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RPG Special Youth Force (M 15+)


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[I]Due to the high rate of children or school hostage situations, secret service parent's children have undergone training for thses situations. They are full agents of the elite SYF and can be called upon any time of the day. They are skilled and ready. No-one but the SYF and their secret service parents know their true identity. [/I]

Ok, heres a new type of RPG for you ;)

You can use your real names, and if possible, age if it means you are still in school. As I said before No-one knows your other half, you carry a single fire-arm and a blue tooth head piece on which you will be called one.


All SYF members have a standard SYF I.D. and have been trained in all forms of espionage. The National requirement for a drivers liscense is 16 and 9 months, but all SYF members have been trained for all vehicles and therefore have a special Drivers Liscense.

Ok, I'm going by Australian (QLD) school ages:

Grade 10: 15
Grade 11: 16
Grade 12 (last year of school and high school): 17

Name: Liam Cameron
Age: 15
Grade: 10
Bio: He became an SYF junior member when he turned 13 and became a fully fledged SYF field member when he turned 14. He had known about his parents being secret service agents all his life, but only found out about the SYF when he was elidgeable for membership. As far as he knows he is the only SYF student at his school, but there may be others, so far he hasnt been privelidged to know. .
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Name: Carren Heart
Age: 17
Grade: 11 ((Started school one year late))
Bio: Carren is a shy young man with a lot of talent in computers and Design he became one of the SYF because about 3 years ago his school was held for ransom and Carren found a way to allow the police and feds to enter the building undetected he also single handedly captured one of the armed Men that was holding his school for ransom. Ever since then Carren has shown that he is very capable of Military espionage and a very adept "Soldier" able to use almost anything to his advantage.
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OOC: more people can join, but I want to get the ball rolling


[I]Liam sat in the bus travelling home after school, talking to friends and other people he didn't know, just to see their reaction. [/I]

F1: Liam, how well do you think you went in the science exam?

Liam: Iono. .I think I did alright, but half of the stuff I didn't know *he laughs* I missed so many classes:rolleyes:

[i] the conversation continues like this until a distinct ringing is heard, coming from his school bag lying under his seat. Liam's face blanches, worrying that his cover will be blown, but he reaches into his bag and pulls out the headset* [/i]

F2: Hey I didn't know you had a mobile. When did you get it?

Liam: *still white* its only for emergencies *he smiles and puts on the headset*


[i] Status?[/i]


Liam: *whisper* commuting from school to home sir. .


[i] Stop the bus when it gets to Cawdor road[/i]


Liam: *whisper* Sir, is there something wrong?


[i] we have a situation, stop the bus and a car will be waiting, I'm afraid your own was not available after the last mission. Follow the grps instructions and go as fast as you can, this is urgent.[/i]


[i] By now many of the eys on the bus were focusing on Liam, intrigued by the mobile phone headset, and at the same time wondering why he hadn't used it before.

Liam smile weakly and got up to stop the bus when it got to the turn off[/i]

Liam: just here thanks

Bus driver: but your stop isnt for a while yet

Liam: I have to do something, visiting a friend *smiles again*

BD: fine *he stops the bus and Liam gets off*

Liam: so many questions will be asked next time I'm on *shakes his head* focus on the mission. .

[i]Liam walks over to the black Holden Astra and opened the door before he got in and brought up the gps system[/i]

Liam where to now. .
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Name: Tolu - A.K.A. Flex
Age: 16
Grade: 11
Bio: Tolu found out his parents were part of the secret service at a young age. He has been training ever since this time knowing that he would one day follow in their footsteps. Unknown to him, was the fact that the SYF already knew of his existence and that he was going to be part of their team. Ater meeting Liam he realised his destiny. Flex (named due to his ability to adapt to any situation be it combat or computer infiltration) is an all round agent, but his most prominent skills are in combat. Master of weaponary.
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Name Abob Teff
Age 16
Grade 11
Bio Abobs father was secret service, his parents divorced and his mother got custody. The goverment couldnt force his mom to let his father take custody because then she would have tobe told about his training, etc. so his life is very difficult , he has to hide his secret identity from EVERYONE.

