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Curse of the Bloodline


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[center] [img]http://i619.photobucket.com/albums/tt278/PandasQ/Blood-2.jpg[/img]

[center][left]The Big Bang Theory...a complex wonder of science, religious miracle and imaginations, but for countless centuries; modern day scientists ans skeptics have wondered that very question. Which one caused the Big bang? They can argue that it was the work of a high powered being that is both merciful and vengeful. The computations of particles and gases fusing together to create a new astronomical wonder; or even the ideals and hopes of life outside of the norms creating new universe. They were close, but far from obtaining the actual truth in it all. During the explosion of the big bang, something else produced itself from the ashes of life....an actual spirit. Inside of this single floating orb lies the power of destruction and creation all in one, how it was able to manifest itself during the birth of a universe is still unknown, but even at its creation it has remained docile and observant of life as it went by. This singular spirit has been on the planet earth during the passing of time. Exploring the birth of man and his many wonders of consciousness and thought, kingdoms and nobility serve a higher power or calling, plagues and disease spread though out countries, the formation of religious houses and the wars over which one was justified as the true savior. This single spirit has also adapted to human emotions and normal day of life, during the Egyptian era, it infused its core body into the life of a human child. Experiencing all the wonders of growing and aging, and lessons learned by elders and life experiences. When it was time to move onto the offspring, the spirit would simply slip into the new host of the same family, reliving those experiences again and again, but never letting the human host hone into its hidden and raw power the spirit held within, for disaster and chaos would ensue for the race of man. During the lifespan of this particular bloodline, the spirit has lived to see the world shape itself for both good and bad, but never losing the experience of mankind's limitless imagination. It was during the years of the Roman influence that sparked a warning of the spirits presence. A group called "Maldito", full of brilliant scientists of the time, rich family members and thieves alike came across interesting information about their worlds creation, a singular energy trail was left behind, and their group could find and locate the source of great power. Luckily for them, they had the power of magic on their side to locate the spirit. With much effort and scheming, the Maldito family found the current host and tortured him for information on his power. Unknowing the the host at the time, the spirit never made itself known or even knew when he was infused with a being of great power. The spirit stayed in the host until his body died, finally showing itself to the Maldito family, but escaped soon after to go to the next generation's body to hide.
So the chase began, the spirit jumping from one body to the next of the same blood line as the years passed, always hiding from the Maldito family that grew in number and wealth over the years. More members joined to have a chance at capturing and harnessing the spirits natural raw power. It wasn't until the time of King Henry VIII that a noble night saw the murder of a host, and saw the spirit rise from its corpse around several Maldito family members. Acting on valor and courage, the knight fought off and killed each family member until the spirit was left alone with the brave night. As a token of gratitude, the spirit summoned enough energy and "synced" its knowledge of its life and the Maldito family, the information was a lot for the knight, but he knelt and drove his sword into the ground, pledging to always protect the spirit and whatever host it may reside in at the time. This was the birth of the Crimson Guard Family. Warriors, magicians and average humans guarding the secret of the spirit and protecting the host while the Maldito Family continued their hunt for ultimate power. As time passed, members on both families have also, but there are some who still hold a high place, gaining immortality through means of magic or sacrifices to continue their secret war of destroying or protecting the spirit with powers unmeasurable by science or man. The Maldito family and Crimson Guard continue to battle their war in the shadows, not all the time are the Crimson Guard successful in protecting the spirit. The same with the Maldito family, still unable to capture the spirit with great power before it flees or their members are attacked by the Crimson Guard, now that times have changed and positions have shifted, it has become more of a dangerous battle with science and technology advancing to their peek. The last member of the [beep] bloodline is only but a child, a child now entangled in the bloody war of centuries past....
Veronica huffed and heaved as she ran down the streets of her hometown, the hells of her shoes clacking and echoing into the dark night as her body limped and battered with every step. The woman continuously looked behind herself as she ran, trying to flee her feared stalkers as she held onto her limp and broken arm with all her might, blood pouring from her wound as she desperately made her way to the only safe haven she knew of. Turning another corner, the dark clouds gathered atop of her as she shuffled closer and closer to her destination, praying to her god for sanctuary from those who hunted her so vigilantly. Finally turning another corner, the woman gasped as she saw the cathedral of her church, stopping for a moment to pace her breath to the beat of her heart, pounding away at her chest violently and without fail. Mustering all the strength she had left, the woman pushed on down the dark roads until she cam upon the steps of the church, but footsteps were not far behind as she drew closer and closer to her destination. finally reaching the large metal handled of the door, she pulled with all her might for entrance, but to no avail, pounding onto the large wooden door barrier for any assistance.

'HELP ME PLEASE!!! SOMEONE ANSWER!!" Veronica begged, tears running down her slender cheek, mixing her salty liquid with her velvet shade blood from the side of her mouth as she spoke, but no answer or help came to the woman as the echoes of her hunters stopped at the bottom of the stairwell, she knew she was to die tonight, but for what...she did not know. Looking back, her body shook in fear as three figured stood at the bottom of the stairs, all hooded in black and well masked by the night, one man strode forward, climbing the staircase slowly as he spoke.

"Woman, we know the spirit resides in your body, and we shall claim it for our own" He stepped closer, one by one he claimed the cement, every step forced her heart to beat even faster as the hooded figure approached her. Veronica looked to her sides for a possible way of retreating, but she found herself surrounded by more hooded figures, at both her sides as they looked upon her smiling. Their intentions clear as the sun as they too closed in on their prey, Veronica rested her back onto the wooden door of the church, scared for her life as she watched the man from the stairs come face-to-face with her. Her pulse quickened, her thoughts scattered as the man withdrew a sword from his cloak, an ancient weapon, but its age was only matched by the blood that has previously stained the steel.

"Please...I don't know what you spe-" A flesh tearing sound cut her words before she could finish, without mercy or compassion, the hooded man drove his weapon through her chest, aiming directly at her heart as the steel pierced the wooden door behind her. Veronica's blood slowly pouring down her body as her arms went limp from shock, then lifeless as the woman threw her head back. Moments of her life flashing before her eyes before he muscled relaxed, letting everything go as the last breath of life escaped her life, only a smile danced across the elder mans face as he withdrew his sword from her body. Veronica struggled to stand, but gravity was her enemy as she fell to the concrete flood, no longer living, but her eyes remained in a state of fear. No screams, no last prayers...just death. All the hooded members surrounded her body, as if to wait for something to happen, it only took moments for them to realize their was no victory in this death.

"Impossible, we have eliminated her lover years ago, the spirit should have passed onto this woman. Our informants spoke of her carrying a child, why has the spirit not left her body. She was the last bloodline carrier to live!" A woman roared as she paced around the dead body of Veronica, the other members looked at one another with doubt before the elder spoke once more.

"That was years ago, and Veronica [beep] might have spawned a child already...our informants were wrong" Several scowls could be heard from the group members. "We shall research the finding, we killed her husband two years ago and we all saw the spirit flee his body, right in front of our eyes. It most likely went into hers, but I'm guessing her offspring is the new carrier..." The elder man walked away from the corpse as he wiped the blood of his victim clean from his ancient steel, the other member following closely as they walked into the shadows of the night.

"What shall we do now?" Another member of the clan spoke, his only arm swaying as he walked in tight formation with his other clan members.

"That Maldito family is closer to finding the spirit of great power now than we have ever been. If the child is born and alive, he is the last, we shall dispose of him swiftly...FIND THE CHILD!!!'[/i][/color]

[color="#000000"]~[/color][color="#000000"][i][b]Years Later[/b][/i]~[/color]

The storm that night was fierce, the wind blew viciously as the lightning struck without warning, sending sonic booms throughout the area if surrounded. Alexander stayed curled underneath his covers as he tossed and turned in his sleep, more nightmares brought on by the onset of the storm, the child alone in a large house alone was not comforting. More the child struggled to wake up from his nightmare, seeing images of death and dark figures haunted the boy as people died off one by one at their hands, no peace came as the memories flooded the boys mind left and right. With a loud boom and bright flash, Alexander rose from his slumber, gasping for air as the wind hit his house with violent intent. Sweating in his own sheets, the boy panted and shook from the chills his body produced, looking around for a moment to collect himself, he knew he was in his room safe and sound and out of harms way. Taking a hand to his head, the boy calmed down little by little, though the storm outside made it impossible to concentrate clearly as he closed his eyes when bright flashes from the lightning storm interrupted his thinking.

([color="#0000FF"][i][b]Another night of this...oh man, I'll never get any sleep for school[/b][/i][/color]) The boy shook his head at the though before turning to his bedside table, seeing the clock flash 6 o'clock over and over again, the boy groaned as he threw the sheets off of his body and made his way to the bathroom to prepare for the morning. ([color="#0000FF"][i][b]Never mind on that...[/b][/i][/color]) Alexander groaned as he prepared himself for school, always prompted and ready, the boy finally made his way downstairs with his essentials, grabbing his laptop and lunch before heading out the door, covered in a yellow raincoat jacket before stepping outside to the pouring rain. The boy hugged his body as the wind added onto the downpour, making his way down the street slowly, he shivered and kept his head low from the assault of water and sharp wind burning his face, within a half hour, he made it to school, still dry on the inside of his raincoat thankfully. Alexander made it down the hall, holding onto his backpack tight as he entered his first class of the day, math. Sighing, he entered through the door, only to be met with the glares of the other students and teacher.

