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Let's Do A Timewarp [Again!]

Lady Asphyxia

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[FONT="Arial Narrow"][SIZE="2"]A.K.A. Where the bloody hell are you? (a.k.a. Let's catch up!)

I joined OB in June 2003. I was a junior member, an Otaku Idol competitor, a mod, a supermod, a lurker and now just a random occasional visitor. OB's seen me through high school, through my first years of Uni and through about 5 different moves. I made friends with you guys and I just realised that I haven't spoken to you all in forever.

So. Have you seen the right sidepanel on the facebook page that says "Reconnect with x"?

This is the OB form of that. Tell us about yourself and what you're up to now.

[I]Reconnect with OB. ;)[/I]

[B]Who:[/B] Member [almost] 6 years, currently in 'fade-to-black' mode.
[B]Where:[/B] Living in Sydney, Australia! Just moved into my very first apartment and have my own local bar.
[B]What:[/B] Still at Uni [le sigh] for 12 more months and then I'm a grown up. Run around like a chicken-sans head with two of my best friends, who I'm living with. Have finished 3 years at college -- best and most ridiculous years of my life. Studying business and french. Spent 6 months of last year in Scotland. Love cooking, love fitness, love socialising.
[B]When [i.e. Back Then]:[/B] Was one of 'Liam's flock', then moved into Anthology and the Arena and spent ridiculous numbers of hours reading and critiquing stories. Met and loved [B][I]so[/I][/B] many OBers I don't recall everyone, but you know who you are.
[B]Why: [/B]Because I realised I missed you guys.
[B]Favourite Things About OB: [/B]
Making a new post and waiting for the notifications that there was a reply.
Pancake Bunny
The community?[/SIZE][/FONT]
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[COLOR="RoyalBlue"][SIZE="1"]Who: Member or something. Since June 200...6? Yeah.
Where: Indiana!
What: Majoring in music education. It's pretty sweet. I'm in a professional women's music fraternity. It's sweet. I like wine!
When [i.e. Back Then]: I've never left the Lounge, & I had an adventurous time meeting Mr. Maul.
Why: O_O
Favourite Things About OB:
et. cet. er. a.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[size=1]Who: Member since 2003/2004, roughly.
Where: Gawja.
What: Going to college, dating an amazing boyyy, and currently thawing out from teh snows.
When [i.e. Back Then]: Was a fledgling RPer for the longest time; rarely visited the Lounge, and tried my hand at banner making. Became renowned in the Sexy Six, as we all RPed together, ALL THE TIME. :D
Why: Because I missed the people and the RPing.
Favourite Things About OB:

Well, not everything. But enough. :)[/size]
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[color=#9933ff][font=monotype corsiva][size=4]
[B]Who: [/B] Member since November 2003. I've been a member here longer than I was a member of my first marriage LOL :animeswea

[B]Where:[/B] Joined while living in [B]Central Texas [/B]currently living in [B]Western New York State[/B] but this is my last year in the Empire State of mind (I HATE that song now!) because next year I'll be living in [B]Washington[/B] state.

[B]What:[/B] Taking a breather from the hassle of working in memory care and hospice directly by working as a Care Tech at a nursing home and per-diem as an RA. I've been a single mom for the past nearly six years to a lovely little girl who I love most of the times but does try my patience. I'm also engaged to a wonderful guy from [B]British Columbia[/B] we're getting married next year. I plan on going for my PTA then. I love that I have steady work- I just don't love the hours. I enjoy reading everything, writing when I'm inspired, excersizing and baking. (one evens the other out so I can do both :catgirl:) Currently getting help with planning my cross country wedding from a friend from work.

[B]When:[/B]Prettty much everywhere that caught my interest and I haven't changed that since. I got here via Trouble Makers and all things naughty.

[B]Why:[/B] Because sometimes I wander off then come back again. I like being random and just breathing some life here.

[B]Favorite things:[/B] The over all sense of just say anything and sooner or later you'll get a reply. I also miss the pancake bunny. And Chibi #2 is my lil sis![/color][/font][/size]
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[COLOR="DarkRed"][SIZE="1"]Who: Member since late 2005.

Where: British Columbia...now, and forever.

What: Attempting to get my butt back to school...taken waaaay too long. Alternately, though, I've been buisy writing a lot. Finally got published! (only took forever) Currently, I'm working up in Northern BC with developmentally delayed children. I love it, but it's a lot of work. Hoping to continue it within the field of Social Work...maybe.

