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The Reckoning


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Humans....a race looked down upon by many due to their

nature of constantly fighting and killing each other.

Animals is how we saw them.

Animals that needed to be tamed and put to better use

A use that our Empire could benefit from.

That was how we saw them.

That was how I saw them.

My mission

To go to Earth and prepare them for the coming of the Ascended.

I saw them as simple savages.

But as my recon was conducted

I couldn't have been more wrong...


My name is Vastras Tayrun. I come from one of the three noble families that rule the Ascended Empire. What are the Ascended you ask? I will get to that later. And if you are hearing this then it means I have fallen hopefully on the battlefield as a true warrior. Let's start from the beginning.


I was a top general and a feared pilot in the Ascended Armada with few that could best me. I came to Earth with one of my captain's Drakvis Mavoriuos, an Ascended from a lower family but my best friend none the less and a top notch pilot and fighter. We were to conduct a fifty year recon mission of Earth to let the Ascended know the best way to crush them. We came to this planet expecting an easy mission as a human life span is roughly eighty to ninety years and ours bordering three hundred of theirs. Compared to the humans we are perfect. Standing on average six foot three with perfect physiques and health we are beautiful and handsome by their standards.


After twenty years on this planet me and Drakvis both realized we had been entirely wrong about the humans. They fight to protect their ideas and dreams not just to senselessly kill each other. By far they are extremely loyal to what countries they belong to though as always you have the bad apples. So many different types of governments coexsist here with wars breaking out only when one has overstepped its bounds. But looking at their history peace always follows after each.


We tried to notify the Empire that trying to get the humans to align with the Empire instead of conquering them. When oppressed we noticed that the humans become extremely hostile towards their oppressors and can topple how regimes with a rebel force maybe the quarter of the oppressing side. Imagine the whole planet rising up. 


Yes even though the humans have short lives, they are smart and strive to make their dreams a reality. We have watched the level of their technology grow quickly in ten years, especially in the war side. 


After the Empire waved us off, we did something I never saw myself doing. We became Fallen or exiled Ascended. Even Drakvis agreed with me which caught me off guard but made me pleased knowing that he would be by my side. We set forth trying to get the humans to listen but we were waved off as nutjobs. That was until a group that called themselves Asgard confronted us and took us in. 


Asgard as we learned was an advanced undercover group made specifically to protect the Earth from alien invasion that in everyone else's eyes was just a small research station based in the Antarctica. I guess we are what the humans call aliens as we are not from this world but resemble them very closely. With Asgard we help leak plans for what we Ascended call LYNXs, though the humans just call them Armored Mobile Platforms or AMPs for short. I still don't get why the humans are so possessed with what was the word..acronyms I believe it is. Within ten years every country had their own version of AMPs though nothing near to our tech level. 


After another fifteen years World War 3 had erupted. The United States of America, Canada, and Mexico had become what is known as the United States of North America and one of the biggest superpowers in this war. All the countries of Europe in turn became Soverign European Nations. Russia took over alot of their lost land and reclaimed the title Soviet Union, Saudi Arabia founded the Arab Nation. South America has remained unchanged while Africa is a barren battlefield with only Egypt remaining as they joined the Arab Nation to keep from being destroyed when the USNA clashed with the Dynasty, which was the alliance of China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam and a few others I can't remember all the names. Australia is well still Australia.


All this started in the year 2150 when Drakvis and myself first arrived and now it is the year is 2199. One year left until the Ascended come to invaded and despite our best efforts none of the superpowers have listened to use and stood down to prepare for the invasion. So Asgard decided to take a different course. Bring them to their knees and force them to obey. Since being based in Antarctica, we have not suffered from the fight and they have been building their own army. Though me and Drakvis have received no hostilities from the group, then leader a man who calls himself Odin though his real name is Marcus Brennon has decided to recruit other members from the superpowers. doesn't matter who or how many we take from which superpower but he figures it might help to get the nations to listen. And by recruit he pretty much means kidnap or whatever means me and Drakvis see fit.


So this is where I will begin the actual story. The untold story of the heroes that fought and some died to keep this planet safe. This is their story, one that me and Drakvis were honored to play a part in. This is the human's story of how they united and drove the Ascended away.




this is a mech based rp for clarification I will explain in detail in the signup below. 


If your interested in playing Drakvis. Pm me and I will give you the details


Name: Self explanatory


Age: between 21 and 30




Origin: what superpower do you hail from. Please no mercs and yes multiple people can be from the same one


Appearance: prefer picture




Job: are you a strictly a pilot or maybe a mechanic or an ordinance tech. Or maybe recon or a emergency personnel. Even if you are a mechanic or something else everyone has basic AMP piloting skills in case of emergency. 


