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Okay, I'm looking for people to join me on a quest. I'm going to be a sorcerer (duh) and I need some people to accompany me. Around medieval times, looking for a variety of people and abilities. Magical items are permitted, magical weapons are also. One thing though, I'm the sorcerer, not anybody else.

I will be screening your posts to see whether you can enter or not. After about 4-7 people sign up, I'll start.

You can be with me at the beginning, or write yourself into the story; it's your choice so please make your decision known in your post.

I'll need your name, what sort of creature, any weapons or items, a description, approximate age, and any special abilities.

Name: Ben

Type of Creature: Human Sorcerer

Weapons or Items: Wooden staff used to focus his powers. Also has an amulet around his neck to magnify his efforts.

Description: Ben wears a black robe that does not hinder his movements in any way. It is belted at the waist with a sky blue sash. He is average height and average build; he's nothing special when it comes to his physical state.

Approximate age: 24-28. (Ben lost track of time when he began his studies.)

Special Abilities: He's got magic, which enables him to do almost everything. [I]Almost[/I] Powerful magic tires him, but does not prevent him from performing minor tasks.
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Type of Creature:Elf

Weapons or Items:Long Wooden Bow with a fine string of horse hair,Elvin Sword.

Description:Tall,(Like most Elves).Her Ears are two feet Tall,even though her head seems heave with them,she has no dificulty of holding her head up high.She wears Black pants and a Black shirt with a Black cloak.Nothing is unusal about her except her eyes,they are longer(sideways)which enables her to see up to 50 feet infront of her

Age:Somewhere in the thousands,But No Elf knows His or her Age

Special Abilities:
Special sight-Allows her to see about a hundred feet infront of her.

Triple Shoot-She can fire 3 arrows at a time

Heal:a very light and non-powerfull magic abbility to heal herself very little

If you chose me,I would like to start with you at the begining

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name-Elsyan Eglaannûn

race-High Elf

weapons/items-an Elven Sword that glows blue, a Long Bow, and a small pouch.

description-She has long, brown hair, blue eyes, wears a green shirt that goes to her knees with a belt around it, black pants, and a grey cape. She wears a rapier at her left side, and is very skilled in using it.

age-She LOOKS to be about 16, but that doesn't mean that she is. She's about 110.

special abilities-She has very keen ears and eyes, which may prove usefull in this quest. She was also taught some fire and water/ice magic from various faeries and wizards. erm....other than that, I can't think of anything else that I would want....
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Name: Siren Kojia of the Starr clan

Type of Creature: dragon/warrior

Weapons or Items: Blackened steel 5ft long sword

Description: Human: Onyx hair plaited into tiny braids capped in silver and held back by a green scrunchie, deep pine green silk pants that are tied at the ankles and waist a split running the length of each leg, shirt was a tight black tank... Green eyes so dark they were almost black sparkle mechiviously Dragon: Black scales and pine green eyes, medium size, 16 foot wing span

Approximate age: 18

Special Abilities: flying, some war magic, transformation from dragon to human, assassin skills, extensive martial arts ability, advanced swordsman

Could ya start me out? *mutters* I always seem to blunder when beginning


lemme know if somthings unacceptable
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Name: Alriy(pronounce ahlree)

Type of Creature: Summoner

Weapons or Items: A bracelet with 10 slots, 1 of which are filled with various jewels, and a Magical .

Description: Alriy wears the classic white robe with blue trim, he's about 5'5" with long blue hair and crystal blue eyes. A feature relevant to all summoners was the small horn protruding from his forhead. He's somewhat pale and has long thin fingers.

Approximate age: 18

Special Abilities: Summoning Powers, Shiva(ice elemental attack), and Sword Combat-Skilled in close range medium sized blade fighting.

I'll let you choose if you Know Alriy or not.
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Name: Kabuki

Type of Creature: Human Ninja

Weapons or Items: A Katanna with a black handle and a Shimering Green Blade(this is a Magical Blade that helps him focus his chi) he also carries a flail...and ninja stairs...

