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Beginning of the End


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[B] Ok, Its time to get my charictar Eve's life out their for everyone to read!

In this rpg everyone is kids. Were all 10 years old

Peole who are in this RPG are


Waht I need is:

Name: (your chars name!)
Eye color:
Age:10 <~~ even if ur char is older its same char just when he/she was younger
abilities: (what can u do)(your a kid rember, be reasonable)tlelportation ect..
spells: (still a kid, so weak spells only)
weakensses: (what are you weak aginst?)fire magic, air magic ect..
strenths: (what are you strong aginst) Water magic, light magic ect...
equipment: (what do u carry with you, weapons, armour ect)
also include a samll RPG of how we meet

This RPG is full. NO ONE ELSE

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can i sign up?

name: Karina
eye colour: hazel/golden
height: 4'2
abilities: working on speed, magic
spells: -heal (only a little bit)
- snowfall (small snowstorm)
weaknesses: fire, electricity pretty well all of them
strengths: ice,water and intelligence
equipment: darts, throwing stars (learning), magic book, dagger, wears a navy-blue cloak that almost touches the ground

The youngster wandered around aimlessly until she found a small clump of pine, she headed down into them. Yes practicing magic alone was dangerous but she was gonna try it anyway. she was about to summon something but, all of a sudden she heard someone behind her she whipped around and...

????: Hey what are you doing down there?

Karina: Oh um nothing much

????: You know you shouldnt do that at least not without someone else here with you

Karina: So? whats your point? My name is Karina.

????: My name is Eve, anyways i should be going.

Karina: Can you help me with my spells sometime?? I still really stink at them.

Eve: Sure just promise me that you wont try anything till then ok?

Karina: ok then bye!

(ill edit in the info thats missing soon once i get what some of it means)
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[COLOR=sienna]Name: Ilythiirtar
Eye color: Grey
Height: 4"11
abilities: Basic telekinesis, Extra fast movement.
spells: Energy Focus (allows Ilythiirtar to set aflame close objects)
Rejuvination (allows Ilythiirtar to heal minor wounds)
Defusal (He can slow time for breif seconds)
weakensses: Any Elements
strenths: Physical Endurance
equipment: Tigulated plate mail, Amulet (eve's present), Leather (baggy) plated pants, GoblinHide Boots, Mini Vampirebonegloves (sooo cute lol), deflateable cot, Tulwar, Razor bow.

[I]On his way home from the school house "Otair's Evlin School of Etiquiet", Ilythiirtar runs into a few of the older pupils whom attend the school.[/I]

[B]Older kid:[/B] "Oh, lookit that lil elf...Illy!! ...you forgot your books on alchemy!!!!"

[B]Ilythiirtar:[/B] "oh, I did? Thank you!!!!"

[I]An unknowing Ilythiirtar walks to the older elf with his mind set on gratitude...doesnt realize that the older one is just out to cause havoc.

He steps forward slowly as he senses somthing other than safety. Ilythiirtar looks forward as the older elf brings his fist down towards Ilythiirtar.

Seing this unfold before her, Eve swoops out of her tree dropping the older elf with a swift boot to the face... The others now look down at her and Ilythiirtar furiously...all charging at once.. as they wish to pummel this dumb young woman elf for disrupting their fun.

Ilythiirtar will have non of this as he gleams angrily forward casting a small telikinetic blast of energy through the crowd of elfs...sending them backwards a little.

Drawing her dagger. Eve stands alongside Ilythiirtar who has his tulwar drawn as swiftly as she can blink. They stand closely together in a defensive manner as the elfs move in....

Jumping forward in the same direction, Eve and Ilythiirtar strike the same older elf, tearing his jaw and knee to shreds.

The rest just figure that it would be wastefull to urge on these two little devils more....knowing that Ilythiirtar was skilled with his little dark magic and that Eve, the unknown wasnt somone to anger....[/I]

[B]Eve:[/B] "So, Tell me bout yourself.....I did save you, do I not have reason to know?"

