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When Alice fell into the pool face down, Rhea screamed out. She and Takeo dived into the pool after slipping and sliding on the wet tiles. The entire room was soaked and slippery, making movement difficult. Alice was still floating, unmoving. Rhea swum as fast as she could, Takeo right beside her. They got to Alice in record time, and turned over to breathe air. She was a ghastly shade of white, and Takeo took her on one arm while Rhea took her legs in her arm. They painstakingly made their way over to the side of the pool, Rhea climbing up and taking Alice's limp body from Takeo. "Alice, honey, come on... Come back to us." Rhea leaned down and pressed her ear to Alice's nose, listening to see if she was breathing. She wasn't.

"Someone help us!" Rhea cried out. She pressed Alice's nostrils together, and breathed into her mouth. She began giving Alice CPR, trying her hardest to get Alice to take a breath of her own. "Alice come on... we can't lose you! Breathe! Please, for the love of god, breathe!"

Rhea could hear the pounding of feet in the locker rooms, people were yelling and trying to get to them. Pressing her lips onto Alice's once more, There was a gurgled cough from the unconcious girl. Sputtering, Alice convulsed, hacking up water and mucus. "Oh thank god...." Takeo slumped down, collapsing from relief. "She's okay."

"Yeah, she is." Alice was rasping in air, and Rhea took her into her arms. "Never scare me like that again, or I'll beat you with something..."

"I am sorry... but the necklace... it was stuck... I thought... it was yours."

Alice help up a necklace, and as beautiful as it was, Rhea found herself laughing hysterically. "You risked yourself for a piece of jewelry that's not even mine? Silly, silly girl..."

Jensen and some girl Rhea didn't recognize came running into the pool hall, slipping on the wet floor. "What's wrong? We heard a scream..." Jensen asked, seeing Alice sitting up. More footsteps were now heading in their direction, and Christopher burst into the room with Kaiel and Crowley.

Alice was looking into the waters of the pool, at how serene they were. The water was visibly lower by at least two or three feet. "I did all this?" she asked, and Takeo nodded. "Yeah, you did. What happened? You... looked different."

"I discovered something before I blacked out. So much power..." Alice covered herself with her arms, tears welling in her eyes and the necklace clenched in her hand. "My powers... they came rushing back to me... all at once. They overwhelmed me. It felt like... It felt like it could tear me apart."

Rhea put her arms around Alice, and helped her up. "That's a part of who we are, Alice. Nothing to be scared of. Let's get you back your room, I think we've had enough of the pool for today."

"But... I learned something about myself. I... I can breathe water." Everyone looked at her, and their jaws dropped.

Christopher finally broke the tension and took a breath, and smiled. "I'm glad you're alright. Now, Rhea, before you go, I am to understand you were looking for me earlier. What for?"

"I had a visit from my mother. She basically told me she was protecting the school in her own way. Why, she didn't say. Gave me some line about me being her 'innocent child and needed to protect me' crap. I'll talk to you about it later. For now, I'm going to take care of Alice."

"That's fine, though I'll need you both in the classroom. We're starting on lesson two. I'll be waiting for you two there. After I give the assignment, then you can take care of Alice. But, I'll be dropping by not only to check up on her but also to talk more about your visit from your mother."

Rhea nodded. "Fine. At least bring her some flowers when you do." With that, Rhea helped Alice to get to the classroom. Edited by ExcelExcel
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[font="Comic Sans MS"][color="#006400"]â??Begin!â?[/color]

[color="#006400"]Mary scowled. A research project on their parents? This definitely wasnâ??t what she wanted to be doing with her time. On top of that, she had no interest in learning more about her father. Even if she did..every second that she wasted, Sophie became further away from her. She still remembered what her father had told her the day he abducted her sister. [/color]

[i][color="#006400"]â??Youâ??re strong and determined, but you never play for the right team. Iâ??m going to let you in on a little secret. Thereâ??s a plan in action by some of the big baddies down in Hell and Iâ??m sure theyâ??d love me enough to let me back in if they get their hands on you. SO! Iâ??m going to use this girl as collateral. You do something for me, and I give her back. Itâ??s a simple game!â?[/color][/i]

[color="#006400"]Before sheâ??d had a chance to reply, a shock had run through her entire body and knocked her out cold. Sheâ??d woken up the next day with a package sitting at her feet. Inside she found the two pistols that now hung at her waist and a note that read:[/color]

[i][color="#006400"]These are your seals, darling. Iâ??ll slit your sisterâ??s throat if you try and screw up my plans, so Iâ??ve given you these weapons in order to suppress your powers. Anywho, since I know your just so willing to help me, hereâ??s your first task: [/color][/i]
[i] [/i]
[i][color="#006400"]Go to Cross Academy. Bye-Bye! <3[/color][/i]

[color="#006400"]Mary grinded her teeth. It still pissed her off that sheâ??d been so helpless against her father, so useless to her kid sister. Sheâ??d tried searching for her sister every place she could think of, but in the end the reality had dawned on her that she probably couldnâ??t find Sophie on her own. [/color]

[color="#006400"]She hadnâ??t wanted to do anything for her father, but she swallowed her pride and went to the address on the back of the note. It had led her to Cross Academy.[/color]

[color="#006400"] [i]â??Youâ??ll get her back, donâ??t worry,â? [/i]she thought.[/color][color="#006400"][i] â??Maybe..maybe these people here can help.â? [/i][/color]
[color="#006400"]As if in reply, a voice at the back of her head howled in laughter. [i]"Help you? These people are the offspring of Demons. They only care about themselves."[/i][/color]

[color="#006400"]She did her best to put the negative thoughts out of her mind and scanned the room for her partner. She had no idea who Takeo was and she really didnâ??t care. As long as he didnâ??t talk much or ask to many questions theyâ??d get along just fine.[/color]

[color="#006400"]She watched as the others in the room began to pair up.[/color]

[color="#006400"]She saw Kaiel (whoâ??d asked her to call her â??Kaiâ? instead) turn slowly to the guy beside her, who had shockingly crimson red eyes. The eyes made Mary a little uneasy, although she had no idea why. Suddenly she felt the need to pull out her guns and point them straight at him, but she resisted. [/color][/font]
[font="Comic Sans MS"] [/font]
[font="Comic Sans MS"][color="#006400"]The two exchanged a few hushed words and Mary could see that Kai wasnâ??t completely overjoyed with the guy at the moment. [/color]

[color="#006400"]As she was staring at them, trying to figure out what it was about the guy that creeped her out, a boy with slightly damp hair trudged over to her. His eyes were a dazzling bright emerald green. Mary guessed that he was about her age, or maybe a little older, but she could tell. The boyâ??s face was still quite young looking and friendly.[/color]

[color="#006400"] She realized sheâ??d seen him before on her way here. Heâ??d been in the pool area with a few others she didnâ??t know. It explained why he was still slightly wet. He looked a little dazed, but he managed to give her a smile.[/color]

[color="#006400"]â??Hello, whatâ??s your name? Iâ??m Takeo.â?[/color][/font] Edited by Mr.Nightfall32
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[ OOC: You guys are RPing a little different than what I'm used to. I'm sorry if it feels a little awkward RPing with me. ]

[font="Century Gothic"][color="#0000ff"]As the classroom started filling up with students, they would have been found it surprising that she was sitting there on her wooden stool. It was one thing to find a kid there with the dunce hat, kept there during lunch but it was a completely different thing to find a [i]Nun[/i] sitting there. She sat there, with her hands clasped together in her lap and her ankles crossed politely beneath the stool.[/color][/font]
[font="Century Gothic"] [/font]
[font="Century Gothic"] [/font] [font="Century Gothic"][color="#0000ff"]She had a smile on her face. Some would have interpreted this as being sarcastically pious. Others would havefound it kind of creepy the way she smiled. However, neither of these impressions were the one she wanted to give. She wanted to seem amiable and friendly to her new students.[/color][/font]

[font="Century Gothic"][color="#0000ff"]The woman wore a long, light grey dresswith a white, long-sleeved dress shirt beneath it. It had the typical dressy round collar, and the straps of her dress were tucked neatly under it. Her legs were covered with sheer, beige panty-hose. On herfeet were typical mary-jane shoes, white leather with a strap overher feet to hold them in place. On her head was the typical veil, however, it was a light grey, the same as her dress. There was awhite band beneath it, hiding most of her hair. Some blonde bangs fell down over her forehead.[/color][/font]

[font="Century Gothic"][color="#0000ff"]Watching the students take their seats, she awaited the bell to ring. She waited for the teacher to introduce her as their new student teacher.[/color][/font]

[font="Century Gothic"][color="#0000ff"]She would have come for the first period's lesson, but she had something important to take care of.[/color][/font]

[font="Century Gothic"][color="#0000ff"]On the name tag fastened to her blouse was her name: [i][b]Sister Miriam Merriweather.[/b][/i][/color][/font]
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[color="#8B0000"][size="1"]Jensen sat next to Asher as the class was filing in. He glanced around the room until his eyes fell on Mary. The moment he looked at her she turned and their eyes made contact. After a couple seconds Jensen simply nodded towards her then turned towards Asher. [b]"Is it just me or is this school pretty boring?"

"Isn't every school boring"

"Maybe thats a requirment for schools. You will be bored to all hell" [/b]

Asher let out a chuckle at his comment. [b]"Maybe"

"And who is the new girl?"

"You mean Mary?"[/b]

Jensen shook his head. [b]"If I meant Mary I would have said Mary? I meant this nun that is right in front of us. I am getting tired of seeing nothing but priests and holy folk all over the place. Its making me go crazy"[/b]

Asher shrugged. [b]"Apparently they are all here to help and protect us"[/b]

Jensen scoffed. [b]"I doubt that. Seems to me that we are meant to protect them. I don't know about you but me and my demon father are not at odds with each other or so it seems right now. Tayrus, the 'Dragon lord of hell's fire'[/b]. Jensen but a mock emphasis on the title. [b]"He seems like a pretty chill dude[/b]" He let out a small laugh.

[b]"So your father is the lord of fire and a dragon?"[/b]

[b]"Wait how did you know that?"[/b] Jensen looked at him confusingly.

[b]"Well if you would pay attention more and keep your eyes off the girls you wouldn't ramble."[/b] Asher let out a sigh.

[b]"Don't hate me for admiring."[/b]

Asher shook his head smiling. [b]"So what all did your father say?"[/b]

Jensen shrugged [b]"I don't really remember. A bunch of this and that really"[/b]

Asher let out another sigh putting his hands to his face. [b]"You really have a hard time listening you realize that"[/b]

[b]"So does Rhea"[/b] Jensen gave a small smile as he stretched in his chair.

