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[size="1"][color="#8B0000"]ooc: I know i am probably cutting someone off but i couldnt pass up the oppertunity

Jensen ran his hand through his hair as the sprinklers continued to dose everything. [b]"I am pretty sure i took a shower this morning, but i guess another one couldn't hurt."[/b] He said with a chuckle. He turned in time to catch one of the hobgoblins and through it across the room only to watch it slide on the wet tile. [b]"Hmmm...hey Asher?"[/b]

Asher looked up from the little pest he had been punching square in the face. [b]"What?"[/b]

Jensen rang his hands on the wooden leg he had in his hand. [b]"Slide that little beastie towards me. I want to try something real quick"[/b] He blue green eyes shined with an evil glint.

Asher only laughed as he reared back then threw the demon across the floor towards Jensen.

Jensen took a golf pose and brought the leg up over his head. [b]"Heads up!"[/b] He swung connecting with the hobgoblin and sending it crashing into the wall. [b]"Send me another one."[/b] He connected again but grimaced as he realized where this one was sliding across the floor too. None other then Rhea and Alice. [b]"Ahhh ****"[/b] Time seemed to slow down as Jensen could only watch as the two unsuspecting girls feet where taken out from underneath them. Jensen immediately moved to pick them up and grabbed each of theirs arms and hoisted them back to their feet. He was about to apologize when he noticed something else. [b]"You know., purple is a really good color for you, Alice."[/b] He could only smile as her face changed shades of red so fast that Jensen thought she was going to explode. He turned to Rhea about to make a comment then stopped.

[b]"Got something to say smart guy?"[/b] Rhea flashed him a challenging look.

Asher's laugh could be heard in the back ground. [b]"He probably would have kept his mouth shut if you hadn't of said anything"[/b]

Jensen could only smile as he bit his tongue. [b]"I don't think the white is giving me a clear enough view. You probably should try removing the shirt"[/b] He chuckled as a knee caught him in the ribs. [b]"I will take that as a rain check"[/b] His eyes grew wide as he saw two hobgoblins lunging for the backs of the girls. He pushed them off to the side but couldn't get his arms and hands back fast enough to deflect the claws that raked through his shirt and cutting into his chest and the other ones claws slicing open the left side of his face. He let out a growl as he snatched them both up by the neck and slammed them into the ground. He squared his shoulders to continue the fight but even with the water blood was still covering his left eye causing his vision on that side to be useless. He didn't see the hobgoblin coming at him from the left side but heard the swift kick from Kaiel that sent it bouncing across the floor. [b]"Thanks"[/b]

She shot him a smile. [b]"No problem. Granted you might be a smart ass but you still did watch out for them."[/b] She turned and delivered another kick at another that was trying to approach his blindside.

Within moments Asher was at his back with Takeo and Crowley as Alice and Rhea came up on his right forming a tight ring. Everyone's back and flanks were covered and the hobgoblins were hard pressed trying to find a weakness.

Jensen, even with his bad eye , still held his own. Keeping his good eye towards his side he lashed out with powerful punches at any that got close. He heard a small laugh coming from his right side.

Rhea's voice was carrying a hint of amusement. [b]"Don't worry it didn't harm your pretty face"[/b] She said sarcastically.

[b]"Hey I still got one eye to see that white lace bra of yours"[/b] He replied.

[b]"And its good to see it didn't affect your smart remarks either"[/b][/color][/size] Edited by Sazabi
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[font="Comic Sans MS"][color="#000080"]Kaiel suddenly felt her breathing even out, her senses sharpened as she felt Crowley push his back against her's. Everything that was happening in the room seemed to dull, the sound wasn't as loud and she was able to follow the movement of the goblins so much easier. She than felt something else, something strange that made her frown, a low growl bubbling from her throat. Her blood seemed as if it had turned to fire in her veins. She took a deep breath and concentrated on the task at hand, more than aware that the heat seemed to get worse as the seconds ticked by. She looked up and felt as if her stomach had suddenly dropped out from her body. The goblins were retreating and seemed to be merging with each other to create an even larger goblin. She whipped around as her brother's voice echoed through the room.
"It's a goblin king! Get back!"
Kai flipped back, grabbing Crowley as well and pulling him back with her, something in her telling her to make sure to keep him close. She shook her bangs out of her face sending small droplets of water from it. She looked over at Crowley and gave him a smirk.
"Tell me something Crowley, how much about your father do you know?"
"More than I want to know."
His answer was short and to the point, she nodded and planted her left foot, swinging around with her right she caught a left over goblin and sent it flying across the room.
"You have decent speed?"
He nodded shortly.
"Keep up. I have an idea."
She dashed through the room, Chris's voice calling out to them which she ignored. Leaping up onto a desk she reached down and took Crowley's hand, swinging him around she smiled as his left foot lashed out catching he Goblin King in the face, as soon as he landed she felt him pull her around swinging her much like she had him, her right foot hitting the same spot. The Goblin King teetered for a moment before falling backwards, Kaiel ran forward, pulling Crowley with her as she did and grabbing a broken off leg to one of the chairs. The end splintered and jagged as she released Crowley for a moment and threw the leg in her hand down with force. She back flipped as the Goblin King screeched as the jagged end of the leg pierced it's eye. Lashing out in anger as Kaiel landed next to Crowley and took a deep breath pushing her wet hair away from her face she glanced over at Crowley, his red eyes meeting her's yet again. A small shiver ran down her spine; shaking it off she let out another growl as the Goblin King slowly regained it's footing.
"You know what...screw this!"
Pulling her daggers from her waist band she spun them quickly, the sheaths flying off; she looked over at Crowley giving him a feral smile.
"You might want to move Crowley."
He looked over at her, his eyes narrowing as her growls grew in volume, her form changing into the large, erect white wolf. Baring her fangs she snapped her jaws at the beast in front of her and charged, their bodies colliding with sut ch force it made the room shake violently as her teeth sank into the flesh of the King. Her brother cursing loudly.
"This has gotten way out of hand! Dammit Kai, you have to change back, you'll expose all of them for what you really are! Kaiel!"
She turned and looked at him, her eyes locking with his as she growled.
"For what we really are? You mean monsters? Demons? Is that it Chris?"
"No...I....Kai your going to ruin everything!"
"You wouldn't want that would you?! You only care about your self!"
She scanned the room and felt her ears pin back as red ones locked with her yellow ones yet again, the same shiver running down her spine, and with out thinking she released the Goblin King who instantly vanished from the room. Finding her daggers Chris locked them back in their sheaths, and Kaiel slowly turned back into her human form.
"That's enough for today...we'll pick up where we left off tomorrow. Spend the rest of the day getting to know the school, city and each other."
Kaiel kept her eyes down as she gathered her things and rushed from the room, the only thing her mind seemed able to go back to were the red eyes that had seemed to watch her, not looking at the others she left the classroom, but as she turned to go down the hall she looked up at them one last time and felt her cheeks heat as instantly her eyes met Crowley's red ones. Ducking her head down and hiding her face with her hair she rushed down the hall towards her room. More than ready to get some time by her self.
In the class room Chris shook his head as he watched Kaiel rush from the room.
"Alright everyone, you heard me. Spend the rest of the day getting to know one another and getting the school mapped out. Tomorrow, we'll be doing text book Assignments so come with your thinking caps on and be ready to research your parents. The more you know about them the better you'll know how to fight them off when the time comes."
With that, the class filed out slowly leaving Chris to him self as he pinched the bridge of his nose and let out a deep breath before blinking as his desk crumbled to the floor at his feet.
"This is gonna be a long year..."[/color][/font]

OCC: Whoo Hoo! Got a post up! Alright so you have some free time, get to know one another while the classroom is repaired. I'll try not to take so long in getting another post up this time around. ^^:
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Alice sighed, and fell back onto the floor. She stared into the mess of the classroom, wondering why she had to be the daughter of some demon. This was all so unreal.

Takeo came over to her and smiled, holding out his hand to her. "You okay?"

"Yes... I'm fine." Taking his hand, he marveled at how delicate it seemed, as well as the ease with which he was able to help her up. "Alice, I think these belong to you." He removed her glasses from his pocket, and held them out to her. Taking them, she placed them upon her face and blushed. "Thank you. I thought they had broken in the commotion."

"Well, maybe something is looking out for you." Takeo looked around, and then down at his feet, partially nervous, and partially not to look at Alice's bra. "Would... would you like to explore the school with me? I thought it might be more fun with someone."

"I would love to." Alice replied, "Thank you again for finding my glasses and keeping them from harm." Takeo and Alice walked from the classroom, and down the hall, she covering up her now see-through shirt. "So, why are those glasses so important to you? If they broke you could just get a new pair..."

Alice regarded him with a shy smile. "They were given to me by the woman who adopted me. She knew who my mother was, and I guess knew of my mother. She had talked about my mother once with me."

"Was she keeping that from you?"

"I suppose that's possible. But, she never hid anything else for me. These glasses.. They are more of a representation of a promise I made to her. And now that my mother is dead, I must honor it more than ever."

"Oh? What was that?"

Alice sighed, remembering it well. "My mother told me to always think clearly before throwing a punch. When I wore these glasses, she wanted me to be gentle, and take great pains to control my temper. I try not to fight when I wear them." Alice smiled even though her vision was blurring from tears. "My mother... she had tole me of my real mother's temper, and of the things she was capable of when so enraged. I did not want to become that kind monster, enslaved to my anger."

"Looks like you didn't quite master it. But, that's okay, it leaves room for improvement. Not that you need much of it." Alice only smiled, her eyes hidden by the light reflecting off of her glasses.

"Takeo, do you know where the school library is? I was hoping to find some books."

Takeo cocked his head. "No, but that's why we're exploring the school, right?"

Alice smiled and nodded. "Right!" Edited by Inuyasha Fandom
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Takeo and Alice began looking around the school, noticing small things here and there like where the bathrooms were, what room number we were in, and the different kind of classes that were available. As they were walking past some classrooms, they noticed other students going through the same training as did moments ago with different types of demons.

"Haha looks like all the teachers are crazy here." Takeo spoke. Alice giggled a bit as they continued looking for the library. They soon noticed a sign that said library hanging in the hall and followed its direction. Alice and Takeo walked into the room to find a huge selection of books. The room took up two floors. The two looked around the giant room noticing the different categories of books. There were books on everything from sports to the reason we were all here: demons.

"You two must be some of the new students here. I am one of the librarians. May I help you find anything in particular?" a woman said as she approached them. Takeo looked over at Alice allowing her to decide whether to just look on our own or use the woman's help. "I think we're just going to look around to see if we find anything interesting. Thank you anyway though." Alice answered. The woman smiled and allowed the two to venture through the library.

Alice looked at Takeo trying to figure him out from his demeanor. He looked back at her and noticed she was looking at him.

"Something on your mind?" he asked her.

"Tell me a bit more about yourself. You're a bit strange considering our situations. One minute, you're weeping as you recall your past, another minute, you staring off in space and quiet as a mouse, and the next minute, you're laughing as we had to fight hobgoblins. I can't quite figure you out."

Takeo laughed a bit before telling a bit more about himself. "Well, I try not to be an emotional guy really. I've always bottled my strong emotions inside as I didn't really want to share them. Of course I was a good person but I only let a few people see the real me. When I was telling my story, all my bottled emotions came charging out and that's what you saw. I like to be calm all the time that way I'm not stressing over life. Haha. My music really helps me express myself in a manner where I don't have to talk as much."

"Oh really. What do you play?"

"Umm...guitar, piano, violin, saxophone, flute, and the drums. Haha. It took me forever to learn them and I missed out on a lot of things to practice. But I feel like I've seen a lot myself and thats a good enough reward for me. Every little chance I get I do something to practice whether its tapping on something or whistling. I really hope they have some kind of music area or room. I dont know how long I can stand away from my instruments."

"That's cool. You seem quite talented. Maybe one day if we have some time, you can play something for me?"

Takeo nodded as his face turned red. He began to rub the back of his head as he laughed through his next couple of sentences. "Haha sure I can. So you seem to really like reading as I see your interests are very dynamic."

"Yeah I enjoy it a lot. You can learn so much from reading and it provides a sense of peace that I enjoy as well."

Takeo smiled again as he was looking around for books as well. He noticed a few that peaked his interest and grabbed to take back to his room. The two of them continued their adventure through the huge library seeing what it all had to offer.

"So now that we've both shared personal stuff and I've told you a bit about me, let's hear about you. You don't have to get personal, just let me know you are."
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As the duo of Crowley and Kaiel took the demon king down with a combination of precision, grace, and skill that made the two look like they'd been fighting side by side for years Asher couldn't help poke Jensen in the ribs with an elbow.

[b]"Looks like you got some competition,"[/b] he chuckled at Jensen's face...though he choked on it as Kaiel transformed into a giant wolf-like creature that made short work of the goblin king, a sickening feeling immediately sank into Asher. He looked around and wondered if everyone here was even more like him than he had ever imagined. Could they all transform? Were they all pulled by their demon side as much as him.

As the class-room slowly emptied out Asher decided he had to confront the only person he knew for sure could change in the same way that he did.

Running to the front of the class, before her brother could beat him to it, Asher tapped Kaiel on the shoulder to get her attention. As she turned he realized he hadn't really looked at her until that time, she truly resembled a demon to a slight extent. Her eyes were a slight yellow, and her nails and teeth were elongated as if they were more fangs and claws. It wasn't at all a bad thing, it gave her a look he had trouble breaking away from for just a moment.

[b]"Hey...I wondered how...or what exactally that was?"[/b] He asked, refering to her transforming.