"Almost late Alexander, take your seat for roll call" Mr. Humphres stated, Alexander smiled and shyly made his way to his assigned seat, the lesson had began not too long afterwards, but the boy was more concentrated on the storm outside. The images from his night before haunted the child as he watched the rain droplets slowly pour down the window, the feeling of another presence was strong, flowing though his own veins as if they were blood itself. Alexander shivered at the though before continuing onto his lessons for the morning, the feeling lingering on his conscious as he lost train of though often to look around his surroundings, just to confirm his suspicions. The rest of the day went by smoothly, lunchtime was always crowded and full of life as the other students talked amongst themselves with their fellow peers. Alexander sat at the corner of his table, closest to the window as he typed away at his computer, practicing his skills and looking through the web like the little spy he was, for his age and mental understanding, he was fully practiced in the technological world. But his time at his computer made himself to be outcasted by other kids at school, always earning teh name "computer nerd" or something equally childish, it bothered the boy from time to time until he accepted his place in the social norm and went about his business. The metal bell rang chimed through the lunchroom, their meals were over as all the children gathered their belongings to head to their last class before the day was to be done with. Alexander sighed as he closed his computer and gathered his own belonging before making his way to his last, and least favorite class of all...art.

[b]Alrighty, small into to the story, shows how Alexander mother dies at the hands of the Maldito family. I didn't mention the last name for it has changed since Alexander was adopted, but I'll revile that later on in the story. Have fun with your first post guys and dolls! [/b] Edited by Mage17
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[font="Comic Sans MS"][color="#000080"]Standing under the tree she was leaning against the trunk of it, the bark biting into her back as she did, but she paid this no mind as she strained her ears to listen. It was hard enough to hear over the rain, but the rustling and fidgeting beside her made it all the more hard.
"Will you stop fidgeting Iron Bars, I can not hear!"
Her urgent whisper got the attention of the man on her right, she sighed as he went silent, if only for a moment. She grit her teeth and stuffed her hand into the bangs of her curly hair, reaching towards the noise she latched her hand onto his wrist and pulled him close, able to feel his breath washing across her face she knew she had him nose to nose with her, her whisper laced with a low growl this time.
"If you wish to go back to the elders, and keep your manhood in one piece, I suggest you focus Iron Bars and allow us to do this job properly."
"I love it when you get mad, your nose does this funny wiggle thing. It's really kinda cute."
She sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose as she did, releasing the man she leaned back against the tree, her sense now full of his steely, earthy scent; she sighed and rubbed her forehead a few times before she perked up.
"Iron Bars, the bell just rang. Can you see him?"
She felt the man shift, his scent moving with him as he walked in front of her, his attitude changed as the situation changed and became serious for the two of them.
"I don't see anyone that could even be the carrier Eclipse....nothing sticks out to me, they all look normal."
"Of course you would say that."
"What is that supposed to mean?"
"Iron Bars, focus."
She heard him go silent, something that never really happened, he shifted and than shifted again.
"I can feel it, but I can't pin point it yet, it's not strong enough."
She nodded and moved away from the tree, her red coat swishing around her feet as she did, her arms crossed over her chest, and her thick curly hair bouncing as she walked towards him, once close enough she reached out and put her hand on his shoulder.
"Let us get back and report to the Elders. If we can not pin point the carrier, neither can they."
She felt his muscles move with his nod, he linked her arm with his as they began to walk away.
"Can we stop for some food?"
She closed her eyes and shook her head.
"No Iron Bars, we are supposed to report back as soon as possible. If you require food, you may always get it from the kitchen there."
"But they always make the same thing! C'mon! Please?!"
"You are horrible, you are worse than a child."
She could hear him sniffle and sighed.
"Fine, but if we get caught-"
"We're not gonna get caught Eclipse! C'mon!"
"You do this to me because I am blind, I have to follow you otherwise I shall never find my way back."
"Now, what would make you think that?"
"You are right, there is no possible way you are that smart."
The silence that greeted her made a small smile grace her features, once they were back at the mansion Ashen made her way back to her room, stopping close to her door as a new smell permeated the hall, liquor and strong cologne, she sighed knowing what was next.
"Ashen baby! How was it?"
"It was a job Cain, what might I help you with?"
She crossed her arms, this was a daily thing for her now, Cain Boles was one of 10 brothers that roamed the mansion, he came to her room daily at mid afternoon. He walked towards her and she held her hand out to keep him at bay growling low as it didn't help and his arm was thrown around her shoulders.
"Wanted to see how you were doing, maybe see if you would take me up on that offer? It still stands ya know?"
"I think you would have better luck with the mansion live stock Cain. If I have told you once, I have told you plenty of times. I am not interested I-"
"Have your sights set on someone else. Yeah yeah yeah. I get it. I'm not giving up though."
She shivered and wiped her arms, as if brushing dust from them.
"Truly...what a pigheaded man."
Huffing she turned and walked into her room, the comforting smells of wild lilies, honey suckles and iris floating around and mixing with another familiar and comforting scent, steel and earth. She walked over to her chair and slipped her coat from her shoulders, quickly changing into her dress and putting her uniform away. Sitting down she tucked her feet under her and opened the book, allowing her fingers to trail over the brail as she awaited the knock on her door she knew would be coming. [/color][/font]
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Anstice took her time to walk around and check the art supplies. She had taught art many times before, but this was her first time as a teacher at this middle school. She wanted everything to be just right. Anstice looked sat down, looking over her lesson plan one last time and smiled. This would be a good first day.

Looking around as she waited for the bell to ring, Anstice remembered that she had to be observant today and not get too caught up in her teaching. From what she had learned, the carrier was definitely in this school. She was beginning to doubt her info though, as she couldn't sense the carrier no matter how hard she tried. Making room for what she needed, Anstice prepared to do some spellcasting as she waited.

[b]"¤¸º¨¨"[/b] Anstice started a very simple detection spell, that should have helped her spot the carrier a little easier, since her current detection spell was running out. However, she was interrupted by the school bell signaling the end of the children's lunch break.

Anstice had to cancel the spell early and get rid of any traces of spell casting. Soon, she was back in her seat behind her desk and ready to start the lesson as the kids piled into their desks. Anstice stood up from behind her desk, taking her time to write out her name and turned around and smiled.
"Okay everyone, I'm Miss Anstice, your new art teacher. But usually everyone always calls me Anstey so don't even worry about the 'Miss'. I hope this will be your favorite class this year and I know everyone will have a lot of fun."[/b] She said as she smiled, while trying to keep an eye out for the carrier.
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[b]"Your not getting away from me you devil!" [/b]shouted the Crimson Guard known as Gerfried Eisenritter. The stars illuminated the vegitation faintly, allowing Joshua the ability to plan an escape route. Scurrying after him in thick plate armor, slicing any shrub of tree branch in his path, was the Crimson Guard. Navigating through the lush surroundings proved difficult and slow. [b]"Your kind disgusts me, living in the shadows, killing innocents for your own selfish ambitions," [/b]he continued as he gained ground on his prey,[b] " living for five centuries has taught me something you will learn tonight: evil and greed cause pain and death, however the culprits are the victims as well." [/b]
"You talk as if you know me, but your so full of yourself that you don't realize you are using the spirit just like I would,"[/b] Joshua retorted. He was probably going to die today, so he might as well speak his mind.
" I do not use the spirits power, I have been granted these abilities because the spirit entrusted me and my kin with it."[/b] As he said this his sword began to spark, and the sound of thunder boomed through the forest. The plants struck by his sword sparked and ignited.
"That's not what I am talking about tinhead, You are using the spirit to give meaning to your insignificant existence. You spent your unnaturally long life murdering people who dared to strive for more. Sure, I may be greedy, and I have killed, making me evil, but I am fighting for humanity. You are just protecting some uncaring deity just because it seems like justice to you,"[/b] Joshua stopped running and turned around, facing his opponent.
"Retract your forked tongue villain. Now is the time for battle, not words." [/b]he began his charge, like a bull to a matador. The lightning from his sword revealed the unarmored areas of Joshua's pursuer with its vibrant light. Taking aim at the upper thigh of his enemy, three bullets were fired. Two 9mm rounds connected to flesh, toppling Gearfried. on his back Gearfried swung his sword in Joshua's direction, causing a bolt of pure energy and heat to erupt. Joshua was slammed with the attack straight in the chest, burning a massive hole through his camouflage pattern shirt, leaving a cross shaped burn on his chest, as well as propelling him into a nearby tree. Joshua fell to the ground, unmoving, barely breathing. He could hear the heavy steps of the armored man, soon he would be upon him. Gear.fried slowly made his way to the seemingly unconscious young man. Gearfried raised his sword,[b]"Helsceaða, fore thy sins, ond the sins ofe thine fæder, Ic vanquish thee!"[/b] As the Crimson Guard plunged his sword, Joshua rolled, sending the sword strait into the earth resting inches from where his head had been. In one fluid motion, Joshua raised his pistol and shot a single bullet directly at the unobstructed area below Gearfried's helmet. The bullet went through chin, and then brain, ending Gearfried Eisenritter's five hundred year old life.