Asher looked over to Rhea and saw the cold stare she was giving before turning back to Jensen. [b]"You do realize she heard you right?"[/b]

Jensen nodded his fangs bared in his smile. [b]"That's why I said it"[/b]

[b]"She is going to come after you if you keep pushing her buttons"[/b]

Jensen looked at Rhea.[b] "Oh what does this one do?"[/b] He pretended to push buttons on his desk. [b]"And this one, and this one?"[/b]

Asher let out a laugh as a book flew at Jensen only to have him catch it. [b]"You really do enjoy antagonizing her"[/b]

Jensen nodded. [b]"For kicking me in the legs when it was completely uncalled for its the least I can do in return"[/b] the two of them broke out in laughs as they waited for their next instructions[/size][/color]
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[b][/b]Glancing towards Rhea and back to his friend Asher shook his head, [b]"You do realize she is going to pummel you right!?"[/b] he could see the bond had grown even more in their eyes.

[b]"She won't do anything, besides I have her..."[/b] Jensen was cut off as a small, but apparently very heavy, backpack slammed into him almost uprooting him from his desk.

[b]"Whole backpack now,"[/b] Asher laughed even as he spoke. The look on Jensen's face, one of admiration and aggrevation at Rhea was more than he could take and he completly lost it. It wasn't until Kai poked him from behind that he realized he was making quite the spectacle of himself.

Stiffling his laughter he looked at Jensen, he was embarassed at first until he had to smile. [b]"You know that's Karmic Reallignment right? Laugh at me I get to laugh at you."[b] The two men chuckled softly until they realized they were both now the center of the classes attention.

Clearing his throat Asher stiffled what remained of his laughter and got serious about the assignment, he wasn't really sure if they were to just swap information that they knew, or if they were going to be given time to go research as a 'team'.

"What else do you know besides your father's name and title?" Asher asked intentively, hoping he could keep Jensen talking before he would have to share.

[b]"Well...that's all that I really know. His fire was what guarded hell before Kai's mom took over the duty. Oh and there's this,"[/b] Jensen motioned to his pendent and rolled it around in his fingers, [b]"this has something to do with Crowley though I really can't say what. It seems to react when I'm close to Kai as well."[/b]

[b]"So it's just like the rest of you, and jealous of Crowley. I'm thinking that must be a mood pendent, I'm glad I didn't see the thing when you were eyeballing Rhea's chest after the sprinkler incident."[/b] Asher grinned a bit as Jensen's eyes darted quickly to Kai and Rhea.

[b]"Well now, let's put you on the spot,"[/b] Jensen quickly changed the subject, [b]"who is he and what's his relation to the insanity of our situation?"[/b] The question was one Asher had dreaded to answer, heck he wasn't even sure how to.

[b]"I'm really not sure, my father hasn't contacted me in the way the rest of you have been. He only spoke once, and maybe a second time during the hobgoblin attack. He wanted me to unleash my demon side and finish the fight."[/b] Jensen's eyebrows raised a bit

[b]"That explains the few seconds you were dead on your feet and reaching for your staff, I don't know why the heck you didn't take him up on the offer. You could've been the hero instead of Kai."[/b]

Asher's eyes drifted to the desktop, he knew he was grinding his hands together but he didn't realize to what exent. His knuckles were a bright white, he was even starting to develop a slight cramp.

[b]"You don't understand, my father wanted...well wants me to unleash my demon side and try to kill all of you."[/b] He heard a small gasp to his right, he wasn't sure if somebody was revealing their own issues or if somebody was eavesdropping but he continued.

[b]"My father is, according to what Chris believes, Death himself. And I guess I'm a human Ying-Yang, one side of me wants total destruction and chaos, the other part of me wants control and morality."

[b]"I'm sure you could control it, I know we just met but you seem like a good guy at heart, even if you aren't as good with the ladies as..."[/b] Jesnen cut himself off as he realized Asher hadn't even reacted to him, in truth Asher was a million miles away in his thoughts as he spoke.

[b]"I'm honestly scared of it to tell you the truth, I couldn't stop from killing the man who raised me...I even enjoyed it."[/b] Asher was amazed how low the thought of his demon side could bring him. He hated not being him, and he was never further from it.

He looked up to see Jensen's reaction to his little rant, as he brought his eyes up his body followed as instead of Jensen's eyes he saw two empty sockets attached to a fleshless skull. A gurgling, gasping for air.

As he reached his feet his knee banged the corner of the desk hard enough to pull a whimper out of him, but it was what he needed. Jensen went back to normal, though the look on his face was almost as bad as the skull.

Glancing around he saw a room full of eyes, for the second time now he'd made a fool of himself. This time infront of the new girl Mary, and the nun. He slowly took his seat and prayed a bit that his first impression wouldn't be a lasting one.
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Takeo had been sitting in the class silently just looking around the room. His hair was still a bit wet form the pool but it was nothing of grave concern. He noticed the two new people in the room, a young girl and a nun. He was a bit confused by the nun but he figured it to be that she is here to protect or teach us in some kind of way. Takeo continued to scope the classroom, noticing how everyone was coming closer to each other and we were beginning to look like some sort of team. Soon Chris's words of a new assignment to partner up rang in Takeo's ears. He heard that he was being assigned to work with Mary, the new girl. He looked over to her to try to figure her out a bit before actually approaching her. She was staring over at Kaiel as if something had happened between them. He figured that he better speak to her now before she was too far gone into her thoughts.

"Hello, what's your name? I'm Takeo." He extended his hand out to her as she noticed him walking up to her. She had a bit of a glare on her face as she just looked at Takeo standing there with his hand out. He awkwardly pull his hand back as he could tell she didn't want to shake his hand.

"So...I figure since we're partners I would have to know your name." Takeo waited a moment for her to answer. She finally broke the awkward silence. "Hey, I'm Mary."

"Now see, that wasn't so bad. And you'll come to find that I'm a good person or least I try to be."

"You're right. I can tell from the look in your eyes that you're kind-hearted. Well let's get this show on the road then. Tell me about yourself and your demon parent I guess. All of this still pretty hazy to me but I figure I have to start somewhere."

Takeo nodded at Mary as he took a seat right next to her.

"Well I shall start with myself. Like I said, My name is Takeo Katsutoshi. I am a pretty calm person. I play music whenever I get stressed, bored, or just want to play for fun." He took a breath before continuing on to the stuff he knew about his demon parent.

"My demon mother's name is Bai Ranmaru. She is powerful demon samurai who loved to cause pain and turmoil between people just for her enjoyment. She had an attitude in which she always wanted more and more, whether it was more suffering or more wealth. She was a very talented musician as well but playing normal instruments wasn't enough for her so she decided to control the wind for her music. Another thing I learned about her was that she was a deadly charmer. She could charm any man or woman for that matter to do anything she wanted them to do. Using this ability of hers, she caused major wars between men and their armies alll fighting to give her everything she wanted. She has spoken to me twice: once when I had a fight encounter with demons when my foster family, I mean real family was killed. The second time came when I was hear....she was whispering to me when I was alone telling me that I was going to be by her side so that we could obtain everything she wants. And so far, that's all I know of her. I've been reading these books I found in the library about her to learn more but I haven't exactly been too eager to learn everything. This stuff is still relatively new to me as well." A cold look came over Takeo's face as he told Mary about his demon mother. He seemed to lose all emotion in his eyes.

"Please forgive my coldness. Speaking of her always seems to drain my spirit. But please tell me about yourself and your demon parent as well if you don't mind Mary. I'm all ears."
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Alice observed the nun, unsure of what to make of her. She didn't overly stand out, but there was just something different about her. "Rhea... do you sense something's off with that nun?"

"There's a lot of things wrong with a lot of people. No more no less with her. Maybe you're just nervous because it's yet another nun."

"Nuns do not frighten me. Most would not have the spiritual power needed to affect me." Alice smiled, and leaned forward. "Maybe we can make a new friend?"

"Suit yourself. I'm not feeling particularly friendly. Jensen seems to believe that my little stunt was uncalled for. He's wrong."

"Little stunt?"

"His mouth will probably get him into a lot more trouble in the future, but now he's just becoming boring. There'll be no use in even dealing with him soon enough. Hmph."

Jensen looked over at Rhea's back, as it was to him, glaring at her as if insulted by being called boring. "Anyway, Alice, I think I'll go ahead and just go back to the dorms. We have our assignment, so why not?"

"Yes... I think you are right. But, we should introduce ourselves to the sister before we go."

"Sure, I can do that. Let's go."

Rhea and Alice stood up to leave, and walked to the front of the classroom. Alice nodded her head when the sister turned to look at the two. "Yes? Can I help you, ladies?"

"No, Sister, but thank you. We simply came up to introduce ourselves before we left to do our assignment." The sister was visibly shocked by the voice that came from Alice, but composed herself quickly. "And who might you be?"

"I am Alice Vanderbelt, and one of your students."

"Rhea Tallows. Nice to meet you. Now, Sister, if you will excuse us, we'll be going to do our assignment as well as change our clothing. I'm rather tired of wearing my swimsuit." With a smile and a wave, the two girls walked away.

On entering Alice's room, the two girls sat down, Rhea making Alice sit down on her bed and handing her the book with the information about Alice's mother. "So, you read some more of that, and I'm going to go change. The books I need are already here, so I'll be right back."

"Alright, then. See you in a few moments." Rhea left the room, and Alice was left alone with her thoughts. The scare earlier had its upside, she'd learned about one of her powers. The ability to breathe water must have been awoken when she'd nearly drowned. Perhaps all of their abilities were somehow tuned into their survival... or maybe the bonds that bound them didn't quite extend to the point of their lives being endangered. Numerous theories abound, it didn't really matter why she had come into some of her power while not in contact with her sword, just that it did return to her however briefly. She had her powers to thank for her life.

Alice's gaze shifted down to the book upon her lap, and at it's cover. The cover was ornate, the watercolor painting on the cover beautiful to behold. It looked to be an ancient well, with a woman sitting and gazing into the water. Her attire was flowing, almost like the water the woman looked upon. The woman's dress appeared to be oriental, though she couldn't be sure. her robes were done in hushed tones, though it was obvious she was a woman of immense stature. Alice could see her head piece, adorned with lilies and ribbons. Jutting from her head piece were two triangular prong like things, each with a golden chain and various decorations dangling from them. With startling clarity, Alice realized this was just some random picture of an even more random woman, but a picture of her mother.

A knock on the door drew Alice's attention away from the book and to the sound. "Come in. The door is unlocked."

