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This rp is open to graphic violence, intense language and sexual situations.


Only one man has ever escaped from Hell.

His name was Frederick Castle, and he was a serial killer. He earned his infamy by slaughtering each and every person in a small midwestern American town and writing his name across their foreheads in blood. He traveled across America, leaving a trail of carnage in his wake. After the fifth city, the country went into a state of panic, and a bounty was placed on Castleâ??s head. Castle, however, was a ghost, and despite years of hunting, law enforcers were unable to apprehend him, and his murderous reign continued. The death toll rose unimpeded; until one day, 15 years after the first incident, when Frederick Castle walked into a police station in Washington D.C., laughed once, and then slit his own throat. The last drop of blood had hardly drained from his body when cold, demonic claws grabbed his soul and dragged him into the underworld. His soul was not judged or weighed--he was condemned to an eternity of torture as a drone, the lowest level of hellish denizen. But he did what no man had done before him. He refused his sentence, and, having meticulously remembered the route from the mortal realm to the afterlife, returned to his body. The combination of a dead soul encompassing a dead body opened a portal between the two realms and unleashed hordes of demons onto the Earth.

However, this story is not about the undead dimensional gate known as Frederick Castle.

No amount of technology or weaponry prepared humanity for the appearance of demons. Because the demons existed in forms highly reminiscent of creatures from folklore and myth, many people let their guard down around them. This mistake cost thousands of lives; the demons had roasted in the fires of damnation, many of them for eternities, and no longer possessed any sense of morality or mercy. They were chaos incarnate, acting purely on their desires. Governments around the world floundered in an attempt to mitigate the situation and crumbled under their own ineptitude. Only one man, a Spanish general, by the name of Horacio Vela, had the foresight, the temperament and the moral ambiguity to take control of the situation. He gathered together a massive army and threw waves of humans at the demons. Whilst his soldiers kept the monstrous hordes at bay, he entreated all of the worldâ??s renowned scientists to gather together in Britain to discover a means to defeat their enemies. Once they were, Vela had all of the fuel he needed to defeat the threat-- as he was effectively the only person with an army, and everyone capable of actually creating a defense system against the demons, the leaders of every nation had no choice to but to pledge their resources and allegiance to him. Overnight, Horacio Vela went from a skilled general to the leader of the United World Government. He imposed a series of strict, harsh rules, stripping people worldwide of their civil liberties but ensuring their survival. And somehow, despite coming to power more than 200 years ago, Vela looks younger now than when he took office.

However, this story is not about the well-meaning world dictator known as Horacio Vela.

Despite Velaâ??s severe governing and a new technology created by the scientists which erected an impermeable barrier around all major cities, many people still felt the wrath of the demons in their everyday lives. Smaller towns deemed unworthy of the expensive new form of protection were left to deal with the problem on their own. This violent relationship bred two developments. The first was a mass thinning of the population and of natural resources. The second, and more important development for the sake of this story, was a sharp increase in pregnancies among townspeople--demonic pregnancies. A year after the demons arrived, 300,000 of we half-demons were born. Mostly human, they nonetheless possessed demonic properties and abilities, as well as a predilection towards violence. Of the 300,000 born, only 270 were not immediately killed by their doctor or parents. Of those 270, only 90 demonspawn worldwide lived until adulthood. A law was passed demanding that all parents immediately murder any child suspected of being a demonspawn, though we have managed to save many. We 90 were despised and struggled every day to survive in the border between both worlds; demons viewed us as tasty humans, and humans viewed us as villainous demons.

This story is about us.

We crawled through the mud and spilled blood, through the shit and corpses, but eventually we found one another, and therein we found our power. Not telepathy or super strength or anything of that sort-- we had already developed those kinds of abilities in our adolescence. No, we found the power to lash out at the two worlds that had forsaken us, demon and human alike. We live in a world tempered by violence, so we became V.I.O.L.E.N.C.E., a so-called â??terroristâ? organization. Sometimes we protect humans. Sometimes we murder them. Sometimes we slaughter demons. Sometimes we sick them on government officials. We always save newborn half-demons. We do what we want, when we want.

And thatâ??s all we can do on this god-forsaken Earth.


â? â? â? 


Welcome one and all to V.I.O.L.E.N.C.E. an open world rp examining the lives of people born into a broken world. We stand little hope of banishing demons from the Earth, though some of us have ventured out into the world to find Frederick Castle, with the hope that his redeadening will close the portal between realms. We are at a loss against the might and military savvy of Horacio Vela, but many of us have and will fight to the death to depose him. No, for most of us, every day is just about living, about surviving, about venting our frustrations on anything and anyone. This story will be about your personal life, as you struggle through a decaying world that hates and despises you. You are free to do whatever youâ??d like, whenever youâ??d like. Feel free to interact with other players or travel solo and see the world, or maybe even the Underworld! You could even create multiple characters, if youâ??d like, and have one stay with the others and the other venture out alone--just be sure to keep your posts between the characters clearly distinguished.

Donâ??t feel as if you need to play as a half-demon, though. Humans do overwhelmingly outnumber half-demons, so if you are interested in playing a human who hunts demons (or maybe half-demons!), or an average person dealing with the trouble of constant demon attacks, or even one of the people who lives in a protected city, go right on ahead!

Now onto the sign-up!:

Age: Half-demons age at a drastically reduced pace, so even characters in their hundreds often look like theyâ??re in their 20s or 30s. No half demon is older than 240
Gender: Being half demons, itâ??s entirely possible you donâ??t have a gender
Appearance: Every half-demon has a noticeable physical manifestation of their demonic lineage. For some, it is understated, like a pair of horns or a forked tongue, but for others it can be drastic, like possessing wings or being a horse from the midsection down.
Personality: Living in a world as downtrodden, oppressed and carnal as ours is bound to have some negative repercussions on your psyche. Some half-demons, however, revel in the vile and unpleasant, as they are more in tune with their demon half.
Species: This will be half-�something� for everyone.
Species Description: While many demons are simply denizens of hell, some demon races are actually the cursed forms of human souls; for instance, people who indulged in sexual activity for selfish and cruel reasons became succubi or incubi in the afterlife. Along with that information, list noteworthy characteristics and abilities of the species here as well.
Abilities: Did you develop the ability to create poison from your Naga â??fatherâ?? Or perhaps impenetrable stony skin from your Golem parent? All manner of abilities manifest in demonspawn, so be creative! For human characters, list any skills you possess that help you to survive in your harsh environment.
Supplies: What kind of weapons and other useful items do you lug around with you? This story does take place a decent amount of time in the future (2254 CE) so technology has advanced a bit. Once again, be creative. The only thing ubiquitous to all members of V.I.O.L.E.N.C.E. is an enchanted amulet which allows you to teleport back to V.I.O.L.E.N.C.E.â??s base, call for assistance from an ally, or teleport to assist another ally.
Background: Doesnâ??t need to be too long, just a compilation of the formative events in yours life.

â? â? â? â? â? 


If you have any questions at all, do no hesitate to send me a pm or to post your questions in the backstage thread. I'll post my sign up after a few people have posted theirs.

