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RPG Online Another World: The Return


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[i]Luca lay in his bed, his eyelids fluttering. His head veered to one side and then sharply flicked in the opposite direction. His face was covered in beads of sweat, with thick strands of hair matted over his forehead.[/i]


[i]Luca's head stopped moving. His eyelids fluttered violently. His chest rose and fell faster...[/i]


[i]His mouth opened, as he breathed faster and faster. His hands were gripping the sheets...[/i]


[i]Luca sat up. His eyes were wide open, staring forward into the darkness. His entire body felt numb. He ran a sweaty hand through his hair and sat on the side of his bed, elbows resting on his knees, looking down at the ground.

His apartment was spacious and modern. The hard wood floor was covered in all sorts of post-modern furniture; curving black leather chairs with brushed aluminium legs, titanium laser lamps and holographic communicator units among the many objects.

Next to his bed was a small side table with a flat video phone sitting on it. Luca looked over at it and just as he did so, the flat, square-shaped panel opened up; the upper half silently folded itself back into the "On" position.

Luca rubbed his eyes. He still felt a little confused.

The plasma screen flickered to life. On the other end was a familiar face. He too looked as though he'd woken from a horrible dream.[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Rasanak_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Rasanak:[/b] Hello? Luca? You okay?

[i]Luca faked a smile and nodded weakly.[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Luca_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Luca:[/b] Yeah...I'm alright. Just had a dream, that's all. Why are you calling now? It's...

[i]Luca glanced at the timer on the wall-mounted HUD (heads up display).[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Luca_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Luca:[/b] ...3am?

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Rasanak_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Rasanak:[/b] I heard you making noises...I [i]do[/i] live next door, remember?

[i]Luca felt more awake now. He noticed that Rasanak too, looked as though he'd woken from a horrible dream. His long hair looked moist and his face was a little white.[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Rasanak_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Rasanak:[/b] Anyway, I wasn't sleeping too well either...

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Luca_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Luca:[/b] Oh?

[i]Rasanak nodded.[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Rasanak_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Rasanak:[/b] Yeah, but it's nothing important. Hey, do you feel tired?

[i]Luca shook his head.[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Luca_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Luca:[/b] Nah, not tired at all...

[i]Luca noticed a mischevious grin spreading across Rasanak's face.[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Rasanak_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Rasanak:[/b] Well, how about we take a little trip? What do you say?

[i]Luca sighed. It was only a few years back when he and Rasanak had been studying at Vin Kartia University. And back then, they would be awake at all hours of the night, sometimes visiting bars or even fighting monsters in abandoned areas of the city. But over the last couple of years, Luca felt like he'd grown up a little. He didn't feel like going out at all hours of the night anymore. Too much danger...too many chances to lose money.

And yet, Rasanak hadn't changed. He was still like a child, in some ways. He still had a sense of adventure and he was still a risk taker. Luca admired that quality, even though he didn't always like it.[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Luca_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Luca:[/b] Where do you want to go?

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Rasanak_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Rasanak:[/b] Why don't we take a trip to X-Ion?

[i]Luca couldn't help smiling. This was [i]so[/i] Rasanak.[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Luca_Avatar.gif[/img] [b]Luca:[/b] Are you sure? It's expensive...

[i]Rasanak smiled and tapped the screen with his finger.[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Rasanak_Avatar.gif[/img] [b]Rasanak:[/b] Wakey wakey! You haven't been out anywhere exciting in months! I promise you, you will enjoy it. We can delay our monster hunting tomorrow, can't we? Then you can sleep in.

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Luca_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Luca:[/b] Yeah, I guess.

[i]Rasanak grinned.[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Rasanak_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Rasanak:[/b] Oh, you sound so excited! ^_^

[i]Luca rolled his eyes.[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Luca_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Luca:[/b] Yeah, yeah...okay, we'll go. Give me half an hour to get ready and I'll meet you at the elevator in the hall.

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Rasanak_Avatar.gif[/img] [b]Rasanak:[/b] Okay...and c'mon, chin up...your dream can't have been [i]that[/i] bad!

[i]Luca nodded and waved his hand over the screen. It responded by folding itself shut once again.

He couldn't go like this. He stood up and peeled his sweaty clothing off, as he walked toward the shower.

The showers in Verdun were different from anywhere else in Gaia.

Luca walked into the bathroom and pressed his thumb against a pad on the wall. As he did so, a small holographic square appeared next to him, levitating slightly from the floor.

He stepped onto the square and stood still. As he did so, a holographic blue box appeared around him. The box began to solidify and small black pours appeared on its walls. Suddenly, the pours above his head began to expel water.

Luca moved his hand over the wall, making the holographic shower float out of the bathroom and into the loungeroom. He waved his hand again and the television screen on the wall flickered to life.

And there he was, watching the Vin Kartia World News while also having a shower. The pours above his head closed off and as they did so, another set of pours behind him opened up and began spraying water over his back.

Luca watched the news on the plasma monitor. The monitor displayed a virtual news reader with a cropped box to her left, displaying video of Main Street in the city. Main Street was filled with crowds, even at 3AM.[/i]

[b]Newsreader: [i]Crowds on Main Street are bigger than usual tonight, as one of the city's premier businessmen, Rika-Sun, has offered a mysterious reward for the person who can catch the most monsters. Nobody knows why Mr. Sun is offering the reward, nor does anyone know exactly what the reward even is. But as Mr. Sun himself said, "The reward is beyond anyone's wildest dreams!".

Exciting stuff!

The biggest monster hunting stores in the city are absolutely full of shoppers, looking for the latest in weapons and armour. So if you're headed into town tonight, be prepared for some major delays!

Stay tuned to VK World News -- the ONLY news channel in the city.[/b][/i]

[i]Luca rolled his eyes. Tonight of all nights, they'd be going into an even more crowded-than-usual city. Although, Luca suspected that X-Ion would be pretty empty, if the reward-mad citizens of the city were too busy buying supplies.

The shower had done its job and a small indicator on the holographic wall flashed with the words "Done". Luca waved his hand over the wall and the shower silently floated back to the bathroom. On the way, it dried Luca completely.

The walls dissappeared and Luca stepped down from the holograhpic square floor. It dissappeared as he did so.

Luca put on his clothing and gave his hair a quick run through with his fingers. Now he was ready. He made his way through the loungeroom toward the front door. He suspected that Rasanak was already waiting at the elevator...[/i]
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As the morning sun rose, Real felt himself too awake to stay in bed. Lots was to be done today and it was no time to sleep in. And, with that in mind, he unrapped himself from his sheets on his bed, and got up. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes and looked out the wood-framed window to see the beached town known as Noroa Beach. It was a fine town and his home since he was very little. Closing the curtain, he stepped out of his room and crept down the stairs.

There, cooking breakfast, was Mrs. Ernestine. Mr. Ernestine sat at the table drinking his tea and reading some papers. He perked his ear at the sound of Real's footsteps. Looking up, he saw just that. Real walked over to the table and was greeted happily by the old couple.

[B]Mrs. Ernestine:[/B] Well, good morning, dear. I see your up and ready for an exciting day.

Mr. Ernestine put down his glass and looked up from his papers.

[B]Mr. Ernestine:[/B] I wouldn't consider a day full of hard labor exciting.

He then turned his vision towards Real who was sitting in the chair directly in front of him.

[B]Mr. Ernestine:[/B] Right, Real?

Real nodded. He yawned again and Mrs. Ernestine came over with soup in bowls from the boiling pot over the fire.

[B]Mrs. Ernestine:[/B] Ooo! Sounds like someone had a restless night. You okay, dear?

Real rubbed his eyes again.

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real:[/B] Yeah. I'm alright. Just... thinking about today last night. That's all.

[B]Mr. Ernestine:[/B] Well stop thinking and start eating. Your gonna need the energy for today.

[B]Mrs. Ernestine:[/B] Marcus!

[B]Mr. Ernestine:[/B] What? I didn't mean anything rude by it!

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real:[/B] It's okay, Mrs. Ernestine. He wasn't trying to be mean.

[B]Mr. Ernestine:[/B] Yes. Listen to the boy!

[B]Mrs. Ernestine:[/B] My word, Marcus, your so silly sometimes.

[B]Mr. Ernestine:[/B] And your cooking's so good all the time, Amelia.

Mrs. Ernestine smiled without turning towards Real and Mr. Ernestine. I sipped my soup to test it's temperature as Mr. Ernstine ruffled the papers and began reading again. Buscuits nice and hot were then served. Real scarfed down all these delicious foods and more in a rush to get outside and working. He had some stuff he wanted to do before dark.

Mrs. Ernestine looked up from her cooking to see Real choking down her food.

[B]Mrs. Ernestine:[/B] Careful there, Real, dear. Don't eat so fast. You'll gag.

Mr. Ernestine put down his papers and looked over at his wife.

[B]Mr. Ernestine:[/B] Honest, Amelia, let the boy eat. He's just really hungry.

[B]Mrs. Ernestine:[/B] Or maybe he thinks my cooking is good. Heh heh.

[B]Mr. Ernestine:[/B] Good? Ha! I think your getting alheimerz.

[B]Mrs. Ernestine:[/B] What are you talking about. You just commented on my food.

[B]Mr. Ernestine:[/B] No I didn't. That was... uhh... sarcasm..

As the two adults fought, Real slipped outside and began his work. By afternoon, he was all set for the stuff he wanted to do. Wiping the sweat from his forehead with a hankercheif, he walked over to the door of his comfy home. Mr. Ernestine poped open the door before Real could. He smiled.

[B]Mr. Ernestine: Ah, Real. Just the elf I wanted to see.[/B]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real:[/B] What's up, Mr. Ernestine?

[B]Mr. Ernestine:[/B] Nothing really. I just need you to run a little errand.

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real:[/B] Will it take long? I have some important stuff to do.

[B]Mr. Ernestine: I guess, sort of long.[/B]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real:[/B] How long?

[B]Mr. Ernestine:[/B] Umm... a few days.

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real:[/B] A few days?

[B]Mr. Ernestine:[/B] I need you to run along to Kahn Forest. They supply some items we need here at the house that Noroa Beach doesn't.

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real:[/B] That won't take a few days. It's clear across the continent.

[B]Mr. Ernestine:[/B] No. Your right. It's too much to ask. I'm sorry, Real.

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real:[/B] No. I'm sorry. I shouldn't of shouted. I guess I could do it. It'll be something interesting to do. Just hope these items are worth the trip.

[B]Mr. Ernestine:[/B] Oh they are. You'll see.

Mr. Ernestine rushed back into the house to help pack supplies for the trip. Real sighed and turned around to face the sea.

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real:[/B] So much for me time...
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[i]Luca closed his front door behind him, which locked automatically. The thumbpad on the wall glowed a soft red, indicating that the door was locked.

Luca made his way down the hallway and just as he'd suspected, he saw Rasanak standing there. Rasanak was playing with his Game Boy Hologram, which was projecting images and light all over the hallway infront of him.

He saw Luca approaching and swiftly turned the little machine off. He folded it in half and slid it into his wallet, alongside his credit cards.[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Rasanak_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Rasanak:[/b] Hey, Luca. I was just playin' around with my GBH; it's so cool!

[i]Luca smiled.[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Luca_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Luca:[/b] Heh, yeah...I have to get me one of those. ^_^

[i]Rasanak nodded. He walked over to the elevator doors and waved his hand infront of a pad on the wall next to them. The doors promptly opened. Rasanak and Luca stepped inside.

The elevator was on the outside of the building. Luca and Rasanak could see across the vast city of Vin Kartia. It looked beautiful at night -- the sky was lit up with all kinds of strange airships and the streets below looked like the glowing veins of some kind of weird machine.

Luca and Rasanak were on the 180th floor of their apartment tower, so it was going to take a couple of minutes to reach ground level.

Rasanak pressed a button on the interior control pad, which was labelled [b]"Force Wall On/Off"[/b]. As Rasanak pressed it, the semi-opaque blue glass of the elevator evaporated into thin air.

Rasanak and Luca were now standing on a solid titanium platform on the side of the building, which had nothing but a thin rail running around it. [/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Luca_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Luca:[/b] Ugh, Rasanak...you know I hate it when you remove the force wall...-_-

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Rasanak_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Rasanak:[/b] Heh, yeah...I know. ~_^

[i]The elevator silently slid down the apartment building's vast surface. The building itself was a unique mix of metal alloy and fibreglass. And it was shaped somewhat like a very tall, very thin pyramid.