When: Started out in the Arena (starring in RP's & creating them), made my way to the Anthology (wrote a story with a close friend, which is on it's way to get published as well), and then I fell off the face of OB for two years. I had a couple attempts to get back on, but until last month I haven't had much of a chance.

Why: I've loved this site since I became a memeber, and I missed it...<3

Favorite Things: All the interesting things that are said on here: a lot of it, actually, has inspired me, and opened my eyes to new ideas with my writing. :D Thanks everyone!!![/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[quote name='Random'][COLOR="DarkRed"][SIZE="1"]Who: Member since late 2005.

Where: British Columbia...now, and forever[/SIZE][/COLOR][/QUOTE]

[color=#9933ff][font=monotype corsiva][size=4]Out of morbid curiousity, where in British Columbia? My in laws- well soon to be inlaws are in the Okanagan region, but I have a friend in Ft. Frasier. Ft Frasier- snow supplier of the 2010 Olympic games. [/color][/font][/size]
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[quote name='ChibiHorsewoman'][color=#9933ff][font=monotype corsiva][size=4]Out of morbid curiousity, where in British Columbia? My in laws- well soon to be inlaws are in the Okanagan region, but I have a friend in Ft. Frasier. Ft Frasier- snow supplier of the 2010 Olympic games. [/color][/font][/size][/QUOTE]

[SIZE="1"][COLOR="DarkRed"]Terrace, actually....waaaaaaaay up north! Soon to be Victoria, though, for schooling. :P[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"][SIZE="1"][COLOR="Navy"]Am I too young a member to be a part of your oldie club? :animesmil

Korey (the member formerly known as Sesshomarufan)

Who: Member since 2004. Mod since 2007? (I don't knowwwww)

Where:I lived in Western Texas for 16 years before just recently re-locating to Ramstein, Germany.

What: I'm about three semesters away from finishing my Bachelor's in Journalism, and I plan on finishing my degree. I've been dating my current GF for 19 months and I'm thinking about taking that to the next level sometime in the future (shhh). Just recently became unemployed with the move and the time-change currently owns my mortal soul. But at least I'm healthy and happy.

When: I started in the Arena, mostly doing the old one-on-one battles before taking part in RP's. Then I contributed to the Lounge for a while before taking a brief hiatus before returning in 2007. I became a moderator of the Arcade shortly after that and I wouldn't trade my job for anything. I like to create community events in my random bursts of creativity.

Why: Unlike most of the forums I frequent, I feel that OB is the friendliest and most fun to be a part of.

Favorite part: Do I have to name one?[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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[SIZE=1]Why not.

[B]Who:[/B] Lurker since V2 2001, Member since V3 2001, Staff Member since 2008

[B]Where:[/B] Republic of Ireland, moved about 45 miles from home to Limerick City from university as of September 2008.

[B]What:[/B] 2 years away from finishing my undergraduate degree in Business and Japanese, 12 months away from working in Japan which scares the living daylights out of me at the thought of it. That said I've loved damn near every minute of college and intend to stick around for a post-graduate degree of some sort. Also 9 days off 23 and currently one of, if not the, supreme evil of OB.

[B]When:[/B] Was a Dragonball Z aficionado when I joined, moved to the RP forum and found I enjoyed it immensely, not really posting outside the RP forum during my first two years. I have had the good fortune of being able to RP with most of the big names of OB's RPing circle over each of the different versions and maintain solid friendships with many of them to this day. At some point became a devoted follower of Josh/Shy and have never really stopped being one since.

[B]Why: [/B]Always been a friendly site with good people, good times and good memories.

[/SIZE][quote name='Korey'][FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium][SIZE=1][COLOR=Navy]Am I too young a member to be a part of your oldie club? :animesmil[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/quote] [SIZE=1]Hmm 2004 is still a bit new for my tastes anyway. :p
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[quote name='Korey'][FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"][SIZE="1"][COLOR="Navy"]*plays on your lawn* AND I'M NOT GETTING OFF OF IT! D<[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/QUOTE]
[font=lucida fax]Germans...

[b]Who:[/b] Member since early 2002, Art Moderator since eh... autumn 2007.
[b]Where:[/b] The Netherlands of course.
[b]What:[/b] OtakuBoards saw me through most of high school and some years of college/university by now. I've been a member on here more than 3 times longer than my girlfriend has me.
[b]When [i.e. Back Then]:[/b] I was one of the raiders of the lost Newbie Lounge. Went over to the role playing and writing areas, lost my way there and wandered into the Art Studio, and this is where I'm now chained.
[b]Why:[/b] Because it's internet seriousness, but then with better quality posts.
[b]Favourite Things About OB:[/b]
Drama! And the artsy stuff, and for the last 4 years the Graphic Worm. [/font]
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[color=deeppink]I've been here since March of 2001, which is officially too damn long. I've technically seen every version of OB, though I dispute the numbering because there was a significant redesign before I was ever here.