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Name: Slade Bennett

Age: 184 (appears to be in his late twenties)

Gender: Male

Appearance: Slade stands at roughly 6 feet tall, with a lean build that belies his physical strength. Without clothes, his body is covered in fine scars along with what appear to be snaking black tattoos across his arms, chest and back. However, when his abilities manifest these black tattoos glow scarlet along with his eyes, the glow intensifying as he exerts more effort. The only other physical manifestations of his demonic heritage are elongated, sharpened knuckles on his hands and longer, sharper incisors than a pure human should have.


Moving on from his body, Slade's hair is dirty blonde and cropped short, and he sports a scruffy beard purely through having very little time to spend looking after his physical appearance. His eyes are dark brown, almost black and have dark rings around them caused by a combination of fatigue and his demonic heritage.


When it comes to clothes, Slade wears the same things most days: a pair of charcoal-grey combat trousers with a pair of black leather boots with flexible soles. Above the waist he wears a black custom jacket with a hood deep enough to almost completely conceal his face, lined with kevlar to protect him from most small arms-fire and short blades, and fingerless leather gloves.


Personality: Slade is a loner by his nature, due to the contradictory nature of being a demonspawn, hated by both sides of the endless conflict he was born into against his will. However, he is a largely benevolent being who has managed to keep the less-desirable aspects of his demonic heritage subdued over the two centuries he has been alive and on the run. He will attempt to help people, human or demonspawn, if they appear to be in danger, and maintains a calm, almost cold demeanor to most people, never wanting to be thanked for his good deeds.


While it takes a long time for him to let his guard down and trust people, however, when he does he is known as a caring and protective person, with a surprising dry sense of humour. He can count the number of people he trusts to this extent on one hand, though, and he is not quick to allow other people to join their ranks.


Species: Half-Nephelim

Species Description: The Nephelim are Fallen Angels, one of the highest tiers of demons in the Underworld and one of the most dangerous groups of creatures in existence. They were allegedly once angels who betrayed God and were cast into the Underworld; however, there has never been conclusive evidence of this and it it far more likely that they were some of the original denizens of the Underworld instead.


The Nephelim have the ability to take on human form and cross between the Underworld and the human world with relative ease, and each one represents a different Deadly Sin, using their abilities to persuade humans to indulge in the Sins so their souls will be condemned to the Underworld. While human literature paints the Nephelim as hideous, demonic creatures devoted to spreading pain and suffering across the world, in reality they are a lot less hands-on, preferring to sow the seeds of Sin in a low-key way, then sit back and wait for the humans to corrupt themselves before dragging their souls into the Underworld. There is considerable competition between the seven most important Nephelim to corrupt the most human souls, and they are not afraid of manipulating their demonspawn to help them in achieving their goals.


The original Seven Nephelim are Lucifer the Prideful, Asmodeus the Lustful, Astaroth the Slothful, Leviathan the Envious, Mammon the Greedy, Beelzebub the Gluttonous, and Belial the Hateful. However, there are dozens of lesser Nephelim who tempt humans with the lesser sins; and each of the original Seven have many demonspawn they are willing to use as pawns in their corruption.


Abilities: Like most demonspawn, Slade is considerably quicker, stronger and more agile than a human being, able to jump great distances and lift weights relative to his size and muscle mass. He also has considerable combat prowess, having been forced to fight in order to survive for his entire life: he is a skilled archer and a proficient close-quarters combatant, although his fighting technique is scrappy due to his lack of formal training.


As the 'son' of Belial the Hateful, Slade's physical abilities become far greater when he is angry: his eyes and the markings on his body glow scarlet and his strength, speed and agility increase to a level beyond that of most demonspawn. In essence, when angry he becomes a kind of 'berzerker', able to punch through solid steel and leap great distances. He also generates heat from his body, enough to set objects on fire with a mere touch: however, this fire is known as 'Hellfire', and is far more dangerous than any mortal flame.


However, every time he enters his berzerker state, a portion of his soul returns to his 'father', and he loses some of his humanity. This affects him both emotionally, causing him to become more vicious and cruel; and physically, causing more marking to appear on his body, his teeth to sharpen and elongate and his skeleton to gain more growths like those on his knuckles. It is for these reasons that he has learned to keep his anger under control, and hasn't used his abilities in almost a century.


Supplies: Slade likes to travel light at all times, but he always keeps his bow and a quiver of arrows with him, along with a single, thin-bladed sword and several knives secreted about his person. He reluctantly also keeps his V.I.O.L.E.N.C.E. amulet on him, knowing that it's always better to be safe than sorry even though he doesn't wish to rely on the organisation.


Background: Thanks to the markings covering his body, Slade was instantly recognised as a demonspawn when he was born. His mother, a kind soul, protected him when her husband attempted to kill him at the cost of her own life, and Slade was rescued by the fledgling organisation known as V.I.O.L.E.N.C.E. They raised him and taught him how to fight, and at age eighteen he left them to pursue his own path through life.


He wandered the world for a decades, finding only hostility in the towns and cities he visited, never being able to find a home. After surviving to the age of fifty, he was visited by his father Belial the Hateful, and told of his purpose: to spread hate amongst the humans and allow Belial to take their souls down to the Underworld. In an unprecedented display, Slade managed to send Belial back to the Underworld, albeit suffering grave injuries in the process.


He was found on the edge of death by a kindly old couple who believed that he could be saved, and during his recovery their home was attacked by demon hunters and they were brutally murdered in front of him for harbouring a demonspawn. Even in his weakened state, Slade managed to fight them off, and realised in the process that humans could be just as evil as the demons they hunted: from then on, he vowed to protect the innocent, whether human or demonspawn, and punish the guilty regardless of their species.


Moving back to Europe, he set himself up in an abandoned section of the underground railway system in Paris, gradually building a base of operations from which he operates as something of a vigilante in the city, becoming infamous among the general populace as a mysterious protector of the innocent and among the government and the forces of the UWG as a dangerous criminal. However, to both groups, he is known simply as 'The Shroud'.


I hope this is ok, I'm aware the sign-up is a pretty long one!

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Name: Revenant

Age: 160

Gender: Revenant has a male voice, though no discernible gender

Appearance: Revenant Field Armor. This set is one of his field suits, used for combat and use in most hazardous of situations, and is powered by a Hellfire core (See equipment)


Revenant Heavy Armor: The heavy armor is used for a different purpose, weapons can be attached to the exterior of the suit and can hold anti-vehicle weapons in the hands. It is slower then his other suits, and the power generated is nothing compared to his Hellfire core, but it keeps the suit powered and is great value if the Nidhogg comes under siege for any reason.


Revenant HQ Armor: As both of his previous sets of armor are dangerous or too cumbersome to move about the Nidhogg freely, Revenant uses this as a means move about and interact with people more easily.


As Revenantâ??s armor is one of the only things that gives him enough of a corporeal form on the planet, he is hardly seen without it on. However, on the front of the breastplate there are two turn valves, that when open allows Revenant to escape his containment suit and move freely. When he releases his true form from the containment suit, he looks as his father did, a phantasmal being of blue energy that has a vague humanoid shape. Though he lacks the anatomy for speech, all can still hear his voice as a hollow and ominous source, and with enough effort he can create facial features for the purpose of expressing things during conversations as well as individual digits for hands and feet.

