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RPG Dragonhearts (Rated: R)


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[COLOR=seagreen][i]The year is 1400......the place is the Lands of Man......the Dragons have receeded to deep into their Caverns, and the Dreaming Mountains have been calm as of late.

This is an RPG based on the book: [u]Dragon Weather.[/u] The time period is mideval, with magic running rampant. The "Dragons" of this world are magic manifested as flesh; violent, heartless, and devious. Mortals that drink dragon venom mixed with human blood not only recieve long life, but also carry an unborn dragon within thier heart's blood, cursed eventually to become dragons themselves.

The Duke of Manfort is controlled by certain Dragonhearts, who have the power to partially control weak minded men, and women..........and live for centuries. The Arethrian Mages and Wizards control the magic that passes through the Lands of Man and the Dreaming Mountains. Warriors live in the Fortress of Manfort, and travel in caravans often............but the uneasy calm that has settled in the Lands of Man and Arethrei is soon to be destroyed........

Join by filling out the following stats like so;[/i]

Birth Name: Raiha
Nickname: Lady Peregrine [can be anything]
Age: 20
Height: 5?8?
Weight: 125lbs.
Class/Rank: Arethrian Mage/Warrior, Lady

:D.Mixes are okay. :D[/COLOR]

[COLOR=royalblue]Arethriean Mage: Powerfully magic, can use a weapon, dangerous....but not as strong physically.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=purple]Dragonheart: Very long life [2,000 years], phsyically strong, can use several weapons, can use a spell or two.....[/COLOR]
[COLOR=red]Warrior: Very strong physically, can use many weapons, no magical powers, and can travel in larger groups.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=teal]Wizard: Can control dreams, long life [say....500 years], can use several spells, turn into animals.[....[/COLOR]

[COLOR=seagreen]Ranks: Lady, Lord, Freak, Jerk.....make something up, I don?t know, but Royalty is FORBIDDEN! Sorry. -_-

Weapons [if any...........you can gain more after a few pages of the story]: Silversword, has powers against creatures of air and darkness. Worked over with runes in cold iron, amethysts set in the handle....

Magical Powers [if any.....you can gain more after a few pages of the story]:
1) Transform: Into any animal, usually a Perigrine Falcon.
2) Libertine: 7 pointed star.....powerfully magical, very accurate
3) Magestic Flames: Calls down fires from the sky......not fun.

Appearance/Bio: Thick brown hair, peircing blue eyes, white skin, long silver robes, braided leather belt, carries an obsidian blade in her dark grey boots. Born into the Arethrian House of Kaicha, she has traveled in caravans across the Dreaming Mountains and lived in both Manfort and many cities beyond. She despises the dragons and all that they stand for, but she will not fight an enemy unless they are a personal threat.[/COLOR]
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Name: Outlaw (no nick name, just Outlaw)
Class: Warrior
Age: 47
Height: 6'7"
Weight: 245lbs.
Rank: Captain
Weapon: Battle Axe
Apperance/Bio: Long Grey hair and shaggy grey beard. Scar over one eye. Wears various furs of animals sewn together. (Think Gimli from LotR, only much bigger.) Very powerful build. He is the Captain of a group of ex-soldiers turned mercs who travel the world doing various jobs for money.
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[color=crimson]Name: Kenneth
Nickname: Dreamer
Age: 54
Height: 6'8
Weight: 210
Class: Wizard/Arethriean Mage
Rank: Master of Nightmares and Dreams
Weapon: None, As of Now relies on his magical capabilities.
Appearance: Look at Attachment

Magical Spells:
1.]> Demonic Hallucination
2.]> Lightning
3.]> Dream Override[/color]
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OOC: Do I have some kind of obligation to be in this RPG...no...

Birth Name: Chole
Nickname: Guy Across the Tavern
Age: 26
Height: 6'1
Weight: 167lbs.
Class/Rank: Warrior/Ranger

Weapons: Ballista, bought cheap at the local blacksmith.


