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[center][font="Garamond"][size="5"][b]This is Earth Land, Year X784.[/b][/size][/center][/font]


[font=garamond]It is inhabited by nearly 300 million Humans split between 14 Kingdoms. Among these people, a small percentage are able to utilize a powerful natural energy in the world known as [i]Magic[/i]. Many Kingdoms in Earth Land buy and trade magic every day, making it an integral part of people's lives. As well, there are those who use magic as their occupation. Those people are referred to as Mages. These Mages belong to various guilds, and perform jobs on commission. There are a large number of guilds all over Earth Land, one of the most famous being Fairy Tail located in Magnolia, a city in the Kingdom of Fiore. But that is not where our story begins. To the south of the military giant that is Pergrande Kingdom lies the rivaling Kingdoms of Sin and Enca.

The Kingdom Sin has long looked down upon all forms of magic - those born with the innate ability to preform magic are despised alongside those that use it on a daily basis. Believing that magic was a sign of the end, a downfall of humanity, the Kingdom of Sin has long since persecuted magic used within their nation. Rumors tell of dark times in Sinâ??s past, where babes born with these mystical powers were slaughtered in their infancy. However, despite the High Council of Sinâ??s unflinchingly brutal laws, some mothers managed to smuggle their children across the narrow waters dividing their nation and the neighboring nation of Enca. Within Enca, they knew that their children would be safe, for the people of Enca saw magic as a blessing, and not a curse.

Stories of these atrocities began to fade from the world, turning to legend of barbarism, and ultimately, merely a whisper of a rumor. Centuries passed, and now, children with magic abilities are no longer born in Sin, leaving it devoid of all forms of magic. With magic flourishing across the waters in Enca, the people of Sin remain resentful of this mystical power, seeing Mages as the enemies of the world. Thankfully for the people of Enca, a long-standing alliance between the Kingdoms of Pergrande, Bellum, and Desierto has kept them safe â?? against such overwhelming odds, the High Council of Sin remains to this day too scared to make a bold move against who they feel are their mortal enemies.

Over the years Enca became to be known as a "Mage Paradise" and began to attract travelers from Kingdoms all over Earth Land. Nearly everyone in Enca uses magic, leaving little need for guilds to take on job requests. Any requests that do manage to find their way on to a request board are quickly taken by Council officials from the Alliance as a â??taxâ? for protecting Enca. Sadly, while Enca should have become a thriving Mage community, has instead become a nation of farmers and fishermen, their magical abilities going to waste.

A group of young Mages born and raised in the city of Bearden, capital of the Kingdom of Enca look towards a brighter future. Since they were children they heard tales about Mage Guilds in distant lands where Mages went on exciting adventures and dangerous quests using their abilities to battle monsters and defeat their enemies. Now, finally old enough to make their own decisions, they have chosen to set out on a journey from their Guild in Bearden, through the dense forestry of Enca, across the Break of Sin and through the Kingdom itself. They hope to reach Pergrande Kingdom where, in the city of Grayhaven they wish to join the famous Mage Guild known as...[/font]


[font="Book Antiqua"]In the desert Kingdom of Sin lies the capital city of Jonua. In the center of the bustling city lies Castle Darkwall, a looming reminder to Jonua's citizens that they are always being watched. Atop this dark fortress, overlooking the entire city, the King, robed in his royal dark purple clothing, watched his people rush around the streets. Buying and trading food and other products the people seemed happy but are constantly tormented by the city walls which prevent them from ever leaving and seeing the world. Every city in Sin was like this. Nobody was allowed in and nobody was allowed out.

A very small old man in a ragged potato sack cloak stumbled up to the Kings side and tugged at his cape.

[b]"Your Highness, a letter has arrived from Master Kairo."[/b] he muttered nervously. The King brushed the servants hand off his cloak.

[b]"Don't touch me with your filthy hands."[/b] he commanded, grabbing the letter from the servant. The man bowed graciously and left the room quietly as the King read his letter aloud.

[b]"Dear King Treadese, The United Council of Earth Land has been informed of your recent actions taken along the borders of Sin and Pergrande and your actions will no longer be toler-- blabbity blah."[/b] the King crumpled up the letter and tossed it on the ground.

[i]Soon,[/i] he thought to himself. [i]Soon the Council will be begging me for mercy as I threaten to wipe out them and the entire Mage population with a mere wave of my hand. Then I will be truly respected! Humanity will enter a whole new age. An age of science and discovery! Where no magic exists! All I need is him... [b]Aldere[/b]. Once I have his power then I will be unstoppable! All of Earth Land will hail the name Treadese![/i]


[b]"Where'd they come from?"[/b] asked a tall, slender young lady with long mint green hair. She wore a hooded velvet emerald cape held together by the golden broach of a dragon's head. It draped over her shoulders, reaching the ground. A dark green belt tied around her waist turned her mint green under tunic into a skirt. She had black stockings on underneath so the skirt mostly just for show. She wore two distinctly golden hooped earrings and brown leather gloves on her hands. Among all the green in her outfit, what really stood out the most were her piercing green eyes. The symbol of her guild, the sword known as Excalibur, was visible on her left thigh.

A man slightly taller than her also wearing a hooded robe stood next to her. [b]"Well, I don't know Asylva. Why don't you ask them?"[/b] he snickered as the girl scoffed at his remark. He had shaggy white hair and dark hazel eyes although both were barely visible due to his golden embroidered hood of white and red dipped well past his forehead. Unlike Asylva, his robe seconded as a shirt as well, the short white sleeves extending only to his elbows. He wore nothing underneath the robe so you could easily make out his chiseled abs beneath, something that made the ladies all over swoon. To top it off he wore dark blue jeans and brown leather shoes, the sword of Excalibur visibly pointing blade down centered at the top of his chest. This was the man known as Striker.

[b]"Just ready your weapons; we don't know how powerful they are."[/b] warned a third member of the team. He was taller than either Asylva or Striker by at least a foot though his armor made it difficult to tell. He was dressed in a full suit of black armor bound together by platinum. A red cape wrapped around his neck flowed freely in the wind with the symbol of Excalibur on the back. The knight raised a large two handed sword in the air, the golden hilt glimmering the sunlight and rested it upon his shoulder.

[b]"Are you ready? Chance?[/b] he asked the fourth and final member of their team. She was a young girl, at least half the height of any of the other three with short pink hair held together by a flowered headband. She wore a purple dress with pink ribbons holding everything together. The symbol of Excalibur could be found on the palm of her left hand. She looked up to the knight and smiled at him.

[b]"As long as you're here, Edward!"[/b] she said, grabbing his arm and rubbing her cheek against the cool steel of his armored forearm. The Knight looked to their enemies ahead of them, a hoard of shadowy figures in the distance, most likely petty thieves not yet realizing who they were about to fight. Edward took the sword off his shoulder and with one arm, pointed it toward the horizon.

[b]"For Excalibur!"[/b] he yelled, charging forward with surprising speed for such a bulky person. His three companions closed their eyes for no longer than a moment, clasping their hands together in various seals. Asylva was the first to finish.

[b]"Roar of the Forest Dragon!"[/b] she yelled, opening her eyes. A green magic circle appeared briefly below her feet as a stream of trees grew out from the ground in front of her at an alarming pace and strength headed straight for their enemies. It was as if a forest was growing in a straight line in just a matter of seconds. The trees that reached the foes tossed them into the air effortlessly just by growing from beneath them so quickly. Soon after the attack, the trees all dissipated and sank back into the ground.

[b]"Luck Magic! Lucky Dodge!"[/b] shouted Chance. A pink magic circle appeared around the feet of her three companions, seemingly buffing their magical powers.

[b]"Enhancement... Speed."[/b] said Striker, calmly. A red magic circle appeared above his head and a faint red glow radiated from him. "Smell." the magic circle grew larger and the glow brighter. Striker listed off more senses, each time his magic circle growing slightly larger and his aura getting slightly brighter.

[b]"Sight. Taste. Sound."[/b] Soon the fighter was erupting with red magic, ready to battle. He glared down his opponents in the distance, who were already now in close combat with Edward as Asylva and Chance continued to aid from the distance.

[b]"Now you'll learn why they call me Striker."[/b] he muttered before disappearing from his location and reappearing in the midst of the brawl.[/font]


As you may have already realized this is an RP based on the Fairy Tail universe. You do not need a whole lot of knowledge about the show in order to participate so feel free to join if you are feeling hesitant. If you have any questions feel free to shoot me a PM or ask in the Backstage thread located [url=http://www.otakuboards.com/index.php?/topic/45157-excalibur-guild-hall/]here[/url]. All you really need to know is this world (Earth Land) is filled with Mages who perform jobs on request to make a living. These jobs will often lead us on adventures and will always end up getting us involved in more trouble than we bargained for. If you have not read or watched Fairy Tail, I highly recommend it.

[b][u]Basic Info[/u][/b]
[b]Nickname:[/b] None of us are famous so just a name that your close friends would call you.
[b]Age:[/b] Between 15 and 25 preferably but you can be older.
[b]Gender:[/b] M/F
[b]Casual Appearance:[/b] A picture and a brief description. This section isn't required.
[b]Battle Appearance:[/b] A picture and a brief description is best.

[b][u]Magical Info[/u][/b]
[b]Circle Colour:[/b] Every time a Mage casts a spell, a [url=http://t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR2gSDK87kN8z6gR_mDCvAn5GE4su2lRcI5uR_bGwY3F5vxUnOH-RWYWqnW]magic circle[/url] appears near them or their target (normally around the feet or hands). For each Mage it is a different colour - what's yours?
[b]Type:[/b] There are 2 main types of magic, Caster and Holder.

"Caster Magic - It is Magic that is expelled from the body as opposed to Magic done through the use of a weapon or outside source." -Fairy Tail Wiki
"Holder Magic - It is Magic that requires a Mage to use an external source to produce the Magic." -Fairy Tail Wiki

Either option consumes your own magical energy to use. A good example of Caster Magic is [url=http://fairytail.wikia.com/wiki/Element_Maker_Magic]Element Maker Magic[/url] (although you should try to stay away from Elements), and a good example of Holder Magic is [url=http://fairytail.wikia.com/wiki/The_Knight]Celestial Spirit Magic[/url]. If you have an idea of what you want to do but aren't sure what category in falls in just put "not sure" here and I'll PM you.
[b]Magic:[/b] Here you can be as creative as you want. There are all kinds of various magics in the Fairy Tail universe and you're not limited to just those. Click [url=http://fairytail.wikia.com/wiki/Magic]here[/url] for more information on Fairy Tail magic.
[b]Magical Items/Spells:[/b] If you use some sort of Holder magic, what items do you hold and what do they allow you to do? If you're a Caster what specific spells can you cast and what do they do? You don't need to list everything, but the more information the better.
[u]Basic Items/Spells:[/u] Items/Spells you know/have from the start.
[u]Moderate Items/Spells:[/u] Items/Spells that you will learn early on.
[u]Advanced Items/Spells:[/u] Items/Spells that you will learn much later (this section is optional).

[b][u]Other Info[/u][/b]
[b]Personality:[/b] What is your character like?
[b]Background:[/b] A brief history of your characters life. You can either already be a member of Excalibur and meet us at the Guild or you can be native to Enca like most of us will be.
[b]Flashback:[/b] A brief glimpse at a moment in your characters past.