Luca and Rasanak were on the south elevator -- it was travelling down the southern face of the tower. And on that very same side of the building, there were at least thirty other elevators travelling up and down. The building itself was at least half a mile wide in the middle -- making it over two miles wide at the base. Despite its size, it was actually one of the smaller apartment towers in Vin Kartia.

Rasanak leaned against the railing. His eyes were closed. He was enjoying the cool air, as it ran through his long hair.

Luca looked a little pale -- he didn't like heights.[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Rasanak_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Rasanak:[/b] Hey Luca...

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Luca_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Luca:[/b] Yeah?

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Rasanak_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Rasanak:[/b] What was your dream about?

[i]Luca leant against the the railing and looked out over the enormous cityscape.[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Luca_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Luca:[/b] I heard a voice...a woman's voice.

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Rasanak_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Rasanak:[/b] ...Oh?

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Luca_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Luca:[/b] Yeah...she was calling out to me. She was in pain...

[i]Rasanak paused and took a deep breath.[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Rasanak_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Rasanak:[/b] Yeah, I had the very same dream...

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Luca_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Luca:[/b] ?!

[i]Rasanak nodded.[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Luca_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Luca:[/b] I wonder why we are having the same dream...

[i]Rasanak leant against the rail and looked down at the traffic below.[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Rasanak_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Rasanak:[/b] Man, who knows.

[i]Luca nodded in agreement. Right now, he thought it best not to consider the issue further. Rasanak didn't seem to want to talk about it either.

After at least fifteen minutes, the elevator began to slow down. Luca and Rasanak were now at ground level.

The railing retracted into the wall of the building, leaving nothing but a bare platform. Luca and Rasanak both stepped off, onto the sidewalk. As they began to walk off, they heard the elevator say "Thank you for riding on the South Point Elevator Service, have a nice day!" in an electronic tone.

Luca and Rasanak began to walk through the bustling crowd, down Main Street. They were lucky, in the sense that their building was only two blocks from X-Ion.

As they walked through the crowds, Luca noticed that there were countless people, young and old, who were carring several swords and armlets under their arms, or in overflowing plastic bags. Some people were bartering on the street, trading various items with each other. And every now and then, Luca would spot a small child crying, looking around helplessly for its parents.[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Rasanak_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Rasanak:[/b] Blah, all these damn people...they think they know all about monster hunting...

[i]Luca nodded in agreement, as a particularly elderly woman pushed past him, sword in hand.[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Luca_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Luca:[/b] Yeah, some of them seem to have no idea how tough monster hunting can be. I wonder why Rika-Sun would come up with such a dangerous competition...

[i]Rasanak didn't seem to care who was in his way -- Luca noticed that he was steadily clearing a path in the sea of people, often by simply bumping people out of the way. Clearly, he was frustrated by the whole situation.[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Rasanak_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Rasanak:[/b] Bah! These people have no idea how hard it is. You and I, we work so hard to bring in monsters and collect our reward...this is our livelihood! But these people treat it like a damn camping trip...

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Luca_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Luca:[/b] Yeah, you're right.

[i]After much bustling through the crowd, Luca finally saw it. A gigantic holographic sign floating way above the crowd, which flashed with different colours...[/i]


[i]The huge sign was casting light over everyone below. There were no lines at the door, but the crowd directly infront of the building was huge nonetheless.

X-Ion was the largest club in Vin Kartia (and probably the largest club on Gaia).

It was often full of celebrities and was packed to the roof with people. It was also a physically huge building -- it was more than 30 stories high, with several underground levels. Each level had a semi-transparent holographic floor, so that one could look down and see the many floors below.

The exterior of the building was a curious mix of geometric shapes and curves. From a distance, X-Ion looked somewhat like a giant creature, sitting on its haunches defiantly, almost daring people to enter its cavernous mouth.

Various parts of the building had large coloured spotlights attached, which explored the streets below. The building itself was constructed of a special kind of fibreglass. And every few minutes, the entire building would slowly change colour -- sometimes it would even become a mirror, reflecting everything around it.

The club's owner was none other than the famous businessman, Rika-Sun. He owned many clubs across the city and he was known throughout Verdun as being one of the wealthiest Hume on the planet.

Luca and Rasanak approached the large, curved entrance. The entrance itself had no doors -- rather, it used a large holographic force wall. Each time a person entered, the wall would ripple like water and change colour and texture. It was really an incredible place -- Luca and Rasanak had often visited in their University days.

They made their way through the large force wall (which always give Luca the shivers -- it felt weird to him) and stood in the spacious lobby area on the ground floor. Beyond them, they could see what seemed like miles of tables and bars, as well as the inexplicably huge dance floor at the other end. There were acrobats wearing colourful costumes hanging from the rooftops and the waitresses in the building were wearing anti-gravity boots -- they'd take an order on one floor and float up to another floor for more orders.

There were also firebreathers running around and Luca could even see holographic artists walking around the walls and ceiling. The holographic artists would cover their hands and feet with a special form of powder. As they danced, they would leave streaks of powder hanging in the air -- the powder would then glow different colours in the light and form unusual shapes.

Rasanak sat down at the nearest table and beckoned for Luca to join him.[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Rasanak_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Rasanak:[/b] Ahh, I love it here! ^_^

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Luca_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Luca:[/b] Heh, it looks just like it did last time we came...

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Rasanak_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Rasanak:[/b] I wonder what show they'll have on the ground floor tonight...I hope it's good!

[i]Rasanak seemed to have calmed down since his complaints about the people outside. Luca was glad for that.

A waitress came up to their table and asked what they wanted. Luca ordered what he usually did: a lime fizz, while Rasanak felt adventurous and ordered a "Black Scorpion". Rasanak laughed and pointed to the menu: "The Black Scorpion is the most alcoholic drink in the world! One sip and your head will explode!".

Luca rolled his eyes. The last thing he needed was a drunk Rasanak...[/i]
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It was morning and everyone was busy. Real and Mr. Ernestine were outside preparing for the trip. Mr. Ernestine was happily packing the last bit of supplies needed. Real picked up the pack and felt it's weight pull him down.

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real:[/B] A bit packed, aye, Mr. Ernestine?

[B]Mr. Ernestine:[/B] Well, you'll need that pack for your adventures. It has good survival supplies and some medical kit Amelia threw in. You should be fine, Real my lad.

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real:[/B] Alright. If you say so.

[B]Mr. Ernestine:[/B] And I do. Now you all set? Got everything?

[B]Mrs. Ernestine:[/B] Not everything!

[B]Mr. Ernestine:[/B] What'd we miss?

Mr. Ernestine turned around to find Mrs. Ernestine rushing out of the beach-type house with some food in a sack.

[B]Mrs. Ernestine:[/B] A person's gotta eat. Can't go hungry, now can we?

[B]Mr. Ernestine:[/B] Oh for goodness sakes, Amelia! Let him be a man. He can hunt for his food.

[B]Mrs. Ernestine:[/B] I'd like to see him hunt down my famous pasta dish.

Real chuckled and hugged Mrs. Ernestine. She smirked at her husband as if saing 'told ya so!" Real left her arms and picked up the sack of dilectables.

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real:[/B] Thanks for the food and supplies you two. I'll be fine. Trust me.

[B]Mr. Ernestine:[/B] That's the boy we've loved for so many years.

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real:[/B] Yeah. Thanks you guys. I'll be back before you know it.

[B]Mrs. Ernestine:[/B] We hope so, dear. We hope so.

Real began walking away. He felt a sence of adventure and freedom in his heart. He looked back at his house and saw it so dull; like he never saw it before. Then, he took a look at the path ahead and sighed with releif. This was "me time" except in a different manner. He wasn't doing what he wanted to do, but it wasn't far off. Plus, he was happily alone.

He's always been alone except for Amelia and Marcus. Without them, he's be still an orphan, trapped in a pit of despair and no siblings to cry with. Except for his brother which his death is unknown. And if it's unknown, it may have no occured. He wants to find his brother, but he's busy with a mission. That'd be his next goal. Return to Noroa Beach, then, go after his brother.

He was soon out of the town limits and he looked back. All the ocean houses seemed so vague to him as adventure got the best of him. He looked over his own house where a waving Mr. and Mrs Ernestine stood. Real put down the sack of food and waved back, happy and sad to leave all at once.

After a minute of goodbyes, he picked back up the sack and walked on. He was now out of the city limits with the thought of his brother being found in mind.

The land near the beach was bueatiful, but it wasn't anything like the sea. He didn't remember nothing, but the ocean and if he saw any other place, it was lost in his dreams. Like the desert. Even that became a blur. His father was captured in his thoughts, though. The image of his brother was the image of him as a kid. He was probably way older now and Real had no idea where to start looking. That led to more negative thoughts.

Real dropped the sack of food onto the ground and tore the pack off his back. He sat in the grass and thought of what it'd be like to be with his brother again. He brushed a tear away and became serious again. His crying wouldn't get him anywhere. Neitehr did sitting. As Mr. Ernestine always said:

[I]Footsteps in the sands of time aren't made by sitting down.[/I]

It was an old proverb and a wise one at that. Real kept it in mind when ever he became lazy and he seemed to be able to overcome any obsticle. This was a strength for him. He then picked through the sack of food and pulled out one of the honey-covered buscuits. Mrs. Ernestine did always make the best in Noroa Beach.

They invited plenty of the neighbors over for dinners all the time. Unfortunately, none of the neighbors had children to befriend and if they did, they were long gone off into the world. Real never really had a friend and he didn;t consider the grown ups around the beach "friends". More like elders. And as Mr. Ernestine us to say:

[I]Respect your elders.[/I]

Real wasn't sure if that was a proverb, but he sure heard it a lot. Another one of Marcus's crazy mottos. He probably wanted Real to respect him and his wife more. They were old now and soon wouldn't be able to care for themselves. Real needed to be there for them. Thy were around 60 when they found him at a low age. They must be coming onto 80 soon and that would be terrible if they had died because no one cared for them.

It'd break Real's jheart if such a thing happened.

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real:[/B] And such a thing won't.

He finished his buscuit and folded the sack back into it's original standard. He wiped his face with his sleeve and picked up the food sack and strapped it to his belt. After that, he shouldered the pack of supplies and began through the fields.

He looked back and the town of Noroa Beach was long gone in the distance.

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real's Thoughts:[/B] [I]Hmm... there goes civilization. here comes crazy adventures.[/I]

He grinned and walked on. He probably traveled for about five hours before collapsing to the ground.

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real:[/B] This field is taking forever to cross. Isn't there some kind of shelter around here?

He rubbed his foot with the shoe still on and ruffled his hair. The sun wasn't as hot as usual so he was thankful. Still, it was too much for such an elf as he and he began going crazy. He laid on his back and watched the birds fly around.

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real 's Thoughts:[/B] Wish I could fly...

He sat up and sighed. This wasn't an adventure if nothing, but walking was going to accure. This "me time" was not what he expected. He began back into sorrow state and wished for a friend. That or his brother. His brother. That perked him up. The thought of finding him was in his mind and it stuck there. A serge of pride rushed through him and he stood up and walked down the field. He felt the pack on his back and shrugged.

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real:[/B] That's funny. The pack doesn't seem heavy at all..
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[I]Kahn stood at the back of Rika-Sun's office, staring diligently out into the city night, from the top floor of the "X-Ion" bar. He glared at the bustling crowd, the street fights, and bartering... Rika-Sun had created chaos among the people of Vin-Kartia, and soon Kahn would no doubt have to do something about it. He suspected that is why Rika-Sun had summoned him, the most respected body guard of the wealthiest Hume on Gaia.

The doors at the front of the room shot open with a deep pulsing sound, and Rika-Sun himself entered. Kahn lowered his head before the man, as he swiftly approached. He looked unusually happy, this chaos he had spread across the town had obviously enlightened his spirits. He came and stood next to Kahn, and looked out below at the mayhem that ensued. A thin smile spread accross his face, and he turned to Kahn.[/I]

[B]Rika-Sun:[/B] My friend, a long time you have been my protector, a long time. Failure is not a thing I have come to expect from you, and not once have you surprised me with it. I now have a new task for you.

