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[I][B]~Several thousand years after Return of the Jedi~[/B]

The republic has rebuilt on Coruscant, the Jedi have re-formed, thanks to the hard work and commitment of Luke Skywalker almost 4 thousand years ago, and are once again peace keepers in the galaxy. Of course, where there are Jedi, there are always Sith.

The Jedi have done a remarkable job of securing peace all over the galaxy, the only illegal proffesion that has propered, is the bounty hunting trade, and their numbers are growing, especially since some Jedi are starting to get very large bounties on their heads. The number of skilled bounty hunters is growing, and the search for talented Jedi is growing desperate.

Over many years, the Empire has been re-born, and has very quickly been increasing in numbers, even the Jedi were not able to stop it's growth. Now, the Empire has a greater army than ever, and is lead, by a mysterious dark jedi warrior, who has not yet revealed himself.

The republic, in desperation, and out of fear of revolution, has started hiring bounty hunters in mass number, to work together with their usual targets, the Jedi, in order to slow down the increase in Imperial power, whilst the republic begin to built an army of their own.

These are truely desperate times, for everyone.[/I]

Ok, here's what you need in your sign up:

Class: (Jedi, Imperial, Bounty Hunter, etc)
Ships(if any):


[B]Name:[/B] Xanko

[B]Age:[/B] 522

[B]Race:[/B] He is the same species as Yoda...

[B]Class:[/B] Jedi Master

[B]Weapon(s):[/B] A single bladed yellow lightsabre, and ofcourse, the force.

[B]Ships(if any):[/B] A Jedi transport shuttle (he has people to pilot it for him.)

[B]Bio:[/B] He is leader of the Jedi, elder upon the jedi council. He is the first Jedi master in over 4 thousand years that is the same species as the great Yoda, and rivals him in power. He is greatly reverred throughout the galaxy as a wise and great Jedi. He normally takes it upon himself to train very yound Jedi, but has only ever taken on two apprentices. The first was when he became a Jedi Knight some 500 years ago, he had to in order to attain the title of jedi Master. Since then, he has only taken on one more apprentice... a humanoid, in which he saw great power and potential. He trained the Jedi well until he became a Jedi Knight, but soon after, his aprentice left the Jedi order, persuing the quest for greater power, and he became a bounty hunter. Xanko was terribly dissapointed, but also concerned, incase his former student turned to the dark side.
Xanko's symbiosis with the force has given him great strength, speed, and even the ability to levitate. Like every other Jedi, he owns a lightsabre, times are rare when he actually uses it.

[B]Description:[/B] Looks [I]exactly[/I] like Yoda from episode 2, including the clothing. Though, his walking stick has a mysterious red gem atop it.

[B]Personality:[/B] Humble, friendly, likes to listen more than talk, although he has great wisdom. He is liked by many people both inside and outside of Jedi order, or atleast by the law abiding.