[b]"Okay so it might have been a little excessive but I was doing what needed to be done,"[/b] He watched her eyes drift around the classroom, it was bad before she transformed, but her much larger form and ferocity had reduced it to a mere room for scrap wood and metal. He expected, for some reason, a more gruff voice from her much softer one after her display.

[b]"No I mean what exactally was it? I...well I transformed when I...."[/b] A hand grasped his shoudler firmly. Turning the instructor, Chris, was standing beside him. His demeanor slightly lighter than it had been moments before when he was screaming to Kaiel to change back to her original form,

[b]"That's something we'll learn about soon Asher, for now just relax and recharge."[/b] Asher took the interuption as the need for a sibling moment and excused himself. Walking out of the classroom he found Jensen waiting for him at the doorway.

[b]"Before you ask, no she didn't ask about you."[/b] He tried to hold it in, but he couldn't fight back the laugh that had built inside of him. He wasn't sure if Jensen had a thing for her or not, but he knew he was going to give the man a hard time about it for as long as he could.

[b]"****, I guess throwing hobgoblins at girls is NOT a way to get them to notice you eh?"[/b] Jensen's quick reply sent the events, even the vision of his father, spiariling into his subconscious. He finally felt even at bit at ease when Rhea, still....showing off, came up to them.

[b]"Hey, it'll be a shame if you catch cold. I still say you should remove the shirt right now."[/b] Asher put his hand in his face and shook his head,

[b]"I'm going to have to get a muzzle for you Jensen, or at least get you a cold,"[/b] he thought about the outcome of the shower they all received that brought Rhea's...assets to light [b]"Okay the shower just made things worse so I guess we'll try something to eat. I'm going to head into the commons and figure out if there's anything to eat. I saw a small kitchen but I'm not sure how stocked they keep it. You guys are welcome to join me...unless you two need some alone time."[/b]

Asher turned and headed towards the small kitchen area the school supplied for the students, unsure whether Jensen or Rhea would follow. Being around people, especially people like the few he'd met so far, was really putting him in a good mood. He cringed as he took a few steps and immediately felt the weight of the scythe on his back increase tenfold. He could hear the voice booming in his head for him to unleash it, he refused to give in, and refused to let his classmates know of his torture. He'd fight it until Chris taught him how to beat it...he just hoped it would be soon.
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Alice looked down at the books she had selected, looking at the titles. "A Beginner's Guide to Roses" "Micheal Weston: A Love Unyielding" "Mermaids: Stories of the Women of the Seas"

"I am unsure of what it is you want to know." Takeo shrugged. "I just want to know more about Alice."

"I'm... not good at talking with boys." Alice smiled nervously. "Where to start?"

"How about with Germany? I've never met someone from there."

"Germainy... The Motherland, as people back home refer to it." Alice sighed. "I suppose I am lucky to have had the life I did. My mother, may she rest in peace, adopted me and gave me a good life. German was her second language, as English was my second. It was difficult at first to communicate, though I suppose language barriers can eventually be overcome with enough perseverance." Alice paused, searching for something to say next. "It was quite fun to be able to speak two languages with my Mother. Sometimes, after a few years of learning the languages, we found ourselves talking in two different languages, and holding a normal conversation." Alice smiled remembering her mother. "My mother was a good woman. She brought me to this country when her job required her to come back."

"It sounds like your Mom was an amazing woman."

"She was... But she is gone now." Her smile faded, remembering the event that had brought her to Cross Academy. "But, that is my problem and I shall deal with it."

Takeo shrugged. "Okay then. So, more about Germany?"

Alice inhaled a deep breath and spoke. "The food was much better. I wonder of the cafeteria could make some borscht for me."

Takeo smiled and held up his hand, pointing at the ceiling. "Maybe, but how about you make some? I'm sure the teachers and cafeteria ladies wouldn't mind if you made some food from your country. Besides, I want to try some new foods, and German food is something I hope you'll make for me." He crossed his arms and said, "Though, you'll be making it out of school food... so that might not be the best. I wonder if we can get city passes and go out and get foodstuffs for ourselves."

Alice nodded, and returned in kind. "I would be happy to share some of my heritage in the form of food. However... Don't think it will be anything of ... how do you say, fancy feast? I'm afraid that I'm not a world class chef."

"Please, I'm sure that it'll be tasty."

The two had managed to find their way to the dorms, and were coming up on Alice's room. "I would like to chat more, but perhaps we can sit together at dinner time? I would like to change my clothes. I believe I have exposed myself enough for today."

"What? OH!" It dawned on Takeo what Alice meant, and he smiled. "Sure, I'll see you at dinner time then."
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Rhea walked alongside Asher, with Jensen tagging along behind her. She made no attempt to hide her voluptuous body, she wasn't showing anything lewd. But, working as a phone sex operator she was quite comfortable with herself sexually. She noted Alice and Takeo walking off together, and made a mental note to ask her about the two later.

"So, Rhea... uh... Aren't you cold? I mean, wet clothes and all..." Asher glanced down at her breasts, and his cheeks reddened and he looked away.

"Not really. I could go for a snack before heading back to my room."

"What, do you have some flowers to prune? Or some girl on girl with Alice?" Jensen asked, and Rhea only flashed him a smile. "Asher, maybe you'd like to have dinner with me. I'd ask Jensen to join us, but he'll probably have to nurse his bruises later."

"Huh? Bruises? I don't have a scratch on me."

Rhea turned around, smiling. "Uh-huh. Bruises." Rhea grasped his shirt collar and slammed him against the wall, pressing her body against his. His eyes looked down to the white lacy bra she was wearing, and her ample bussom was quite the eye catcher. "I take it you like what you see? I know they're nice, but my eyes are up here."

"These feel a little stiff. Are they real?" he asked her, smirking down at her breasts and then looked at her in the eyes.

"Mmmmm muscle. I like that. Too bad for you, stud muffin, that these are all natural." In the blink of an eye she took his legs out from under him with a swift kick into his shin and caused him to slam hard into the floor, his head making a loud thud. "Like I said, bruises." Smiling down and winking at Jensen she turned and then looped her arm around Asher's and led him off to the kitchen, leaving Jensen to rub his shin and the back of his head. "Spar with me anytime, Jensen. Just keep that mouth of yours in check."

"Wow... what a woman..." He smiled, and followed behind them to the cafeteria. "And to think that was just being playful." Edited by ExcelExcel
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[size="1"][color="#8B0000"]Jensen stopped at the entrance of the cafeteria and watched them walk inside. He glanced around then walked down the halls until he came to his room and opened the closet. He pulled up a large black leather case and exited his room. He roamed the halls for another ten minutes till he came to a large open theater. After a few glances and making sure the area was clear he walked down the isles and up on the stage. He set the case down and opened it very slowly. Inside was a stained red wood violin that still looked brand new. He gingerly picked it up and the bow then looked around again for a second before finding a large edge about fifteen feet up on the left side of the stage hidden in the shadows. He scaled the scaffolding and sat down on the hanging with one leg dangling off and the other bent with his foot still on the scaffolding. He lit a cigarette and took a slow long drag from it, pausing for a second before letting the smoke roll out of his mouth. The blood on his face had dried now though the gash still hurt. It had been his own damn fault, he let out a chuckle as he looked put out the cigarette. He put the violin into the side of his neck and drew the bow up. He slowly pulled it across letting the first long eerie note work its way into him. He did this several more time before his hand moved on its own, his body lost in the eerie but hauntingly beautiful notes that came from the violin. Soon his hand was on its own and he was completely in a trance like state as he continued to play.

Nothing matter to him when he played. He felt no pain, no anger, he felt nothing but serenity. He played for a few more moments before stopping to smoke again. His mind went to his companions. Instantly they had split into pairs. Kaiel and Crowley, Takeo and Alice, and Asher and Rhea. He flicked the zippo in his hand, staring at the flame as he thought about them.

Kaiel was a fiery little thing. Smart, strong, and a quick tongue but something about her just bother Jensen. He couldnt place it but it felt like his hate was not his own but someone elses just place in him, almost like an instinct.

Crowley was a guarded individual like himself but instead of jokes to try and distract people from asking too many questions he just stayed quiet and didnt answer.

Takeo was a kind soul just wanting to help and carried a presence that gave off a feeling of loyalty

Alice was a shy girl, just trying to fit in and help whenever she could though she was a little clumsy at times.

Asher was someone who Jensen could see being a good friend and a powerful ally. Loyal and sensible and a good sense of humor.

Rhea was... well Rhea was Rhea. A non caring do what she wants. strong willed with a quick tongue and love to laugh. The though of her brought a smile to his face. Her fiery red hair and red eyes to match her personality. His heart made a rapid beat several times before Jensen shook his head. It was foolish falling for someone especially when he had no idea what he was. For years he kept everyone at a distance, either pushing them away with his dry sens of humor or by totally avoiding them all together. Asher was pretty much his first friend and now all he had to do was leave Asher and Rhea together to get to know each other better. He would mind his own while the others bonded. He picked the bow up again and let the music play, this time louder then before but not so much where it left the theater.

After another thirty minutes he stopped when he sensed a presence. He looked around until he saw no one.

[b][i]'Music soothes the beast'[/i][/b] The deep voice rumbled in his head.

[i][b]'And invading my head takes that away'[/b][/i] He thought with a growl.

[i][b]'Do not get hostile with me son. I will take away that girl and boy in a heart beat'[/b][/i] The voice carried a tone of anger.

Jensen could help but poke at whoever was in his head. [i][b]' I'm sorry but if you were my father you would know that there is six of them. Beside what kind of father are you when i dont even know your name'[/b][/i]

[i][b]'One day son you will learn and come home to be by my side, the lord of hell's fire, Tayrus. Until then I will have let you have your fun. But just know something. That Kaiel girl will never be your friend. Not with what you are and neither will Rhea cause of the power you posses. So let those go if you truly care.'[/b][/i]

Jensen thought for a second. [i][b]'You know i figured you would try to talk me into killing them or something along those lines, not actually give me adivce if thats what it is'[/b][/i]

The voice responded with a bemused tone. [i][b]'A dragon's honor and loyalty is greater then anything. I already knew you would not turn your back on them nor would I ask you to. Take care my son hopefully you come to realize that you cant be with them sooner then later'[/b][/i]

And with that the voice was gone. Jensen finished another cigarette before getting ready to play again. 'Well at least he knows i will not turn my back on them' He let the music play this time only instead of trying to keep the sound of his music hidden he let played like normal letting it echo into the halls, though he figured no one was around to hear leaving him to his serenity.[/color][/size]
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Alice had long since changed her clothing and had since grown antsy. She closed the book she was reading and silently left her room. She hesitated for a second, though dinner time was a few hours away. The thought of dinner with Takeo set her heart aflutter. She'd never had dinner with a boy. Was it a date?

Alice heard the melodic noted of a violin drifting through the hallway and remembered Takeo had told her he played various instruments. Thinking she'd get a performance from him, she hurried down the hallway and followed the music.

She paused outside of the auditorium, unsure of what the piece being played was. She quietly opened the door, and walked into the dimly lit room. She spotted the tiny red glow of the cherry of a cigarette. Venturing closer, she realized it wasn't Takeo playing, but Jensen. He didn't seem to notice her, and while the music was beautiful, it was also sad. Not wanting to disturb him, she turned and tried to walk away without being noticed.

"Alice, how nice to see you." The music stopped, and there was a dull thump as Jensen jumped down from the scaffolding. "I thought you were with Takeo." Alice cringed some, turning around. "Um... You have quite a talent... I didn't mean to eavesdrop."

"It's no problem. At a school, it's only a matter of time before someone wanders into a room like this."

"I am inclined to agree." Alice held her book up to her chest, and Jensen glanced at it. "Mermaids, huh? Into that kind of thing?"

"I like to read all kinds of things. The more I read, the more knowledge I have. Uneducated people tend to make poor decisions."

"Like that little tantrum in the classroom? The singular focus could have gotten you seriously hurt, or worse."

"And some are slaves to emotion." Alice raised a hand to push her glasses up the bridge of her nose. Her band moced to the side, her pointer finger touching the left leg of her glasses. "These are very important to me. I am afraid that I lost my temper when I lost them. Large time."

"The phrase is 'big time,' Alice." Jensen smiled. "You speak English well, though you get a few things wrong from time to time."

"I speak four languages, Jensen. And fluently, might I add. You'll have to forgive me if I am not on par with the slang terms and contractions." She smiled slightly, and spoke again. "My temper, when I lose it, is something I inherited from my birth mother."

Jensen chuckled, and placed his violin on a seat next to him before taking one of his own and lighting up another smoke. "So, you're here, now. A half human girl in a world of crazy. You have a good heart, I can see that easily. Of course, I'd never want to make you angry. That little episode in the classroom was proof of why." he chuckled again and Alice took a seat across from him. "And you like to play the violin. It's quite pretty." she retorted.

"Thank you, though I'll wager you didn't sick around just to compliment my violin."

"No, I did not." Alice looked away from him and to the stage.

"So, tell me, how old are you, Alice?" Jensen sized her up, taking a drag from his cig. "You can't be older than twenty."

"Eighteen, actually. Didn't anyone ever tell you it's rude to ask a lady her age?" Alice cocked her head. "So, you're here with the rest of us. One of us, as one would say."

"And you're pretty nosy."

Alice looked down at her shiny black Mary Kays. "I... I just... I wanted to talk. I am to guess that each class is a team of some sort. If we are to be team members, I need to trust people."

Jensen gazed long and hard at Alice, inhaling another drag from his smoke. After what seemed like forever, he spoke. "You're a sweet, kind, and foolishly nice girl. Too nice for your own good. Why should we trust one another, when we can't trust ourselves? We don't even know who or what we are."