[b][u][size="4"][font="Garamond"]My Sign-Up[/font][/size][/u][/b]
[b][u]Basic Info[/u][/b]
[b]Name:[/b] Veran Fairsteel
[b]Nickname:[/b] None yet
[b]Age:[/b] 18
[b]Gender:[/b] Male
[b]Casual Appearance:[/b]
[b]Battle Appearance:[/b]
Because of his unique ability to equip armor on the fly, Veran is able to travel and start fights in his casual attire. When he needs to get serious he then switches to his standard battle outfit. This is also to save magical energy as just having magical items equipped consumes energy. Click [url=http://img855.imageshack.us/img855/7341/tier2.jpg]here[/url] for his battle outfit.

[b][u]Magical Info[/u][/b]
[b]Circle Colour:[/b] Silver
[b]Type:[/b] Holder Magic
[b]Magic:[/b] "The Knight" ([i]Requip Magic[/i]) - Requip allows Veran to store various magical weapons and armor in pocket dimensions. He can use this ability to change weapons or armor during a battle, giving him a high level of flexibility in combat.
[b]Magical Items:[/b] For the most part Veran uses specific weapons with certain sets of armor normally because the magical properties of the pieces of equipment compliment eachother. He calls these "Armor Sets" and he organizes them by Tier, saving the strongest for last.
[indent][size="4"][b][u]Basic Items:[/u][/b][/size]
[u][b]Tier 1[/b][/u]
[b]Sword:[/b] [url=http://img194.imageshack.us/img194/4788/mirrorblade.jpg][i]Mirror Blade[/i][/url]
[i]Grants user [b]Telekinetic[/b] control over the blade.[/i]
[i]Allows use of the spell [b]"Mirror"[/b][/i]
[b]Mirror[/b] - [i]When used, an illusion of the Mirror Blade is created, also controlled by the user. A total of three blades can be created this way.[/i]
[b]Armor:[/b] [url=http://img5.imageshack.us/img5/163/tier1.jpg][i]Casual Outfit[/i][/url] [i](no magical properties)[/i]

[u][b]Tier 2[/b] aka "Firebreaker"[/u]
[b]Sword:[/b] [url=http://img607.imageshack.us/img607/9428/shieldbreaker.jpg][i]Shieldbreaker[/i][/url]
[i][b]+25%[/b] Damage versus Shields and Heavy Armor[/i]
[i]Allows use of the spell [b]"Split"[/b][/i]
[b]Split[/b] - [i]When this spell is cast, the user can split an incoming magical attack in two with Shieldbreaker.[/i]
[b]Armor: [/b][url=http://img8.imageshack.us/img8/8084/tier2w.jpg][i]Garb of the Sundodger[/i][/url]
[i][b]+25%[/b] resistance against flame attacks.[/i]

[size="4"][b][u]Moderate Items:[/u][/b][/size]
[u][b]Tier 3[/b] aka "Iron Knuckle"[/u]
[b]Sword:[/b] [url=http://img684.imageshack.us/img684/2362/scabard.jpg][i]Scabbard[/i][/url]
[i][b]+5% [/b]Acrobatic Skill
[b]+10%[/b] Reflexes[/i]
[i]Every time a fight is won with this sword sheathed the entire time, it grows exponentially in power. All the gathered power would be released in the first attack if the weapon were unsheathed.[/i]
[b]Armor:[/b] [url=http://img231.imageshack.us/img231/9932/tier3.jpg]Light Punch[/url]
[b]Lightweight[/b] - [i]Armor weight magically reduced by [b]75%[/b][/i]
[i][b]+25%[/b] Melee Damage[/i]
[i]Every time the wearer lands a hit on the enemy it increases the users sheathed weapons magical potency by 1% per hit. The magical energy built up is released in the first attack of the weapon if it is unsheathed.[/i]

[u][b]Tier 4[/b] aka "Noble Defender"[/u]
[b]Sword:[/b] [url=http://img254.imageshack.us/img254/6307/crystalsword.jpg]Veritas[/url]
[b]Magical Script engraved on the Sword:[/b] [i]"All that stand in the presence of Veritas shall not spin webs of lies or thou shall be erased from humanity."[/i]
[b]Shield:[/b] [url=http://img684.imageshack.us/img684/359/tier4.jpg]Magic Eater[/url]
[i][b]+25% [/b]Armor[/i]
[i]Chance on blocking a magical attack to absorb the magical energy as your own.[/i]
[b]Armor:[/b] [url=http://img684.imageshack.us/img684/359/tier4.jpg]Justice[/url]
[i][b]+50% [/b]Resistance to Death Magic[/i]

[size="4"][b][u]Advanced Items:[/u][/b][/size]
[u][b]Tier 7[/b] aka "Champion of the Sun"[/u]
Click [url=http://img802.imageshack.us/img802/2889/tier5.jpg]Here[/url]
[b][u]Other Info[/u][/b]
[b]Personality:[/b] Veran is a kind and amiable individual who enjoys the company of others. He's quite sociable, talking often with his guild members. He tries to stay optimistic in the worst of situations and is usually the first person to break an awkward silence. What he lacks in knowledge he makes up for in wisdom, always trusting his gut and past experiences - and he is normally right. He's also sympathetic to others needs, able to put himself in someone else's shoes easily. Understanding two different points of views and getting those two people to see eye to eye is normally a simple task for him. On top of all that he's fearless and very protective of his guild members which makes him a natural leader. He often fills in the role without even realizing it, always walking at the front of the group, dictating tasks to different members or just calming everyone down in a bad situation.

On the other hand he's prideful to a fault and very quick-tempered. This deadly combination gets him into trouble more often than not. If you insult him, his friends or his guild in even the slightest way, a little twig in his head will snap and Veran will probably charge you full force, sword drawn despite how powerful the enemy may seem. Like most good Mages, he taps into greater magical power when protecting the ones he loves.
[b]Background:[/b] Veran comes from a family of five where everyone has magical abilities. His older brother left Enca when Veran was 9 to become a Mage in Pregrande Kingdom. Verans father and mother were both well-known Mages in Excalibur before they moved to Enca 30 years ago.

Veran grew up living with his parents and grandfather, a retired Knight-Captain of Pergrande's Royal Guard. As a child his father and mother filled his head with tales of exciting adventures they went on as Mages. He would often watch his Grandfather train with his sword in the backyard, mimicing the different techniques from an early age. Eventually his Grandfather began teaching him the ways of swordfighting and requip magic.

In school, Veran would often get into fights. He was a very hotheaded child and would jump any other kid that disagreed with him. Eventually he learned to settle down and gained some valuable friends. Each year that passed Veran grew kinder and braver.

For the past few years, Veran and a few of his friends have been trying to jumpstart their guild in Enca known as "New Moon." In the two years it's been around nobody has joined and they've only recieved one job request - to retrieve a cat from a tree. It's this lack of work for Mages in Enca that's inspired the group to head to Pergrande.
[indent][b]"Requip Magic: Short Sword!"[/b] a young boy around the age of 10 stood in the center of a small sparring arena. He had jet black hair with even darker eyes and wore a brown and white apprentices robe. He stood face to face with an older man dressed in knights armor (of the non magical sort).

A brilliant light expanded from the boys hands forming the shape of a sword. The light materialized into the sword completely and the boy grabbed the handle before it fell to the ground.

[b]"I did it!"[/b] he exclaimed. [b]"I finally did it right!"[/b] He thrusted the short sword into the air triumphantly smiling ear to ear. The man in front of him let out a chuckle and kneeled in front of the black haired boy, his left hand resting on the handle of his own sword.

[b]"Not bad for only a days work. Pretty soon you'll be able to Requip [i]magical [/i]items."[/b] the man smirked at the boy pat his head, messing his hair a bit.

[b]"You really think so? Two weeks ago I didn't think I[i] had[/i] any magic. Now I'm summoning swords from other dimensions!"[/b] he exclaimed happily. The man stood back up as the boy playfully sliced the sword through the air, pretending to slash the throats of his enemies. Without warning, the old man flicked the wrist of his left hand, unsheathing his sword and disarming the boys smaller blade in one fluid motion. He pointed the tip of his blade at the boys nose. The boy watched his short sword fall to the ground and instantly backed up when the sword neared his face.

[b]"Of course,"[/b] the old man started, sheathing his sword. [b]"Summoning your weapon is only half the fight. You must also learn to properly wield it."[/b][/indent]


[center][color="#696969"]So there you have it! I've provided additional information on the Guild and some of its members in the Backstage thread located [url=http://www.otakuboards.com/index.php?/topic/45157-excalibur-guild-hall/]here[/url]. You can also use that thread for any questions or comments you have about the RP. Thanks for taking the time to read and I hope I've caught your interest![/color][/center] Edited by Happy
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This sounds really interesting. I'm definitely going to watch this to learn more. I hope my sign in is good enough.

[b]Basic Info[/b]
[b]Name[/b]: Raibyr Wildstorm
[b]Nickname[/b]: no nickname
[b]Age:[/b] 21
[b]Gender[/b]: Male
[b]Casual Appearance[/b]: [img]http://i592.photobucket.com/albums/tt7/Sara_Shadow/Other%20Anime/hot_anime_guy-1.jpg[/img]

[b]Battle Appearance[/b]: Raibyr doesn't have any armor made for a knight or anything but he does change up his wardrobe a bit. He attire looks similar to this: [img]http://i210.photobucket.com/albums/bb32/chibi__hinata/fire%20emblem/nasir.jpg[/img]

[b]Magical Info[/b]
[b]Circle Colour[/b]: Green
[b]Type:[/b] Caster Magic
[b]Magic[/b]: Wind Magic
[b]Magical Items/Spells[/b]: Raibyr likes to use a short sword along with his magic abilities.

[b]Basic Spells[/b]:
[b]Speedy Gust[/b]- able to summon a small ball of wind that is quite fast.

[b]Tornado[/b]- able to surround the body with a small tornado to add more force to strikes delivered.

[b]Moderate Spells[/b]:
[b]Mighty Gale[/b]- summons strongs winds and fires them at enemies. Attack is wide ranged and wild thus can be very dispersed in some areas of the attack. Dangerous if used up close.

[b]Storm Step[/b]- summons small amount of wind around feet to allow user to move significantly faster. Nowhere near as fast as High Speed magic users.

[b]Wind Blade[/b]- forms a circular blade from wind that can be thrown by the user.

[b]Advanced Spells[/b]:
[b]Heaven's Tempest[/b]- one of the strongest wind based magic attacks known. summons a large amount of wind and is compressed into a medium sized sphere. The sphere is then thrown at target in which it will entrap the target and tear it apart from the high force winds occurring inside the sphere. Anything that touches the sphere will also get ensnared inside the sphere. Things on the outside of the sphere feel strong wind from the attack but not enough to do major damage.

[b]Other Info[/b]
[b]Personality[/b]: Raibyr is a kind hearted person who believes everyone has the right to chose his/her own path. He is adventurous and always looking to discover something new. He is quite friendly and hardly ever dislikes someone unless they stomped on his beliefs. His ambitions to be a great mage drive his decisions in life as he wants to be a model person for younger generations to look at and admire. His main fault is that he can be very brash at times. He is quick to rush into something without knowing the entire situation and can say things that don't go over well with everyone around him. Usually its something stupid. But besides that Raibyr is a calm, bright person.