Rhea entered the room, freshly changed and with dry hair. "So... shall we get started finally?"
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[font="Century Gothic"][color="#006400"]Throughout Takeoâ??s story about his demon mother, Mary tried to look interested, but she was failing miserably. Her mind kept drifting to other thoughts as she watched some of the other students walk up to the nun and then leave the room, but when Takeo had mentioned the part about his family being killed, she genuinely felt bad for the guy. [/color][/font]

[font="Century Gothic"][color="#006400"]â??Please forgive my coldness. Speaking of her always seems to drain my spirit. But please tell me about yourself and your demon parent of you donâ??t mind, Mary. Iâ??m all ears.â? Takeo said.[/color][/font]

[font="Century Gothic"][color="#006400"]Evidently he was done sharing for now. [/color][/font]

[font="Century Gothic"][color="#006400"]â??Well..,â? Mary began. â??I donâ??t really know what to say.â?[/color][/font]

[font="Century Gothic"][color="#006400"]Takeoâ??s face twisted into a friendly smile. â??How about we start with one question at a time. Whoâ??s your demon parent?â? He asked.[/color][/font]

[font="Century Gothic"][color="#006400"]â??Itâ??s my father,â? Mary muttered.[/color][/font]

[font="Century Gothic"][color="#006400"]â??Alright thatâ??s a start! Now what do you know about him?â?[/color][/font]

[font="Century Gothic"][color="#006400"]â??What do I know about him?â? Heâ??s a scum bag. I wish heâ??d never come into our..my life.â?[/color][/font]

[font="Century Gothic"][color="#006400"]Takeo nodded, encouraging her to continue. It was odd, Mary thought, that this guy could be making her feel comfortable enough to consider sharing how she felt. Sheâ??d been holding things in for almost two weeks now and she felt close to exploding.[/color][/font]

[font="Century Gothic"][color="#006400"]â??Why is he a â??scum bagâ???â? Takeo asked when she didnâ??t continue speaking.[/color][/font]

[font="Century Gothic"][color="#006400"]â??Heâ??s..well he wasnâ??t always. Actually, he used to be an angel.â?[/color][/font]

[font="Century Gothic"][color="#006400"]Takeoâ??s eyes widened and Mary couldnâ??t suppress the slight smile that tugged at her lips. It was ridiculous to think that her father had once been an angel. [/color][/font]

[font="Century Gothic"][color="#006400"]â??He was once the Angel of Lightning. He was one of the major generals in the war against the demons a really long time ago. Iâ??ve read in some ancient books and bibles and stuff that he was a hero. I bet nobody thought heâ??d ever fall.â? Mary continued. [/color][/font]

[font="Century Gothic"][color="#006400"]â??Do you know why he did?â? Takeo asked.[/color][/font]

[font="Century Gothic"][color="#006400"]â??No, but from what I can tell he got cocky after the first big war and thought he could surpass God. It didnâ??t go that well for him. He was kicked out and it drove him literally insane. He became a fallen angel and ventured into hell where eventually he met up with the â??big baddiesâ?? down there. After that I donâ??t really know what happened. He morphed into a shell of his former self. He no longer an angel. His wings have fallen off and he has no control over his own mind.â?[/color][/font]

[font="Century Gothic"][color="#006400"]Takeo exhaled the breath he must have been holding in. â??Wow. How do you know so much about him? I thought you said you were new to all this?â?[/color][/font]

[font="Century Gothic"][color="#006400"]â??Actually thatâ??s the funny part. I never met him until..until a few weeks ago.â? Mary replied. She was trying hard not to mention her sister. She knew that if she did sheâ??d probably end up crying and she refused to do that in front of anyone, especially not some guy she just met.[/color][/font]

[font="Century Gothic"][color="#006400"]â??Go on.â? Takeo said.[/color][/font]

[font="Century Gothic"][color="#006400"]â??He paid me a visit when things werenâ??t going so well and he..gave me these guns.â? She gestured to the holsters sitting next to her on the desk. [/color][/font]

[font="Century Gothic"][color="#006400"]â??And then the next thing I knew I ended up here..â? Mary finished, trying desperately to hold her emotions in check.[/color][/font]

[font="Century Gothic"][color="#006400"]Takeo gave her an awkward pat on the back and another smile. â??Well I think thatâ??s enough info for now donâ??t you think? Do you wanna go grab some food or something?â? He asked politely. [/color][/font]

[color="#006400"][font="'Century Gothic"]Mary nodded slightly, but didnâ??t look at him. She grabbed the two pistols, strapped them[/font][font="'Comic Sans MS"] [/font][/color][size=2][font="'Franklin Gothic Medium"][color="#006400"]back to her body and stood up. She began walking out of the room with Takeo following behind her.[/color][/font][/size] Edited by Mr.Nightfall32
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Takeo could feel the strong emotions that Mary was holding back but he didn't want to pry too far into her life. After all, he just met her. But she was apart of the team so Takeo made a mental note to try to accept her for what she was as the other classmates had accepted him. He had been listening to what she was saying with eager ears but she seemed to not want to continue. He didn't want to force her into anything so he decided to get off of this topic.

â??Well I think thatâ??s enough info for now donâ??t you think? Do you wanna go grab some food or something?â? He asked politely.

She nodded without looking at him and grab her two pistols and put them on her sides again. Takeo signaled for her to lead the way as she got up and began walking out of the classroom. Before they left though Takeo wanted to say hello to this nun in the classroom. He figured he should know her as well.

"Hey Mary, hold on a sec. I want to introduce myself to our new teacher." Takeo walked up to the nun with a smile as Mary stood in her spot waiting for him. Sister Merriweather noticed him and smiled back.

"Hi, may I help you with something?"

"Um, no not really. I just wanted to introduce myself to you. I'm Takeo."

"I'm delighted to meet you, Takeo. I'm Sister Miriam Merriweather and I'll be assisting Christopher here in your teachings."

Takeo flashed another smile as he began to walk away from her. He noticed the others and waved to them as he passed them on his to the door.

"Hey Jensen, I got those books you asked me to get in my dorm room. I can give them to you later or you can just come by and pick them up. It's up to you really."

"Thanks." Jensen responded. He grabbed Takeo's arm as he walked past him. "Psst. Hey Takeo. I see you got another one on your hands huh lady killer." Jensen whispered as the others laughed as Takeo's face started to become red.

"It's not even like that man. And you might want to be nicer to the girls around here. They are stronger than you think but you should already know that judging from the punishment you take from Rhea." Takeo chuckled as he turned the tables on Jensen. All of the students began laughing as they were getting closer the more time they spent together.

"Alright. Sorry that took so long Mary. We can go now." Takeo walked up to Mary allowing her to lead the way out of the door. The two began walking down the halls of the academy in silence. Takeo desperately tried to make her laugh with some old jokes but they were not working. They were passing his dorm room soon. "Hey I need to grab something from my room. It will only take a second. He walked inside and held the door. Mary had a puzzled look on her face. "You're more than welcome to come inside. I don't bite." Takeo flashed her a smile ensuring her that it was okay. She eventually followed him inside.

"I might as well change my clothes since I'm here. Give me about 2 minutes, Mary." Takeo quickly grabbed some clothes and changed. His hair was completely dry now as he came out of the bathroom. He grabbed one of the smaller book from his desk as well as the music card he got from Chris and put both in his pocket. Mary was sitting on his bed looking at a book he had opened earlier. She finally broke her silence.

"I see you are committed to learning all you can judging from all the books you have."

"Well yeah, I was in the library like 3 times today so I figured why not. Wow I just realized I was in the library 3 times today...my friends back home would laugh their brains out if I told them that."

Mary giggled a bit. "Ahh there we go. There is that smile. I knew I would get you to laugh or smile today. It's kind of a gift." Takeo said as he pretended to stretch. Both of them started laughing for bit. Suddenly a light went off in Takeo's mind.

"I was suppose to have dinner tonight with Alice and Rhea. I wonder if they forgot like I did. Probably not...they are girls. Girls don't forget anything. You are more than welcome to join all of us. It would be a great way to get to know them as well. They are two very nice girls and I think you'll like them. Come on, we can stop by their dorm rooms to see if they are there and figure out the plan."

Takeo opened the door for Mary as she smiled at him. They began walking down the halls again, only this time without the awkward silence. Before they knew it they had arrived at Alice's dorm room and began to knock.
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[font="'Century Gothic"][size="3"][color="#0000ff"]Perhaps she'd missed second period already? Or maybe even more than that.. Seeing as people were coming and going as they pleased. There was a lot of talk of food. It must have been lunch time. Miriam lifted her wrist up to see her watch. It was awfully late, wasn't it? This time, though, she didn't have to blame her occasional slothfulness for this one. A very strange woman she was, to become a nun and be everything [i][b][u]but[/u][/b][/i] what she was called to be. [/color][/size][/font]
[font="'Century Gothic"][size="3"][color="#0000ff"]
[font="'Century Gothic"][size="3"][color="#0000ff"]She held a clip board on her lap and leaned forward, resting her elbow onto the wood and her face into her hand. This was getting kind of boring and they hadn't even looked over lesson plans yet! Where was he? At lunch, maybe? Again, she looked at her watch, then rested again. For a moment she daydreamed about how she would lecture on history, religion and politics and how they were all intertwined and how love and thoughtfulness would help the world. She wanted to lecture about the things that would make a person think, but not only that, she wanted to teach things that would inspire someone to have enough motivation to change the inhumane things of this world and to pave a better and brighter future for themselves; human and demon alike. [/color][/size][/font]
[font="'Century Gothic"][size="3"][color="#0000ff"]
[font="'Century Gothic"][size="3"][color="#0000ff"]"Sister Miriam?" A calm voice said from behind. She lifted her head and sat up straight to find Christopher beside her.[/color][/size][/font]
[font="'Century Gothic"][size="3"][color="#0000ff"]
[font="'Century Gothic"][size="3"][color="#0000ff"]"Oh, hello Mr. Christopher." She beamed at seeing him, hoping to hide a bit of her boredom. [/color][/size][/font]
[font="'Century Gothic"][size="3"][color="#0000ff"]
[font="'Century Gothic"][size="3"][color="#0000ff"]"Christopher is just fine," He said, looking her over. "You got a copy of the syllabus, correct?"[/color][/size][/font]
[font="'Century Gothic"][size="3"][color="#0000ff"]
[font="'Century Gothic"][size="3"][color="#0000ff"]"Yes, I did." [/color][/size][/font]
[font="'Century Gothic"][size="3"][color="#0000ff"]
[font="'Century Gothic"][size="3"][color="#0000ff"]"Good. Are you ready to go over the lesson plan with me? We have lots to discuss regarding this course. I'm sure you'll be a great help to not only me but the students. We need someone with your kind of spunk to change things up in here."[/color][/size][/font]
[font="'Century Gothic"][size="3"][color="#0000ff"]
[font="'Century Gothic"][size="3"][color="#0000ff"]"...Are you sure? [b][i][u]Spunk[/u][/i][/b] is what got me in trouble to begin with." Nervously, she laughed. [/color][/size][/font]
[font="'Century Gothic"][size="1"][color="#0000ff"]
[font="'Century Gothic"][size="3"][color="#0000ff"]"Regardless of the uh.. The [b][i][u]circumstances[/u][/i][/b] that brought you here, I'm sure you'd be a great help and a great teacher yourself, one day."[/color][/size][/font]
[font="'Century Gothic"][size="3"][color="#0000ff"]
[font="'Century Gothic"][size="3"][color="#0000ff"]With the way he looked at her, with total confidence; and with the way he looked at her, with compassion.. It would make a woman wonder why she'd work in becoming a nun in the first place. With a slight blush, she turned downward, trying to push inward any feelings that the elders would have regarded as [b][i][u]lustful[/u][/i][/b](although in a secular sense would have been simply a small crush) and nodded, swallowing hard. [/color][/size][/font]
[font="'Century Gothic"][size="3"][color="#0000ff"]
[font="'Century Gothic"][size="3"][color="#0000ff"]"Uh, yes. Just show me the way." Again, she laughed, though this time it wasn't as wholeheartedly as she'd ever laughed. It was just a way to hide her own vulnerabilities. [/color][/size][/font]
[font="'Century Gothic"][size="3"][color="#0000ff"]
[font="'Century Gothic"][color="#0000ff"][size="3"]With that being said, he brought her over to the desk and had her sit down with him to look over t[size="3"]he [/size]curriculum sheets and the lesson plans. She took out the syllabus to make comparisons, listening and going "Uh-huh" every few moments to give him the benefit of the doubt that she was listening. [/size][/color][/font]
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At the knock on the door, Alice rushed into the restroom, leaving Rhea the answer the door. Alice was only half dressed, after all. And she was putting on another school uniform. She hastily buttoned up her shirt and didn't tuck it in. She left her hair down, after combing it out. She saw Takeo standing there chatting with Rhea, with the new girl. "Alice, this is Mary. She's the new girl. Maybe you remember .... her..." Takeo realized where Alice had seen her, he fell quiet.