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Kahn_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [B]Kahn:[/B] What do you request of me sir?

[B]Rika-Sun:[/B] It is quite simple. I want you to win this "Monster Hunt" I have prepared.

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Kahn_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [B]Kahn:[/B] But, why sir? I thought this contest was for the people of Vin-Kartia...

[B]Rika-Sun:[/B] And, are you not one of them?

[I]Vin-Kartia pointed out towards the crowd below, some of them, by now, were ready to set out for their hunt.[/I]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Kahn_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [B]Kahn:[/B] I am but your protector sir. I do as you ask of me. But, won't the people find it suspicious if I was to win the contest? The vast majority of the city know of my connection to you.

[B]Rika-Sun:[/B]... Yes, you have a point there. Well then, I have a new task for you.

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Kahn_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [B]Kahn:[/B] Very well.

[B]Rika-Sun:[/B] Two young men have just entered the bar... monster hunters by trade. Their names are Rasanak and Luca. I want you to study the profiles on these two, on the X-Ion database, and then... make sure they win the contest.

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Kahn_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [B]Kahn:[/B] But sir, are you sure they will enter?

[B]Rika-Sun:[/B] Oh, I have a feeling that their pride will drive them on. They do not want anyone beating them in their own trade.

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Kahn_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [B]Kahn:[/B] Yes sir, it shall be done.

[I]Kahn bowed before Rika-Sun, and marched swiftly out of his office, as Rika-Sun turned back, to look out upon the ground below him.[/I]
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[i]Luca and Rasanak sat at their table, enjoying their drinks. Luca was content to just watch the incredible performances that were going on infront of them, but Rasanak looked a little fidgety.[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Luca_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Luca:[/b] Rasanak, what's the problem? You've been all fidgety ever since we sat down...

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Rasanak_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Rasanak:[/b] Eh, I dunno. This place isn't what it used to be.

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Luca_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Luca:[/b] So you dragged me here for nothing?

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Rasanak_Avatar.gif[/IMG] Heh, nah...better to be here than at home. But still, something's missin'.

[i]Luca nodded, without saying a word. He felt it, too. They'd been living their lives as normal for the last few weeks and despite the fact that they hadn't been to X-Ion in a while, it didn't seem to have the kind of impact that they'd expected.

Luca leaned his face on his hands as he looked at the holographic artists weaving glittery powder through the air. Soon enough, he noticed a figure moving through the crowd at the other side of the room. The figure was bald, with a dark tattoo on his forehead. Luca didn't seem to notice that the man was walking toward them; he was almost hypnotized by the colourful powder...

Luca felt something touch his shoulder. He looked up and saw the man standing next to him. To his right, Rasanak was busy watching the nearest waitress to even notice the man's presence.[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Kahn_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Kahn:[/b] Excuse me...

[i]Luca and Rasanak both looked up.[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Luca_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Luca:[/b] Yeah?

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Kahn_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Kahn:[/b] My name is Kahn. May I have a seat?

[i]Luca looked at Rasanak, who nodded and waved his hand dismissively.[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Luca_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Luca:[/b] Sure...go right ahead.

[i]The man sat down opposite the pair. For a moment, he didn't say a word. Luca wondered what this guy was all about -- his tattoo was vaguely familiar, but Luca didn't remember where he'd seen it.

The man leaned across the table...[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Kahn_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Kahn:[/b] So, have you guys heard about the Vin Kartia Monster Hunt?

[i]Luca and Rasanak both nodded. Rasanak didn't seem very interested in the man's presence; he was still eyeing the nearby waitress.[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Luca_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Luca:[/b] Yeah, what about it?

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Kahn_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Kahn:[/b] You guys in it?

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Luca_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Luca:[/b] No...we're not interested.

[i]Kahn grinned.[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Kahn_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Kahn:[/b] Ahh, what a shame. You two are professional monster hunters, aren't you? Surely you'd have a good chance at the grand prize...

[i]Rasanak's ears pricked up...[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Rasanak_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Rasanak:[/b] Yeh, we're damn good! What's it to ya?

[i]Rasanak's bottle of Black Scorpion was empty. And it was the second bottle on the table.[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Kahn_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Kahn:[/b] I happen to think you guys would have a good chance, that's all. Actually, I know Rika-Sun personally...

[i]Luca and Rasanak looked at each other.[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Luca_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Luca:[/b] You do?

[i]Kahn nodded.[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Kahn_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Kahn:[/b] Yes. I'm not the most loyal staff member out there though...so, I managed to make a copy of the map that he keeps in his desk drawer. It's a map showing the location of the special monster...

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Rasanak_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Rasanak:[/b] Schpecial monster? Wha...?!

[i]Kahn nodded and focused his attention on Luca (who was obviously more sober than Rasanak).[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Kahn_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Kahn:[/b] Yes...only a certain monster will actually win the grand prize. The monster in question leaves blue blood...it's the only monster on Gaia to leave such blood. The contestant must bottle some of its blood and return here to X-Ion to claim their prize.

[i]Luca waved his hand.[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Luca_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Luca:[/b] No thanks. We're not interested.

[i]Kahn reached into his pocket and pulled out a small, transparent plastic card. It read:


Luca read the card and put it in his pocket.[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Luca_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Luca:[/b] Why are you giving me Rika-Sun's business card?

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Kahn_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Kahn:[/b] Because, Mr. Sun would like to see you. He can get you off to a good start with this monster hunt. Clearly, you have integrity -- you didn't take my map. But at least consider a meeting with Mr. Sun...

[i]Luca looked over at Rasanak, who was now asleep on the table. He wasn't sure how to proceed, but then again, he had no idea what the grand prize was. Maybe Rasanak would be interested in the monster hunt? Rasanak had a lot of pride and a strong confidence in his own skills. Luca didn't want to reject the offer just because he didn't want to do it...he thought it best to keep the card and wait until Rasanak was in a more stable state of mind.[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Luca_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Luca:[/b] Alright, I'll think about it. I can't promise anything though.

[i]Kahn nodded and stood up.[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Kahn_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Kahn:[/b] Good, good. I'm sure we'll see you at Mr. Sun's offices soon. Good evening.

[i]And with that, Kahn walked away.

Luca was still a little confused. They'd come to X-Ion for a good time and now they had been invited to meet with President Sun personally...[/i]
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Real soon found himself walking into the start of a forest. It was rather small to be called forest so more like woods. It had life to it, but still, just too small. Nothing like Kahn Forest, but Real coudn't compare something to something else he had nevr seen before. He just hoped Kahn forest would be interesting.

Alright he's found himself bored out of his skull, not to mention tired. He could feel the adventure boiling within him and he was dying to feed it's terrible hunger. But that wasn't the only hunger inside of him.

Real held his stomach as it groaned.

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real:[/B] Oh no. I got to eat. This place is pretty shady. I could probably use it as a good spot to rest and snack for a bit. But I should only camp at night. No time to waste. Mr. Ernestine's counting on me.

He walked up to an oddly shaped tree and sat down, back against the trunk. The tree was quite uncanny. All it's branches went straight horizonal for about two feet each, then went straight up in a ninety degree angle. The bottom of the truck seemed like a doorway and the hole in it resembled a window. It was a big tree too. Big enough for Real to make a home out of.

But Real was too busy to realize it's uniqueness. He opened the sack of food and pulled out a buscuit, some cordial, and a fresh sandwich made with the best bread and turkey this side of Oleron. Real munched happily on the sandwich made especially for him and looked about the forest.

This tree seemed to be a lot like the rest of the trees in this small, provential forest. Well.. woods. In some areas, the grass was sharp and pointy and in others, it was soft enough to bathe in. Real reconsidered the thought, though. Who wouldn't?

The wind hardly caught up with Real in these woods thanks to the overly large canopy above. And the sun. It barely poked through the canopy to release bueatiful rays of light. Real begn to cool off and washed his hands and face in a nearby stream. He came back to his sack of food to pack up when he found a surprise.

It was gone.

He became frantic for that was the only food he had for the whole trip unless he had enough money for some in Kahn Forest. But still! He probably wouldn't make it! He wasn't even a quarter of the way there and it's been only a day's worth. He began looking in every nook and cranny of the woods. He leapt into the trees and took lookout. He got nothing.

Soon, he gave up and walked back to the tree and sat back down. His glass of cordial still remained unharmed and he picked it up and sipped it. Not even the cordial tasted good in the sorrow that his quest is failing.

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real:[/B] I best just return home before-

He stopped himself when he noticed an eerie light from the whole on the tree, as if someone made a house of it. Real stood up and walked backwards a few paces to get a bigger view of the thing. It did look a lot like candle light. And he saw a smoke stack oddly come from the tree's top center. The tree wasn't on fire. And what's living in it definately isn't animal.

Real then noticed the bizarre shaped trunk that resembled a door. Taking advantage of such an obstrasoty, he reached for it and pulled. Sure enough, the door opened and a house was revealed. As said before, Real was big enough for the house, but he had to bend down for the door.

He looked around the strange place. A fireplace made from wood and stone burned brightly answering the questions to the smoke stack above. There was a small table in the center of the room with three stools around it. It had Real's sack of food on it so real grabbed it up. Tying it to his belt again, he looked about to investigate the culpret.

He didn't seem to be around. Or she. Real wasn't sure yet. He saw a bookshelf with all it's shelves completely used. The books read of stuff like "Sorcery and It's Downfalls" and "The Little Elf that Could". Real pulled out some of the books to investigate. There was an elf living here and he liked witchcraft. Either that or it was an elf fan with witchcraft.

Real soon laid eyes on the staircase and decided to take a peak upstairs. He held onto the frail, wooden rail and walked up the creaky stairs. On the 2nd floor was the bedroom. Another book shelf lay baren on the eastern wall while a doorway to the facilities was on the western. The stairs were the southern and a rather small bed was there in the Northern part. it was to small for an elf, but then again it could be an elf that didn't grow big.

The bed wasn't empty neither. There wasn't something sleeping in it and it was snoring. It's loud snores were terrible and hurt Real's ears. He tried to see who it was or what it was, but it was covered in blankets.

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real's thoughts:[/B] Why won't be wake up?

Real stepped over to the bed and stared. Not to be rude, but he was angry at this... this creature for taking his only food stash. In a fit of anger, he ripped the sheets off the being and he saw what it was.

A lith.

A rather old lith too. But lithes never really grow old. They don't consider themselves aging neither. They always see themselves handsome and witty even if others do not think the same. That's really why imps are never angry. But tehy are crafty little critters and for that, they make good crooks and rogues.

The lith awakened and yawned. He took one look at the angered Real and leapt out of his bed in a start.

[B]Lith:[/B] How you find my house?

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real:[/B] You left your fire going.

[B]Lith: Dang it. Me knew I forgot something.[/B]

The small lith looked up at Real. Real could tell he was frightened. The little creature held up his hands and wave them.

[B]Lith:[/B] Don't hurt me! Me too young to die!

Real smiled actually.

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real:[/B] I wasn't going to hurt you. I wanted my stuff back.

He unstrapped the food pouch and showed the small Lith it.

[B]Lith:[/B] Ooohhh... that pouch yours?

Real put it back on his belt.

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real:[/B] That it would be.

[B]Lith:[/B] It have crunching munchings, it does. Yum yum.

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real:[/B] Yeah. I guess. Well, I hope you don't take anyone else's stuff. You do it to me again and you'll really get a munching crunching.

The lith huddled in a small ball and shivered as Real passed him towards the stairs. Real walked down and ended on the first floor. The lith followed.

[B]Lith: My name Gersh. What yours?[/B]

Ral sighed and turned.

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real:[/B] Real. Now, goodbye.

[B]Gersh: But wait. Why go so fast? Stay?[/B]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real:[/B] I'm on a big trip to get some items and Kahn Forest only supplies them.

[B]Gersh: What items, hm?[/B]

Real sighed again, taking the pck off his back and placing it on the table. He took out the list, not believeing he's doing this for a theif.

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real:[/B] I need macco seeds, a pound of Stiller Skins, a rappleberry, and a Riko Gem.

Gersh leapt into the ai crazily.

[B]Gersh: Oooo! Gersh knows where those things are![/B]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real:[/B] Yeah. So does Real. Kahn Forest. And I'm going there now so bye bye.