[b]Background[/b]: Raibyr grew up in Enca as the son of two retired Mages. Both of them were part of a guild in Pergrande and had acquired a modest amount of fame during their time as guild mages. They moved to Enca once they decided to settle down. Raibyr always had a lot of friends as a kid. He and his friends would always pretend to be saving the world with their magic until they actually learned to use it actually. Raibyr always wanted to be a part of a guild and got his chance when he and a couple of his friends formed the "New Moon" guild. This new guild never really turned into much as they didn't hardly any requests. This forced them to make the decision to travel to Pergrande in search of a real guild to join up with.


"Im going to be the best Mage ever. No one is going to be better than me. But to be the best I have to practice. These barrels should do," a young boy said as he held his hand out towards two barrels near his home.

"Wind Magic: Speedy Gust" the young boy yelled. He released a small ball of wind towards the two barrels. He blew one straight back while the other began to roll towards the street. "Uh oh," the boy said. He stood there with a paused look on his face as he watched the barrel about to crash into some people. Suddenly a man leaped in front of the barrel and stopped it with his foot. he picked it up and returned it back to it proper place.

"It's good that you're practicing Raibyr but you must learn to use your magic in a wiser manner my son. You can't use it wildly or it will be no good to you or anyone else," the man said to the young boy.

"Now come, let me show you what being a mage is all about. We shall go to a more open area so no one will get hurt," the man chuckled as his son followed him.

The two of them walked to an open field where the man began to teach his son in the ways of wind magic.
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This sounds really fun :P Big fan of Fairy Tail.

[u][b]Basic Info[/b][/u]

[b]Name:[/b] Claire Hawthorn

[b]Nickname:[/b] None as of yet. Iâ??ll leave it to your characters to decide. :P

[b]Age:[/b] 17

[b]Gender:[/b] F

[b]Casual Appearance:[/b] [url="http://media.photobucket.com/image/Serah/DIGITAL_HOMIE/Misc/Serah_Farron_003.png"]Claire[/url].

[b]Battle Appearance:[/b] Despite being a Holder Mage using requip, Claire does not possess the ability to store full bodies of armor. Because of this she chooses to wear her casual clothing into combat, using the magical abilities of her scythes to compensate for her lack of armor.

[u][b]Magical Info[/b][/u]

[b]Circle Colour:[/b] Purple

[b]Type:[/b] Holder Magic

[b]Magic:[/b] â??The Shinigamiâ? (Requip Magic) This is basically a scythe oriented version of â??The Knightâ? and other Requip magics. (If you hadnâ??t already guess that :P) Allows Claire to store weapons inside of pocket dimensions and call them at will with magic.

[b]Magical Items/Spells:[/b]

Every weapon that Claire uses is a Scythe as they are the only weapons that she feels comfortable using. Different scythes allow her to have access to a wide range of skills that compensate for her lack of ability to re-quip armors.

[u]Basic Items/Spells:[/u]

[b]Scythe[/b]: [url="http://www.profilebrand.com/imgs/layouts/34fantasy/1346/1346_L-grim-reaper-skull-throne.jpg"]Shinigami Scythe[/url]

[i]Allows the user to call upon two skeletal allies from under the ground to aid them in battle. These skeletons guard the user against attacks with shields made of hardened bone. They do not possess combat abilities beyond this however. [/i]
[b]Scythe: [/b][url="http://fc01.deviantart.net/fs17/f/2007/143/d/a/Marluxia__s_Scythe_by_YenSid_kun.jpg"]Extendo Scythe[/url] (Lol I'm terrible with naming things, I'll probably change this)

[i]Allows the user to access the spell [/i][b][i]Extend.[/i][/b]
[b]Extend - [/b][i]The user is able to extend the blade of the scythe outwards in order to hook around enemies easier. The blade can extend to twice the normal length and can easily shift directions as if made of rubber. The longer the blade extends, the more of a toll it takes on the Scythe's user. [/i]


[i]*Going to Edit with More*[/i]

[u]Moderate Items/Spells:[/u]

*Going to Edit with More*

[u]Advanced Items/Spells:[/u] Items/Spells that you will learn much later (this section is optional).

*Going to Edit with More*

[u][b]Other Info[/b][/u]

[b]Personality:[/b] Claire is bright, cheerful, and direct. She takes notice of everyone and has no problem with meeting new people. Sheâ??s enthusiastic (maybe a little [i]too[/i] enthusiastic at times) and confident in her abilities and in her overall being. She is fiercely competitive and sometimes she can be described as bossy and assertive as she has no problems telling people when they need to shape up and do better at whatever task theyâ??re doing. She constantly strives to do the best she can at any task and expects others to be able to keep up with her. Because of this she sometimes forgets to consider the feelings of others, which can result in conflicts with her fellow Mages.

In battle, Claireâ??s determination knows no bounds and she faces down an enemy no matter how strong they are. Sheâ??s not afraid to fight dirty and can often be found just punching an enemy in the face rather than using her weapons. Sheâ??s not so keen on battle plans and would rather just charge into battle and give it her all.

Despite her overall air of confidence, Claire can be extremely sensitive to criticism and failure. She has no tolerance for her own failure and often when she does fail, she falls victim to feelings of depression and can often be found crying or screaming into her pillow at night.

She can often be seen lounging around with a book or scroll as she finds books to hold all the knowledge one could ever need.

[b]Background:[/b] When Claire was seven years old, both her mother and father passed away, leaving her to live with her Grandparents in Enca. It was soon revealed to her that her parents had both died while trying to complete a higher level job for their Mage guild and that both of them would be remembered for their good deeds as mages. This was the first time Claire had heard of Mages and although she was devastated by the loss of her parents, she couldnâ??t help but feel a thirst for magic.

As time passed, Claire pleaded with her grandfather to teach her how to wield magical weapons, as that had once been his speciality. Although he declined many times, saying it would lead her to the same fate as her parents, he reluctantly began to teach Claire how to wield weapons and requip them. When it finally came time to choose a weapon to specialize in, Claire chose the Scythe.

In recent years, Claire has honed her skills and believes herself to be ready to finally join a guild just like her parents. She has her eyes set on one guild in particular: Excalibur.


[i][b]â??Out of all the weapons you could have picked, why choose that?â?[/b][/i][i] asked her Grandfather, pointing at the sleek weapon in her hand.[/i]
Claire gave her grandfather a smile and rubbed her hands up and down the sleek wooden grip of her scythe. The sharp black blade at the end gleamed in the afternoon sunlight. Although it felt a little bit heavy in her hands, she couldnâ??t help but find the weapon beautiful.[/i]
[b]â??It just..called out to me, Gramps,â?[/b] she replied cheerfully. [/i][i][b]â??So will you teach me how to fight now that I have weapon?â?[/b][/i]
[/i][/b][i]Her grandfather looked her over a few more times, taking in the small eleven year old girl wielding a giant scythe in his back garden and then suddenly he began to laugh heartily. [b]â??You look just like your mother at that age,â? [/b]he exclaimed, [b]â??although your mother was never one to want to use exotic weapons like that.â?[/b][/i][i]
[i]He walked over to where she stood and rested a hand atop her head. [b]â??Yeah, Iâ??ll teach you how to use it, but you have to promise to at least give a normal sword a try, I canâ??t imagine you swinging that thing around in a fight!â?[/b][/i]

[i]Claire beamed up at him and give him an affectionate peck on the cheek.[/i]

[i][b]â??Not a chance, this is the weapon Iâ??m using and thatâ??s that! Now teach me!â?[/b] she replied.[/i]

[i]Her grandfather chuckled and then backed away a few feet. [b]â??Alright, but please do your best not chop down any of your grandmotherâ??s plants with that thing.â?[/b] He said playfully. He drew his sword from the sheath at his waist and pointed it at her.[/i]

[i][b]â??Are you ready?â?[/b] he asked.[/i]

[i][b]"Bring it on, Gramps!"[/b][/i]

Edited by Mr.Nightfall32
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[color="#696969"][font="Tahoma"]Wow I'm glad this has generated some interest! ^_^

Great sign-up, [b]Humaru[/b]. I especially liked your battle outfit. Just one thing (and you may already know this)... because you are a Caster Mage you can't equip magical items so your sword is just a regular sword with no magical properties. You can still use it like a normal sword (stabbing people and whatnot) but it will be ineffective against [i]magical[/i] weapons, armor and magic spells. Just want to make that clear. :)

[b]Mr.Nightfall32[/b], good sign-up as well. I like your scythe idea a lot! The skeletons sound pretty cool, I look forward to seeing the rest of it. :D

For those that haven't signed-up yet and are looking to do so please consider the following: we now have a close range tank who uses re-quip magic (weapons & armor), a close-mid range damager who uses re-quip magic (weapons & weapon spells), a long range damager who uses wind magic and I've got someone else signing-up who I believe will be a mid-long range damager.

We've got a lot of Mages with re-quip magic now so try and stay away from that. Remember there are lots of types of Holder Magic other than re-quip. Some examples being magic cards that let you cast various spells, magic rings that let you use illusions, spellbooks that contain a plethora of spells, staffs that you do different things, keys that let you summon spirits, and even a magic pen for writing magic script in the air to cast spells. We could use more support roles like a healer or a summoner but more damagers is fine as well.

Looking forward to seeing more![/font][/color] Edited by Happy
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[size="4"][b]Name:[/b] Terra Vuala [/size]
[b]Nickname:[/b] Spy
[b]Age:[/b] 22
[b]Gender:[/b] Female
[b]Casual Appearance:[/b] She obviously doesn't wear the same thing every day, however it would take a miracle to get her in a dress or anything "Girly." Her favorite color is green so its not uncommon to find her wearing it. One thing that never changes is she has a hat of some sort.
[b]Battle Appearance:[/b] [img]http://i619.photobucket.com/albums/tt278/PandasQ/Rachel.jpg[/img]
She wears comfortable, warm clothing, since she absolutely detests being cold, especially during a fight.

[b]Circle Color:[/b] [b][color="#FF8C00"]Amber[/color][/b]
[b]Type:[/b] Caster
[b]Magic:[/b] Portal magic. an even number of navy blue, smoky portals spiral into existence. the maximum size, distance between them, and certain qualities of these portals change based on the level of the spell. the length of time each portal lasts is about one minute or until the user caster uses another spell. The user can actually see where the portals lead simply by looking through them, however it is rare to find anyone else that can. Portals are also a physical object, and though they may displace air, any object denser than that will not allow the portal to form, this makes placing a portal between walls, inside of people, or underground impossible.

[b]Basic spell:[/b]
[u]Portals[/u]. Two portals appear within fifty feet of each other and the caster. They can grow just big enough to fit a person.

[b]Moderate spell:[/b]
[u]Vortex Portals[/u]. Same as [i]Portals[/i], except one of them has a strong pull, and the other has a strong push. This allows the caster to suck an unwilling person inside, then forcibly throw them out with increased velocity.
[/b][u]Moving Portals[/u]. Same as [i]Portals[/i], except one or both portals are "thrown" and transport whatever they come in contact with. The object is teliported, but no acceleration or deceleration occurs.
Multi-Portals[/u]. up to three sets of portals are created at once. The effects of the portals are the same as the basic spell form.