[B]Ilythiirtar:[/B] (countering in the tone of voice Eve will soon be hearing alot) "oh i beg your pardon? I would have killed'm all if you didnt show!!!"

[I]Smirking to herself, Eve bounds away from Ilythiirtar, off to her perch....where she will rest.[/I]

[B]Ilythiirtar:[/B] (shouting after her) "Its Ilythiirtar and thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (sarcastically)"

[I]He retrieves his books as he walks the final leg home, thinking only of the mystical one who appeared at his side as only god would permit... a true godsend at that....[/I][/COLOR]
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[B]Name:[/B] Manatsu No Eve AKA Eve ( This is MY RPG about MY life hehe)

[B]Eye color: [/B]Deep Forest Green

[B]Height: [/B] 4'' 7

[B]Hair:[/B] Blood Red with Deep Purple highlights ( boyish cut, like Rei on Evangelion)

[B]Age:[/B]120 But I look the age of a normal 10 year old ( My race ages much slower)

[B]Abilities:[/B] Teleportation (only short distances) Transmutation ( To a normal Black Cat well kitten)


Eve Chikara (creates a disc that glows neon green around the rim but the rest is black. It has razor sharp edges and self destructs when touches anything but Eve. Making a small explosion)

Namida (Eve can only do when a friend or loved one is hurt, it allows her to blast her opponent with acidic water)

Shinzin (allows Eve to gain temporary control over her surrounding environment, meaning she can bend the plants and trees to her will, making them to do her bidding)

Light Magic
Hell Magic
Lack of strength in Kitty form

Elemental Magic
Dark Magic
Ice Magic

I wear an Icy Blue hooded cloak. A scabberd at my waits bearing a small thin elvin sword. A daggar attached to the out side of my right boot, which are brown and slender, coming up to mid knee. My shirt is velvety black and my pants are bron blending in perfectly with tree bark.

[B] Well it is MY RPG and I cannot verry well meet my self so I'll give you a short Bio of me!! :)

I am the last Manatsu No Eve aka Daughter Of Darkness. I am 120 yeas old, but I resemble a normail 10 year old. My kind ages much slower. I am a Dark Elf. A High Dark Elf to be exact. I am alone in the world but for My brother Raven. He comes and goes as he pleases. I rarely see him. My only other companion is a Red dragon Ryuu. He is about the size of a Big Parrot now. He likes to sit on my sholder. I have a cabbin well ,hut high in the trees of my forests. A Darknedd has slowly started killing the forests of my people, my life goal is to find out who and kill it. All my people are dead. My sister and I are the last. She is gone though, I havent seen her in 5 years. Raven you ask, oh yes, he is not my real brother, I created him because I was lonely. You can see him too, for now...[/B]

[I] Eve sits, feet dangeling over the branch of a tree, Ryuu atop her sholder.[/I]

[B]Eve:[/B]Well Ryuu, what do you think well do today?

[I] She watched as the moorning sun was just coming up over the edge of her forest...[/I]
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Eye color:
Icy Blue



To find object that have been lost or stolen, magic of the four winds, visualizations, divination.

Vayu, Akasha, prithivi


All elements

Isis Dagger, Katana

Alchemical symbol:
Right side up triangle


[i]Valen was in a circle with a group of people studying their magic and practicing when all of a sudden, Valen accidentally called upon Eve, the daughter of darkness.[/i]

Valen: "ARISE!"

???: "Who dares disturb me from the sunrise?!"

Valen: "IT WORKED!... Ahem... It was I who called upon you."

[i]Everyone in the circle looks at Valen talking to thin air. Then all of a sudden there is a bright flash of light and a beautiful dark elf appears in the light.[/i]

???: "I am Eve, the daughter of darkness. Now what do you want?"

Valen: "What do you mean?"

[i]Eve is growing tired of all this...[/i]

Eve: "I mean, why did you call upon me?"

Valen: "Erm... It was an accident... I was practicing and--"

Eve: "I have heard Enough! Call upon me ONLY when you need something!"

