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Bleach: Spirit Age


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 â??Byakuya Kuchiki is dead, finally succumbed to his illnessâ? said the old woman seated before the Captain Commander.


â??My apologizes Chinatsu, Byakuya was a fierce warrior I always he would assume that he would lose his life on the field of battle, not a sick bed.â?


â??Yes well my nephew had poor constitution. It makes sense that his childâ??s health would fail him at some point.â? The old woman shifted on her pillow â??More importantly Commander Hitsugaya my brotherâ??s line is at an end and our family is in the process of selecting a new leader. I have heard some troubling rumors that Rukia Kuchiki is set to assume the empty Captainâ??s seat.â?


â??Itâ??s true, Lieutenant Kuchiki is set to take the examination that will determine her ascension to Captain of squad 6. Her skills would sug-â??


â??The girl is skilled enough to pass the exam. Her prowess in combat has been proven many a time. She is an asset to the Gotei 13, this is undeniable but she cannot be allowed to hold the position of squad sixâ??s captain. It has historically been held by the leader of the Kuchiki clan.â?


â??Pardon me, but Captain Kuchiki was pretty vocal about how affairs were to be handled after his passing. He left everything to his sister, including his titlesâ? Rangiku Motsumoto pushed a lock of her silver hair out of her face â??All of his titlesâ?


â??I am aware of the contents of his will. Regardless of what it says, Rukia Kuchiki is not a blood relative and will not be taking the place of the 29th Head of the Kuchiki familyâ?¦Which is precisely why she cannot be appointed to captain a squad that has only been captained by the head of our family.â?  Chinatsu Kuchiki motioned one of her two accompanying servants to come forward. â??Give him the letter.â? She said.


The servant quickly approached the Captain Commanderâ??s desk, placed a sealed letter in front of Toshiro, and returned to her place behind the older woman.  Toshiro picked up the letter and broke the seal. He quietly read it dropping it down on his desk when he was finished. â??You mean to have his will be disregarded? The last wishes of the man who ran your house for centuries doesnâ??t even get to decided how-â??


Again he was interrupted â??Byakuya Kuchiki was a formidable warrior, possible the strongest Kuchiki to ever have lived, but he did not have a mind for politics. We have overlooked his lapses in judgment time and time again during his life out of respect for the station he held. Now that he is no more we must start the task of repairing the damage he caused to our familyâ??s good name.â?


â??What damage did he cause exactly?â? Toshiro asked.


 â??He married a low born, we over looked it. He failed to produce an heir with her, we over looked it. He brought a second commoner into our house and gave her our name, we over looked it. He failed to find a suitable wife which again meant no heir, we over looked it.â? Her voice was getting louder with every word â??Now he is handing our noble house to a foreign peasant who has no claim to it. This I will not overlook.  Yes, I had the Central 46 review his will and they agreed that passing along everything to a false member of our house would be neither proper nor wise. Rukia may remain a part of the family and keep the material possessions left to her. She will not take charge of our house, however, and to the same end she most not take charge of the sixth squad of the Gotei 13.â?


â??I didnâ??t know that the four Great families dictated the actions of the Gotei 13â? Rangiku chimed a devilish smile on her lips.


â??Lieutenant Motsumoto, keep your opinions to yourselfâ? Toshiro stood up and walked around his desk and knelt down in front of the seated old noble woman. â??The Central 46 has not forbid us from promoting Lieutenant Kuchiki. She is more than qualified to fill this position and you are offering no one else to fill the vacancy. With the situation in the world of the living being as it is we cannot afford to  waste time on issues like this.â?


â??My oldest Granddaughter, Byakuyaâ??s closest cousin, is a high ranking member of the Kido Corps. She lacks a Zanpaktou but her talents in Hado far surpass any of the current captains. My younger granddaughterâ??s son is the current 7th seat of squad 6 and is on the verge of being the youngest Shinigami to have ever obtained Bankai. Both would make fine leaders of our house and the squad, I would be fine with either being promoted.â?


â??Give me a few days to consider?â? Toshiro asked Chinatsu.


â??I can give you oneâ? The old noble struggled to get to her feet. A servant collected the pillow she had been kneeling on. As the group turned to leave she looked back to Toshiro and said â??Genryusai had strength, Kyoraku had his wiles. History is waiting to see how you will handle this role. No Captain Commander has lasted without the blessings of the four noble houseâ?¦making an enemy of the Kuchiki would cause chaos in the Seireitei and that would be a poor legacy to leave behind.  I will return tomorrow for your decision.â?


After the door closed behind the group Toshiro collapsed on the floor â??Motsumoto what do you think about this mess?â?


His Lieutenant was at his desk reading the letter from the Central 46. She answered without looking up for the paper â??Honestly I think itâ??s shitty but we donâ??t really have a choice. Rukia is only trying to follow Captain Kuchikiâ??s wishes but I think our hands are tied. Late Captain Ginrei and Lady Chinatsuâ??s younger brother has some descendants that have be reported to be spending a lot of time in the Shihoin Manner. Thereâ??s talk of a marriage.â?


â??I feel like this is getting out of hand. Even if we side with Chinatsu and support one of her grandchildren we might have a Shihoin/Kuchiki faction start some ruckus of being not even considered for the position.  Itâ??s clear that Lady Chinatsu has the Central 46 on her side though and we canâ??t go up against them...Lieutenant Kuchiki wonâ??t be inheriting the house hold but there is no rule saying that the captain of squad six has to be the head of the Kuchiki house.â?


â??Youâ??re right, itâ??s a stupid status thing. You know how these nobles are. I say honor the dead Captainâ??s wishes, give his captainship to Rukia and let the two Kuchiki branches fight it out amongst themselves. If any Kuchiki does something that would in danger the stability of the Soul Society Central 46 will have to grant us permission to neutralize the threat.â? Rangiku put down the letter and laid down on the floor next to her captain. They stared at the ceiling for a while â??Screw that old shrew.â?


â??The Gotei 13 has the most military might in the Soul Society. Iâ??m sure she will be trying to get as many captains on her side as she canâ?¦ That woman really could start a civil war in the Seireitei if she wanted.â?


â??Help us move forward, from the Digital Age into the Spirit Age.â? The commercial ended, the television flickered off. Aiden Hice swiveled his chair around to face the owner of Spiritech. â??I donâ??t like it. Digital age, spirit age, what the hell are you talkinâ?? about? As your chief investor you should consult me before putting this crap out for people to see. Thereâ??s no slogan, nothinâ?? catchy.â?


Marrysol, the founder and CEO of Spiritech, frowned â??It shows progression. Like from the Stone to Bronze Age.  I canâ??t help it if you donâ??t understand. The advertising team said it tested well with focus groups so it is what we went with.  Being the money behind the project doesnâ??t mean you get to a say on every creative decision.â?


â??Darlin that is exactly what it means. Donâ??t you go gettingâ?? the idea in that pretty little head of yours that Iâ??m afraid of you and your two lackeys cause youâ??re a Full-whatever. You can have all the super powers you want but this company wouldnâ??t exist without my hard earned dollar.â?


â??You are not the sole source of money in the world, nor are you our only investor.â?


â??True enough but now that you opened up this can of worms there will be plenty of competition in this brand spankinâ?? new energy market. I could drop so much cash into your competitorâ??s lap theyâ??d be stuck in a wheel chair from broke thigh bones.â? Hice gave a big smile â??Now I wonâ??t go doinâ?? that because I like you. Youâ??re cutter than a baby playing with a kitten and you do that thing when we are tussling in the sheets that gets me feeling some type a way but-â??


â??Aiden, this is work, keep the personal side of our relationship out of itâ?


â??Keepinâ?? it professional are we, fine. My sources from inside this Soul Society are tellin me that when your boy beat the snot out of them Shinigami that came down for a little chit chat you put us on a collision course with somethinâ?? called a Ghety 17â?


â??Gotei 13â?


â??You know what I mean. You got us up against a military force that is like to wipe us off the face of Godâ??s good earth. Sure we got the spirit guns for our men to use but them spirit missiles ainâ??t even got a workin prototype yet.  How are we suppose to fight a war againstâ?¦thingsâ?¦who can raise hell and high water on a whim?â?


â??I suppose thatâ??s why you are backing Spiritech â?¦ I can keep you safe.â?  Marrysol stood up from her chair and began pacing the length of long table. She and Aiden were the only people in the conference room this morning.  He was right. Counting herself there were three Fullbrings working towards her goals and their opposition had roughly 3000 members. 13 of which were especially dangerous. It might be possible to beat them in a one against one scenario but that wasnâ??t even guarantied. â??My sources on the inside say the same thing but mine also say that an internal political conflict is brewing. Maybe we can stir the pot- buy ourselves some time.â? She didnâ??t want to tell him about the experiments that were being conducted on the captive Shinigami or why they were necessary for her plan.


â??Weapons shoulda come before generators. How are we goin to protect my investment?â? Hice spat.


â??Spiritech is trying to usher in a new era of cheap energy for everyone, to advance the human race. Itâ??s not about creating weapons that are more horrific that the ones we have already. Yes it will be necessary to defend the era from threats and to that end we are developing weapons but donâ??t you think it is better to help the world first, unleashing terror only as a last resort?â?


â??No I do not. Like I said before you might be interested in changin the world but others arenâ??t far behind in developing new tech that run off of this reishi and you can bet your ass governments are gonna weaponize it first, solve the energy crisis second.â? Hice paused for a moment and took a deep breath before continuing. â??If we get the weapons made first we get military contracts. Military contracts help pay the bills that I have been footin the cash for. Weapons also help protect ourselves form the big bad death gods comin to rain fire down on us. This kind of poor decision making is why Iâ??d like to be consulted before you go and make decisions.â? His smile returned â??And talkin about cheap energy, missy Iâ??m in the business of makin money- I donâ??t support cheap anything.â?


â??How humanitarian of youâ?


â??Bein kind never got me no place I ever cared to be. You stir your pot and get these weapons up and runnin or I am liable to go rogue.â? Aiden Hice got to his feet, gave a slight bow, and headed for the door. â??See you tonight?â? He asked as the conference room door slide open.


â??You just gave me a tall order, I will be working late tonightâ? Marrysol answered staring blankly out the window looking at the Karakura skyline.


â??Well, suppose I canâ??t win every battleâ? The automatic door closed behind him.



This is RP is taking place many hundreds of years in the future from the current story but also in an alternate universe. Being hundreds of years in the future human society is much more advanced than it is today. Most of Earth is covered by cities one often blending into another almost making the entire planet an urban setting. Things like hover cars are the new form of transportation and robots to do the manual labor and keep the cities running smoothly. The world is currently dealing with an energy crisis which companies like Spiritech are tryinig to solve by using newly discovered reishi as a way to power world.


