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[font="Comic Sans MS"][color="#000080"]Kaiel walked down the street, her head down cast, her blue bangs covering her eyes as she kept her hood up even though the sun was beating down on her back. Taking a deep breath she looked up and squinted her eyes against the sun as it was sinking down below the horizon, letting out the breath she stopped for a moment and stuffed her hands into the pockets of her shorts. She leaned on the fence behind her, not really willing to go back to her home, her foster brother always gripped at her about going out. Her black cloak, white shorts and vest, her blue hair...it all gave evidence of what she was, what she didn't want to be. Sighing she pushed her hands deeper into her pockets and pushed off the fence and made her way down he sidewalk towards the old church that was her home. She lived with a bunch of priests, ironic much? She tilted her head down again watching as her feet moved, her steps graceful and silent; she looked up as she saw the familiar crack in the side walk letting her know she was close to home. Opening the gate to the church she walked in and through the front door to instantly be confronted by bother her foster father and brother.
"Kaiel, where have you been?"
"Christopher, I went for a walk. I had to get out of this stuff old church. My nose couldn't take it."
Her brother scoffed but moved aside as Zihon came forward and put a hand on her shoulder before pushing the hood covering her face back and smiled down at her.
"You shouldn't have to hide your face Kaiel, your beautiful."
She looked to the side and saw her reflection, her yellow eyes and pale skin off set by her blue hair. She was feminine and womanly, but as she smiled and saw her fangs she frowned.
"I'm a monster old man."
"You are a beautiful woman. Do not let anyone ever tell you other wise. Now, dinner will be ready soon, please go and wash your hands and get ready."
"Yes sir."
She pulled the hood back over her head covering her face again, she felt exposed with out it. Walking up stairs she opened the bathroom door and began to wash her hands, slipping her gloves off and folding her sleeves back so she didn't get them wet. She placed her hands under the cool water coming from the faucet and began to run them together before grabbing the soap and lathering her hands together. Once done she dried them and put her gloves back on and fixed her sleeves so they were covering her hands again. Making her way towards the dining room she stopped as one of the other priests that lived there passed her.
"Good evening Kaiel."
She inclined her head, and went to move past him when he suddenly took hold of her arm tightly.
"Your mother wants you home."
She felt her eyes go wide and yanked her arm from his grasp, looking up at him she saw his eyes glowing red, her mouth full of fangs and his body trembling. He took a step towards her causing her to back up into the wall behind her.
"Kaiel...come home. You don't belong here with these filthy humans."
She shook her head and ducked under his arm as he reached for her again and rushed through the hall.
Her brother looked around the corner to see her running at him, her face paler than usual and her eyes wide. The speed she was running had pulled her hood away from her face, her hair flying behind her. He didn't need to wait very long to see why as the priest slid into the wall as he tried to turn the corner and chase her. Dust fell from the ceiling as he righted himself and smiled wickedly to the two of them.
"Come now. Kaiel would be much happier back in hell with the rest of us."
Kaiel shook her head and blinked as her brother stepped in front of her.
"Go to father."
"Now Kaiel!"
She nodded and turned on her heel and began to run through the halls again til she found the kitchen; her breath caught in her throat at the sight. The walls were red and dripping blood from the other priests that were there, in the middle of the room stood Zihon, his head bowed.
"Old man?"
He looked up and let out a breath.
"Kaiel thank the heavens your safe, come with me quickly. We have to get you out of here. She's sent your brother."
"My...my brother?"
Kaiel blinked but followed him none the less, he took her to the library and to a book shelf she had seen him looking at more than once these past few weeks.
"Old man?"
"Just do as I say."
She nodded again and watched as he took off the cross from around his neck and pressed it to the back of a large black book; dust rose from the book shelf as it moved and turned inward.
"This way, hurry Kaiel."
She followed him down a stairwell to a hidden basement that held nothing but a small case in the middle of the room. Something seemed to pulse from with in it and before she knew it a growl was bubbling from her throat. Zihon nodded solemnly.
"So you feel it...I was afraid of this. The seal is breaking..."
Kaiel looked at him and frowned.
"Seal? Feel it? What are you talking about old man?"
"In this case are two daggers, you must never unsheathe them from their holds. When you were born I had your demon powers sealed within these weapons. To open them would awaken your demon blood fully and I would no longer be able to protect you."
She shivered slightly and walked towards the case, spinning as the book case was blasted away suddenly, a body landed heavily by their feet.
Kaiel rushed forwards only to be grabbed by Zihon.
"No my dear! You must not get close to your brother."
"I don't care! He's all the family I have besides you. And you want to just leave him? Don't ever call your self our father again!"
His hand went slack on her arm as she rushed forwards and pulled Chris to her and tried to pull him back, her skin began to tingle as goosebumps rose up across her arms and neck, looking back she saw Zihon's body begin to twitch.
"N-no... Father..."
Her eyes looked down to her brother as he feebly reached for Zihon who threw his head back and laughed, his eyes black, and his hands twisted into claws.
"What a weak old man. All it took was you hurting him enough for me to take over, thank your my daughter. Now, shall we go home?"
Kaiel shook her head and looked towards the case in the middle of the room, setting her brother down gently she stood and walked over to it, placing her hand on the top she felt it pulse and opened it slowly to find to long daggers that curved slightly hidden in beautiful sheaths of blood red and gold. She looked over her shoulder as Chris coughed.
"I don't have a choice. If I don't we all die."
Picking them up she held the hilt of them tightly and spun them quickly making the sheaths fly off, instantly she felt her skin burn, her body feeling as if it were on fire. Her body twitched and grew as white fur sprouted from her skin, her nails became dark claws and her hearing and smell grew sharper than ever. Looking up she caught sight of her self and gasped as a large white wolf stared back.
"Yes my dear, that's it. That's the power you were born with. Now, come with me."
She looked over at the man who raised her and shook her head.
"I won't!"
A twisted smile spread over his face than suddenly turned into one of pain as his body shook violently.
"You stupid old man! Give up!"
Kaiel blinked as Zihon fought, bringing out a thin dagger and plunging it into his stomach.
"She is my daughter. And I will protect her."
Kaiel felt tears spring to her eyes and reached for Zihon only to have her arm grabbed by Chris.
"We have to go."
"This place is coming down Kai. We have to go now."
She nodded and found the sheaths for her blades and put them back on, her appearance reverting to what it was.
"Hide those and follow me. I know where we can go to be safe."
She nodded and did as he told her, hiding the daggers under her flowing cloak, pushing her self she followed him out into the street just as the church fell, crumbling in on it's self.
"It'll be fine. Let's go. We have to get you to Cross Academy."
"The boarding school?"
"It's the safest place for you right now. Trust me."
She nodded and ran behind him as he led her through the streets to a small pub, going through the door she saw it was empty, but she said nothing and watched as he opened the back door. She continued to follow him through and gasped as she saw a large building ahead of them.
"This is Cross city. Here you'll be safe. We'll enroll you tomorrow. Til than, you need rest."
She nodded and felt her eyes roll into he back of her head as her body gave out. Chris caught her and picked her up and began to walk towards the school on the other side of town. He could only hope that here, she would be safe from the demons of hell seeking her out. [/color]

OCC: Alriight, this is pretty much what I need for your first post. Just go off of mine and as soon as everyone gets their first one up, we'll start classes.[/font]
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Asher stood at the window peering out into the night from the secoand floor den of his foster parent's home. He wasn't one to feel depressed, but something tonight seemed to be pulling at him. A strange pang of guilt ate at his very soul, but for some reason he couldn't think of anything he'd done that day that was wrong. The day was truly like any other day before it, he'd woken up, went to work, came to visit his parents and was now here listening to one of his 'father's' stories about the war and his 'mother's' gripes about him not finding someone and settling down yet.

The home truly was a happy one, the one he grew up in. The two people in this room did their best to keep him sheltered from the evils of the world. They were, for all intensive purposes, his real parents, but for some reason he just didn't feel like they were tonight.

[i]"My son, it is time for you to return home. I have much work for you to do..."[/i] The voice sounded so near and clear Asher lept up from the chair, startled as if somebody were standing right behind him, but when he turned there was no-one.

[b]"Are you okay son?"[/b] His father asked, but when Asher turned to face him all he saw was the bloodied face of his father's corpse starring at him.

Turning to run out of the room, Asher stood in fear as a looming figure, well over 8 feet tall, drapped in a cloak stood in the doorway, blocking his escape.

His mother's scream from behind him drew his attention next, turning he saw yet another figure standing above her. A red clawed hand swooped down on her instantly severing her head from her body.

Asher Felt a scream well up inside of him, just before he could the figure from the doorway grabbed him from behind and whispered meanicingly into his ear.

[b]"Your uncle sent us to kill you young reaper, he spent a lot of energy to get us here ahead of your father's men."[/b] The creature that took his mother was in front of him in an instant, clawed hand ready for the kill.

A sudden white light took the room, and Asher swore he could hear his father's voice yell something in what sounded like latin, but he couldn't be sure.

Then as the light faded the creatures were apparently stunned, sheilding their eyes and cursing in a language that didn't seem human.

[b]"Asher take this and get to this place,"[/b] His father handed him a long staff and a slip of paper that had the name of a pub written on it in red ink, that to Asher appeared to be more like blood, [b]"you will be safe here, just give them my name and tell them what happened."[/b]

Asher still didn't understand, but when he touched the staff something happened to him. He felt strong, powerful, confident. For some reason the staff seemed to tell him he was unstoppable.

His eyes were directed at a small skull ingraving towards the middle of the staff, he was mesmerized by it even as he heard the creatures come too and begin snorting and snarling. As he pressed onto the engraving a sickel blade sprung out of the top of the staff, and that's when things became a blur.

Asher could feel the seering pain as his skin literally melted from his body, his other tissue to follow leaving only his skeleton. His clothes seemed lost, but a black cloak drapped over him covering his body and his head. A sort of energy pulsated through him, and he suddenly wanted to see the blood spray from the creatures that took his mother.

Turning and speaking in a voice that was his own, but words he couldn't believe he was saying, [b]"Your time has come demons,"[/b] stepping towards the now frightened beasts Asher's movements became not his own. Even though he fought it with every ounce of his being, the blade cut down and through both beasts at once, the spray of molten blood felt good on his bones.

The feeling disgusted his conscious mind, but he couldn't overpower it. He needed it even more, turning he saw his father starring at him with eyes that showed pity, as if he was dissapointed and saddened.

Asher fought even harder, but still could not resist the urge to raise the scythe yet again, this time on the man who raised him. As the blade cut down, and Asher starred in horror, his father allowed the blade to slice into his soft belly and grabbed the blade pushing and turning until the blade was reset inside the handle that was no longer bone but the same smooth black ebony that it was when he was given it.

As he watched his father fall Asher reached out with once again human hands and caught the man in his arms. Though he couldn't draw the breath to get the words out, the man's lips could be easily read. [b]"I love you son."[/b]


A few hours later Asher found himself inside the pub, trying to find someone in the empty bar who could tell him what was going on. As he heard the bell ding softly as the door was open he lept behind the bar conceling himself.

He saw a man and one of the most strikingly beautiful women he'd ever seen enter and exit out a back door without speaking.

[i]I guess this is the right place[/i] he thought as the two exited out of sight.

Rising to his feet he followed, giving them enough time to get a bit ahead for he wasn't sure who, if anyone, would be his friend or who would be in league with those things. He just hoped someone could tell him why he killed the two most important people he'd ever known. Why did it have to be him? he thought as he felt tears well up and start to fall as he exited the pub.
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Alice Vanderbelt wandered through the city, not sure where she was headed. School had gotten out early, though no reason had been given. Lately, she'd been feeling... distant. It was almost like a fog had set in, or maybe that sand had clouded the waters of her mind. Tucked under her arm was a book on raising miniature bonsai trees. Her school bag hung over her shoulder, and she put her book in it, next to three others, each as random as the book about trees, and along with her laptop computer.