Joshua tried to catch some sleep on the plane home. He had made several copies of the list of former carriers that he obtained in his journey. The list only had the names of people living between the 14th and 18th century, but it was authentic and certainly a good lead. He had already sent a copy to Antsey via E-male, though he wasn't sure how much she used a computer.

Joshua placed headphones on his ears, and with the help of Itzam Cano, he drifted off to sleep.
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[size="1"][b]"Geralt Boles! Don't you ******* run from you son of a *****!"[/b] Laughter erupted from the red haired man as he held on to a pair of pants, flailing it around as he rushed through the hallways. His younger brother Amby running behind him then, half trying to cover himself and half trying to catch up with Geralt. He looked back at his younger brother, seeing the heated look in his face as he tried to catch up to him.
"Come on! Just give me back my pants!"

"Hell no! This is what you get for pissing in the corner of my room!"

"You did it to me last week."

"That was Cain you idiot! Good luck getting these back!"[/b] He balled them up then, stopping just long enough to aim and then launched them up and watched them land on a window ledge. Amby ran past him, looking up at where his pants dangled off, Geralt doubling over in his laughter as a helpless look crossed Amby's face, moments later replaced by an angry look as he suddenly whipped around, charged and leaped at his older brother. Smashing right into him, tumbling on the ground, both trying to get the upper hand as Geralt continued to laugh hysterically, even after he had Amby pinned to the ground and gave him one good hit to the face. Amby went limp then, Geralt's laugh lessened as he gripped him by his shirt and dragged Amby through the hall back to the Boles common area, tossing him on to a long couch, grabbing a blanket before throwing it over Amby then.
"Sweet dreams little brother, you're face is going to hurt like no tomorrow!"[/b] He let out one final laugh before moving off then, walking over to his own room. The smell of urine having faded now as he undressed then walked into his shower, cleaning off the sweat and grim of the day. He took only a few minutes to clean off before stepping back out, drying himself off before catching himself in the mirror, rubbing his face and seeing the stubble along with the stray hairs on his beard, taking the time to trim it up before going back to him room. Putting on his jeans and then a black and red shirt, as he walked around he started to tear through his room, looking around trying to find his boots. He finally found them only after having ran into them and stubbing his toe.
â??God dammit! This is just my luck, damn boots even hate me!â?[/b] Picking up one of the boots he was about to throw it when he took a moment, hearing a voice in his head that had become soothing these past 600 hundred years. He set down his boot and stuck his foot in, tying the laces before finally setting out he walked through the halls, eager to reach his destination but keeping his pace slow and his path discreet. He finally came to the door he was looking for, looking over his shoulder a bit, making sure no one was around he straightened himself out and knocked on the door.
â??Come in Geralt.â?[/b] He heard the soft voice behind the door, a slight grin on his face as he opened the door, stepping through and looking around again. He had already become so familiar with this room in the past centuries that it was almost second nature for him to be here, the room had hardly been rearranged in those past centuries, the occasional move of something small but nothing major due to Ashenâ??s blindness. Walking in he closed the door behind him as a giant grin grew on his face at seeing her sitting in her usual spot, her fingers gently going over the brail on the pages.
â??Ashen! Itâ??s been too long!â?

â??Itâ??s only been an hour Geralt. You know you are excessively needy sometimes.â?[/b] Geralt let out a small laugh then.
â??Of course I am, you know this better than most Ashen.â?[/b] He took a seat in his usual chair, one that sat right across from Ashen putting his feet up on a small ottoman. She leaned over quickly and pushed his feet off, a small grunt from him then.
â??You know the rules, boots off!â?[/b] He shook his head as he leaned over, untying his boots and setting them out of the way. Remembering one of many times she tripped over one of his boots and proceeding to hit him with it. He put his feet back up and relaxed into the chair once more.
â??Ah this is nice, well, how is that book going for you so far? I mean, youâ??ve must of read it at least a thousand times by now.â?[/b] She nodded then.
â??It has been a few times, it actually just reminded me. You have never told me a story about Tehol, the others I heard about often enough but not the youngest one. He seems to be mysteriously absent through most of these stories you tell me.â?[/b] Geralt took a few moments then, silent as he went through his mind to find the right one to tell, suddenly snapping his fingers when he realized a perfect story.
â??Iâ??ve got one for you my dear Ashen. Brace yourself, though, you are about you hear a side of my younger brother you never heard before.â?[/b] Ashen rolled her eyes and let out a sigh before â??lookingâ?? in his last known direction.
â??Come now, he is a Boles, of course he has some side to him that makes every just sigh heavily.â?[/b] Geralt laughed then.
â??Câ??mon Ashen, you know us all better than that. Tehol couldnâ??t do half the things we do, purely because he thought we were ridicules in all of our antics.â?

â??Iâ??m aware, I just have been waiting to hear about what stupid thing he has done.â?

â??Stupid isnâ??t the word I would use, more like, cute if that is the right word.â?[/b] She lifted a lean eyebrow at him then.
â??Cute Geralt? I donâ??t think Iâ??ve heard you say that word for a long time.â?

â??Yeah yeah, quiet and listen already. Jezz!â?[/b] He smiled as he saw her shake her head at him, gesturing for him to start with the story.
â??Well, one time when me and the boys had gone out for a few drinks, our buddy Blues was getting married soon and we were throwing him a bachelor party the Boles way.â?[/b] He heard her groan then, his smile growing a bit.
â??As you can imagine, it was a lot of drinking, a lot of trouble followed. Think we got thrown out of some bar or tavern, Iâ??m having a problem remembering the time period now, but anyways it was one of many nights. We ended up drinking Blues under the table and we had to carry him around for the rest of the night. We came across this old barn in the random path we took to walk, we were about to just dump Blues in there with no clothes, thinking it would be a great way for him to wake up.â?

â??What does this have to do with Tehol?â?

â??Just hold on, you know I like to build up to it. Anyways, we get closer to the barn, ready to dump him in the hay when we suddenly all hear a sound we all know very well. So, we drop Blues into a nearby barrel, the water being cold enough that he instantly woke up. Obon had to clap a hand over his mouth so he wouldnâ??t scream, we all went in quietly-"

â??Thatâ??s a surprise Geralt.â?

â??Let me finish already! By the carrier, so we snuck in QUIETLY, and we hear the sound and it becomes clearer. And we all know exactly what is happening, we hear the moaning and the gasping, so now we have to see who is doing work on some random girl. Maybe give him some inspirational cheering while we are at it. We climb up to where the noise is, and Iâ??m the first to see it and I just was speechless.â?

â??Really, you? That is hard to believe Geralt Boles.â?

â??It does happen to me as well, but anyways. So, I see the girl first, riding the unknown guy and she is quite the catch. I think Higus tried to bed her a few times and she turned him down, it made more sense why she did when we saw who the man was.â?[/b] He saw the expression on her face change then.
â??Donâ??t tell meâ?¦â?¦â?

â??Yup, it was none other than Tehol Boles. I could not believe my eyes, the pride of an older brother hit me then. Unfortunately, the girl saw me then and freaked, screaming before I fell off the later. I remember Tehol looking down at me, a huge smile on my face as we all laughed and cheered and clapped for him. He wasnâ??t pleased with us for a while, and we bothered him so much about it, later we found out she joined the Guard and her and Tehol have been together ever since.â?[/b] He saw her mouth gap then.
â??Wait, you mean, Coraline â??Saberâ?? is who Tehol is with? Wasnâ??t she an Avowed before him?â?

â??I know right? She is far toâ?¦â?¦ fun really, Iâ??ve drank with her more than Tehol. I wonder if he will ever pop the question to her? Oh well, but that is the Tehol we all never see, he is quite the romantic that none of us knew about.â?[/b] Geralt couldnâ??t help but laugh at remembering that day, and seeing the slightly shocked expression on Ashenâ??s face.[/size]
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Alexander worked on his coloring project with great detail, though he didn't like art as a whole and thought it to be a waste of material and time, it always amazed the boy how creative he was with coloring and thinking of different designs to put down on paper. It seemed so manual and simple rather than create objects and programs on computer with the use of codes, maybe that's why it was more relaxing when done on paper. Alexander practically had his nose to the desk as he continued on his artwork, the bangs of his hair falling down around his head to provide shadow and darkness as the boy worked, the other children made small chit chat about their daily activities and plans for the weekend, but none really seemed to ever include Alexander in those plans. It saddened the boy at times, he was good friends inside of school, but whatever made him an outcast outside was still unknown, he would at least like to have an invitation to go somewhere and see his peers outside of a learning setting. With a heavy sigh, Alexander sat straight in his chair, looking down at his paper now full of color and swirls, a small smile trickled across his face with satisfaction, he was starting to think he might have been an artist in the past life or something. Loud clicking sounds echoed in the classroom as the art teacher made her rounds, looking over the children's works and critiquing them one by one, their smiles and laughter filled the room as the boys swooned over Miss. Anstey while the girls admired her energy and feminine attitude. Alexander always thought she was pretty, she had been with the school for years now, so he had been told, but her popularity was unmatched by any other teacher. More clicking of her heels as she walked, coming closer and closer until she stopped in front of Alexander's work desk and peered down at the boy as he put the finishing touches on his own paper.