Alice stood up, and her small figure seemed to sag with her sorrow, However, she still seemed to have a noble countenance. "That is a good question. But, I will ask you something in return. Can we afford not to trust one another at this present time?" Alice reached out, her small, delicate, and almost fragile hand touching his face. He flinched some, and there was wariness in his eyes. Alice looked into his eyes, her purple ones filled with innocence and wisdom beyond her years. "We all know who we are. There is no textbook explanation of what we are. That is something each of us have to learn to live with." Alice's hand moved down to his chest, her palm flat over his heart, her paper fine skin cool to the touch. "It is what is in here that matters most. The ice that keeps your heart hidden and protected has to melt sometime."

With that, Alice picked up her book and walked away and out of the Auditorium, troubled by what she had been asked. She walked back to the library, and took a seat near the section on demons. Kaiel was there, sifting through the many books on the table in front of her. After a few miinutes, Alice worked up the courage to go over to talk to her. Not even glancing up, Kaiel spoke. "What do you want?"

Alice fingered one of the books, labeled 'The Guardians of Hell' and spoke quietly. "If there's some kind of information you are looking for, may I possibly help? I do not even know who my demon parent was... so there is no point in looking for that as of yet."

"Do you think I need your help?" Kaiel asked, her voice letting Alice know she was suspicious and a little agitated. "N-no I-I didn't think that. I was just offering. But if you don't want my help I'll just go." She closed the book she was reading and picked up her own. "I'm sorry to have bothered you."

Alice turned away and moved to leave, but Kaiel called out to her. "Wait." Alice turned to her, undure of how to react. "Yes?"

"I'm sorry. Today's been... rough. The last few days have. You really want to help me?"

"I thought maybe it would help to be friendly with my classmates."

Kaiel smiled warmly. "Fine then. I can use some help. And I'm sure you could, too. Come on, sit with me."

"Yes, of course." Alice sat down at the table, and smiled. "So, what information are you looking for?

"Anything related to Akeene, the Wolf. She's the guardian to the gates of hell."

"Is that related to Cerberus? Perhaps another relation?" Alice grabbed the book in front of her and blew the dust from the cover of the musty tome. She coughed as it drifted up and everywhere. "Well, no one has looked at these in a long while." she commented.

The two girls chit-chatted a bit, making small talk for a little while before Kaiel popped a question. "So, Alice. What do you know about your demon parent?"

"Her name was Camille, and she had quite a temper. From what I do know, she willingly gave me up, but I don't know why. And that was all my Mother told me."

"Camille, hmmm... I think I read that name somewhere in one of these books..." Kaiel flipped over books and then with an "Ah! Here it is!" held up a black, leather bound book. "Daemons of the Water Element."

"Water demons?" Alice took the book held out to her, and Kaiel smiled again. "Yeah, I remember now. I paged through that to see if my mother had any allies. I can't say I found anything relevant to that in there, but it was more interesting."

"How so?" Alice inquired, looking over the table of contents. "Camille was also known as the Lady of the Lake."

"King Arthur and Merlin? Camelot? That's who my mother was?"

"Yeah. Interesting stuff on your Mom. At least your reading will be more pleasant." Kaiel grinned. "But, let's get back this mess."

"Yes, I said I would help. I can always read this later." Edited by Inuyasha Fandom
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Rhea sat across from Asher, and had decided to be merciful to him so he could actually look at her. She'd closed off her robes as so to hide her lovelies. They had managed to acquire a cheesecake and two spoons and were sharing it while chatting.

"Nothing quite beats a good cheesecake. I'm surprised it's this good, considering that it's school food."

"It's not so bad. Then again, I like cheesecake."

"Me, too." Rhea dipped her spoon into the cheesecake again, and savored it.

"So, Rhea, what do you do for a living? I mean, I overheard you talking in the classroom before the fight."

Rhea shrugged. "Eh, I do what I have to to get by. I was a daytime gardener for some rich folks in New York, until recently. At night, well, I was a phone sex operator." The casual tone she took caused Asher to nearly choke on his bite of cheesecake. He stared at her wide eyed and brow furrowed. "Phone sex operator?"

"What's the matter, never heard of it?" She laughed and took another bite. "Trust me, it's far more dirty than you might think. A few weeks ago there was a guy who wanted me to roleplay not having sex with him, but his dog." Rhea grimanced and shivered. "Ugh... that was the only phone call ever that made me need to take a shower afterward."

"Wow... that's disgusting." Asher laughed. "How can you do that kind of thing?" He took another bite of the cheesecake. "I mean, I'm sure there were other calls just as bad."

"Eh, I can roll with the punches." Rhea looked around, noticing that Jensen hadn't joined them. "I wonder where Jensen went off to..."

"I have no idea. But, he'll catch up when he wants to. In the meantime, I think I'll go explore some of the school."

"And I'll go ahead and change. I have plans to hang out with Alice tonight. It seems to me she could use some friends here. She's a nice girl, and probably lonely." Rhea closed her eyes and sighed, finishing off the cheesecake. "But that's something we all experience fro time to time."

"True. So, I'll see you tonight around dinner time?"

"Sure. See ya later."

As Asher walked off, Rhea crossed her arms and sighed. "I wonder what Alice is doing..." She stood up and proceeded to her room, wondering what she was going to wear. Then she laughed, and though of how ridiculous it was to even think of that. Naturally, she would wear another school uniform. Perhaps a green bra this time...

Rhea came to her room, and opened the door. The furniture was sparse, though at least comfortable. If Rhea had to guess, all of the students here at the school now had a new and more permanent home. On the desk supplied to her was a single red rose filling the room with a sweet, sweet aroma. Throwing her clothes into a hamper, she then walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower. She stepped in, and breathed deep of the steam. The scent of roses filled the shower still, much to her relief. She loved roses, though it was no surprise that the one on her desk was special. It never wilted, despite having been severed from its bush since before she could remember. Most flowers wilted and died in a matter of days, but this one still looked to be freshly plucked and always smelling wonderful. She'd known the rose was special, though until just a few days ago she'd never known just how special.

Her shower felt wonderful after those wet clothes, though she was sure she'd never become sick from the wet clothes she'd been wearing. She never seemed to become ill, and many natural toxins botanical in nature never affected her in the slightest.

But, being the daughter of a demonic plant would do that, she supposed. Shrugging, she began to blow dry and brush her hair. Being so naturally curly, it was more like steel wool than silk. When finished, she tucked the rose in her hair over her ear and then walked out of the room. She was going to see if the school had a garden. Edited by ExcelExcel
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[size="1"][color="#8B0000"]Jensen finished his cigarette and climbed back up on the scaffolding with his violin.

[b][i]"It is what is in here that matters most. The ice that keeps your heart hidden and protected has to melt sometime."[/i][/b]

Alice's final words echoed in his mind. [b]"I wish I knew my own heart"[/b] Only thing was he didnt know it at all. The only thing he felt was loneliness and sorrow with a case of exile. He used his jokes as a facade and a front to keep people from understanding him. The only thing that showed his inner side was his music. He lost himself in his thoughts as he continued to play.

[i][b]'Tayrus, lord of hell's fire. What is he or it? What am i? I don't even know what i am. Everyone seems to have expierenced their change at least once or twice now. Kaiel seems to know how to bring her's out easily. I wonder why I haven't changed. That and everyone is carrying some sort of weapon except for me. They all got their's from their foster parents when the demons attacked them. Maybe this necklace is my weapon but why is it small like this. More how do I bring it out of it. Granted it seems like an impossible thing but after all this I wouldn't be surprised.'[/b][/i]

Jensen paused his playing for a second to reach for the small axe hanging from his necklace. [i][b]'Do I even want to bring it out, not knowing what i am or the temperament of the beast inside me?'[/b][/i]

His hand hovered over it before he took a deep breath. [i][b]'Better to know then to not'[/b][/i]. He closed his eyes as he tensed. [b]"Here goes nothing"[/b]

He snatched the axe into his hands and braced from something, but nothing happened. After what seemed like hours he slowly opened his eyes noticing that he was completely normal still. Well not normal as his eyes, hair, and fangs were far from normal but he was still the exact same. [b]"Well I guess that didn't solve anything"[/b]

He lit and finished another cigarette before picking back up his violin. He paused long enough to look out the bay window of the theater off to the side of him out into the school's courtyard garden. He could see rows upon rows of plants, their many colors accentuated by the late afternoon sunlight. It was a sight of serenity. [b]"Maybe I should play loud enough for some else to enjoy it."[/b]He put the violin back in his chin and let the notes flow from his as he drew the bow back and forth across the strings of the violin letting his music play and drift through the halls of the school and walls of the theater.[/color][/size]
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Rhea made her way around the school, asking students here and there in the halls for directions to the Garden. Finally, after the fourth time asking, she found someone who knew about it. Excited about seeing the garden, she quickly headed torward it, to find a serene sight. The sun was still high, and the plants rustled in a soft breeze, ruffling her hair. The many flowers and herbs filled her nostrils with a sense of heaven. Wandering in, she loved the small rose bush maze, Though it was only up to her waist. the many different colored blooms made her smile, until she came across a kind of covered trellis, and in the center was a gigantic flower bud, far bigger than anything in it should have been for any plant of this world. Closed, like it was, it resembled a beautiful jasmine flower just before bloom. It about the size of a miniature refridgerator. Behind her, she turned around to find thorny vines blocking her way. "I was wondering when you'd show up... Mom. Thank you for the invitation to see you. Roses are never that potently scented unless they have help."

The bud behind her began to part its petals, revealing the upper torso with a body to send even Rhea running for her money. She was nufe, with leaves covering the nipples of her breasts. She had a definite green tince to her skin, though it appears her lips and upper eyelids were flushed with a deeper green. Her hair was the same color as Rheas, though appeared to have small vines and flowers in it. She smiled as she spoke, her voice as sweet as honey and filled with enough poison to kill an elephant. "It's so nice to see my lovely baby become such a beautiful young lady." She remained in her pot, her eyes locked on her daughter. The flowers and plants seemed to move, twisting and anxious. "I'm so sorry to just drop in on you like this. How rude of me."

"Mother, it's our first meeting!" Rhea took a few steps forward, sure that her mother had something else in store for Rhea other than killing her. "I forgive you. I really can't fault you for doing so, isn't that how is usually goes during a reuniting of mother and child after years of separation? Especially given our circumstances." Rhea and her mother chuckled together, sizing one another up. "How wonderful of of you to visit. I wish I had had more time to prepare. I could have made tea."

"Well, I'm afraid this visit would have been far, far to short, so it is good that you weren't bothered to do so."

Rhea made a showy display in indifference, and cocked her head. "Now then, Mother, I know you didn't just come to see me and be off. To what do I owe this honor of your most esteemed visit?"

Her mother began to look at her green nails, perfectly manicured and flawless. "I have come with a warning, my child. Beware the world outside of the school. It may be a sanctuary beyond measure, but as you can seem going outside is another matter entirely. I believe that my own presence here is proof enough of that. There won't be any problems while you are here inside the grounds of the school, I will see to that."

"Planning your assault on the school with your little friends, Mother? And wanting first cracks?"

Her mother held up her hand, laughing snidely. "Now, now. Don't be silly, baby cakes. One of my dearest and sweetest of children is rooming here within these halls. I am only protecting my sweet, innocent child." Her mother's eyes gleamed maliciously, showing far more of her plans than she was willing to let on. But, as far as Rhea could tell, she enjoyed this game she was playing.

"Protecting me, huh? How motherly." Rhea was growing impatient with her mother, this was almost useless. "I'm sorry that your visit had to be so short, Mother. I am so thankful for your visit, but I'm afraid that you must be going." Rhea grinned and grasped the rose in her hair, and she felt her power surge. A smiled spread across her Mother's face. "But as far as I'm concerned, this will be fun. But, I have already picked the side I'll be taking. Good-bye, Mother. And we must have a chat over tea next time." Rhea swung the rose in mid air, and it lengthened to long, thin, green thorned whip. She slashed it through the air, slicing the gazebo apart as well as the image of her mother.

"Do not worry, my child. For I am always watching over you. And I so agree. Farewell for now, my lovely child. We'll be seeing each other far sooner than you might hope for." Her mother laughed as her voice faded away.

"And I look forward to it." Rhea commented. Looking back up into the windows of the school, she could see Jensen watching her. Quickly, he opened the window and jumped out, carrying a violin and bow with him. "Care to discuss what that was all about with the rest of the class?"

"It was nothing, really. Just family time." She smirked at him, and walked up to him, her defiant expression catching him off guard. "I'll see you later. I have a report to make to Christopher about my wonderful visit from my Mother and complain about how she couldn't stay longer. If you've been having visits, too, might I suggest you come with me?"
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"Sure, I'll see you at dinner time then." Takeo uttered as he said bye to Alice. She and him seemed to have an interesting conversation. Takeo was excited about how unique Alice was. And the thought of meeting her for dinner was exciting to him as well. It kind of brought him back to the old days when he was in junior high and high school. He was always a bot of a charmer but didnt see what girls saw in him. Takeo finally ended up back at his dorm where he rested on his bed for a bit, thinking.

"Ya know, hanging with Alice almost made me forget why I was here in the first place. This other side of me was the reason. I don't know how to explain it or what to do about it except learn all I can from someone who has a clue. WAIT!!!"

Just then Takeo remember the note his father left him with the instructions on how to get to Cross Academy. "Maybe he put it on here...he did. Thanks dad." He looked through the note and saw the name of his real mother:"Bai Ranmaru, the Demon Samurai" Takeo's heart dropped as soon as he uttered the words in his head. All this time, he had tried to run away from this demon stuff but had to face that it was all around him. He looked over at the books he picked out but none of them had anything to do with demon samurai. He decided to head back to the library.