[b]Advanced spells[/b]

[u]Long Distance Portals[/u]. Same as [i]Portals[/i], except the distance between the two is increased to about one mile.

[u]Giant Portals[/u]. Same as[i] Portals[/i], except the size is drastically increased, up to a 30 feet in diameter.

[u]Vortex Moving Multi-Portals[/u]. The portals made have all the attributes of the moderate spells.

[b]Other Info[/b]
[b]Personality:[/b] Terra is a cautious fighter, but when she sees an opportunity she strikes without hesitation. She spends a large amount of time gathering information about her opponent(s) before mounting an offensive. People often see this as cowardly, but she doesn't mind since she usually comes back from fights without as much as a scratch. Off the battlefield she typically is meddling with other peoples affairs. She can be noesy and annoying, but she typically just wants to help others with their problems. Though she tries to get in other peoples business she rarely allows others to help her out, or even know about them. She is also a very temperamental when it comes to two things: Being looked down on, or treated unequally by men, and being cold.

[b]Background:[/b] Terra was born on the sea, and lived most of her life there. Her mother was a traveler on a cargo ship and her father was the captain. Pregnancy at sea was difficult and her mother became resentful of the child before she was even born. After the birth Terra wasn't an easy child, and this just made the relationship between the two worse. At the next port, her mother left without a word, or her newborn child. The captain raised her on his own from then on. Terra showed signs of magical talent early on, and eventually became strong enough to defend against pirates. She worked hard, but her life was a happy one, but all good things come to an end. At the age of 16 her father became very sick. He died in two weeks time, the cause was likely phenimonia and since they where out at sea there was no way he could get to a doctor. Her father left her the ship, but the crew did not come with it. They were sympathetic, but they parted ways as soon as they reached port. She ended up selling the ship, and living off it. Instead of getting sad, she began to get spiteful, blaming the crew for abandoning her, since she thought she could be a captain. Her goal is to own a battleship someday, and have an amazing crew of mages. In order to afford this, as well as just to be able to live under a roof, she started working at Excalibur.

[b]Flashback:[/b] Terra woke up to the sound of feverish knocking on her apartment door. She leapt out of bed only to be greeted with the morning chill, so she returned to the solitude of her covers. The knocking got even louder, "[b] I am gonna come in there if you don't open up... you know the rent was due last week![/b]" said the landlady in her screechy, unpleasant tone. Terra once again hopped out of bed, grabbing her blanket this time, then summoned a portal to the tenants room below her's. The setting changed to a much more sterile atmosphere, where there were no clothes or empty food containers laying around. There was also a man sitting at the table in the mini-kitchen. He put down the newspaper he was reading, then took a sip of his coffee. Her sudden appearance in his room was not an uncommon occurrence.

"[b]Running from the Landlady again[/b]?" groaned Matt. He got up, grabbed a bowl, and spooned some pre-made oatmeal into it. He then set it in front of Terra, and went back to the newspaper.

She took a seat and allowed one slender arm to breach the blankets protective barrier. "[b] I wouldn't have to run if those sexist pigs on that fishing rig would have given me a job." [/b]She said while in between bites.

[b]"Its been a year, and you pay half my rent. 50,000 jewels a month is a sweet deal." [/b]He handed a page of his newspaper to her, "[b] You need money fast, so join the local guild. You said you used to fight pirates right?"[/b]

She the article about the Lucky 4, the strongest team in Excalibur. [b]"If I get killed, I am so gonna haunt you...."[/b] Edited by CaNz
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[font="Times New Roman"][size="5"][color="#000000"]Basic Info[/color] [/size]
[size="3"][color="#000000"][b]Name:[/b] [/color][color="#000000"]Ormaz'd[/color]
[/b][/color][color="#000000"][b]Age[/b]: [/color][color="#000000"]23[/color]
[color="#000000"][b]Gender[/b]: [/color][color="#000000"]Male[/color]
[/size][color="#000000"][b][size="3"]Casual Appearance:[/size]
Ormaz'd has burnt orange hair with some golden streaks, and auburn eyes with golden rings around his pupils. He wears a combination of the two outfits shown: the white shirt and white with black lining jacket from his main picture with the sleeves rolled up, and the bottom half of the second, but the pants are black.[/color]
[color="#000000"][b]Battle Appearance[/b]: Same as casual appearance.[/color][/size]
[size="5"]Magical Info[/size][/color]
[size="3"][color="#000000"][b]Circle Colour[/b]: [/color][color="#000000"]Burnt Orange[/color]
[color="#000000"][b]Type:[/b] [/color][color="#000000"]Caster Magic[/color]
[color="#000000"][b]Magic:[/b] [/color][color="#000000"]Seal Magic- Ormaz'd has the ability to place magic seals on the ground, his body, the enemy and rarely even in the air for a variety of effects. The more precisely drawn the seal is, the more powerful it is.
[/color][color="#000000"][b]Magical Items/Spells:[/b][/color][color="#000000"][b]
[/b][/color][color="#000000"]Basic Spells:[/color]
[color="#000000"][i]Explode- [/i][/color][color="#000000"]Ormaz'd traces a circle on whatever body part he so chooses, usually his fists, and then draws in the characters for strike and then a number inside the circle. After this is done, when Ormaz'd punches his opponent, a a concentrated explosion of magical energy erupts into the opponent, subsequently also pushing them away. The intensity of the attack is raised depending on what number is used. One is the weakest, but is able to be used quickly and repeatedly, and ten is the strongest, but extremely taxing to use and should not be used more than once a day. He can also prepare this seal on his heels before battle, so that in battle he can activate them to launch himself at his opponent, or on his vital spots so if an enemy attacks him there it will literally 'blow up in that person's face'.

[/color][color="#000000"][i]Trap- [/i][/color][color="#000000"]Ormaz'd traces a circle in the ground, usually with his foot to avoid garnering the enemy's attention. Then Ormaz'd lures his opponent onto the circle, whereupon metal tendrils spring from the ground and bind the enemy. This spell works by levels as well, but due to the imprecise circles drawn even at level 10 the spell is still only moderately restrictive. If he takes the time to draw the seal on the ground with his hands it's much more effective.
Moderate Spells:
[/color][color="#000000"][i]Shoot- [/i][/color][color="#000000"]He creates this seal b[/color][color="#000000"]y rubbing the index and middle finger of both hands together. This allows him to fire three different types of magical bullets: Frenzy Shot, which are tiny, quick firing bullets that are low in strength but can be used at any distance; Heavy Shot, which are slower firing and lose strength the further away they're shot, but are much more powerful; and Bomb Shot, launches cannonball sized bullets at the opponent for massive destructive damage, although they take longer to cast and consume a decent amount of energy.

[/color][color="#000000"][i]Bad Day- [/i][/color][color="#000000"]This seal is prepared on Ormaz'd's fist, like Explode, and is supplanted onto the enemy upon contact. This seal is a gamble spell, and upon activation causes a random negative status effect to overcome the enemy, ranging from the less severe sneezing ailment, to the more severe paralysis ailment. Sometimes it will simply turn into the spell Explode.

[i]Shield- [/i]One of the few spells Ormaz'd draws in the air, the spell is formed by him creating a large circle using the index and middle finger of each hand, which instantly materializes as a magical shield. To keep the shield going, however, Ormaz'd has to continuously draw in more ornate decorations onto the shield, as well as words describing his feelings at the moment. However, but continuously strengthening the seal he is also continuously sapping his magical energy. Stronger spells can require a long period of fortification, which might result in him adequately defending against the attack, but unable to counter attack. This will become less arduous with training, however.

[/color][color="#000000"][i]Heal-[/i][/color][color="#000000"]Although this spell's primary use is healing, it's actually a time-reduction spell. By drawing a seal on an ally, the seal will accelerate the person's body so that their magic is replenished more rapidly. This works on a number system as well, and Ormaz'd usually only uses spells of level 5 or below, as anything higher, while making it so that the recipient can recover almost instantly, will have extreme side-effects on the body and may even cause the person to actually age.[/color] Time reduction might have other applications, but Ormaz'd isn't savvy to them yet.[color="#000000"]

Advanced Spells:
[/color][color="#000000"][i]Seal of Solomon- [/i][/color][/size][color="#000000"][size="3"]The most powerful seal, it is drawn over Ormaz'd's chest and acts a release for his magical powers, so that his magic is always flowing out into the battlefield. This is a double edged blade-- any enemy able to utilize or absorb magic can take this released magic for themselves, but in this released state Ormaz'd can create seals by manipulating his energy, enabling him to use seals anywhere on the battlefield, multiple times even.[/size] [/color][color="#000000"]
Other Info[/size][/color]
[size="3"][color="#000000"][b]Personality:[/b] [/color][color="#000000"]Ormaz'd is a mischievous and playful person by nature, known both for his tendency to flirt with women and to play pranks on others, such as placing level one explosion seals in people's food or on their chairs. When he's not playing a prank, he's usually in the foreground of every event, casually chatting with anyone who will listen or anyone who needs a pick-me-up. He's also somewhat enigmatic; he rarely ever speaks about himself or his past, and is always seen smiling, even when he's in dire trouble.

When danger arises he feigns disinterest, and refuses to face it unless one of the female members of the guild asks him sweetly, or until he is dragged into battle. During battle he maintains his goofy disposition as a means to trick his opponent into underestimating him. However, when facing an extremely powerful opponent or when his allies are harmed, he fights with amazing resolve and displays an astounding aptitude for strategy, although his attitude stays basically the same.[/color] [color="#000000"]
Background:[/b][/color][color="#000000"] Ormaz'd was the middle child of three boys born to the great mage [url="http://www.zerochan.net/237432"]Phersu[/url] and his wife [url="http://www.zerochan.net/545271"]Uni[/url] in Enca. Phersu was a powerful Summoner Mage and Uni was an Earth Dragon Slayer, so their children were all born with a great deal of magical power, but Oramz'd was born the weakest. His eldest brother, [url="http://www.zerochan.net/804085"]Bald'r[/url], was a holder mage and he channeled his ability, called Silent Vow, through the lantern he carries. Bald'r could manipulate the white flame within the lantern, which, upon making contact with another object, forced that object to make a 'vow' to never hurt Bald'r. His younger brother, [url="http://www.zerochan.net/804052"]Gabri'el[/url], utilized caster magic which he called Trumpet, which allowed him to turn sound into concussive force. Due to the uniqueness and power of his brother's abilities they received much more attention than Ormaz'd, but he was never jealous of them; he had no interest in being a public spectacle, and he felt that he didn't have to worry about others taking interest in him simply because of his magic.