She wandered past a park, and looked over to see a pond shimmering in the bright sun. It seemed to be a brighter blue than the clear sky, something strange she'd never seen before. In her trance-like state she walked across the grass to the small body of water to gaze upon the peculiar happening. On coming closer, she saw that the water wasn't just a brighter shade, but glowing as well. In the water she saw something moving, though it was either too small or too far away to tell what it was. It looked like a fish, almost. But there was something not quite right about it.

As she watched the movements of the fish, it seemed to get bigger and smaller, like it came closer to the surface, and then went closer to the bottom As Alice looked around, she realized she couldn't actually see any kind of bottom to the pond. With that instant of clarity the fish rocketed through the water at her, and she could see it wasn't a fish at all, but a demon mermaid.

Before Alice could scream, the mermaid flew out of the water and into the air, hovering above a stunned Alice. "Come hither, child... Mommy wishes for you to join her...." The mermaid's silver, plated flesh rippled with power, her clawed hands reaching out for the soft, supple flesh of Alice. "But I will kill you before then..."

"Get away from me!" she cried, batting the mermaid's hand away before scrambling to escape the mermaid. "Someone help me!" she screamed as she ran across the park blindly in a panic. She stumbled and fell across the grass near the parking lot, turning over to protect herself... against nothing. The mermaid was gone.

Getting to her feet, she felt her head clear, like the fog lifting. Was the mermaid the reason she'd been feeling like she had been?

Just what had happened?


Alice managed to make her way home to her adoptive mother, who had taken her in from the orphanage she had grew up in. Sandra Vanderbelt was a wonderful woman, and the best friend anyone could ever have. Alice glanced up at the katana hanging on the wall, something that didn't quite fit in with the decor of the room. There was something about it that always drew her eyes to it.

"Welcome home, dear. How was your day?" she asked. Alice simply smiled, and spoke softly, kissing her mother on the cheek and giving her a big hug. "Nothing too much, I visited the park after school to read some."

"Always stuck in a book.... You should try to live a little. You have a real romantic streak."

Alice simply smiled and turned to walk upstairs. "I'm going to take a shower and put on some other clothes. I'll be back down to help you with cooking dinner when I'm done."

"Alright, just head down whenever you're done. I'll start cooking in a few minutes. Would you mind taking out the trash later?"

"Sure, after dinner." Alice walked up the stairs to her bedroom, and took off her clothing. She stepped into the shower and turned the water on, though only as a trickle for it to warm up before immersing herself in the heavenly drops. Slumping down after turning the water on full blast, she sat her head on her knees and wondered if she'd been feverish earlier and possibly hallucinating. Something like that... it couldn't be real, could it? She hadn't quite been herself lately, so that could be it. But, she hadn't felt warm or anything, just spacy.

Turning off the water, she wrapped herself in a towel and moved over to her dresser to put on something to wear. She didn't know what to wear, so she just pulled on her usual white button down shirt and a skirt. Her uniform, ironically. For some reason, she was most comfortable in it, though she never really knew why. She'd always liked the crisp lines of dress clothes, and the pleats in her skirt were fun to swish around when she twirled. She put some ruffled socks on and then her penny loafers. She might as well take the trash out now.

Heading down the stairs, she could feel something wrong. Her nose could tell her there was the smell of smoke. Had her mom burned something? She heard a crash, and jumped the last of the stairs. The front door had been kicked in, the frame lay splintered across the floor. How had she not heard that?

"Mom! Where are you? Mom?"

"Alice! Get out of the house! I'm taking this ***** with me!"

"Mom!" Alice ran into the kitchen, if only to find the demon mermaid attacking her mother, while she was fighting back with little more than a frying pan. She swung the pan, hitting the demon across the face. "You won't take her!" Sandra screamed. "Back to hell with you!" Blood seeped from a wound to her abdomen, the bloody stain spreading quickly.

"Foolish wench! You dare strike me? Die!" The demon raked her claws across the woman's face, she shrieking, "Alice! Run!"

"LEAVE MY MOTHER ALONE!" Alice rushed the mermaid, pushing it away and through the kitchen window. She immediately squatted down to try to help her mother. "Mom, come on, let's get you to the hospital. That wound looks bad..."

"Such a sweet girl... her life in danger and attacked by a monster... but still she thinks of her mother." A bloody hand reached up to touch the face of her daughter, and Alice realized that it was too late for her mother. The blood was pooling around her mother fast, it was obviously a fatal wound. "Go, my child. Take the sword on display in the living room. Go to Cross Academy. They will take care of you there." Alice hugged her mother tightly, crying. "No! I'm not leaving you!"

There was a furious roar as the demon ripped through the wall, her mother struggling to stand and push her daughter away. "ALICE! NOW! GO! OBEY YOUR MOTHER!" Sandra flicked on the gas stove, the flames flaring up around the burner. "Time to die, demon *****. I will NOT let you have my daughter!" Obeying her mother, Alice ran to the katana, feeling something.... familiar course through her body as she did. As she moved to do something about the demon, her mother yelled, knowing her daughter too well. "GO TO CROSS ACADEMY!" She then shrieked something unable to be understood and instantly there was a catastrophic explosion that threw Alice through the gap where the front door had been. "Mother!" Alice called, but only the roar of flames answered her.

Covered in her mother's blood, her glasses cracked, and covered in soot with the sword in her hand, she could feel nothing. In a haze, she staggered away from the burning home. Only her mother's final words to her rung through her head.

Go to Cross Academy. Edited by Inuyasha Fandom
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[size="1"][color="#8B0000"]Jensen stood on top of a roof over looking the empty bar he had been given directions to by his foster father. Granted Jensen never really talked or got to know his foster father nor really much spent much time at home rather to be out at night walking the streets or pushing his body faster and harder. He knew he was different when he was growing up. His hair color defiantly wasnt normal as was his eyes. That or the fact his body gained muscle faster and never seem to diminish at all.

He closed his eyes playing the last flashback of his last moments at home. He had just walked out onto the roof to train in the makeshift gym he had put together. He slided the plates onto the bar then cinched them down. he slightly ran his hands of the cold steel of the bar before grabbing a hold and slowly lifted. He didnt explode up like most people did when they worked out. No instead he slowly curled his arms, each inch seemingly taking forever making sure his muscles were pushed beyond. He completed ten reps in this same manner before setting the bar back down.

He took a step back staring at his arms. normally he would have felt some burn, but today there was nothing. No pain, no hype, no rush, not ****. He added another plate and did another five reps, though to no avail. He let out a small snarl letting one of his fangs catch a glimpse of of the sunlight. He added more weight trying to wear himself out but he couldnt manage. The only thing he felt was hot, extremely hot to be exact.

[b]"Well someone sure loves improvement" [/b]

He spun around in search of the deep voice that penetrated his ears only to come face to face with a swirling mass of blue fire. He stared at it for a second, blinking a few times. [b]"Excuse me" [/b]

A harsh laugh emitted from it. [b]"Is that any way to greet one of your brothers Vastra?"[/b] Suddenly a a clawed hand covered in blue scales shining in the light like bright sapphires with the claws a perfect pearl white reached for him. [b]"Come on home. Father's been expecting you"[/b]

Jensen stood there for a second then for some unknown reason began reaching for the hand. He hand almost grabbed it when he heard a shout and an arm knocked him out of the way.

He saw what he though was a flash of metal then heard a roar that he thought would make his body tear apart. He spun around to see his foster father holding a small thin blade that dripped red right as the blue flames circled widly and starting to expand.

[b]"Why you pesky undeserving human!!! How dare you strike me!!!"[/b] The voice was full of anger now.

His foster dad tossed a package his way as he rolled under a incoming outside slash from the arm. [b]"Take this and go! Now Jensen!"[/b] He thrust again only to have the blade shatter in peices as it connected with the claws. [b]"And stay safe please"[/b]

Jensen looked back up to see his foster dad with that same hand through his chest, only now instead of being beautiful in a perfect sense it now had a diffenent beautiful appearance as it dripped with blood. The moment the scent hit his nose Jensen became outraged letting out a roar that surprised himself as he slid his hands down to one end of the weighted bench press bar and swung with all his might at the blue flames. It disappearred inside the flames and a split second later he felt the weights at the other end connect with something and a painfilled roar responded then disappeared and the flames vanished immediatly cutting the bar in half.

Jensen blinked coming back in touch with reality then glanced down at the contents in his hand that had once been in the package. It had been directions to this pub and talked about a hidden entrance inside. In his other hand was necklace with a small black axe with white wrapped around the handle and two demonic black blades withe red etching on it attached. He had no idea what the necklace was for but for some reason it called to him. He heard voices down below and peeked over the edge seeing a man and a hooded blue haired girl entering the building.

Unfortuantly he had not been able to get a good look at them so he decided to play it safe. He looked up and down the street and when he was satisfied no one was around he dug his claws into the brick using them to scale down the building. He followed the voices in the building and through a passage at the back. When he peeked around all he saw was the back of another man who stood about three inches taller then him with dark brown hair in a military regs medium fade in jeans with black combat boots and what appeared to be a white t shirt in under the black jacket he wore.

He started to approach but stopped when he noticed that there was a trail of smalll wet spots behind him on the ground he slowly walked across. By the way his head was held Jensen figured he was crying. He watched him for a second before clearing his throat gently trying to do his best not to startle the man.

The man spun around his fist clenched around a staff that looked to be a smooth black ebony. The man looked to be around twenty five and his eyes were an ice blue though a little puffy comfirming Jensen's previous thought that he was crying.

Jensen held up his hands in a non threating manner. [b]"Lost family too, I take it?" [/b]

The other man regarded Jensen for a second before taking a more relaxed posture and nodded. He slightly looked down and off to the side as if he was doing his best to keep the tears from coming back. [b]"Yeah. I guess your in the same boat"[/b]

Jensen nodded. [b]"Slightly. I wasn't as bonded with mine as strong as you appear to be"[/b] He slowly walked up to the man and held out his hand. [b]"Jensen Varus"[/b]

The man took a second to look at Jensen's outstretched hands then shifted his staff to his left hand before firmly shaking Jensen's. [b]"Asher Thompson"[/b]
Jensen motioned to the large building off to the side with a nod from his head as they both let go. [b]"Well seeing as how we are both in this same weird and very out of the ordinary chain of events that have us leading to the same place. It might be good if we both knew we had someone watching our backs."[/b]

Ashen paused then nodded. [b]"I watch yours"[/b]

Jensen cracked a smile his canines slightly showing. [b]"And i watch yours."[/b]

The other man smiled slightly as they both turned and headed towards the building with a pace that was more confident instead of supicious.[/color]

[i]OOC: Hope you like the refernence Drizzt[/i][/size]
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Takeo sat in his old room from when he was in high school and looked at all of his old stuff. Posters filled his wall as well as some of his artwork from school. It was n't particularly good if you asked him but his foster mother and father thought it should hang up in his room. As he continued looking around his room, he saw his old guitar he got when he first learned to play music. He got as a present while staying at the old foster home. He always had an ear for music and it didn't take him much time to learn how to play the guitar. As he got older, he learned other instruments such as the piano, violin, saxophone, flute, and the drums. There weren't a lot of things Takeo was good at but music was definitely one of them. He picked up the old guitar and started strumming out a tune he put together in his head. Before he knew it, Takeo had got lost in his music.

His foster father, Hayato, soon interrupted him. "Come downstairs for dinner. Your brother and sister and your mom are waiting. You can play with that old guitar anytime."

Takeo nodded his head and place the guitar back on its stand. He followed his dad down the stairs to the dining room where his older sister, Jun, and older brother, Rai, and his mom, Asami, waited for them. Takeo and his dad sat down and they began their weekly tradition of having dinner and catching up. Takeo didn't normally say a lot at the table but today he felt as if he needed to speak and reconnect with his family. He felt as if this was the last time he was going to see them.