Entering the hall, his very strong ears picked up the sound of the violin. "Thats really good. I'll have to see who is playing that later though." he said to himself. He finally got to the library where he asked someone to help him find books that could help him. He was pointed to a section where he searched for books that may help him. He found one called "Demons from the East" and began reading it in a corner of the library. He finally saw a chapter on his demon mother. He began reading more intensely as he wanted to learn more about his demon mother. As he was reading the whisper he heard when he was home began speaking to him again. Takeo jumped up from his chair and looked around but didn't see anyone around him.

"I see you are reading about me, my child. Yes, learn all you can so you can come back home to me. You know you don't belong there and that stupid girl will never love you." the voice spoke.

"Why are you doing this to me. Leave me alone. You haven't said one word to me until recently. Why talk now?" Takeo spoked. Others began noticing him in the library as he spoke kind of loudly. The voice stopped speaking to him leaving takeo looking like a fool. He calmed himself down and took the book back to his room so he could bring it to class tomorrow. After dropping the book off, he noticed he still had a few hours before dinner so he decided to explore some more. He could hear the violin again but still didn't follow the sound. "I better not distract that person. They seem really into what they are doing." Takeo kept walking around until he stumpled into a dark room. He flipped on the light to see nothing but a piano and a few other instruments in the room. He was immediately drawn to the piano as he wanted to clear his mind of the voice from his demon mother.

He sat down and played a quick jingle to see what the piano sounded like and before he knew Takeo was lost in his playing of the piano. He struck the keys releasing all his frustration into his music as he created a harmonious tune that could probably be heard throughout the halls. But that didn't matter to Takeo really, all he knew was that he was adrift in his own imagination thinking of the things that brought him joy: music and new friends like Alice.
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[size="1"][color="#8B0000"]Jensen stopped her. [b]"Give me a second"[/b] He walked inside and put the violin inside the case then grabbed the handle and walked back to her side. [b]"But at the same time I am sure we all are having meetings. We are offspring of demons after all"[/b]

[b]"But don't you think that they should know about it that away every one is warned about going outside"[/b]

[b]"I am pretty sure that the school already knows. It would be stupid of them not too"[/b] They made their way through the halls allowing Jensen to drop off the case back into his room.

[b]"True but I am telling him anyway"[/b]

Jensen let out a laugh. [b]"I already knew you were its not like anyone is going to talk you out of it"[/b]

[b]"Isn't that what you were just doing?"[/b] Rhea shot him a slightly confused look.

[b]"Not at all. Just giving my little bit of advice"[/b]

They stopped at the classroom but Christopher was no where to be found. Jensen shrugged as they walked out. [b]"I am pretty sure we will meet up with him later. We can tell him then"[/b]

[b]"So what to do now?"[/b] Rhea brushed a stray curl out of her face. [b]"All this free time and already running out of things to do"[/b]

Jensen looked around as they continued their roaming of the hallways. [b]"Well I don't know about you but I need to hit the gym"[/b]

[b]"Afraid to take the day off of looking after your muscles?"[/b] Her voice carried a tone of amusement

Jensen shook his head. [b]"More like to burn off the stress. Music gets rid of some of it. Pain helps with the rest"[/b] He caught the caught off guard look in her eyes at him being serious and not making a joke. He pushed open the doors to the gym and found rows upon rows of machines and a boxing ring along with bags off to the far corner. [b]"Surprised no one is here"[/b]

[b]"Why is that? Its break time remember"[/b]

Jensen ran his hands over the rows of different weights sitting along the rack. [b]"Its the difference between life and death. Seems some of our parents will stop at nothing to get us home. I am not to sure about the intentions of mine yet so i plan on being ready."[/b] He walked over to the stereo built into the wall and changed the channels till he found what he wanted. He turned the volume dial up until the hardcore metal music filled the room. [b]"You can stay if you want, I distinctly remember you saying something about sparring earlier"[/b]

[b]"Done nursing your bruises already?"[/b] He tone carried a challange.

Jensen couldn't help but smile. [b]"All that was to me was just kinky. As was this"[/b] He ran a finger over the large scab that ran over the top of his left eye. [b]"But a goblin isn't really my type"[/b]

[b]"Maybe you should try trolls. That might by more to your looking"[/b]

Jensen let out a chuckle at her wisecrack then suddenly spun catching her by the right arm and leg and hoisting her up and sending her straight into the ring. Like he figured she twisted in the air and put a hand down to use to spring up with and land on her feet in the center of the ring.

[b]"What the hell was that forth?"[/b]

Jensen grabbed a pair of gloves that held weights inside of them and donned them along with a pair of weighted boots. [b]"What? Oh i'm sorry was i supposed to warn you before throwing you? That takes all the fun out of seeing the look on your face. Besides i will take you up on your little sparring request."[/b]

[b]"You do realize you will not be able to catch me with those on"[/b]

[b]"That's the point. But I am still going to try"[/b] He stepped into the ring. [b]"Besides I think you will find it harder to make me drop then to just use that little stunt in the hallway"[/b][/color][/size]
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"Of course. I wouldn't expect it to work twice on someone." Rhea removed her socks and shoes as Jensen climbed into the ring. She cricked her neck, smiling. "Interesting way to show you like a girl." She proceeded to crack her knuckles, and then stretching. "I have to say, I've had worse dates."

"Nice to know, Rhea. But who said this was a date?"

"Don't flatter yourself. I've had better, too." She went into s defensive stance, her fists up and ready to take Jensen on. "Well come on then, big boy. Lets have some fun."

Jensen threw a few punches, strutting his stuff. "You sure talk the talk, but can you walk the walk?"

"Ready or not, here I come." Rhea moved at him, and he swung at her, his gloved indeed weighing him down. But, thanks to the weights, Rhea knew he'd pack twice the punch. She ducked under his arm, and jutted her open palm up under his chin, to knock him up and over. He moved his head back, and Rhea took the opportunity to flip back over her hands to get away. "Nice." Jensen said, charging at her.

"Yeah yeah." Rhea lashed out with her foot, though he was fast. He knocked her leg up, to get her off balance. Unfortunately for him, she used her leg to come down, bringing her other leg to the side of his head. He was able to move fast enough to avoid the full brunt of the blow, but he raised his gloves to protect himself from Rhea as she let loose with a fury of blows at his head. So focused was he on Rhea attacking him from above that he almost missed the knee to the groin. He blocked her attack, leaving his face wide open for a sucker punch. As he reeled from the blow, Rhea spun around and delivered a devastating kick to his chest. Any normal person would have fallen back and let it be a knock out, but he just got right back up and got ready for more. "Looks like you have better moves than I thought."

"Or you're boring me." Rhea retorted as Jensen began his own counter attack. He machine gun punched into the air, Rhea having to move quickly to avoid his furious movements. Rhea jabbed her foot out to get him off balance, though it was almost at if they were simply trying out some dance moves. He moved his feet in a way that she just couldn't catch him, though he was not letting up with his punches either at the same time. Whirling up onto her hands, she spread her legs straight out and spun to get him to back off. Pushing off the ring mat she landed on her feet, fists at the ready and launching at Jensen. With her legs, she kicked out repeatedly, he blocking her blows well enough that she wasn't able to land a hit on him. Then she saw an opening, a wide open place to aim another punch. A deliberate opening. She took it, and Jensen went down hard.

"I'm done." Rhea replied disgustedly. "This isn't worth my time anymore when you let me hit you like that. Violence may be foreplay for you with people you like, but it's not for me with those I lose respect for.

"We're not done with our little spar." Jensen flew at her with an unrelenting speed, and Rhea only stepped out of his way, her fist flying up to meet his face. In her blow, Jensen knew all he needed to and stayed down as Rhea spoke. "This is boring. You want to impress me? Then actually fight." Rhea's upper lip curled as she looked down at him, her green and red eyes angry and disappointed. "Come at me again when we can have an actual match. I'm not going to hurt you just because you want me to." Rhea stomped off, taking her shoes and socks with her. Edited by ExcelExcel
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[font="Comic Sans MS"][color="#000080"]Kai lay there, looking at her ceiling for the longest time, hearing the other move about the school she curled her lip and let out a small growl. The red eyes of Crowley coming back to her mind yet again, shaking her head she sat up and rolling off her bed with a huff. Running her hand through her hair she quickly got out of her uniform and slipped on her normal clothes, the dark cloak covering her face yet again as she opened her door and strode out, leaving her daggers behind. Almost as soon as she opened her door she ran into another person, the scent making her growl again.
"Chris, get out of my way. I don't want to talk to you about anything right now."
"Well that's to damn bad. Get back in your room, we need to talk."
She shoved past him with a low growl.
"Oh well. I don't want to hear what you have to say."
Her growl grew in volume as she felt something loop around her neck, looking down she saw the small paw print charm resting on her pale skin.
"What is this?"
"It's a seal. Think of it as an extra precaution since you feel so inclined to release your demon side so readily."
She grabbed him by the shirt and shoved him against the wall.
"I don't want to hear crap from you captain jackass!"
He held up his hands and allowed her to walk away, stomping down the hall letting out low swears she stopped by the gym room and looked in seeing Jensen and Rhea, rolling her eyes she continued on til she found the library, taking a deep breath she walked in and sat down at a table stacked with books. Crossing her arms she placed her head on her arms and let out a soft sigh, hearing shuffling she looked up and felt her breath catch. Red eyes locked with her's and seemed to hold her there. For what felt like an eternity they continued to look at one another til he closed the book he was looking at.
"What brings you here?"
It was a simple question, one she really wasn't sure what the answer was.
"Had to get away from my brother."
He nodded and put the book aside before looking back up at her, she blinked and felt a shiver run through her. Shaking it off she picked up one of the book and looked at it.
"Looking up your father I take it?"
"I don't know enough about him, not enough to feel comfortable at least."
She nodded in understanding and looked over her shoulder to see her brother walk across the door followed by a young woman with light pink hair.
"I wonder who that is..."
Crowley looked over her shoulder and shrugged.
"Who knows. Not my concern."
She nodded and looked back at him, watching as he looked through the books one by one, and before she could stop it a small smile pulled at the corner of her lips, frowning she shook her head and grabbed a book, flipping through the pages she stopped as she caught sight of her mother's name, reading through it she felt her heart flip. Pushing the book away she pushed it under his line of sight and stood.
"You might want to read that."
Walking away she let the information filter through her mind. Their parents had known each other, had been rumored into making a higher being by selective breeding...what could that have meant... Sighing she continued down the hall and stopped as her brother emerged from the main office, followed by the same girl she had seen earlier.
"Ah, good. Kai I have a request of you. This is Mary, she's a transfer. Show her around would you?"
Kaiel blinked and before she could respond her brother was gone, leaving her standing there with Mary.
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[font="Arial Narrow"][size="2"]OOC: Sorry it took me a little longer than I planned to post this. Hope it still flows after Sazabi's post :P Also hope it's not terrible! First time doing this in a long while haha. (: [/size][/font]

[font="Arial Narrow"][size="2"][color="#006400"]Sheâ??d only been at the school for hour, but already Mary hated it.

It didnâ??t help that she was already in a terrible mood or that her new teacher/protector -Christopher as he called himself- was a complete and total tool. Sheâ??d felt instantly relieved when heâ??d finally walked her out of the schoolâ??s main office and passed her off to the girl with the dark cloak and blue hair.

She watched Christopher give a sly smile to the girl and then disappear around a corner before she could say a word. From what Mary could see of the girlâ??s face, she didnâ??t look pleased. She glared for a moment at the spot where Christopher had turned the corner and then sighed, turning toward Mary.

Mary raised an eyebrow.

The girl had a unique look about her. She looked about Maryâ??s age with long blue hair, pretty features, pointed ears, and the dark cloak that obscured most of her face in shadow. A pendant in the shape of paw print hung loosely at her neck. What really captured Maryâ??s attention however, was the girlâ??s eyes. They were a brilliant yellow - an odd color, Mary thought - and although they held no hostility, they looked completely feral. That combined with the rest of her looks, the girl looked less like a girl and more like a beast.

After a long moment the girl sighed again and held out her hand. â??My name is Kaiel. Iâ??m sorry you had to deal with my jackass brother,â? she said flatly. She did truly look apologetic.

As soon as Kaiel had opened her mouth, Mary had spotted the overly pointed canines. They further confirmed what Mary had already deduced. This girl was someone to watch out for.

She eyed the girlâ??s hand for a moment, looking at the nails that were more like claws, and then shook it gingerly. â??Mary,â? she muttered in reply.

Kaiel seemed to be waiting for Mary to say something else, but in all honesty, Mary didnâ??t feel like talking to this girl. She was clearly part demon and right now Mary had enough demons to deal with.

â??Well then..,â? Kaiel said awkwardly, â??I guess Iâ??ll show you around the school now..â?

Mary gave her a slight nod and the two set off down the hall in the opposite direction Christopher had gone. That was good, Mary thought. She had no interest in seeing that guy again until she absolutely had to.

As they walked down the hall, Mary began to pay less and less attention to Kaiel as the girl un-enthusiasticly showed Mary the various spots she knew around the school. Kaiel seemed just as preoccupied as Mary. Her face was stuck in a constant line and she seemed to be lost deep in thought.

Just as they were outside of what Kaiel described as their â??wrecked classroomâ?, Mary began to feel the dark thoughts creeping back into her mind.

She tried pushing them away, tried thinking about happier things, but in truth, there wasnâ??t much in that category for Mary to think about.