Ormaz'd's life was relatively normal for a number of years, where he would simply practice his magic and spend time with his friends. He generally avoided going home, as his brothers grew up to be cocky and hubristic, and had taken to bullying him. Since his parents, for one reason or another, refused to punish their sons, Ormaz'd opted to stay either in the library during the nights, or increasingly, at his girlfriend [url="http://sonohara.donmai.us/data/ed9e9a7daef91087068edcfe417b9c0a.jpg"]Verity[/url] house. Unfortunately, his freedom was short lived. One evening when Ormaz'd returned home from a visit to the library he found Verity tied up, sporting an odd new tattoo on her neck of a Mountian bathed in golden flames. He discovered from his family that they had created a new guild, [b]Olympian Fire[/b], because they felt that their magic was superior to the other mages of Enca. Their goal was to become the strongest guild in existence, and to annihilate weaker guilds and mages in general. Despite Ormaz'd being 'too weak' for their standards, they offered to allow him to live and either get stronger and face them, or hide forever lest they find him and kill him.

After this Ormaz'd wandered around Enca, eventually settling in the city of Bearden. He met the younger Veran and his friends, and joined New Moon as their 'chaperon', or at least that's what he called himself. Although at first he was content to lay low with them, he eventually grew ashamed of his cowardice and wholeheartedly agreed with Veran's decision to join Excalibur. He doesn't know if his family, or Verity, are alive or if they were defeated by another guild, but if they reappear he doesn't want to be caught unprepared.
[b]Flashback:[/b][/color][color="#000000"] [b]"A cat... in a tree?"[/b]

Ormaz'd dropped his smile for the first time in a couple of months after the man in front of him finished his sentence. He was the first person to walk into their guild house, aside from some of the other guild member's parents... And he came in to ask that they rescue his cat. From. A. Tree.

[b]"Yah, Mittens strolled up there yesterday and refuses to come down. I used my flight magic to try and grab him but he scratched me. So I thought to myself, I thought, hey! Those New Moon guys never have anything to do. I'm sure they won't mind getting scratched up," [/b]the man said nonchalantly. Despite being across the room from him, Ormaz'd could see Veran's face contort with anger, and Raibyr was forced to hold him back. Ormaz'd smiled at his lively friend and waved, wordlessly mouthing to Raibyr to grab him tighter. He then clapped his hands and stood up from his chair, so that he was face to face with the man.

[b]"Hey sure, I'll get your cat down. Uh... we should go now though," [/b]he finished, noticing that Veran had almost broken out of Raibyr's grip. Ormaz'd grabbed the man by the arm and escorted him out of the building, and as he closed the door behind him he heard a loud crashing noise. Ormaz'd held the door shut, yelled for the man to run, and then after a few moments sprinted after him as well. About five minutes later they slowed their pace, as no one had charged after them yet. Their employer shook his head and laughed.

[b]"Man, you New Moon losers are even funnier than I thought! I'm gonna have a great time telling this to the guys," [/b]he said, following it up with a loud, obnoxious laugh. Ormaz'd simply smiled at the man, but secretly ran through a list of things he'd rather be doing than dealing with things--basically everything. He spent the rest of the walk thinking about this, completely blocking out whatever the other man was saying, until he felt the man's hand press against his chest and stop him in his track. Ormaz'd raised an eyebrow at the man, fully intent on simply tagging him with an explode seal and leaving him to his fate, when he noticed that they had finally arrived at their destination.

[b]"Think you can get him down?" [/b]the man said, his voice dripping with mockery. It wasn't a tree he had brought Ormaz'd to. It was a tower made of wood. It was easily as large as two houses, and it was the only tree in the neighborhood this size. Meaning... this tree was made by magic. Undoubtedly the magic of one of his employers friends. Ormaz'd looked from the man, back to the tree, to the man again. The man just stood their with a stupid grin on his face.

[b]"Yeah, did I mention I had a friend who knew wood magic? Yah, he tried to get the cat down to but just made it worse somehow," [/b]he said, attempting to contain a snicker. He patted Ormaz'd's back and mumbled good luck to him condescendingly. Ormaz'd took a moment longer to stare at the tree, and then sighed internally. This man was going to suffer. Ormaz'd turned to face his employer and flashed his teeth.

[b]"Your cat will be down in a minute. You just stand right there. I'm going to set up a couple seals, which should get your cat down and in your arms in no time," [/b]Ormaz'd said, attempting to sound as sincere as possible. He walked up to his employer and drew a circle around his feet, with the number five in it. The man shifted nervously, although he pretended to be unconcerned. Ormaz'd then drew one circle on the tree, with the number five in it as well. He then walked back to the man, patted him on the back, and took a couple of steps behind him.

[b]"Heeeeeere's your kitty! Trap level five! Explode level five!" [/b]Tendrils shot up from the ground and bound Ormaz'd's prey to the spot. As the man began to struggle with his binds, the bottom of the tree erupted, completely destroying its base. The tree then smashed down into its stump and began falling in the direction of the victim. The victim panicked and attempted to fly out of from his bonds, but a couple where still latched onto him. As the tree got closer he closed his eyes and squealed like a little girl in anticipation of being flattened. He wasn't, of course. The tree missed him by a couple of feet, and he was only knocked over by the shock wave. What did hurt, however, was the frightened cat that jumped out of the tree and dug its claws into him. Ormaz'd smiled and trotted back to the guild, already thinking about which of the local ladies he could ask out for a drink that night.

OOC: I apologize if adding in the bit about my character's family and their guild is presumptuous or out of place, I just wanted Ormaz'd to have a past that constantly acts as a source of guilt and concern for him. Again though, if it's out of line, I will totally take it out.[/color][/size][/font] Edited by Vongola
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[color="#696969"][font="Tahoma"]Great sign-ups everyone! Keep 'em coming.

I just want to clarify again the difference between regular weapons/armor and magical weapons/armor. Some of you Caster Mages have decided to wear armor and even use swords - which is fine - but just remember that they aren't magical. As a Caster, you fight with your own magic and you protect yourself with your own magic. A suit of non-magical armor doesn't protect you from magic of any kind and a non-magical sword won't have any effect on anything other than human skin (or other non-magical items). That's what Requip Mages are for.

Bottom line is if you're a Caster Mage with armor and/or a weapon just remember that it has NO effect on magic and doesn't protect you from magic either. I just really want to make this clear. ^_^;[/font][/color]
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[quote name='Happy' timestamp='1319189379' post='709997'][color="#696969"][font="Tahoma"]
Bottom line is if you're a Caster Mage with armor and/or a weapon just remember that it has NO effect on magic and doesn't protect you from magic either. I just really want to make this clear. ^_^;[/font][/color]
I can change it if it really seems weird, but I like the look of armor, even if its a piece of useless junk like my characters set.
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[font="Times New Roman"][size="3"][b]Edit:[/b] You're not being a stickler; in hindsight it does seem a bit selfish to have armor and magic, and it's not really keeping in line with the feel of the Fairy Tail world. When I first saw the Battle Appearance section I thought "I don't remember much armor on the Fairy Tail characters, but maybe I just haven't read enough of it" and then frantically attempted to find some armor, haha.

And thanks for answering my question, which I suppose is a tad bit irrelevant now, haha. I was just concerned that since Ormaz'd's magic comes from his hands, I was unsure of whether it would be able to go through the metal non-magical gauntlets. But now that problem's been solved, quite thankfully. :][/size][/font] Edited by Vongola
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[color="#696969"][font="Tahoma"]I like the look of armor too, which is exactly why I made my character a Requip Mage. :P

It's just odd seeing a Caster Mage with armor/weapons because[b] all [/b]of the Caster Mages in the show rely[i] 100%[/i] on their ability to use their magic to defeat their enemies. Natsu doesn't wear a suit of armor because he doesn't feel he needs it and Gray fights practically naked sometimes. The same should be said for all Caster Mages. If you're wearing armor it only shows that your character isn't fully confident in his/her own magic powers to protect themselves.

I'm certainly not going to boycott non-magical armor/weapons on Casters but if you [i]are[/i] willing to change it that [i]would[/i] be much appreciated just because you're really taking away from the uniqueness of Mr.Nightfall's character and my own. Our Armor and Weapons[i] is[/i] our magical ability, so to have someone with a magic ability PLUS armor/weapons... it just doesn't seem fair does it? To put you guys in our shoes, if I had a sword I could summon that gave me the ability to make portals or write seals, you guys would feel a bit shafted, no?

Like I said, it is entirely up to you guys. I don't want to put too many restrictions on this - I just find it [i]really[/i] weird seeing a Caster Mage with armor, lol. If we get anymore sign-ups like this I [i]may[/i] end up just changing my character. I was hoping to be the only Mage with armor as that is my unique magical ability. Sorry I'm being such a stickler about this. ^_^;;

As for your question Vongola, you can absolutely write seals on your armor. Non-magical or otherwise, you can write seals on anything I'm assuming so that's totally fine.[/font][/color]
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[b][u]Basic Info[/b][/u]
[b]Name:[/b] Luca Greywind

[b]Nickname:[/b] None as of yet

[b]Age:[/b] 17

[b]Casual/Battle Appearance:[/b] Iâ??m merging these two sections into one because Luca typically fights in his casual clothes â?? without requip magic he canâ??t summon armor, and typically fights in whatever he is wearing at the time. Luca has shaggy, dirty blonde hair that very nearly cover his brown eyes. He usually wears the same combination of clothes â?? his favorite brown hoodie and a pair of faded of jeans.


[b][u]Magical Info[/b][/u]
[b]Circle Colour:[/b] Bright Yellow

[b]Type:[/b] Caster Magic

[b]Magic:[/b] Luca wields an ancient form of magic known as Eclipse. Passed down to him by his father (and rarely known throughout the world), Eclipse allows Luca to absorb light and then give it physical form which he can use to strike with. There are several drawbacks to Eclipse â?? the absorption process is relatively exhausting, and thus can only be used typically once per fight, and is difficult to use during the night when there isnâ??t any natural light. That being said, he can absorb [b]any[/b] type of light â?? sunlight, light from a fire, light from a flashlight or light-bulb, etc.

While absorbing light, Luca begins to physically glow. Depending on how much light he absorbs, the glow not only becomes stronger, but the area surrounding him can become darker as well â?? this is relatively uncommon though.

[indent][u]Basic Spells[/u]
[b]Flash:[/b] The most basic of Eclipse Magic, Luca fires off a burst of bright light in order to disorient his enemies. This is usually used at close-range in order to momentarily blind an opponent before following up a punch or kick, or used to aid allies fighting at close-range

[b]Pulse:[/b] Luca condenses his absorbed light into a ball of shimmer light, roughly the size of a beach ball. Touching the Pulse causes a small explosion. Luca uses this technique in two different ways â?? the first is used as a homing assault to keep the enemy on the move, and the second is to make the Pulse move about erratically, essentially creating a floating land-mine for his enemies to be chased into.

[u]Moderate Spells[/u]
[b]Light Beam:[/b] As the name suggests, Luca focuses the majority of his stored light into a massive projectile attack. As far as moderate spells go, this is his strongest direct attack.