Real opened the minature version of his own door and stepped outisde. He waved the door shut, but Gersh stopped it. Real just walked on. Gersh walked out of his home and shouted.


Real stopped in his tracks.

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real:[/B] How much closer?
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[I]In the town of Eldor, the Quarts are just now beginning to awake. The trees rise over their heads at up to a mile high. Which almost matches up to the towering buildings in Verdun. In one of the Trees, a small Cabin is built, wedged inbetween a number a branches to assure maximum stability against harsh weather conditions. The strong wind blows againts the young Quarts hair. Well, Young for a Quart, Mako is 187 years old with an average life span of 500 years. He is now beginning to start his in-depth travels of survival. [/I]

[img]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Mako_Avatar.gif[/img]Mako: Uhh.....Erm....

[I]Mako gives signs of not wanting to wake up at all....[/I]

Kaiyu: Mako, come on you'ev gotta come look at this!

[img]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Mako_Avatar.gif[/img]Mako: WHAT DO YOU......oh, um, its you.

Kaiyu: :butthead: What do you meen? "Oh, um, its you....."

[img]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Mako_Avatar.gif[/img]Mako: No, no, no! I didnt meen it at all like that! Im just tired thats all........

[I]Kaiyu is Mako's best friend......[/I]

Kaiyu: Well you better get up! Because this sort of thing doesnt happen all of the time.....

[img]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Mako_Avatar.gif[/img]Mako: Uhh..... what could be more important than sleep?

[I]Kaiyu drags Mako out side, they climb down the tree which doesnt take them too long since the cabin is moderatley close to the ground.[/I]

Kaiyu: Here, come here, its over by the shore!

[I]They both rush to the shore to find a wierd piece of Metal or some type a Machina washed up on the shore.[/I]

[img]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Mako_Avatar.gif[/img]Mako: Hey, thats a...........

Kaiyu: Yah I know! I bet it came from Verdun, I hear they use alot of Technology over there because they are too weak to use magic!

?????: What was that I hear about us being too weak????

Kaiyu: Gulp......

[img]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Mako_Avatar.gif[/img]Mako: Hey Terri!!!

[I]Terri is abviously a Hume who lives in Esperna...he is the gardian of Mako. He is a big Man, very muscular. He looks out for Mako when he is in need, he has only been with him for osme time though, because Mako will live alot longer than he. [/I]

Terri: Hey hows it going? Now whats all of this talk?

Kaiyu: I didnt meen to say that, Im sorry.

Terri: Its ok.
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[i]Kallabow crouched silently, just a meter or so from his quarry, a large ferile pig. He amitted he'd rather have poultry, but he could feed on this for several days. He took one silent step.

Without missing a beat, he rolled to within inches of the animal, drew his sword and stabbed the pig in it's spine. It died without a sound.[/i]

[img]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Kallabow_Avatar2.gif[/img] Kallabow: I thank thee, Mutankin-Thira, for giving my silent feet, and a swift sword.

[i] Kallabow was a believer in the ancient Gods. Most people, the Humes and Elves, most especially had long lost their taste for religion, but he chose not to follow the ways of the rest of the world.

He started a camp fire, and began constructing a temporary shelter. It smelt like rain tonight.[/i]
Sorry it was so short. I'm pressed for time, but I wanted to establish my character.


[SIZE=1]You made a few spelling errors, and there was a
problem with the IMG tag. I fixed it up for ya. ;) -Flash[/SIZE]
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[i]Amadrienia sits peacefully as the dew on the treetops refracts the pink and purple light of the sunrise, adding a mysterious lavender hue to the blanket of mist layered across the Kahn forest. The light purple mist matches her eyes, emphasising their mystic violet beauty. She is perched on a branch, adjacent to a docking tower in the Kahn air station. Ami holds a cup of Cactus tea in her hands, steam rising off it slowly, and fading into the cool, crisp air. It's hard to come by such a drink, as the Cacti it is made from is found in very remote locations, only accessable by airship--One of the many advantages of owning one. Ami couldn't remember how many time's she'd flown to the vast plateaus in the Auril desert, or the sandy plains near the Chocobo coves to pick up Cacti. She was the only one who still did it, all the other merchants were now into commercial piloting, or making business elsewhere. And less merchants mean more business, which means more cash to upgrade the Drienia even further. She lifts the cup to her mouth, drinking the rest of the warm tea in a single gulp. A warm breeze begins to flow in from the north, making the morning air more bearable. But it didn't matter anyway, because Ami was used to it. She stands up and stretches, leaving her cup on her sitting branch.

Turning around, she grabs onto the trunk with one hand, and finds her foothold. Then, with agility and skill, she walks around the tiny platform attached to the trunk of the tree, and across another leading to the docking tower. There's a certain air of mystery around her, for she walks along the tiny bridge with such ease that it seems highly unnatural. She hops gracefully of the end of the bridge, and onto the massive docking structure. There was a large docking tower, with a lookout at the very top. The tower stood upon a huge empty platform, equal in height to the treetops. At the moment, the field-like area was empty, except for 3 airships. And in the middle of the concrete slab was a large '2', painted on. This is sub-dock 2. In total, there were 4 docks at the Kahn Air station. The major dock, which was used mainly for Commercial Passenger and Freight flights, and the long-distance ones. All 3 sub docks, of which 2 was the biggest, were used for independant pilots, such as Ami. But, with Air Merchants and the like disappearing fast, the docks were emptier now more than ever. But it didn't bother Ami. The way she saw it, there was more room for her and her goods now. Even though deep down, she knew that with less Air merchants, imports and rarer items would be much harder to find, and food supplies could drop, she still kept a positive out look on everything. That's just the way she is. She walks casually up to the tower, and the Air station staff guarding it. His name is Kadra, an old retired pilot with a heart of gold. He smiles at her, with warm eyes that radiate with a sense of wisdom and content. She smiles back at him sweetly.[/i]

[b]Kadra:[/b] Ahh, Ami, good to see you.

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Amadrienia_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Amadrienia:[/b] Good morning, Kadra.

[b]Kadra:[/b] Heh heh, when you're working the night shift, it's never morning, ha.

[i]Kadra was one of the 'guards' at the Air station, more of a conductor really, as they weren't armed, and never had to stop anyone. It was a peaceful place... And it was even quieter at night. Ami wondered whether such precautions were even needed.[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Amadrienia_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Amadrienia:[/b] Heh heh. Well anyway, I'd love to stay and chat with you somemore, but I've got some important deliveries to make.

[b]Kadra:[/b] Oh? Back to being a merchant again, then?

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Amadrienia_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Amadrienia:[/b] Not really. I'm running a few errands for some people, that's all.

[b]Kadra:[/b] Oh. Anyone I'd know?

[i]Ami smiled. That was Kadra for you... Always inquistive. But his curious nature had gotten him far, and never really bothered anyone.[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Amadrienia_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Amadrienia:[/b] Friends of Oérths. I don't really know them that well.

[b]Kadra:[/b] I see... What are you transporting?

[i]Ami grinned, and put her hands on her hips, cocking her head to the side.[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Amadrienia_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Amadrienia:[/b] You know I can't tell you that. It's private.

[b]Kadra:[/b] Heh heh heh... Well now, take care, Ami.

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Amadrienia_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Amadrienia:[/b] Thank you, Kadra. I'll see ya later!

[i]As Ami walks past Kadra, she realises that she's still wearing her nightgown. Embarrassed by the fact she's covered only in a see through robe draped loosely over her, and clearly-visible exquisite, black laced underwear below that, she decides to hurry to her airship and get changed before she bumps into anyone else. She glances around the corner into the tower, and sees the coast as clear. Ami walks briskly up the stairs in the tower, hoping that no-one is coming down. Her hips sway with a mesmerising rythym, and have apparently mesmerised the several young pilots following her silently. As she takes the last step, up onto the top floor of the tower, her robe catches on something. She doesn't notice, and continues foward, ripping the robe off of her. The group of horny pilots practically gag teach other to restrain themselves. Ami closes her eyes and clenches her teeth before letting out a quiet, fustrated groan. 'It's gonna be one of those days..', she tells herself. She walks back to the robe, unhooks it, and picks it up. She drapes it over her shoulder, and continues on her way. The pilots, still in the stairwell, wait until Ami is clear out of sight before exhaling. Boys will be boys.

Ami looks at her reflection as she walks past a large mirror, used to send signals to airships at night. She poses a bit, admiring her own figure. 'At least I look good', she thought to herself. Ami looked to her right and sightly over her shoulder. There it was. Her airship, the Drienia. In terms of sleek design, and aerodynamics, some could say the airship was as sexy as she was. If an elven airship was comparable to an elven body, that is. She walked over to the ship, and pulled a large lever. At the stern of the ship, a large hatch lowered, revealing the stylish interior of the vessel. As she walked in, the hatch automatically raised back up into the locked position.
Ami flung the ripped robe down on a rose-red velvet couch, and walked into the next room, which contained a magnificent glass window, rimmed with gold, and other elaborate ornaments, fit for a queen. The inner of the ship was beautiful and spacious, more like a palace than an airship. It was clear to see how much effort had gone into making it. She looked out the window for a moment, before turning to face a large oak wardrobe. She opens it, revealing a very wide range of clothes. Everything from bikinis to oriental inspired dresses. She felt around a bit, before pulling out a blue sleeveless vest, with platinum trimming. She put it on, and buttoned it up. She then reached in for a pair of shorts, which were as expected, very short. She pulled these on, easily at first, but progressively harder. They were a size too small, and pretty tight. After that, she grabbed a thick black belt with a silver buckle, and slid it around her waist. Finally, she put on two knee high leather boots, and a set of thin leather gloves. She closed the wardrobe, and looked at herself in a mirror. She smiled, and grabbed a pair of sheaths laying on her bed. These were her swords, and she went nowhere without them. Ami attached the sheaths to her belt, and walked out of the bedroom. Climbing a small staircase, she entered the cockpit, and sat in thepilot's seat. Clutching the controls tightly, she turns the throttle and starts the engine... Flames roar from the two thrust pipes, and then die down, steadily pushing out waves of heat. The main propellers whirl to life, and Ami feels the airship rise off the ground. She grins, and pushes the accelerator lever all the way down.[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Amadrienia_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Amadrienia:[/b] Woohoo!!

[i]The thrusters shoot out massive amounts of heat, and the Driena shoots foward at top speed. She flies low, just above the tops of the trees. Whenever posssible, she goes even lower, sometimes even brushing the bottom of the airship against the long grass in the fields. She loves the thrill and rush of pure adrenaline of flying so dangerously. She finally gets her bearings, and turns the ship east, heading for the outskirts of the Kahn forest.[/i]
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[I]Kahn stepped into the turbo elevator, that would take him back up to Rika-Sun's office. His devotion to his work had not gone unrewarded. He had an exquisit apartment in one of the more expensive hotel blocks in Vin Kartia, he was treated with respect by his fellow workers, and his weapon was state of the art, even though he had built it himself. Of course, he hadn't become Rika-Sun's protector by sheer luck, to think such a thing would be idiotic. Kahn is well trained in several forms of unarmed combat, explosives, specie psychology, diplomacy, and of course, extensive weaponry training. The respect he had off others, he had earnt, not been given.

The turbo lift stopped at the topmost floor, and the doors swung open with a light "ping". Kahn walked forward, as the elevator dismissed him witrh a friendly. "Good Day Mister Kahn."

Kahn headed down the corridor, towards the only door on the floor, the door to Rika-Sun's office. Rika would have heard the entire conversation, Kahn had an amplification tracer implanted in his ear, allowing Rika-Sun to hear the conversation as clearly as Kahn had. He proceeded into the office, Rika turning to him as soon as he had entered.[/I]

[B]Rika-Sun:[/B] Well my friend, this is very interesting indeed.

[I]Kahn removed the small amp. from his ear, and placed it on Rika-Sun's desk.[/I]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Kahn_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [B]Kahn:[/B] Sir, I believe they will show up. The short haired one, Luca, was trying to hide his intentions, but the curiosity was clear in his eyes. His partner, Rasanak, seemed to have a great pride swelling in him... he doesn't want to be beaten by any amatuers... I think together, that will bring them to you.

[B]Rika-Sun:[/B] Yes... I believe you are right my friend. Once again you have pleased me greatly. You may go home now my friend, but be back here at sun-rise, then our work will really begin.