"My, this is very unique form of color combination, who knew we had an artist in our midst." Miss Anstey smiled as she sat down on the chair facing the little boy, Alexander blushed at the comment while the other kids looked towards the two. The art teacher slowly picked up his paper and scanned the detail of his work, she was thoroughly impressed. The boy blushed more, he could feel all the eyes of the classroom on him and the teacher, he wasn't use to this kind of attention, though he sought after it, it was a new feeling to him. Miss Anstey traced over the lines with her slender index finger, her eyes scanning the work as she smiled, without excusing herself, the teacher stood and took the artwork with her to the front of the classroom. "Class, this is something new I'll be doing this year," Taking a sliver piece of tape from her desk, she turned to the chalkboard and taped Alexander's portrait to the top right corner of the chalkboard before turning to face her students. "I think it would be a nice addition to the class to add an "Artists Corner" to the room. I'll pick your best artwork and place it up here for everyone to see" Smiles lit up the room from the news, Miss Anstey walked back towards Alexander and knelt down next to his desk. "I'm sorry, I didn't even get your name, my first artists corner winner" She extender her hand mid air, Alexander snapped out of his moment of glory before noticing the hand in front of him.

"O-Oh, My name is Alexander Sunyak Miss Anstey" The boy shook too hold of her hand withing a second, feeling he was being rude by leaving her hanging, but the moment he touched her flesh, the boy felt woozy, almost uncomfortable as small images flashed in his mind. He was confused at what was happening, looking around the classroom, everything seemed to freeze, like time itself had stopped, even the teacher before him. But when Alexander looked back at Miss Anstey, she was not the person as he recognized her in the beginning. Another woman stood holding onto his hand, more scary looking and her outfit was something....unreal and dark. Fear coursed through the boys veins until he blinked his eyes once, when he opened them everything was moving like normal. His limp hand moved when Miss Anstey shook it for the both of them.

"Well Alexander, I hope to see more of your artwork hanging on the chalkboard this year." The woman smiled as she stood up from her spot, the bell had rung, signaling the end of the school day as the children packed their things and rushed out of the door. Alexander took no time to hesitate as he did the same, still shaking slightly at the images he saw and the woman he saw in his teachers place. It was eerie to say the least, when the room was cleared, Miss Anstey began to clean up the utensils and art supplies and place them back in their original order. It took about an hour or so, but she finally had time to prepare things the way she liked it before going to her desk. There was a call on her mobile, reaching into her small purse, she answered the phone without reading who was calling, knowing very well who it was.

"[color="#8B0000"][i][b]Did you find anything today?[/b][/i][/color]" The modified voiced asked, Anstey rolled her eyes as she collected her belongings.

"I don't see the spirit being in a child's body, maybe the intelligence was wrong about that woman we killed years ago"

"[color="#8B0000"][i][b]Do not think outside of the order woman, you have been punished for that before[/b][/i][/color]" Anstey rolled her eyes in anger, leaning on her desk she peered at the artwork Alexander did in her class, something was off about it. Blinking a couple of times, she noticed that the boys last name always vanished slowly, as if it phased itself through the picture somehow, leaving only his first name. Anstey thought she was exhausted, but it kept occurring over and over again the more she looked at it, it finally dawned on her now, their prize was in sight.

"I think I found what we're looking for" She smiled before taking the picture off the chalkboard and putting it into her purse. She gave the information to her leader before hanging up, she was instructed not to pursue the boy, for other agents have already located him. In case they were unsuccessful in obtaining the carrier, she would move in as the unsuspecting teacher. the news did not please Anstey, but she was limited in her moved for now. But she had her ways of working outside of the Maldito family's watchful eye. She left her classroom and walked smoothly down the hall, still a smile on her lips. Alexander decided to make an outting to the mall after school, he had enough money to last him a lifetime thanks to his hacking skills, so he thought to spend the day spending and getting what he needed for his weekend long days of staying inside playing video games with his online friends and hacking buddies. The boy was holding onto a bag of electronic items he got from the video game store as he walked along the railing of the 5th floor, looking past the glass barrier, he saw that the mall already was packed with shoppers for the evening time as the sun set. Even some classmates were inside hanging out with one another, Alexander disregarded the need to hang out with any of them, after what happened in Art class, he knew at least someone noticed his work and noticed he was even alive. The boy took a break as he sat down on one of the mall benches, relaxing his feet from a long travel and shopping around for the items he needed, there was something else that worried the boy. In the distance, a couple could be seen looking around, two male's as they went store to store, but the funny thing, they had been on each level that Alexander traveled to, and to each store he passed by and went inside of. Looking over to his left, there was a very muscular male that was just on his cell phone on and off as he explored the mall, but it seemed as if he was trailing the boy as well. Alexander shook his head slightly before standing and continuing on his way towards the elevator to exit the facility.

([color="#0000FF"][i][b]I'm probably still freaked out from earlier today...but that was too weird and scary.[/b][/i][/color]) The boy thought as he reached the elevator doors, slowly making his way inside, the large muscular man also entered before the door closed, leaving both inside as the elevator traveled down slowly. Alexander continued to peer down at the main entrance, lots of traffic flow of shoppers this evening. The silence was broken when the man closed his phone, almost purposely loud before spoke.

"So, you're the last carrier now huh?" Alexander raised an eyebrow as he turned around, the muscular man was now dressed in a black hooded trench coat as he looked down at the shivering boy. Alexander backed himself to the glass window as the man drew closer and closer, smiling down at the boy. "Once you're gone, we'll have what we need to vanquish and exterminate our enemies, especially the Crimson Guard" The elevator stopped abruptly, both men held onto something to keep their balance, the doors of the elevator opened quickly as shoppers waited to enter. Something inside of the boy told him to move with haste, his life was in danger and he needed to flee immediately. Going on his instincts, the boy ducked and dove past the larger mans legs before rolling on the ground, finally on his feet again he rushed towards the exit, with his small body he was able to maneuver without any problems, but his stalker had trouble with his own mass moving past the crowd. Opening his phone once again, he spoke it without dialing a number. "The carrier is headed towards the norther exit, surround the area within a 15 mile radius and apprehend him!"
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[font="Comic Sans MS"][color="#000080"]Ashen opened her mouth to ask about another story when there was a knock on her door, rising from her chair she walked to her door and opened it.
"Hello Cain."
"We have a problem, they found the carrier."
She felt her eyes widen and shut the door, rushing to her drawer she pulled out her uniform and changed quickly, feeling Geralt come up behind her.
"What's going on?"
"They found him. The carrier."
Instantly he was back to the chair and lacing up his boots, Ashen turned towards him.
"Are you not changing?"
"No time, we have to go and we have to go now. We can't let them get a hold of him."
She nodded and laced her arm with his as he led her out the door and into the hall way, down the hall towards the garage, once there he helped her into a car and rushed around to the other side, starting the engine before he was even properly in. She could hear the engines of other cars starting all around them.
"Do you know where we're going?"
"Jules said something about the mall as we were loading up."
"Are you all going?"
"All but Tehol."
"Why am I worried about that?"
She gripped her seat belt and tightened it as he peeled from the garage and onto the highway, the drive took less time than she would have imagined but than again, it was a Boles that was driving. As soon as the car was stopped she had her seat belt off and was out of the car, her coat flowing behind her as she strode through the screaming crowd of people and towards the entrance. As she opened the door she was instantly met with the smell of leather and dodged the fist that brushed past her face. Grabbing the wrist in her smaller hand she twisted it, spun around and brought the arm over her shoulder flipping her assailant and throwing him to the floor with a mighty thud. She could hear the others rushing past her, Geralt stopping to finish the man that she had thrown to the floor. She strode through the mall, her hearing picking up the slightest sounds here and there and was stopped when a smaller body ran into her, her hands dropped to the shoulders of the person, the build and frame was more than enough to tell her it was a child, the scent of the child was that of sweat and dirt.
"Your the carrier?"
"What does that mean?! Why does everyone keep calling me that?!"
Her grip tightened on the boy, he was frightened and she did the only thing she could think of, kneeling down she wrapped her arms around him and made a soft shushing noise to calm him.
"Your safe child, we're friends. We will protect you be it life or limb."
"I don't understand!"
"Shhh, it is alright now child. You are safe. Just stay close to those of us in red. We will not allow any harm to come to you, you have my word."
She felt him stiffen in her arms and stood swiftly, pushing him behind her, catching the scent she shifted her weight and swung her leg out catching her attacker in the stomach, hearing the rush of air come from his lungs she brought her hand around his head and pulled him down harshly slamming her thin knee into his face, hearing the crunch of bone and the wet sound of blood she shifted her weight again landing evenly on her feet, the man dropping to the floor with a groan, she turned back towards the child.
"Boy, what is your name?"
"Very good, Alexander, I here by pledge my loyalty and life to the carrier, use it as you will."
The child simply stared at her before whimpering as Geralt took out another from the opposing family, she tilted her head in his direction hearing him draw in a shocked breath.
"Your blind."
She nodded slowly.
"Yes Alexander, I am blind, but I am no less able to protect you. Please have faith that all we of the Crimson Guard want is your safety."
She pushed him behind her yet again, this time facing a woman, but the attack never came as Job and Jancin, the twins of the Boles, jumped in between them. Both looking over their shoulders with a large grin.
"Eclipse, I say you get the kid out of here with Iron Bars while you can."
She nodded and reached down taking Alexander's hand.
"Please, I am asking you to trust me. Come with my self and Iron Bars we will protect you. I swear it."
She felt him stiffen again, readied her self for the attack but only felt the pain as a knife dug through her flesh, holding back her scream she grit her teeth and tightened her hold on Alexander, the ringing sound of Iron Bars sword as he swung it around at her attacker. She took heavy breaths, her eyes closed as she tried her hardest to block out the pain as she stayed bent over the form of the boy, keeping him safe. [/color][/font] Edited by Knuckles' Girl
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Joseph lay prostrate upon a nearby rooftop. Through his binoculars, he had observed the battle between the crimson guard and Maldito recruits. He was supposed to be with them on the capture mission, and though he wanted nothing more than to capture the spirit, Anstey had warned him of the executives true plan: this was just a test to see how well the child is guarded. He could observe the power of that small task-force well, and he was shockingly aware of the fact that if he was in that fight, he wouldnâ??t be living.

