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Left 4 Dead: Breaking Point

Inuyasha Fandom

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The disease. Green flu, or as commonly called 'the Infection.' It spread like wildfire, and with no cure let alone one possibly being created to stop it. It was just too fast. It was the fictional zombie apocalypse in the cheesy horror flick made real. But rather than being undead, they are living humans who have been Infected by the Green Flu virus, causing massively increased aggression and loss of many higher brain functions such as speech and self-preservation. Ground Zero for the infectious and virulent virus was in Pennsylvania, but there is little hope of recovering any data pertaining to the matter from the hospital that treated Patient Zero. Supposedly, depending on who's speaking, the green flu epidemic was airborne, while others claimed it spread through being bitten or scratched by the infected. A few even claim the disease was found in livestock. Few humans were immune to the green flu; still carrying the virus but showing no symptoms. Normally, once a person became infected, the person would display rabies-like symptoms while rapidly losing higher brain functions and becoming increasingly hostile, attacking those still uninfected with the disease. This led people to think that green flu was a sister strain of the rabies disease. But whether it was or wasn't still remains unknown and highly speculated. The time it takes for an individual person to turn into one of the infected seems to vary from person to person, ranging from four days to a matter of seconds. But the disease itself also causes rapid mutations in some host bodies, while leaving others as merely rabid humans. Thankfully, these special infected as they are called are rare, though more common than one would like to believe.

The CEDA (Civil Emergency and Defense Agency) have been involved in responding to the the Green Flu epidemic. They created advertisements alerting the public about the disease, tried to evacuate citizens from highly infected areas, and even researched the disease. Once they realized how powerful and virulent the Infection was, CEDA agents isolated themselves from the public in hazmat suits and decided to provide the public with face masks while trying to evacuate the public. Large-scale evacuations were called and required CEDA to bring in several Disease Emergency Assessment Dispatch trailers to help process people faster. They created advertisements alerting the public about the disease, tried to evacuate citizens from highly infected areas, and even researched the disease though to no avail. CEDA was largely responsible for informing the public about the situation of the Infection, the spread of the virus, areas under quarantine, and ways of prevention of disease. The agency mainly used radio and television as the main media outlet to inform the public. They mainly used emergency frequencies to update information to the public and the status of the evacuation centers in the areas. When approached by news crews and agencies, one of the CEDA teams in the South Atlantic Region were assigned to do a report and provide a statement and update on information. However, CEDA never told people how bad the Infection was spreading and how bad the situation was due to the mass panic and chaos it might provoke; therefore, this report never aired or occurred. Throughout various areas of the country, advertisements from CEDA were set up advising citizens to wear face masks, wash their hands, and seal their windows and other openings with plastic sheeting and duct tape to prevent the spread of the Infection. At one point, CEDA began to inform the public on how to build saferooms and where to seek shelter as well as "Safety Checklists," which instruct residents to barricade themselves in their basements and wait for help to arrive. CEDA also uses Solar Portable Message Signs to help with the evacuation. In addition to placing evacuation notices on buildings, these trailers can be seen near highways and roadways informing any survivors to head to the location displayed on the digital sign. When the Infection was spreading out of control and the public started to find out the truth behind the Infection and how bad the situation was getting, everyone started to panic and began rioting, causing chaos. CEDA hired a private security firm to help with local law enforcement and the agency to help maintain control. The security officers wore protective gear such as helmets, bulletproof padding, and used nightsticks instead of firearms (due to CEDA Management Policies) to help maintain control of the public. They helped keep crowds organized and under control at evacuation centers while stopping rioters from causing chaos until the Infection hit. With the officers dealing with the public, it was difficult for them to tell who was infected and who wasn't; therefore, it was easy for the security officers to succumb to the Infection. Eventually, all of the evacuation centers were overrun with the infected.CEDA effectively disappeared, becoming either infected themselves or abandoning the public. Most presume only the higher-ups did the latter, leaving all the rest of the organization to the former.