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Kahn_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [B]Kahn:[/B] Yes sir, as you wish.
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[color=indigo][i]Heavy steam rises as a hot welded piece of iron is thrusted into a large pot of ice cold water. A largely built Halbreed stands above holding the piece of iron in the water with heavy prongs. The Halbreed inhaled the warm clouds as it soothed him.

A matter of moments passed as the steam began to dissipate. As this happened, the Halbreed looked down into the, now boiling, water. He lifted the prongs up, bringing the piece of iron out of the water. It was a lengthy spike. He tapped it with his free hand, it was warm, but not hot. He followed by grasping the spike and hitting it forcefully against the prongs to test its durability. Since it did not break, he smiled pleasingly.

[size=1]This Halbreed goes by the name of Zaius. Zaius ¥undra. He is an older Halbreed, at the age of 54. He lives a simplistic and minimalist life in his medium sized hut. Small enough to live comfortably, but big enough to hold his carpentry and welding materials. It is also not far from the vast, blue ocean. So water is never a problem. This is one reason he chose to live in Thira Town. If you can't tell already, he enjoys making things of wood and metal. He has done it all his life, and has become a favorite past time of his.[/size]

As Zaius moved over to his work table, a female Halbreed entered his hut, and walked silently to his side. Her name is Linea [lynn ? a' ? ah][/i]

[b]Linea:[/b] I've never known you to use a spike on a hunt, Zaius. -_^

[i][size=1]Linea is a common guest at Zaius' home. She is much younger than him at the age of 38, but provides great company being that Zaius lives by himself and warmly welcomes any and all visitors. Her voice is soft, and very feminine. She has known Zaius almost as long as he has lived in Thira Town, which is close to a little over twenty years.[/size]

Zaius smiled as if to laugh, and spoke in his deep, eloquent voice...[/i]

[img]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Zaius_Avatar.gif[/img][b]Zaius:[/b] It is for the children.

[i]"For the children." Zaius has always been a warm and compassionate fellow. Enjoying helping others without expecting anything in return. Linea giggled quietly.[/i]

[b]Linea:[/b] I don't think giving children a spike is very safe. ^_^

[i]Zaius enjoyed Linea's way of twisting around a situation, letting a soft chuckle.[/i]

[img]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Zaius_Avatar.gif[/img][b]Zaius:[/b] Neither do I, which is why this is only part of the game.

[b]Linea:[/b] Game?

[img]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Zaius_Avatar.gif[/img][b]Zaius:[/b] Yes, game.

[i]Zaius let a slight smile out of the corner of his mouth and cocked his head beckoning Linea to follow him as he slowly walked off.

[size=1]From this point of view, now that Zaius is no longer leaning over at his work table, one can see his, or most any other male Halbreed, great size over the more petite females. Linea standing upright, only reaching his upper arm. Right in the bicep area. When it came to sheer mass, males also were greater in size. Linea is only about of fourth of what Zaius is.[/size]

Zaius set the spike down next to a series of twenty heavy wooden balls split up into five groups of four. Each set a different color. Each about the size of a baseball, although weighing nearly 25 pounds each.[/i]

[img]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Zaius_Avatar.gif[/img][b]Zaius:[/b] This is a clever game I thought of for the children.

[i]As he is saying these things he is examining the balls and smoothing their surfaces.[/i]

[img]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Zaius_Avatar.gif[/img][b]Zaius:[/b] The spike will be driven into the ground, by an adult of course, in a wide open area. The kids stand far from the spike, to where it can barely be seen. Then they proceed to take these balls here, and throw them towards the spike. After they are done throwing all four of their balls, they go and average their distances from the spike, and whoever is closest wins.

[b]Linea:[/b] Sounds like it is a quick to finish game.

[img]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Zaius_Avatar.gif[/img][b]Zaius:[/b] Not in the least. Only the fool will make haste in their turn in throwing. The spike is small and the distance is great. To get anywhere near it, one must concentrate for accuracy. One must also be calm, so they do not over power their throw with tension. This game while being able of entertain, also allows the children to develope their keen sense of sight, learn to control their strength, and keep relaxed under pressure. Not only that, but it also developes an intelligent mind in having to measure and average the distances.

[i]Linea stood astounded at the hidden point of the game. She was very happy at how Zaius was so kind, and yet so cunning.[/i]

[b]Linea:[/b] Well it sounds great, I am sure the kids will enjoy it.

[i]Zaius put everything down and turned to Linea, placing his giant hand on top of her head softly, then bringing it back to his side. This is merely just a sign of thanks and gratitude. Since a Halbreed female cannot reach the head of a male, they return by placing their hand on the arm, which Linea did do.

Linea smiled, and spoke once more.[/i]

[b]Linea:[/b] Well, I must be going now.

[img]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Zaius_Avatar.gif[/img][b]Zaius:[/b] All right, it was nice talking to you.

[b]Linea:[/b] Yes, it was. Have a good day Zaius.

[img]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Zaius_Avatar.gif[/img][b]Zaius:[/b] You as well. Feel free to come back any time. You are always welcome here.

[b]Linea:[/b] Please, this place is practically a second home to me. You know I will be back, if not later tonight, then definitely tomorrow. : )

[i]Zaius smiled. Then walked her to his door opening it up for her. She smiled back at him and walked out. Zaius looked after her until she turned a corner not far off, then he closed his door, but not locking it. He then continued about his business...[/i][/color]
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[i]Kallabow emerged from the forest. This was his hometown, and he hated it. He hated it like he hated all populated areas. But he had to get his sword repaired.

He knocked on the door of the local blacksmith, Zaius. The tall Halbreed answered the door.

[img]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Kallabow_Avatar2.gif[/img] Kallabow: Zaius?

[i]The older man nodded.[/i]

[img]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Zaius_Avatar.gif[/img] Zaius: Kallabow. Can I help you?

[i]Kallabow was silent, then he nodded.[/i]

[img]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Kallabow_Avatar2.gif[/img] Kallabow: Yes. Fix this.

[i]Kallabow tossed him the sword. Zaius examined the blade for a moment.[/i]

[img]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Zaius_Avatar.gif[/img] Zaius: Its worn, and its weak where the blade meets the tang. I can fix it for you.

[img]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Kallabow_Avatar2.gif[/img] Kallabow: I'll be back soon.

[i]Kallabow began walking away.[/i]

[img]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Zaius_Avatar.gif[/img] Zaius: Kal...you know you're always welcome here.

[img]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Kallabow_Avatar2.gif[/img] Kallabow: I know.

[i]Kallabow re-entered his woody domain.[/i]



Justin, the URL for your avatar is


I'm not gonna fix it for you anymore. Stop messing up. You can delete this part of the message when you read it. :)
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[B]Gersh:[/B] Just little further.

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real:[/B] How much farther? We've been walking through thse woods for almost an two hours and these woods probably would take less than twenty minutes to just straight walkthrough.

[B]Gersh:[/B] Worry not. Almost there.

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real:[/B] Yeah, well, it better be worth where we're going.

[B]Gersh: It is.[/B]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real:[/B] What? Have you been there before?

[B]Gersh:[/B] Gersh seen. Not visit. Creatures that live there are Imps.

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real:[/B] Imps?

Real stopped in his tracks and the lith turned towards him.

[B]Gersh:[/B] What matter?

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real:[/B] Do you even know what imps are?

[B]Gersh: Imps.[/B]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real:[/B] Well, yeah, but they are sly thieves that trick people into traps and you'd hate to see the certain kinds of imps. What are these ones?

[B]Gersh:[/B] Forest imps, me thinks.

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real:[/B] Oh great. One of the worst. The smallest, but the still bad.

[B]Gersh: Buy items, get out of town fast, make happy Real. hehe[/B]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real:[/B] Yes, well, I'm afraid it wouldn't be that easy. Sad Real.

[B]Gersh:[/B] Don't want to go?

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real:[/B] I have better chances with going to Kahn Forest. PLus, I don't think imps serve elves. They kind of... don't like us.

[B]Gersh: We see. Come, come.[/B]

Real sighed and followed the fuzzy creature. The path soon lead to a small tree town where the houses were made from trees like Gersh's. Gersh leapt into the air joyfully.

[B]Gersh:[/B] The forgotten forest imp town of Ingler.

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real:[/B] Forgotten is right. I've never even heard of this place. And it's huge.

[B]Gersh: Huge? It small. Nothing cmpared to Kahn Forest.[/B]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real:[/B] I suppose so.

Gersh took Real's hand and lead him through the sea of imps. The little creatures stared up at Real's height and glared. It was a fact. Imps don't like elves. Real never heard of an imp that did. Thank goodness Gersh wasn't an imp. But did he have to be a lith?

The two of them soon came across the shop, which actually was an old redwood tree with some branches torn off. The door was not just wood this time, though. It was painted with red and decorated with a few kinds of plants. No flowers, though. Just plants. Imps wouldn't be the kind you'd call [I]cute and cuddly.[/I]

Stepping inside, Real had a look about. The store was bigger inside than it was outside. Or at least it seemed that way. The shelves were packed with various items that Real had never seen before in Noroa or any other place. There were so many items that were taken from dead warriors, creature's horns and claws, and an assortment of other uncanny things. As for Real, he hadn't been so suprised with a shop's stock.

Plainly, he was only able to identify a few things, including some of the items of his list. He picked them up the ones he knew and turned to Gersh for help.

[B]Gersh:[/B] Oh that? That's over here, it is. See!

Gersh picked up the huge seed and handed it into Real's crossed arms. He was soon too packed to carry anymore.

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real:[/B] Geez, Gersh. I didn't expect these items to be so big. They wouldn't even fit in my pack on my back. I wonder if Mr. Ernestine knew the size.

Real swayed side to side as he walked forward to the counter. The Imp there was sleeping and the sound of the objects landing on the tabletop awoke him with a start.

[B]Shopkeep:[/B] What? I'm awake!

He then turned towards Gersh and then at Real. Real is where he frowned.

[B]Shopkeep: What do you want, elf?[/B]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real:[/B] I'd like to purchase these items... umm.. please.

This particular forest imp wasn't a proud one it seems. He was old and hair poured out of his ears like a waterfall. His nose was runny too and the snot slid right out. Real felt a little disguested.

[B]Shopkeep:[/B] You wanna purchase?

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real:[/B] Ah, yes please. Sir.

The shopkeep snorted.

[B]Shopkeep: BAH! We don't serve your kind here.[/B]

Gersh leapt up on the counter.

[B]Gersh:[/B] What if Gersh purchases the items instead.

[B]Shopkeep:[/B] Who the hell is Gersh?

[B]Gersh:[/B] Gersh is Gersh.

He pointed to himself.

[B]Shopkeep: Huh?[/B]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real:[/B] He means he's called Gersh. He's a lith. That's their native tongue.

[B]Shopkeep:[/B] I'll rip that tongue of yours out if you don't amscray now!

The imp stood up and glared at Real with his overly large eyes.

[B]Gersh: You not answer Gersh. What if Gersh purchases items?[/B]

The imp sat back down on the stool behind the counter and grunted.

[B]Shopkeep:[/B] Ha! It'd be just the same. You'd give him the items afterwards. We don't serve those who are or help elves.

[B]Gersh:[/B] How rude.

[B]Shopkeep:[/B] Yeah, well, company policy now get outta here before I have to help you do so!

Real and Gersh walked out the door in a cloud of disappointment.

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real:[/B] Well, that failed miserably.

[B]Gersh:[/B] Do not worry. Other places to go that are closer than Kahn Forest.

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real:[/B] Why do I get the feeling we should just head straight to Kahn Forest?

Gersh shrugged and the two walked towards the exit of the town. Just as they were about to depart, an imp jumped in their way, not allowing them to pass.

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real:[/B] Pardon, but may we pass, please?

[B]Imp:[/B] No you may not pass!

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real:[/B] What? Why?

Another imp emerged before them.

[B]Imp2:[/B] You know too much. You must be dealt with!

More imps advanced on the two helpless creatures, surrounding them on all sides. Then, they did full assault, taking them out cold.
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]Still, Rasanak was asleep on the table and Luca continued watching the performances before him. Luca was sure that Rasanak would've been delighted to go on the Monster Hunt, but he just didn't know whether to wake him up or not.