Just to inform everyone, the position of my former apprentice, and 'mysterious leader of the Empire' have already been reserved, but feel free to be Sith warriors if you like.
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Name: Shining
Age: 35
Race: Human
Class: Sith
Weapon(s): The force and a black lightsabre.
Ships(if any): A regular cruiser
Bio: An unknown (will reveal) sith helped him on hist way to the darkside. He is currently training under that sith. Carrying out special missions for him.
Description: Wear a long black cloack that covers his normal human clothing. he is unusually short and has dark red eyes.
Personality: Shining is very impatient and wants to get things over with quick. As a child he dreamed of being a bounty hunter but soon found the profession was not for him. This is why underwent training with Yoda, and became as strong as any jedi.
When are you going to start bount hunters revolt?
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Name: Ryan Schezar
Age: 34
Race: Human
Class: Bounty Hunter
Weapon(s): Heat seeking mini-missiles, laser gun, percussion grenades, Flash pellets, Anti-Grav Boots, Short Sword (sharpened to the length of a molecule), Movement Seeking Shurikens, Proximity Mines, Hovering Proximity Mines, Pyrokenisis (A FireStarter, Fire with the mind).
Ships(if any): Modified Naboo Fighter.
Bio: The stories of Bounty Hunters in the times of old facinated me when I was a child. I studied them, I idolized them, I collected information about them... And finally I became them. At the age of 23 I was taken under the wing of a Bounty Hunter named LeStag Armarose. He taught me the ways of the BH and gave me an incredible amount of money to start myself off. With the money I first equiped myself and then bought a ship. By the time I had finished customizing it (nueral interface, antimatter shielding, secondary proton shielding, etc.) I was 32. I finally felt ready to start my own trade. A year later I got word of LeStags death. He was killed at the hands of a Jedi, much like the fabled Jango Fett. It was his assignment to take the Jedi alive. The Jedi fought him off and killed him in cold blood. I dedicated my life to exterminating the Jedi after that. I already have two under my belt. Soon all will be there.
Description: About 6'6" (2 meters), Completely Black Eyes, Mid Length Black Hair, Slightly Muscular, Usually Wears his Black Armour But Sometimes Wears Normal Cloths
Personality: Quiet, Calculating, Would rather Observe a situation than rush into it, Quick to Anger but can usually control it.
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ok,.. here i go... almost same as other ones though.... ^_^'
Name: Kaikei (kei) (find out middle name and last name later on) Juuthena Asamiya
Class:Jedi- spies for sith... is (princess of OUTER planet)
Weapons: yellow-golden lightsaber, a pair of golden sai.
Ship: uh, well, putting together the old one...
Bio: ok, *sigh* I have to rewrite this...
seems to have crash-landed on naboo, in some sort of junk pile (which just happens to be her ship) last thing can remember is family being destroyed by some sort of dark force. Kei is very strong in the force, yet ^_^' isn't too well on controling it.
great in weaponery, and forsees things, but only as mere shadows. later on, flies to corusant on a naboo speeder, tested as a jedi, suceeds. Later on finds that kei has an ability to make her heart and mind seem dark.... but... later on dies at age 29 (well in this one 29, it's really like 18) for the dark side finds out (somehow) and destroys her....
Discription: brown hair with streaks of blue on ends. about 5'3 at 14 and 5'5 at 29. dark brown eyes, changes color when forsees something to azure (the gold azure) wears same thing padme' did in the end of ep.II except with that jedi robe thingy...
Personality: not the kind of person that is easy to trust...
when at work, very serious, patiant enough... when not at work, very nice, but hates lil kids, ages 4-11.... agh..
Extra- she later on finds out where she was from. her parents had been jedi while ruling their own planet on the OUTER rim. This planet is called Azelea.This planet is a very small planet. Some often mistake it to be a big star or a moon of some sort.... this planet's naitives have an extra part in their minds that help them have several personalities. this planet's inhabitants are not to be trusted easily, (well, who can trust a spy?)

-ok, here's my other char....

Name: dysan (um.... learns last name later on) Asamiya
Age: 33
Race- human- asian- azelean
Class- Jedi knight
Weapons: Green Lightsaber,
Ship: well, uh.... sorta borrows from the republic.
Bio: Dysan started his jedi life when he was 3, not knowing of his former, real parents and sibling. He later on becomes a jedi knight at age 31, after his master falls to the dark side, then dies betrayed. He later on falls in love with a strange and mysterious sith.... which later on turns away from the sith and joins the rebels.Dysan is always there for kei like a brother, until one day, while helping kei in finding where she came from, found out that they were related. He was surprised to find that his true parents were killed, and that he was a royal in a small planet on the outer rim. He continues as a great jedi knight until.... the same sith that killed his parents come after him....
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[B]Name[/B]: Abob Ttef

[B]Age[/B]: 34

[B]Species (Race)[/B]: Human

[B]Class[/B]: Bounty Hunter

[B]Location/Homeworld[/B]: Abob was born on Concord Dawn, but now lives aboard his ship, the [I]Idiots Array[/I].

[B]Weapons[/B]: Abob wears a suit of black and orange Mandalorian body armor that is ingrained with cortosis ore and Ysalamiri hairs. He also carries a sniper rifle.

Ysalamiri hairs- The Ysalamiri is a salamander like species that has a unique ability to push back the force. The hairs engrained in Abob's armor produce the same effect.

Cortosis Ore- One of the few substances in the known galaxy that can stop a lightsaber blade. It causes the lightsaber to deactivate on contact.

Kneepad Rocket/Dart launchers- On each of Abob's knees he wears armored kneepads (part of his Mandalorian armor) there is an orange rocket/dart launcher. Abob currently had them loaded with deadly poisonous darts

Mitrinomon Z-6 Jet pack- An orange jetpack that has a homing, high explosive rocket attached.

Kelvarek Consolidated Arms MM9 Rocket system- On each of Abobs wrists he wears an orange rocket launcher. The rockets on his right wrist are Locris Syndicates 12A explosive rockets. The rockets on his left wrist contain FGA-583, a nerve agent that will knock its victim unconscious in seconds.