"Wow, you're pretty talkative today Takeo," his mom said. "Yeah bro, usually we gotta force you to answer our questions," his brother added. "I don't know. I just feel like I have lost touch with you guys and I want to make sure you know that I love you even though I don't always show it," Takeo answered.

The family had continued socializing into the night. Everyone was laughing including Takeo until he heard a whisper in his ear. He looked around to see if something was near him but nothing was there. I brushed it off as nothing and got back to his family.

"What's wrong Takeo, you looked spooked for a second there?" his dad asked.
"Its nothing, I just thought I heard a whisper in my ear. It sounded really weird. But I guess it was nothing" Takeo responded.
His dad looked concerned, far more concerned then he should be. He stood up from the table and went into his private room. No one was allowed in there under any circumstances, especially Takeo. He returned to the table with a forced smile on his face.

"Everything alright Dad," Jun asked. He nodded yes and tried to continue the fun. Takeo had become intrigued and asked a question everyone had been dying to know the answer to. "Hey dad, whats in your special room that you don't want anyone to know about. I mean we're family, we shouldn't keep secrets." The eyes of the rest of family got really wide at the bravery Takeo had shown towards his father.

Takeo's father took a deep breath and started to say something but the whisper came back to Takeo's sensitive ears. This time he could actually hear what the voice said. "Come join me my son. Your mother has missed you very much" Takeo's eyes got really wide. A look of fear overtook his body. He tried to answer the voice but no words were coming out. The whisper began to grow louder and louder. It eventually became a loud yell for everyone in the room to here. "YOUR MOTHER WANTS YOU HOME NOW!!" the voice cried out. Everyone had begun looking around for any person to be with them. Takeo got up and looked upstairs and found nothing. While he was up there a scream filled the house. It was his mother. He rushed back downstairs to find a horrible scene. His brother had been impaled by some kind of demon beast's claw. The beast noticed Takeo and charged after him. Hayato pushed Takeo out of the way of the beast's attack. Jun and Asami tried to run out of the room but were confronted by another demon beast. The beast lunged at Asami but Jun stepped in front of her and recieve the blow. Blood spew all over the door opening to the dining room. A look of terror and anger came over Takeo as he charged at the beast that slayed his sister. The first beast began coming after him again. Hayato grabbed a chair and hit the beast with it. The beast wasn't fazed at all as it swung its claw to knock Hayato back into a wall. Takeo had also grabbed a chair and was trying to hold back the second demon. Asami had gained some composure and assist Takeo in the best way she could. Hayato had gotten up and ran into his secret room. Takeo and his mom were doing their best in holding back the demon beast but they were not effective. The beast had them cornered and were about to strike when Hayato came charging out of the room with a sword. He lunged at one of the demons and pierced its body. The other demon looked at what Hayato had done and leaped towards him.

"Takeo, go into my room and grab that spear hanging on the wall. Hurry. Take your mother with you." Hayato screamed. THey rushed into the room and saw a shrine in the center of the room. All kinds of protection symbols hung all over the room. Takeo looked around and saw the spear hanging on the wall. When he saw it, he felt a strange aura within him as if the spear had been calling out to him. His hearing suddenly got a lot better the closer he got to the spear. He grabbed it and almost instantly he felt a power surge through him. He eyes grew an even brighter green through his glasses. His mother looked at the boy she raised as he appeared to be stronger. Takeo then ran out of the room to see his father still struggling with the demon beast. "I got the spear,Dad. Now I can fight with you." Takeo said. "NO!! You must leave and get to the Cross Academy. I left instructions on what to do in my secret room." Hayato shouted at him. Takeo was stunned at the fact that he could help but his father asked him to run away. But it was for the best as Hayato flipped the beast and stabbed it through its skull. He turned to Takeo and signaled him to go get the instructions. Asami had found the instructions and had brought them Takeo. Just as she was handing the instruction over to him a large sword pierce her body. Only blood had reach Takeo's hand and face. He stood there in shock as his mother had been slayed in front of him. A large figure came from the room shaking its sword of the blood. It was a large muscular demon with sharp claws on one hand.

"Now Takeo, your mother would like you at her side. I know you hear her whispers. The only thing is...that I have to kill you now." the large demon said. The demon lunged the sword at Takeo who was still frozen after the sight he saw. Hayato moved Takeo out of the way of the oncoming attack. "Snap out of it Takeo. I know what you saw was terrible but you have got to focus on the task at hand." Hayato screamed. Takeo's glazed look had left him and a look of cold anger came over him. He raised his spear towards the large demon. The demon attacked again but Takeo's movements were quicker but more importantly were the sounds Takeo heard. He could hear everything around from the smallest movement to the largest yell. He felt like he could move the sounds around and it turned out that he could. Takeo took the vibrations of the demon's weapon hitting stuff and focused it into a single source. Takeo pushed the soundwave towards the demon and blew him back through the wall. Hayato looked at Takeo in awe as the power he had kept under wraps for years was coming out and he knew it was time. Hayato stood up and tapped Takeo on the shoulder. "Go my son, you have to get to the Cross Academy. Take these instructions and go. I will handle this here. Remember us as you learn to be better my son. We will always love you." Takeo looked at his father and knew that his words were to be trusted. He grabbed the instructions and left the house. As he ran down the street, all he could hear was the roar of a demon and the proud yells of a man fighting for his family. Takeo smiled a bit as tears began to fill his eyes. "Thanks Dad, I shall do as you wish." he said to himself.

Takeo had followed the instructions and ended up at a small pub. He walked inside and noticed there was no one there. He glanced around and saw a few people walking into a door. He figured that had to be the place where he had to go. He waited until they went through the door and he then followed soon after. What awaited him on the other side of the door was a wave of new sights and sounds. Takeo didn't know where he was but he just knew this was the place he needed to be.
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[font="Comic Sans MS"][color="#000080"]Okay I'm gonna move this along, Tulas can catch up when he gets a chance, he's been hounded by work from what I've gathered.

Sun beamed through the window of the room, Kaiel blinked as it glared in her eyes; putting up her hand to block it she groaned as her body protested, still sore and stiff from her fight the night before. Sitting up she let out a yawn and stretched, hissing as her shoulder didn't seem to appreciate the motion.
"Over here."
She looked towards the balcony attached to the room and blinked as she saw him dressed in a black robe, a small cross hanging from around his neck, his glasses gone and replaced with contacts.
"Welcome sister, to Cross Academy. I've already talked to the headmaster, you start classes shortly, get dressed and ready."
"I am dressed."
He shook his head and held up a black uniform, the skirt close to a length that made her uncomfortable, the top long sleeved with a small patch on the left breast pocket with a large CA in the middle.
"Your joking."
He shook his head and tossed it at her.
"Get dressed, first classes start soon."
"And what's first pray tell?"
"Demonology. Get dressed."
"Easy for you to say. What about my hood?"
"Leave it, your not the only one here. There are others who arrived last night as well so I've been told. Alice, Jensen, Asher, and Takeo."
"Are they all canines like me?"
"No, they are all diverse. The Demonology class is a farce so as I might teach you all how to control your demon nature so that your birth parents might never get to use you against us."
"Screw that! I hate what ever her name is...she had...she had father killed...."
Chris nodded slowly and walked over putting a hand on her shoulder.
"I know, but there's nothing we can do for him now but fight back. Now, get dressed and get to room 4A."
With that he left, sighing she dressed in to the uniform and looked at her self in the mirror, she looked weird but sighed and put on her boots and grabbed the small bag her brother had left her, looking back she saw the daggers sitting on the bed, feeling strangely cold with out them she slipped them into her bag and walked out, keeping her head down she allowed her eyes to scan here and there, the place was huge...how could the city outside not know of this place? She entered the building, found the room her brother had told her about and stepped in, blushing as she noticed she was last. She looked around and saw a group of young men and women all around her own age, her brother's voice echoing from the front.
"Kaiel, good of you to join us. Please take a seat and we'll begin the lecture momentarily. Once you are all introduced. I am Christopher, I'll be your professor and your protector while you are here. Starting with who ever feels most comfortable, please stand, introduce your self and we'll move on."
Kaiel sat in the back, her face still burning slightly, but as she looked to the side she saw the young man sitting next to her looking at her with a deep frown, his eyes piercing and cold. She looked back up at her brother hoping that this would go better than she felt it was going to. [/color][/font]
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Takeo looked around the room to see if anyone else was going to stand. Others in the room kind of glanced away or looked down signaling that they didn't want to go first. As introverted as Takeo is, he worked up the courage to stand up. He got up form his chair and brushed off some lint from his sweater vest that had a CA patch on the upper right side. He was still getting accustomed to his new uniform as it was a huge change from his usual style. Takeo glanced around the room again, took a deep breath, and began to speak.

"Hello teacher and hello everyone. My name is Takeo Katsutoshi. I am 22 years old. I live a few blocks away or at least I used to. Im guessing you would like to know how I got here as you probably already know why Im here. Well it began yesterday while I was having dinner with my family. Everything was going well until I began to hear this voice. No one else could really hear it but me. I figured it was nothing but the voice got louder and louder as the night continued. The voice was calling out to me saying that my mother wanted me home. It started to creep me out and scare me a bit. My adoptive father picked up on the voice as well soon and he went into his room where he kept a bunch of protective items and a spear. Soon after that the voice got extremely loud and we began searching our home for any intruders. As I was upstairs I heard my foster mother scream and I came to find my brother had been killed by some kind of demon beast. The beast came after me and a whole fight started. My father was protecting us and doing well until more beasts showed up and killed my sister."

(Tears begin to stream down Takeo's face, a female classmate gets up and tries to comfort him. He settles down a bit and continues)

"My father then told me to get the spear out of his room. As soon as I grabbed it, I felt this strange but familiar power surge through me. I felt instantly stronger and i wanted to fight. I went to assist my father but he had already subdued our attackers. But then some demon warrior showed and killed my mother. My father became enraged as I stood there in shock. I was almost killed as well but my father saved me at the last minute. Rage began to cloud my eyes and I attacked the demon with some strange power that allowed me to control the sounds around me. I wanted to kill the demon but my father prevented me and told me to come here...to Cross Academy. He told me that he would handle everything and that I would learn what I am once I got here. He said this place would help me. And thats pretty much my story. Im sorry for the tears, you must think lesser of me than you already did."

Takeo thanked the girl who comforted him and shook her hand. He sat back down and began looking down. There were still a few tears but he wiped them away and began to listen as others were soon going to introduce themselves. He was eager to find how everyone else got here and what his strange powers were.

Christopher: Thank you Takeo. I am sorry for your lost and I promise I will get you the help that you were promised. Now, on to the next person. Please don't be ashamed as you will find a lot of your stories are quite similar and that no one is here to judge your character.
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[size="2"][color="#8B0000"]Jensen watched as kids told there stories one by one. Their teacher named Christopher motioned for him to go next. [b]"It is your turn"[/b]

Jensen turned his eys toward him his pale green eyes catching the light. [b]"I pass"[/b]

[b]"Can you at least tell the class your name?"[/b] Jensen let out an annoyed half sigh half growl which flashed part of his caninies.

[b]"Jensen Varus"[/b] He looked away from the teacher bringing the conversation if thats what it could be called to an end. He pulled at the robe he was being forced to wear. [b]"I cant stand these things"[/b]

Asher who had been sitting on the other side of him as the new girl named Kail or Kaiel, he hadnt listened long enough to learn how it was properly said, smiled. [b]"Yeah youwould think they would of just some fabric softener or something."[/b]

[b]"I think they used saw dust."[/b] The two of them chuckled for a few seconds.

