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Bounty (Re-Start)


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For those members who were in the Rp Game "Bounty" I created, I have heard from all members and they have expressed wishes to continue with the RP from where we left off. I am more than happy to continue from where we left off, but I would like for everyone to re-post their character information and what not for future reference and for other memebrs if they choose to join.

For those who have forgotten, both Dragonreaper and Sazabi have met up at the slums bar, and Neigil Pedlton and I have arrived there on our own exchanging information about the Shadow Soldier Corps. Now then, we have discussed that we will not be doing the standard "Everyones at the same place, lets group up". No, continue in pairs or on your own and move from there while the story unfolds, then we shall group up.

For new members, if you wish to join, please feel free. We were only on page 2 when the server crashed the information, so there is still an open time frame to introduce your character and move along with the story.

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Goo memory, now remember we'll Be gathering up all together probably soon but not now. More about the Shadow Soldier Corps will be explained with Nergil and my character and we'll go from there.

I'll have my sign up probably later this evening. I'm almost finished moving into the new apartment and will have the Internet up tonight.
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