Mer-Son weapons sniper rifle- This rifle is highly accurate and can shoot from extremely long distances. A zoom scope and a night vision scope are mounted on the top of the rifle.

[B]Vehicle/Ship[/B]: The [I]Idiots Array[/I] Sienar Fleet Systems GAT-12j Skipray Blastboat (for space travel) and a Aratech 74-Z Military Speeder Bike (for on planet travel)

[B]Vehicle Descriptions[/B]:

The [I]Idiots Array[I/] is a normal, unmodified Skipray Blastboat. It is painted black, with its weapon systems painted orange. It is armed with eighteen concussion missiles, twelve proton torpedoes, three capital ship class medium ion cannons and two laser cannons. The ship is twenty five meters long and is heavily armored; normal star fighter lasers cannot penetrate its thick armor. It can travel over 1,200 kilometers per hour in atmosphere. A Blastboat usually carries a crew of five, but can be piloted by one person if needed.

Abob's speeder is painted black, with its weapon painted orange. It has armor plating (not enough to stop a blaster bolt) and a single laser cannon. It can travel slightly faster than five hundred kilometers per hour.

[B]Background/Bio[/B]: Abob Ttef was born on the farming planet of Concord Dawn during a civil war. His family was indiscriminately slaughtered by one of the warring factions shortly before his twelfth birthday, and he was sent to live with relatives on Coruscant. His relatives didn?t want to have a young boy to take care of, so they dropped him off one day in the deepest depths of Coruscant, figuring he wouldn?t last long. Abob survived, and even thrived. He learned to be street smart, how to convincingly lie, when to run and when to fight. At age fifteen he stowed away on a smuggling vessel bound for Nar Shadda. There he worked for Shug Nix as a mechanic until he was twenty. Then he bought the [I]Idiots Array [/I]directly from the shipyard, and went into the bounty hunting profession.

He has since become an extremely respectable bounty hunter and has his own set of codes and morals he lives by. He usually takes imperial bounties and refuses to hunt Jedi; he considers them too dangerous to mess with.

[B]Description[/B]: Abob never takes off his armor in public so nobody knows what he looks like underneath. His armor is standard Mandalorian combat armor; it is midnight black, with the weapons highlighted in a glossy orange. His T shaped visor on his helmet is indistinguishable from the rest of his helmet.

[B]Personality[/B]: Abob is a very businesslike person and is direct and to the point. He says what he means in as few words as he can and hates small talk. He is extremely hard working and is always trying to make machines run more efficiently.
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Name: Luke Matix

Age: 34

Race: Human

Class: Jedi Master (As powerful as Mace Windu in Ep II)

Weapon: Two Navy Blue lightsabars, and the force

Ship: A newly developed Jedi Starfighter

Bio: Luke was named by his parents, who were both Jedi, after the Great rebuilder of the Jedi way, Luke Skywalker. He was brought up in the Jedi Temple on Courscant. But unfortunitly his parents were captured and killed on the raid of the temple by the Empire. He has developed a great hate for the Empire and anyone who deals with them.

Description: Looks like Obi-wan from Ep. II, but wears the cloths that luke did in Rotj.