[b]"So you can talk out of turn but you cant share anything with the class"[/b]

That damned teacher's voice again. Jensen's eyes snapped forward and locked on his for a few seconds. [b]"Precisily"[/b]

[b]"You know it helps to talk about things"[/b] One of the new kids who had said his name was Takeo who had gave his life story and broke down in tears before finishing.

Jensen shook his head. [b]"I dont need to speak and possibly cry in order to connect with everyone. That will happen in with time just like everything else in the world"[/b]

He watched the kid turn back around in his seat and converse with someone else. He let out a snort of disgust. All of these people trying to help him. Yes they were trying to help him he'd give them credit for that but you cant help everyone the same. Jensen didnt even feel like he needed help to begin with.

[b]"Could you at least give my brother a chance"[/b]
Jensen was starting to grow slightly irriated which was hard to get him to reach that point. He turned at stared at the blue haired girl right next to him, the one that had walked in with the teacher, Christopher. She was beautiful but something about her was what was making him slightly aggrovated without realizing it. He slightly inhaled then realized thats what it was. Her scent, human, with a few dying remnants of perfume, and some caninie. Jensen growled on the inside while keeping his outward appearance the same facade it always was. Calm with his pale green eyes solwly taking you apart.

He figured she had sensed something due to the fact she started to twitch in her seat. Jensen turned facing the front again. [b]"Someday. But not today"[/b][/color][/size]
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Alice stood next, though she wasn't sure how to go about introducing herself. She didn't particularly want to think about how she had come to be here, she'd been trying very hard not to. [i]'Mom, give me courage from Heaven...'[/i] she pleaded silently.

"Yes, young lady? You may go next." said the instructor -who she had already met- and Alice nodded. Speaking out her voice was soft and yet harsh. People's eyes widened with hearing her accent, as it was completely unexpected from the rather graceful and lithe young woman. "I am Alice Vanderbelt, and I am not a native of this country. I hail from Germany, though I was adopted at a young age from an orphanage and only recently brought into this country. Since, I have lived here in the city with my adoptive mother..." Pausing for a second, she took a deep breath and searched for some way to continue. "But I am here, now." She finished abruptly and sat back down. She looked down at her desk, fighting to hold back the tears that threatened to spill from her eyes once more.
"Come child, come inside. It looks like you've had a rough day." The man was gentle, putting his arm over her shoulders and guiding her into the building. She was initially stiff, and pulled away from him a little, not wanting to be touched. He opened a closet door and pulled out a blanket to wrap around her. It felt warm, something that made her eyes water. Fresh, warm blankets... that smelled of lavender detergent just like her mother had used. "I'm Christopher, one of the teachers here. And who might you be, dear?" He walked her into a large room that was obviously a school kitchen.

"Alice Vanderbelt..." she said, her words coming out sounding hollow to her ears. It was mechanical, with no real emotion showing.

"Alice, it's nice to meet you. I have a sister your age, you know. You'll be meeting her in class tomorrow." He placed a cup filled with hot chocolate in front of her, and he smiled sheepishly. "Sorry, It's not anything special, it's just instant. But it is hot. Drink it, and hopefully you might feel a little better."

Placing her delicate looking hands on the mug, she brought it to her lips and sipped some. Her mother had often made this in the winter when Alice came home from school. Her inability to cry was fading fast, and a single tear fell down her cheek. "Momma..." She said, and clenched her eyes shut to not cry in front of the stranger. She trembled like a small child after having a nightmare, and she had to put the cup down in order not to spill it.

"Cry if you want to... Tears can help you get it out. I lost my father last night..." His words were kind, though they were met with an outburst.

"Crying won't bring my mother back! Crying won't solve anything!" she shouted, the floodgate suddenly opened. She hunched over and Christopher wrapped his arms around her as she sobbed into his shoulder. Her tough girl demeanor melted away as she cried and cried and cried, unable to hold back. She sobbed violently and uncontrollably into the man's shoulder, her shouts broken and heartbreaking. She cried out for her mother, and of the life lost. Eventually, her tears stopped falling and Christopher pulled away. "Come, let me show you to your room. You have classes bright and early, and it won't do for such a pretty girl to be seen like this." [/i]

"Thank you, Alice." The teacher moved on to other students, while Alice looked around the classroom, and at the others. Her initial impression was that Jensen was the typical tough guy, or rather better put an asshole. She looked him over, judging him to be far more guarded than most people she'd ever meet. Instantly, she didn't like him. Takeo... he seemed... gooey. A real softie. But that wasn't necessarily a bad thing. She wanted to see him as a little brother already. And as for Kaiel, she seemed to be a nice girl, though was visibly disconcerted with her clothing the way she held herself. There were others, but they hadn't introduced themselves yet.

OOC: Sorry, first impressions count ^^ Edited by Inuyasha Fandom
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Hey I've been busy with work so I haven't got a post, and I didn't want to start a backstage. I'm working on my post and will have it up early this afternoon (work a little type a little) go ahead and skip over me if somebody wants to post before I get mine up I'm just doing an introduction for Asher to the class and it won't be any trouble to adjust it a bit once I take lunch around 2 est.
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Running through the halls of the school, Rhea was out of breath and desperate to not make herself any later than she already was. Bursting through the door to the classroom, she panted to catch her breath. Bent over and holding her knees, she gasped, "Sorry! So sorry I'm late!"

"Miss Tallows... So good of you to join us. Being that this is the first day of class, I'll be forgiving. Since we're introducing ourselves, why don't you be next and then take your seat?"

"Sure... Just a second to catch my breath... please..." Propping herself against a nearby desk, she flashed a million dollar grin. Once composed a few seconds later she turned look at her fellow classmates. "I'm Rhea Tallows... I'm twenty two, and I enjoy long walks on the beach, fine wines, fine foods, good friends, gardening, and poking dead things with a stick." She could see the other students, like her, displayed unusual hair colors and eyes. Right now they were staring at her blankly, her joke had apparently caught them off-guard. "I hope we can all get along. It's nice to meet all of you." She walked back and took a seat near a boy who had rather spiky hair and teal colored eyes, and a girl who had rather thick glasses and fancy pigtails. Rhea was content to watch the other students for now, though she wasn't quite sure what to do about being in Demonology 101. It wasn't exactly something she had planned for. After all, who knew she was the daughter of some demon plant? Things were moving so quickly around her, she just wanted the world to stop spinning so she could get her bearings on life and deal with it. Her uniform at least showed off her best features... her legs.

Looking over at the boy and girl she was sitting next to, she smiled at them. "Hi, there. What's your names?"

"Takeo." the boy replied, looking her over. "You're really pretty..."

"Thank you." Looking over to the girl with the glasses, Rhea asked, "And your name?"

"Alice." Taken aback by the German accent, Rhea blinked. "You're definitely not from around here, are you?"

"Germany is where I am from, though it is not my home." Alice looked down at her desk, her depression heavily weighing on her.

"Then where is your home?" Rhea asked, though not as delicately as she might have wanted to put it, judging from the expression on the girl's face. Feeling like a douche, Rhea bit her lip. "Sorry I asked."

"No. It is fine. My home... I am to guess that it is here at Cross Academy now."

Taking a deep breath, Rhea smiled and reached out pulling a very surprised Alice to her in a one-armed embrace around the shoulders. "That's it! I've decided. We're going to have a sleepover tonight. We're going to be friends!" Edited by ExcelExcel
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[b][/b]Asher sat mostly silent during the introductions until laughing about the robes brought him out of his funk. It seemed like mostly everybody had some sort of back story, some sad, some not, he could barley fight back the taste of bile in his mouth as it became clearer and clearer to him. Whatever was inside of him was the cause of his foster parents' deaths. It wasn't a chance happening, or something from there past; instead it was something deep inside of him that caused him.

He felt a sort of fugue come over him as the girl, Rhea she said her name was, introduced herself. It wasn't until he recieved a sharp poke from Jensen that he snapped out of it.

[b]"Welcome back to the land of the living Mr. Thompson,"[/b] the instructor had a look of pity and frustration as his eyes fell on Asher, who knew his emotions were on his sleeve, [b]"are you ready to share with the rest of the class?"[/b]

Whenever this type of thing happened in 'normal' school Asher had been able to throw a clever comment as Jensen had done earlier, instead he found his eyes darting from student to student as he realized more and more that if they were like him then they could possibly be like his other side...his 'Wicked' side.

[b]"I...I'm Asher Thompson, and I killed my foster parent's due to whatever the hell is supposed to be inside me. So unless this class is more about how to never have to worry about that....monster I became again then I'm game. If you're trying to pass this off as some school for normal kids to get together and laugh and joke and get to know each other I'm not having it."[/b] He had gotten so caught up in the moment he didn't notice he'd risen to his feet out of his chair.

Glancing around he saw all eyes in the room on him, some startled, some surprised, one in particular, Jensen, had a look that begged for the punchline of whatever joke Asher was throwing out. Dropping down to his chair he felt a mixture of dread and relief as he realized what a fool he made, how he likely offended the instructor, and how he just broken his one sacred rule "Lifes for living, laughing and loving, worry about the negatives when you're dead"

[b]"Well now that my introduction is out of the way teach, how about we get back to the real business at hand....When's lunch?"[/b]

OOC: Sorry that was a little rushed, just hang in there with me for a week or so and I'll be able to get back in full swing.
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[size="1"][b]"Oh my god I am so hung over!"[/b] He groaned as he had his face i his hands and his elbows on the desk of his room, his eyes closed as the curtains were drawn to drown out any noise from the outside world. Crowley had been drinking since the night before, going well into the next day until the later afternoon and now he was feeling the draw backs of his heavy drinking habits. But there was nothing he could do, he could hear that insistent whisper again, the one that haunted him since he was a child. The voice had abated as he got older, as he distanced himself further and further from his family he the voiced got weaker until it all about vanished when he moved out of his familyâ??s home. He had use to needed medication as a child, thinking he might have been developing a form of schizophrenia they drugged him often. For the last two years he had been fine, no voices or anything grating on his brain, but that had changed once he had received an urgent letter from his adopted parents, telling him that his 'father' was sick and that it didn't look good. He recalled vaguely looking at the letter, seeing how formal the writing was and how he was just address by name rather than by 'son' or any other pet name they had for him.

