my word on it."

Kataki grinned, her body returning to the full human state, with the exception of serpentine eyes, a forked tongue, fangs, and oddly pale skin.

"This is thee closest I can get. I wish those humans were a little more accepting, but unfortunately, they don't like any species to be their friend other than their own."

As Kataki wandered off, she noticed the young kitsune. That is, she was young by kitsune standards. Judging by her three tails, Kataki could tell she was already quite skilled.

"Quite skilled, aren't you? I can see you're young, but how young? I retain the appearance of a teenager most of the time, but I'm older than some kitsune. Also, my name is Kataki Hitokui. You are?"

Kataki licked a small amount of blood remaining from her meal off of her lips. She was satisfied, and wouldn't have to feed for at least 12 hours. Vamps didn't make much more than a snack for her.


It's okay. Also, she actually DID have legs (Likely should've made it clear), but just about everything else was serpentine. I still need to get artwork for that form. ^_^
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Erika blinked slowly. "I am Erika Nein and I am 100 years old. So you are a Yamata no Orochi? Well, for your age, you seem to have no knowledge of dining mannerisms when in a human environment."

"I do not spend so much time around humans. Anyway, your name...you are a creature of Japanese origin, are you not? And yet your name does not seem so."

"Well, Kataki-san, My mother, also a kitsune, married a German human. It was in fact from my father that I learned just how to act near hmans. My mother was the one who taught me basic kitsune skills."

"So experienced for a mixed blood? Impressive."

"The same to yourself. Now, I must go and make sure nothing suspicious goes on around the grounds. I expect that I will even prank a few students, should the opportunity arise. Good day, miss."
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Christophe sighed, and yawned. The reaper was gloomily sulking in a corner of the room now, and most of the patrons had left for the evening. He looked to the few who were left, and he held up his hand. "Attention! For those of you who live here, you may stay. However, tonight has come to an end. I thank those of you who came tonight, and beg your pardon of tonight's events. My apologies for losing my temper. But, I bid you all a good day." Those who didn't live beneathe the Lair began to leave, and the Reaper looked as if he was confused, like he wasn't sure if he should stay or go. So, Christophe walked over to him, and smiled, non-chalant.

"If you wish to stay for the day, then I can have a room prepared for you. Sorry about earlier, I just simply can not have such things occur within this establishment. If you wish to question my patrons, then do so, but I'll ask that you not kill any more, at least while inside here."

"Fine. And thank you for the room..."

Christophe guestured to one of his personaly subordinates, Angela. She walked over, and bowed her head. "Yes?"

"Please take Raven here down to the third basment. I beleive he'll find ample comfort in one of the rooms there."

Angela nodded, and turned to the Reaper. "Please, this way." The two left, heading away from the main area. He turned to the snake woman, and smiled. "Would you like to stay the night as well?"

"Please, Christophe. Thank you."

Christophe guestured over to another vampire, this one a male. "Please take this lovely lady down to a room."

"Yes, sir."

Christophe yawned, and smiled at all of the rest of the people milling around. "Now, As for the rest of you, I'm going to sleep. See you come dusk."
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[COLOR=DarkRed][FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium]Ilta slowly walked the streets, blood staining her white dress. This would be nothing unusual normally, except this time the blood was her own.
She had to find the Lair and soon. Sure she was immortal, but that didn't mean that she didn't still feel pain.

A few minutes later, although they seemed like hours to Ilta, she finally came to the entrance to the Lair. She pushed open the door and found it pretty empty, which would have been understandable to Ilta if she had known what had happened that night or how late it was at the moment. However, all she understood at the moment was that she was in pain.

"Christophe!" Ilta yelled out, before she collapsed.

[B]OOC: Sorry for the short post, Inuyasha. Just trying to get into the RP.[/B]
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Therese had seen the girl stumble into the Lair, and then heard her cry out for Christophe. In the blink of an eye, Therese had crossed the gap between her and the Lair.

The girl was bleeding. There was blood all over her. She appeared to be young, but the scent coming from her and the blood told her otherwise.