Personality: Besides his hate for the Empire, Luke is a natural born hero, very couragious, and will do what ever it takes to get the job done.
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[I]Just a note to SS Vegeta. As is clearly stated in [B]bold[/B] lettering at the top of this RPG, this RPG is taking place 4000 years after Return of the Jedi... now, either you missed a key point of this film, or your just plain ignorant, but Yoda did die in that film... therefore making it impossible for him to train you.[/I]
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Name: Zach Mcloud
Age: 23
Race: Human
Class: Jedi
Weopans; Green duel lightsaber
Gold double ended lightsaber
Ships: Gold Falcon ( like the millennium falcon but with some adjustments) and a speeder (kept in ship)
Bio: At a young age Zach Mclouds parents were killed by remaining sith he promised he would meet them some how again and was trained by Michael Mukato untill ready for his trial. After he tested him four days later he was killed by bounty hunters it turned out they where following them the whole time as villagers as the trined on a humid yet windy planet. Now Zach is training to becaome a pilot but still is hoping to be a great Jedi Master.
Personalitiy: helps others in need is vey calm and powerful with the force.
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[SIZE=1]Please dis-regard my title and don't just throw me out because of the newbie tag that I carry[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1]Name: Fork[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1]Age: 35[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1]Race: Human[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1]Class: Bounty Hunter[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1]Weapons: Fork wears body armor and carries a rifle with him. He also wears a jet-pack on his back.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1]Vehicle: The Forkmobile[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1]Vehicle Description: The forkmobile is a modified cruiser capable of acquiring a extremley fast speed in a very small time. It is also equipped with a rocket launcher.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1]Bio: Born into slavery, Fork was forced to do slave labor (witch contributed to his strength) with his father. When his father was sold to another owner, the hurt, the rage, the sheer anger building inside of Fork came out. He overpowered and killed his owner. A few years later at a local pub, he heard that bounty hunting was "easy" money. So, he gave it a shot, and now he is consisdered one of the best.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1]Description: Fork's body armor prevents anyone from seeing the real him[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1]Personality: Fork is basicaly I time bomb waiting to explode. You cut the wrong wire, and he will go off on you.[/SIZE]
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[I]I judge no one by their "tag", I judge strictly by post quality and attitude towards the RPG. Keep that in mind... because if I feel your posts aren't upto standard, you'll be out of my RPG straight away, anyone will tell you that, not just newbies.[/I]
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BWHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! *looks around at all the people staring at her* Erm... Yeaaa....

Name: Siren Kojia
Age: 24
Race: twi'lek
Class: Ex-Jedi, Bounty Hunter, capable theif
Weapon: sea green light saber, sporting blaster, several poison darts, and a pair of sai
Ships: StarViper assault fighter
Ship weapons desc.: several laser cannons, 9 proton torpedos (Siren hasen't fully explored the ship and it's weaponry yet)
Bio: After many years as a Jedi, Siren became fed up with the constant responsibility and quit... Some tried to stop her from walking out... She killed them brutaly... By doing this Siren became an outlaw... Stealing the ship The Marquee, Siren made her way from the planet... She became a bounty as well as a bounty hunter and has managed to dodge all attempts at capture so far...
Description: Navy skin, green eyes, tenticles wraped together with a green tie, tanktop and brown and green baggy pants gathered at the ankel
Personality: Siren has the tendency to swear a lot and to make bad jokes at the wrong time... She is joval when fighting and has a temper to kill... She had friends while training as a Jedi and felt heartsick to leave them... Siren is not easily offended although there are several barbs that will make her temper rise... She is out spoken and highly opinionated although she tries to keep an open mind...
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Guest starwars77
Weapons:Orange lightsaber,force,jedi armor
Ships:Starfighter,with motor bike in cargo hold
Bio:As a young boy he heard stories of luke skywalker a powerful jedi wo fought the evil darth vader. He became facinated when he was around 17 he left home and sought out to be a jedi,he was taught by a jedi master by the name of octo.Octo died and he was left to defend for himself he later became part o the darkside.
Description:Tall,Blond hair spiked,Blue eyes,wears a jedi armor suit
Persaonality:evil,very quiet and yet deadly,very lethal
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Name: Darth Chaos

Age: 37

Race: Human

Class: Dark Jedi, Empires leader

Weapon(s): Crisom light sabre and the immense power of the force.

Ships(if any): The empires fastest and most powerful ship of it's size. It has great power and can take on almost any other ship and destroy it. He also has a small fighter ship much like Darth Vader's only with slight alterations. He has a small speeder bike inside his fighter for when he lands.

Bio: Darth Chaos, or Andrew as he was known before he was given his Dark Jedi name, is the most ruthless man known in the galaxy. He was trained as a Dark Jedi from the age of 6 months when it was realised that he had a high medi-clorene(sp) count. He excelled with his light sabre, but scarcly uses it due to his amazing talent to use the firce so well. Not many people know what he looks like because all who have faced him never came back alive. He is pure evil and will do almost anything to achieve his goals.

Description: Wears the same clothes as Anakin in Episode 2. His hair is spikey brown, with piercing brown eyes to match. Some have said that his fierce glare is enough to break a persons spirit. Quite muscular, roughly 6ft.