"Yes, I remember seeing her. It is nice to have a proper greeting." Alice held out her hand, as a token of friendship. "You are one of us, correct? It is always nice to see more students."

Mary took her hand, though there was something..... charged about her. Alice saw the static, the smell of ozone. However, nothing dispatched between their touch. But there was a definite feeling of compatability between them. But, it wasn't like that exactly. More like... energies being conducted between the two. Looking up at Mary, bewildered, Mary seemed to share the same thoughts and feelings.

"What the hell was that?" Takeo asked, snapping his fingers. "Hello? Earth to the ladies... Earth to the ladies..." Snapping out of it, the two looked at Takeo, and said together, "What?"

"You two totally zoned out. Are we back now?" Rhea looked over the two, and smiled. "Well, so you are. Come on, let's go have dinner." With that, the four of them walked to the cafeteria where dinner was just starting to get done. The smell was actually mouth watering, much to Alice's relief. She moved over to the line that was starting to form, and she could see a number of lovely treats awaiting her. She grabbed a cheeseburger, some fries, some chicken wings, a fish sandwich a bottle pf apple juice, and a chef salad. For dessert she had grabbed a cherry bread pudding.The worker for the cafeteria stared as Alice walked off, the others right behind her. Alice sat down at a table and the others one by one joined her.

"Hungry much, Alice?" Takeo asked, laughing at the sights on her tray. "At least you like a variety."

"Wait until I get them to make German foods." Alice said in response, taking a bite of the fish sandwich. It was good, very good. Surprisingly, much of the food looked as if gourmet prepared and in rather sizeable portions. Perhaps dinner was made especially to be comforting... and relaxing. "And you're not one to talk." Alice gestured to his own tray. "You have as much if not more than me."
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Rhea smiled as Takeo looked down at his dinner, and then down at her own tray. She'd gotten a cesar salad and a chef salad, a bottle of soda, and a piece of cheese pizza. She guzzled half of her soda in one go, before biting into the salad. She loaded it with ranch dressing, and savored every bite. It was heaven to her, especially for school food.

"So, Mary, is it? Are you liking the school so far? I have to say, it's a shame you missed the first lesson." Rhea laughed and took another drink of her soda.

"Just because you enjoy violence and beating things up doesn't mean everyone does." Takeo chimed in. "Then again, it was a lot of fun."

"Exactly." Rhea remarked. "Much better than the little pool incident. But hey, at least we know now Alice can't drown." Smiling, Rhea winked at Alice. "Oh..." she remarked, looking at Alice's neckline. "I see we kept the necklace."

Alice's hand went to the pretty charm around her neck, and she blushed a little. "It is too pretty too simply be in a lost and found box. If it is the belonging of another student's, then I will gladly return it to them. But, I do not think so. I believe it was meant for me to have." Alice ran her finger along the heart and then the pearl. "I think it was placed there for me, and I cannot shake that feeling."

"It wouldn't surprise me..." Rhea commented, taking a bite of her pizza. "I got a lovely visit earlier from my own mother, and from the pearl in that little charm, I'd say it's logical to assume that necklace is your mother's way of saying hello. And at least your mom gave you a present." Rhea snorted derisively. As if on cue, there was a resounding boom that rumbled the school. The storm Alice had seen had apparently arrived, and with thunderous applause. Everyone at the table jumped, and then seeing everyone else jump, began to laugh.

"Regardless, Alice," Takeo spoke, smiling a little nervously, "it suits you." Alice blushed, and Rhea laughed again. Mary had a smile pulling at her mouth. "Now isn't that sweet." Rhea said, and raised her soda bottle. She jumped onto the table, raising her voice for all to hear. "Here we are, at a school for half demons. Here we are, unable to make heads or tails of our situation. A toast!" Rhea stood, and smiled. "A toast to new lives, new friends, and new memories. May the best of our past be the worst of our future."

One by one the others raised their drinks, and smack them together. All around, other students raised their drinks. Rhea smiled brightly, knowing this was just the beginning of all of their ordeals.

And may God in heaven have mercy upon their enemies. Edited by ExcelExcel
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[size="1"][color="#8B0000"]Jensen Nodded to Asher. [b]"We will meet up later."[/b] He nodded to Crowley as he passed by walking out the door and made his way down the hallways to Takeo's room. He jiggled the door handle finding it locked. He let out a small growl then reached into his wallet and pulled out a card. He stuck it in between the door and the frame and slid it downward till he heard the lock click. He opened the door and saw his books on the table. He cradled them in under his arm and made his way to the cafeteria.

when he got about halfway there a scent reached his nose. [b]"Rain"[/b] As if on cue a loud clap of thunder shook the the school. He continued to head to the cafeteria. Once he got there he grabbed a tray and picked out six steaks that were a little on the bloody side. He looked around and saw Alice, Takeo, Rhea, and Mary sitting together at a table. He made his way towards them but instead of sitting with them he continued till he reached a table that was by the glass wall. He sat down but could still hear there conversation much to his discomfort but the rain was relaxing to watch.

[b]"What's wrong with the meathead"[/b] The sound of Rhea's voice reached his ears.

Takeo's came next. [b]"I didn't hear a single joke or anything from him"[/b]

Jensen spoke loud enough for them to hear. [b]"Alone"[/b] He felt the weird stares coming towards his back. He ignored them and opened his books as he devoured one of his steaks. His eyes skimmed through pages faster and faster. He had always had a good memory for some reason. If it was like what his father had said, all of his kind had this kind of memory. Within an hour Jensen had read the books and just finished his last steak, He stood up leaving the books and walked towards the door leading outside and pushed open the door and walked out into the rain. He within a minute he was soaked, he ran a hand through his hair as he looked around. Finding what he wanted He jumped up onto a stone table then jumped up to the roof catching the lip with his hands and throwing himself up. He turned around looking down into the courtyard and lit himself a cigarette using his hand to shelter it from the rain.

He took a drag and looked up to the dark clouds. Why was he feeling this sudden urge to be alone, not to mention he hardly even felt like talking anymore.

[b]"Its the way we are Vastra brother"[/b]

Jensen's head spun to his left and his breath left him. Sitting right next to him was a dragon no bigger then his arm. Its scales were a bright white and it had its wings folded up over its head like an umbrella. Jensen's first reaction was to grab the thing but the dragon let out a growl.

[b]"I assure you I assure you I can grow bigger. Its something we all can do, we all can shrink and grow to four different sizes. Its what makes us such excellent eyes and ears, eventually you will learn the same once you come home and we can rid you have the weak human blood that infests your veins."[/b]

Jensen took another drag off his cigarette as he turned his attention back to the storm. [b]"Why are you here?"[/b]

[b]"I just wanted to meet my younger brother. Can family not stay in touch, Vastra?"[/b]
"My name is Jensen"[/b]

The dragon flicked its forked tongue out. [b]"Your human name is Jensen, your real name is Vastra."[/b]

Jensen just shrugged. [b]"So earlier you said its the way we are"[/b]

The dragon nodded.[b] "Our kind is a solitary kind, we prefer to be alone in our the company of the ones we trust or our riches whatever that may be. Since your change when you actually felt your true form your instincts have been slowly taking more effect. Hopefully you can control them"[/b]

[b]"And if I can't? What happens then?"[/b] He finished his cigarette and pulled out another and began digging through his pockets to try and find his lighter.

The dragon arced its head next to Jensen's cigarette. [b]"Allow me brother"[/b]

Jensen paused the shrugged and nodded. The little dragon let out a small spurt of flame lighting it.

[b]"If you can't then people will die and you will lose everyone here. Its as simple as that"[/b]

[b]"Why did father's hate towards the wolves transfer to me?"[/b]

[b]"It transferred to all of us. Some of us can just keep it in check others can't. Only time will tell if you can or not"[/b] It stood up and stretched. [b]"Well the talk as been nice brother but its time for me to go"[/b]

Jensen nodded and stood up. [b]"What is your name by the way?"[/b]

[b]"Kilon"[/b] With that Kilon took off and flew into the clouds.

Jensen watched him fly away then stood up and hopped off the roof and pack inside where the four were still sitting and talking. He walked straight up to them causing them to quiet when he drew near. He stood there for a second then held out his hand to Takeo. [b]"Thank you"[/b]

Takeo looked at his hand. [b]"For what?"[/b]

[b]"The books"[/b]

Takeo shook his, a slight confused sound in his voice.[b] "Uhhh sure you no problem"[/b]

Jensen started to turn when he accidently brushed against Mary and a small spark coursed through him for almost a second causing him to pause. He looked from his hand to her.[b] "That was interesting. Well good day to you four. I'm back off to the gym"[/b] He made his way through the hallways until he reached the gym. He stacked weights onto one of the bench press bars and laid back onto the bench and lifted it off the rack. He closed his eyes letting everything he had read from the books course through his mind as he slowly pressed the bar up and down[/color][/size] Edited by Sazabi
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Takeo, Alice, Rhea, and MAry had all been getting to know each other while enjoying dinner time. They were impressed by the selections and variations one could choose but what had them most surprised was the taste. Everyone knows cafeteria food is always weird tasting. But that was besides the point. Jensen had come back inside from the rain and came up to the table where they were sitting. They quieted themselves when he got closer.