Skills: Explosive making, strategist. tend to be a better marksmen or are better in AMP sword to sword or melee fighting


Snippet: A little bit about you at work. No fighting in this just everyday life of you in your element and how you act


AMP: Try not to pick one that is extremely advanced yet. As the story progresses better models will come around. I want a picture from this. You can use zoid, gundam it does not matter. If by some off chance you happen to pick the ones i have set aside for Vastras or Drakvis I will let you know


Weaponry: no lasers yet only ballistic. Earth Amps can't carry too much yet so just keep it simple. One two maybe three weapons. If you have a rocket launcher or sniper rifle please keep it to two. All suits do come with heat sabers (a metal alloy sword or axe or whatever that goes thermal.) and a shield.


Special Equipment: Do you have a short ranged jump back or maybe slightly better optics for sniping. Is the suit more built for standing ground with a large shield and heavy gun to provide coverfire or is it lighter for melee fighting. No Earth suits can fly yet though all can do a short boost though it takes a few minutes to recharge. Sustained flight and hovering will come later on


Any questions pm me I hope I covered everything

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Name: Christian Brookshire


Age: 29 Years of Age


Gender: Male


Origin: United States of North America




Personality:  Christian is a hard at work kind of guy, able to lose himself when figuring out complication or working on a long extended project of his choosing.  He is quick on his feet as he is thinking of multiple scenarios for many situations, it's helped him in the past to stay alive and get himself to where he is at today.  Alone since the age of 14, Christian has survived through countless odds and had always come up top through his trials with hard work and quick thinking.  The man tends to stay to himself and open up seldomly to newcomers, but as long as the task gets done; he'll make sure to push forward until the end.


Job:  Mechanic


Skills:  Mechanical engineering and repairs is Christians specialty, able to fix machines old and new has added to his reputation as a top notch mechanic for his time.  


AMP:  "Solar Burst"



Weaponry:  Solar Burst comes with two gatling guns attached to his suits left arm, covered by a small hexagonal shaped shield, both guns are stacked above one another and turn opposite rotations when firing to avoid overloading.  Missile compartments are stored at the shoulders, hips, chest, and ankle portions of the suits body for a wide spread assault.  All compartments having three rounds each for multiple  firing capacity.  


Special Equipment:  Christian's AMP suit, Solar Burst, is equip with long range sensors that's functional above and below water, a rarity for a single AMP since his suit primarily stays above water.  The range is calculated directly inside his AMP's computer system, allowing targets to be known before they come into close contact with Christian or anyone else in his squad.  




The sun had already rose above half past noon in the Dallas region, already the summers heat was bearing down on its citizens early into the Month of July.  Christian walked outside of the bank's main headquarters downtown, looking over some paperwork he had received on his personal spending account, apparently it had balanced itself out thanks to his banker who handled his funds, which was a smart ideas considering Christian was horrible with managing his own money.  Flipping through the paperwork, he noticed the expenses he had made to upgrade and restock ammunition for his AMP.  Smirking and giving a light sigh, the man stopped at a streetlight before continuing to read.  


"Goodness, almost 50K just for a single part to be installed.  I swear, its highway robbery just to keep you alive my friend.  But, I'm in no position to complain one way or another.  You've done a mighty fine job, and deserve a little reward for it.  Sucks that the reward is coming out of my ass, but hey, its needed".  Christian folded up his paperwork letter style before crossing the street as the light turned green.  As the man made it to the other side, his phone began to ring in his pocket.  Surprised, Christian reach inside and brought out the device playing the alarm for attention.  "This is Christian"


"Howdy Christian, it's Zane.  Listen buddy, the last of the H.S Missiles are in for Solar Burst, should he start installing them in now?"


"Have everything separated and organized, I'm on my way to the warehouse now to make sure they delivered everything.  I trust you guys to always double check, but sometimes these guys can be shady with their deliveries."  Christian replied as he made his way to the garage lot to find his car.  

"Will do, also we have new orders from the top.  So installation and restocking are going forward as we speak.  I'll let the boys know to put everything on overdrive."


"Gotcha, see you soon"  Entering his car, Christian started the engine and slowly pulled out into the street, shifting gears the engine roared as the vehicle made its way towards the warehouse where the AMP was being stored for repairs and maintenance.   