[i]Eve angrily disappeared in a puff of smoke.[/i]

--- A Few Months Later ---


Valen: "You said you saw that elf that I called upon a few months back?"

Boy: "Yeah, hurry!"

Valen: "Ok, I'm hurrying!"

Boy: "Right through these trees..."

[i]Valen leaps over the rock in the way and lands in a clearing. An elf is laying there badly hurt with a raven right by her side.[/i]

Valen: "EVE!"

[i]Valen rushes over to help her. Kneeling down next to her, he yells something...[/i]

Valen: "VAYU!"

[i]A bright blue circle forms around Eve as streaks of green go into Eve healing her.[/i]

Valen: "Eve, are you alright?!"

Eve: "Yes, I am fine now. Thank you..."

Valen: "Valen."

Eve: "Thank you Valen."

--- END ---
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Yeah sure. My charictar, Eve and how she met all her friends. I know personally most of the people here but. Minly its a kid hting, how we devolpe our freidnships ect. then a bad guy demon person comes alone and we all get togather ot beat it ect ect..
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[b]Name:[/b]Serenol Ashenmyst Muirin (Hunter)
[b]Age:[/b]25 (about 10 for a half-elf)
[b]Eye Color:[/b]Green (I ain't died yet, so they're not silver)
[b]Hair:[/b]White, always in a braid
[b]Class:[/b]Prince Ranger
[b]Abilities:[/b]Infravision, enhanced senses
[b]Spells:[/b]Create Water, Water Slash, Tsunami Surge (more like a small wave)
[b]Weaknesses:[/b]Dark Magic
[b]Strengths:[/b]Open minded, control over water, does not dislike any race.
[b]Symbol:[/b]A flute crossing a sword on a shield.
[b]Equipment:[/b]Same as always, except Alaris is Lanasen, an ordinary water-blessed longsword.

[I]Hunter was walking through the courtyard, wondering why he was so bored. He saw a female elf jumping through the trees, having a grand time. Hunter jumped down, hoping to catch the cute elf. He caught her by employing his snhanced speed, catching her in mid-flight, bringing her to the ground.[/I]

[b]Hunter:[/b]Hello. I am Prince Serenol Ashenmyst Muirin. You may call me Hunter.

[b]Eve:[/b]I am Manatsu no Eve. Call me Eve. Hey! Wanna see if you can carry me?


[i]Before Hunter had time to react, Eve vaulted onto his shoulders, one leg on either side of his head. As Hunter started to have fun, he got an idea.[/i]

[b]Hunter:[/b]Tag! You're it!

[b]Eve:[/b]Hey! No fair! I'll get you, Hunter!

[b]Hunter:[/b]No, you won't! I'm being trained with a guy named Ilyth by my dad. We're gonna be the best mages ever! Can't catch a drop of water, Eve!

[i]Hunter and Eve jumped off, dashing between and on the trees. Hunter finally had a friend.[/I]
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Name: Artea
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Blue
Height: 4?7
Age: 9
Race: Half-Elf
Abilities: Enhanced speed, enhanced senses, extreme agility
Spells: Healing Waters (waters from my fingertips sooth and relax a person, healing minor wounds.)Spirit Shield, and summon Alpha (my black wolf who is my best friend and companion)
Weakness: Hunter being hurt (I feel his pain)
Strengths: undying devotion, kind nature, and quick wit.
Equipment: A blue, water blessed long sword, name Azura

One summer day, Artea was walking happily down her favorite forest trail with Alpha, her wolf. She loved that trail because of all the wild colitas growing along the path. She was picking some to bring to Hunter, when a blood red dragon dropped out of a tree. Alpha, being the curious puppy he is, sniffed at it and barked like crazy. Artea ran to see what he was barking at. She found the little dragon and looked around to see where it might have come from, when a little girl dropped out of the tree next to them.