1- Strafe (Fires multiple arrows at once)

2- Guided Missles (Self-Explanatory)

3- Magic Arrow (Fires arrows when out of ammo)

Bio: A hooded man...travelling the world...delighting in the pleasures of the local towns...
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Birth Name: Zack Mansfield
Nick Name: Aeon
Age: 345
Height 5'10"
Weight: 145
Class: DragonHeart
Weapon: SoulStar, a sword made of iron, has rusted ancient runes on it, Aeon found it a few centurys ago along with a legand about it's resurection...also has a spear he uses except in emergancys.
Appearence:He looks like he is in his mid 20's...his ageing slowed conisderably when he became a dragonheart. Long Silver hair, a scar on his left check. Wears a black tunic and pants

1>Dragon's Rage, instills himself with the rage of dragons
2>Mind Command, can control the minds of weak minded creatures.
3>Mind Implant, can read and implant some thoughts

Bio:at age 16 he became a DragonHeart...him and a group of friends...since then he and them commited many atriositys in their power...but Aeon left his friends after watching a village burn...while his friends continued to gain power...eventully ruleing a kingdom from the shadows...Aeon has many times been offered to rejoin his friends...but has spent the last few decades traveling alone instead...remembering all he has done and seen

Aeon also had a sister...she had followed the group up to the Den of the Dragon...much to Aeon's protest...plus one of the guys was dateing her...so he couldn't much stop her...After the battle she was found wounded...the venom having entered her by her boyfriends dead body...Aeon took her to the nearest town...and afterwards was booted out of the house for his deeds...He and the survivors set out...eager to see what they could achieve...and mad with their new found power...
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interesting. .being 3 diff rpgs like this will no doubt confuzzle me but what the hey :D
(this seems awfully like fabled lands :shifty: might aswell use my stats from the series though :D)
Name: Liam the Unholy one
Nickname: Chosen one of Nagil
Age: 100
Class/Rank: Warrior Mage/ Hero (dont ask. .its the highest rank in the series :shifty:)

Weapons: White Sword: given to Liam when he made the journey to his god, the ruler of the underworld, Nagil. The sword has the ability to be never taken from Liam, even when he dies.

Magical Powers:
1) resurrection: is able to resurrect at the nearest Nagil Shrine, only after 3 months meditation in the realm of the dead. .
thats it. .he is forbidden to have anymore magical powers, unless he gives up the resurrection. .

Bio: Liam started out as a simple mage, but gradually gained power and strength through many quests and journeys. He came across a temple of nagil on one of his travels and became an initiate of the lord of the dead.
He did many quests for the god through his servants, but decided to visit the god himself. Upon arrival, the god awarded him with the sword, resurrection and the skull on his forehead representing him as the Chosen one of nagil
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Name: Von
Nickname: The Visionary
Age: 19
Height: 6'1
Weight: 146lbs
Class: Arethriean Mage
Rank: High Battle Magus
Appearance: Always known to wear a robe, no one really never sees him without it, Rumor's say he is the most hansom man in the world, others say he isn't even human.

Magical Spells:
1.]> Elemental Control [Duh]
2.]> Metamorphic [Can transform into anything he was battled] {Gain some of their power when he does so}
3.]> Dragon's Twight Light [Very powerful attack] {Learned from an ancient tome of magic}

Bio: Traveled the world fighting and helping people known to have friend and contacts everywhere. Including Lady Peregrine { Raiha }, Outlaw, and Kenneth
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Birth Name: Durumir
Nickname: The Raven
Age: 322
Height: 6' 10"
Weight: 225lbs.
Class: Dragonheart / Warrior
Rank: Ranger (Wanderer)
Weapons: Dragon Scimitar (a Scimitar with a golden blade, and a black dragon elegantly runed into the blade. It is an age old....... and enchanted with magic.
Berserk: Doubles all his abilities (strength / speed etc) for a limited time.
Infernus: Can eject a scorching flame from his sword...... or his mouth.
Camouflage: Can meld into his surroundings.
Bio / Description: Has a personality just like Aragorn (from LOTR)... and looks just like Boromir (again from LOTR)
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[COLOR=purple]I love the midevil times.. so... cool..[/COLOR]