Description: Wears a Black Ninja Gi...Has Hazel eyes and Hazel hair he is 6' tall...he has a slight tan...he likes to be alone...he is calm....he is usually very considerite to others.... he loves to travel...and explore the lands...he also is a bounty hunter

Approximate age: 18

Special Abilities: He has no magic but has mastered the Chi ability.. he is very stealthy and an awesome swordsmen
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[font=gothic][color=crimson]Name: Lacroix

Type of Creature: Dark Elven Assasin

Weapons or Items: Twin scimitars with intricate runes carved on the blades, twin viper.

Description: About 6 ft, Lacroix is a typically slender elf that always wears concealing black clothes. Those who have ever seen the skin aside from his face and hands know it to be covered in vicious scars. Anyone who has seen them knows him well enough not to ask. He has raven black hair that falls to his shoulders, and his face is done up in gothic makeup.

Approximate age: Unknown (he was attacked when very young, and left mentally and phyiscally scarred, leaving him slightly deranged, with no memory of the next few decades/centuries. He has memory of three hundred years.)

Special Abilities: Agility, speed. As an assasin, Lacroix trained in a form of martial arts that focused on speed and agility, and his natural abilites are increased by vambraces and anklets he wears.[/font][/color]
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Name: Indrid

Type of Creature: Half Elf Fighter

Weapons or Items: Enchanted Staff, bladed at each end. (fire

Description: A little over 5ft 6. Generally dressed in white, with loose fitting pants. and hard leather armour. with a black cloak.
Has long dark brown hair a little over shoulder length. Well built, but not stocky.

Approximate Age: 67 (becase he is a half elf, he looks about 26)

Special Abilities: Skilled with a staff, and incredibly agile, his light armour, enables him to move with terrible speed. Trained in weapon-aided combat, specialises with a staff.
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Name: Abob Ttef

Type of Creature: Human

Weapons or Items: A razor sharp knife(11inches long), a bow, and a quiver of arrows.

Description: Abob is 5' 11'' tall and weighs 110Lbs. He wears black pants and a black shirt. He has a jagged scar that runs down his left arm. He is very shy and is not social.

Approximate age: 39

Special abilities: He is very agile, and seems to blend in with the shadows. He is also an excellent shot with a bow.
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Okay, things are looking very well. I have comments for each of you.

Lauren: You're in. I'll remember to write you in when I start.

Kool_aid13: You're in, but I need to know if you want to write yourself in or if you want to start out with me and Lauren.

Stormwing: Looks good so far, but I need you to add a few things. I don't know whether you mispelt 'dragon' or if you mean something else. I also need to know whther you want me to write you in at the beginning or if you'll write yourself in.

Arikel: I'm looking for warriors, not another magic dude.

KabukiOwari: They didn't have ninjas in medieval times.

The Harlequin: You've got a perfect badguy description. But not quite "major badguy" material. You can be an underling for the enemy. You can constantly attack us during the story.

Jesus Chicken: You're in. I need to know whether you'll write yourself in or if I need to start with your character.

Boba Fett: Change the name and your in. :p
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by starlight [/i]
[B]so can anybody else join up? [/B][/QUOTE]

Sure you can! Fill out the info in the first post; name, age, weapons, etc., etc.

Just do me a favor and don't be an elf. :p
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ok so heres my character:

name: Tumini (prounouciation 2-mine-nee)

type of creature: sprite (no not the computer sprites)

weapons/items: poisonous darts, pack, rope

aprox age: 130 (very young for a sprite)

special abilities: speed, can become almost invisible

description: shes larger than most wood sprites, some would even call her a nympth. Shes not very serious most of the time but will become very serious at the time its needed. Sprites sometimes bond with a human or an elf at a young age but she decided not to. she wears a very small blue hood most of the time.

if you choose I can come in at any time you want
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