In the case of Common and Uncommon Infected, as they have come to be called, observed aggressiveness manifests itself primarily in the form of frenzied physical blows and kicks. Bite attacks are of a secondary nature and may even be incidentally delivered. The Infected primarily attacks uninfected humans who have attracted attention through noise, movement and displaying bright lights. It is unknown whether other sensory stimuli such as smell or color variation trigger attack responses. Common Infected are also frequently observed displaying mutual aggressiveness towards one another. However, these attacks are not shown when the Infected finds an uninfected human, they focusing on the uninfected to kill their target. The Infection might also have changed their physiology. Some infected suffer instant fatal tissue damage, and dismemberment from moderate blunt force, yet they can still jump down from heights of approximately 20 feet with perfect physical coordination and without harm. They have no fine motor control and their gross motor control functions are heavily degraded, thus rendering them incapable of picking up objects and operating simple mechanisms such as door handles, though this is contributed mostly to the loss of higher brain functions. When passive and unstimulated, Common Infected lean against a support (such as a wall), sit, lie recumbent or stagger aimlessly in short uncoordinated steps. Many will vomit profusely or display visual signs of being unwell (e.g. slumped over cradling the head). Uncommon and Common Infected tend to be less inert in their passive state since they are invariably observed to be in a standing posture. When active and stimulated,both Common and Uncommon Infected undergo a rapid transformation during which their speed of movement is rapid, their gait is highly coordinated and focal direction unerring. Uncommon Infected display the same behavioral qualities with the exception that they appear to be more sensitive to external stimuli and are thus more easily aroused and provoked. While they seem capable of ignoring pain, they can still be killed easily, with Uncommon Infected only marginally more difficult to kill, due to gear such as hazmat suits or riot gear. Even clowns wearing squeaky shoes are a part of this classification, as the squeaking of the shoes will attract more of the Infected. All Infected are capable of climbing ladders and scaling objects, as well as breaking down weak walls and doors, though fortified doors they have no ability to bring down. However, while individually they are easy to kill, in massive groups they can easily overwhelm a small group of survivors. These massively numbered groups of infected are referred to as hordes. Usually, a horde is attracted by the sounding of loud and/or high pitched noises or bright lights.

The Infected appear to lack a sense of self preservation, as they will actively charge into flames, explosions, jump off from high buildings, and charge against the superior forces of those uninfected and their weapons.They are often seen engaging in bizarre activities (e.g. vomiting, attacking inanimate objects, fighting each other, showing that the sickness may still be affecting them even in this state, even perhaps killing them rather than keeping them as Infected when unaware of the uninfected, but begin to rush at the uninfected the very moment they see them. Very rarely, an Infected can be seen facing a wall and making mumbling noises, as if talking to itself. Many believe the virus has affected the brain to the point of when only the most basic of instincts are still retained.The Infected are not known to feed or drink, however, they can still survive, and it is possible that the Infection has removed the mental ability to perform these necessary life functions. This may indicate that the Infected may eventually die of starvation or dehydration, and possibly even exposure to the elements as the Infected do not seem to seek shelter in conditions that non-Infected would. Also evident possibly from the loss of higher brain function is an ability to completely ignore pain and damage (including dismemberment) when in the known presence of the uninfected. If shot from a distance, they have been noted to hold their wounds and cry out, obviously affected in some way, though whether perhaps it is just out of surprise or actual pain is unknown. If nothing else, they seem to have some grasp of their current situation, or at least how they feel; generally, idle Infected act physically ill, holding their heads and vomiting as they shuffle around slowly. Occasionally, if you watch one long enough, one of the Infected who is holding their head may begin to writhe in pain, or they may simply lie down and sometimes die without being shot or punched, suggesting that the virus is deadlier than it seems. It is also possible that after Infection, they have a limited life span, just like how people infected with rabies have a limited lifespan if left untreated. It could also be through brain hemorrhaging, as Infected appear to bleed out the ears and eyes. This would also explain why they hold their heads in pain some of the time.