Name:Allison Mansfield
Class: Dragonheart
Representitive Animal:Serpents
<>Serpent Binder<>
->Binds the minds of men to her will
<>White Smoke<>
->Yah, this really needs an explanation, engulfs her and the surrounding 50 feet in a white smoke
<>Earth's Last Breath<>
->Black Cloud of Smoke erupts from the jewel on her staff and kills everything within a 5 mile radius, Viper dies too
Weapons:Aeon Staff
->Viper does not know why her staff is named Aeon, she does not know that Aeon Mansfield is her twin brother, anyways, it's a staff that stands 6'4",is made out of maple, has a green jewel at the top bound by dark green leather
:Boa Jewel
->The jewel atop Viper's staff, holds immense power, if the Jewel is destroyed, Viper will die
Appearence:Long silver hair flowing freely, blue strap on her arm, tattoo of a two ring black target with tiny circles to the right, left, top, and bottom of it, electric blue eyes, thin, tan skin from being in the sun so much
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[COLOR=royalblue]Okay.......this is good...............did I mention that those who meet dragons either survive horribly mangled........or die? You can't be born as a dragonheart.......and dragonheart's can't reproduce...just to warn ya. ;)[/COLOR]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Raiha [/i]
[B][COLOR=royalblue]Okay.......this is good...............did I mention that those who meet dragons either survive horribly mangled........or die? You can't be born as a dragonheart.......and dragonheart's can't reproduce...just to warn ya. ;)[/COLOR] [/B][/QUOTE]

[COLOR=purple]Alright.. then ya' wanna tell us exactly HOW you BECOME a Dragonheart?

Alright... so you Viper can't have children.. does that mean she physically can't do the dirty either? b/c... what i intended for was for her sexuality to be half the reason she was so dangerous... lure the unsuspecting whoever we'er fighting against into her grasp, use Serpents Bind and then kill them

are you telling me i have to totally restrategize now and think up something else? beautiful.. just beautiful[/COLOR]
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I'll prolly end up dropping out, but what the Hell, eh?

Name: Medra(*cough, cough* THANKS KEN! *cough*)
Nickname: Blank(Was there ANY doubt? :rolleyes: :p)
Age: 16
Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 205.lbs
Class: Arethriean Mage mixed with Warrior
Rank: Lord of Death, Ruler of Insanity(Ain't it the truth?)
Weapon(s): ........Double-sided sword......Like Trunks'
Appearance: [img]http://www.ascendedsaiyans.com/forums/images/avatars/124.gif[/img]
Bio: Born, got konked on the head, can't remember jack, is in this plotline to fulfill whatever it is when I think of something to fulfill..:p

>Fury Flames(See Appearance)
>Plasma Dance(Like Appearance type thing, but it comes up from under you...)
>Speed(Not the pills....:p.....A golden dust forms around my body, seeps into my bloodstream, and gives me a suppa charge....lasts for 30 minutes.....In that time, it's like I had about 4948983908390 cans of Red Bull in a single instant, soyes, Ken, run like Hell)
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by DBZChikaGhan [/i]

[COLOR=purple]Alright.. then ya' wanna tell us exactly HOW you BECOME a Dragonheart?

Alright... so you Viper can't have children.. does that mean she physically can't do the dirty either? b/c... what i intended for was for her sexuality to be half the reason she was so dangerous...
[/COLOR] [/B][/QUOTE][COLOR=royalblue]Oh, no, they can have sex and all that lovely stuff...they just can't give birth....well....the females anyways...and no, your bio is perfect.....and to become a dragonheart, read my first post.[/COLOR]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Raiha [/i]
[B][COLOR=royalblue]Oh, no, they can have sex and all that lovely stuff...they just can't give birth....well....the females anyways...and no, your bio is perfect.....and to become a dragonheart, read my first post.[/COLOR] [/B][/QUOTE]


I mean.. erm.. oh, alright, cool... :shifty:

*reareads post*

OOOOOOOOH.. okay.. cools.. *feels retarded*

Next Question:WHERE do they get this venom? You said all those who come in contact with a dragon are either killed or horribly mangeld.. then how.. b/c im just guessing here.. but me thinks you cant just walk into a midevil 711 and buy this vemony stuff.. sooo...[/COLOR]
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well you wouuld have to wound a dragon...impossible for a single human...but a group of people became DragonHearts...I would imgaine that they fought the dragon together...lost many...and those that survived...drank the venom and became what we are...
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[COLOR=royalblue]It's risky, but when dragons sleep, you can sneak up to them and collect the venom that drips from their veins......or you could have somebody on top of you that's been wounded by venom that hasn't ignited yet.....and that way, the wounded man's blood would mingle with the venom....and you could drink it....

