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A background?

As always, the earth has fallen into darkness. An entity thirsting for power forcing the facade of reality into the subconscious of our minds. The distinction between life and death has become blurred, and the qualities and weaknesses of each state exchanged to the point where death is not the end, and life doesn't look all that flash either. But still, as with any misplacing of order, as with any sudden widespread chaos, there is two things that remain true.
Good, and evil.
Other points, well? not much to say other than the usual morphing of vermin to monstrous proportions, deformed births, massive crime upsurge, the constant fear of showing your face in sunlight, the mounting uncertainty of safety, and the aphorism that is always tied to times like these: trust no one.
However, it is also important to point out that that may not be true.

A foreground?

May, 2009. News bulletin:
Recent reports of an uprising religious movement, the "LightBearers", are becoming more and more frequent as each week passes. According to inside information, the numbers of people choosing to follow this uprising is beginning to progress into the hundreds of millions. Many fear that the ideology of this new 'cult' may be unsuitable for peacetime as it clashes violently with every other belief system, religious or otherwise. The streets are becoming unsafe as evangelism reaches new heights in major cities such as New York, Sydney, Hong Kong, Moscow, Athens, Instanbul, Madrid and London.

June, 2009
The LightBearers announce the "Coming of a New Era", never a good sign.

August, 2009
Electricity, gas and water plants are invaded, general industry is severed.

September, 2009
Official Anarchy is announced, the people are on their own.

January, 2010
Word of a gathering reaches you, the air smells of revolution.

May, 2010
A messenger arrives, telling you that there is a meeting in the capital city nearby. You must reach it before the third moon.

You are Alive when you set out, but the road is dark and awash with danger and that may change.
Death means Immortality, but life means Regeneration. Remember that you are needed for a cause, so your heath and strength is an issue. Take whatever you can carry.

The LightBearers carry staffs, capped with a lit globe. Its luminosity measures the staffbearer's health.
Remember that these people are your enemy.


Name: Spyder
Status: alive
Possessions: thin dagger, plain sword, various healing elixirs
Bio: Skilled in designing, crafting and wielding blade weaponry. Father killed by a Lightbearer, striving to reach the gathering to kill Lightbearers if nothing else. Close adversary of Athen. Only infirmity is for her love, Harlequin, and her incessant lust for blood and carnage.
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Name: Rico

Status: Alive

Posessions: Handgun and Survival Knife

Bio: Adapted to an environment developed on pure freedom, complete darkness in a barren urban wasteland, Rico rises up from his hiding place and takes up to arms after taking the risk of walking the streets in the daytime. A skilled marksman and medic, but inflicted with clinical depression, he sets out to escape and find a better life.
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Name: Jin Aikon

Status: Life

Items: Twin berettas and hand crafted caladabolg from FFX, but able to engulf itself in flame,ice,thunder,and water type inflictions

Bio: Like Spyder, Jin is able to design, craft and wield blade weaponry, as well as firearms. His primary fist combat is Jeet Kune Do, and agility is high. Strategic and courageous, Jin sets out for a better world for all man kind.
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Name: Craig Hayter

Status: Unknown

Possessions: A Katana with a Scorpion rune embedded into it.

Bio: A shinobi of right, Craig is excellent is the arts of stealth and combat. He reflexes and agility are impeccable. However, this does not lie in his training alone. He is believed to be a vampire. His eyes are pure white, and he has a pair of fangs...... but it is not clear whether he is a vampire or not. Any friends know enough not to ask him, and enemies don't usually live long enough to ask him.
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[COLOR=royalblue]After beating around the bush for a bit, I decided it's time for another RPG to join.
[COLOR=seagreen]Name: Valeigh Sevenstar

Status: Alive, but not quite.

Possessions: Spirit Stone [don't ask], longblade, one cut crystal vial.

Bio: Her past is a silent and dark one. She doesn't like to speak unless she has to, and her countenance is usualy unreadable. She harbors a deep hatred for the beasts that destroyed her daughter-sister, and a temper that flares both irrationally and unexpectedly.[/COLOR]
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It is cold, and the only light in the street comes from a flickering, yellow tinted streetlight. Spyder looks out from her refuge in the privet hedge to the old, paint-flecked colonial house across the road. The only sign of life is the dim light of a candle in the front window. A signal, she is sure of it.
Checking that there is no one to see her, Spyder dashes across the road and runs quickly and swiftly up the old stairs, her bare feet not making a sound. Pulling the old screen door back and gathering her heavy black cloak around her more tightly, she knocks timidly at the door and waits, praying.
Footsteps inside, the sound of a slide of a gun being pulled back. The doorhandle turns, and very slowly, a mirror peeks through the chained wedge of darkness. Spyder breathes a sigh of relief and leans forward, kissing the mirror and carefully leaving a black print of her lips in the exact centre. The mirror retracts back into the shadows and the door shuts on the sound of muffled laughing. The candlelight in the window is extinguished and the door opens again, an arm extending this time to welcome Spyder into the musty silence.
They wait a moment for their eyes to adjust to the darkness before turning to embrace eachother quickly and hurrying down the hallway into a room open to many dark passages. It is warmer there, and Spyder turns to the occupant of the house, her eyes glowing strangely in the dark.