Abob heard the call on his headset and hurried to thre rondavue point.

Abob checked the secret pocket of his backpack. His dart gun and other equipment was still there. His specialtys are sharpshooting and bomb diffusion.

As he reached Cawdor road he stopped running looked around and saw a bus pull up. He froze, then sighed as the person who got off was wearing a headset. He walked up to him and gave the proper reconigition codes. This weeks were a discussion of Pokemon cards, he wondered if the goverment would ever get up to date...
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[COLOR=royalblue]Name: Graie Hellcat

Age: 17

Grade: 11th

Bio: Tough, quiet, sort of a tomboy freak. Likes videogames, computers, music, writing, and so on....and so forth.....graceful, pretty...[this helps her with her work.][/COLOR]
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Name-Kain Kushrinada
Bio-He's a tough teenager.He can be quite charming and sometimes can seem very cold and callous.He always thinks things through and he's at the top of his class.Altogether he can keep a low profile and retain the most secret and important things.
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OOC: sorry boba fett :) its the 'pokemon card' thing that distracted me


*Liam leans out of the car window and takes the codes and nods*

Liam: I'll type these into the gps, *looks to Abob* before you ask, I don't know you, you don't know me, and thats the way it should be-

Abob: unless the agency lets us have that information:rolleyes:

*Liam smiles and the window winds up, but before he closes he calls out*

Liam: a SYF helicopter will be here shortly, you'll be my eyes. .*with that the window closes and Liam starts up the engine, and the car roars down the highway*

Abob: *looks up and sees a blackhawk copter come into view* *taps his headset* ready for pickup. .
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I have a kinda....you know.....wrighters block.
As Kain is riding home in his SUV his pocket starts to vibrate.

Kain-Hold on....

Kain pulls out the headset and puts it on.


Voice-Kushrinada....Kain Kushrinada.....

Kain-Yeah.What is it....

Voice-You are to go to Cardow road and board the choper waiting for you....you have exactly 30 minutes.Better hurry.

Kain-F**K!!!!You should have called me sooner!!

Kain turns the big SUV around and drives off going almost a hundred mph.
I'll post a pic of my char. in a min.
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Daykob jumps onto his Yamaha bike and heads towards Cardow Road. While he's driving, Daykob notices a man riding towards him on a Harley. Daykob notices a symbol tatooed on his arm. [I]A Snakesmith![/I] The man pulls a 9mm out and slams a clip into the gun. Daykob notices this and pulls his P99 out. Just as the man pulls his gun up, Daykob ducks and kicks outward with his left leg, stunning the man. He raises the P99 with his right arm and fires one round. It pierces the man's forehead, killing him instantly. [I]Hey, it's in my job description.[/I] Daykob soon arrives at the Road and notices the chopper. He rides it right into the chopper. Daykob sits down and cleans his P99.
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Here is a pic of my char.!and some of the story
Kain pulls right up next to the choper.

Kain-Whew just made it!

Abob-Must have told you a little late?

Kain-D**n straight.

Daykob-Shot someone on the way here.

The choper lifts off taking them to their destination where ever it maybe.
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Abob looks around at the other kids in the chopper. They were a rough looking crowd and he wished he could get there computer files so he could figure out who they are... But if he did that he would be fired and watched for the rest of his life. And it wasnt worth the risk. Then the chopper set down and the door opened.....
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A man stands in front of the few people who have just gotten off the choper.

???-Is everyone here?


???-I will let you have the identity of each other for the first time.Get to know each other.This mission will have you all working as a team.So your going to need to know each other.


As they stare at each other in astonishment Kain walks over to the man.


Commander-Yes Kushrinada?

Kain-I'm not the best working with a partner or a group of people.You know what happened last time.....

Commander-Yes I know...but this mission requires all of your talents.So you'll just have to forget about the past.


Abob-Hi.Name's Abob.

Kain-Kain Kushrinada.....

Liam-I've heard about you.

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[COLOR=royalblue][i]A tough looking, silent girl dropped from the trasnport behind Kain.[/i]

????: I've heard about you too.

Kain: *turns* and you are.......?