He had also recalled how little his adoptive mom had really shown him care, how she had shown very little warmth in his direction. He assumed it was that she believed he did something wrong when he was little, that he had wronged her somehow and he had been determined as young boy to make her love him. When he got older, and when he understood the world he could see why she didn't show him care, he saw clearly the eyes of his that burned with an intensity that reflected his emotions. When he understood how different he was from everyone else, he closed himself off, no longer attempting any such niceties with her and even drew farther from his father then. He knew he was different and wanted nothing to do with the normal world as long as he could manage it, he would interact with people when he had too. It was easy to pass off his eyes as contact lenses, people accepting the answer without so much as another glance. A few tried to verify but he quickly disarmed them with a smile and a few words, they seemed to give when he spoke to them, as if it was almost like they were commanded to do it. But now, he found himself in his old room from the years passed, and the voice seemed even louder since he had been away from it for so long. His pounding headache did nothing to push the voice away, but he used his own means to push it away to make it a dull whisper before rising from his seat and sluggishly walking his way to the door and out into the hallway.
"Nothing really changed here, that woman was rather anal retentive in her ways."[/b] He rolled his shoulders as he started to head down the stairs, going to grab some aspirin from the kitchen before finding something to eat that he could keep down. That was until he started to hear something from the room down the hallway, a soft sound that seemed to penetrate the quiet of the house. He gripped the banister of the stairway, looking down the way of the sound as he felt a pull now in that direction, the voice forgotten as he felt his body start to move in that direction. His mind soon followed and he quietly crept down the hall, being careful not to touch the floorboards that would give away his position as he pressed his back to the wall. Coming to the door, he saw it was cracked and could hear the sound more clearly, he could hear the sound of someone crying softly. He slowly pushed the door open as he stood tall now, seeing his foster mother Emiliee sitting in a chair as she was weeping into the bed sheets, the sound damped by the material. Crowley was trying to figure out how he could hear her, but that thought faded when he saw his father in the bed, his skin drawn back as if it was stretched across his bones. His eyes barely visible in the sunken pits of his sockets, his hair simply thin wisps of what it use to be. He took a step forward; hitting a creaking board and making his mother look up at him. His own eyes only on the barely breathing form of his father as he was about to move closer, his own mind trying to understand how he had deteriorated so much in one day. The day before he had seen him, he was sick looking, but he was still well enough that he looked like a person. But all he could see now was a piles of bones with the skin still attached; his mother had rushed him then, her eyes wide as she was trying to push him out the door. Yelling something at him that he couldn't hear, hardly feeling her hands pushing on him before he came back to the world o hear her pleading to him.
"Richard, Run!"[/b] He had been thrown off then, hearing her say his name since it had been several years since he had actually spoken to her even after arriving he had only nodded to her in acknowledgement before vanishing from their sight. He simply stood there as events unfolded in front of his eyes, the skeletal form of his father suddenly rose from the bed sharply, the black pits of his eyes turning to look at them now as he cocked to his head to one side. His lips pulled back then to show a gruesome smile, the teeth tarnished and seemed to reshape themselves before his eyes sharpening and clenching.
"My boy, it is so good to see you again."[/b] The voice rang through his head like an old friend, it wasn't the voice he had heard in his childhood, but it was familiar none the less. Crowley felt his muscles tense as the body began to move, looking forced almost like a marionette puppet. Stepping out of bed it walked slowly toward them, the corruption of the body obvious as he stopped a short distance away.
"Who are you? Where is Paul?"[/b] He couldn't think of anything else to ask, it was too much for his brain to take in as he saw what use to be his father standing before them. His hands clenching into fists as he suddenly felt a burning sensation on his back, starting out light but slowly intensifying as the creature moved closer.
"Don't you recognize me? I'm your real father, and how I have missed my boy. Time to go home."[/b] His mind reeling then as he didn't know what to think, and in an instant it turned even darker as he saw something he thought he never would. Emiliee lunged forward then, tackling the creature and pinning it to the ground, she quickly looked away from the creature and turned her head to look at him, the words that came out of her mouth broke his heart then.
"Run son!"[/b] He couldn't move as the words sank deep, the world slowing down as the creature tossed her away slamming her into a wall as it rose slowly. She launched herself again, only to be meet with a hand to her throat as he tried to claw at the arm holding her. Crowley could hear the gasping words of his mother, her hands ceasing to claw as she started to gesture in a direction, Crowley following the motion to the closet as he charged in that direction. Pulling the doors open he plunged his hand in and grabbed something cold and smooth. Pulling it free, he found a mace hidden away, a leather cap around the head of it with intricate runes stitched into the leather as he held the weapon comfortably in his hands. He looked back with the weapon in his hand, his face hard as he could see the creature still smiling, his mother still gasping weakly before the hand contracted, squeezing on her throat before crushing down on her windpipe. The bony hand tearing into her flesh into the next moment, the hand jerked away with the red and wet hunk of flesh in its hand, the blood dripping on the ground as she slumped to the ground, her eyes going cold as she bled out in moments. He felt the horror welling up in his chest, his mind threatening to break under seeing some much wrong happen in only mere moments. The creature resumed its walk, the smile still on its face as it moved slowly, everything was falling apart until he hear the sudden rush of words in his mind.

[i]Free me![/i] Without missing a beat, his other hand reached out and grabbed the leather cap, yanking it away without a second thought as he felt a wave hit him. An inhuman rage coursing through his body as he felt a change happen, the tattoo on his back flaring hotter as his body began to crack and break to create something new. He roared as he grew in size, his shoulder broadening out as his skin seemed to shift into a metallic material, he soon enough stood over the creature as spikes protruded out of his body, his head covered in a metal helm. His sheer size crushing the house around him as it pushed apart a near by wall and through the ceiling, mace itself resizing itself to his massive body, he breathed heavily now as he looked down to the creature before him. His hands clenched together as he could see what truly inhabited his foster fathers body, the demonic form taking control of everything that he once was. His smile still held firmly in place.
"You are quite strong; I can't wait to see this world fall to your powers. Come along boy."

"No."[/b] Was all Crowley said, the voice sounding hollow and filled with anger and madness. He lashed out then, his mace swinging with such force that when it made contact, it tore the upper torso clean form the body, blood splashing everywhere as the two pieces fell in opposite directions. He took only once step forward as he lifted the foot and swiftly came down, obliterating the skull of the man who use to be Paul. He breathed heavily as he could feel the power in his blood, the mace pushing itself into him farther and farther, the voice echoing in his mind now.

[i]Feed me more death.[/i] It was all he could hear from it now, the voice trying to consume him as he gripped the mace tighter. He turned to the corpse of his mother, seeing something in her hand he moved forward, tearing the house apart further before kneeling next to her. Using his free hand to look at the paper, stained now with her blood before he unfolded it carefully. He looked to the words now, reading them carefully as he pushed the voice away. After reading the first line, he seemed to find himself once more as he reached over easily across the room to the leather cap. He started to put it on the mace as he heard it shriek at him, as if it was cowering away from its cover when he finally squelched its power with the cap secured back on. His body reverting then, his body returning to normal size as he read the rest of the paper, his feelings trying to push their way to the forefront of his mind but he capped them quickly, tucking them away into a box in the far reaches of his mind before finishing the note he simply started walking. Letting his feet carry him until he found the pub he had been instructed to find, the mace held securely to his person as he was allowed in, his eyes were a dull red then as he found his room and settled in. Sleep didnâ??t come to him as he simply sat on his bed, the mace cradled in his arms as the sun reached over the horizon and seeped into his room. He could see the intricate stitching as he sighed. Setting it down he dawned the robe they had given him, no one really took much of an interest in him as he looked the most normal of the others in his new class now.

He had simply been told where to be and had been to first to arrive as he sat in the back, his arms on the desk with his head settled down as he just looked forward. He watched the others come into the room, dark circles under his eyes from no sleep but he still didnâ??t feel the urge. He listened to the others tell their stories, some were in his boat in losing their parents to some demonic spirit. Others it was easier on them, he could see that one of two were showing the grief, their gazes distant and the caring in them cease to exist. He kept looking around as he tried to listen intently, but he didnâ??t really feel the need since he knew he was terrible with names. But the faces he would remember forever, each unique beside the obvious traits from their otherworldly parent. He almost felt like an outcast even here, his features making him the most average looking besides his eyes. He had always prayed that he could change his eyes, and now he prayed that he could have just one other feature so he didnâ??t stick out in this crowd. He had been shifting into his own world when he heard a voice, his mind coming back as he just shifted his eyes toward the voice, seeing it was the instructor.
â??You in the back, youâ??ve been awfully quiet so far. Care to share anything with us, like your name?â? [/b]He lifted his head then, sitting up straight as he kept his features straight, his eyes the only thing giving away his dark mood.

[b]â??Crowley, Richard Crowley. Please, just Crowley would be fine with me.â?

â??Sounds like James bond!â?[/b] He heard someone say, looking briefly he saw it was the one named Jenson, he shrugged at him then.
â??However you see it friend.â?[/b] He wasnâ??t in any mood to fight, no temper to pull forward to have a war of words with the other. He looked to the instructor again, still sitting up straight as he kept going.
â??I watched my mother die by my fatherâ??s hand, before I ripped him in half and smashed his skull. I really donâ??t feel like retelling it all detail by detail, I would just like to listen for now.â?[/b] He put his head back down, his eyes looking forward once more as he started to replay it in his head. Sadness trying to creep its way in, all of it trying to move forward when it was all scattered into the wind as he heard the whispers again.

[i]Free me, Son of Astaroth.[/i][/size]
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Alice nervously smiled, unsure of how to react to Rhea. She easily distracted herself with the introduction of Crowley and Asher. It would seem their inner monsters were non judgmental in who they killed. Visibly, they were shaken up by what they had done, especially Asher.

Possibly, psychologically, they were all suffering from post-tramatic stress disorder. It wouldn't be surprising.

What was this other side to them? To her? Was this other side of Alice just as much of a monster as the others' demon sides? Or worse? Alice knew full well she'd be learning all too soon.

Alice looked out of the windows of the classroom to the sky. On the horizon, she could see towering thunderheads rolling in. There would be a torrential rainstorm later. Alice's brow furrowed. Her mother had often loved to sit and watch a good storm.

"Rhea? Do you believe in heaven?"

"Well, there's demons, we're proof of that apparently."

"I see. Do you think... my mother is sending me a message?"

"Demon mom or human?"


"They say our loved ones never really leave us. I wouldn't know." Rhea shrugged, looking out to see what Alice was looking at. "A storm, huh? I always liked storms. They can be so... cleansing. And the plants are usually in need of it when it does. Do you like to garden?"

"I... I had an herb garden."

"See? that's something we have in common. I love to garden... I can show you how to grow more lively and colorful plants."

"Would you? Thank you very much." Alice smiled a little, and returned her attention to the other students. Edited by Inuyasha Fandom
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Takeo had been quietly listening to everyones' stories, learning more or less about the others in his class. There were quite a few "characters" present but a constant theme rung between all of their stories: the subject of having another side to ourselves, a demon side. Takeo to tap his desk with his right hand in the same manner as if he were playing a piano. He began to drift off into his thoughts soon after:

[color="#0000FF"]*to himself*
"I never would have thought that there were this many other people who were dealing with this same situation. I mean, there is an entire school of us. And our teacher Christopher seems to know all about this stuff. I wonder if he has a demon side as well. If he does, he seems as if he would have complete control over it. When my "powers" woke up, my anger got the best of me. Hmm years of bottling up all of my emotions just came out in one instance. Ive never dealt with emotion that well. I've always been a good person but never really showed strong emotion for anything...except for music. But thats just because it was my escape from any problems I had during life. It seems like keeping my emotions bottled up is the best thing to do here. I'm such a hypocrite...I tell others to express themselves but I never really ever do that myself. I should probably just allow people to be themselves here as I want them to do the same for me. I probably didn't start off well crying in front of all these people. Haha there goes my chance of trying to talk to all the pretty girls in here. But whats done is done. But to be sure I better not open up as much to strangers...especially when it comes to my family. Man, I really hope they have some kind of musical instrument here because in all the chaos I never really grabbed anything. I even left my favorite guitar back there. And Im pretty sure we can't just go back...I feel they would frown upon that sort of thing here. But Im sure everyone in here has left something very dear to them."[/color]

Takeo slowly drifted back into the reality of the classroom and saw that almost everyone had introduced themselves. Some of the other students were beginning to bond a bit after telling their stories. Takeo had spoken to a few other classmates but didn't really go into an conversation. A few of the classmates stood out to him as some of the more interesting people. There was Rhea, who seemed to be very outgoing. She had spunk and was very kind. Takeo had never really seen such a pretty girl who wasn't conceited. Alice was another girl who stood out. Her accent caught Takeo off guard but he got over it quickly as he was never one to judge anyone. Then there was Asher, who was a straightforward kind of person. He is very direct which works out for most of us, because he will most likely be the one who will say what everyone is thinking. Others who stood out were Jensen and Crowley, who were probably the oldest of the students in the classroom or at least close to it. Both had a guarded exterior which they handled differently. Jensen was more aggressive in his guarded personality while Crowley seemed to defer from himself any chance he got. Finally there was this other girl who sat very quietly. She was one of the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. She was a mystery to Takeo and probably the others as well.

He glanced around the room again to look for any others that would stand out. As more and more stories were told, only about 3 students remained. He continued to tap in his desk, passing the time. Takeo figured it wouldn't be much longer until we finally figure out what one learns in Demonology.
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Rhea looked on over the students. Alice wasn't much of a talker, though at least Rhea had gotten her to smile. Takeo seemed lost in his thoughts, absently tapping his fingers. She watched him do so until she poked him in the shoulder. "Who's the girl with the blue hair?" she asked him.