[i]â??Whatâ??s wrong my dear?â? a voice echoed in her head. â??Have you decided to stay at that filthy school instead of finding me?â?[/i]

Mary grit her teeth. [i]â??Get out of my head. Now.â? [/i]She replied angrily.

[i]The voice in her head laughed. â??I think I can invade my own daughterâ??s head whenever I damn well please! Besides, I have something to show you.â?[/i]

One moment Mary was staring at Kaiel who was explaining what had happened to the classroom - something to do with Hobgoblins?- and the next she was falling through nothingness.

[i]A dark void stretched out all around her and her fatherâ??s maniacal laughter filled the endless space with ease.[/i] [i]When she finally hit solid ground she figured sheâ??d been falling for at least an hour or more. Her eyes took a moment to adjust to the darkness.[/i]

[i]â??Welcome my beautiful little daughter!â? her father screeched. [/i]

[i]Mary pushed herself up from the ground and clenched her fists. â??What do you want?â? she snarled. [/i]

[i]Her father stood a few feet away from her in the darkness. She could only make out his sickly yellow eyes and the outline of his dark feathery wings. Sparks of electricity danced in his hair, lighting up portions of his mangled face. His mouth was upturned in a venomous smile that perfectly portrayed the insane demon. It chilled Mary down to the bone.[/i]

[i]â??How long has it been since Iâ??ve seen you, darling? A week? Oh wait, no, Iâ??ve been spying on you all day! Iâ??m very surprised you havenâ??t noticed. Youâ??re usually so on top of these things. My little soldier braving the world all by herself!â? her father mused. [/i]

[i]There was a small pop and her father appeared behind her. He gingerly began to play with her hair. [/i]

[i]Instantly she pushed him away and he laughed again.[/i]

[i]â??So angry! Is it because of the loss of your sister? I still have her you knowâ?¦somewhere around here.â? He pretended to look around for the girl, calling her name loudly into the darkness. (â??Sophie? Sophieee?â?)[/i]

[i]â??Nope, sheâ??s not here. Sorry!â?[/i]

[i]Mary felt the anger bubbling up inside of her, sheâ??d been searching for her little sister Sophie for a week now, ever since this damned creature had taken her away. [/i]

[/color][/size][/font][font="Arial Narrow"][size="2"][color="#006400"][i]â??Give. Her. Back.â? She growled. [/i]
"Oh, I will don't worry, but first you've got to do me a tiny little favor," he chuckled.
[i]Mary reached at her side for the two pistols sheâ??d recently received, the seals to her power, but of course they werenâ??t there. This was her fatherâ??s illusion, she had to play by his rules. [/i]

[i]She raced toward her father, her fist ready to connect with his face, but as soon as she came within inches of his body, a field of electricity sent her flying back. Laughter again echoed all around her.[/i]

â??Hey are you-ow!â?

Kaielâ??s voice echoed through the void world, disrupting her fatherâ??s laughter.

[i]Suddenly the entire scene shifted. Her father and the darkness disappeared and gave way to a new scene. [/i]

[i]She saw Kaiel and her brother Christopher (Ugh.) and another man who looked old enough to be their grandfather. His face was contorted in pain. Kaiel looked on in horror, tears swelled in her eyes.[/i][/color][/size][/font]
[font="Arial Narrow"][size="2"][color="#006400"][i] The man took out a thin dagger and stabbed it through his own body.[/i][/color][/size][/font]
[color="#006400"][font="Arial Narrow"][size="2"][i]
[/i][/size][/font][/color][font="Arial Narrow"][size="2"][color="#006400"]â??She is my daughter. And I will protect herâ?¦â?

As quick as the image had come, it changed again and she now stood back in reality. She saw Kaiel holding her hand gingerly and Mary realized the girl must have tried to touch her while she was in her trance. Sheâ??d read her mind and seen what must have been the girl's past.

â??What was that? You shocked me.â? Kaiel asked.

Mary was breathing in gasps and she forced herself to calm down.

â??I donâ??t know,â? Mary lied. â??Sometimes I just sort of..check out. Sorry.â?

Mary had no intention of telling the girl what really happened, she was trying her best to control her rising anger at her father. She also didnâ??t want the girl to know about her abilities yet.

Fortunately Kaiel seemed to understand that something had gone on, and decided to drop the subject altogether. She sighed softly. â??Well, okay.â? She said, nearing a door to their right. She stared through the glass window and grimaced.

â??This is the Gym here..oh god. Jensen.â?

Kaiel opened the door and ushered Mary inside. She glanced around the room until she found the guy who must have been Jensen. Somehow she instantly forgot about her troubles. Her blood boiled and a smile, not unlike her father's crept onto her lips. She liked what she saw.
[/color][/size][/font] Edited by Mr.Nightfall32
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ooc: i decided to but this post after to make it flow more smoothly lol

[color="#8B0000"][size="1"]Jensen just shook his head. [b]"You still really think thats what this is all about huh. Tis a shame"[/b] Rhea stopped and turned to him

[b]"Then what is it?"[/b] Her face was skeptical.

[b]"Its a simple matter really. Building the body to take as much pain a possible."[/b] He motioned to two other students that happened to walk in while they were sparring. [b]"Care to help me with something."[/b]

[b]"So you want to take as much pain as possible. Why not get to where you just dodge everything?"[/b]

Jensen stacked weights onto a bar and lifted it over his head. [b]"For people who are gifted with speed that would be more the direction to go"[/b] He nodded to the students as they began punching him in the stomach and chest. He grunted through each one. [b]"But for someone like me where speed is not my strong point and strength and power is and the fact i know i am going to get hit at somepoints during these upcoming fights I train to take it and keep going."[/b]

[b]"Your confusing you do realize that"[/b]

[b]"And our time is up now if you excuse me i must finish my training for today"[/b] He felt the cold stare from his simple dismissal of her.

[b]"You do know that's not a way to treat a lady"[/b]

[b]"It is when one is training to protect the lady and his companions and would like concentration"[/b] He watched her storm off letting out a sigh.

One of the students shook his head as he delievered a hard kick to Jensen's leg. [b]"She is so going to give you hell for that"[/b]

[b]"So be it"[/b] He held the weighted bar over his head throughout each blow, not letting it drop an inch. Time seem to pass slowly as he let his mind get lost in the music that was blaring through the speakers when another voice reached his ears.

[b]"Thats an interesting way to do body hardening Jensen"[/b]

Jensen opened his eyes to see Kaiel standing there with another girl. [b]"Kaiel"[/b] He could already feel that almost instinctive tension rising between them again. Almost as if the hate was not their's but had been there at birth. He quickly shook it off. [b]"And who is this?"[/b]

Kaiel held out her hand. [b]"This is Mary. I was just showing her around school when I saw you doing this ridiculous training"[/b] She motioned to the two students that where still hitting Jensen throughout their conversation.

Jensen lowered the bar to his shoulders and held out his hand. [b]"Jensen"[/b] The girl shook it almost challengingly.

[b]"Nice to meet you"[/b]

Jensen regarded the girl. She had deep sea blue eyes and long pink hair that made her pale complexion stand out. It actually went together quite well.

[b]"Like what you see"[/b] Her comment caused Jensen to laugh

[b]"Please Mary don't get him started."[/b]

[b]"And why is that?"[/b]

[b]"Cause if you start any kind of challenge with this guy... just never mind i will let you find out on your own time"[/b]

[b]"Damn Kaiel I didn't know you paid so much attention to me"[/b] Jensen couldn't help but let a smile creep across his face

[b]"See what i mean now"[/b] She waved him off

[b]"Serious note"[/b] Jensen turned back to Kaiel. [b]"Even though you keep your face hidden I get this feeling that something is bothering you. If you care to talk about it i will be in the courtyard later after I shower for a smoke if you want to join"[/b]

Kaiel shrugged. [b]"I don't know. Maybe I will be there. I still need to finish giving her the tour"[/b]

Jensen let a small smile play his lips. [b]"Thats why I said later Kaiel and you can bring her along if you want"[/b]

A smile came to her face. [b]"Oh whatever. Later Jensen"[/b]

[b]"Peace"[/b] He watched them walk out then dismissed the other two students and set the bar back on the rack. His whole body was numb from the beating it took. He made his way back to his room, stripped down and stepped into the shower letting the hot water roll over him. After cleaning up he stepped out and put on a pair of jeans and a short sleeved green shirt and his boots. He grabbed his violin case as he walked out and started making his way to the courtyard. When he stepped outside the sun was already well into its decsent into the distance. He was about to sit down when he heard the key strokes of a paino. He followed the noise to a door that was right across from him and opened it up causing light to spill into the dark room and making whoever was playing to hit a wrong key.


Jensen's eyes quickly adjusted to see Takeo sitting at a piano with a wide eyed look. [b]"Takeo..so that was you"[/b]

The kid look slightly shaken up. [b]"Yeah well..."[/b]

[b]"Here. The view is great"[/b] He walked over to the piano. [b]"Grab the bench seat."[/b] Takeo looked at him confused but grabbed the bench as Jensen got a hold on the piano and slowly picked it up grunting a little as he did. [b]"This thing is kinda heavy."[/b]

[b]"Thats why there are wheels."[/b]

Jensen set the piano carefully down next to the door and looked under the piano letting out a chuckle. [b]"So there are"[/b] He motioned for Takeo to sit. [b]"Keep playing"[/b]

Takeo shrugged at tested out the piano to make sure it wasn't off as Jensen pulled out his violin. [b]"So that was you with the violin"[/b]


[b]"Slightly actually"[/b]

Jensen laughed. [b]"I'm not that big of a meat head"[/b] That brought a laugh out of Takeo as he started playing a slow tune that Jensen immediately fell into. The two instruments where completely in harmony letting the haunting but beautiful sound carry out. Within seconds both of them were lost in their playing.

After a little bit they paused to take a break. Jensen took a drag off his cigarette. [b]"Hey Takeo you think you could do something for me?"[/b]

[b]"Whats up"[/b]

[b]"I have never been big on libraries something about them just drives me nuts."[/b]

[b]"Well that would be the meat head side of you"[/b]

Both of them broke out in laughter. Jensen shrugged. [b]"Your probably right. But the next time you go up there can you find something on Tayrus or the Lord of hell's fire. Thats what my father referred to himself as."[/b]

[b]"Sure its no problem. I'm actually was about to go there here in a bit"[/b]

[b]"After another song."[/b] Jensen threw down his cigarette as they fell in sync again letting the music drift throughout the school. After a another hour of playing Takeo waved goodbye to Jensen.

[b]"We should do this again sometime"[/b]

Jensen watched him leave and nodded. [b]"Agreed"[/b] He stood there in the doorway as the light was beginning to fade alone with his thoughts.[/size][/color]
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[size="1"]She had kept his attention as she exited the room, the way she walked and the way she moved drew his attention in and kept his eyes transfixed on her until she exited the room. The only indication he showed that he had stopped staring at her was when he blinked rapidly before casually observing the others of his class as they left off in either pairs or one at a time. Each person he looked over, remembering the way the fought and how each worked together in teams. The most prominent, in his mind was Jenson and Asher, they had complimented each other very well during the fight, another pair had been Alice and Rhea. There had been a few moments that were questionable for them, close calls that could have resulted in them losing their lives, but they still proved resilient. Takeo had proven to be very useful, able to react to Crowley's movements and anticipate when an opportunity rose for him to strike. He had seemed genuinely grateful, something Crowley wasn't use to or actually prepared for from someone that was basically a stranger to him. His mind had finally comeback to Kaiel, how she had moved and her flexibility; he had to mentally shake himself once more to focus on the world around him. After each had left he was about to disappear on his own when he felt an arm around his bicep grip tightly, stopping in his tracks he looked to see Christopher holding him back, a serious look in his eyes.
"Can I speak with you a moment, Richard?"[/b] Crowley looked to see if any other students were in ear shot, but they had all vanished like the wind. He nodded to Chris as he walked a little bit away from the open doorway.
â??What is it you need, and please, call me Crowley.â?

â??Yes, forgive me Crowley. Now, I wanted to talk to you more about your father.â?

â??Which one, the living or dead one?â?[/b] Chris was taken back slightly by his coldness; the indifference to the question was far from a human reaction and that was his primary concern.
â??The one who tried to kill you, you act more like your birth father than anyone else I have seen so far. You know you are trying to resist their influence not fall prey to it.â?[/b] Crowley simply stared at him with his red eyes, lack of sleep was starting to creep in and he had no desire to keep this going longer than it already was. With a dismissal wave of his hand, Crowley left the room and immediately went to his room. Locking the door behind him he sat on the bed, feeling exhaustion creep in he tried to lie down, tried to gather himself once more and rest. But the moment he felt his muscles relax, the voice crept back in, more powerful now that he was closer to its taint. His eyes snapped open and he rose from his bed swiftly, reaching to the side of his bed and pulling the mace from its resting place and held the weighty weapon in his hands. Feeling the words pulling at his mind, the insistent need to feed on any blood it could find seemed to be its only purpose in life. Recently feeding had given it some rational thought, its words more coherent but still forceful, since it had missed the fight with the hobgoblins he could hear it slowly turning back into the animal it was. He gripped its handle rightly in his hands, closing his eyes again as he tried to banish the voice when he felt something happen. He felt an energy pull at him, tearing something from him before he suddenly stood up and released the mace. Hearing it clatter to the ground before looking at it, seeing a white ethereal energy evaporate. He felt shaken at not having seen what it did, or what it was that had resonated from his weapon, but as he stood upright, he noticed something different. He noticed he felt refreshed, felt well rested as if he had just slept for hours; he blinked multiple times before looking to the mace once more. Reaching down and picking it back up, he tried to see where it could have come from, as the only explanation was the mace had taken his exhaustion. He felt the need to probe more into the weapon, but he felt a pull toward the outside world, and more so he felt his mind go back to Kaiel. He held the mace as he left his room, gripping it right at the neck where the head met the handle and made sure the cap was secure on the weapon.

