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RPG Legend of Zelda: The Human Realm


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ok people you can still sign up


Link tired of doing the "save Hyrule" thing decided that he should visit his friends, the Kokiri deep in the lost woods.So he set out and after awile he decided to take a short break, he sat down with his weapons nearby, as it had become an instinct to be ready for anything. When all of a sudden a giant beam blasted from the sky and zapped him to the human realm.......
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[color=indigo][i]Everything goes white for a second, and then Link is again sitting on the ground... But the ground is hard and rough, not like the earth of Hyrule Field...

He looks around, seeing buildings and cars and lights. He looks at the ground around him, and sees that his weapons are still there. He gathers them up, and stands up again. He is standing on a sidewalk, along a decently busy street.[/i]

[B]Link, thinking:[/B] Where is this place?

[i]He looks around again, and sees another person walking down the sidewalk towards him. As the person walks by, he looks over at Link and stops. He looks Link up and down, staring at the tunic, the sword and shield, and the pointy ears. Link is just as shocked, and stares back.[/i]

[B]Person:[/B] What the heck are you?

[B]Link:[/B] ...I'm... a Hylian... My name is Link...

[i]The person slowly backs away, and then continues walking, at a faster pace than before.[/i]

[B]Link, thinking:[/B] ...I think I'd better get to somewhere where there aren't as many people...

[i]Link darts down the nearby alley, still wondering where he is, and why he's here...[/i][/color]
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Happy sat in his gun shop waiting for someone to come in. It had been a long week and only a few people had come in the whole week. As Happy stared blankly out the window of his shop he saw a bright white light. When it faded away there stood Link dazed and confused. A man walked up to him then ran away. Then Link ran into a nearby alley. Happy was overjoyed to see an old friend. He hadn't seen anyone from Hyrule ever since he told the King of Hyrule that his wife was ugly. After that he was bansihed and got sent away. He eventually ended up on earth after pisssing off a powerful wizard. Happy was about to follow Link when a nervous looking kid entered the store.

"What do you want?" asked HAppy

"I want all your money and some top notch guns!" he said as he pulled out a gun of his own.

"Ok." said Happy as he jumped behind the counter and opened the cash regester. "Oops! I droped a dime let me get that" said Happy bending over.

He came back up with a shot gun he fired and killed the man right on spot. Normaly he would have called the police but he really wanted to see Link. Just so nobody would notice a dead person on the floor he picked him up and carried him with him down the alley where Link was.
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Crash walked through the lost woods, after walking for about two hours he noticed a burn mark on the ground, he looked up and a beam knocked him down,

Crash was in a white world and then he fell, landed in the same spot as before, but something was different.

Crash noticed a man running along an alley, he picked up his sword and ran behind the man.

After a few minutes, crash caught up to the man and tackled him.

Crash: Where am I? ((looking at the man's face)) Link?
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Karina streched out on her house's old porch swing . The house itself was near some woods that had a path that led to the towns park. Karina was 14-15 years old at the time and she lived alone but that was ok as long as nobody found out she WAS alone she would be fine. Karina turned on the radio and pulled her handmade green cloak around her. A local news cast had just started so she listened. nothing really caught her attention until she heard the words " an alien is wandering the streets it is armed and dangerous please take caution"

Karina thinking: well the twins have done it again getting people to think that aliens exist p-lease, still i might as well leave a lamp on just in case they are "out there" and could go into town just to see whats really happening.

Karina took to the path behind her house and headed into town. when she arrived the streets were empty and it looked like a ghost town

karina: whoever pulled that stunt off did a pretty good job of it
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Karina looked at the stars and remebered something from long ago " how to read the stars" she wanders the now dark streets as the street lamps came on. she shivered thinking of who or what could have caused the whole town to panic. all of a sudden she spotted 3 shadows running into another dark alley she runs after the shadows knowing that she could keep up as she knew the whole city off by heart

Karina: ok so maybe there is something out here HEY WHOEVER YOU ARE WAIT UP!! hey where did they go? oh no they are heading towards the woods and I didnt put that lamp out they will find my house for sure!

with that Karina ran at an amazing speed towards home
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by imperialdramon [/i]
[B]then i appeared me: huh? where am i? time mode change imperialdramon mode change to fighter mode
*then i kill happy with positron laser :modrod: :freak: [/B][/QUOTE]

What the hell? When you add to the story make sure it makes sense. And your not all powerful so you can't go around killing everyone elses person. I just killed a normal civilian that's different.