[b]Light Spread:[/b] The same overall concept as the Light Beam, but instead of firing one direct beam, he splits it into several, small arcing projectiles. While the Light Beam is his most powerful direct attack, the Light Spread is far more useful against fast moving enemies, being able to cover a much greater distance at high speeds

[b]Multiple Pulses:[/b] As Luca becomes stronger and more proficient with his Eclipse Magic, he is able to create more than one Pulse. The true strength of the Pulses relies on his own intelligence however, and his ability to multi-task â?? creating up to ten Pulses, Luca designate different roles to each, using some to home in on enemies as projectiles and others to dance about the battlefield erratically. With so many minor attacks occurring at once, he is able to disorient foes, trap them in a maze of attacks and cause massive damage.[/indent]

[B][u]Other Info[/u][/b]
[b] Personality: [/b] Luca is a quiet individual, preferring his own inner thoughts then awkwardly making small talk with others. Shy above all else, Luca is introverted nearly to a fault, remaining rather socially awkward for the majority of his life. However, hidden behind his shy nature is an incredibly high IQ â?? in fact, Luca is nothing short of a genius. Lucaâ??s genius nature directly correlates with his magic abilities â?? his abilities to plan ahead and multi-task stem from his high IQ and aid him drastically in battle.

As well, Luca is fiercely loyal, although he doesnâ??t really know this about himself yet. Living his life without any true friends, he has never had to experience feelings such as loyalty â?? that being said, it is in-grained into his nature, and will eventually show itself.

[b]Background:[/b] After his mother died giving birth to him, Luca was raised by his father. Without any siblings, Luca spent most of his time alone as a child, be it alone in school, or alone at home waiting for his fatherâ??s return from work. Once a powerful mage, Lucaâ??s father, Peros, now lives a much quieter life in order to provide stability for Luca. It was his father who taught him how to use Eclipse Magic.

Luca was mostly quiet in school, not associating with others simply because he didnâ??t know how to. However, despite making him lonely as a child, it also served to help his growth as a mage â?? with no one to spend time with (save for his father who taught him magic in the first place), Luca spent nearly all of his free time as a child and teenager practicing Eclipse Magic, becoming increasingly proffienct at a near alarming rate.

One night, after returning home late from work, Peros gave earth-shattering instructions to Luca â?? he was to leave, immediately. Without being given a reason why, Luca was banished from his fatherâ??s home, told that the Pergrande guild of Excalibur would be there to take him in.

[indent]The rain battered against the windows, an endless tirade brought forth from the black. A four-year-old Luca whimpered under his blankets and squeezed his eyes shut, trying to forget that it was night time and dark outside. As if in answer to the silent prayer, his door slowly creaked open, letting in much desired light and a friendly face â?? his father. He stepped into the room and turned on the light.

[b]â?Whatâ??s wrong Luca?â?[/b] he asked, a touch of concern hidden in his question. Luca leapt out of bed and jumped on to his father, clinging for dear life as he began to cry. [b]â?I know, I know,â?[/b] he tried to comfort his son, [b]â?but itâ??s not so badâ?¦â?[/b]

[b]â?Yes it â?? is!â?[/b] Luca yelled back between sobs. [b]I hate it!â?[/b]

[b]â?There thereâ?¦â?[/b] Peros hugged his son tighter. [b]â?Thereâ??s nothing in here that can hurt you,â?[/b] he tried to convince his son, but his sobs only increased. [b]You knowâ?¦ maybe there is something I can teach you to help youâ?¦â?[/b]
Suddenly, Lucaâ??s crying grew less forced. His ears perked up.

[b]â?What do you meanâ?¦?â?[/b] he asked, drying his eyes with the back of his hand. His father smiled at him, set him down, and closed his eyes. Suddenly, a bright yellow magic circle appeared at his feet, and to Lucaâ??s wide-eyed astonishment, the light from the room began to dim. However, despite the light leaving, his father began to glow. Subtly at first, but more intensely as the room around him darkened, as though he had come to possess mastery over the light in the room itself. Luca, having already forgotten his fears from a moment, gaped at his father, astonished at what he was seeing.

And then, as quickly as it had begun, it was over. With a sigh, Peros released the light he had stored, and the room returned back to normal. [b]�WOW![/b] exclaimed Luca. [b]�Can I learn how to do that too??[/b] Peros smiled sadly at his son.

[b]â?Yes you canâ?¦ Iâ??ll start teaching you tomorrow, but only if you can be a big boy and sleep tonight with the light off, deal?[/b]

Luca agreed, but failed to hold up his end of the bargain â?? his fear of the dark had vanished momentarily, and instead, it was excitement that now rendered him sleepless.[/indent] Edited by Adas
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[color="#8B0000"][size="1"] [u][b]Basic Info[/b][/u]
[b]Name:[/b] Vares Frost


[b]Age:[/b] 25

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Casual Appearance:[/b] [url="http://www.google.com/imgres?q=anime+guy&um=1&hl=en&sa=N&biw=1250&bih=905&tbm=isch&tbnid=_-gykvUqGw0iXM:&imgrefurl=http://tiff90cat-guys.buzznet.com/user/photos/anime-guy/%3Fid%3D4266732&docid=VUhGl4D5g7ERlM&imgurl=http://cdn.buzznet.com/assets/users15/tiff90cat/default/anime-guy--large-msg-117068544663.jpg&w=500&h=670&ei=ipqoTt2ZA4eftwft5bF4&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=390&vpy=374&dur=543&hovh=260&hovw=194&tx=87&ty=106&sig=106290710052656818633&page=8&tbnh=180&tbnw=129&start=173&ndsp=25&ved=1t:429,r:2,s:173"]Vares[/url]
He typical doesn't wear alot of clothing cause of the habit he acquired in training to use his form of magic. Alot of times he even forgets that he stripped down to his underwear.

[b]Battle Appearance:[/b] Same

[u][b]Magical Info[/b][/u]
[b]Circle Colour:[/b] Ice Blue

[b]Type:[/b] Caster

[b]Magic:[/b] Static Ice Make--This type of magic allows Vares to create inanimate objects out of ice and or affect the environment around him in various forms. His mind is pretty much the limit as to what he can make. The strength and stability of the ice creations depends on whether or not he uses both hands to create them. One handed is faster but weaker then using both hands.


[u]Basic Spells:[/u] Any Ice Make with one hand

[u]Moderate Spells:[/u] Any Ice Make with two hands

[u]Advanced Spells:[/u] Will learn later

[b][u]Other Info:[/u][/b]
[b]Personality:[/b] Vares comes off as a non caring individual. It seems as if he doesn't care what is going on in the world or with the people around him. He is normally found sitting by himself luckily with more then his underwear on. He is one of those that normally will only speak when spoken too or if he overhears something that is just plain wrong. He is not very opinionated and leaves people to there own beliefs. He prefers to stay that guy in the background that is always there but never there at the same time. When it comes to talking to people he says his part here and there. He is not an asshole by any means but is not a outwardly friendly guy either. He has no problem listening to others and will give his bit if asked but will remain quite the entire time if not spoken too. He has a calm temperment and normally removes himself from conflicts with guild mates or people he is forced to work with.

In battle he has always been a fight first talk later person. He doesn't enjoy the banter between two people at the beginning of a fight and normally will attack when his opponent starts trash talking normally taking them off guard.

[b]Background:[/b] Vares has no memory of any family at all due to the fact he suffered an attack while he was on the road that left his memory broken. the only thing he remembers is the woman who took him in and showed him how to use the most basic form of Ice make. He doesn't remember her name at all but he remembers her face and the faces of the other two students. For years he practiced with the other two students Vince and Ashen under her. it was where he got the habit of stripping from as they practiced outside in the cold mountain snow in nothing but their underwear. Life was great until he woke up to find a knife in Salaris' chest just before he turned twenty one.

After the death of their teacher the three split with mixed feelings each going there own separate ways. He wandered the road for years until he was mugged outside the city that the guild Excalibur resided in.

[b]Flashback:[/b] Vares brought the mug of liguor up to his lips slowly sipping the potent liquid before tilting it back and downing almost a quarter of the glass. He leaned his back against the table of the bench he sat at watching the people come and go. People all over the guild were conversing with each other or trying to pick a job, or getting into an agrument about who was better.

[b]"So this is a guild"[/b]

He had just joined yesterday but in truth he had been here for almost a good three weeks now. One of the members had brought him in after someone had jumped him outside the city. Whoever it had been had been a decent mage and defiantly had gotteb him by surprise.. But now thanks to that incident his memories were hazy at best and couldn't remember anything clearly really. He had been in the medical office until he had gotten better and then had been asked to joined. He figured it had been mostly out of the fact they had save his life is why he joined. One of the members had found a necklace with a pendant on it that had broke in half. The side that was still attached had the word 'vares' on it,, thus giving him the name they called him by now.

Only a few of his memories where intact, one of them being of him running through the mountain snow with almost no clothes on with three other people though he couldn't remember their names. That and various bits of him using his ice make magic.

will finish later Edited by Sazabi
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Basic Info:

[b]Name:[/b] Issac Valenti
[b]Nickname:[/b] Izzy
[b]Age: [/b]16
[b]Casual: Appearance:[/b]

[b]Battle Appearance:[/b]
This image also contains the Sword Of Prometheus.

[b]Magical Info:[/b]
[b]Magic color:[/b] It's a swirling vortex, matching that of the various shades of orange found in his casual appearance picture in the butterfly.
[b]Type:[/b] Caster Magic
[b]Magic:[/b] Arc of Embodiment-It allows him to materialize anything from his imagination to be used at his whim. These creations give him great versatility both in battle and out of battle, be they minions, offensive and defensive weapons, or even a pair of glasses and so much more. As he is so young, it is quite draining, allowing him to use his powers only for a limited time before being too exhausted to muster the strength to even move. Short, ten minute bursts is all he can muster at this point in time, and even shorter depending on what he's imagining.
Basic Spells:[/b]
[b]This little light o' mine:[/b] As this is the phrase usually spoken before emitting this little effect, this is what he calls this spell. All around him, he makes small glittering lights appear. He can, if he wishes to further manifest them, into strange and eerie glowing balls with crazy grins and black eye patches after a short time frame. The psychotic little tennis balls from hell seem to serve as nothing more than a frightening surprise, though have been known to make dents in walls when they hit one. Often, they zoom at people's heads, much to Izzy's delight.
[b]Shadows of the Demon:[/b] An army of shadowy figures with gaping red grins and eyes of a malicious glow appear around Izzy, and are little more than semi-real figures with menacing looking claws. Depending on how real the onlooker believes they are, they deal damage accordingly.