Besides the inheritance of the Kuchiki house hold the Gotei 13 are also faced with a crisis in the living world. Humans, under the direction of a group of mysterious Fullbringers, have begun capturing and experimenting on Hollows. The realization that souls and reishi exist has caused many human governments to try and capitalize on the new power sourceâ?¦ even weaponize it to protect themselves from the newly discovered Hollow threat. Like the Quincies before them the mass destruction of hollows without purifying them is causing imbalance between the worlds. Also the massive reishi reactors used to power some of the human cities are extremely volatile and by absorbing the ambient reshi in their surroundings, mostly the ghosts of the departed, are disrupting the natural cycle and further causing imbalance.  The shinigami ambassadors who were sent to explain the situation to the humans were defeated by the Fullbringers, separated from their gigais, and subject to experimentation as well.


I am assuming that people who sign up have basic knowledge of the Bleach Universe. I found that the Bleach Wiki is an invaluable resource while putting this story together.


We will be playing Captains of the Gotei 13 dealing with these two issues.


These are the current openings in the Gotei 13


Squad 1- Toshiro Hitsugaya

Squad 2- Ari Shihoin

Squad 3- Yumichika Ayasegawa

Squad 4-Miyako Nimashima

Squad 5- Momo Hinamori

Squad 6- [Vacant and unfillable by players, sorry]

Squad 7- Renji Abarai

Squad 8- Saburou Sugawara

Squad 9- Chiniiro Metsuki

Squad 10- Kurogane Tsukino

Squad 11- Kenpachi Arashi

Squad 12- Arakawa Chie

Squad 13- Shuhei Hisagi


As for the Sign Ups.


Name: (Anything could work but something Asian would be preferred)




Age: (A good ratio to go on is 10 years for every 1 year of age you show. So if you look 25 go with 250 years old. We know Yamamoto was at least 2300 years old before he died. )


Position: (Which of the available Squads do you lead?)


Appearance: (Most Shinigami are humanoid, but there has been a bestial one before)




Background: (What were you doing before you joined the Shinigami Academy (if you attended)? Why did you decided to become a Shinigami? Which method did you use to rise to the rank of Captain (Proficiency Test, Recommendation, or Trial by Combat)? Pretty much anything else you think is relevant)


Noncombat Skills: (Are you the smartest person in the room? Hold your sake better than anyone you know? Are you well read?)


Zanpakto: (Sealed Form Appearance)

                (Shikai Appearance)

                (Shikai Ability)

                (Bankai Appearance)

                (Bankai Ability)


Other Notable Combat Skills: (How are you with Kido? Howâ??s your swordmanship? Unarmed fighting skills? How proficient are you with high speed techniques (ie. Flash Step)? How high is your spirit pressure?


Writing Sample: (A messanger from Chinatsu Kuchiki approaches you and attempts to get your support in preventing Rukia Kuchiki from taking over squad six and backing the Kuchiki House if negotiations with your Captain Commander go south and fighting ensues. They can bribe, threaten, promise political power, anything youâ??d like. How did this interaction go?)

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Name: Kenpachi Arashi

Gender: Male

Age: 350

Position: Captain of Squad 11

Appearance: Arashi. Standing at 6 feet 6 inches with green eyes, He wears his father's tattered sleeveless captain's haori and eye patch of his left eye. The scar over his eye as well as the dozens of others that criss cross hs body was given to him by his father in the Trail of Combat for the Capatin's seat and during Arashi's training with his father.

Personality: Arashi is very quiet prefering to speak as little as possible letting his sword do the talking for him. His calm demeanor nevers wavers not even when he is sliced open or deeply wounded. He is very hard on his squad keeping them constantly training as he himself spends most of his waking hours training with them or by himself.

His little caring for small talk makes him hard to come to for advice and his constant shrugging and uncaring for meetings makes it worse. Even more so in the Captain's meetings. This has made him a loner in the group of Captain's as well as the fact he does not concern himself with other's business.

This has made him quite an oddball due to the fact he is the son of the late Kenpachi Zaraki though his mother remains unknown. But he does hold respect and loyalty to the Soul Society and his fellow captains and his opponents highly never once degrading anyone in any way though his way of being suportive tends to come off very blunt and sarcastic though it is not his intention.

Arashi has a case of bipolarism that comes out when his father's eyepatch that he wears is removed. When this happens he becomes hs father and turns berserker. Instead of ending a fight as soon as possible like normal, he will draw it out taunting and inflicting wounds that are not enough to kill. Pain makes him laugh though he tends to laugh and keep a creepy wicked smile on his face at all times. Sometimes he fails to see friend or foe and will attack comrades that are unlucky enough to be in his way.

A firm believer in using pain as a punishment he has been know to cut open his own members and mass punish the entire squad for on person's fault, the same training his father gave him.

Background: His Father taught him how to hold a sword and fight the minute he could walk, always inflicting pain and cutting him open saying it would toughen him up. This went on for years, each day harder then the next as his father took him to hell and back multiple times een almost killed him more then a person has fingers and toes combined. Never once put through the Acadamy as his father claimed he never went and neither did he and even forced Arashi to kill a person at the age of twelve.

His father taught him every trick he knew and even forced him to fight many of the others Captains all with the sheer purpose of one day replacing him. Even dropped him off in the district Zaraki orginated from, the most deadly district of all, for two years forcing Arashi to survive on his own causing death and blood to become such a normal thing that it brought no rise in him what so ever. At first Arashi was against it but as time went on he saw the devotion and happiness in his father's eyes when he lasted one moe punch, took one more gash with out fliching and went one more minute longer or learned something new. This in turn began to drive Arashi harder and harder, enjoying the fight, the blood, and the pain more and more till all you could hear was the sounds of him and Zaraki laughing and Arashi coming home covered in blood.

The day he did land his first hit on his father, Zaraki wiped aear from his eye then beat Arashi senseless. Each day after that the training increased severly as Arashi learned every fighting style, move, technique, and trick that his father knew. The only difference is his father taught him to listen to his Zanpakuto instead of forcing it with his reiatsu like his father did. This in turn allowed Arashi to achieve mastery of his Zanpakuto very quicky and achieve Bankai though he tends to become very annoyed by its voice, tuning it out more often then not. This in turn causes his Zanpakuto to stay released and unable to seal just like his father's.

At the age of 35, He bested his father in the Trail of Combat though almost died himself. He never forgot his father's last words. "I am proud of you my son. I love you." The only time he ever said those words or anything close to the meaning. Since then he is always doing what he thinks would make his father proud though it isthat day he also had a mental break causing him to become extremely quiet and the berserker to come forth when the eye patch is removed.

His father had repeatedly called him the true Kenpachi to other captains before he passed. This in turn caused Arashi to learn everything he could that could help him kill.

Noncombat Skills: Arashi does not think of himself as the best of anything always saying someone else is better then him though he is by far the most perceptive of the Captains as he can read his enemy and know the next opponent's move almost before his opponent does as well as reading a person and knowing them and their intentions causing some to believe he can read minds. He also is extremely good at seeing someone else's technique and copying it though mabe no perfect at first but is very close.

His eyepatch power seal was also specially made for him by the 12th division's captain. insead of being leather like his father, his is made of a special metal that is extremely hard to cut and contains to key slots in the clasp on the back. Every captain is given one of these keys incase his eyepatch isneeded to be removed.

Zanpakuto: Mokushiroku (Apocalypse). Arashi's Zanpakuto doesn't look like the other's normal blade and sheath in its normal state due to his reiatsu and the fact hisfather didn't know how to seal it away. Instead it resembles more like his father's though the handle has no guard and is black with silver etching in. The blade is not chipped and is able to cut with the back side of the blade and is roughly twce the length of a standard katanna.

Shikai: Mokushiroku's release command for its true Shikai form is Itami (pain). In this state when ever he say its release word any amount of pain his enemy feels when cut is doubled and doubled ontop of that when he says the release word again though he must inflict a new wound before commanding it, this in turn become very dangerous if Arashi's eyepatch is off due to the fact he prefers torture his enemy in that state. The blade itself also becomes adaptive to his opponent, becoming sharper until it pierces his target
Appearance: Mokushiroku Shikai the blade is just a little bit longer then before and widens

Bankai: Mokushiroku's Bankai is not like most others. It doesn't freeze or do anything to its surroundings or what it touches. Besides carrying over its previous power it also now affects himself though with each new wound he receives now matter how small every aspect and attribute rises greatly. This alone causes him to hardly use it as it also increases his sadistic bloodthirsty nature twofold. This alone is a last resort.
Appearance: Mokushiroku Basaka Bankai adds another half a foot to blade shikai blade length

Other Notable Combat Skills: Arashi knows everything his father taught him as well as more. He learned amazing reaitsu control and can manipulate that and is unfathomable spiritual pressure in amazing ways wheher it be for defense, energy waves, negating anothers attack. He is extremely durable able to withstand attacks that would incapcitate anyone else an his strength is beyond most letting him before insane feats, even keeping up with someone using Shunpo like his father did with Byakuya and stopping or deflecting weapons with his bare hands. He has vowed to live up to his father calling him the true Kenpachi by mastering everythng he can, Zanjutsu, Hoho, and Hakuda. He only learned enough Kido in order to pull off Shunko techniques though seeing it more of a waste of time.

He fights one handed like his father and also due to the Captain Commander has forbidden him to use two hands unless absolutely necessary.

While he never attended the Academy, his father and ability and want to take others techniques and master everything he sees fit has turned him into a person worthy of his father's title.

Writing snippet: Arashi opened his eye as he sat meditating with his blade sheathed across his lap at he sound of shuffling feet. A young man dresed in a uniform bearing the Kuchiki crest came hesitiantlyinto the Division 11's baracks main room and stood before him. Even sitting down He was over half the height of this messenger.

"K-k-k-Kenpachi Ar-Aashi" The messenger's words stumbled out with a toe containing a mixture of high anxeity and fear. The messenger obviously did not want to be here.

Arashi stared at him with his normal gaze waiting, the messenger squiriming where he stood feeling like he was slowly being picked apart completely. The room was silent for a forever dragging minute before the messenger spoke again.

"I have a letter from Chinatsu Kuchiki" He held out the envelope his hands shaking and sweating as Arashi slowly reached out and took it, opening it slowly and carefully before reading it.

The messenger watched nervously as Arashi's uncovered eye scanned back and forth then folded it back up and laid it beside him before turning his gaze back to the messenger who shifted anxiously in silence for a few minutes more before breaking it.

