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So they just announced Generation 6!!!


And you'll be glad to know that the reign of Fire/Fighting may have finally been brought to an end. The new Fire starter seems to be Fire/Psychic.


I've also heard rumors that the game's going to get a worldwide release in October, but I still need to find a source for that.

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Was seriously weirded out the day the Gen VI reveal because I'd got the bug to start playing Pokemon again literally the day before. Have to go and buy a 3DS XL now though which is the only pain about it.

Heard an interesting rumour that all 3 starters might be dual-types and the type advantages will work both ways in other words:


Of the three I'm drawn to the Water type Froakie over the others (haven't started with a Grass type since Gen I) though I'll have to wait to see their evolutions and confirmation of the types before I make any firm decisions.

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Oh wow, that dual type cycle looks sweet. The inclusion of dark might make me actually pick the grass starter for once!


Of course, I'd have to actually acquire a 3DS first...that was a big reason I was thinking it was time to let Pokemon evolve without me. I guess if I can save up some money for it, it would be a good investment.

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I seem to only come back to OB when a new pokemon game is out... I was wondering if anyone would be willing to exchange friend codes with me. I'm playing with the Friend Safari and no one I'm friends with seems to have the types or pokemon that I want.  Here's my stuff to get into my Safari


FC: 285269396008

Type: Psychic

Pokemon: Abra, Esspur, Gothorita

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