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Bleach anyone?


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I would be more than happy to answer any questions about the Bleach universe. I also made a nice Kuchiki Family Tree (95% fake for the purposes of this RP)and  a more detailed description of humanities technological advances but have somehow managed to lose both so I am in the process of remaking them.

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Here is a very very very crude family tree for the Kuchiki family and a brief description of each member on it that I made up... which is most of them. Hopefully this will make the dynamic of the family clearer.


Chinatsu Kuchiki- Currently acting matriarch of the family keen on the idea of making one of her line the next head of the house hold. Very old even by soul reaper standards. She does not like small talk or idiots and is very shrewd. While she is a beacon of pride and tradition she has never liked that the head of their house hold always falls to a man even when a capable woman is available.


Chinatsu's Husband- Deceased.


Akahana Kuchiki- Chinatsu's oldest child. Akahana is almost an exact copy of her mother. The only difference is their ability to make good decisions. Any situation handled by Akahana is sure to spin out of control and cause head aches for everyone... luckily she is only given menial task by Chinatsu to complete. In terms of sharpness of tongue and pride however they are equal.


Akahana's Husband- Deceased. Former member of a loyal lesser noble house.


Akifumi Kuchiki- Deceased. Very compassionate and very smart.


Fusa Kuchiki- Fusa married into the Kuchiki family. Originally a sweet girl from a lesser noble house since the passing of her husband it seems some of the Kuchiki pride has begun to rub off on her.


Eriko Kuchiki- Akahana's older daughter. Close to Byakuya when they were children when he chose to enter the Academy she became a member of the Kido Corps. She is talented at using Kido and Flash Step. She, like most members of this family, seems to suffer from the sin of pride and can come off snobbish. Though she doesn't actually want to leave her position to join the Gotei 13 she is Chinatsu's front runner to becoming the next head of the house.


Hatsue Kuchiki- Akahana's younger daughter and Eriko's sister. She doesn't have the skill in Kido like Eriko or Byakuya's combat prowess she often felt excluded during their childhood games. She is considered to be slow by the rest of the family spending her days doing leisure activities around the manner. She is actually quite astute.


Hatsue's Husband- Deceased. An unremarkable man who held an officer position in squad six a decade ago. Died in combat.


Kaya Kuchiki- The only child of Akifumi and Fusa. She is a good deal younger than her cousins, Eriko and Hatsue, and doesn't seem to have to Kuchiki pride that causes most of the members of the family to look down on others. Sweet and innocent. One of the few members in the house actually kind to Rukia after Byakuya's passing.


Isamo Kuchiki- A raising star of the family. Currently the seventh seat of squad six and very close to achieving his bankai. The youngest member of the family he also has the greatest potential. Chinatsu believes that if Eriko does not take up the mantel as the leader of the family Isamo will do it. He is prideful, eager, and confident. Of all of Chinatsu's brood he is one of the only ones kind to Rukia... for now.


Eiichi Kuchiki- Deceased. Ginrei and Chinatsu's younger brother who never cared much about upholding the family legacy or honor.


Eiichi's Lover- Deceased. Eiichi never married but still satisfied his manly needs with many woman attracted to the allure of being the consort of a Kuchiki. This one happened to get pregnant.


Giichi- Deceased. Eiichi's illegitimate daughter. She grew up with her mother away from the lavish lifestyle of the Kuchiki's. When she learned who her father was she sought out her family but was given the cold shoulder by Byakuya. She was forbiden to even use the Kuchiki name.


Fumitaka Kuchiki- Giichi's son. He defiantly uses the name denied to his mother. Having grown up with barely any food or material possessions he is determined to claim his place as the leader of the house hold, or destroy it trying. To this end he joined the Academy and has risen to a high position in the Stealth Force. Since donning his "family's name" he attracted the attention of Shihoin Clan. They have not been able to recover from the disgrace Yoruichi dealt to them they are plotting together to return to power.


Yoshimi Shihoin- Yoruichi's great great niece. She is ready to restore her families good name. To this end she is set to marry Fumitaka and help him gain control of the house that turned their backs her intended and his mother. Idolizing her great great aunt she is talented in hand to hand combat, flash step, and kido.

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