"Your ans...." Arashi's deep voice caught him off guard making him jump. "No"

"But your mother's sec..." The messenger blurted out

"No" Aashi help the same tone his face still emotionless

"Chinatsu will..." His mouth kept moving but the words held no sound as Arashi slowly stood casting the messenger in his shadow. Slowly Arashi brought his hand to the hilt of his blade as he held its sheath in the other. "No"

The messenger looked fearful for several seconds before false courage took over. "You wouldn't dare harm a messenger from the Kuchiki house" He got his answer in the form of slighly deep cut across his cheek. He stood horrified with his hand to the cut blood slowly oozing out round his fingers at Arashi who stood calmly before him his blade drawn and pointed to the floor with a single bead of thick red blood slowy running down the point to drop to the floor.

"Leave" Arashi watch as the messenger moved faster the most experts of Shunpo to get out of the barracks before Arashi wiped the blade clen with first two fingers then sat back down to meditate. This whole ordeal with the Kuchiki house was becoming a pain. A very respected captain and left everything to Rukia and Chinatsu was deterimined to stop at nothing to keep her from becoming Captain of 6th Division. His dad respected Byakuya highly and Arashi would honor his dying wish. Edited by Darth Vader
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Name: Chiniiro Metsuki
Gender: Male
Age: 180
Position: 9th Division Captain
Appearance: (
Somewhat of a picture reference)Blood red eyes and blood red hair that falls to his waist, but is often worn in a ponytail. His skin is fairly tanned and he stands at roughly 5' 9", weighing about 187 lbs. His facial expression seems to be stuck on "irritated" most of the time, mostly in his eyes. He wears a black trench coat under his white haori as well as black slacks(unlike the general hakama) though on serious meetings he will wear his shihakusho.
Personality: Chiniiro is extremely abrasive by nature, generally on the defensive when it comes to being judged. He isn't too adept at making friends who are truly his friends. When he has made friends he found out they had ulterior motives in one sense or another, making him skeptical of people who seem to take interest in him. Despite this, he doesn't always keep to himself, trying to make himself not give up on people for reasons he, himself, doesn't understand very well.
He has never seen himself as much of a leader, but when placed in a situation with a group, Chiniiro finds himself able to take the lead with little difficulty or much resistance due to his demeanor. He also has a hard time dealing with authority at times since he tends to feel like his superiors look down on him, especially due to his age.
Background:Chiniiro grew up learning Zanjutsu from one of his mentors who was a Shinigami who often visited his village in East Rukongai, having been from the same district. Chi's parents appreciated the Shinigami being around since not many other children spent time around their son, mainly because of the scowling look he was born with. The young boy surprised the Shinigami, known as Jin Himura, during their practice as he noticed a lot of Reiatsu from Chiniiro. His parents were just as surprised as Jin was upon his discovery and Jin encouraged Chiniiro to try and become a Shinigami like him. "Maybe we can work in the same division," Jin told him with a smile. That day, Chiniiro made it a point to become a Shinigami in the 9th division.
As Chiniiro got older, he enrolled in Shin'o Acadamy, and he still received strange looks from the other Shinigami in training like he'd gotten as a youth. None of these other students mattered to him though, all he wanted now was to be like his mentor and join him as a real Shinigami. Through arduous training and infuriating ridicule from his peers, Chiniiro succeeded in becoming a Shinigami, his skills putting him in the top of his class. When he returned to his village to celebrate with his family, he found his home in ruins and Hollows running rampant. To no surprise he found Jin there, but he saw his parents nowhere. Chiniiro felt fire in his veins as he joined Jin in combat, slaying the Hollows in minutes. He was relieved as Jin told Chiniiro that the villagers made it out safely and in one piece. "You've grown a lot, Chi-kun. I'm sure I'll be seeing you soon. Let me know what division you get assigned to. I'll be lookin for ya!"
Sometime later Chiniiro got his wish, however he got more than he had expected in time after having learned how to release his Zanpakuto into its Shikai form. He hadn't understood exactly how his partner's power worked until he got into an altercation with some of his peers. After suffering a near-fatal injury, Chiniiro struck back. With a flash of red, he sliced clean through his opponent's Zanpakuto and much of his opponent, barely leaving him alive enough to be healed. "Blood is your catalyst...?" he asked Akakiba as the Medics arrived, healing the both of them and Jin arrived with them, looking horrified. Chiniiro's heart sank as he feared his mentor's disappointment. To his surprise, Jin was more impressed than disappointed, but knew this wouldn't go over well.
Time passed and Chiniiro ascended the seats of his division quickly for his age, until his Reiryoku and experience grew enough to attain his Bankai. With the captain's seat open, he did everything he could for his division in order to make his way there. It wasn't ambition that drove him, he just wanted to be recognized without being seen as the ruffian he was made out to be.
Noncombat Skills: Chiniiro, despite his fiery nature, spends much of any spare time he has painting landscape portraits or of the Shinigami in his division as well as the other captains and their lieutenants. Also, Chiniiro is proficient at tracking; people, animals, and Hollows alike.
Zanpakuto: Akakiba(Bloody Fang)-In its sealed form, Akakiba appears as a plain, black steel katana in a white scabbard with white cloth wrapped around the hilt.

Shikai-To release Akakiba from its sealed form, Chiniiro commands "Bite into my enemies" and the blade remains a black steel katana, but it always appears bloodstained. It's hilt is wrapped in a red fabric and the crossguard and base of the hilt are gold. The scabbard of Akakiba is white and appears to have splashes of blood along where the blade faces while sheathed.
Whenever Akakiba or its scabbard become covered in blood(no matter the source), its edge becomes sharper as if becoming hungrier for more of it and the scabbard becomes even more solid. While wielding Akakiba, whenever Chiniiro is bloodied(Again, no matter the source) his strength and agility increase despite his physical condition. Until the point of death, Chiniiro maintains his strength and speed til his dying breath. Also, Chiniiro is able to cut or strike the air hard enough with his spiritual pressure that it can cut through or strike enemies at a distance with the command "Hungry Roar". Whenever Akakiba has any blood on it, it converts it into spiritual pressure when using Hungry Roar and instead is released as "Bloody Roar." Chiniiro never uses just the blade of Akakiba. He always uses the scabbard as an off-hand weapon or shield due to its defensive capabilities.
Bankai-With the command "Rend them to shreds, Youkou Akakiba(Crimson Bloody Fang)" Akakiba is released into its Bankai. The blade and scabbard disappear altogether and red streaks appear over Chiniiro's skin. The maximum strength and speed increases that Akakiba could bestow upon Chiniiro are now his natural agility and power, and the defense that Akakiba's scabbard could provide him are now reflected on his skin's durability. He uses hand-to-hand combat in this form and wherever he can draw blood from, Chiniiro can form a blade similar to Akakiba's Shikai form. As long as he has access to blood, he has an unlimited supply of swords at his disposal. In his Bankai form, he can summon blades from sheer reiatsu around as many targets as he can see and skewer them with as many blades as he can conjure. Whenever he summons Akakiba to his hand, he can use a stronger version of "Bloody Roar" called "Crimson Roar" which instead of attacking with a single slash, he can now unleash a flurry of them. The major downside of maintaining Youkou Akakiba is that the number of red lines that appear on his skin determine the number of minutes that Chiniiro can maintain his Bankai. Due to his age and having just learned to release his Bankai, Chiniiro can only maintain it for about 10 minutes at a time on average before running out of reiatsu.
Other Notable Combat Skills: When it comes to Kido, Chiniiro started off only focused on using Hado, yet being the defense force's captain of the Gotei 13, Chiniiro has become more aware of the uses of Bakudo's barriers and binding spells in order to defend his comrades and to capture enemies alive if need be. His knowledge of the spells isn't terribly expansive, but he uses what he knows will work in most situations. Overall, Chiniiro could probably be ranked as a Kido expert. His swordsmanship is a bit above average, though he's better at fighting opponents in unarmed combat(Hakuda), using a variety of martial arts but specializing in grappling and Judo. Instinctively, he is a streetfighter and will use any and everything as a weapon if need be. Chiniiro recently started learning how to use Shunpo, but seems to be picking it up relatively quickly.
Writing Sample: Steel collided in the training area outside of Captain Metsuki's quarters as Chiniiro clashed with his mentor, Jin, who was now his 7th seat. Neither had their Zanpakuto released, so it was like old times for the Shinigami. Chiniiro landed a solid hit on Jin with his scabbard, knocking him sideways before flash stepping to where he flew and caught him. "Guess the point is mine this time, sensei. Looks like that's another lunch ya owe me, huh?" He said with a smirk.

"Yeah, yeah. You got lucky, Chi-Sencho. I'll make you lunch this time, alright?" Jin said, messing Chiniiro's hair.

Chiniiro smirked and then his focus went to the gates as hurried footsteps approached. "This always means trouble..." he grumbled. Jin gave him a pat on the head before the gates were shoved open. It was one of the messenger's from the Kuchiki house. "State your business. I really hope that this is of importance."

The young woman froze with an expression Chiniiro was all too used to seeing before she regained her composure. "M-Metsuki-Chiniiro, captain of the 9th division, I have a request from Lady Chinatsu Kuchiki."

"And exactly what does Lady Kuchiki request of me?" Chiniiro asked, curiosity having been piqued.

"In regards to the late Byakuya Kuchiki's passing, our Lady is seeking a candidate to take his seat. Despite your youth, she would be happy to have you consider the position," she said, bowing her head. As she looked up, Chiniiro's eyes were closed. "We assure you, we would be able to move your parents to a better district and-"

"No." Chiniiro said flatly.

"B-but if you would consid-"

"I said 'no'!" Chiniiro shouted, eyes springing open and his Reiatsu spiking briefly. "Division 9 is the only place I care to be. I worked hard to get here, so don't think I'll be won over with flattery and bribes. My parents live comfortably enough and they're content with where they are. So my answer is 'No. I respectfully decline your offer, Lady Chinatsu.' Is that understood?" Chiniiro's eyes narrowed.

"Yes o-of course. My apologies for disturbing your exercises," she said before heading of with as much urgency as her arrival.

"Don't you think you should have taken the offer under a bit more consideration before giving such a serious declining, Chi-sencho?" Jin asked, raising an eyebrow.

Chiniiro shook his head. "No. No I don't," was all he said as he headed for his quarters. I wouldn't belong anywhere other than this division. And I have no intention of getting involved in those affairs. By all rights, that seat should belong to Rukia anyway. He pushed his doors open, looking to the easel by his window. A small smile crossed his lips as he shut the door behind him.