Since Anstey had spared him, Joseph needed to return the favor, so he followed the Crimson Guard. The path that the took was clever and intricate, but no one escapes Josephs eyes in the daylight. A mile and a half of running was starting to wear him down though. Just before he was planning to give up, the frantic pace stopped. A not-so-shabby motel was apparently the fortress that these Crimson Guards were keeping him.

It was Unlikely that he could do anything to these guards, even with surpriseâ?¦ so he opened his cell phone and texted Anstey the new location of the carrier. He could get a promotion and a squad of his own if he gave the information to the executives, but he didnâ??t want anything from the men who attempted to sacrifice his life. What the art teacher did with that information was for her to decide, but hopefully this made them even.

Joseph pulled out his binoculars as well as a Nuti-Grain bar. He stuffed it in his mouth so that he could use his arm to climb a nearby fire escape. Hopefully no one saw him, but if they did, he would just pretend to be a peeping tom. He focused his eyes on the Motel, eager to see who his opposition was exactly.
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  • 2 weeks later...
[size="1"]Geralt pushed the curtains away and then cracked the blinds open, looking out the window as he looked around carefully. His eyes scanning everything he could in the short burst he dared try.
"God Iron Bars, are you really at the window again?"[/b] Closing the blinds again he turned his head with a giant grin towards the voice. His smile covering up his concern in his eyes, the carrier wouldn't be able to read, or at least he hoped he wouldn't be able to see it for the woman who was still holding a towel to her back.
"Yes I am, I mean it's such a beautiful day I figured I would stare at the sun and see if my eyes would really burn out like my Ma use to tell me."[/b] He saw her shake her head then, able to see the obvious pain on her face as he held the pressure to the wound. His eyes traveled to the boy at her side then, seeing the youth of the child who was now their carrier, he found he was definitely curious about the boy. He made his way to the bed and set himself down, bouncing lightly as he laid back on the bed now.
"So, boy. You seem rather young, what is your gifts? What can you do? Can you jump through walls can you-"


"Meh? What was that kid?"[/b] A slightly annoyed look on Alexanders face showed.
"My name is Alexander. Not kid or boy, Alexander."

"Interesting name, wish I knew Alexander the Great. He was long before my time, I did get to meet Richard the Lionheart though. He was actually kind of an asshole really, always yelling and screeching at everyone. There was actually this one time, while me and my brothers were all in the Mott Irregulars, man those were good times. Anyways, we were out following the crusaders, hard ass bunch they were and no wonder with Richard screaming and yelling at them and we were just drinking and going about business, and man did those Crusaders hate us! Always calling us pig swill and-"

"You met Richard the Lionheart? That's impossible!"

"Didn't anyone teach you to not interrupt someone when they are talking? Sheesh! But anyways, they hated us and they had good reason, since we always made them all look bad every fight we got into. But one battle, we got bogged down in Black Dog forest and the crusaders were getting smashed every which way, mind you, we were doing some of the smashing ourselves. But we would dive into the enemy camp, literally fight our way through, and we stole a table."

"Was the table important?"

"What? Why would the table be important, It was just a table. But man, was it hilarious how they chased us for that thing. We would advance, run away with it, they would advance take it back and it went on and on for weeks like that. We ended up keeping the table, think we just burned it later on, but it was lots of fun."

"Wait a minute, you ran behind enemy lines, during combat, and stole a table?" [/b]Alexander said then. Geralt still grinning broadly.
"Yeah, I mean it wasn't the greatest plan but it worked out in the end."

"How the hell does that plan work at all?"[/b] The Carrier exclaimed at the Crimson Guard.
"We got them to stop fighting, they paid attention to a table. No idea what they were thinking, but they were in for a really bad day when they found the Mott Irregulars."[/b] Alexander had a exasperated looked on his face, slowly turning to Ashen before a thought hit him, his mouth gaping then.
"There are more like him?" [/b]Geralt could only smile then, the light fading as the darkness crept in, the time to move would come soon, and it was going to be a long night.[/size]
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[font="Comic Sans MS"][color="#000080"]Ashen sighed as she finally felt the advanced healing finish, her skin finally stitching itself back together as she straightened out her back and pushed her hair over her shoulder, pulling her jacket back up over her shoulder as well she sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose.
"Nine more to be exact Alexander. He is the oldest of 10 and trust me, most if not all of them are just as bad as he."
Geralt blinked back at her as she turned her head in his direction, a small gracing her lips, so small that many would not have seen it, but he did and she knew it. She put her hand on her hip and tapped the toe of her boot onto the floor.
"Iron Bars, is it about time to move the child?"
She hears Alexander huff slightly and put her hand on his shoulder.
"It is nothing against you Carrier. We are much older than we appear, please do not take it to heart. Iron Bars, when will we be moving from the hovel and back to our home?"
"Soon Eclipse, soon. I'm trying to make sure we weren't followed."
"I would have sensed it."
"Not so sure about that...I just want to be safe. We have him safe and in our protection. I don't want to take a chance of something happening to him."
She nodded slowly and walked towards him, following his voice as she made her way to him, putting her hand on his shoulder she felt her heart skip as his large hand covered her's, squeezing his shoulder slightly she stepped closer to him.
"Iron Bars, we will keep safe. You know that right?"
"I know that. But I can't shake this feeling that something is watching us."
She felt him tense slightly and let out a breath.
"Is is time?"
He nodded and she moved away from him towards Alexander, putting her hand on his shoulder softly she gave him a warm smile.
"It is time to move you to our home. You will be more comfortable there and much safer. I assure you, you can trust us."
He nodded slowly to her, she could feel the movement in the air and continued to give him a warm smile, she jumped and dropped into a fighting stance as the door opened.
"Whoa, easy babe, it's just me."
She frowned as Cain walked into the room.
"We have a van waiting out front to work as a decoy, Jancin and Job are in the back on their bikes, Kara is with them posing as the carrier the van and the twins will leave at different times giving you two and I time to get this kid to the house."
She nodded and pulled Alexander closer to her hip as Geralt and Cain began to move about the room making sure that everything was ready for them to leave, she held him slightly tighter as they moved now, things went well from there. They managed to get back to the mansion with no problem, she could feel Alexander tense next to her as they walked through the doors.
"Calm your self young one, no one here will harm you."
She felt her self tense as a mass of voices reached her ears.
"I can't believe it went that smoothly, I was expecting something, anything to happen."
"Yeah, it would have been better then me sitting in the drivers seat of a damn mini van."
Laughter echoed now.
"C'mon Amby, you looked good in that wig! You made such a wonderful soccer mom."
"Jules, I'll kill you. Do not tempt me. Whose idea was that anyway."
"Why doesn't that- Hey! Ashen! Welcome back! How about dinner tonight?"
She sighed and shook her head.
"No thank you Amby. I have told you before I am not interested."
She knelt down to get to Alexander's level and gave him a small smile as a young woman walked towards them.
"This is Haruhi. She will show you to your room. If there is anything you need Carrier do not hesitate to call upon those of us in the Crimson Guard. We are here for you in any way you wish of us."
She felt him nod once again and turned around leaving, stopping as she felt a tug on the tail of her jacket.
"Where are you going?"
She turned and went back to him.
"I must retire to my own quarters for the time being little one. If you need me, for anything have someone bring you to me. Do not worry about inconveniencing me."
She left then and went to her room, opening her door she stepped in and shut it behind her gasping as strong arms wrapped around her instantly, a bristled chin grazing the skin of her shoulder as the man buried his nose in her neck.
"I was worried about you. Are you alright?"
"It was just a graze Geralt. I assure you, I am fine."
She gasped as he spun her around and hugged her close, reaching behind her and locking her door, scooping her from the floor she shivered as his lips grazed her neck, she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled her self closer to him as he placed her on the bed and hovered over top of her, her mind drifting back to the moment she made this deal, it had been centuries ago, she had approached him her own selfish needs driving her.