Personality: Revenant is an unreadable figure, even without his suit covering his entire being. His personality is far from many of his demonspawn kin, cold and brutal are only a small piece of who he is but it is a side that has kept him alive since the beginning. He only feels compassion towards those he identifies as kin, as people who can further the goal of the organization and prove themselves in the war they fight against humans and demons.

He will never extend a hand toward others to provided assistance, he will never speak reassuring words in a dark time, he will never put himself in danger for someone else. He will, however, give all his time and energy to prevent his allies from falling into situations that would prove fatal, he will speak plainly so that all may hear the truth, he will destroy danger before it befalls his kin.

Revenant is indeed, cold and brutal towards all who threaten the organization and the war effort. As he follows in his fathers footsteps, doing all he can to try and become V.I.O.L.E.N.C.Eâ??s Shadow of War. If to not further the organizations goals, but to get him closer to both Hecarim and Thresh, to prove to his people that he is truly the dominate species of Phantom and become the only Shadow of War.

Species: Half-Phantom

Species Description: Phantomâ??s are a natural denizen of the Inferno, most reside within Cocytus and float freely on the the Allfire as they scream and terrorize all the souls of humankind. However, Revenantâ??s particular brand of Phantom resided within the Styx. Foregoing their cousins desires to fly through the air and took to the land, choosing to run down their haunted souls. With the shift in where they resided and their new methods of torturing the souls of the damned, many adopted new visages and created new terror with those forms.

One of the most terrifying and dominate species of Phantom were the centaur incarnations, one in particular known as Hecarim was the most horrifying of all. A demon who not only struck fear in the hearts of mortals and the damned souls, but in other demons as well as he became known as the Shadow of War. His appearance signified the beginning of another battle, thus becoming one of the â??Generalsâ?? of the demon army that arrived in the world. Another Phantom was named Thresh, the Chain Warden, and as his sole duty is to take the souls of the fallen and keep them within a lantern he carries at his side. The two Phantoms being the most prominent, are rivals to the end as both have their own agenda as both have gone to war with each other as much as the humans.

Abilities: Revenantâ??s powers vary depending on what form he is assuming at the time of the encounter. When he is within his containment suit, his abilities are limited to greater strength and speed above the human ability. In his suit, he can create a beam of Hellfire discharged from the suit if he so chooses. Otherwise, Revenant must leave the confines of his suit to put his abilities to better use.

Being Phantom he has the ability to possess things, his strongest possession is around those that have already passed. Able to resurrect the body and mind enough to learn what the deceased knew at the time, and use the corpse until he chooses to leave or is no longer viable. The bodies he possess still go through the decomposing process, if not accelerated a bit more by the energy burning through the body. He is also able to manipulate mechanical devices, being more durable than flesh they can last as long as Revenant can maintain the connection, or until the mechanical host is destroyed beyond viability. Living beings he cannot possess, but he can influence and tamper with their minds on a subconscious level. Whether the tampering sticks is completely up to the mind he has planted the idea in, also depending on the severity of the idea can also affects how well it takes.

Revenantâ??s final form is that like his father Hecarim, a Centaur made of pure energy that can interactive the living world, swinging a massive ethereal polearm. Able to summon a group of cavalrymen that can rundown other beings and fight as if living creatures. This form is a last resort for Revenant as it severally burns on his Phantom body and dissipates his energy the longer he tries to maintain it, effectively killing him if he stays in his last form.

Supplies: Revenant carries nothing with him but the containment suit he wears around, The suit itself is a prototype created by the UWG for the Iron Guard, a suit that houses an experimental core that is powered by Hellfire. A grand achievement indeed, the suit gives off immense amounts of heat and energy, a quality that made it attractive to the UWG for field use and powering someone of their more lucrative weaponry. However, the suit was impossible to cool down to levels that were usable by humans, and even more insane was that they created a fail-safe to siphon off the excess energy that resulted in the suit creating an explosion of Hellfire. With only a single test performed, with disastrous results for the pilot and a few of the researchers the project was scrapped and the suit put into storage.

V.I.O.L.E.N.C.E retrieved the suit in raid as it was being transported, before Revenant had arrived it was to be taken apart and the core to be used to power the mobile fortress Nidhogg. Before the procedure could be underway, Revenant had been brought into the organization, and being rather incorporeal was able to crawl into the suit and put it to use right away. The discharges of the Hellfire continue to happen, but at random intervals, but Revenant is able to channel the energy for a safer release.

Background: When Revenant was born, it was a strange birthing as he was born a normal baby boy. But within moments of coming into this world, his body began to change and he dissolved into energy that didnâ??t exist for several days. This left his mother in shambles, his father uncaring as he went about his business with the demon armies and forgot about his only born. After the time passed, Revenant reformed as vaguely human form, having gained a sentient mind in his early years to keep his body together. Looking more like his father then most demonspawn, he was immediately deemed a monster and attempts were made to kill him.

These people found that, whether it was a surprise attack or not, the boy was immune to all physical forms of attack. Unable to take any sort of harm from their conventional weapons, or able to simply evaporate for short periods of time caused them to strike out at his only human connection. His mother was taken from their home, Revenant was in his early teens at this time when he saw his mother snatched up and dragged out into the open town square. He followed in an ethereal form, gliding on the wind to the square, only to see his mother tied to a wooden pole with kindling and wood at her feet. They set her ablaze that day, and Revenant discovered the only time he could remember becoming genuinely angry and becoming the centaur phantom that charged the square and murdered the entire village with no pity.

After the massacre, Revenant was left with no home and no one in his life. He wandered for many years, the next year spent in a isolation as he moved on the wind and wandered the desolate world with no regard for his existence as everyday his body broke off another small piece and evaporated into the ether. Before he could completely waste his body away, he was discovered by V.I.O.L.E.N.C.E and placed in a special room designed for Phantoms. Giving him the opportunity to regenerate his lost form and refocus himself, he came to understand that he wasnâ??t alone in this world and that his plight was like the others. Finding the suit gave him the ability to be able to interact with people on a physical level he wasnâ??t normally able to do.

Over the next several decades, he came and went from the organization freely as he operated outside to the best of his ability. Using a natural born traits to insight conflict and battles amongst humans and to give demons enough direction toward the prey that is humanity.