Luca glanced over at Rasanak, who had his head sideways on the table, he was mumbling things every so often. Luca smiled, it was the only time that Rasanak was peaceful: when he was asleep. Luca reached a hand over to Rasanak's shoulder and shook him gently.[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Luca_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Luca:[/b] Rasanak, wake up!

[i]Rasanak stirred and lifted his head from the table sleepily and rubbed his eyes.[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Rasanak_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Rasanak:[/b] Wha?

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Luca_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Luca:[/b] We're going to see Rika-Sun!

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Rasanak_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Rasanak:[/b] Oh, tha's good..

[i]Luca wasn't expecting that response, it was probably because Rasanak wasn't paying attention, well he was. Just only to the waitresses.[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Luca_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Luca:[/b] Rasanak!

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Rasanak_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Rasanak:[/b] Mmm?

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Luca_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Luca:[/b] Would you like to enter the Monster Hunt with me? We just have to go to Rika-Sun's office to see Kahn and Rika-Sun himself.

[i]A grin broadened across Rasanak's face.[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Rasanak_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Rasanak:[/b] ... The Monster Hunt! You read my mind Luca, hehe. So where is Rika-Sun's office?

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Luca_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Luca:[/b] Hang on...

[i]Luca reached into his pocket and pulled out the business card that Kahn had gave him earlier.[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Luca_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Luca:[/b] It doesn't say. We'll just have to find it, should be too hard to find.

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Rasanak_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Rasanak:[/b] Well come on then. Let's go find it![/COLOR]
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[color=indigo] There are no gates surrounding Solace Prison, they are not needed. Those that try to escape are soon devoured by the unforgiving sands of the desert. The Prison resembles a tomb, its macabre form juts out from the desert sand, marking all of the suffering that occurs here. Underneath the prisons shadow, two men stand arguing. It seems that violence will be the inevitable solution, as it aways seems to be in this harsh land.

[b]John Corneal[/b]: I know that you have been the one stealing our water Corran, I want it back!

[img]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Corran_Avatar.gif[/img][b]Corran[/b]: Sorry John Boy, but I need this water to make my get away from this god-forsaken place, why don't you go back to betting on the Slaran Sand Rat Races and forget that you ever saw me.

[b]John Corneal[/b]: Hahaha, Corran, you sure are a funny guy. You know I don't have enough water to bet since you stole my reserves. But that is okay, soon I will have all of my water back plus all of the other water that you have...yes, soon I will be a rich man indeed!

John Corneal pucks out his beam sabre and points it at Corran. He presses the button to activate the beam. The beam immediatly fizzles out. John Corneal looks at Corran who is tossing the beam sabres power cell up and down in his hand.

[img]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Corran_Avatar.gif[/img][b]Corran[/b]: Wow! your power cell seems to fit right into my laser claw...John Boy, this just isn't your day...

Corran slashes at John Corneal, opening him from shoulder to naval. A sickening stench of burning flesh and entrails fill the nearby air...[/color]
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[I]After Mako and Kaiyu have a long discussion with Terri, they get back on the subject about the piece of machina which was washed up onto the shore. [/I]

[img]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Mako_Avatar.gif[/img] [B]Mako:[/B] What do you say we check this thing out, it looks pretty cool.

Terri: Well, we better contact some professionals first, we dont know what it is for sure.....

[I]Without hesitation Mako plunges over to mess with it anyways.[/I]

Terri: Mako stop!

Kaiyu: Hehe, be careful Mako.......

[I]Mako fools with it for quite some time, banging on it, twisting certain things, opening compartments, etc. Mako continues this until he opens a wierd slot, a Box of some sort falls out, it looks pretty mysterious.[/I]

[img]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Mako_Avatar.gif[/img] [B]Mako:[/B] Hmmmm....now what is this?

Terri: Now Mako---

Kaiyu: Hey Mako! Look at that! Theres a card or something hanging off the box, theres somthing written......

Terri: Hmmm....Lets take a look now.


[img]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Mako_Avatar.gif[/img] [B]Mako:[/B]Hmmm.... Gnome Island huh? That isnt too far away from here is it?

Terri: Dont get any Ideas Mako....

[img]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Mako_Avatar.gif[/img] [B]Mako:[/B] Damnit Terri! I'd like to live my own life for once ok? I respect you and all, but you dont ahve to be my "Mr: Protector" or anything.

Terri: I understand, do as you must, but I will come with you on your journey, I'd like to find out more about this myself.

Kaiyu: Count me in! If its a Journey we are taking.... Then Im sure as hell going to take it.

[img]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Mako_Avatar.gif[/img] [B]Mako:[/B] Then it is settled, we will set out in a couple of days, lets gather some supplies.


OOC: Ignore my attactment, I needed it so I could post the IMG tag.
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[color=teal][i][size=3][b]Xeshiur's Prologue[/b][/size]

43 years ago... All was not well in Thira Town...

"Arrrrrrrrrrrggghhhhh!!!" Fwump.
"Arrrrrrroooooooo!!!" Fwump.

Something was happening in the street outside. Strange sounds of things falling pounded in Xeshiur's ears. The smell of blood along with a strange new scent of something burning filled his nostrils.

"Ahhhhhhhhh!!!" Fwump.

Xeshiur was both confused and terrified. His mother was calling for him to stay by her and keep away from the window. But he had to see what was going on. He slowly, hesitantly, crept towards the window at the front of the hut.[/i]

It was a nice hut,[i] Xeshiur thought. All of his five years were spent here, learning from his parents and older brother.[/i] That place right there, below the place for the Saber, that's where I learned about the Hee-yooms.[i]

"Awwwoooooo!!!" Fwump.

"Xeesh, get back here!"

The Humes were fools. The Halbreed had dominated Gaia for centuries, and rightfully so; they were the biggest, strongest, and fastest sentient creatures on the planet, especially compared to the pathetically weak Humes.

They had nothing. Their crude amor completely failed to protect them from any Halbreed attacks whatsoever. Xeshiur's father was told him how he could crush their weak metals as if they were made from loosely compacted sand.

"Aiiiiiii!!!" Fwump.

Their weapons were no better, he had been told. Their simple swords and maces never fully penetrated the Halbreed's three-inch think skin. And they had no skill in throwing spears and stars. They had as little chance of winning this war of theirs as they had of actually killing a Halbreed.

Halbreed casualties - 0.
Hume casualties - 4,628 and rising.

In fact, things had been quiet for quite some time, almost a year. The Humes had come to their senses, everyone agreed.

"Grooooowww!!!" Fwump.[/i]

What were those noises?[i] Xeshiur wondered. When he got to the window he soon found out...

It was horrible. Dozens of Halbreed were dead, lying on the soft earth. Still more were badly wounded.

Humes in strange outfits brandishing odd staffs were attacking. Bright flashes of light erupted from the tips of these staffs in beams, hitting Halbreed everywhere, knocking them to the ground.

They weren't getting up...

Xeshiur saw his father and older brother running from the Humes. No! His brother was hit by one of those beams! Horrified and frantic, Xeshiur ran out to the back. The Saber was there, where his father had been chopping wood.[/i] The Saber would solve everything,[i]he thought. [/i]If Father had The Saber, the Halbreed would win again--[i]


Something broke through the window! Xeshiur tuned it out - he had to get The Saber. Ah, there it was, in all its glory. The sun reflecting off of its sharp edge. He could feel the animal matter within it, though he didn't yet know hoe to control it. He picked it up, and a surge of warmth flowed through him.[/i] Yes, this would solve everything... This would--


A huge fireball erupted from his house and sent him flying. In midair he saw his mother being [b]burned alive.[/b] He saw his father scream, run towards the hut, and get hit in the back by one of those cursed Humes.

He landed some hundred feet away, unconscious.

When he came to, he was crying for his family...

What was that noise? Was that his father, telling him they've won again, and that everyone was okay?

No. Different voices. [b]Hume[/b] voices.

Panicked, he fled to the woods behind the smoldering remains of his house. He kept going, and with The Saber still in hand we journeyed all the way to Windhyte Village. They too had been attacked the same way, but the Humes were now long gone.

How did this happen? Why did they kill his whole family? Why are they so incredibly evil...?[/color][/i]
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[I]Travelling through time, space endless
Faces of past, faces of old, smiling, serene
Clouds, sun, what your eyes can see
What your eyes can't see
What is this existance? My body feels like it is melting
Feels like it is slowly slipping away from this existance
All minds into, all minds into one form
It is the key to free my mind
To free my body
To become one with he who is........[/I]

[Hikari suddenly woke up, breathing fast and hard, her whole body sweating]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Hikari_Avatar.gif[/IMG] Hikari: ....the same dream....everytime

[She looks out of her bedroom window, the sun has just come out, it was early morning]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Hikari_Avatar.gif[/IMG] Hikari: ............and it ended at the same place it always does

[She slowly gets up and makes her way to the shower]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Hikari_Avatar.gif[/IMG] Hikari: another pitiful day to my life, when will it all end....

To Be Continued....
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Real wriggled with the ropes that held him and Gersh to the long wooden poles emerging out of the native soil. Gersh began gnawing them, but even his teeth were too dull to cut through ropes like these. Imps were sure crafty. Real spoke as he continued with his work on the ropes.

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real:[/B] What did they mean "we knew too much". What is there to know? They have a discount on white candles at that shop?

[B]Gersh:[/B] Gersh not sure. Imps may be neighbors, but no talkie between them and lithes.

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real's Thoughts:[/B] Terrific.

He watched what the imps did. Some were jumping around a huge bonfire as if they were dancing. They held torches that they tore from that very fire and swung it dangerously near Real and Gersh. Real began to sweat. Soon, some imps came out of their houses with wooden cups of cordial and then bread on a platter. Who knew Imps drank cordial? Who knew they danced?

The dancing and the fires and the drinks and all of it! It was like a celebration! Oh no. A celebration! Real thought of the creepy things they could be holding this party for. And it wasn't a welcome party or a baby shower. It may be a big fat feast and Real was the main platter. Gersh was probably a side dish or an appetizer. Real shook his head and told himself not to think of such things.

The imps waved their torches for a few minutes before leaping up onto platforms and doing a certain dance. Real disliked the dance and grunted at it. A nearby guard poked him with his spear shaft and Real straightened. Thank goodness the guard was too into the dance to notice Real's squirming or, in other words, escaping.

Gersh kept at the ropes as the celebration came to a halt. A big, obese imp stood on the top platform before a podium. He grinned over his audience, then growned upon Real and Gersh. He had a big pendant and a crown of some sort. He must've been royalty.

[B]King Imp:[/B] Fellow Imps...

The imps stood attention.

[B]King Imp:[/B] These... these creatures!

He said it in a manner that displeased Real very much. It was almost ruthless, even.

[B]King Imp:[/B] We do not like ELVES and LITHES, now do we?

A big NO rained over the crowd.

[B]King Imp:[/B] They shall suffer the imps and wish they never had come here!

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real:[/B] Grrr...

[B]Crowd: YEAH![/B]

[B]Gersh:[/B] Yeah!

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real:[/B] Gersh!

Real shot Gersh a glare and Gersh went back to gnawing.

[B]King Imp:[/B] Then suffer, they shall.

A huge applaud and cheers swept the tree village like a big broom on a dusty floor. The happy imps went back to dancing and drinking and eating while the king stepped down to join his people. They lit their torches again and marched towards their prisoners. But something took them by surprise.

Real and Gersh were gone. The ropes were gnawed. The guard stood in awe.

The King approuched the guard and glared. He towered over the small imp.

[B]King Imp:[/B] You let them escape. How could you miss them? That elf is bigger than even me! The lith is hairier than any one of us except Dylan. He's way hairy.

The guard studdered.

[B]Guard:[/B] I'm sor-sorry, sir!

[B]King Imp:[/B] That's okay.

The king walked away, but turned around to deliver a smack from his club to the head of the guard. The imp crowd ran down the path following Real and Garth. The guard lay dead in his tracks.

Real and Gersh soon found their way back to Gersh's place and hid in there. Turning off the lights and the fireplace and only lighting a candle, they found themselves quite incognito. The imps were stupid, even the king and they passed the house off as a regular tree like the rest of 'em.

Real and Gersh were safe. Real wiped his forehead and talked in a low tone in case some imps were investigating the premesis.

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real:[/B] Phew! Close call. Good work with the ropes.

Gersh smiled.