[i]"Geralt...I wish to speak to you of something."
He had been leaning back in a chair, his feet propped up on the foot stool, a small toothpick in his mouth as he kept his arms folded behind his head and his eyes closed, he cracked open his eyes looking at her as her eyes flicked here and there waiting for him to answer her.
"What's up Ashen? What can I do for you?"
"I have a proposition for you."
"Really? Let's hear it."
"Everyone has needs, and even though I understand they we do not know if shall be here tomorrow or not I think that...that is to say I believe we should possibly-"
"Have sex?"
She blinked and frowned.
"Why did I thin you would have any tact when it comes to this at all? Please, forget I came to you."
She had turned to walk away when he grabbed her wrist.
"Hey wait, I'm sorry. I agree."
She had felt her heart leap hearing him say that...over all the years he was the only one who never seemed to see her blindness before he saw her. [/i]

Since that day, he had been by her side without fail and she could feel her heart pull towards him more and more now, and she knew that she was breaking the first rule of their deal...she was falling in love with him; the one thing she told him neither of them were allowed to do. She came from her thoughts as Geralt lay her back onto the bed, her bare back hitting the soft sheets of her bed. She sighed and closed her eyes as his arms wound around her and his nose buried into the top of her hair. Her mind going blank and dark as she surrendered to sleep, the warm feeling of his arms around her making her feel relaxed and safe.
She was unsure of how long she had been sleeping, feeling her eyes crack open she sighed as her world remained black, the sheets of her bed unusually cold as she rolled over holding the sheet close to her self to remain covered she felt for where she knew the other person was supposed to be. The side of the bed cold and empty she felt her heart drop some and sighed as she heard the soft click of her door.
"He must be off to find something to eat...must have taken him forever to find his boots as well...it usually does."
Standing she found her robe and slipped it on, walking to her dresser she picked up her brush and began to run it through her hair slowly, pausing as she heard a loud thud come from the other side of her door. Standing she walked swiftly to it, her muscles tense in case she needed to put up a fight, that is til she heard the voices on the other side. She pressed her ear to the door lightly and listened as the struggle continued.
"There you are! You son of a *****, why did you put me in the damn wig?!"
"Amby, I have no idea what your talking about, and what was the problem? I thought you made a wonderful woman, and our mother was a saint I'll have you know."
"Shut your face Geralt!They all told me it your idea!"
"I seriously can't give you that information little brother. I'm sworn to secrecy."
"Yeah cause you don't want your ass kicked into your mouth!"
"Now is that anyway to speak to your big brother?"
"Like hell your pulling that on me! Why didn't you use Higus or Obon? They have long hair!"
"I told you, I thought you made a wonderful woman."
"The reason we probably didn't get attacked was cause I scared the enemy off with that hideous piece of roadkill you called a wig!"
"C'mon Amby, give your self more credit than that."
"I'll kill you dammit! I'll kill you and hang your dead- wait....did you just come from Hawke's room?"
Ashen felt her breath halt and her body go cold, no one was supposed to know about the agreement the two of them had come to, it was only supposed to be between her and Geralt and she felt her self press her ear to the door with more force than necessary to hear the man's response, her mind pleading for him not to mess up and cause more questions.
"I well...I was making sure she was alright. She did get injured you know. And even if she has been here for a while she's still newer to the guard than the rest of us. I wanted to be sure her advanced healing wasn't taking to long."
Amby remained silent as he studied his brother.
"Than why is your jacket gone...and why are you bare foot?"
Ashen grit her teeth and cursed him silently. So he hadn't found his boots...why was she not surprised by that fact. Taking a deep breath she could indeed smell the leather of his jacket and boots that were still in her quarters.
"I took them off to be comfortable."
She heard Amby chuckle.
"Yeah, not like she would mind, she can't see those ugly feet of yours, though how she couldn't smell them is beyond me."
"Hey, your one to talk, your feet look like grandfathers."
"Take that back!"
"Hell no, you started it!"
Ashen shook her head and frowned as she threw open her door glaring into the hall.
"Is there a reason you two are deciding to have a sibling squabble out side more door in the middle of the night?! I am exhausted and would prefer to get some rest. Now if you do not mind Geralt Boles getting your things and your brother and allowing me to have some peace?!"
Both men looked at their feet like scolded children, Geralt scuffing his toes on the carpet.
"Sorry Ashen...he started it."
Amby took a breath and opened his mouth to retort when she held up her hand.
"I do not care who started it, I am finishing it. I am tired sore and would rather like to retire for the night. Good night Amby, I am sure I will see you tomorrow. Geralt, if you wouldn't mind gathering your things."
She listened as Amby said his good nights to his brother and left, moving aside for Geralt to enter she shut the door behind them and locked it, turning on him and planting her hands on her hips.
"What have I told you about being careful Geralt?"
"He came out of no where Ashen, how was I supposed to know?"
She shook her head and pinched the bridge of her nose.
"Next time if your that hungry, just call the kitchen from my room phone."
"How'd you know I went for food?"
"When do you not?"
"Good point...do I really have to go back to my room?"
She could hear the pleading tone in his voice and felt her anger break almost instantly, shaking her head she moved back to her bed and sat down giving him a pointed look, he chuckled and sat beside her. She shivered as she felt him move in closer to her and plant a kiss on her neck, feeling the shiver from her she gasped as he suddenly had her on her back and under him yet again. She shook her head but did not protest as she surrendered her self to him yet again, feeling her self fall deeper into a storm she knew she would never be able to come back from.
[/color][/font] Edited by Knuckles' Girl
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The evening hours crept upon the group slowly, the moon shifting in the night sky like clockwork as the residents inside the large mansion base of the Crimson Guard retreated to their own rooms for a well deserved nights slumber after obtaining the carrier they sought after for so long. They had a right to hold their heads up high, previously they were only able to protect the current carrier from a distance or keep a slight watchful eye as the carrier lived their life unknowing to the fact their own life was in extreme danger 24/7. Now that things have changed for the worse, namely the current carrier being a child and unable to produce a child at his stage in life, his life was more valuable until the time came. All the members of the guard knew after the mall incident that the Maldito family knows of his face and identity, so watching the child would be that much more cautious of where he goes and who he interacts with from now on. All the lights in the mansion were off, only hanging lights from the ceiling dimmed low to illuminate the many hallways for anyone who roamed the halls. Which is exactly what Alexander took advantage of after being taken to his room, he made himself comfortable after being escorted to his own personal room, the boy was astonished at how big and well furnished it was. Large flat screen television, couches and its own living room area with a personal mini fridge stocked with snacks and goodies to last the boy weeks inside the room alone. The bed alone was made to fit a king, or for someone as large as Geralt's body size, maybe even two of him. No one came into his room after the woman escorted him, giving Alexander enough privacy to change clothes and unpack all of his items he had on his person: His personal laptop with another mini laptop for his hacking purposes, a portable PSP unit that was modified to be used as a pocket computer and his items he bought at the mall for his all night gaming sessions he was planning for the weekend. The boy went to the closet and saw there were already clothes inside, a little large for the boy, but it was something warm for him to wear while he slept, but sleep was not on Alexander's mind this evening, once the lights in the hallway dimmed, Alexander took his large laptop and mini computer and crept out into the hallway like he was inside a military base as an intruder. The members of the Crimson Guard who protected him were nice and friendly, but there were more Boles Brothers that Alexander was unfamiliar with, Ahsen though, he felt the most connection to since she seemed like the most level headed one and civil Creeping down the grand staircase, the boy was cautious not to make as much noise as possible as he walked barefoot inside the estate, the long sleeve shirt he changed into draped past his hands greatly as the boy held onto his electronic items, the same went for the sweat pants he wore from the closet, the child had to triple tie the waist band so it would feel snug on his body. Once at the bottom of the staircase, the lights were much dimmer in the hallways, Alexander figured not every parts of the mansion were well lit, so he picked up his PSP computer and tapped a button, bringing the screen to life, the bright light was enough itself to guide the way. The child froze for a moment as he could hear chatter coming from atop the staircase, multiple voices coming closer and closer, without thinking, Alexander shuffled down a random corridor until he got to the very end, opening the large door and quickly diving inside as the door closed.

"That was a close one, now then, where am I?" Alexander questioned as he flashed his little flashlight device around, it looked like a library, a very large library at that. Small flame lanterns were used inside this room, they burned through the night, caring not if anyone occupied the room or not. "I'm sure this is a fire hazard with all these books here, some of them look....ancient" Alexander placed his large laptop on one of the tables in the center of the room as he looked down the isles of bookshelves. His little fingers tracing the shelves, dust collecting as the papers flickered when his flesh grazed their edges. Alexander though to pick a random book up, the boy couldn't make out the language or texts, but in the center was various notes and maps of a city, it almost looked like Russia. Closing the book, Alexander placed it back, taking another book and doing the same thing as the boy scanned the pages, but only found the same unknown texts and maps, but the location was familiar to him. Seemed to be the water aqueducts of Rome, but they looked ancient, as ancient from when they were first created, but that was impossible. But then again, from whats happened the past 24 hours, that seemed to be the only clear option. "That does remind me...." Alexander whispered as he made his way back to the center table inside the library and opened his computer, taking a seat at the surprisingly comfortable chair, he began to type into his work station for information. A window screen popped up suddenly, an online friend from his hacking boards:

[b][color="#8b0000"]Achilles[/color][/b]: "Hey fox, where have you been? The raid on level 37 is already in progress and we need our healing mage. Thought you were done school with a long time ago."

Alexander quickly positioned himself before he typed his response.