"She said her name was Kaiel, and it's her brother teaching us."

"Her brother, huh? Well, maybe she'll be getting easy A's." Takeo smiled, and nodded his head. "Maybe... though he seems to be the type to not show favoritism."

"Bah, humbug. They're family. Of course he will." Rhea smiled and turned to face the girl, who was watching her closely. "So, you're the teacher's little sister? It must be nice to have family you can count on."

"Yes, it is. Don't you have any family?"

"No." Rhea answered flatly. "No one ever bothered to take me in, at least for long. I was shuffled around foster home to foster home until I was emancipated. It's been just me on my own since I was sixteen." Rhea gave a half smile."But, that suits me just fine. If there isn't a place for me, then I'll just have to make one." Kaiel's eyebrow raised. "On your own, eh? Isn't it kind of lonely for you?"

"It can be. But, that's my problem, and I'll deal with that. Besides, I can always make new friends. Being here though is a new experience and one that seems like it might get boring." Rhea giggled and leaned forward. "But we have a few cuties in this class, so it's not all bad." At Rhea's comment, Alice visibly blushed, looking down at her desk. Rhea laughed, and then whispered to her, "Try not to be too shy, sweetie. I'm sure you'll think someone here's cute, too."

"What?! No!" Alice responded, her entire face as red as a tomato. Showing mercy, Rhea called to the teacher.

"Excuse me, teacher? Are the introductions done? Can we get started?"
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[font="Comic Sans MS"][color="#000080"]Kaiel shifted in her seat as Chris pinned her with a look.
"No, as a matter of fact introductions are not over, there is one person left who has yet to tell us about her self."
Kaiel felt a growl bubble from her throat and stood swiftly, her chair being pushed back violently.
"My name is Kaiel, I'm the daughter of Akeeine, the canine guardian of the gates of hell. There, I'm introduced."
She sat back down, but as she did she looked over and felt her eyes narrow as Jensen stared at her, his face dark.
"Your the daughter of Akeeine?"
She nodded, but what made it odd was her jaw began to hurt, as if her teeth were going, her canines throbbing now she clapped a hand over her mouth and hid her face in the elbow of her arm and looked up as Chris cleared his throat.
"Attention to the front now, we are going to begin with basic terminology of demons, we'll being with your birth parents. Kaiel, we'll start with you and move on from there. Now your mother is the gate keeper of hell as we know. She was given the post a few centuries ago and has been there ever since. Now as we all know-"
Kaiel drowned her brother out, looking around the room she caught sight of the young man sitting infront of her, his face was still down cast as he looked at the table, deep in his own thoughts, she scanned the rest of the room and blinked as she saw Jensen glaring at her still.
"What is your problem?"
He didn't answer her only glared more, she rolled her eyes and looked back up her brother who was now writing on the board.
"-Please write this down. There are different levels of hell and each has a watcher, the seven levels all stand for a different level of power the demon population is that lives there. Most, if not all of your parents hail from level 1. The most dangerous and threatening of these levels."
She sighed and pulled out her note book and began to write, she stopped and looked up as her brother turned and looked at the class.
"Now most of you have seen demons, so this is not going to be any thing new for you, but for those of you who have not, please remain calm."
She watched as he pulled a small vile of green liquid from his robe and set it on his desk.
"I am going to summon a lower class demon, a hobgoblin, remain in your seats and observe."
She watched as he smashed the vial and almost instantly small waves filled the room and large, purple and green creatures appeared.
"Notice how they are none aggressive, this is your first lesson, and your refresher coarse."
She blinked as he pricked his fingers on a shard of the glass, the smell of his blood filling the room and instantly the creatures began to go wild, growling and snapping at each other before fixing their attention on the people in the class room. Chris crossed his arms.
"Defeat them, working together. Once I see how well you work together, we'll move on."
Kaiel jumped from her seat and back flipped onto the table behind her as one of the monsters charged her, lashing out she caught one with the toe of her shoe and looked around to see the others beginning to move as well as the goblins honed in on all of them. Cursing she reached into the coat of her uniform and pulled the sheathed daggers out, more then ready to show the rest of them what she was made of.
"With out your weapons Kaiel. We don't need the rest of the school in a panic."
Growling she threw her fist out and caught a goblin with a solid punch.
"This is so stupid!"
Jumping from the table she continued her assault of the monsters as they seemed to continue to come from no where. The rest in the class room now starting to join in the fray as well.
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Alice gasped in a shallow breath when one of the hobgoblins came charging at her, tearing up two wooden desks with its claws to get at her soft and supple flesh. She'd left her sword in her room, though it seemed the teacher didn't want her to use her weapon in the first place. Dodging at the last second, her desk splintered into a thousand pieces, raining down on her. Looking up, she could see it bearing down on her, claws raised for the kill. Shrieking, she rolled away and saw the claws of the demon slice into the linoleum tiling of the floor. She kicked out blindly, her eyes clenched shut. "Get away from me!" She felt her foot connect, and she heard it fall back and away from her. She clamored to a standing position, and looked at the damage she had caused. It looked like she had successfully broken it's nose.

Something it didn't appreciate.

It came at her again, this time leaping at her through the air. She ducked under a nearby desk, flipping it up into the demon to block it from getting to her. "This is insane!" she cried.

"Alice... Behind you." came the teacher's voice. Her eyes wide, she turned to see what was coming at her, though she was too late to completely avoid the attack. On instinct alone, seeing the claws coming for her face, she twisted out of the way, her motion as fluid as water. Her glasses were not so fortunate. The claws swiped them off -centimeters from her eyes- sending them to some unknown corner of the classroom.

"My glasses!" Alice screamed, rage blossoming within her like a water lily in full bloom. She bared her teeth, seething with anger. "My mother gave those to me!" she screamed. Alice charged at the hobgoblin, lashing out with all her strength. She brought her penny-loafer clad foot up into the jaw of the monster, knocking it on it's backside. She jumped onto it, straddling the abdomen and punching with the force of a ton of bricks. Again and again, she slammed her fists into its head, and in her rage she paid no heed to the sounds of breaking bone and squishing brain matter. Tears flowed from her eyes as she whammed away at it, blurring her vision.

Another attack from the side caused her to go flying into another desk, the force of both the blow and the desk breaking enough to allow her to regain her senses. She looked at the hobgoblin coming for her, it not even pausing to glance at its fallen brother. Alice lifted herself up and over another desk, using it to catapult herself across the room. Using what appeared to be a wrestling move, she clotheslined the hobgoblin with her right arm directly in its throat, crushing its windpipe and bringing it crashing back down to the floor. Heaving her foot at it, it whirled out of the path of her lethal kick, instead grabbing her by the ankle and throwing her across the room head over heels through the air. She slammed into the cement block wall, and saw stars; though they were far from a beautiful blue, they were a hellish red and threatening to explode. The impact had also served to knock the wind out of her and cause her to lose her bearings. Her vision was blurred now by her head hitting the wall, not tears. Unable to see clearly, she couldn't make out what was happening. "I can't see!" She shouted. "I need some help over here!"

No sooner had she gotten out the words then she was broadsided by a fist borne from the demon currently attacking her, knocking her down and she rolling to meet whatever was coming at her. It seemed now it was her turn to be viciously attacked, she waving her arms blindly to try to defend herself as the demon swiped at her, its weight immobilizing her from the waist down. "Someone please help me!" Edited by Inuyasha Fandom
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[size="1"][color="#FF0000"]Jensen watched the Kaiel girl intently for a few seconds. Something about the name she just said didnt sit well on him. He had no idea who the hell it was only that he didnt like it. Which was odd for him. Yes he was the judging type but that was after careful observation and here this girl that some many of the guys had by stripping with their eyes said one thing and now he was unhappy. All he wanted to do was find a quiet place where he could play his violin then go to the gym. But he was stuck here in this forsaken class and the teacher was droning on about something. Suddenly his attention was caught by the smell of blood and the words 'defeat them'.

Jensen watched as the creatures scurried over desks after people. He calmly stood up and snapped the wooden writing slab off the desk and swung as the first one got close getting a gratifying crack as the wood connected with the hobgoblins face. He watched as it sailed across the room and slammed into the far wall then hit the floor with a thud. [b]"Hey Asher would that be a home run?"[/b] He said with an amused tone.

Asher gave a small chuckle as he picked one up by the scruff of its neck. [b]"I would say more of a double."[/b] He tossed the hobgoblin he was holding towards Jensen. [b]"Batter up"[/b]

Jensen reared back then swung again getting another solid hit only this time it flew out the window and hit the opposite building with series of snapping noises of the hobgoblins bones breaking. [b]"Now that was a home run"[/b] One jumped on his back trying to get at his face. He spun around and slammed his back into the wall. He heard the goblin lose its breathe causing it to loosen its grip letting him grab it by the neck. He lifted it up above his head with his hand while using his makeshift bat to slap another one around before choke slamming it full force into the ground. [b]"Pesky little things arent they"[/b] Suddenly one flew straight at him and rebounded off his chest. [b]"What the hell?"[/b] He looked over to see the Kaiel girl standing on top of a desk kicking any that came near here.

He ducked as another flew straight for his head. [b]"Mind watching where you are aiming dear?"[/b]

She shot him a look. [b]"Its kinda hard to aim"[/b]

[b]"Well you could just kick them the other way"[/b] He swung his bat around from his left to right side in a wide arc catching two of them and sending them sliding away.

She slammed her foot down on another pinning it in place on top the table. [b]"And if I don't?"[/b]

Jensen just shrugged. [b]"Then I will be forced to return to sender."[/b] He grabbed another one by the top of its head and brought it up to eye level. "You really are an ugly little thing arent you" He tossed it over his shoulder uncaringly just in time to see Kaiel bring her leg up behind her before soccer kicking it straight at Jensen. He was barely able to get the wooden piece up in time. Only he didnt really block it. By the time he got the edge of the wood up the hobgoblin's head had just reached the that point and caught the top lip of the edge in its jaw sending it head first into the ceiling, breaking the plaster and just hung their suspended by its head. [b]"What was that for?"[/b]

[b]"Your smart comment"[/b]

Jensen shrugged again. [b]"At least it was better then a dumb one"[/b] This time he had the wood ready as another came for him. He angled the wood slightly so it deflected off to his right. [b]"Jesus woman your way to flexible for your own good." [/b]

[b]"whats that supposed to mean?"[/b] Her eyes flashed a little and her voice carried a tone as if asking for Jensen to continue.

[b]"Nothing at all"[/b] He heard laughing off to his side and looked over to see Asher slamming one into the wall. [b]"What?"[/b]

[b]"its good to see you stopped while you still have a head" [/b]

Jensen smirked slightly. For once he was having fun. He kneed another in the jaw then scooped up another one. He was so lost in the moment he didnt realize he had sunk his teeth into the hobgoblin's neck until he felt a warm liquid running into his mouth and down the sides of his face trickling off his chin. At that moment it felt like his teeth grew and a hunger inside him awoke. it felt good and caught him off guard at the same time making him withdraw by reflex but he forgot to let go. The side of the hobgoblins throat followed and shreds of skin and flesh hung from his mouth as he held the now lifeless demon in his hand, its blood running from its open wound over his hand and onto the floor.

A quick shove knocked him out of his trance. He turned to see Asher right beside him.

[b]"Snap out of it man and lets finish this"[/b] He turned his back to Jensen. [b]"I have your back"[/b]

[b]"And I have yours"[/b] They stood back to back, punching, kicking, kneeing, throwing, or backhanding any that got close. They slowly began to fall more in sync as they covered each other. Jensen was so concentrated on fighting he didnt notice that the Rhea girl had been slowly backing up lost in her fighting until she ran into Jensen and Asher, causing all three to spin with fists raised ready to strike.