Secondary Spells:

[b]Razor Feathers:[/b] A storm of whirling black feathers appears from the skies to rain down upon the area, each capable of slicing any material to bits, even that of the bodies of people. The damage is dealt over a given amount of time. The harder the object, the longer it takes to be reduced to nothing. Izzy can direct this whirling cloud at his whim.
[b]Sword of Prometheus: [/b]Within his small delicate hand appears a massive and unwieldy sword, ornate and black in color, looking more like a single blade carved from obsidian, which he has no problems using it to both frighten and devastate his opponents.
[b]The Devil Dragon: [/b]This spell of his is his most draining, and he can only keep it up for a full minute before blacking out. As another side effect, he also develops a nose bleed. This spell conjures the image of a gigantic red dragon, ablaze with fire and devilish in appearance. It feels every bit as real as anything one might normally feel, heat and all, however Izzy alone is immune to it. It also makes an excellent fire-breathing shield if necessary.
Other Info:
Personality:[/b] He's sardonic, melancholy, and seemingly always pessimistic, though always with a half smile like he's being sarcastic about the whole ordeal. However, he's been known to use his childish looks to gain an advantage with allies and foes alike, feigning delicateness and tears. However, he never knows just when to quit, even if things look bleak and hopeless. He's known for never giving up, and nothing is beyond his power when he sets his mind to it.
[b]Background: [/b] Being an extremely youthful looking young man, many mistake him for a pre-teen, which he most definitely uses to his advantage. Izzy comes from a long line of mages focusing on his own unique type of magic, the Arc of Embodiment. Because of the sheer power of his family line, the Valenti family was assassinated as a whole, leaving only Izzy and his mother as the sole survivors of the initial attack upon his family. His existence remained unknown to the world as a whole, though was known within a few circles. He had never been introduced in public, the family waiting until the usual even if his sixteenth birthday before doing so. Unfortunately, it was never to be. It did come to reason that one of the other powerful Mage families had declared the Valenti Mages as dangerous, hence the Valenti family's near complete annihilation. Using the night as cover after escaping the Valenti home, they sneaked aboard a small caravel, docked in their home city in the middle of a storm while the captain and crew were in the local pubs with only a single crew member keeping watch. Being no match for the two Valenti women, he was cast off of the ship and then the anchor hoisted and it sailed out to sea before anyone could stop it. When found, half burnt only a few hours later, there were no recoverable bodies. The story released to the general public remained that the stricken vessel had been stolen by unknown persons, with no bodies recovered, presumably lost at sea. Luckily, while obviously fake to their pursuers, the supposed deaths of the two did grant Izzy and his mother enough time to successfully get away,, but with one further incident where they were attacked once more. The details are unclear on this incident, but all of the pursuers were killed, and the two escaped. From what can be gathered about it, is known the mother and child did make it to an academy friendly to the family, where promptly the mother died of a fatal injury. Izzy has lived at the academy since, and the walls of the academy have protected him ever since his arrival. Eventually, content with the knowledge that the child would never try to reclaim his place, those who had killed off all of his family gave up and forgot about him, though always listening with a careful ear about any of his activities should he leave.

Since that fateful day, Izzy has learned there is a light at the end of every tunnel, no matter how long the tunnel might be and the light is there even if you cannot see it. However, his family does deserve to have vengeance exacted out, and so he has waited until his powers were strong enough to take down those who crushed his childhood and murdered his family. Recently, he left the Academy, in order to further his powers and allow himself to become even stronger, as well as gain entry into the legendary guild Excalibur, which would even further his powers and goals.

"Boring..." He called out, looking at his dorm room ceiling. Why did this school life have to be so boring now? He had loved being able to come here, and now the school had nothing more for him to learn, even though it had been less than three years since he had first come to this academy. It was kind of sad, though this was also home to him. He knew he could always come back. His graduation ceremony, however, could not be held until he was of legal age of graduation, which was seventeen. It wasn't really a law, more of one of the policies of the school. One year away from graduation, and he had to leave. Not by force, but because of his desire to learn. He had a year after all, and could go see the world, if he wanted. Or he could stay safe and practice his magic. Unfortunately, the training dummies provided weren't all that strong, and became kind of expensive to replace when he was going through so many. Outside the school and nearby city he had never ventured that far since coming to the academy. But, to see the world and to grow more knowledgeable about matters outside of the school just seemed to call to him. But, most of all, Excalibur. As he had heard from other students, it was a guild worth joining, and it was able to teach him much more in the ways of magic. A display of his power might be expected of him to pass the final exam, which if he passed he would then be able to graduate. Ah well. Not like it wasn't a sure thing already, but the test also had parts relating to his thinking patterns, mostly to decide if his uncle would continue to let him outside of the Academy after all was said and done.

Sitting up, he smiled. Of course he could leave. It wasn't like he was going to let anyone stop him, even if they tried. Nothing would stop him, except maybe a case of flaming death. But, first would come the tea parties, and the whole death by flaming monsters came later. It sounded kind of fun. Standing up, he took off the school uniform and placed it on his bed. Putting on a simple pair of slacks, boots, and a dress shirt and a pair of glasses, he then started packing up a few dresses and some other clothing for everyday wear. He was very good at passing himself off as a girl, though make-up wasn't something he was really into. Smiling even more, he took his bag of things and was surprised it was only one case. He head to the headmaster's office, knowing this would be a surprise to the headmaster. However, he did have to give Izzy a money allotment of enough to live off of for a year. It was school policy, after all.

Knocking on the headmaster's door, a booming male voice called to him from the other side of it. "Come in!" The voice was fatherly to Izzy, as it was to everyone else within the academy as well. "Oh, it's little Izzy. Come, come. Sit, I insist." The man was a rather buff human, with a square physique and grey hair. His half moon spectacles were low on the bridge of his nose, and the headmaster was forever pushing them back up. He looked down at the case in Izzy's hands. "But, I see you have other plans. Let's get the preparations made." With a sigh and a smile, the headmaster opened a safe underneath his desk, and removed several stacks of money and slid them over the desk to Izzy. He then wrote out on a piece of paper all of his praises, and how that the Academy was still responsible for any actions that Izzy might take while being out on his own. Headmaster Horand then slipped it into an envelope and passed it to Izzy, too. "I expect to see you back here in one year, young man. And to receive regular letters. Understand?" The headmaster was an impeccably honorable man, though stern and beyond reproach by most. In fact, he was was at his most intimidating at this moment."And before you leave, visit your mother. I am sure she would like to know about this."

"Yes, Master Horand." Izzy smiled his familiar half grin. "I will tell Mother I will return in time for her birthday."

"Good then. I expect you to stand by that." Standing from his chair, the headmaster smiled, and held his arms up to Izzy. "Now, give your Uncle a hug before you go." The boy smiled and stood as well to return the warm hug. "I'll make sure to cause a little havoc in case you don't know where to find me." Izzy said to his uncle, a devilish grin upon his face.

"I wouldn't have such an independent niece otherwise." came his uncle's retort. He moved back, to size up his nephew. "Be careful, my dearest Issac. I do not wish to lose you as I did your mother."

"Don't worry, Uncle. I can take care of myself. I think you of all people should know that." A glimmer of a memory shone in his eyes, one of fire and monsters.

"Yes, yes. I am aware, but I simply want you to be safe."

"I will. I promise, I'll return in one year for graduation. Hopefully, by then I'll be a part of the mage guild Excalibur."

"Such high hopes. You'll succeed. Until your next letter, goodbye my sweet child."

The goodbyes were brief, and off he went, to make his way into the world. Excalibur called, and who was he not to rise to the occasion? But, first things first. He did have to visit his mother after all.

Izzy smiled, thinking of how his first purchase on his own was flowers. A boy buying flowers... now that was kind of funny. A nearby booth was selling flowers, and he took three coins to the woman selling them. "I would like a bouquet of lilies, please. They are for my mother."

"So sweet you are, thinking of your mother. I have just the flowers for that." The old crone smiled, picking out the flowers Izzy had asked for. Izzy smiled again, not telling the woman his mother had long since passed on from this world. "Yes, I haven't visited her in some time."

"It must be especially extravagant, then." The woman sized up her ample supply of flowers, and picked out a flower of bright oranges. "One of my most beautiful blooms." Slipping into the flowers, she wrapped the stems up in rice paper and held out the lovely arrangement. "Here you are."

Holding out the coins, he took the bouquet at the same time. "Oh, this is one piece short." Looking at the boy, she smiled. "But, since it is for your mother, I can accept a thank you instead."

"Thank you very much, madam." He bowed hos head to her, and walked down the road. The graveyard was on the way to to the city just down the hill, so he didn't have too far to walk. He had a promise to make. Edited by Inuyasha Fandom
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[color="#696969"][font="Tahoma"]Just dropping in to say a few important things...

The sign-ups look [i]great[/i] so far, we've got one more person joining and then I'll be closing auditions. I'm really surprised by amount of interest this RP has generated and I'm sorry to say that [b][size="4"]not everyone will be accepted[/size][/b]. I designed this RP with only a few people in mind and a regular Fairy Tail team only consists of 3-5 people. Any more than that will just cause things to dragon for too long. A small group of people should be perfect to keep the ball rolling without too much confusion.

That being said I've decided on [b]2[/b] members that [i]are[/i] accepted. [b]Vongola[/b] and [b]Adas[/b], your sign-ups encompass [i]exactly[/i] what I'm looking for. They're very well-written, a picture was provided with a description, interesting and unique magic with well thought out spells/items, a background that leaves me wanting to know more, a captivating flashback and a clear understanding of the Fairy Tail universe.

I'm thinking of filling [b]one or two[/b] more spots so if you feel like there is something in your sign-up you could fix to bring it up to par with the previously mentioned users please do so. I'll be re-reading all sign-ups when I decide on the next 2 members.

Thanks again to all of those that have signed-up and I do apologize in advance if you aren't accepted. No hard feelings. ^_^;;[/font][/color]
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That's quite a disappointment. I probably wouldn't have bothered signing up if I knew there were only four possible spots open, if that. There are a lot of good sign ups, and I would rather decide for myself if my character should be in this or not, so I will drop out of the running.

Hopefully this will give everyone else a better chance, and make White's decision slightly easier.
Good luck to everyone, and have fun.
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Gonna have to follow CaNz with this one. I'm amazed at how much attention this has gotten and I agree that if there's only a few spots then someone who has a very good quality sign up should get to be apart of it. Haven't had much time to edit my sign up anyways, so I'll just go ahead and drop out of the running as well! ;/
Lots of really good sign ups here from people, and I hope you guys that do get accepted have fun with this, it's really a pretty great universe to adventure in. xD

Anyways, good luck to you all. I look forward to reading all of your posts in the Theater section!

Edit: I would say I'm dropping out more so because of personal reasons. I'm not sure I can commit at the moment and I don't want to get spot if I can't commit! :P Edited by Mr.Nightfall32
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[quote name='CaNz' timestamp='1320040197' post='710070']
That's quite a disappointment. I probably wouldn't have bothered signing up if I knew there were only four possible spots open, if that. There are a lot of good sign ups, and I would rather decide for myself if my character should be in this or not, so I will drop out of the running.

Hopefully this will give everyone else a better chance, and make White's decision slightly easier.
Good luck to everyone, and have fun.
[color="#696969"][font="Tahoma"]I'm sorry to hear that. This is the [i]Auditions[/i] after all. That kind of implies not everyone will make the cut. I don't know what you thought I meant by "group of young Mages" but I certainly didn't mean upwards to 10 people. If you're knowledgeable of the universe, you'd know teams generally don't exceed 5. Nine would just be ridiculous and hard to keep track of for everyone.

Honestly if you can't even commit to a [i]sign-up[/i] then I guess you're not the type of person I want joining anyway. =/

This is pretty disheartening I liked both your characters a lot. Just because I've confirmed two spots you guys are dropping out? OB Theater has gotten soft. :([/font][/color] Edited by Happy
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[size="1"][b]Name:[/b] Mark Andrew Waite
Nickname:[/b] Mr. Feel Good
Age:[/b] 23
Gender:[/b] Male
Casual Appearance:[/b]
Mark typically wears anything he can find, no preference on any particular clothes and always dressing as he sees fit rather then what the occasion dictates. Often dressing in the attire seen above he chooses clothes that are distant from the person who he use to be, finding no purpose or reason to take back the days long since lost.
[b]Battle Appearance:[/b] Same as Casual.