"Thank you" Jensen spoke as he reached his hand out to Takeo.

"For what?"

"The books."

"Uhh sure no problem." Takeo responded after finally shaking Jensen's hand again. Jensen then left after letting us know he was headed back to the gym.

Takeo sat there for a moment with a blank look on his face wondering how Jensen got the books from his room even though it was locked. He feared Jensen broke down his door and just left it there but just assumed that he broke the lock or carded his way in. After a little while Takeo was getting the itch to play music again but he didn't want to be rude and just leave. Rhea seemed like the type of girl who would give Takeo a hard time if he got up and left, but she would mean it in a loving way. But he had to do what he had to do.

"I hate to leave you ladies like this but my music itch is calling out to me and I need to get rid of it. It's been nice having dinner with you guys. I'm sure we will do this again. I'll see you later." Takeo said as he grabbed his tray and headed towards the trash can. He dumped whatever was left on the tray and headed back towards the table before going to the exit.

"Alright, Takeo. You take care cutie pie." Rhea spoke as she grabbed his head and pressed it against her chest in an attempt to kill him, although Rhea called it a hug.

"Hey maybe we'll come listen to you play if you don't mind." Alice added as she laughed at Takeo.
"Yeah, see if you're as good as you say you are." Mary said.

Takeo laughed nervously as they said they may come watch him. He was unsure if he wanted them to hear him playing. He made his rounds around the table hugging Alice, Mary, and Rhea again. Although, when he hugged Mary he felt a spark surge through his body that surprised him. "That was weird. I'm sorry Mary. I didn't mean to shock you like that."
He quickly left the room before it got awkward and headed back towards the room with the piano in it. He stopped by his dorm room on the way back to check for smashed doors or a hole in the wall but he didn't find anything. It was as he ended thinking as Jensen had used a card to get in the room. Coming to that conclusion made Takeo remember about the music cards that Chris gave him for Jensen and himself earlier. He noticed Jensen didn't grab his and put it in his pocket to give to him later if he saw him. After a quick bathroom break, Takeo grabbed the books he got about his demon parent and went to the room he was in earlier. Once he got there he realized that the piano had still been where Jensen had moved it earlier. He chuckled as he sat down and began playing a small tune before completely immersing himself in his playing. He was striking the keys hard and passionately as if he was the only one in the entire building. Once again, takeo had been lost in his head as the thoughts of his demon mother ran through his mind. He kept hearing her voice saying his name over and over again "Takeo...Takeo...Takeo...Takeo." He played louder so he wouldn't have to hear the voice anymore. This was his escape from all that caused him worry but he knew he would have to face this voice one day for that is why he is here.
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[font="Courier New"][size="4"][color="#0000ff"]As Takeo passed by the others could see Miriam sitting alone. She had sat with Christopher a while, though he'd left early to catch up on paperwork. Whenever he was around she acted bashfully but what he had named [b][i]spunk[/i][/b] was what hid it so well. She looked down at her plate. It was typical that she'd picked boring food. When she woke up she really wanted to eat something exciting, exotic and maybe even spicy. Cajun sounded good. However, this was the part where she tried to discipline herself. [/color][/size][/font]
[font="Courier New"][size="4"] [/size][/font]
[font="Courier New"][size="4"][color="#0000ff"]Firstly, she had chastised herself over the supposedly lustful feelings she'd had when Christopher was near. The waft of his scent -- a mix of sandalwood and whatever sweet surprises -- came back to her memory with clarity. Secondly, she wasn't about to break any vows and be a glutton. No, she would punish herself with something simple. Bean paste and unbuttered toast. That, and a bottle of water. [/color][/size][/font]
[font="Courier New"][size="4"] [/size][/font]
[font="Courier New"][size="4"][color="#0000ff"]There was that ache of contempt rising, tightening in the very back of her throat. This was the only way she'd be able to make her mark. If she followed the rules -- even though she thought most of them absurd -- she would be able to become a saint. Then she would show her true colours. Not ones of an evil person but of a person who was a positive influence on those in the religious field. She followed these regulations simply so she could gain power and change things. To make things right again.[/color][/size][/font]
[font="Courier New"][size="4"] [/size][/font]
[font="Courier New"][size="4"][color="#0000ff"]Her green eyes flattened, staring at her food. She took her spoon and scooped up some of the bean paste. It was indeed boring. There would be little flavour, if any. Hopefully, it would fill her up. [/color][/size][/font]
[font="Courier New"][size="4"] [/size][/font]
[font="Courier New"][size="4"][color="#0000ff"][b][i]What are you talking about? Spunk is the reason I got put in this place to begin with![/i] [/b]She remembered her own words. It was a constant power struggle between her and the elders of the Convent. She wanted to place women in positions that they had considered abominable. There was no way a woman was to be allowed to usurp the authority of a man and become a Priestess herself! What with all the sexual assault scandals within the church, she would have thought their church would have followed the Greek Orthodox and would have let their Priests marry in order to settle any [i][b]urges [/b][/i]they would have had that would have led to violence. [/color][/size][/font]
[font="Courier New"][size="4"] [/size][/font]
[font="Courier New"][size="4"][color="#0000ff"][i][b]This is the last time we will tolerate your unspeakable behaviour! If you want to act like a demon then, by God, we will show you what demons are like![/b] [/i]Miriam cringed ever so much, remembering the last thing the elders had told her. Her grey veil fell over her back very neatly. There was also a white band over her bangs, mostly hidden by the veil. Quietly, and almost shamefully, she ate the bean paste. This would probably help her get her act together. It would get things back into gear. This was her last chance to prove to the Convent that she was eligible enough to become a full fledged nun, when, however, she really wanted something forbidden. She wanted to be a priestess. [/color][/size][/font]
[font="Courier New"][size="4"] [/size][/font]
[size="4"][font="Courier New"][color="#0000ff"]Setting her spoon down, she twisted off the cap of the bottle and took a drink. She wished that Christopher were still around but she understood that he was a teacher and needed his valuable time to do his job. Miriam gulped down her water and set it down. The bean paste didn't seem very appetizing. She hadn't even touched the toast. Maybe a small prayer of repentance and a fast would do. Yeah, that's what she was going to do. Fast and go somewhere to pray in the privacy of her own dorm. She had to get the silly idea that there was anything special between her and the teacher. Of course, they would tell her that it was an abomination and that she do sixty Hail Mother Gods to purify her thoughts. What a terrible, terrible situation she got herself in.[/color][/font]
[font="Courier New"] [/font]
[font="Courier New"][color="#0000ff"]With a slight sigh, she got up from her spot and went to empty her tray. Setting it down with the other trays. She hadn't noticed, but she was being watched by a small crowd of students. Without taking any consideration to look in the direction the burning eyes had come from, she left the cafeteria to find solitude in her own quarters.[/color][/font][/size] Edited by Happy Heretic Hakira
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Asher wandered down the halls towards his room completly engrossed in the melody emenating from Takeo's room. He'd heard him playing earlier in the day and was impressed by the man's skill. Asher had played violin in high school, and had considered checking to see if he could get one from the school on loan and join him and Jensen the next time they played together, but he just didn't have the heart, or skill, to make a good duet, or trio, partner.

As he turned the corner of the hallway that would take him to his room the lights went out causing him to stop in his tracks. The booming thunder that had been rocking the school for sometime, now sounded as if it were a million miles away. Even Takeo's music seemed distant.

A sudden noise spun Asher around and looked into the black of the hallway he'd come up. Squinting in the dark he could make out two red dots at the other end. He assumed, at first, they were lights off some type of security light whose power was cut off at the moment. That is until they began bouncing up and down and slowly growing larger. He laughed when he found himself thinking they seemed like eyes, that is until a mighty snort and susequent flames from the beasts nostrils confirmed it.

Though he could barley make it out he could see reletively clearly the outline of a large horse trotting towards him. Its hooves were silent, until it picked up speed.

For a moment it was like the storm was letting loose a stream of thunder so fast it bordered on paranormal, and Asher ran. He ran down the hall in the direction he knew his room was in, trying to keep to the left of the hallway to avoid the waterfountain he knew was somewhere to the right. He could feel the creature barring down on him, swore he could feel the beast's hot breath singeing the hairs on the back of his neck.

Risking a look he could see the beasts eyes were in fact only a few feet behind him, but before he could face the direction he was running in his knee slammed into something sending him head over heels. Asher covered his face to protect it from the beasta mighty hooves, but instead of a massive hoof he felt an ice cold hand drag him to his feet.

Risking a peek, and half expecting to have made yet another seen in front of a classmate, Jensen gasped a bit. Instead of the hallway at Cross-Academy he was standing in a giant room lit only by candles. Takeo's sweet music had turned into a sad, mournfull tune that sounded as faint as a whisper in the distance.

There was a large table, and sitting at the far side was a figure dressed completly in black starring, and smiling, at Asher.

[b]"It's so nice to see you my son, its been quite some time."[/b] The man motioned for Asher to take a seat, an offer that no matter how he tried he couldn't fight and before he knew it he was forced into his seat by some unseen means.

[b]"I've never seen you before in my life, who are you?"[/b] Asher found it easy to speak to the man, as if he'd known him all his life.

In an instant the man changed forms, and was the spitting image of Jackson Ferrace, a highschool friend of Asher's who died unexpectantly just before the end of their freshmen year.

[b]"Does this form ring a bell?"[/b] The man changed back as he spoke, [b]"I've waited over two decades to be able to meet you, I had plans for your foster parents but they refused me at every turn. The stupid priests who informed them of what you are tried their best to hide you from me, or at least hide you from my reach. That's why I had to hire those stupid goons to find you and finish the job, breaking the cloaking charm you were blessed with in high school."[/b] The man motioned to a window.

Asher gasped when he could see a swirling maelstrom outside, a few bright dots, almost like stars, peppered the smoke tornado they were in. Three of the dots began growing bigger and bigger, and in a moment there stood both his foster parents and a third man. They frantically beat at the glass without a sound, their mouths open in silent screams and pleas that Asher couldn't read.

Turning towards the man Asher lept from his chair and drew his staff, his finger on the ready to unleash his demonic side. He figured out who the man was, he was going to kill him no matter what the cost.

[b]"It's your fault they're here...well rather it's your own fault they're dead. All I did was call in a couple favors from heaven and had them dropped here in purgatory. They don't have to stay here permanently if you don't want them too."[/b] Asher's finger was still on the skull emblem of his staff, he was curious as to why the urge to unleash his demonoic side wasn't there like it had been since this thing had started.