I'm from the great state of Indiana. It's such a great state that a poll recently revealed that the residents of Indiana are the 48th happiest with living in their state. Just below New Jersey!

I'm currently a third-year student at the University of Southern Indiana, where I'm majoring in actuarial track of math, and there is no good way to write that. I am the eternal wallflower, gerneally socializing only when completely necissary, and I spend most of my time feverishly hunting for fresh mental stimulae. Sudoku is a personal favorite.

I'm a two-time former Pokemod and former frequent contributor to Otakupedia. I also almost never change my profile. These are the only things of note about my OB life.

Why am I here? Muscle memory.

And my favortie thing about OB? That delightful shade of pink that I can't seem to post in anywhere else.[/color]
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Who: I've been on here since about 2003 I think.
Where: I joined when I lived in NC but since than I've lived in WV and now CT.
What: I am an at home mom and a loyal Navy Wife.
When [i.e. Back Then]: I remember when this place had a chat room, but since that went away I got hooked on the adventure square, but I roam the whole place but I usually stick to the Adventure Square and the lounge more over than anything.
Why: I get bored at home when the kids are all taking naps do I take up all that time when I don't have to clean the house just roaming the boards.
Favourite Things About OB: I've met alot of really good friends here that have become like a second family to me.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[b]Who:[/b] Member for nearly 7 years, joined in the summer of 2003. Formerly Double_B_Daigo, Reflux, Mugen, The Boss. Ghost from the golden days who occasionally haunts OBs with his presence.

[b]Where:[/b] Military brat, joined when living in Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas. Has lived in Lexington, South Carolina for about 3 years.

[b]What:[/b] OBs has harbored me since my 7th grade summer, saw me through all of high school, my military training, and into what is now college (through several hiatuses). Known some of you longer than ALL of my real life friends.

[b]When:[/b] Back when the Theatre was known as the Arena, I frequented the now dead Battle Arena. Participated in some of the first OB rap battles and several RPGs (of questionable/variable quality). Founding member of a clandestine group which filed several complaints long ago. One of many Nifty Fifty circa 2007 (?). Creator of semi-original/successful RPGs War in the Shadows/Dead Diaries and author of OB-fan fic The Hit...

[b]Why:[/b] Because I used to be (still am) a big anime nerd, wanted to talk about it, write stories (role play), and learn more. Got into this madness, and its been a part of my life longer than just about anything else. I'm committed.

[b]Favorite Things:[/b] The generally creative/intellectual community which cultivated my writing ability from its fanboy roots to what it is now.[/size]
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[color=darkgreen][font=garamond]Hey, Asphy! Good to see a fellow lawnie... Holy crap, you're in Sydney? Well I guess I haven't seen you in about five or six years.

Who: member for just shy of eight years, with a current post rate of about three a year. But I just keep comin' back!

Where: Brisvegas, Australia

What: University, two years down, five to go.

When: Another LiamC2 convert. I used to RP, I used to make banners, contribute literature, diatribe, arguments, battles, when I had the time. And the friends on here to make contributing worthwhile.

Why: I honestly don't know. The page is bookmarked, and for some reason, I just keep coming back. Occasionally.[/font][/color]
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[FONT="Palatino Linotype"]Who: Jabberwocky (Or Prem as I used to be)
Where: Northern New York, pretty gay up here
What: I sit here on my laptop and do nothing but listen to music. So I get on OB from time to time.
When: When I was Prem, I was DigitalBoy's shadow. I hung around the Anthology, posted stuff, was very ignorant. I also hardly knew how to write anything worth to post. I type the almost every time I posted, and I was just, immature. But now I guess I've grown up, well, at least for the most part :P
Why: This place was (and still is) fun to visit. I was into anime more in those early days, but I still enjoy it from time to time. Plus, this place helped me grow a bit, so I'm going to continue visiting this place until it shuts down. lol

Favorite thing about OB: The people. They're nice, fun to talk to, and you don't have to worry about the stalking you >.<[/FONT]
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[quote name='Jabberwocky'][FONT="Palatino Linotype"]
Favorite thing about OB: The people. They're nice, fun to talk to, and [b]you don't have to worry about the stalking you >.<[/b][/FONT][/QUOTE]
[FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"][SIZE="1"][COLOR="Navy"]
Sez you :p[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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[B]Who:[/B] Member since 2001. Former mod and (lamest ever) theOtaku.com anime news writer
[B]Where:[/B] In the suburbs of Cleveland, OH
[B]What:[/B] Currently kicking corporate America's ***
[B]When [i.e. Back Then]:[/B] I'm kind of at a loss on this one. I don't think I was ever part of a clique or a group, though I have made a bunch of killer friends over the years thanks to this place.
[B]Why: [/B]A combination of boredom, insomnia, and nostalgia
[B]Favourite Things About OB: [/B]At times there are brilliant discussions on topics that range from stem cell research to the Iraqi war to Voltron. And, unlike many message boards aimed at "intellectuals", the opinions expressed are often well written, poignant, and occasionally thought provoking.