[B]Gersh:[/B] I only chew first rope to free arms. Your sword do the rest.

Real pulled out Ragnarok and shined it with a cloth from his pack.

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real:[/B] She is a bute. My father gave it to me.

[B]Gersh:[/B] Fa-ther?

Real gasped.

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real:[/B] Oh. Sorry. Forgot. Lithes don't have parents.

[B]Gersh:[/B] What are these... parents?

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real:[/B] Nevermind. So how would lithes be born anyways?

[B]Gersh:[/B] Gersh just appear from sky. When lithes little, they fall from sky. They have blanket of skin that floats them to ground so they don't go SPLAT!

With that last word, Gersh banged the floor. The imps heard and came rushing in. They broke down the door with their spears and pointed them at Real and Gersh.

[B]Imp:[/B] Your coming with us.

Real stood up and walked out of the tree house. He unsheathed Ragnarok once more.

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real:[/B] I was hoping it didn't come to this.
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[color=indigo]Corran examined his mechanical claw. His first bunk-mate at Solace Prison, Otello, grafted it onto his arm. That was right before the shifting quake and the attack of the Sand Fiends.

Otello had been a master bioengineer at Tri'lek labs. He crafted all types of weapons for hume Monster Hunters, but Corran's laser claw was his finest creation.

Otello created the laser claw to enhance Corran's already swift hand speed. He grafted the bio-cables to Corran's muscle and bone, and encased his elbow and shoulder joints in Bio fibres, so that Corran could evenly bear the load of the claw. The most amazing aspect of Otello's creation is its ability to assimilate other weapons and tools into it. Otello was creating various tools and contraptions for the claw when the Sand Worms attacked.

They came from the North and nearly obliterated Solace Prison. During the encounter Corran was badly injured, and passed out. When he came to, the Worms had left...and Otello was gone. Ever since then the fiends have become increasingly hostile around the prison. Corran knows that he must try and escape, before he shares Otello's fate.[/color]
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[size=1]Sorry I haven't posted in a little while guys. I've had a few things to attend to, including a very sick family member and server issues. But let's keep it going, shall we? :)[/size]

[i]Luca looked at his watch. The LCD display read "5AM". Luca rolled his eyes. He'd been sitting here with Rasanak for two hours. He looked over and noticed that Rasanak was looking a lot better; he didn't even seem to be tired.

Rasanak smiled.[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Rasanak_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Rasanak:[/b] Heh...I've been thinking about that monster hunting thing.

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Luca_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Luca:[/b] Oh?

[i]Rasanak nodded enthusiastically.[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Rasanak_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Rasanak:[/b] Yeah. I'll bet it's a marketing stunt...I'll bet Mr. Sun has something special planned. Who knows, maybe it [i]is[/i] our lucky night!

[i]Luca wasn't so sure about that. But he was feeling too groggy to question it.[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Luca_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Luca:[/b] Yeah...okay, so...we have to go to Mr. Sun's office, right?

[i]Rasanak nodded.[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Luca_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Luca:[/b] The card says that it's on the top floor. Do you want to see him now?

[i]Rasanak grinned.[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Rasanak_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Rasanak:[/b] Might as well. ;)

[i]He stood up and left 120 Gil on the table for the drinks. Luca stood up and followed him toward the teleporter at the corner of the room. On the way, Rasanak pointed out at least two waitresses that he wanted to "ruffle up" -- both comments were met by eye rolls from Luca.

The teleporter was a unique device. The user simply had to stand on a coloured pad on the holographic floor and then say which floor they wanted to travel to. Rasanak was always whining that their apartment building should install the device.

Within seconds, the pair were standing in a cavernous hallway. Luca looked down at the blue floor. As he did so, he noticed that unlike the other floors in the building, this floor became completely opaque after only a few seconds. And now, it was impossible to see anything below.

At the end of the hallway was a large archway with steel double doors situated underneath. As Rasanak and Luca approached the doors, they both noticed the words "Office of President Sun, X-Ion Entertainment Corporation" engraved on both doors.

Luca went to knock on the door, but just as he was about to raise his hand, Rasanak pushed the door wide open. Luca couldn't help grinning; he often felt that Rasanak was a little less cautious than he.

Luca and Rasanak stood still. As they looked around, they saw that the room they were standing in was utterly huge -- probably bigger than [i]both[/i] of their spacious apartments combined. The floor was a deep blue colour and the walls appeared to be made of brushed steel. There was a solitary desk at the back of the room and an array of strange and exotic plants flanking the walls. Luca looked up and saw strange patterns moving over the ceiling (the result, no doubt, of some kind of holographic display).[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Rasanak_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Rasanak:[/b] Whoa..fancy office...

[i]Rasanak approached the desk at the end of the room and began examining its contents. Luca walked up beside him and nudged his arm.[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Luca_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Luca:[/b] Hey hey...are you forgetting who's office we are in? What if he catches you?

[b]???:[/b] That's quite alright. I can understand his curiosity.

[i]Rasanak dropped the gold pen he was holding, which rolled off the desk and hit the floor with a louder-than-expected thud.

The pair turned around. In the rear corner of the room was a large couch, shrouded in shadow. Luca could see a pair of leather boots protruding from the darkness. [/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Luca_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Luca:[/b] Hello..?

[i]Luca heard the soft rustling sound of cloth; the person in the shadow was standing up. And finally, the figure emerged from the corner of the room.

Luca and Rasanak blinked and looked at each other. They had absolutely no idea who this strange man was. He was wearing what looked like a black Hume suit. However, draped over the suit was a traditional elfin cloak. The cloak itself was black and its edges appeared to have white angular patterns running all the way along. The cloak was open at the front -- Luca and Rasanak could see the suit underneath. The suit itself was uniquely shaped, with silver buttons and an asymmetrical jacket, the edges of which tapered off in a series of sharp triangular-type shapes (a traditional Hume business suit).

However, the man occupying the strange combination of Hume and Elf clothing was not a Hume at all -- he was most definitely an Elf. His long ears were unmistakable. His grey hair formed sharp edges framing his handsome face (elves were popular as models in Verdun -- most Hume considered them to be the more beautiful race).

The man eyed the pair cautiously and walked past them, sitting down behind the desk at the end of the room. His motions seemed slow and deliberate and his voice was noteably calm, yet deep.[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Rika_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Rika-Sun:[/b] Good morning, gentlemen. I am Rika-Sun.

[i]Luca and Rasanak looked at each other in surprise. An [b]Elf[/b] was the richest Hume in Verdun? It didn't make any sense.[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Luca_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Luca:[/b] Erm...morning, Mr. Sun...

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Rasanak_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Rasanak:[/b] Mornin'. Um...excuse us, but we both thought you were a Hume. You [i]sure[/i] you're Rika-Sun?

[i]Luca rolled his eyes for what seemed to be the millionth time that night. He loved Rasanak like a brother, but sometimes Rasanak's trademark bluntness made him worry.

However, Rika-Sun didn't seem to be at all affected by the remark. Rather, he leaned back a little in his large leather chair and nodded calmly.[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Rika_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Rika-Sun:[/b] I know you expected a Hume. But it is necessary for me to portray myself as a Hume to the people of Vin Kartia. In any case, I am pleased to finally meet both of you. I trust you know why you are here...

[i]Luca and Rasanak nodded.[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Rasanak_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Rasanak:[/b] Yep, 'cuz we're the best damn Monster hunters in Gaia!

[i]Rika-Sun nodded and pressed his fingers against a pad on the surface of his desk. The pad glowed green for a few seconds and then faded back to its original grey colour. As soon it did so, a second man stepped into the room from the back of Rika-Sun's office. It was Kahn, Rika-Sun's personal bodyguard. He stood next to Rika-Sun and bowed, then simply stared forward.

Luca felt a little uneasy. He wasn't exactly sure how this "meeting" was going to progress...[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Rika_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Rika-Sun:[/b] Actually, I must admit...I lured you both here under false pretenses. I knew that your passion for Monster hunting would be my best chance of getting you here infront of me. However, I am also aware that you are both excellent fighters. And that is why you are here.

[i]Luca and Rasanak's faces must have looked obviously confused; Rika-Sun continued without being prompted by a response.[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Rika_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Rika-Sun:[/b] You see, at the current time, my entertainment business is somewhat stifled. I own more property in the city of Vin Kartia than anyone else in the nation. And I am most definitely the wealthiest man on this entire planet. However, the Vin Kartia Grand Council has restricted me from doing business in any other cities in Verdun. They think I'm becoming a little [i]too[/i] rich and thus, a threat to their political power.

[i]Luca was feeling even more uneasy...[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Rika_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Rika-Sun:[/b] There are a few select Chancellors within the Council that are deliberately blocking my attempts to expand my enterprise elsewhere. One Chancellor in particular comes to mind -- he has been encouraging other Chancellors to oppose my business expansions recently.
Luca pulled up a chair by the desk and sat down. He looked up at Rika-Sun, who stared back calmly.[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Luca_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Luca:[/b] So what do you want us to do about it?

[i]Rika-Sun reached into his pocket and pulled out a small card. It was a Vin Kartia Bank cheque. Rika-Sun put the cheque on the desk. Luca picked it up and examined it -- he nearly fell off his chair. The cheque was made out to Luca and underneath his name, Luca saw the figure of [b]"1,000,000 Gil"[/b] printed in bold text. Underneath that, he saw Rika-Sun's signature.[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Rika_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Rika-Sun:[/b] I want you to kill the Chancellor.

[i]The room fell silent for what seemed like an eternity to Luca. He was shocked. Only a few hours earlier, he and Rasanak had gone out to have a good time and now, here they were in Rika-Sun's expansive office, being asked to murder a Chancellor of the Vin Kartia Grand Council -- the governing body of the city.[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Luca_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Luca:[/b] Are you serious?! What makes you think I'm going to murder a Chancellor just so that you can expand your business to a few more cities?!

[i]Rika-Sun's expression hardened. He didn't seem pleased with Luca's little outburst, although Luca assumed that he expected it.[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Rika_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Rika-Sun:[/b] Fine. If you don't want one million Gil, then you can give me the cheque back. I will just use one of my many employees to kill the Chancellor.

[i]Luca was surprised. He didn't expect such a flippant response. He looked over at Rasanak helplessly. Even if he and Rasanak didn't agree to commit the murder, they now knew of Rika-Sun's intent. Luca didn't think that Mr. Sun would let them out of the office with such incriminating knowledge.

Rasanak stood up unexpectedly and smiled. He glanced at Luca and winked, then he looked at Rika-Sun.[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Rasanak_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Rasanak:[/b] Heh, sorry 'bout that. My friend Luca is a little worried about the authorities finding out. We'll do it.

[i]Rika-Sun smiled for the first time during the meeting, though his smile wasn't the kind you'd normally see on a happy face.[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Rika_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Rika-Sun:[/b] Excellent. I knew you'd see things my way.

[i]Rika-Sun reached into the drawer underneath his desk and pulled out a small device (which looked somewhat like Rasanak's Game Boy Hologram). The device had a small screen with what looked like a map of the city on it. There was a blinking red dot on the map. Rika-Sun handed the device to Rasanak.[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Rika_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Rika-Sun:[/b] I want you to kill the man known as Chancellor Hikaru. This tracking device will tell you where he is at all times. I don't care how or where you kill him, just as long as you get it done quickly.

[i]Rika-Sun stood up. Luca pocketed the cheque and stood up a moment later.[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Rasanak_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Rasanak:[/b] Okay. We can do it, Mr. Sun. Thank you for the opportunity.

[i]Rasanak bowed. Rika-Sun nodded to both he and Luca.[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Rika_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Rika-Sun:[/b] Excellent. I knew I could count on you. Now if you'll excuse me, I must be getting back to my home. I expect good things from both of you.

[i]And with that, Rika-Sun nodded once more and exited the room, followed by Kahn.

Rasanak and Luca quickly walked out of the room into the hallway outside. Luca glared at Rasanak.[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Luca_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Luca:[/b] Are you crazy? Now you want to murder a politician?!

[i]Rasanak put his finger to his lips.[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Rasanak_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Rasanak:[/b] Ssh! I have a plan...

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Luca_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Luca:[/b] Oh?

[i]Rasanak nodded.[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Rasanak_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Rasanak:[/b] You heard what President Sun said...if we don't do it, he'll get someone else to do it. Don't you see what we have to do?