[b]"I know you don't want anything to do with me and I understand, but you'll come around. The reason I brought you here is for a small proposition. I simply want you to kill your friends Kai and Crowley. Their parents have been upsetting the balance of power and I think they're trying something stupid. I will not let them bring an apocolypse of their own doing, WE ARE THE ONES WHO WERE PROMISED THE TASK OF REAPING THE WORLD NOT THOSE FILTHY DEMONS"[/b] Asher backed away slowly as the man, his father, death in carnates face changed. His eyes glowed a firery red, his skin was pulled taught into a thin transparent membrane showing every detail of the skull underneath. His voice raised until it was as defining as the hoove beats from earlier.

Then at once he went back to the way he was when Asher first arrived, [b]"You see, my son, I am as old as anything, in fact I was created long before anything else god has created. I have been bound by a creature in hell, though I know not who, and as such have no power. In truth, the souls you see out there in the maelstrom are all those who have passed in the past three months. I believe the keys are Kaiel and Crowley. So if you kill them your foster parent's will go to heaven instead of suffering here awaiting a judgement from a god I cannot take their souls too. I'm not asking you to join me or forgive me, that will come when I take you and bring you here in your rightful place."[/b]

Asher blinked for a small moment, and was instantly back in the hallway with Takeo's music filling the air once again. He looked around for some semblence of his father or the room he was in to try and sort it out, though he didn't find anything he did notice a nearby window was covered in something red...he hoped wasn't what he thought it was.

[i]Asher, the key to joining your two sides is to embrace death. Only by eliminating the fear of your true side will you be able to conqueor it[/i]

When he finished reading the words disappeared. He pondered a minute whether or not to try and test the theory, but instead he just shook his head. Asher worried his father was trying to trick him into releasing the 'wicked' and in turn possibly killing Kai and/or Crowley before they could unleash their demon sides.

Though he mourned for his parents, and in truth for all the souls that his father was not able to ferry to heaven, but he couldn't in a million years kill again, especially Kai who had been so nice to him in their couple of interactions, and though he didn't know crowley he had heard him speak and he could tell he was a good person a well.

He pondered for a moment on whether he should or shouldn't tell Kai. He looked up at the door plate that said his name, instead of entering he turned back down the hall and headed towards Kai's room. He didn't know if she would be there, or if he would even tell her. But he had to at least consider it.
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With dinner over, Rhea had long since departed and gone on her way, leaving Takeo and Alice to converse and go about their business. They were getting along fine, though she wasn't the type to admit she was a bit jealous. They'd probably become much closer in the near future, and she hoped for the best for them. She just wasn't cut out for that kind of thing, and so there was no point in even trying for it.

Rhea walked back to the entrance to the school's courtyard, thinking of what she should do now. The wind whipped around the school, blowing the leaves off of the trees. The rain poured down, and she could see it slicing down upon the flowers. Taking a breath, she opened the doors to the courtyard, and immediately became soaked to the bone. She wandered through the rosebushes, until she came to a secluded spot far from any prying eyes that might see her. Sitting down on a cold wet stone bench, she sniffled. Her eyes filled with tears as she thought of who she was. Tough, stubborn, kind, generous... all of these adjectives applied to her. But, what did they boil down to? What did they really mean in the long run? Did they matter?

Rhea balled herself up on the bench, feeling the rain fall upon her body. She made no attempt to shield herself, she knew the rain could mask her tears. Alone was something she knew she would always be. Able to talk her path through life but never with someone at her side, for better or worse. She could have friends, allies, and maybe even the occasional sexual release, but there was nothing beyond that for her. She wasn't wired for it.

Sobbing quietly in the rain, Rhea slowly stopped and sat up again. Drenched and looking like a drowned rat, she stood up, letting her face rise to the sky. The rain drops washed away her tears, bring a sense of a sad, deep kind of peace. Despite everything, she knew she had a good heart and the resolve to keep going, no matter how lonely the long road ahead of her could be. Smiiling and feeling much better after her bit of alone time, she returned to the halls of the school. She couldn't afford to worry about those kind of things, but to weep on occasion and let some kind of emotion out from deep within herself, the emotions she couldn't show anyone else. She couldn't afford to look weak. She had to be the pillar of strength for everyone. Rhea strutted through the halls, quickly resuming her normal demeanor. She passed the nun who seemed lost in her thoughts and somewhat troubled.

"Excuse me, Sister? Are you alright?" Rhea asked, and seemed to catch the nun by surprise.

"Oh! Yes, I'm alright. I'm just a little preoccupied. Is there something I can help you with?" She seemed tentative, although friendly enough.

"No, Sister. I was just concerned for your well being." Rhea smiled, giving the nun a dazzling view of her pearly whites. "Tell me, what brought you here to Cross Academy? It can't just be a thirst to spread knowledge." Rhea crossed her arms, and her smile turned into a knowing smirk. "You're much too young for that."
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[i][font="Courier New"][size="4"][color="#0000ff"]"No, Sister. I was just concerned for your well being." Rhea smiled, giving the nun a dazzling view of her pearly whites. "Tell me, what brought you here to Cross Academy? It can't just be a thirst to spread knowledge." Rhea crossed her arms, and her smile turned into a knowing smirk. "You're much too young for that." [/color][/size][/font][/i]
[i][font="Courier New"][size="4"] [/size][/font][/i]
[size="4"][font="Courier New"][color="#0000ff"]"If you honestly want to know," Miriam replied, "This is punishment for something outrageous I'd done. I won't go into much more detail than that. That is all you need to know. Otherwise, is there something you need? Would you like me to pray for you?"[/color][/font]
[font="Courier New"] [/font]
[font="Courier New"][color="#0000ff"]The nun had felt the chilly sarcasm pouring out from the student's lips when she had mentioned spreading knowledge.[/color][/font]
[font="Courier New"] [/font]
[font="Courier New"][color="#0000ff"]"I could anoint you with oil and pray. I'm sure your human side will cancel out any demonic rejection of the oil."[/color][/font]
[font="Courier New"] [/font]
[font="Courier New"][color="#0000ff"]She was grateful that the young woman had approached her, even if it she did seem on the attack. Being gifted as she was, Miriam could not only feel but experience Rhea's pain. Knowing that the young woman was still raw and trying to numb it out by being forthright, Miriam forgave her.[/color][/font]
[font="Courier New"] [/font]
[font="Courier New"][color="#0000ff"]However, she didn't make any mention to any such release to Rhea. Silence on the matter would probably be more suitable in healing these kinds of wounds. [/color][/font]
[font="Courier New"] [/font]
[font="Courier New"][color="#0000ff"]"Do you have any other classes, today, Miss?" Miriam asked.[/color][/font][/size] Edited by Happy Heretic Hakira
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As Takeo sat there in the quiet for a minute, he pondered just how he was approaching this entire ordeal. It seems like everyone has their own story but somehow some of us are connected. Its strange how none of them have ever met each other but we now treat one another as equals or at least teammates. Takeo began playing again as he thought about each of his new teammates. As he thought about each one, he would play a new tune while changing the timing as well.

First came Mary. Takeo played a soft springlike melody that reminded one of sitting in a nice field. Next came Jensen in which he played stronger on the keys while still maintaining a nice tune. The tune was also strong but had a nice ring to it. The thought Kaiel and Asher then came to Takeo in which he responded with a not as strong melody but still with good harmony between both of his hands. Crowley was next. Takeo played a darker toned melody which seem to speak of hidden sorrow. Next came Rhea. The melody seem to brighten up with strong tones applied to it as well. And finally came Alice in which Takeo played his best. The melody seemed to come full circle as he was coming to a close. Just as Takeo struck the last note a familiar voice began to ring in his head. He then seemed to fade into space as the voice became clearer.

"Bravo, my child. I see you have strong feelings towards those around you now."

"What...Who's there? Why am I even asking....why don't you show yourself...Mother." Takeo began looking around the room for anything weird. Nothing was there.

"Now you don't expect me to respond to such rude words."

"Well I figure you didn't really care about anything as you caused so much pain and torment."

"HAHAHA I see you have been reading about me. That's good my son. learn all you can so you will learn that I am what's right for you. You belong at my side and I won't stop until i have what I want. But you already knew that."

"I see you're really wanting me to join you but I'll never do it. I have no need to control anything unlike you." Takeo then suddenly felt something around his throat. He reached to pull it away but nothing was there. It was like a hand was wrapped around his throat with immense strength.

"LOOK YOU INSOLATE CHILD. I WILL HAVE YOU BY MY SIDE, NO MATTER WHAT ANYONE THINKS. AND IF THAT MEANS I HAVE TO TAKE EVERYTHING FROM YOU THEN SO BE IT." The voice spoked loudly and with alot of anger. Takeo began grasping for air when suddenly the pressure around his neck had gone away.

"You will not take anything away from me. You can't. I will not allow that at all."

"You think you have a say in the matter. Foolish child,you're nothing but a shell of what I am. You think you're doing good with your abilities but you're actually limiting yourself. You only go as far as your mind will allow you to go. You have to expand yourself like I did. When I was through playing basic music, I commanded the wind to be my instrument and it obeyed. When I wanted all of Japan, I commanded Tokugawa to take it for me and he obeyed...just like you will soon. Haha I'cve spent enough time with you today my son. I'll take my leave but know that I'll be there watching you....you and your precious little Alice as well. HAHAHAHAHA" The voice faded away with the sound of a cackle.

"NO...GET BACK HERE. You better not harm or even speak to Alice if you know what's good for you." Takeo let out a loud grunt as he realized he was alone again. His mother's words were still ringing through his head. He couldn't shake the fact that his mother was always near and that she was watching him and everything he did. And the thought of her talking to or hurting Alice was almost too much for Takeo to bear. He clinched his fists really tight and banged it against the chair. His emotions were getting the better of him so he decided to filter them through his music. Although this time while playing, he struck the keys in a very strong way. The music was so loud it could be heard anywhere in the school but Takeo didn't care as this was his way of calming down. After a short time, Takeo had stopped playing again and was just sitting there. He opened another book to learn more about his mother as he was anxious on how he could overcome something so devoted to its cause of wanting everything, including the world. The only way to find out was to learn all he could from the books and also learn to control his own powers.
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The nun didn't know she was being quite insulting, pointing out Rhea's only half human heritage. "No, Sister. I don't think so at the moment." Rhea smiled wide, her smile friendly though warning, carefully conceiling her long canines. "Might I tell you something, Sister?"

"Yes... what is it?" The nun smiled, genuinely wanting to know.

"I may be half human, but trust me when I say I'm all woman. I would caution against such remarks in the future, especially around Alice. She's a nice girl, but I wouldn't want to make her angry. And, the others might not look too kindly on it either. I'm forgiving, once, or if lucky, twice." Rhea moved closer, her body freely expressing a kind of tough love. "But, I'm not so sure about the others. I recommend you keep that in mind. While I'm sure you truly meant no harm, some of the others might not think so." Rhea smiled again, this time her canines quite visible, and while her smile was jovial, her canines were to say the least unnerving. "Just a thought for you." Rhea sauntered off, happily heading back her room before the nun could say anything in kind to her.