For a second that seem to last five minutes nothing was said until Rhea broke it. [b]"Awkward much?"[/b]

Asher and Jensen both smiled as Asher turned to Jensen. [b]"Three is better then two"[/b]

[b]"That it is. Fall in...Im sorry I dont know your name. I blocked out most of this day until now"[/b] He gave a shrug as the three of them put their backs to each other and continued the fighting

She gave a small chuckle. [b]"Name's Rhea Tallows to you Jensen. Think you can remember it now?"[/b]

Asher gave a small laugh. [b]"That might be asking to much of him"[/b][/color][/size]
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"A big brute like him? Doesn't surprise me."

"Someone please help me!" Alice yelled, and Rhea turned to look over in her direction. So distracted had she been by her own fighting and then Asher and Jensen that she hadn't seen what was going on with her. "Alice!"

On a split second decision, Rhea shouted, "Jensen! Launch me!" Holding out his arm, Rhea grasped it firmly in her hands and she pivoted on his arm to get the best momentum to push off from it, and he spun to give her more. With all his might and some pushing away on Rhea's behalf, she rocketed at the hobgoblin tearing at Alice's arms. Flipping around in midair, she landed feet first against the hobgoblin's head. The impact sent the hobgoblin into the classroom wall, crushing its skull with the force of her heels. But, the job to save Alice was done, and Rhea helped her to her feet. "You know, getting killed on our first day of class would be just so lame."

"Yeah..." Alice panted, her eyes narrowed, and her attention focused on even more hobgoblins coming at them. "Rhea? Our teacher is insane."

"Never have better words been spoken. But hey, at least it keeps things interesting. Come on, let's do this." Alice charged at a hobgoblin, Rhea right behind her. While Alice tackled one, Rhea tackled another. Rhea could feel the rush of adrenaline, and the excitement of the fight in her fellow students. "Alice! Tag team!"

"Right!" Alice reached out and grabbed one of the hobgoblins, spun around, and flung it to Rhea. In response, Rhea grasped the wrist of another hobgoblin and raised it up and at the flying hobgoblin. The force of them colliding was much louder than Rhea had thought it would be. Alice smiled, and exclaimed, "We did it!" So excited was she that she didn't notice the hobgoblin ready to attack her from behind. "Alice, duck!"

Looking confused, she watched Rhea jump up and grasp a hallogen light fixture and rip it from the ceiling to swing it at her. Eyes wide, Alice ducked, and there was quite the satisfying (and rather surprising) GONG! sound as the fixture slammed into the creature's head. Rhea smirked, and then covered Alice while she stood up. "Rhea? I think we're surrounded..." she said, and backed up against the wall. Turning to peer at the hobgoblins, Rhea could hear them laughing, sounding like children suffering from severe cases of mental retardation.

"I think they have the upper hand, Alice. Maybe we should give up." Rhea said, and smiled, raising her hands in the air. Alice cocked her head. "Why should we? They just think they are tough, picking on girls."

Rhea laughed, and reached out to grab one. "Well, if that's how you feel..." Up and over the hobgoblin went, Rhea smashing it hard enough into the wall to crack it. "Just how many of these things do we have to fight?" she wondered aloud.

"Too many," came Kaiel's voice. She was still kicking out at any hobgoblin so foolish as to approach her. Rhea tossed one more at her for humorous effect, and she sent it hurtling at the chalkboard.

"Ready for take-off!" Rhea cried out, jumping up onto the shoulders of a hobgoblin. Rapidly shifting her weight backwards, she placed her finely manicured hands onto the floor and sent the hobgoblin flying. "Blast off!" Alice responded with a roundhouse kick, altering its course in midair and sending it into the chalkboard as well. "Party time!" Edited by ExcelExcel
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The hobgoblins had been lashing out at students in the classroom. Apparently the teacher had a bit of crazy in him. But there was no time to worry about that. A couple of hobgoblins had begun to attack Takeo. His instincts were swift as he ducked under their initial attack and sent one of them into a nearby wall with a powerful kick. The other one was soon to follow as Takeo followed up his first kick with another strike.

"I gotta say, these things are way too annoying." he said out loud to his fellow students.

"Just be sure you dont get yourself hurt" Jensen shouted as he made a game out of slaying hobgoblins. "Oh you'll find you dont have to worry about me," Takeo answered as he smiled a bit.

Takeo began running towards another small group of hobgoblins but this time he had a chair in hand. He swung the chair mightily as it cleared out the little demons. Another hobgoblin jumped on him and began to claw at Takeo. He defended himself with his right arm until a chance opened up. He saw the chance as the hobgoblin reared its claw back. Takeo quickly punched the hobgoblin, getting it off of him, and followed up with a brutal stomp. The sound of shattered bones and crushed organs rung in Takeo's ears. His smile grew wider as he continued to mow down any hobgoblins that came into his vicinity. He looked around the room to grasp how everyone else was doing against these creatures.

He saw Kaiel practicing her penalty kicks as she was kicking hobgoblin heads everywhere. I few flew Takeo's way but it wasn't too much to worry about. He also saw Asher and Jensen beating down on hobgoblins as Jensen was going for the homerun title as he knocked hobgoblins around the room.

The duo that really caught his eye was Rhea and Alice. Rhea had this huge confidence about herself as she destroyed hobgoblins with ease. Alice even had a mean streak of her own when Takeo saw her tackle a hobgoblin. Takeo laughed a bit. "Good job over there you two" he said to Rhea and Alice. They both yelled "Thanks" as they continued to fight the hobgoblins.

Takeo also went back to crushing hobgoblin skulls. The hobgoblins were getting smarter as a group of them backed Takeo into a corner. His back was on the wall but he wasn't too worried. Some of the hobgoblins launched at him with a lot of force. Takeo ducked down and let them crash into the wall. That wasn't enough to finish them off so Takeo quickly smashed their heads against the wall again, only this time with forceful kicks. The remaining hobgoblins attacked him from behind but all but one were cut off by a powerful attack from what looked like a flash to Takeo. It was Crowley!!! The remaining hobgoblin attacked again after being slowed down by Crowley's attack. Crowley caught it and held out for Takeo. Takeo leaped up and brought down a fierce axe kick, snapping the hobgoblin's neck. Crowley then swung it around as if he were throwing a disk. It surprised Takeo as he feel backwards into the corner. He went to pick himself up and noticed a pair of glasses laying on the floor. "These must belong to Alice" he said to himself as he picked them up and placed them in his pocket to keep them safe. He stood up brushing some debris off of himself.

"Crowley...thanks man. That was a cool move you did a second ago." Takeo spoke as he extended his hand to Crowley. Crowley shook his hand and nodded. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have to return these glasses to Alice" Takeo smiled as he let Crowley get back to defeating hobgoblins.

Takeo ran across the room dispatching any hobgoblins he could as he tried to make his way over to where Alice and Rhea were. Takeo grabbed a hobgoblin on his way and chucked it. "Heads up Rhea" he said with a hint of playfulness in his voice. She turned over to Takeo and saw the hobgoblin he threw. Her eyes lit up with excitement as she drove the hobgoblin into the floor with a powerful blow. "You ladies have a room for a third?" he said as he smiled at Alice. "Sure thing" Rhea yelled. "You can never have too much help" Alice added.

Takeo let out a small chuckle and turn his attention again on the mass of hobgoblins. "This class is turning out to be pretty exciting if you ask me. If this is the first lesson, I can't wait to see what the rest of class is like."
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At first the thought of wave after wave of tiny lesser demons frankly scared the hell out of Asher, but again thanks to Jensen he was snapped out of his senses and into reality...or apparently what reality had become.

The creatures came on like waves crashing onto a shore during a storm, [b]"I thought he only summoned two of these damn things. I hope Kaiel isn't half as crazy as her brother, I don't feel like making this part of my daily routine."[/b]

He deflected the lunge of a nearby creature, he was surprised at the ferocity of the beasts, and even more so at their weakness. Though their claws were apparently quite sharp judging by the inch deap gash marks in the drywall of the classroom.

[b]"I don't see what the problem is Asher, some people eat wheeties we beat the hell out of small insignificant creatures. I think I could get used to it."[/b] As if on cue yet another flying creature from Kaiel's direction slammed into the wall just inches from Jensen's head.

[b]"I think you've made a friend,"[/b] Asher joked as he slammed his fist into another one of the creature's abdomens, sending it sprawling into two charging creatures. He decided at that moment he would never let Jensen live down the way he actually grew silent for just a moment.

[b]"Rhea, Alice look out!"[/b] He called out to the two girls as three of the hobgoblins apparently figured out the strength in numbers tactic from Jensen and Asher since they charged in unison from behind.

Snagging the nearest demon he could reach, Asher lifted it above his head and wound up. Timing it just right he let loose the creature, bowling it into the closest of the three closing in on Rhea and Alice throwing all four to the ground hard, and giving the girls a chance to start pounding away at their downed foes.

[b]"He might've caught that if you hit him in the hands instead of the numbers."[/b] Asher turned to see a grinning Jensen.

The commotion seemed to be dying down a bit, Asher glanced around for a moment during the two men's brief pause and saw the ferocity of the humans fighting the beastas. He wasn't sure if he was catching a glimpse of what was to come with this 'team', or if he was catching a glimpse of the true ferocity all of this group held inside.

He turned at a noise and saw Jensen breaking away for a moment to try and intercept a small group trying to surround another teamate, he called for Asher to come along but he was back in a frighteningly familiar fugue.

His fingers touched the smooth ebony strapped to his back, as he drifted down he felt the skull that would unleash the blade. He knew what would happen if he did, but something was pulling him towards it. he couldn't fight it, and wasn't sure if he wanted to.

[i]"That's it Asher, release me. You know I'll clean up this mess, heck I'll even spare a couple classmates. Maybe one of those cute girls, and the one called Takeo, he's the only one as sadistic as you truly are afterall. Let's let everybody see the real you so they won't even bother pretending to be your friend like Jensen is...."[/i]

As his finger began depressing the switch a sharp pain shot through his shoulder causing him to release his staff.

Thinking it was a hobgoblin he turned the punched out, instead his fist was deflected and met with a second hand gripping his other shoulder.

Looking up he saw that his foster father had intercepted him before he drew his weapon,

[b]"Death isn't something you can control Asher you saw that first hand. You must fight it off, fight the temptation to become the beast. Don't let anybody else fall prey to what's inside you."[/b] His father's words were both harsh and filled with pity, as if he was angry for what Asher did but also felt sorry for him at the same time.

A moment later his father's figure faded and instead Jensen had returned with the leg of a desk that had been overturned. Tossing it to Asher he smiled [b]"Let's finish this."[/b]

Asher grabbed the weapon and swung intime to connect with a charging hobgoblin, the blow felt good and the sight of blood was oddly satisfying. He was ready to get this over with, after his vision he truly was in a hurry to learn how to keep the 'wicked' inside him at bay.
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OOC: omg the poor classroom... Leave it to us to trash the classroom on our first day of class. Claw marks, few if any intact desks, and broken lights... and now this :smirk: Lets all have an OMG moment, shall we?

Alice took in a deep breath, finally having a chance to do so now that the hobgoblins had been forced away. She was far more aware of every breath she took, feeling the moisture in the air. It gave her renewed life, more energy, she savoring it as it seemed the water vapor in the air offered her its power. And so much power there was to be had. She took it in, drinking deeply of the power of the water around her. As she exhaled, her breath was visible despite the air temperature in the classroom. She could feel her power, growing inside of her and threatening to tear her body apart. Her nails, usually filed short, grew pointed and sharp, and she could feel her canines lengthen. "It's overflowing..." she said, her voice barely above a whisper. She looked to her classmates, observing each briefly. Even the most minute of motions attracted her eyes, nothing escaping her notice.