He had a few moments to himself once more as he walked slowly, letting everything roll around in his mind as he looked around at the surroundings. The open hallways and the sunshine beaming down from the sky gave the open areas a glow that could only be described as beautiful. The flowers they grew and the miniature hedge mazes that could be found everywhere brought peace to troubled minds, and lifted weights off of heavy hearts. But, Crowley found peace in none of these places, try as he might he looked at these places of serenity and could only see fire and death. He could hear screams and saw bodies laying across the grasses and limbs strewn about like decorations. He had to stop as the images became clear, no longer just morbid thoughts of what could come, but true images in his mind. He could some were gashed open with talons and claws, teeth marks evident as flesh had been torn free. He could see others sliced into fine pieces, and plants growing through others and some of the most terrible were nothing more than dried husks of bodies. He saw even more with smashed in heads, bodies crumpled and obviously crippled if they had lived. He felt his hands grip tighter on the mace, his blood boiling and his heart pounding as his eyes burned brighter than before. He felt his teeth clenching and a sneer spread on his face as he stared at the whole scene, the fires burned brightly as they destroyed everything around him. His whole body shook before he finally let out a roar at the sight of it all, swinging away from the whole scene as he let his voice lose.

He looked around quickly as he gritted his teeth, looking everywhere to suddenly see the whole world right once more. Everything having faded away, the carnage and bloodbath wiped clean from the face of the earth. He didnâ??t understand what he saw, he didnâ??t understand why he saw it all but he knew he needed to know more. He needed to find the answers to it all, his pace had quickened as he soon found the library. He didnâ??t like the stuffy feeling he gathered from buildings like this, he especially didnâ??t like the people he came across in those places as well, but his choices were limited since he didnâ??t desire to reveal his practices just yet. He walked into the library and found his way around slowly, the mace still in his hand as he picked out books one by one. He would have left the mace behind, but since he picked it up after it had revitalized him, he couldnâ??t seem to drop it. When he had the books collected in one arm he settled into a chair and finally set the mace down, resting the capped head to the ground and leaning the handle against his leg. He started to flip through the books, some had nothing to do with what he was trying to find. The information was scattered sometimes, reference in once book and mentioned a few times in other paragraphs, but, if he was anything he was patient just like his father. Every plan he had made was always scrutinized by him before enacted, every plan succeeded because of this habit of his. Soon he had five books open before him, each referencing what he was looking for and each pointing to another book in a subtle way. He had opened up a sixth book and flipped through the pages until he had found what he was looking for, but like the others it was pieces of it only. He laid the book the down before looking over them all, his eyes widened ever so slightly as he saw what it really was.

He could see that it was a giant puzzle; each book held part of what the information was, piece was just part of a whole that could only be found within each book. His eyes began to trail across the words then, his mind absorbing the information hungrily as he could feel the weapon pressing against his calf. He kept reading, finding that he needed to turn pages, jump from one book to another in different sequences. He became suspicious at how well this had been hidden, how the information had been scattered and was difficult to anyone trying to find it. He also grew more suspicious as he started to see how easily it came to him to break the code, as if his mind picked up on it instinctually. His eyes rolled across the words seamlessly, he stopped suddenly when he saw a phrase that made his hands tighten on the book.
The Mace of Dementia.[/i] The words stuck to his brain like glue, those words threatened to eat away at him if he didnâ??t quell them quickly. What disturbed him even more was that there was information on this particular weapon, as if it had existed long before Crowley had ever been created. He cycled through his mind then, going over conversations he had long before this day. He felt a chill roll up his spine, maintaining his indifferent exterior as the questions rolled through him. Everything ceased as he heard someone sit at his table, a book following as he lowered his to see a familiar form sitting across from him. His breath almost caught but he did his best to keep himself calm, seeing her lower her book as they came eye to eye. The yellow tint obvious in her gaze as she stared at him, he couldnâ??t read her emotions, he wasnâ??t very good at that unless he was trying to manipulate them. But, something told him trying to manipulate her in anyway would be impossible, the information before him suddenly seemed unimportant as he closed the book.
â??What brings you here?â?[/b] He asked directly, his mind seemed unfocused enough that he couldnâ??t formulate much else to ask. The answer was obvious, but none the less asked it as he watched her search for her answer before speaking.
â??Had to get away from my brother.â?[/b] That was something he had not anticipated, but he kept everything hidden as he had learned, focused attention elsewhere from any micro twitches in his face. He found he could only nod as he set the book down, knowing he could come back to it now since he found what he was looking for; he had missed her body movements when he set the book aside.
â??Looking up your father I take it?â? [/b]He saw that question coming, his mind was slowly coming back to him as he spoke to her calmly.
â??I donâ??t know enough about him, not enough to feel comfortable.â?[/b] He lied to her then, he knew more then he probably should have known. But he didnâ??t dare share where he had found this information, not yet at least, he needed to keep it quiet for the time being. He saw her nod to him, accepting what he said at face value as he noticed her look back over her shoulder. His eyes followed as he heard her speak.
â??I wonder who that isâ?¦â?[/b] His eyes focusing in on the light pinked colored hair as he scrutinized her like the others, seeing where she could fall into plans as he had to shake himself again, finding the habit growing more annoying.
â??Who knows? Not my concern.â?[/b] He went back to his reading now, opening the book once more as he looked to each once by one. Tracing a time line for the mace now, he wasnâ??t sure if the others had a weapon like his, ones that history but from what he could see, his carried the weight of thousands of people having wielded it. Each had a different experience, none shared in the hallucinations or the revitalizing power, but he did see on common truth. The mace spoke to everyone who held it, and to date everyone had lost their minds to its blood lust and its words. He steeled his mind then, determined to not become another blubbering sack of meat because of this weapon. Kaiel had placed a book before him before she vanished; he had heard her say something before he took up reading the book she had handed to him. He could see what she was reading, how it laced in with her demon, but what he saw next shook the foundation of his mind. He slammed the book shut then, feeling a light shake to his body.

He raised from his seat, reaching down and lifting the mace once more, a new understanding and a new barrier building in his mind. He left the library, seeing Kaiel walking off with the new person, before he turned back to his own room, moving quickly so he could begin his ritual. He set the mace down once more, this time setting it aside as he looked around and found his backpack. He pulled it up and set it down on his bed as he kneeled before it and opened it up, reaching into it he felt around until he found what he was looking for, feeling the soft cloth and pulled it out. He unwrapped the black cloth until it revealed a black handled knife; the weapon sheathed as he then took up the handle and set it aside gingerly before he looked around, grabbing a small night stand he placed the cloth over it. Reaching into his backpack once more he sifted through it before pulling out a vile with a stopper on it.

He undid the stopper and put some of the liquid inside on his finger, tapping it to each temple then to his forehead. He took up the dagger once more, unsheathing it and then anointing it in the same liquid he settled himself in front of the nightstand with the black cloth and began to chant the barbarous words. His eyes closed as he moved the dagger around, the movements natural to him now as he had done this dozens of times before, if not hundreds by now. The words kept their pace; coming easily to him as he kept the motions continues and let his mind go. Time passed by him quickly; he never noticed it as it did since time was no longer relevant when it came to this particular ritual. As time went on, he could feel the charge in the room build, the buildup of energy gathered in the room. He could feel his Agathos Daemon approaching, feel it manifest itself before him in a hunched form. Its humanoid form was off put by its disproportionate limbs, the arms hanging low as the hands touched the floor now, its feet oversized and its face drawn out slightly in a small snout. The words tapered off and Crowley rose from his place on the floor, the white eyes looking down at him through long strands of matted hair.
â??את×? ×?תקשרת ×?א×?×?×??â?[/b] Crowley growled at the creature as he held the knife firmly in his hands.
â??Speak English, I hate deciphering when you speak in Hebrew.â?[/b] The creature cocked itâ??s head to the side, it reached up then and gripped its jaw, a loud crack followed as it seemed to pull it out of place, move it around and then reconnect it. It moved its jaw a few times before it looked to Crowley once more.
â??You called Master?â?[/b] Crowley stood tall once more now, his torn shirt still on him as he had forgotten all about it, his tattoos exposed still.
â??Show him to me, Mammal.â?[/b]The creature dipped low then, using its hands to support itself as its head touched the floor.
â??As you wish, Master.â?[/b] Crowley growled once more, hating the creature calling him that. It dissipated quickly, turning into nothing more than a black blob on the floor, before it rose again, reshaping itself into something more. Soon the form became clear as it finished with the two set of horns, the human looking person standing before him with a crow settled on his shoulder.
â??Ah, my boy, you are alive and well. I was concerned for your well being after our last little, meeting.â?[/b] He said with a casual wave of his hand.
â??You said it wouldnâ??t come to that! You said no one would get hurt if I came to you willingly! They are both dead now! Paul and Emillie! Both murdered by you!â?[/b] Astaroth looked around and sighed in annoyance.
â??You should be thanking me, Paul was dying of pancreatic cancer and Emillie, and well she didnâ??t have much time left either. The Reaper would have seen to that.â?[/b] Crowley felt his body tense up, his teeth gritted and showing to Astaroth.
â??Any other time, I would see the truth of this. But things have changed, you betrayed me and for that itâ??s unforgivable."[/b] Astaroth let out a laugh as he reached up and stroked the crowâ??s beak.
â??Oh please, you best drop the act and ask what you came to ask. I care very little about your forgiveness, or your emotions. Like you have anymore.â?[/b] Crowley held back a growl, finding he was doing that more often now; he kept his composure and let his questions flow freely.
â??What is that Mace? Why was it given to me? Why does it have a history of madness?â?

â??You already know the answers there, you read the books. I mean, itâ??s called the Mace of Dementia, itâ??s obviously mad, but then again so are you child.â?[/b] Crowley was ready to dismiss the whole thing, create a blood oath against Astaroth and be done with his madness. But he stopped when he heard Astaroth laugh.
â??Now, as kyour real question, about Kaiel, about her mother.â?[/b] He felt his heart grow cold then, the question ripped from his mind so easily.
â??What is the answer, father?â?[/b] He said coldly, hiding everything that could rise up in him at any moment. Everything pushed away in his frost bitten mind.
â??Well, you arenâ??t brother and sister, just clarifying that for you. But, anything else, youâ??ll have to discover on your own. But just remember this, the Watcher is forever entwined with the Champion. Both live and die together, keep that in mind son and youâ??ll find the answers.â?[/b] Crowley turned away then, done with it all as he heard the demon laugh, the crow cawing after him. Falling into nothingness as the ritual was now broken, Crowley digging through his backpack once more to find a new shirt before departing. He turned away from the room, the mace left behind now as he understood what part of its existence was, he needed some release, and he needed someone he could talk too. His mind immediately came to Kaiel, but he couldnâ??t just yet, his mind was too jumbled, too scattered to really look at her then how Astaroth required he see her. For now, he just kept walking, letting his feet take him wherever they wanted to go, he could hear music now. The soft sound of a violin and the robustness of a piano, both were skilled players and their melody was alluring. He found himself following the sound, until it ended suddenly, leaving him standing in the middle of a hallway. He watched as Takeo left a room, soon enough Jenson was standing in a doorway. Crowleyâ??s eyes focused in on Jenson then, seeing something in him that he shared with the other man, loneliness that only came from self isolation. He walked forward then, taking the opportunity to speak to someone else before he eventually confronted Kaiel. Jenson noticing him before he made it to the door way, stopping short he kept his cold exterior up, letting nothing slip from him.
â??Was that you playing?â?[/b] He noticed Jenson sizing him up, a grin on his face as he analyzed the other man.
â??It most certainly was anything to say? Mind you, I am very sensitive about my playing, so be nice.â?[/b] He could see the feign in the words, Crowley cracked a small smile at the words.
â??It was actually fairly good, a few things here and there could be fixed but Iâ??m sure youâ??ll figure it out in time. Care to have a sit down for a bit?â?[/b] He focused his eyes on Jenson then, his mind wandering for a few moments to what hid inside of Jenson and if it was anything like what hid within him.[/size]
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Alice had long since parted with Kaiel as she'd long since gotten bored with the books in the library. She'd been sitting and reading for only an hour and a half on her own mother when Rhea came storming in. To say that she was upset was like saying that the Atlantic Ocean was damp. "Rhea?" she called over, and Rhea came over to the table and flopped down in a chair. "Hi there. I hope your day is going better than mine so far. A sparring match... ruined! Egotistical bastard!"

"Rhea! We're in the library!" Alice hissed, and Rhea nodded. "Yeah, I know. I'm sorry I raised my voice to you. You weren't meant to be on the receiving end of my little rant. But I'm glad I ran into you before I blew something up." Rhea took a deep breath, knocking her head back. "I could seriously use a drink. And not milk or juice." Rhea mockingly 'hmphed' and smiled tiredly. "Then again, juice and vodka sound like a wonder pair to meet right now. So, what are you up to?"

"Reading about my demon parent. It's fascinating. I have learned that she was the Lady of the Lake in the King Arthur stories."

"Really? That does sound kind of cool. Your mom's famous in the human realm. Mine just has a thing for plants. And playing games."

Alice smiled. "Maybe you can learn more about your parent soon enough."