OOC: Hope this is okay, Lawliet. Finally done ^^ Edited by Kayin Cloud
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Name: Arakawa Chie
Gender: Female
Age: 280
Position: Captain of Squad 12
Appearance: [Chie] [Chieâ??s Glasses]
Chie stands at 5â??9â??â??, has a lightly toned figure and possesses glowing amber eyes, said to be a side effect of some self-imposed experiment. Her skin is a light brown color. She wears a standard Shihakusho with a sleeveless, hooded captainâ??s haori over that. Her neck and chest area are covered by a dark, skintight material, which is actually part of hee experimentation "suit" peaking out.The only other additions to the standard shinigami outfit are the dark short gloves she wears also as part of hee experimentation suit (as seen in the bankai section).

Personality: Chie is known for one quality above all others--focus. If Chie declares her intent to achieve a goal, nothing short of death will keep her from succeeding. It was this trait that helped her survive her childhood in the lawless 80th district of Rukongai, and which allowed her to overcome a near fatal interaction with hollows shortly after joining the Shinigami Academy. Due to this determination Chie has a very fluid moral and ethical compass, viewing anything that would potentially offer her a boon in life as being acceptable.

While this has earned her a reputation as being â??psychoticâ? and â??heartless,â? the other members of the twelfth squad are quick to come to her defense. The general opinion of those close to her is â??Chie is an agreeable and friendly Captain who cares greatly for the well-being of her subordinates and would never sacrifice your life, unless she had previously discussed the matter with you and gained your consent.â? Needless to say, this has done little to amend other shinigamisâ?? opinions of her.

Background: Chie grew up in the most dangerous of districts in the Rukongai-- District #80, Zaraki. She lived exclusively around murderers and criminals and feared every day that she would die without ever having done anything with her â??afterlife.â? The only thing Chie had to take solace in was the legend of Kenpachi Zaraki who too had the misfortune of being dumped in the filth of the the 80th district. However, unlike most souls who lived and died lamenting their lot in life, Kenpachi had managed to keep from drowning in the sea of violence and depravity and even escaped it. Chie made it her very first goal to escape from the 80th district and become a Captain like Kenpachi.

Using her wits and techniques she learned from local gangs Chie battled her way from her home district to the gates of Seireitei. During this time she had discovered her reiatsu and was famished. When she reached the walls she could barely mumble the name of the school before passing out from hunger. When she awoke she discovered she had been accepted into the Shinigami Academy based upon her ability to survive the hardships of the outer rings and her surprisingly developed reiatsu. As soon as Chie had returned to full health she began voraciously absorbing information from wherever she could, but focused on her physical training. She sat in on courses for advanced students, watched spars between seated shinigami and lieutenants.

It was during this time that Chie actually encountered Captain Zaraki and witnessed firsthand his strength. As soon as she saw him sparring with his son Arashi, who she trained with for a number of months, Chie realized that although his strength was impressive, she disagreed greatly with his philosophy regarding battle. She could not understand finding joy in conflict, nor could she understand his (and the entirety of the 1th division's) belief that no skill rivaled physical combat. She discovered that her initial goal was incorrect-- she did not want to be a captain like Kenpachi, she wanted only to be an excellent captain of the same or greater caliber of Kenpachi. She immediately began increasing her studies in kido and hoho, as well as science and development. She came to the attention of the then captain of the 12 division, Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi and was accepted into the 12th.

She proved herself incredibly perceptive and clever when it came to development, and her willingness to engage in potentially dangerous experiments gained her respect (and fear) from the other members. This desire to constantly push her boundaries no matter the personal risk almost claimed her life. She managed to infiltrate the forbidden corridors of the Research and Science Institute and discovered a machine which could replicate an arrancarâ??s garganta and send the user to Hueco Mundo. She immediately used it and was assaulted by several hollows. She was able to fend them off with her recently developed shikai, but found, to her horror, that she was unable to return to Soul Society. Hollows continued to swarm her position and she was forced to struggle against them for two days before her Captain came to rescue her. By then she had lost an arm, a leg and one of her ears. She was healed by Captain Unohana but it was surmised that the loss of limbs would be permanent. She proved everyone wrong by developing a method of recreating limbs based upon gigai technology and the regenerative abilities of hollows--she had managed to extract samples of the hollows even as they attempted to rip her apart.

After that development it took her only 20 more years to become the Captain of the 12 division when Captain Kurotsuchi was claimed, unfortunately, by one of his potions. As captain she immediately changed the atmosphere of the division, encouraging participation and the expressing of opinions by members of the division. She also encouraged all of her subordinates to not neglect their training in physical combat and kido. If they do skip their other training sessions they lose their right to not be experimented on without their permission by Chie. Thanks to herâ?¦ excitement in taking advantage of this punishment the 12th division's combat proficiency has grown exponentially from its prior incarnation. Additionally, one of her first acts as the new Captain was to develop a new eyepatch for Arashi, as his previous one was beginning to deteriorate from the stress of having contained Zaraki and Arashi's immense reiatsu.

Noncombat Skills: As head of Squad 12, and by extension the Shinigami Research and Development Institute, Chie has a proficiency and love for building cutting edge gadgets and developing new serums and concoctions. Chie is also alarmingly skilled at gambling, betting and bluffing; these were talents she mastered at a young age as she learned to navigate through the seedier parts of Rukongai. To this day she's never lost money to another captain or anyone else unwise enough to challenge her.

Zanpakuto: [Rateru] (Honey Badger)- Chieâ??s Zapakuto is unremarkable in itâ??s unreleased form, appearing as a completely unmarked katana with a black and silver handle and a black lacquered sheath.
  • Shikai- The command to release Chieâ??s shikai is â??Show me the way, Rateru.â? Chieâ??s Zampakuto retains its size and shape but its appearance is altered slightly. The diamonds on the hilt become glowing circles of light which change depending upon which of Rateruâ??s abilities is being used. Likewise, the blade changes colors with use. Rateruâ??s latent ability is to manipulate either ambient reishi or excess reishi released from her own or her enemies attacks, not unlike a Quincy. Chie only needs to utter a simple verbal command to utilize the reishi in offensive, defensive and healing capabilities.
  • Bankai- Fukutsu no Rateru (Indomitable Honey Badger)- Chie can release her Bankai with one of two phrases: â??This is our goal,â? or â??Nothing stands in our way.â? Either way, her Zanpakuto retains the same appearance as in its Shikai form, but the blade and the circular nodes glow either white or red (white for the first, red for the second), and a matching reiatsu emanates from the sword and Chie. Her outfit also changes to [this] as the release of her overwhelming reiatsu destroys her shihakusho.
  • If she uses her first release, â??This is our goal,â? her zanpakuto allows her to perform one last feat, regardless of how improbable is may seem. It does this by absorbing as much energy in the nearby area as possible and then forcing Chieâ??s body to convert her reserve reiryoku into reiatsu. Although an extraordinarily powerful ability, it has two major drawbacks: after its use, Chie is completely tapped for energy and is unable to continue fighting without rest or some means of external healing; the ability only imparts Chie with enough energy to complete her goal and no more. So if her goal is to defeat three enemies and a fourth appears, she would be unable to defeat all four of them.
  • Her second release, â??Nothing stands in our way,â? surges her reiatsu through her skin, completely severing her pain receptors and creating a damage inducing aura around her. In this state her body does not render pain in any way whatsoever, allowing her to continue fighting without flinching or reacting to external stimuli. While this effectively makes her a wrecking ball, it is a potentially fatal ability for her if she uses it for too long. Without feeling pain she lacks the natural instinct to move herself out of harmâ??s way and must constantly remind herself to do so. While she is a thoroughly skilled combatant, this affliction could result in the loss of limbs or something equally debilitating. Additionally, any damage received while in this state does not dissipate after her ability ends, so she must be given immediate medical attention.
Other Notable Combat Skills: In an attempt to stay one step ahead of her opponents Chie has invested a great deal of time in studying and mastering unconventional versions of the Shinigami staples-- Hoho, Zanjutsu, Hakuda and Kido. This includes studying the fighting styles (both armed and unarmed) and abilities of Arrancar and Hollows and crafting a number of her own unique Kido. In some battles she will not even draw her Zanpakuto, instead relying entirely upon her unusual repertoire of skills. Due to her unorthodox technique many enemies find it difficult to anticipate what Chie will do next both in and out of battle. Chie possesses another surprising boon in battle; when she took over as Captain of the 12th division she discovered that Kurotsuchi had experimented on a number of dogs, cats and birds from around Seireitei. These experiments had disfigured the animals, but also enabled them to access their reiryoku and utilize it in a variety of ways, not unlike a shinigami. Chie immediately took them into their home and made them family, while simultaneously training them to hone their abilities like she would her squadmates. Although she doesn't actively use her pets in combat, they do defend her home from intruders, and if Chie is ever in severe danger she can alert them to come and rescue her.

Writing Sample: "You bothered me... for this?"

Chie crumpled up a letter with the Kuchiki family sealed pressed onto the back and tossed it into a pile of miscellaneous garbage. The messenger gasped slightly and her fingers twitched, undoubtedly from an instinctive desire to retrieve the letter. Chie turned her back to the messenger and snatched a small mechanical device off of the desk in front of her. She tinkered with it for a moment, causing a series of red, green and blue lights to flash and then placed it back down.

"Byakuya's will clearly states that his last wish, as head of the family, was for Rukia to take the proficiency test and become the new Captain of Squad 6... no?" Chie questioned without looking at the woman. Chie could feel the messenger tense.

"While that may be, Chinatsu feels that it would be best for our clan--" Chie spun around and put her face so close to the woman's that their noses almost touched.

"Yes or no?" Chie asked again. The messenger's lip twitched slightly into a sneer as she responded.

"Yes," she said through her teeth. Chie was amazed by the messenger's impudence. The woman was effectively an errand girl for the Kuchiki house and yet she had the nerve to enter into Chie's quarters uninvited and attempt to bulldoze Chie's arguments, as if Chie was some commoner and not a Gotei 13 Captain. Chie cared little for proper etiquette and courtesies--if the messenger had come in and called her Chie she would have paid little mind-- but she did find it somewhat alarming that the patented Kuchiki snobbery apparently rubbed off on everyone in their vicinity... Save Rukia.

"Then the answer is no," Chie responded, turning her attention once more to the device in front of her. The machine made a light buzzing sound and flashed red. Chie sighed--the device was a reiatsu harmonizer, syncing up with the spiritual pressure of anyone in the nearby area. Chie attuned it to the messenger, and its red glow indicated that the messenger's reiatsu was aggressive, determined. Chie sighed again and faced the woman. Before she could scold her and "insist" that she leave Chie's office, the messenger handed Chie another note.

"Chinatsu felt that this might persuade you to reconsider, Captain Arakawa," she declared. Chie eyed the note inquisitively and and tore it open. Chinatsu's loopy, pretentious writing assaulted her eyes, but she could make out several words from the first section: "goal," "development," "all of the money you could ever need." The second half of the message was slightly more legible and the ink seemed thicker: Chinatsu obviously felt more passionate about her message therein. "Making life difficult," "close the SRDI," and "stripped of possessions" were practically bolded on the page. Chie smirked and crumpled up this letter as well.

