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This is Where We Brag About Our New Toys

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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Well, it's that time of year, and we all know that the presents are just superficial trinkets to remind us all of the spirit of goodwill, love and friendship. And after all, those are the things we're really grateful for, right?

That said, the material possessions are still pretty awesome.

So you know the drill. What did you get for Christmas (Solstice, Kwanzaa, etc.?) Was it what you were hoping for? Was your haul on the ball?

Myself, I got some pretty neat stuff. I got a Chuck Norris facts poster, a new Nintendo DS stylus with [URL="http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Shaymin_%28Pok%C3%A9mon%29"][COLOR="Blue"]Shaymin[/COLOR][/URL] on it, the movie [B]UP[/B] on DVD (which just goes to show that my parents listen well and like me a lot,) a 25$ Game Crazy gift card, [B]Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World[/B] (I think my friend is trying to tell me that I need a Wii) and [B]The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks[/B], which I've been playing with my Shaymin stylus.

I think it was a great year, and I'm just glad to know people who can tolerate me enough to even consider buying me such awesome swag.[/FONT]
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[SIZE="1"]I've only opened gifts from my friend's so far, over the past few days. I'll open the stuff from my family in a few hours, after I work out. Lol.

I got a Bruce Lee t-shirt, and a Yoshi & Mario hoody from two of my friend's, and my boyfriend got me a Wii, one of those special packs that came with three games(Rubiks World, My Sims Kingdom, and Mario vs Sonic Olympics), and a Wii t-shirt. He also got me another controller. He spends a lot of money on me... o_o;

- Harry Potter 6
- The Pirates of the Caribbean 1 & 3 (because I didn't like 2, lol)
- Scrubs season 1
- Two sweaters and two shirts from my dad that arn't my style, at all. XD
- Pajama pants
- [B]The Iron Gym: Total upper body workout bar[/B] which you place in doorsways in order to do chin ups at home, lol. I got this from my brother, and he wanted it so he'll be using it too

I mainly had fun watching my dad and brother opening their presents because I spent so much money on everyone.[/SIZE]
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[FONT="Microsoft Sans Serif"][SIZE="1"]Right now, I've just got presents from friends and parents, soooo...


~ A DS case for my system & games
~ a scarf. Specifically, Morty's from Pokemon HG/SS. And his pin. And a Fog Badge. All handmade.

And I'm supposed to get Zelda: Spirit Tracks from one of them as a late present. Now I need to think of things to get them...


~ Wii point card that I promptly spent on Sin & Punishment and Super Mario RPG
~ A shiny new PSP to replace my old one that broke ages ago
~ Dissidia: Final Fantasy
~ a new GCN controller, since I gave my old one away [as well as the entire system]. It's nice to be able to play a good half of my library again...
~ Professor Layton & the Diabolical Box [finally]
~ Super Paper Mario [again, finally]
~ New Super Mario Bros. Wii
~ Up on DVD
~ Ferris Bueller's Day Off on DVD, which I surprisingly did not own until now. Also came with a replica of his vest thing and a "SAVE FERRIS" pin. It's awesome.
~ various clothes and candy.

I may or may not get more later in the day...we shall see.[/SIZE][/FONT]
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I got, well, a [b]lot[/b] of clothes. I'll spare you all the details since I'm sure no one really wants to hear every article of clothing I received, but nearly all of them were from J. Crew because I'm a prep and I like preppy things.

But everything else:

- The Hangover & HP6 on DVD
- Mario & Sonic Wii Olympics
- 3 charms for my Pandora bracelet (1 blue for my college color, 1 orange for my high school class color, and a little bird in memory of my pet Parakeet)
- Kate Spade fire engine red coin purse
- A bunch of little things for my dorm room

and last but not least...

[b]A CHEETAH SNUGGIE[/b]. omfg yes.

Like I said, I mostly got clothes. However, my best present is going to be on Monday. <3
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[SIZE=1]Although it'll sound distinctly un-Christmas-y I'm actually not a big present person any more. Unless I specifically mention something I'd like I've asked my parents/siblings to just give money/general gift vouchers instead so I can get stuff I actually want during the after Christmas sales. My parents and sister can't seem to understand this mentality to I did end up with a few pressies wrapped up under the tree this year. Anyway on with the obligatory list:
[*][SIZE=1]Cash, obviously, have yet to count it all up but I think it's somewhere in the region of ?170.[/SIZE]
[*][SIZE=1]Several gift vouchers, again as expected.
[*][SIZE=1]Assassin's Creed 2 for my 360 (which I had rented this week)[/SIZE]
[*][SIZE=1]Dan Brown's latest novel, I'm expecting tripe but I'm curious to see how the series progresses.[/SIZE]
[*][SIZE=1]New woollen hat, scarf and gloves from my sister which were handy seeing as I lost my previous set of gloves at home.[/SIZE]
[*][SIZE=1]Frankie Boyle (of Mock the Week) DVD from my bother[/SIZE]
[*][SIZE=1]Obligatory aftershave combo.
[/SIZE][/LIST][SIZE=1]Not a bad haul overall.
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[SIZE="1"][COLOR="RoyalBlue"]Man. This year is sa-weet so far.

I got a turntable/amplifier/speakers, plus vinyl, which is happy!
& I've been askiing for long argyle socks for months & finally got those... & leg-warmers!
Also, the new PostSecret book & & & & & & & & & & & & &

I'm not sure what else because I'm bad at remember.

Oh, I got this really cute thing to wear to sleep or something. But it's cute enough that I'll probably wear it around in public. & stuff.