[color=indigo]He didn't even sign up... That was just spam, ignore it. I took care of it. - Desbreko[/color]

As Happy entered the alley no one was there but he heard voices far off in the distance. During the time Happy had killed the man Link but have ran away. So Happy decided to follow the body was getting heavy so he droped it, put on his bunny hood and followed the voices.

After Happy dissapered down the alley a mob of people came running in.

"I saw him run down this alley" shouted the man Link first encountered

They walked further into the alley to find the dead body laying there. The crowd was in shock.

"The alien must have killed him! The poor soul was prabaly trying to stop him or even just go home to his family. And that alien killed him! Come on lets go around I know where the alley come out too!" Shouted a man

The croud burned with fury. They all followed the man with out a second thought.
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[B]Shining:[/B] What!? Where did Link go, I was just following him. Then that beam came and took him away. It makes no scence what the heck was that thin.......
Suddenly the beam picked Shining up too. Ah, he was dazed when he awoke in the "real" world.
[B]Shining:[/B] Where's Link? and more importantly where am I?
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[SIZE=1]Suddenly a crowd of people attacked him![/SIZE]
[B]Shining:[/B] [SIZE=1]Who are you and what do you want?[/SIZE]
[B]Crowd:[/B] [SIZE=1]You will die.[/SIZE]
[B]Shining:[/B] [SIZE=1]Well if you wanna play like that than.....[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1]Shining pulled out his axe and started swinging, pretty soon he was covered in the people's blood[/SIZE]
[B]Shining:[/B] [SIZE=1]Now wheres Link?[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1]He slowly licked some blood from the bottom of his lip as he fastened his axe back into it's case.[/SIZE]
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[color=indigo][i]Link slowly follows Tyron in the shadows, careful not to make a sound. He hides in some bushes, and sees the crowd start to advance on Tyron, murder in their eyes.

Link pulls out a Bomb, and lights the fuse, waiting for the right time... Suddenly he leaps out of the bushes, and throws the Bomb between the crowd and Tyron. The Bomb explodes in great fiery blast, making the crowd jump back. In the confusion, Link and Tyron run into the woods before the smoke clears.[/i]

[B]Tyron:[/B] I told you to stay there!

[B]Link:[/B] I'm not helpless, I can take care of myself. I am the Hero of Time, you know!

[B]Tyron:[/B] It's dangerous for people like us! You've got to be careful!

[B]Link:[/B] And just how were you planning on dealing with that mob?

[B]Tyron:[/B] Look, lets just keep going... We can camp out in the woods tonight... It shouldn't be too hard to find a little clearing or something.

[i]The two continue farther into the woods, walking now, the light growing ever dimmer.[/i]

[B]Link:[/B] I never did catch your name.

[B]Tyron:[/B] It's Tyron... Hey, what's that?

[i]Tyron points to a small light off in the distance, just barely visible in between the trees. The pair starts walking towards it, curious...[/i][/color]
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As Karina sprinted through the woods she saw the same shadows again so with that in mind ran in thorough the back door and ran upstairs to get her grandpa's old sword "to be used only if theres a burglar or for your own safty" she remebered him telling her when he gave her the sword. It hung in its glass case on her bedroom wall, she grabbed it out drew up her hood then showly advanced down the first flight of stairs, hoping not to be seen or heard.karina then remebered a spell she could use to escape if it got too bad.

Karina: lets just hope i dont have to use it... oh man if they are armed im toast! this may be good against other blades if they have them but if they have guns...
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Karina lowered her sword and looked at the pair they didnt seem to be murderers so she let them in

Karina: ok this is too weird why were all those guys after you in town?

Tyron: "they were after him" he pointed at Link

Karina: well whatever you guys did it really got the town in an uproar, hmmmm hey uh Link havent i heard your name b4? it sounds too familliar o well nows not exactly the time to be thinking of stuff like that. that crazed mob wont find you guys here so i guess you can stay here till morning.
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[size=1][color=seagreen]Okay, Schratn9, your post was ignored because Link was already running away from the mob with Tyron, before you posted... So, Link couldn't just be running down that first alley because he'd already done that... *deletes posts*[/color][/size]

[color=indigo][B]Link:[/B] Relax, a noise that small isn't going to be that angry mob... They'd make a [i]lot[/i] more noise... And thanks for letting us stay here, Karina.

[B]Karina:[/B] Why was an angry mob chasing you?

[B]Link:[/B] As far as I can tell, they think I'm some sort of alien...