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Name: Vastras Tayrun AKA Vance


Age: 208


Gender: Male


Origin: Ascended


Appearance: Human Form and Ascended Form


Personality: Stoic calm and the very meaning or the word powerful. His very presence demands respect and is not one to be taken lightly. Not one for sarcasm he can be a tough and demanding leader but makes sure he knows his team completely. A skilled strategist and pilot he works out ever possible scenario in his mind to find the best solution to anything. His eyes speak of blood and battle though he is known to build a person back up after breaking them.


Job: Pilot


Skills: Due to his long life there are not a lot of things that Vastras is not well versed in though warfare and fighting are his strongest suits.


LYNX (AMP): Kiras AKA Glint


Weaponry: Two heavy beam rifles that have a large caliber rifle mounted underneath with semi and auto fire settings. On each forearm is what is called a buckler. The rear part emits half an energy shield that when both are on the entire mech is covered in a bubble. The front part house his energy blade letting him wield his blade and weapons at the same time. One the tip of each shoulder is a Swarm rocket pod. Each pod holds three volleys of five guided missiles. Connecting each Swarm rocket pod to the shoulder is a Dragon missile pod that hold three Dragon missile each making six in total.


Special Equipment: Glint always starts the mission in Alpha mode, His most agile and fastest form. What is known as the Mobility Pack which is two massive rockets and four smaller booster rockets is attached to his back. If he is going to be in one location for an extended length of time he will drop the back and enter Beta mode which is the same safe for the pack. If in need of more firepower he enters Delta mode, where he drops the Swarm and Dragon pods and the shoulders unfurl into six heavy beam cannons, three on each side.


Glint also possess two special drives the Omega Drive and the Echo Drive. Details on this while be found in the discuss thread Reckoning Specs


Snippet: Heavy metal echoed throughout the single hanger that housed Kiras or Glint as it would be referred to in the human language. Glint was kept in its own single hanger as was the other Ascended LYNX Hexri or Steel Rain that belonged to Drakvis. Separate from the hangers housing the top of line Earth tech Asgard AMPs, Vastras could work on his in peace, finding way to combine Earth tech with his Ascended tech in different ways.


Though Ascended tech was so much more advanced then what was here on Earth he still founds ways that it was beneficial in aspects. One was though Ascended and its members of the Empire used energy based weapons which were far more advanced then the earth ballistic based the Ascended armor was thinner and made plus coated in energy reflective alloys and particles. While stealth would be more on the Ascended side the Earth AMP's ballistic guns would tear through the armor well at least until the Empire made the modifications like he had. Butting the light Ascended armor on the outside and the thick heavy Earth armor on the inside he would be well protected if he ever got hit. unless a round hit him then an energy blast caught him in the same spot then he would be toast.


He cracked a smile thinking about that. Glint was one of the fastest in the Ascended Armada and the Empire. While Earth hadn't reached sustained flight and could only manage short five second strafing boosts he ruled the skies and ground here. The ballistics were another reason he had added the large caliber machine guns to the bottom of his beam rifles. The only downside he had was he had not found a way to work a ballistic shield into the mix though when the Armada came the energy based weapons would punch straight through the shields and the armor the AMPs used now. It would be a complete slaughter on both sides. Beams of energy ripping though shields and armor made to stop projectiles and projectiles ripping through shields and armor designed to stop beams of energy.


Many would die that day there was no way around it. Vastras brushed his hair aside as he continued making adjustments to the Nova propulsion system to counter the increased weight. Though it would be interesting to see how the Omega Drive would react with the thicker armor in the hands and feet. He made a few more tweaks before climbing inside the cockpit. Upon entering the screens came to life. LYNX cockpits were different from AMPs. AMPS used the joystick and pedals while the LYNX used a different style. It hand computer screens and keyboards for changing adjustments and checking gauges while stationary but on the move the user would be covered in a thin suit of metal and joints that sent fiber optic like wires through the skin and connected to the nerves making controlling the LYNX faster and more efficient. 


Though the Ascended where ten to fifteen times more advanced then Earth he had seen just how much a human could accomplish in their lives. Though in the war the humans would be pushed till their backs were against a wall they would still make it hard and when they were cornered is where the playing field would level and the tech the Earth used would rapidly change. Suddenly one of the screens changed and a number of small windows started popping up with profiles of humans. Seemed Odin's team hand finished cross referencing the world for top notch pilots and or people fthat fit what he asked for.


Odin wanted to put together a team of the best pilots from around the world but he had argued against that. Pilots are not what win a war, they are only the part you see. He needed the behind the scene support people. Mechanics, weapon techs, power plant engineers, terrain and recon anaylists, emergency personal. He could train them all to be pilots but it was their skills in other aspects that would be the greatest weapon. He tapped his chin thoughtfully as he sat in the chair that rose from the floor while he flicked through the screens getting rid of ones who were only pilots with no special skills. He kept a few that worked with techs and specialists in testing prototypes instead of being on the front lines or had some assets in other areas.