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Name: Anue Crafst
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Appearance: Stands  at an average 5'6, she is unusually skinny for her age and extremely underweight only a measly 98 lbs. Though skinny she has a decent amount of muscle and is sometimes mistaken as a young man from a distance, her undernourishment not allowing her body to develop as properly as it should have. Her face is still fair, though hard from years of hard living, she has snow white hair that reaches to her mid back when not held in a pony tail and tucked into the old army cap she found; and different colored eyes, her left is blue while the right is brown. She wears old, ragged jeans that have holes in the knees and back pockets, with make shift patches littering them all over. Her shirt, if it could be called that is thin, and supposedly white, though dingy and grey from over wear. Originally being a long sleeve shirt it has been torn and ripped, only one small strap hangs from her left shoulder, the right being gone, the shirt only covers her torso to her navel, a thin, fleece jacket covers her upper body to keep her warm on cold nights. Her shoes are a pair of men's boots she found, they are slightly to big for her feet, but they work and even for being to big, after getting used to the size and weight she has learned to barely make any noise in them. 
Personality: Still somewhat naive,she sees the good in everyone and is friendly to the people she meets,though  not releasing any information on her self she trusts no one, and gives no one any room to trust her. She isn't cruel or hard to people or half demons, but her life has made it very hard for her to get close to anyone and allow them to get to know her. Some times mistaken as insane since she's grown accustomed to being alone and talking to herself, and often does it in front of people without even realizing it. Even with all these quirks, she still manages to get by. 
Species: Human
Species Description: 

Abilities: Though an average human, her size and weight gives her advantages others don't have. Her size allows her to slip in and out of small areas most people would never think of going, her weight allowing her to move quicker then most people she can move through a crowd easier, slipping between legs, and arms, or even between bodies much simpler then an average sized person. Her weight and size also giving her an upper hand on pick pocketing, her touches being so light they are rarely ever felt, and if they are she's disappeared into the crowd before anyone can spot her. Even though she has the ability to fight rather well, it does her little good when most of her opponents shadow her in both size and weight. 
Supplies: Living outside of most cities, Anue carries a full backpack, and a small waist pack, the back pack is stuffed with a small tent, and an old sleeping bag. It also contains a few lighters and a portable camping stove with a few fold-able camping pots and pans. The waist pack contains small strips of cloth soaked in oil for lamps and for starting fires. It also contains a long, neatly rolled thong of twine. She also carries a small pouch on her right thigh that she keep a few throwing daggers she found, a hunting knife stays hung at her belt. A long, flexible walking stick is always in her hands, though when she finds the means to make arrows, the thong of twine comes out and the walking stick becomes a hand made long bow for hunting. Even with the advanced technology she knows to be around her she prefers to live simply, the blurred memories of her stingy, self centered parents keeping her humble.
Background: Being a human, it makes little sense on why Anue lives outside the cities and protection of their barriers, but even though a human she is, she is shunned from the human world because of her looks. Being called a half-breed all her life because of her birth defects, her different colored eyes and snow white hair leaving her utterly alone in the world. Her parents, though knowing she was well and full human gave into the taunts and spreading rumors of their daughters origins took her outside of the barrier at the young age of 2 and left her in the wild woods alone and unprotected, their status more important to them then the life of the little girl they had birthed. After roaming through the woods for days, she was found by a group of rovers, dehydrated and nearly starved to death her human nature was more the evident and  they took her in and raised her; altogether giving her a very large extended family. 

Even though she is human she harbors no ill will towards the half demons or their kind, knowing what it was life to be shunned and left our of most things her entire life because of her looks she pities them more then hates them. She even has hopes of finding and talking to one at some point in her life. 

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Name: Junko
Age: 83
Gender: Female
Appearance: [Junko] [Outfit] [Angry Oni Concept]
Junko's appearance is heavily influenced by her Oni heritage, but not so much so that she couldn't pass for a tall, fit humanâ??with horns. She stands at 6'2'' and, despite having a narrow frame, is very toned; this had lead many of the members of V.I.O.L.E.N.C.E who harbor ill-will towards her to call her â??she-hulk.â? Her straight, jade-green hair reaches to the small of her back, and her Cleopatra bangs fall just above her crystal-blue eyes, which are always locked in a determined gaze. Her demonically-influenced traits fluctuate with her mood. In her average, neutral state, her teeth, while razor sharp, do not look any different from normal human teeth; her skin retains its light color; and her 6 in. horns protruding from above each temple, while alarming, are not particularly fearsome. When angered, her skin becomes blacker in tone (proportional to her anger), she grows two extra horns, each one on the outside of her original horns, and all of her horns become barbed and jagged and grow to a foot long.

Junko prefers to wear one outfit with slight variations from day to day: a sleeveless collared shirt-dress-- usually some shade of blue, a white hooded jacket that ends halfway down her ribcage which is also sleeveless, white fingerless gloves and either brown boots or black sneakers.

Personality: Junko is a stoic figure. After years of torture at the hands of UWG scientists, the descent into madness of her brother, and a lifetime of ostracization, Junko has learned to keep her emotions repressed. Many members of V.I.O.L.E.N.C.E. dislike her for this reason, but others have attempted to befriend Junko and relieve her of her burdens. Her determination to find her brother [see Background] has prevented her from becoming close to anyone. However, this has not stopped some demonspawn from joining and assisting her on her travels. Only several emotions slip through her hardened visage: rage toward the UWG, guilt over the fate of her brother and kindness toward strangers. The latter she developed from years of rescuing half-demons from death. Whenever she sees a human or half-demon in a weakened state, so long as they are not openly antagonistic, she will assist them in any way she can and leave them once they have recovered.

Species: Half-Phlegethon Oni
Species Description: Oni are natural denizens of Inferno. They act as the guardians of the Underworld, overseeing the torture of souls and quelling fights between inhabitants. Their position as hellish â??wardensâ? has endowed them with a less fiery disposition than other demons, and a natural tendency to break up fights, although usually this is done so through a great display of lethal force. They naturally have super strength and extremely durable skin, and depending upon which area of the underworld they hail from, they can develop Hellfire abilities as well (see Backstage). They are massive in size, often standing at around 10 feet and weighing around 500 lbs. They have a wide range of skin colors, but are usually found with red, black or blue skin, and a varying number of large horns usually protrude from their foreheads. Additionally, they are always seen carrying large iron clubs called Kanabo, the origin of which is a complete mystery.

Abilities: Junko has incomparable strength and is able to stand toe to toe with even pureblood Oni demons. Her toned figure and Oni bloodline have made her fast, but not agile. Her fighting style is raw, comprised primarily of powerful swingsâ??either with her limbs or her Kanaboâ??and grappling. Through Junko's mastery of her Kanabo she has also developed a rock-solid balance. Her Oni-reinforced skin is also nigh impenetrable, able to resist bullets and most forms of blunt trauma. She is able to resist the debilitating effects of Rotfire partially due to her tough skin, partially due to a mild regenerative ability and partially due to her ability to consume Rotfire to rejuvenate herself. Additionally, her senses are significantly enhanced, allowing her to track opponents to the ends of the Earth.

Supplies: Junko carries only three possessions on her: her Kanabo, a prototype cellphone able to sync with any electronic device and her V.I.O.L.E.N.C.E. pendant.

Background: Junko and her twin brother Osamu were almost killed at birth. Their father stood over them, scalpel in hand, prepared to slit their throats and end his shame, but their mother refused. She had already known that her children would be demonspawn and had already devised a plan to spare them anguish. They told their friends and family that the children died during childbirth, and then secretly delivered Junko and Osamu to the UWG base in their city. The twins were immediately shipped to Britain, where testing began immediately. They were subjected to every manner of inhumane torture and pain, in a bid by the government to discover their species' weaknesses. Simultaneously, the children were also exposed to experimental psychoactive drugs, and the scientists attempted convince the twins to hate their demon heritage. Vela personally oversaw this all of these sessions, and his visage was burned into the twins' mind.