"Underhanded allies do not help me achieve my goal," Chie mused while tearing up the new note. "Byakuya was a great ally and friend of mine in life, and Rukia has been a loyal comrade through and through. She is much more valuable to me than Chinatsu's fickle whims and money. Please tell Chinatsu exactly that, would you dear?" The messenger's eyes flashed with rage. She stepped forward to open her mouth and protest, but her body abruptly seized up and she was unable to speak. Chie smiled and shook her device at the messenger.

Oh, and tell Chinatsu she'll have to send a different messenger next time, because if you even step into my office again, my security system will read your reiatsu and turn you into a walking bomb. Ciao!" Chie reversed the harmonization of her machine, severing the connection with the messenger's spiritual power. The messenger disappeared without saying another word, leaving Chie to ponder the extent of the trouble Chinatsu was stirring in Soul Society.

[font='times new roman']EDIT: Changed appearance, bankai appearance, added to my combat skills, writing sample and added in a connection to Arashi. I hope the changes aren't too out there.[/font] Edited by Orcus
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[font='comic sans ms']Name: Miyako Nimashima

[font='comic sans ms']Gender: Female[/font][/font]

[font='comic sans ms']Age: 230[/font][/font]

[font='comic sans ms']Position: Squad 4[/font][/font]

[font='comic sans ms']Appearance: Miyako is a full figured woman, wide hips and slightly broad shoulders give her an hour glass shape. Having an average build at a height of 5'6 she is a rather simple beauty compared to some of the other woman is Soul Society. Her long, dark brown hair and chocolate colored eyes give her a relaxed and calm appearance.She usually wears her haori in normal fashion with a small blue belt tied around her waist instead of the standard black. When in uniform her hair is pulled back into a high pony that is tied off with a small white ribbon that has a small silver wolf charm on the end of it. This wolf charm usually hangs from the ribbon down to her waist. Since acquiring Raikan Miyako's has taken on a few small canine-like features. Her canine teeth are slightly elongated and sharper than normal, her ears are just barely pointed. She as also taken to growling low in her throat at times of agitation or anger. anime%2Bgirl%2Bgoogle%2Bplus.jpg[/font][/font]

[font='comic sans ms']Personality: Upbeat and somewhat childish she is the ice breaker in groups most of the time. She enjoys having fun no matter where she's at. Smart mouthed and sarcastic she can sometimes boarder on the edge of annoying, but in the end most people wind up warming up to her and enjoy her company in the long run. On the other hand though she has a semi dark side, serious and quiet when it's time to work or when things seem to hit the fan. When she gets this way it's best to leave her alone until the proverbial water has settled. [/font]
[font='comic sans ms']Background: Born and raised in the slums of soul society it took a long time for Miyako to make a name for her self in order to gain the attention of a higher ranking citizen. Her life began to take a turn for the better when an older gentleman from a slightly prestigious family known as the Nimashimas took her in for training; telling her that he could sense she had power in her veins. He trained in her weaponry and hand to hand combat, but he focused her mainly in the reading of a special branch of kido, known as Kaido. Healing kido that she took a large interest in. She read every book he had from front to back as many time as she could. A few year later he sent her to an academy where she was to learn in more depth. She spent years there honing her skill and learning as much as she could until she graduated and was assigned to a squad. Miyako had been a part of the fourth division for some time before she began to climb the ranks. She had to prove herself adept at combat as well as her healing ability. Most people seemed to look over her due to the rather low status her true family(which she never denied or hid) had. Most if not all of her family was born and raised in the slums of the soul society. She alone seemed to be able to escape, and once she did and made a better life for her self she turned around and brought her family with her. Her mother and father having refused her offer she has a younger brother that seems to roam the grounds and show up from time to time to annoy and bug her. Mainly in her office while she's trying to work. [/font][/font]

[font='comic sans ms']Noncombat Skills: Though not many would consider this a skill Miyako as impeccable instincts and intuition. [/font][/font]

[font='comic sans ms']Zanpakto: Raikan(Lycan) "Let your howl echo!"[/font][/font]
[font='comic sans ms'] In its sealed form her Zanpakto looks more like an aikuchi than a katana. Solid white with no distinguishable markings other than a few spots of light grey saya. Japanese-Samurai-Sword-Katana-Lacquered-[/font][/font]
[font='comic sans ms'] In shikai form her katana takes on the form of a sai. A hand guard forms around the hit with two small, golden horn like blades from the sides keeping the main blade in the middle. The sheath remains pure white. 115-0011.jpg [/font][/font]
[font='comic sans ms'] Raikan's Shikai ability allows Miyako to make a person, or patient translucent to her eyes so long as she wields him If used on an enemy she is able to see through the person's skin and into their body seeing vital points and organs making them easy targets. When used on a patient she is able to see the same way, but able to pinpoint an injury or sickness in the body with out having to waist valuable kaido trying to do so. This makes healing and surgeries much more simple and has given her a higher success rate than most of the previous squad 4 captains. [/font][/font]
[font='comic sans ms'] In Bankai form Raikan seems to break into pieces and form around Miyako's hands into a pair of clawed gauntlets. The appearance of the gauntlets relies on the cycles of the moon. During a full or half moon they will remain pure white, during a quarter or new moon they will turn black. 3659557-daedricgauntlets.png[/font][/font]
[font='comic sans ms'] She releases Raikan into Bankai by calling out to it " Claim your place, Arufaraikan" Raikan's Bankai ability also relies on the moon phases. During the full and half moons Raikan can emit bursts of light that can either heal a minor wound for an ally or blind a foe for a short period of time. The other side of Raikan is much darker. During a quarter and new moon Raikan will emit bursts of darkness with each hit delivered. This side of Raikan relies solely on how many people Myako has saved up to that point. If the damage healed by Raikan was minimal Raikan will only be able to do minor damage in his dark form, if the lives Miyako saved during the full and half moons was enormous(say during a war or large battle) Raikan could very easily level a small city block. [/font][/font]

[font='comic sans ms']Other Notable Combat Skills: Miyako isn't widely known for her fighting prowess, but her stamina and courage are worth mentioning. Miyako puts all others before her-self, she is rumored to have many notable scars due to her recklessness on rushing into a fight to save another person from injury or death. Having risked life and or limb for most of the other captains she's earned a whispered title of insane. Her stamina also supports this title as she seems to have endless energy as she bounces from place to place with the enthusiasm of a small child. Her true talent however lies in her senses. She has extremely keen hearing and a sense of smell that can detect blood from at least a mile or so away. [/font][/font]

[font='comic sans ms']Writing Sample: Miyako reclined back in her chair as she looked up the back of the chair and out the window behind her, it was a beautiful day and she longed to be out in the warmth of the sun. She heard her-self groan slightly at the thought of laying on a roof somewhere soaking it up and relaxing. She snapped forward into a sitting position as a meek knock sounded on her door. [/font][/font]
[font='comic sans ms']"Come in."
A young man cracked the door to her office open and peered in somewhat nervously, they all seemed to be wary of her for some reason. She blinked as she realized he was holding a large envelope under his arm.
"I have a message for you Captain Nimashima."
"I see this. Who is it from might I ask?"
She smiled widely at him, trying to get him to lighten up around her. Sheesh kids these days.
"C-Chinatsu Kuchiki"
He arched an eyebrow and presented her with the envelope which she took with a sigh and ripped open, her eyes instantly fell onto the Kuchiki family crest at the bottom of the letter, Frowning she went back to the top and read it through, once, twice and a third time to make sure she hadn't missed anything.
"So what your telling me is I have to choose a side?"
He didn't seem to have an answer for her, of course not, he was just a messenger. Sighing she dropped the paper onto her desk and crossed her arms, spinning her chair around she looked out the large window once again. Her mind reeling slightly, they were going against Byakuya just because of Rukia's heritage. It infuriated her to no end, and than they had the nerve to ask her to side with them knowing full well that she too had been a lower citizen at one point in her life. Sighing she turned back around and faced the young man standing before her. Her face still set in a slight frown she stood from her chair and put her hands on her desk firmly.
"You can tell the old bag, Chinetsasu-"
"Don't care, that I decline."
He seemed to turn pale at her words.
"I was told that if you were to decline I was to give you this."
Again he held out an envelope, and once again she took it from him and ripped it open. Much like the first time she read it three times over so as not to miss any details, each time through her frown deepening. Letting out a low animalistic growl she rounded her desk and came face to face with the young man. [/font]
[font='comic sans ms']"Listen here, I don't care what or how you people think, but I will not let you use my brother as leverage against me. So help me if I see any of you near him I will not take mercy on any of you. My mind is made up and I will not join this power battle. If the wishes of a dying man can't even be honored what makes you think I'll believe anything you have to say."[/font][/font]
[font='comic sans ms']He shied away slightly at her anger.
"I-I'm just the messenger."
Scoffing she turned away from him and went back to the window, she spoke, her back still facing him.
"I refuse."
He left a few seconds later, no doubt to deliver the message, she grit her teeth as the letter came back to her mind once again. The old woman had a lot of gaull to write a contingency letter in case of her refusal promising to send her brother back to the slums should she refuse and side against them. Shaking her head she leaned against the window and clutched Raikan tightly. This was bound to turn into a rather large mess. [/font]

[font='comic sans ms'](Hope this works, if not lemme know what I need to alter or change. ^^)[/font][/font]
Edited by K.G
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Name: Saburou â??Sabuâ? Sugawara 


Gender: Male


 Age: 480


 Position: Captain of Squad 8


 Appearance: Saburou stands an unremarkable 5â??11â??â?? and weights 160 lbs. of lean muscle. He carries himself with a confidence that confuses most low born into thinking he is nobility and causes nobility to think he is too full of himself. He has tan skin and an attractive face with chocolate brown eyes. Dark brown hair, almost black, tumbles shortly past his shoulders in lose curls. He wears a sleeveless shinigami uniform with his haori (also sleeveless) over top. Every other finger carries a silver ring and both wrists are decorated with silver bracelets. He also wears a thin silver chain around his neck.


 Personality: His familyâ??s rapid economic rise in the past few centuries has put the notion that they are better than most people, even those who hold the same position. Saburou is no exception. He is different from most of his family in that he â??realizesâ? that not everyone can be on the same level as him and doesnâ??t shun â??lower bornâ?. While he is apt to flaunt his familyâ??s great wealth he somehow manages to be extremely likeable. He is sociable, quick to speak (often putting his foot in his mouth), and enjoys having a good time- over everything else. He often hides from the responsibilities his Captainship requires so that he can have a good time or focus on himself.