Getting ones who were only pilots with nothing else would do no good. They would be cocky and headstrong and only get themselves and others killed. they were ones the he would not risk his life to save. After twenty minutes he had sorted it down to fifty profiles left and prepared to cut the number down even farther.



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Name: Drakvis Mavoriuos
Age: 163
Gender: Male
Origin: Ascended
Appearance: Drakvis

Ascended Appearance:

Personality: Drakvis is smart-mouthed and arrogant but he is extremely to the bone. He knows he is above the humans and does not hide it but works beside them with no problem...just not without pissing a lot of them off. He is also extremely intelligent and is a great tactician.
Job: Pilot

Skills: Like Vastras, Drakvis is skilled in pretty much everything though his attitude certainly needs work.
Lynx(AMP): Hexri also called Steel Rain

Weaponry: Hexri is equipped with its wing blades, wrist blades, shoulder mounted machine guns, and two cannons for explosive damage.

Special Equipment: Hexri begins in Alpha mode, much like its brother AMP which is its fastest form, relying on its cannons or machine guns and hand to hand combat with two blades that extend from his wrists. He also has a set of blades that he uses a magnetic field to manipulate in order to shield or attack. His Beta mode has larger wings which also serve as multiple blades for attacking and defending. His secondary weapon is a partizan opposed to the two lithe blades he uses in his Alpha form. The blades he uses as wings also serve a purpose for ensaring targets for his cannons to hit with no room to escape. The wings expand their magnetic fields from one to another in order to trap the designated target.

Snippet: (will be added later)

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Name: Aaron Andrews, Preferres the nickname "Scout"

Age: 26

Origin: Australia


Appearance: [attachment=15374:Aaron Andrews.jpg]

Gender: Male

Personality: Scout is strongly loyal to his team and his students (He teaches computer coding to those who are interested). He is also very friendly to those around him and considers all those around him new friends. His one flaw is he is highly strong willed and is constantly getting in trouble with his superiors.

Job: AMP computer coding, robotic engineer, and also works as a tactical recon.

Skills: he is an expert in all forms of martial arts and is highly skilled at recon and tracking as well, all due to his childhood wanderings in the vast wilds of Australia's Outback. He is also good at light comat repairs.



"Get your but out of bed!" came the usally annoying and, on this particular morning, extremely grating voice from the doorway. That is, he thought it was the doorway.

"What do you want, Oasis?" he mumbled through his hang over, bravely crackong open an eye and instantly regretting it.

"I came to check up on your lazy ass. Your class ended TWO HOURS ago" she said as she stalked into the room and ripped the blanket he was trying to burrow under off the bed. "What is wrong with you?! You usually don't act like this. Wher's that agrevatingly happy Scout that wanders around the base like he owns it?" she asked in a normal tone as she hesitently sat on the edge of his bed. She took a quick look around the room. Computer parts sat in stacks of bins along the far wall, while his desk lay covered with chip crumbs and empty beer bottles. She sighed at that sight, since it would explain his unusual mood. Her eyes wandered to the picture of his sister on his table end. It was two years ago today that his sister was killed by an enemy AMP while trying to protect refugees. "No wonder you drunk yourself into this" she muttered as she stood up and straightened up her uniform. "All right! We have work to do, no time for moping, and I mean it. The AMP in dock twelve is having issues with her left arm, it tends to freeze up after she fires a missile barrage. After you fix that, the HQ is asking for you to meet them. Something about debugging the entire system..." she continued to list off another half dozen items while he sluggishly dragged himself out of bed. "First, I need a shower, second coffee. And lots of it. I'll meet you in twenty." He walked off to take his shower. -thank the council for her- he thought.


AMP: Poseidon [attachment=15373:Poseidon AMP.png]

Weapons: the fins on Poseidon's chasis are similar to the basic heat sabre carried by all AMPs, but are actually thermite blades.

Poseidon is also different than most AMPs in that it is entirely composed of an titanium-carbon fiber alloy that was created by Scout's sister before her untimely death during the war. Poseidon's armor is also coated in a fine diamond dust to provide additional defense.

Special Equipment: Poseidon is equiped with an experimental CPU system that is being developed by Scout to increase response time and maneuverability of the AMP that it is installed in. It also gives the AMP the ability to learn and adapt to its pilot to help increase combat success.

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