As Rhea walked, she thought of Jensen, her own words echoing in her head. He had been mouthy, and he had deserved what he got for that, but wasn't really deserving of the angry outburst she had delivered upon him for his deliberately taking the blow to himself. Perhaps if she were to go apologize she might feel better about the situation. As she walked the halls of the school, she listened to the sounds of the students. I seemed that like in any school, various cliques were forming. The jocks, the geeks, the emos, the preppy chicks... all of it. But,that didn't much to her.

Eventually, she found herself back at the gym. Jensen was there, lifting weights. "So, I see you made your way back." Jensen grunted.

"Yeah, I did. I came for a rematch. A serious match." Rhea looked down on him, wary.

"Really..." Jensen looked up at her, placing the weights on the stand beside him. "And what if I say 'no' to that, Miss Tallows?"

"Then I walk away." Rhea shrugged, looking down at him and simply waiting. "I will apologize for earlier when I became so angry. I had expected a fight, and that tactic felt like a back stab."

"I must apologize then as well. Perhaps a friendly request that spelled out my actions would have been better?" Jensen's shoulder lifted in a shrug. "Well, if you want a real fight, then I guess I can do that. You ready to take some hits, too?" He asked her a question in kind, his request of her, and she smiled. "Of course. I think you'll find a fight with me can be quite a bit of fun."

"Fine. Might I suggest you get dressed for the ring?" Jensen had a faint smile playing about his lips. "Or are you just going to keep your school outfit?"

"I think a school girl costume might be best for me. I used to fight in rings in one." Rhea smiled, and walked back over to the ring, picking up a pair of light weight boxing gloves. "Just promise me you'll give me your all this time. No being gentle just because I'm a girl."

"I promise. Now, let's get to it." Jensen climbed into the ring, and Rhea moved to the opposite corner. With a quick nod, the two began their match.
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[size="1"][color="#8B0000"]ooc: Finally a chance for me to write about how my character actually would be in a fight.

Jensen watched her carefully. Their styles were complete opposite ends of the spectrum. He was a brute, a tank and that his size and build would allow him to soak up most of her hits while she was fast and agile and would be hard to catch. All he had to do was get his hands on her and then it would be over. He just had to outlast the many blows until he did catch her. He knew Rhea knew the same thing as well.

With a nod they went at it. Rhea easily escaping his punches or grabs and constantly delivered kicks and punches to any exposed areas she could reach at that time. Jensen just shook off the first inital wave of attacks, tightening his muscles right before she struck. Red marks could been seen starting to form all over his chest, ribs, back, and thighs with a few on the sides of his face when a kick would catch him across the jaw. After the first minute they backed off and noticed at students were starting to crowd around them. Both of them were breathing heavy as Jensen had been taking blow after blow and Rhea had been driving herself hard, doing her best to break down Jensen.

They started circling both cracking a smile when they heard kids making bets. Jensen looked at her curiously. [b]"Who got under your skin?"[/b]

Rhea smiled at him challengingly. [b]"What makes it so sure its not you?"[/b]

[b]"Cause if it was me i would be able to tell but it looks like the anger towards someone else is being vented right now."[/b]

[b]"Its was one of the holy people"[/b]

Jensen cracked a smile. [b]"Holy people, the high and mighty. they pretend like they understand and can help us so we can fight their war for them. Or at least thats how i see it. In my eyes they want us to fight against our demonic parents and Hell so it shifts the balance in their favor. But thats just me"[/b] He swung but Rhea ducked and delivered a sweep kick to the back of his legs like she had done in the hallway. Jensen let out a laugh as he just tensed and she rolled away getting back into her stance. [b]"Come on did you really think that would work"[/b]

[b]"Worked last time"[/b]

[b]"Hey I gotta let the girl win at least once. Get boring if I won everytime"[/b] He smiled as she scowled at him. [b]"Come on you really think a meathead like me would drop from one kick that went anywhere else but the groin. Unless you were stronger then me I think not."[/b]

[b]"Don't get to high and mighty, you still haven't laid a hit yet"[/b] She spun around his incoming hand slamming her elbow into his ribs making him grunt a little. She managed to land a knee in the spine before having to back off to keep from getting caught.

Jensen let out a laugh. [b]"Thats just cause your fast while I am not but you know the moment I get my hands on you its done"[/b]

She smiled. [b]"Oh don't worry I know but thats if you do"[/b] And with that they were back at it. After another minute they broke again. The marks on Jensen's body starting to turn to bruises. [b]"You know eventually I am going to break you down"[/b]

[b]"Depends on if I catch you before then or if you run out of energy"[/b]

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Alice was restless. She'd long since departed the company of the others, and grown tired of reading, for once. The appeal of the school called to her. If this was to be her home, then she needed to know about it. All of it. She knew that at a place like this, there had to be emergency exits. And not ones that were blatantly obvious. Alice had taken her sword with her, wrapped up in a deep purple satin cloth, sword and sheath both. It was on her back, ready to be drawn. Wandering the school, as well, and unexpectedly there was the nun. She looked quite pretty in the window, her blonde hair hanging loosely about her face, her eyes caught in the flashing thunder. Unfortunately, the nun was completely aware of her all too quickly, when Alice walked loudly down the hall to bring the poor woman crashing back to earth.

"Oh! You frightened me."

"Well, sister, we are half demon." Alice smiled widely, her demeanor bright and cheerful, albeit loud. "Sometimes we just kind of... pop up."

"Oh... well I suppose so. I'm sorry, I didn't quite get your name earlier, but with the commotion of the pool earlier... I think you're quite the talk of the school. It is nice to meet you, Alice, I am-"

"Sister Miriam Merriweather. I know. I think I might know a thing or two. I remember your name tag from earlier. It is nice to meet you as well. However, I'll put forth my invitation to join some of the students and I possibly for lunch tomorrow. It would be nice if you could." Alice looked down some, so surprised she had been to forward. "But, I am afraid that I am not exactly kosher by many standards. But, I am on my way somewhere, so I can't stay for long now. How about you show up at our table tomorrow.? Please, it would be nice. Now, good bye for a short time, and I hope you come to our table."

With that, Alice was off, whisking away, her face as red as a tomato. Off and away, until she came to another dark hall of empty classrooms. and flashing windows. Looking outside at the terrible storm raging still, it might have had an effect on her like the moth to the flame. Her eyes faintly glowed in the dark, And her breathing became short, heavy pants. Near her, she saw an escape into the rain that called her to it. The water... Such a hazy, addicting call.

The power was hers. All of it. Opening the doors to the outside, she ventured into the down pour. The water was wonderful on her skin, each cold drop making her feel so much more at home than ever after her mother's demise. She smiled, and walked forward, unsure of exactly where she was. Then, she saw them. Sword practicing posts. Reaching up to grasp her sword, she could feel it, its power pulsing inside of her. Unwrapping carefully and unsheathing it, its silver blade almost shown it was so reflective. All the better, she supposed. Looking at her own face within the sword, she could see her truth. Her face was still just as smooth, though with an unhealthy tone of blue and grey with an almost slick look upon it. Her eyes were solid black with only minute traces of purple within them.

"So that is what my other side looks like." Alice commented. "How so less different I look than I believed." Alice aimed her sword at the dummy, feeling her power flow increase, or perhaps return to her. It was an interesting thought.

Launching herself at the pole, she slipped in the deep mud and fell face first into it. "Why was I even out here?" She cried, wailing at the top of her lungs.
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Rhea smiled, enjoying herself. Her school uniform was easy enough to move in, and she indeed packed more of a punch than she was letting on. Granted, probably nothing like Jensen could full force, but she wasn't going to be admitting that any time soon.

Nor was she going to be admitting just how much she could take.

Jensen spun himself around to try to land a kick in Rhea's side, bust she moved her arm to block any real damage. Using her other hand, she brought it under his calf and thrust upward, knocking him off balance as he had his center of balance knocked for a loop. He stumbled backwards, surprised Rhea had easily done such a maneuver.

"I think that its safe to assume I'm plenty creative myself." Rhea said, thrusting her fist forward again into Jensen's chest. Down he went, onto his back, with Rhea smiling at him. "You're too slow. Let's change that up a bit." With a drop kick from the deepest pits of hell itself, she brought her legs down onto Jensen, and even he had to grunt to take such a blow.Holding her torso up by her hands, her chins were perched precariously on top of Jensen's crossed arms. "Playing for keeps, are we?"

"Of course." Rhea smirked, her grin wide and excited. "Now let's get you up." Rhea heaved her body up and spun it to bring her heel down on Jensen, but he managed to catch her leg and deflect the blow while rolling aside and away from the other leg coming to bear upon him. At once Rhea rolled away and onto her feet and was sprinting across the ring. Jensen had managed to get to his knees, when he looked up to see Rhea aiming a death blow for his head. Throwing up his arms, he was hit full force, sending him rolling across the mat. However, he heard Rhea coming at him again, and dodged to the left if only to block another of her hits, this time sending him into a corner post. He threw up his arms again, taking Rhea's very fast and very powerful hits.

"Jeeze! Are you trying to kill me?" Jensen asked, completely caught off guard by her power. "Okay! I admit I underestimated you! Happy?!"

"Not quite!" Rhea threw another punch, this time she sticking it. "I told you I'd give it my all. Do you think our enemies will give quarter or show mercy? And if this little dance is going to have any meaning, we need to prepare. And that means fighting until we can't anymore." Her eyes narrowed, her grin becoming far more sinister in the overhead lights. "You still up for this fight?"

"Always." Jensen shoved Rhea off of him, she laughing as she rolled away and then flipped to her feet. "Excellent... Now let's really dance."

Rhea giggled psychotically, crouching down. Jensen could only blink at her. What was up with this chick?

Rhea launched herself at Jensen, leaping across the ring at him, a crazy grin on her face from ear to ear. Jensen swung at her, and she whirled out of his way, raising her elbow to slam it into his side. "Still having fun?"

"Never more." Jensen said, and he took Rhea for a spin. He brought his knee up into Rhea, catching her by surprise. Using the knee as momentum, Rhea thrust downward and brought her legs up, curling under her. Using Jensen's leg again, she stomped downward, to go sailing away to catch her breath.

"Not bad, little girl." Jensen and Rhea circled each other, Rhea visibly enjoying herself. "You're pretty good yourself." she retorted. Again she went at him, her legs aiming blows almost every time, but Jensen was able to take them all, moving just enough each time to not receive the full brunt of her blows. She was definitely fast, but strong as well.