Rhea was jumping back and forth, looking almost like a gymnastic if somewhat reckless ballerina. Her movements were elegant, though fun. She seemed to be having a good time, what with her many moves. She was a genuine heart, with nothing to hide.

Takeo... so sure of himself, so admirable and noble. There was a deep sense of duty about him, of loyalty. No wonder Alice had liked him at first glance. Yet, in his innocence was he the most vulnerable.

Asher seemed like a sad soul, trying to show his smile through the darkness. She had for but a fragment of a second, seen something there with him, he freezing for but a split second. It had been too fast, though he was reaching... for something. What, she couldn't tell, he was facing her so she didn't see. It seemed in that even in death something still guided him along the path of the light.

Kaiel was angry. She used that to fuel her strengths. But, there was something different to her anger, it was gentle somehow. Kind, even. Alice could see her fighting, with a look only of annoyance. Obviously, this wasn't a challenge to her.

So far... Jensen alone had failed to win her over. She leaped punching several hobgoblin out of her way to get to him. "Something I can do for you, Alice?"

"You remember my name, I am flattered." She hauled off and punched another hobgoblin away.

"Yeah, it stuck thanks to that accent of yours." He kicked a hobgoblin over Alice's head, she grabbing it to deliver a piledriver wrestling move. She stood once more, smiling.

"Can you dance?" Alice asked, lifting her foot and whirling around to send a hobgoblin flying.

"What...?" He looked at her blankly. "Dance?"

"Yes. I wish to see how you dance. I believe it is called... The Sadism Tango?" Alice smiled, her deep purple eyes alight with excitement, believing be able to be at least friendly with him by asking him to fight with her. Granted, her expanded knowledge of random things and only half understood references might have made her come off as strange in the first place. "I am asking you to fight along side me, and offer a respect in kind."

"Hmph. Fine. We can dance." He held out his arm, and Alice took it, his strength alone enough to support her as she used it to swing her foot into yet another onslaught. She felt him grab her wrist and then spin around, to use her as a means of a knock-down tactic. She twisted around, flexing her body in different mannerisms to get her feet to connect in various ways and once cleared she used her feet to grab a hobgoblin to knock down several more. "Well, you're not too bad." he said to her. Alice allowed him to spin her, she kicking out and breaking the chest bones of a hobgoblin and then spun back into him. "And you could use some refined movement in your dancing. But, I can honestly say the same of you in return." She smiled and winked at him. "Make sure to cover your ears." With that, she summersaulted away across the classroom leaving him to look after her shaking his head.

"Everyone! Cover your ears!" she yelled out to everyone else, raising her nails. Her classmates looked over at her and instantly realized what she was about to do and heeded her warning.

Alice raked her nails across the chalkboard, letting an ear piercing shriek ring throughout the room. Only one of the hobgoblins, one that been coming to attack her, was smart enough to cover his ears. The rest were stunned, they having not been able to cover their ears fast enough.

Alice jumped over the teacher's desk, landing on the edge and seizing the hobgoblin by the neck with both hands. and jumping over it, twisting to land with her feet pointed away from it. Using strength alone, she vaulted the hobgoblin through the air. Its foot apparently knocked one of the sprinkler heads for fires off. A catastrophic flood then sprayed into the room, raining down from overhead.

Poor little Alice... She could only stare, slack jawed and wide eyed into the free shower she was giving everything and everyone. Even those who did not speak German knew what exactly what she said, judging from the dumbfounded tone in her voice and stare of disbelief. "Was habe ich nur tun?"[i]

"What did I just do?"[/i] Edited by Inuyasha Fandom
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OOC: Just for that, Inu...

Rhea had seen Alice dodge across the room over to the chalkboard thanks to the warning she gave. Of course, the real show stopper was her accident.

The water pouring down about her now reeked, as was typical of pressurized sprinkler systems. Alice simply stood there, numb and dumb. She really hadn't anticipated this. The tiled floor was now slick with water, and it didn't help matters much she was soaked to the bone. Her hair hung in wet clumps of bright fiery red hair. Sadly though, she was wearing a white shirt with her uniform, and her robes hung open, revealing her white lacy bra under it. White shirts, as everyone knows, become see-through when wet.

"Well. An impromptu peep show. I didn't think I'd be doing that when I woke up this morning..." she commented. She wasn't really angry, accidents happened. But Alice was just standing there as a hobgoblin raised its claws to strike her down. "Alice! Move!" Rhea shouted above the noise in the classroom. Alice turned to see the claws raking the air at her, and Rhea managed to grab her wrist to pull her out of the way.

"Don't leave yourself open like that. It's just asking for trouble." She smiled at Alice, and noted she was in the same boat with her wardrobe. "Nice bra. I didn't think you were into purple." Rhea winked at her.

"Excuse me?" Alice looked down, and her face paled. "Then again," Rhea continued, "Don't be shy, honey. If you got it, flaunt it." Alice looked up, her seven shades of white becoming a color almost identical to that of a tomato. She moved to cover herself, but Rhea only pulled her up. "No time for that, we have a fight to finish."

Alice nodded, and focused again on the hobgoblins, her face returning to its normal color. She and Rhea took a flying leap, and the two kicked out to land a double kick square in the chest of a hobgoblin finally returning to its senses. Modesty could come later. After all, it wasn't like they were showing off any more skin than a bikini would.

"You ready for round two?" Rhea asked, smiling. "Foreplay is over... Let's get serious."

OOC: See what happens when you don't think? Now we're giving all the boys guesses at our measurements. Edited by ExcelExcel
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[size="1"]When the creatures had emerged and began to assault his fellow classmates, Crowley had watched everyone spring into action. Seeing how everyone began to fight, how each person had a different style to their technique, and he began to note and record each style they showed. His controlling mind holding on to the information in case he would need it for later, taking note of personality traits as well if his fathers nature ever arose to turn these people to his wants and needs. He mentally shook himself then as he had remained completely still for the beginning of the encounter, the hobgoblins reacting more to the movements of the others and ignoring him for the most part. It gave him the opportunity to sort through his thoughts and do what he did best, plan every movement that could be made be him or the others from the little he had been able to observe. However, it didn't take long for a particularly smart hobgoblin to notice him and approach him carefully, a distinct predator gaze in its eyes as it stalked around the fights in progress to get to him. Crowley had caught sight of hobgoblin, simply waiting as it crept closer and closer to him until it stopped and settled before suddenly leaping out at him. He only slid the chair away from the desk, the creature crashing into the desk and getting caught up in the debris giving Crowley time to rise from the chair and move toward the creature. He gave it only moments to register what was going on before he came down on it sharply, stomping down on its skull in one brutal hit. The brain matter and brackish blood squirting everywhere as he remained calm for only a few more moments, the recollection of having done the same to his foster father creeping to the front of his mind before pushing it away. His demeanor indifferent to the action going around him as he simply moved slowly through them all, his fighting methodical in the fact it was precise but brutal in the devastating blows he administrated. He had heard the teacher talk about working as a team, but he could see that mentality worked well for the others, not so much for his particular strength as he dulled out unceremonious death to each one that crossed his path.

His calmness was suddenly fractured by the sudden cry for help, his eyes went wide then as he heard someone screaming and the scream smashed into him light a brick. He could hear his foster mother tell him to run, to see her try to fight off the walking corpse of Paul Crowley; he felt something snap in his mind, like a barrier crumbling for the moment as the next hobgoblin he came upon felt his wrath. Its attention elsewhere as he lashed out with a fist, the hand making contact with the thick skull and the sound of bones breaking could be heard as the hobgoblin spun around then. Its jaw slack as the bones had torn into the muscle, shredding the connective tissue leaving the creature unable to use its teeth. It hardly mattered as his foot came up, kicking straight out into the creatureâ??s chest the sternum giving way and the entire cavity caved in before it even hit the ground. He no longer walked as he simply charged into battle, the rage pushing through him now as he slammed into another hobgoblin with his shoulder and smashed him into a wall. The creature slumping to the ground before Crowley placed his foot on the creatureâ??s chest and grabbed his arm, pulling with all his force he roared as he ripped the arm off its body and smashed its head in with the severed limb. Quickly turning on anything in his path, using the clawed hand to slash and tear into the creatures around him.
â??Is that all you got? Come on!â?[/b] The words spilling form his lips without so much a second thought as he charged again. Swinging the arm with reckless abandon as he smashed into others with sheer force, crushing heads and bodies with all his strength, it didnâ??t take him long to notice the creatures starting to crowd around one of his classmates. He had lost the arm to the corpse of one of its brethren; all he could do was charge in once more. His mind was returning to him now, he could see if he hit them in just the right way he could take out all the ones coming for him. He lashed out then, but his aim was off but only grazing it before he tore through the others and smashed their bodies with his strength. The one that he had grazed seemed stunned, his hands reaching out as he grabbed the creature and held him out. Takeo taking advantage of the moment and snapped the creatures neck with an axe kick, Crowley tossed the creature away and suddenly saw a hand extend out to him.
â??Crowleyâ?¦ thanks man. That was a cool move you did a second ago.â?[/b] He initially didnâ??t know how to react, unaccustomed to friendly gestures he let his guard down for just a moment. Returning the motion with a stern shake of the hand, he saw a smile on Takeos face that put suspicion in his mind but he let it go as he ran off to give back one of the girls her glasses back. He turned back to the creatures, his blood still boiling for my blood, and he knew not where the need came from, until he heard it in his mind again.
Feed me![/i] He heard it roar, the sound pushing him forward to rush in once more. He didnâ??t lose himself to the fight, he just enjoyed it. He smashed into one hobgoblin after another, keeping track of how many crumbled before him as he delved deeper into the growing ranks. He had pushed farther than he had wanted, but it mattered little as the voice pushed him forward. He found himself surrounded quickly, his hands lashing out as they crumpled at his hits, bashing into them to clear space when they drew too close. He found five creatures before him, lashing out to catch him with the claws as he growled and snarled at him. He did his best to keep his composure as he could feel the pull of the mace, of the demon that harbored itself deep inside of him. His internal thoughts had pulled him far enough to let one creature draw near and slash at Crowley. Snapping out of it in time to move his body the claws raked across his robe, reaching all the way to his shirt underneath. The dense robe getting snagged in the hobgoblins claws he twisted out of it and wrapped it around the creature head with the arm pulled behind its back. Twisting quickly a snap followed, he felt the draft now as the torn apart shirt revealed several of his tattoos from underneath.

He then felt the water rain down upon him, the sprinkler system having gone off for reasons he was aware off. The cold water washing over him as the sprinklers pumped out gallons of water in mere minutes, the water reaching their shins as it leaked out from the door frame. The creatures were frightened by the sudden down pour, but it hardly stemmed their need to kill. Crowley let the water cool him down, refocusing his thoughts as he charged forward and tackled the remaining hobgoblins before him, rolling away from them. He raised then, the water pouring down on him as he suddenly realized he was face to face with one of the women, his red eyes focused in on her yellow ones. Something about her gaze tried to pull him in, but he quickly put up the wall in his mind as he shook his head, the water splashing out as he realized his hair had come undone. Pulling it back once more, he tied it off as he seemed to recall her name clearly now.
â??Hope you donâ??t mind me crashing your even Kiael, I grow tired of fighting them alone.â?[/b] He saw a twitch in her ears, as he blue hair hung lower because of the water.
â??Not at all, as long as you arenâ??t like that fool back there.â?[/b] He showed a devilish smile, not knowing where it came from as he shook it away, turning back to face the hobgoblins, he heard her yell back to him then.
â??You never mentioned who your parent was.â?[/b] He held firm as he stood up tall, seeing the creatures move forward, he spoke loudly for her to hear.
â??My father, is Astaroth, and I hope I am not like my father.â?[/b] He didn't see if she had a reaction to hearing it, all he knew was that she was beside him and this would be an interesting class.[/size]
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