My roommate got me a Snuggie, & boyfriend & I haven't celebrated Christmas yet. SO WE'LL SEE.

& my bruvver is taking me out to dinner![/COLOR][/SIZE]
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I think this was a pretty good year
$25 B&N giftcard
many awesome shirts
Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks
Bleach vol 1-4, Bamboo Blade vol 3
Clamp no kisuke vol 4,7,8,9,1
and a Lego Space Needle!
If there was anything else it wasn't important/ i don't remember but overall, :animesmil
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From mah bestest pal: AN AWESOME FREAKING SHIRT.

From various other sources:
A cheshire cat hat from HT
A lovely casual dress
A beautiful sweater
Many gift cards
Alice in Wonderland DVD
Blue October CD Foiled
Lady Gaga CD The Fame Monster
A bust of a human head marking different sections of the head that contain different parts of the brain and their funtions
A Latin phrases calendar
Psych season 2
A first-aid kit (YESH!:catgirl:)
An iPod...meh...

Tomorrow is Sherlock Holmes day.:animesmil
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This was kinda the first year I didn't make a "list"; it was interesting. I still ended up with some nice gifts.

- Digital photo frame; really awesome random gift
- New purty wallet
- Collector's Edition of "Fiddler on the Roof"; includes the 2-disc special edition movie DVD, the soundtrack and a songbook. Another great random present.
- Little case for the iPhone
- The Lion King on DVD! Only problem is that it's not quite here yet. Still really cool and unexpected gift.
- Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. Yesssssss.
- And finally... Tales of Vesperia. An incredibly welcome surprise.

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I don't do wishlists for Christmas. I think it kills some of the Christmas Magic if you can look at a present and know what's inside, and asking people for specific items also inevitably gets my hopes up, so even if I get some great gifts that I didn't ask for, I'll still have a twinge of disappointment since I didn't get some of the things I [I]did[/I] ask for.

Still, I'm told I'm hard to buy for, so for the past two years I've sent out a short list of themes (e.g., "liquids", "facial hair", "things MacGyver would use") that my family can interpret as they see fit to find gift-buying inspiration. Half of them usually just ignore the themes, but they can't really complain that I didn't send out a list. :d

This year's haul included (but was not limited to):
- A custom-made tartan mustache pillow from my sister
- A USB turntable (magnificent. I've got so much unlistened vinyl sitting around since my old record player kicked the bucket a while back.)
- A case of delicious pineapple soda, which only my brother from Austin can get ahold of

A good year.
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[COLOR="DarkOrchid"][FONT="Times New Roman"]A sippy cup full of candy [I have no idea really]
A new windshield, mine was cracked in four places
And the boyfriend forgot to buy me a present so he took me shopping.

A new comforter and shams for my pretty pillows in a bright berry red,
A mattress cover,
Two flat sterilite tubs to slide under the bed to hold my petticoats and gothic lolita clothing
Refrigerator clips/magnets
A garlic press/peeler
New bookshelves for the downstairs living room in a sultry dusky black.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[FONT="Lucida Sans Unicode"][COLOR="RoyalBlue"][quote name='Gavin][SIZE=1']Although it'll sound distinctly un-Christmas-y I'm actually not a big present person any more. Unless I specifically mention something I'd like I've asked my parents/siblings to just give money/general gift vouchers instead so I can get stuff I actually want during the after Christmas sales. My parents and sister can't seem to understand this mentality to I did end up with a few pressies wrapped up under the tree this year.[/SIZE][/quote]My friends and family just don't understand that mentality either, nor the one of 'I don't need anything but if you do, just give me a card for a place like Amazon'. Probably because they can't seem to figure out why I'll spend it on practical stuff that I really want.

This year they partially got it though and I was given a new electric blanket. My older one had finally died so I really needed a new one. I also got some new socks. Something else I really wanted. The rest of the stuff was more along the lines of stuff that is fun, but you don't really need.

That included two albums by Within Temptation, one by Bond. I'm currently listening to one of the new Within Temptation albums actually. =P Three volumes of Tsubasa. Moar Fai is always a good thing.

Some figurines from Lucky Star, Konata and Yutaka to be exact. I've got those sitting on the shelf right above my computer, along with some decorative candles I was given.

I also got a collectible Star Wars doll and the Eye of the North expansion for Guild Wars. And last but not least, some goodies for snacking on. Some summer sausages and different cheeses. I'll be getting some crackers from the store to go with that today. [/COLOR][/FONT]
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[SIZE="1"][COLOR=#35425e][quote name='John']Asking for gift cards or cash is [I]unacceptable[/I]. "Practicality" has no part in Christmas gift-giving and gift-getting.[/QUOTE]Not if one's a utilitarian.

I do love it when the receiver actually uses my gift for her/him. Wish lists make it easier for people like me to make gift-giving a win-win situation. Santa doesn't mind, yeah?

On to the loot:[COLOR="DarkRed"][LIST=1]
[*]a small Fortune plant
[*]6 crochet threads
[*]6 medium-weight yarns
[*]2 crochet hooks
[*]a pair of knitting needles
[*]boxes for my yarn stash
[*]a 2010 planner
[*]a ballerina lamb plushie
[*]a jar of trail mix
[*]a bra that's [i]just my size![/i][/COLOR]
[/LIST]This year's loot was A+! Lots of crafty bits, some of which I've turned into purses already. I still have a few gifts I've left unopened, including the one from The One. Saving them for a dreary day when one just needs a pleasant surprise.

The lovely gift wraps and ribbons have also been recycled into notebook covers and fabric roses. An excellent loot indeed.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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