He is extremely loyal to his family. This loyalty is only eclipsed by his vanity. He is constantly worried about his appearance and his own skills. Always pushing himself to be more handsome, a better swordsman, gain better control of his zanpaktou, etc. Despite his rash and self-absorbed exterior he is quite charismatic, charming, and does have a certain low cunning. Heâ??s least clever enough to realize when he is being played and when to jump on an opportunity. He is close to the members of his squad but isnâ??t beyond secretly using their personal drama for his own amusement or some type of game, as long as the manipulations canâ??t be traced back to him.  


 Background: The Sugawara family has risen to power only within the past few centuries. Earlier generations worked as farmers and food shops in the Rukongaiâ??s first district (the wealthiest of the districts.). His motherâ??s baked goods were of such renown that she was able to sell the recipe to someone from the soul kingâ??s palace for a pile of gold. His father, using this gold began investing and scheme. He bought out most of the other farms (farming in the Soul Society isnâ??t a very lucrative business in the districts as only those who have the potential to become Shinigami or Shinigami get hungry). Sugawara baked goods had always been a hit with the Shinigami but in only a few years the Sugawara family produced and sold almost all of the food to the Seireitei. The family was allowed to move their household into the Seireitei soon after Saburou became a student at the Shinigami Academy, being the first to do so.


Being the youngest of three boys Saburou always felt the need to prove himself to his father and was spoiled by his mother. Constantly training himself he eventually graduated from the Academy second in his class and was assigned to the 4th squad, much to his dismay. His father and brothers began getting involved in the politics of the Seireitei, controlling the food supply gave the family an inflated sense of worth. During his time in the 4th squad Saburou worked hard to raise through the ranks until after century of training finally achieved bankai. After a few more decades of training he was able to gain mastery of his powers and through the Captain Recommendation method he was able to fill a vacant position of another squad.His promotion greatly increased his families influence in the Seireitei allowing one of his brothers and an uncle to be asked to serve on the Central 46. Rich and getting richer, family of a captain and wise men, the Sugawaras are now trying to gain the prestige of becoming a noble family, much to the current nobleâ??s dismay.


Noncombat Skills: More of a short coming than a skill Saburou doesnâ??t have a very high alcohol tolerance but loves hosting parties and going to the bar with his comrades and friends. He is also surprisingly well read, though only because his family values intelligence over brawn and he is often regarded as the least intelligent of the bunch.


 Zanpakto: Hametsumeka (Ruin Maker) is a tachi sword, long and curved. Its size and shape requires two hands to be wielded properly. The guard is a sphere with intricate etchings covering the surface. The hilt is brown with orange ribbon dangling from it.  


Drop, Hametsumeka- Hametsumeka changes from a sword to a hammer with a long thin handle. The head of the hammer is as large as a regular sized manâ??s torso with etchings around the sides. The whole thing is brown, the etchings glow with orange light. The weapon looks to me meant for someone twice the size of an average Shinigami but Saburou has no trouble swinging it around.

 In its shikai release Hametsumeka has the ability to send shockwaves through any medium struck by the hammerâ??s head. A single strike can level a building or causes earthquakes. Even swinging the hammer sends a shockwave through the air in the direction swung. Only a few people (every captain of course) in the Soul Society have enough spirit pressure to parry hammer with their own weapon, most weapons just shattered on contact. The bodies of anyone unlucky enough to get hit with the hammer fare about the same. As the medium through which the shockwave travels internal organs are ruptured, bones reduced to powder, and blood vessels burst. It is probably better to avoided not blocked or parried, even the strongest defenses canâ??t withstand multiple blows.


Bankai, Shitiburi Sumisu (City Building Smith)- A giant (about twice the size of an azerage human) budhaish woman, draped in fine robs appears next to Saburou and takes his hammer from him. The woman has a large turtle shell she carries on her back. Along with a massive gourd (a gourd that holds limitless water). The turtle can be woken up, and upon emerging from his shell a great forge blooms from the top of its shell.


For all the destructive power his shikai holds Saburouâ??s bankai is all about creation. The massive woman uses the hammer and forge to create anything Saburou asks for, weapons, armor, a home (This is actually where his familyâ??s home came from), anything that can be made out of metal. The plates on the turtleâ??s shell are made of super strong metal that regrow within the span of a few days. The giant woman removes plates, uses the forge to liquefy the metal and then uses the hammer she took from Saburou to craft whatever he needs. The whole processes of forging new things takes only a few seconds.

 Against opponents that Saborou canâ??t beat on his own the woman will join him in battle, using the hammers destructive power and the turtle (who climbed back into his shell, forge and all) as a shield. The turtle can also spit fire while out of his shell, or ignite his shell when he is being used as a shield. This is truly only a last ditched effort. If the woman or the turtle were to die in combat Saburou wouldnâ??t be able to summon them again.


The fear of losing his bankai and the non-offensive nature of it causes him to rarely use it.


Other Notable Combat Skills: Saburou has mastery of both hakudo and bakudo up through the high 80 level spells. Spending time in the 4th Squad also caused him to get fairly good at healing in combat situations. If using bankai he has been known to reinforce any barriers he makes with metal to increase their strength. Whenever he does use his bankai he often creates armor and/or weapons. While considerably slower in armor he is proficient in fighting with it on. He also has trained to become formidable with any weapon he might need swords, maces, shields, lashing weapons, javelins, bow and arrows, whatever he needs.

He is moderately capable in using flash step though if he is burdened by armor he canâ??t use it.


Writing Sample: The Sugawara manor was a stark contrast to the rest of the Seireitei. The rest had its orange roofs and white tiled floors while the manor looked like a massive metal castle sitting off in its own little corner. It was positioned close to one of the gates of the Seireitei so it was easy to regulate and oversee the shipments of food that came in from the farms on in the Districts. The Kuchiki compound was on the other side of the Seireitei. So the presence of a Kuchki noblewoman in the Sugawara house had taken the family aback.


Fusa Kuchiki had come with no retainers, guards, or servants draped in all black as if she had snuck though the shadows the whole way here. Saburou usually slept in the barracks with his men, partially because they didnâ??t approve of how drunk he got on a regular basis, but mostly because he found the company of his men more enjoyable than his scheming family.


â??We understand that the Sugawara clan is interested in becoming a noble house within the Seireitei. We, the pure branch of the Kuchiki family would like to helpâ? Fusa smiled and sipped her tea.


â??Ha- Help us? We are already more wealthy than half the noble families combined. Our youngest son is an unwed captain of the Gotei 13. We attract marriage offers like flowers do bees.â? Saburouâ??s mother readjusted in her chair and waved away the servant offering to refill her tea. â??Some of these proposals from lesser nobility. Wealth, power, and apparently an alluring status. What more could we ask for?â?


â??Funny you should bring up how sought after your son is and yourâ?¦ status. It has come to our attention that Captain Sugawara has been spotted taking men into his bed from time to time.â?


â??I-â? Saburou began. He knew he had been a little reckless lately but with an invasion of the human world imitate he wanted to make sure he got his fill of life, before it could potentially be ended by some crazy human machine or one of the rumored Fullbrings.


â??Sabu sweetie, stopâ? His mother interrupted him. â??What business is it of yours what my son does or does not do with whomever he wants?â?


â??Oh, I only meant that something scandalous like this is bad for status and we the Kuchiki do not like forming a partnership with those who have such little regard for their ownâ?¦ image.â? Fusa was still smiling. â??So Captain Sugawara, do you like boys better than girls?â? Saburou met her gaze straight on, even though Lady Fusa wasnâ??t a Kuchiki by blood she seemed to have their famous piercing stare â??Do you like the parade of commoners more than you would like the embrace of a noble?â?


â??Why donâ??t you come out and offer us what you are going to offer us? We know that the other captains have all turned down Lady Kuchikiâ??s â??invitationâ? to join her.â? Saburouâ??s father, was the ice to his motherâ??s flame. They balanced each other. An intelligent hot tempered mother and a critical reserved father. They made a dangerous team. â??We also know that if Yoshimi Shihoen marries this â??false Kuchikiâ? boy Fumitaka he will all but have the second squad and the stealth force on his side. While your own lady Kuchiki has the support of none of the Gotei 13.â? Saburouâ??s father looked bored â??We also know that the military force that is under the Kuchiki familyâ??s employ are divided most of them are siding with the great departed captains wishes to install Rukia as the new family head. Since Byakuya was after all the one who put coin in their pocket for so many years. But what you are asking is if my scandalous son will marry your daughterâ?¦ isnâ??t it?â?


â??I am here to negotiate a treaty between our two great families yes. If that means that if a marriage alliance is necessary then we will do what we must. I am speaking simply as a mother though. I would want to know that my little girl is with a husband who will love her and be kind to her. A husband who will father her children. You see what has become of Ginreiâ??s line?â? Fusa was still smiling. Saburou couldnâ??t help but feel it was a false one. â??If my Kaya marries your son all I want is peace of mind that he will stopâ?¦ letâ??s say sowing his wild oats.â?


â??So you think that we can be bought with a marriage deal? Chinatsu should know better. The Sugawara will achieve nobility on our own. We do not need the charity of a noble house on the verge of collapse.â? His mother was letting her temper get the best of her â??And if your aim was to make us want to marry off our last son to your sinking ship of a family you should have not attacked him in such a way.â?


â??My love maybe we-â? his father was cut off.


â??No, you tell Chinatsu that if she wants a deal worked out between our houses that she can come negotiate it herself instead of wasting her time with the Captain Commander and some sixth squad nonsense. Rukia is going to get it- your lady needs to move on.â?


Fusa Kuchiki got to her feet still smiling, but a little less so. â??I will pass on your words to Lady Chinatsu. I hope you consider our offer.â?


â??We will, thank you for making the trip.â? His father got to his feet â??Are you sure we canâ??t escort you home? It is rather dark out.â?


â??I will be fine, I did find my way with no troubles. Besides I think it best that we keep this meeting private. I would have to put your family in an awkward position.â? She turned to Saburou and bowed â??Captainâ? then she raised the hood of her black cloak and walked out of the room.


â??She didnâ??t bid use good night, just Sabuâ?


â??It was meant to be a slight dear. We are not nobility yet only Saburou holds an office her kind respect.â?


Saburou looked at his father â??The way she spoke towards the endâ?¦ did you get the feeling she knows that Fumitaka was here last night offering me the hand of Yoshimiâ??s sister?â?

â??I feel that Chinatsu knows a great deal of thingsâ? his father said â??I also know that her back is against the wall on this one. She tolerated Byakuya for far too long. She feels this is her time and she is going to fight for it.â?