Jensen brought his foot up while Rhea was off balance, aiming for his spleen. He smiled as he kicked out, landing a heavy blow to Rhea's abdomen, knocking her down and her breath out of her. She landed on her back, unable to draw in a breath. Jensen smirked, it was his turn to have her on the defensive. He winded up a kick, and directed it at Rhea. She rolled, and he hit her in the back, sending her twirling through the air. She reached out and grasped the ring's elastic line, and brought her feet onto it, perching like a canary. She was able to draw in a breath again, and her psychotic grin returned as she bounced back at him within a matter of seconds.

Suddenly, and without warning, the doors leading outside flew open, revealing little Alice. She was looking pretty rough, soaked from the rain and with muddy splotches.

"Alice?" Rhea immediately forgot all about the match, landing in a heap. Scrambling to get up, she went running for Alice while tossing her gloves aside. "Oh my god... Are you okay?"

Alice only smiled wearily. "I am fine. I just slipped in the mud."

"And you're soaked! Jesus Christ, Alice! I know I told you to flaunt what you got, but this isn't what I meant!" Whirling, Rhea pointed at Jensen, and spoke menacingly. "You say one word and I swear I'll shove my fist so far up your ass you'll be doing sign language out of your mouth."

Throwing his hands up in surrender, Jensen only smiled and sighed. "Alright, I won't violate her delicate sensibilities." Jensen turned around, away from Alice's see-through clothing. Rhea only took off her own shirt and covered Alice with it.

"But... what about you?" Alice asked, looking on at Rhea in nothing but a skirt and a leaf green bra.

"Don't worry about it." Rhea leaned over, grasping a shirt that had been thrown over a weight bench. "Thanks, Jensen." she called after putting it on and walking over to the exit into the school."

"What? Hey!" He called out, but Rhea only smiled back at him. "I can't be showing off my girls more than once a day to the school. Come by my room later to get it." And off Rhea went with Alice, smiling.

Jensen could only stare after Rhea in disbelief, and shaking his head. "Hm. Rhea's room... now that's a scary thought..." Edited by ExcelExcel
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[size="1"][color="#880000]Jensen made his way back o his room passing Asher along the way who laughed looking at him.

[b]"Showing off are we now?"[/b]

Jensen walked past him. [b]"Rhea took my shirt"[/b] His voice was impassive and uncaring.

Asher grabbed his wrist stopping him. [b]"You alright. Its alittle weird not hearing anymore jokes"[/b]

Jensen turned to him, his face and eyes void of emotion. [b]"Another time"[/b] He wrenched his arm away and walked into his room. The lights were off save the dim flicker of light from one of the candles he had placed around his room. He proceeded to light the rest before grabbing a new shirt, basking the room in a very weak dim glow. He sat down at his desk looking at the open books that covered it. There were books here on everyone's parents, including his own. Ancient drawings, scrolls, and papers were taped or stapled all over the walls. He began sifting through pages when he heard a voice.

[b]"Why did you not fight true with that little brat?"[/b]

His eyes darted over to see a small dragon with gleaming red sclaes sitting perched onto his dresser, that was the same size as Kilon. [b]"Does it really matter?"[/b]

The dragon let out a spout of flame. [b]"Come now Vastra, you spent almost all of your waking moments on this miserable planet strengthing your body and killing your nerves. I know damn well most those hits didn't hurt as bad and you wouldn't of fallen that easy on the ground"[/b]

Jensen shrugged. [b]"I slipped, she had fun, she won. End of story"[/b]

The dragon's voice raised with an aggressive tone. [b]"How could you let your honor come second to some stupid girl?"[/b]

Anothre voice joined the chorus. [/b]"Come now Hiras its not honor you speak of but pride. And there was nothing wrong with what Vastra did"[/b]

Jensen turned to see a green scaled one curled up on his bed. [b]"What is this a family reunion in my room? You should of called I would have straightened up a it"[/b]

The green one let out a chuckled while Hiras just huffed. [b]"Hiras has always been the headstrong one"[/b]

Hiras let out a snarl. [b]"Shut your mouth Veni. Vastra should of put that girl in her place. She is not a dragon she does not carry the nobility that we do. She is just so common lowlife offspring of another lowlife demon."[/b]

Veni let out a sigh as Jensen lit a cigarette. [b]"So your saying I should of not of done what I did"[/b]

Hiras arched his neck. [b]"I would of broken every bone in her frail little body the moment i got one hand on her if it was me. I would have smashed her around like his was the little doll she was"[/b]

[b]"But it wasn't now was it brother?"[/b] Veni looked at him expecantly

[b]"Shut your mouth sister. The dragon's honor holds no place for sympathy"[/b]

Jensen shook his head. [b]"I have one disfunctional family"[/b]

Veni nodded. [b]"we are just like everyone else. We all have our quirks tht make us unique. Like Hiras' obession with honor and always proving that dragon's are the higher beings"[/b]

[b]"Cause we are. Which is why you shouldn't of let that little ***** walk over you like you did and make you look like something you aren't and mar what ti means to be a dragon."[/b]

Jensen rubbed his temples. [b]"This has all been great but I would like some peace and quiet now"[/b] With that they were both gone, causing him to shake his head. [b]"This is starting to be more trouble then its worth"[/b] He took another drag off his cigarette as he went back to flipping pages. Beofre he knew it hours had passed and he was starting to feel hungry again. He put out his cigarette in his ashtray and made his way to the cafeteria as they were setting out dinner. He decided to go with a whole plate of lamb chops that were slightly on the bloody side. He chose a table off in the corner away from the other students content to lose himself in his books. when he had finished the plate he pushed it away and continued reading in the fading light coming through the windows. He paused to wonder just how many more brothers and sisters he had, that and what exatcly the school was trying to do for them. It was at that moment Crowley and Kaile walked in. Jensen motioned for Crowley to come over.

[b]"Hey I need some of your blood so I can change and figure out the exent of my other side."[/b]

Crowley pasued for a second looking around. He left then came back out of the kitchen with a knife and a small container. He cut a small gash along his left arm letting enough blood flow that the small container was a quarter of the way filled. With that they nodded and parted ways.

Jensen turned back to his book as he stuck the container in the back of his pocket. He filled the pages becomeing interested in the different rituals it had listed. It was then he noticed Mary. He gave a small wave and motioned for her to sit down. [b]"So Mary if i remember correctly, I havent realy seen you that much around here. What the hell you been getting yourself into?"[/b][/color][/size] Edited by Sazabi
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Alice and Rhea walked to her room, in order for her to change clothing. Rhea was perfectly content it seemed to just wear Jensen's shirt for the moment. Alice changed into an over sized shirt that obviously made to fit a man much bigger than she.

"Interesting choice of pajamas." Rhea commented, and smiled. "How about we head back to my room and take all the books on demons with us? Jensen is supposed to drop by later for his shirt."

"Um.. okay." Alice started gathering the mentioned books, and smiled suddenly. "Are you sure that he'd want the shirt back? You are stretching it." Alice pointed at Rhea's boobs, and how much indeed the fabric of the shirt was stretched.

"The sooner I take it off, the better. All it needs is washed and it will go back to normal, provided I take it off soon." Rhea winked, and smiled. "I've learned a few things myself living on my own."

"I've read countless books, perhaps I can teach you a few more." Alice looked down at her feet, smiling sheepishly. "I know how to make explosives from household items. I know everything about seventeen different vehicles."

"Explosives? Really?"

"Yes... you would be surprised at what one can learn simply by reading various books. I merely was curious when I was reading such books. But now, perhaps it will be put to good use." Alice's smile faded, her eyes hidden by her bangs and in shadow. "But... we're going to be fighting demons... Powerful ones. I doubt that a bomb made from various chemical cleaners will be of much use." Alice, while not moving a muscle, shed a single tear. Rhea moved to her, putting her arms around Alice. "It's okay, Alice. It'll be okay. You never know until you try. And so what if a bleach bomb doesn't work? At least it'll be flashy." Rhea chuckled some, and placed her hand on Alice's chin, forcing her to look into Rhea's eyes. "Don't worry about things that aren't happening yet. As for bomb-making, sure, I'll learn some of that. I honestly don't think there's a class here for that sort of thing."

Alice nodded, smiling again. "You are much like an older sister to me."

"And you're far more like a little sister to me. Come on, let's go. At least the flowers I have in my room will smell pretty while we work."

With a smile and a happy chatter, the two walked just a short distance down the hall to Rhea's room. On entering, Alice inhaled the scent of roses, noticing the flowers themselves just a few seconds later. "Yes, I can see why you wanted to come back to your room, it does smell nice."

"Yeah, I like it well enough. It's better than a gym that smalls like a ball sack."

Alice grimanced, making only one comment. "Disgusting. Thank you for that wonderful description."

"You're oh so welcome." Rhea giggled. Picking up a book on demonic plants, Rhea then tossed it over to her bed, and took off Jensen's shirt. She went over to her closet and picked out a nice, slinky lingerie in dark green. Aside from the breasts and the panties, it was a sheer fabric, and one that would show off her body nicely. It wouldn't garner any thrills from Alice, but that was alright.

When finished dressing, she sat down on the bed, and looked over Alice pouring over her own book. Alice's eyes scoured over the pages, she reading at a pace normal people usually weren't capable of. She was flipping a page a minute, unless there was a picture.

Alice was immersed in her book, and the many pictures of the various water demons were breathtakingly beautiful and elegant looking. There were pictures of water borne serenity, and others of the savage power of the wrathful seas. The amazing powers of the waters of the world and of those within hell it seemed to know no bounds and were filled with unlimited versatility. The book went into detail about the various powers her mother had been seen to use, including that of wiping out entire coastal towns. But, something just didn't seem right about the stories. Many times, it seemed that Camille of the Waters just suddenly and irrevocably attacked, with no warning and no mercy after having displayed a kind of benevolence that humans were incapable of giving. Out of the entire book, it seemed that there was only one attack on Camille's part that was even remotely justified, and that was because of humans deliberately attempting to poison her through dumping toxic poisons into the waters of her domain, after an attempt to force her to leave the lake had failed. The poisons killed nearly everything in the lake, but not Camille. She rose from the water, raining the same polluted water down upon her victims, killing them all slowly and painfully, as they had done to every fish and animal that had drank from the toxic water. Any who survived this attack were slaughtered outright, she leaving only a few to tell of her wrath.

Alice thought that this story alone held truth in its entirety, and the other stories in the book perhaps omitted certain details. But, that seemed like the most plausible explanation as humans were infamous for altering their own works to suit those in power, and those who wished to continue spinning the propaganda wheel over and over. She had spotted several inconsistencies throughout the book, and this only made it more obvious. Alice's eyes narrowed, and she shook her head in disgust.

"Alice? Something wrong?"

"This book is loaded with stories that have so much omitted from them they are worth little more than garbage!" Alice closed the book, trembling in anger. "If the writes of this... this... filth are going to spout this from their pens, then they should at least tell the whole story!" Alice heaved the book across the room, it slamming into the wall.
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