Spyder: I have missed you terribly. The trip here was awful, wrought with danger, not the usual activity at all.

Athen: I missed you to, and was worried about your safety. The Plainlands are becoming more and more dangerous as each night passes, I fear to cross them again.

Spyder: Why do you think the danger is increasing?

Athen: The moons are becoming stronger. Just a bit, but it's enough. How is Harlequin?

Spyder: Dead.

(shocked silence)

Athen: I'm sorry...

Spyder: He'll be here within the next ten or so hours, he knows where this place is, but Death has delayed him somewhat.

Athen: ...and his passing?

Spyder: Surprisingly painless. You know how painful it is for the strong. It was... different for him.

Athen: We dont have ten or so hours, Spyder.

Spyder: That's why I plan to get most of it done now.


Come on, get your coat. If we hurry, We can beat him back here.

Athen: Let's go, then.

(Spyder and Athen exit the house stealthily through the back door and head for the town, armed to the teeth and eyes glinting greedily at the prospect of blood)
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(Out of Character) OOC: Mind if I post in 1st person for now?


[COLOR=darkblue][i]"I awoke very early in the morning to an extremely disturbing dream of death, destruction, and despair. Awoke in the darkness, looking up at the roofless ceiling, thinking if it were actually a nightmare or reality. A little of both I suppose...I sprung up from the floor I was resting on and looked out of a hole in the wall.
"Outside was still the same, complete darkness with the exeption of the stars overhead. Nothing really changed, except that I've been dreaming the same dream each and every night ever since I took a place here on the upper floor of this desecrated building. I peered downstairs and saw my neighbor who lost his memory a week ago after he got mugged right outside his house by a bunch of lowlifes. "LightBearers." Some group they are. As a result of their successful uprising, we're left to fend for ourselves out here in the desolate Plainlands which was once a huge city.
"Well, it was time for me to move on towards the outskirts. Lately, it's been way too dangerous here. I packed up my food, my knife, handgun, and a locket of a person I believe is still out there. Even though she might have gotten killed during one of the many, many raids in the city. I checked up on my neighbor. His head was still really banged up, but he was resting soundly. He had it bad, especially. Once he woke up, he couldn't remember anything, except how to walk and even that was a mighty task to accomplish. Enough of his suffering, he'll probably make it in life again I hope. I said goodbye to him and hit the road before anyone else could wake up and see me...[/i][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]The girl tightened her grip and continued walking...somebody was following her, and the scent they left was not a pleasing one......when the footseps drew closer, Valeigh released the spring on her sword and whipped around, cold steel flashing.[/i]

Valeigh: Hunt somebody else.

Spyder: .....make me.

Valeigh:. .....

[i]She looked at Athen's cruel smile then looked again at Spyder.....the blood was rushing past her eyes and she could feel her sword humming to life...controlling her desire to fight, Valeigh stepped back and dropped to a fighting stance.[/i]

Valeigh: If I must....[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=darkblue][i]I made quite a hasty trip to the outskirts of the city. There, the the crime seemed much less active because the houses were in pretty good shape and there was light inside...one house particularly caught my eyes. Shadows were moving vigourly inside, indicating the people there were still active throughout the night, like I was. The door was open so I decided to take a look inside. There, I found three people. Two women neck-to-neck, prepared for combat against each other. And a man...standing steadily...[/i][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]Valeigh's green blue eyes flickered slightly, then returned to their cold, hardened slits. Spyder gazed down the point of her blade, fist drawn back....Moving forward with the grace of a gymnast, Valeigh cut upwards and caught the hilt of Spyder's blade against the barbed hooks on her own. The two were drawn close together, their faces almost touching.[/i]

Spyder: ....you're not half bad.

Valeigh: And you suck.

[i]Her face colored bright red, then turned white.[/i][/COLOR]
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Spyder looked into the eyes of her opponent and rethought her course of action. This fight, she sensed, was almost pointless because she knew it was very possible neither would win. If she didn't try her best. Athen, sensing her thoughts, snorted and walked outside. He didn't make a sound but she knew he had left. Ignoring his sudden dissapearence, Spyder suddenly stepped back and brought her blade down and back, across her body. Breathing deep and slow, she swung it up and cut diagonally across her opponent's chest. The move was blocked and just as swiftly the defensive turned to attack, this time the clash of metal and metal was not heard. The stillness that followed was disturbed only by a raven black lock of hair, fallen slowly to the ground. Spyders heartbeat told her that she had better start paying attention.
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[COLOR=darkblue][i]Rico steps in and looks at the fight alongside with Athen...[/i]

Rico: What's going on?