Personality: very cocky at most times, his many victories and zero losses fuel this arrogance. He doesn't talk much, until he enters battle. He is very intimadating and use mind tricks to break down his opponents. Very fierce, a man to be reckoned with!
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Name: Isabel (belle) mar
Age: 15
Race: twi'lek
Class: rebel Jedi apprentace no longer under anyone since her master died.(much like kyp durrun)
Weapon(s): light saber, hidden dagger (for close combat, and blster
Ships(if any): advanced z-95 headhunter, occasionally, or stoes away
Bio: Lost parent at age of 3, taken in by a jedi named mak, was thought in the force and and the age of 12 her master was killed by a sith, she got away. now she hitchhikes across the galaxy and plays everything by ear.
Description: Tall and blue, with green eyes wears a black jumpsuit most of the time with a golden triton patch on it.
Personality: fun and happy go lucky when around others, then very solem and serious when no one around.
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name: Karina Jose
race: human
class: jedi
weapon(s): lavender lightsabre, force
ship(s): old cruiser
bio: she was raised by a family that knew and socialized with the jedi thats how the jedi discovered her at age 4 ever since then she has been trained but is still a total klutz despite her training but there is still hope for her.
description: she looks like a jedi. She dresses like a jedi. She acts like a jedi (somewhat) but shes still in training to master the use of the force. she has brown hair with gold streaks in it. She also has hazel eyes and stands about 5'9.
personallity: when not almost accidently killing her master with her lightsabre shes a very happy energetic person but inside has mixed emotions. She can be stubborn at times but will listen if its someone that she knows very well
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by MajinVegeta [/i]
[B]Name: Darth Chaos


Oh, you [i]will[/i] die now...
-- -- -- -- -- -- --
In case some of you missed this, [b]Andrew is the 'mysterious leader of the Empire'[/b], and [b]I am the former apprentice of Xanko[/b]. That is all.

[b]Name:[/b] Jitsu Kamisha

[b]Age:[/b] 24

[b]Race:[/b] Human

[b]Class:[/b] Rouge Jedi doing freelance assinations

[b]Weapon(s):[/b] Lightsaber ('blade' is an icy blue color), and the Force, with a particular move in which Jitsu can manipulate the Force to the point where he can make literal fire bombs (You shall soon see what I mean)

[b]Ships:[/b] Jedi Starfighter, [i]Deloz Fury[/i]

[b]Bio:[/b] All information of Jitsu was destroyed in a huge fireball, when Jitsu went bezerk and eliminated a Jedi 'base', if you will. There are only a select few who know who and what he is and is truly capible of.

Only one piece of information is public about him: "If you see him in an offencive or defencive stance, it's all over."

[b]Description:[/b] Think Devil Jin (without the wings; just the tatoos in Tekken 3), in a black trenchcoat. And then you're done.

[b]Personality:[/b] He will kill you if he even thinks you're against him. How's that for a personality, eh? In other words, if you see him, start running.
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When is this going to start?
I would just like to know because starting tuesday I'm going to be gone for a week.
i don't care if you guys start without me, you probably would anyway, I just would like to know.
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[B]Name:[/B] Darth Altron (I had to)

[B]Age:[/B] 23

[B]Race:[/B] Human

[B]Class:[/B] Sith

[B]Weapons:[/B] [COLOR=silver]Silver[/COLOR] Lightsabre, and the force

[B]Ships:[/B] Starfighter

[B]Bio:[/B] Most of his life is a blur, this will be re-vealed with in the rpg.

[B]Description:[/B] He wears a long black trench coat, with semi-baggy, brown pants, and of course a hood.

[B]Personality: Very energetic and ill-tempered, kills on sight, doesn't care who you are, what you do, your in his way, you meet mr.lightsabre.[/B]
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OOC: Hope it's not too late to sign up...
Name: Mara Heartlock


Race: Human

Class: Imperial

Weapon: Blaster pistol (My fave!)

Description: Mara is about 5'4 and is very pale and light. She wears robes of silky gauze, which are an off-white. Underneath, a elaborate silver dress flows, giving the impression of swirling water. She has dark red hair, which flows down to the small of her back. She has dark jade green eyes. Wears a thin gold anklet above her light silver sandels.

Bio: A good-hearted and rash politician's daughter, Mara is very stubborn. She has delusions about the glory of war and has envied many Jedi she has encountered. Although ignorant, she wants to become a help to her planet. A bit haughty and proud at moments, Mara doesn't make friends easily and has more enemies then she can handel.

Backround: Born to a well-respected family, Mara only knows of the world of splendor. Sheltered and proper, Mara has never experienced the horrors of poverty, hunger, and such.
Mara had always been very close with her older brother, who was three years older than her, but when he was sixteen, he was killed by a seperatist (on accident). This dramatic event changed Mara's life, for she joined the Jedi and Imperial's side.