Graie: Graie Hellcat.

Kain: Interesting......

Liam: You're Hellcat?!?!

Graie: Yeah.......why?

Liam: You killed Senator Sacherry.

Graie: No **** Sherlock.[/COLOR]
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Kain polishes and cleans his magnum.Making sure everything is in working condition.Graie sitting next to him with Liam yapping away.


Graie-*answering liams questions without listening*Yeah....yup..

Liam-Hey Kain.


Liam-What are you doing?

Kain-Getting ready to kill you if you say another word.

Abob-I think you better shut-up...


Graie-You sure know how to shut someone up.

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*The groups chatter dies down as the Commander walks back in again*

Commander: We have called you all here today to plant you in a highschool that sources say will be taken over by terrorists

*All eyes face the commander as he continues*

Commander: Two of you already go to this school, and neither of you knew that the other was there, as you didn't know each others faces. Please stand existing students of Gryphon High

*Liam rather awkwardly stands up and looks at his feet, mind buzzing over what may happen to his friends at the school, how many may die before the terrorists get their message across.*
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" High school being taken over by terrorists?! What in God's name for?"

The group turned to face the newcomer, whilst the commanding officer sighed long and loud.

"Chris, for god's sake, do you ALWAYS have to be the late one of the group?"

Chris ignored the question, concentrating instead on the long-legged femme standing haughtily in front of him.

"Are you tired?" he asked her, a well known pickup line coming to mind....
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Kain stands up with his long red coat dragging on the floor.

Kain-Sounds fun.....:naughty:

Graie-Didn't know you went to Gryphon....

Kain-Lotta things you don't know......and you never will.

Graie-Wanna bet?


Liam-I've seen you there a couple of times.


Kain puts his magnum in a holster under his coat.

Kain-Let's get started.

Commander-Always to the point.
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*Liam nodded and put on his school spray jacket, and tucked his Desert Eagle behind it, into his belt.*

Liam: *pulls car keys out of his pocket* so we start tomorrow? School finished about an hour ago Sir. .

Commander: I'm aware of that Liam, but the extra curriculum activities are where they're striking tonight. Liam I trust you are already concious of the cultural evening tonight?

Liam: *smiles* How could I forget, I'm in it

Kain: theres been enough posters up around the school

Commander: Well, we have arranged with the school that some 'new students' will be going to get used to the school. You will all be on alert, and stay reasonably together. Liam, you'll leave now to set up for it, it starts in an hour I trust? good, that will give us the time to get others ready.

*Liam turns to leave, but the Commander stops him*

Commander: Liam, have you forgotten? you are meant to be captured, along with the others. Hand over your piece

Liam: Sir, whats the use of an unarmed agent :rolleyes:

Commander: whats the use of a dead one

*Liam sighs and realises the Commander is right*

Liam: fine, Sir, but I'm hiding it somewhere on the stage, just incase. .

*Liam and Kain leave the building, the others stay behind to be debreifed. Liam opens up his car and gets inside, followed by Kain and they head for the school*
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Abob walked around the high school. It was a good place to hit, it was surrounded on two sides with forests, and had only one road that went to the school. The interior was full of nooks and crannies that were a shooters dream . they would have to be very careful tonight. Then he walked off towards the gym to se how the others were doing with the dance "decorations".......
:demon: :devil: :demon: :devil:
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Kain-Can't even use a gun.Good thing I know how to fight.

Liam-You know they have like automatic rifles.

Kain pulls out a knife from a sheath at his side.

Liam-What are you doing?

Kain-Getting ready to fight.Someone has been following me since I left.

Liam-I hate days like this sometimes.

Kain-I love 'em....

Liam-We're almost at school...

Kain waits till they pull up in the parking lot of the school to pull out his magnum.

Kain-Go on ahead i'll catch up......if I live......

Liam-Tell me your not thinking of fighting those three,huge,starring murderously at me,big dudes?


Liam-Fine get killed.

Kain-Don't worry.I've studied and mastered Tae Kwon Do,Kung-fu,and karate.I'll be fine.

Liam walks into the school heading to the destination while Kain fights off the three big dudes easily.
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