Athen: You shouldn't worry about matters like this. I take it that you've seen these things happen over and over again throughout the city.

Rico: Yeah...sorta.

Athen: Yes, it does seem a bit formal, but that's the way she fights. Our hunger, causes us to provoke. We try to find suitable prey with unpure hearts...but that was what made us what we are.

Rico: Are you vampires...?

Athen: Hmm, hardly not...although it may seem like that. A deficiency in our blood is all to blame. So what brings you out to this section of a desecrated city?

Rico: There was nothing left for me back there.

Athen: I see...and your name?

Rico: Rico...as if it mattered...chances are I'm not going to see you again.

Athen: What makes you so sure of that?

Rico: ...

Athen: Its all desolation after this place...you can't survive out there alone.

Rico: I see...

Athen: I'm Athen...wait for the battle to finish and we'll see if you can join us.

Rico: What makes you so sure your friend is going to win?

Athen: I never said that...[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]Valeigh stepped back and fingered the edge of her blade, testing the side. Spyder looked at her uncertainly then cut in sideways...Valeigh caught her wrist with her left and swung forward with her right, opening a cut on her cheek. Spyder cursed and broke free, slashing Valeigh across her exposed collarbone. Bright blue blood gushed from the wound and stained the floor....[/i]

Rico: !!

Valeigh: ....

[i]She touched the blood on her body and was rewarded with the sting of blue across her hands.[/i][/COLOR]
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Athen: *raises hand to stop Spyder* interesting. .the blood of the high, or favoured lightbearers. .*eyes narrow* what is this?

Spyder: *she walks forward and raises her blade* shall we finish her? It is all strange. .she should be carrying her staff, unless-

Athen: she has fallen from among them, let her live, we may need another on our side

Rico: . . .

Spyder: *lifts one side of Valeigh up* there is a place nearby, we can regroup, find out more about this abnormality

[i]Valeigh struggles, but Athen has taken her other arm, leaving her to do nothing but be dragged along[/i]
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[I]The party reaches the door and pauses.[/I]

Spyder: Home, then?

Athen: if that's what it's called, I suppose so...

Spyder: We're not far, and Harlequin should arrive soon.

[I]Athen looks doubtful, but keeps it to himself.

Spyder and Athen return to the dark house they ventured from, Rico and the wounded Valiegh as additions this time. They go to enter the house from the back door, but a faint noise stops the party dead, and animal noises are heard from somewhere around the side of the house.
Spyder motions for Rico to assist Valiegh, and then strips off her long, black coat and sword, laying them on the ground. Smiling to herself, she also removes her satchel and boots, revealing startlingly white feet and abnormally long toes, edged with long, sharp, silver toenails. She peels long black gloves from her arms and hands to reveal the same freakish fingers and metallic looking fingernails. Her knuckles number three to a finger. Then, tieing her long black hair back with one of the gloves, she cracks her shoulders and stalks off into the shadows. Silence follows, and then a savage, choking cry of terror. Spyder returns, wiping thick blood from her finger and toenails on her skirt. (that's right, I am wearing a SKIRT.) "And dinner," she announces, replacing her garments, "is served."[/I]
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Guest cloricus
(never done before tell me what I?ve done wrong please)

Name: Eps

Status: Alive - only just

Possessions: old style double barrel and some old meds and a picture of the old world.

Bio: recovering from a lightbearers attack some months ago and looking for heavy revenge.

Seeing a odd things coming from the house down the street, people coming and sneaking around and going in but not out. This wasn?t very different from most things these days but there was some thing different about this house. After watching it for some time a man came running to the house, moment?s later sounds of a fight could be heard. Now or never grabbing the few weapons and things I had and ran. Standing at the door of the house ready for a fight and ready to die, but hoping for some fun? ... then foot steps, leaving the house?

After following them to a house just down what once was the street and once again standing at the door *knock knock*

***is the end near
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[COLOR=darkblue][i]Rico held Valeigh with an arm under one of her shoulders as she held on to his neck with one arm as well, keeping her wounds untouched. Iniside the house, there was no furnishings to take a rest in, so they put their back to a wall and slid down slowly until they were sitting comfortably on the floor.[/i]

Rico: ...

[i]Rico looked over as Spyder passed by the door, holding a wild antelope in her light arms. The city was in enough decay that nature was making its way back near the abandoned parts of the city.
She set the large animal down on the floor, its blood settled down on the floor, creating a small pool around it.[/i]

Spyder: ...dinner is served...