Personality. : Mara is very good hearted, but head-strong. She has an uncanny sense of knowing what people are thinking. SHe kows how to manipulate people, and she does it with ease. Overall, she is a good friend, but you must remember, she will go to any end to get what she wants.
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'Prince', real name unknown.




[*] [B]Lightlance:[/B] An energy-based weapon similar to the Lightsabre, only in lance form. It has several settings so that it can be used as a throwing lance or a close range glaive.
[*] [B]Darksabre:[/B] Prince's modified Lightsabre. Known as the 'Darksabre', it has a black blade surrounded by a misty silver aura, and it capable of increasing its energy current to dangerously high levels, similar to Prince's own spontaneus and volitile nature.

[B]Excalibur:[/B] A ship designed by Prince. Long, silver and narrow in design, similar to the sword 'Excalibur'. Though it may look elegant at first glance of it's chrome exterior, when it deploys into battle mode, it is a weapon to be feared. Extending outwards and splitting along the middle, it forms a powerful lazer cannon, capable of decimating anything in it's path. It is also armed with an array of blaster and missile weapons.

Prince is about 6'2", with spikey grey hair and deep grey eyes. Wears a black trenchcoat over top of tattered black/silver Jedi robes. Has a gauntlets on both arms where he keeps controls to his ship and his Darksabre.

Prince has no memory of anything before he was picked up by a Jedi knight at the age of 7. He lived alone in the cloud city on Bespin, with no family or friends. Sensing strong links to the force within him, the Jedi took him back to Coruscant, and was given approval to train him. Prince excelled at his learning, and quickly surpassed his master. He took on his own Padawan, and trained him. However, at the age of 29, Prince was expelled from the Jedi order. His excessive violence and volitile nature had earned him quite a reputation. He accepted it, and left for Bespin. He felt it was time to return 'home'. Ever since, he has lived there, working on and off as a Mercenary, focusing most of his time to upgrading his ship.
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[B]name:[/B] kredion starlighter

[B]age:[/B] 17 years

[B]race:[/B] human/cat( he got to be half human during a horrable gene spilting experiment.)

[B]class:[/B] smuggler.

[B]weapons:[/B]virbo blade and a modifyed blaster pistol.

[B]ships:a highly modifyed E-WING with a R7 unit(R7-D8 AKA zuum)[/B]

[B]bio:[/B] he is form the planet of corellia as a kid he had his own T-23 skyhopper that he used to fly around in due to this experence he has become a very good pliot. but as his teenage years got closer he lost his parents in a ship crash and was forced to leave everything he knew behind.

[B]description:[/B] 5'6 feet tall wears a orange jumpsuit high spaceman boots and has his blaster straped to his lower leg.

[B]personality[/B]:outspoken and likes to talk alot a bit cocky and has a bit of a nasty tone most of the time.
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Guest QuickSilver
Name: Morga Kemou

Age: 30

Race: Iktotchi

Class: Jedi master

Weapon(s): Gold lighsabre, telepathic

Ships: SoroSuub Cutlass-12 and enanced duplicate of the Sorosuub cutlass-9

Bio: Because he as been trained in many from of Jedi sabre fighting techniques he as earned the rite to become a council elder. He his a very distant relative of Saesee Tiin, he aint too sure how far he goes up his family tree. He as gained his telepathic powers from Saesee Tiin. Morga as been training of the planet Ikotchi for many years, his master's master's master's master, was trained by saesee Tiin and he plans to carry on the legacy by training a padawan of his own.

Description: He as brown tough skin, with horns going down his face. ( looks more or less like Saesee Tiin)

Personality: He his very gentle and noble and he will only resort to violance if he as to.
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I am new to this, so please don't make a snap judgement. :)

Name: Volt Remar

Age: 28

Race: Human

Class: Jedi

Weapons: Dark blue light sabre, the force

Ship: A regular cruiser

Bio: Because of his stubborness, even at such a high age he still not has mastered many techniques. He can barley control the force and probably should have never got out on his own as a jedi. His master was one of the most skilled jedis of his time, but he couldn't keep Volt as a padewon forever, so he became a jedi

Description: Looks like a normal human, except for one long scar down his face (think Gene Starwind), he has pure white eyes and black hair. He wears a long trenchcoat concealing his lightsabre.

Personality: Stubborn and easily frustrated, but if he could just learn to cool off and think, he would be up there with the best of the jedi

Was that good enough?
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