[i]Luca shook his head. He was still confused.[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Rasanak_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Rasanak:[/b] We have to find Chancellor Hikaru and protect him! We need to get him out of the country somehow...it's the only way!

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Luca_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Luca:[/b] Ugh, [i]why[/i] do I always get involved in this stuff...

[i]Rasanak smiled.[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Rasanak_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Rasanak:[/b] 'cuz you're a good person. :) You know this is the right thing to do. There is no other way -- if we don't act, someone else will kill the Chancellor...and I'm sure President Sun wouldn't let us go with the knowledge we have now.

[i]Luca sighed and nodded.[/i]

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Luca_Avatar.gif[/IMG] [b]Luca:[/b] Yeah, I know. Okay...let's just go home and get some sleep now. I don't want to think about this at the moment...we can start considering our plans tomorrow...
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Two of the imps leapt forward and Real jumped over their heads and striked them on the heads with his sword hilt. They collapsed to the ground in an instant. The King Imp looked down at his fallen warriors and grunted angrily.

[B]King Imp:[/B] GET THEM!

The imps immediatly followed command and flew at Real and Gersh. Gersh disappeared into his house and locked the door. Real was forced to keep guard of it so no imps entered.

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real's Thoughts:[/B] Thanks a lot, Gersh. You brought me to a town of imps who attacked us and now your leaving me to fight them? What kind of selfish lith are yo-

Just then, Gersh, that sneaky little lith, leapt from his window with a huge club and wonked five imps at once. Real was taken by surprise and was impaled by a swinging spear end. He took the blow to the gut and countered the attack by stabbing the imp in the chest. He didn't like it, but he had no choice.

The King Imp watched as his warriors fought and fell in glorious battle. Some leader.

Real was soon overrun by many, many imps and his sword Ragnarok couldn't take them all. Yes. Even Ragnarok. He shouted as he swung his sword which chopped off a imp's arm and another imp's ear.

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real:[/B] GERSH! A little help here!

[B]Gersh:[/B] Gersh is on his way, yes yes.

Gersh ran forward, and even at his size, he took out the remaining imps that assailed Real. Real grinned at Gersh before running his blade into two imp torsos at once.

Gersh swung his club like a falchion and like it was small enough for him. He slammed it onto the heads of two imps, knocking them unconscious. He was strong and spiritfilled for a lith.

[B]Gersh:[/B] You pay now! Gersh gettin' powerful!

Real took out another imp with his blazing sword. He bellowed at Gersh without taking his eyes off the foes up ahead.

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real:[/B] Gersh. Stay calm.

[B]Gersh:[/B] Stay calm? STAY CALM? How can Gersh stay calm when Gersh in crazy fight?

Real sighed and jumped up in the air, bringing his blade down into the skull of an unexpecting imp warrior.

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real:[/B] Fine. But don't come crying to me when your anger gets the best of you.

[B]Gersh:[/B] Alright. Gersh control himself.

After that, Gersh not only took out five imps at once with his club; he took out seven! Real did the same with his blade as he concentrated more on the enemy and not on his hate. The Imp King became frustrated and slammed down his staff. A second line of imps charged all at once and Real and Gersh, once again, had their hands full. The King Imp grinned as Real and Gersh's fates looked grim.

But yet again, Real's falchion Ragnarok and Gersh's wooden club with the mark "G" on it pulled them through the furious onslaught.

[B]Gersh:[/B] This be Gersh's finest hour!

And with that, he slammed his club down onto a imp sending him into ten more imps knocking them all down and richoeting into another group of unlucky imps. He leapt in the air as if doing a victory dance.

The King Imp was furious right about now and slammed his staff down three times in a row. That's when the trouble brewed. Three lines of incredibly strong-looking imps stood forward and charged on the King's command. Real decided he should take drastic measures. He leapt into the tree behind him then jumped back down slashing off the heads of four unfortunate imps. The other imps stared in awe at the mess, but regained control just as quickly. They tackled Real in a fit of rage. Gersh swatted off the imps with his club like a flyswatter to some unwelcome houseflies.

Real zoomed into the air in a mighty leap, leaving some imps with wounds where his sword struck them in that daring attempt of escape. He ran through the crowd swinging his sword accurately, even though it looked like he was clumsy enough to trip and stab his eye out. Gersh followed behind, taking the remaining imps out that Real didn't get.

Not only was the Imp King angry as Hadies himself, but he was surprised at their skill. This wasn't something you'd just see anyday. Usually the imp warriors would be the victors if a prisoner was lucky enough to escape. Or if they were killed, were they lucky to escape? Hard to say.

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real:[/B] You okay back there, Gersh?

Real hardly looked behind when he said that for he had things infront of him that could keep him occupied.

[B]Gersh:[/B] Gersh swell. Though, imp blood splat on fur.

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real:[/B] Yeah. That could get nasty.

Real didn't actually enjoy killing the imps, but they insisted on killing him and it definately wasn't something you could talk about over a spot of tea, now is it?

Things were looking up for the two. They proved great if they could take on a whole army of imps in a single swing of their sword or club. Combined, they were a team effort. There's no I in team.

The imps soon surrounded the two as they became a circle. A small spot of ground was where the two stood. Back to back. No where to run. In deep crap.

[B]Gersh:[/B] Gersh not liking this.

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real:[/B] Be calm, Gersh. Remember? We have this made. We're safe if we know what we're doing.

[B]Gersh:[/B] What we doing then?

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real:[/B] I have not the slightest clue.

[B]Gersh:[/B] We dead.

[B]King Imp:[/B] GET THEM!

The fight started all over again in an onslaught that could be recorded in imp, elf, and lith history books. This was just the beginning, but a foul beginning where the worlds of these three races surpass the others.

Like before, things were looking good until Gersh made a stupid move. Thinking he could take on about twenty imps that surrounded him from all sides, he swung his club in a crazy circle like a mad man that had too much to drink.

The imp looked curiously, then one was brave enough to thwack the club with his spear and send it flying into Gersh's face. Gersh wobbled as he began to loose consciousness.

[B]Gersh:[/B] Gersh down. Gersh DOWN!

He collapsed there and then.

Real saw the whole thing and slaughtered all of the twenty imps that lay present to Gersh's accident. He then charged the others.

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real:[/B] You'll all pay for that!

It was it. Real hit anger mode. He swung his sword like a untrained apprentice and sliced up all the remaining imps. He then turned to the shivering leader. Real wiped the blood that dripped from his mouth and shook his head; sweat flying from his hair.

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real:[/B] You want some? You want to end up like them? Do ya?

The imp king held up his hands and shook them for mercy.

[B]King Imp:[/B] Please! I didn't mean-

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real:[/B] You meant very well. So come on. Let's see how tough of a leader you really are.

The leader went from scared to a grin that swept his face from ear to ear. At least the ears that he had left. They looked like someone took a big bite out of them.

[B]King Imp:[/B] Very well. Come get some.

Real charged with that same hate except it was more packed in his heart than ever. He landed infront of the king, ready to strike when the imp leader swung a claw. Real leapt from the attack just in time and kicked the creature in the face. The imp leader was too small to take on Real. But that didn't stop him.

The imp master started to laughed as he wiped the blood that dripped from his fresh wound on his forehead.

[B]King Imp:[/B] Hahahahahaha!

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real:[/B] What's so funny?

[B]King Imp:[/B] Hahahahhahaha!

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real:[/B] What? What is it?

[B]King Imp:[/B] Hahahaha. Is that all you got?

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real:[/B] What? You couldn't even take that first blow to the face.

[B]King Imp:[/B] Trust me. That was nothing.

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real:[/B] Yeah. Right.

[B]King Imp:[/B] You pour sap. You poor, stupid sap.

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real:[/B] Look who's talking.

The grin disappeared and a frown took it's place.

[B]King Imp:[/B] You slime bucket! You underestimate me!

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real:[/B] Really? What are you going to do? Gnaw on me? Your puny and you know it.

Real wasn't usually this cruel, but people that hurt his friends pay dearly. Friend? Real had a friend! It may have been Gersh, but that limp little lith laying on the side lines was a true pal. He stuck up in battle. Real did have a friend. And he was going to defend it. Even if he was fighting a tiny imp king.

[B]King Imp:[/B] Suit yourself. You don't believe me, it's your own downfall.

[IMG]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Real_Avatar.gif [/IMG] [B]Real:[/B] Let's see what you got.

[B]King Imp:[/B] Very well.

The grin returned and the imp king bent over as he started to shake. His back started to buldge and grow much larger as spikes emerged from it. His head enlarged as did hs arms and legs. He was becoming bigger! And stronger-looking. But was the looks just for trickery. Real didn't underestimate the chances of that. The imp king was now five times his size with a huge stomach that could store a few doubles of him.

The imp king spoke, his voice now a lower tone matching his new form.

[B]King Imp:[/B] Bring it, puny weakling. Look who's the small man now. Hahahahaha! I'll destroy you, then your lith friend over there. Hahaha! Like stabbing fish in a barrel!

Real's angered returned with every rude insult that fat beast laid out. It was time to get dangerous. It was time to fight.
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[color=indigo][i]It had been some time since Zaius had begun working on repairing Kallabow's blade. At last he had finished, working on the impurities is what had taken the longest. He dipped the heated tang into some water to cool it off quickly. Kallabow was not far away lying on Zaius' handmade furniture. Upon hearing the loud hissing sound, Kallabow arose for his seat and made his way toward Zaius who was now drying off the blade and reattaching the handle over the tang.[/i]

[img]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Kallabow_Avatar2.gif[/img][b]Kallabow:[/b] Thank you...

[i]Zaius handed the blade to Kallabow. Upon receiving it he immediatly turned and headed for the door.[/i]

[img]http://www.itsmysite.com/j-otaku/images/Zaius_Avatar.gif[/img][b]Zaius:[/b] It was nice to see you, Kallabow. Feel free to drop in any time..

[i]Kallabow stopped for a moment, and slowly nodded his head. Then continued his way out the door, closing it behind him.

Zaius let out a sigh, and began organizing his tools as he was finished working for the day. He was in need of some rest...[/i][/color]
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[color=teal][i]Almost half a century later... Xeshiur is kneeling on the forest floor. Sunlight breaks through the thick treetop, casting an scenic glow on him. The Saber is out in front of him, lying on the ground. His eyes are closed, and his head bowed. He twitches his ears and focuses.

Suddenly, with lightning speed and his eyes still closed, he grasps The Saber, twirls around and hurls it behind him. He focuses, and in his mind Xehiur can see it flying through the air, deadly but unaimed. He breathes in, relaxes, and suddenly The Saber levels out, slows, then immediately picks up speed. It flies left, then turns right to avoid a tree, left, up, and left again.


A nearby buck drops dead.

Xeshiur stands, walks to the dead animal, and removes his weapon from the buck's side. He picks up the body with little effort and starts back toward his hut.

[/i]Food, clothing, and building materials,[i] Xeshiur thought as he reflected on the kill. It had been decades since he had ran from that battle, decades since he had not known how to fight. He had taught himself to work The Saber. He had taught himself how to fight. He had built his own hut, has lived his own life since he was five. Few people helped him. Few people knew him, though he was sure everyone knew [/i]of[i] him.

[img]http://www.itsmysite.com/n-sider/images/Xeshiur_Avatar.gif[/img][/i][b]Xeshiur:[/b] I am the coward who didn't help in the fight. I ran away. I even took my father's only chance at winning - The Saber. I am sure that no one could possibly respect that.

[i]He reached his hut. It was small, not nearly as luxurious as his childhood home, but it had everything he needed. [/i]Shelter, warmth, water. That's all a hut really does need.[i] Xehshiur had told himself this many times in his life. He told himself things a lot. Living alone, isolated, at the edge of Windhyte Village requires you to say things to yourself.

Of course, Xehshiur has gone into town on several occasions, and the people there seemed friendly enough. But Xeshiur knew what they were thinking...

[b]"How can he show his face after what he did?"

"That coward doesn't belong here..."

"What's he doing here?"

"If he comes near me, I'll pretend I don't know him..."[/b]

Xeshiur growled at the thoughts of these. But his growls soon turned to whimpers. He wished there was some way for him to prove himself... Some way he can show he's not a coward...

He went to the back and began cutting the meat.[/i][/color]
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