[i]Athen joined her side and looked down at the creature...[/i]

Athen: Raw?

Spyder: I was hoping that this Lightbearer could create some fire for the night.

[i]Valeigh only closed her eyes as her head tilted and rested on Rico's shoulder. She opened them after hearing Spyder and tried to grasp what she was saying...[/i]

Rico: They were wondering if you could make some fire so we can eat.

[i]Rico looked at her, the blue blood still flowing from her shoulder, but the bandages were helping to keep her alive.[/i]

Athen: well?

Rico: She's still not well. Do you have a place to rest?

Spyder: There is a bathtub that you can lay her in right past the stairs.

Athen: So then, we're going to have to eat this thing like it is?

Rico: Do you two have wood?

Spyder: There's a pile of them in the back...

Rico: Here...

[i]Rico reached with his free hand into his pack and pulled out a box of matches, throwing them over to Athen.[/i]

Athen: I never really thought that these things existed...

Rico: That's my only pack...as a token of peace.

Spyder: .....

[i]Rico, helped Valeigh out of the kitchen and into the living room where they looked around for the bath. When they finally found it just a few feet past the stairs, they went inside. Rico crouched down and took Valeigh's legs as well, lifting her up flat on her back. He stepped into the rather large tub and set her down. Rico carefully stepped back out and knelt by her side...[/i]

Rico: Can you hear me?...[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]Valeigh's eyes snapped several times and her eyes glowed a dusky rose........[/i]

Valeigh: I'm not deaf.

Rico: Are you alright?

Valeigh: .......Do I look like it?

Rico: Sorry. Is there anything I can do?

Valeigh: ...no.

[i]She shoved herself up with her left and sat up straight. Clutching her shoulder she closed her eyes and gritted her teeth. Valeigh tilted her head back and peeled away the bandages, then rubbed her wound clean. Then she stood up and moved her arm experimentally.....the pain had vanished.[/i]

Valeigh: Tell that girl that I am not a lightbearer.

Rico: But your blood...

Valeigh: ...I had an infusion from one of theirs. It was the last thing I ever wanted for myself.

[i]She spat on the ground bitterly and stepped out of the tub.[/i][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=darkblue][i]Rico was still knelt by the tub as she passed him by...he hung his head low and examined the blood remaining by the tub. He reached with two fingers and touched the blue material and brought it back up to his face...it burned on his skin. Chole wiped the blood on his clothing and stood back up...[/i][/COLOR]
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[I]Valeigh walks into the main room and leans against a wall. Athen is butchering the antelope carcass in the center of the room, Spyder is kneeling in meditation in front of a broken window. As soon as she hears Valeigh enter the room, she arouses from her trance and stands, turning to face Valeigh.[/I]

Spyder: I'm sorry. I just realised how hurtful I have been towards you lately. I would have taken it as offence if I were in your position, but I assumed that you wouldn't. It was stupid of me, I know. So was hunting you. But I make thousands of mistakes...

[I]Spyder's voice trails off and she looks away, stung by her own words. Her demeanour buckles under the amount of effort it took to say that, and she walks quickly outside. Seconds later a scream is heard, carried away by the wind. But it is a scream of anger, and it is ignored.[/I]
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Guest cloricus
[I]After knocking on the door and waiting for some time a scream, ducking thought the door down the hall in to the main room. Stoping suddenly seeing a group of people around a dead animal ,an antelope?[/I]

[I]Staring at them and them staring back at me.
One of them said some thing...[/I]
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[i]Athen turned to face the newcomer, immediately Athen unsheathed his blade, giving the newcomer a touch of cold steel[/i]

Athen: what brings you to intrude upon us here

Eps: *looks down at the blade digging into his neck* my name is Eps. .I came in search of shelter. .

Athen: *eyes look towards the door* did you do something to Spyder?

Eps: who? what?

Athen: *grumbles and removes his blade abruptly, leaving Eps with a gash and a sting of pain* if you have done anything. .at all. .I will have your head. .

[i]Athen wanders outside to leave Eps and Valeigh alone in the room[/i]
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Guest cloricus
[I]*recoiling in pain from the blade, turning back to face Valeigh. Eyes glowing a bright yellow and the gash disappearing by the same yellow light, pain receding. Looking at Valeigh seeing only a blank look [/I]

Eps: mutant... ...keep it to your self *[I][spitting to the side][/I]

Valeigh: ...

[I]*sitting down waiting for liamc2 to come back from checking "spyder".[/I]

Valeigh: what else can you do?

Eps: you'll find out *[I][glaring at Valeigh and then staring at the near wall][/I]
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