In the early years of their captivity, Osamu and Junko attempted numerous escapes, but after fifty years of failed attempts, they had given up hope. It was only the carelessness of a scientist's child that earned them their freedom. The boy had taken an interest in Junko, and Junko convinced him to release her and her brother from their bonds. As soon as they were free, Junko thanked the boy and then locked him in their cell to keep him out of harm's way. Although she was more interested in obtaining her freedom than seeking vengeance, she did not hesitate to slaughter every soldier and scientist she came across. Finally, blood-covered and exhausted, Junko ripped her way out of the underground bunker and whisked her brother to safety. However, Osamu's already frail psyche had broken, and in his madness, his Oni half consumed him. His skin turned jet black, his incisors grew to monstrous proportions, a two foot horn burst from his forehead, and his body burst into Rotfire. He slashed Junko across the chest and left her for dead.

Thankfully, Malik came across her and brought her back to the V.I.O.L.E.N.C.E. headquarters, where she was able to recover from her wounds. As soon as she was well she became an active member, volunteering to raid UWG facilities and attack UWG convoys whenever the opportunity arose. She justifiably blamed the UWG for her brother's condition and, believing him dead or lost forever, now wanted revenge. Imagine her surprise then, when a few months later she discovered her brother working as a UWG funded slayer simply called â??Ogreâ?-- his appearance had returned to normal, although he had learned how to enter his oni-influenced form at will. Using a stolen V.I.O.L.E.N.C.E. amuletâ??as they only work in the hands of a half-demonâ??he was sending out false distress signals and murdering whichever half-demon appeared. Junko, heartbroken, has made it her goal to hunt down Osamu and bring him to justice.


Really, really fantastic sign-ups so far everyone! I'll probably post the main thread on Wednesday or Thursday, but I'll be leaving the sign-ups open throughout, as the open nature of the plot makes it easy for people to jump into the story whenever.

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Name: Herutama "Heru" Reikon
Age: 87(looks mid-to-late-twenties)
Gender: Male
Normal Appearance: Heru and see attachment for color reference.

Shifted Appearance: Herutama's eyes turn from his usual green to a dark green which could be called black without enough lighting. His shape becomes like that of a werewolf with his physical structure becoming much more muscular and fangs becoming razor sharp as well as his claws. His fur becomes a brown tinted grey which, unknown to most, is his natural hair color.
Personality: Heru comes across as very abrasive when introduced to anything that could be perceived as hostile, especially from humans. He generally assumes humans who come face-to-face with him are going to have some remark to make about his ancestry. When dealing with them, he tends to stay quiet and study them until their actions prove to be tolerable. When dealing with demons, he is usually left alone since they better understand the ways of the Vulvitor. His general behavior toward demons is either to let them be if they create no offense toward him or his half-blood brethren, though if they speak of them even slightly out of line, Heru will gladly hunt them down and pick them off from kilometers away when they least expect it. Toward other half-breeds, Herutama is open to them. He is far less reserved among his own kind and often treats them like family. If a human or demon ever finds a way to gain his full trust, it would be too soon.
Species: Half-Vultivor
Species Description: Vulvitor's are the Vorr version of a canomorph. 
Those who donâ??t understand the true nature of canomorphs often incorrectly identify them as fiendish lycanthropes. The canomorph is not a true lycanthrope; it is a fiendish hound (either a hell hound, vorr(essentially more wolven in appearance than a shadow mastiff or hellnhound), or shadow mastiff) that has learned to assume humanoid form. Created by devil and demon lords to serve as intelligent trackers and guardians, canomorphs often journey to the Mortal Plane to undertake diabolical missions for their infernal masters. Like other canomorphs, a vultivor can appear as any humanoid. Grayish skin, black and hungry eyes, and a long, lupine face often mark its humanoid guises. It tends to be cruel and subtle, taking great pleasure in the misfortunes of others. Vultivors are stealthy and patient murderers, stalking their victims until they see an opportunity to make a sneak attack. A vultivor often shifts to its vorr form to speed its escape from the scene of a crime.
Abilities: Heru is extremely light on his feet and makes himself difficult to detect by his prey. His physical strength exceeds that of an above average human in his human form. Aside from Herutama's ability to shift into his "werewolf" form at will or to shift when his fuse on his emotions are out of control, Herutama has an extraordinary depth perception. His ability to judge distance down to the inch is almost unmatched. Because of it, he is capable of taking out a target well beyond the traditional range of most fire arms. Aside from armed combat, Herutama is trained to fight close quarters with his bare hands and his serrated army knife he keeps sheathed in his vest. He has been trained in the style of Russian Sambo by a 1st Uchitel when he was young. In his "werewolf" form, his fighting style completely shifts and he receives a notable increase in strength and agility. His attacks are more run on instinct than technique and his nature easily follows that of his parent vulvitor.
Supplies: Heru carries a carbine rifle with no more than the standard iron sight with the ability to load specialized rounds for dealing with demonkind. His sidearm is a snub nosed .44 revolver magnum which he often uses a speedloader for while on the fly. His army knife is made from an alloy made from cold iron, silver and steel which were folded as many times as the small blade would be able to handle while maintaining its size. Lastly, his V.I.O.L.E.N.C.E. amulet stays with him at all times in case his brethren need his aid.
Background: Heru was the elder of the two siblings in his family and was born and raised in North America. His mother was Russian and his father was Japanese while they were alive. Heru was the only one in his family who was looked upon as the black sheep except by his younger sister, Ekaterina who was only two years younger. His human father, Jin, never trusted Heru and he was always wary of Heru's mother, Liliya. He believed that she was willingly taken by the Vulvitor her impregnated her, despite that the Vulvitor had taken on his appearance. He would often question whether or not Ekaterina was truly human until she was old enough to show that she was certainly his child. When Heru came into his teenage years, he often find himself feel as though he was going to snap on his father whether he was bringing up the past with his mother or starting things with him instead. Heru never knew what he was and as long as his younger sister was around him, he never found out. For a while, Heru was fortunate that his appearance was more human than most half-breeds and was able to live a primarily normal lifestyle. His mother could see that things with his father were certainly pushing his limits, thinking that maybe learning some form of martial arts would help him gain some sort of control. For years he practiced and greatly enjoyed the art of Sambo, having learned Judo because of it, and he stayed with it until he turned into an adult and he was confronted by his father...for the last time.

The night that Heru turned 18, Jin threatened him to leave and get out of his home, or he was going to bring what he was to light to the public so that he could be publicly dealt with. Not only did Heru find himself at gunpoint, but he could also feel himself being driven over the edge. He didn't want to know what would happen and all he could try and think of was his little sister who he'd looked after all of her life. Heru could no longer hear the words from his father's threats as they became muffled in his ears by his building anger. He could hear the clicking of the bullet setting into the chamber and his eyes turned nearly black as his gaze abruptly landed on his father's face. The door opened behind Heru, causing Jin to startle enough to finish pulling the trigger. Heru dodged the bullet with ease but he could soon smell blood in the air. He slowly turned to see what had been struck, only to see Ekaterina falling to the floor with her hand clutched to her chest. Liliya rushed down the stairs after she had heard the gunshot and looked up to Jin, shouting for him to call an ambulance. Jin, frozen from the thought that he may have killed his own daughter, stood there helplessly. He dropped the gun from his hand, mouthing the words "I can't do it" over and over. Heru, unable to regain his mind, felt his body painfully transforming into the fur covered muscular figure that resembled his true father. The only thing that was helping him keep his humanity was gone. He knew because he could no longer hear her heart beating. With what bit of himself that had control, he tore from the place he once called home, having never returned to see his parents again. From that time on, he spent every year on the anniversary of her death and on her birthday, visiting her grave. He never lost the feeling that it was because of what he was that brought her death about.