The Special Infected are hosts of the Green Flu virus that have been heavily mutated by the Infection, giving them "special abilities." In rare cases, individuals show extensive physical and mental changes after infection. In such situations, these Special Infected are physically stronger than Common Infected and have experienced some sort of side-effect or mutation that results in a unique ability. The symptomatic mutations are very distinct per Special Infected type, indicating a person-to-person variation in reaction to infection. There are an infinite number of speculations that can be made about the exact cause of mutations for the Special Infected. Each generally has a unique ability that one person cannot face alone, making them the true teamwork testers. They are not attracted by car alarms or loud noise and have a higher degree of intelligence than Common Infected, being able to run away if required and setting up ambushes. They are also more aggressive than the Common Infected, as they will actively attack Survivors rather than passively sitting in a stupor until disturbed.

Currently, three weeks have passed since Patient Zero. The entire east coast has been overrun, as has the midwest and the southern states. The last chance of escaping the disease and all of its victims is to head west, where it is rumored that the area of the country west of the Rockies is bereft of the menace that has claimed the rest of the country.

Welcome to the nightmare of the zombie apocolypse.

Unfortunately for you, this is one nightmare you can't wake up from.

Alrighty, peeps, here's the lowdown. Currently, we are located in Peoria, Illinois in various areas of the city. The Green Flu virus has suddenly manifested itself and is rapidly spreading throughout the city. CEDA has completely disappeared, and time is ticking. More and more people are succumbing to the disease, leaving only you and the other Survivors to make your way across the ravaged city to escape the chaos. We'll be meeting along the way, so feel free to start wherever you wish. Because of the comeplete break-down of communications to all areas east and south of the city, the Infection has taken Peoria by complete surprise. Evacuation centers are still in their infancy, and are quickly being overrun.

The following is the sign-up:






And so there we have it folks. The sign-up for this little beauty I've cooked up. Be creative when making your character. The more diverse our participants the better this will be. I will open a Backstage thread with all of the information about the various types of Infected. Should you decide to talk about your background, feel free to do so. Did you flee the west coast or are you a native to Peoria?

(and before you ask, Yes. I am actually from Peoria originally) Edited by Inuyasha Fandom
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Name: Dahlia Severest

Age: 29

Occupation: High School Nurse

Personality: Sweet, bubbly, and very much so the stereotypical walking blonde joke. However, she's far more intelligent than people take her for because of her usual demeanor. She likes taking care of people, which is why she went into the nursing field.

Appearance: Blonde, 130lbs, 5'6" and endowed with enough cleavage to put the milk industry out of business. She's attractive, but dresses plainly in expensive clothes and always with her white nursing overcoat while at the school.
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Welcome aboard.

Name: Christopher Denbo

Age: 22

Occupation: Cocktail Waiter for the Par-A-Dice Riverboat and Casino

Personality: Friendly, upbeat, and kind of a spazz.

Appearance: 5'11" 150lbs red hair hazel eyes. He wears sleek black khaki pants with a button up dress shirt and black vest and bow tie.
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Name: James Morris

Age: 35

Occupation: Bartender and Bar owner

Personality: Gruff and arrogant but very cunning with a strong will to survive.

Appearance: 6'4 and 200 pounds of muscle. Short brown hair and dark blue eyes with a small scar running through his left eyebrow. Wears a white tank top and grey jeans with a tea towel tucked into the back pocket out of habit.
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[font=times new roman, times, serif][b][i]Name[/i][/b]: Doctor Alejandro "Ali" Santiago
[b][i]Age[/i][/b]: 26
[b][i]Occupation:[/i][/b] A forensic medical examiner and psychologist hailing from Miami on a visiting experimental operation for his blind friend, Stacey Greenwood, at OSF St. Francis
[b][i]Personality:[/i][/b] Almost everything from Ali's mouth is dripping in sarcasm, yet he is very calm even while in the midst of the chaos found in most emergency rooms. Due to his intellect, he was rediculed in school which lead into trust issues into his adulthood. To most he is cold and calculating; but to those he cares about, he opens up just enough to keep his friends happy and his blood running. He also has a very bad tendency to forget English and can sometimes carry entire conversarions or even autopsies in Spanish.
[b][i]Appearance:[/i][/b] Santiago stands at six feet and three inches, weighing in at 180 pounds of lean athletic musculature with green eyes and olive skin. What he wears doesn't scream doctor; most people notice his odd combination of sport blazer and black jeans, complimented with black Chuck Taylors.[/font]
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