â??Regardless Sabu you need to stop with this nonsense, you are not a child anymore.â? He mother was now also standing. â??I am sure a renegotiation with the old bat herself will be upon us soon. If we save her family I am sure she can use her influence over the Central 46 for our benefit. We can squeeze more out of the Kuchikiâ??s than a hand out wedding.â?


â??And if we side with Fumitaka and succeed in installing him as the family head we will be married into the Shihoins and the Kuchikiâ??s will owe us a debt.â? His father said. â??We must consider our options carefully. Good night son.â? His mother and father turned and exited the door opposite the one Fusa had used to leave.


â??Goodnight.â? Saburou said and flash stepped out of the room, down the hall and out a side door. He stopped in a quiet garden with a koi pond.


â??You sure kept me waitingâ? A youth dropped out of a tree and landed gingerly. His grey eyes sparkled his black hair blew in the wind. â??What did they want?â?


â??It was just a family meetingâ?¦nothing important. Come hereâ? Saburou grabbed Fumitaka Kuchiki and pulled him in for a kiss.


â??Guess what I did today?â? he said just before their lips met.




â??I got Bankai.â?

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Name: Kurogane Tsukino


Gender: Male


Age: 340


Position: Squad 10


Appearance: Kurogane- Kurogane is a rather simple man, he is of average height of 5'10" and average build but is a bit more toned. He wears the traditional Shinigami uniform with the regular Haori over it. The only difference he makes is that he wears a dark red sash and purple prayer beads around his wrists. He walks with confidence in most situations but can falter when a beautiful woman gives him her attention. His hair is medium length and is black in color and is usually let to sit wildly, his face has a slight scruff but tries to remain as presentable as possible. His eyes are a light brown color that reflects his inner warmth.


Personality: Kurogane is a rather sedentary man, he takes more joy out of relaxing throughout his day and pondering simple things. He hardly argues with others, whether it bothers them or not, and is always first to yield when a conflict a rises. Whether it be his fault or not, he does not care as he does not enjoy fighting in the least bit. But, while he is a laid back individual, he will not tolerate laziness or fools when he believes work needs to be done.


He has a sense of cynicism running through him that leads others to find his actions somewhat unpredictable, as he acts based on how he is feeling that day; he might snap at you for deciding to play a joke with him that you have done a dozens time before. Though his personality may snap between two different ideals, he follows the Gotei 13 with conviction and does his best to maintain the peace amongst the other Captains when conflict rises amongst them.


Background: Kurogane, unlike most of his fellow captains, grew up in a rather more privileged lifestyle by being born into one of the lower noble house of Tsukino. Though they were never known for producing powerful shinigami or great leaders, or other such military oriented individuals, they did make a successful living off of painting and mercantile prowess. The work the family produced was some of the finest created and has been highly sought after for many centuries since they came into power. They are also one of the few houses that usually doesnâ??t play into the politics of the the other nobles. They are far from aggressive, as they prefer the motto of â??Live and let liveâ?? to keep a peace within their own lives and remain a neutral party in the more volatile situations.  This sort of attitude and mindset of the entire family was easily the biggest influence on Kurogane as he grew and learned-- he let his own personality and lifestyle becoming the embodiment of their beliefs.


Even as a child, he abhorred violence to the point where he wouldnâ??t fight back when his brothers and sisters would pick on him and beat him up. With his desire to not fight, his mother took him under her tutelage, as she had become a Shinigami while his father ran the business side. His mother was one of the more skilled shunpo practitioners and tried to see where her sonâ??s aptitudes were as she trained him in basic skills. She did see his reluctance to learn proper sword techniques and fighting styles, but she was able to help him overcome this by presenting it to him as a means to secure the peace when all options were exhausted. When he let his walls down, she could see he was an apt fighter and rather light on his feet as he was able to move faster than his siblings and out maneuver them. He never took the â??killingâ?? blow when he practiced with them, and frequently lost his matches even though he could outpace them.


That changed when his training went through a rather hot day, and his oldest brother had been picking at him and accosting him all day long. When they reached their training session, Kuroganeâ??s normal relaxed attitude had shifted dramatically to a darker place. He was more aggressive, swinging at his brother wildly and then with precision strikes and moves he had never tried before. He did everything he could to throw his brother off and never let up for even a moment, not even when when he fell to the ground with his training sword swatted from his hand. Kurogane simply disregarded his lost weapon and proceeded to assault his brother with his bare hands. It took three of his other siblings to pull him free, and the rest of the day for the animal that was Kurogane to settle back into his cave. The oldest never picked on him again, and the others did so at their own risk though Kurogane was peaceful since then.


It wasnâ??t long before he was entered into the Academy and trained to be a shingami. He passed all the tests with ease as the information came to him easily and was retained for later use. While he did learn all the kido forms fairly easily, the ones that he developed and built upon were Bakudo style and was heavily drawn to Shunpo as he felt it was part of his calling. When it came time for squad assignment, he was originally designated for squad 2, for his proficiency in Shunpo and Bakudo, but was changed to squad 10 when he refused to be part of the assassination duties. Unlike most Captains to date, he didnâ??t rise quickly in the ranks because of his continued desire to not fight, which put him in the lowest seats for many years. It wasnâ??t until the former Captain, Toshiro Hitsugaya, observed Kurogane using his Shunpo and his Shikai in combination with his Bakudo to easily take down several hollows at once when the squad had come under attack on a routine patrol. After that, he paid special attention to Kurogane, and often referred to him by his surname as it fit his gentle nature more. As time went on, Kurogane rose through the ranks at Hitsugayaâ??s guidance. When the Captain of squad 10 was promoted to Squad 1 he had pulled Kurogane aside and spoke to him about becoming the next Captain for the 10th Division. With a strong effort and finally applying himself to this one task, he managed to access his Bankai before the new Captain-Commander, Saburou Sugawara and Arakawa Chie and cemented his new role as Captain of the 10th Division.


Noncombat Skills: Kurogane has an excellent eye for detail, able to see something just once and dedicate it to memory and recall it as if he was staring at it. He is also a very creative mind and rather talented at crafting pieces of art using any medium and utensil to make his creation come to life.


Zanpakto: Kuroganeâ??s Zanpakto looks very general in itâ??s sealed form, looking just like a plain katana with nothing remarkable about the blade save for a few dings and scratches on the scabbard itself

            Majishan (Magician): When Kurogane unleashes his Shikai form, simply saying Perform Majishan changes the form of the katana into a gentleman's cane-- solid black with a simple white cape atop the cane that narrows down into a point. The shaft of the cane is actually hundreds of blades lined tightly together and concealed by the coloring, making it a deceptive weapon, matching the theme of his Shikai ability.

            His Shikai is one of deception and uses illusions to control his opponents and deceive their eyes and senses. When Majishan is released, it instantly releases a massive wave of reiatsu that then seeps into the ground and into the eyes, ears, and even the skin of hostile entities. With his shikai released, he is able to project images that commonly take on the appearance of carnival or circus performances that bombard the visual and auditory senses. The massive dispersion of reiatsu makes Kurogane virtually invisible, as itâ??s nearly impossible for the enemy to pinpoint him within the mass of his spiritual pressure. This he uses to demoralize his enemies so that they will give up the fight before it has even begun.

            Majishan no batsu (Magicianâ??s Punishment): The Bankai form of Majishan is released through the phrase â??Let the Final Act begin!â? When Kurogane activates his Bankai, the illusion that his Shikai creates becomes real and pulls those affected into a breathing world that is then crafted and changed to fit the fears and doubts of his opponents. It is affected by the thoughts of the people caught in his Shikai and what it reveals from them. The nightmares they experience cause true bodily harm, striking fear into even the most hardy of warriors who stare their own deepest horror that they themselves create.


But his Bankai also has a profound affect on Kurogane as well, as it changes him as well as the appearance of his Zanpakuto. His own visage changes to fit the scene, usually into one of a hellish nature.  Horns sprout from his head and his eyes glow a monstrous red, causing him to look more beast than man. Majishan leaves behind the shape of a cane, and takes on one of nightmare as well, twisted and curved into improbable angles-- it is nonetheless an effective weapon. Kurogane takes a different combat approach in this world, no longer relying on illusion to scare away his foe. He instead stands toe-to-toe with them and fights them head on with the ferocity of the very devils he embodies. Though Majishan is his primary weapon, once he activates his Bankai, there is no telling how he will fight you, whether it be with Majishan or with his bare hands to simply tear you apart.


Other Notable Combat Skills: Kurogane is a Shunpo master, as his apprehension to battle has allowed him to hone and grow this skill above most, if not all, the other Captains. He has developed his own unique forms of Shunpo as well, but typically uses them only in dire needs. Also, as a measure to make his Shikai more effective and further provide a deterrent to fighting, he has mastered the Binding Kido Bakudo. Using this almost exclusively over offensive abilities of other forms of kido, this has given him a deeper knowledge of binding methods and barriers that are more powerful and longer lasting even with a short sentenced uttered. While still capable of using other Kidos for combat, they dramatically lack power in comparison to his Bakudo.


But this also changes when he activates his Bankai, the switch is almost instant as his Bakudo becomes weaker than before and his Hado sky rockets in power and efficiency. As if a switch clicks in his mind to unleash the full force of everything he knows, but since he keeps his Bankai heavily under wraps save for the two other Captains who witness his Proficiency exam and the Captain-commander know that he makes this switch.


Writing Sample: â??Please, do come in.â? Kurogane stepped to the side, gesturing for the woman to enter his home. She seemed a bit off put by the fact he was the one to answer the door, with his family being of noble class, she expected that one of the servants would have done it for him. Would have left the lord of the house to do as he wished and perform his Captainâ??s duties. His home was rather simple, though it had some flourishes here and there, whenever he had allowed his paint brush to touch and create something new to adorn the rather plain, traditional walls. House Tsukino was North of the Seireitei, but his own home was slightly west of the main home and where he prefered to be so that he could be alone for most of his off time. It was by no means humble in its stature, easily towering over most homes in soul Society with its multiple floors and balconies and the twin spiral stair cases in the main hall. But the materials were simple stone and wood, giving it a charm of hand crafted and build with pride, at least in Kuroganeâ??s eyes.


â??You must really get new servants, they are severely lacking in their duties for you to answer the door Captain Tsukino.â? The woman said as she looked around the home.


â??I prefer to answer the door myself, especially when a messenger of the Kuchiki clan comes to my door step. Please, come sit.â? Closing the door and walking casually to his workshop where he did most of his artwork, when he had the time, and seated himself down at a small table with only two seats and a tea set was already prepared for him and a guest. He took the pot of hot tea and carefully poured the contents into the cups before setting it back down and gesturing for his company to sit.


â??Why thank you Captain, this is very pleasant of you.â? Kurogane smiled at her respectfully, warmth radiating off of him as he felt comfortable in his element.