Long after being forced out of his home, he had learned that his father blamed the death of Ekaterina on his half-demon son, mainly due to the many humans known as Exorcists who were now hunting him down. It wasn't long after looking into this information that Heru was discovered by V.I.O.L.E.N.C.E. because it was about this time that his younger appearance was being spread across the media to make it easier to track him down. Heru found that there were many more like him than he had realized and learned that things were a lot more messed up in this world than he would have liked to know. After years of further training and learning what he truly was, V.I.O.L.E.N.C.E. welcomed him as an asset to their forces, especially for any mission that required his eyes and stealth.

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Name: Kurama Saguro
Age: 93
Gender: Male
Appearance: Kurama, Kurama(Weapon expanded)
Species: Half-Seiakki
Species Description: Seiakki are easily confused for Succubi and Incubi, being that they have very similar capabilities. One of the few differences is that they don't drain the life from their victims. Instead, if they wished to kill them, they'd physically exhaust their prey in the act. Seiakki have several mental abilities and Half-Seiakki have an ability that their parents don't develop for reasons unknown. The only two defining features of Seiakki are their silver colored hair and red or violet colored eyes. Otherwise, they seem like extremely attractive humans. They have the power to attract others with their powers as well as teleport, much like their succubus/incubus relatives, who they very often get along with since they usually have similar personalities. Also, as long as Seiakki are active, they can go nights without sleeping. Apparently sleeping and sleeping with someone gives them the same amount of rest.
Abilities: Kurama possesses two major abilities as a Half-Seiakki, one being less of an ability and more of a feature. Kurama has a gaze ability that can cause certain effects to his target granted they're looking at him. Depending on their mental strength of will, they could suffer anywhere between fear, temporary paralysis, or even death. Seiakki in general are born with the ability to summon a weapon particular to them in the time it would take to draw a weapon. Even if it were to break, it would be repaired when it were redrawn. Kurama's weapon is a polearm with a spear head on one end and a large crescent blade on the other. It displays a good bit of versatility, going from a polearm, to a pair of close quarter weapons, to a projectile attack attached to chains with a 30' range, and lastly to a weapon that can literally clear a crowd from a 15' radius. 
Supplies: Kurama generally carries only his amulet and his polearm along with him. He also seems to possess an infinite supply of headbands for some reason...
Background: Kurama was born as a Japanese-American child in the U.S. His mother, Alcina, was well aware of her involvement with a Seiakki, especially being that it was consented. His father had already a son before Kurama with another Seiakki, but he found himself more drawn to the human woman since she was the first to be able to resist his genetic charm. Kazan, Kurama's elder brother gained a hatred for half-demons with the birth of his younger brother and vowed to be the one to kill him when his time came. But to make him suffer, Kazan slayed Kurama's mother once Kurama was old enough to understand it to be murder. Kazan's father sought to avenge her, but was struck down at his son's blade just as Alcina was. Kurama was essentially left to raise himself without either the strength of his father or the nurturing of his mother, but he was raised well enough by both to figure things out on his own, with little choice for that matter. He spent as much time disguising himself as a human as he could, whenever he wasn't being hunted down by his older brother. As he got older, he worked as a club bouncer until he had to remove a demon from entering as a human, removing them with what was obviously inhuman force. Not only was he forced to leave the club, he had also discovered V.I.O.L.E.N.C.E. and showed no hesitation in joining. He was found to be good for infiltration and espionage, later found to be effective in combat and capture. With the time spent in V.I.O.L.E.N.C.E. he has been known to flirt with just about anything that was discernably female, and known as the neighborhood pervert to most.

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Name: Layla Monroe
Age: 82 (appears to be in her late teens-early twenties)
Gender: Female
Appearance: Layla stands at approximately 5'6", with an athletic build that hasn't quite lost the awkwardness of youth: nonetheless, it is clear to anyone who looks at her that once she has fully grown into her body, she will cut a graceful figure. Her skin is extremely pale, and tends to glow pale blue during times of emotional stress, just one of the side effects of her demonic heritage.
She keeps her bright red hair cropped so it hangs just above her shoulders, wearing it in a ponytail whenever she is outside, and her eyes are a shockingly bright green, although her pupils are slightly ragged around the edges. She doesn't wear make-up or jewellery, believing it to be a waste of time, and anyone looking at her would agree that she doesn't really need any.
When it comes to clothes, Layla prefers practicality over style: her usual attire is a combination of tight-fitting combat trousers tucked into thigh-high leather boots, a tank top and a jacket of some kind, often with a ragged scarf around her neck.
Personality: Layla has always been something of a tomboy, willing and able to fight  when it is necessary: however, she is still young by demonspawn standards, and possesses many of the fears of a young person born into a war they had no part in starting. She has been toughened up slightly by the confrontations she endured in the early years of her life, but she was always surrounded by family, friends and guardians who protected her, and when she was thrust into the world alone, she was confronted with the reality that the world she lives in is a terrifying place.
When she knows or feels that she is safe, however, Layla is a confident, headstrong young woman who is not afraid to speak her mind, even if it is likely to insult the person she is speaking with. She has a dry sense of humour and trusts people surprisingly easily considering her surroundings.
Species: Half-Jinn
Species Description: The Jinn are the mythical 'genies' of fairytales and children's stories, although in reality they are far more manipulative than these fables suggest: whereas the fiction leads one to believe they offer wishes to mortals through sheer benevolence, the truth is that they lure unsuspecting and innocent humans into sinister deals, trading precious moments and memories for their heart's desire. Jinn grow more powerful the more of these mortal memories they possess, as they are able to twist and warp these memories into grotesque weaponry with immense destructive capabilities.
Most often, Jinn have very slight physical forms: they mostly exist as thick, choking clouds of vapour which are able to create brief recognisable shapes before dissipating back into their gaseous forms. Due to the nebulous nature of their form, Jinn gather in groups known as 'Families', clouds of collective consciousness which can mean that a single cloud may consist of up to fifty individual Jinn.
When necessary, however, Jinn are able to briefly possess physical entities, meaning they are largely untrusted by other denizens of Inferno, and are incredibly dangerous and difficult to defeat if they are ever allowed to reach Earth.
Abilities: Along with the increased physical prowess that comes with being half-demon, Layla has latent acrobatic skill, allowing her to pull off incredible physical feats with relatively little effort. She has some combat training, but mostly defensive rather than offensive skills, although she has found herself to be a reasonably decent shot with both pistols and rifles.
Her demonic abilities, however, are far more difficult to define, as even she isn't fully aware of her own capabilities. Ever since she was young, there have been moments in her life, usually in the midst of great danger, where something she has wished has, inexplicably, become so. The earliest example of this was when she was a young child and a man, recognising her as a half-demon, attacked her with the intention of killing her: she simply wished for him to stop and he fell down, completely immobilised.
She was completely unable to control when and where this ability manifested itself for a long time, to the point that she began to believe she was simply the luckiest little girl in the world. However, after several instances of her ability allowing her to do borderline-impossible things as she was growing up, she realised it was an ability which needed to be controlled, and she began seeking out someone to help her do just that.
Layla also suffers from terrible, violent dreams, which her precognitive half-Moirai foster-mother believed are prophetic, but whether there is any truth in this assertion remains to be seen.
Supplies: Layla generally carries a medium-sized backpack on her travels, full of food and water, fluorescent light-strips and ammunition for the rifle she usually has strapped to her back. She also carries a knife in her boot and another strapped to her leg, but to this date she has never had to use them. Having never come into contact with V.I.O.L.E.N.C.E. (possibly due to her ability allowing her to avoid them), she does not own an amulet and is therefore unable to teleport to the Nidhogg.
Background: Layla's real parents died mere days after her birth, as they stood between her and a group of Slayers who wanted her dead. However, she was saved and delivered to a small commune in Brazil, one which was populated by humans and demonspawn alike, and wanted no part in the quarrels of the world. She lived here happily for much of her childhood, remaining somewhat sheltered against the harshness of reality by a loving group of friends and family.
However, when the commune was discovered by anti-demon forces, it was levelled: every demonspawn residing there was slaughtered, every human was arrested and found guilty of treason against the United World Government. But Layla survived: her ability had trapped her deep underground, safe against the fire and steel of the Iron Guards who attacked the commune, and she remained there for days before finally tunnelling out and starting to run.
She travelled across South America in an attempt to find someone who could help her control her demonic abilities, but everyone she found either lied to her or wound up dead. She even ventured into North America, but seeing the oil fields of Texas burning in eternal Rotfire warned her off that particular path, and she headed to Europe instead.
Avoiding Great Britain, she found herself in Paris, and did not fare so well: she lost her supplies and was hounded mercilessly by a group of Slayers hell-bent on murdering her. She was rescued, however, by a man named Slade Bennett, a man who could be either her saviour or a harbinger of her doom.
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Name: Leroy â??Baneâ? Wrex