[i]Link points to his pointy ears, sword, shield, tunic...[/i]

[B]Karina:[/B] So, uh, where did you come from?

[B]Link:[/B] You'll probably think I'm crazy, but I'm from another world... I'm thinking kind of a parallel universe... The land where I come from is called Hyrule. I suppose I am kind of an alien, but not like those people are thinking... I'm not looking to hurt anyone, I just want to get back home.

[B]Karina:[/B] How did you come to this world?

[B]Link:[/B] Well, one second I'm sitting on the ground, taking a break from walking to Kokiri Forest, and then everything goes white for a second and I'm here... I have no idea why I'm here, or what transported my here... You seem to be taking this pretty well, do you actually believe me?[/color]
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karina: "so what exactly are you Link? you sort of remind me of an elf no offence.

Link: none taken, im a Hylian.

Karina: Anyways I guess the reason I belive your story is because that light that appeared around you has actually been showing up alot lately and... suff is coming out of those beams.. monsters and everyones been freaking out so you just showed up at a bad time I guess.

Tyron: do you have any idea of whos causing this to happen?

Karina: no another reason i belive you is because im different as well I can do this " Karina said something in another language and all the lights in the house went out* freaky right?

Tyron: can you turn them back on?

Karina: yes so i guess you guys are now gonna find out whos causeing this right?
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Happy ran swiftly for he couldn't wait to see his old friend Link again. Along the way he hit numerous many people so they would get out of the way. Happy had fallen behind though because so many tree's seemed to jump out in front of him. But still Happy ran on, for he was not a wuss he could take the pain to see his friend. There was a clearing in the woods ahead. In the clearing there was a small house and inside the house where some people. Happy couldn't make them out so he ran faster. As he got close he thought he saw Link in the window. But suddenly the lights went out and he couldn't see a thing in the house.

"Link must be in trouble" Happy thought to himself.

HAppy picked up the pace but as he ran he didn't notice the root sticking out of the ground. He tripped over it and because he was going so fast he flew threw through the air towards the window. He flew through the window and into another window accross the room landing outside inside a tree.

"What the hell was that?" said a surprised Link

"It couldn't have been one of those crazed citizins mobs there's no one in front of the house!" said Karina

"Well what ever it is I think we better use caution get out your weapons and lets investigate." said Tyron
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[color=indigo][i]Link stands up, and draws the Master Sword, and then takes the Mirror Shield off his back. He starts walking towards the door, when Tyron jumps up in front of Link.[/i]

[B]Tyron:[/B] Hey, I should go first... I'm supposed to be your bodyguard, afterall...

[i]Link rolls his eyes, and motions for Tyron to go first.[/i]

[B]Link:[/B] Fine, go ahead...

[i]Tyron steps out the door into the darkness, with Link behind him and Karina following with a lantern. They go around the side of the house, and see a man with his head stuck in a tree trunk.[/i]

[B]Link:[/B] Now [i]that's[/i] gotta hurt...

[i]They hear muffled swearing coming from inside the tree... Link puts away his sword and shield, and he and Tyron grab the man's legs. They pull him from the tree, leaving him sitting on the ground, his back against the tree. The man looks up, dazed, at the three people standing over him. He's wearing a Bunny Hood, which is now crushed against his face.[/i]

[B]Link:[/B] ...Happy?

[B]Karina:[/B] ...I wouldn't think he'd be happy after that...

[B]Link:[/B] No, that's what he's called... Happy, the Happy Mask Salesman... What are you doing in this world?

[i]Happy regains his senses, and the four walk back inside and sit down. Happy tells his story about how he was exiled, and got sent to this world.[/i]

[B]Happy:[/B] I saw you run down that alley, so I put on my Bunny Hood and ran after you, happy to see another person from Hyrule. Just before I got to this house, though, I tripped and went flying through the windows...

[B]Link:[/B] Ouch... Well, it's good to see you again! It's nice to see a familiar face.

[B]Tyron:[/B] So, you know this guy, then?

[B]Link:[/B] Yeah, he's an old friend of mine. He had a Happy Mask Shop in Hyrule... You should've seen the look on that Gerudo's face, when I showed her the Gerudo Mask, heheh... Looked like she was ready to start a fight, and probably would have if I hadn't left.

[B]Happy:[/B] Heheh, yeah, back when you were just a lad... Those were the good ol' days, I guess...

[B]Link:[/B] Maybe for you, but I was off saving Hyrule at just ten years old...