This girl wasn't even human. Therese called out this time, cradling the girl. "CHRISTOPHE! NOW! HET YOUR LAZY ASS IN HERE!"

"Shhhhh... What happened?"

"I.. Don't.... I don't..." The girl stuttered, her mind in a turmoil.

Christophe stumbled into the room, looking rather undressed, being only in a pair of underwear, and a rather tight and revealing pair, too.

"Ilta?" Christophe darted over, looking her over. His eyes widened, and he started barking orders. "Therese, get her downstairs, now. The sun is coming up. If she is exposed in already weak state, then she's not going to survive. Come on." Christophe turned, and Therese followed, picking up the girl in her arms. They took her to an unused bedroom, where Therese gently lied her down on the bed. Several of the 'Stayers' had peeked their heads out from behind their doors, and each one who did Christophe shouted an order at them. Soon enough, the room was filled with medical equipment.

"Therese, undress her. It would be rather awkward for me to." He turned and looked at the ceiling, and These did as she was told. The girl was soon naked, revealing several garish wounds upon her flesh. Therese hastily placed a sheet on her breasts, and covered up her lower half. Then Therese began to hook up the equipment to her. There was no need to sterilize, vampires didn't have to worry about human diseases, in fact, they didn't have to worry about any disease.

Christophe inspected her, soon enough covering her up. "There's nothing we can do right now."

"Christophe... Who is she?"

"An old friend. I haven't heard from her in awhile. I had been getting worried... I guess not without reason either. I had her sniffing out some information for me."

"What could have happened to her?"

"My guess is she's lucky to even be alive. She was inspecting the disappearences." Christophe looked troubled. "If thgis happened to her because of that, then this is my fault."

"Damn right it is." Therese sighed. "Why didn't you go find out yourself?"
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The vampire spat blood and a broken tooth onto the ground, glaring up at Harold. The Revenant stared down at him coldly, hands tightly clenched into fists. He had spent the last five minutes savagely beating the parasite for information, but the creature had remained silent. Rain rolled his head, his knuckles cracking as he grabbed the creature's throat and slammed him against the wall.
"I'll ask one more time...just. Once."
His fist rocketed into the beast's throat, causing him to choke up as Rain moved close to him, close enough that the smell of grave dirt filled the vampires nose.
"What do you know about the disappearances? You were talking about them, you must know something. You said a name, a name that got my interest..."
The Revenant hurled the parasite across the floor, then stomped onto his crotch savagely, pinning him down.
"What do you know about Albert Sims? This is your last chance to have this pain end."
"...whatever you do to me...is nothing...compared to what they'll do to me..."
"Oh, you underestimate me...so very much."
The last ten minutes of the Vampire's life were the most agonizing he had ever experienced. As Harold dropped the eviscerated carcass, he felt a tinge of foreboding. He knew more about causing pain then any other creature. He knew how to make the pain last, how to keep them alive. And yet, this parasite only screamed, he never answered the question. What kind of creature could instill such fear? Vampires were cowards and pathetic when it came to terms of loyalty. but to garner it from such a creature would take a power beyond Rain's comprehension. It didn't matter. Looking up at the sky, he saw the sun slowly rising. He had lost track of time, and while the sun wasn't painful to him, it risked him being seen. He didn't need the humans going after him, he didn't want to hurt anyone who didn't deserve it. But he hadn't found a safe place to stay for that day.
The Revenant turned and began to move back towards the Lair. He knew that only the weaker vampires would bother him if he stayed at that wretched place, but he had enough of a reputation for hating that kind that they would probably leave him alone. Besides...if Christophe knew about Albert Sims...he shouldn't let him too far out of his sights. At least until he gets the information he needed.
As Harold entered the empty Lair, he immediately became aware of blood patches on the floor. Careful to step around the puddles, he bent down and sniffed above them. Then he grumbled as the familiar smell of the parasites wafted to him. He didn't care to find a room, instead taking his normal seat in the corner. As he pulled his knees up to his chest and folded his hands over them, he glared out across the room, dead silent and unmoving.
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[COLOR=Indigo][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Kataki had followed the vampire downstairs. As she walked behind the male, she wondered why Christophe always seemed to have these "mood swings". One minute, he seems to complain, the next he's being kind.