[b]Magical Info

Circle Color:[/b] White
Type:[/b] Caster

[b]Magic:[/b] Nihilist Ecriture
Magical Items/Spells:
Basic Items/Spells: Strike:[/b] This spell is Markâ??s most common ability, and most frequently used. The spell deals a very arbitrary amount of damage, hardly enough to really cause an enemy much damage. But as the same target is hit with the spell repeatedly, the damage stacks increasing the pain and damage inflicted on the person.
Teleport:[/b] Mark is able to draw runes on his own body to break it up into runes that reconstitute themselves into his form further away. The distance is minimal at first, only getting him a half mile from his previous location, the ability is taxing on his body so he doesnâ??t use it often.
Shared Pain:[/b] Mark casts a rune on his opponent first and then upon himself, linking him and his enemy when it comes to pain. Any pain inflicted on Mark by any source is instantly transmitted to the other bearing the rune. Any injuries sustained prior to the runes being attached do not affect the target, only knew injuries inflict pain.
Moderate Items/Spells: Reduction:[/b] This spell mainly only works on inanimate objects, casting runes they peel away layers of an object and cause the bits to disintegrate into nothingness. This ability is mainly effective at removing forms of cover or any object directed at Mark.
Nihilist Shield:[/b] One of the most detested of Markâ??s spells, the Nihilist Shield creates layers around him so if he is struck with a spell it smashes into each layer and dissipates until it simple is no more. Mark rarely uses this spell as he doesnâ??t truly care about his well being, this ability is primarily used as a humiliation tactic and as â??proofâ?? that nothing matters.

Advanced Items/Spells:
Roulette:[/b] Markâ??s transformation ability would be considered his ultimate strength; giving him four forms for variety and versatility, however, his nihilistic nature deeply affects this ability and makes the form random and unreliable. He draws a specific order of runes in the shape of a circle on his body, when the circle is complete the circle spins and stops on a random rune and changing him into the selected form. The circle consists of nine runes total, four of them are his weakest form, two are his light form, two are his heavy and one rune belongs to his perfect form.
Weak form:[/b] Markâ??s weakest form is an obvious embodiment of his core beliefs, his body remains the same in appearance but he becomes incorporeal. He ceases to exist by common standards as he becomes untouchable by both physical means and magical. The world no longer affects him, but he also loses the ability to interact with the world as well, no longer able to use his magic or manipulate the world at all until the form dissipates.
Light form:[/b] This form takes on a thinner, lighter appearance then Markâ??s typical body. Becoming more fragile looking but growing sparse feathers on his arms and legs and sprouting small wings on his ankles that let him hover over the ground. This form focus on his ranged spells, boosting them to give them more power and giving him access to other ranged spells he could only use in this form. This form does also eliminate spells that have to do with physical strength or augmentation, making speed and agility his only defense.
Heavy From:[/b] If the circle lands on his form, Mark changes into a hulking beats that easily towers over most people. His skin changes into ruby red scales, his hands become clawed and he sprouts a tail giving him a distinct lizard appearance. His strength greatly increases and his defense goes up, this form increases his physical abilities and allows access to exclusives spells to this form. His massive form makes him slow moving, relaying on his strength and his reach to fight his enemy, leaving him vulnerable to quicker moving opponents.
Perfect Form:[/b] This form is balanced to be a perfect combatant, retaining both speed and strength of the other forms will increase all of his spells to their maximum potential. The appearance of this form, however, is by far the most interesting and most ridicules of them all. If the circle lands on this rune, Mark changes into a duck-billed Platypus, shrinking down to its stature. He casts his magic by using his tail, able to cast spells faster in this from then in his normal human form. This form is favored amongst them all, not for its power but for its â??absurdity of lifeâ??, as Mark calls it. However the chances of him obtaining this particular form are rather slim

Other Info
[b]Personality:[/b] Mark is truly a person who does not care about the world around him, he baths like a normal person, he eats like a normal person and he behaves enough like normal person to fit in with the crowd. But he is truly the closest thing to a defined version of Nihilism. He looks at the world and the people in it, including himself, as insignificant and meaningless. This doesnâ??t stem from a feeling of superiority or distaste for his fellow humans; he just simply believes it all doesnâ??t matter. He doesnâ??t give off either a feeling of cold heart or a warm smile; he simple lets his face move in the normal fashion with no real emotional attachment behind the expression.
In battle his attitude hardly changes, as even in combat he will put his body at risk of serious injury or even risk death and show no reaction toward his possible demise. He has, though, exhibited a slight personality quirk where if he feels that the person deserves to be taught about his ways, he will actively show that person that everything is truly meaningless. It proves to be one of the only things that anyone knows about that gives him purpose to keep going.
Background:[/b] Markâ??s family was actually a fairly typical family unit, having both parents at birth he was the third of four siblings. His oldest sibling was his sister Stacey, she was not talented in the form of magic, showing no real aptitude for the art she turned her eyes to politics and entered into an ever engaging life. Markâ??s two other siblings showed ability in magic like him, his older brother Brady and younger sister Alyssa. Both showed to be holders, unlike Mark, but showed they were ever so competent in their ability as anyone else. His younger sister showed she was talented in Curse Magic, able to break the bones of anyone she touched with her gauntlets. She commonly referred her ability as Great Justice, as she is one of a straight arrow nature, using her magic on only those that she judged as deserving. His brother Brady, however, showed a rather carefree spirit and a charismatic aura that made all people from all wakes of life flock to him.

Mark never truly found his place in the family at first, his older siblings having received the most attention while his youngest showed she had natural talent at almost anything she wanted to do. He found that he desired to be more like his brother than anyone else, their father absent mostly due to providing a stable income and their mother maintaining the house while still finding time to produce more income to care for their children. With no real parental guidance in everyday life, he looked to Brady to guide him in some direction. But at the age of fourteen, his life dramatically changed in the blink of an eye and he was born into who he is today. His Brother Bradyâ??s magic was called Human Subordination, or as he liked to call it True Humility, that he channeled through a pendent around his neck. It gave him the ability to weaken the physical and magical ability of everyone around him, making everyone equal and showing the more robust personalities that everyone was the same, in his presence. To this day, Mark is not sure if it was an accident or true crime, but the result was the same no matter the cause. Woken one night from a deep sleep, his oldest sister rushed both him and his youngest sister off into the night to a hospital. Both were confused as Stacey wept and walked through the halls as the realization hit him then, and the news finally broken to him. His brother had been mortally injured, his life ready to fade at any moment, giving them all only a few precious seconds to say goodbye.

That night changed Mark forever, his mind falling deeper into himself and eventually pulling away completely from his family. His parents taking on religion and became zealots in their faith, pushing it on their children in the idea that it would help. Each child rejected in their own way, Mark rejecting it in the most severe way as he separated himself from everything, no longer holding a connection with the rest of the world or his family. His powers growing with his new view of the world, he left this family behind at twenty years old, with only a pack on his back and a direction in mind. His new goal to share his view with the world and show them all how pointless it all really was, his mind never truly caring whether he succeeded or not. He later found himself at the doorstep of the Excalibur Guild, his heart not truly caring where he went, he joined on a whim and has remained with the guild since.

[b]Flashback: â??That is peculiar.â?[/b] He said as he looked at the small creature crawling across the leaf of the tree he had been settled under. He had heard a noise above him and had inspected for the sake of it, looking for the source before finding the small, hairy creature crawling around on the branch as it munched on the leaves. Observing the small caterpillar eat the leaf with absolute disinterest, simply seeing it as another thing that ultimately meant nothing to the universe.
â??Your world is so small, and yet to you itâ??s vast. But just like my life, and anyone elseâ??s, it is all meaningless.â?[/b] He heard the sounds of footsteps in the grass behind him, the person not trying to hide their approach as he turned his head ever so much to look over his shoulder. Seeing a familiar face, his mind taking note of the woman approaching him as he turned back to the caterpillar, leaning in closer to look at it more closely.
â??There you are Mark, I have been looking everywhere for you.â?[/b] He continued to look at the creature, turning his head and craning his neck to try to look at the details of the creature. Still trying to make up his mind on what to do with the pathetic life form he spoke without turning.
â??Seems like such a waste of time Selena, there is no reason to look for me, I would have returned to the Guild eventually and you would have found me much easier.â?[/b] She crossed her arms and stared at him with a cold expression, knowing it didnâ??t bother him but also understanding him enough to know she needed to be direct with him.
â??It was my time to do with as I wanted, and I needed to find you. You canâ??t just disappear whenever you want; you are still new to all of this and need more training. Honestly I donâ??t understand how you still seem able to progress forward when you lack the motivation like the others.â?[/b] He simply shrugged his shoulders as he lifted a hand up to the creature, scooping it up slowly he turned to face her, except his eyes were down cast to the caterpillar in his hand. Selenaâ??s eyes followed and looked at it with new eyes, seeing the beautiful marks adoring its small body, her slender fingers reaching out and touching the fine hairs.
â??It really is a beautiful creature, and it hasnâ??t even changed yet. I can only imagine how much more beautiful it will become.â?[/b] She saw his fingers twitch; his hand suddenly seemed like a steel toothed trap with the caterpillar as the potential victim of his overwhelming strength.
â??Beauty is as fleeting as are our lives in this world, only the dead see the truth. The messages they leave behind are always misinterpreted by the living.â?[/b] She looked up at him then, seeing the lack of empathy for anything around him, the obviousness of his disinterest in the creature he held making her shiver ever so slightly. He had become her biggest project, not only in training him in his powers, but also in making him remember how precious life truly was to the world. How truly special they all were, and how much each person meant to the world, she wanted to understand him and was determined to find the cause. She was about to reach out to take the creature from him, when he had turned and set the creature down on a low hanging branch, he was about to make his departure when she reached out and grabbed his arm.
â??You need to tell someone Mark, please let me help you. I can do more than just teach you magic, I can be your friend. I just need to know what happened to you.â?[/b] He looked at her small hand around his bicep, feeling her skin making contact with him and feeling nothing for it. His eyes found hers and he gave a smile, something that would normally warm a heart, but his held no emotional attachment, no connection with the world around him or the person before him.
â??It doesnâ??t matter, it never does.â?[/b] He said calmly as her fingers went slack, walking away from her then as she stood on the grass alone.[/size]

OOC: Alright there Happy, Finally got it done, hope this meets your requirements. Please let me know if it needs changes.
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[quote name='Happy' timestamp='1320046649' post='710074'][color="#696969"][font="Tahoma"]
Just because I've confirmed two spots you guys are dropping out? OB Theater has gotten soft. :([/font][/color]

I wouldn't call the rest of the OB theater soft, there are just people I think that are probably better at this than I am, so its just me.. I have had only a handful of RP's and I still think I need a lot of practice. I know an audition doesn't guarantee the part (I was not aware that we had to be familiar with fairy tail's group size though d: ) but in the same respect, even if I aced my audition and got in, I still doubt I could do better than some of the others who signed up. I don't like discarding the character I put a lot of work into either, but it makes me feel better knowing an amateur like myself didn't steal a good part from more capable hands.
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