And yes, Anti is right........BTW, there is one type of substance that can kill dragons...but I'm not telling until later...

Edit: And since I am so darned bored........I'm starting this party right NOW!
[COLOR=seagreen][i]Lady Peregrine pushed her hood back off her hair and scanned the dry dusty hills of Arethrei. The wind laughed and dark purple flashed across the skies.......she whipped out her sword and immediatly blocked the incoming monster's attack.[/i]

Peri: It's not nice to sneak up on little girls.....

Monster: Rar?

Peri: *thrust*

*FOOM* *boss defeated*

[i]The monster disapered in a blast of black magic, and Peri sheathed her sword.[/i]

????: What was it?

Peri: A dream creature, what they're doing here......I don't know......it's not even twilight yet.

????: Is the Blue Mage active again?

Peri: We have no way of knowing for sure. And nobody wants to risk the trip to Manfort.......[/COLOR]
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Alanaroth sniffed the air, and felt the cold wind tear savagely between his fur cloak. There was evil in the air, and thunder in the sky, and a killer on the cobble-stoned streets (all right, so i stole the line from Meatloaf, it sounded appropriate)

About 80 kgs
Warrior-Mage from the Ordo d'Ix (yes, i realise what it says)
Only an initiate, currently studying the warrior side of the training ie swordsmanship and lots and lots of painful death making tools....so he carry's a Runesword -Firefang, and hopefully will develope some better spells than he's got.

Atributes....hmmmm... I guess the most obvious one would be a fire spell...they're always good for a laugh...haha...burning enemies and what not...sooo here goes

Fire wind: Heats the air to an unbearble temperature (not quite strong enough to start a fully-fledged fire yet) burning flesh and singeing hair

Double swords: Able to wield two swords, when another is available

Kee-yaaa!: Basically an attack designed to unnerve an opponenet to allow for a killing blow, or at least a maiming one. Asarion draws a deep, deep breath and...and....shouts really really really loud!!! Pretty cool huh!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Alan stumbled out of the forest, bleeding heavily from a gash in the forehead. He had been running for the last hour, but still that thing from the planes of hell pursued him. It was unrelentless, unstoppable. He had tried every jinx and cantrip he knew, and even some he didn't. As he was fleeing, he had run past a woman, a stunning lady. standing high and indomitable. Her hair blew with the wind freely about her face, haughty and strong. The monster was right behind him, and he drew breathe to shout at her when he, the clumsy fool that he was, had tripped, and fallen.

The monster had run past, on towards the defenceless girl, whilst he, impotent, could do little.

She had killed it, with little more effort than one might slay a foal or a calf. He was speechless..stunned...and when she looked at him with those liquid eyes they bore into him, and his shame was revealed to the world.

He was shamed, a weakling, a coward, yet she came to him, Alan the Useless, and helped him up. A smile accompanied the gesture, and all pretensions fell away...he could nought but stare, enthralled....
"I am Lady Perigrine" she had said...in a voice melodious and mellifluous.....

He fainted.
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[COLOR=purple]Thanks Anti, er, brother, and thanks Raiha.. no more questions from the stupid one....[/COLOR]

[i]Viper knelt at the water's edge and filled her wooden goblet with the cool, clear liquid. She lifted the goblet to her lips but threw it down. She smelled poison in it. A Dragon must have died in the river, but far off, too far off for a day's journey. They poison did not smell fresh and there were only trace amounts. Enough to kill a person, but not enough for a mere mortal to detect. Viper stood and flipped her sheet of silvery hair over her shoulder. Shutting her eyes, Viper felt a crimson mist surround her body.