[B]~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~[/B]

Once she had made herself at home in her room, Kataki decided she would wander around and converse with others. She noticed the Revenant merely in the corner, not in a room for the time being. Kataki made her way over to the odd being. She wasn't used to Revenants.

"Why are you staying in a corner? Wouldn't you be more comfortable in a room?"
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Christophe closed his eyes. "Because I have enough to deal with already."

Christophe sighed, placing her hand on her forehead. There was something going on with her he didn't quite understand, she was changing, into something he didn't know what. Her scent told him she was already dead, but here she was, fighting for her life.

Christophe spoke once more. "Therese, there is much I need to find out. Watch over her. If she asks for me, come get me."

Christophe stood up, and proceeded out the door way, shooting one last look inside the room. He then walked down the hall, peeking in on his guest, still snoozing, his buttocks exposed, a smile on his face. Indeed, he'd had quite a time.

Christophe moved to the dining area, and proceeded to fill a bucket with soap and water, then moving to clean up the blood in the bar area. He saw that the revanent had returned, and the snake woman had returned from her room.

The woman peered at Christophe, and she smiled. "Doing the clean up in your underwear? You act like this is your home."

"It is. And it's home to those who need it." Christophe began to scrub, his huge dress shirt billowing out in front of him, his red boxer breifs showing underneathe, showing off his faintly muscular legs. His slight figure was belying his more apt ferocious side. The revanent stared at him, and Christophe knew the revanent wanted to ask him something.

"Spill it, Rain. What's on your mind?"

Rain peered at him, his look of disgust ever so apparent. "Albert Sims."

"Ah, the man who killed you. Well, to my knowledge he's rather occupied in his own dealings. With what, or who, I haven't found out yet. The truck stop you were killed at, it wasn't his only blood bath. The girl who's recooperating down stairs... she was turned by him, and more than likely attacked by him as well. His scent is on her..."

The revanent made a move to get up, but Christophe was on him in a second, blocking his way.

"Move, parasite."

Christophe raised his hand,pointing. His eyes glowing like embers. "You so much as think of questioning her right now, and I myself will finish what Albert started. Now, you can listen to what I have to say."

The revanent sat back down, his hatred bursting forth. "What?"

"Albert is somewhere on the eastern coast, I have people working on finding him. I myself have been hunting him for some time. His random sprees of slaughter are not something I will allow. Patience, I will find him and bring him to you personally. I had intended on merely finding him and handling it, but since you came into the picture, I thought I'd allow you to kill him yourself. Truely, in the conditions Ilta is in right now, she won't be able to tell you anything. However, I will find out what she knows, and then tell you when she is feeling better. Understand?"

"Fine..." he replied. Christophe sighed. "I'm going on a trip as soon as Ilta wakes. When she tells me where he is, then I'll know where to go. I plan on having the strongest creatures of the night accompany me, if they so wish."

The snake woman spoke up. "I'm not opposed to going. It would be nice to accompany you."

Christophe shrugged. "Suit yourself. I need to cfinish cleaning this up and get some rest before tonight. You two should do the same."
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[COLOR=Purple][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Kataki grinned at Christophe. It was easy to tell he was the strongest of his kind in this area. As for Kataki, she figured she was the last of her own kind, considering the only other she knew of - her own father - was slayed by Susanoo.

"I apologize for not introducing myself before. I am Kataki Hitokui, a Yamata-no-Orochi. I figured it would be a good idea to accompany you due to the fact you said you needed powerful allies. I know that I am quite powerful myself, though I of course do have weaknesses, like all. Of course, I don't hold grudges very often at all, so if you find a better person to aid you instead of me, I won't mind. As for the cleaning, I might as well help... It is to make up for what I did earlier. It will be my own punishment."

Kataki went and grabbed a washrag she found in a kitchen and soaked it with water, dabbing soap on afterward. She then walked out and proceeded to aid in the cleaning of the floors.
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