[b][color="#0000ff"]ShadowFaux[/color][/b]: "I got side tracked after I went to the mall, and I'm not at my place this evening so I won't be able to join to tonight :-(. I need a favor for whenever you're finished, I need to know if you can translate some scriptures for me, I'll send you the pictures once they're uploaded onto my computer." Alexander went back and grabbed a couple of books, the two from before and then several others as he began to take pictures with his PSP computer, the loading process was taking forever but they would be finished in a while, and Alexander had plenty of time on his hands. One by one the files went through, about 50 total,Alexander wanted to send more, but he heard a noise outside of the library and froze completely, his heart seemed to stop as he waited to see if anyone was going to enter, but as time passed, no one came through the door.

[b][color="#8b0000"]Achilles[/color][/b]: "Whoa, I'm not sure where you found this stuff, but it's pretty impressive, like authentic like."
[color="#0000ff"][b]ShadowFaux[/b][/color]: "I think it is authentic, and I know you have a doctoral in linguistics, so any help would be appreciated. I'll return the favor when you need help"
[color="#8b0000"][b]Achilles[/b][/color]: "Of course, I'll send you an email when I have everything ready, already I can see continuous mentioning of a "Carrier" as these words translate to, but I'll take an in-depth look shortly"

Alexander sighed as he closed his laptop and gathered his things together, placing the books back in their original spots, the child slowly made his way out of the library back into the dimly lit hallway of the mansion. As the boy walked down the long corridor hallway, he passed a window nonchalantly, but halfway passing that particular window, there was a sudden need to duck for cover, without his mind giving him the command, Alexanders body dropped to the ground, tossing his computers to the carpet floor as the boy covered his head with his hands. There was a loud crash that shattered the tall glass window as a small, yet cylinder shaped rock hit the door and bounced as it rolled its way towards Alexander. The boy brushed his bushy hair to free himself of broken glass pieces, cutting his fingers slightly as he did, but another sensation alerted his body as the boy scooted himself to the wall underneath the broken window, fully covered from outside eyes if there were any. Looking down at the cylinder shaped object, the boy tilted his head to the side, there was some noise that could be heard upstairs in the mansion, also some echoing of voices after hearing the large window crashing. Suddenly, the object thrown through the glass made a small clicking noise, the top popped off and rolled down the hallway, smoke shot out of inside and quickly surrounded the area, Alexander held in breath and pinched his nose quickly, closing his eyes tight. Using his free hand, he tried to guide himself away from the grenade that continued to spout smoke into the hallways, Alexander felt on the ground, cutting himself more from the glass. The boy didn't make it far as he could no longer hold his breath, ex-hailing quickly the boy in-hailed greatly, only to choke on the stinging smoke that filled his lungs. The boy coughed violently as each breath seemed to sting his very insides burned and betrayed the child of clean air, all through the mansion, more grenades made itself inside through various openings, shattering windows and making its way into rooms and hallways. Outside the mansion, a small battalion of black cloaked members of the Maldito family continued to throw their various Fla, Tear Gas and Smoke grenades at their enemies. Once they ran out of grenades, the members began to make their way inside, yelling and screaming their own battle cry as they barged through the grand entrance one by one.
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[font="Comic Sans MS"][color="#000080"]Ashen had no time to get her true gear together as she jumped from the bed, the body next to her moving at the same pace as they frantically dressed, she left her jacket on the back of her chair and didn't bother lacing her boots as she threw open her door and rushed down the hall. She grabbed a person as she felt them run by.
"Where is he?!"
"W-who ma'am?"
"The Carrier! Alexander, where is he?!"
"I-I'm looking for him...he w-wasn't in his room..."
Ashen felt her heart stop and her blood run cold, she reached to her right and grasped the leather jacket she knew would be there.
"Geralt! He's not there!"
The man moved than, reaching down and taking her hand and racing through the halls leading her as he did, she strained her hearing to catch anything, anything at all that might give them some kind of hint. She could feel panic begin to well up in her chest. The boy was young, and uncertain, easy to manipulate and take advantage of. He didn't know if her and the other guard could be trusted, let alone who they truly were, and gods forbid if the poor child had already run into any of the other Boles that roamed around the mansion. She remembered the way he had seemed to cling to her without actually doing so, how he had gotten as close to her as he possibly could, it let her know that he did not know a real mother's touch and that saddened her heart. She closed her eyes against the burning sensation that was making it's way into the corners of her eyes, her heart breaking for the boy. She stopped suddenly, her feet planting into the carpet as he ears picked up the sounds of coughing.
"Geralt, where are we?"
"Not far from the library. Why?"
"Did he look the type to you? What did he look like tell me in great detail!"
She listened to Geralt's voice, she could hear the questions hidden in it but he knew she would explain in due time, once he was done she nodded and pulled away from him, the smoke she smelt in the hall burning her nose, she closed her eyes not concerned about the dark...she lived in the dark. She followed the coughing and soon stumbled on a small case, catching her self she hissed as glass bit into the skin of her hands, reaching back she felt the smooth, glossed surface of a lap top.
"Alexander? Are you here little one?"
The coughing stopped for a moment before it started back up again, she reached out and felt through the glass til she felt the boys smooth, young skin. Grabbing his arm she pulled him towards her, even against his best efforts which were weak due to the smoke filling the halls.
"Calm down little one, it is I. Remember me? I swore an oath to keep you from harm, trust in me now."
He stopped struggling and she could feel him look up in her direction and gave him a nod, she gasped as she felt a strong hand around her arm pulling her to her feet, she caught the scent of steel and felt her self relax.
"I have a contact I know of that can get us safe, we'll go there now. It's not safe here for him any more."
"Geralt, what of the others?"
He knew she meant his brothers and even though she could not see his face she knew that he must be frowning deeply.
"They can take care of them selves! We need to get him out of here and some where safe. Now!"
She nodded and held onto Alexander tightly as Geralt led them through the halls, she grunted as he stopped suddenly, her chest slamming into his arm as they stopped, she felt the hair on the back on her neck stand on end and pushed Alexander behind her.
"Stay close to me little one."
He stayed silent as she heard the clear ring of Geralt's sword, the sound alone enough to give her chills.
"Eclipse, get him to the foyer."
"Just go! I'll meet you there."
She pulled the boy closer as she turned them around and made her way back towards the foyer, tucking her head down every now and than as more Maldito came into the mansion. She crouched down pulled Alexander underneath her, hissing as glass cut into her bare shoulders, the smell of cigarettes and strong drink wafted around them and Ashen felt her chest heave, never so happy to have the second born and the second youngest of the Boles close to her.
"Typhoon, Nightwalker...thank the gods."
Cain's voice was strained and she smelt blood, Ecan's raspy voice sounding on her left.
"We can't tank any one til that kid is safe and sound now can we pretty?"
She felt her hand twitch, wishing she could do nothing more than punch the younger Boles in front of her, she held back and sighed as the steely scent she had grown so accustomed to invaded her senses.
"Typhoon, Night, thanks. I'll take them from here."
"You got it Iron Bars."
Feeling the strong hands on her shoulders, wiping the blood from her skin she leaned into them and allowed him to pull her to his feet.
"C'mon Eclipse. Hang onto him tight you got me?"
She nodded and felt Geralt begin to lead them away again, through the halls and danger til she smelt the smoke from burning wood, heard the crackle of the all to known foyer fire place. once inside Geralt closed the doors and barred them. She listened as he moved around the room, moving furniture around she blinked as she felt a sudden rush of fresh air, it cooled her skin and sent a wave of chills across her skin.
"Do you trust me Ashen?"
She nodded with out hesitation, holding Alexander tighter.
"Come little one. We'll be safe."
He followed somewhat stiffly as Geralt lead them down a tunnel, turning this way and that every so often til it began to tilt upwards, Ashen having a hard time keeping her footing on the now slick ground, water and moisture dripping from the ceiling and gathering under their feet. She pushed Alexander up and into Geralt's waiting arms shaking her head as she felt his hand on her wrist.
"Take him."
"What?! Your out of your mind, it won't be much longer til they find this and follow us. I'm not leaving you here Ashen. No way in hell."
"Geralt, our first priority has to be the Carrier. We have him safe and we must keep him that way. Go, take him and go."
Geralt shook his head wrapped his hand around her wrist hauling her up to him and pulling her in close to him causing her heart to leap and her blood to heat instantly.
"I'm not leaving you behind."
He released her almost as soon as he had pulled her close, her cheeks burning now she pulled Alexander to her once again and followed the sound of Geralt's footsteps til she felt warmth embracing her skin, a young, yet somewhat gruff voice reached her ears as she climbed through what felt like a small doorway.
"Soranno. I need a favor."
Ashen frowned, she could feel the other man's eyes on her and heard the sound of Geralt snapping his fingers.
"Focus, focus! Your as bad as my brothers!"
"I resent that!"
"Just zip it, Soranno, we found the carrier."
She heard the intake of breath and held the boy tighter to her protectively, feeling her self tense in case she needed to fight.
"Fates be praised! It's about time Boles! Hell, I thought it was just a wild goose chase."
"No, it's real...and we need to get out of here as soon as possible. They found the mansion."
Hearing the sigh she listened as the two men walked away and continued talking, she frowned and put her free hand on her hip, going ignored for the moment as they continued to talk. She shook her head and rubbed her hand up and down on Alexander's to reassure him.
"Do not worry little one. If Geralt knows him...he is a good man, and we can trust him."
Even though she trusted Geralt, as a member of the Crimson Guard, as her only true friend...as her lover...he was not always the best judge in character, and she could not help but feel just slightly put off at first as she continued to keep her arm around Alexander. [/color][/font]
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OOC: Thanks for the lead in KG, I like how you brought Sorrano in starring. You'd think we'd done an RP or two together or something :)

[color="#8b0000"]"We need to find a way out, I thought you may be able to help," Sorrano had been a little thrown off by Iron Bars' demeanor, it wasn't often his typical lightheartedness was brushed aside. [/color]

[color="#8b0000"]Sorrano jabbed at the man's chest with his elbow, "So thats your lady "friend" eh Boles? I'm impressed you've kept her interested in you rather than your brothers, god bless her for slumming a little right?" His joke was met with a kind've stare that only Geralt could give you, it was impossible to read and intimidating. Sorrano couldn't tell if he struck a nerve, drew a laugh, or lost a little more respect than normal for his inappropriate comments.