Age: 33

Gender: Male

Appearance: Bane Bane Coat Bane is a rather large human, standing at a height of 6'2" and weighing about 280 lbs, he is built like a tank but is surprisingly agile enough to maneuver and dodge attacks. He shaves his head regularly to make sure the mask slips on easily, and always wears the same military vest. Having inserted metal plates individually, giving him freedom to move and fight but still providing enough protection incase something tries to pierce one of his more vital organs.

Personality: Bane is a stalwart and hard human being as he was born outside of the domes to fend for them. He is rough around the edges and even pricklier the deeper you go as demon have left their scars on his soul and his body. Though he canâ??t identify half-demons on sight, when he can he holds no grudge against them and has been known to simply move on without an altercation. He is, however, considered to be merciless and as cruel as some demons when it comes to his methods of information gathering and executing his targets.


He is very intelligent, which has gotten him into trouble with both the UWG and the V.I.O.L.E.N.C.E. organization as he is considered a terrorist within both groups, though the UWG tends to be more forgiving, as he has become a rather effective Exorcist.

Species: Human

Abilities: Bane has no real powers beyond his own physical strength and ability, though he is abnormally strong for a human it is believed to come from his life spent in a harsh environment and his huge stature and size. Other than that he has received training in bare knuckle boxing, and mixed and matched pieces of martial arts that were available. These combinations make him an extremely hard hitting and precise fighter, while also allowing him to use his size and strength to grapple larger creatures.

Supplies: Baneâ??s mask has multiple uses; it functions as a gas mask for filtering out poisons airborne particles. The tubes are also capable of delivering an aerosol numbing agent that can help him keeping fighting if he is heavily injured, the gas can be replaced with an adrenal enhancement to further increase his damage. He, however, can only have one gas going on at a time as both would counter act each other or leave him in a comatose state with over charging his body and his system shuts down. The mask also serves to cover his face to preserve his identity, distorting his voice and changing his tones. This prevents any sort of retaliation or continued manhunt in case either side decides he is too much trouble.


Bane is not afraid to use guns as needed, carrying a small assortment of firearms in a command vehicle called C.A.M.E.L. that is the size of a typical military jeep, but contains many technological advancements that only a few have implemented.

Background: (Will have this done tomorrow)

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Name: Etna Rhodes
Age:86 (looks like she's at least 23)
Gender: Female
Appearance: Etna is rather tame looking for a half demon, her most noticeable attributes being her fangs, two thin black horns that sit a top her head, yellow eyes and her slightly pointed ears. She stands at a slight 5ft, and weighs a mere 120 due to muscle, but she no less womanly due to this. Shapely and curved she is rumored to be a half succubus. Her extremely long, deep red hair hangs behind her in a lush pony tail which swishes back and forth as she walks. Her normal attire consists of a button up T-shirt that is checked with blue and orange, a pair of dark blue jeans, and a pair of black heeled boots. When going out of the compound she wears a pair of orange sunglasses and a pair of black open fingered gloves.  She does have one slightly odd accessory as she wears a small silver cross around her neck at all times.  
Personality: Etna is not unpleasant to others, though there are only a few she can stand to be around for more then a few minutes. Unpredictable she always seems to go the opposite way people expect her to go and seems to enjoy playing small mind games with others as well. Despite all this she can be rather enjoyable to be around if you catch her in the right mood. Not particular towards humans, she's not fully against them either. She's a rouge woman who marches to her own drum despite her loyalty to Malik and the others of V.I.O.LE.N.C.E. 
Species: Half 'Satan' Spawn
Species Description: Satan spawn are a higher level of demon within the layers of hell, Satan himself chooses certain demons to act as his doubles to ensure his survival. A major difference between Satan spawn and regular demon spawn is the use of the level of hell fire they can control. Many Satan Spawn can use a higher level of hell fire giving it an unnatural appeal, shape and color, where many of the lower level demon spawn can barely summon, much less control the destructive flames of hell. 
Abilities: Etna doesn't really have a special ability, other then her impeccable control over her own, neon green Hell fire she can also speak and understand most demonic languages. Being a sort of bilingual spokes person for VIOLENCE she's usually called in when there is a language barrier.   

Supplies: Other then her amulet that she keeps looped to her belt loop Etna doesn't carry much,  a small leg pouch is strapped to her left leg that contains a few small knick knacks. A small pocket knife, a few small note pads, and a cell phone just in case of emergencies. As far as weapons go, she carries a small Katana strapped to her right shoulder, it's blue sheath covers the golden blade.
Background: Etna found the VIOLENCE organization on her own, hearing about it from a few of the lesser demons around the cities she managed to run into a member and join on her own. The member being Heru she instantly found the lupine half-ling interesting. After befriending him she watched him most of the time, taking notes on his behavior and the others as well. She mainly watches the other members of the organization to gauge on whether or not it is what it says it is. She's had no ill experience with humans, having stayed away from them all her life she's avoided the conflict and stayed to her self. Not many of the organization even know she's a part of it since she likes to keep to her self for the most part, mainly speaking either to Heru, or Kurama. 