"I'm itching to play with her. I think that's how I'll get to know her better. She strikes me as the type to cover her tracks when it comes to her personal life." Rhea smiled. "Ah well. I guess that's what's bothering me. I don't know what game she's playing. Jensen isn't helping matters much either."

"Oh? What did he do? It can't have been anything too drastic. You're in one piece."

"Defending him are you?" Rhea asked dryly, her eyes wandering over to meet Alice's gaze. "He decided to let me hit him."

"I thought you liked to hit things."

"Yeah, I do. But I don't care for the disrespect of not having a serious match. What an asshole. Just for his self serving goal of 'being better'. I'm not interested in a guy who wants to spar just to get hit because he has a pain fetish." Rhea vented her frustrations, furious about the match. She didn't care what kind of excuse he gave her, she thought they were going to have a serious match, not an insult to her integrity. "A sparring match is meant to put your all into a fight, and get better, learning to take the blows as well as dish them out."

"I agree with you. But you know, he might not have those same views as you do." Shrugging, Alice leaned forward as Rhea continued.

"Yeah, well, I was enjoying myself. Until that little stunt. I'm not one for second chances. He blew it by letting me take that blow. I know for a fact he's not that slow as to not be able to block something that obvious headed into that big of an opening." Rhea hit her elbow in the edge of the table, still angry. She shook her head, exhaling a breath. "What about you and Takeo? You two seem to be getting along nicely."

"He's nice. We're having dinner together later." Alice smiled shyly. "I think it would be nice to be friends."

"Hm. I'd say so. You're looking a little pink in the cheeks there, Alice. You like him?"

"What? No! Erm..." Alice stumbled over her words, blushing. "Well... maybe a little."

"That's what I thought. Go for it, girl. You mind if I join you for dinner tonight? It's not like there will be anything else to do."

"I don't mind. And I don't think Takeo will, either."

"We are teammates, after all. It would be nice to get to know him a little better."

"Sure, I don't think that would be much of a problem." Alice closed her book. "Would you like to go to the swimming pool with me? I would like to take a swim before dinner time."

"Isn't that near the gym?" Rhea sighed. "I really don't want to even look at Jensen right now."

"Then don't. There's a side hall leading to the pool area from the locker room. We just walk through there and not worry about him. I think you have a swim suit in your room closet. I know I did."

"Sure thing." Standing to stretch some, Rhea caught sight of Takeo. "Well hello there, cutie. Alice and I were just about to go for a swim. She was nice enough to say I could eat dinner with you two, so maybe you could join us for our swim."

"After that shower earlier?" he asked, his bright smile banishing some of the embarassment of earlier from Alice's face. "I'm sorry, that I was not aiming to do."

"I know. But still, It was rather refreshing. Sure, I'll go swimming, though after I do a favor for Jensen."

"Then catch up with us. I've dealt with him enough today." Rhea growled. Takeo looked to Alice for answers, and she only sighed. "It is a long story. I will see you at the pool."

Alice and Rhea walked off, Alice deep in thought. "Shall we change into swim suits in my room or yours?"

"How about in the locker rooms? Where is your room, by the way?"

"Right here. I'll be right back after I leave this book in my room and grab the bathing suit."

Alice was in and out of her room, as was Rhea with hers. Alice could only guess the school had picked them out to be neutrally colored. They were a dark blue, and unobtrusive. As Alice undressed in the locker room, Rhea stood behind her, undressing herself. The two put on their swimsuits and then wandered into the pool hall and waded into the pool. It was nice being in the pool, the water was just perfect for them to do laps. Alice noted the lack of the smell of chlorine, and felt better about that for some reason. Edited by Inuyasha Fandom
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[color="#8B0000"][size="1"]As Crowley leaned against the opposite doorway the axe on Jensen's necklace suddenly felt heavy. [b]"Dude don't take this the wrong way but i don't think my necklace likes you"[/b]

[b]"Do you know that its pulsing red?"[/b]

[b]"I can't see the damn thing it doesn't hang that low"[/b] Jensen reached up and yanked on the chain but for some reason it wouldn't break. [b]"Think you can give me a hand here?"[/b]

Crowley reached up and grabbed the axe medallion to tug it but the moment it touched his fingers he drew back like a snake just bit him. Blood dripped from his index finger. [b]"The thing just cut me open"[/b]

Pain racked Jensen's body as purple fire encircled him. His skin slowly changed to black scales that gleamed while his chest took on a golden yellow hue. His shoulders became encased in thicker scales and spikes forced their way out. The same thing happened to his knees, shins and forearms. Black feather like appendages shot out of the back of his head as spikes shot out of his spine. Out of his back emerged the skeletal frame of wings but not the leathery part. The fire died away and Jensen hit his head on the top of the doorway.


Jensen looked down to see that he now stood a couple feet taller then Crowley. He looked over the changes his body had gone through. A deep purple stone was implanted in the center of his chest. [b]"This is different"[/b]

[b]"Hey Jensen"[/b]


[b]"You talking in my head. Actually I can see everything that you see"[/b]

[b]"Thats cause that it what is supposed to happen"[/b] A deep voice rumbled around them as fire encircled the two of them. when it disappeared they were standing on a plain that was covered in fire thought there was nothing left to be burned the fire raged as if it was constantly being fed. Out of it rose a massive head that held the shape of a dragon's head though made entirely of fire. Its voice rumbled across the plain and seem to shake the very insides of Jensen and Crowley [b]"Son so good to see that you and and the son of Astaroth have finally gotten a chance to know each other."[/b]

Jensen turned his head towards Crowley who just shrugged. [b]"Hey I had nothing to do with this"[/b]

[b]"Your the one who wanted to talk."[/b] Jensen barred his elongated teeth.

[b]"This whole hearing you talk and not seeing your mouth move is going to drive me crazy"[/b]

[b]"That is due to the stone in your chest. When you speak to Crowley it will be telepathic. Everyone else it will be words. Dragons have the ability to remember every little detail. your father found that extremely useful as we know everything that goes on even if we just barely overheard it and were not actually paying attention. Crowley will be able to find out anything he needs to know through you son. It will makes his plans more solid as me comes up with them"[/b]

Crowley folded his arms. [b]"So what does this all have to due with me?"[/b]

Tayrus let out a long stream of fire. [b]"Many years ago my kind was killed to extinction. Your father brought me back and eventually more of my kind. In turn I gave my word that I will help your father in his plans as payment. your father already knows how powerful a dragon's word is thereby removing him having to try to deceive me into doing his bidding, which as your father already knows is impossible. But my loyalty stands with him. Maybe one day you should talk to your father more to get his side. As years have passed he has come to see me as a trusted friend. Not even the Devil himself can make me turn against him."[/b]

[b]"I have a question?"[/b] Jensen stretched out the skeletal wing frame and swished his tail back and forth a couple times. [b]"Why was I not able to change before?"[/b]

[b]"Only Crowley's blood on Hyron can cause your change, there fore unless you give him your word which you already know you will never go back on, you will be of little use in the upcoming trials. Your life hangs in his hands. As Crowley's sanity rests in yours"[/b]

Crowley's red eyes narrowed. [b]"What do you mean?"[/b]

Tayrus gave an amused snort [b]"I crafted both of your weapons. Both Hyron and The Mace of Dementia though they have had many holders throughout the years and each have taking a personality of their own. Dragons make the best craftsman if you listen to the stories and with demon infused blood we are only better. A small amount of Jensen's blood can sedate the cravings until it is time for battle. It was mine and Astaroth's agreement. Each one of you would have to rely on the other the same amount."[/b]

Jensen scratched his head. [b]"What is Hyron?"[/b] As if on cue a massive axe appeared in his hands. The sheer weight caused the ground underneath his feet to crack. Red lines pulsed through it as its black sheen glowed in the light of the fire.

[b]"That my son is Hyron. A weight that only a dragon can bear and that only the strength of a dragon can wield it" [/b]

Jensen tightened his grip on it. Suddenly purple flames filled in his skeletal wings. [b]"I was wondering if I could fly."[/b]

Tayrus nodded. [b]"Now leave. Astaroth would like to speak to you again and meet Jensen when you two have a chance"[/b]

Crowley narrowed his eyes. [b]"Why doesn't he just come here?"[/b]

[b]"Because we limit the amount of interaction between us for certain reason. That and I do not want to catch his palace on fire again."[/b]

With that the flames circled around them and they were back at the same spot they were just standing. Jensen was completely back to normal. He looked over his hands before looking at Crowley. [b]"So it seems our fates are intertwined to each other'[/b]

Crowley nodded. [b]"So it would seem"[/b]

[b]"It is going to be interesting to see how this works. Apparently our parents have something planned for us."[/b]

[b]"Would explain the reason why they have an important aspect of us that directly relies on the other."[/b]

Jensen lit a cigarette. [b]"Brings to question though what exactly do our parents what. My father seemed to dance around the subject. Hopefully yours will bring a closer picture."[/b]

[b]"Possibly or he might do the same and let us figure it out on our own"[/b]

[b]"Lead the way, lets make this fast I haven't eaten at all today."[/b]
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After he'd parted ways with Jensen and Rhea, Asher made his way back to his room to reflect. He'd heard mumbles in the halls from the few students that occupied them. They new 'students' were all the talk, people spoke of them as if they were some evil beings that were going to destroy them all; fear being the ever present theme it would seem.

He found a little bit of humor in the fact that they spoke as he walked right past them. They heard these new students were...different then most, but they had no idea who they were. It was almost a moment of solace when he felt a bit normal for the first time in a couple days.

It wasn't until he past a group of students giggling about something that caught his attention that the humor was lost, [b]"I heard they are all freaks, there's one that has teeth like a dog and I heard from a guy who looked in their classroom that she even turns into a giant dog. I'd throw her a bone alright...."[/b] The disrespectful way he talked about Kaiel, and the others, caused a loose wire of some sort to short out in Asher's head and in a second he turned and snagged the younger man by the throat and lifted him up six inches off the floor.

He kicked for any kind've traction he could get from the wall, but Asher had him pinned. He'd only felt this feeling once before, right after his mother had been killed by his father's lackies. He even felt his free hand drift towards his scythe, he wanted boy to get a real taste of how evil they were...or could be. [b]"How dare you talk about us like you know us, how dare you talk about my friend like that...HOW DARE YOU"[/b] before he could finish he was stuck from behind by what felt like a text book of some sorts; he was amazed the blow didn't move him an inch.

Turning his head he dropped the student and gasped, everyone in the hallways lay dead. Blood smeared the walls, and body parts lay in piles. Turning back the boy was back up to his feet and winding up a punch, even after the exhaustion of the hobgoblins he was quick enough to dodge and plant a fist squarely in the boy's solar plexis, crumpling him to the ground instantly.

Without hesitation Asher bolted back to the dorm area and found his room. Running inside he threw his staff onto the floor and sat on his bed, his knees curled to his chest starring at the weapon. He knew what had taken him over, he knew it was his other side that beckoned him to unleash himself, even now when he had no physical connection he still felt the pull to unleash the scythe and go find the boy who disrespected his classmates in such a way.

As he wallowed in his self-pity there was a knock at the door, before he could invite whoever in or turn them away Chris entered. The look on his face spoke volumes to the fact that he had been informed what had transpired moments before. He had a book in his hand and flopped it down, turning to a page he left it open and turned towards Asher, there was an anger in his eyes that put a mixture of fear and anger into Asher.

[b]"I thought this could wait until our lesson tomorrow, but something needs to be done. I can't have you flying off the handle and attacking students because you can't control yourself. I'm hoping that maybe a little knowledge can supercede more drastic measures so read this,"[/b] his hand motioned towards the book as he spoke.

Reluctantly Asher got up and went to the book and began reading the page indicated...

[i]Death among us?

It has been speculated, but never proven, that death is a tangible creature that is in charge of the body and soul of all mortals until they reach their final destination. His appearances have been numerous in myths and legends, from the bibles portrayl of god creating 'death' and the fourth, and most imposing of the 'Horsemen of the Apocalyspe'. The ferrymen from ancient Greek and Roman mythology, and a multitude of other ancient texts have all portrayed Death as a being rather than just the end of a life.

If this is true, it is believed that Death has two forms. One being a twisted form that's soul purpose is to end lives, and the second being the form that controls the first. Making Death a being of neither pure light or pure darkness, but rather a being of pure neutrality. It is not known for certain whether Death is two beings, two halves of a whole, or is one being charged with 'ferrying' the souls of both the damned and the saved to their respective eternal homes.[/i]

The passage was short and vauge, it didn't make much sense to Asher a fact his face didn't hide.

[b]"Youc an ignore the part about it being an unknown because you're living proof of it. Incanse you haven't noticed you have two sides fighting for control Mr. Thompson. Your one half, which it seems you've lived most of your life by, has been one of innocent, its the side of death that is controled. It causes you to be innocent, a sort've...light side. The second, and the one that's fighting for control now that you unleashed it, is the side that enjoys the kill. It wants nothing more than to cause the most death and pain it possibly can. Unfortunetly its the side of you that's winning."[/b] Chris paused for a moment, giving Asher time to take it in.

It made sense, and that simple fact put more fear into him at that moment than any up until then. [b]"What can I do? How can I be trusted, by my classmates or by myself, when one side of me wants to slaughter every living thing I see? Isn't there something you can do to seal that side of me up so it will never surface."[/b]

Chris sighed, apparently there was but Asher worried that he wasn't going to like what was about to be said, [b]"I can bind you, but the simple fact is that until you learn to control the dark side of yourself you will never be of any use to your team, and truth be told we are going to need all of you, healthy and in control to stop your parents. For now I'd like to wait it out, see what you can do. I think there is enough good in you to keep the evil at bay, you just need to realize it."[/b]

With a fatherly pat on Asher's shoulder Chris rose and exited the room, Asher reread the passage about death and felt himself cringe a bit. He didn't feel as confident as Chris had seemed, in truth he wanted to rush out and find Jensen, Kaiel, Alice or anybody to talk to, but he knew it was his demon and he didn't want anyone to worry about him more than need be.