That, and through this place I have made a lot of interesting friends.
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Who: Member since January 18, 2001, former King of all I Surveyed, former supermod, then supermod again, then just moderator several years later for a few months. Formerly Kam, and KAMAKAZI. I do understand the misspellage. Formerly three years older at any given point, and likely much cooler.
Where: Currently(as in at this very moment) in Monterey, CA stationed at the Presidio with the US Navy. Very soon will be moving to NIOC Georgia.
What: US Navy. Meh.
When [i.e. Back Then]: I talked with Jenna(BabyGirl) more than anyone, but I also had a pretty good friendship with Sephiroth, Sara, Nerdsy, and a few others.
Why: Because I'm waiting around, hands in pockets, looking back down the road.
Favourite Things About OB: Me

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[quote name='Justin']When [i.e. Back Then]: I talked with Jenna(BabyGirl) more than anyone, but I also had a pretty good friendship with Sephiroth, Sara, Nerdsy, and a few others.

-Justin[/QUOTE][font=secret font][size=3]I used to worry about you a lot. You seemed so angry. =/[/size][/font]
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Did I? I think I just come off that way without necessarily meaning to. To this day, I'm still kind of known as a grouch.

You ever think about how much time we've flushed down the Otaku toilet over the course of nine years? It's insane.

I honestly think of that small group I mentioned as like, legitimate early high school buddies. And I talked to you guys about as much as any IRL friends I had at the time.

The Interwebs be a strange beast.


**On a side note, I just realized that by the time my contract with the Navy is up, I'll have an OtakuBoards member for as long as I had been alive when I joined in the first place. [i]Creepy[/i].
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[/B] [B]Who:[/B] Member since...well, there's a small technicality, since there were a few bannings in my history. But I suppose I've technically been a member in some fashion or another since 2003.

[B]Where:[/B] Living in NE Philadelphia with my fiance.

[B]What:[/B] Just started a new job at a tech recruiting firm in King of Prussia, PA. Full-time, with benefits, great perks. Getting married this October. Wedding party is at 6 on each side. Guest list is hitting 165. I'm going to have one hell of a How I Met Your Mother story to tell, hehe.

So life is progressing.

[B]When [i.e. Back Then]:[/B] I went by many names. First was PoisonTongue. Can't remember most of the following ones. I think I went by Siren at some point. I seem to recall spending a lot of time in Anthology (lousy writing still irks me), Gaming (Nintendo still disappoints me), and Lounge (political stupidity still annoys me).

I got banned so many times it felt like an uncomfortable sitcom. "How can Alex get himself banned today? Stay tuned!" It was like a mean-spirited version of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

[B]Why: [/B]Because I received a Happy Birthday email from OB Administration. Figured the only way I would have been wished Happy Birthday was due to my account being unbanned. So...yep. I pop in and out every so often.

[B]Favorite Things About OB: [/B]
[I]Charles![/I] Thankfully we still hang out even though we're both busy as **** planning our respective weddings. He's getting marred this June to a great girl who puts up with our ****.
[I]Mitch![/I] I think we both secretly enjoyed our weird love-hate relationship. I still hear from him here and there. Seems to be doing well.
[I]Star Wars 411![/I] Great thread or greatest thread? I'd say greatest thread. Some really fun discussions there. Rebel Scum (see links in sig) was born out of Star Wars 411. Good times.
[I]Lady A![/I] Another weird love-hate relationship. Getting up in her face turned me on a lot. I surmise it turned her on, too. hehe
Last but not least, GUILD WARS. The GW crew here knows who they are.
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[quote name='Brasil'][FONT=Arial][SIZE=3][B]Where:[/B]Getting married this October. [/size][/FONT][/QUOTE]

[font=secret font!][size=3]Oh, man. Life's so crazy.

I should really thank you for all those late-night telephone conversations we had a few years ago. You're like the slightly-deranged older brother I never had. [/size][/font]
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