Without opening her eyes, Viper lifted a hand and called her Boa Jewel. The Aeon Staff rose off the ground and glided easily into her hand. Viper opened her eyes and whirled the staff around her head. She stopped when it was pointing Due North. Viper raised a hand just under the jewel.[/i]


*Authors note*
As your about to find out, White Smoke not only provides cover and a quick getaway, White Smoke also counteracts any magic and undoa any spells.

[i]A thick cloud of white smoke spurted from the Boa Jewel and wrapped around Viper's body. The Crimson Creature was broken apart by the smoke and ultimately vanished in a black a purple swirl.

Viper lowered her staff and glared sinisterly at the mountain, her blue eyes flikering with rage.[/i]

Viper:Damn you Celex, Damn you...
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Von: Mam ? ? who are you talking to ?? .. who's Celex

Viper: << Looks over her shoulder, see a robed figure looking over at her, by the voice sounds like a man >> No one important .. its nothing just talking to myself

Von: Nice staff you have there Mam

Viper: Thanks ? and my names Viper

Von: Ooo sorry << Bows >> am Von .. fair lady

?. Continue please ?
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[color=crimson][i]Kenneth himself was walking downstream on that same river. The dragon that died? Was the one he slayed. But that was a day earlier. He had continued travelling, and now saw two figures in the distance. He started walking twards them, talking to himself...[/i]

Kenneth: That was a tad bit stupid to kill a dragon in a river. Now where's my source of water? Yes. Stupid indeed.

Monster: Boo!

Kenneth: .... Scary one arent you?

[i]Kenneth Raised one Hand and Clentched It In A Fist.[/i]

Kenneth: Lightning.

[i]Electricty began to spurt from his clentched fist, and a black cloud of energy rotated around Kenneth, sending a small pulse of energy out.

All at once, Kenneth unclentced his fist, and raised his palm, pointing it at the monster. A dozen or so bolts of lightning hit the monster, centering from Kenneth's palm.

The monster fell over, Quite dead, and Kenneth continued on, Twards the two figures.

One was robbed, and was speaking to the other.

Kenneth aproached the two...[/i][/color]
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Birth Name: Unkonown
Nickname: Heaven
Age: 32
Height: 6'
Weight: 180
Class/Rank: Arethrian Mage

Weapons: A cheap rusted Iron sword that he found in a field

Magical Powers :
1) Sharp Edge: A spell that forms an incredibly sharp, almost impenatrable barrier around an object. At first Heaven can only cast it arround his sword or fist
2) Terror: Cuases extreme fright in its victims, can cause insanity in some cases
3) Night Shade: Used in combination with terror, while the person is terrified the hands of shadow demons pull the victim underground, burying the victim alive. Without terror the victim is usually able to pull free, yet is still distracted.

Appearance/Bio: Heaven has brown hair and illuminated green eyes. The light from his eyes radiates several inches from his sockets. He always wears a hooded cape, with the hood pulled over his head so that only a green light is visible. He wears his sword tied to his side. It is always left naked, and is dull and has chipped with age. He knows nothing of his past, except for the few spells that he has remembered. He has a feeling that he once knew many more spells. He also has a feeling that if he knew about his past he would probably be ashamed of his past deeds. He is trying to atone for things he cannot remeber.

[i]Heaven walks along the worn and muddy trail. He looks like a man overburdened by greif, his posture is poor and his mood seems desolate. He was the perfect target for the thiefs behind him. He didn't realize they were there until the knife was at his throat.[/i]

Theif 1- Hello lovely, all of your money please, and maybe we won't kill you

Theif 2- No he is lying. We are going to kill you freak!!! What is wrong with your eyes?

Theif 3- Don't worry we will find out after we cut them out.

Night- You are to afraid to do anything, actually TERROR is a better word for it

[i] In a brief instant the theives moods change form murderous to terrified. Heaven casts Night Shade next and watches the demonic hands pull the thieves underground, burying them alive. As he walks away he can hear there muffled screams coming from the soil beneath his feet...[/i]
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[COLOR=royalblue]Peri: Are you okay?

Alan: *ping* Fine....:D

Peri: So whom do I have the honor of adressing?

Alan: Alanaroth...the Warrior.