Girl: Hello, that is my dragon, Ryuu, he fell out of the tree we were sitting in.
My name is Manatsu No Eve, but you can call me Eve.
Eve smiled, as Artea handed her Ryuu.
Artea: I?m Artea and this is Alpha. Don?t be fooled by his size he is a very strong animal.

Alpha stood there and looked as mean as he could, but he only looked stupid.
The girls laughed. Artea told Eve about her boyfriend Hunter and how she was picking the colitas to bring to him. Eve explained how she had met him earlier that day. They walked on down the path and as the day progressed they became close friends.
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Name: Tyron
Eye color: lava red.
Height: 0.98 (meters) (hes small)
Age: 10 (is older than he acts and looks)
abilities: change into half animal/half human. And talk to animals.
spells: summon animals
weakensses: Ice
strenths: dark, thunder and ground.
equipment: Phantom dagger and a solid wooden boomerang.


Tyron: Oh man! I'm tired.

[I]Tyron stopped to sit on the ground. He grabbed his bag and found a sandwich in it.[/I]

Tyron: Yay! A nice juicy sandwich!

[I]As he ate the sandwich, he hered two children playing.[/I]

Tyron: Cool. I'm gonna ask if I can play with them too.

[I]He walks over to the two children and tried to say hi, but they were to bussy with running, that they didn't noticed it.[/I]

Tyron: I'll geusse I'll run after them. On a animal offcourse. Hehe.

[I]He calls for a animal, but only a dog shows up.[/I]

Tyron: Darn... i was hoping for a wolf. I still have to train on my sensing of animals.

[I]But out of the sky, a bird came. A huge eagle.[/I]

Tyron: I have no idea if I can ride such a thing, but.... Have to try.

[I] He jumped on board and the bird flied to the other two children.[/I]

Tyron: Okay buddy. You may land in front of them.

[I]Tyron jumped off and standed in the path of the two children.[/I]

Tyron: Hey! I'm tyron. Can i play with you two?

kid1: Sure, why not? I'm Manatsu no Eve. But it's to long so call me Eve.

kid2: hey! I'm called Hunter.

Tyron: Are you playing; tag youre it?

Eve: yeah so.......... Tag your it!

Tyron: Why did I even asked?
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[COLOR=blue]I guess I'll join up too.[/COLOR]

[B]Name:[/B] Goggles McCoy.

[B]Eye Color:[/B] Brown

[B]Height:[/B] 4'8"

[B]Age:[/B] 10

[B]Abilites:[/B] Can use two knives in each hand, knife throwing, and sword fighting.

[B]Spells:[/B] None. (My guy's a sword fighter.)

[B]Weaknesses:[/B] Anything that can hurt a normal person.

[B]Strengths:[/B] None.

[B]Equipment:[/B] A shield, Leather armor, telescopic goggles, two daggers, throwing knives, and a sword. Also, necessary stuff like food and water.

[I]A small, black haired boy walked into a clearing. He was carrying a small bag.[/I]

[COLOR=red]???: Hey kid! That treasure belongs to us! Give it here![/COLOR]

[COLOR=blue]Goggles: No! I found it and you know that![/COLOR]

[COLOR=red]???: Bad move kid. I hate to do this, but I'll have to kill you if you don't give me what I want. Goseph! Kill this brat![/COLOR]

[COLOR=blue]Goggles: It won't be that easy![/COLOR]

[I]Goggles stabs Gospeh in the stomach, and the older man falls to the ground.[/I]


[I]The man charges at Goggles, with a poisoned dagger. Before the young boy can even get his shield up, a blast hits the attacker in the side. Goggles looks to his left and sees an elf about his age.[/I]

[COLOR=darkblue]???: You'd better get of here. That guy won't be asleep for too long.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=blue]Goggles:Okay, thanks. My name's Gogles McCoy, what's yours?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=darkblue]???: You can call me Eve. I'll see you later Goggles.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=blue]Goggles: Okay. Bye Eve.[/COLOR]

[I]Goggles runs off with his treasure.[/I]
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