[i]Link grins, thinking back to his first adventure, now at the beginning of yet another...[/i][/color]
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[I] but then they hear noice from about a mile away.[/I]

Tyron: Darn! I hear something again.

Karina: Me to. But what is it?


Tyron: Oh no not again.

Karina: They must not find my house here.

Tyron: Ill distract them.

Happy: Good idea! And as soon as you are dead they come and search for Link. Smart thinking.

Link: Yeah it excually is a good idea, if i come with him.

Karina: What?!

Link: If i come with him, they will never find you here. And we are propably faster so.... Tyron Lets go!

Tyron: Yeah! Karina & happy; stay here!

[I] As they run of, no1 sees the shade of some1 sneaking around the house.[/I]
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Karina watched the two run out she then looked at Happy and decided to rather die with those two than live knowing that she had just let them go.

Karina: "forget this" she then ran out the door throwing stars in one hand, and her small sword in the other "guys wait up you brought me into this! im going with you!"
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hey dark_apocalyps i think you should let desbreko character in on some action i mean Link isnt a wuss and shouldnt be partryed as one

Karina:hey Tyron?

Tyron: yes?

Karina: you think you should have let him come i mean he IS a supreme fighter by the looks of him

Tyron doent answer instead darted ahead

Karina: so I take that as a no?
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I tried posting this last night but it didn't work so lets pretend that it is infornt of the post where Link comes back to the house.
"Ok you guys go and i'll watch the house! Nobody gets by me!" Said Happy as Karina left.

Just to feel like he was doing somthing helpful, Happy decided to put on his Fierce Diety's mask. In an instant AHppy was transformed from the short hunched over man to a tall muscular warrior with a huge magnificent looking sword. Yet he was still as cowardly as ever. He heard a noise behind him. Terrifyed he lunged at it with the sword. He made contact and started swinging madly. After a few moments he calmed down and looked at his foe. There wasn't much left but from the looks of it he had just killed Stuart Little!

"Your book sucked anyway." Happy said as he went back to his post. Then Happy realized somthing "Wait I can't read."

And after thinking about that for a while Happy decided that he wanted to learn how to read. So completely forgetting about the danger at hand he started out the back way (because he didn't want to run into the mob). He was going to go back to his store and use the phone and he was going to call 1-800-ABCDEFG and get hooked on phonics! But suddenly he was jumped.
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*Two men dressed in black tuxedo's with earpieces take Him by suprise and restrain his arms. They were both about 6 feet tall and very muscular and wear black sunglasses. A third man Walked up to the restrained Happy and he took of his glasses, menacing brown eyes glared into his.*

Gary: Tell me where Link is.


Gary: TELL ME!

*Happy is replied with a quick slap to his cheek with the back of Gary's hand, blood splattering against the wall.*

Gary: Take him to base, I shall find the alien myself...

*Gary frowned and started to search the area, strangely "sniffing" link out.*
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Karina: ok Tyron I just had a very strange feeling im back for Link and Happy we cant stay here anymore let them find my place it doesnt matter anymore lets just get the heck otta here!

with that said she darted back towards her house
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Happy decided that going to a base was probably better then the middle of the forest in a deserted house. So he went along acting as though he was completely weak even in his Fiercy Diety's mask. He was but in a strange ship and into an empty room the ship started to move. After a few mins Happy got bored and fell asleep.
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[color=indigo][i]Link opened the front door of Karina's house, and didn't see Happy anywhere. He ran out the back door, and saw some blood on the outside wall.[/i]

[B]Link:[/B] Oh no...

[i]Link runs back the way he had come, to get Karina and Tyron. In the darkness, neither he or Karina saw each other, and they ran straight into each other. They both stood there for a few seconds, stunned, until they regained their senses.[/i]

[B]Link:[/B] Happy's been taken! He wasn't at the house, and I found some blood on the back wall! Where's Tyron?! We have to help Happy!

[B]Karina:[/B] He's back the way I came. He's not far...

[i]The pair runs back, until they find Tyron.[/i]

[B]Link:[/B] Come with me! We have to save Happy! He's been taken![/color]
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????: I think you need to worry about who is going to save you, Link!

Link: No, It can't be him! I defeated him, how?!

*From the shadows he shown himself, Gannon, king of thieves. He glared down at Link, Tyron, and Karina.*

Gannon: You never defeated me, you only banished me, to this prison realm!

*Gannon draws his sword and stares down Link.... The first big showdown, who will win and who will run away?*
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