Peri: You're a novice...aren't you?

Alan: :o Is it that obvious?

Peri: Just a hunch. So what brings you here?

Alan: Travel. I came from Manfort. *shrug* And I've been to Thenylaie [capital of Arethrei].....and now I'm going back.

Peri: I'm going to Tirikandaro. Do you want to acompany me?

Alan: Doesn't the Blue Mage live there...?

Peri: Around there...

Alan: So.......what's he like?

Peri: We're going to find out. *turns and walks away*[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=darkblue][i]Tirikindaro...Chole's starting point...he was under the control of some kind of god with the same name...Equipped with a large crossbow, dashing good looks, and a libido greater than that of Gene Starwind...:rolleyes:[/i]

Chole: Sigh...I wanna get out of this sh-t hole...let's see.

[i]Chole pulls out his to do list...[/i]

Chole: Okay...I've f-ked all the local whøres, got my åss drunk with the town's water supply, and rounded up all the local wanted people...so...now I guess I'll leave...


Chole: Who the f-k are you?

????:I am...the god of this small land my name is !#$@!$#@...

Chole: What kinda stupid name is that?!


Chole: Umm...I don't like that idea...

[i]Guards appear out of the corners and apprehend Chole...[/i]

Chole: You know what!!!!???

[i]Flips the God off...[/i]

Chole: F-k you!

[i]The mysterious god throws a bolt at Chole, knocking him out[/i][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=royalblue]Perigrine: *looks around*

Alan: This bites.

Peri: Excuse me?

Alan: Oh, this is bad.

Peri: That's better. Are you talking about this town or these people that are staring at us like we're insane?

Alan: Both.

Peri: Whatever.....at least we're not being struck by lightning....and Tirikandaro doesn't bother the House of Thirif.

Alan: The house of who?

Peri: Thirif.....we travel the most...and manipulate dreams and magic the most.....we're famous for our domination of Chaos Magic and um.......silver...

Alan: Cool!

*they look around*


Peri: WTF?!?

Alan: Excuse me?

Peri: Nevermind.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=darkblue][i]Chole wakes up inside a smelly dungeon cell reeking of fecal matter, dead bodies, and something else he couldn't distinguish...[/i]

Chole: Ugh...stupid bástard that doesn't show himself and hits me with lightning and captures me...*sigh* I wish I had friends that were kind enough to rescue my sorry hide...

Woman's Voice coming from a different cell: But you do...

Chole: Huh? Who's that?

Woman: *cough*

Chole: You okay?

Woman: I've been here for over 10 years...do you think I'm okay?!

Chole: Sorry...so what' you in for?

Woman: Whoring...

Chole: But I saw all those other...

Woman: ...too much...in other people's houses other than my own's and my clients...

Chole: Oooohhh....why do such a dumb thing like that?

Woman: I dunno why...I'm just a whore...

Chole: Nevermind...have you found a way out..or are you trying to find a way out?

Woman: Sorry...but no...

[i]Chole saw his pack at the corner of his cell and grabbed it...[/i]

Chole: They were dumb enough to leave my pack...

Woman: Luck you...

Chole: Why...don't you have anything?

Woman: I wasn't wearing anything when I was arrested...

Chole: *gets excited* Really?!

Woman: Yep...

Chole: Don't you get cold or anything?

Woman: They let us outside the courtyard sometimes...we get zapped and then we get stuffed back inside our cells.

Chole: So when's the next rotation?

Woman: Not for a couple of hours...you think you can find a way out?

Chole: Is there anyone else in this block?

Woman: Nope...just you and me...

Chole: You know I really wish that we could have a cell together...

Woman: Well, once we get thrown back in our own dungeon block, we can do whatever we want...

Chole: Sounds good to me...by the way...what's your name?

Woman: I'm not telling you...

Chole: Fine, be that way...I'm gonna look for a way out...

Woman: Good luck trying...

Chole: If that sorry excuse for an overlord ever shows up, I'll thank him...

Woman: FOr what?

Chole: Stuffing me in with you...

Woman: *giggles* Stop it, you're embarassing me...

Chole: SO yeah...my first friend...

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