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The Hunger Games [Film Trilogy]


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So the latest in "books turned films" category is Suzanne Collins' [i]The Hunger Games[/i] trilogy, and I am liking what I'm seeing so far, even if it is only a poster.

But what a poster.

[url="http://www.comingsoon.net/news/movienews.php?id=79955"]Official Motion Poster[/url]

Like, [i]damn.[/i]
So, your thoughts, expectations, misgivings, yadda yadda, etc.?

Oh, here's the [url="http://www.thehungergamesmovie.com/"]Official Site[/url] and the [url="http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1392170/"]IMDB[/url] page as well and the normal poster if you want it [img]http://www.otakuboards.com/public/style_emoticons/default/wow.gif[/img]
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[color="#008080"][size="3"][font="Times New Roman"]I've been following this news for awhile, but kind of forgot about it. I see they finally decided on a cast, and I am very disappointed. I really wanted Alex Pettyfer to be Peeta... or was it Gale...

I read the books, and only half of Mockingjay. I was really excited when I found out it was becoming a movie. But they will most likely ruin it.

OOOHH, I like who is going to be Cato. <3

But overall, I am [i]very[/i] disappointed with the cast, but I still look forward to the movie.[/font][/size][/color]
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It was an awesome film. I haven't read any of the books but I am interested in getting a copy of Catching Fire, because I want to continue the story that I saw last night. I plan to get the series. I love dystopia-future fiction, this series is right up my alley.

I love this world they created, where a brutal reality show is used as a deterrent to any of the districts causing another uprising. Keen to see how the Mockingjays become such a potent symbol for the uprising I assume is to come in the next two books.

10/10 Edited by Saiyangohan2002
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after reading all the books before seeing the movie, I was indifferent to the movie. I think they did a good job overall, and there were obvious differences from the book (mockingjay pin, mutt introductions, etc) but I was disappointed with the relationship and character development. everything moved way too quickly and you didn't have nearly enough time to root for Gale/Peeta like we did in the book. there wasn't enough time to get attached to any of the characters. Edited by Katie!
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[size=4]Meh. I just finished the film a minute ago and I must say I was being really positive whenever I could, but basically the film is just not so very good. They scrapped so many of the little details that actually made the novel captivating, and also didn't make use of details that play a larger role in the next films.

They could've spent a lot less time giving the viewer all-seeing powers, and instead added some details. The novel was written from first person perspective, which fit a 100% with the feeling of loneliness, you against the world. Instead you get "Oh hi President Snow, please allow us to observe your private conversations", the immediate visual of casualties (but at the same time they didn't keep us up to date really well on who was left), and an immediate look into how the rebellion is starting in D11. That "I'm alone, this is me, the rest is a mystery" vibe was thrown out of the window, killing basically all suspense.

They handled some things like the mockingjay pin fine, because the original character for that was not very strong anyway. However, some, for me, essential plot lines and details were dropped or changed, like Peeta's pop visiting her, the mutts, and especially the extremely rushed ending which to me just felt like "hey, yeah so we're out of time, let's call it a day." The ending is what makes the novel as it is, and it's what finally killed the film for me, after I allowed all the other stuff. They browse through time as if the script writer had to go to the loo and quickly wanted to end things. They didn't even take the effort to depict the hover crafts picking up corpses. The impact of the Games was minimal in the depiction of the characters. The cruelty, size, and gravity of the whole situation is not barely enough to allow for rebellions to be fired up around the Districts in this film. The aftermath is non-existent. Like Katie! already mentioned above, the film generally feels too rushed, with very little relationship development for some characters. Though I think they did relatively fine-ish (that's relatively, which in this case is [i]not[/i] a good thing) with Peeta (and I hated Gale in the novel anyway), Haymitch gets very little (drunk) time for us to get to know him and her friendship with Cinna comes falling out of the sky.

Also, Cato's speech was too long compared to how little time they allowed for other stuff.

On the other hand, I thought Lenny Kravitz was surprisingly OK in his role of Cinna, though I pictured a much skinnier and paler person. Rue was also cast well, Catniss was fine, D2-Girl also fit the bill. Yay. [/size]

[size=4]I always hope with these kinds of films that they turn out better than you expect. But alas. Hope... A little hope is effective; a lot of hope is dangerous. If the soundtrack wasn't so great, I would've been most incredibly disappointed by the film.[/size] Edited by Boo
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Now that the first movie is over and done with and the next one, Catching Fire, in production. What are your thoughts on it so far? I looked at some stills of the production (set in Hawaii) and I have to say I'm excited. I know that typically books to films are not that great. (Exception being Harry Potter and LOTR) but I feel that they do a decent job. I mean at least it's not like Avatar Last Air Bender material or anything. That movie made me facepalm and cringe the entire time.

Edited by Japan
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