â??I try my best, now, why would the Kuchiki send someone to my doorstep?â? She eyed him as she brought the cup to her lips, wrapping them around the edge with care before taking the small sip and pulling the cup away and licking her red lips lightly. Kurogane didnâ??t move as he waited patiently for her response, his own cup held firmly in his hand and the smile firmly planted on his face.


â??They sent me in regards to Byakuyaâ??s will-â?


â??Captain Byakuyaâ??s will.â? Kurogane interrupted before sitting silent again, the woman let out a small laugh.


â??Yes, Captain Byakuyaâ??s will. He has requested-â?


â??Requested that Rukia Kuchiki be promoted to Captain of Squad 6, I know that much. But I hardly see what that has to do with me, I am just a Captain.â? She took another sip of her tea, and setting it down gently before speaking again.


â??Yes, you are exactly that Kurogane. A Captain of the 13 court guard and Chinatsu Kuchiki needs the help of Captains like you to make sure the right person is put in the place of Captain of Squad 6. She is willing to offer much to your family in return for your loyalty and services. I know your father runs the business for your family, is there anyway he can be involved in this negotiation?â? Kuroganeâ??s smile faded then as a sadness seemed to seep in then.


â??No, he cannot be here. Since mother passed, he has lost himself to work. You will negotiate with me, if that is what to happen here. But, to be honest with you, I donâ??t like when people think they can buy off others for their own gain. My family has always been honest with our practices.â? She fidgeted lightly in her chair, her slight movement causing Kurogane to take in her womanly figure for the first time since she had walked into his home. Her hourglass figure and the rather tight kimono she had arrived in, her long black hair was pinned back to give it a cascading look to show the beautiful features of her face. It was all created to present the most desirable woman, to give her shape and life in the world. As an artist, he could appreciate the painstaking work that went into creating her looks, to get every curve fitted perfectly and make sure the light hit her curves perfect for maximum effect. Her tone took on a more direct approach, her posture shifting as well to show off her otherâ?¦ assets to try and persuade him.


â??Chinatsu is willing to offer your family a higher place in the nobles, she could make your family the fifth noble house. Your brothers and sisters would be much happier with that, and your father could retire from his work.â? Kurogane never missed a detail, her saw the sash on her kimono slip ever so slightly as the fabric pulled taut against her chest. His cheeks turned slightly red at the whole thing, they knew where to push him and how to do it. It was rather unfair to be honest, he was always nervous around beautiful women and they seemed to find that cute. And even having been with a fair share of them, he always found his child-like behavior cropping back up. He cleared his throat as he averted his eyes to her face.


â??As pleasant as that sounds, I will not be bought off by a woman who canâ??t deal with losing. Byakuya was a respected Captain and his will should be the same.â? The woman rose from her seat, and took two steps to him before settling down on his lap and putting her arms around his neck. Kurogane was taken back by this forwardness, failing to do anything more but look at her ruby red lips and feel the redness grow in his cheeks.


â??With the offer of power, also comes another offer for you personally Kurogane.â? He tried to swallow back the dry feeling in his throat as he trusted himself to speak.


â??What would that be?â? He knew the answer before he had spoke the words, but it was all he could muster as she kissed him firmly on the lips. Using her arms to tightly draw him in before pulling again and whispering in his ear.


â??You can have me, Kurogane Tsukino.â? He grew flustered quickly, rising instantly as she rose with him, her arms still secured behind his neck. He felt as if he had to pry them off as he let out a nervous chuckle.


â??While that is all well and good, my lady, I have to decline the offer. I will not sell my services, or the services of my squad to Chinatsu for her personal gain. No matter howâ?¦â?¦ tempting, she may think her offer is.â? He released her arms, but only after the moment he released he had been holding her soft hands in his own, and took a firm step back before crossing his arms and trying to push the redness away.


â??And now I must ask you to leave, inform her that I am not to be bought and I will not fight for anyone short of Captain-Commander himself.â? He escorted her to the door, she staring at him with her green eyes and his firmly focused on the door ahead. Opening it, he gestured for her to exit, while still doing his best to avoid her gaze. She had a coy smile on her face when he peaked at her, walking out with a confident stride that made her hips sway. She walked out the door, stopping just at the frame as she spun around and looked at him.


â??You never asked me my name, Kurogane.â?


â??Captain Tsukino, and very well, what is your name?â? She smiled at him again, the hunter still stalking her prey, he could see the look in her eyes.


â??Katsumi, Captain Tsukino. Chinatsu will be most disappointed with the news, I do hope i return to maybe persuade you again.â? He swallowed back the dryness again, but this time he hearned himself to her charm. Just for this time.


â??Iâ??m sure you will find that you will both be disappointed, Miss Katsumi. Good day to you.â? He closed the door as evenly as he could manage, letting out a huge breath as he leaned against the door.

â??Damn women will be the death of me, if I never see that woman again it will be too soon.â? He started the walk back to his workshop, letting his mind try to relax when he came back to her red lips and shiver ever so slightly.


OC: I hope this is good Lawiet, let me know if I need to change anything.

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I hope that you're still accepting applications... 

Name: Ari Shihoin


Gender: Male


Age: 190


Position: Squad 2, and by extension the Stealth Force.


Appearance: [attachment=15438:Goth_Anime_Boy_answer_6_xlarge.jpg] Ari is 6'0" and weighs 120 lbs. He is naturally skinny, no matter how much he exercises or eats (which is quite a lot). Unlike the other Captains, he forgoes the usual dress, preferring to wear a comfortable fitting t shirt, jeans, finger-less gloves and a black collar on his neck, the only trademark of his mother's that he copied.


Personality: Ari is very competitive, especially when it comes to the gather, analyzing, distribution, and on rare occasions, the exploitation, of information. He spent centuries working on expanding the Stealth Forces information nets from within the mortal world. 


Background: Ari is the only child of Yoruichi Shihoin and Kisuke Urahara that he knows of, and was born in the mortal world.He was trained from an early age by his parents and god mother and "aunty", Sui-Feng, in all forms of combat dealing with the Stealth Force, Kido, Hado, Hoho, Hakudo, and Shunpo. He was recommended to take over Squad 2 by his aunt, which his motivation for becoming a Shinigami since she rarely gives a good opinion about anything other than his mother. He took his first steps into the Seiretei when he was set to take his Captains Test. He has lived within since, taking time to visit his parents every now and then.


Noncombat Skills: Ari is very well informed and is the head of a vast and deeply seeded information network. He also is able to hold his liquor well, although he prefers rum, he will drink any alcohol offered to him, preferring not to let any food or drink go to waste as it feels like a betrayal to those who worked to provide it.


Zanpakto: Delatura: [attachment=15440:IMG_0357.JPG] Unseal Command: Whisper

                  [attachment=15442:Sword staff.jpg]

                Delatura has the ability to temporarily freeze time in the immediate area for Ari and whoever his opponent may be, freezing the opponent's movements. This allows him to take his time an interrogate his opponent before he engages them in combat. There is a time limit of 30 minutes before his opponent regains mobility and the freezing effect on the surrounding area begins to deteriorate.

                Delta Glaive (appearance highly similar to the Sanrei Glove worn by Quincy's, the only difference being it's on his left hand, and the color is entirely black with a single white stripe down it's center.)

                Delta Glaive has the ability to gather and relay any information to Ari about any opponent he faces, informing him of fighting styles, movement speeds, abilities, and any other strategic info. It also is used similar to the Sanrei Glove, with an added effect of giving Ari total control of the targets pain receptors upon impact..


Other Notable Combat Skills: Ari seems to have inherited the highest aspects from both of his parents, including their unarmed combat skills, and his mother's mastery of Flash Step, to the point that nobody in the Seiretei can keep up with him, save the Commander. He is humble about his swordsmanship level, but he is highly unpredictable with it, since he wields his Zanpakto reverse style.


Writing Sample: "Come on in, Kuchiki Messenger." Ari called to the door, two squad members opening the door before the messenger could raise his hand to knock. the members sat quietly, observing the room in deadly silence. Ari sat lounged on his seat, idly playing with his pen as he looked over the various reports laying on his desk.
"Thank you, Captain Shihoin. I come bearing-"
"You come bearing a letter asking me to side with Lady Chinatsu Kuchiki instead of Rukia Kuchiki as the new Captain of Squad 6. I know all about her trying to gather enough Captains to prevent her from gaining the seat." he interrupted, signing off on the last report of one stack. he sighed as he moved to the other, never really glancing up to look at the man standing before him.
"I wouldn't expect less from the Captain of the Stealth Force." the man said with a slightly irked smile.
"Enough platitudes, I'll cut to the chase. I'll not throw my support against one who rightly deserves to take what she earns. You can tell that old hag that she can cry and complain all she wants, but Rukia will gain the Captaincy if i have anything to say about it."
"Why you little brat!" the man said angrily, taking a step towards Ari, only to stop when both of the men from the doors appeared in front of him, their blades inches from his throat.
"I wouldn't make idle threats if i were you. The men tend to take offense to it." Ari said, still reviewing reports.
"Perhaps this will change your mind... Captain" the last part was added on as if an afterthought. he slowly reached and handed over a smaller letter than the original unopened one on his pretty little tray. one of the men took it and gave it to Ari, the other withdrawing his blade and moving tot he side of the man. Ari quickly opened it and scanned the lavishly written note from Chinatsu. he crumpled it up and threw back his head in laughter.
"Man, you got to be kidding me. THAT'S all the old hag could threaten me with? She must really be desperate!" he said when he could breathe again. the man's face glared at him at his blatant disrespect of Lady Kuchiki. "You can tell old fish face that I have never hidden my origins nor shall I ever. My men know exactly where I come from. So does the Commander. I wouldn't have my Captain's seat if there was an issue with it. You'll need to try harder to threaten me, and honestly, I still wouldn't care. I want you to tell her, in these exact words, that she can stuff herself back into that field of mud that she has attached to that stick up her arse that she calls Honor and rot." he said, a dark look crossing his face as he burnt the note in his hand with a carefully controlled mentally cast Shakkkaho.
"You'll regret this!" the man said bitterly as he turned and stalked out of the room.
"I may, but she'll regret the day that she tried to bribe and threaten me. now get going, or I may end up using you as target practice."
"You wouldn't dare."
"Try me" he smiled wickedly, pointing a finger at him. "Byakurai" he said as he fired at the man's feet to motivate him. the man quickly left. "Well that was fun." he said with a sigh as he returned to the reports on his desk. "Could one of you please bring me some cake, and find out where Yoshimi is, we have much to discuss." he said, thinking about all that might happen as a result of this political war about to be waged.

If anything needs editing, please let me know.

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