(my editing thing went all weird on me for some reason...? o.O)

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Name: Scythe Turner (his mother's last name)


Age: 160 (appears to be in late twenties)


Gender: Male


Appearance: Scythe (the sleeve on his right arm has been ripped off and his entire arm has been wrapped in black cloth. Standing a smidge taller then six foot even and weighing in at 210 lbs.)


Personality: Scythe has always been a tricky on to figure out as he makes jokes at times but also draws inside himself almost zoning out from the outside world. He tends to keep his past to himself though it is known that he has a joy out of badgering others mostly Revenant  due to his father being the one and only Thresh, the general opposed to Hecarim, Revenant's father. though his way of badgering tends to confuse others as he doesn't seem to smile or show any emotion whatsoever always keeping the same straight face.


Another quirk of his is that he tends to get fixated on certain people almost to the point of stalking them cause he wants to see their soul and has been known to kill demons, humans, even his own half demon comrades because their souls interested him. When in contact with another reaper whether it is fallen or not he becomes completely serious making sure that the new reaper is dispatched with haste.


Species: Half reaper


Species Description: Many depict the reapers as being evil as they are agents of death when in fact they are only carriers to bring them to the other side and be judged. A fallen reaper comes around when a reaper starts taking lives without the order to and lives in the bloodshed as in the case of Scythe's father Thresh, a living embodiement of evil. They are neither angelic or demonic but somewhere in between making them a different lot. 


When a reaper falls he is cast out of the society and banished to hell where they serve Satan in collecting souls for him and building his army, though as in Thresh's case he built his own while bringing the other fallen reapers under his command in an attempt to overthrow Heracrim. 


Reapers are etheral and corporal while neither at the same time making them difficult to deal with. Half reapers are even more different as the human blood cause weird mutations in the bodies. Their greatest strengths are also their downfall. Their soul case, what they use to transport souls is indestructible to anything save another reapers deathscythe. If a reaper is separated for his soul case he is absorbed by the other reaper that killed him or if it was not a reaper he simply disappears. The soul case also has the ability to absorb souls allowing the reaper to become stronger and his abilities to evolve to stay on top of the food chain and keep the balance. Though this is also a downfall. If a reaper absorbs the souls without first sifting through them it can alter his mentality drastically causing him to become unstable and either become fallen or the stress will tear apart his body.


Their deathscythes are similar to their soul case but if broken they can be fixed by simply putting them back into the soul case. A reaper's deathscythe varies and will change as the reaper grows stronger allowing them to make full use of it. A deathscythe can strike either physical blows or attack the soul itself making it an extremely deadly weapon.


In order for them to travel quickly they possess their own form of teleportation as well as phase their bodies in and other of etheral form in order to pass through walls and remain unseen to most eyes unless that being has blood in them allowing them to be seen or they are extremely in tuned with the other side. A reaper's abilities vary on what they have done, their age, who they have killed and so on making each reaper very different from the other.


Abilities: Through the years of his life Scythe has evolved to possess a wide assortment of abilities from the beings he has killed due to his reaper side. 


He can teleport like other reapers but he must be able to see where he wants to go clearly in his mind while normal reapers must only think it. He can change the state of his body but after a couple hours he must become corporal again. Due to his human blood his body is not as durable as a full blooded reaper but still on par if not above most half demons due to his long life of surviving and evolving. He possess the abilities to manifest the different types of angelic and demonic fire but cant throw them or shot streams of it but can add it to his soul case and deathscythe if need be.


Scythe's soul case is his entire right arm instead of being an object carried like most reapers this in part being due to his human blood causing another weird mutation. It also caused his deathscythe to be inside his soul case. His deathscythe has taken the form of five chains emerging from his right arm, Four have a three sided spear point that can open and act like claws too., while the fifth one that emerges from his wrist has a large curved scythe blade attached to it exactly like his father's. His chains emerge of different parts of his arm. Three emerge from the shoulder, One from the bottom of his wrist and the other from his elbow. Using his deathscythe is as second nature to him as breathing making him a very dangerous opponent to have but a likewise powerful ally.


Supplies: Scythe carries with him a large sword that he wields with his left hand leaving his right hand free. Thanks to his unusual strength he can easily fight with it. His sword has a built in motor that when he turns the handle the motor causes the blade to vibrate at extremely high speeds allowing it to cut through things that a normal sword couldn't. He also carries a large double barreled revolver he has nicknamed Dead Rose that he normally uses to end a fight before it gets to close quarters to save himself time. 


He keeps several rolls of the black cloth he uses to wrap his arm to hide it and extra ammo inside his outfit.


Background: Thresh had Scythe born only because he heard a rumor that Heracrim had a son and he did not want to be outdone by his rival. Thresh left when Scythe was born leaving one of his elite fallen reapers to watch over the mother and child and train Scythe. The moment Scythe was big enough he was very rigirously trained to become the warrior Thresh had in mind for him to be. Well hidden safely away in the middle of no where he trained and lived with his mother under the watchful eye or their fallen reaper bodyguard who would quickly kill anyone or anything that got too close.


When he was 13 the fallen reaper made him complete his first kill, well actually five kills. Five hunters that had strayed too close. The event had shocked Scythe afterwards as he stared at his body covered in their blood while he stood in the middle of their mutilated corpses. Before he could say anything the bodyguard told him that if he didn't continue then he would kill his mother per thresh's order. In order to let his mother live he kept going under the eye of the fallen reaper waiting for his chance. 


That day came after he had just killed a twenty man UWG foot patrol by himself. When the fallen reaper came up to congratulate him, Scythe struck, ripping apart and absorbing the fallen reaper. His victory and taste of freedom was shortlived when he heard a scream coming from their little cabin. He teleported in the middle of the room just in time to see a two hunters and five UWG soldiers pump rounds into his mother causing him to temporarily fall into insanity, killing the men and torturing their souls before absorbing them. After ten minutes of going through their memories and everything else, he came across a reference about a terrorist group name V.I.O.L.E.N.C.E. and immediately joined their ranks and became an avid part into putting together the early stages of Valkyries for Xavier though as time went on and taking more human souls he learned that not all are hateful towards half demons.

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Name: Eliscythe von Einzbern 

Age: 13 

Gender: Female 

Appearance: She stands at about 4'9, Shes skinny and has abnormal pale skin. She has long black hair. She wears a light Gothic Lolita Dress (Easy to fight in), high black sock on her left leg and a black sock a little bit under her knee on her right leg with a strap on her thigh. She has black boots. A Black headband and a strap on her neck. Demon Claw on her right hand. Scythe in left hand.

Personality: She doesn't really have a personality. Usually emotionless. Only opens up to people she cares about . She's rather lonely 

Species: Half-Soul Eater 

Species Description: A Soul Eater is a type of demon from hell that feeds on human souls to restore energy. 

Abilities: Able to create a black barrier the size of the town to take souls from humans. Able to shoot a flares of dark power at enemies or use an omni directional attack to get rid of large groups of enemies. Has the ability to draw magic circles to summon demons under them. Able to teleport 

Supplies: A Scythe, Demon Claw and a Rapier sword. 

Background: Family died from horrible disaster. She then meet up with 2 humans named Alice and Kurohime. But, a group of humans killed them and she decided never to trust humans again and that's how she ended up living in a dark forest alone. 

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