Looking back to the woman craddling the boy as if he was her own, his eyes settling on the boy he felt his heart race a little. He never thought he'd get close enough to a true carrier, close enough to the essence of life it made him gitty, and serious.

Withdrawing a small black ipad type device, Sorrano brought up the screen with the layout of the network of tunnels that totaled 4 miles worth of confusing tunnels. Handing it to Geralt he pointed out a specific course through the network.

"Take this path here, it'll only take you about 2 miles to this exit," Sorrano gestured as he spoke, "This will bring you up across the mansion's reseviour. I doubt the Malditos brought enough men with them to be searching. Even if they do the denseness of the woods this time of year should prevent anyone from seeing you. I'll be close behind so don't bother waiting."

"You need to come with us now, I'm sure they've found the tunnels by now." Geralt's iron grip seized down on Sorrano's wrist.

"I'll be right behind, just book it. I'm going to give the Maldito goons a much deserved bath." Pointing to the ceiling Sorrano gestured to the line of charges down the particular shaft of tunnel.

"Planted them here years ago for just such an occasion, I have to arm both detonators on either end to bring the whole lake down on their heads. Just go now, I'll need to get set up. Blind or not I figure the girl can move pretty good, and the boy..."

"How did you know she's blind?" Geralt interupted.

Patting him on the shoulder Sorrano laughed, "You know me well enough Boles, I don't miss anything when it comes to pretty girls. Now go before I drop the roof on you to free her up." He turned and sprinted down the hallway.[/color]

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[font="Comic Sans MS"][color="#000080"]Ashen followed the sounds of Geralt's foot steps as they ran, keeping a tight hold of Alexander's hand, she gasped and grit her teeth as her foot slipped on a slick rock, rolling her ankle she felt the skin of her knees tear as she fell.
"Stop! Get him out of here Iron Bars, I'll meet with you once my healing is finished."
"I told you, I'm not-"
"I'm not giving you the choice! Go!"
She tilted her eyes in the direction of Alexander's harsh breathing.
"Go with him little one. He will keep you safe."
"Will you be alright?"
She gave him a gentle smile, small even though it was she made it as kind as she could.
"I will be right behind you."
He nodded and walked towards Geralt who pushed him forwards a bit before he turned back to Ashed and knelt down to her.
"I don't want to leave you, I'm no good with kids."
"That is not true Iron Bars, kids seem to love you for no apparent reason remember?"
He frowned and scoffed as he recalled what she was talking about, it had happened a few years ago, Geralt and her had been elected to go shopping for the manor and he had almost instantly been surrounded by a group of children interested in him, mostly due to his choice in a career but also no doubt because of him self. She had been able to nothing else but cover her mouth to hide the smile that threatened to over take her as she listened to him ramble to the children about this or that til she had managed to get the attention of a random person walking by to get the time. She had to drag him away from the crowd. She came from the memory shaking her head.
"Just go."
"I can't leave you Eclipse!"
She put her hand on his shoulder and gave him a rough shove making him stumble back to his feet.
"I said go. I will be right behind you."
She could smell his scent filling the small area before it moved away, sighing she hung her head slightly, caught off guard as his steely scent invaded her senses yet again, his warm breath brushing her face as he knelt down to her level once again.
"You better be telling me the truth Ashen. I'm serious."
She knew he was, she could hear it in his voice and nodded slowly gasping as she suddenly felt his lips on her's in a desperate kiss, they were gone just as quickly but the faint tingling they left behind left no doubt of what he had just done.
"I know I just broke a rule, but this gives you a reason to find me. Now you have to kick my ass right?"
She frowned.
"So I do. Now get out of here!"
He was gone than, his scent along with Alexanders, both lessening til they were gone and all she could smell was the musty scent of the stagnant water standing in puddle under her, she heaved a sigh and stood slowly, leaning against the damp walls of the tunnel she began to limp slowly forward, hoping she didn't manage to take a wrong turn and get lost. She had been walking for possibly 15 minutes when the sound of running made her spin around, injured or not she dropped into a fighting stance, ready to hold off who ever it was to give Geralt time to get out with the carrier. The footsteps stopped as they came into the same area as her.
"Well, well. A Crimson Guard. Where's the boy?"
The voice was thick, and dark, she could hear the strain of many years in his voice and smell the pungent aroma of smoke coming from him.
"I will not tell you, and if you wish to seek him you will have to get through me."
She applied as much weight to her ankle as possible, cursing the fact that with all her senses, her advanced healing was the slowest out of the entire guard.
"Not a problem."
She loosened the muscles in her arms and readied her self to fight as the man rushed her, she heard the slight ring of steel as he pulled a dagger from his belt, she grit her teeth as she felt the rush of it pass by her, nicking the skin of her throat, dropping low she gasped as her ankle gave out and she fell to her knees, hearing him come closer to her she brought her uninjured leg up and into his stomach, reaching forward she wrapped her hands around his neck and brought him down to her knee breaking his nose. Hearing him grunt she hauled her self to her feet and felt the light scream erupt from her throat as she felt the sharp pain of steel in her side, unable to hear the sound of the dagger moving through the air over the dripping water in the tunnel.
"You know wench, your not bad for being blind."
She took a deep breath and tried to gasp as it felt as if she were being strangled, her breathing getting shorter and shorter as she gasped for breath.
"I caught your lung. I got lucky than. You know what happens when a person's lung is punctured? They suffocate from the inside out basically. Takes about half an hour depending on the damage."
She pressed her hand against the wound, trying her hardest to regain the breath that seemed to be stolen from her with each breath she took, coughing she frowned as she heard and smelt the blood come from her throat.
"Dammit...I should have listened to him..."
Feeling the hand grasp her chin and force her to look up at him she frowned, he was close to her now and that was a mistake, as quick as she was able she lunged forward and wrenched the dagger from his hand before stabbing it through his neck, finding the soft point just above his collar bone and puncturing it swiftly. Hearing the whistling sound of him trying to breath from it she stood and began to walk away slowly, screaming out as she heard two distinct thuds, one being the man's body as he fell to the floor of the tunnel, the other being the dagger that had embedded it self in her lower back. Leaning on the wall she listened, just barely able to hear the footsteps of Geralt and Alexander she followed the noise, it was slow going and she wasn't sure how long it took her to get out, her ankle almost fully healed by the time she smelt fresh air and felt the beginning rays of the sun caress her skin, it was getting easier to breath after each passing moment and she allowed her legs to buckle under her as she emerged from the tunnel. The sound of running alerting her before she felt a rush of air from the tunnel and heard the resounding thunder like sound of Soranno's charges going off, hearing the thump of a body hit the grass beside her she recognized the scent from the small room Geralt had taken her too. The breathing labored before she heard it stop for a moment.
"Your that girl that Boles brought...What are you still doing here?"
"If you must know, I rolled my ankle, got into a fight with a Maldito that I was certain you stated that you would take care of, not to mention having to find my way out on my own."
"Why aren't you healed?"
"For some unknown reason, my healing abilities take longer than the others. a normal wound that would only take a few moments for say you, might take an hour or so for me. Major wounds have taken me nearly a week to heal from, it is slow going and quiet time consuming. But let us postpone this conversation for a more proper time?"
"Uh, yeah sure."
She listened as he stood and cleared her throat.
"Do you mind?"
He reached down and put his hand around her upper arm and helped her to her feet, it was than she caught the familiar scent through the air and stumbled towards it, her heart beat increasing as it grew stronger, her hand finding purchase on the bark of a tree, she hissed as it tore at her skin but she continued towards the scent. She could hear Soranno behind her calling out to her asking her questions but her only thought was to find the scent and as she felt her self pass another patch of trees she squeaked as a muscled arm wrapped around her waist, pulling her close to the broad chest of the man she had been searching for.
"Ashen, you alright?"
She felt his hands run along her dress til he found the bloodied spots, the sticky crimson liquid making his palms change color.
"Your injured."
"I shall live, it is not that hard to breath anymore."
"What do you mean anymore?"
"It does not matter right now, where is Alexander?"
"He's here, no worries. Soranno, you got a place we can hide?"
Soranno answered, though the answer seemed fuzzy to her as she felt her head swim before she slumped forward into Geralt's arms unconscious, the bleeding having slowed from her wounds, but still not completely healed. [/color][/font]
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