He resigned to the fact that sleep was the best thing for him and quickly showered and climbed into bed, it was still resonably early, 6ish, but class the next morning would come early. He felt himself, somehow, begin to drift off even with the events of the day burned into his conscious thoughts. For the first time in his life he was worried he'd dream, worried he'd dream of his parents.
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Takeo exited the room where he and Jensen had been playing music. He passed Crowley in the hallway, nodding towards him as he passed him without saying anything. He kept walking until he arrive back at the library once again. "They are going to think I'm such a nerd. This is my third time coming to this library." Takeo chuckled a bit before entering. It hadn't been long before Takeo heard a familiar voice call out to him. It was Rhea and Alice was with her.

"Well hello there, cutie. Alice and I were just about to go for a swim. She was nice enough to say I could eat dinner with you two, so maybe you could join us for our swim."

"After that shower earlier?" Takeo asked.

"I'm sorry, that was not what I was aiming to do"

"I know. But still, It was rather refreshing. Sure, I'll go swimming, though after I do a favor for Jensen."

"Then catch up with us. I've dealt with him enough today." Rhea growled. Takeo looked to Alice for answers, and she only sighed. "It is a long story. I will see you at the pool."

Takeo laughed a bit as he watched the, leave the library. "Wow, those two seem to be getting along really well." He turned and ventured into the library once more to look for a book on Tayrus. It wasn't long before he found a few books on the subject as Tayrus seemed to be quite a popular topic when it come to demons.

"This should be able to help Jensen out. I want to read some about this guy but I shouldn't. Jensen might not be too happy if I pry into his personal life. Now that I think about it, how am I suppose to get these books to him. I have no idea where his room is. UGHH!!!! Oh well. I guess I'll just give them to him tomorrow in class. Now it's time for me to head back to my dorm room so I can meet up with Rhea and Alice."

Takeo left the library with the books and headed back to his room. He placed the books on his desk next to the ones he already had gotten from the library. He was getting ready for swimming as he began changing. It took him to the time when he got to his underwear that he didn't have any swimming trunks. He began frantically looking around his room. He found a pair and held them over his head with a peace sign on his other hand as he yelled "Victory!" He put them on as well as a shirt he found. He was about to grab a towel when a knock came to his door. The knock was soon followed by Chris entering Takeo's room.

"Oh hey Chris. What brings you here?"

"I just came by to see how you were doing. And to bring you this."

Chris pulled out a card with a music note on it and handed it to Takeo.

"This card is for our grand music hall. It will allow you entry and the ability to participate in some of the events they do. These cards are only for experienced players."

"How did you know that I'm experience?"

"I heard you playing the piano earlier and it was really good. In fact, give this other one to Jensen too as you both played excellent. Now onto more important matters, your demon parent."

A grave look came across Takeo's face when he heard Chris's words. He sat down on the bed and offered Chris a seat in a nearby chair. Chris began explaining how his demon parent is connected to him and the abilities she possesses.

"Your demon mother, Bai, was a temptress of the highest caliber. She could get any man to do what she wanted. She is the reason for all the major wars in Japan as it excites her to see destruction and to have control. She is also a well accomplished music player but due to her never satisfied attitude she sought to play the instrument no could play: the wind. A lot of her abilities have passed down to you, hence your sensitive hearing, easy grasp of music, and your charm. You've always been good at these things and she is the reason why and now she wants you by her side so that you can do these things together and cause havoc amongst the world."

Takeo sighed after hearing all of what Chris had to say. "I already knew that in a way." A look of surprise came across Chris's face.

"Ha, I always knew that my music talent was almost un human and my charm was also unreal as well. I just figured them to be luck and practice but it did seem way too easy. My thing is I had no idea I had my blood ran so deep with Japanese. I knew my foster mother told me that my real grandfather was japanese but I always thought she was trying to change the subject when I asked about my real parents. And now I can hear her calling out to me saying she wants me by her side. I don't want that but I feel like she won't stop until she has what she wants."

Chris nodded as he put his hand on Takeo's shoulder. "Don't get angry. Your emotions will get the best of you. We will talk more tomorrow. I believe you have somewhere to be." Chris laughed a bit. Takeo realized he had forgotten about Rhea and Alice. He rushed to get his towel and came back to see Chris had left. The two music cards were on his bed. Takeo placed them near the books so he wouldn't forget them and ran out the door. He found his way to the pool finally.

"I'm....(catching his breath)...I'm here." Takeo was bent over holding his knees.

"Bout time you got here slowpoke," Rhea yelled. Alice giggled at the hard time Rhea was giving Takeo. The two went back and forth as Takeo was trying to explain himself and why he was late.

"Alright Rhea. I think he has suffered enough." Alice spoke while holding back her laughter. They all soon began laughing as Takeo jumped into the pool. The water felt really soothing as Takeo submerged himself. He came back up shortly with a grin on his face. "I'll have to remember to never be late when it comes to you two."
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[font="Comic Sans MS"][color="#000080"]Kaiel lay back on her bed now, her yellow eyes staring at the ceiling, though all she saw were the red eyes, staring back at her shaking her head she draped her arm over her eyes and sighed.
"This is ridiculous...why do I feel so drawn to him...?"

[i]Are you asking that for an answer my daughter?[/i]

Kaiel sat up quickly and let out a small scream as a giant black wolf sat at the foot of her bed, easily the size of a grizzly bear and slightly transparent. It gave her a wolfish grin showing her large fangs. Letting out a growling laugh it stood and stretched before walking around the room slowly.
The real question you wish to ask my dear. What is it?[/i]

"What were those books talking about? A higher being through selective breeding?"

[i]Oh, that?[/i]

"Yes that!"
A low growl came from the wolf, baring her own fangs she growled back, her teeth aching as if wanting nothing more than to sink into the wolf at her feet and rip it to shreds.

[i]Watch your tone with me girl. Your still my daughter. And as for that little bit of information, you'll find out soon enough I believe. Things are looking well in that direction and Astraroth and I are fairly certain that this time things will happen the way they were meant to.[/i]

"What about Crowley, why can't I seem to stop thinking about him and those red eyes of his?"

[i]We are the elite my dear, the gate keepers of hell. We are the last of our kind and the most powerful. We are all given one fated, the fates cursed us that way you see. Sometimes the person is someone we would enjoy having, others not at all. But when it happens you'll know my dear. Their scent will linger, their face will forever be imprinted upon your mind. You will feel as if your being thrown into the very pits of hell its self. Your blood will turn to fire and you will have the undying desire to take that person for your own. [/i]

Kaiel felt her heart freeze for just a moment, hadn't she felt something like that when she had first seen Crowley? She shook her head slightly and looked back at her mother.

"And if I refuse?"
Nothing. But trust me when I tell you this, the quickening, for that is what it is called, it is not easy to ignore. I've felt it, and it is as addicting as any man made drug. [/i]

"You've felt it? For who?"
Another growling laugh from her before she sat down and lazily began to scratch behind her ear.
I think you know the answer to that.[/i]

"Crowley's father?"
Very good, and before you ask, no you two are not related by any means, your father was a proud and powerful wolf demon. I believe Crowley's mother was a snake demon. It would explain why the boy is so venomous towards others.[/i]

Kaiel let out a growl before she could contain it, once realizing what she had done she covered her mouth silencing the growl quickly, Akieen laughed and stood stretching once again.

[i]I see, ever protective is the Watcher of her Champion. So be it little one. Keep him safe, keep him sane. He will need you in the future. Before I go, on another note. Beware the boy you know as Jensen. His father is one to hold a grudge through the ages and pass it on to his offspring. That boy...he will turn on you with out hesitation just for being what you are. Heed my warnings little one. They will hold true.[/i]

With that the wolf vanished leaving Kaiel more confused than ever before, rising from her bed she opened her door and strode down the hall, her pace making the hood of her coat fly back exposing her face and features. Her eyes scanned the halls as she walked, her pace gaining momentum. Looking into the library she huffed and turned to leave seeing as her objective was no where to be seen when she caught a scent that lingered. Instantly she felt her body heat and spun around following the scent through the halls and outside. She stopped as she caught another scent mingling with the one she was following, a growl bubbling from her throat as she pressed her teeth together. Picking up her pace she followed the scents back inside and around a corner til she caught sight of them. Crowley and Jensen walking side by side, striding forward she held back her growl as she neared them, Jensen's scent making the hair on her arms stand on end.
"Crowley, I need to talk to you!"
He turned, locking his red eyes with her's and instantly she felt locked in place, his gaze keeping her from moving as it bored into her own. Shaking it off she walked closer and leaned into him, speaking so only he could hear. His scent stronger now, making her head swim and her pulse pound in her ears.
"Does the term Watcher and Champion mean anything to you?"
He pulled away from her blinking a few times before his cold exterior came back into place.
"I'll talk to you about it as soon as I know more."
Reaching down she grabbed his wrist and gasped as images filled her head, the scene that Crowley had seen filtered into her mind as easily as water and she released him just as quickly. Her breathing shallow and her face pale, looking up she could see he was having the same problems as she was. He looked over at Jensen and took a deep breath.
"We'll talk later. Kaiel, follow me."
She nodded and let out a small growl as she passed Jensen, as they turned the corner her and Crowley stopped coming face to face with her brother.
"Pow wows will have go wait. Meet me in the class room now. We have another lesson."
Kaiel rolled her eyes but did as she was told as her and Crowley followed him towards the classroom, a young woman was there waiting for them, as well as the others. Chris cleared his throat and motioned for Crowley and Kaiel to take a seat.
"This is Sister Merriweather, she'll be helping me with today's lesson. We will be starting joint research on your parents. Each of you will be paired off and must learn as much about the others parents before switching off with another partner. Alice you and Rhea are paired first, Jensen and Asher, Kai and Crowley. Mary and Takeo are the last pair. Begin!"
Kai looked over at Crowley, not entirely sure if she wanted to know more about her mother and the plans her and Astaroth had for her and the man sitting beside her. [/color][/font]
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"Of course not. Punctuality is a wonderful quality." Alice chided. They swam for about an hour, happily chatting away and timing one another on who could get across the pool the fastest. Alice won nearly every time, and was underwater almost the entire trip.

"Wow. Alice, you can hold your breath for a really long period of time." Takeo marveled. "That was longer than most Olympic swimmers."

"I have always been able to hold my breath for long periods of time while underwater." Alice smiled, and dived under again, moving quickly through the water to surface near Rhea and Takeo. "It is a talent that I have always possessed." she said, and smiled. "I can hold my breath longer, even. Would you like to time me?"

"Sure, let's see how long you can hold your breath." Takeo said, looking at the clock on the wall at the far end. "And... Now!"

Alice dived underwater, moving freely, more like a fish than anything else. she swam and swam and swam, twirling, whirling, and flitting about like a minnow. Finally, she felt she needed air, and came to the surface in the deep end of the pool. Treading water, she called over. "How long was that?"

Rhea and Takeo stared at her. "Five minutes."

Alice knew quite well that even the best swimmers often could hold their breath for only two minutes. Alice had doubled that and better. "Well... I think we discovered one of the benefits of being half demon." Rhea shook her head. Let's get back to laps."

Alice nodded, and dived underwater to meet them. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw something, though when she looked to see what it was, it was nothing more than light reflected underwater. She looked down into the deep end of the pool, and saw something glittering there in the suction pump. Curious, she swam toward it, and saw that it was a beautiful necklace. It was a single, beautiful pearl attached to a silver heart shaped piece of metal, and then that was attached to a fine silver chain. She swam to it, and tried to dislodge it from the grating. But, it proved to be a strenuous ordeal. She was using oxygen at a rapid pace trying to get the necklace free. But Alice knew that If she let go of it now, she would lose the necklace forever to the suction of the pump. Letting out a cloud of used air, she could see bubbles racing to the surface as she felt her body grow weak and sink to the bottom. She held her breath for as long as she could, before taking in a breath that would have sealed any other's fate. But even as the water rushed into her lungs, she did not feel her life ebbing away. Instead, she felt her power surge. She gasped aloud, screaming in the water unheard and unnoticed. The pain as her body became reaquainted with her power was paralyzing. Not to mention saving her life from drowning.

The surface of the water rippled and surged, exploding outward from Alice's submerged body, throwing Rhea and Takeo from the pool. They landed on the tiled floor, and looked into the mad waters of the pool, terrified and amazed.

"Alice!" Takeo screamed, his breath catching in his throat.

"Oh my god, Alice! Where are you?! Alice!" Rhea's eyes were filled with tears, she fearing the worst for her new friend. The water burst up, forming a pillar of water where Alice had been under the water. There was a visibly dark figure in the pillar, surrounded by an aura of shimmering silver and purple energy.

"A-Alice?" Takeo called, unsure of what was going on.

As if it were a request, the water pillar separated into miniature waterspouts, revealing the figure inside. It was indeed Alice however changed. Her eyes had become solid black, with purple pinpricks of glowing purple light, and they wide and unseeing. She seemed to have manifested a plated, ridged helmet of some sort adorned with water lilies. Her hair flailed around, as if commanded it. Her body was quaking with the surge of demonic power, her face frozen in a scream. It echoed through the school, sending chills down the spine of any who heard it. After an eternity, her eyes returned to normal, and she went limp and fell into the water. She didn't move. Edited by Inuyasha Fandom
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